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ARTIC HE AT Anger erupts over bus stop extensions on Lefferts Blvd. PAGE 5 Community boards 9 and 10 have expressed outrage at the MTA and city Department of Transportation’s decision to expand bus pads along the Q10 route to accommodate articulated buses, top, and giving them little notice about the plan.


SHEIKH UP Arab prince eyeing proposed Queens soccer team


Serving The Senior Community of Queens

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APAC’s production of ’Blood Brothers‘ shows twins separated at birth, one to live in poverty and the other with wealth

SEE qboro, PAGE 41


QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 2

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Is the DOE hurting or helping students? A new data program the state calls ‘innovative’ is causing controversy by Tess McRae Reporter

he parents at CEC 24 meeting in Middle Village last Tuesday were furious. A presentation made by the activist group Class Size Matters informed them that New York State is planning to share their children’s confidential information with private corporations. “There is no way this is legal,” one parent said. “I don’t want my kid’s information out there for any business to see.” The company they are referring to is inBloom Inc., a nonprofit organization adopting New York as one of seven pilot states for its data software program. The private organization, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, describes itself as a “provider of technology services that allow states and public school districts to better integrate student data and third-party applications to support sustainable, cost-effective personalized learning.” In layman’s terms: inBloom will provide the state with the technology to store student data in one central Education Data Portal or “cloud.” The reasons for centralizing the data are complex. The DOE has said inBloom offers a more efficient way of storing and utilizing student


A concerned parent holds up a sign protesting the State’s newest data system, inBloom, at a town hall meeting hosted by Class Size Matters at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Parent’s say they should have PHOTO BY TESS MCRAE the right to opt out of the data “cloud.” information as teachers and school administrators may have to go into several databases to get student names, addresses and test scores. Another reason a central EDP is being implemented is because of the federal grant contest known as Race to the Top, which was created to “spur innovation” and reforms in state and local district K-12 education. The

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contest began in 2009, though New York State wasn’t added to the list of finalists until 2011. States that meet a series of requirements are awarded funds for education. New York received $700 million. According to the New York State Education Department, the RTTT award “requires NYSED to provide a single sign-on portal that

allows authorized educators, students (grades 6 through 12), and their families (all grade levels) to log in and view student educational data through data dashboards or online tools that display student demographic, enrollment, program participation, and achievement scores.” Those “data dashboards” will be used to detect early warning indicators, graphical display or student mastery of Common Core standards and recommendations for relevant curriculum or instructional content and resources. In order to implement the EDP, the NYSED has entered into a legal agreement with inBloom to provide many of the underlying services upon which the EDP will rely. A comparable example is GPS. There are hundreds of applications, software programs, phones, computers and other devices that utilize GPS, yet each time one of those devices or programs is created no one needs to reinvent GPS. Basically, inBloom acts as a “GPS” of sorts for the schools. However, because of inBloom’s association with Wireless Generation (a subsidiary of News Corp., owned by Rupert Murdoch), Amazon and other groups, many people are worried the information that will — and in most cases, has already begun to — be transferred to inBloom will result in their continued on page 29


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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 4

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Bus pad extensions leave some irate Larger buses on Lefferts Boulevard mean bigger stops, less parking by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

They’re going to need a bigger bus. And because of that, bigger stops. And that means fewer parking spots for those who live in the neighborhoods near Lefferts Boulevard. The Q10 — which runs mostly along Lefferts Boulevard — is one of the busiest bus routes in the borough, according to the MTA. It connects Kew Gardens with JFK Airport and is used by many airport workers who live in Central Queens. It is also used by commuters from South Ozone Park and Richmond Hill to access the subway at Liberty Avenue and Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike at its northern terminus. At rush hour, buses commonly run every two to four minutes and there is also limited service with stops only at major thoroughfares like Metropolitan and Liberty avenues and Rockaway Boulevard. The route is popular with pilots and flight attendants who ride the bus from their homes in Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park to their jobs at all hours of the day and night. The Q10’s southern terminus is at Terminal 5 in the airport. Because of the line’s popularity, the MTA decided to run some articulated buses — the

Articulated buses, commonly referred to as “double buses,” like this one on the Q44 line, are being used along the Q10 route between Kew Gardens and JFK Airport, but the new buses require bigger bus stops, which take away parking spots in the densely populated neighborhoods along the line. PHOTO BY MICHAEL GANNON

longer vehicles that are sometimes referred colloquially to as “artics,” “accordian buses” or “double buses” — along the route. The first Q10 artic buses ran on the Lefferts Boulevard route Monday. But the bigger buses mean the need for bigger stops, and that is not sitting well from some community leaders, who say street parking in the neighborhoods along Lefferts

Boulevard is hard enough already. Further, many, including Community Board 9 District Manager Mary Ann Carey, are also furious the MTA made the decision with little to no consultation with the community. “We were not informed of the removal of the parking meters and the extension of the bus pad to accommodate these larger buses,” Carey wrote to MTA President Tom

Prendergast last week. “If not for an inquiring constituent, we would know nothing of this major upheaval. You did this without consideration of the impact on the business and residential communities along Lefferts Boulevard which are drastically affected by the change.” Betty Braton, chairwoman of Community Board 10, also expressed outrage at not being notified sooner of the change. “CB 10 has expressed to both MTA Bus and the DOT our concern that no advance notification to us was provided,” she said. “Any time there are changes in bus stops on our commercial strips or in our residential areas people ought to have an opportunity to know of them in advance. Affected businesses and residents ought to have an opportunity to offer their comments or suggestions before, rather than after, any action by any governmental agency.” Carey notes CB 9 has long advocated for more service on the Q10 line, but urged the MTA to hold off until it can meet with the CBs 9 and 10. Artic buses are common in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but there have been very few in Queens until recently. Not every bus on the Q10 will be an artic. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said the agency will “sprinkle” the artics continued on page 23

Page 5 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013


Things at PS 97 go bump in the night Residents say construction noise at Woodhaven school goes past curfew by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

PS 97 in Woodhaven surrounded by scaffolding for renovation PHOTO BY DOMENICK RAFTER work being done at the school.

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The sounds of saws, drills and jackhammers are not an uncommon occurrence in Queens. New construction and repairs of existing infrastructure make the borough a constant work site. But when it’s time for bed, those sounds are not what people want to hear, especially close to their homes. A number of residents who live on 86th Avenue — a dead-end street in Woodhaven — are experiencing just that problem with construction work going on at PS 97. It’s not necessarily the noise from power tools that is causing the problem, it’s the cleanup. PS 97 is undergoing a big renovation, including an overhaul of its external masonry. The entire school is surrounded by scaffolding and netting. The work is expected to be completed later this year. According to city regulations, construction work on schools must wrap up by 10 p.m. in order to avoid disrupting residents with noise. But Alan Castro, who lives next to the school on 86th Avenue, said the noise goes well beyond 10 p.m. “It’s even more than a little noisy,” Castro said. “I think I can describe it as pretty loud.” He registered his complaints with the School Construction Authority, which told him all work ends at 10 p.m. and anything done at the site after that is cleanup. But Castro said the cleanup is just as noisy as the construction — if not more so. “It’s atrocious,” he said. “They would do drilling, sawing,

yelling, screaming way past 10, as late as 11:30 or 11:45.” Castro said there were no issues with noise until early March and that prompted him to reach out to the city Department of Education, the SCA and even Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village). “I’ve called everybody; nobody cares,” he said. One of Castro’s neighbors, who declined to be identified, said she doesn’t typically hear the noise with her windows closed, but she doesn’t want to keep them shut. “This time of year you want to sleep with the window open, but you can’t,” she said. “I can’t wait for this to be done.” The resident, who lives on the opposite side of the school on 85th Drive — a block from Castro — noted she and her neighbors not only deal with the construction at PS 97, but also the work going on at the Woodhaven Library at the other end of the block. Eric Yun, a spokesman for Crowley, said he has personally been handling the issue and said the SCA has asked the contractor doing the work to take steps to reduce noise during daily cleanup. He added that he has been calling the SCA on the issue “weekly” since the complaint was brought to Crowley’s office. One of the issues is the use of a chute where workers toss materials from higher floors to the ground. Yun said the contractor has been asked to install a mattress or an airbag at the bottom of the chute to reduce noise. “[The contractors] are not moving fast enough,” Yun said. “Understandably, the residents are upset. We’re aware of it Q and we’re working on a fix.”

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 6

SQ page 6

CB 10 gets update Liberty Avenue ‘el’ on Skyway shelter renovations delayed 174 beds in South Conduit Ave. facility by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

The city Department of Homeless Services gave Community Board 10 an update last month on the situation at the Skyway men’s homeless shelter on South Conduit Avenue near JFK Airport. The shelter housed families until it switched to a men’s shelter in February, 2011 — a move which led to anger and concern among residents in South Ozone Park, especially those in the PS 124 community. The school is located just a few blocks west of the shelter. Parents and staff at the school, along with CB 10 chairwoman Betty Braton and Councilman Ruben Wills (D-South Jamaica) expressed outrage at the city’s switching of the shelter, which happened in the middle of February break. Some of the children at the shelter attended PS 124 and were forced to relocate in the middle of the school year. The move also created concern about who was living in the shelter and whether some of the men living there

MTA expected to give update to CB 10

posed a threat to the community. The school began implementing new security procedures, including locking schoolyard fences, over those concerns. Alex Zablocki, director of community relations at DHS, said the shelter is necessary. “We are required to give shelter to anyone who asks for it,” he told CB 10 at its April 4 meeting. “By law, we can only have 200 beds per shelter, so we are constantly in need of new shelters.” He said there are 174 beds at the shelter and the number of men living there is constantly changing. Between Jan. 1 and April 1, 66 residents have moved out. Fifty-eight of those living there are working. Zablocki said the shelter has a strict curfew of 10 p.m. and residents who do not have jobs spend much of their time going to workshops for skills, such as resume writing and other kinds of job training, or are out looking for work. “We take client responsibility seriously,” Zablocki said. “Anyone who breaks the rules can lose their right to shelter.” Q

by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

A little more than a year ago, the MTA outlined its extensive and ambitious reconstruction of the nearly-century-old elevated line over Liberty Avenue. The plan included renovations of the 80th Street, 88th Street, 104th Street, 111th Street and Lefferts Boulevard stations along the A subway line over Liberty Avenue in Ozone Park and Richmond Hill. Some work will also be done at the Rockaway Boulevard station, though the MTA has already replaced the stairs there. The project is to include replacing guard rails, working on the deteriorating concrete platform surfaces, painting the stairwell canopies, replacing stairs, and putting in new drainage and mezzanine floors. At Lefferts Boulevard, the MTA said it would install an elevator from the street to the platform on the north side of Liberty Avenue where there is a wider sidewalk. The elevator would stop at the street, at the mezzanine level of the station and at

the platform. But the timeline for the project given to Community Board 10 in early 2012 said it would begin in December, and five months later, the work has yet to start. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said the elevator project at the Lefferts Boulevard station is still in design, but did not go into more detail as to why the process has been delayed. When the agency presented the plan to the community board last year, it estimated the entire project would take up to two years to complete. The contracts on the work at the stations are currently in the bid process, Ortiz added. The MTA is also operating a work trailer on Liberty Avenue at 98th Street near the Rockaway Boulevard station. He said that the MTA will give an update on the project to CB 10 at its May meeting, set for Thursday at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 135-45 Lefferts Blvd., in South Ozone Park. The elevated line above Liberty Avenue between Lefferts Boulevard and the Q Brooklyn border opened in 1915.

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Page 7 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 8

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No park giveaway to an oil billionaire for soccer e’s worth about $4.9 billion, according to the latest estimates. He sails around in what may be the world’s largest yacht — one with a pool and helipad. He’s the deputy prime minister of a backwards Arab nation that lives under Sharia law, oppressing women, gay people and the foreign guest workers who make up nearly 90 percent of his hometown’s population. He’s Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, a monarchy that won’t even allow Israeli citizens to cross its border, and a member of the royal family in his home principality, oil-rich Abu Dhabi. And he’s the man to whom Mayor Bloomberg is reportedly about to essentially give more than a dozen acres of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, for free, so that Major League Soccer can build a stadium for a team the sheikh would own. This is a plan that absolutely must be stopped. This page has reiterated again and again the multiple reasons MLS should not build a 25,000-seat arena on top of the old Pool of Industry in the park. First of all, it’s our parkland, the crown jewel of Queens,


or at least it would be if it were given half the respect that goes to, say, Central Park or Prospect Park. We hope one result of the soccer controversy, as well as the United States Tennis Association expansion and the Willets West development plan, is a reinvigorated FMCP Conservancy to help protect and beautify the park. The city should not be giving our parkland to private, forprofit interests, even when they’re not oil billionaires. Then there’s the geological reason: FMCP is essentially swampland topped by coal ash, and it cannot safely support a massive stadium built atop an underground creek. Then there’s the fact that a stadium could be built elsewhere, even in Queens, but MLS never gave a serious look at alternatives, much preferring land it could get for free to a parcel it would have to actually pay for. We would love to have a soccer stadium built somewhere in the borough, just not on public land given away for nothing. The sport is beloved by many residents, especially recent immigrants from countries where it’s king. There are other parcels of the size MLS needs where we would welcome a new sports arena. But the emergence of Sheikh Mansour as the bankroller

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Raise smoking age Dear Editor: The Queens Chronicle has done a great job in covering the recent local news items related to tobacco control and smokefree issues. However, I have to disagree with the April 25 editorial stating that the City Council proposal to raise the minimum purchase age to buy cigarettes in New York City to 21 should be dropped (“At 18, smoking is your call”). There are a number of tobacco-control proposals that have been introduced into the City Council, all of them worthy of passage and signed by Mayor Bloomberg, but the proposal in question could be the decisive turning point in finally reducing the number of our high school-age students from being the next replacement smoker generation. Let’s not fool ourselves to think that teens wait until they have reached the magic age of 18 before they try their first smoke. It’s very clear that kids start to experiment with tobacco as early as age 14 and most start at age 16 or 17. This unfortunate dilemma was verified by the previously secret tobacco industry documents that uncovered their research and subsequent marketing strategy to target mid teens to become new tobacco users. The key point that the Queens Chronicle is missing here is teens who are not legally able to buy their smokes rely on their friends aged 1820 to buy cigarettes for them. A 2001 published

Ramiro S. Funez, Carlotta Mohamed, Laura Shepard

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of a team that would play in Flushing Meadows is one more reason to oppose the project. Not only is he filthy rich — his family is worth about $150 billion — but he’s part of a very repressive government. Decisions are made in the UAE by members of the royal elite. And its policies are not ones that most Americans would find tolerable. Men, for example, can hit their wives. All four of them. They can marry non-Arab women, but women cannot marry non-Arab men. Gays must stay in the closet, or face up to 14 years in prison and possible chemical castration. Digital maps available on the national airline simply ignore the existence of Israel. City Councilman Danny Dromm blasted the UAE in a prepared statement as soon as he heard of the sheikh’s involvement in the soccer plan. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer quickly followed suit. Both are gay men representing districts in Queens. One other Council member should stand up against the sheikh and the MLS plan too: Julissa Ferreras. She represents the area where the stadium would go and therefore could stop it single-handedly. Surely Ferreras cannot tolerate a plan to give our parkland to a leader of a misogynist state.


report indicates that 90 percent of persons buying cigarettes for minors are in this age group. If the minimum age is raised to 21, then, there will be a paradigm shift of how teens, especially the 16-18 year olds, will be able to get their cigarettes. Their sources will no longer exist. Those who are 21 years old are in different social circles and are young adults who either are in their junior year of college or have been working for a living for three years and generally don’t hang with 16-18 year olds and are wise enough by then not to buy them cigarettes. New York City would not be the first venue to raise the purchase age of cigarettes above 18. Two Massachusetts towns have raised the bar to 21 and New Jersey and neighboring Nassau and Suffolk counties have a minimum purchase age of 19. According to a New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene survey conducted last year, two-thirds of New Yorkers favor raising the minimum age for sale of cigarettes from 18 to 21, with 69 percent of nonsmokers and 60 percent of smokers supporting this policy. Phil Konigsberg Bay Terrace

Addabbo gets it done Dear Editor: Kudos to the staff at Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr.’s office. Within a week of calling to note the streetlights were out on Cross Bay Boulevard between 133rd and 134th avenues, they were fixed. Thanks for getting the job done. Ray Hackinson Ozone Park

Ferreras and FMCP Dear Editor: Re “Searching for a new vision of FMCP,” April 25, multiple editions: It does not take a rocket scientist to make a decision concerning a Major Soccer League stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. All one needs to know is the site is parkland in FMCP, a park that for years has not only been neglected, but systematically alienated piece by piece for structures and for organizations that have no legitimate right to be in the park.

SQ page 9

Homecare a godsend Dear Editor: I have had home health aides for six years, since I suffered a stroke. My quality of life has been impeccable, as has that of many Baysiders I know, thanks to them. Their friendship, loyalty and being there in times of need are beyond reproach. Kudos to all of them. Gary Rofofsky Bayside

We’re moving left

End parking for public housing Dear Editor: New York City Housing Authority tenants are screaming about a hike in parking fees. Here’s some advice: Shut up and chill out. How do you qualify for public housing if you own a car? Anyone who can afford to buy and maintain a car can afford market-rate rents and should not be eligible for taxpayer-supported housing, like Pomonok. Exceptions can be made for disabled tenants, but everyone else must use public transit, ride bikes or walk. A car is an unnecessary luxury if the NYCHA is your landlord. Otherwise, what’s next: chauffeur-driven limousines? Richard Reif Flushing

Clean up the streets Dear Editor: On the northeast corner of Northern Boulevard and the Clearview Expressway in Bayside, is a green area where the Soldier’s Monument proudly stands. The monument commemorates the sacrifices that our brave men and women made serving in the Armed Forces during wartime. Unfortunately, this green area is frequently littered. Recently, I picked up a bag of cups, remains of lunches and other bits and pieces of debris that some people thoughtlessly left behind near this symbol of honor. And I thought how disgraceful that this special site should be befouled with garbage, this site where we should be remembering and respecting our fallen heroes. This is not the first time I stopped to pick up litter there. There used to be a litter basket by the bus stop in front of the monument. But it is gone. Again. My understanding is that Sanitation keeps taking the baskets away because people keep putting household garbage in them. But is it better to take away the baskets and have litter left on the ground by the monument and other areas? It does not make sense to me. Litter baskets along much of Northern Boulevard keep getting removed. So where does the debris go? It goes in the streets, or is left on the sidewalks, or it clogs the catch continued on page 10

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Dear Editor: Liberal thinking seems to be on the rise. A short while ago the Vatican agreed with President Obama concerning the need for gun control. Recently, West Point did an in-depth study on right-wing conservatives and liberals. The Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point released the study, warning against American “far right” groups including the “anti-federalist” movement and strong limited-government activists. It was also concerned with the ease with which they so flagrantly can obtain weapons. The analysis was conducted by West Point professor and CTC director of terrorism studies Arie Perliger and entitled “Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right.” It also draws correlation between past mainstream conservatism and what it says is today’s violent “far right.” The study then goes on to laud liberals as forwardthinking while maintaining that conservatives harbor a more archaic mindset. “While liberal worldviews are future or progressive oriented, conservative perspectives are more past oriented, and in general, are interested in preserving the status quo,” Perliger says. He also characterizes the liberaldemocratic system as inclusive and “designed to emphasize civil rights” while far-right ideology inherently “excludes” minorities. Perliger also identified limited government

activists as belonging to one of three categories: “a racist/white supremacy movement, an anti-federalist movement and a fundamentalist movement.” First, the Vatican aligning with liberal gun control advocates, then, the military-breeding West Point applauding the liberal approach to government. What could be next? Watch out NRA, The good guys are coming for you. Nicholas Zizelis Bayside

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The culprits are too many myopic public officials who do not understand the importance of urban parks. That City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras cannot flat-out reject a soccer stadium for the benefit of a private, for-profit business makes it clear she is a member in good standing with the mediocrity who should not be on the public payroll. While Ms. Ferreras could be applauded for suggesting a coalition of private groups and companies currently in the park as well as those outside, she is not worthy of such applause because she has failed to make clear contributions to a fund that will only be accepted on a philanthropic basis. Furthermore, while we are stuck with what is currently in the park, Ms. Ferreras should have made it clear, enough is enough. Under no circumstances, economic or otherwise, are the gates to be closed permanently except for passive urban park users. Her failure to say so makes one look forward to term limits that will replace her with an official who understands it is the public that is his or her constituency, and not private interests. Benjamin M. Haber Flushing


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City renews drive to find remains of 9/11 victims Prompted by newly found wing part Doing as much (or as little) as you choose.

by Peter C. Mastrosimone

controversy about the mosque behind which workers found it. Three years ago, a developer Nearly 12 years after the devastation of Sept. had proposed replacing the building, located on 11, 2001, the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office Park Place, with a 15-story community center is sifting through debris two blocks from with a Muslim prayer space. The plan, which stalled over funding, sparked Ground Zero in a renewed heated debate about religious search for any human freedom and the propriety of remains, however minute. erecting a large building with The new inspection was a mosque so close to the site prompted by the discovery of where Islamist radicals what appears to be a piece of caused such death and wreckage from one of the destruction. hijacked aircraft used to The Medical Examiner’s destroy the Twin Towers and Off ice has identif ied the kill nearly 3,000 people in the remains of a little more than worst terror attack ever made 1,600 of the approximately against the United States. Aircraft maker Boeing has The aircraft machinery discovered 2,700 people killed in New PHOTO COURTESY NYPD York on 9/11. Victims’ famiconfirmed that the damaged last week. lies have said all along that piece of machinery, found last week in a narrow, closed alley behind two build- the city did not work hard enough to go through ings, is from the wing of a 767. Both planes that all the debris created by the fiery collapse of the were flown into the Twin Towers by the 9/11 ter- Twin Towers, a charge brought to the fore once again by the discovery of the wing fragment. rorists were Boeing 767s. When the search for remains is complete, The Police Department believes that the fragment, part of a hydraulic system, has been there the NYPD will store the plane part “until a since 9/11 and was not placed in the alley more decision is made concerning its final disposiQ recently as a hoax, or to generate further tion,” the department’s spokesman said. Editor-in-Chief

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continued from page 9 basins, or it lands in green areas. I walk a lot and I have been astonished at the amount of litter that I see on my travels of late. Garbage and litter are also problems by many businesses throughout the community. And let’s not forget the dog poop issue. Why do some owners allow their pets to poop on sidewalks and then just leave it behind for someone to step in? It is time for all of us to be more cognizant about these problems. If you have litter, please dispose of it properly. Please pick up after your pet like most owners do. Sanitation also has to improve its efforts in confronting this issue. All members of the community, including businesses, should do their part in keeping their neighborhood litter free and beautiful. Henry Euler Bayside

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Dear Editor: The only way to defeat the stranglehold gun manufacturers and the NRA have on legislatures is for all media outlets to publicize the names of every senator and assemblyman on both federal and state levels. Voters should see what they get for their votes. Those against background checks, licensing all guns and limiting the number of rounds in any gun may wake up to the fact that random violence may take the life

of a loved one or their own. Each of us has a breaking point. We say a murderer has just “snapped,” because those who knew the killer only saw the gentle side of him. Among the most vulnerable are our police and guardians of prisons, schools and mental hospitals. As both a volunteer and intern at psychiatric hospitals, I had been assaulted twice. Even though these instances were quite rare, outside these institutions as well as within them, assault weapons especially are the most horrendous. Any gun, knife or instrument can cause serious injury or death, we know. However, I am most concerned about the lives of youngsters who are wasted by guns of all kinds. Every day a little child is killed by “mistake” — some by a self-inflicted wound. Thoughtful parents make sure any potential weapon is secured, safely out of reach of any child at home or visiting elsewhere. We are thankful for our senators, members of the state and federal assemblies, city councils, mayors, governors and police chiefs, united for safer cities, towns and hamlets, schools, hospitals and all public areas. Let us not tempt fate! Dump the naysayers in government who decry any type of gun reform. Our prayers are not enough! Pick up a pen, go to your email, smartphone, telephone; attend your local civic association meetings; write to your newspapers. We are a much bigger lobby than the NRA. Speak up for your right to life. BK Brumberg Howard Beach

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Page 11 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

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A mayoral underdog who has confidence Former Councilman Sal Albanese talks policy and politics in Queens by Peter C. Mastrosimone

eliminating property tax breaks for major corporations. In Queens, Albanese said all three projects planned in and It’s been done before, he says. A longshot candidate can win around Flushing Meadows Corona Park — the United States Tennis Association’s expansion plan, the proposal to build a the mayoralty of New York City. Just look at the race in 1977. At this point in that year, former City Councilman Sal soccer stadium and the latest incarnation of the Willets Point Albanese says, there were two candidates polling about where redevelopment scheme — “could be good for Queens.” But, he insisted, “I’m not going to approve any of them withhe is now — in the single digits. But their name recognition out seeing what the community would have to say.” improved, and in the end, one of them won. That was Ed He expressed concern over the loss of parkland that Koch. The other lost that election but did all right in would occur if the soccer stadium is built, and when politics in the end. His name was Mario Cuomo. asked if he would approve of giving acres of public Albanese insisted he can come from behind and land to developers for $1, as the mayor plans to do beat the big-name candidates he’s facing, and laid with much of the Citi Field parking lot, he said he out his campaign platform in detail, at a Monday would not. meeting with the Queens Chronicle editorial board. “I don’t like it,” Albanese said. “That’s why I “I’m not naive,” Albanese said. “These people don’t accept money from developers. My opponents I’m running against have been around forever. ... are taking millions of dollars from the developers.” But these people have been running for a while, and Albanese faces City Council Speaker Christine they’re not exactly hitting the ball out of the park.” 2013 Quinn (D-Manhattan), Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Once matching funds are made available, he said, Comptroller John Liu and former Comptroller Bill Thomphis campaign will have a couple million dollars on hand — son for the Democratic Party nomination. enough to run a serious race for City Hall. Policy highlights of the former councilman from Brooklyn A Democrat from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Albanese served in the City Council from 1982 to 1997, when, he said, he decided include: • Adding at least 25 police officers to every precinct in the city, he had been there long enough (he favors term limits of 12 years, and said he had served three years too many). Albanese more depending on the area crime rate, along with more in housing, transit and the detective squads; also was a teacher and worked in the financial sector. • turning student teaching into something like a medical His campaign focuses on strengthening the Police Department by hiring 3,800 more officers, improving education by internship, utilizing his experience as a teacher in Springfield opening early childhood centers in each borough and improving Gardens; • creating a Department of Early Learning that would incorteacher training, expanding mass transit by bringing it back under city control and adding tolls to some bridges and removing them porate all pre-kindergarten programs in the city under one from others, as well as adjusting tolls depending on the time of umbrella, and be funded through private donations to start; • and adding tolls to the East River bridges while reducing day, and raising more revenue by reducing and eventually Editor-in-Chief

Former Councilman Sal Albanese, Democrat for mayor. PHOTO BY PETER C. MASTROSIMONE

them at spans such as the Verrazano, using some of the estimated $1 billion in new revenue to expand express bus service and some to repair infrastructure. Albanese favors keeping mayoral control of schools and retaining but reforming the NYPD’s stop, question and Q frisk policy.

Avella aims for borough president by Joseph Orovic

For the latest news visit

Assistant Managing/Online Editor

The chattering classes like to characterize state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) as the outspoken, fuming-red lawmaker from Northeast Queens who puts good government ahead of political gamesmanship; a sort of Stunt Pol who tackles Hurricane Sandy damage with a chainsaw and considers dicing his state-issued parking placard as an act of valor. Well, to Tony Avella ... That sounds like just the guy to be the next borough president. “Given the fact that we have a city where the mayor controls everything, you need to have a very active and very independent borough president who’s willing to speak up when you have to, to make sure Queens gets its fair share of city services,” he said during a sit-down interview with the Chronicle on April 26. The longtime civic activist, onetime councilman and current Albany legislator is one in a crowded field of Democrats vying to succeed outgoing incumbent Helen Marshall to be Borough Hall’s next occupant. His opponents include Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans), former Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchik, former Councilwoman Melinda Katz, state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) and Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria). All the candidates include some level of experience in elected office, but according to Avella, few have stood in the weeds and understood nature of the beast. “It’s about knowing how the city works from the ground up,” Avella said, noting his time spent on Community Board 7, as well as various civics. “I didn’t come out of a political clubhouse.” But political machines have been on the minds of many lately, with Avella’s Albany colleague state Sen. Malcolm Smith

(D-Jamaica) and his councilmanic successor Dan Halloran (RWhitestone) both facing corruption charges. Avella has said he’s avoided getting the Albany stink on him for one reason: “I can’t be bought.” His 90-minute sit-down with the Chronicle’s editorial staff traversed a wide range of topics: from the need for updated sewers in Southeast Queens to the state of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. There were few areas of the borough that were outside his understanding. The lawmaker has been critical of Marshall’s tenure, and was no different during his interview. Should he win, Avella said he would attend civic and community board meetings and generally be a more vocal representative of the borough. “It’s unfortunate that a lot doesn’t get done,” he said. “I often tell people, ‘Don’t judge the office by what it is now, but by what it could be,’” he said. Avella has made a name for himself fighting off irresponsible development and the sort of whimsical urban planning that causes headaches in the long run. But there are instances where the sacred cow of affordable housing is needed, Avella said, pointing to Southeast Queens, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and Corona as neighborhoods in need. The Albany pol noted he’s in a rare position: a Democrat in the state Senate, which would make him part of a majority should a band of rogue legislators dubbed the Independent Democratic Conference disband. Avella suggested some may want him to stay there, but he will continue to run. “If I thought any of my opponents could do half as decent a job as borough president, I wouldn’t be running,” he said, adding the position needs a shot in the arm. Avella said he’d fill whatever appointments are available to him with hyper-aggressive folks like himself. “The whole office has to be reinvigorated,” he said.

State Sen. Tony Avella promises the same free-wheeling political reputation that precedes him will continue, should he become PHOTO BY PETER C. MASTROSIMONE borough president. Should he win, Avella will enter office missing a man who has been a key foil throughout his political career: Mike Bloomberg. Avella laughed when asked about the departing mayor. “I hope I can agree with the new mayor more than I agree Q with Bloomberg,” Avella said.

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he Howard Beach Kiwanis Club held its 51st Anniversary Dinner Dance at Roma View in Howard Beach on Saturday night with food, dancing, raffles and a photo booth. The past year, especially Hurricane Sandy and its immediate aftermath in the neighborhood, was not far from anyone’s mind at the event. Lindenwood Alliance President Joann Ariola was given a special honor for her work following Sandy, as well as for all An ice sculpture featuring her community the Kiwanis logo sits on the actions. buffet table.


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Lieutenant governor-elect Stephen Sirgiovanni, left, treasurer Sam Sartorio, past president Robert LoCascio and secretary Dino Bono.

Howard Beach Kiwanis Club President Edward Tudisco, center, honors Frank Monteforte, left, and Wayne Scheriff, right, for 40 and 25 years in the club, respectively.

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Pond filled with salt water after Sandy by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor PHOTO COURTESY DON RIEPE

EPA honors Littoral Society The Northeast Chapter of the American Littoral Society recently received an award from the Environmental Protection Agency for its outstanding work in helping restore the marshes of Jamaica Bay. The group also has provided many educational walks and programs for a variety of groups and the general public over the years. “We started the chapter in 1980,” recalled Don Riepe, the longtime director of the organization. “Each year our programs educate several thousand young and old

about the ecological, economic and aesthetic values of Jamaica Bay, a great urban resource. In recent years we have teamed up with the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers to work toward restoring the valuable marshes of the bay.” At the award presentation, above, are Tim Dillingham, left, president of the American Littoral Society; Judith Enck, EPA Region 2 director; Riepe and Elizabeth Stoehr, the American Littoral Society’s northeast chapter program director.

As devastating as Hurricane Sandy was to homes, businesses and infrastructure in southern Queens, the storm also did a number on nature in the area. The two freshwater lakes in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge — East Pond and West Pond — suffered breaches, which allowed salt water from Jamaica Bay to flow in. The breach in East Pond occurred below the A train subway tracks. That gap is being filled as the tracks, which were washed out in the storm, are The breach in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s West being rebuilt. But no f inal decision had been Pond washed out part of a popular hiking trail. PHOTO BY DOMENICK RAFTER made on the West Pond breach, a deep, almost canyon-like chasm on the south side of the lake big enough to sail a likely be drained and refilled with rainwater and snowfall runoff next year. It is also posboat through. “Gateway is bringing in a group of scien- sible the breach will be left as is, turning the tists to help us make the best decision and to pond into a natural lagoon. The two ponds were created at the same work through the environmental analysis of different courses of action for the pond,” said time as the wildlife refuge in the 1950s and Daphne Yun, a spokeswoman for Gateway were the brainchild of 20th-century “master builder” Robert Moses. They have been used National Recreation Area. Q If the breach is filled, the pond would as a habitat for migrating shorebirds.


Page 15 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

Breach in Gateway lake may be filled in


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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 16

C M SQ page 16 Y K

Tree tagging sparks JFK runway rumors Residents fear trees, parkland only the beginning of airport expansion by Michael Gannon Editor

Residents and elected off icials from Southeast Queens on Friday took what they hope is not a last look at about 700 trees in the Idlewild Park Preserve. Nearly 400 of the trees have beewn marked by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as being potential hazards to planes landing at or taking off from John F. Kennedy International Airport. The rest could face the chainsaws if or when the city, PA and Federal Aviation Administration reach an agreement on the relocation of JFK’s Runway 4L-22R. “We have been caring for this park for 10 years,” Barbara Brown, chairwoman of the Eastern Queens Alliance, said to the more than 60 people in attendance at the park. “We have taken care of the park; we have blazed trails here,” she said. “In 10 years we have heard nothing about these trees being too tall. Why now?” The Port Authority, in a statement issued Tuesday, said it is complying with federal regulations. “The Federal Aviaton Administration’s mandate that runway protection zones be free of obstructions currently requires the removal or pruning of nearly 400 trees at Idlewild Park to ensure the safety of people, property and planes within one of JFK

Some of the nearly 400 trees in Idlewild Park that have been marked for removal. The Port Authority claims their height poses a hazard to aviation. More than 300 others could go if, as expected, the PHOTO BY MICHAEL GANNON PA receives permission to relocate an existing runway to the north. Airport’s busy flight paths,” the PA said. “The Port Authority ... also is working with the New York City Parks Department to minimize removal of trees where possible. The trees targeted now for removal or pruning are currently aviation hazards.” Brown and others believe the proposed tree-cutting is a prelude to bringing more and larger aircraft into and out of JFK over

Springfield Gardens, Brookville, Laurelton, South Jamaica and other neighborhoods — planes that would be flying lower and lower overhead should the FAA and PA succeed in relocating the runway some 700 feet to the north and adding a 1,000-footlong, 500-foot wide safety zone at the northerly end. Lonnie Glover, president of the Springfield

Gardens Civic Association and an officer with the EQA, pointed to a stand of trees in the park, southeast of the large cricket field near 223rd Street and 149th Avenue. Some of the trees were marked with a large black X, while others nearby had the mark painted over, or no mark at all. “If these trees are too tall, then planes are flying too low over this park,” Glover said. Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans) said that even if no parkland is lost, lower flights might make the park unusable. At a meeting in October, PA representatives told a similar gathering of more than 200 that the work would need to be done to accommodate aircraft such as the Airbus A380, which currently lands at Kennedy over Howard Beach and Ozone Park. The double-decker behemoths are more than 230 feet long and can carry between 500 and 800 passengers. If f inally approved, the runway shift would bring the northern-most edge of the safety zone almost up to Rockaway Boulevard. The FAA deadline is in 2015 “It’s noisy already,” Bess De Beetham, who sits on Community Board 13, said at the park on Friday. “None of us will have any china left.” State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) does not represent the region, but has been sparring with the FAA for years over noise continued on page 38

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Courthouse will have new life saving lives Abandoned Rockaway building to house much-needed medical center by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

The ornate marble building on Beach Channel Drive, just east of the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge, looks like a ruin you’d find in some ancient city in Europe. But in reality, it’s representative of a more recent era. The Greek-revival structure at 90-01 Beach Channel Drive once was a courthouse until Queens unified its court system in the 1970s. Since then, the building has been left abandoned and has turned into a symbol of Rockaway’s struggle. “The courthouse site is the worst kind of blight because it’s a blight owned by the government,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway Park). But now there appears to be a plan to give the courthouse a future — and one that would be useful to the people of the Rockaways and southern Queens. The city Economic Development Corporation announced last week that the 24,000square-foot building will be renovated and turned into a medical center. The Harmony Group, a development organization that revitalizes historic properties‚ is planning to renovate the building and establish the healthcare center there. The facility will feature a multi-specialty ambulatory surgical center, which will provide new medical services for a community

The abandoned courthouse in Rockaway Beach will soon be converted into a medical center to serve the peninsula, starved of healthcare facilities since the closure of Peninsula Hospital in PHOTO COURTESY NYC MAYOR’S OFFICE 2012. that recently saw the closure of a major hospital, Peninsula Hospital Center. According to the EDC, Harmony will rehabilitate the entire building, which will house tenants providing medical and outpa-

tient surgical services in specialties including ophthalmology, urology, obstetrics, gynecology and orthopedics. “The Harmony Group is excited to be the developer of the Rockaway Courthouse,”

said Uri Kaufman, the company’s president, “Once restored, this important landmark will once again serve the community by creating dozens of well-paying jobs, and by providing quality, affordable healthcare.” The EDC estimates the move will bring 64 construction and 45 permanent jobs to the Rockaways. “This is just what the doctor ordered,” said Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park). “This building has been neglected and underutilized for far too long. At last it will provide a service to the community and be restored to its original beauty.” A few years ago, Borough President Helen Marshall floated an idea for a college at the site, and the city issued a request for expressions of interest last year. The EDC selected Harmony, with it’s plan for a medical center, as the developer. “This development is a win-win for so many reasons,” Goldfeder added, “We've been starved for reliable and accessible healthcare. Any project that promises any sort of care is welcome news.” Goldfeder also sent a letter to state Health Commissioner Nirav Shah expressing support for a state certificate of need to be given to Harmony. A CON is given to developers who wish to build hospitals and medical centers in Q New York State.

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The Richmond Hill South Civic Association presented a shower of honors on Tuesday to Michael Matarazzo, who has owned his Liberty 1 Hour Photo shop at 115-07 Liberty Ave. for 24 years. A Richmond Hill native, Matarazzo is known for his involvement in the Liberty Avenue Development Corp. and for helping organize the Liberty Avenue street fairs. He has also donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association as well as New York Families for Autistic Children. He also takes graduation pictures for Ms. Marie’s Children’s Hour and the St. Mary

Gate of Heaven pre-Kindergarten program. Matarazzo received honors from Borough President Helen Marshall, Councilman Eric Ulrich and Assembly members Michael Miller and Michele Titus. The RHSCA gave Matarazzo a desk clock as a gift. Joining Matarazzo at the presentation of awards are Katherine Coyne, left, and Lee Condra, both RHSCA board members; Debbie Lou Gurrea and Devika Ramnath, employees at Liberty 1 Hour Photo; Margaret Finnerty, the RHSCA president and Elena Carruba, an RHSCA board member.


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Honors for Liberty photo man


Page 19 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013


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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 20

C M SQ page 20 Y K

UAE’s Sheikh Monsour to be FMCP’s MLS king by Joseph Orovic Assistant Managing/Online Editor

Major League Soccer’s proposal to build a stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park has re-emerged this week, jangling a borough that has spent the better part of three months focused elsewhere. The league once again contends it’s weeks away from finalizing a deal with the city, as it did last fall. This time, the league may have found an oil-rich owner for the proposed franchise: Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a billionaire member of the Abu Dhabi royal family and deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. Though MLS is reportedly still weeks away from formally announcing an agreement, various news outlets, as well as sources familiar with the negotiations, tell the Chronicle a deal is nearly done. And some members of the community are already lambasting the sheikh’s selection before it’s even official. His wealth, they contend, is only overshadowed by his nation’s trouncing of basic human rights, a laundry list that reportedly includes: a subtly aggressive relationship with Israel; dubious women’s rights under Sharia law; and hostility towards gays and lesbians. If the Bloomberg Administration is going to force the handover of 13 acres of Flushing Meadows to MLS, opponents contend, it better find someone other than Sheikh Monsour on the receiving end.

A tale of two societies Queens, NYC

Abu Dhabi, UAE

• Government: democratic borough within New York City, NYS, USA. • Official language: none. • Official reli- City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras could gion: none. decide the fate of the • Freedom of soccer stadium plan. FILE PHOTO speech guaranteed. • Foreign-born residents: 48%. All nations welcome. • Marriage: man-woman, man-man, woman-woman; polygamy illegal in all 50 states. • Homosexuality: legal, celebrated with annual Pride Parade.

• Government: federation of seven dynastic Emirates. • Official language: Arabic. • Official reliMansour bin Zayed Al gion: Islam. Nahyan could bankroll the soccer stadium as • Speech crititeam owner. PHOTO BY cal of governDRAGON TATIC / FLICKR ment illegal. • Foreign-born residents: 89%. Barred entry by Israelis in 2010. • Marriage: up to four wives for a man, but only one Muslim husband per woman. • Homosexuality: a crime punishable by up to 14 years in prision.

For the latest news visit

Sources: U.S. State Department, Human Rights Watch, CIA World Factbook

Sheikh-ing things up Sheikh Monsour, 42, represents a large unknown in the MLS plan: the expansion franchise’s owner. The billionaire chairs the UAE’s International Petroleum Investment Company, part of the country’s $650 billion sovereign wealth fund. He also serves as the deputy prime minister, which has some holding him accountable for the UAE’s uneasy relationship with Israel, while also being cited for various human rights violations within its borders. The UAE is often portrayed as an anodyne actor within the combative realm bookended by Iran and Israel. But reported evidence suggests otherwise. Some instances are borderline comical, such as state-owned airline Etihad reportedly removing Israel from the touch-screen world maps passengers can stare at while they travel. But research suggests a cozy relationship with one of the U.S. and Israel’s most hostile enemies. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy said trade between Iran and one emirate had reached $12 billion in the five years leading up to 2010. The same Dubai emirate keeps stringent rules against allowing Israelis within its borders, going so far as to prevent Israeli tennis pro Shahar Pe’er from competing in a tournament within its borders. In 2011, the UAE also directed $34 million in humanitarian and government assistance to the Palestinian Authority. When asked about its policy, the UAE embassy in Washington, DC said, “The UAE doesn’t have diplomatic relations with Israel.” The U.S. State Department 2012 Report on Human Rights Practices was published on April 19, 2013, and paints a not-so-pleasant picture of the nation of about 8.5 million. It cited the UAE for arbitrary arrests, incommu-

nicado detentions and limited civil liberties. The country even reportedly revoked the citizenship of six residents, after they signed a petition calling for an elected parliament with executive powers. (The UAE’s seven semiautonomous emirates form a ruling class of their own, not beholden to the general population.) For women, laws penalizing rape and domestic violence were not enforced effectively, according to the State Department. Spousal abuse and the rape of domestic employees remain a problem. The marrying of a non-Muslim man by a Muslim woman is also strictly forbidden, while men may marry up to four women of any religious background. The sheikh also holds a leadership position in a nation that criminalizes same-sex activity. The State Department cites one instance of a Belgian man who served a year in prison and was deported for have a same-sex relationship with another man. The UAE’s record has the two gay members of Queens’ council delegation vehemently opposing the sheikh’s ownership of the franchise and stadium. “I urge my colleagues in the City Council and elected officials across the state to join me in saying that New Yorkers will not do business with a murderous regime and we will not sell, trade or giveaway our public assets to those who discriminate and participate in human rights abuses,” said Councilman Danny Dromm (D-Jackson Heights). $tadium Since last fall, MLS has kept mum on the potential Queens franchise owner. League President Mark Abbott in January said MLS

was willing to begin the public review of the stadium without a potential owner. “The plan is to continue to move forward with the [Uniform Land Use Review Procedure],” Abbott told the Chronicle at the time. “Our goal is to move this project forward. That’s where our attention is.” Various reports have stated the league has courted Sheikh Monsour for months. And for good reason. MLS has made repeated promises that the stadium’s construction would not include even a dime of taxpayer funding. When considering the estimated $350 million cost of the facility, a reported $100 million league buy-in fee, and the ancillary costs that come with filling a roster and staff, the list of folks able to fork over more than half a billion dollars begins to thin out. Enter Sheikh Monsour. The still-young royal reportedly has $4.9 billion in the bank — enough to build 14 MLS stadiums. His personal wealth comes along with family lucre in the $150 billion range. He’s already bought a middling soccer franchise in a major sports market before, shelling out $330 million in 2008 for Manchester City in England. But it’s that same wealth that has some calling any potential giveaway of parkland a bad deal. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) noted the sheikh’s wealth while also blasting his human rights record. “The potential swapping of public parkland to a family wealthy enough to purchase the vacant land necessary to construct a stadium is deeply troubling,” Van Bramer said. “To do so with the member of a royal family from a country that actively prosecutes gay men, under threat of the death penalty, for having

consensual sex is appalling.” The vast sums of money involved can be tough to process. But here’s one context that may help: Sheikh Monsour has enough cash on hand to rent 13 acres of Flushing Meadows Corona Park for over four billion years if the city and MLS agree to the $1-per-year fee previously reported in Crain’s. “Obviously it’s absurd that public parkland is even being considered for a man of his wealth,” said NYC Park Advocates’ and Save Flushing Meadows Corona Park’s Geoffrey Croft. “It shows how desperate these guys are.” The league demurred at the chance to speak specifically about Sheikh Monsour. “While we are making progress on the New York expansion team, we have not finalized the ownership agreement,” MLS said in a statement. “Our discussions with potential ownership groups remain private.” Illusion of inevitability The creation of a Major League Soccer stadium has been touted as a “legacy project” for Mayor Bloomberg, whose tenure in office ends this year. So when MLS Commissioner Don Garber last Thursday said he hopes to announce a deal for MLS’s New York City franchise soon, a stream of reports from local media and sports pages snatched onto the glitz of the sheikh. Rarely mentioned in any stories were the six community boards, Borough Board and City Council — all of which the project must navigate as part of ULURP. Opponents of the plan claim the Bloomberg Administration is willing to muscle MLS through the community oversight process to ensure its passage during the mayor’s tenure. “Part of what has upset this borough from the beginning is the sense that this administration and MLS have considered this as a done deal without speaking with the community,” said Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria), who has opposed the MLS plan. “They take this path at their peril — the ‘this is a done deal path.’” The stadium’s biggest obstacle may be the timetable required for its approval. Garber and the league are reportedly expected to announce a deal with Sheikh Monsour at or ahead of Manchester City’s friendly game against Chelsea FC at Yankee Stadium on May 25. If the league’s plans are certif ied this month, a rush through ULURP will likely ensue. The league could try to crush together committee and public meetings in June, forcing at least a dozen gatherings across the borough before community boards disband for their usual summer breaks. Opponents of the project hope the natural inertia of seeking public approval may lard up the MLS plan’s progress. And they’re not shy in expressing outrage at the sheikh’s potential ownership. “Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s profit-making scheme will destroy one of New York City’s most cherished parks,” said Javier Valdes, co-executive director of Make the Road New York, a member of the Fairness Coalition of Queens. “The sheikh clearly has the financial resources to pursue continued on page 28

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PS 244 first in city with meatless lunch by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

Don’t expect any hot dogs for lunch at PS 244. No chicken tenders either. The Active Learning Elementary School, at 137-20 Franklin Ave. in Downtown Flushing, is the first school in the United States to offer a vegetarian-only lunch menu beginning Tuesday. The city Department of Education’s Office of School Food partnered with the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, a nonprofit aimed at bringing more nutritious lunch options to schools statewide, to introduce the meatless menu. Robert Groff, PS 244’s principal, said the vegetarian-only lunch fits in with the school’s mission and reflects a diet many of the school’s students have anyway. “We created PS 244 based on a principle of a healthy lifestyle and academic achievement,” he said. “We discovered early on that our kids were gravitating toward our vegetarian offerings, and we kept expanding the program to meet the demand. The vegetarian menu fits right in

with our mission and we are thrilled that our students in pre-K all the way up to Grade 3 understand the importance of healthy and nutritious meals.” The school, which opened in 2008, began offering a vegetarian lunch three times a week and then increased it to four times a week because of its popularity. The vast majority of the students who attend the school are of Asian descent and many are on vegetarian diets at home. “I am proud of the students and staff for trailblazing this extraordinary path,” Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said. “Our school meals program has evolved under the Bloomberg administration to offer dishes that meet our nutritional standards.” The new menu includes roasted chickpeas, braised black beans with plantains, tofu vegetable wrap with cucumber salad, vegetarian chili served with brown rice, falafel and roasted tofu with Asian sesame sauce. Tuesday’s lunch, which Walcott attended, included black beans and cheddar quesadillas with salsa and roasted red potatoes. Q


Work scheduled for 1st qtr. of 2014 by Michael Gannon Editor

Gov. Cuomo and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced on April 25 that 30 Manhattan subway stations have been newly fitted out for wireless communication, and an MTA spokesman said Queens stations are slated to begin coming on line in less than a year. In a joint statement, Cuomo and the MTA said last week that the 30 new stations run as far south as 14th Street and as far north as 96th Street. Five of the locations are at Times Square-42nd Street. The work brings the number of wireless stations to 36, all in Manhattan. The MTA said its aim is to have the remaining 241 underground stations wireless-ready within four years. Long Island City-based Transit Wireless is handling the work. “The MTA has been on a clearly defined mission to bring our mass transit system into the 21st century with upgrades to the station environment through several ambitious new technology communications pro-



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jects like this one,” Thomas Prendergast, interim MTA Chairman, said. “[It is] aimed at improving the travel experiences of our customers while offering another level of security,” he added. The next 40 stations, in Midtown Manhattan and Queens — including FlushingMain Street — already are in the planning stages, according to the MTA, and should be operable by the first quarter of 2014. “This goes beyond providing cell phone service underground,” Cuomo said. “It brings our customers a new level of security — with the ability to dial 911 in an emergency. Customers now know that when they see something, they can now say something using their devices to call 911.” And with all major cell companies on board with the project, Cuomo added, “the vast majority of MTA customers will have the ability to do so.” AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Boingo Wireless already are on board with the project, and the MTA said Verizon and Sprint “are finalizing agreements to participate in the Q network.”

Page 21 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flushing school has M’hattan subways go green on the menu wireless; Queens next

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 22

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SQ page 23

continued from page 5 along the line, meaning they are only to be used sparingly. But the elongated bus stops are permanent and so are the loss of the parking spots. Ortiz said the agency collaborated with the city Department of Transportation over how to extend the bus pads. “This has been carefully reviewed by the DOT, who has traff ic regulatory authority including bus stop revision,” Ortiz said. “They are mindful of the concerns related to loss of parking, which are generally few, but again, artic conversion on selected high-volume routes is needed to provide more efficient service.” The MTA has been utilizing artics along the busy Q44 route, which runs from Jamaica, through Flushing and into the Bronx. Recently, the agency has employed the buses along Woodhaven and Cross Bay boulevards for its Q52 route between Queens Center mall and Arverne in the Rockaways. Ortiz said the new buses were sent there due to a spike in usage along that route since the A train has been out of service across Jamaica Bay due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. The Q6 line, which runs along Sutphin and Rockaway boulevards from Downtown Jamaica to JFK Airport’s cargo area, will also get some artic buses due Q to high ridership, Ortiz added.

Bricks fly through Middle Village homes

Remains found in Ridgewood What are believed to be human remains were found in the backyard of a Ridgewood apartment building on Wednesday. According to police, neighbors placed a 911 call on April 30 when they noticed a man placing a large black garbage bag in front of the residence at 1866 Putnam Avenue. A mound of freshly dug dirt in the backyard was also reported. When officers arrived at the scene, they pulled the bag of remains from the shallow grave. A garbage bag filled with gloves, ammonia and a burnt sleeping bag were found near the trash bins. While the police say they are waiting for the medical examiner to identify the remains, there have been reports the body could be that of Frank Soucie, a former postal worker who lives at 1866 Putnam and was reported missing about a week ago. Reportedly, Soucie’s stepson has turned himself in to police. He was considered a person of interest in relation to his stepfather’s disappearance. Police would not conf irm if the body found in the shallow grave was in any way connected with the missing Q Soucie. — Tess McRae

Rocks smash through the windows of several residences; launcher suspected by Tess McRae Reporter

Kay Ragab of Middle Village woke up at 3 a.m. on April 21 to the sound of a large object hitting her dining room wall. When she came downstairs, she saw a brick the size of a fist on the floor. “It made a dent in my wall about 4-feet up,” said Ragab, who lives on 70th Street. “But the window is on the other side of the house.” The window the brick went through is more than 15 feet away from the wall it struck. “It had to go through my living room and through my whole dining room to get to this wall,” she said. “Someone used some kind of rocket launcher or something more.” Around the same time, two other houses also had bricks sent through their windows. Charles Troche, who lives across the street from Ragab, also had his window smashed into but wasn’t quick to jump to conclusions. “I just assume it was kids or something,” he said. “I don’t want to say it was a launcher because I don’t really know that it was.” Troche f iled a report with the 104th Precinct.

The brick that went through Kay Ragab’s front PHOTO BY TESS MCRAE window. “These days, you can’t be too careful,” Ragab said. “If I had been sitting at my table at the time, I would be dead. Who knows if these people are planning to do worse.” Ragab said the police wouldn’t take her suspicians of a launching device into consideration. “They wouldn’t listen to me,” she said. “No person could throw with the amount of force it would take to do that, and not even Mickey Mantle.” The precinct was unavailable for comment. Q

Page 23 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 24

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Richmond Hill HS Seniors Alyssa Maharaj and Michelle Premnauth, left, smile as they await students, staff members, alumni and community members registering to donate blood at the school blood drive. Richmond Hill HS is consistently among the top schools for blood donations in Queens. Both students also donated blood that day.

Seniors Rosy Rodriguez and Mariana Estrella talk to freshmen about the Business Pathway last week. They explained how the Business Pathway helps students secure internships in hotels and in the financial business, how students get Microsoft Certification in the pathway and how students attend trade fairs to represent their virtual business around the country and the world.

Senior and member of the Law Pathway, Luis Cruz, left, glances at the camera as he talks to freshmen about all the great activities that the Law Pathway is involved in, including: moot court, debating, mock trials, trips to Boston, Washington and a 3-day trip planned to Virginia this June. Every spring, freshmen go to this fair and meet with students already in the pathways and decide which pathway to choose.

Students in the Health Careers Pathway recently visited North Shore LIJ Hospital on Long Island where they were given an extensive tour of the facilities, met with staff and toured the new emergency center. Students: Vanessa Byrne left at the door, Michael Ramirez, Dontae Whitehead, Prince Kholi, Angelica Rodriguez, Jamal Goolmohammed.

Seniors in the Virtual Enterprises Program recently attended the NY Trade Fair. Featured in the photo are left, Mariana Estrella, Aruna Chowdhari, teacher Mr. McCormack, Rosy Rodriguez and Wilyuly Lopez. Students in the program also attended trade fairs this year that were held in California and Belgium.


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Embattled Republican councilman says focus is on clearing his name by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

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Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) announced he would not seek a second term on Wednesday, one month after he was arrestFILE PHOTO ed on corruption charges.

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“The residents of Northeast Queens deserve representation they can be proud of and a principled Council Member who is accountable to the will of the people,” Vallone said in a statement. “Now, more than ever, is the time for integrity and trust — principles which the Vallone family have embodied for over three generations and which I will restore to the 19th City Council District.” “As far as I’m concerned, Councilman Halloran’s decision to not seek re-election is an appropriate end to an inappropriate career in politics,” Graziano said. “Unfortunately, many elected officials break promises and the public trust with their constituents; Councilman Halloran’s bad behavior goes much, much deeper and has affected not only the ability of his Council office to function in responding to the district’s needs, but also the other actions that he has taken during his tenure in office that have frankly been hostile to our neighborhoods.” Duane called for Halloran to step down. “I think that this is the right decision for those of us who live in the district. It’s probably the right decision for Councilman Halloran personally. It’s good because a sad chapter has come to a close. Now we can focus on restoring trust and integrity to the City Council,” he said. “I think it would be better for those of us who live in the district if he were to step down.” Some Republicans are said to be looking at Rudy Giuliani, chief of staff to Queens’ only other GOP officeholder, Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park), as a potential replacement candidate. Giuliani is a cousin of former mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He would be joined in the Republican primary by former candidate Dennis Saffran, who lost the same district to Halloran’s predecessor, state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) by about 400 votes in 2001. SafQ fran has the support of the Queens GOP.


Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone), who was arrested last month on accusations that he took part in a scheme to bribe Republican officials in order to get state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Hollis) onto the mayoral ballot as a Republican, announced Wednesday that he will not run for a second term. Halloran, who was first elected in 2009, was arrested April 2, along with Smith and Vince Tabone, former vice chairman of the Queens Republican Party, for an alleged plot to solicit bribes to acquire a Wilson Pakula for Smith, a Democrat, in order for him to get a place on the GOP primary ballot for mayor. He was indicted late last month. Halloran said he would forego re-election in order to work on clearing his name, but he is not resigning from office. “It has been the greatest honor to serve this beautiful district, in which I am proud to have lived my entire life,” he said in a prepared statement. “Regrettably, I must now focus my attention on clearing my name and restoring my reputation, while I continue to discharge my sworn duties as a member of the New York City Council. After much thought, I have concluded that it is impossible for me to properly do these things and take on the enormous demands of a political campaign, so I will not pursue another term in the Council.” After his election, Halloran was seen as a rising star in the Queens Republican Party. During his term, he distanced himself from the ongoing factional war within the party between the borough’s GOP leader, Phil Ragusa, and former Councilman Tom Ognibene. Halloran was the GOP’s candidate for Congress in the 6th Congressional District in 2012, but he lost to now-Rep. Grace Meng (D-Flushing) by a wide margin. The 19th Council District race was seen as one of the most competitive in the city even before Halloran’s arrest last month. Four Democrats are seeking the seat: Austin Shafran, fomer vice president of public affairs for the Empire State Development Corporation, former Assemblyman John Duane, Paul Vallone, brother of Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) and an unsuccessful candidate for the same seat in 2009, and urban planner and local activist Paul Graziano. The Democratic candidates responded to Halloran’s decision Wednesday. “Councilman Halloran’s decision to not seek re-election is the right one for the people of our district,” Shafran said in a statement. “They deserve a full-time Councilman who is focused on working for the people of Queens, not his own legal defense. It’s time we put this stunning lack of integrity behind us and rebuild the public’s trust through effective, honest and dedicated service.”

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Dan Halloran not seeking re-election

Ice Jewelry: where the owners can relate to their clients

DOE placed students who did not meet requirements for enrollment by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

Ice Jewelry Buying Service is located on Queens Boulevard in Rego Park.

by Denis Deck Chronicle Contributor

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Some skip process for audition schools


In addition to buying gold, silver, diamonds, watches and coins, Ice Jewelry Buying also offers instant cash loans for jewelry and eBay selling services.

Recently, a woman and her boyfriend went into an unassuming gold buying and cash loan shop on Queens Boulevard. She had a $35 offer on Their cash loans program is straightforward her ring from another area shop, but was looking and simple. “It’s a perfect solution for someone to get a better deal. In what may be viewed who has a bill due and a check on the way,” as poor business acumen, she told her new Goldberg said. “But we make sure they have a prospective buyer what her previous offer was. game plan to buy their jewelry back before the Still, after examining her piece, he offered her end of the term. Sometimes these are people’s $1,600. He did so, as he says, “...because that’s heirlooms we’re talking about and we respect what it was worth.” that.” The plight of the worker who’s hard-up for cash For those who are less Internet-savvy or in today’s economy is something that Arthur Elias just don’t have the time, Ice Jewelry Buying and Edward Goldberg can relate to firsthand, offers a convenient eBay sales service. If what having been laid off from their jobs in jewelry a customer has isn’t an item that Ice Jewelry manufacturing. They understand that people get Buying would purchase, like a handbag or antique into situations where they just need a little cash furniture, they can help find a buyer on their eBay fast to make the bills and Ice Jewelry Buying store. Elias consults with the customer to find a Service hopes to help out in the most honest way target price and let the Internet they can. auctioneers handle the rest. STORE HOURS “For this, I like to think we’re doing the community a service,” For anyone who has ever MON.-FRI. 11am - 7pm Elias said. “We’re in the business dealt with the hassle of selling SAT. 10am 5pm of helping people who are in a and shipping an item on eBay SUN. by Appointment tough spot. They can come to — all the forms involved in our store and know that we can setting up a user and paypal educate them on what they have and we’ll give account, the 10-15 percent fee that Ice Jewelry them what their items are worth. When that Buying charges to do all the work is really a woman told me her previous offer, it made me bargain deal. wonder how many times this happens — how “At the end of the day, I just want people to many people who really need that money get feel comfortable doing business with us. People taken advantage of?” have this conception of gold buying stores as Elias opened his Rego Park shop with Goldberg these slimy places with slimy people, and they’re less than a year ago, and already they’re seeing typically right. But we want to be different. I don’t a lot of repeat customers and referrals. This is think it’s cool to see someone buy a ring for a sign to them that they’re doing something right $200 and put it in their counter for $800. We — the pawn business typically deals in one-time don’t do that.” transactions but Elias is determined to break that Ice Jewelry Buying Service is located at mold, building a reputation on trust. 98-30 Queens Blvd. in Rego Park. Hours of “Everyone around here is buying gold these operation are Monday-Friday from 11 am to 7:00 days; you can go into the barber shop down the pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm; Sunday– private road and sell your jewelry. The problem with all appoinments are available. Call for more these places is they treat everything like it’s a Q information (718) 830-0030. one-shot deal and we don’t do that,” Elias said. - ADVERTISEMENT -


The city Department of Education has been placing a number of students into special screened and audition schools, such as Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts in Astoria, despite their not meeting eligibility. “They basically circumvented their own process,” said Dmytro Fedkowskyj, Queens’ representative on the Panel for Educational Policy. “There’s a process and that’s a process that needs to be followed.” The policy, which was f irst reported on by the Frank Sinatra High School for the Arts in Astoria is one of 71 New York Post last week, specialized schools that the DOE has enrolled students in despite PHOTO BY JOSEY BARTLETT allows the DOE to place their not meeting the usual requirements. students in these special “This policy was designed to maximize schools despite having not passed the tests or auditions required for admission, and in the availability of high quality options for all students,” the statement read. “When some cases never taking them at all. According to the Post, nearly 1,500 students screened and audition public high schools do across the city were placed in specialized not consider a sufficient number of their schools despite not meeting the standard applicants, it limits great options for students admission requirements. Seventy-one schools who might do very well in these programs.” The policy is not new having been first are affected. Among them was Frank Sinatra High implemented in screened and audition schools School, where the Post reports 51 students, in Jan. 2012. The DOE said that when the poliincluding 26 special education students, were cy was implemented, it offered matches only to students who ranked a given school highly placed in the school. Fedkowskyj said the policy has led to con- in their applications and had an academic cerns among parents, teachers and administra- background comparable to other students who tors that students placed in these schools will go to the school. Nine specialized schools, including Bronx be put in a tenuous academic position. “That’s the fear,” he said, “that we’re basi- High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School and Queens High School for the Scically setting these kids up for failure.” In a statement, the DOE said the idea is ences at York College, are exempt from the to broaden the number of options to city DOE policy because their admissions process Q is governed by state law. students.


718-529-9700 NY State Dept. of State Lic. #12000295695

Servicing All Your Security Needs Residential/Commercial



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SQ page 26rev

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Established 1991


One of the Largest Body Shops In South Queens

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• Specializing In Collision and Theft Repairs • All Insurance Claims Settled by Licensed Appraisers

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State Pavilion gets a new coat of paint World’s Fair buffs fight landmark vandalism with red and white stripes by Joseph Orovic Assistant Managing/Online Editor

The graffiti that once lined the interior of the New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows Corona Park is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as a crew of preservationists spent last weekend giving the historic site a fresh coat of candy striping. Armed with 18 gallons of red, white and yellow paint, a crew of five World’s Fair aficionados repainted a sizeable portion of the pavilion’s rotunda. “So far so good” was Mitch Silverstein’s assessment on Monday, after turning in a workman’s 9 a.m.-to-5 p.m. Friday through Sunday at the Flushing Meadows landmark.

The graffiti that originally lined the State PHOTO BY JOSEPH OROVIC Pavilion last winter.

MoMA PS 1’s big white dome at Rockaway Beach will stick around through part of the summer. MoMA PS1 and the city Department of Parks & Recreation announced that the VW Dome 2, which opened in late March in Rockaway Beach in the parking field between Beach 94th and 95th streets, as a community and cultural center, will remain open with continued programming through June 30. The geodome had previously been scheduled to be dismantled by Memorial Day. MoMA PS 1 opened the dome to act as an events space and community center and help the neighborhood hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. The south-facing section of the dome features translucent windows that look out over the ocean and destroyed boardwalk. The dome has been the site of a number of events since its opening in late March, including video screenings, performances and programming undertaken by boroughwide organizations, including the Queens Museum and local groups, such as the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance and Rockaway Beach Q Civic Association. — Domenick Rafter

The fresh paint covering some of the State Pavilion’s interior is just the start of bigger plans to PHOTO BY STEPHANIE BOHN celebrate the World’s Fair’s 50th Anniversary. interior, making the upper steel ring more difficult to paint. The project is being funded mostly by the generosity of strangers, with funds coming from donations made through the group’s website, They had generated 70 percent of their $2,500 goal as of this writing, allotting a majority of the funds for the 45 gallons of paint needed to spruce up the entire interior.

As for their World’s Fair 50th Anniversary plans? Silverstein was mum. “We’re kicking around ideas, nothing we want to declare publicly yet,” he said, making an allusion to a planned Major League Soccer stadium and United States Tennis Association expansion, both slated to begin around the anniversary. “The park is going to be under siege with construction projects Q at the time.”

Sheikh-ing up Queens? continued from page 20 private property for his latest enterprise. Queens residents can’t afford to lose parkland.” But while park activists are jumping ahead of the announcement of ownership, key lawmakers are waiting for an official announcement. Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras (D-East Elmhurst), whose district includes the chunk of the park affected by the proposal, declined to comment about the potential owner. Ditto state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst), who would likely call the project up to Albany to approve the alienation of replacement parkland. But Dromm and Van Bramer jumping ahead of Ferreras on the matter breaks with the common councilmanic practice of deferring to the presiding lawmaker. It leaves Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan) in the odd bind of being AWOL on an LGBT and women’s rights issue. The speaker’s office did not respond to requests for comment after being given Dromm and Van Bramer’s statements. Vallone, whose run-ins with the speaker have been well-documented, said the sheikh’s involvement only reinforces his stance. “Someone should tell the sheikh that we have a beautiful stadium which already exists called Citi Field,” he said, adding it’s a

bad deal for the city. “The fact that he has obscene amounts of money makes it even more ridiculous that we would have to entice him with parkland. He could clearly put this in a much more appropriate location without using parkland.” The league has had a quiet few months after an all-out media and local advertising push during the fall and winter to promote its proposed stadium at the current site of the Pool of Industry. The plan calls for the creation of a 25,000-seat stadium, taking up to 13 acres of parkland that will be replaced, possibly in several locations around the borough. But in February Garber expressed frustration with how long it was taking to iron out a deal with the city. It left some miffed at Garber’s claim a deal could be in ironed out soon. The city is in the midst of two other big-ticket projects slated for Flushing Meadows Corona Park navigating ULURP: the proposed expansion of the United States Tennis Association’s National Tennis Center, and the redevelopment of Willets Point. “We’re making progress,” Garber said of talks with New York City. “We continue — you’ve heard this for the last year — but we continue to negotiate with the City of New York and meet with local political folks and community leaders to get support for the stadium we hope to build in Flushing Q Meadows Park.”


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Another month for PS 1 dome

The gang, which besides Silverstein included World’s Fair enthusiasts Jim Brown, Ed Gosset and Stephanie Bohn, painted the portion of the rotunda that’s visible from the gate — a carefully engineered optical illusion to give the appearance that the whole interior is cared for. The unpainted portions that remain out of sight from the general public will also be touched up during the coming weekends, Silverstein said. The efforts began after graffiti was discovered along the pavilion’s interior. Over a dozen “tags” lined the World’s Fair landmark, with bubble letters in various shades set at 6- to 10foot intervals. The adjacent towers that supported what is left of the “Tent of Tomorrow” also have sporadic scrawls. The vandalism frustrated Silverstein, Queens native John Piro and others, who planned on spiffing up the pavilion ahead of the 1964 World’s Fair’s 50th Anniversary. The Parks Department power-washed the graffiti off the walls, but stripped some of the underlying white and red paint. No worries, according to Silverstein. The bare concrete may have left the walls more porous and absorbent, but not to the detriment of rejuvenation efforts. Still, the interior poses unique challenges for the crew. A sprinkler system was installed after the World’s Fair, with pipes jutting out of the

Missing The Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in ascertaining the whereabouts of Benjamin Xu. The 15-yearold was last seen at 6:40 p.m. on Friday, April 26 leaving his residence at 110-20 71 Rd. in Forest Hills. He is described as an Asian male who is 5 feet, 9 inches tall, with black hair and brown eyes and who weighs 150 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) 577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit tips by logging onto, or by texting 274637 (CRIMES), then entering TIP577. All tips are strictly confidential.

C M SQ page 29 Y K Is Amazon going to call me?” What bothered parents the most was the fact that they could not opt out of the pilot program. “The state is telling districts that they have no requirements to tell parents,” Haimson said. “We are working on a piece of legislation that grants us an opt-in option, which is stronger than an opt-out.” In March, Assembly Bill A06059 was introduced by Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell (DManhattan) and is sponsored by more than 50 other Assembly members. The act is set “to amend the education law, in relation to the release of personally identifiable student information” by entirely



St. Mary Gate of Heaven School will be presenting Disney’s “The Little Mermaid, Jr.” on Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the SMGH gym, 101-20 105 St. The play is based on the Hans Christian Anderson story and the Disney film with music by Alan Menken. It is directed by Vinny Napolitano, an SMGH alumnus, and produced by Frank Gulluscio and features 95 students from grades one through eight. Q Tickets are $10 each.


Hospital Affiliations: • • • •





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Little Mermaid Jr.

is no evidence that putting instruction online will benefit students.” However, inBloom and the work it will do in the coming months are compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a federal law created specifically to protect the privacy of families and students. Though inBloom states in its privacy policy that it cannot guarantee that information will not be leaked, the group is confident that enough provisions have been taken. “Student privacy is a top priority for inBloom and protections for student privacy have been addressed throughout the design and ongoing operations of our solution,” the Q inBloom spokeswoman said.


Silent Auction United Methodist Church, located at 11214 107 Ave. in Richmond Hill, is having a silent auction on Friday, May 3 at 7 p.m. Admission is $2, including cake and coffee. All items are new. The highest bid gets Q the item.

prohibiting the sharing of personal student information without parental consent. If passed, it will take effect July 1 and will apply to the upcoming 2013-14 academic year. Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan (D-Sunnyside), who chairs of the Education Committee and is one of the bill’s co-sponsors, would not return repeated calls to her office for comment. NYSED Queens Regent Geraldine Chapey also would not return calls. For now, Class Size Matters is asking CECs across the city to pass resolutions for parental consent prior to sharing student information. “Personal information should never be shared without parental consent,” Haimson said. “The whole project is very risky and there

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continued from page 2 child’s confidential data being sold to corporations. Class Size Matters Director Leonie Haimson has been at the forefront of the “antiinBloom” movement. She said, “inBloom is collecting confidential information in at least eight states right now. This is the most radical violation of privacy in recent history and yet the people behind this seem totally indifferent.” An inBloom spokesperson responded to Haimson’s claims by laying out the fact that the data has and will continue to be in control of the state. “States and districts using inBloom retain ownership and control of their data, and how that data is collected, retained and made available to the right users and applications,” she said. “That means student data privacy and protections in the states and districts do not change with the adoption of inBloom services. Education content providers will continue to contract directly with states, districts, and schools as they already do in order to access and provide any services that utilize student information.” Even before inBloom, student data has been given to “vendors.” Technically, the vendors inBloom and Haimson are referring to do not only include major corporations like McGraw-Hill or Pearson but also bus services and report card distribution, both of which require student data be handed over to a third party. “The way things are set up now, every district organizes data differently, so each district pays each company they contract with separately,” Adina Lopatin, a deputy chief academic officer for the DOE, said at a April 29 town hall in Brooklyn. “The state is choosing to use inBloom because it has a common set of standards so districts won’t continue to pay each vendor separately.” That answer didn’t satisfy parents who attended the meeting, hosted by Class Size Matters. “I am disgusted,” Natasha Capers said. “It is no one’s business to use my children’s information to know what they need to know. How are they going to make it better? My child has three absences. How are you going to fix that?

Page 29 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

Parents worry over what state is willing share about their kids

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New plans for 5 Pointz start to roll

Greater Woodhaven meeting The Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation held its monthly meeting on April 23 at St. Thomas the Apostle, where issues concerning business and development in the neighborhood, especially along Jamaica Avenue, were discussed. Among those attending the meeting were Mark Klimm, GWDC vice president, standing left; Jose Serverino, community affairs officer from the 102nd Precinct; Captain Molloy from the 102nd Precinct; Stephen Esposito presi-

dent of the GWDC; Officer Brendan Noonan of the 102nd Precinct; and Joseph Raskin, MTA assistant director for government and community relations. Representatives for several politicians who represent Woodhaven also attended. Seated are Arlene Annunziata, GWDC board member, left; Officer Angela Ellerby, 102nd Precinct community affairs; Maria Thomson, executive director of the GWDC; and Paul Rudolph, GWDC director.

ueens Chamber of Commerce

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May 8, 2013

Breakfast 8:30 AM | Trade Show 10AM-2PM Join us at Breakfast and hear Rob Maruster, COO, JetBlue and Patrick Foye, Executive Director Port Authority of NY/NJ discuss "The Economic Impact of the Aviation Industry in Queens" For Exhibit Tables, Advertising or Sponsorship Opportunities, call 718-898-8500, Ext. 23

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Preliminary designs include 1,000 rental units, arts studios, public park by Josey Bartlett Editor

The property owners of the dilapidated Long Island City building that is legally covered with graffiti art as part of an organization called 5 Pointz says the new residential complex will retain some of its street art past. The land takes up the block between Davis and Crain streets with frontage on Jackson Avenue. The brick building on Jackson Avenue houses a bar and a nonprofit, and the air conditioners upstairs and people in and out of front doors suggest multiple apartments. The large yellow building covered with 5 Pointz’s art houses a couple food cart and T-shirt manufacturers. The place is grimy, with rats scurrying through hallways and holes in the concrete. Co-owner David Wolkoff is asking Jonathan Cohen runs the organization 5 Pointz that for a zoning change to allow 1,000 legally covers a building in LIC with graffiti. The residential units, all rentals, in the property’s owners wish to demolish the building and build a two-tower apartment complex in its place. structures’ places. PHOTO BY JOSEY BARTLETT Plans call for two towers — one with 41 stories, the other 47 stories — “As of now I’m doing 5 Pointz,” Cohen which will be connected on the fifth floor said. “After 5 Pointz, I don’t know.” with an outdoor esplanade. Cohen said he’s thankful for the opportuDesigns show an indoor pool, 10,000square-foot gym, a meeting and par ty nity to run the program that not only disroom, an art gallery and a 200-spot parking plays graffiti, but hosts breakdancing and beatboxing; however, the planned demoligarage. On Crain Street, Wolkoff envisions the tion of the building has been stressful. The project has been talked about for main entrance to the lobby with a courtyard and a 50-by-200-foot mural — an homage years and each time an article comes out with plans, Cohen receives about 50 emails to 5 Pointz’s artistic history. “The artists are getting angry at me,” from concerned artists. “Until I see it I’m just going to focus on Wolkoff said. “But we have allowed them to do this. Other owners would immediately the summer program,” Cohen said. “When wipe out graffiti, but we like it and find it he’s ready to do it, just do it.” The development application, which attractive.” On Jackson Avenue there would be two includes the zoning request, according to a stories of retail space, 50,000 square feet in Department of City Planning spokesman, total. As pedestrians turn the corner and was certified on March 22, which starts the walk down Davis Street, windows will be Uniform Land Use Review Process. The about seven-month process will interspersed with “art walls” for graff iti art. Inside, the blueprints show space for include public comment starting with a yetfour studios where artists can work and dis- to-be scheduled meeting in May. The Community Board 2 Land Use Complay pieces. “We want some transition,” Wolkoff said. mittee met with Wolkoff two weeks ago. “While as development goes it has many “The neighborhood has PS 1 and the graffiti art on the new building will be a nice tie worthwhile features, I would prefer if the best minds in the private and public sector in to the building.” Separating the Sunnyside Yards from the were focused on small artisan manufacturbuilding Wolkoff envisions a 20,000- ing and the ar ts,” committee member square-foot public park with tables, light- Kenny Greenberg said. “We seem to keep ing, a water feature and a vegetation wall negating the side of the equation that is the peppered with more art walls to block the production of real and tangible goods. We also keep pushing out the very people who open space from the yards. Wolkoff said he had reached out to the have made the neighborhood attractive. We CEO of 5 Pointz, Jonathan Cohen, about are doing very little to support whatever possibly contributing to the new look of the small business remains or to improve the Q existing infrastructure.” towers.

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Sunset and Pink Moon Walk offers breathtaking vistas, feathered visitors by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

clear sky, comfortable temperatures and the aviary mating season made for the perfect conditions for the Sunset and Pink Moon Walk at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Broad Channel last Thursday evening. The 2-mile walk around the perimeter of West Pond — part of the trail was washed out in Hurricane Sandy — was led by National Park Service rangers who spoke about the shorebirds and plant life native to Jamaica Bay, and allowed hikers to stop, see and listen to the sounds of birds at the tail-end of the mating season. Q


The Pink Moon rises over eastern Jamaica Bay at the end PHOTOS BY DOMENICK RAFTER of the walk.

Page 31 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

A stroll through Gateway at dusk

The sun sets behind Brooklyn.

An osprey takes flight near West Pond at sunset. Birds take flight as the rising One World Trade Center A red-winged blackglistens in the sunset 10 bird sits in the reeds near West Pond. miles away.

A tent, pitched by the eastern tent caterpillar.

A prickly pear cactus grows along the trail.

Time for our hair cut...

MAY 4 & 5

Annual Sheep Shearing at the Queens Zoo Photo©WCS WILL-061155

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Come see our woolly sheep go from shaggy to shorn while you enjoy wool spinning demonstrations, crafts, games & more!

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 32

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A focus on cultural activities for seniors by Peter C. Mastrosimone Editor-in-Chief

Everyone knows New York City is one of the world’s capitals of culture, offering everything from Broadway musicals to the Museum of Natural History and, here in Queens, everything from the art galleries that feature so prominently in Long Island City to a library system that has more than 60 branches and boasts the largest circulation in the country. Everyone knows. Right? Or do they? City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside), who chairs the committee with oversight over libraries and cultural affairs, is among those who most wants to make sure that New Yorkers know what’s out there. And this week he focused on making sure senior citizens in particular are aware of all the cultural activities the city offers. On Monday Van Bramer chaired a hearing on the subject, along with Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), who heads the Subcommittee on Senior Centers. The hearing featured more than a dozen speakers testifying about cultural activities geared toward older residents,

and one vivid example — a dance performance by members of two senior centers in Manhattan. The show was put together by SPARC, or Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide, a program that sees creative talents go into nearly 50 senior centers around the Big Apple and provide members the opportunity to participate in the arts. Van Bramer said the performance was touching, especially when one member of the troupe gently touched the face of another as their roles changed, a moment that he said put some of the roughly 70 people in the audience in tears. SPARC is just the kind of program Van Bramer wants to ensure seasoned New Yorkers know about. “We want to make sure that all seniors, whether they go to senior centers or not, know that there are cultural activities available to them, and that they are affordable and that they can get to them,� Van Bramer said after the hearing. One way the councilman wants to get more information about cultural activities to seniors is to take the list of events that

the city Department of Cultural Affairs posts online and put it in pamphlets that can be distributed to senior centers. Though many older people use the internet, there are some who still prefer to see such things on paper, he explained. Another goal of Van Bramer’s is to increase the availability of city transportation for seniors who want to go to centers or cultural events. And he wants to make sure that institutions such as museums and theater groups continue to offer discounted rates to seniors. Just a few among the many programs Queens arts and cultural groups already offer seniors are a film series at the Queens Museum, concerts at senior centers put on by the Bayside-based Queensborough Performing Arts Center and the Senior Stars variety show at the Astoria Performing Arts Center. Van Bramer noted that the National Endowment for the Arts recently did a report on how the arts can impact human development in a positive manners, a study that included a chapter on older people. “The summary cited early evidence

that links participation in arts interventions with improvement in cognitive functioning, self-esteem, memory, general well-being, stress levels and even symptoms of dementia,� says a document the City Council committees prepared for Monday’s hearing. The briefing paper notes that the NEA concluded that there is a need for more research into how the arts improve the lives and health of older people. Research of course costs money, as do the expanded services Van Bramer envisions for the city’s seniors. But the councilman says those more than pay for themselves, because cultural programs make a profit by drawing tourism. “There’s no question in my mind that the city does better when it supports culture and the arts,� the councilman said. “Senior programming is one part, but you may have heard me say culture and the arts are the one revenue-generating part of the budget.� That’s not counting ticket-writing agencies, he added, but he wants seniors to get more culture, not more P summonses.

Older Adults Day May 22 at Flushing Library The Queens Library, one of the borough’s bastions of activities geared toward seniors, is hosting a special event for older residents, their families and caregivers from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 22 at the Flushing Branch. All are welcome. Entitled Older Adults Day, the event will feature big band music, job services and information on everything from the library’s large-print books to audio books that can be mailed to the home, as well as emergency preparedness, nutrition and a host of other subjects. There is no cost to attend. The library is located at 41-17 Main St. For more information, call (718) 990-0700 or visit

 !"#$%&' () !*+#'+'


ra Celeb

25 ! Years

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Listen up: For better hearing Work with an audiologist during National Hearing Screening Week, May 13-17 When it comes to startling health statistics, here are several you may not have heard: 36 million Americans have a hearing loss, yet only one out of every four people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one, according to the National Institutes of Health's National Information Center on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Millions of Americans “miss or misunderstand” much of everyday conversation. “People who experience hearing loss are often like Joni Mitchell's song “Big Yellow Taxi.” You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone,” says Dr. Kathy Landau Goodman, chair of the Audiology Awareness Campaign. “We often take our hearing for granted until we have difficulty hearing and communicating with our family, friends and coworkers. Yet searching for a quality, cost-effective solution can be confusing.” The first step for finding the right hearing aid is to see an audiologist. Audiologists hold doctoral degrees and are uniquely qualified to evaluate hearing loss and communication needs such as hearing in noisy environments like restaurants, in business meetings, church services, lectures or just listening to the TV or an iPod. An audiologist can prescribe, program, fit and customize a hearing aid’s high-tech capabilities to improve your listening and communication experiences. “Today’s hearing aids are quite amazing,” Goodman says. “They are natural sounding, fashionable and they work. There is no reason you should miss out on what could be the most important conversation of your life. Consumers have numerous options for purchasing hearing aids, and an audiologist can help you find the right solution for your communication challenges.” • No best model or brand. Finding the right hearing aid is not about the model or brand — or even price. While it may not be necessary to pay a lot to find the hearing technology that works well for you, keep in mind that rock-bottom prices often come with poorer quality. It is not just about a product — being fitted with hearing aids is a process. Modern hearing aids are sophisticated high-tech digital devices, with capabilities and options that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Every ear is unique. Every brain deciphers sound differently. There is no “one size fits all.” What works for your friend may not work for you. It’s important to work with an audiologist who can help you select and optimize the hearing aids to meet your needs. • Finding the right hearing professional. Having a hearing test and getting fitted for hearing aids are the next steps, but it’s also important to get

Don’t miss out on what she’s saying. if you have difficulty hearing, visit an audiologist to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss. PHOTO COURTESY BRANDPOINT

counseling on how to use your hearing aids most effectively in different listening situations. You’ll need adjustments to get the settings just right, and audiologists can manage this for you. Remember, an audiologist who carries several brands is more likely to help you find the best hearing aids for your communication needs. Your audiologist should have: • Well-established credentials and all applicable licenses. • Satisfied clients who are willing to give a recommendation. • Courteous support staff. • Convenient office hours. • A convenient location. • Multiple brands of hearing aids. • Hearing assistive technologies such as listening devices for phones or televisions. • Services beyond the sale of hearing aids, such as communication training and auditory training. The nonprofit Audiology Awareness Campaign, which provides the public with information on hearing loss, is sponsoring the sixth annual “Listen Up America Week, National Hearing Screening Week” May 13 to 17, 2013. In communities throughout the country, audiologists will offer free hearing screenings. Call (888) 833-EARS (3277) or visit to find an audioloP gist in your area. — Brandpoint

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Boomers: Your credit profiles matter more now than ever

Every baby boomer should get a copy of his or her credit report annually to make sure that it is complete and accurate. PHOTO COURTESY BRANDPOINT

the baby boomer generation to assist their children and grandchildren financially, even helping purchase large-ticket items like tuition, homes and vehicles. Co-signing for a loan affects these generous baby boomers’ credit accounts as well as their childrens’ and the behavior of either can affect the credit scores of both. Before cosigning, consider the length of the loan’s terms and have confidence that payment obligations will always be met. • Know how to protect your score, even in disasters. Natural disasters can happen at any time, and in any location. Baby



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boomers who are affected by a natural disaster can ask lenders to flag their accounts while they get their lives sorted out after the disaster. When lenders flag an account in this manner, the account is no longer used when your credit score is calculated. This can have both positive and negative effects. If you flag an account that has always been paid on time and managed wisely, then that account is likely normally having a positive impact to your score. When it’s flagged for a natural disaster then you lose that positive impact, and potentially risk lowering your credit score while it remains flagged. On the other hand, if the account has blemishes, those negative elements will be ignored while the account is flagged, temporarily boosting your score. Unlike other credit scoring models, the VantageScore model will include the flagged accounts if doing so will have a positive influence on the consumer’s score. This way a consumer can continue to benefit from the positive impact that account might provide for them. • Review your credit files and your score. By checking to make sure your credit files are accurate and knowing your credit scores you can make changes to your credit habits, improve your scores, or continue down the path of being a good credit manager. Every boomer should get a copy of his or her credit report annually from each of the national credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) online at and review them to be sure they are complete and accurate. You never know when you may need to have your credit score pulled, so it’s a good idea to continue practicing good credit-management habits even if you own your home and your car outright and don’t anticipate applying for a loan at any time in the future. P — Brandpoint

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Maintaining a good credit profile is important at all stages of life, even for baby boomers who may have paid off their mortgages and don't anticipate the need for more big-ticket loans. But it’s important to remember credit scores are used for more than just borrowing money, and you never know when an opportunity or emergency might pop up where credit is needed. To be sure, maintaining good credit can benefit everyone from vacation home shoppers to those seeking college tuition loans, and it can help you acquire financing in the event that you’d rather use credit than cash. What can baby boomers do to maintain good credit scores or improve lower scores? According to Barrett Burns, president and CEO of VantageScore Solutions, a credit score model developer, it’s a good idea to first check that you even have credit history. “It’s actually quite common to have little or no credit history, especially if there’s a primary person who handles family financial decisions,” says Burns. “This can leave the other spouse without any credit history. Adding the spouse’s name to the utility bills, mortgage payments and credit card accounts can help them build credit history, which results in a credit score.” Once a credit history is established, keep these tips in mind: • Keep credit accounts active. As children leave the household and retirement looms on the horizon, many baby boomers seek to simplify their finances. What you might not realize is that closing old credit accounts with a positive credit history could negatively affect your credit score, especially if this process is done all at once. Keep the older accounts open, and use them for small purchases. • Encourage financial independence. It’s a common trend for

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Pop, R&B and country hits revisited by Lloyd Carroll Chronicle Contributor

Paul Anka “Duets” (Legacy) Given the fact that his recording career spans over 55 years and that he has always enjoyed collaborating with other artists, it’s somewhat surprising that it has taken Paul Anka all this time to come up with his first album of performances with other artists. “Duets” consists of 14 tracks, most of which were recorded well in the past. As can be expected from a hodgepodge collection, “Duets” is a mixed bag. Dolly Parton is not the kind of singer you would expect to be effortlessly paired with Anka, but their duet on an early-’70s tune penned by him, “Do I Love You? (Yes, in Every Way)” is exceptional. The same can be said for another odd coupling — Anka and Leon Russell on “I Really Miss You.” I never realized how similar current nasal balladeer Michael Buble sounds to Anka until hearing them team up on the classic “Pennies From Heaven.” Part of the fun here is guessing who is singing, and my guess is that these guys were in on the joke as well. The best track here is Anka’s duet with Peter Cetera, “Hold Me ’Til the Morning Comes,” which was recorded in 1983 and was Paul’s last record to crack the Billboard Top 40 singles chart. Their emotional lyrical pleas to try to save a relationship that apparently has had high peaks and low valleys deeply resonates. It should have been a bigger hit than it was.

There is nothing truly unlistenable here, but Anka’s duets with Tom Jones (“She’s a Lady”) and Frank Sinatra (“My Way”) are rather flat — which is unexpected, considering that Anka had a hand in composing both songs. Anka has also been busy on the literary front, as his autobiography, “My Way” (St. Martin’s Press), has just been published. He gives lengthy accounts of his early years as an “American Bandstand” teen idol and, later in the book, observations on hanging with the Rat Pack in Las Vegas. He also details the travails that he had with Michael Jackson and his production team when he worked with him on “This Is It,” a track that appears on “Duets.” Based on the end result, it’s clear that it wasn’t worth the aggravation of dealing with the late mercurial King of Pop. Anka has always been a good listen and now he is a good read as well.

Aaron Neville “My True Story” (Blue Note) It has long been said that the great ones always make it look easy. That statement certainly applies to silk-voiced singer Aaron Neville, whose hits include “Tell It Like It Is,” “Don’t Know Much,” “All My Life” and “Don’t Take Away My Heaven.” On “My True Story,” Aaron has decided to revisit his favorite late-’50s and early-’60s rhythm and blues hits, such as the Drifters’ “This Magic Moment,” “Under The Boardwalk,”“Money Honey” and “Ruby Baby,” Thurston Harris’ “Little

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Bitty Pretty One,” Jesse Belvin’s “Goodnight My Love” and the Impressions’ “Gypsy Woman,” a tune which he performed recently on “The Late Show With David Letterman.” Practically every one of these songs has been recorded by numerous artists who generally did these old warhorses proud. Of course as the years go by, it is harder to hear them on any terrestrial radio station. (Hooray for Sirius XM and, an internet oldies station run by veteran air personality Don Tandler, where you can still listen to great tunes of yesteryear.) Neville has done a very good deed by reviving these songs in 2013.

Patsy Cline “On the Air” (Hip-O/UME) This past March marked the 50th anniversary of the death of one of country music’s greatest singers, Patsy Cline. The milestone did not get as much media attention as it should have, but at least her old record company, Universal Music, took the trouble of dipping into its archives to compile tracks that she recorded live at both the Grand Ole Opry and on a Nashville music program, “The Greg Reeves Show.” Cline classics such as “Crazy,” “She’s Got You,” “Walkin’ After Midnight,” and “I Fall to Pieces” lack the polish of their familiar hit versions but prove that her strong vocals were not the result of some recording studio wizardry. It is eerie to listen to her take on Bob Wills’ “San Antonio Rose,” recorded just five days before she took that ill-fated plane trip. P “On the Air” is an invaluable historical document.

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Staying at the top of your game Keeping your skills sharp, staying alert and hearing your best We feel our best when we do our best. At the top of our game is where we all want to be. This is as true in the workplace as it is on the basketball court. But to stay at the top of your game at work and in life, you need to stay primed — ready for that next big play. It requires staying alert; keeping your skills sharp; and hearing your best. That’s right — hearing your best. Listening doesn’t typically come to mind as a highly coveted job skill. But the truth is, listening is one of the top skills employers look for in those being promoted, according to the International Listening Association. Both business practitioners and academics identify listening as one of the most important skills for an effective professional. Individual performance in an organization directly relates to listening ability or perceived listening effectiveness. And good listening skills are even tied to effective leadership. So if being at the top of your game — especially on the job — is what

you’re after, pay attention to your hearing. Hearing your best is the first step to good listening skills. And good listening skills help pave the way to success. For those with hearing loss: Be encouraged. Today’s modern, sleek and virtually invisible hearing aids can help the vast majority of people with hearing loss. In fact, the days of letting unaddressed hearing loss stand in your way are long gone — and good riddance to them! Hearing aids, other forms of amplification, and even modest workspace accommodations enable almost everyone to hear and ultimately perform superlatively on the job. Today’s hearing aids are digital, wireless, and can be as discreet or as stylized as you choose. They allow you to hear from all directions and in all sorts of sound environments so you can more easily discern what people are saying. So whether you’re a mechanic, a plumber, a nurse, a teacher, a C-suite executive, a police officer, a customer service representative, an attorney, or in any line of work, there are hearing-aid

technologies and other approaches to dealing with hearing loss that can help. And remember: You are not alone. Roughly 60 percent of Americans with hearing loss are in the workforce overcoming the very same challenges you are. Research shows that hearing aids really do help. A study by the Better Hearing Institute found that using hearing aids reduced the risk of income loss by 90-to-100 percent for those with milder hearing loss, and from 65-to-77 percent for those with severe to moderate hearing loss. What’s more, people with hearing loss who use hearing aids are nearly twice as likely to be employed as their peers who do not use hearing aids. And eight out of 10 hearing-aid users say they’re satisfied with the changes that have occurred in their lives specifically due to their hearing aids. From how they feel about themselves to positive changes in their work lives, relationships and other social interactions, hearing-aid users are benefiting from today’s technology.

Roughly 60 percent of Americans with hearing loss are in the workforce. There are hearing-aids and technology available to help you deal with any hearing problems you may have. PHOTO COURTESY BRANDPOINT Face it. You’ve got too much game in you to slow down now. So play at the top of your game. Stay at the top of your game. Make an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional and learn how you can hear your best today. To take a free, quick and confidential online hearing check to determine if you need a comprehensive hearing test by a

hearing healthcare professional, visit For more information on hearing loss, visit to download “Your Guide to Buying Hearing Aids,” a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect, ask and look for when visiting a hearing healthcare professional and P purchasing a hearing aid. — Brandpoint

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Queens Quiet Skies fights plane noise by Laura A. Shepard Chronicle Contributor

Sometimes planes fly over Janet McEneaney’s house in Bayside every 20 to 40 seconds. “The planes are so loud that we can’t even talk to people in the same room,” she said. McEneaney is a member of Queens Quiet Skies, an organization formed to combat the flight path changes at LaGuardia Airport, which have increased and concentrated noise pollution in Northeast Queens since last year. The group’s immediate goal is to form a community roundtable with the FAA, the Port Authority, residents and civic leaders to solve the problem, as the Federal Aviation Administration has done in other parts of the country. Queens Quiet Skies is hosting a community education meeting on Thursday May 2, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Bayside High School. There will be presentations about the FAA and the Port Authority, community aviation roundtables and environmental protection laws, among other topics. “We will decipher the jargon, answer questions and talk about what steps we can take going forward,”

McEneaney wrote in a statement. “The FAA has been getting away with whatever they want in New York City for decades,” state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) said. “It’s just fascinating that New York City is the only metropolitan area where they don’t have constant ongoing discussions with the community.” Avella is working with Queens Quiet Skies and putting together a coalition to represent the neighborhoods around LaGuardia and Kennedy airports. “We need a seat at the table because we’re stakeholders,” McEneaney said. “Right now, the airlines are framing this issue and we want to be a part of the process.” Avella and Queens Quiet Skies have already written a proposal to establish the roundtable, which is modeled on similar roundtables in San Francisco and Oakland, Calif. They are developing the bylaws and operational guidelines now and Avella said it will start “relatively soon.” According to McEneaney, Carmine Gallo, the FAA regional administrator, committed to participate in a roundtable at a community meeting on March 14, but there hasn’t been any outreach to

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Trees, and JFK continued from page 16 connected with LaGuardia Airport — and with how the agency conducts business with residents of Queens in general. He told those assembled that there is some hope in the form of a roundtable panel consisting of homeowners and other stakeholders that he said the FAA is open to establishing in Queens. “Just about every other city in the country with a major airport has that, and Queens doesn’t,” he said. City officials have told the Chronicle that some trees will be removed as required by the FAA for what it calls a “safety corridor” that has location and height restrictions for trees within it. Where possible, the city said it will remove mostly invasive species, and each one taken down would be replaced by “multiple trees” that are native to the area and more appropriate for the park’s ecosystem. They also will be chosen from among species that do not grow tall enough to cause a problem to aviation. In a statement issued by the FAA, the agency said it will review an environmental assessment report before the project can move forward. A draft report, commissioned and prepared by the PA, currently is open for public Q comment.

residents of affected areas. The presentation on May 2 will also instruct residents on how to file noise complaints with the Port Authority. Planes departing from LaGuardia Airport did not climb over Northeast Queens as often until the FAA tested the NextGen program. According to a statement from the the FAA, the new flight path for planes taking off from Runway 13 at LaGuardia Airport is part of an effort to improve flight safety and efficiency and reduce delays in the airspace. The FAA conducted an environmental review, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, and determined that the increased use of the NextGen procedure would not produce significant environmental impacts. The planes have GPS trackers, and the pilots are required to hit waypoints in the sky, which means that planes consistently fly over the same places. “We used to say, ‘There is no such thing as a lane in the sky,’ like a lane for cars,” Bob Whitehair of Douglaston, a former pilot and airport manager, said. “Now there is.”

Residents of Northeast Queens are organizing a community roundtable with FILE PHOTO the FAA to address noise pollution issues in their neighborhoods. The controversial route is called TNNIS because it was initially adopted as a special procedure for the US Open. Now it is standard procedure for planes using Runway 13, which 45 percent of departing flights do, according to Whitehair. That means about 250 planes fly over his house per day, and the number will probably increase over time. “Planes are not supposed to be over our area below 3,000 feet,” McEneaney said. “But I’m sure

Bronx man guilty in Flushing dealer slay A Bronx man was convicted on April 24 for the kidnapping and murder of a 33-year-old Flushing man and for the kidnapping of the victim’s 80-year-old mother, as well, during a home invasion and robbery in May 2011. “The defendant has been convicted of lying in wait for his victim and then viciously attacking him and tying up his mother during the course of ransacking their apartment,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. “Such a senseless act of violence demonstrates that this defendant is a threat to society and deserving of a maximum prison sentence.” Juan Mejia, 30, of the Bronx, was convicted of second-degree murder, first- and seconddegree kidnapping, first-degree burglary, firstand second-degree robbery, second-degree menacing and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon following a two-week jury trial. Mejia faces up to 50 years to life in prison when he is sentenced on May 8. On May 3, 2011, the victim, Thomas Shanis, 33, a reputed marijuana dealer, left his apartment, located at 140-18 Ash Ave. in Flushing, to walk his dog, Sampson, a German shepherd-Labrador retriever mix, and inadvertently let Juan Mejia and his accomplice, Domingo Mateo, into the building. The duo made their way to the sixth floor and waited in

the stairwell to the roof — which was right next to the victim’s apartment door — for Shanis to return. Mejia and Mateo attacked him in the hallway. During the struggle, Mejia pistolwhipped Shanis over the head and Mateo stabbed him in the back. The dog, Sampson, was also stabbed, suffering a deep wound to his neck, as Mejia and Mateo forced their way into the apartment where Zelda Shanis, the mother of Thomas Shanis, also lived. According to trial testimony, Zelda Shanis was bound with duct tape while her son, Thomas, was bound and left on the kitchen floor, where he bled to death. Mejia and Mateo then ransacked Thomas Shanis’ bedroom and removed a metal box and other items. Money was also taken from Zelda Shanis. Mateo, 24, of 1139 Elm St. in Reading, Penn. was convicted on Jan. 25, 2013 of second-degree murder, first- and second-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary, first- and second-degree robbery, second-degree menacing and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon following a two-week jury trial before Queens Supreme Court Justice Ira Margulis. He was sentenced on Feb. 20, 2013, to an indeterminate sentence of 50 years to life in prison. Q

— Joseph Orovic

they are. There are more of them and they’re lower and louder.” According to Avella, the FAA neglected to place noise monitors on the ground during the test period. “Down the line they are going to increase capacity and the quality of life in Queens will diminish,” he said. “This is one of the noisiest and more complex areas in the world,” Whitehair said. “I personally think the FAA took the easy way out and that they could’ve done a better Q job.”

New rules on bike delivery A series of new city laws meant to crack down on rogue bicycle delivery people and improve street safety took effect last week. One law requires commercial bicyclists to wear reflective clothing such as jackets or vests, with the name of the business they work for and an individual identification number printed on the back. “Not only does this piece of legislation improve the safety for our city’s commercial cyclists by making them more visible but it also helps decrease the chances of an accident occurring with a pedestrian or vehicle,” Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside), who authored the measure, said in a prepared statement. The businesses cyclists work for are required to provide the reflective clothing. Failure to do so could result in a $100 fine, or $250 for a second offense within 30 days. Other elements of the new laws include mandatory safety training for all commercial cyclists and the keeping of records at each business showing that it has been completed. Both the Police and Transportation departments are authorized to enforce the Q new regulations. — Peter C. Mastrosimone

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Nontraditional families can be just as loving




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by Ben Krull





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May 26, 1955 – April 29, 2013 Cristian Bercaru was a loving father and devoted husband. He was an intellectual hardworking man who sacrificed a lot so his family would be safe and comfortable. We all loved him very much and he will truly be missed. He will hold a special place in our hearts, where he will live forever.

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parents in traditional can While the marriage equality debate has households been depicted as pitting social conservatives wreck a child’s life against same-sex couples, the argument that just as well as single children do best when raised in “traditional” or gay parents can. Along the way I households is an implicit indictment of all alternative family arrangements. As a Family have had to change Court attorney who is involved in a single- my own concept of parent household, I am disturbed by the family. Fifteen years flawed notions of domestic life being ago I started seeing adoptions by sameadvanced by opponents of gay marriage. Eighteen months ago I began a relation- sex couples. At first such adoptions seemed ship with a woman named Brenda. When almost exotic. But as they became more frewe met she was in the process of adopting a quent, I came to view them no differently toddler from Russia. Being a 53-year-old than adoptions by straight couples. More recently I have noticed an increaschildless male, I had no interest in helping raise a toddler, but when Brenda brought ing number of single women in their 40s 18-month-old Marta to her New York City adopting children. Much like the first samehome from Moscow, I quickly became sex couple adoptions, I was unsure at first attached to her. Brenda, Marta and I have what to make of this new phenomenon. Now, of course, I am deeply involved in a been a trio ever since. I spend a few days a week in Brenda’s single-parent household made possible home and have been helping with Marta’s through adoption, and am grateful that such care. I change her diaper, feed her and families are becoming more commonplace. Here in Family Court, accompany Brenda and her the stigma attached to the on medical appointments. raising of children outside When Brenda travels for t’s not having a of marriage has rightfully business, I take Marta to day care in the morning and traditional family disappeared. When it comes to child-rearing, expressions pick her up after work. that’s most of disapproval are reserved I have been surprised at for the irresponsible parent: how much I’ve enjoyed my important to a the deadbeat dad, the parent part-time parental role and relish the progress that child, but having abusing crack, the abusive mother or father. Marta has made. When she a caring one. After seeing over 20 arrived from Moscow she years’ worth of cases had developmental delays and attachment issues. But due to Brenda’s involving troubled families, it is clear that care she is rapidly catching up and has bond- the fate of any one child depends not on what type of family arrangement he or she ed to the adults in her life. The national debate about marriage is born into, but rather on how loving and equality, however, makes me realize that competent the child’s parent or parents are. many Americans think it is harmful for chil- The most important consideration for children to be raised in anything other than a tra- dren is the type of care they receive, as ditional family. As “family values” advo- opposed to the sexual orientation or marital cates see it, toddlers like Marta would be status of the caregiver. Either way, increasing numbers of gay better off being raised by a married heterosexual couple, than by a single mother and couples will continue to form families — no matter what the Supreme Court rules — just her intermittently present boyfriend. Having spent my entire career as a lawyer as more and more single women like Brenda in New York Family Court, I am acutely will become mothers. Given this reality, we aware that too many children are born to should concentrate on designing ways to uncaring parents. I have seen firsthand that support such parents, rather than trying to delegitimize them. Brenda and I are happy with our relationship and are willing to let our domestic situation evolve as circumstances change. In the meantime, Marta is receiving the love and care she deserves. Being raised in a loving home is all that matters to her, and all that matters to the millions of other children being brought up in nontraditional Q families. Ben Krull is a family law attorney and Single, married, gay or straight — he can legal assistant to a Family Court judge in raise her right if he takes responsibility. Manhattan.


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LI Rail Road to Belmont The Long Island Rail Road will provide regular service to and from Belmont Park racetrack on racing days throughout the entire racing season, including the Belmont Stakes on June 8. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 10:58 a.m. train from Penn Station will stop at Woodside at 11:10 a.m. and Jamaica at 11: 19 a.m. before arriving at Belmont at 11:33 a.m. The 11:41 a.m. train from Penn stops at Jamaica at 12:01 p.m. and reaches Belmont at 12:32 p.m. There is a connecting train that leaves Woodside at 11:46 a.m. for a transfer at Jamaica. On weekends and holidays trains leave Penn Station at 10:58 and 11:51 a.m. They arrive in Woodside at 11:09 a.m. and 12:02 p.m.; in Jamaica at 11:18 a.m. and 12:11 p.m.; and at Belmont Park at 11:32 a.m. and 12:36 p.m. The first westbound trains leave Belmont at 3:42 p.m. on weekdays and 4:27 p.m. on weekends and holidays. There is a 5:08 p.m. train on weekends and holidays. The final trains run 30 minutes after the last race of the day. Return tickets are not sold at Belmont Station. The station is not wheelchair accessible. Q

Improved bill of rights for small businesses Koslowitz’s new measure passed to keep store owners informed by Tess McRae Reporter

A newer version of the Small Business Bill of Rights has been passed in hopes of easing the barrage of tickets and violations mom-andpop shops have been facing. City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (DForest Hills), who drew up a similar bill of rights in 2010, said at a recent Consumer Affairs meeting that the newer version has small but essential tweaks that better articulate the rights of small business owners. “In 2010, I passed a business owners bill of rights,” she said. “It wasn’t worded that inspectors had to hand out a physical copy of the owner’s rights prior to or following each inspection, so people who are trying to make a living didn’t know it existed and didn’t know their rights. At the last Council meeting, I had to spell it out that every store owner gets the Bill of Rights.” Many people, both officials and residents, have been critical of several city departments’ approach to handling violations, particularly in

the outer boroughs. “I get calls to my office about inspectors coming in from Consumer Affairs or the Health Department and giving out tickets all of the time to business,” Koslowitz said. “We all know times are very bad and business is not good and to get a ticket is really a hardship on many, many people. For instance, I had a florist who called my office hysterical because he got a $350 ticket and nowadays florists don’t make much money.” Koslowitz said she hopes the update will help combat Consumer Affairs inspectors who have been accused by business owners of abusing their power and violating their rights. “This is common sense,” said Koslowitz. “When owners are issued a document stating their rights at the time of the inspection, it will ensure a fair inspection process and make things easier for business owners who are integral to building a diverse and thriving economy.” Mayor Bloomberg signed the updated bill Q into law on April 23.


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Superbas! Keri Gill of Rosedale, a student at St. Saviour High School in Park Slope, Brooklyn, received a perfect score on the National Latin Exam. School officials said Keri, who is in her junior year at the school, was notified that she was just one of 792 students to get a perfect score from among more than 140,000 taking the exam. The test was issued in 17 countries including Canada, Italy, Taiwan, Germany, China, Japan and the Philippines. Keri could tell you that “prodigialis” translates loosely to “fantastic.”

FSF Communit y Theatre Group QEDC invites you to the 11th Annual Queens Taste!

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary proudly presents

An original multi-media musical about the history and the people of the most diversified place on earth


May 14, 6 pm to 9pm Caesars Club at Citi Field


This event is sponsored by

Musical Direction:

Mark Lord

Paul L. Johnson


Enjoy the finest food and drink in Queens at the borough’s best networking event!


Saturdays, May 4th & 11th at 8:00 pm Sundays, May 5th & 12th at 3:00 pm

For more information, visit: To purchase sponsorships and tickets visit: A Program of Like us on facebook 718 263 0546

Written & Directed by:

DISCOVER how Queens evolved into the bustling community it is today… and meet the only man who lived through it all… REVISIT beautiful memories… ENCOUNTER new surprises…



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Scan this QR code with your mobile device for photos, map and more information about Queens Taste.

Follow us on twitter

Ticket prices: $17.00 $15.00 Seniors over 60 and Children 12 & under Mother’s Day, May 12 – All Seats $15.00

Free Synagogue of Flushing Theatre Group Mailing Address: 136-23 Sanford Avenue, Flushing, NY 11355

Theater Entrance: 41-60 Kissena Blvd. For more information or to order tickets call 718-428-8681 Visit us at

email: QCHR-061090

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APAC's production of 'Blood Brothers' shows twins separated at birth, one to live in poverty and the other with wealth


by Mark Lord Willy Russell's musical “Blood Brothers,” which enjoyed healthy runs both in London’s West End and on Broadway, is being staged anew by the Astoria Performing Arts Center through May 18. A tragic tale of how class can dictate one’s direction in life, the show is perhaps more relevant today than ever. Recently during a rehearsal break, director Tom Wojtunik likened some of the events in the show to today’s world. “As Americans, we’re always talking about class,” he said, pointing to recent elections and the Occupy Wall Street movement as examples. It was Wojtunik, in fact, who suggested doing the show. “It’s such a theatrical piece,” he said, one which involves a narrator, adults acting as kids, and the breaking down of the fourth wall, an invisible separation between actor and audience. “I read the script and got excited by the themes.”

Broadway veteran Colleen Hawks takes on the demanding role of Mrs. Johnstone, a mother who, unable to support her children, is forced to surrender one of her newborn twin sons to a childless woman of means. Offered the part, Hawks questioned whether it made financial sense for her to do the show, which pays somewhat less than Broadway. “You have to make the decision — can I afford to do it?” she asked herself. She ultimately decided she could and now finds herself center stage in her APAC debut. “It’s a powerful, heavy show. Some of the lighter moments become my favorites,” Hawks said, including the song “Bright New Day,” which finds her singing, “We’re movin’ away, We’re startin’ all over again.” “It’s different from the other songs. It stands out for me,” she said. “And I get to gospel it up a little.” Continuedonon page continued page 47

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May 2, 2013

Jason Pintar as a police officer, left, Rowan Michael Meyer as Mickey, Kayla Wickes as Linda and Simon Pearl as Edward in APAC’s “Blood Brothers.”

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qb boro

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G AARP Chapter 2889 meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at noon at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 69-60 Grand Ave., Maspeth.


“Gravity of the Sculpture: Part II” will open on Sunday, May 5 with a reception from 2-5 p.m. and remain on display at The Dorsky Gallery, 11-03 45 Ave., Long Island City, from Sunday, May 5 through July 3. Call (718) 9376317, email or visit

CLASSES Foundations in Astronomy workshop series will be offered on Sundays, May 5, 19 and June 9, 23 from 1-2:30 p.m. at Alley Pond Environmental Center, 228-06 Northern Blvd., Douglaston. $50 for series. Pre-registration required. Call (718) 229-4000 or visit

Socrates Sculpture Park, 32-01 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, launches its 2013 season on Sunday, May 12 from 2-6 p.m. featuring “Do It (Outside)” and site-specific installations by Toshihiro Oki Architect P.C., Heather Rowe and Chitra Ganesh. The park is open from 10 a.m. until sunset daily.

Italian Charities of America, 83-20 Queens Blvd., Elmhurst, hosts dance with instructions every Monday and Friday from 7:15 to 8 p.m. and a social dance from 8 to 11 p.m. Call (718) 478-3100. Cost is $10.

THEATER Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” will be performed by E Pheonix Idealis Theater at the Poppenhusen Institute, 114-04 14 Road, College Point, on Friday, May 3 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, May 4 at 3 and 8 p.m. $14, $9 senior citizens and students. Beari Productions presents “Camelot in Concert” at All Saints Church, 214-35 40 Ave., Bayside, Friday and Saturday, May 3 and 4 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, May 5 at 3 p.m. $18, $16 seniors and $14 students. Call (718) 736-1263. “Blood Brothers” will be performed through May18 by the Astoria Performing Arts Center at Good Shepherd Methodist Church, 30-44 Crescent St., Astoria, Thursdays and Fridays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 2 and 8 p.m. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased at Douglaston Community Theatre Group presents “Hound of the Baskervilles” on Fridays, May 3, 10 and 17 and Saturdays, May 4, 11 and 18 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, May 5 and Saturday, May 11 at 2 p.m. at Zion Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 243-01 Northern Blvd., Douglaston. Entrance on Church Street (44th Avenue) off Douglaston Parkway. $17, $15 seniors and students with ID. Call (718) 482-3332.

For the latest news visit

FSF Community Theatre Group presents “Let’s Hear It for Queens,” a musical tribute to our borough, on Saturdays, May 4 and 11 at 8 p.m. and Sundays, May 5 and 12 at 3 p.m. at 41-60 Kissena Blvd., Flushing. Tickets: $17, $15 seniors over 60 and children under 12. Mother’s Day, May 12, all seats are $15. Call (718) 428-8681 or visit

Watercolor classes at the National Art League, 4421 Douglaston Pkwy., Douglaston. All techniques, beginners to advanced. Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. $25 per session. Call (718) 969-1128.

Dance Into Light hosts its 10th anniversary benefit event on Saturday, May 18 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at The Voelker FILE PHOTO Orth Museum, Flushing. on Sunday, May 19 at 4 p.m., $30, $25 seniors (62+) and students with ID, children 12 and under $10, call (718) 279-3006 or visit

There will be a street carnival and flea market on Saturday, May 4 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Redeemer Lutheran School, 69th Street and Cooper Avenue, Glendale.

The Kupferberg Center for the Arts, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, presents An Evening with Michael Feinstein on Saturday, May 4 at 8 p.m. $30-$50. Call (718) 793-8080.

PS 177Q The Robin Sue Ward School for Exceptional Children, 56-37 188 St., Flushing, hosts an indoor flea market, outdoor car show and blood drive to support autism on Sunday, May 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. $3 admission. Call (646) 315-0052.

There will be a free organ concert on Monday, May 6 at 7:30 p.m. at Emanuel United Church of Christ, Woodhaven Boulevard and 91st Avenue, Woodhaven. Call (718) 849-1153. Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Big Band honors Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie at Sunnyside Reformed Church, 48-03 Skillman Ave. on Saturday, May 11 at 7 p.m. Free. Call (718) 426-5997. The Church-in-the-Gardens presents Jazz Vespers featuring Jimmy Heath and Jeb Patton Duo on Saturday, May 11 at 5 p.m. at 50 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills. $20 suggested donation. Community Singers of Queens holds its spring concert on Saturday, May 11 at 8 p.m. at Church on the Hill, 167-07 35 Ave., Flushing. Call (718) 658-1021. Visit



Dance Into Light hosts its 10th Anniversary Benefit Event on Saturday, May 18 from 5-7:30 p.m. at The Voelker Orth Museum, 149-19 38 Ave., Flushing. Call (347) 770-3454.

There will be a Chinese auction on Friday, May 3 at 7 p.m. at United Methodist Church, 112-14 107 Ave., Richmond Hill. Call (718) 846-3925.


Jamaica Hospital Medical Center sponsors the Kew Gardens spring flea market on Saturday, May 4 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain date May 11, at the LIRR north parking lot, 82-60 Austin St., Kew Gardens.

Queensborough Performing Arts Center, 222-05 56 Ave., Bayside, hosts: Queensborough Chorus and Vocal Ensemble on Saturday, May 4 at 6 p.m., $4, call (718) 281-5531; NYC’s Rising Stars on Saturday, May 11 at 8 p.m., $35, call (718) 631-6311; and Oratorio Society of Queens annual spring concert will be held

Saint Mark’s Church flea market will be held on Saturday, May 4 at 34th Avenue and 82nd Street in Jackson Heights from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (718) 639-8893.

Church of the Resurrection spring fair will be held on Saturday, May 11 from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 85-09 118 St., Kew Gardens. Dinner served from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Call (718) 847-2649. On Saturday, May 11 St. Paul’s International Lutheran Church, 262-22 Union Turnpike, Floral Park, hosts a spring fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (718) 347-5990. Italian Charities of America hosts a flea market at 83-20 Queens Blvd., Elmhurst, on Saturday, May 11 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (718) 478-3100. There will be a spring outdoor neighborhood flea market on Sunday, May 19 at the Maspeth Federal Savings parking lot, 101-09 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Forest Hills. Richmond Hill flea market is held on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 117-09 Hillside Ave. Call (347) 709-7661 or visit

MEETINGS Flushing Camera Club meets at 7 p.m. in Flushing Hospital, 146-01 45 Ave.; enter at 45th Avenue and Burling Street, 5th floor, on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month. Call (718) 749-0643 or visit VFW post 4787, 19-12 149 St., Whitestone holds its monthly meeting on Monday, May 13 at 8 p.m.

SPECIAL EVENTS The historic First Presbyterian Church of Newton, 5405 Seabury St., Elmhurst, will participate in the New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Sacred Sites free open house weekend on Saturday, May 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (718) 639-3126. Mama’s Expo at New York Hall of Science, 47-01 111 St., Corona, on Sunday, May 5 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. $17, $13 for children ages 2-17. Insider access to service and entertainment for NYC families. Call (718) 699-0005. “Touring Italy” a video and lecture compliments of Agostino Sabbatino, will be hosted at Christ the King HS, 68-02 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, Door #10, 3rd floor, on Sunday, May 12 from noon to 5:30 p.m. Music, dancing and refreshments before the lecture. $7, $5 members. Call (718) 426-1240. The Bayside HIstorical Society hosts a Jazz brunch at “The Castle” on Fort Totten, 208 Totten Ave., Bayside, on Sunday, May 5 from noon to 2 p.m. $20, $15 members. Call (718) 352-1548. Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association, 84-20 Jamaica Ave., hosts a free poetry workshop every third Tuesday, until Monday, December 16. Email The Annual Glendale and Middle Village Kiwanis clubs Street Festival will take place on Sunday, May 5 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Metropolitan Avenue from 73rd Place to 79th Street in Middle Village. Free rides for children from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call (718) 444-6028. Afternoon Composting: Weekly Food Waste Drop-Off at the Broadway Library, 40-20 Broadway in Long Island City on Saturdays at 1 p.m. Call (718) 721-2462. Pascha 2013 divine services for Passion Week and Resurrection at St. John Chrysostom Orthodox Church, 70-29 45 Ave., Woodside, through Sunday May 5. Services vary. Call (646) 734-4728.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day In Style on Sun., May 12 th The Best se ane Chinese or Jaep! in Cuis Enjoy and Have Fun!

Authentic Fine Chinese Dining

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Saturday, May 4, 2013 Fr. Dooley Hall (8309 157th Avenue, Howard Beach) Doors Open at 6:00 pm

Tickets are $15.00 per person

s Raffle


and include 1 Bingo Card, Snacks, Soda and Coffee. Feel Free to bring your own Refreshments! Light Refreshments will also be sold. For tickets or further information please call St. Helen School at 718-835-4155

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For a 7-day Norwegian Mystery Cruise • Jet Blue Gift Certificate 39” Flat Screen Smart TV • i-Pad • Jewelry and Much More!

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Delicate works from a time of terror by Josey Bartlett qboro Editor

From 1975 to 1979 the Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia. Its leader, Pol Pot, envisioned a preindustrial society centered around small rural villages. He vacated the cities and forced everyone to move to the countryside where they were born. Artists, intellectuals, urbanites and anyone with even a hint of opposition were the first of the two million people out of a country with a population of eight million executed. Many others died from starvation, disease and exhaustion from their work in labor camps formed to create a completely independent society. The three artists featured in

Topaz Arts’ exhibition “1975,” which is not officially part of the city’s Season of Cambodia festival, but runs at the same time, were young children when Pol Pot took over. Seven years before the Khmer Rouge came into power, 2-year-old Amy Lee Sanford and her American stepmother, Barbara, fled to Boston. Her father, an art history professor who chose not to leave, did not survive the regime. From 1968 to 1975 he wrote letters to Barbara on delicate rice paper, which Sanford scanned and reprinted — videotaping the process — for the series called “Unfolding.” The words on the folded paper are hard to make out, though a

‘1975’ When: Where: Tickets:

through May 26, Saturdays, 12 to 4 p.m. Topaz Arts, 55-03 39 Ave., Woodside Free,,

June 01 & 08 11am-4pm


For the latest news visit

May 04 11 & 18, 11am-4pm

few pop out, such as “my sweet honey” and “rockets.” The video of the scanning process echoes through the gallery space with that classic scanner sound. “It’s very clinical in a way,” Paz Tanjuaquio, co-founder of Topaz Arts, said. “It’s like X-rays into someone’s life.” LinDa Saphan’s parents, an engineer and a teacher, survived the genocide with their young children by disguising themselves as a fisherman and a“village idiot” and submitting to the hard labor. In 1982 Saphan fled with her siblings and mother to Canada. Her mother continued to tell stories of her favorite places in Phnom Penh. The artist recorded those memories with delicate yet intricate drawings of the sprawling and decaying buildings of the city — each done on rice paper and mounted on canvas. Anida Yoeu Ali, a visual and spoken word artist who performed at the opening on April 27, lived with her family in a refugee camp on

A video still from the performance by Anida Yoeu Ali, right, with dancers Belle Sodhachivy Chumvan and Paz Tanjuaquio. PHOTO COURTESY TOPAZ ARTS

the border of Thailand. Her artworks are screen-printed photos of her family in the camps overlaid with embroidered barbed wire. Another piece is several rectangular hanging boxes made of mosquito nets. She projects these family photos and animated barbed wire onto the hangings.

Saphan, who lives in New York City, and Ali and Sanford, who have since moved back to Cambodia, have helped rejuvenate the art scene in their birth country. “They are really strong in the new scene, especially being women, which sets an important Q precedent,” Tanjuaquio said.

C M SQ page 45 Y K Saint Mary Gate of Heaven School presents

Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater

Book by Doug Wright


Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Music Adapted and Arranged by David Weinstein

Director Vinny Napolitano

Producer Frank P. Gulluscio

Choreographer Melissa Planty

Stage Manager Gina Scollo

Check Us Out On Our Website

When: Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th, 2013 at 7:30 pm Where: Saint Mary Gate of Heaven School

718-322-2606 155-10 Crossbay Blvd., Howard Beach

101-20 105th Street, Ozone Park, NY (School Gym) Tickets are available at the school 718-846-0689

Welcome to the





Diner-Restaurant SUNDAY, MAY 12TH STEAKS & CHOPS 25.95 22.95 21.95 24.95 21.95 29.95 23.95

SAUTÉED DISHES Served With Choice Of Pasta Or Potato & Veg. CHICKEN FRANCESE With Lemon Wine Sauce . . 22.95 CHICKEN & SHRIMP FRANCESE . . . . . . . . . . 25.95 CHICKEN MARSALA Mushroom Wine Sauce . . . 22.95 FILET FRANCESE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95 SEAFOOD ITALIANO - Filet, Shrimps, Scallops & Marinara Wine Sauce . . . . . . . . . . 24.95




per person




105-45 Cross Bay Blvd. • Ozone Park 718-845-7600 Visit our website: for more specials



SE AFOOD DISHES BROILED FILET OF LEMON SOLE . . . . . . . . . .22.95 BROILED WHOLE FLOUNDER . . . . . . . . . . . . .22.95 BROILED FILET OF BOSTON SCROD . . . . . . .22.95 BROILED STUFFED FILET OF SOLE . . . . . . . .25.95 BROILED FRESH SEA SCALLOPS . . . . . . . . . .24.95 BROILED HALIBUT STEAK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22.95 BROILED FRESH SALMON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22.95 BROILED JUMBO STUFFED SHRIMPS . . . . . .25.95 BROILED TWIN LOBSTER TAILS. . . . . . . . . . .38.95 FRIED FILET OF SOLE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22.95 FRIED JUMBO SHRIMPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24.95 FRIED SEA SCALLOPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23.95

For the latest news visit

BROILED NEW YORK SIRLOIN STEAK . . . . . . BROILED ROUMANIAN STEAK . . . . . . . . . . . . BROILED JERSEY PORK CHOPS. . . . . . . . . . . BROILED LAMB CHOPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BROILED PRIME LONDON BROIL . . . . . . . . . . BROILED FILET MIGNON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRIME RIB AU JUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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ns Reservatio d Require l Pl ea se Cal

Based on the Hans Christian Anderson Story and the Disney film

Page 45 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

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• Gyros • Souvlaki • Falafels • Spinach Pie • Pastichio • Salads • Soups • Moussaka • Burgers and More! Fresh & Healthy Food Every Day! NEW! Delicious



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718-779-0900 Fax: 718-779-0909

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M OTHER ’S DAY Mother’s Da y is Sunda y, Ma y 12 t h

M enu

Entree includes Appetizer, Soup, Dessert and Coffee or Tea

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KOSHER GOURMET RESTAURANT 96-40 Queens Blvd., Rego Park, NY 11374

1-800-BENS-BEST tel: (718) 897-1700 fax: (718) 997-6503 Credit Cards Welcome

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‘Camelot’ cast hits it out of the castle Among the streamlined cast of 14, leading lady Candis Alek as Queen Set in the court of the legendary King Guenivere is outstanding. Her crystalline Arthur, the now-classic musical singing voice effortlessly calls to mind "Camelot" began its original Broadway Julie Andrews, who originated the role. run late in 1960, becoming forever linked The show has shifted the focus from to the presidency of John Kennedy, Arthur to his bride, who is given a half whose tenure is often referred to as the dozen songs to sing. In “The Simple Joys of Maidenhood,” the soon-to-be-queen Camelot era. The show is being presented in concert ponders the uncertainties of marriage. The lilting “The Lusty form by Beari ProMonth of May” ductions in Bayside comes to life during through May 5. a castle outing. The songs overWhen: May 3 and 4 at 8 p.m. and Two ballads, flow with one May 5 at 3 p.m. “Before I Gaze at beautiful Frederick Where: All Saints Church, You Again” and “I Loewe melody after 214-35 40 Ave., Bayside Loved You Once in another and Alan Tickets: $18; $16 seniors; Silence,” provide Jay Lerner’s lyrics $14 students with IDs. tender moments. are unusually intel(718) 736-1263 Alek does wonders ligent. Lerner’s with each. book, which tells As Arthur, Jimmy O’Neill, himself the tales of medieval times and the famed Knights of the Round Table, has often been possessor of a wonderful singing voice, shines brightest here in two of the produccriticized as being long and disjointed. In its current incarnation, under the tion’s dramatic moments. The first comes direction of Debbie Bendana, the show during the king’s lengthy monologue, in has been completely reconceived, elimi- which he considers how to deal with the nating much of the dialogue and replac- love triangle in which he finds himself. O’Neill proves equally effective when, ing it with brief narratives between musical numbers to fill in the basic near play’s end, he commands a young newly knighted boy to spread the story of story line. The music is allowed to carry the night, the “fleeting wisp of glory” that was known as Camelot. continued on page 00 and so it does. 49

by Mark Lord

Chronicle Contributor


Soups Entrées

The cast of “Camelot” shows off their best voices.

C M SQ page 47rev Y K

Wealth and class brought to the stage continued from page page 00 41 continued from the playing area. In the central roles of the twins are Simon Pearl Working closely with Wojtunik is Christine and Rowan Michael Meyer, who, it quickly O’Grady, who is responsible for the show’s musibecomes clear, have struck up an easy friendship. cal staging and entrusted with devising move“We’re very in sync,” Pearl said, though the ment for the actors in a show that has little real two had never met prior to this show. dancing. Their characters age from 7 to 25 during the Instead, she said, the cast is “walking and crecourse of the show. For Meyer, “Aging is a ating shapes and pairing gestures with music. challenge. It’s like Musical staging is the playing four differplace where directent characters,” he ing and choreograexplained, slipping phy overlap.” When: May 2 through May 18, Thursdays to Fridays e ff o r t l e s s l y i n t o Happily, she and at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. the physicality of Wojtunik, who have Where: Good Shepherd United Methodist Church each age he must worked together on 30-44 Crescent St. in Astoria portray. four prior shows, “I can just watch seem to think alike. Tickets: $18.,, 1 (888) 596-1027 him and play off “Tom and I had him,” Pearl said. images we wanted to And, of course, the upbringing of their respec- capture,” she said. “No matter my role, he and I tive characters enters the picture, as well. work closely together. I bounce everything off “We’re from different classes,” Meyer said. him. It’s a great collaboration.” “He was raised more properly. I take that on, Joining them on this production as musical too.” director is Julianne Merrill. Wojtunik has staged the production so that As the show moved toward opening night, the entire cast, along with some musicians, are Wojtunik said, “I think it will appeal to a lot of on stage throughout, further embracing the people. It tends to appeal to people who don’t show’s theatricality. The audience nearly engulfs like musicals. It plays like a play, not a musical.” Q

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‘Blood Brothers’

Page 47 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013


John Ashley Brown narrates APAC’s production of Blood Brothers. PHOTO BY BRADLEY HAWKS








A WATER FRONT ASIAN CUISINE • SUSHI BAR • LOUNGE 163-35 Cross Bay Blvd. Howard Beach FREE DELIVERY 718-322-7690/7691

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon.-Thurs.: 11:30 am-10:30 pm Fri. & Sat.: 11:30 am-2:00 am Sunday: 12:00 noon-10:00 pm

APPETIZERS • Frenasia Dumpling Soup • Spicy Octopus Salad • Shrimp Avocado Salad • Futomaki Roll • Snow Crab Raviolis • Grilled Chicken Papaya Salad • Vegetable Dumpling • Crispy Calamari Salad




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DESSERT • Sweet Potato Tart • French Toast • Fried Tempura Ice Cream (Vanilla) Cannot use with certificate or any other coupons for this menu. No substitutes. *Table Only.


OUR OUTSIDE BAR WILL OPEN IN MAY Offering Waterfront Dining

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 48

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Make Mother’s Day Memorable

VILLAGGIO Authentic Italian Cuisine

SPECIAL EVENTS Doodle and Conquer: the Art of Re-Invention Through Creativity, a free seminar will be given at Johnson Family’s Studio J, 11-11 44 Road, Long Island City, on Saturday, May 18 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call (201) 981-6455.

Serving Our Regular Menu & Daily Specials

Reserve Now For Mother’s Day!

Every Mom Will Receive a Complimentary Glass of Champagne with Strawberries and a Rose

The Bayside HIstorical Society hosts a Civil War re-enactment on Sunday, May 19 from noon to 3 p.m. at “The Castle” on Fort Totten, 208 Totten Ave., Bayside. $5. Call (718) 352-1548, contact or visit

Catering Available For Your Next Private Party or Special Event Our Spacious Dining Area holds up to 65 guests.

Our Beautiful Garden Room holds up to 35 guests.

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150-07 14TH ROAD • WHITESTONE, NY 11357 - FULL BAR -


OPEN 7 DAYS: Sun. - Thurs. 12 noon - 10 pm, Fri. & Sat. 12 noon - 11 pm

S T. M A R Y ’ S H E A LT H C A R E S Y S T E M F O R C H I L D R E N

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9th ANNUAL WALK FOR ST. MARY’S KIDS Sunday, May 19, 2013 Belmont Park, Elmont, NY Registration: 9am ü Walk: 10am

Walk for St. Mary’s Kids and support vital programs and services for children with special needs & medically complex conditions. Do it for the Kids! PRESENTED BY

Sign up to be a Walker, Team Captain, or Sponsor! Go to or call 718-281-8890 for more information. SAIM-061207

The Samuel Field Y has two weekday programs for preschool children ages 3-5 with developmental disabilities and their families. On Mondays from 3 to 4:30 p.m. there is Monday Magic: Learn and Play at the Bay Terrace Center, 212-00 23 Ave., Bayside. On Wednesdays from 3-4:30 there is Gym and Creative Exploration at the Little Neck Site, 58-20 Little Neck Pkwy. Contact Amanda at (718) 225-6750 ext. 262 or email Italian Charities of America hosts Saturday night dances on May 4-18 from 8 p.m. to midnight at 8320 Queens Blvd., Elmhurst. Call (718) 478-3100. Swing and Sangria! Jazz brunch at The Castle at Bayside Historical Society, 208 Totten Ave, Bayside, on Sunday, May 5 from noon to 2 p.m. $20, $15 for members. RSVP by Friday, May 3. Call (718) 352-1548.

SENIOR ACTIVITIES The Clearview Selfhelp Senior Center, 208-11 26 Ave., Bayside, hosts: Qi Gong, Mondays at 10:45 a.m.; Wii time, Mondays, Tuesday, April 30, and Thursdays at 12:45 p.m.; Music with Dee, Mondays at 1 p.m.; dance aerobics, Tuesdays at 9 a.m.; beginner’s drawing, Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.; health education, Tuesdays at 10 a.m.; aerobics, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m.; ballroom dancing, Tuesdays at 12:45 p.m.; drawing/painting and yoga, Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m.; bingo, Wednesdays at 12:45 p.m.; tai chi, Wednesdays at 2 p.m.; mah jong/canasta, Thursdays at 10 a.m.; reminiscing group, Thursdays at 10:45 a.m.; Scrabble, Thursdays at 12:45 p.m.; dance fitness, Fridays at 10:45 a.m.; “You Be the Judge,” Fridays at 12:45 p.m. Call (718) 224-7888. The Ridgewood Older Adult Center, 59-14 70 Ave., hosts hour-long classes: jewelry making, Mondays at 10:30 a.m.; Richard Simmons exercise, Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30; free computer classes, Mondays at 12:30 p.m.; Eldercise, Tuesdays at 10 a.m.; Sit and Be Fit, Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.; massage therapy, Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.; manicures, Thursdays at 12:30 a.m.; yoga, Fridays at 10:30 a.m. Movies are held every Monday or Tuesday at 1:15 p.m. AARP defensive driving class, Monday, May 13; bus trip to Yonkers, Monday, May 20. Call Karen at (718) 456-2000. Jamaica Service Program for Older Adults, 92-47 165 St., details its safety program about rent, IT 214 tax form, Medicaid and food stamps. Call for an appointment at (718) 657-6500. Free. Computer classes are being held at Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal Prince Street Senior Center, 4525 Kissena Blvd., Flushing. For seniors 60 plus. Call John at (718) 559-4329 to register.

Activities at the Clearview Senior Center, 208-11 26th Ave., Bayside, are held Monday-Friday. Call (718) 224-7888. The Peter Cardella Senior Citizen Center, 68-52 Fresh Pond Rd., Ridgewood, hosts dancing to live music, bingo, blood pressure screening, chair yoga, monthly theme parties, oil painting, movies and much more. Lunch served daily at noon. Requested donation is $1.50. Meals on wheels is delivered for homebound seniors. Call (718) 497-2908. The Selfhelp Latimer Gardens Senior Center, 34-30 137 St., Flushing, offers ballroom dancing, Mondays, Wednesdays through Fridays at 10:30 a.m. to noon; tai chi, Tuesdays at 10 a.m. to noon; English as a second language, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. to noon; Ping Pong, exercise and mahjong, Mondays though Fridays. Call (718) 961-3660. The Innovative SNAP of Eastern Queens Senior Center, 80-45 Winchester Blvd., Queens Village, offers a wide array of programs and services including: healthy lunches, current events, diabetes self-management classes, yoga and the Reminiscence Groups. Receive information on benefits and entitlements or share your life story in a safe, private setting. For information and transportation call Kathleen at (718) 454-2100 or visit A leisure group meets every Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the Hillcrest Jewish Center, Prince Room, 183-02 Union Turnpike, Flushing. Cost is $6 for lunch. The program includes yoga instruction, discussion groups, card games, bingo, birthday celebrations, guest speakers and holiday celebrations. Call Dr. Roz Gold at (718) 229-7511. The Rockaway Boulevard Senior Center, 123-10 143 St., South Ozone Park, offers service programs Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Lunch is at noon with a suggested donation of $1.50. Exercise programs include: tai chi stretch, dance groups, choral group, ceramics, camera class, computer classes, trips, birthday parties and more. Call (718) 657-6752. The Brooks Senior Center, 143-22 109 Ave., Jamaica, hosts a healthy lunch from noon to 1 p.m., activities such as Wii sports, bowling, bingo, laptop classes, exercise, ceramics, cards and board games, blood pressure checks, trips, monthly nutrition presentations and monthly birthday celebrations and theme parties. Suggested contribution is $1.25. For more information call (718) 291-3935. The Pomonok Senior Center, 67-09 Kissena Blvd., is offering free Chinese language classes Thursdays at 1 p.m.; its very first Dear Abby Group Thursdays at 11 a.m.; free ESL classes for Chinese speakers, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10:30 a.m.; and the Knitting and Crochet club Thursdays at 1 p.m. for beginners and experts. Call the Pomonok Senior Center at (718) 5913377, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Selfhelp Innovative Senior Center (Benjamin Rosenthal-Prince Street Senior Center), 45-25 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, has a special Saturday program, open every other Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for all seniors, especially South Asians, offering basic computer classes, basic English, health education, Indian movies, Indian yoga, games, Kinect bowling, tai chi, Yuan Ji dancing, breathing yoga, Ping-Pong, karaoke, field trips, case assistance and have a vegetarian Indian-style lunch. Call (718) 886-5777

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King Crossword Puzzle

‘Camelot’ continued from from page page 46 00 continued

ACROSS 1 Volcanic spillage 5 Solo of “Star Wars” 8 Bang the door loudly 12 Troop group 13 Inseparable 14 Caffeine-rich nut 15 Swag 16 Twitch 17 Terrible guy? 18 Loosen a sneaker 20 Dandling locale 22 One way to quit 26 Ungainly 29 Cage piece 30 Born 31 Raw minerals 32 “See ya” 33 TV chef Cat 34 Have a bug 35 “Ulalume” writer 36 Croc’s cousin 37 Speak frankly 40 Transaction 41 Nerve tissue cell 45 Pic you can click 47 Conk out 49 Unaccompanied 50 Beach matter 51 Geological period 52 Right angles 53 Sandwich cookie 54 Roulette bet 55 Do in

DOWN 1 Humdinger 2 Any time now 3 String instrument 4 Assaults 5 “Monopoly” building 6 Singer DiFranco 7 Cravat 8 Lindsey Vonn, for one 9 Entwined symbol of affection

10 - carte 11 Fellow 19 Demure 21 Gist 23 Laundromat machine 24 Architect Saarinen 25 Calendar quota 26 Capricorn 27 Met melody 28 “Bravo!” 32 Colorado city


Cinco De Mayo!

Answers at right

Crossword Answers


71-28 COOPER AVE. • GLENDALE • (718) 821-8401

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Happy Mother’s Day Sunday, May 12th

3-Course Prix Fixe Menu $44.95 per person – 1st COURSE –

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Roasted Shrimp and Lobster Bisque

Herb and Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb with mint au jus Pan Seared Pork Medallions with exotic mushrooms and sweet and sour braised cabbage Pan Roasted Duck Breast with orange Grand Marnier glaze and dried cranberry sauce Petite Filet of Beef Wellington served with mushroom duxelles and shiraz demi glaze Seafood Stuffed Colossal Shrimp with lemon garlic butter and rice pilaf - Entrees will be served with chef’s choice of potato & vegetable -

Brownie ala Mode Strawberry Drizzled NY Cheesecake

with sherry and cream

Tossed Field Greens balsamic roasted endive, herbed goat cheese and toasted Asiago chips

Grilled Chicken and Chive Bruschetta with fire roasted peppers, sundried tomato pesto and Fontina

Edison Place Crab Cakes with savoy cabbage slaw and remoulade

r Your Home fo


nicks, Isla Catch Every K ame Here! and Rangers G n Lights & Ediso $3 Buds, Bud ng ri ts du Place Dark Pin e! m ga every

- Coffee and Tea will accompany Dessert – *Price does not include tax and gratuity. Please note parties of 6 or more are subject to a 20% gratuity charge. Thank you for dining with us!

Reservations Required Seatings Begin at 12 pm

As always follow us on Facebook, Twitter or call for reservations or more information! OPEN FOR SUNDAY BRUNCH 11:30 am to 3:00 pm • OPEN FOR DINNER 7 DAYS A WEEK! Sun. 11:30 am to 12 Midnight • Mon. thru Thurs. 11:30 am - 2:00 am • Fri. and Sat. 11:30 am to 4:00 am GIFT CARDS NOW AVAILABLE FOLLOW US ON:

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33 Range horses 35 Sch. org. 36 “Gosh!” 38 Japanese fencing 39 Work dough 42 Roster 43 - podrida 44 Inquisi-tive 45 Equal (Pref.) 46 Automobile 48 Rage

O’Neill and Alek share a musical scene in “What Do the Simple Folk Do?” in which they ponder how the other half lives. Raymond Bendana, a late addition to the cast, was understandably tentative on opening night in the role of Sir Lancelot, who sings the show’s best-known song, “If Ever I Would Leave You.” As evil-minded Mordred, Arthur’s illegitimate son, Erik Neilssen has a swell time, particularly in his one major musical contribution, “The Seven Deadly Virtues.” Victoria Sorrentino, as the spirit Nimue, offers a beautiful rendition of “Follow Me,” as she lures away from Camelot Arthur’s tutor, the magician Merlin (Rene Bendana). Michael D’Emidio keeps the audience involved as the Narrator, who offers a running commentary without being intrusive. Musical Director Frank Auriemma, who accompanies the cast on keyboard, has been blessed with an unusually strong ensemble. Good choral work is evidenced in “The Jousts,” one of the show’s little-known songs, and in the rousing “Guinevere,” which outlines

the queen’s fate. Auriemma has elicited extreme clarity of diction from all his singers. The set design is simple but effective. The costumes, particularly for the ladies, are apt and attractive. On opening night, the lights went up on a performance that was warmly received by an unfortunately sparse audience. For the earful of music it provides, the Q show deserves more attention.

Page 49 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013


QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 50

SQ page 50




For a TV, it was Ulan in R’wood

Geno and the Jets by Lloyd Carroll Chronicle Contributor

by Ron Marzlock Chronicle Contributor

If you were born and raised in Ridgewood and you still remember your first small-screen box television set, chances are good it came from Ulan’s on Myrtle Avenue. Ulan’s was a fixture in Ridgewood for four decades. It was located at 55-01 Myrtle, on the corner of Saint Nicholas Avenue, in what had been Roxy Clothing Store. Ulan was a pioneer specializing in all major brands of televisions, radios and refrigerators. The company also did its own servicing and installation. It offered a time payment plan as well as a written guarantee with every service contract. In 1951 Ulan boldly expanded its operation and opened up a beautiful branch at 72-38 Austin St. in Forest Hills. Despite its pleasant neon-lit, eye-catching presence, that store failed. In the 1960s the original location’s rent went up and the company was forced to move down the block to 59-12 Myrtle. Later it was forced to move again, to 59-07

Ulan and Co., located at 55-01 Myrtle Ave. in Ridgewood, July 1950. Myrtle. By the late 1970s, Ulan was forced out altogether by competition from much larger chains, becoming another mom-and-pop business casualty. The store’s original corner location has been taken over by 99 Cent City Close Out Deals, with only memories of the old appliance and elecQ tronics shop remaining.

Jets fans, who are notorious for booing any player their team selects at the NFL Draft, broke into thunderous cheers at Radio City Music Hall Friday night upon hearing that Gang Green had chosen Geno Smith. The reason for this euphoria was the belief that beleaguered Mark Sanchez’s days as a Jet were numbered. I hate to spoil the fans’ fun, but the Jets would be better off having Smith learn the NFL by watching the action and holding a clipboard this year the way that Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and so many other greats did in their first pro season. Sanchez is guaranteed over $8 million this year even if the Jets were to cut him, so they might as well get their money’s worth by having him play the season. Sanchez was awful last year, but in his defense, he had no offensive line to protect him, a mediocre running game and less than stellar receivers to throw to after Santonio Holmes was lost for the season with a leg injury. Having Smith on the roster should ignite Sanchez to improve dramatically and quickly. Dee Milliner, the University of Alabama cornerback the Jets selected with the ninth pick of the first round of the 2013

NFL Draft, chuckled when I asked him in the press room at Radio City Music Hall if he had prepared a list of cliches to spout about how he shouldn’t be compared with the recently departed Darrelle Revis. Milliner did cite Revis as one of his NFL heroes, but stated that he is prepared to step into his position this fall. Oregon linebacker Dion Jordan was drafted by the Miami Dolphins, who traded up to get the third pick in the draft. Jordan said he is excited about the opportunity to chase Patriots QB Tom Brady all over the f ield twice a season when he was asked about facing him by a reporter. He chuckled when I mentioned that Sanchez would be an easier target. LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingo, selected by the Browns with the sixth pick, was by far the most engaging player to address the press room. He admitted that he had read a lot of the mock drafts that had him being selected by the Jets with the ninth pick and was kind of hoping that would happen because of the endorsement opportunities that come with playing in New York. “I am sure that there are nice things about working in Cleveland,” he added. He broke into a laugh when I asked him to contact me if he disQ covers any.


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• Flat & Shingle Roofs • Slate & Tile Repairs • Gutters & Leaders Cleaned and Installed • All types of Windows & Siding Installed



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Carpentry, Sheetrock, Framing, Windows, Siding, Painting, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Finished Basements, Tiling, Plumbing, Wood Floors Reasonable Prices - Free Estimates No Job Too Big or Too Small


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Lic. and Insured

21 18

Lic. #1244131

J.P. MUSSO ROOFING & SIDING Commercial and Residential Siding Roofing/Rips Gutters Slate, Etc.

• • • •

Painting Plastering Taping, Etc. Sheetrock

• Kitchens & Bathrooms

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CE & TV REPAI LIAN P R P WE REPAIR: A • Washers • Dryers • Refrigerators • TVs • Stoves/Ovens • Dishwashers


WOOD FLOORS SPECIALIST • Hardwood Floors Installation • Refinishing • Repairs • Staining FREE ESTIMATES



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9 Newspapers For The Price Of One.



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Lic. #1270074

J&B HOME IMPROVEMENTS Celebrating Our 30 th Anniversary

• Window

• Roofing

• Siding

• Doors

• Painting

• Masonry






Capping Available

VINYL SIDING SALE! Call For s ate tim Es Special EE FR or Visit Our Showroom



per 100 Sq. Ft.


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NYC Lic. # 0927491



Complete Framing Available • Garages Extended Center Post Removed • Openings Widened

Insulated Garage Doors

HUGE CLEARANCE SALE • Steel • Entrance Doors • Wood • Gate Operators • Raised Panels • Parking Systems

Lic. #1412084


Professional PAINTER & HANDYMAN • High Quality Work • Low Prices • References • High Quality Specialist Floor Installation

L.I. Lic. #H18D2240000


• Storm Doors • Security Doors • Maintenance Free Doors

Sales & Service For All Major Brands Wholesale & Retail BROKEN SPRINGS, DOORS, CABLES Authorized Distributors & Installers For:

$25.00 COUPON With Installation of Any New Garage Door





Serving: Ozone Park/Howard Beach WORK GUARANTEED 18



Crown Moulding, Cabinets & Doors




Free Estimates

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(Treads, Stringers or Risers)

• Kitchens & Bathrooms • Basements • Garage • Cement & Brickwork • Carpentry • Windows • Painting • Roofing • Plumbing • Electric • Tiling • Hardwood Floors • Decks • Fencing & More

No Job Too Big or Too Small 22 Free Estimates 718-600-5186 Licensed & Insured

1 Year Warranty

Broken or Missing Baluster/Spindles Weak or Broken Steps

Plumbing & Heating Sewer & Drain Cleaning Water Jetting & Video Pipe Inspection

• Roofing • Siding • Windows • Cement Work • Basements & Bathrooms

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We will Not be Undersold!


Lic. #1311321



Same Day Service



• Gutters Cleaned & Installed • Leaders • Skylights • Specialists in Flat Roofs & Shingles • Roofing Repairs • Rubberoid Roofs

Old Furniture, Household Items, Appliances, Yard Waste, Construction Debris And More.

Brickwork • Pavers • Concrete • Waterproofing Sidewalk Violations Removed Anthony Interior • Exterior



We Remove

• Window & Door Replacement

Cell: 646-262-0153

NYC LIC. #1191201


Kitchens Bathrooms Carpentry Painting


1-800-525-5102 • 718-767-0044


On All Roofs With This Ad


W&U Construction Inc.


We Remove Your Junk, So You Don’t Have To!

All Leaks on Pipes, Faucets, Toilets, Shower Bodies, Radiator Valves, Clear Stoppages in Sinks, Tubs, Also Install Hot Water Heaters Free Estimates Licensed Cheap Rates & Insured Ask for Bob

Expires 05/31/13.

Earl Construction Inc. • Bathroom Tiling • Mason Work • Roofing • Siding • Carpentry • Dry Wall • Painting • Gutter Cleaning No Job Too Large or Too Small

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CASSEL & & FREYMUTH, FREYMUTH, INC. INC. CASSEL Serving Queens For Over 50 Years


Fully Licensed & Insured



SQ page 53 Page 53 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013



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SERVICE We Will Remove All Your Unwanted Furniture Junk Removal • From One Piece To A Truck Load From Home or Office Attic • Garage • Basement, Etc. No Job Too Big or Small Fast, Honest, Reliable Service

Ask For Stela

Estate Cleanouts Broom Sweep Residential/Commercial Licensed & Insured


A Division of Moveco, Inc.


American Dream Builders Corp. • All Phases of Construction • Over 25 Years Experience • New Construction, Renovations/Additions • Finished Basements, Roofs, Siding, Tiling, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Etc. • Residential & Commercial • Projects Successfully Completed Within All Budgets • Projects Completed Without Delays

917-577-2598 HIS #1279304

Lic. #1279305

MASTER CARPET CLEANERS RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL • Carpet & Rug Cleaning • Upholstery Cleaning • Tile Cleaning Free • Water Damage Deodo rizing • Flat Low Rates

718-335-7572 347-624-3061



Sale On Concrete Work


10% Discount with ad 22 Call Billy 718-726-1934

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Sidewalks Blacktop Waterproofing Basements

All Types of Roofs Gutters & Leaders

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Neat, Clean, Dependable Quality Paint Job at an Affordable Price done by 20 someone you can Trust 100 % Satisfaction - Lic./Ins.


Licensed & Insured Free Estimates

Free Estimate 917-733-1489



★ 20 Years Excellent Record with Consumer Affairs



Thermal Insulated Double Hung Windows


Installed With Capping up to 101 UI

INTERIOR SPECIALIST Benjamin Moore Paints Senior Citizen Discount 20% Off 30 Years Experience • Sheetrock • Plastering • Skim Coating • Wallpaper • Taping Removal


W/Mention of ad



All Work Supervised 3 Rooms FREE ESTIMATES - INSURED Min.


A+ Rating

Wizard Furniture, Inc.

24 Hr. Service - 7 Days A Wk.


Se Habla Español Lic. #1242941 Insurance Estimates Welcome

Spring Specials

Professional HANDYMAN


Painting, Repairs, Floors, Tile, Finished Basements, Plumbing, Carpentry, Wood Work, Etc.


Victor 917-709-5747

OMNI TREE SERVICE Tree Removal, Pruning, Stump Removal and Land Cleaning

10% OFF

All Work Guaranteed

Siding • Windows Any Type of Doors Awnings Patio Enclosures Interior/Exterior Painting • Gutters, Leaders Senior Citizen Discounts • Clean Gutters




Fully Insured - NYC Lic. #1247857



• Professional Furniture Repair • Touch-Ups • Refreshing Kitchen Cabinets & Much More FREE ESTIMATES Call 516-837-0886 or 917-515-7416


(Flat & Shingle)

• • • • •

We Will Beat Any Estimate!

17 Owner present on all job sites! Special Discounts for Senior Citizens, Police and Firemen. Commercial • Residential Licensed/Insured

516-351-3725 • 917-406-6713

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• Custom Brickwork • Pavers - Professional Installation • Cement Work • Decks


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Lowest Rates • Fully Certified All Work Fully Guaranteed Chemicals Rotated - All Areas Commercial & Residential

- Demolition - Painting - Concrete - Sheetrock - Pavers - Flooring - Plumbing - Bathrooms Call Bobby 35

• Large Factory Trained Crews with Foreman Specializing in • Fully Licensed & Insured Storm Repair and • Family Owned & Operated Insurance Claims • Serving Tri-State, Nassau & Suffolk for 18 Years WE FIGHT FOR YOU!! FREE ESTIMATES

WINDOWS “R” US 1-866-492-2922




N.Y. Lic #1456192


We’ll See What’s BUGGING You!

• Kitchens • Bathrooms • Finished Basements • Doors • Painting • Electrical & Plumbing Repairs



Lic. #1258952

Specializing in House Cleanouts Removal of Furniture & Debris


Specializing in: Concrete & Masonry • Steps • Porches Basement Entrances • Demolition Brick Veneers • Cultured Stone Stamped Concrete • Driveways Concrete Pavers “Demand The Best… Demand Dominick”

• Bathrooms • Kitchens • Basements • Windows/Anderson/Pella/Skylights • Decks • Concrete • Pavers • Roofing • Flooring • Painting • Sheetrock • Carpentry • Plumbing • Electrical • Extensions & New Construction

Families Exterminator



Driveways Stoops/Patios Retaining Walls Cleanouts







with this ad


Lic. #0889386

347-418-7309 347-531-3609

Easy Tilt Easy Cleaning

Home Improvements




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• Renovations • Free Estimates • Senior Citizen Discounts • Residential & Commercial • Financing Available


Specializing in: Brick & Block (patio) Sidewalk, Driveways, Stoops, Interlock Brick Paving, Brick Pointing, Carpentry, Roofing and Waterproofing Lic. #1229326 Licensed & Insured


• Roofing - All Types • Siding • Complete Home Improvements • Dormers • Bathrooms • Extensions


- Low Cost Boiler Repairs - Same Day Boiler Removal and Professional Installation at a Discounted Cost 18

Serving the 5 Boroughs & Long Island for over 30 years


– Masonry Work Also Available –


FREE ESTIMATES Contact Terrence


D/B/A Martin’s G.C.

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Help Wanted

FT/PT, Immediate hire, will train. Duties include: Data entry, filing, answer phones, etc. $12.50 per hour, medical, dental, 401K, 2 weeks vacation. Apply in person: 304 Cross Bay Blvd., Queens bet. 9am & 7pm, Mon-Fri. Visit your new company at:


DRIVER WANTED National Supplier seeking Class-B driver. Clean license a must. Hazmat preferred. 5 Boros. Some heavy lifting. 401K benefits.


FT/PT, Daily bookkeeping, weekly payroll, check writing, A/P, etc. Knowledge of QuickBooks & Excel. 401K, Medical, Dental, Vacation. Apply in person Mon-Fri 9am-7pm @ CALL-A-HEAD CORP 304 Crossbay Blvd, Broad Channel, Queens. Crs. 3rd.

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Nursery school in Mid Queens looking for P/T Bus Drivers with “Class-C License.”

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Hourly position available in a special education program in Howard Beach; Exp working with preschoolers preferred; High school diploma required; Great working environment. Fax resume to: 718-848-8683 Or Call (718) 738-1800

Ph.D. provides Outstanding Tutoring in Math, English, Special Exams. All levels. Study skills taught. 718-767-0233

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Gold’s Gym looking for energetic exp people. All positions avail. Send resume to:

No experience necessary, Flexible schedule. Located at 76-04 175th St. Flushing, NY 11366 Contact us at

Brand New Maytag Centennial Commercial Technology Washer 3.6 & Dryer 7.0, Asking $650. 718-738-1937

Driver-One Cent Raise after 6 and 12 months.$0.03 Enhanced Quarterly Bonus. Daily or Weekly pay. Hometime Options. CDL-A, 3 months OTR exp. 800-414-9569

New refrigerator, 15 cubic ft, white, original style top and bottom doors, $375 or best offer. 917-517-7070


Situation Wanted

to schedule an interview p



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SAWMILLS from only $3997.00MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Caring, hardworking woman seek- FREE Info/DVD: ing employment taking care of 1-800-578-1363 Ext.300N elderly, CPR certified & excellent refs provided 347-495-5436 Our Classifieds Reach Over

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SUNDAY 8 AM TO 3 PM BARGAINS! BARGAINS! • Jewelry • Clothing • Consumables & more! 117-09 Hillside Ave., Richmond Hill, NY 11418

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Help Wanted

y Da r ’s 2 th he 1 ot ay M sM i

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 54

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Merchandise Wanted

Merchandise Wanted


CASH for Coins! Buying ALL Gold & Silver. Also Stamps & Paper Money, Entire Collections, Estates. Travel to your home. Call Marc in NYC 1-800-959-3419


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ERIC HELMS LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 3/1/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 5-20 47th Rd., Long Island City, NY 11101. General Purposes.

ATTORNEY CHARLES R. CONROY Practicing Exclusively in All Areas of

IMMIGRATION LAW Green Cards • Family Visa Petitions • Student Visas Business & Employment Visas • Citizenship Applications Deportation & Removal Defense • Bond Hearings

Call for Appointment (646) 253-0511 Email:

To Advertise Call 718-205-8000 Notice of Formation of Valdez Logistics LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 3/6/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: National Registered Agents, Inc., 111 Eighth Ave., 13th Fl., NY, NY 10011, also the registered agent. Purpose: any lawful activities.

Notice of Formation of Sand Lane SI, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 3/26/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: c/o Mikhail Neystat, PhD, 101-24 Queens Blvd., Suite A, Forest Hills, NY 11375. Purpose: any lawful activity.

MJJS LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 3/13/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Bogdan Skrodzki, 65-47 Myrtle Ave., Ridgewood, NY 11385. General Purposes.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: NEE REALTY LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 01/02/2013. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 15-03 126th Street, College Point, NY 11356. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: ZAN FAMILY DENTAL CARE, PLLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 02/20/2013. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 5859 81st Street, Apt. 2, Middle Village, NY 11379. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: BORELAND & BORELAND, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 5/26/2009. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to Boreland & Boreland, LLC, 244-11 136 Avenue, Rosedale, New York 11422. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: CPV DEVELOPMENT, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 04/08/2013. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 12-61 150th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of formation of Whitfield Surveys LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York SSNY on 2/11/2013. Office located in Queens. SSNY has been designated for service of process. SSNY shall mail copy of any process served against the LLC 35-08 24th Ave., Astoria, NY 11103. Purpose: any lawful purpose.

UNIQUEPOS LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 06/15/2012. Office loc: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: U.S. Corporation Agents, Inc., 7014 13th Ave Ste., 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228. Reg Agent: U.S. Corporation Agents, Inc., 7014 13th Ave Ste., 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose.

Notice of formation of limited liability corporation (LLC). Name: Corona Crown Publishing, LLC. Reg. filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 3/8/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to 103-19 32nd Ave., East Elmhurst, NY 11369. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: RTISAN COFFEE PROJECT, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 01/29/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Edgar M. Ortegon, 4628 Vernon Boulevard, Suite 502, Long Island City, New York 11101. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.

NOTICE is hereby given that an Order entered by the Civil Court, Queens County on 11/15/12, bearing Index Number NC-000741-12/QU, a copy of which may be examined at the Office of the Clerk, located at 89-17 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, New York, in Record Room 357, grants me the right to assume the name of Magda Lucia Salguero Florez. My present name is Magda S Aguilar aka Magda Aguilar, aka Magda Lucia Salguero Florez. My present address is 110-50 71st Rd., Apt. 2E, Forest Hills, NY 11375. My place of birth is Bogota, Colombia. My date of birth is March 25, 1954.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: KINGDOM HOLDING LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 12/13/2012. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 146-31 221 Street, 1st Floor, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

No Limit Property Management, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/25/13. Office in Queens County. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to c/o Christina Teape, 119-05 202nd St., St. Albans, NY 11412. Purpose: General.

8409 Queens Realty LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 3/20/13. Office in Queens County. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to 84-09 Queens Blvd., Elmhurst, NY 11373. Purpose: General.

Arts. Of Org. filed with Secy. Of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 3/18/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of PLLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The PLLC, 36-09 Main St., Ste. #204B, Flushing, NY 11354 which is also the principal business location. Purpose: any lawful activity.


THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK BY THE GRACE OF GOD, FREE AND INDEPENDENT To: NYC Human Resources Administration Charles Fiore, Esq. Attorney General of the State of New York The unknown distributees, legatees, devisees, heirs at law and assignees of ANASTASIA DERMODY AKA GERTRUDE DERMODY, deceased, or their estates, if any there be, whose names, places of residence and post office addresses are unknown to the petitioner and cannot with due diligence be ascertained. Being the persons interested as creditors, legatees, distributees or otherwise in the Estate of ANASTASIA DERMODY AKA GERTRUDE DERMODY, deceased, who at the time of death was a resident of 119-19 Graham Court, Flushing, NY 11354, in the County of Queens, State of New York. SEND GREETING: Upon the petition of LOIS M. ROSENBLATT, Public Administrator of Queens County, who maintains her office at 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, Queens County, New York 11435, as Administrator of the Estate of ANASTASIA DERMODY AKA GERTRUDE DERMODY, deceased, you and each of you are hereby cited to show cause before the Surrogate at the Surrogate’s Court of the County of Queens, to be held at the Queens General Courthouse, 6th Floor, 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, City and State of New York, on the 6th day of June, 2013 at 9:30 o’clock in the forenoon, why the Account of Proceedings of the Public Administrator of Queens County, as Administrator of the Estate of said deceased, a copy of which is attached, should not be judicially settled, and why the Surrogate should not fix and allow a reasonable amount of compensation to GERARD J. SWEENEY, ESQ., for legal services rendered to petitioner herein in the amount of $11,102.97 and that the Court fix the fair and reasonable additional fee for any services to be rendered by GERARD J. SWEENEY, ESQ., hereafter in connection with proceedings on kinship, claims etc., prior to entry of a final Decree on this accounting in the amount of 6% of assets or income collected after the date of the within accounting; and why the Surrogate should not fix and allow an amount equal to one percent on said Schedules of the total assets on Schedules A, A1, and A2 plus any additional monies received subsequent to the date of this account, as the fair and reasonable amount payable to the Office of the Public Administrator for the expenses of said office pursuant to S.C.P.A. §1106(4); and why the petitioner should not retain the sum of $5,000.00 to satisfy the contingent and possible claim of Charles Fiore, Esq., for a period of 6 months from the date of the decree to be settled hereon; and why, upon service on the petitioner of an Order from the New York Supreme Court fixing the legal fees and commissions of Charles Fiore, Esq., for services rendered to the decedent, petitioner should not be authorized to pay Charles Fiore, Esq., said amount not to exceed $5,000.00; and why if Charles Fiore, Esq., should fail to obtain an order from the New York Supreme Court fixing his legal fee and commissions within six months from the date of the decree, the amount retained by the petitioner should not be distributed to the NYC Human Resources Administration; and why the claim from the NYC Human Resources Administration in the amount of $550,566.30 should not be allowed to the extent of the net distributable estate; and why the net distributable estate should not be paid to the NYC Human Resources Administration in partial satisfaction of their claim; Dated, Attested and Sealed 8th day of April, 2013 HON. PETER J. KELLY Surrogate, Queens County Margaret M. Gribbon, Clerk of the Surrogate’s Court GERARD J. SWEENEY, ESQ. (718) 459-9000, 95-25 Queens Boulevard, 11th Floor Rego Park, New York 11374 This citation is served upon you as required by law. You are not obliged to appear in person. If you fail to appear it will be assumed that you do not object to the relief requested unless you file formal legal, verified objections. You have a right to have an attorney-at-law appear for you. Accounting Citation

We Court Your Legal Advertising. For Legal Notice Rates & Information,

Call 718-205-8000

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7237 67 STREET LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 12/19/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Peter Mohan, 7018 67 Pl., Glendale, NY 11385. General Purposes.

File No.: 2012-3559/A CITATION

Page 55 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013


QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 56

SQ page 56



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Legal Service NYC REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS $895.00. Expd Attorney. Free Buy/Sell Guide. ESTATES/CRIMINAL MATTERS Richard H. Lovell, P.C., 10748 Cross Bay, Ozone Park, NY 11417 718 835-9300.

Legal Notices Name of LLC: AccTrove LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with NY Dept. of State: 2/22/13. Office loc.: Queens Co. Sec. of State designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served and shall mail process to: c/o Business Filings Inc., 187 Wolf Rd., Ste. 101, Albany, NY 12205, regd. agt. upon whom process may be served. Purpose: any lawful act. NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: PARTRIDGE EQUITY GROUP LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 03/06/13. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2099. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 23-08 Newtown Avenue, Astoria, New York 11102. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.

TREVI MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLC. Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 11/30/12. Office in Queens Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to The LLC, 85-34 66th Road, Rego Park, NY 11374. Purpose: Any lawful activity.



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Real Estate EQUAL HOUSING. Federal, New York State and local laws prohibit discrimination because of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, marital status, familial status or disability in connection with the sale or rental of residential real estate. Queens Chronicle does not knowingly accept advertising in violation of these laws. When you suspect housing discrimination call the Open Housing Center (the Fair Housing Agency for the five boroughs of New York) at 212-941-6101, or the New York City Commission of Human Rights Hotline at 212306-7500. The Queens Chronicle reserves the right to alter wording in ads to conform with Federal Fair Housing regulations.

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

WHAT IS YOUR HOME WORTH? Free, quick over the Net evaluation of your home. Learn about homes that have been sold and are currently listed in your neighborhood. Get the facts without the pressure. Based on this information, you will know what your home is worth. This is a complete confidential market analysis and is absolutely free!!

Visit: Or call 1-800-882-6030 Ext. 614 24/7 FREE Community Service

Prof. Space For Sale

Prof. Space For Sale

Apts. For Rent

Vacation R.E./Rental

Apts. For Rent Howard Beach, 1 BR, new apt, near train. No smoking/pets, G&E incl, 1 mo sec req, $1,325/mo 718-845-4589 Howard Beach, 3 1/2 room apt, 1 BR, terr, laundry room, just painted, $1,150/mo. Howard Beach Realty, 718-641-6800 Howard Beach, exclusive agent for studios & 1 BR apts, absentee L/L. Call Joe Trotta, Broker, 718- Old Howard Beach, 2 fl duplex, 3 BR, 1 1/2 baths, new kit & bath, 843-3333 $1,800/mo. Owner, 347-303-2362 Howard Beach/Lindenwood 2 BR duplex in excel cond, new carpet, Woodhaven, 2 BRs renov, shopno smoking/pets, credit check & ping/trans, also Ozone Park, 1 ref req, $1,550/mo. 718-835-0306 BR, $800/mo, parking, refs. Owner 917-520-7902 Howard Beach/Lindenwood, 1 BR, walk-in, no smoking/pets, $1,100/mo, credit check/refs required. Owner, 917-854-6477 Jamaica Hills, “ Homelawn Street” Howard Beach/Lindenwood, 1 BR, 1 family colonial on 40x92 lot, 3 furn apt, no pets/smoking, G&E BR, 2 1/2 baths, full fin bsmnt, pvt incl. $950/mo w/1 mo sec. 646- dvwy, $524,999. Connexion I RE, 718-845-1136 220-5429

Houses For Sale

Open House

Howard Beach/Lindenwood, modern 3 BR, 2 baths, balcony, EIK, LR/DR combo, credit ck & refs. Howard Beach/Rockwood Park, Owner, 718-738-4013 Sun 5/5, 2-4, 162-23 85 St. Empire style hi-ranch, 5 BR, 3 full Howard Beach/Lindenwood, modNotice of Formation of limited baths, CAC. Asking $655K. ern 2 BR, 2 bath, EIK, parking, liability company. Name: Dutch Connexion I RE, 718-845-1136 avail immed, 718-845-1229 Kills Studio LLC. Articles of Old Howard Beach , Sat 5/4, 12Organization were filed with the Howard Beach/Rockwood Park, 2, 155-40 Killarney St. 2 family studio walk-in, all new, G&E, C/A, Secretary of State of New York colonial, 6/6, new listing, (SSNY) on 02/08/2013. Office cable. $900/mo. Broker 347-846- $589.5K location is Queens County. 7809 Tudor Village/Ozone Park , Sun SSNY designated as agent of Howard Beach/Rockwood Park, 1 5/5, 1-4, 132-30 84 St. 2 family LLC upon whom process against BR walk-in, G&E incl, $1,050/mo. semi det. A must see! Jerr y it may be served. SSNY shall Broker, 347-846-7809 Fink RE, 718-766-9175 or 917mail copy of process to the LLC, 774-6121 Old Howard Beach, 2 fl, 2 lg BR, 1 41-16A 47th St., Sunnyside, NY full bath, $1,500/mo, incls 11104. The general purpose: heat/hot water. For any lawful purpose. Owner, 917-559-8623 Howard Beach/Rockwood Park, 3 Classified Ad Special. Pay for 3 Old Howard Beach, 2 BR on the BRs, 1 1/2 bath, W/D, G&E incl, weeks and the 4th week is FREE! water, 2 fl, completely renov, garage & yard, $2,350/mo. Call $1,800/mo. 347-303-2362 Call 718-205-8000 Broker 347-846-7809

Houses For Rent

OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/ partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-638-2102. Online reservations:

Land For Sale ORGANIC FARM LIQUIDATION! LENDER MUST SELL! 5 acre $19,900 On sale 5/4! No closing costs! Gorgeous views, upstate NY Amish country. 3 hrs, NY City, 1 hour Albany. (888) 905-8847 TROUT STREAM 10 acres $39,900 Available 5/4! No closing costs! Beautiful forest, crystal clear stream, Gorgeous upstate NY. Amish country 1/2 hour from Albany! (888) 701-7509 UPSTATE NY COUNTRYSIDE SPRING LAND SALE $5,000 Off Each Lot 6 AC w/ Trout Stream: $29,995 3 AC / So. Tier: $15,995 5.7 AC On the River: $39,995 Beautiful & All Guaranteed Buildable. Financing Available. Offer Ends 5/31/13. Call Now: 1800-229-7843

Classified Ad Special Pay for 3 weeks and the 4th week is FREE! Call 718-205-8000

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Page 57 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013

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JERRY FINK REAL ESTATE, INC. 160-10 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY

Call 718-766-9175 or 917-774-6121 . WWW


16 Years of Selling A Name You Can Trust, Service You Can Depend On






Lovely 2 Family Colonial, Six over Six, 3 Bedrooms and 1 Full Bath on each flr, New listing! Must See! All Offers! $589.5K

Beautiful Mini-Mansion, with Full Basement, U-shaped Living Rm/Dining Rm, Fireplace, Custom Built Kitchen w/Center island, 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Must See! All Offers!

Beautiful 2 Family Semi - Detached Home Located in the Heart of Tudor Village, Well maintained Property, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full baths, EIK, FDR, LR, Full Fin Bsmnt w/Laundry Room, Must See! Call Today!





OPEN HOUSE SAT 5/4, 12-2pm 155-40 Killarney St.

©2013 M1P • JERF-061201

Bishop visits St. John’s Prep Colonial on Water, 3 Bedrooms, Needs TLC, Bulkhead, Seller Wants To Hear All Offers.

Beautiful Large 1 Bedroom Co-op Located in the Fairfield Arms, Renovated Kitchen & Bath, L-shaped Living Rm/Dining Rm, Plenty of Closets, Small Office Space, Must See! All Offers!

Desirable Pembroke Studio, 1 Updated Full Bath, Hardwood Floors, Eff Kitchen, Owner Motivated, Must See! All Offers! $64.5K

On April 18 Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio visited St. John's Preparatory School in Astoria to celebrate Mass with the students and community members. At the opening of the liturgy, celebrated in the school auditorium, the bishop expressed his joy for the opportunity to pray with the St. John’s Prep community. He

focused on the significant roles that parents, teachers and friends play in a student’s faith development and asked all present to encourage their faith. As the Mass concluded, Student Council President Raven Valentin presented DiMarzio with a St. John’s Prep sweatshirt to take home to Brooklyn.


HB y t l a e R

Thomas J. LaVecchia, Licensed Real Estate Broker 137-05 Cross Bay Blvd. Ozone Park, NY 11417


One Percent Properties

Houses Wanted - Free To List - Free Credit Check - Call Now!


Net More

Sell Faster

HOWARD BEACH 3.5 Rm Garden co-op, New kit Updated bath, Dog ok, Mint cond, Asking $115K

4 Rm, 1 BR, Hi-Rise Co-op with Terrace, Just Painted! Asking $79K

HOWARD BEACH 2 BR Garden Co-op, 2 Flr, Pet ok, Washer allowed. Asking only $120K


HOWARD BEACH/OZONE PARK 3.5 Rooms 1 BR Apartment, Terrace, Laundry Room on Premises, and parking.

Increase Showings


Price Flexibility

50 Internet Sites

Michael Gregoretti Licensed Real Estate Broker

Howard Beach to Nassau County



HOWARD BEACH 2 Family, 3 BRs, 1.5 Baths On 1st Floor. 2 BRs 1 Bath On 2nd Floor. Full Fin Bsmnt, High Ceilings. Come In And See!

HOWARD BEACH One Family, All Redone, 3 BRs, 3 Baths, Must See!


Please Disregard if already Listed with a realtor

©2013 M1P • HBRE-061173

For the latest news visit

HOWARD BEACH 4 Rms, Hi-Rise Co-op, FDR, 1 BR, 1 New Bath, All New Kitchen, Comes with Parking. Asking Only $110K

C M SQ page 59 Y K

Connexion I



Page 59 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013




161-14A Crossbay Blvd., Howard Beach


(Brother’s Shopping Ctr.)

718-845-1136 OPEN HOUSE SUN, 5/5, 2-4pm • 162-23 85 St.

Mint Hi-Ranch, 3/4 BRs, New Kit, 2 New Full Baths, Crown Molding, New Roof, Skylights, Pvt Dvwy, New Condition, Simply Mint!

Lg cape on 50x100, Full bsmnt, 4 BRs, 2 Baths, "Room to expand". House needs updating, Owner very motivated

Asking only $499K




HOWARD BEACH/ ROCKWOOD PARK Hi-Ranch, XLg 5 BRs, 3 Full Baths, Updated Thruout, 27x55, On 40x109 Lot. Asking $699K

HOWARD BEACH/ ROCKWOOD PARK Cape on 40x100, 4 BRs, 1 Bath, Full unfinished basement, Needs TLC. Asking $469K

Mint Hi-Ranch, All redone in 2004, 3/4 BRs, All New Kitchen w/ Stainless Steel, Appl, All New Brick, Stucco Windows, Kitchen, Baths, Pavers front & back, New Roof, New Gas Boiler, CAC, Polished Porcelin Tiles. Asking $699K





HOWARD BEACH/ ROCKWOOD PARK Large oversized corner ranch brick & stone, 4 Brs, 2.5 Baths, Full finished bsmnt. $509K





Move-in Cond, Hi-Ranch, 4 BRs, 3 Full Baths, Maple wood kit cabinets, Granite countertops, H/W Fls thruout, New windows. Half IGP, Deck. Call for info. Asking $649K


• JR4 Hi-Rise Coops .............Only $85K • Updated 1 BR Co-op.................$105K • XLG Updated 1 BR Hi-Rise .......$105K HOWARD BEACH HOWARD BEACH • Well maint. 1 BR Hi-Rise Co-op $112K Mint "Amazing" Corner Ranch on • Hi-Rise 2 BRs/2 Updated Baths$150K All Brick Colonial (New 40x100, 2 Car Det Garage, 3 BRs, Construction 2009),4 BRs, 3½ 2½ Baths, All New Kitchen, Cherry • Garden, Mint, 1st Fl, Updated kitchen Baths, LR w/Fireplace, 9' Ceilings & bath, 2 BRs, 1 Bath with FDR$169K 1st and 2nd Flrs, Full Fin Bsmnt, Cabinets, Granite Countertop, • 2 BR, 1 Bath, S/S Appl, Mint ....$189K Pvt Dvwy, Det 1 Car Gar, Sprinklers, Stainless Steel Appl, Lg LR w/ PVC Fencing, Pavers in yard, Wrought iron gates, Mint condition, All New! Reduced $839K


Fireplace, Huge DR, All New Baths, Full Fin Bsmnt w/Wood Burning Stove. Much More! Asking $539K

OZONE PARK/ CENTERVILLE CONDO • Park Village Condo, Mint 2 BRs, 2 Baths w/Terrace, Unit comes w/1 Parking Spot .............$269K

HOWARD BEACH/ COMMERCIAL SUBLET • Old Howard Beach - 800 sq ft office space, Totally renovated, Ground fl, WOODHAVEN Across the street from "A" Train. Charming very spacious brick Victorian, • New Howard Beach - 1400 sq ft office Exquisite wood moldings and wood space, Ground floor. $2200/mo. bannister leading up to 3rd fl. 9 stained • Old Howard Beach - Excellent for glass windows, glass doorknobs, pocket Medical office, Fully renov, 1200 sq ft, doors and French doors. 6 BRs, 3½ baths, Lg Front Rm w/3 Pvt Rms, $1400/mo. 2 car gar, New roof. Asking $629K

HOWARD BEACH/ ROCKWOOD PARK Large Hi-Ranch, Amazing Location! 55x100 irregular lot, 4 BRs, 3 Full Baths, Hardwood Flrs under rugs. Asking $659K

HOWARD BEACH/ OLD SIDE Just what you are looking for! 40x100 Cape, 4 BRs, 1½ Baths, Unfinished Basement. $449K

HOWARD BEACH HAMILTON BEACH Mint Waterfront 50x70 lot, 2 BRs Ranch, Deck overlooking the bay, Updated throughout. Asking $295K





HOWARD BEACH/ ROCKWOOD PARK Beautiful 4 BRs, 2.5 Baths, Hardwood flrs, Updated bath, Walk-in 1 BR Apt, Garage. Asking $599K




! DAYS IN 21


2 Family all brick tudor, 3 BRs, 3 Full baths, All new wood flooring Legal 2 family, 6 over 6, 1.5 Baths & tiles, Private driveway, 1 car on each fl, Irregular lot, New roof, garage. Asking Only $659K New Boiler. Only $529K

HOWARD BEACH/ ROCKWOOD PARK Beautiful Hi-Ranch, Completely Renovated, Walk-in 1 BR Apt., Main floor converted to 2 BRs w/Large Jacuzzi Bath and deck off MBR. Asking $679K



Move-in Condition 4 BR Cape, 2 New Baths, New Roof/ Windows, Excellent location. Asking $610K


HOWARD BEACH/ OLD SIDE Large home on 42x100, Updated kitchen, 9' ceilings, Fireplace, Pvt dvwy w/detached 2 car garage, Full fin bsmnt. Asking $629K




Custom 10 year young one of a kind home, oversized property. Totally loaded. One-of-A-Kind! Asking $899K



Large cape on 60x100, 3 Large BRs, 2 Baths, Updated Kit w/SS Appliances & Granite countertop. Asking $739K




28 C T IN

Ultra mint 4 BR Colonial, House redone 4 years ago, 4 new full baths, New kitchen, fireplace, In-ground heated pool, stucco & pavers front & back. $889K













HOWARD BEACH/ OLD SIDE Legal 2 Family, 3 Large BRs per floor, Full Basement, Private Dvwy, Asking $599K

! IN







Legal 2 family on 40x100, 5/6 w/large full fin bsmnt, pvt dvwy. Asking $589K

Legal 2 family, 3 Large BRs per floor, Full basement, Pvt dvwy. Asking $599K

For the latest news visit

Renovation in process, 1 Family Colonial, 2 BRs, 1½ Baths, Totally redone thruout. Only $299K

Charming Large Colonial, 5 BRs, 2.5 Baths w/H/W Fls, Updated Kit, New S/S Appl, Lg FDR w/Breakfast nook, Foyer & Den area, Full Fin bsmnt w/Full Bath, Laundry & Work Rm, Pvt Dvwy, Det Gar, Deck. Asking $545K




Large 2 Family with 6 BRs, 2.5 Updated Baths, Finished Bsmnt, Lg paved yard, Pvt Dvwy, Quiet block. Asking $559K REDUC





HOWARD BEACH/ ROCKWOOD PARK Empire Style Hi-Ranch, 5 BRs and 3 Full Baths, CAC, Pvt Dvwy & 1 Car Gar, 40x100 Lot, Great Block! Asking $655K




Open 7 Days!



CAR CARE Complete Auto Repair, Maintenance & Diagnostics

American Owned and Operated

When Service & Quality Count - We’re Here For All Your Auto Needs Professional A/C Service, Repair, Diagnostics

Quick Shot Special $ 5995

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We Are Your Official Automotive Repair Center and Towing & Road Service Provider

Official N.Y. State Inspection Center (Done On-Site) Please Call For Appointment

Springerize Flush Radiator & Cooling System, Refill Up To 3 Gallons of Antifreeze, Check Belts, Hoses, Cooling System Operation


$ Regular


Includes: Valvoline Oil Filter with up to 5 Quarts Premium Bottled Shell Oil WE WILL CHECK: • Brakes • Hoses • Lights • Belts • Wipers • Air Filter • Front End • All Fluids • Battery • Thermostat FREE • Charging System • Tire Pressure Tire Rotation • Plus Lube Doors & Hinges


Extended Life


Increase Gas Mileage

Jimmy Kolm, with 30 years experience and factory certified and trained, will perform a computerized 4-wheel alignment. He will personally give you a computer printout stating the specs before he begins and what the specs are when he is completed, for the perfect alignment.




Cannot be combined with any other offer. With coupon. Most makes and models. Reg. $79.95. Expires 06/30/13.

• Wagner® Quick Stop Brake Pads & Labor • Check Hoses & Calipers • Rotors Extra



4-Wheel FREEComplete Alignment With purchase of 4 new tires

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Not to be combined with any other offer. With coupon only. Expires 06/30/13




Mail-In Rebate On 4 New Tires

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Cannot be combined with any other offer. With coupon. Most makes and models. Reg. $139.95. Expires 06/30/13.

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Cannot be combined with any other offer. With coupon. Most makes and models. Save $11 - Reg. $29.95. Expires 06/30/13.

Cannot be combined with any other offer. With coupon. Most makes and models. Expires 06/30/13.


8 am till 11 am First 5 Customers





Not to be combined with any other offer. With coupon only. Expires 06/30/13

We Have All The New Car Data and Equipment To Properly Service and Maintain Your Newer Vehicle


ASE Certified Techs

LIBERTY BELL TOWING 24-HOUR TOWING & ROAD SERVICE Wheel Lift & Flat Bed Service - Damage Free Local and Long Distance - New Equipment - Highly Trained Drivers Approved: AAA,


Allstate, Signature, Service Provider

Quality Drivers Wanted

D.C.A. #127343

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, May 2, 2013 Page 60

C M SQ page 60 Y K

J U N K CA R R E M OVA L C a l l Fo r I n f o r m a t i o n 917- 5 67-2 3 4 4

86-25 LIBERTY AVE., OZONE PARK • 718-323-9984

Queens Chronicle South Edition 05-02-13  
Queens Chronicle South Edition 05-02-13  

Queens Chronicle South Edition 05-02-13