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No matter what the event, we can broadcast it for you:

All parents deserve to see their child shine. However, with more parents working internationally than ever before, this isn’t always possible. Hectic business schedules force family members to miss their child’s proudest moments.

Outdoor or indoor sporting events Recitals Debates Plays Musical events Open Days

This doesn’t have to happen! SpaceDive Productions offer an online streaming service to private and boarding schools. This will allow you to broadcast your productions and events, meaning parents never have to miss a special moment. Read on to find out how...


HOW IT WORKS Contact us and let us know what you want to broadcast! We will attend your school prior to the event to discreetly scout and plan the shoot. All of this at your convenience. Then, we work with you to specify and achieve any goals you expect from the occasion. It’s that simple. We deal with the rest! On the day of the event, we bring our team of experts to set up in the desired location. Everything will be shot live and streamed directly to whichever outlet you decide. Whether via Facebook, Twitter, your own website or even our own dedicated broadcast site. You decide what is best for you and your clients.

TAILORED TO YOU By it’s very nature, each event will be different. This allows us to tailor our services to your individual needs. Forget oversized, cumbersome filming productions that demand excessive space and cause a disruption to the academic day. Our team of experts work efficiently to allow your school to function as it always has. Meanwhile, being specific and economic to your logistical requirements.



With hundreds of private and boarding schools, parents have a lot of difficulty choosing where their child will be educated. Especially, when they aren’t able to be in the UK themselves.

Does your school have a patron? Or, perhaps a local business would like to sponsor the event?

This means you must spend precious time developing selling points that compliment your high academic standards. However, why not simply offer parents exactly what they want...

We offer an advertisement service that not only benefits you, but helps your benefactor too. The specially created adverts can be shown through the intervals of the streamed event. This not only allows for you and your sponsor to gain more exposure. But, it gives you options when it comes to the small matter of the investment.

To be closer to their child. Our service gives you this unique selling point. It gives you the ability to showcase your performances around the world... The chance to show why your school is above the competition.

That’s excellent!

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Show reels of the event and school - Promote Yourself To The World Focused show reels of individuals - Give Individual Parents Exactly What They Want Professional Commentary - Feel Like Part Of The Day Post match/show interviews - Let The Stars Have Their Moment Pre-event trailers - Make Sure Everyone Knows About Your Future Events Away game service - Don’t Miss A Thing

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