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-Malaysia 2013 has been all about you and your personal journey – your journey to success and the tough times you have faced or will face.

Last night Dato Sri’ Vijay Eswaran reminded us of the importance of dedication, passion, and friendship. He reminded us how hurdles can be a blessing in disguise, how they teach us to become strong, to survive and more importantly, they teach us about true friendship. Those that really love us are the ones that will stick by our side no matter what. So next time you are faced with struggles, remember that this is a journey that you must undertake to fulfill your dreams. Let us cherish these memories from V-Malaysia 2013 and keep them in our hearts. Let us find that dedication and passion to reach for that dream we all have, to walk that path to success.

Goodbye from V-Malaysia 2013… and remember to keep raising the bar HIGHER!!!

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ACHIEVERS’ CLUB “Entrepreneurship is the future. In the next 5 to 10 years, there is going to be a lot of people looking to be independent, running their own company – entrepreneurship is going to be the trend. And to people who are looking for an opportunity, you are in the right place. If you seriously start from now, you will be in the top percentage of people who take opportunities at the right time. My advice to people is: take it at the right time and you will be in the right place.” – Chandrika Mahendra Kumar, QNET Platinum Star

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DAto’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s Corner Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran What drives me? All of you! #Team #Love Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran My V Partners, each and every one of them in their own way made it possible for me to be where I am today. I owe it all to them. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran I conduct my trainings late at night to gauge who the serious ones are! Who will stay up late enough & committed enough to learn? #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Success is something in horizon that keeps driving u. When some1 tells me am successful I give them long list of things am yet 2 achieve. Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Happiness is something u define yourself. 2 ppl going thru exact same thing react to it totally differently! #VMY13



We are so proud of you all Yesterday a massive Achievers’ Club event took place at the QNET Pavilion to recognise and reward IRs for their hard work and outstanding achievements. An inspiring opening speech by Diamond Star Aarati Dighe-Dhawan and V Partner Sathi Senathirajah urged IRs to continue to work hard to reach Diamond rank kicked-off the event. Next on stage to congratulate the new Achievers were QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson and QNET Managing Director JR Mayer followed by QNET Chief Marketing Officer Malou Caluza. The packed QNET Pavilion was filled with commotion of joy as the crowd cheered on QNET’s latest Gold Stars as they received their Achievers’ Pins.

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran The people who love you are the people who charge you. I am lucky to have someone who’s been with me for 23 years. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran It’s sad that we take the most precious things in life for granted. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Try to go into the mind of someone who practices so much that he dares to risk his life! #RaiseTheBar #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran There is no way we could be who we are, without the V Partners being who they are and what they do. #VMY13


You don’t pay love back, you pay it forward

“The most important thing is you don’t need millions to make a difference, you just need to have a heart.” – RYTHM Foundation Executive Director Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran

We see our business as a tool to make a difference in the communities we live and do business in. This is why RYTHM is at the core of what we do. We need to look beyond our needs and our wants to those who have greater needs and greater wants. Yesterday, Sangeeta Motupalli, the winner of The Pitch! a QNET Pays Forward initiative, received a cheque of USD 10,000 for her winning project – The Li’ll Hearts Education Center. Her school comprising 40% kids from slum areas, was shortlisted for the grant out of 30 applications from around the world. She was honoured on the V-Malaysia stage by none other than RYTHM Foundation Executive Director Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran and QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson. “I’m just too happy and words can’t express how I feel. My real dream has come true. It’s something I’ve been working on for the last 10 years… to help the school stand on its own feet,” says Sangeeta Motupalli. Sangeeta is from India and pitched the idea for the Li’ll Hearts Educational Society learning centre to build 6 to 8 new classrooms, a new computer lab and upgrade facilities such as the library to provide basic academic and holistic education for underprivileged children from the two slums near the school. The other two winners of The Pitch! are Shaimaa Amir Ahmed Ali from Egypt and Emmanuel Emodek from Uganda.

Special thanks to the team behind QBuzz Daily… Editors: Ploi & Sheena Editorial Team: Ramya, Vidya, Navaporn Design: Puddhi, Tanakorn, Sarayoot, Sucharn Photos: Buddha Studios, Pravit, Rita

Snapshots of the day


CLICK & CARRY AT QI TOWER Now that you are here in Malaysia, why not take the chance to visit QI Tower, QNET’s Malaysian Office? Visit and see first-hand the QNET office and meet our friendly staff. What’s more, the Click & Carry service will be open for 2 more days! So if there is a product you want but yet to buy, here’s your chance.


you know…

…your energy system can get sick? To maintain, or even improve, our overall health and well-being, we must consider the body, the mind and the energy systems. The energy system flows in pathways or meridians, as blood flows in veins and thoughts in synapses. Throughout these energy meridians, there are certain points (like organs in the physical body) that control the flow of energy and the energy levels in specific areas of our body. They’re called chakras. Keeping the chakras aligned, unblocked and ultimately ‘healthy’ is essential in order to keep our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health balance.

YOUR ENERGY, ALIGNED. Made of specially engineered glass, Amezcua Chakra is a natural energy-generating device that revitalises your body’s energy system, improving your health and well-being. Amezcua Chakra’s unique 7-ring design forms 12 petals of a lotus, detaining all the goodness of this mystical flower. The rings align the 7 chakras in your body, helping you think clearly, communicate better, stay focussed and live life to the fullest. The triangle in the centre of the disc, also called the Golden Triangle, represents the Heart Chakra and helps the body recuperate, enhancing your vitality and energy.

Your Energy Aligned

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