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Quadrille’s Spring/Summer 2017 season offers a wealth of ground breaking stationery items from brands familiar to our list as well as those we are delighted to introduce to the market place. Our collaboration continues with internationally renowned British designer, Lulu Guinness, and features a fabulous pencil set with 6 HB pre-sharpened foil blocked pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser in a timeless die-cut box. We see an indispensable Journal Library from the V&A, the world’s leading museum of art and design, comprising a set of 3 paperback notebooks in an eye catching, die-cut slipcase. The evocatively designed range of French Stationery presents a must-have A5 Organiser — an aide-mémoire with plenty of space for writing notes as well as keeping track of receipts and tickets. Environmentally friendly, recycled test prints and offprints from Hato Press showcase a unique Sketchbook for use with pencil, chalk, acrylic and ink. Printed with individual overlaid artwork and text, every copy of the Sketchbook range is different and unique. The importance of mindfulness remains at the forefront of our everyday lives. Our innovative Mindfulness origami wallet contains 60 sheets of origami paper and step-by-step instructions for simple projects which will enable you to focus, slow down and de-stress as you fold. We are so grateful for your continued support and look forward to growing our sales with you in 2017 and beyond. Melanie Gray Business Development Director, Stationery






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Lulu Guinness is one of the most important designers in Britain today. Her fashion accessories are critically acclaimed and sold worldwide. The Lulu Guinness intention since 1989 has always been to be slightly outré and push boundaries. Today the brand still abides by the motto, ‘Dare To Be Different’, and their adventurous accessories have become cult favourites around the globe. Lulu Guinness have stores in the UK, Taiwan, China, Thailand and the UAE.


1 Address Book This luxurious address book has Lulu’s trademark red sprayed edges to the book block, a ribbon marker and 4 die-cut pockets interspersed throughout to hold essentials such as business cards, tickets or receipts.

3 Slimline Notebook With a die-cut cover in Lulu’s signature lip design, this glamorous notebook is the perfect size to carry in a handbag. It contains 128 lined pages, a ribbon marker and 2 tabbed sections at the back marked ‘Shopping Lists’ and ‘To Do Lists’.

978 184949 944 6 | suggested RP: £12.00 Net price: £5.00 + VAT | 145 x 105mm

978 184949 943 9 | suggested RP: £10.00 Net price: £4.17 + VAT | 160 x 190mm

2 Boxed pencil set Lulu brings her signature designs and bright colours to this striking pencil set which is perfect for everyday writing or sketching. The 6 graphite HB pencils are pre-sharpened and foil blocked. The box is die-cut in an iconic Lulu Guinness design and contains a pencil sharpener and an eraser. 978 184949 945 3 | suggested RP: £10.00 Net price: £4.17+ VAT | 210 x 57x 16mm


1 Address book

2 Boxed pencil set

3 Slimline notebook

The new range from the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s leading museum of art and design, features patterns from its acclaimed collection of textiles and wallpapers. New additions include an Origami Wallet and Journal Library, each containing unique patterns that will add flair to any desk or home office. The Victoria and Albert Museum houses a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects that span over 5,000 years of human creativity.




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1 Journal Library The perfect size to slip individually into your handbag or keep at home as part of a set, these 3 journals printed on lined, plain and graph paper are entitled ‘Notes’, ‘Ideas’ and ‘Plans’. 978 184949 948 4 | suggested RP: £10.00 Net price: £4.17+VAT | 148 x 105mm


3 Cloth bound address book Small enough to fit into a handbag, this address book has a luxurious cloth cover featuring a classic V&A print, satin-finish ribbon marker and alphabetical index. 978 184949 946 0 | suggested RP: £10.00 Net price: £4.17+VAT | 148 x 105mm

2 Origami Wallet 60 sheets of origami paper featuring V&A prints on both sides and separate step-by-step instructions for 10 simple origami projects in a handy card wallet.

4 A5 Project Journal An essential item for work or home, this notebook contains 64 lined pages and 5 concertina wallet pockets secured with an elastic closure to store receipts, tickets or memorabilia.

978 184949 947 7 | suggested RP: £8.00 Net price: £3.33+VAT | 156 x 156mm

978 184949 949 1 | suggested RP: £10.00 Net price: £4.17+VAT | 210 x 148mm

* Designs are subject to change

1 Journal library

2 Origami wallet

3 Cloth bound address book

4 A5 project journal





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FRENCH stationery France is the top tourist destination in the world with over 83 million people visiting every year. This evocatively designed range of French stationery brings together the most notable elements of France. Whether you are planning on taking a trip to France, looking for inspiration as an armchair traveller or just wanting to soak up some of the atmosphere of La belle France, this stationery range is guaranteed to bring you joie de vivre.


FRENCH stationery

1 A5 Notebook 128pp hardback lined notebook with foil blocking and trimmed boards. 978 184949 912 5 | suggested RP: £8.00 Net price: £3.33+VAT | 210 x 148mm

2 A5 Organiser 128pp flexibound lined notebook with elastic closure and 6 die-cut pockets to store invitations, business cards or tickets. 978 184949 911 8 | suggested RP: £10.00 Net price: £4.17+VAT | 210 x 148mm

3 Notecard Box Box of 16 notecards with foil blocking and matching envelopes with a transparent lid. 978 184949 913 2 | suggested RP: £8.00 Net price: £3.33+VAT | 155 x 105 x 26mm


1 A5 notebook

2 A5 organiser

3 Notecard box


20 17 M ay E BL AV AI LA

Each stationery item is unique in this truly innovative range which is printed using a random collection of recycled test prints, mistakes and offprints featuring overlaid artwork, thoughts and writings from Hato Press, an independent London-based Risograph printer, publishing house and design studio. The Risograph printing process uses environmentally friendly soy-based inks.


1 Large Sketchbook Easily flattened to enable you to work across two pages, this sketchbook is ideal for use with pencil, chalk, acrylic and ink.

3 Small Notebook Indispensable for writing down those quick thoughts and ideas that might otherwise be forgotten.

978 184949 980 4 | suggested RP: £10.00 Net price: £4.17+VAT | 297 x 205mm

978 184949 983 5 | suggested RP: £3.00 Net price: £1.25+VAT | 134 x 97mm

2 A5 lined Notebook 64 lined pages interspersed with recycled artwork and text to inspire you to be creative with your everyday ideas, jottings and reminders.

4 Tearaway To Do list A gummed edge for neat removal ensures that writing your shopping list or daily to do list is as easy, and stylish, as possible.

978 184949 981 1 | suggested RP: £7.00 Net price: £2.92+VAT | 210 x 148mm


978 184949 982 8 | suggested RP: £6.00 Net price: £2.50+VAT | 205 x 70mm

1 Large sketchbook 2 A5 lined notebook

3 Small notebook

4 Tearaway to do list



NESS Working with your hands is one of the best ways to relieve stress and provide a practical way to relax the mind. The specially designed pages of our Mindfulness range are interspersed with illustrations of the natural world to colour in as you plan your week ahead or you can use the pre-printed origami paper to create beautiful projects and allow your anxiety to ebb away with each fold. 1 Weekly planner



L AB ay M 7

1 20

2 Origami wallet

1 Weekly Planner This must-have desk accessory enables you to organise your week ahead to plan things. 52 tear off week-to-view sheets feature inspirational quotes and illustrations designed to be coloured in. Individually shrinkwrapped. 978 184949 987 3 suggested RP: £8.00 Net price: £3.33+VAT 250 x 190mm

2 Origami Wallet 60 sheets of origami paper with printed illustrations on both sides and step-by-step instructions for 10 simple origami projects in a handy card wallet. 978 184949 988 0 suggested RP: £8.00 Net price: £3.33+VAT 156 x 156mm


All sales enquiries to: Sales Department at Quadrille, an imprint of Hardie Grant Telephone: 020 7601 7500 Email:

For existing accounts, all orders to: Macmillan Distribution Ltd Telephone: + 44 (0)12 5630 2692 Email: (UK) and (Export)

Quadrille Spring 2017 Gift Supplement  

View all our new stationery lines, including the latest Lulu Guinness and the V&A items!

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