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PORTFOLIO 2016-2018



Hello,I’m Xu HAN.I just graduated from Hunan University and now work as an uesr experience designer.


Work experience

School of design,Hunan University

Guangzhou Xiamuyouyou Zhilian Co. Ltd.

Industrial design B.Eng

User Experience Designer

09/2014-07/2018 GPA - 3.52/4

05/2018 -




09/2014 - 09/2015

Visual & User interface


Hunan University Third Prize Scholarships

Adobe Illustrator

Yixiang workshop in Hunan University Second Prize

Axure RP

09/2016 - 09/2017


Hunan University Third Prize Scholarships




+86 157 1751 3862 hanxuhnu@163.com

Adobe Photoshop





Interaction Design



An APP which can help men select suitable clothes


Interaction Design

SMALL BACKPACK An APP provide people high-quality goods around the world

Service Design

YILE-HOME Health service for elders who suffering sequelae of geriatric disease


System Design

BOBO CONNECTION A new kind of tranship mood which makes traveling by plane easier



E-selection is an app designed for men who don't have time to take care of their own image or who don't know how to choose clothes which suit them well. It is based on a technology that quickly scans body data and is designed to help these men easily choose the right clothes and improve their level of wearing knowledge, ultimately in this way to give them a better image.

Type of work Team workďźˆ4 person My work Resreach Information archetecture Wireframes During 2018.01-2018.05

BACKGROUND In today's society, personal image occupies more and more important factors in schooling, job hunting, and interpersonal communication. However, due to social and other factors, many men do not have time and energy to take care of their own image or do not know how to manage their image. So we have conducted a series of studies to explore how to help men improve their personal image efficiently.

RESEARCH In order to solve the problem better, we explore the problem space by using two kinds of exploratory research, such as questionnaires and interviews, to deeply study the male's personal image and expectations, and find out the ways can effectively improve the individual's personal image.

Rrsearch Questions

Present Situation What is the present situation of men's life and work?



What type of men need the help in clothing most?

What’s men’s expectation of choosing their own clothes and wearing?

Way What are the current ways for men to buy clothes and get the knowledge of wearing?

Survey First, we did a survey by using the qusetionnaire in some man’s clothing store of Guangzhou Friendship Store, and conducted statistics on the results to understand their current living conditions, their problems in clothing and personal image, and their personal view of their own image.

Questionnaire Issued: 200 Recovery: 167

Which men are troubled in buying clothes and improving their personal image?

No trouble Troubled, under 20 years old

10% 7% 15%


Troubled, 20 to 30 years old Troubled, 30 to 40 years old Troubled, 40 to 50 years old



Only 15% of respondents think that they are not troubled in purchasing clothing and personal image. Among the remaining 85% of the respondents, the people who have troubles in purchasing clothing and personal image are concentrated in 20-50 age group, the most people in the 30-40 age group.

Select male groups in the 20-50 age group as the object to count and analyze the causes of their troubles and expectations for the purchase of clothing The reason of confusion between age 20 to 50

The expectation of clothes purchasiong between age 20 to 50 Efficiently

Too stressful and have no time Lack of wearing konwledge





Always unsuitable


Troubled, over 50 years old

20~50 68% Rang of age

Proportion of men of all ages who are plagued by clothing and personal image 20-







Men aged 20 to 50 are more than 85% troubled.



Among the three reasons cited most, the younger group is most troubled by the purchase of clothing because the clothing is not fit enough;The 30-50 group is mainly due to work pressure and has no time or interest in buying clothing and understanding clothing.

Rang of age 20~30



For the 20-30 age group, they pay more attention to the fashion style and reasonable price. For the 30-50 age group, they pay more attention to the efficiency of the clothing purchase and whether the clothing fits, less consideration of the trend style and price factor.

Interview After completing the questionnaire survey, based on the results of the statistics, we selected one typical user to conduct in-depth interviews from each age group to deeply understand and explore their work status, clothing habits and confusion and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and expectations. At the same time, we also conducted stakeholder interviews to know the behaviors of the main customers and customers in the men's clothing store, so as to understand the buying habits of the male group.

ZHANG XIN / Manager

LIU RUIQING / Programer

43 Y.OLD

32 Y.OLD

24 Y.OLD

Purchase clothes

Purchase clothes

Purchase clothes

2~3times per year

8+times per year

4~6times per year

SONG KE /Postgraduate

I’m very busy in most of days but have a considerable salary. I usually go to work in a suit, and wear casual clothes when I don’t go to work. My clothes are usually purchased from brand stores, and one or two haute couture suits are made by professional tailors.

Needs&Expectations High quality clothes More suitable suits and clothes

I usually work overtime and under high work pressure, so I don't have the time and energy to learn knowledge about clothing and take care of my personal image. Uaually I wear some casual clothes. Generally I bought clothes online,and my wife helped me choose what to buy. Sometimes when I go shopping with her, I will also buy clothes in the brand stores.

Needs&Expectations Clothes in reasonably price comfortable and suitable Get some konwledge of wearing


of the guests are accompanied by a female compan“ Most ion or their wife to help them buy clothes. It takes more than 30 minutes to buy clothes in the store to choose clothes and try on different sizes. Each piece of clothing is recommended to try 2 or 3 times to find the right size.

I prefer to buy clothes and try different combinations. I know more about clothes and like all kinds of street cards. However,I’m a student so I don’t have much money to buy clothes. I often brought clothes online for cheaper price in the past, but it have a great chance of unfittable. So now I used to try on in brand stores and then buy it online.


Needs&Expectations Cost-effective clothing Easily buy suitable clothes online

“ Many guests want to get fit size information and wear advice quickly, but the number of guides that can give reasonable advice to help guests is very limited.

RESEACH ANALYSIS Based on the information from the questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews, we have an in-depth understanding of the pain points, needs and expectations of the 20- to 50-year-old male group in purchasing clothing and personal image. After returning to the lab, we collated, summarized, and analyzed the information obtained through whiteboard affinity graphs and group discussions to arrive at potential design opportunities.

Design Opportunities

Personalized size recommendation

Clothing customization service

Store clothing smart recommendation


Shorten the time it takes for male users to choose the right fit

Design a system that combines online and offline to enable men to efficiently purchase clothes in multiple scenarios

Inaccurate human data collection

Customized clothing for male users in need

Use existing human body data scanning technology to assist with personalized size recommendation and clothing customization

Some male users have little interest in using clothing applications.

Enhance the personal image of male users

Apparel smart recommendation based on user buying habits

Smart recommendation content is not accurate, users are not interested



User Experience

Design a user interface that meets the psychological needs of male users, reducing the cost of learning for users

Understand the applications that men use more, analyze their color matching and page logic, and simplify the interaction process.

Commercial promotion

Promote our services at brand stores to let male users understand and learn to use

Interfacing with brand stores, placing human body data in the store to quickly measure the machine


Less comparable products, men use less frequently for fashion applications Brand stores are unwilling to cooperate


Import measurement data


Scrolling advertising

Clothing knowledge push

Body data list

Body data analysis

Ad detail page Article of clothing

Classified clothing size recommendation


Data measurement and data analysis Targeted to understand the size and type of clothing that suits you, as well as the style that suits you.

Search store Nearby stores

Store location


Store details Store clothing recommendation Online mall

Clothing details and size recommendations Online store clothing list

Scan code customization Clothing details


Custom parameter selection

Clothing recommendation and customization recomPersonalized mendations are based on the user's personal physical data, and the user is provided with a tailored service based on the data.

Customizable list


Customized solution

Custom record list

Personal body data

Body data list

Order record

Order record list

Customized progra details

Body data list

Personal information and data storage Store personal information such as user's physical data and customized orders


Import and view body data analysis

The user takes the personal body data import app in the store to view the personal body data analysis report. Home

Enter confirmation code


Data analysis

Clothing size recommendation

Nearby store details

Online mall recommendation

Clothing details

View recommended size and purchase

When the user has the intention to purchase clothes, check the recommended size of the nearby stores and their own clothing size. Recommended by nearby stores

After the user imports the body data information, the personal suit can be customized according to the data. Suit customization

Clothing details

Custom information selection

Select data

Custom order confirmation

GUIDE STYLE After completing the information architecture and prototype and before the final interface design, I used the way of making a mood board to find keywords and design styles. After that, according to this style, I made the drawing of the user interface button and icon.

Mood board

Buttons #881C21



#EDEDED 30px






Selected Unselectable





E-SELECTION Make clothes selection easier



The small backpack is an app designed for people who want to buy high-quality goods from around the world. It is certified by the buyer's real travel itinerary and the place where the goods are purchased. It matches the buyer's needs and guarantees that the purchase of the goods is genuine and reliable. At the same time, buyers can also buy a buyer's identity for others when they travel.

Type of work Team work (3 person) My work Resreach Information archtecture Wireframs User interface During 2018.05-2018.08

BACKGROUND With the development of social economy, the demand for overseas products in China is growing. However, many overseas products are not easy to buy or expensive in China .So many people choose to purchase these goods through other channels. Due to the complexity of the channel and the irregularity of the market, there are many quality problems in the purchased goods, which cause consumers to suffer health or financial losses. As a designer, we have designed an app to solve the problems in the purchase of overseas products, so that consumers can easily purchase inexpensive items.


Types and expectations




Valid Sample

Families which monthly income exceed 20,000RMB

Families which have purchased imported products in the last year

Ways of buying 76.6%

Buyer purchase

Cross-border E-commerce


Large supermarket Convenience store

Existing Problems

70.4% Fake




Clothing & Shoes

Digital products




Offshore e-commerce platform Brand counter




















Lack of after-sales service

Long transit time

Quality problem

Expensive transshipment

MARKET RESEARCH In order to know the current status of domestic purchase of overseas products, we first start researching from the existing purchase channels with high frequency of use.We find the current channels for purchasing overseas goods in China and representative products in each channel for comparative analysis, hoping to find their advantages and problems.


The goods always brought by a professional buyer from aborad or purchased from Overseas Online Shopping website.

Cheaper price Variety of categories

Buyer purchase

The buyers often get consumer’s needs throught the social APP,and they also do self promotion on these kinds of APP.


Delivery time is uncertain



A lot of fakes





E-commerce platform work with overseas brands and get authorization,then sell these goods to the consumer

Cross-border E-commerce

This type of shopping is very simple for consumers because it is the same as a regular online shopping process.

Quality is guaranteed Perfect after-sales system NetEase Koala

Less variety of goods



The price is generally higher Category



Buyers purchase their goods on overseas online e-commerce platforms

Overseas Online Shopping

The goods are sent to the consumers by the overseas online shopping website; Consumers have to Consumers need to pay attention to price and logistics

Second Choice

Haitao No.1

Cheap price

Hard to learn

Many discounts

Long transit time

Official product

Operation is cumbersome





USER RESEARCH Buyersunderstanding of the groups that have the need to purchase overseas After understanding the existing channels of purchasing overseas goods, we have a preliminary goods and the groups that purchase overseas goods.On this basis, we selected several representative users from the buyer group and the buyer group to conduct interviews, and to understand and summarize the users' feelings and problems encountered by using these channels.






XIAO XINXIN / white-collar

LIN MU / Tour Guide

24 Y.OLD

35 Y.OLD

29 Y.OLD

29 Y.OLD

“Hoping to earn some money while traveling”

“Hoping to have more high quailty consumers”

Makeups Clothes

Short of fundings,always purchasing overseas goods by oversae buyers but spend long time to do compariso among different buyers.

“Safety and efficent is the most important” Food

Digital products

Have sufficient funds. He often buy overseas goods from Cross-border e-commerce platform.When he can’t find the goods he want, he also turn to overseas buyers for help.

Lack of quality assurance Hard to return

Makeups Entry Lux

All kinds, especially the goods can easily carried

Know the oversaes products earier than others and have more experience. Always buy overseas goods for some friends when traveling.Also buy goods from her trust buyers,especially her friends.

Year round to home and abroad, regard oversaes products buyer as sideline.His consumer mainly come from his tour client.

limited source to get customer

Hard to compare prices



LI WANYU / Postgraduate

" Hoping to get the quality product with lowest price ”


Consumer / Buyer

Incomplete items Few buyers can be trusted

Lack of channls to konw consumer’s needs

Hard to establish a reputation

Have no time to advertise

Can’t know client’s need in time

DESIGN INSIGHTS After completing the market research and user research, we sorted out and analyzed the research results. My group and I conducted design synthesis, hoping to find the opportunity to solve the problem through the whiteboard affinity map method, thus guiding us to the next stage of design

Channelʼs Opportunities Analysis

Product Functions Opportunities Analysis

Consumers Supervision by platform

Lack of supervision of buyer’s behavior

Credit rating mechanism Many fake goods No warranty after sale

After-sale service system Purchasing live broadcast

Buyer purchase

A platform for information exchange between consumers and buyers. High feasibility

Product guarantee

Identification service

Limitations of official platform cooperation

Itinerary certification

Less category

Cooperate with some overseas brands to get more discount.

Cross-border E-commerce

Credit mechanism

Comparable price

Self-employed buyer

Reasonable price

Commodity information collection

Purchase live

Travel forecast

Low feasibility

Can specify buyer

Platform community promotion

Real authentication

Language and distance barriers

Hard to build trust

Domestic platform agent Tedious operation expensive and slow Transshipment Overseas Online Shopping

Complete category

After sales supervision system

Search for more products


After-sale guarantee

Optimal plan for intelligent computing paving selection

Intelligent Computing Technology General feasibility

Can’t know consumer’s needs in time


lack of channels to get consumers

DESIGN CONCEPT Through the analysis of product opportunity points, we have a full understanding of the main functions of the product. Based on these main functions, we propose a concept - a small backpack, an app that provides a platform for importers and sellers of imported products, buyers and purchasers can post demand and purchase goods on the platform. In this regard, we have drawn a design concept map.

Goods that don’t need identifiy

Goods that finished identifiy Identification agency

Goods that need identifiy Product information consumer


Itinerary information

Commodity money

Buyer’s information

Goods that need identifiy Ordering Information

Identification fee

Commodity money

Ordering Information Information Summary Goods that don’t need identifiy

Temporary storage of commodities


Information Summary

Demand information

Ordering Information

Product information Itinerary information


Small backpack buyer’s

Small backpack

Itinerary information Certification Information

Certification Information

Demand information Commodity money

Goods that need identifiy Backpacker

Small backpack


Commodity money

Consumers can switch their identity between consumer and backpacker

For professional buyers and self employed buyers.

Consumers check the buyer’s itinerary and merchandise through the APP

Buyers get consumers' needs through the APP.They publish their own itinerary and presale goods, and easily manage their information.

In the backpacker mode, the backpacker buyers can publish travel itinerary and receive the demand after passing the audit.

Small backpack buyer’s

INFROMATION ARCHITECTURE After entering the design stage, I first analyzed some excellent competing products, such as Netease Koala Haitao, Ocean Terminal, Tmall International and other app information structures, comparing their commonalities and differences, and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, I completed the product information architecture of the small backpack, and sketched a variety of prototypes based on the information architecture, looking forward to finding the best solution.

Sketches consumer mode

Backpacker mode

Itinerary details Buyer's journey

Small backpack

More trip list Publish itinerary Recommended buyers Home

Buyer’s information

Fill in the details of the itinerary

More buyers list Demands list

Pre-sale item details

Accept demands

Latest presale Buyer’s information Search System message Message

My orders

Order list

My itineraries

Itinerarie list

Personal center

Communication message

Small backpack buyer’s

Account balance My wallet Transaction record Publish/View

Publish demand View demand

Fill in the details of the demand

Buyer Publish itinerary

Demand details Home

New updates

Fill in the details of the itinerary Notes Videos


My orders

Order list and details

Publish presale products

My demands

Demands list and details

Open live stream My presale

Live Buyer’s live list Notes Discover

Fill in the details of the itinerary

Common tool

Notes details Buyer’s information Videos details Buyer’s information

Looking for demand Demands list Message

My comments My itineraries My orders

System message Communication message

WIREFRAMES 01 In the prototype sketch drawn, we picked the most satisfying solution and used sketch to draw a more elaborate and complete solution.

Buyerʼs&backpackerʼs main functions Publish presale products

Accept demands

Backpacker home

Demand details

Choose itinerary

Confirm order


Fill in details


Buyer’s home


Open live stream

Choose a settlement ID card certification

Passport certification


Open live stream

Choose itinerary


Start to live

WIREFRAMES 02 Consumerʼs main functions View buyer's itinerary

Buyer’s itinerary

Itinerary details

View presale list

Instant communication

Pre-sales list

Pre-sales details Confirm order

Pubilsh demand Edit order

Recommend buyers


Consumer‘s home

Fill in demands details

Demands details

Additional hardship fee

Recommended buyers

Recommended backpackers

Buyer’s home

USER INTERFACE After completing the wireframe, we started looking for the style of the user interface. Since the product is aimed at young people, we want to express a lively, youthful style. So we used the style board and mood board to find the color reference and made the final interface design.



CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP In order to show the user's usage scenarios, processes and mood changes, we created a user journey map for the two main user roles of Consumers and buyers.


Come to know about the APP

She once talked with her classmate about makeups she wanted to buy but can not affored. Her classmate recommended an APP called Small Backpack to her, telling that there were many reliable and inexpensive products on it. Communication with buyers

Browse products

She was so interested, so she downloaded this APP and started to browse the content above, hoping to find the products she wanted to buy.

Publish purchase message

View the buyer's live broadcast

She saw that the buyer's itinerary page had a live broadcast of the buyer.She was curious about it and entered. finding that one buyer was on a purchase.

Receive goods

CHEN JUN / Postgraduate

She found that the shop where the buyer was purchasing had the goods she needed, so she communicated with the buyer, and the buyer said that she could purchase and set a price of the product.

After negotiating with the buyer, she published the demand information and appointed this buyer, then paied for it.

A few days later, she received the favorite goods.Having brought a low-priced genuine through the small backpack APP, she was very happy.


Come to know about the APP

When he was abroad, he found that his colleague was in live broadcast. He was very interested. Under the introduction of his colleagues, he learned about the small backpack APP and downloaded it. Receive orders and demand


He found that there was a lot of buying information on the APP, so he submitted personally identifiable information and became a real-name certified buyer.

Purchase and send

Publish and certify itinerary

Before the next International Brigade departure, he posted information on the itinerary and uploaded his boarding pass for the itinerary.

Received payment

LIN MU / Tour Guide

Soon, his trip passed the certification. He released some goods that can be purchased this time, many buyers ordered his goods, and some of them put forward their own needs.

According to the buyer's order and demand, he bought the goods and brought them back to China before returning home, and sent them to the buyer.

A few days later, she received the favorite goods.Having brought a low-priced genuine through the small backpack APP, she was very happy.



Yile HOME is a product that helps the elderly with senile sequelae to rehabilitate. It aims to develop a special rehabilitation program for the elderly with chronic sequelae by cooperating with the hospital. The professional guards of the platform will provide professional offline for the elderly. Rehabilitation services will seize the golden age of the elderly and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Type of work Team work (3 person) My work Resreach Wireframs Customer journey map User interface During 2017.05-2017.08

BACKGROUND In China today, the aging of the population is becoming more and more serious and has gradually become an important social problem. The existing pension model can not solve the problems caused by the aging population. In response to this problem, we launched a study to explore the key issues in the lives of older people and try to find existing problems that can be redesigned in the hope of helping the elderly improve their quality of life and reduce social pressure.

Chinese elderly population needs

The aging of the population is getting worse in China 16.7% 230 million Population over 60 years old

Chinese elderly population

2016 total population

Half-disabled and disabled elderly

Expected elderly population in 2050

About 40.37 million


4.8 Hundreds of millions

Caring needs

2/5 Asian elderly population The growth rate of the elderly population from 2000 to 2050

Half-disabled and disabled elderly

1/4 Global elderly population

Global Twice the global growth rate

* Estimation and prediction of global population trends by the UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs


Health protection needs

Age distribution of the elderly 60-69 year olds

56% 30%



Daily life of the elderly

Educational level of the elderly


About 12.7% of the elderly often go online

Never been to school

70-79 year olds

Primary school education

80-89 year olds

Middle school education College degree or above

The middle-aged and elderly people account for a relatively large proportion. Therefore, the services provided to middle-aged and elderly people are more market-oriented, such as health management programs for elderly travel and rehabilitation of the elderly.

About 67.9% of the elderly think that their health is not good.

Medical needs

Status of the elderly in China 14%

Health protection needs

41% The education level of the elderly is generally low, and the designed elderly products need to be simple and easy to use.

Entertainment demands


Communication needs Caring needs Health protection needs

SECONDARY RESEARCH Through background research, we believe that the health problems of the elderly are more important issues. Therefore, we have investigated various existing pension methods and selected some typical cases of health to analyze and compare them. We hope to know their functions and differences and also strengths and weaknesses.

Home-based Care for the Aged

Retirement Home Care






AnKan Tong

YiJia Tong

Service platform for assisting elderly people who living alone with APP and smart products

Comprehensive service platform for family health management

Medical care combined with hotel-style nursing home

Nursing elderly apartment

Health test Health file Healthy community

Nutritional meal Medical service management GPS

Housekeeping Medical care Mental comfort

Home-age care low physical fitness elderly

An elderly person with a good economic foundation who needs long-term medical care

Medical assistance Emergency rescue Life care Eldly people who living alone with low physical fitness and unstable diseases

An elderly person who needs basic care with a certain economic foundation

Provide medical and living services for the elderly by both online and offline and intelligent hardware services

Hardware testing helps the elderly konw their own situation in real time and protect the safety of the elderly

Complete medical facilities with a sound medical and health care system.

Lower prices, cooperation with nearby medical institutions to provide services for the elderly

Emergency medical assistance only when the elderly are at risk, daily treatment less involved

Lack of doctors' treatment and treatment plans for health monitoring

So expensive that the average family can not afford its cost.

Practitioners have less professional medical knowledge, not professional enough

EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Through desktop research, we have a preliminary understanding of the current health care products for the elderly. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the status quo of our elderly people receiving health care services, we came to the Changsha City Carnation Senior International Demonstration City to do field research.

Field research Elderly care center

Aged care home

Senior apartment

Professional medical equipment and team, receiving elderly people who cannot take care of themselves

Professional nurses and carers, receiving half-disabled and semi-self-care elderly

Recreational facilities and caregivers receive old people who can take care of themselves

Interview While observing, we interviewed the hospital's nurses, nurses and the elderly to understand the problems in their daily work and life.

Target users

Wu Xingtao 68Y.OLD Her husband 75Y.OLD

Suffering from brain atrophy and hemiplegia

One and a half years

Mainly accepting daily living care and health monitoring

Expenses:4000rmb per month

Care workers Ms Liu No medical experience Two weeks of induction Wage:2600rmb per month

Half-disabled and half-deprived

7 years nursing experience Two years of induction Wage:5000rmb per month

Just recovered from the stroke, leaving behind the sequelae of hemiplegia, expecting to get rehabilitation treatment but the hospital has no relevant departments and professionals.

Mainly care for half-disabled elderly Mainly manages the daily activities of the elderly, such as taking a bath, eating and taking medicines, etc.

Problems Less staff, busy work, lower salary

Stakeholders Nursing supervisor YiJing


Responsible for the medical problems of half-disabled elderly Mainly manage the safety monitoring of the elderly, medication for health checkups, and handover of medical districts.

Large staff mobility and insufficient professional knowledge Lack of professional training opportunities, limited to daily care

ANALYSIS After completing the field research, we take the rehabilitation of sequelae of geriatric diseases as an issue for our in-depth study. To do this, we first created the character model and presented the pain points of the problem in the form of a scene graph.



1.After stroke, she got a sequela of hemiplegia and could not take care of herself.She was sent to nursing home.

Grandma Liu 60 Y.OLD Widowed, living in a nursing homeNot long ago admitted to hospital half-length sequela

2.She hopes to reduce her disease sequelae through rehabilitation treatment, but no relevant service provided.




3.She rarely participated in the activities and hoping to go back home.

1.Grandma Liu’s daughter is too busy to take care of her mother, So she send her mother to a nursing home for care.

Ms. Liu (Grandma Liu’s daughter) 33 Y.OLD

2.She hopes to obtain relevant information about rehabilitation from online search but has little effect.

White collar.Busy and careless for the elderly.Lack of profes -sionalnursing knowledge




3.She found rehabilitation institutions are few and expensive.

Miss Wang 25 Y.OLD

1. She comes from the countryside. She doesn’t have special skills,so she have a low salary

Nursing home care worker High school diploma No professional nurse qualification

2. She came to work in the nursing home to take care of semi-disabled elderly’s daily life after simple training.




3. She hopes to learn some professional skillsbut doesn’t have enough money.

DEFINE After completing the character model and scene drawing, we summarize and summarize the pain points that are displayed, analyze the causes of pain points and seek corresponding solutions.

Core pain point

Solutions Buying insurance for the elderly receiving services

Elders who suffering from chronic diseases can not effectively grasp the golden recovery period to reduce the sequelae Recording during the service Elder people

Set emergency call function

Reasons Lack of hospitals or institutions that provide rehabilitation programs



Nursing homes are mainly maintenance, and there are few rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation institutions are scarce.

Need to use a variety of equipment so often need a high expense

Provide equipment rental sevice

Provide service in elderly’s home

The elderly are inconvenient to have treatment

Lack of professional care staff

The nursing home is located in a remote place, and the daily work is hard.

Lack of rehabilitation related training institutions Nursing staff is highly mobile

Care workers are generally less educated

Family lacks awareness and expertise Family members

Worried about the accident of the elderly

Rehabilitation of sequelae has not caused most people to pay attention

Provide training opportunities for care workers Establish a Wechat public account to publish ads for promotion Provide customized rehabilitation services based on elderly’s situation

Family members are lack time and energ to care for the elderly

Provide a simple rehabilitation activity video for the elderly to learn

Family members did not have access to professional rehabilitation training

Cooperate with the hospital to get a professional treatment plan

CONCEPT After analysis and analysis of possible solutions, we proposed a preliminary concept to help elderly people with rehabilitation therapy at home and define their details.

Design concept map

Target users

WHO Elderly with stroke / Alzheimer / Parkinson

Service provider

Rehabilitation service

Elder people


Training services and qualifications

Training institution

Care workers

Elderly who in the recovery period after treatment

Get more students and benefits

Rehabilitation equipment Get stable users and revenue

Training opportunities Job opportunities

wage Equipment dealer


Provide rehabilitation services and teaching videos

Provide promotion and payment platform

Gain user traffic and data

Make an appointmentand accpet service Pay for rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation platform

Service Content HOW Online appointment rehabilitation service Website/Wechat public account video teaching service Rehabilitation equipment rental service


Provide insurance services

Build a platform to provide professional day rehabilitation training services, rehabilitation knowledge and equipment for target elderly people

Information and resource flows

Gain user groups and revenue promotion Insurance company

Professional rehabilitation program

Gain additional benefits and visibility


Capital flow

Hospital Payment service fee

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS After determining the direction of rehabilitation services, we conducted research on related products in the field of rehabilitation, and selected two typical products for competitive product analysis based on user usage, service professionalism and product form to know their functional characteristics, strengths and weaknesses to guide the next step in design. Product

China Rehabilitation Research Center Professional offline medical institution

Dian Miaoshou

Service content

Highlight function


Engaged in research and development of rehabilitation equipment

Using a variety of advanced rehabilitation equipment

Have a large number of professional medical rehabilitation talents, with high professionalism

Providing professional assessment and treatment of various sequelae of geriatric diseases

Professional solutions for difficult diseases in sequelae

Providing personalise service plan which developed by famous doctors

Buying insurance security for practitioners and users

Consider the safety of employees, providing insurance and other comprehensive protection measures

Revisit the user every six months

Wide range of users, including the elderly, employees and other people

Covering rehabilitation in various fields

An Online platform which providing health services

Providing door to door service

Service time can be reserved in advance

Other products


Continuous research and development of new rehabilitation equipment


Kongfu Bear

Press and press

Kangci physiotherapy

Rehabilitation equipment can be reused the rental form

Providing security measures for practitioners and the elderly

Medical treatment plan issued by professional doctors

Establish a revisit mechanism to confirm the treatment effect


Before service



Heard service



Watch videos

In service

Upload information

Signing the contract

Booking service

Renting equipment

Receiving service

After service

Video feedback

Service evaluation


Watch free videos and learn

Learn about services through the Internet

Touch point



Official Account Advert &Website

Get detaile information through the website

Official Account Staff &Website

Upload the elderly Sign a contract with the medical record to the platform and get a hospital for evaluation rehabilitation plan

Sign up for more information

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Carers send the video to the user's family after the service

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UESR INTERFACE In the interface design, we collected and studied the APP designed for the middle-aged and elderly people. The drafting of the draft determines the dark blue color as the main color of the product, and adopts a simple product structure to facilitate the operation of middle-aged and elderly users.

YILE-HOME Helping the elderly with professional rehabilitation


BOBO BOBO is a service system that provides convenient baggage transportation for passengers. It cooperates with airports, logistics companies and hotels.It supported by automation technology. After check-in, passengers can choose to purchase bobo baggage service through WeChat. Passengers can completes the delivery and tracking their baggage in the mini program ,which brings passengers efficient and convenient journey.

Type of work Team work (3 person) My work Field resreach Desktop resreach Blueprint User interface During 2017.05-2017.08

BACKGROUND In today's China, traveling by plane has become an increasingly popular way of travel. According to statistics, China will surpass the United States in 2024 to become the world's largest aviation market by 2035, and the number of air travel will reach 7.2 billion. At the same time, an average of 61.3% of passengers on each flight choose to carry the baggage. However, due to the location of the airport and the strict restrictions on baggage, travellers often need to spend a lot of time and energy to transport and care for their luggage. In response to this problem, we explored the problem of baggage transportation by plane, trying to find a more convenient baggage delivery solution.

Technology The popularity of huge data and cloud computing Advances in mobile internet technology Popularization of automated machinery and self-service Increase in flight safety Technical Support

Culture Society

Financial Support

Economic Economic development makes people pursue high quality life The development of the sharing economy People are willing to pay extra to enjoy better service

Rapid development of the logistics industry

People are more dependent on the Internet and mobile devices

Aircraft become a common vehicle

People’s travel needs are increasing

Rapid development of the Internet industry

People are more willing to enjoy quality service

FIELD RESEARCH In order to know the current airport check-in status and the experience of carrying luggage to the airport better, we brought a 29-inch suitcase to the airport by different public transport. We observed the airport's environment and selected several passengers from peopel who checking baggage for a short interview to know their problems and needs.

Research method From Yuelu University City to Changsha Huanghua Airport Carrying a 29-inch suitcase Take the bus/subway/airport bus/magnetic levitation Four differentmodes of transport

Research experience No matter which kind of public transportation method was used, we need to transfer to at least two modes of transportation. Lifting large luggage needs to go up and down is inconvenient.

Problem finding

PassengerĘźs Demands It is very inconvenient to take large luggage and take public transportation to the airport when you are travelling by air.

Passengers It takes a lot of time to queue manually.


Manual handling of consignments and security inspections consumes a lot of manpower and resources and is inefficient and causes airport congestion.

Travel demand

Baggage demand

Provide baggage transfer service with ticket

Ensure baggage is not damaged and property is safe

Open more direct public transportation routes

Easy to get thier baggage

Add more self-service channel for check-in

Baggage always arrives on time

Reduce the number of authentications

Reduce the number of baggage screenings

DESKTOP RESEARCH After completing the on-the-spot investigation, we reviewed the relevant services provided by the airport at the current stage to understand the problems and the needs of the passengers, and to understand their service contents, service processes and advantages and disadvantages.


Service Content

Service Process


Cooperate with express delivery company to provide convenient passengers with large luggage

Baggage delivery service Company pick-up passger’s baggage

Baggage transportation

Passengers arriving Check in the baggage Boarding and at the airport at the counter take off

Still need to check in at the counter

Online check-in saves queue time

Electronic boarding pass for convenient boarding

Online check-in to get barcode

Passengers arriving at the airport

Check in the baggage at the counter

Boarding and take off

Carrying large pieces of luggage still needs to be queued for consignment

Self check-in saves time

Self check-in and self baggage check

Passengers arriving at the airport

Self check-in

Scanning check-in code on ticket for consignment

Boarding and take off

Need to carry your luggage to the airport by passengers

Self check-in saves time

Self baggage check by scanning barcode after self check-in Online check-in to get barcode

Passengers arriving Scanning check-in code Boarding and take off at the airport on phone for consignment

Need to carry your luggage to the airport by passengers

IDEATION After completing the desktop research and field research, we have a deeper understanding of airport related services. Combining the problems and needs found, we summarize the design opportunity points and conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing passenger travel process to get a preliminary plan.

Summary of needs Reduce manpower consumption, increase efficiency and reduce congestion

Carrying luggage is more convenient and time-saving Passengers

Reduce baggage burden

Reduce manual links


Process analysis Place of departure

Arrive at the departure airport



Arrive at the destination airport

Courier delivery in the same city

Passenger Bring thier baggage to the airport

Check-in at the counter

Check in the baggage at the counter

Airport delivery service

Pick up thier baggage at the airport

Self check-in at the airport

Scanning check-in code to consignment

Passengers pick up thier luggage


Airport delivery service

Passenger Bring their baggage to the destination

Courier delivery in the same city

Receiving their baggage

Online self check-in

In the baggage service plan under the existing conditions, passengers need to send and pick up their baggage for several times.

WHAT IFďź&#x;

Passenger send the baggage and fills in the destination

Express delivery transporte the baggage to the airport

Using the automatic labeling and security checker to finish labeling and security checking

Baggage take off with airplane

Baggage is sent to the destination according to the order

Passenger receive baggage

CONCEPT ANALYSIS After getting the initial concept, we analyze the motivation of the target users and stakeholders through the motivation map and investigate the details of the target users through questionnaires.

Motivation analysis

Needs analysis Issued number 130

Attracting passengers Travel convenience

Increase revenue

Whether the passenger is willing to try the beggage tranship service

Courier station Travel accommodation

52% 27%

Service payment Passenger






30% Service payment

Tranship service

Same city delivery service

Courier station

Higher visibility

Concerns about services and possible solutions

Safety factors


Baggage breakage &Property loss

Packaging service insurance service

Cost factors


Service cost is too high

Reduce manual links

Time factors


Beggage packing Baggage information


Saving human resources

Dedicated security check channel Order source

Express company

Increase revenue Attracting passengers

Baggage can't arrive on time

Insurance service Baggage tracking

PERSONA According to the questions and needs of the questionnaire survey, we know that the 20-40 age group has a higher acceptance of such services. Therefore, we created three persona of the target user based on the user's age to define the characteristics of the target use better.







22 Y.OLD College student

35 Y.OLD Company manager

30 Y.OLD Self-media writer of traveling

Travel by plane 2-4 times a year

Travel by plane 30 times a year

Travel by plane 40 times a year

She always takes the round-trip between the school and the home or holiday trip by plane. It is inconvenient to carry large baggage and she hopes someone can help her with the baggage.

Travel demand

Baggage type

He usually traveling by plane for business trip with small suitcase most of the time. Sometimes he has to carry special equipments and products for business meeting,so it’s very necessary that his baggage arrivel on time.

He often go out to capture the writing materia by plane in different cities. Most o the time he has to carry valuable items like photographic equipments, which has higher safety requirements.

Travel demand

Baggage type

Travel demand

Baggage type

Round-trip between the school and the home

Clothing & Daily necessities

Business trip

Valuable objects & Clothing

Collecting writing materials

photographic equipment & Daily necessities

Holiday trip

Always need consignment

Holiday trip

Occasionally need consignment

Holiday trip

Often need consignment

Demand for travel


Demand for baggage transportation


Cost Safety

On time


Demand for travel

Demand for baggage transportation





On time



Demand for travel

Demand for baggage transportation




On time





CONCEPT After completing the character model, we have a clearer understanding of the characteristics of the target users, and the preliminary plan has been supplemented and refined, the list of design touch points is listed and the final design concept map is drawn.

VI Design



LOGO Transport vehicle& courier station painting

Passengers who carrying large beggage which need consignment



Automatic labeling and security checker

Others Baggage packaging service

Provide passengers with a safe and one-stop baggage delivery service

Interface WeChat mini program service interface



Smart scaning and printing QR code machine

Choose to purchase the service after check-in


Beggage Courier Pick up the luggage Electronic boarding pass


Courier picks up baggage

Express Station Self-delivery Baggage delivery information

Departure airport

Take off

Departure airport

Passengers receive luggage

Purchase service Online check-in

Electronic boarding pass


Reaching the destination

SERVICE BLUEPRINT After completing the final conceptual design, we mapped the service blueprint based on the user's behavioral process.

Physical Evidence Online platform/Offline advertising

Customer Actions

Found baggage connection service when doing online check-in

Online platform/Service hotline

Online platform / Courier / Scan code machine Courier / Security check / Airport staff

Bind personal information and purchase baggage connection services

Send baggage before departure

Carry belongings to the departure airport

Scan code machine / Courier / Airport staff

Arrive at the destination airport

Online platform / Courier

Reaching the destination

Line of interaction

Front of Stage interaction

Promotion page Web links QR code entry

Personal information filling and service page

The courier collects the baggage to pack the baggage and paste the QR code of the baggage information.

Airport staff complete passenger baggage check and guide passengers to board

Airport staff send passenger baggage to baggage arrival station

The courier delivers the baggage and checks the order information with the passenger

Match user ticket information and record order information

Pick up the baggage at the delivery station and ship it to the customer departure airport

The automatic labeling and security checker to scan QR code on the beggage then labeling and finish security check.

The airport express station scans the baggage QR code and sorts it.

The courier starts to deliver according to the passenger baggage order information.

Line of visbilty

Back of Stage interaction

After the successfully check-in , the user is prompted to purchase the service

Line of Internal Interaction Support Processes

Proper marketing promotion plan

Server import and enter user information

Set up courier stations Purchase scan code equipment

Airport and courier company cooperate to establish a receiving&sending station Purchase the automatic labeling and security checker

Courier company delivery service

DISPLAY Based on the list of design touch points, we designed the different aspects of the design.

Produncts Smart scaning and printing QR code machine User Courier

Scene Passenger send baggage

Function Scan the QR code of the electronic boarding pass and print the QR code sticker containing the baggage tag information.

Automatic labeling and security checker User Airport staff Scene Label the baggage and complete the security check

Baggage security check area Security check on baggage which need consignment

Baggage conveyor Transfer the labeled baggage to the security check area

Automatic labeling machine Sticker print port

Adjustment button

The luggage tag is attached to the baggage package by the robot arm

Scanning port

procedures Label the luggage Scaning the QR code of the baggage to get the baggage information then printing out the label of the baggage.

Baggage transfer Transfer completed labelled baggage


Transport vehicle&courier station painting

"bobo" represents "jie bo" in chinese, which meaning tranship between two place We provide a fast and efficient connection service like a bee to give passengers an easy and convenient travel experience.

Transport vehicle

Courier station painting

Beggage packing User Courier Scene Passenger send baggage Function Protecting beggage not be damaged Easy to be identified Easy to paste lebals when check-in

Packaging material Outside Nonwoven fabric dust-proof good looking prevent scratches

Baggage uniform packaging

Baggage information QR code Inside Foam paper Shockproof

DISPLAY User interface

BOBO Professional airport connection service

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