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Ceremony of the Riderless Horse


The Ceremony of the Riderless Horse symbolizes the end of the relationship between horse and rider. Originally a tradition in the U.S. Cavalry, it is a farewell to fallen comrades. The UGRA, in keeping with traditions of the IGRA and other member associations, has chosen to adopt the ceremony as a way of honoring all those members who have been taken from us before their time. With saddened hearts once again UGRA hosts another rodeo with the loss of one of its own members. With great pride and honor we wish to share with you the spirit of Clair Wade. Clair was the cowboy of the community and began his roots with gay rodeo back in the beginning at the Reno National Gay Rodeo. He was the first recipient of the break-away calf roping buckle at that rodeo and went on to continue winning numerous buckles as an accomplished roper. His love for the western life style and support of rodeo in any manner was evident in his life. He served as president of the UGRA, committee chairperson for past rodeos, was a judge for the IGRA royalty competitions, an active rodeo contestant, and strong supporter of the high school rodeo royalty program. He had a love for what he did and for his family. In honoring Clair, we honor his family as well and thank them for their support of gay rodeo and our dreams to make rodeo a success in this community. His quick whit, shit-eating grin and always-starched shirt and wranglers were his signature trade mark. At this years rodeo, Clair’s horse Sheila will be presented in memoriam of him and a special award will be presented to his family as UGRA honors the life of Clair A. Wade. He will be missed and always loved and we thank him for sharing so much with us.



AUGUST 19, 2004

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Metro, Volume 1 - Issue 9  

Utah's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally magazine. Same Sex Temple Sealings

Metro, Volume 1 - Issue 9  

Utah's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally magazine. Same Sex Temple Sealings