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Love. Travel. Photography

爱. 旅. 摄.

About Love. Travel. Photography

关于 爱.旅.摄. Simply put: You discover. We capture.

在您美妙的旅途中捕捉美好的瞬间。 爱. 旅. 摄. 就是如此纯粹。

We specialise in curating travel 我们拥有十多年丰富的专业旅程计划安 experience in Europe for couples and 排经验,擅长透过镜头捕捉并展现旅途 capture their journey of romance and 中的一切浪漫及惊喜。 discovery through our lens. 我们提供的服务周全,高質量,新颖, Our key services are: 独特,包括: • Wedding, engagement (prewedding), honeymoon and • 婚纱,蜜月及度假旅行摄影;在我们 destination photography, arrange 精心挑选的特別场地 (如:教堂, vow renewals with a symbolic 城堡,皇室场地) 举行纪念典礼, ceremony at handpicked European 亲身体验欧式浪漫,重温甜蜜时刻。 locations; and 现场自然抓拍,留下毕生记忆。

• Private, bespoke and luxury

• 高端、私人、个性化的欧洲旅行体

We are formed by an invitationonly group of passionate young exceptional talents in photography, travel, fashion and beauty based across Europe – with our head office based in London, England.

我们的团队是一个拥有无限热情与天赋 的年轻联盟。成员来自欧洲本地不同的 角落,均为摄影,旅行,时尚及艺术领 域的资深从业人 。 而总部是位于世界 时尚之都及金融中心的英国首都—伦 敦。

European travel experience.


Why Choose Us 我们的优势 Europe is our home We have the local knowledge to take you to the best spots for photo shoot, share our insider knowledge so you experience Europe like a local, plus there’s no need to bear expensive travel costs for us; Expertise in travel We will design a travel itinerary most suited to your budget and desire; Industry contacts More than just a local, you can also experience Europe as a VIP: gaining insider access to special and exclusive events; Reputable partners to represent us We have representatives in China to assists clients with their queries or bookings. You can be reassured in who you are dealing with! Chinese and European background Understanding the culture of our clients is the first step to delivering services they value. Speaking the language of our clients will ensure smooth communication prior to the trip, at the photo shoot, during the trip, or after service. 欧洲是我们家 我们对欧洲各地最优美的景点了若指掌。从分享我们的本地经验与知识, 让您如主人般尽情融 入享受当地的风情。另,我们的团队都是居住在欧洲,所以你不必為我 們负担昂贵的旅行费用; 专业丰富的旅行经验 我们会为您设计定制您最向往期待、适合您预算的旅游行程安排; 强大的行业网络关系 我们不仅能让您体验主人般的经历,您还可享受在欧洲作为上宾的待遇: 参加出席独家高端活动; 优质口碑的国内合作伙伴 我们在中国大陆有客户代表,以协助您查询及预訂我們的服务让 您轻松放心; 中西文化背景的结合 相似的文化背景让我们能够充分了解客户所需,有利于更好地提供优质的服 务。另,流利的中文沟通也为旅途前的准备、拍摄进行以及售后服务提供更好的保证。

Locations 地区

Our services are available throughout Europe – from the classics (e.g. England, France, Italy) to the road less travelled hidden treasures (e.g. Slovenia, Iceland, Hungary). Please see the full list on our website or contact us for more details! 我们的旅行及摄影服务遍布欧洲各地。從 经典的(如:法国,英国,意大利)至足 迹尚稀的(如:斯洛法尼亚,匈牙利,冰 岛),也有我们的足迹。我们还有更多的 地区未能在这本小册子详细描述。请查询 官网或联系我们了解更多!

Packages 服务套餐 We offer simple to comprehensive packages to meet different needs from our clients. 我们提供的服务套餐形式灵活,内容或简单或丰富,以适应不同客户的不同需求。

 Capture | 纯拍

 Capture+ | 精拍

 Handpicked | 心拍

Photography package 纯摄影套餐

Photography package with hotel 摄影&酒店高级套餐

Photography and travel package 摄影&旅行豪华套餐

3 locations 3个景点拍摄

Hotel + 4 locations 酒店 + 4个景点拍摄

Hotel + unlimited locations 酒店+及无限景点拍摄

Professional makeup/hair artist | 专业化妆及发型师 Refreshments | 西式茶点 Transport to/from shooting locations | 拍摄景点往返交通费用 Private online gallery (6 months) | 6个月的线上私人廊 Activities booking* | 特色活动预定*

No. of photos (No. of edited photos) | 相片数量 (精修数量)

200+ (20 edited) 200张相片或以上(20张精修)

400+ (40 edited) 400张相片或以上(40张精修)

600+ (60 edited) 600张相片或以上(60张精修)

Luxury album (no. of photos) plus delivery 奢华定制相册 (相片数量) 及快递上门


(20 photos)

(30 photos)

Boutique hotel with breakfast | 精品酒店住宿及早餐


Flower bouquet | 花束


Full day photo shoot | 精选景点全日拍摄

Airport pick-up/drop-off | 机场/酒店 接送



Transportation during the trip (Domestic flights/train/ferry etc) 旅途交通预订(飞机/車/船票等)



Restaurant recommendations & booking |特色餐厅推荐及预定



EUR 1,099 人民币8,990元起

EUR 1,930 ** 人民币15,990元起**

Varies by travel itinerary 价格因具体服务项目及内容而异

Prices from 套餐价格

*Costs of the activities are not included in the package prices |活动费用不包括在套餐价格 活动费用不包括在套餐价格 **Based on double occupancy and 3 nights accommodation |包括 包括 3 晚双人住宿 Package options: • Symbolic ceremony at special locations • Upgrades: No. of photos (incl. edited), No. of shooting locations, hotel, transportation class • Exclusive events (Limited availability, priority for our members and Handpicked package clients)

套餐可选项目: • 特定场地举办纪念典礼 • 简修、精修相片数量,酒店及交通升级 • 参加高端活动 (名额有限,会员及心拍套餐客户优先)

Activities 特色活动

Apart from sight seeing, one of the best things to do while travelling abroad is to experience the local culture and specialties. Some of our favourite activities (most of which could be carried out during photo shoots) include:

• Bath (England) – enjoying the outdoor thermal spa with a

magnificent view of the old town of Bath • Jukkasjarvi (Sweden) – renew your vows at the truly unique ice hotel in Sweden – handcrafted each winter • Venice (Italy) – riding a gondola in this romantic city • London (England) – enjoy a high tea session at the Orangery in Kensington Palace; take a canal boat ride along the picturesque ‘Little Venice’; and a white London taxi ride • Capadoccia (Turkey) – taking a hot air balloon ride while enjoying the beautiful sunset 除了观光,出外旅游最有意思就是体验当地的文化和特色活 动。我们强烈推荐的活动(一般可以在拍照時进行)包括:

• 巴斯(英国)- 享受户外的温泉水疗和古城区的迷人景色

• 尤卡斯耶尔维(瑞典)- 体验真正独特的瑞典冰旅馆,或 在 冰教堂结婚 - 每年冬季前全手工制作

• 威尼斯(意大利)- 在这个美丽,每一个角落也散播著浪漫的 城市乘坐冈多拉船

• 伦敦(英国)- 在華丽的肯辛顿宫橘园享受英式下午茶坐运河 船沿着风景如画的“小威尼斯”区观光;或乘坐白色的伦敦 出租车围绕伦敦观光

• 卡帕多奇亚(土耳其)- 乘坐热气球,一边俯瞰地球上最像月 球的地区,一边欣赏美丽的夕阳

Contact Us 联系我们 Website |官网 Email | 邮件 UK | 英国 China | 中国 +44 7789556648 +86 4008616168

(Free call in Mainland China |全国免费热线)

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