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Saturday, 11 May 2013


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Let’s Rock the World!



hen you give 100%, how can we not give 100%?

Just like when Chief Pathman said he cannot retire until the entire QNET family reaches financial freedom, we cannot stay still either – we always have to give 100%... and even more. We work hard and we know that in the future, we can always look back to today and tell ourselves that we have nothing to regret because we have left nothing to chance. Yesterday Chief Pathman got up on stage with QNET Managing Director JR Mayer. Both are the ultimate rolemodel for anyone wanting to give their all, for anyone who wants to give a 100% to everything they touch and make a difference in all they do. And seeing them on stage, giving their all, trying to provide us with the best path to success, instead of taking the easy path and retiring in comfort, they choose the tougher path – the path less travelled – and take all of us with them… so we could move forward together. So let’s move forward together on this journey to success. Let’s live life to fullest and make sure we have no regrets. And what makes the journey even more memorable is that we choose not to travel alone, but to travel together, enjoying the journey together… as one… as the QNET Family. LET’S GO OUT THERE AND ROCK THIS WORLD!!!

ACHIEVERS’ CLUB “Networking is not really a business, it’s a lifestyle. You need to realise that there is so much potential in this business and the single most critical factor to success is YOU. Bettering yourself mentally, day after day, is the key to a successful networker’s life. Having passion coupled with determination is what makes you a good networker.” – Aarati Dighe-Dhawan, QNET Diamond Star

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Absolutely paraben- and preservativefree, Physio Radiance is the only highend, hypoallergenic, unisex skin care range that helps your skin self-regulate, self-regenerate and self-repair at a cellular level. By utilising the world’s smallest antioxidant, its patented technology gives back the original characteristics of youthful skin cells that have been lost due to ageing. NEW! The Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch helps to bring back a younger looking skin with visible results after your first time use! Physio Radiance Patch + Physio Radiance ReplenisH Pack Retail Price: MYR 871 IR Price: MYR 670 (BV 120, RSP 40)

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DAto’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s Corner Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran The VKids are the future. Let’s lay down the rail tracks for them. Let them build our vision. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran The only real wealth I have is the hearts of the people who put their faith in me. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran If I had to start over again, I wouldn’t do things differently, but would’ve liked to start my entrepreneurial journey a lot earlier. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran The more u force kids, the more they refuse to do something. U need to wait for them. Sometimes it’s the same with network Downlines. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Doing the #Broomwork is critical to building your home. #Planning #VMY13

Official Twitter Feed QNET @QNetOfficial You need to have a burning desire so that you’re on fire – Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial Clean up your act. You are duplicating fast. You wanna duplicate the good things – VFP @TheDailyGem QNET @QNetOfficial Your real wealth is your knowledge – VFP Joseph Bismark @TheDailyGem #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial Find that one dream that will drive you & keep you switched on – Chief #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial Have fun with ello – a new online communication tool. Find out more! #VMY13

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran #Broomwork is the keyword tonight! #VMY13 #Day3

QNET @QNetOfficial Dr Ted Sun from the Swiss Management Center introduces the new offerings of the Swiss eLearning programme. #VMY13

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Why do you need to be like the rest of the sheep? U need to be the lion among the sheep. #leadership #VMY13

QNET @QNetOfficial #QNET is gonna bring you the best of the best & we are going to make #QNET number ONE!! #VMY13

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Your greatest legacy is not your bank account but what you leave behind in people’s hearts. #legacy #LawOfLife #VMY13

Ola Allouz @Olaaaly Have Big Roses... Dream Bigger... Amazing Session by VP David Sharma. #vmy13 Retweeted by @QNetOfficial

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran When u have only one day to live is there any point in lying? #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran When u realise today is your last day, greed has no place in your life! #VMY13

Yasin @YaseenBitar Discover the child within yourself, and fear will get away – VP David Sharma #VMY13 Retweeted by @QNetOfficial

Highlight of the day!

Our very own fitness guru, QNET Chief Executive Officer Dave Osh helps man the Weight Management booth while answering any questions regarding InShape. Go QNET CEO! You rock!

QNET Product Specialist Ashley Williams and Research Professor Dr Jeon Hyoung-Tag announced the launch of the latest HomePure product – Alkaline Stick. “An alkaline body is the key to a healthy diet,” says Williams. To learn more about Alkaline Stick, visit the Home Care product booth.

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Chancellor of Academics of SMC University Dr Ted Sun took the stage with QNET Product Marketing Manager of eLearning Bernhard Gaksch to announce some of the latest and soon-to-come education courses… QNET’s very own university QIUP, Swiss eLearning Institute’s Wealth Management course, SMC’s Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration.

5/11/56 BE 1:34 AM

Snapshots of the day

RSP Explained After the RSP Game Show session yesterday hosted by QNET Chief Marketing Officer Malou Caluza and QNET Head of Marketing Trevor Kuna, you might be all wondering about RSP. So here you are… some of your top questions answered:

What is RSP?

RSP or Repeat Sales Points are points earned from repeat sales.

Really? So how do I earn this RSP?

So? Why do I have to care? What will it do for me? RSP can be converted into either Cash or BVs. For every sale of repeat products to Retail Customers or Direct Referrals, the active Direct Referrer up to 3 levels will earn the designated points which can be converted into either cash or Business Volume (BV).

Sell. Maintain. Sell – As an Active IR, you can earn RSP by selling products from the QNET Repeat eStore or from Personal Repeat Purchases of your sponsored Downlines as deep as three levels. Maintain – To earn RSPs from your Downlines, you need to maintain 60 PBVs per quarter.

Make the most out of RSP… move your business up to the next level.

I’m still confused. Can you explain the pay procedures to me? Visit your VO for more information!

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5/11/56 BE 1:35 AM

Did you know…

… acidity can kill?


he body is very sensitive to its pH level. The acidity level is especially a concern in today’s modern lifestyle because there are a lot of factors that contribute to high acidity levels, such as lack of exercise, stress, pollution and even our emotions. When blood becomes too acidic (below 7.35), the body stops functioning properly: proteins are denatured and digested (muscle mass loss), enzymes lose their ability to function (thus affecting the way the nutrients we eat are absorbed), cells stop doing osmosis (i.e. they stop communicating amongst themselves) and the results can be devastating: low energy, fatigue, poor digestion, weight gain and even, in extreme situations, death can occur. Long-term acidity is like rust: slowly but surely, it corrodes our body. Making sure we keep a balanced internal pH is essential for our wellbeing. But how? Introducing the HomePure Alkaline Stick Inside HomePure’s Alkaline Stick are thousands of ceramic balls tested and approved by NSF International for their alkalising properties. These ceramic balls react with the molecular structure of fresh water, creating an abundance of high antioxidant potential negative ions that counterbalance the body’s acidity levels. Simply place the Alkaline Stick in a clean water container and close it. Leave the stick to work its magic for 3-5 minutes, remove it and drink the alkalised water within 3 days. Try it today at the Home Care booth.


Neeraj Chhibbar, Dubai Been using Physio Radiance for 8 months “I’m very happy with the product… my wife and I have been using the full range. I have found that the dark circles and tightness around my eyes have disappeared and my laugh lines are gone too. I have a combination of oily and dry skin so I used to get small pimples around my ‘T-zone’… but Physio Radiance has balanced my skin and it is less problematic now. In less than three weeks of using the products, I was already convinced that they were amazing. So since then I have been promoting it to my whole team!”

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5/11/56 BE 1:35 AM

QBuzz Daily Issue 4  

QBuzz Daily Issue 4 (11 May 13)