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The city is backing off its high school ‘turnaround’ plan, leaving seven Queens high schools, including John Adams and Richmond Hill, unsure of everything from who is in charge to what they are called only weeks before a new school year starts PAGE 6 HOME DISAPPROVEMENT


Renovations to late historian’s house sparks old debate



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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 2

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Cooper indicted for grand larceny Former Flushing Meadows chief charged with stealing from nonprofit by Liz Rhoades Managing Editor

ormer Flushing Meadows Park Administrator Estelle Cooper, 82, of Whitestone, was charged Tuesday with secondand third-degree grand larceny for allegedly stealing more than $50,000 from the nonprof it fundraising group Unisphere Inc. that she ran. Cooper was arraigned Tuesday before Queens Supreme Court Judge Fernando Camacho. She faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted and was released on her own recognizance. Her next court date is Sept.12. The alleged fraud was discovered last November following an internal audit conducted by Unisphere, which referred the results to the Queens District Attorney’s office in February. A grand jury charged that Cooper obtained access to Unisphere funds and then stole more than $50,000 between November 2007 and Dec. 31, 2011. Cooper resigned as executive director of Unisphere last December and the following month


resigned as administrator of the park. She said she was pursuing a new career in heading a political consulting firm in Queens with her grandson, Michael Balsamo. But at the time, insiders said the real reason Cooper left was because of the embarrassment she caused the Parks Department over a day camp run at Flushing Meadows by her daughter, Ilene Balsamo. It was alleged that Balsamo did not pay some staff members and vendors last summer. Although she was advised not to support the undertaking in her park, Cooper nevertheless did and the camp reportedly only gave the city $1 per camper, despite high tuition that ran from $900 to $2,675 per camper. Phil Ragusa, a CPA who was hired by Cooper to keep the Unisphere books, told the Queens Chronicle in June that he immediately noticed problems, and that Cooper gave excuses she couldn’t find bank statements over a twoyear period. When he finally got a look at the statements, “You could see the discrepancies,” Ragusa said, adding

that he thought more than $90,000 would be found missing in the end. Ragusa noted that Cooper had a Unisphere credit card and that debits were made multiple times from ATMs and on the same day, in Atlantic City and Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway. The CPA, who also is chairman of the Queens Republican Party, said it was difficult for him to uncover the evidence against Cooper because he’s known her for more than 20 years. She is the county GOP’s former secretary and ran unsuccessfully for the state Senate in 1978 and for borough president in 1986. Cooper’s salary as park administrator was $101,500. She held the position for 17 years. Unisphere raises money to support park projects. Several people contacted, who did not want their names used, indicated that if found guilty, they hope Cooper will pay back the funds, even if she has to borrow from friends. The DA’s Office indicated that it’s not uncommon for a judge to request restitution in a case like this. As one insider said, “The crime is despicable and you have to make an

Estelle Cooper, inset, former administrator at Flushing Meadows Park, was indicted Tuesday on charges she stole more than $50,000 from the fundraising group Unisphere Inc. FILE PHOTOS example of people like this. Shame on the Parks Department for keeping her as long as they did.” Cooper’s attorney, Vito Palmiere, did not return calls for this story. Legal experts say that despite her age, if found guilty, she is likely to get more than a slap on the wrist. Some sources believe Cooper

has a serious gambling problem. She suffered a second stroke several months ago, and others questioned if she is being manipulated by her family. Cooper, a Republican, was appointed by Mayor Rudy Giuliani primarily because she was known as a fundraiser and knew a lot of Q people.


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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 4

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Richmond Hill home opens old wounds Changes to house of late historian sadden many who admired her by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

The shady quiet streets of Richmond Hill do not feel like they are in New York City. Though they are not far from the imposing apartment buildings of Kew Gardens and Forest Hills or the attached homes of Woodhaven and Glendale, the large Victorian homes that line the shady blocks of Richmond Hill between Forest Park and Jamaica Avenue are unique to most of Queens. But as new arrivals come into the neighborhood, the character of these homes are often lost to modernizations and convenience. In many houses, the iconic wrap-around porches are being dismantled or closed in to provide more room. Rustic shingles are being replaced by stucco and brick. Uniquelyshaped windows are often eliminated or widened into standard rectangles. One of the houses that has fallen victim to these alterations is one near and dear to the hearts of every Richmond Hill resident or preservationist trying to prevent these changes — the home of the former president of the Richmond Hill Historical Society, Nancy Cataldi. Cataldi lived in a Victorian home at 86-22

The home of former Richmond Hill Historical Society President Nancy Cataldi before her death in 2008, left, and after new owners renovated, right. Historians and other preservationists say declaring her block and others in Richmond Hill a “historical district” would have preserved her home’s COURTESY PHOTOS character. 109 St., while serving as head of the historical society from 1999 until her sudden death on Oct. 29, 2008. After her death, her estate

sold the home through a realty company that Carl Ballenas, historian for the Richmond Hill Historical Society, said often matches the

old Victorian homes with prospective buyers who want to buy and preserve the homes. But that did not happen. The new owners of Cataldi’s home renovated the house in 2010 and 2011, demolishing the front porch and building a new smaller one, covering the exterior of the first floor in brickface and, perhaps the most drastic change, paving over the lawn and garden area. When Cataldi lived in the house, the driveway only consisted of two small concrete paths for cars, leaving room for Cataldi to tend a garden, which Ballenas said she enjoyed. The owners of the home did not respond to a request for comment but had said in the past that a carpenter ant infestation forced them to do work on the house. But Ballenas did not place the blame on the new owners. He conceded that they had a right to do to the house what they wished. He did say that the house could have been protected if the city had declared nearly three dozen blocks between Jamaica Avenue and Forest Park from 104th Street to Lefferts Boulevard, a historic district, a battle that dates back to when Cataldi was president. continued on page 23

Page 5 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ed Koch endorses in Lot in Lindenwood state Senate election Needs New Direction Ex-mayor backs Democrat in key race by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

The Lindenwood Shopping Center is the nucleus of the densely populated part of Howard Beach nestled in between the Belt Parkway and Conduit Boulevard. Most residents in Lindenwood live in two-family homes, garden apartments or high-rise buildings within walking distance of the shopping center. The center also attracts customers who drive in from elsewhere who utilize the parking lot. Lately, some in Lindenwood say, the parking lot’s faded or missing directionals have turned it into a chaotic and dangerous location. “They need to work on some semblance of order because there’s chaos now and there are no directional signs to enter or exit the lot,” said Sheila Shale, president of the Fairfield Cooperative, one of the residential buildings in Lindenwood. The parking lot’s signs painted in the asphalt are faded and in some cases, are gone completely, as are many of the white lines outlining parking spots. Without the

lines, drivers often fail to leave adequate room for passing cars or for cars entering the lot. People parking in the fire lane in front of the stores is also an issue. “It has become difficult to access the parking lot due to people parking in the fire zone as well as having no clear direction of how to enter or exit the lot,” said Barbara McNamara, president of the Howard Beach Cooperative Corp. Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Far Rockaway) wrote a letter to the shopping center’s owners to express hic concerns. “Many members of my community have come to me with concerns about the parking situation at the shopping center,” Goldfeder wrote. “The Lindenwood Shopping Center provides an ideal location for the many residents of the community to shop in a convenient, family-friendly environment; however, over the years, the directional traffic lines have worn away which has led to some confusion about driving and parking within the lot.” The owners of the shopping center did Q not return calls for comment.

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Former Mayor Ed Koch, whose backing of U.S. Rep. Bob Turner (R-Middle Village) in last year’s Congressional special election was cited as a major reason for the latter’s victory, is making another endorsement The Democrat, known for often crossing party lines, is sticking to his own in the competitive 15th state Senate District race. Koch announced he was endorsing incumbent state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. (D-Howard Beach) for re-election. Addabbo is facing Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) in a more conservative district that includes Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods like Far Rockaway and Kew Gardens Hills. “I served with Joe’s father, Joe Addabbo Sr., in Congress. He was not only a good friend, but a great Congressman,” Koch said, “His son, Joe Jr., is like his father and has served well the people of New York in the Senate. He deserves to get re-elected.” Koch’s endorsement could have sway in the large bloc of Jewish voters who live in

the district, many of whom are seen as up for grabs. In many of the district’s neighborhoods, Koch is the most recent Democrat to win in a mayoral election — during his 1985 re-election campaign. Koch has endorsed a number of Republican candidates besides Turner in the past including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Gov. George Pataki and former President George W. Bush. Koch surprised many when he endorsed Turner last year, citing disagreement with President Barack Obama’s policy on Israel. Much of the 15th state Senate District includes areas in Turner’s Congressional district. In the meantime, Addabbo announced that he has filed the required number of signatures to secure the Working Families Party nomination, which he failed to get in his 2010 re-election campaign. Ulrich has the ballot lines of the Conservative and Independence parties and will likely face a Republican primary against Forest Hills attorney Juan Reyes, who has the backing of Queens GOP Chairman Phil Q Ragusa.

Shoppers say parking lot is “chaos”

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 6

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City turns back on ‘turnaround’ plan DOE slams the brakes on closures after unions win successive rulings by Domenick Rafter

schools, who were then made an offer to reapply for their jobs. The decision came he Bloomberg administration seemed after the DOE and UFT failed to agree on a to admit defeat this week on their teacher evaluation system to qualify for comprehensive school “turnaround” nearly $60 million in federal subsides. The plan that led to the Department of Educa- city warns that money could be lost if the tion’s decision to close and rename 24 city “turnaround” plan is not implemented. The UFT argued that the plan was retribution high schools, including seven in Queens. After being dealt back-to-back defeats from the mayor for the stalemate on evaluafrom an arbitrator and a New York State tions. One UFT representative described the Supreme Court judge, the DOE said the mayor’s decision to pursue the plan as a schools would, at least for the time being, “tantrum.” In order to qualify for the $60 million in open in September with the same employees as in June while the lawsuit against the city federal funds, DOE needed to implement a filed by unions representing teachers, school teacher evaluation system, but an agreement administrators and principals works its way on evaluations could not be reached. The city then announced the “turnaround” prothrough the courts. “We have to operate under the principle posal, which they said was the least disrupthat the staff who were at the school[s] will tive option that would still have allowed be coming back,” Chancellor Dennis Wal- them to qualify for the federal funding. New York State Supreme Court Justice cott conceded last week. The recent events have left the two dozen Joan Lobis ordered the two sides to go high schools in administrative limbo, as before an arbitrator in May and the arbitrator, some have already hired new staff who are Scott Buchheit ruled for the unions on June planning for the new school year and may 29. His decision said the “turnaround” plan not actually have jobs in September, while violated the DOE’s contract with the unions others who were laid off are waiting to hear and rejected the DOE’s arguments that the if they get to keep their jobs or if they have schools were entirely new, which would have to reapply or move on — if they have not allowed the city to void the contracts. The city quickly already. appealed the decision “I don’t know what’s and the case went going on at this point,” back before Lobis. said Dmytro FedDOE asked for a kowskyj, Queens’ represtraining order that resentative on the would have allowed Panel for Educational the city to continue to Policy who opposed implement the plan. the mayor’s “turnDOE lawyers said around” plan along denying the restrainwith PEP representaing order would do tives from Brooklyn, “ir reparable harm” the Bronx and Manbecause it would dishattan. Fedkowskyj rupt preparations for said a lot of the questhe new school year, a tions over what happrocess that begins in pens next will hopeJuly. Lobis balked at fully be answered the claim and denied when the PEP meets the restraining order. with Walcott this FILE PHOTO “Maybe you’d have week. to rescind some letThe United Federaters. How is that tion of Teachers and ur school communities ir reparable harm?” Council of School she asked during the Supervisors & Admindeserve a plan, hearing on July 10. istrators sued the DOE The DOE is still to stop the controvernot an experiment.” appealing Buchheit’s sial “turnaround” plan that was approved by — Dmytro Fedkowskyj, Queens representative, decision to the New Panel for Educational Policy York State Supreme the PEP in April Court, the lower court which ordered the closure and re-branding of the two dozen at the state level and oral arguments begin schools including; Long Island City, on July 24. Fedkowskyj said he was concerned that William Cullen Bryant, Newtown, Flushing, August Martin, John Adams and Richmond some of the key planning for the new school Hill, in Queens. The plan had the support of year is being lost this month because of the all eight of Mayor Bloomberg’s appointees legal limbo. Some of the schools’ administo the PEP as well as the Staten Island repre- tration have found new employment or sentative. No high schools in Staten Island retired and may not return even if a court rules they can keep their jobs. Up to 20,000 were among those slated for closure. The plan also mandated the firing of over students were affected by the “turnaround” 3,600 teachers and administrators at the plan, Fedkowskyj said. Associate Editor



Flushing High School, one of the oldest high schools in the city, was among the seven high schools in Queens that were closed and due to reopen with a new name and largely new staff in September FILE PHOTO until an arbitrator ruled against the city last month. Whether or not the schools will continue to keep their names or still have them changed is unclear. Each school was to reopen in September under a new name. For example, John Adams High School was scheduled to reopen as Future Leaders Academy at John Adams campus. Fedkowsky said the schools’ names are important not only because it gives the school an identity, but the names have DBN numbers, numeral codes by which the DOE identifies them, that go along with the names. Those numbers were changed when the turnaround plan began being implemented at the end of the last school year. Nevertheless, Fedkowskyj expressed confidence that the schools will be ready to open in September regardless of what happens with the court case. He also blasted Bloomberg for pushing the “turnaround” plan over other options including keeping the plan in place, which he said was not given enough time to work in these schools. He expressed concern that if Lobis upholds the arbitrator’s decision on the”turnaround” plan, DOE will not have a plan to fall back on, either next year or in future years. “The bigger concern that I have and that [Borough President Helen Marshall] has is that we have a plan in place going forward.” Fedkowskyj said. “Our school communities deserve a plan, not an experiment.” Lobis expedited the case in order for it to be heard before the beginning of the school year, which begins in six weeks. Lawyers for the DOE said they are still confident the city can ultimately have the arbitrator’s decision overturned.

“Our goal is to turn around these failing schools and help our students succeed. We appreciate the judge setting an expedited schedule to hear our challenge to the arbitrator’s decision so that we can meet that goal,” said Michael Cardoza, corporation counsel at the NYC Law Department, the legal representative for the DOE. “The judge also made it clear that she wants to consider the case fully. We believe that, after she reviews our papers, she’ll conclude that the arbitrator was wrong.” Lawyers for the unions were just as confident of victory, noting that judges rarely ever overturn decisions made by arbitrators. But James Vasquez, UFT representative for Queens high schools said regardless of what the judge ultimately rules, the damage has already been done to the schools that made the list. “We’ve lost now the first five months of the last school year and in the last six months they did nothing else than just to plan around everything instead of supporting schools,” he said, adding he believed that even Grover Cleveland High School, which was removed from the list of closures in the eleventh hour, also struggled because of the mayor’s pursuit of his “turnaround” plan. “We still believe all of these schools deserve our support and should be kept open,” Vasquez said. A final decision from the courts may not come until as late as August — only weeks or perhaps days before the new school year starts. Principals and administrators are scheduled to report for the new year on Aug. Q 27. Students begin classes on Sept. 6.

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Page 7 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

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The school closure debacle he Department of Education’s decision to abandon its “turnaround” plans for 24 city high schools, including seven in Queens, due to a strong legal challenge from the teachers and administrators unions that couldn’t be overcome in time to prepare for the next school year, if ever, raises at least as many questions as it answers. The plan was to fire half the teaching staff in each school, along with the administration, replace them and reopen the buildings with new names. We were skeptical of its chances from the start. For one thing, what could possibly be the point of changing the name of John Adams High School, for example, to Future Leaders High School at the John Adams Campus? Or changing Long Island City High School to Global Scholars Academies of Long Island City? The utter ridiculousness of these Orwellian new names symbolizes the foundation of the entire plan pretty accurately. But the names are only the start. Was trying to fire 50 percent of the teachers really necessary or productive? That’s an arbitrary number that just screams out, “We don’t care what’s going on in any individual school, we just want the federal money we were promised if we went ahead with


this plan.” And now all those teachers who were handed their walking papers at the end of last month have been given their jobs back. Will they all take them back? Have the best already found employment elsewhere, maybe in another city, maybe in another career? And what about those who were deemed unfit to teach: are they? And how will they fit into their school communities again now that they’ve been branded with the scarlet F of failure? “We have to operate under the principle that the staff who were at the school[s] will be coming back,” Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said last week. Not exactly a statement that inspires confidence. What about the new teachers who were offered jobs at the 24 schools? Will they be given positions elsewhere in the system? Are they just out of luck? And how about the principals and other administrators who have already started planning for the next school year and now, apparently, won’t have schools to run? Many of the original principals they were to replace were distraught, even crying, at what were to be their last graduation ceremonies last month. Are they coming back? How many will want to? Another key question is what will happen to the $60 mil-

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Church letter response Dear Editor: This is in response to the article from Mr. Anthony Pilla “Church must change,” (Letters, June 7). Your point of view is ridiculous and outrageous. The Catholic Church will never change. It has been this way for centuries. It will stay that way and milllions of us Catholic people want it that way. I wonder if you would tell other religions to change. What kind of response would you receive? Let me know. Christina Serilla Forest Hills

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End pork spending Dear Editor: Check out the fine print in the most recently adopted NYC budget. “Boro budget bacon brings boons, blues” (July 12, multiple editions). Once again, tradition has been main© Copyright 2012 by MARK I PUBLICATIONS, INC. All rights reserved. Neither this newspaper nor any part thereof may be reproduced, copied, or transmitted in any form, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, microfilming, recording or by any information retrieval system without the express written permission of the publishers. This copyright is extended to the design and text created for advertisements. Reproduction of said advertisement or any part thereof without the express written permission of MARK I PUBLICATIONS, INC. is strictly prohibited. This publication will not be responsible for errors in advertising beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error. Bylined articles represent the sole opinion of the writer and are not necessarily in accordance with the views of the QUEENS CHRONICLE. This Publication reserves the right to limit or refuse advertising it deems objectionable. The Queens Chronicle is published weekly by Mark I Publications, Inc. at a subscription rate of $19 per year and out of state, $25 per year. Periodicals Postage Paid (USPS0013-572) at Flushing, N.Y. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Mark I Publications, Inc., 62-33 Woodhaven Boulevard, Rego Park, N.Y. 11374-7769.

lion in federal education funding the “turnarounds” were designed to bring in. That’s only a tiny share of the DOE’s $24.4 billion budget for 2012-13, but every dollar counts, especially when the city is cutting programs like arts and music left and right, when Queens schools remain the most overcrowded in the city despite new construction and when the city is building schools that don’t even have gyms while preaching to the masses about fighting obesity. It would be a travesty if after all the public angst caused by the announcement of the closures, after all the rallies and hearings, after all the disruptions in the lives of parents, students and staffers, the money never even comes through. We’ve always advocated what we thought is best for the children. We’ve been open-minded on new ideas like charter schools and mayoral control, knowing that the old model of education in the city needed serious reform. But the cure has been worse than the disease. Mayor Bloomberg wanted to establish a legacy as the education mayor, but it looks like he’s failed as surely as the underperforming schools he tried to shutter. It’s time to come up with a new model of reform, whatever it may be — another unanswered question — and implement it, fast. School starts again in six weeks.


tained for decades as NYC Council Speaker Quinn just like her predecessors the late Tom Cuite, Peter Vallone Sr. and Gifford Miller allocated several hundred million dollars in yearly member items for local pork barrel projects. This year’s earmarking of member item projects by the Council leadership totaled $147 million while it continues to be a growing public scandal. Too many members view the funding of member item pork barrel projects as a path to grease the wheels of re-election or run for higher public office. Like a monkey on their back, they appear to be addicted to this spending. It is common knowledge about the quid pro quo between those seeking funding and Council members. This sometimes included campaign contributions from the recipients’ senior management, hiring of Council members family, friends and Democratic clubhouse colleagues by the recipients and so on in exchange for receipt of the funding. Taxpayers must send a message that pork is not kosher. Don’t re-elect or promote to higher public office these same elected public officials

who promote this type of illegitimate spending. Intelligent voters should challenge 2013 Democratic mayoral candidate wannabes — NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, former NYC Comptroller and 2009 losing Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, current NYC Comptroller John Liu, NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Manhattan Media publisher Tom Allon on this issue. Ask them all if elected mayor would they have the moral courage to veto any budget which included pork barrel member item spending. Consider voting for a mayoral candidate who will support a kosher budget “minus the pork.” Larry Penner Great Neck, LI

Mitt Romney’s tax returns Dear Editor: “Like father, like son,” has new meaning. Willard Mitt Romeny’s father, George, created a presidential candidate tradition by releasing, in 1968, 12 years of his tax returns. However,

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Dear Editor: In spite of the bongo banging 99 percenters denouncing the evils of capitalism, something they have never actually seen in their lifetimes, billions are waking up to the empowerment of freedom and capitalism. Russians from the “old Soviet Union” are among the richest anywhere and almost everyone is procapitalism after living and surviving the horrors of communism. China is on a free market bent and its people are looking to purchase property in Canada and the United States and



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Affordable Care Act Dear Editor: One would think that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, mandate would be a win-win for both parties. After all, it was conceived and championed by the Heritage Foundation, an American conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. Heritage’s stated mission is to “formulate and promote conservative public policies.” Our two parties are of one mind. The individual health insurance mandate originated in 1989 at the conservative Heritage Foundation. In 1993, Republicans twice introduced healthcare bills that contained an individual health insurance mandate. Advocates for those bills included prominent Republicans who today oppose the mandate including senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Charles Grassley (RIA) and former senators Robert Bennett (R-UT) and Christopher Bond (R-MO). In 2007, Democrats and Republicans introduced a bipartisan bill containing the mandate. Our two parties were still of one mind. In fact on April 12, 2006, then Governor Romney signed the Massachusetts health reform law, commonly called “Romneycare,” which requires Massachusetts residents to buy health insurance coverage or face escalating tax penalties, such as loss of their personal income tax exemption. It was lauded by Republicans and Democrats alike; Unity at last….not so fast. Enter President Obama. President Obama in fashioning his Affordable Health Care used as a template the healthcare plan instituted in Massachusetts by Governor Romney. One might say that Obamacare is aka: Romneycare. It appears that amnesia has set in. It is so sad to see such blatant hypocrisy, destructive partisanship and commitment to say “NO” to anything President Obama promotes, even if it means voting against your own ideas. Nicholas Zizelis Bayside


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Smoke-free parks Dear Editor: Now that summer has officially arrived it is a pleasure to know that the parks and beaches that my family and other Queens residents will be enjoying will be smoke-free spaces, thanks to the smoking bans in NYC’s parks and beaches, passed last year. We will no longer have to negotiate a path to the water through the piles of cigarette butts strewn in the sand and have our children hold their breath as we walk through a group of smokers on our way to the playground. Many people wondered if the legislation would be effective and self-enforcing. A recently released survey conducted by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene compared smoking and litter in parks and beaches before the legislation and after the legislation was implemented. They found that smoking in the parks and beaches had decreased significantly. Cigarette litter was down to two-thirds from the previous year, from an average of 265 pieces of cigarette litter per acre to 100 pieces after the ban was in place. I applaud Mayor Bloomberg and NYC Smoke-Free Partnership who spear-headed efforts to bring this to fruition. New York City can now proudly stand next to 105 other health-conscious municipalities (in states including California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and New Jersey) that have banned smoking on public beaches. Certainly, NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley stated it best when he recently said, “A year since the implementation of the City’s smoking ban in parks and beaches these beautiful public spaces are cleaner and safer for everyone.” Nancy Copperman, MS, RD, CDN Director of Public Health Initiatives Office of Community and Public Health North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System Manhasset

are on the capitalist bandwagon. These phenomena are the results and vindication of the truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that all people are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Where these rights have been denied there has been despotism, tyranny, oppression, famine and death; it is a matter of historical record. It seems the United States and Western Europe are the two places in the world where there is growing antipathy for capitalism. The good news is that their inhabitants represent only about 10 percent of the world’s population. This means freedom and capitalism will not die with the collapse of the American economic and political empire. Historians will eventually confirm that the U.S. government with its unaccountable spending, redistribution of wealth, czars, bailouts, regulations and restrictions, not to mention the Federal Reserve, has become the world’s biggest enemy to freedom and capitalism. One can hope this will inspire a renaissance and a new age of freedom and prosperity. Ed Konecnik Flushing


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his son Mitt released only one year so far. This is the first time in over 30 years a presidential candidate released only one tax return! Why only one year, especially when his father, George, warned that releasing fewer than 12 years raises doubts. Amen, Dad! Many of Romney’s critics have labeled him “Tax Haven” Romney. They have questioned why he has five off-shore tax havens: Caymen Islands, Bermuda, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Anthony G. Pilla Forest Hills


Page 9 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012


QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 10

SQ page 10rev

Study says city students stalled DOE rejects report that claims no progress made in state test scores

Doing as much (or as little) as you choose.

by Domenick Rafter

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in Level 1, described as “not meeting standards,” and Level 2, “partially meeting stanThe Bloomberg administration’s worst dards,” improved by sixth grade. Of the week ever on the issue of education got even 27,700 students in the survey who began at worse late last week when a study released Level 3,” meeting standards, about 80 perby the city Independent Budget Office said a cent remained there through sixth grade. majority of students they studied showed no while another 20 percent improved to Level improvement in English Language Arts and 4, described as exceeding standards. Among those who were at Level 4, the math proficiency between third grade and highest level, in third grade, only 36 percent sixth grade. The study tracked more than 46,400 city maintained that level by sixth grade, with students between their third-grade year and nearly all of the remaining 64 percent dropping to Level 3. sixth-grade year — The report acknowlbetween the 2005-06 edged the city’s critischool year and the cisms that annual tests 2009-10 school year, s we explained to cannot be compared to before the state changed each other grade to the way it scored the the IBO, their grade without more tests. According to the research is invalid.” information, but Fred results the IBO released, Smith, author of the 62 percent of students — New York City Department of IBO report, said the surveyed ended up at Education statement study gives “context to the same prof iciency the public.” The DOE level in sixth grade as they were at in third grade, while just over 30 pointed to another survey, one conducted by percent were at a higher level and 8 percent Jim Kemple of New York University and the Research Alliance for New York City actually saw their proficiency level drop. The city Department of Education quickly Schools that countered the IBO claims. Kemple’s study used what the DOE rejected the analysis as flawed. “As we explained to the IBO, their described as “more sophisticated and approresearch is invalid,” read a statement from priate methodologies” to show that most stuthe DOE. “Testing experts know that perfor- dents made progress when those methodolomance levels on New York State tests cannot gies were applied. UFT President Michael Mulgrew, meanbe compared from grade to grade without additional analysis, which this study failed to while, said the study only encouraged his complete or consider. We are surprised the opposition to state testing and test preparaIBO would issue results with this fundamen- tion as a focus in the curriculum. “Test prep is not an educational strategy, tal flaw.” The IBO’s report noted that almost all of and in the long run it doesn’t even give you the 30 percent who did improve from third to better test scores,” Mulgrew said. “If the sixth grade were among those who started at DOE had given teachers a solid curriculum the bottom while most of the those 8 percent and the ability to really educate our kids, we would have seen a lot more growth in student who dropped had started at the highest level. Q Eighty percent of students who registered learning.” Associate Editor

Con Ed talks still in limbo Con Edison and Utility Workers Local 1-2 union reps were to resume contract talks Wednesday in an effort to agree on workers’ benefits and pensions. “I don’t think we’re asking for anything unreasonable,” said Patricia Erickson, a Con Ed worker from the 14th Street/East River Power House, who rallied outside the Con Ed Learning Center in Long Island City last week. She said she moved from her previous job to Con Ed because of the pension and now she wonders why she bothered. Con Ed locked out 8,500 of its union-

ized workers three weeks ago after the union refused to give the company notification before it went on strike. To keep operations going during the lockout, 5,000 managers have filled in the gaps. Con Ed customers used the most electricity recorded, 12,429 megawatts, for the year on Tuesday. Last week, the company proposed a contract that would increase wages, but also would force employees to contribute more towards their medical benef its. Union spokesman John Melia said the proposed Q contract was a ploy to get good press.

C M SQ page 11 Y K Page 11 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 12

C M SQ page 12 Y K

Controversial statue Brooklyn bound? ‘Civic Virtue’ could be removed by Michael Gannon Editor PHOTO COURTESY ZACHARY FEDER

New skate park in Ozone Park London Planetree Park, a public park on Atlantic Avenue and 88th Street in Ozone Park, is scheduled to reopen in the fall of 2013. According to the Parks Department, the project will consist of the construction of an adult fitness center, a walking path and sitting areas, and the reconstruction of two existing basketball courts. Trees and shrubs will also be planted. However, what is expected to be the park’s biggest attraction is the skate park.

The circular design will feature a stamped brick quarter pipe; grind rails; hubba ledges; two-, three-, and five-step stair sections; and a series of banks and slopes. The $1.7 million cost of the park has been funded by Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, who allocated $1 million, and by Councilman Eric Ulrich, who allocated $723,000. —Stefania D’Andrea


New York City officials are neither confirming nor denying a published report that a controversial statue will be moved to Brooklyn from its home near Queens Borough Hall. “Triumph of Civic Virtue” was unveiled in 1922 at City Hall and banished to Queens during the LaGuardia Administration. Created by American sculptor Frederick MacMonnies in 1919, it depicts a nearly nude man with a sword towering over two women. Many people, including several public and elected officials, have objected to the statue as sexist. The sculpture also has fallen into disrepair over the past few decades. A published report claims that the city’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services is planning to relocate the statue to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn and have it restored with private funds. While MacMonnies is not interred at Green-Wood, members of his family are. The artist, who died in 1937, is buried in Westchester County.

No exact timetable has been set for any relocation, and a DCAS spokeswoman said Wednesday that there has not yet been any decision. “The city is looking into options that preserve the sculpture and best serve the community,” according to the statement. The statue sits at the corner of Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike not far from Borough Hall. While Borough President Helen Marshall has been a critic of the statue in the past, she is disappointed over the idea of relocating it to Brooklyn. “The statue of ‘Civic Virtue’ has been an on and off again controversy almost since the time it was unveiled 90 years ago at City Hall,” Marshall noted in a statement issued by her office. “I am grateful and glad that ‘Civic Virtue’ will be restored, but disappointed that the restoration will not take place at the current site.” Marshall said it could be replaced with a public plaza dedicated to notable women from Queens, such as the late Congresswoman and vice presidential candidate Q Geraldine Ferraro.

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 14

C M SQ page 14 Y K

City, feds sign pact to manage Gateway Agreement part of Obama admin. plan to promote urban parkland Why should one ticket bring your search for less expensive auto insurance to a screeching halt? Now, a mark against your driving record doesn’t necessarily mean a markup in your auto insurance rate. Because with Travelers’ revolutionary new auto insurance, we look at “the good,” not just “the bad.” Then we give you a highly customized, highly competitive quote based on you — that can save you money. To start saving, give us a call. Member Brokerage Service LLC A Melrose Credit Union Service Organization AUTO HOME FLOOD IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION VALUABLE ITEMS

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An agreement between New York City and the U.S. Department of the Interior signed on Tuesday will allow the two entities to partner to pour more resources into the Gateway National Recreation FILE PHOTO Area, which includes Jamaica Bay, above.

by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor


An Angel Was B 6 1 y l u o rn nJ

©2012 M1P • TONZ-058644

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With a stroke of a pen on Tuesday afternoon, New York City and the federal government landed on the same page concerning Gateway National Recreation Area, aiming to create a partnership between the two levels of government that manage land in and around Jamaica Bay. “The United States and New York City have joined forces to establish a single seamless park that not only is readily accessible to New Yorkers, but also invites them as a place to bring their families, enjoy nature, get some exercise or learn about history,” said U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. Under the Cooperative Management Agreement signed by Mayor Bloomberg and Salazar this week that will streamline operations at Gateway, the city and the federal government agreed to promote more recreational spaces in Gateway, especially around Jamaica Bay, including more camping, boating, nature trails and community activity areas. The agreement also mandates the National Park Service, the sub-agency of the Interior Department that manages Gateway, and the city to coordinate habitat restoration, ecological research and resource management. The agreement was first announced in October, 2011 when the Environmental Protection Agency labeled Jamaica Bay a “nodischarge zone,” banning boats from discharging sewage into Jamaica Bay and other waterways around New York Harbor. Public transportation will also be a focus under the agreement, with more public transit, ferry, bike and pedestrian access to the

parkland in the Gateway National Recreation Area, which includes most of the land around Jamaica Bay and some of the Staten Island shorefront. The city and the federal government will also provide unified signage, maps and marketing materials and develop new revenue sources including philanthropic support such as the establishment of a new non-prof it “Friends” group that will work with NPS and the city to raise funds for planning and development of parkland in Gateway. “This historic partnership will improve our city’s great natural treasure – Jamaica Bay — by creating restored, resilient natural landscapes, more outdoor recreation, new and cutting-edge research collaborations, and an improved, sustainable transportation framework,” Bloomberg said. The city and NPS released a request for a university or other academic partnership interested in managing an intensive research program focusing exclusively on restoration at Jamaica Bay, including the potential to create a new science and ecological research and learning center. The partnership comes as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC program and the Obama administration’s America’s Great Outdoors program, which includes a focus on urban parks. “There is no better place than New York City to fulf ill the vision of President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors initiative to establish a network of world-class urban parks across the country in partnership with state and local governments, local communities and city residents themselves,” Salazar said. .Q

C M SQ page 15 Y K Page 15 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weiner’s big money hints at comeback by Domenick Rafter Associate Editor

Anthony Weiner was once considered to be a rising star in New York City politics. Weiner represented southern and central Queens for over a decade in Congress, winning reelection often unopposed. He was both celebrated and derided for his blunt, vociferous defense of progressive policy and admonishment of conservatives. But then in 2011, it all came crashing down with one click of the “send” button. After sending a racy photo of the lower portion of his body to a follower on Twitter, denying he sent it for nearly a month before admitting it was of him, Weiner resigned from office, leaving his seat to be won by a Republican, U.S. Rep. Bob Turner (R-Middle Village). But now, over a year since his resignation, Weiner may be trying to get back into politics, with the possibility open that he could run for mayor in 2013, a race he lost in 2005 and declined to run for in 2009. Weiner still has $4.5 million in his campaign account, which he had open before

the scandal when he was considered a frontrunner for the 2013 Democratic nomination for mayor. He still rents an office on Lexington Avenue and has spent $40,000 in expenses this quarter according to a campaign disclosure report filed earlier this month. He raised no money, however. Reliable sources close to Weiner said if he does not run for mayor, the 47-year-old could run for another citywide position, such as public advocate. The current holder of that position, Bill de Blasio is expected to make a run for mayor in 2013. Weiner has made numerous media appearances recently, discussing the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act, which he voted for in Congress, and talking about the photo scandal. “I paid a very high price,” he said in a radio interview last month, “I feel great regrets for the people I’ve let down.” Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had a son, Jordan, earlier this year and moved from Forest Hills to Manhattan Q last year.


Ex-congressman could run for mayor

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 16

C M SQ page 16 Y K

Free vacation bible school in S. Richmond Hill Religious study, games, music, arts and crafts for those ages 4 to 18 by AnnMarie Costella Assistant Editor

The United Methodist Church in South Richmond Hill will be holding its free annual vacation Bible school this summer for youth ages 4 to 18. There will be religious study, music, games, workbook activities and arts and crafts. A light lunch is also provided. The reading of Bible stories aims to both teach the children about faith and life lessons along with instilling morals and values, according to program director, Rose Schrader. Schrader started a similar program in her home state of Montana at a Mennonite church and since it was a success, she decided to do the same thing here at United Methodist. Talia Gordon, 8, has been attending the Bible school for the last four years. Her father, Dennis Gordon, is the deputy director of the food pantry at the church. “She enjoys it,” Gordon said. “She looks forward to it every August.” Talia said her favorite part is the arts and crafts and she enjoys meeting other children her age and making new friends. Each session has a different theme. The first one is “Operation Overboard,” and the stories and activities revolve around water. The second theme is “Bug Zone” and the children learn about insects. “We are going to have a butterfly garden,

Talia Gordon, seen above with her dad, Dennis, has been attending the Bible school for the last four PHOTOS BY ANNMARIE COSTELLA years. The program was started by retired teacher Rose Schrader, inset. where I order the larvae and the children watch the transformation from a cocoon into a butterfly and then we let the butterflies go,” Schrader said. “We include the science in it.

It’s a lot of fun, but also educational.” This is the program’s 19th year. The first year, they had four participants and last year it ballooned to 92 including the volunteers.

Adorno challenges Miller Council aide seeks Democratic primary in 38th AD by Michael Gannon A 27-year-old Woodhaven native on Monday announced his intention to seek a primary with incumbent Democratic Mike Miller in the state’s 38th Assembly District. Etienne David Adorno, currently on leave from his post as an aide to Councilman Robert Jackson (D-Manhattan), announced his candidacy at the pedestrian plaza at Jamaica Avenue and Forest Parkway. Ador no is a member of Community Board 9 and the Woodhaven Residents Block Association, and said party leadership has not been as responsive to the needs of Woodhaven as he would like to see. “I’m your neighbor,” Adorno said. “I ride the J train ... We’re all taxpayers. As a taxpayer, I should expect to have police protection; that the Fire Department will come when I call; good education.” He said on a recent canvassing of the Woodhaven neighborhood he knocked on 2,000 doors and met 14 people who said they knew who Miller is. “The incumbent is sitting content in his office in Albany,” he said. “He has had 2 1/2 years and nothing is being done.” Miller (D-Woodhaven) said in a telephone interview on Monday that he is perfectly willing to run on his record in 38th District.

Etienne David Adorno announces his plans to challenge Democratic Assemblyman Mike Miller in the 38th District. PHOTO BY MICHAEL GANNON “Including the neighborhood we’re talking about in Woodhaven, whether it’s the senior center I was instrumental in getting opened last year, passing strong sex offender legislation, or dealing with quality-of-life issues by taking the lead in fighting graffiti

and taking noise complaints,” Miller said. “I was fielding noise complaints 24 hours a day before block associations began their noise buster campaigns.” Adorno first thought of running for public office more than two years ago while working as an aide to former Assemblyman and Councilman Adam Clayton Powell IV. He chose the Assembly for his first run, not wanting to sit back and wait for the City Council elections next year. “People in Manhattan may not remember me,” Adorno said. “They may not remember what you say. But they will remember how you make them feel.” He said he has an advantage of growing up in a bilingual home speaking both English and Spanish. “Knocking on doors, I’ve heard one side of an issue in Spanish and then the other side later on in English,” he said. Powell, who said he has known Adorno’s family for decades, was on hand to endorse his former aide. “People in upper Manhattan still remember him,” Powell said. “I know of his energy and enthusiasm for public service.” Adorno said he is at a disadvantage in terms of funding, but has been successful in getting volunteers and donations. “We are the def inition of a grassroots Q campaign,” he said.

Police look for missing boy The NYPD is seeking the public’s help in locating a boy who has been missing in South Richmond Hill since last Friday. Devon Ramsammy, 14, was last seen leaving his home, located at 115-82 Lefferts Blvd in South Richmond Hill on Friday, July 13 at around 3:30 p.m. Ramsammy is described as being an Asian Indian male, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 97 pounds. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt with blue shorts. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) 577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit tips by logging onto, or by texting 274637 (CRIMES), then entering TIP577. All tips are strictly conQ fidential.


For the latest news visit


Schrader is a retired public school teacher, who taught art and music at PS 108 in Richmond Hill for 25 years. It was her time as an educator that helped foster her love of children. She lives about four blocks from the church and works with its pastor, the Rev. Moonsook Kim, on the Bible-related activities. In order to encourage commitment to the program, the church gives awards to those who have perfect attendance. Those who memorize all 10 assigned Bible verses get prizes too. “They love it,” Schrader said, “and they really try hard.” Another added incentive, which is new to the program this year, is having the children collect donations for the poor, but it takes the form of a math game. For example, they will be told to go home and count all the plants in their house and put a nickel for each one in an envelope, which will be given to a missionary who will be visiting with the children during the program. The Bible school program will take place from Aug. 6 to 17, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon, at the church, located at 112-14 107 Ave. To register, call Schrader as soon as possible at (718) 845-6226 or Kim at (718) 843-4841. The participants can be of any religion and from any area. “They learn right from wrong and gain a spiritual attitude toward life,” Schrader said. Q “It’s a Christian program.”

SQ page 17

Shopping at farmers markets has nutritional and ecological benefits by Stefania D’Andrea Chronicle Contributor

Farmers markets not only provide the chance to explore new foods not found at the supermarket, but advocates say they are also better for the environment and their produce is better for your body. Farmers markets are where New York farmers are able to sell their produce at the peak of its freshness. Because the produce, which commonly consists of a variety of grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, is grown in New York, it travels a much shorter distance to markets than the distance traveled by foods shipped to supermarkets. Supermarkets hold foods from around the country, such as oranges from Florida, and from around the world, including avocados from Mexico. The transportation required to ship these products uses a tremendous amount of fossil fuel, since the average distance traveled from the fields to a person’s home is approximately 1,300 miles. This long-distance shipping also demands a large amount of packaging materials that are not biodegrad-

able, such as plastic tape and Styrofoam packing peanuts. Shopping at farmers markets drastically cuts down on fuel and packaging. Most foods sold at farmers markets are organic, or close-to-organic, meaning that they are cultivated by the same principals as organic foods, but some small detail may have prevented them from being labeled as organic. Organic and close-to-organic foods hold a higher nutrition and antioxidant content than non-organic foods. They also do not rely on petroleum-based or synthetic fertilizers. “Our food is 100 percent organic, fair trade and kosher,” said Casandra Maniotis, an employee at Tierra Farm in Valetie, NY, who works at a farmers market in front of the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing. The food produced by Tierra Farm—composed of nuts, nut butters, granola and coffee—is pure, she said. There are no chemicals, mechanical engineering, oils, or perservatives. As opposed to using chemicals, “There are a lot of other farming options,” she said. She added that

compost is an option that is much safer than chemical fertilizers, and that she makes her own compost. Henry Angel, a vendor at the Corona Greenmarket, also believes in organic farming. Angel, 18, has been a farmer for Angel Family Farm since its beginning six years ago, when he was 12. Angel Family Farm specializes in herbs, flowers and Mexican vegetables. “Certified organic means five years of no pesticides,” he said. “This is our fifth year, so after this year, we will be certified organic.” Farming without fertilizers also results in less water and soil contamination. This improves the water people consume and helps wildlife by preserving its habitat. “We do everything by hand.” Angel said. “We wash by hand, water by hand.” Everything is done by manual labor, he said, but sometimes tractor implements are used. Walter J. Crinnion, a naturopathic physician from Bellevue, Wash., has appeared three times on “The View” and wrote the book, “Clean, Green, and Lean: Get Rid of the Toxins that Make You Fat,” based

on his research of how organic foods lack the toxins that harm your body. According to Crinnion’s article, “Are Organic Foods Really Healthier for You?” published in “Organic Gardening Almanac,” there are nutrients present in organic food that are not present in commercial food, and toxins present in commercial food that are not present in organic food. There are also higher levels of nutrient minerals and lower levels of heavy metals in organic food. Crinnion lists which minerals are found in higher amounts in organic foods, how much higher they are, and what the benefits of each mineral is. He also explains how some levels of pesticides significantly lower vitamin levels in plants and how scientists have shown that breast cancer is associated with pesticide residue. Farmers markets also sell their foods seasonally, which means the produce is always at its freshest. “A lot of things are meant to grow at certain times and are engineered to grow at certain times,”

Page 17 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trust your farmer, buy local produce

Beets at Corona Greenmarket. PHOTO COURTESY: GROW NYC

Angel said. He believes that produce sold in season has a higher nutrition content than foods not grown in season. He recalled a time when he purchased a tomato from the supermarket during the winter and it had almost no taste. “Organic food is hard to grow in the winter,” he stated, which is why continued on page 29

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 18

SQ page 18

MTA relaunches its mobile website Easier use for bus, train riders The Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Monday announced that it has enhanced the functionality and clarified the design of, its website for customers using mobile devices. The website is a simplified version of the MTA’s homepage at, and automatically appears on browsers of those using smartphones and tablets who seek to access the site. A statement issued by the MTA said customers who access will find a site that is easier to navigate and has new or enhanced functions. These include a refreshed graphic interface that is easier to see on a mobile screen and is recognizably similar in design to the MTA’s desktop website at; easier navigation, including the ability to open and close service status information for all MTA services with one click on the homepage and a new “menu” button that makes it faster and easier to get wherever you need to go on the site;


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and a new service notice button that will alert users to any special messages about service, particularly in case of weather or other emergency-related issues. “We are trying to improve the way we reach customers while they are using the transportation system and while they are planning trips before they get to the system, because that’s when service information is most useful,” said Paul Fleuranges, senior director of corporate and internal communications for the authority. “All of these changes are designed to make the experience of using our mobile site faster, easier, and more clear,” Fleurenges said. The mobile website retains all of the features of the current mobile site, including train schedules; real-time train information via Train Time for Metro-North and the LIRR; maps; trip planning through TripPlanner+; and real-time bus informaQ tion via MTA BusTime.


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Meeks meets military During a Congressional delegation trip to Central Asia, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica) met with American servicemembers at the Transit Center at Manas International Airport in the Kyrgyz Republic in the former Soviet Union. Nearly all U.S. troops traveling to Afghanistan, up to 45,000 per month, make their way through the key transportation hub. It is also a staging area for inflight refueling operations for American military aircraft involved in the Afghanistan conflict. “It fills me with great pride to meet men and women in uniform that are far away from home, performing critical duties on behalf of

our nation,” Meeks said in a prepared statement.” The purpose of the trip was to conduct congressional oversight of U.S. relations with the republics of Kyrgyz, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. “For Afghanistan to succeed, it will need the help of all of its neighbors,” Meeks said. “I would like to express my gratitude to the Kyrgyz Republic government for their strong partnership and support for the international coalition’s efforts to bring stability and security to Afghanistan, and for being good hosts to our men and women in uniform.”

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Page 19 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 20

SQ page 20

PAUL J BERNIERI (718) 323 0400

106th cop of the month


by Stephen Geffon Chronicle Contributor

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Police Officer Royce Poblete of the 106th Precinct was honored with the Cop of the Month award at the community council meeting last week for his seizure of a loaded firearm and a large amount of crack cocaine, marijuana and cash in a South Ozone Park house. According to Captain Thomas Pascale, commanding officer of the 106th Precinct, Poblete, on the force for just two years and recently assigned to the 106th Precinct, and his partner, responded to Jamaica Hospital in the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 27 to interview the victim of a shooting. Pascale indicated that the victim was not cooperating with the police in their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting; therefore the sergeant at the scene directed Poblete and his partner to go to the location where the victim lived. Pascale said that when the officers arrived at the location they observed bloody foot-

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prints on the sidewalk which they followed to a two-family house. As the officers approached, they saw a woman walking out of the house. Pascale added that when Poblete and his partner entered the home and looked up the stairs they observed a trail of blood and a live bullet on the steps. The officers stopped the woman and discovered that she was in possession of a loaded revolver, a quantity of crack cocaine, marijuana and a large amount of money. The woman was not responsible for the shooting, Pascale noted. He said that once police officers told the shooting victim what police had found in the woman’s possession, he started cooperating with them in their investigation. The captain noted that a few days later on the night of July 4th, Poblete also made a robbery arrest. Pictured are Frank Dardani, left, president of the 106th Precinct Community Council, Q Poblete and Pascale.


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C M SQ page 21 Y K

Spike hot topic at July community council meeting by Stephen Geffon Chornicle Contributor

Over the past 28 days Ozone Park, South Ozone Park and South Richmond Hill have been hit with a rash of residential daylight burglaries. According to the latest NYPD CompStat crime statistics for the period ending July 8, there were 25 reported burglaries in the last 28 days, compared to 18 last year, a 39 percent increase. At last week’s meeting of the 106th Precinct Community Council, Capt. Thomas Pascale, the precinct’s commanding officer, said they believe that several groups of perpetrators, driving around in late model rental cars, such as Nissan Altimas and Chevy Impalas, are responsible for the burglaries. He said three individuals ride in each car. According to the captain, two individuals will get out of the car on a residential block and knock on the front doors of homes. If no one answers, they then kick in the back door. “It’s amazing how brazen these guys are,” Pascale said. Captain Pascale added that many homeowners just look out their windows and do not answer the door causing the “bad guys” to believe that no one is home. Pascale said

that when the burglars are confronted in the home they leave the residences. Hindu residents also appear to be targeted by the thieves because it is common for their homes to have large amounts of gold jewelry to be given as gifts or passed on to relatives. “Those Hindu flags (in front of the homes) are actually an invitation for these bad guys to commit a burglary at your house,” Pascale said. The captain said that he takes the burglaries very seriously and personally responds to as many of them as he can. He has put additional resources into the affected neighborhoods including plainclothes officers. He said that police officers would immediately respond to ringing burglar alarms and reports of individuals ringing doorbells or suspicious individuals in the neighborhoods. When a burglary does happen, the NYPD’s evidence collection team is dispatched to the scene. The team takes fingerprints and DNA evidence at the location and match them to the state’s DNA database. The captain told the audience that police would check the local pawnshops to see if the burglar has pawned stolen jewelry. Thieves also seem to prefer laptop computers, tablets, iPods and iPads, said




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An off-duty FBI agent fired at three men who were allegedly breaking into a car on a residential street in South Ozone Park around dawn on Wednesday, hitting one of them in the lower back. The agent called 911 at 5:17 a.m. on Wednesday to report the three men who were allegedly trying to break into a car near the front of his house at 130th Street and Sutter Avenue in South Ozone Park. He then confronted the men and they fled in a black car after the agent opened fire. Although one of the men was shot in the back, the other two were uninjured. The NYPD would not release the name of the agent. The car the three men were allegedly breaking into may have belonged to either the agent or his wife. Police canvassed area hospitals looking for the suspects. All three suspects were later found at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, about six miles from the scene of the shooting, where the man who was shot sought treatment for his injuries. The two who were not injured were taken into custody, while the third man is in stable condition and is expected to recover. Q The investigation is ongoing.


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Pascale, who urged residents to note the serial numbers of the electronics in case they are stolen. The meeting then turned to other topics. South Ozone Park resident Philip Everett asked what could be done about cars that block his driveway. Pascale said that under the law police could write a summons for the violation and he could then call a tow company to have the vehicle towed away. Olga, an Ozone Park resident who declined to give her last name, asked if residents are allowed to put garbage cans on the street to save parking spots. She said that while looking for a parking spot in her neighborhood she saw garbage cans blocking a parking spot and got out of her car, moved the cans to the sidewalk, and parked in the spot. When she returned two hours later she said that the air had been removed from two of her tires. Pascale asked her to see him after the meeting and give him the address and said he would have officers go to the location and talk to the residents because the practice is illegal The next meeting of the 106th Precinct Community Council will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. at the precinct Q at 103-53 101 St. in Ozone Park.

Agent shoots alleged thief

Page 21 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burglaries jump in 106th

Councilman talks green changes

Racino rakes in the dough

Storm water management will factor in city’s budget Queens is expected to see better management of its stormwater thanks to the Green Infrastructure Plan funded by the city’s new budget. “The really big news this year is green infrastructure investments that will yield very significant changes,” said Councilman Jim Gennaro (D-Fresh Meadows), who is also chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee. Gennaro said storm- and wastewater that makes its way into the sewage oftentimes overwhelms the sewer systems, known as combined sewer overflow events. The improvements will also help to improve water quality. He added that the city plans to construct underground tanks to hold the stormwater. This water, he said, could be used during dry weather. According to the executive summary, not only does the plan aim to tackle sewage issues, but “to open as much of our waterfront as possible to recreation and development.” The Green Infrastructure Plan, which was introduced in September 2010, came out of a waste management plan based on a bill Gennaro wrote. “Other cities are looking at our model of how we’re doing this,” the councilman said. He added that in Staten Island, the Depart-

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Councilman Jim Gennaro (D-Fresh Meadows). FILE PHOTO

mayor and City Council also teamed up to improve the city’s air quality. They made laws and rules to change the composition of heating oil, making it contain two percent biofuel, which is essentially vegetable oil. “These steps alone will yield cleaning air benefits equivalent to taking every car and truck off the road,” he added. Oil number two is commonly used in homes, while numbers four and six were thicker — six burned the least clean and was ultimately phased out completely. “I think it’s fair to say that New York City is the leader of urban sustainability,” Q Gennaro said. • CHANDELIERS • CRYSTALS • PENDANTS • CEILING FANS • BATHROOM FIXTURES • RECESSED & TRACK LIGHTING •


ment of Environmental Protection is purchasing a bluebelt, a system that naturally contains storm- water. PlaNYC decided to add more bluebelts back in 2007. He is a big supporter of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030 initiatives. Like the Mayor’s MillionTreesNYC program, Gennaro has his own, dubbed “Plant a Tree for Free.” He has already allocated money to the Parks Department for this program. In his experience, he said, “The Parks Department is very good at following up on the trees planted. It’s a very good program.” The Office of Long-term Planning Sustainability runs the PlaNYC initiatives. Gennaro said the Sustainability Advisory Committee, of which he is a member, is like the board of plaNYC. He notes that the PlaNYC initiatives have been written into city law, so after Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure is over, the environmental work will continue as planned. Last year the City Council and the mayor worked together to change the city’s zoning laws in order to implement changes, such as adding solar panels and coating roofs to make them green. The old zoning restrictions made it difficult to make buildings greener in that way, primarily because of their height, Gennaro said. Although Gennaro said this is not a budget-related issue, within the last year the


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Resorts World Casino New York City broke the record for highest weekly revenue in New York gaming history. The nine-month-old enterprise generated gross gaming revenues of $14.9 million between July 1-7, outdoing the casino’s previous high of $14.4 million in February. The numbers are also the highest weekly revenue in state gaming history. Resorts World sent more than $10 million to education, the horse racing industry and other entities during the first week of July. “The record-breaking revenue that Resorts World has generated to support the education of New York’s students, and the more than 3,000 jobs we have created for hardworking New Yorkers is proof positive that our partnership with New York State is working,” said Michael Speller, president of Resorts World Casino New York City. In less than eight and a half months of operation, Resorts World said it has sent more than $311 million in taxes to the state, including more than $198 million earmarked for education. The casino at Aqueduct Racetrack opened last year almost a decade after Q gambling was approved at the site.

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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 22

C M SQ page 22 Y K


C M SQ page 23rev Y K

Highway worker from LI, 63, killed; NYPD, DA allege drunken driving

“By his alleged actions, the defendant illustrated the lethal consequences resulting from driving while intoxicated.” — Queens District Attorney Richard Brown

Abdullah is accused of striking and killing 63-year-old Frank Avino of Long Island, who was setting up cones at a work site on the Grand Central near Jewel Avenue. “The defendant is accused of getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol and striking and killing a hardworking family man,” Brown said. “By his alleged actions, the defendant illustrated the lethal consequences resulting from driving while intoxicated.” Avino, a resident of Ronkonkoma, LI, was in the left westbound lane, working as an electrician for Welsbach Electric Corp., of College Point. Brown said that according to the charges, Abdullah was speeding in the westbound lefthand lane at about 11 a.m. while Avino was distributing orange traffic cones behind

Cataldi house

odor of alcohol on his breath. An examination of evidence including skid marks at the scene allegedly determined that the Audi was traveling at a minimum of 58 miles per hour at the time of the collision in a 50 mph zone. The Audi sustained front-end damage and a shattered windshield. A portable breath test allegedly showed Abdullah to have a blood alcohol reading of .21 percent, or more than four times the legal

New York State limit of .05. Abdullah allegedly told police that he had been drinking from midnight to 3 a.m. on the morning of July 9, and was driving the Audi “because his friends were too drunk to drive.” Authorities are alleging that Abdullah could not produce a valid New York State driver’s license, and that he flailed his arms in an effort to avoid being handcuffed. Abdullah is scheduled to appear in court Q again on July 25.

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continued from page 5 “Her block particularly could have been protected,” Ballenas said. “If it had been an historic district, it could’ve been saved.” The RHHS has not given up the battle, although many homes like Cataldi’s have been altered drastically. As for those who live on 109th Street, which was renamed Nancy Cataldi Way not long after her death, it was less about the renovations, which at least two neighbors praised, and more about the home they were done to. “It’s not that what they did was bad, [the house] looks OK,” one neighbor, who lives in a Victorian home nearby and asked not to be named, said. “It’s Q just that it’s Nancy’s house.”

a construction vehicle that displays a flashing arrow to indicate that a lane was closed. The impact allegedly caused Avino to hit the windshield and then fly into the air before landing on the construction vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS personnel. The case is being investigated by the NYPD’s Highway Unit. A statement from Brown’s office alleges that police officers arriving on the scene reported Abdullah to have bloodshot, watery eyes and a strong


A Queens man could face up to 15 years in prison following his arrest on July 9 in an alleged alcohol-related accident that killed a road worker on the Grand Central Parkway. Munshi Abdullah, 26, of Jamaica, was ordered held on $350,000 bail by Queens Criminal Court Judge Lenora Gerald on July 10. He has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, second-degree vehicular manslaughter, driving by an unlicensed operator, and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to a statement released by the office of Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Page 23 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Driver arraigned in Grand Central fatality

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 24

C M SQ page 24 Y K

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How to encourage kids to be more physically active When today’s parents reflect on their childhood, many likely recall seemingly endless days spent playing outdoors. But when today’s kids become tomorrow’s parents, chances are their recollections won’t recall nearly as much time spent idling the days away under the sun. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 17 percent of American children and adolescents between the ages of 2 to 19 are obese. The rise in overweight or obese children is likely a byproduct of several factors, not the least of which is that many of today’s kids prefer to play a video game on the couch instead of going outdoors and being physically active. The potential ramif ications of youngsters choosing a more sedentary lifestyle are dangerous, as it increases their risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, respiratory ailments and joint problems, among other things. What’s more, numerous studies have found that obese or overweight children are more likely to become obese or overweight adults, which highlights the importance of embracing a physically active lifestyle as a youngster. Parents know it’s not always easy to get kids to be more physically active. But the following are a few tips parents might find useful when encouraging their kids to embrace a more active lifestyle. • Give toys that encourage physical activity. Kids love toys, and their toys will often dictate how they spend their days. Instead of buying the latest video game console, give kids toys that encourage them to be active. These can include balls, bicycles, jump ropes, or even a backyard swingset. Kids who embrace these activities at a young age are more likely to continue doing so into adolescence and adulthood. • Reduce time spent in front of the television. Parents who can effectively minimize the

amount of time their child spends in front of the television, whether reducing their time spent watching television or playing video games, will likely be more successful at instilling a love of physical activity as well. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents limit their child’s time in front of the television to one to two hours per day, and that includes the time children spend playing video games. To further reduce kids’ time watching TV, don’t allow televisions in their bedrooms, as that will only make it harder to monitor just how much time kids are spending in front of their TVs. • Remember that physical activity should be fun. Not all kids are athletic, and some will likely bemoan participating in recreational sports leagues. But that doesn’t mean parents should give up on encouraging physical activity. Instead, find a physical activity that your child finds fun and encourage his or her participation. This might be nontraditional kids’ sports like cycling or jogging or activities like dancing, hiking or even bird-watching. Once a child exhibits a healthy interest in a physical activity that you have deemed safe, encourage it. • Set a positive example. Kids, especially younger children, look up to their parents and often try to emulate what their parents are doing. Parents can make the most of that adoration by setting a positive example and being physically active themselves. Go for a nightly bike ride or a walk around the neighborhood with your youngsters in tow. Or put that elliptical machine in the basement to good use. Whatever physical activity you choose, you can bet your children will express an interest in it as well, and that’s a great way to make them more enthusiastic about having a Q healthy and active lifestyle. — Metro Creative Connection

C M SQ page 25 Y K Page 25 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Nutritionist advises grocery shoppers Offers free dietary tips at area market by AnnMarie Costella

will be about smart snacking. At her heaviest, Madison weighed 284 pounds. She sufElizabeth Madison is slim, muscular and athletic, but she fered with asthma, hypertension, and chronic pain in her wasn’t always that way. In fact, she has battled her weight for back and knees. She used to get winded walking up a flight of stairs and her weight problem caused low self-esteem. most of her life. “My clothes got tighter and tighter,” she said. “I hated to Since losing over 100 pounds, she says she feels great. look in the mirror. I felt totally out of And now, as a certif ied nutritionist and control.” wellness coach, she wants to help others get She said a turning point was when she fit, so she’s giving out free diet information could no longer shop at Ashley Stewart, a and tips at a supermarket in Jamaica. wanted to be women’s clothing store that at the time “I have a new lease on life,” she said. “It’s a daily commitment to a healthy healthy, and I have went up to size 26. So Madison created a diet and exercise regiment and stuck to it. lifestyle.” dedicated myself That was back in 2002 and she has kept Madison, 43, of Laurelton, has been stathe weight off ever since. tioned at the Key Food at 171-11 Linden to helping others “I made a commitment to strengthen Blvd. on weekends since mid-June and will my spiritual walk with God which helped remain there until the end of the year, do the same.” me get a handle on my emotional eating,” thanks to a forward thinking store manager she said. “I also developed my own nutriand some successful first appearances. — Elizabeth Madison, nutritionist tionally sound, healthy eating plan that I Madison said she sees this as an opportucould live with.” nity to not only promote herself and the priNow, Madison is a slender 155 pounds, enjoys physical vate practice she plans to start soon, but to also give back to the community in a positive way, especially since Southeast activity and runs more than 30 miles a week. She talks about Queens is rife with an abundance of fast-food restaurants, her personal weightloss journey on her website, making poor food choices ever easier. “I didn’t want to be that way,” she said of her old self. “I On weekends from 1 to 3 p.m. Madison is at the market giving out free samples and giving talks about various nutri- wanted to be healthy, and I have dedicated myself to helping tion-related subjects. For example, on July 21, the theme is others do the same. I want to give people a realistic approach Q “Fascinating facts about fiber,” and on July 22, the discussion to weight loss.” Assistant Editor


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QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 26

C M SQ page 26 Y K

Health & Fitness Medication safety for children — important advice for caregivers

Parents should always ask their pharmacist or pediatrician if there are any special precautions or directions with any drug their child is taking. PHOTO COURTESY ARACONTENT

Each year, an estimated 71,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for accidental medication poisonings, many of which are caused by dosing mistakes. Thankfully, while healthcare professionals or poison control resources resolve most issues, extreme cases that go untreated can result in complications, particularly in very young children. “Many well-intentioned caregivers can get mixed up when it comes to administering medication,” says Dr. Michael App, a pediatrician in Grand Rapids, Mich. “With so many factors playing a role in proper dosage, such as weight and age of the child, it is essential that caregivers closely follow the directions on the

label to avoid potentially life-threatening mistakes.” Several manufacturers of children’s medications are also making efforts to improve safety and reduce the likelihood of errors. Perrigo Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products for retailers’ store brands, has been investing in equipment to insert “flow restrictors” in the bottles of all of their pediatric acetaminophen products. Flow restrictors reduce the size of the bottle opening and limit access to the medicine inside the bottle. Perrigo has added flow restrictors to all of its infants’ products and began converting the packaging of all of its





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children’s products with flow restrictors in January 2012. Perrigo is also participating in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Consumer Healthcare Products Association PROTECT initiative, which is bringing together experts to create strategies to reduce unsupervised medication ingestion by children. Experts remind caregivers to be diligent and avoid these common medicine mistakes: Not paying attention to potential drug interactions. Caregivers should always check medication labels and take care to avoid administering multiple drugs at the same time, unless recommended or prescribed by a pediatrician. Also, before administering medicine, caregivers should always review the enclosed packaging materials and directions. Overmedicating due to measuring errors. When administering medicine, caregivers should always use the dosing device provided by the pharmacist or manufacturer, and never attempt to “eyeball” the proper amount. That household teaspoon your mom used? According to a study in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, household spoons or similar objects can hold two to three times more liquid than standardized materials. Most pediatricians recommend using a syringe over any other dispensing device for the most accuracy. Basing the dose on age instead of weight. “Children grow at different rates, which makes it hard for parents and doctors to base dosage recommendations on age,” says App. “Since children metabolize medicine differently depending on how much they weigh, this is how most manufacturers label their dosage recommendations not based on age. This is especially important for children who are over- or underweight.” Forgetting vitamins. As with adults, doctors need to know every medication or vitamin that a child is taking, as certain vitamins can decrease the effectiveness of medicines or cause complications. Caregivers should always have on hand a list of types of medicines and dosage amounts of every medication, including vitamins and supplements that a child takes, as well as a list of allergies. Not taking medicine as directed. Most prescriptions, especially antibiotics, are meant to be used in full. Even though a child may feel better, it is important to complete the dosage, or else the illness could recur. Furthermore, this practice can ultimately contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In the same vein, caregivers should avoid giving leftover pills from a previous prescription for something they “self-diagnose” to be the same as a previous illness. It is also important to avoid giving medicine for any purpose other than that specified by the instructions. Failing to adhere to expiration dates. Manufacturers list expiration dates on packaging for a reason, as these dates are generally based on internal testing that demonstrates the longest period a medicine is known to be effective. Using medicine left in the cabinet after it has expired can result in reduced effectiveness. “Parents should always ask their pharmacist or pediatrician if there are any special precautions or directions with any drug —over-thecounter or prescription — their child is taking,” Q says App. — ARAcontent

C M SQ page 27 Y K Page 27 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Health & Fitness

Make your diet work for you Daily exercise is a great way to stay healthy well into your golden years. When coupled with a healthy diet, a workout regimen becomes even more effective. For those adamant about working out but unsure of how to maximize their workouts, the answer might just lie in your daily diet. Fitness fans who learn how to make their diets work for them often find their workouts become even more effective, improving both how they feel and how they look. The following are a few tricks of the trade for men and women who want to make their diets work for them. • Don’t discard breakfast. Many men and women prefer to workout in the morning, when temperatures might be more amenable to a morning jog or gyms might be less crowded than during peak hours. However, morning exercise enthusiasts should know that a healthy breakfast before working out can provide them with more energy, leading to a more effective workout. Men and women who don’t eat before their morning workouts are bound to feel more sluggish, as the majority of the energy from the previous night’s dinner has already been used up. A light breakfast of whole-grain cereal or bread paired with low-fat milk an hour before working out can provide the added boost your body needs and make your morning exercise routine that much more effective. Fruit, including bananas or a few apple slices,

can also do the trick. Just try to avoid working out on an empty stomach and give yourself enough time between eating and working out for the added energy boost to take effect. • Don’t overdo it. A small meal prior to working out is generally the best way to go. You can workout after a large meal, but you’ll need to give yourself more time between eating and exercising, ideally several hours. If you like to workout after a long day at the office, eat a light snack, ideally an hour before you expect to begin your workout, so your blood sugar won’t be too low. In addition, a light snack before a workout might provide some extra energy that will come in handy when you hit that treadmill or start lifting those weights. • Choose the right snacks. A snack before working out is all right, just make sure it’s the right snack. A bag of potato chips, for example, is not an ideal preworkout snack, as it might produce an adverse effect, making you feel sluggish as you prepare to exercise. Fresh fruit, energy bars or drinks, granola bars or even a fruit smoothie will quell your hunger and help you maintain proper blood sugar levels. • Find something to eat after you exercise. Eating after you exercise is also important. After working out, eating a meal with carbohydrates will promote muscle growth and recovery, restoring your fuel supplies that were lost during your workout. This will come in handy

tomorrow when you want to work out again. Eating protein after a workout is also important. Doing so is beneficial when trying to build muscle, and protein also promotes muscle repair. Many fitness experts feel the meal after a workout is the most important meal of the day, but just be sure yours contains both carbohydrates and protein. • Don’t forget fluids. Fluids are part of your diet as well, and they’re especially important when exercising. Whether your typical exercise routine is vigorous or not, you are going to lose fluids when working out, sometimes a large amount of fluids. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends men and women emphasize drinking fluids, ideally water, before, during and after their workouts. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, but it’s very important to begin a workout with adequate fluids in your body and to replenish those fluids during and after your workout as well. Water is adequate for those whose workouts are 60 minutes or less, but choose a sports drink if you workout for more than an hour at a time. The sports drink will help you maintain your electrolyte balance and give you more energy as you’re working. Diet and exercise make great bedfellows, and men and women can use their diets to make Q their workouts that much more effective. — Metro Creative Connection

An exercise regimen can be even more effective when paired with the right diet.

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Mormons OK’d to build large church BSA approves variances for house of worship in Flushing neighborhood by Liz Rhoades Managing Editor

Despite unanimous opposition from Community Board 7 and Borough President Helen Marshall, the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals on Tuesday unanimously approved an oversized building for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Flushing. The Mormon church wants to build a two-story house of worship at 145-15 33 Road with 55 underground parking spaces and a nine-story steeple in a mostly residential community. The project is almost twice the size permitted under the R2-A zoning. Earlier this year, both CB 7 and the borough president rejected the plans, saying it would be out of character and scale with the surrounding residential area. Marshall also suggested church officials consider building a larger chapel at the group’s present location, 144-27 Sanford Ave., which would allow making that building 10 times bigger than what is allowed at the proposed site. State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) has been championing neighborhood groups against the project. While a city councilman, he was instrumental in downzoning the area in 2009. Contacted in Manhattan on Wednesday, Avella said he was not surprised by the BSA’s decision. “That’s why I call it public enemy number 1,” Avella said. “The decision undermines everything we’ve done to downzone.” The senator said he will investigate filing an Article 78 against the BSA. Such a lawsuit can be filed against decisions made by a city or state agency in the New York courts. Paul Graziano of Flushing, a zoning consultant, believes the case can be won. He indicated such action will cost up to $20,000 but that he has reached out to area civic groups who have promised to contribute. “We have 90 days to file,” Graziano added, “so that would be until the middle of October.” Such a lawsuit would delay construction. Mormon spokesman

Ahmad Corbitt said a date for groundbreaking is yet to be determined, but he is elated over the decision. “The church applauds the BSA’s ruling. It affirms that the permit application and plans to build are within the law.” Corbitt said. “Nevertheless, we look forward to continued dialogue with our neighbors on ways to fit the coming meetinghouse comfortably into the neighborhood without sacrificing the church’s well-established worship needs. Members of the community have been open-minded and levelheaded in ongoing discussions in this regard.” Chuck Apelian, chairman of CB 7’s Land Use Committee, said he was unhappy with the BSA decision. “Based on case law, the BSA may have had basis for their unanimous vote of approval, but based on the constant misrepresentations made by the LDS Church, I don’t believe there ever was a credible case,” Apelian said. He and other members complained that the church kept changing the figures. “They made it clear they needed more classroom space,” he added, “about 1,500 square feet more, which we were OK with, but the numbers were always changing.” In the end, the BSA is allowing the church 9,000 square feet for classrooms. “That is arbitrary and capricious,” Graziano said “and a good argument for an Article 78.” Church officials said they needed 16 Bible study rooms, which Graziano said was way beyond their programmatic needs. According to Mormon tenet, 250 is the maximum congregation size and the Flushing group said there would never be more than 350 there. In a letter to the BSA signed by CB 7 Chairman Gene Kelty, he wrote: “The entire variance has been driven by the combined occupancy of the main space in the building. If there is going to be a maximum number of congregants and 350 is significantly above and beyond the average that will be worshipping the vast majority of the time, why is a larger space needed?”

Instead of enlarging at its current location on Sanford Avenue, the Mormon church is going ahead with plans to build a megaFILE PHOTO church on 33rd Road. Tyler Cassell, a member of CB 7 and president of the North Flushing Civic Association, said he was not surprised at the ruling, but “I am somewhere between outraged and disappointed.” Cassell said the BSA has “continually made bad decisions” over the years and “we have suffered the consequences while they go home to their safe homes.” He asked how the BSA can disregard zoning protections from houses of worship and community facilities that are city law. “These laws were written to protect the character of our neighborQ hoods; now they are meaningless,” Cassell added.

Neighbors dispute Doran Avenue study DOT says speed a danger; other streets don’t want diverted cars by Michael Gannon

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A proposal by the city’s Department of Transportation to reduce speeding on Doran Avenue in eastern Glendale which got a heated reception from residents of surrounding streets has been rejected by the Transportation Committee at Community Board 5. Doran now runs one way west from Woodhaven Boulevard. The DOT proposal would have split it into two one-way segments at 89th Street, running from 89th to 88th Street, and east from 89th to Woodhaven. The proposal was made to Community Board 5 by the DOT on July 11. But at a meeting of the CB 5 transportation and public transit committees, it was rejected. Board Chairman Vincent Arcuri Jr. said they would once again ask the city for all way stop signs at Doran and 89th. You would be sending eastbound traffic into oncoming traffic, Arcuri said of the angle at which Doran meets Woodhaven Boulevard. Residents on Doran want a way to check cars that speed west to the traffic light at 88th from Woodhaven or after turning left from 89th Street. Some have requested a stop sign or speed bumps. DOT Queens Borough Commissioner Maura McCarthy told more than 70 residents on July 11 that a DOT study shows the best solution is to divide Doran

Splitting Doran Avenue into a pair of one-way streets could divide a neighborhood in eastern Glendale MAP COURTESY NYC DOT over concerns with speeding on residential streets. into a pair of one-way streets heading in opposite directions. The study was requested by Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village) in August 2011 and by CB 5 two months later. Residents of 74th, 75th, Rutledge and Aubrey avenues, all of which run parallel to

Doran, objected to the plan as strenuously as Doran residents supported it. McCarthy said the neighborhood’s preferred solutions — speed bumps along Doran or a pair of stop signs at the intersection of Doran and 89th Street — are not doable based on a study of car and pedestrian traff ic,

speeding and accident statistics. “Doran does not meet the criteria for stop signs,” McCarthy said. She also said speed bumps also have been ruled out by, among other things, the number of both the driveways on Doran and utility lines underneath it. A recent study of the road, taken between the hours of 5 and 6 p.m, showed traffic averages 32 miles per hour in the 30 mph zone. “I’ve been living there 40 years and people never drive only 32 on Doran,” Martin Browne said. Others corroborated his statement, adding that more than 30 children live on the street. Tom Pappas of 74th Street, on the other hand, spoke for several people who don’t want traffic that now heads west down Doran from Woodhaven turning down their streets. He said the proliferation of restaurants on Woodhaven would increase traffic and litter on his street. “I’ve been living here for 10 years, and there are a lot more businesses there today.” Doran resident Anthony Franzese expressed frustration with both the danger to his street’s residents and the proposed DOT solution. “Why not just put up a stop sign?” he asked. “Just dig a hole and everybody’s Q happy.”

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continued from page 17 his family’s farm does not produce much food during the off-season. Shopping at the farmers market also encourages buying healthier foods because of the wide availability of fruits and vegetables, which inspire trying more nutritional recipes. The farmers market

also provides more produce, such as baby bok choi, baby salad turnips, leeks, beets, dried persimmons, organic raisins, seeds for grains and herbs, and headache and migraine tea. Even the prices at farmers markets are generally lower than prices at the grocery store because there is no Q middle man.


Queens Botanical Garden 43-50 Main Street in Flushing Jamaica Farmers’ Market 90-40 160th Street in Jamaica

Greenmarkets: Travers Park on 34th Avenue between 77th and 78th Street in Jackson Heights; 14th Street between 31st Avenue and 31st Road in Astoria; Atlas Park on Cooper Avenue and 80th Street in Glendale; Roosevelt Avenue and 103rd Street in Corona; 41st Avenue and 235th Street in Douglaston; 41st Avenue between 80th and 81st Street in Elmhurst; South side of Queens Boulevard. at 70th Avenue in Forest Hills; Socrates Scuplture Park on Vernon Boulevard and Broadway in Long Island City; Skillman Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Street in Sunnyside; Myrtle Avenue and Cypress Avenue in Ridgewood

EmblemHealth and Harvest Home Farmers Markets: Roy Wilkins Park at 177th Street and Baisley Boulevard in Jamaica

HHC Hospitals Hosting Farmers Markets: Queens Hospital Center, market at 164th Street and 82nd Road in Jamaica

Page 29 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Farmers Markets Benefits

Get a name, little doggie The Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadows Park has a new arrival, and officials there are asking the public to come up with a name for the little critter. The male Texas longhorn calf was born in May to mom Joan. There are now three of the breed at the zoo. Texas longhorns are a domestic breed of

cattle that was developed through cross breeding of feral and domestic cattle. The longhorn is an animal that has long been known for its beauty and intelligence. It is a popular symbol of the American Southwest. Visitors to the zoo’s website can go to The Cattle Call: Name our Calf page at to submit a name.



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Our hometown heroes for 50 years

2007 Record: 88-74, second in National League East. In perhaps the most disappointing season in Mets history, the team leads the division for virtually the entire season before finishing second to the Philadelphia Phillies. After a 3418 start, the Mets go 40-42 in June, July and August. After winning nine of their first 11 games in September, they lose 12 of their last 17 to finish second. Reyes leads the club in runs with 119; Wright hits 30 home runs, drives in 107 and scores 113; Carlos Beltran hits 33 home runs and drives in 112. Moises Alou enjoys a 31game hitting streak. John Maine and Oliver Perez lead the pitching staff with 15-10 records, while Tom Glavine is 13-8, which includes his 300th career win, Aug. 5 in Chicago. Reliever Billy Wagner saves 34. Attendance climbs to 3,853,955.

A New York Mets anniversary special Part XIV: 2007-2011 112 and leads with 116 runs scored. Reyes scores 113. Johan Santana, acquired from Minnesota, has a stellar season (16-7, 2.53 ERA, 206 strikeouts) while Mike Pelfrey is a pleasant surprise at 13-11. The Mets go 3-0 at Yankee Stadium for the first time ever. In their final year at Shea Stadium, they draw 4,042,045 fans. Shea closes for good with a 4-2 loss to the Marlins on Sept. 28. Scott Schoeneweis is the loser, Beltran hits the final Mets home run, and Ryan Church is the last batter.

David Wright tied the Mets season record of 124 RBIs in PHOTO BY BURNS/FLICKR 2008 and remains Amazin’ today. 2008 Record: 89-73, second in National League East. After a 34-35 start, Willie Randolph is replaced as manager by Jerry Manuel. Under Manuel, the Mets go 52-32 and are in first by one game on Sept. 19, before losing six of their last nine to once again come up short. Wright ties the club record with 124 RBIs while hitting 33 home runs and scoring 115 runs; Carlos Delgado hits 38 home runs and drives in 115; Beltran hits 27 homers, drives in

Your Pharmacist Speaks Presented by Joseph Testa, R.Ph.

2009 Record: 70-92, fourth in National League East. Citi Field, the Mets new ballpark, opens for business on April 13 with a 6-5 loss to San Diego. On June 1, the Mets are 28-21, before going 41-71 the rest of the season. Along with several crippling injuries to front-line players, the season is epitomized by two unbelievable losses: On June 12, the Mets are leading the Yankees 8-7 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning in the Bronx, when Luis Castillo drops a routine pop-up, which allows 2 runs to score; and on Aug. 23 at home, they are losing 9-7 to Philadelphia when, with two runners on

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manufacturer-sponsored research, clever marketing, and consumer hopefulness supplant hard evidence of safety and effectiveness in patients’ minds. By comparison, older drugs that have been on the market for a number of years usually have a proven track record. They are also likely to be less expensive than newer drugs. Allow the pharmacist to help you make a decision.

For more information, please call WOODHAVEN PHARMACY at 718-8467777. It has always been our goal to provide a superior level of customer service in an environment that offers confidentiality, concern and up-to-date information that can affect your health and well-being. Our vision is to be your most trusted source of pharmaceutical and home healthcare products and services. We are located at 86-22 Jamaica Ave., and our hours are weekdays 9 to 8; Saturdays 9 to 6 and Sundays 9 to 2. We accept most major insurance.

2011 Record: 77-85, fourth in National League East. Under new manager Terry Collins, the Mets’ struggles continue. They are 55-51 on Aug. 1, but go 22-34 the rest of the way. In his final year with the team, Reyes wins the batting title at .337, while scoring 101 runs. Beltran, despite being traded to the Giants in late July, leads the team with 15 homers and 66 RBIs; he also hits three home runs in a game in Colorado on May 12. Both Wright and Davis spend significant time of the disabled list. Rookie Dillon Gee Q goes 13-6 to lead the pitching staff. Next week: the Mets all-time dream team.

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2010 Record: 79-83, fourth in National League East. On July 1, the Mets are 44-34, but they go 35-49 the rest of the season to once again end under .500. Wright leads with 29 home runs and 103 RBIs, while rookie Ike Davis hits 19 homers. Pelfrey is 15-9, Santana goes 11-9, and R.A. Dickey is a pleasant surprise at 11-9. Manuel is fired at the end of the season.


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Disappointment. That is, alas, the word that best captures the Mets’ last five seasons before this one. The club fielded some stellar players — David Wright, Jose Reyes and Johan Santana, to name just a few — but just couldn’t seal the deal to get into the playoffs. And the last few years the Mets haven’t even come close. But who knows? 2012 is going better than anyone thought it would before Opening Day. When it comes to the boys from Flushing, Miracles Do Happen, and Ya Gotta Believe.

and nobody out in the bottom of the ninth, Jeff Francouer hits into an unassisted triple play to end the game. Daniel Murphy leads in homers with 12, and Wright leads in RBIs with 72. Santana tops the staff at 13-9. Francisco Rodriguez saves 35.


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Page 31 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012

SQ page 31

KOI S U PER H IG H WAY by Josey Bartlett

Mayuko Okada's koi fish made from kimonos make a splash at RESOBOX

Continued page continued ononpage 35

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hen Japanese artist Mayuko Okada looks at the streets of New York City and the swarms of yellow taxi cabs zig-zagging through the masses, she sees koi fish — the strong, emblematic creature of her home country. Koi fish, which can climb waterfalls, Okada says, do not politely swim in a school, head to fin. Instead, much like the cabbie, they make their own way — swimming over and under, backwards and forwards. Okada’s koi artwork displayed at Resobox Gallery mimics this path. “They have a complicated relationship with each other,” Okada said. Okada was trained in classical Japanese art techniques in Kyoto. She painted a temple ceiling with traditional flowers as well as studied sumi ink and classical painting. However, she wanted to create modern art. So three years ago she moved to the Big Apple to pursue her passion. And her koi fish in the show “Yellow Cab + Wasabi” at Resobox Gallery in Long Island City combine her traditional studies with modern art. The koi are made from her grandmother’s and great grandmother’s damaged kimonos. “I already couldn’t wear them, so I had to decide to trash them or not,” Okada said. “They are too beautiful to trash.”

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 32

SQ page 32

qb boro

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G Auto Repair Shop, 164-16 Sanford Ave., Flushing. Call to reserve at (718) 762-6212.


The Queens Botanical Garden presents the Jamaica Estates Association Art Show “The Artist Within: The Urge to Create” on view through Sept. 30, Tuesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Gallery of the Visitor Center and Administration Building, 43-50 Main St., Flushing.

Ongoing drawing class every Wednesday 1-4 p.m. at the National Art League, 44-21 Douglaston Pkwy, Douglaston. Instructor, Marc Jasloff. Call (516) 2237659. Fee: $25 per class. The YWCA of Queens, 42-07 Parsons Blvd., Flushing, has expanded its GED preparation program to include free adult classes. Tracks vary in length from 10 to 20 weeks depending upon entrance test results. Contact the YW and sign up for the next placement examination. Call Stacy McKelvey at (718) 353-4553 for more information or to reserve your placement exam seat.

AUDITIONS The AARP Queens Chorus performs at Queens nursing homes and rehab/senior centers. If interested in joining call (718) 523-1330 for audition dates.

THEATRE The Voelker Orth Museum, 149-19 38 Ave., Flushing, will hold free outdoor Shakespeare performances produced by Hip-to-Hip Theater on Thursday, July 26 and Thursday, Aug. 16, both at 7:30 p.m. featuring “Hamlet” and “Comedy of Errors.”

DANCE SummerStage presents the Jackson Dance Company in a free performance on Friday, July 20 at 8 p.m. at Queensbridge Park, 41 Road and 40 Avenue between the East River, Vernon Blvd. and 21 Street, in Long Island City.

MUSIC The Bria Skonberg Quintet will heat things up on Saturday, July 21 at 2 p.m. as part of Louis Armstrong House Museum’s Hot Jazz/Cool Garden concert series. Tickets are $15 and include a historic house tour at 34-56 107 St., Corona.

For the latest news visit

Summer heats up with Tuesday free outdoor concerts at 7 p.m. at Gantry Plaza State Park, 4-09 47 Road, Long Island City. On July 24 hear Tahuantinsuyo, a pioneer folk music group from the Andes, blend regional instruments and costumes keeping the traditional Andean music alive. The Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery announce that on Saturday, July 21 at 8 p.m. jazz artist Barbara Rosene performs her 1920s/1930s vocal stylings of “New Orleans and Jazzy Things” at Celebration Hall at the Center at Maple Grove, 127-15 Kew Gardens Rd., Kew Gardens. Free parking on premises or street parking is also available. A pre-concert wine and cheese reception is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Reservations required; seating is limited. Tickets are $25, $20 for seniors and $15 for members. Multi-platinum rock band Daughtry will perform at Citi Field on Friday, July 20 following the MetsDodgers 7:10 p.m. game. Tickets starts at $28, and include admission to the game and post-game concert, and are available at and (718) 507-TIXX.

HEALTH A blood drive will be held at St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church, 150-75 Goethals Ave., Jamaica, on

The Bria Skonberg Quintet will perform on Saturday, July 21 at the Louis Armstrong House Museum. PHOTO COURTESY LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOUSE

Sunday, July 22 from 8:15 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. in Tolentine Hall.

FLEA MARKETS A giant indoor rummage sale will be held at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Jamaica Avenue and 88th Street, Woodhaven, on Saturdays, July 21 and July 28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays, July 22 and July 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

MEETINGS Southeast Queens Camera Club meets at Roy Wilkins Park, 177-01 Baisley Blvd., Jamaica, Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. with Introduction to Digital Photography on July 24, Aug. 14, Aug. 21 and Aug. 28. Bring camera and manual. Free public speaking/effective communication meetings are held on the first, third and fourth Saturdays of the month at 10 a.m. Learn to be comfortable speaking before an audience. Meetings are held at the Elmhurst Hospital Center, Conference room A-1-15, 79-01 Broadway. Contact club vice president membership at (646) 748-8290.

FOR KIDS “Cinderella” will be performed by Plaza Theatricals on Friday, July 20 at 10:30 a.m. at Alley Pond Park, 76th Avenue off Springfield Boulevard. Bring a low chair or blanket. The legendary Swedish Cottage Marionettes come to Addabbo Playground, 83rd Street off 133rd Avenue in Ozone Park, on Sunday, July 22 at 1 p.m. They will perform “Bessie’s Big Shot!”

CLASSES NYC Compost Project in Queens will hold a class on Thursday, July 26 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Queens Botanical Garden, 43-50 Main St., Flushing. Learn about the connections between plants, food

preparation and composting. Registration required. Fee is $5. Email or call (718) 539-5296 to register. A points/insurance reduction defensive driving course will be held in the VFW Hall, 102-17 160 Ave., Howard Beach, on Saturday, July 28 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cost per person is $35. Call Keith at (917) 599-6674 or visit to register. The Voelker Orth Museum, 149-19 38 Ave., Flushing, is offering a family-friendly series of hands-on workshops on Wednesdays, through Aug. 15. Workshops have a $4 fee ($3 for members). On Aug. 1: Summer Garden Discovery and Planting; Aug. 8: Art and Storybooks; and Aug. 15: Honey Bees and Honey Harvest Program. The Queens Community House, Pomonok Center, 67-09 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, is offering Zumba with Nando Zee on Thursday nights at 6 p.m. for $10 per person. Participants must wear sneakers and be at least 16 years old. For information call Amy at (718) 591-6060. Italian Charities of America, 83-20 Queens Blvd., Elmhurst, teaches ballroom dancing every Monday and Friday night from 7:15 to 8 p.m. followed by a social dance. Cost is $10. The Flushing Camera Club meets at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of Flushing Hospital, enter at 45th Avenue and Burling Street on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month. For information, visit The Jackson Heights Art Club offers art classes, all mediums. Daytime and evening adult classes are offered Monday-Friday; daytime children’s classes are offered during the weekend. Classes are held at St. Mark’s Church, 82nd Street and 34th Avenue. Cost: $75 for adults, for four sessions, $75 for children for eight sessions. Membership available. For information, call Geraldine at (718) 446-4709. A one-hour auto clinic for women is held the third saturday of every month at 3:30 p.m. at Great Bear

Mindfulness Meditation one-hour class with Rabbi Michael Weisser at Free Synagogue of Flushing, 41-60 Kissena Blvd., on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. Free. For more information, call (718) 961-0030 or email

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Central Queens YM & YWHA, 67-09 108 St., Forest Hills, will sponsor a program for 60+ singles on Thursday, July 26 at 1 p.m. With humor, David Lawrence astounds with clairvoyance and ESP. After the show, relax and mingle with other singles. Cost is $10 per person; $2 discount for CQY members. Register today. Contact the Adult Department at (718) 268-5011 ext. 160 or The Wednesday Night Singles Group of the SFY Adult Center, 58-20 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, invites you to social evenings with special guest speakers on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from 7-9 p.m. Fee: $7 Adult Center members, $9 nonmembers. Join Dancing Under the Stars every Wednesday through Aug. 1 at Little Bay Park roller hockey rink, Cross Island Parkway between Utopia Parkway and Totten Avenue, in Bayside from 7-8:30 p.m.

SPECIAL EVENTS Live Wildlife Discovery Program by Rizzo’s will be held at Alley Pond Environmental Center, 228-06 Northern Blvd., Douglaston, on Saturday, July 21 at 2 p.m. This program includes an introduction to wildlife and the wildlife kingdom presented in an interactive session. Meet live mammals, snakes, frogs, insects and maybe an alligator, hear interesting stories and information about them and get close. Cost is $10. Reserve your spot by calling (718) 229-4000. The Glendale Volunteer Ambulance Corps will be hosting a Pasta Nite and Chinese Auction Fundraiser on Saturday, July 28 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Glendale United Methodist Church at 66th Place and Central Avenue. Dinner will include pasta, soda, bottled water, dessert and tea or coffee. Cost is $15 for adults, $10 for kids under 12 and free for kids 5 years and under. Call Samantha at (347) 680-4127 for tickets, to volunteer or to make a donation. A farmer’s market will be held every Friday until fall from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Dalia Avenue off Main Street, near the Queens Botanical Garden.

To submit a theater, music, art or entertainment item to What’s Happening, email

C M SQ page 33 Y K

See the behind the scenes at Astoria studio by Josey Bartlett qboro Editor

Fans sink down into plush red chairs and sip a beverage out of Solo cups while getting a so-close-you-could-(but shouldn’t)-touch view of a favorite band. The Live at Ears and Gears series at the Astoria-based recording studio and the series’ namesake, Ears and Gears, opens it doors once a month for an intimate show. “It’s not a humongous studio with 25-foot by 25-foot ceilings or a shady smoke-filled place — it’s a really positive setting,” said the studio’s owner Mor Mezrich, who lives above the studio in the two-story house. Audience members get a typical hour-long show. After the gig, fans can

Live at Ears and Gears When: July 28, doors open at 7 p.m. Where: RSVP for studio location Tickets: Free,

visit the website to see how the song looks on film — after all, the performance does take place in a room filled with microphones and cameras. “It’s a nice opportunity for fans — an entry into behind the scenes,” Mezrich said. These musicians might be up-andcoming, but they have a large and growing fan base. Last month’s Live at Ears and Gears performer was Devyn Rush, a season 10 contestant on American Idol. Astoria singer/ songwriter Pauline Pisano and her band, I, Revere, whose music is hip yet ambient, played for 500 fans at the Bohemian Beer Hall down the street from the studio. I, Revere and Pisano will perform on July 28 at Live at Ears and Gears. Mezrich, a musician in his own right, met Pisano on stage and later recorded her performing backup vocals. “Pauline is a great songwriter with an incredible, powerful voice and commanding stage presence,” he said, adding that Saturday’s set will be acoustic.

Page 33 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012


Astoria-based recording studio owner Mor Mezrich offers a monthly performance at Ears COURTESY PHOTO MOR MEZRICH and Gears. Doors open an hour before the show for a meet and greet and to avoid stragglers, Mezrich said. The RSVP-only shows draw about 30 people. Israeli-born Mezrich moved to California to attend the Berklee College of

E xper ience Breathta king Water View s !

Music in 2006. After graduation he worked for many prestigious studios. With 20 years of recording and music engineering experience, he moved to New York. Shortly after, in 2010 he Q opened the Ears and Gears studio.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon. - Thur. 12 to 9 • Fri. & Sat. 12 to 10 Sun. 10 to 8 • Sun. Brunch 10 to 2

Bayview Restaurant

& Catering Hall

25 Van Brunt Road, Broad Channel • 718-634-4555 Please Visit S $ 3 PI N T



©2012 M1P • BAYR-058630


AUG 2012












2012 DEANSTOCK II A Queens Rock-N-Roll Reunion





10 am - 2 pm Character/Clown from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Balloons, Face Painting & Cotton Candy, Too! Includes: UNLIMITED Bloody Marys, Mimosas & Coffee $

1595adults, $ 995children en


© Disney

For the latest news visit



Our Website For More Specials



‘Anything Goes’ sails from B’way to Qns. by Mark Lord Chronicle Contributor

Get your toes ready for tapping — “Anything Goes” has sailed back into town! And if you don’t come into the theater already humming the tunes, you certainly will be on your way home, because the music makes the play. The musical that features one of the best scores of Cole Porter, a top Broadway composer from the 1930s — “You’re the Top,” “Friendship,” and “Blow, Gabriel, Blow” are three of its hit songs — just ended a long run on Broadway, but has docked closer to home thanks to Maggie's Little Theater in Middle Village, where it will give three more performances on July 20, 21 and 22.

‘Anything Goes’ When: July 20 and 21 at 8 p.m., July 22 at 2:30 p.m. Where: St. Margaret Parish Hall 66-05 79 Place, Middle Village Tickets: $15; $13 seniors; $10 children (917) 579-5389

The show, which has been entertaining audiences since 1934, has seen several Broadway revivals over the years as well as a couple of film versions. Each time the show is revived, it seems to undergo a transformation, with changes to its book and additions and deletions of songs. But the story line remains fairly intact. Set primarily on board the USS American, the plot involves the goings-on among an assortment of characters including Reno Sweeney, an evangelist and a night club owner (a role created by Ethel Merman); a Wall Street broker named Billy, who is in love with a debutante named Hope; a wealthy Englishman named Sir Evelyn, who happens to be Hope’s fiance; and a couple of gangsters, including Moonface Martin, better known as Public Enemy No. 13. Romantic complications abound, as do cases of mistaken identity and a host of misinterpreted colloquialisms. Incredibly enough, it took a total of six authors to write the fluffy material, four of whom worked on the original book and two who updated it, giving the show a muchneeded modernization and providing it with some of its funnier lines and moments.

NEW YORK FAMILIES FOR AUTISTIC CHILDREN Helping families help their children

The cast of “Anything Goes” belts out the number "Blow, Gabriel, Blow.” PHOTO COURTESY MAGGIE’S LITTLE THEATER

But the show’s selling point has always been its score and, under the baton of musical director Frank Auriemma, “Maggie’s Little Orchestra,” a septet of skilled musicians, makes the songs sound as fresh as ever. During the overture, nearly everyone in

2nd Annual


Anthony J. Cirello Memorial Golf Outing For Autism

Sunday’s matinee audience seemed to be keeping time or singing along. The curtains part to reveal set designer Ed Voyer’s impressive double-decker cruise ship on which the performers can spread continued on page 37 00

Thursday, August 2, 2012 Harbor Links Golf Course Port Washington, Long Island 11:00 am Call NYFAC for additional information

718-641-3441 ext 144 or

For the latest news visit


FESTIVITIES Begin 11:30 am


Golfers will register as they arrive, receive their hole assignment, and receive a gift bag.

“Beat the Pro” Putting Contest Shotgun tee, best ball will begin at 12:45 pm. Closest to the Pin Longest Drive Straightest Drive Worst Foursome Hole-in-One

At the conclusion of the golf tournament, the barbecue dinner will begin, which will include: hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hot dogs, sausage, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, various salads, fresh fruit, brownies, coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine; cash bar.

BUFFET LUNCH AND PRACTICE Starts 11:00 am Full buffet lunch with salads, vegetables, fruit, carving board and dessert, soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea. Golfers will have an opportunity to practice on the driving range until all guests arrive. Each golfer receives a free bucket of balls.

REFRESHMENTS Soft drinks, water, beer throughout the day


47” 3-D Television with 2 pairs of 3-D glasses and a built-in Blu-ray DVD player – SECOND PRIZE –

Weber Gas Grill – THIRD PRIZE –

$250 Modell’s Gift Card and More...

PARTICIPATION Golf Foursome .............. $800

Golf Foursome Package .$1,000

Includes: greens fees, brunch, refreshments, dinner, golf cart with GPS, bag full of goodies.

Includes: All the $800 Foursome items PLUS 2 golf cart sponsorships and tee-sign sponsorship.

All Types of Sponsorships Available From $150 - $3,000. Individual Golfers $200 each.

©2012 M1P • NYFA-058603

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 34

C M SQ page 34 Y K

C M SQ page 35 Y K Page 35 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012


Modern art gets a traditional touch continued continued from from page page 31 00

In addition to the koi being a link to her grandmother, the fish remind Okada of her grandfather. “He had three sons, and didn’t know how to react to his only granddaughter,” she said. So they connected in one way he knew; They stood in the backyard and fed the koi fish. Okada creates the artworks by first cutting the kimonos. Then she stitches and glues the multi-colored, patterned fabric into one-foot to three-foot-long fish.

Yellow Cab + Wasabi When: Through Aug. 3, Mon. to Fri. noon to 6 p.m. and Sat. and Sun. noon to 5 p.m. Where: Resobox, Long Island City 41-26 27th Street Tickets: Free, (718) 784-3680

The creatures are flat on the bottom but are stuffed — somewhat like a quilt — to make them three-dimensional. This technique is also used to decorate a paddle called a hagoita, traditionally used to play a Japanese New Year game called Hanetsuki, similar to badminton, but without the net. For the show, 100 unique koi fish swarm the wall of the small Japanese gallery space tucked into a hard-to find corner of Long Island City, just steps away from Queensboro Plaza. Each fish, selling for $40 a piece, is slightly different, which represents the many different people living in New York City, Okada said. Only three koi are the same color. These three yellow koi fish represent Okada. One is affixed to the ceiling, one in the middle and one below the majority of the other fish. “You start in the middle, and sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down,” she said. Along with the multi-colored koi, Okada has painted yellow and black lines on the walls as makeshift byways and boulevards for the pack of koi.

Mayuko Okado’s taxi cab door sushi sculpture, above, uses seaweed and fabric PHOTO BY JOSEY BARTLETT rice.

Kaoru Watanabe, left, plays the Japanese traditional flute, the fue, while artist Mayuko PHOTO BY MISAKI MATSUI Okada dances.

Accompanying the koi is a modern sculpture. Okada found a taxi door, which she made into a sushi roll. She made fabric rice, laid the door on top like a piece of fish and wrapped it with a long stripe of seaweed. The show opened on July 13 to a big party. There was dancing and sushi

demonstrations. A koi fish from the pond — provided by a mega-koi farm originally from Hawaii, but which has recently opened a store in New Jersey — at the show’s opening at one point catapulted itself out of the tank and onto the floor. It was immediately rescued and returned to Q the water.

Howard Beach Kiwanis


L adies A lso Invited

Saturday, July 28, 2012 Time: 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm To Be Held At

1000 BONUS CHIPS Donation $125 FOOD - BEER - SODA Make Donation Checks Payable To: Howard Beach Kiwanis Club

CALL VIN: 1-347-386-3326

TOM: 1-718-551-4836

(Nites) BOB: 1-917-805-3115

©2012 M1P • KIWO-058628

Prepay by July 22nd and Receive

Bonus 1000 Chips

Bonus 1000 Chips

159-19 98th Street, Howard Beach, NY

For the latest news visit

Saint Barnabas Lutheran Church



Bus Fare

Why Drive? For Information Call: Ground Transamerica Inc. 631.661.9200 www. *Bus vouchers must be purchased with your Player’s Club points. OfďŹ cial rules are available at the Mohegan Sun Bus Marketing Window. Bonus packages are issued to individuals 21 years of age or older. Offer subject to change without notice.

SPECIAL EVENTS The Middle Village Adult Center will host an Avon fundraising party from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 31. Attendees can purchase a wide variety of specialty Avon products, including hand and foot lotions, shampoos and conditioners, makeup, cologne, jewelry and more. The public is invited to attend. The center is located at 69-10 75 St., Middle Village,

$40 BONUS PACKAGE VALUE! $15 Meal/Retail Coupon Two $10 Free Bets & One $5 Free Bet Buy One Bus Voucher, Get One Bus Voucher Free on Tuesdays*

The Best Female Friends Club will meet again for dinner on Wednesday, July 25 at 6 p.m. at the Atlantic Diner, 111-16 Atlantic Ave., Richmond Hill. Women of all ages are welcome to join for friendship, fun and laughter. Separate checks will be given and reservations are recommended. Call (718) 8496673 to reserve, or just show up.

Mohegan Sun Bus Service from Queens Morning Service (7 days a Week) Afternoon Service (Thursday – Sunday) Queens Village

Fresh Meadows

J. D. Foods/7-Eleven 718.740.4331 SpringďŹ eld Blvd. & Hillside Avenue

Meadows Stationery 718.454.2353 61-46 188th Street

Whitestone Lollipop’s Coffee Shop 718.746.4756 153-31 Cross Island Pkwy. Whitestone Shopping Center


QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 36

C M SQ page 36 Y K

Independence Residences, an organization that helps developmentally disabled people, will host its annual Walk-About Fundraising event and family picnic at Cunningham Park at Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows on Saturday, July 28. The walk starts at 10 a.m. sharp. Interested walkers, volunteers and corporate sponsors are invited to call Greta at (718) 805-6796 ext. 133 for more information.

Check Out Hot Summer Fun at Mohegan Sun!

The 34th annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow-Wow will be held at the Queens County Farm Museum, 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Floral Park, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 27, 28 and 29. Hours are as follows — Friday: Gates open at 6 p.m. Performance time is 7-10 p.m.; Saturday: Gates open at 10 a.m. Performances times are noon-5 p.m. and 7-10 p.m.; and Sunday: Gates open at 10 a.m. Performance time is noon-5 p.m. Admission: adults $10, (adult all weekend pass $15), children $5 (age 12 and under). Free Parking. For PowWow information: (718) 347-3276, or


The Queens Alliance Baseball League and the Queens Kiwanis Baseball League have combined to provide recreational baseball, as well as tournaments in the RBI, Pony, Federation and Greater N.Y. Sandlot. Any teams or players looking to play baseball in a local competitive league can call (718) 3667717 or (718) 821-4487 for more information.

This week’s highlighted positions will be in the RWNY Banquet Department. We are seeking outstanding on-call Banquet staff:

Kiwanis Club of Glendale and Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center presents a day at Cyclone stadium on Sunday, July 22 at 5 p.m. featuring the Brooklyn Cyclones vs. Staten Island Yankees. Donation is $20 per person. Contact Hank at (718) 386-7302 or Joe at (516) 622-6758 or (718) 386-3766 for tickets.



All candidates must have a high school diploma and previous food & beverage experience.

RWNY is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All candidates must be at least eighteen (18) years old and have the ability to obtain the appropriate license pursuant to the NY State Lottery Regulations.


For the latest news visit

Resorts World New York (“RWNY�) strives to provide our guests with world-class gaming, exquisite dining and unique entertainment experiences. At RWNY, our employees determine our success. If you’re looking for an                 

Interested individuals can apply for these positions online:

The Golden Dragon Acrobats are performing at Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows Park through Aug. 4. Tickets are on sale now by phone at (718) 760-0064, online at and in person at the Queens Theatre Box Office. Performances are Wednesday through Saturday at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Individual tickets are $32, with a family 4-pack priced at $100 for 4 tickets.

The Center for the Women of New York is now accepting registration for a new session of its Women’s Support Group. The group meets at Queensborough Hall, 120-55 Queens Blvd., Room 325, Kew Gardens, every Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m. To participate no prior group experience is needed and there is no fee. For information and an interview

appointment, call the Center for the Women of New York at (718) 793-0672. A bereavement group will meet this summer at the Bayside Senior Center, 221-15 Horace Harding Expwy. Pre-registration is a must. Call (718) 225-1144. Co-Dependents Anonymous (women only) meetings are held every Friday from 10 to 11:45 a.m. at Resurrection Ascention Pastoral Center, Fr. Freely Hall, 85-18 61 Rd., Rego Park. Nar-Anon is a self-help support group or anyone affected by a loved one’s use/abuse of drugs. The group meets every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the basement lounge at the Church in the Gardens, 50 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills. For information, call 1(800) 984-0066, or go to Drug problem? Call Narcotics Anonymous Helpline at (718) 962-6244 or visit Meetings are held seven days a week. Free caregiver support groups at Queens Community House, Kew Gardens Community Center, 80-02 Kew Gardens Road. Call (718) 226-5960 Ext. 226 for details. Problem with cocaine or other mind-altering substances? For local Cocaine Anonymous meetings call: 1-(212) COCAINE. The Queens Counseling services and LISUN of the Foundation of Relig ion and Mental Health announces a new mourning and bereavement group to be held on Saturdays form 1-2 p.m. at Grace Episcopal Church, 14-15 Clintonville St., Whitestone. For further information call (718) 461-6393. The Queens Counseling Services of the Foundation for Religion and Mental Health announces a free Women’s Support Group on alternate Thursday mornings at 10 a.m. at the Kissena Jewish Center, 43-43 Bowne St., Flushing. If you are experiencing anxiety, fear or stress and are searching for a venue that can provide understanding, compassion and respect, call to register at (718) 461-6393. Co-dependents Anonymous (women only) meets every Friday at 10 a.m. at Resurrection Ascension Pastoral Center, 85-18 61st Road, Rego Park. Schizophrenics Anonymous meets on Sundays at 10 a.m. at L.I. Consultation Center, 97-29 64th Road, Rego Park.

SENIOR ACTIVITIES A leisure group meets every Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the Hillcrest Jewish Center, 183-02 Union Turnpike, Flushing, for area seniors. An exercise class for seniors. meets Saturdays at 9 a.m. at the SNAP of Eastern Queens Senior Center, 80-45 Winchester Blvd., Bldg. 4 on the Creedmoor Community Campus, Queens Village. For more information call Kathleen at (718) 454-2100. The Woodhaven Senior Center, 78-15 Jamaica Ave., announces free exercise classes at the center. Stay Well on Monday includes stress reduction; yoga on Thursday includes meditation time. The center is open five days a week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

C M SQ page 37 Y K

King Crossword Puzzle

Anything goes


1 Swedish pop quartet 5 Distant 8 Hairless 12 Skelton’s Kadiddlehopper 13 Brazilian resort city 14 Met melody 15 Big name in appliances 17 Ponce de 18 34-Down’s mate 19 Ex-GI 20 Entry form 21 Marry 22 Dine 23 Actor Fonda 26 Sanit workers’ job 30 Hertz rival 31 Transmit electronically 32 Shakespeare villain 33 Ruin 35 Build a wing 36 Peace (Lat.) 37 Mel of Cooperstown 38 “- Buddies” 41 Pair 42 Insult (Sl.) 45 Opposed 46 Locate precisely 48 Tilt 49 Consumed 50 Walk the floor 51 Shoppers’ mecca 52 Neither mate 53 Cabbage salad


1 Rue the run 2 Huff and puff 3 - noire 4 Pump up the volume 5 Cooked in a skillet 6 “- Misbehavin’ “ 7 Decay 8 Pen type 9 Vicinity 10 MGM mascot 11 Unpleasantly moist 16 Finished

20 Vagrant 21 Cadets’ place 22 Gender 23 Cushion 24 Leading lady? 25 “- the season ...” 26 Shaft of light 27 Moving truck 28 Time of your life? 29 Bagel topper 31 “The Simpsons” network 34 See 18-Across

35 On 37 Title holder 38 Soothing ointment 39 Draftable 40 Celebrity 41 One of the Jackson 5 42 Rotary phone feature 43 Erstwhile Peruvian 44 Ratatouille, e.g. 46 Zero-star review 47 Chances, for short Answers at right

continued from from page page 34 00 continued out and give the two big production numbers all they’ve got. The title number, featuring some of choreographer Lindsay Levy’s more demanding moves, comes closest to stopping the show, belted by the diminutive Monica Barczak as Reno, with fine support from the full-voiced company. It brings the first act to a rousing conclusion. Barczak, as different from Merman as can be, is more reminiscent of Sutton Foster, who played the role in the recent Broadway revival. She delivers her many numbers with verve. As Billy, Gary Ducoing is entrusted with several of Porter’s loveliest ballads, including “Easy to Love” and “All Through the Night.” He and Barczak have a lot of fun with “You’re the Top,” a list-song replete with once-topical references. Making a return visit to Maggie’s stage is Joe Paciullo, who is in top form here as “Moonface,” weaving his way in and out of trouble. Olivia Holm sings pleasantly enough as Hope, but she lacks spark, a flaw she shares with Kim Guarino as her mother Evangeline. Erik Neilssen assumes an appropriate accent as Hope’s intended and earns

laughs as he reveals a family secret in his solo, “The Gypsy in Me.” Alan Perkins has good comic timing as Billy’s boss, as does Monica Ortiz, who plays Moonface’s moll. She also does a fine job of belting the show’s closing number, the little known “Buddy Beware.” Director Bill Logan unwisely has several of the performers playing to the audience rather than to each other during musical duets, but he keeps the production cruising at a steady pace. The evocative costumes add to the overQ all effect.

Crossword Answers

Page 37 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012


Looking to



for your



• Gyros • Souvlaki • Falafels • Spinach Pie • Pastichio • Salads • Soups • Moussaka • Burgers and More!

ting Our First Anniversary! a r b e l e C

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Delicious Home Cooking From Mom’s Fabulous Spinach Pie To Dad’s Super Tasty Gyros!



“Come and Savor Our Mediterranean Flavors!” Ask about our CATERING SPECIALS! 63-02 WOODHAVEN BLVD., REGO PARK Dine In or Take Out

718-779-0900 Fax: 718-779-0909

Location: ©2012 M1P • GYRG-058595


– WHICH INCLUDES A STAGE – Can Accommodate up to 250 People

• Shrimp • Octopus

FREE SYNAGOGUE OF FLUSHING 41-60 Kissena Boulevard in downtown Flushing. The Free Synagogue of Flushing is two blocks from the subway #7 train & LIRR - Main Street Flushing (Port Washington Line).


Please call (718) 961-0030 or email


For the latest news visit


QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 38

C M SQ page 38 Y K

Commercial & Residential


Friendly Reliable Service

Expert Repairs on all Brand Name:


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Call Russo Electric Honest & Reliable Your Neighborhood Electrician Since 1946

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• Tree Removal - Trees Pruned • Stump Removal • Snow Shoveling


No Job Too



Snow Shoveling Flat•Roof’s Squirrel & Raccoon Removal S.B.S. (Cold Process) • Chimney Caps Installed (Stainless Steel) Rubbish Removal • Soffit & Metal Capping Work Trees Cut & Pruned



• • • • •

Cleaned, Repaired & Installed

COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL SPECIALISTS 100 Amp • 220 Volt Service Air Conditioning • Fire Damage Repairs Electrical Violations Corrected Consulting Services • Electrical Layout Designs

Member of the Better Business Bureau



• • • •




• • • • • • •

sq. ft.

Member of the Better Business Bureau

Call For FREE ESTIMATE (718)



Nick “The Tile Man”

Fast, Clean, Reliable & Affordable Service




Lic. #1398018 & 1310043

$25.00 with this ad



31 • Courteous Reliable Service • Weekends Available At No Additional Cost • • All Furniture Padded For Protection • No Job Too Small • Packing & Unpacking • • Cartons & Packing Materials Available • Licensed & Insured DOT#10851 USDOT#1406075NY 102-15 LIBERTY AVE., OZONE PARK, NY 11417





• Flat & Shingle Roofs • Slate & Tile Repairs • Gutters & Leaders Cleaned and Installed • All types of Windows & Siding Installed


Removal of Garbage - Debris Unwanted Furniture/Appliances


EST. 1985



For the latest news visit

3rd Generation 220V Services, Outlets, Security Lights, Fixtures, Etc.



Ask For 718ROB



• Aluminum • Plastic • Fabric

No service charge with repairs Lowest Rates Guaranteed





Clip to Save

Classical Custom




Accepting Major Credit Cards Cell

347-418-7309 347-531-3609


SQ page 39

WE SERVICE: • Washers • Dryers • Refrigerators • Stoves/Ovens • Combo Units NO SERVICE CHARGE WITH A REPAIR!

Clip To Save $30



Ask for Pablo


“Day or Night We Get Your Appliances Working Right” Hablamos Español





15% Senior Citizen Discount FREE ESTIMATES 32 20 Years Experience We Will Beat Anybody’s Price! Phil 917-747-4060


• Tile Work • Driveways • Patios • Sidewalk Violations Removed 33 FREE ESTIMATES


Siding • Windows • Roofing • Fences Kitchens • Baths • Basements • Decks Doors • Awnings • Patio Enclosures Brick Pointing • Concrete Stucco




On All Roofs With This Ad



*Reg. price quoted Lic. # 0859173


Benjamin Moore Paints Starting at $99 per rm.


We will Not be Undersold!

A&M Imbriano LANDSCAPING, Inc.


Lic. #1244131


Kitchens Bathrooms Garage Doors Skylights Decks Sheetrock Flooring Basements Drop Ceilings And Much More

FREE ESTIMATES All Work Proudly Guaranteed


• Doors

• Painting

• Masonry



718-938-2127 Lic. # 1258952


NYC Lic. # 0927491

39 Nassau Lic. #H0421840000

Sidewalks Driveways Foundations Excavations Blacktop

• • • • •


Stoops/Patios Retaining Walls Basement Floors Handicap Ramps Garbage Removal





VINYL SIDING SALE! Call For s ate tim Es Special EE FR or Visit Our Showroom



per 100 Sq. Ft.


L.I. Lic. #H18D2240000







BG TREE EXPERTS All Types of Tree Service Owner Operated Climber/Pruner With Over 20 Years Experience

All Hardwood Firewood • • • •

Firewood Free Estimates Removals Prunings

Contact Brian (owner)



718-318-0172 • 845-224-9637





Family Owned & Operated for 30 Years

Lic. #1314744

718-896-9200 or 718-845-9200 FREE ESTIMATES VIOLATIONS REMOVED • Kitchens & Bathrooms • Dormers & Extensions • Brickwork • Paving Stones • All Types of Concrete • Custom-Built Homes • Residential & Commercial • New Construction • We Do It All!

Visit us online:


For the latest news visit

• • • • • • • • • •

• Siding


• Bathrooms • Kitchens • Basements • Windows/Anderson/Pella/Skylights • Decks • Concrete • Pavers • Flooring • Painting • Sheetrock • Carpentry • Plumbing • Electrical • Extensions & New Construction ★ 20 Years Excellent Record with Consumer Affairs FREE ESTIMATES LICENSED AND INSURED

– SINCE 1995 –

• Roofing

• Washers • Dryers • Refrigerators • TVs • Stoves/Ovens • Dishwashers


Weber Home Improvement

NYC Lic. #1001786






Give Us A Call To Spruce Up Your Property For Spring. 38 Weekly Maintenance Available

Lic. and Insured

Celebrating Our 30 th Anniversary


Specializing in Designing, Tree Pruning, Clean-Ups & Sprinklers.

• Roofing • Siding • Windows • Cement Work • And More

Lic. #1270074

• Window

Capping Available




Brickwork • Pavers • Concrete • Waterproofing Tile & Granite Work Anthony Interior • Exterior


3 Rm. Min. WE ALSO DO • Sheetrock • Skim Coating • Wallpapering & Removal • Plastering






Call Leon 718-296-6525 All Work Guaranteed • Se Habla Español


NYC LIC. #1191201

LOW PRICES • FREE ESTIMATES 24 Hours A Day • 7 Days A Week





• Gutters Cleaned & Installed • Leaders • Skylights • Specialists in Flat Roofs & Shingles • Roofing Repairs • Rubberoid Roofs


RUBEN’S PAINTING FINE BRUSH Houses & Apartments • Plastering • Taping • Skim Coating


1-800-525-5102 • 718-767-0044




Lic. #0855277




Same Day Service

Call 718-847-6930 Ask for Jim


Old Furniture, Household Items, Appliances, Yard Waste, Construction Debris And More.

Brick & Cement Work Licensed & Bonded

Experienced - Licensed - Reliable License #1066489

We Remove


All Home Repairs & Improvements, Tiles, Carpentry, Windows, Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations, Painting, Cabinet Refinishing, Doors, Decks & Power-Washing Hardwood Floors and Much More





Interior & Exterior Painting Sheetrock & Taping Faux Wallpapering

We Remove Your Junk, So You Don’t Have To!

All Leaks on Pipes, Faucets, Toilets, Shower Bodies, Radiator Valves, Clear Stoppages in Sinks, Tubs, Also Install Hot Water Heaters Free Estimates Licensed Cheap Rates & Insured Ask for Bob

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Embick Construction, Corp.



LEAKS • LEAKS • Shingles • Flats • Slates • Specializing in Finding Leaks • Clean Out Leaders & Gutters FREE Estimates 30 • Best Price • Work Guaranteed

Roofing & Painting • Siding • Gutters • Leaders • Pointings • Skylights • Sheetrock • Sidewalks • Home Improvements FREE ESTIMATES Call Mark

We Will Remove All Your Unwanted Furniture Junk Removal • From One Piece To A Truck Load From Home or Office Attic • Garage • Basement, Etc. No Job Too Big or Small Fast, Honest, Reliable Service

718-529-3810 347-517-5235

ROLL-OFF DUMPSTERS 1-888-914-TNCC (8622)


BG TREE EXPERTS All Types of Tree Service All Hardwood Firewood Owner Operated • Firewood Climber/Pruner • Free Estimates With Over • Removals 20 Years • Prunings Experience Serving Queens - Fully Insured 30 Contact Brian (owner)


718-318-0172 • 845-224-9637

HOME IMPROVEMENT HANDYMAN SERVICES Carpentry, Sheetrock, Framing, Windows, Siding, Painting, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Finished Basements, Tiling, Plumbing, Wood Floors

• 10 YDS - $349 • 15 YDS - $449 00* • 20 YDS - $549 • 30 YDS - $64900* 00*

• Same Day/Emergency Delivery Service • Transfer Station Conveniently Located

Reasonable Prices - Free Estimates No Job Too Big or Too Small 31

Michael’s Mechanical Contracting and Home Improvements Inc. Boilers Serviced and Installed RELIABLE Hot Water Heaters SERVICE Kitchen Sinks • Bathroom Fixtures HIC LIC #1102079 Drains Electrically Cleaned 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS

Member of the Better Business Bureau Cell: 1-917-417-4508



High Quality Craftsmanship at Factory Direct Prices! • Sofas Custom Reupholstery & Total Home Design • Chairs • Headboards • Antique Chairs

Professional HANDYMAN Painting, Repairs, Floors, Tile, Finished Basements, Plumbing, Carpentry, Wood Work, Etc.


Toll Free

1-888-336-3726 by appointment only


Chronicle Services Your Connection To Quality Home Improvement

38 28

COSMOS FENCE INC. W&U Construction Inc. Since 1970

• • • •

• Stoop Railings • Window Guards • P.V.C. Fences • Gates

• Window & Door Replacement


NYC Lic. #1333837


Kitchens Bathrooms Carpentry Painting



Lic. #1311321

Cell: 646-262-0153



ACTION SHEETMETAL OVER 20 YEARS IN BUSINESS Fabrication & Installation of Duct Work for Air Conditioning/Heating/Ventilation FREE ESTIMATES

Sale On Concrete Work



OLD CORONA CONSTRUCTION CORP. Specializing in: Brick & Block (patio) Sidewalk, Driveways, Stoops, Interlock Brick Paving, Brick Pointing, Carpentry, Roofing and Waterproofing Lic. #1229326 Licensed & Insured

Masonry Corp. Traditional Old World Masonry and Modern Concepts • Brick • Stone • Concrete • Patios • Walks • Pool Areas • Basement Entrances • Fireplaces • Stoops • Cultured Stone Veneer Lic. & Insured

31 10% Discount with ad Call Billy 718-726-1934

1-877-488-5588 Lic. #1250357


GARAGE DOORS Complete Framing Available • Garages Extended Center Post Removed • Openings Widened

Insulated Garage Doors 32

HUGE CLEARANCE SALE • Steel • Entrance Doors • Wood • Gate Operators • Raised Panels • Parking Systems

• Storm Doors • Security Doors • Maintenance Free Doors

Sales & Service For All Major Brands Wholesale & Retail BROKEN SPRINGS, DOORS, CABLES Authorized Distributors & Installers For:

$25.00 COUPON With Installation of Any New Garage Door Expires 08/30/12.


Lic. #1363123

718-738-1190 fax: 718-738-0145





Henry Braun

• Professional Furniture Repair • Touch-Ups • Refreshing Kitchen Cabinets & Much More FREE ESTIM ATES Call 516-837-0886 31 or 917-515-7416

718-927-4492 For the latest news visit


Wizard Furniture, Inc.

“For the Right Job at a Reasonable Price” • • • •

Lic. #1078969 Credit Cards Accepted

718-558-0333 917-731-7636



Estate Cleanouts Broom Sweep Residential/Commercial Licensed & Insured


A Division of Moveco, Inc. 28

Serving the Community for 3 Generations


• Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations • Boilers • Water Heaters • Drain Cleaning • Piping • Flooring • Tile • Painting • Roofing • Siding • Windows






Commercial & Residential

GRB Construction New Additions & Renovations Affordable Replacement Windows & More Dormers • Extensions • Basements • Decks • Trim Kitchens • Bathrooms • Doors • Roofing • Siding CO-OP / Condo Remodeling Large Selection Of Prefinished Flooring Free Estimates Licensed & Insured


Nassau #H0430700000 - NYC #1125624


CASSEL & & FREYMUTH, FREYMUTH, INC. INC. CASSEL Serving Queens For Over 50 Years


Fully Licensed & Insured



SQ page 41


Windows & Screens Repair or Replacement

Lic. #1248998

Call or Text 917-771-2748 Quality Work at a Fair Price! Not Free


Call Anytime • Immediate Response 24/7 • Licensed & Insured A Division of Everything Home, Inc.

Help Wanted


Leaving Them Broken is Free

J.P. MUSSO ROOFING & SIDING Commercial and Residential • • • •

Siding Roofing/Rips Gutters Slate, Etc.

• • • •

Painting Plastering Taping, Etc. Sheetrock

• Kitchens & Bathrooms

No Job Too Big or Too Small 32 Free Estimates 718-600-5186 Licensed & Insured

Help Wanted



To Advertise Call 718-205-8000

Help Wanted

100% 39g itment 100% Comm 46g 100% Energy ter 42g g 100% 8 Charac 3 ic th Work E 100% Strong g ility 44 b a li e R

Are you made for ALDI? Cashiers $12.10 per hr. Store Manager Trainees $21.00 per hr. $52K per year Shift Managers $16.10 per hr. Cashier Manager(20-40 Trainees $12.10 per hours) hr. $11.00/Hr

It takes a unique person. Someone who’s dedicated. $25.00 per hr. Who excels in a supported, team-oriented environment. And is ready to do what it takes to earn the rewards – like $52Ktime, per and yeargreat benefits – higher wages, generous vacation that come from a successful career at ALDI. With more than 30 years in the industry, we are the leading selecthours) in assortment grocer and one of$11.00/Hr the largest(20-40 food retailers the world, with over 4,000 3,600 locations.

Hiring Event Hiring Event HIRING EVENT BestNovember Western Monday, 10th

Benefits: Higher wages • Major medical and dental insurance Generous vacation time • Paid holidays Requirements: 401 (k)school • Promotion Bonus must be available to work High diploma/GED, anytime between 6am-10pm, retail experience preferred, No Calls Please. EOE drug screening/background check, the ability to lift 45 pounds Benefits: Higher wages • Major medical and dental insurance Generous vacation time • Paid holidays 401 (k) • Promotion Bonus No Calls Please. EOE



Must have 5 yrs Truck Driving exp. Only 4-day work week. Mon-Thurs. Salary $700/ wk. 401K, Med., Dental benefits & uniform. All trucks brand new automatics. Call-A-Head is accepting all licenses. Clean license req’d.


Design and develop enterprise project mgmt systm. Req MS in CS or ComEng + skills in J2EE, SQL Server 2008, Web services, Eclipse, ChartDirector API, Java Scripts. Send resume w/code YOT001 to: HR, CH Innovation LLC, 97-12 63rd Dr., Ste 7D, Rego Park, NY 11374

Apply M-F, 9am-7pm at Call-A-Head Corp. 304 Crossbay Blvd., Broad Channel, NY 11693 Parking in lot across the st.

TLC DRIVERS DENTAL ASSISTANTS WANTED TRAINING PROGRAM For Busy Limo Company . FT/PT 2+ Years Experience Required. For Interview Call:


P/T Begins Early September in Queens, Brooklyn, L.I. & Westchester. Placement Asst. Est. 28 Years. Licensed by NYSED 1(888) 595-3282 X-28



Office Assistant Wanted. Bilingual, Computer Literate, Microsoft Office.


Fax all resumes to


Junk Cars Wanted

$8,000 6,000 - $7,000

$$$ 718-322-7900 $$$



Cars Wanted

Cars Wanted



Help Wanted

Cars Wanted

P/T Medical Assit, front desk, $10.75 HR, 10:30-2:30, and/or 2:30-6:30, M,T, W, F, some Sat’s. Make appts, claim/lab forms, patient referrals, fax resume, no calls, 718-263-4188

CASH FOR CARS! We Buy ANY Car or Truck, Running or NOT! Damaged, Wrecked, Salvaged OK! Get a top dollar INSTANT offer today! 1-800-267-1591

Drivers- Choose your hometime from Weekly, 7/ON- 7/OFF, 14/ON7/OFF. Full or Part-time. Daily Pay! Top Equipment! Requires 3 HHA Needed Full/Part-time. months recent experience. 800Seeking mature female w/demen- 414-9569 tia exp. Pay & benefits pkg. 718- Classified Ad Deadline is 12 Noon 843-2592 on Tuesday for Thursday’s paper.

DONATE VEHICLE: RECEIVE $1000 GROCERY COUPONS. National Animal Welfare Foundation. Support NO KILL Shelters. Help Homeless Pets. Free Towing, TAX DEDUCTIBLE, NON-RUNNERS Accepted 1-888-333-3848

Women 21-31 Egg Donors Needed. 100% confidential Help turn couples into families with physicians onThe Best Doctor's List. 1-877-9-DONATE 1-877-936-6283

For the latest news visit

For our RegoSaw Park and soon to open 7am-12pm and 2pm-6pm 490 Mill Road Manhattan Aldilocations. West Haven, CT 06516 60 Newport Ave. 15 Thursday, January Tuesday, JulyRI31st, 2012 Rumford, 02916 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. & 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Morning Session: 6am - 10am, ALDI Requirements: 61-11 Junction Blvd., Rego Park, NY 11374 High school diploma/GED, must be available to work Afternoon Session:retail 4pm - 7pm,preferred, ALDI anytime between 6am-10pm, experience drug screening/background check, the ability 1750 East Gun Hill Road, Ste.toBlift 45 pounds Bronx, NY 10469

Junk Cars Wanted



s al Fact Person % Daily Value

Help Wanted

Page 41 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012


Chronicle CLASSIFIEDS To Advertise Call 718-205-8000

“SITWANT” VETERANS AIR FORCE VET. Marketing, Communications, Promotional, Administrative, Public Relationshoned skills. Call Bob at 718846-9446 (home) or 516-6520601 (cell) Army Veteran, maintenance/driver, reliable, valid driver’s license, avail anytime. 212-9262946 Seasoned Technical Recruiter (Vietnam Era Veteran) seeking F/T job opportunity in Manhattan or Long Island. 12+ years experience in the NYC arena. Strong abilities to quickly ramp up and provide support with skill-sets in Infrastructure, App Development, Project Management and Sales. Contact me directly at or 718-490-8283 USMC Veteran Seeking job. Previously worked as professional corporate & banquet waiter (fine dining), computer administrator/office support. Certified NY Guard. Has Class E driver’s license. Contact 646538-7945

Bus. Opportunities Seeking hardworking individuals to distribute products. Call J. DeSouza 347-435-1141



Picture us for all of your photography needs

Educational Services

of companies and enterprises will grow 11.4%*

Picture us for your next special event!

Let Plaza College help you prepare with:

Picture Astoria Photography Call: 646-805-8469

•Associate through Bachelor degrees •Day, Evening & Weekend Classes •Financial Aid

Email: Website: Facebook:


AIRLINES ARE HIRING -Train for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified -Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-296-7093

•Career Placement Services

CALL 718.509-9167 74-09 37 AVE., JACKSON HEIGHTS, QUEENS * Source: BMO Capital Market and U.S. Dept. of Labor

516-593-5680 Health/Fitness Services Health/Fitness Services 516-668-6987

MOVING? We Rent Eco-Friendly Reusable Moving Boxes

•Cheaper than Cardboard •Stronger than Cardboard •Easier to Pack and Move •Completely Sanitized •Free Delivery and Pick-up


Certified Teacher, will tutor in Math, Science, Reading & SATs, very reasonable, 718-763-6524

Starting $1.59

Ph.D. provides Outstanding Tutoring in Math, English, Special Exams. All levels. Study skills taught. 718-767-0233

EZ Bins Green Moving Made Easy!

800-467-0295 • (855) 463-9426

Merchandise Wanted

Garage/Yard Sales


Howard Beach/Rockwood Park, Sat 7/21, 9-3, 160-39 89 St. MULTI-FAMILY Yard Sale. Lots of brand new items.

per bin

Merchandise Wanted Merchandise For Sale Merchandise For Sale PLEASE CALL US! We’ve been in business at same location for 30 years. WE BUY ANTIQUES, GOLD, SILVER, OLD FURNITURE, PAINTINGS, OLD TOYS, TRAINS & COSTUME JEWELRY. 105-18 Metropolitan Ave. Forest Hills, NY Our Classifieds Reach Over 400,000 Readers. Call 718-2058000 to advertise. We Court Your Legal Advertising. For Legal Notice Rates & Information, Call 718-205-8000





Call 1-718-205-8000 Deadline to place, correct or cancel ads: Tuesday noon, before Thursday publication Fax 1-718-205-1957

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Queens Chronicle 62-33 Woodhaven Boulevard Rego Park, NY 11374

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality, Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 888-2018657 CDLA TRAINING [Tractor/Trailer]Travel, opportunity & excitement can be yours! National Tractor Trailer School [NTTS] Liverpool NY, Branch in Buffalo 1-800-2439300 or Consumer Information: CDLA TRAINING [Tractor/Trailer]Travel, opportunity & excitement can be yours! National Tractor Trailer School [NTTS] Liverpool NY, Branch in Buffalo 1-800-2439300 or Consumer Information:

Health/Fitness Services

24/7 Emergency Response $1/ day. Living alone? You could fall! Deaths from falls can be avoided. Helps a button push away. Old Howard Beach, Sat 7/21, 9am, Lifewatch 1-800-207-4048 163-44 96 St. Parents of babies Affordable dental plans starting at under 2 MUST COME! Tons of like $9.95/ month! Not insurance. new baby clothes, toys, & gear, Save 15%- 50% on dental care. adult clothes, shoes, DVD’S, No waiting periods. Call Toll Free housewares, etc! 866-213-5397 or visit www.denOzone Park, Sat 7/21, 8:30-2:00, 137-29/30 94 St. Multi-family sale, household & children’s items

Health Services

CASH for Coins! Buying ALL Gold & Silver. Also Stamps & Paper Money, Entire Collections, Estates. Travel to your home. Call Marc Woodhaven, Sat 7/21, 10-4, 96 St, betw 89 Ave & Jamaica Ave, Near NYC 1-800-959-3419 Multi-family Block Sale! LOOKING TO BUY Estates, gold, costume jewelry, Having a garage sale? Let everyold & mod furn, records, silver, one know about it by advertising coins, art, toys, oriental items. Call in the Queens Classifieds. Call George, 718-386-1104 718-205-8000 and place the ad!

Block Sales



Educational Services

for those who qualify

MH Drywall, Inc.

Estate Sales

SAT 7/21 & SUN 7/22 10-3pm, 93-19 93rd Ave. Entire contents of the house must go! Antiques, Collectibles, Clothes, Children’s Items, Tools, Furniture & much more!

How will you prepare?

Weddings, Engagements, Newborns, Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Religious Events and so much more.


For the latest news visit

Educational Services


No job is too big or too small… We Cover It All.


QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 42

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CANADA DRUG CENTER. Safe and affordable medications. Save up to 90% on your medication needs. Call 1-888- 432-1479 ($25.00 off your first prescription and free shipping) Classified Ad Special. Pay for 3 and the 4th is FREE! Call 718205-8000

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To Advertise Call 718-205-8000

THE DEPARTMENT LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 6/8/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: George Marc Bunag, 62-60 99th St., Apt. 416, Rego Park, NY 11374. General Purposes.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: MAKIDIGITAL LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 05/31/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 2162 Crescent Street, No. D8, Astoria, New York 11105. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: DOUGLAS PIPING AND HEATING LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 04/18/2012. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 216-59 113 Drive, Queens Village, NY 11429. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Cascade Realty LLC, Arts of Org filed with NY Sec of State (SSNY) on 6/12/12. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to: 10624 98th St, Ozone Park, NY 11417. General Purposes.

Notice is hereby given that a license, number 1245920 for on-premises liquor license, has been applied for by the undersigned to sell liquor at Yosmira Restaurant Inc. under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law at 131-09 Jamaica Ave., Richmond Hill, NY 11418 for onpremises consumption.

PROBATE CITATION File No.: 2012-555/A SURROGATE’S COURT - QUEENS COUNTY CITATION The People of the State of New York By the Grace of God Free and Independent To: American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation, Judy Grise, Ruth Fenster, Miriam Goldberg, Paul Schorr, Richard Miller, Attorney General of the State of New York The unknown heirs at law, next of kin, and distributees of Ann Koznesoff, deceased, if living, and if any of them be dead to their heirs at law, next of kin, distributees, legatees, executors, administrators, assignees and successors in interest whose names are unknown and cannot be ascertained after due diligence *That all the above named persons to be cited have a Prior/Equal Right to Letters of Administration, C.T.A. A petition having been duly filed by Lois M. Rosenblatt, Public Administrator of Queens County, with offices at 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, New York 11435. YOU ARE HEREBY CITED TO SHOW CAUSE before the Surrogate’s Court, Queens County, at 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard, 6th Floor, in Jamaica, New York, on the 16th day of August, 2012 at 9:30 A.M., why a decree should not be made in the estate of Ann Koznesoff, lately domiciled at 161-32 Jewel Avenue, Apt. 4C, Flushing, New York, admitting to probate a paper dated December 10, 2004, a copy of which is attached, as the Will of Ann Koznesoff, deceased, relating to real and personal property, and directing that: [X] Letters of Administration C.T.A. issue to Lois M. Rosenblatt, Public Administrator of Queens County, pursuant to S.C.P.A. §1402. Dated, Attested and Sealed, June 27, 2012 (L.S.) HON. PETER J. KELLY, Surrogate, Queens County GERARD J. SWEENEY, ESQ., Attorney for Petitioner, 95-25 Queens Boulevard, 11th Floor, Rego Park, New York 11374, (718) 459-9000 Margaret M. Gribbon, Clerk of the Surrogate’s Court. This Citation is served upon you as required by law. You are not obliged to appear in person. If you fail to appear it will be assumed that you do not object to the relief requested unless you file formal legal, verified objections. You have a right to have an attorney-at-law appear for you.

Legal Notices

Notice of formation of LUCKY Q & X, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York SSNY on 08/26/2010. Office located in Queens. SSNY has been designated for service of process. SSNY shall mail copy of any process served against the LLC to: 143-16 Willets Point Blvd., Whitestone, NY 11357. Purpose: any lawful purpose.

492 MONROE LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 5/8/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 87-26 Jamaica Ave., Woodhave, NY 11420. General Purposes.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: KRDC CREATIVE ARTS, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 05/15/2012. Office location is New York County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 29-19 21st Avenue, #C10, New York, NY 11105. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

159-40 100TH STREET LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 4/25/12. Office in Queens Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 86-31 250th St., Bellerose, NY 11426. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. Principal business location: 159-40 100th St., Howard Beach, NY 11414.

NOTICE is hereby given that an Order entered by the Civil Court, Queens County on 7/10/2012, bearing Index Number NC-00039012/QU, a copy of which may be examined at the Office of the Clerk, located at 89-17 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, New York, in Record Room 357, grants me the right to assume the name of Xiuqin Lin. My present name is Susan Lamxu. My present address is 9921 67 Road, Apt. 5F, Forest Hills, NY 11375. My place of birth is China. My date of birth is March 9, 1933.

Notice of Formation of ACO BAKERY 32ND, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 5/21/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 5-37 51st Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101. Purpose: any lawful activity.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: BOY WONDER STUDIOS, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 04/04/2012. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 89-15 145th Street, Jamaica, NY 11435. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

STAMMTISCH PROPERTIES LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 5/22/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Werner Lehner, 69-46 Myrtle Ave., Glendale, NY 11385. General Purposes.

NOTICE is hereby given that an Order entered by the Civil Court, Queens County on 6/11/12, bearing Index Number NC-000295-12/QU, a copy of which may be examined at the Office of the Clerk, located at 89-17 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11435, grants me the right to assume the name of Sissi Chan Yu. My present name is Sissy Chan aka Sissi Chan. My present address is 22-07 149th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357-3535. My place of birth is New York, NY. My date of birth is January 10, 1979.

NOTICE is hereby given that an Order entered by the Civil Court, Queens County on 6/27/12, bearing Index Number NC000354-12/QU, a copy of which may be examined at the Office of the Clerk, located at 89-17 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11435, grants me the right to assume the name of Allen Hyokyun An. My present name is Hyo Kyun An aka Hyo K An. My present address is 6110 230th St., 1st Fl., Oakland Gardens, NY 11364. My place of birth is South Korea. My date of birth is October 2, 1983.

Andre Smikle, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 4/13/12. Office in Queens County. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to 133-24 Laurelton Pkwy, Rosedale, NY 11422. Purpose: General.

Notice of Formation of WHITESTONE COMMONS REALTY, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 5/25/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 12-40 Clintonville St., Whitestone, NY 11357. Purpose: any lawful activity.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: 41st STREET ASSOCIATES LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 06/11/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, P.O. Box 575042, Whitestone, New York 11357. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: KOZY KORNER JAMAICAN RESTAURANT LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 04/23/2012. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to Lavern Collins, 145-07 Frankton Street, Rosedale, NY 11422. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice is hereby given that a license, number 1264173 for beer, liquor and wine, has been applied for by Ked’s I, Corp. d/b/a Nest Restaurant & Bar to sell beer, liquor and wine at retail in a restaurant and bar, under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law at 125-15, 125-17 101st Avenue, South Richmond Hill, Queens County for on-premises consumption.

Name of Foreign LLC: VJ Designs LLC. Authority filed with NY Dept. of State: 5/10/12. Office loc.: Queens Co. LLC formed in DE: 2/29/12. NY Sec. of State designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served and shall mail process to: c/o Business Filings Inc., 187 Wolf Rd., Ste. 101, Albany, NY 12205. DE addr. of LLC: 108 W. 13th St., Wilmington, DE 19801. Cert. of Form. filed with DE Sec. of State, 401 Federal St., Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: any lawful act.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: A.S. Wings LLC. Application for Authority was filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 06/05/2012. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 21 Greene Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Reward $500.00 looking for Larry Johnson’s children. Contact by fax, 212-677-9536

Adoption ADOPT: A dazzling world of fun, museums, endless opportunities, and unconditional love await your baby of any race/ ethnicity. Expenses paid. Jared/ Jezi 888-9801392 ADOPT: Lots of LOVE & blessings to share! Let us be the answer to your prayers for your baby. Wendy & Tim 1- 800-409-5224. Expenses paid. Pregnant, scared, need help? Licensed agency offers free confidential counseling, financial assistance, guidance, opened/closed adoption, choice of loving, preapproved families. Call Joy: 866922-3678. www.ForeverFamilies Pregnant? Young, Married couple, longs to adopt child. Open to all nationalities. Expenses pd. Call 877-822-1432

Legal Service WERE YOU IMPLANTED WITH A ST. JUDE RIATA DEFIBRILLATOR LEAD WIRE between June 2001 and December 2010? Have you had this lead replaced, capped or did you receive shocks from the lead? You may be entitled to compensation. Contact Attorney Charles Johnson 1-800-535-5727

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NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: ROCKAWAY BLVD. BASEMENT LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 05/23/12. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2050. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 195 East Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06855. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.


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To Advertise Call 718-205-8000

Real Estate EQUAL HOUSING. Federal, New York State and local laws prohibit discrimination because of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, marital status, familial status or disability in connection with the sale or rental of residential real estate. Queens Chronicle does not knowingly accept advertising in violation of these laws. When you suspect housing discrimination call the Open Housing Center (the Fair Housing Agency for the five boroughs of New York) at 212-941-6101, or the New York City Commission of Human Rights Hotline at 212306-7500. The Queens Chronicle reserves the right to alter wording in ads to conform with Federal Fair Housing regulations.



LINDENWOOD 1 BR…$900 2BR 1 BA…$1400 2BR 1 BA…$1500 3 BR 2 BA…$1550 3 BR 2 BA…$1650

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Jerry Fink Real Estate

718-766-9175 Howard Beach, exclusive agent for studios & 1 BR apts, absentee L/L. Call Joe Trotta, Broker @ 718843-3333 Howard Beach/Lindenwood, 3 BRs w/terr, 1 1/2 baths, close to all shops & trans, no pets/smoking, credit ck req. Call owner, 917855-7390

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Howard Beach/Cloverdale, 1 BR walk-in, sliding door to yard, near shopping, express bus, schools, no pets, no broker fee, free W/D, $1,025/mo, heat incl, 917-723-0158

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Howard Beach/Rockwood Park, studio apt, pvt ent, $850/mo, G&E/cable incl, no pets/smoking, BANK ACQUIRED NEW LUXURY call 718-843-4564 CONDOS - Naples Florida area. Up Old Howard Beach, 2 fl, 2 BRs, To $285,000 OFF orig. prices. One wood fls, DW, stove, CAC. No Day Sale Saturday, July 21st. ALL pets/smoking, avail immed, will be sold! Quality construction with ultra-high-end finishes. Own $1,700/mo neg. 718-753-4948 for below builder cost in prestiOld Howard Beach, 3 BR, newly gious community - walk to over renov Kit, DW, A/C, 2 fl, no 20 restaurants/ 100 shops! Must pets/smoking. $1,350/mo. 718- see. Great financing. Call 1-866845-8465 959-2825, x. 436 Richmond Hill North, 1 BR, 2 fl, Howard Beach Condo, 3 BR, 2 close to trans. Asking $1,150. bath, townhouse, 2 indoor gar’s, 2 outdoor spots, dog ok, $289K. Owner 347-255-2117 Connexion I RE, 718-845-1136 Woodhaven Park Estate, beautiful 3 BRs, 2 baths, modern apt, close LENDER ORDERED LIQUIDATION SALE! Southwest Florida. Brand to all. Owner, 718-541-4856 new condo 2BR, 2BA, GARAGE Woodhaven, 2 BRs, also Ozone only $99,900. Same unit sold for Park, 1 BR, $800/mo, garage $295K! Gorgeous new 1300 sf avail, refs req. Owner 917-520- condo. All appliances, granite coun7902 ters, more. Excellent financing. Ask about our fly-n-buy program. Call now 877-526-3631, x 438

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HOWARD BEACH, CO-OP FOR SALE 3 1/2 rms, 1 BR, top fl, new Howard Beach/Lindenwood, 3 BRs, kit, updated bath, hardwood fls, 1 1/2 baths, w/terr, 2 fl, credit ck, all new appl, maint only $506/mo, $1,650/mo. Owner, 718-845-6077 move-in cond. Asking $112,500. CALL NOW! 516-298-7422 Howard Beach/Lindenwood, MUST SEE! Spacious 3 BR, 2 Howard Beach/Lindenwood, steal bath, pvt house, upstairs, heat this L-shaped studio w/ terr co-op incl, no pets. $1,600/mo. Call for $49K, neg, needs TLC. 646-242-8652 Connexion I RE, 718-845-1136

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Houses For Sale HOWARD BEACH ROCKWOOD PARK Cape, 4 BRs, 2 Full Baths, Updated Kit & Baths, Roof 5 years old, Hot water heater 2 years old, Lg unfinished bsmnt, Det gar, 50x100, Asking $585K. Owner 516-884-0355


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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Notice of Formation of VALARIE MICHELLE DECOR LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 06/08/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to the LLC, 4035 67 St., Apt. 31, Woodside, NY 11377. The regd. agent of the company upon whom and at which process against the company can be served is Valarie Baser, at the princ. office of the LLC. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: CROSSTOWN REALTY HOLDINGS LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 04/30/2012. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 43-10 39th Street, Long Island City, NY 11104. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: AMERICA MECCA REALTY LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 06/08/2012. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 7943 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, NY 11379. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of limited liability company. Name: WORDSMITH PUBLISHING LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 09/02/2011. Office location is Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to C/O UNITED STATES CORPORATION AGENTS, INC., 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228. The general purpose: For any lawful purpose.

OUR EXCLUSIVE! SAT 7/21, 12-2PM, 160-39 97TH ST. Cape style, 7 Rms, 4 BRs, Master on 1st Fl, 2 Full Baths, Spacious EIK, FDR, Lg LR 15x27, Pvt Dvwy, Gar, Bsmnt.



SAT 7/21, 3-5pm, 31 W. 11 Rd.

Boater’s Delight! 2/3 BR on Waterfront Canal, Open LR w/FDR & Kit, Jacuzzi & Stall shower.

CHANNEL TEAM REALTY 718-634-5000 Howard Beach, Sat 7/21, 12-2, 156-25 80 St. Garden Co-op, 1st fl, 2 BRs, updated kit & bath, hardwood fls, storage room, laundry room, dogs ok. Howard Beach Realty, 718-641-6800

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5 BRs, 2½ Baths, Remodeled Kitchen & Baths, Hardwood Fls throughout, Cathedral Ceilings, Move right in!

LITTLE FALLS, NY LAND FOR SALE: 59.9 acres, fields/woods on NYS Route 5 $69,000. 17.9 acres fields/woods scenic views $39,000. Owner financing. 518-861-6541


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What an anniversary present!

Happy couple is remodeling their home and saving money too, thanks to the HRA program Iris Escobar is a coupon clipper, proud to be frugal. But you don’t usually clip coupons for home improvement, so when she and her husband, Victor, decided to remodel their home, she had to find another way to save. But Iris didn’t have to look far. The answer arrived in her mailbox one day last summer: a card advertising the Housing Rehabilitation Assistance program. Thanks to the HRA, the Escobars are getting a world-class makeover to their kitchen, dining room and downstairs bathroom, along with a new roof and energy-efficient windows — all without spending a dime in cash, and without increasing their mortgage payments a penny. Taking advantage of the program is letting them save thousands of dollars on a project that would have cost $103,000, and thanks to refinancing, they’re making the same monthly payments they were before on their Baldwin home — but now $200 each month is going toward the principal. They couldn’t be happier — not about the savings, not about the work that’s being done, and especially not about the full range of services HRA is providing as their home is transformed. “It’s been a great ride,” Victor said. “I can’t say enough about the HRA program. I can’t say enough about everybody involved with the program.” His wife agrees. “I’m excited, I’m very excited,” she said. “I’m glad I met this team; they’re great!” Speaking to Carlos Fontanez, the couple’s HRA representative, she added, “I told my sister about you, I told my coworkers about you — I tell everyone about you.” What Iris is telling everyone is how the HRA guides clients through every step of the home remodeling process, from helping decide what

work should be done to how it will be financed, from securing financial assistance to overseeing the work and making sure the contractors are not paid until the homeowner is satisfied. A fan of “The People’s Court,” where she sees a lot of irresponsible contractors sued over jobs that weren’t done correctly, Iris said she was especially glad that the HRA holds clients’ money in escrow until they certify that they’re satisfied. Carlos described how he starts a project with clients like the Escobars: “I explain to them what HRA does and show them the different options for how we can accomplish what they want to do to reach their goals, help them get financing and a reduced interest rate on their mortgage.” “Af ter t he f i rs t 10 m i n u tes speaking to him, I was sold on the program,” Victor said. “All through this, he’s been great.” An HRA administrator explained the program’s basic approach: “The services offered by the HRA extend beyond just financial assistance for home improvement projects. We have implemented numerous processes to ensure that projects completed by HRA-approved contractors are done to the homeowner’s satisfaction.” Just take a look at some of the program’s requirements for contractors. They all must be: • licensed, bonded and insured for at leas t $100,000 per incident; • registered with the Better Business Bureau, with a rating of an A or higher; • in business for at least 10 years; • able to provide the names and addresses of eight clients they have done home improvement projects for in the past year; and • able to perform four test proj-

ects for the HRA prior to working for any clients. With that kind of screening, it’s no surprise that only the best contractors get to do HRA-sponsored jobs. At the Escobars’ house, it’s a big job that’s underway. First the roof and windows were replaced, and new gutters and leaders installed. The couple is thrilled with the result. There’s a stunning new bay window in the dining room that measures about 8 feet wide by 5 feet high. The kitchen features a garden window, an especially deep one with a glass shelf so their plants can be surrounded by light from all sides. Next the interior of the kitchen and bathroom were completely gutted, with everything from new gas lines and plumbing to new Sheetrock and insulation going in. The door to the basement was moved from one wall to another to make room for all the cabinetry surrounding the garden window. The new kitchen is going to feature only the best equipment and materials, including a six-burner stove with a pot-filler faucet, double sink with pullout faucet, beautiful real-wood cabinets, granite countertops and floor tiles. A new two-level peninsula with a granite top will serve as a bar, or just another place for family and friends to gather. There will even be a tilt-out drawer for sponges and brushes in front of the sinks. “I’m a hoarder,” Iris said. “They’re giving me lots of drawers and shelves to put away my stuff.” Even more of her and her husband’s “stuff” will go in the new pantries that will be built in an area just off the kitchen. Those will be done in the same deep finish as the kitchen cabinets, and feature modern conveniences like pullout drawers

Iris Escobar shows off the new tiling that will be going in her bathroom. behind the doors. The bathroom also will be allnew. The shower will feature a bench and a modern rain shower head. The tile walls will be accented by a mosaic design running around the whole room. The hardware will be bronze, and the contractor even found a toilet in Mexican sand, a cream-like color, that will complement the decor perfectly. I n t h e f r o n t o f t h e h o u s e, the contractor replaced all the windows in the foyer and added insulation. Not only will the Escobars earn tax credits for energy ef ficiency, but Iris says she felt the difference immediately. Drafty for years, the foyer is now cozy, she said.

After all the interior work is done, the project will go back outside, as a new deck and patio get installed. Iris likes to entertain, but for the last three years hadn’t bothered because she wasn’t happy with how the house was looking. But now she’s looking forward to holding a big bash in June, to show off the renovations made possible by the HRA program and to celebrate the couple’s 10th anniversary. The timing couldn’t have worked out better. To find out if you qualify for the Housing Rehabilitation Assistance program, just call the HRA toll-free at 866-791-6302. Tell them you read about the Escobars’ job, and they’ll give you the same level of excellent service.


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Iris and Victor Escobar are getting rich wood cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom, and got to see how various colors would look on their walls before choosing. The bathroom will get a carved stone sink. Carlos Fontanez, the couple’s HRA representative, has become a friend as well — they’ve invited him to a party they’re planning to celebrate their 10th anniversary — and their newly remodeled home.

QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012 Page 46

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Ice Jewelry: where the owners I HAVE OFTEN WALKED can relate to their clients Wdhvn. Blvd.’s notorious

LIRR by Ron Marzlock Chronicle Contributor


We Pay 15x Face Value For Coins 1964 and Below

Ice Jewelry Buying Service is located on Queens Boulevard in Rego Park.


like it’s a one-shot deal and we don’t do that,” Elias said. In addition to buying gold, silver, diamonds, Recently, a woman and her boyfriend went watches and coins, Ice Jewelry Buying also into an unassuming gold buying and cash loan offers instant cash loans for jewelry and eBay shop on Queens Boulevard. She had a $35 selling services. offer on her ring from another area shop, but Their cash loans program is straightforward and was looking to get a better deal. In what may simple. “It’s a perfect solution for someone who be viewed as poor business acumen, she told has a bill due and a check on the way,” Goldberg her new prospective buyer what her previous said. “But we make sure they have a game plan to offer was. Still, after examining her piece, he buy their jewelry back before the end of the term. offered her $1,600. He did so, as he says, Sometimes these are people’s heirlooms we’re “...because that’s what it was worth.” talking about and we respect that.” The plight of the worker who’s hard-up for For those who are less Internet-savvy or cash in today’s economy is something that just don’t have the time, Ice Jewelry Buying Arthur Elias and Edward Goldberg can relate to offers a convenient eBay sales service. If what first-hand, having been laid off from their jobs a customer has isn’t an item that Ice Jewelry in jewelry manufacturing. They understand Buying would purchase, like a handbag or that people get into situations where they just antique furniture, they can help find a buyer need a little cash fast to make the bills and Ice on their eBay store. Elias consults with the Jewelry Buying Service hopes to help out in customer to find a target the most honest way they can. price and let the internet STORE HOURS “For this, I like to think we’re auctioneers handle the rest. doing the community a service,” MON.-FRI. 11am - 7pm For anyone who has Elias said. “We’re in the business SAT. 10am - 5pm ever dealt with the hassle of helping people who are in a SUN. by Appointment of selling and shipping tough spot. They can come to an item on eBay — all the our store and know that we can forms involved in setting up a user and paypal educate them on what they have and we’ll give account, the 10-15 percent fee that Ice them what their items are worth. When that Jewelry Buying charges to do all the work is woman told me her previous offer, it made me really a bargain deal. wonder how many times this happens — how “At the end of the day, I just want people many people who really need that money get to feel comfortable doing business with us. taken advantage of?” People have this conception of gold buying Elias opened his Rego Park shop with stores as these slimy places with slimy Goldberg less than a year ago, and already people, and they’re typically right. But we they’re seeing a lot of repeat customers and want to be different. I don’t think it’s cool to referrals. This is a sign to them that they’re see someone buy a ring for $200 and put it in doing something right — the pawn business their counter for $800. We don’t do that.” typically deals in one-time transactions but Ice Jewelry Buying Services is located at Elias is determined to break that mold, 98-30 Queens Blvd. in Rego Park. Hours of building a reputation on trust. operation are Monday-Friday from 11am to “Everyone around here is buying gold these 7:00pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm; Sunday days; you can go into the barber shop down private appoinments are available. Call for the road and sell your jewelry. The problem Q more information (718) 830-0030. with all these places is they treat everything

by Denis Deck

In 1908, Long Island Rail Road engineers came up with idea to raise the line above ground level. This change was to Woodhaven Boulevard looking north at the underpass at Eliot prevent the number of Avenue in October 1939. accidents that were occurring at the street pedestrian level with the north side under the bridge had a large both automobiles and people. The second wide pedestrian walkway just like the reason was to give the train an express route. south side still has today. As the flow of traffic increased, the walkAlso at this time the steam train was abanway was taken away and replaced with a doned and was electrified with a third rail. One of the most notorious and danger- tiny path shielded with a wall of metal plate ous of the LIRR underpasses in Queens that was completed in 1939 for the flow of was the one built in 1909 at Woodhaven traffic for the World’s Fair and opening of Boulevard and Eliot Avenue. When it was Ascension School and Church which was f irst built, Woodhaven Boulevard was re-named Resurrection-Ascension in 1951. Despite adding a metal wall and adding called Trotting Course Lane, and the piece of property it was built on wasn’t called red warning lights, deaths of school children and adults still happened. The metal Rego Park but was known as Elmhurst. The area was sparsely populated sur- wall was extended outside the underpass rounded by the farms of Middle Village. to help increase the shield. Today this outNobody envisioned it to become the night- dated relic still stands with a clearance Q mare it has turned into today. Originally, height of only 13 feet.

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Chronicle Contributor





Same old second half story? by Lloyd Carroll Chronicle Contributor

After the Mets were swept by the Braves last weekend, as play resumed following the All-Star Game hiatus, you couldn’t help feel that you’ve seen this movie before. The plot basically goes like this: underdog team led by a fiery manager defies the nay-sayers and plays over its head right up to the All-Star Game. Then the All-Star break comes and the team falls apart because of either (a) injuries, (b) the bullpen breaks down, (c) the Mets’ division rivals start to play a lot better or (d) a combination of the previous choices. Aside from history, Mets fans had to fear that their heroes may have been running out of gas just before the All-Star break when they were only able to muster one win in three games at Citi Field against one of the worst teams in the majors, the Chicago Cubs. A few weeks earlier, the Mets did the same thing at Wrigley Field. No team obviously ever likes to lose, but some games hurt a lot more than others. When sportswriters and fans look for turning points in the 2012 season, last Saturday’s debacle in Atlanta, where the Mets held a 7-5 lead going into the bottom of the eighth inning only to watch their bullpen implode yet again as they gave up three runs, will stand out. Relief pitchers are often nicknamed

“firemen,” because of their abilities to douse the proverbial flames of opposing runners on base. Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown could probably get a grand jury to indict the Mets bullpen for being arsonists whenever victory is within reach. The Mets pitching staff suffered a major setback when doctors at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital discovered a blood clot in Dillon Gee’s pitching shoulder. Gee doesn’t receive a fraction of the press that R.A. Dickey or Johan Santana get, but he is a fine pitcher who keeps his team in nearly every game and generally goes deep into most of them, saving manager Terry Collins from having to over-rely on one of the worst relief staffs in baseball. Blood clots can be fatal, but Broadway may have indirectly played a part in preventing tragedy. Most players tend to return home during baseball’s midsummer break. When I asked Dillon if he planned to use the upcoming days off to return to Fort Worth, he replied, “My wife and I had such a great time seeing “Rock of Ages” on Broadway last year that we want to catch another show as well as see some museums and try new restaurants.” Thankfully, Dillon felt numbness and tingling in his right hand while in New York Hopefully, he and his wife will get to see some theatrical productions as he recovers. Q

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Get Your House

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All Brick, Huge Custom Split HOWARD BEACH/ROCKWOOD PARK Mint Hi-Ranch, Totally Redone, Colonial 37x35 on 56x100 Lot, Beautiful 3/4 BRs Colonial, Full Fin 3/4 BRs, New Kit w/SS Appl, New 4 BRs, 3.5 Baths, New Oak Fls, 2 Fireplaces, Paved Circular Dvwy, Bsmnt, Updated Throughout, Private Brick, Stucco, Windows, Pavers Front & Back! Asking only $699K Driveway, Garage. $489K 2 Car Gar, IGP.

Traffic light comes to 103rd After years of residents asking for a means of traffic control in the wake of numerous accidents, the Department of Transportation finally gave the green light for a traffic signal at the corner of 103rd Street and 103rd Avenue in Ozone Park. The light was installed at the intersection on July 16. Before, there were only stop signs at 103rd Street, which is one-way northbound. Residents on the block had asked for either a four-way stop sign or a traffic light, which have been installed at other busy intersections along 103rd Avenue in recent years including at 99th Street and 105th

REAL ESTATE SERVICES INC. 161-14A Crossbay Blvd., Howard Beach (Brother’s Shopping Ctr.)


Street, both of which are near schools. The adjacent streets, 102nd and 104th streets, both have lights at 103rd Avenue. Both are major routes between Rockaway Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue. The intersection of 103th Street and 103th Avenue has been the scene of multiple accidents in the past few years including one that destroyed a lamppost and injured at least two people. The intersection is one block south of St. Mary Gate of Heaven church and only two blocks from SMGH school and John Adams High School.


HOWARD BEACH/ROCKWOOD PARK Mint Corner Colonial on 100x40, Totally Redone w/New Kit, Granite Lg Hi-Ranch w/Bsmnt, 40x100 Lot, 5 BRs, 3 Full Baths, All Hardwood Fls, Countertops & Stainless Steel Appliances, All Tiled Floors, 3 BRs, 1 Car Gar, Well Water for Sprinklers, 2.5 Baths. $629K CAC, New Roof. Asking $675K

Page 47 QUEENS CHRONICLE, Thursday, July 19, 2012

Connexion I

HOWARD BEACH/ROCKWOOD PARK Move-in Condition Hi-Ranch 40x100, New Kitchen, Updated Baths, New Carpeting, 5 BRs, 2 Baths, Asking only $659K




HB y t l a e R

Beautiful Mint Legal 2 Family Being HOWARD BEACH/OLD SIDE Move-in Condition, 1 Family, 3 BRs, used as 1 family, 4 BRs, 2.5 Baths, 2 Family Brick/Vinyl, 41x100, 6 over 6. New Kitchen w/Hardwood Fls, Basement Sheetrocked with High Hats. Full Basement, Great Location, Granite. Asking only $629K High Ceilings. Asking $619K New Windows & Kitchen. $365K


FREE MARKET APPRAISALS Thomas J. LaVecchia, Licensed Real Estate Broker 137-05 Cross Bay Blvd. Ozone Park, NY 11417




Houses Wanted - Free To List - Free Credit Check - Call Now!



OPEN HOUSE SAT 7/21, 12-2pm


156-25 80th Street


HOWARD BEACH ROCKWOOD PARK Det, 1 fam 10 Rms, 4 BRs. 2.5 Baths, Garage, Pvt Dvwy, 40x100. Call Now!


HOWARD BEACH ROCKWOOD PARK Hi Ranch, 49x100, 10 Rms, Fireplace, Many Extras, 4 BRs, 3 Baths, Inground Pool, Garage, Pvt Dvwy. New Lower Price! Call Now!


HOWARD BEACH/OLD SIDE Legal 2 Family, 3 BRs, 2 Baths over Studio Apt. 2 Car Pvt Dvwy, Updated Kitchen & Baths. $619K




Beautiful Large Hi-Ranch (50x25) HOWARD BEACH/LINDENWOOD Large quaint colonial on 40x100, 4 on 100x45 Lot, 3 BRs, 2 Full Baths, 3 BRs, 2 Bath Condo/Townhouse, BRs, 2.5 baths, LR w/Enclosed Porch, Lg Manicured Lawn, Pvt Dvwy & 2 Terraces, 2 Garages, Dogs OK, New Fireplace, EIK, Fin Bsmnt, Pvt Dvwy Oversized Garage. $659K W/D. A Must See! A Steal @ $289K! for 4 cars. $529K

HOWARD BEACH 4 Rms, 1 BR Hi Rise Co-Op, All redone, New Granite Kit, New Bath, New Appl. PARKING AVAILABLE! Asking $115K

HOWARD BEACH 2 BR Garden Co-op, 2 fl, New Granite Kit, All Stainless Appliances, New bath. Dog/Cat ok. Call Now!

COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE HOWARD BEACH - Walk-in Co-op, Perfect for Doctor's Office, Attorney or Dance Studio w/Parking Spaces. 1st Fl, 21x40. Asking $2500/mo.

HOWARD BEACH Colonial, 30x100, 3 BRs, 1 New Bath, 1.5 Gar and Pvt Dvwy, New Lower Price! Must See! $449K


HOWARD BEACH/OZONE PARK Howard Beach, 3.5 Rm 1 BR Apt, Terrace, Laundry Room on Premises, and parking.

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HOWARD BEACH CO-OPS • Studio .............................. $49K • 1 BR Hi Rise, Top Floor, Move in condition! .........$105K • 2 BR w/Dining Room, (Garden) in Courtyard, Low Maintenance $136K HOWARD BEACH/ROCKWOOD PARK


Waterfront Custom Luxury Home • Park Village Condo, 2 BRs, on 80x100 lot, Center Hall w/5 2 Baths w/Terr, W/D, Low BRs and 5 Full Baths. Master Suite Common Charge, 1 Deeded w/Attached Office. Full Fin Bsmnt Parking Spot.................. $269K w/recreation room & 1 BR Apt.

Unique 4 BR, 2.5 Baths, 1 car gar and rare 3 car dvwy, CAC, deck overlooking yard with in-ground pool. Mint walk-in, new kit, granite countertops, spectacular bath. Asking $649K

For the latest news visit

Garden Co-Op 1st fl, 2 BRs, Pet friendly dogs ok, Updated kit and bath, Hardwood floors, Storage room, Laundry room on premises.

Lg Cape on 42x100, Updated Windows, HOWARD BEACH/ROCKWOOD PARK Partially dormered cape on 50x100, H/W Fls on 1st Fl, Updated EIK w/9' Ceilings and Access to Bkyd, Det 2 5 BRs, 2 Full Baths, Full Basement, Car Gar w/Pvt Dvwy, Full Fin Top Fl & Private Driveway, Garage. Bsmnt, Pavers in Bkyd. Asking. $629K Asking $529K


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96-10 101st Ave., Ozone Park, NY 11416

718-848-4700 Fax: 718-848-4865 WWW.REMAXLIBERTY.COM

BRIARWOOD UPDATED! Lovely Kitchen, Bathroom, DR/LR Combo, One BR!! Great Condo! Great Location! A Must See!! Mint Condition!! Also, Terrace with Nice View!

Call Anthony Fernandez 718-848-4700




Beautiful House In Mint Condition!!! 4 BRs, 2.5 Baths, Full Fin. Bsmt, Formal Dining Room, Legal 2 Fam. Home is Used As 1, Great Price! Call Ana Maria for more details 917-309-3408

Lovely 2 Family Home, Detached, 5 BR, 2 Full Bathrooms and a 2 Car Gar!! Formal Dining Room and Hardwood Floors! A Must See!

Very Nice 2 Family House, Wood Floors, New Kitchen, Big Backyard, Close To Transportation, Schools & Shopping. Ready To Move In!

Call Margie Baraket 718-848-4700

Call Nancy 718-848-4700 for more info

OZONE PARK Newlyn Estates 3 BR, 2 Bath DUPLEX CONDO w/Garage! Move in Ready!!!! Priced in the Low 300K’s!! For more details Call Maryann 917-838-2624 or Theresa 347-531-9060


RIDGEWOOD 2 Fam. Plus Store. Used as Bar Restaurant Business (Sell as Package with Building) Plus 2 Apartments w/2 BR, LR, DR, Kit & Full Bath! in a Good Area! A Must See!



700 Sq. Ft. Storefront For Rent in Busy Section of Ozone Park. Close to Pathmark Shopping Center on Atlantic. Perfect for Candy Store, Luncheonette, Newsstand, any Business. For more info: Please Contact Carolyn De Falco 718-848-4700

Lovely Hi-Ranch Style Brick Home w/In-ground Pool, Central A/C, Built-In BBQ, Anderson Windows & Doors, Updated Kitchen & Baths. Beautiful Fireplace! Storage Attic, In-ground Sprinkler System, & Home Alarm System. Call Carolyn DeFalco 718-848-4700

Call Teddy for more info 917-513-6621


For the latest news visit

HOWARD BEACH Rockwood Park, Custom Built, Brick Split. ¾ BRs, 72x100 Lot, HUGE Family Room w/Wood Burning Fireplace, Wet Bar, & Office. TOO MANY EXTRAS TO MENTION!! A MUST SEE!!!

Huge 3 BR Condo w/2 Full Baths & Lots of Closets in Excellent Condition, Close To Transportation & Major Highways, JFK Airport and “A” Train. Easy To Show Call Now And Reserve Your Appointment!!

Contact Carolyn De Falco 917-208-9176

Paul Deo 718-848-4700




Great Summer Sale!! $110K!! If You Like The Ocean This Apt Is Right For You!!! Quaint Co-op on the ocean!! A Must See!! Kitchen Has New Appliances And Building Has Laundry Room!

Legal 3 Family Brick Home! Pvt. Driveway! EXCELLENT INVESTMENT PROPERTY!! A MUST SEE!!! $539K!

Call Dominic 718-848-4700

Call Rene Rose 718-848-4700

Call Pedro & Cecilia for more info 718-848-4700



Beautiful, Spacious Colonial w/Private Dvwy! On A Great Block In Old Howard Beach. House Has 3 BR, Walk-Up Attic, Fin. Bsmt. A Must See House Priced at $499K!!

Great Investment Location, Low Vacancy Rate & Improved Apartments & Utilities. Short Walking Distance to All Amenities (Post Office, Library, Banks, Subway, Shops, Schools). Attractive Lease on Retail Space.

Great Property in Sheepshead Bay!!! Selling Business, Building, & Merchandise For $1,900,000! Selling Business & Property for $1,750,000! Plumbing Supplies Co. Well Established 9-Year-Old Bus. 1 Fl, 6,000 Sq. Ft. Office, Warehouse, Gar., 2 Fl, 2,400 sq. ft. Showroom. Great Opportunity To Buy & Own Building, Seller Motivated. Can Be Sold Property Only.

Contact John Dibs 718-848-4700 for more info!

Call Anthony Fernandez 718-848-4700

Call Rene Rose for more info at 718-848-4700


ROCKAWAY BEACH Great Investment, 1 Block To Beach, Close To Schools And Transportation, 1 Block To “A” Train. Needs some TLC

Super Mint/Move-In-Condition! $180K!!! 3 BR Co-op Converted to 2 BR W/Formal DR Updated Kit. W/Granite Countertop & Ceramic Flooring & Updated Bath. Refin. Hardwood Flooring - Freshly Painted. 1st Floor Unit & Pets Allowed. Maint/Month Includes 2 A/Cs (At $20/Ea. Per Month) & 2 Parking Spots. Convenient To All!! For more details Call Maryann 917-838-2624 or Theresa 347-531-9060

S. OZONE PARK Beautiful One Fam. Det., Party Dvwy, Excellent for First-Time Homebuyers!!! A Must See!! Short Sale!

Call Pedro & Cecilia for more info 718-848-4700

Queens Chronicle South Edition  

Queens Chronicle South Edition for July 19, 2012

Queens Chronicle South Edition  

Queens Chronicle South Edition for July 19, 2012