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Now in y Thursday, 9 May 2013

Daily let the games begin!


Spitfire – Green


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ow! We still can’t believe how AMAZING the first day of V-Malaysia 2013 was. There are no words for it. It’s just simply… V-amazing.

The day started out early as QNET staff excitedly prepared to open their doors to welcome the rest of the QNET family… YOU GUYS! For some of us, it’s been seven months since we met in Indonesia… and for a few, it’s their first time ever getting to meet the people behind QNET’s success… QNET’s IRs. And what an awe-inspiring sight – a colourful, vibrant and energetic crowd decked out in their national costumes! Even as people poured in to register themselves, the QNET Pavilion opened its doors. The highlight of the day, we must say, was definitely the inaugural ceremony marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony done by no other than The V Chief Pathman Senathirajah, joined by QNET and The V VIPs.

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But hold on, V-Malaysia has other incredible sites to offer, from Voyager pavilion, the Vijayaratnam Foundation food stall boasting arrays of gourmet vegetarian food, V-Kids area where V Children spend their time having fun while also emptying their cups to learn more... just like their parents! And lastly… the moment we were all waiting for – the official V-Malaysia Opening Ceremony! We either go BIG or go home, right? And my, did we go BIGGGG! The ceremony started out with traditional dances and an EPIC battle between beat box and drummers. The much awaited international flag parade showcased the true spirit of RYTHM Nation. V Partner Kuna Senathirajah welcomed everyone to his home country and to V-Malaysia 2013. V Partners Arun George, Adly Hassan and Sathi Senathirajah then took the stage to lead an epic session of cheering that took the whole stadium by storm. This was followed by the iconic gathering of all the V Partners on stage. Founder Japadas Bismark welcomed the most awaited speaker of the evening – V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran who took the stage to welcome his family home. See some of Dato Sri’s inspiring quotes in this issue of QBuzz Daily.

“Networking is not about being the king, it’s about being the king-maker.” “It’s the only industry I know where your entire journey is to make yourself redundant.” – Dev Wadhwani, Diamond Star

DAto’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s Corner

Official Twitter Feed QNET @QNetOfficial #indonesia team’s yell yell shock the ground at #VMY13

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Vcon is not about the company, plan or products. VCON is about u. #VMY13

QNET @QNetOfficial “Rhythm…rhythm of the world…” that’s the message tonight folks… see it hear it feel it! #VMY13

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran The biggest challenge in life is thinking u have lost, that the path ahead is the hardest. Whatever the path, its been designed for u. #VMY13

QNET @QNetOfficial V Chief Pathman welcomes the crowd to RYTHM Nation! Welcome home. #VMY13

Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran There is no faster, surer, accurate path to the top than being able to get up again & again. That’s the mark of a true leader. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Any kind of success requires determination, daring, dedication and devotion. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran The indomitable human spirit can conquer any setback. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Success is your only legacy. You have one life to make something of yourself. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Challenges teach u better than anything else, how to move up in your life. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran Life doesn’t give you any breaks. You have to take control of who you are, what u want to do and what’s holding u back. #VMY13 Vijay Eswaran @VijayEswaran A dream of wanting to be someone else is never the answer! Everyone has problems. #VMY13

QNET @QNetOfficial For the next five days, we are RYTHM Nation #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial VP Arun George, Adly and Sathi make a roaring presence on stage! The crowd goes wild! #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial VP Adly – welcome to the coming millionaires of the world! #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial Your future is gonna be so bright, you’re gonna need sunglasses – VP Sathi Senathirajah #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial For the next five days, we are RYTHM Nation #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial VP Arun – You will not go back the way you came in. ready for that? #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial I was forced to come to VCon… and now I’m a V Partner! VP Adly #VMY13 QNET @QNetOfficial Please raise the bar higher!!! You can do it! #VMY13

Highlight of the day!

QNET Managing Direc tor JR Mayer joins V Ch ief Pathman Senathirajah and VIPs from all over the world in the official ribbon-cutting ceremon y of the QNET Pavilion . It’s time to get your favourite produ cts!

se with the hottest attrac Everyone wants to po car! the Marussia F1 show

an exciting tion food stall serves up da un Fo m tna ara ay Vij The milk, sweet t includes fresh cow’s tha nu me ian tar ge ve new profits from t Indian savouries. All ho d an es ak sh lk mi lassi, iatives. So, s the Foundation’s init ard tow go l wil les sa food a difference! y food and help make mm yu me so joy en come

tion of all –

Snapshots of the day

QNET TREND: Primavera Collection

It’s a fashion frenzy with Primavera, QNET’s latest spring collection. Make sure you check out the QNET Merchandise booth to not go out of style. Purchase your favourites from this collection, or better yet, collect them all and strut in confidence with this season’s hippest colour – Plum Purple, Palace Blue and Mint Green. (And for the first time ever, you will also get the BVs with your purchase!)

Did you know…

…tHAT QNET has its

own university?


es, that’s right! QNET has its own university – Quest International University Perak (QIUP). QIUP is a private comprehensive researchled university that never stops striving to provide the highest facet of knowledge and learning environment, aiming to inspire a knowledgeseeking mindset in all their students and peers, as well as equipping them with the best skill set needed to succeed in their life goals. Build Your Mind with QIUP • Foundation in Business* – The Foundation in Business (FIB) programme provides a general understanding of business organisations and their structures along with wider considerations such as environments, markets and processes and how all these work together to contribute to organisational success. The programme will enable students to analyse how businesses are organised, strategies are developed, decisions are taken, and how these factors impact competitiveness in business and commerce. • Foundation in Science* – The Foundation in Science (FIS) programme is a stepping stone for students who wish to pursue a challenging academic path in the medical and health or the pure and applied sciences faculties. Basic science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics form the main thrust of this programme. However, subjects such as Computer Applications, English and Sociology have also been incorporated into the programme to give students an opportunity to develop essential skills and to give them a perspective on issues relating to the social world. Such exposure to other academic courses will provide students with essential knowledge of the wider world as well as develop in them transferable intellectual skills.



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Visit the Education Booth to find out more about QIUP. *The Foundation in Business and Foundation in Science programme is a foundation of knowledge REQUIRED when pursuing bachelor-level degrees with QIUP.

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QBuzz Daily Issue 2  

QBuzz Daily Issue 2 (9 May 2013)

QBuzz Daily Issue 2  

QBuzz Daily Issue 2 (9 May 2013)