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Brisbane Festival is an initiative of the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council

Anthony Phelan, Michala Banas, Charles Ball, Joe Klocek, Mathew Name Cooper, Anthony Gooley, Tom Yaxley,

Once upon a time (back in 2015)… in a land not that far away (right here in Brisbane actually)… a man called Trent wrote a small tale about a boy called Eli that captured the imagination of the nation. Lee Lewis Artistic Director, Queensland Theatre

It won all the awards. A talented playwright, Tim, transformed Trent’s words into a play which inspired a director, Sam, to create a production that would thrill audiences in the 2020 Brisbane Festival. But a good fairytale is nothing without a villain, and there were dark days indeed when the evil COVID-19 shut down the theatres in 2020. The people of the kingdom despaired, not knowing when it would be safe to gather to tell stories again. But they held onto their tickets, and hoped that the virus would be vanquished one day.

We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work, and their unique relationship with the lands, seas and waterways. We pay our respects to their Elders both past and present, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Well, we know we are not living in a fairytale realm, but we have been very lucky to have our theatres mostly open in 2021 in Queensland. Thanks to our extraordinary health care workers, buckets of hand sanitiser, QR codes, social distancing, wearing masks and getting vaccinated, we are on our way back. And what better way to celebrate than diving into this magical production of Boy Swallows Universe? It has taken a lot of fairy-godmothers to make sure this tale has a happy ending. The strong partnership between

Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival and QPAC has ensured that this special Brisbane story, that means so much to so many people, would survive. The fantastic support of our Production Partner Ergon Network and Energex, part of Energy Queensland, has been inspiring. The commitment of our generous supporters of the Landmark Productions Fund to bring the biggest and boldest theatre to Queensland audiences has given us hope that theatre will not only survive but thrive. We would be nowhere without the Queensland government and the Australia Council, the Australian government’s arts funding and advisory body. Picture us all as a huge chorus in tutus and tiaras if you like, but a lot of government, corporate and philanthropic wands have been waved to make tonight a magical night in the theatre for you. Abracadabra! Enjoy! — Lee

Even though relatively young in the world of literature, Boy Swallows Universe has already established itself as a well-loved novel that has won its way into the hearts of readers all over the world.

What a moment, Boy Swallows Universe making its greatly anticipated world premiere as part of Brisbane Festival 2021. Louise Bezzina Artistic Director, Brisbane Festival

One thing we have learnt from the last 18 months is to embrace every single moment that brings us together. This is one of those times where, through sheer determination, commitment, and passion, we gather to witness one of the biggest moments in Australian theatre. The stage adaptation by Tim McGarry of Trent Dalton’s Boy Swallows Universe was one of the first productions I jumped headfirst into, immediately following my appointment to the role of Artistic Director of Brisbane Festival in 2019. Trent Dalton is someone I have known and admired for many years and the opportunity to play a role in enabling a major show to be realised was never in question. A blockbuster like Boy Swallows Universe requires collaboration and partnership, and it has been a pleasure to work with Queensland Theatre and QPAC as copresenters. It epitomises a ‘great festival piece’. Not only because of its scale but where the heart of this project rests, with community, love and hope. Trent has written an epic story set in our great city of Brisbane. His vulnerability and bravery in sharing his formative years with the world is why this work is so special. He takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as we traverse a Hollywood-style setting, taking audiences on the most surreal adventure. The partnership between Tim McGarry, Sam Strong and Trent Dalton is the heart and soul of this 4

John Kotzas AM Chief Executive, QPAC

theatrical masterpiece, and I commend each of them on the incredible work to bring this story to the stage. Earlier I mentioned why this work epitomises a great festival piece. The curation of the 2021 Brisbane Festival has at its heart two things: community and celebration. Community derives from the Latin communitas meaning ‘public spirit’, signifying mutual recognition and the pleasure of holding something in common. What are we without ‘public spirit’ and the friendships we cultivate in communities? It only transpires when people give each other the freedom of being and becoming themselves. Critical to this spirit is a diversity of voices, telling stories, sharing artistry and warmly inviting each one of us to connect anew. This is Boy Swallows Universe.

To say the development of this stage version of Boy Swallows Universe was a three-way partnership between QPAC, Queensland Theatre and Brisbane Festival is true, but to end there would be to understate the dedication of so many who have made this production possible. This depth and scale of collaboration speaks volumes to the state of the arts in Queensland and all involved feel a genuine sense of gratitude. Despite the challenges of COVID, we have fought hard collectively to bring this masterpiece to the stage. When adapting a novel for the stage, there is always great responsibility: to the characters, to the writer, to the readers

and audience. For many readers of the novel who feel intimately connected to Eli’s motley crew of a family and may have firm views about how his world should be portrayed, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Congratulations to all who have brought this remarkable production to life; it is a gem that I’m sure will have a long legacy in our theatre repertoire. To the writers, Trent Dalton and Tim McGarry: thank you for bringing this story into our lives, for giving us characters to love (and hate), for delivering joy alongside the heartbreak and for making something truly special. — John

On behalf of the Board and CEO of Brisbane Festival, we congratulate all the cast and creatives involved in this mammoth production. We are honoured to have played such a critical role in this project’s journey and realisation. We thank our partners QPAC and Queensland Theatre, along with Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council and Tourism and Events Queensland for their faith and commitment to this once-in-alifetime theatre production. Enjoy Boy Swallows Universe, and welcome to Brisbane Festival 2021. — Louise




Dead Blue Wren

True Fearless Crime

Clock Tower


The blockbuster Australian novel comes alive onstage. Eli Bell’s childhood in the outer Brisbane suburbs is far from the idyllic 1980s haze some kids would remember. His alcoholic dad has shot through, his mum is in jail, his stepfather’s dealing heroin, his brother Gus won't talk and silently swirls cryptic messages in the air with his finger, and his babysitter Slim is a convicted killer and infamous escapee from Boggo Road Gaol.

Beset by chaos on all sides, it’s a run-in with the local crime king and his henchman that sets the 13 year old with the old soul on a journey to find out what kind of man he is going to be. Boy Swallows Universe is adapted from the smash hit novel inspired by Brisbane author Trent Dalton’s own childhood. It’s an exhilarating story of magic and madness, of beauty and brutality, of joy and heartbreak, and of the power of love to triumph over the darkest of circumstances.

Brisbane Festival is an initiative of the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council

Presented by Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival and Queensland Performing Arts Centre.


CREATIVES Author Trent Dalton Writer Tim McGarry Director/Drumaturg Sam Strong Designer Renée Mulder Lighting Designer Ben Hughes Composer/Sound Designer Steve Francis Video Designer Craig Wilkinson Movement Director Nerida Matthaei Fight and Intimacy Director Nigel Poulton Senior Stage Manager John Reid Deputy Stage Manager Yanni Dubler Assistant Stage Manager Margaret Burrows ASSOCIATES Associate Motion Designer Jordan Pena Assistant Fight Director Sam Valentine Associate Sound Designer Matthew Erskine CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Additional Dramaturgical Support Kate Mulvany Dialect Coach Melissa Agnew Assistant Video Editor Nevin Howell CAST Frankie Bell Michala Banas Teddy Kallas/Ensemble Andrew Buchanan Robert Bell/Ensemble Mathew Cooper Lyle Orlik/Brian Robertson/Ensemble Anthony Gooley Eli Bell Joe Klocek Caitlyn Spies/Shelley/Ensemble Ashlee Lollback Iwan Krol/Alex Bermudez/Ensemble Joss McWilliam Bich Dang/Mrs Birkbeck/Ensemble Ngoc Phan Slim Halliday/Tytus Broz/Ensemble Anthony Phelan Darren Dang/Ensemble Hoa Xuande August Bell Tom Yaxley Ensemble Hsin-Ju Ely Ensemble Charles Ball

30 AUG – 3 OCT PLAYHOUSE, QPAC LOCATION QPAC, Cnr Grey and Melbourne Sts, South Brisbane DURATION 2 hours 45 minutes, including a 20 minute interval WARNINGS This play contains strong coarse language, mature themes, simulated violence, replica guns and depictions of domestic violence. It also contains strobe lighting, theatrical smoke effects, and the use of e-cigarettes and herbal cigarettes. We understand the themes may be triggering for some people. If you have any concerns about the content of the play, we encourage you to contact the Box Office on 136 246. If you or someone you know needs information or support, please contact: 1800RESPECT 1800 737 732 Lifeline 13 11 14 The use of photographic or recording equipment is not permitted inside the theatre.


Boy Swallows Universe tells us that love will transcend challenging circumstances. This is a beautifully optimistic message. And right now it’s a timely one. Sam Strong Director/Dramaturg

It’s nearly three years since Tim McGarry, Trent Dalton and I first sat down at Queensland Theatre. From that point, work proceeded with a joy and momentum befitting the novel: adaptor extraordinaire Tim’s drafts moved from economical to exhaustive and back again; our crack creative team dreamed the theatrical version into life; Brisbane Festival Artistic Director Louise Bezzina jumped on board as soon as she got the job; generous donors lent weight to the vision of a landmark work of scale; and in June 2019 the production was announced to an eager waiting list.

And then time stopped. A March 2020 creative development embodied our changing universe. We started full of excitement with our sights set on the September 2020 season; by the end of the creative development the whole country was in lockdown. Of course, this wasn’t the end of the disruption. As I write this, we are waiting to see if we can return to the rehearsal room after a week on Zoom due to the recent Brisbane lockdown. Fortunately, the antidote to all this darkness is the spirit of the novel. At its core, Boy Swallows Universe is a story

about recognising and overcoming trauma. This is as challenging as it sounds, and we have been deliberately unflinching in our treatment of the darker moments in the story. But to paraphrase Slim, there is no escaping the light as well as the shade. Boy Swallows Universe has captured so many imaginations because it balances its heartbreaking moments with others that are heart-warming, thrilling, or even a bit ridiculous. Our approach has been to find theatrical versions of these lighter parts of the story too. A significant factor in the universe’s embracing of the novel has been Trent Dalton’s embracing of the universe. The spirit of a creator will always infuse an adaptation, particularly one by someone as astute as Tim. But we have been particularly lucky to have direct access to the source. Throughout, Trent has brought the same warmth, generosity and excitement that colours the novel into our creative process.

Sam Strong, Nerida Matthaei, Joss McWilliam, Joe Klocek, Charles Ball, Hsin-Ju Ely, Hoa Xuande

From Trent and Tim onwards, so many people have contributed so much to bringing this work of scale to the stage. It’s impossible to thank them all individually. But as well as the teams at Brisbane Festival and QPAC, I must pay special tribute to the team at Queensland Theatre. Over several years they have poured their hearts into this production, from enabling us to rehearse on a fully built set in the workshop, to raising money to make it possible, to navigating people in and out of hotel quarantine and lockdown, to Lee Lewis generously reprogramming the show in 2021. Literally as I finish this, we have just found out we can return to the rehearsal room. True to the novel, love and optimism have prevailed. Now all that is left is to share our love for the story with an audience. — Sam Sam Strong

Sam Strong and cast



At its heart Boy Swallows Universe is the story of an adolescent’s conquest of good over evil, love over hate, resilience over hardship. Tim McGarry Writer

In attempting to make sense of the world Eli Bell returns to the same conundrum, is wisdom still valid if it comes from bad men? He grapples with trauma, in a world that can be bleak, beautiful, violent and magical. A world where he witnesses the heartbreaking reality of domestic violence against his mother. But if trauma is the central theme, then love and time are the antidotes. I recently took great heart from the words of Lee Lewis when she said "Great stories can take a lifetime to tell". Trent Dalton has taken a lifetime of memories, both good and not so good, and gifted them to us in his truly remarkable novel. His words, like a tightly-woven piece of fabric, are threaded and laced with shards of pure gold, they capture the Australian vernacular exquisitely; every moment interdependent on what had come before and what lay ahead. When I first read Boy Swallows Universe, I recognised that the quiet power of theatre would serve his story impeccably, and theatre is a world that is entirely conditional on creative collaboration. Always there to help me find ‘the answers to the questions’, Trent’s enthusiasm and trust has allowed the team to collectively fly. In developing the script, never have I felt more supported in this epic journey than by dramaturg Sam Strong. Every minute of every day he has been an everpresent ear as I pondered and toiled over 10

every line, every beat. A deeper, more productive collaboration I couldn’t have wished for and I am deeply indebted to Sam’s unwavering presence, support and patience. It’s been a total joy! If raising a child takes a village, then creating a new theatre work takes a metropolis of passionate and creative souls.

My friend, let's not think of tomorrow, but let's enjoy this fleeting moment of life.

Charles Ball

– Omar Khayyam

My admiration and awe is boundless when I reflect on this most extraordinary creative, technical and stage management team, and the troupe of actors for their unbending commitment in making this epic tale take flight. To Lee Lewis, Amanda Jolly and the entire team at Queensland Theatre, to the partners and the unsung philanthropic champions who have funded the many developments over these three years, I give my heartfelt thanks. And when I was going cross-eyed and couldn’t see the wood for the trees I’m eternally grateful for the additional dramaturgical eyes of Kate Mulvany and Geoffrey Bartlett for their astute and generous feedback.

For me, Boy Swallows Universe is a story that reflects humanity’s light and shade, yet brings a poetic dimension to everyday life. I hope in some small way it instils a renewed sense of empathy and compassion for the likes of Eli Bell and his family and, like fireworks shooting into the night sky, it propels a mighty sense of hope. — Tim

Nerida Matthaei, Joe Klocek,


Trent Dalton Author Trent Dalton is one of Australia’s bestloved and bestselling authors, whose books have sold over 780,000 copies in Australia alone. Trent writes for The Weekend Australian Magazine. He’s a two-time winner of a Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism, a fourtime winner of a Kennedy Award for Excellence in NSW Journalism and a four-time winner of the national News Awards Features Journalist of the Year. His number one bestselling debut novel Boy Swallows Universe broke records to become the fastest selling Australian debut novel ever, according to Nielsen Bookscan. Boy Swallows Universe has been published globally, across 34 English language and translation territories and has won many major Australian literary prizes including the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for New Writer and People’s Choice, the Indie Book of the Year and a record-breaking four Australian Book Industry Awards. The novel is currently being adapted for the screen, with Joel Edgerton attached. Dalton’s second novel, All Our Shimmering Skies, was published in September 2020 and became an instant number one bestseller on release. It has been shortlisted for the Indie Fiction Book of the Year, the ABIA Literary Fiction Book of the Year and the Bookseller’s Choice Fiction Book of the Year. In October 2021, Dalton will publish Love Stories – a new work of non-fiction.


Tim McGarry Writer

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other credits: As Writer: Art House/ Capitol Tamworth: Colleen McCullough’s Tim; Australian Chamber Orchestra: There’s a Sea in My Bedroom; Sydney Opera House: Music for the Dreaming, The Nutcracker, Swing Baby Swing; Monkey Baa Theatre Company: Thursday’s Child, Hitler’s Daughter, I Am Jack, Goodbye Jamie Boyd, The Peasant Prince, True Story of Mao’s Last Dancer; Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Who Needs A Conductor Anyway. As Actor: White Box: The Campaign; Old Fitz Theatre: The Shadow Box; Sport for Jove: Cyrano De Bergerac; Blumenthal/Eternity Theatre: The God of Isaac, You Will Not Play Wagner, My Name is Asher Lev, Coming to See Aunt Sophie; Monkey Baa Theatre Company: Hitler’s Daughter, The Prospectors, I Am Jack; TML Management: It’s a Dad Thing; O’Punksys: The Carthaginians; Crossroads: A Respectable Wedding; Theatre South: The Male Line, Time Gentlemen, Time is Not Yet Ripe, Macbeth, Italian Stories; Kings Cross Theatre: The Suicide; Company B Sharp: The Information; Riverina Theatre Company: Bouncers; Gordon Frost: Big River The Musical; WA Theatre Company: The Sentimental Bloke; Hole in the Wall: Snoopy The Musical. Television: Rake, All Saints, Home and Away, Underbelly – The Golden Mile, A More Fortunate Life. Film: Hacksaw Ridge, Lilian’s Story, Manny, Goddess of 1967. Awards: Helpmann Award – Best Children's Presentation Hitler’s Daughter, Thursday’s Child; Sydney Theatre Awards – Best Production for Children The Peasant Prince; Glug Awards – Best Production for Children The Peasant Prince Training: WAAPA (Theatre); NIDA Open (Directing).

Sam Strong Director/Dramaturg

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Renée Mulder Designer

Queensland Theatre: Prima Facie (with Griffin Theatre Company), Triple X (with Sydney Theatre Company), The Effect (with Sydney Theatre Company), Mouthpiece (with QPAC), Nearer the Gods, An Octoroon, Rice (with Griffin Theatre Company), Sacre Bleu and Fat Pig. Other credits: As Designer: highlights include Sydney Theatre Company: Grand Horizons, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Banging Denmark, Perplex, The Torrents, Black is the New White, Hamlet Prince of Skidmark, Orlando, Battle of Waterloo, Perplex, Mariage Blanc, The Long Way Home, Dance Better at Parties, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, The Luck Child, In A Heart Beat, The Splinter, The Bleeding Tree (with Griffin Theatre Company); Melbourne Theatre Company: Home I’m Darling, Arbus and West; La Boite: As You Like It, Ruben Guthrie, I Love You Bro; Griffin Theatre Company: Dogged, The Boys, Hoax; Bell Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. As Costume Designer: Sydney Theatre Company: Playing Beatie Bow, The Harp In The South Parts One and Two, Saint Joan, Top Girls, Chimerica, Endgame, Children of the Sun, Vere (Faith) (with STCSA). As Set Designer: Sydney Theatre Company: Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness (with La Boite). Positions: Design Director (present), Member of National Artistic Team (2016–17), Queensland Theatre; Resident Designer (2012–14), Sydney Theatre Company. Awards: Sydney Theatre Awards – Best Costume Design Top Girls, Best Stage Design (Mainstage) – The Beauty Queen of Leenane; Matilda Award – Best Design Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness; Green Room Award – Outstanding Design (Costume) Home, I'm Darling.

Ben Hughes Lighting Designer

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Arrival. Positions: Artist Company (current), La Boite; Affiliate Artist (2014, 2011), Resident Lighting Designer (2013), Queensland Theatre; Associate Artistic Director, The Danger Ensemble. Awards: Groundling Award for Outstanding Contribution to Lighting Design.

Steve Francis Composer/Sound Designer

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Craig Wilkinson Video Designer

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Nigel Poulton Fight and Intimacy Director

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Three Little Words, Jasper Jones, Hamlet, Queen Lear, Realism, Cyrano de Bergerac. Film: Poker Face, Thor: Love and Thunder, Escape From Spiderhead, Occupation: Rainfall, Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, Deadline Gallipoli, The Water Diviner, Winter’s Tale, Vikingdom, Salt, I Am Legend, The Bourne Legacy. Television: Sea Patrol, The Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, 30 Rock, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Training: Certified Intimacy Director and Intimacy Coordinator, IDC and IDI, advanced training in Theatrical Biomechanics; Certified Fight Director and Teacher, Society of American Fight Directors; Fight Director, Society of Australian Fight Directors; Honorary Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. Positions: Artist Company (2021–22), La Boite; Teaching role, NIDA; Teaching role, AFTRS, Teaching role, ACA, Teaching role, USQ; President, Society of Australian Fight Directors (Past). Awards: Green Room Award – Outstanding Contribution to the Stage.

John Reid Senior Stage Manager

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The Republic of Myopia, Proof, The Way of the World, Great Expectations (with Melbourne Theatre Company), Soulmates (2002 tour), A Man With Five Children, The Christian Brothers, Morning Sacrifice, Up For Grabs, Life After George, Oedipus, The Crucible, Macbeth, Third World Blues (1997–98 tour), Mourning Becomes Electra, Wunnerful Liberace, Tartuffe, Medea, Poor Superman. As Assistant Stage Manager: Sydney Theatre Company: The Gift of the Gorgon, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice; Cameron Mackintosh: The Phantom of the Opera; Opera Australia: The Barber of Seville, Il Trittico, Nabucco, Medee, Carmen; Really Useful Company: Cats (1994 tour). Positions: Head of Stage Management (2005–2010), Sydney Theatre Company.

Yanni Dubler Deputy Stage Manager

Queensland Theatre: As Stage Manager: Antigone, The Button Event. As Assistant Stage Manager: L’Appartement, Hydra, Nearer the Gods, Jasper Jones, St Mary’s in Exile, Brisbane, Black Diggers, Boston Marriage, Gloria. Other: Traction: The Penultimate. Other credits: As Stage Manager: Circa: Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show (2021 tour); shake & stir theatre co: Fantastic Mr Fox (2020 and 2021 tours), A Christmas Carol (2020), Dracula (2017 tour), George’s Marvellous Medicine (2016–17 tour), Tequila Mockingbird (2016 tour), Wuthering Heights (2016 tour), Revolting Rhymes & Dirty Beasts (2015 tour); Queensland Music Festival: Opera at Jimbour; Flipside Circus: Dogs in the Schoolyard; Queensland Ballet: Senior Program Showcase, The Nutcracker (2018, 2019), The Little Green Road to Fairyland (2019 tour), Prelude ’17; Too Close to the Sun: The Bluebird Mechanicals; Kay & McLean Productions: North by Northwest

(2018–19 tour); George P. Johnson: Invictus Games Sydney 2018 Opening and Closing Ceremonies; La Boite: The Mathematics of Longing; Jack Morton Worldwide: GC2018 Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies; Access Arts: Undercover Artist Festival; Sunshine Coast Chamber Music Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, QPAC, Brisbane Writers Festival, World Athletics, Australian Girls Choir, Woodford Folk Festival, Collusion Music. As Assistant Stage Manager: Queensland Ballet: Coppelia. Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Technical Production), QUT.

Margaret Burrows Assistant Stage Manager

Queensland Theatre: As Assistant Stage Manager: Our Town, Mouthpiece, Noises Off, Ladies in Black (2017 tour), The Odd Couple. Other credits: As Stage Manager: Woodward Productions: Weathering Well (Brisbane season and regional tour); SK Entertainment: Alice in Wonderland; Brisbane Festival. As Deputy Stage Manager: Gordon Frost Organisation: Wizard of Oz (Melbourne 2018–19). As Assistant Stage Manager: Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols (2020); Queensland Ballet: The Nutcracker, Peter Pan, Strictly Gershwin, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lest we Forget, Coppelia (regional Queensland tour); Opera Queensland: Madame Butterfly, Kiss Me Kate; Gordon Frost Organisation: EVITA (2019 tour), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2019–20 tour); Jack Morton Worldwide: GC2018 Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Technical Production), QUT; Diploma of Scenery and Set Construction, Southbank Institute of Technology.


Jordan Peña Associate Motion Designer

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other credits: Circa/Aardman Animation: Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show. Film: Car Dogs. Television: Fox 10 News. Positions: Creative Director, MOViEMODE; Former Director/Producer, Cape York Partnerships; Former Motion Designer, Cutting Edge Post. Awards: Queensland Multimedia Awards – Best Documentary (Film and TV) How Far We’ve Come.

Sam Valentine Assistant Fight Director

Queensland Theatre: Taming of the Shrew. Other credits: shake & stir theatre co: Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Prankster; Brisbane Immersive Ensemble: The Midsummer Carnival, Speakeasy: On New Year’s Eve, The Baedeker Speakeasy, Cluedo! The Interactive Game; Folly Games: A Convict’s Hope; Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble: Hamlet; Brainstorm Productions: Cheap Thrills, Sticks & Stones, Saving Lil & Archie, The Hurting Game; Melbourne International Comedy Festival/ Queensland Cabaret Festival: Occult Impressarios, DIRTY SEXY POLITICS; THAT Production Company: Romeo & Juliet; Bent Schematic: The Gremlins. Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts, QUT.


Matthew Erskine Associate Sound Designer

Queensland Theatre: As Sound Designer: The Holidays, Country Song. As Head of Sound/Sound Engineer: Emerald City, Fangirls, Death of a Salesman, Noises Off, Black Diggers (national tour). Other credits: As Head of Sound: Belvoir: Fangirls (national tour). As Sound Designer: Old Fashioned Production Company: Becoming Bill; MAD Squad: Australiana, Furry Tails Gone Wrong, Spring into MAD – A Festival of Short Original Musicals; QUT: Who's Afraid of the Working Class? Positions: Technical and Operations Director, MAD Squad; Technical and Operations Director, CrossPoint Sound.

Michala Banas Frankie Bell

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other credits: Melbourne Theatre Company: The Truth, The Odd Couple, Birdland; KIN Collective: The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Lottie in the Late Afternoon, Glimpse, Hook Turn; Straightjacket Productions: The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell; Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Funny Girl; Arts Asia Pacific: Avenue Q. Television: Upper Middle Bogan, McLeod's Daughters, Always Greener, Winners and Losers, Beaconsfield, Neighbours, Bad Mothers, Halifax Retribution, Nowhere Boys, Hamish and Andy’s True Story, Something In The Air, Luke Warm Sex, Round the Twist, Get Krack!n, Mirror, Mirror, Fam Time. Film: The Show Must Go On, That’s Not My Dog, Ned, ScoobyDoo, Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows. Positions: Co-Artistic Director, KIN Collective; Intimacy Coordinator. Awards: Helpmann Award – Best Female Actor in a Musical Avenue Q; Equity Ensemble Award – Outstanding Performance in a Comedy Series Upper Middle Bogan.

Andrew Buchanan Teddy Kallas/Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Our Town, L’Appartement, No Man’s Land (with Sydney Theatre Company), Macbeth, Water Falling Down, The Crucible, God of Carnage (with Black Swan State Theatre Company), The Female of the Species, Christmas at Turkey Beach, Antigone, The Marriage of Figaro, Composing Venus, Peter Pan, Romeo & Juliet, The Beaux Stratagem, Essington Lewis: I Am Work, The Cherry Orchard. Other credits: Ethel Barrymore Theatre on Broadway New York / Sydney Theatre Company: The Present; La Boite: The Wishing Well (with Matrix Theatre), Secret Bridesmaids Business, Clark in Sarajevo, Sex Diary Of An Infidel, Cosi, Bouncers, Hamlet, The Taming Of The Shrew; Metaluna Theatre Company: Summer of the Aliens; QPAC: Armistice, Over the Top with Jim; Harvest Rain: Love’s Labour Lost, As

You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing; Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe: Hamlet, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Antony and Cleopatra, Cymbeline; TN! Theatre Company: Bullshot Crummond, Phaedra. Film: Love and Monsters, Don’t Tell, Australia Day, Fatal Honeymoon, Iron Sky, The Condemned, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, Scooby-Doo, Hildegard, Paperback Hero. Television: Young Rock, The End, Rosehaven, Grace Beside Me, Safe Harbour, The End, The Family Law, Harrow, Hoges, Wanted, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, The Gods of Wheat Street, Reef Doctors, Sisters of War, SLIDE, Sea Patrol, Monarch Cove, RAN (Remote Area Nurse), Mortified, Farmkids, Answered By Fire, Through My Eyes, Chameleon II, Beastmaster, Murder Call, Flipper, Big Sky, Medivac, Roar, Pacific Drive. Awards: Matilda Awards – Best Actor The Female of the Species, Christmas at Turkey Beach, Hamlet, Cymbeline, The Taming of the Shrew, Summer of the Aliens, Best Director Love’s Labour Lost, Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Mathew Cooper Robert Bell/Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: City of Gold (with Griffin Theatre Company). Other credits: Yirra Yaakin: Cracked, The Sum of Us; Performing Lines: The Season; National Theatre of Parramatta: Stolen; Melbourne Theatre Company/Neon: Lucky; Belvoir/Ilbijerri Theatre Company: Coranderrk. Film: The Marshes. Short Film: Last Drinks at Frida’s. Television: Janet King, Redfern Now. Training: Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting), WAAPA

Anthony Gooley Lyle Orlik/Brian Robertson/ Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other credits: As Actor: Ensemble Theatre: A View from the Bridge, Death Of A Salesman; State Theatre Company of SA: The Glass Menagerie; Belvoir/The Comedy Theatre/Arts Centre Melbourne: Calamity Jane; Sydney Opera House/Hayes Theatre: Assassins; Griffin Theatre Company: Replay; Sport For Jove: The Crucible, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Of Mice and Men, A Doll’s House, Othello, Twelfth Night, The Comedy of Errors; Eternity Playhouse: Good Works, All My Sons; Riverside Theatre: Angels In America; Sydney Theatre Company: The Lost Echo; Old Fitz Theatre: The Shadow Box, Inner Voices; TRS: Empire, Rope; Cry Havoc: Three Sisters, Julius Caesar. As Director: Seymour Centre: The Underpants; Red Line Productions: Orphans; The Kings Collective: Gruesome Playground Injuries. Film: Buckley’s Chance, Venus and Adonis. Television: Joe Exotic, Sheilas, Australia: The Story of Us, Underbelly, Packed to the Rafters, Tough Nuts, Satisfaction, Home and Away. Awards: Sydney Theatre Award – Best Actor in an Independent Production The Libertine; Sydney Theatre Award nominations – Best Actor in a Leading Role Of Mice and Men, Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role Inner Voices, A Doll’s House. Training: National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

Joe Klocek Eli Bell

Queensland Theatre: Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Other credits: Melbourne Theatre Company: The Distance. Film: Children of the Corn, The Dry, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Television: Nowhere Boys: Battle for Negative Space, Harrow, Patricia Moore, Neighbours, Glitch, Nowhere Boys: Two Moons Rising, Please Like Me, Barracuda. Short Film: All Good Things. Awards: Casting Guild of Australia Awards – Rising Star Honouree.

Ashlee Lollback Caitlyn Spies/Shelley/ Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Family Values (Play Club). Other credits: La Boite: Pale Blue Dot; shake & stir theatre co: Dracula; 4MBS/ Brisbane Shakespeare Festival: A Midsummer Nights Dream, Much Ado About Nothing; Imprint Theatricals/Tenacious C Presents: 5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche; Bosco Productions: Cock; EchelonPerform Educational Musicals: Wipeout; Gold Coast Arts Centre: Bumpy Angels. Film: Bloody Hell, Don’t Tell, In Like Flynn, Space/ Time, Panic, Lemon Tree Passage, The Hunters Club: Skateboard or Die. Television: Total Control, Harrow, Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS, Hoges, The 9Go Studio Show, Wurrawhy, Nevernight, Freudian Slip, Homecoming Queens, Big Review TV, Remote Control Tourist. Commercial: Holden, Ford, Toyota, Andersens, Flight Centre, YouFoodz. Training: Bachelor of Theatre Arts (Acting), USQ.

Michala Banas, Tom Yaxley


Joss McWilliam Iwan Krol/Alex Bermudez/ Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Hedda, St Mary’s in Exile, Treasure Island (with Matrix), The School of Arts, Hamlet (with State Theatre Company of SA), Away, A Christmas Carol, Hitchcock Blonde, Mano Nero, The Real Inspector Hound/Black Comedy, We Were Dancing, The Fortunes of Richard Mahony (with Playbox), The Tragedy of King Richard the Second, Buried Child, Fred, Top Dogs, Twelfth Night, A Cheery Soul, On the Whipping Side, Moby Dick, The Glass Menagerie. Other credits: La Boite: Blackrock, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, The Idiot, Burn This; Crossroads Theatre: The Idiot; Gold Coast Arts Centre: Hotel Beche de Mer; Matrix/Performing Lines: A Beautiful Life; Sydney Theatre Company: King Lear, The Floating World; QPAT: The Ring; NORPA: Too Young for Ghosts, No Sugar; Underground Theatre Company: Kidstakes; Gordon Frost Organisation: As Is; Festival of Sydney: Wet Dreams. Film: The Suicide Theory, Dancing on Glass, Jailbird's Run, How Wonderful, The Top Kid, The Empty Beach, Coolangatta Gold. Television: H2O Just Add Water, Blue Heelers, Water Rats, Wildside, Pacific Drive, Coral Island, Time Trax, The New Adventures of Skippy, GP, The Flying Doctors, The Last Resort, Stringer, The Facts of Life, Melba, Fields of Fire, A Thousand Skies. Awards: Green Room Award – Best Ensemble A Beautiful Life.

Ngoc Phan Bich Dang/Mrs Birkbeck/ Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Toy Symphony (Play Club), Good Grief (The Scene Project). Other credits: La Boite: A Streetcar Named Desire, The Mathematics of Longing, The Village; The Good Room: That's What She Said; Playlab Theatre: Horizon; Shock Therapy Productions: Medea; Now Look Here: Splendour; Elbow Room: What I'm Here For, The Motion of Light in Water, After All This; Anywhere Festival: Dolores; La Boite Indie: Hedonism's Second Album; Antics Theatre: Speaking in Tongues; Canute Productions: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Film: Kidnapped, Australia Day, Pawno, At World's End, The Black Balloon. Television: Tidelands, Schapelle, Sea Patrol, Terra Nova, Secrets and Lies. Web series: Freudian Slip. Commercial: NRMA, Queensland Government Road Safety Speeding. Positions: Associate Artist (2014), Queensland Theatre; Artist Company (2021-22), Artist-in-residence (2016, 2018), La Boite. Training: Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting), WAAPA.

Anthony Phelan Slim Halliday/Tytus Broz/ Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: The Recruiting Officer, A Month in the Country, Top Silk, Essington Lewis: I Am Work, The Game of Love and Chance, Female of the Species, The Shaughraun, Fuente Ovejuna, A Cheery Soul, Gilgamesh, Hard Times. Other credits: La Boite: The White Earth, Mirandolina, Occupations, The Queensland Game, The Runaway Man, The Legend of King O’Malley, Dickinson, Angel City; TN! Theatre Company: Cloud Nine, Boys Own McBeth, Private Lives, The Removalists, True West, Design for Living, Zen and Now, The Mikado, The Popular Mechanicals; Sydney Theatre Company: Uncle Vanya (Washington DC and New York tour), Julius Caesar, Holy Day, The Tempest, The Three Sisters, Fireface, Seneca's Oedipus, The Herbal Bed, Mourning Becomes Electra, Blackrock, Antony and Cleopatra; Belvoir: Twelfth Night, Mother Courage and Her Children, Once In Royal David’s City, Hamlet, The Wild Duck (Oslo, Vienna, and Amsterdam tour) The Caretaker, The Laramie Project; Griffin Theatre Company: Wolf Lullaby, Strangers In Between, Marvelous Boy; Film: The biopic of Elvis Presley, The Nightingale, Unbroken, Danny Deckchair, Star Wars Ep II: Attack of the Clones. Television: The Gloaming, Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, Reckoning, Wanted, Deep Water, Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Kettering Incident, Gallipoli, Top of the Lake. Awards: Gold Matilda Award – A Month in The Country, Top Silk (1990), Essington Lewis: I Am Work, The Game of Love and Chance (1991); Helpmann and Sydney Theatre Award – Best Actor in a Supporting Role The Wild Duck (2011).

Hoa Xuande Darren Dang/Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Jasper Jones (remount of Melbourne Theatre Company). Other credits: Darlinghurst Theatre Company: Love; Black Swan State Theatre Company: Loaded: Tonsils + Tweezers; Barking Gecko Theatre Company: Jasper Jones. Film: Liebe, OtherLife, Careless Love. Television: Cowboy Bebop, Hungry Ghosts, Ronny Chieng International Student, Fighting Season, Top of the Lake: China Girl, Cleverman, Black Comedy, Rescue: Special Ops, Sea Patrol 4, Underbelly: The Golden Mile. Training: Bachelor of Arts (Acting), WAAPA.

Tom Yaxley August Bell

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other credits: Metro Arts/BC Productions: Anatomy of a Suicide; No Interval/Brisbane Powerhouse: The Sublime; Anywhere Theatre Festival: Flood; Grin and Tonic Theatre Company: Hoods, Romeo and Juliet Must Die, Hamlet/Macbeth & The Complete Deaths, The Lunatic, the Lover and the Loon, Our Place; QUT: The Government Inspector, Waiting for Godot, Angels in America (Part 1: Millennium Approaches). Film: Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan. Positions: Teaching Artist (2020–21), Queensland Theatre. Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), QUT; Patsy Rodenburg Masterclass, The Groundlings, 16th Street.

Charles Ball Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other credits: Queensland Ballet: Little Red Riding Hood; QPAC: The Arrival (with Red Leap Theatre), Bluey’s Big Play (with Windmill Theatre Company); The Farm: The Ninth Wave; Phluxus2 Dance Collective: Mort, 17 x 1.5, The IndepenDANCE Project, Explain Normal (with The Aha Ensemble); Prying Eye: The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf, Primal Effect; Supercell Dance Festival: They Gather (by Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau); Liesel Zink: The Stance; Melissa Lanham: Vincent; QAGOMA: Heard (by Nick Cave); Everybody Now: You Should Be Dancing; Opera Australia: Aida on the Beach; Transit Dance Company: Boyz; Anne Scott Wilson: Seeing Not Looking; Elektra International Digital Art Festival: Repeat (By Louis-Phillipe Demers); Beijing Dance Festival; World Dance Alliance Festival. Positions: Choreographer, Supercell Dance Festival; Choreographer, The IndepenDANCE Project; Choreographer, Mad Dance House. Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance), QUT

Hsin-Ju Ely (aka Raw) Ensemble

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other credits: Dancenorth: Gravity Feed, The Sleeping End, NightCafe 06, Underground, NightCafe 07, Remember Me, Nowhere Fast; Q150: Rock Show; Queensland Music Festival: Remember Me; Stalker Theatre Company: Shanghai Lady Killer; Lisa Wilson Projects: Lake; Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival: Rite of City-Reminisce; Melbourne Dance Theatre: The Nutcracker; Melbourne City Ballet: Consumption; Seeing Place Productions: Time Capsule; Shanghai International Arts Festival: Do You Speak Chinese; Anywhere Festival: One Two Ten; Brisbane Festival: You Should Be Dancing; The Farm (Bleach Festival): The Last Blast, The Ninth Wave; Melbourne White Night: Love; Phluxus2 Dance Collective/Supercell Dance Festival: angel-monster (with Bold Festival), Mort; Branch Nebula: Snake Sessions; QAGOMA: Sugar Spin (The Heard); Belloo Creative: The Woman Remembers. Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance), Master of Fine Arts (Performance), QUT.

Hoa Xuande, Hsin-Ju Ely


Mathew Cooper, Joss McWilliam, Charles Ball, Joe Klocek, Michala Banas, Anthony Gooley, Ngoc Phan, Hoa Xuande

Ashlee Collback, Joe Klocek


Joe Klocek, Anthony Phelan

Joe Klocek, Ngoc Phan

Charles Ball, Joss McWilliam, Joe Klocek


Hsin-Ju Ely, Hoa Xuande


Mathew Cooper, Michala Banas

Anthony Phelan, Mathew Cooper, Joss McWilliam, Charles Ball, Andrew Buchanan, Joe Klocek, Tom Yaxley, Hsin-Ju Ely, Ashlee Collback, Ngoc Phan, Hoa Xuande, Michala Banas, Nerida Matthaei, Sam Strong

Joss McWilliam

Charles Ball, Hoa Xuande

Joe Klocek, Tom Yaxley

Ngoc Phan

Joe Klocek, Michala Banas

Thank you to our donors

Queensland Theatre wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to all our donors. Each gift, large and small, helps us make great theatre. QUEENSLAND THEATRE VISIONARIES Rainmakers Ian & Cass George

Tim Fairfax AC & Gina Fairfax

Liz Pidgeon & Graeme Wikman

Artistic Director's Circle 2 Anonymous Barbara Bedwell Doug Hall Foundation

Elizabeth Jameson AM & Abbe Anderson

The Jelley Family Foundation Pamela Marx Cathryn Mittelheuser AM

The Mather Foundation Bruce & Sue Shepherd

John & Lynnly Chalk The Frazer Family Foundation John & Gay Hull

David & Katrina King Colin & Noela Kratzing Dr Marie Siganto AM

Trevor St. Baker AO & Judith St. Baker

Dr John H Casey Nic Christodoulou Barbara Duhig Ian & Ruth Gough Dr Anita Green

Dr Geoffrey Hirst AM & Dr Sally Wilde Kim & Michael Hodge Dr Joan M Lawrence AM Andrew & Kate Lister Nicklin Medical Services

Greg & Wendy O'Meara Nigel & Liz Prior Stack Family Foundation Dr Peter & Mary Wilson

William Glasson AO & Claire Glasson AM Sue & Mike Gowan Justus & Tamara Homburg Geoff & Michele James Amanda Jolly & Peter Knights Judith Musgrave Family Foundation

Susan Learmonth & Bernard Curran Stephen & Terry Leach David & Erica Lee Lynas Family Sandra McCullagh Charles & Catherine Miller Andrea Moor

Karl & Louise Morris Monica Muggeridge Debra & Patrick Mullins John Reid AO & Lynn Rainbow-Reid AM David Williamson AO & Kristin Williamson

Bruce & Helen Cowley Lisa Domagala H G Fryberg Dr Sara Gollschewski Merrilyn & Kevin Goos Helen Gough John Graham & Craig Syphers Alexandra Grove & Peter Dawson Catherine & Nanda Gulhane Sophia Hall Herbert Smith Freehills PCF Prof Lawrence Hirst & Mrs Jill Osborne Kevin & Joanne Holyoak PCF Marc James Tempe Keune Karen & Peter Lane Fred & Margaret Leditschke Lee Lewis & Brett Boardman

John & Janice Logan PCF Marina Marangos In memory of Jann McCabe Bill McCarthy Glenn McIlroy John & Julienne McKenna Mark Menhinnitt Richard & Denise Morton PCF Naomi Murphy R & B Murray Kartini Oei Shay O'Hara-Smith Leanne O'Shea & Peter Gilroy Kim Parascos Joanna Peters Katharine Philp G. Pincus Blayne & Helen Pitts George & Jan Psaltis Catherine Quinn

Angela Ramsay Tim & Kym Reid William Rivers John Richardson & Kirsty Taylor Crispin Scott Dr Josephine Sundin Courtney Talbot Nick & Barbara Tate Damien Thomson & Glenise C. Berry Cornelia Van Zyl & Ian Reid Peter G Williams PCF Margaret Williams Dr Catherine Yelland Ian Yeo & Sylvia Alexander Tony & Linda Young

Sharyn Ghidella Louise M Gourlay AM Daryl & Trish Hanly Jodie Hoff Barbara Lloyd Ranjeny & John Loneragan Paul MacMahon Georgia Miles

Philip & Fran Morrison Jim Murphy PSM Darryl Nisbet Denise O'Boyle Diane & Robert Parcell Lynette Parsons Don & Isobel Perry-Keene Jodie Siganto

John Smithwick Kevin Vedelago & Karen Renton Jacqui Walters John White & Judith Hoey Richard Whittington OAM Suzanne & Bo Williams

Copyright Agency Cultural Fund Tim Fairfax Family Foundation

William Angliss (Queensland) Charitable Fund

Leaders Australian Communities Foundation - Keith & Jeannette Ince Fund Benefactors 1 Anonymous Roslyn Atkinson AO & Richard Fotheringham AM Christopher & Margot Blue Sue Brown & Lisa Worner Michael & Anne-Maree Byrne Collaborators 1 Anonymous Tracey Barker Andrew & Trudi Bofinger Communication, Speech & Performance Teachers Inc. Rachel Crowley Andrew & Leonie Douglas Alan Galwey Patrons 5 Anonymous Anne & Peter Allen J M Alroe Michael & Anne Back PCF Noela Bartlett Jennifer Batts Virginia Bishop Robert Bond Sarah Bradley Lisa & William Bruce Julian Buckley Phillip Carruthers & Sharni Cockburn Rodd & Wendy Chignell Ross & Tina Claxton Bob Cleland Zoë Connolly Fabienne Cooke Sheryl Cornack Kerry & Greg Cowderoy

TRUST AND FOUNDATION PARTNERS Australian Communities Foundation - Davie Family Fund

Australian Communities Foundation - Keith & Jeannette Ince Fund

BEQUESTORS Realised Bequests Peggy Given Current as at August 2021


Notified Bequests 1 Anonymous

Acknowledging Visionaries who individually support special Queensland Theatre funds: Landmark Productions Fund

A heartfelt thank you to the Visionaries who have generously supported this year’s Landmark Production, Trent Dalton’s Boy Swallows Universe, adapted for the stage by Tim McGarry. A production mesmerizing audiences as it catapults the blockbuster Brisbane novel into real life. Your support enables Queensland Theatre to take its place as a national leader in the development and staging of productions of significant scale. Thank you from all of us.

Tim Fairfax AC & Gina Fairfax Ian & Cass George William Rivers Elizabeth Jameson AM & Abbe Anderson The Mather Foundation

SUPPORTING CAST 3 Anonymous Geoffrey Beames Leela Bishop bowtie man The Hon Justice Sarah Derrington Dr Genevieve Dingle Michael Farrington



Play Commissioning Fund

Annual donations over $500 are acknowledged in play programs for 12 months from the date of donation.

Liz Pidgeon & Graeme Wikman Trevor St. Baker AO & Judith St. Baker

Together we are making our ambitions a reality For more information about our giving programs, please contact Zoë Connolly, Director of Development, on 07 3010 7602 or

Brisbane Festival Donors Brisbane Festival donors play an integral part in sustaining the vibrancy and vitality of Brisbane’s cultural life. They lead the way in arts philanthropy, strengthening the city’s position as a thriving artistic hub of creativity. Guided by our dedicated Giving Committee, philanthropy continues to flourish with a passionate group of donors backing the success of Brisbane Festival 2021. The Giving Program allows Brisbane Festival to deliver artistic experiences of scale and ambition from both local and international creatives, and to keep those opportunities accessible for all. By staging free events and keeping ticket prices low, our donors dissolve barriers while helping Brisbane Festival artists to dream big and bold. If you would like to become involved with the Giving Program by making a donation to Brisbane Festival, please contact Head of Philanthropy Fabienne Cooke via email We are extraordinarily grateful to have received such profound and ongoing support from our donors over the years. Particularly during these uncertain times, the generosity of the Giving Program has helped our community draw together in strength and solidarity. A heartfelt thank you to our generous Festival donors for backing Brisbane Festival 2021.

Donors list as of August 2021


Community Ambassadors Philip Bacon AO Tim Fairfax AC & Gina Fairfax Susan & Paul Taylor

High Commissioners

Ingrid Asbury & Andy Greig Justice Thomas Bradley & Dr Matthew Yoong John & Regina Cotter Frazer Family Foundation Cass & Ian George Simon & Prue George Ms Cate Heyworth-Smith & Dr Ben Duke Shaun & Sue Kenny Wayne Kratzmann Margot McKinney Simon & Nicole Morrison Courtney Talbot Phillip, Marisa & Bella Vecchio


Sue Brown & Lisa Worner Nick & Gayle Carter Kim & Michael Hodge Ben & Fiona Poschelk Dr Jodie Siganto The Siganto Foundation M & M Taylor


Anonymous Eliza & Matthew Baxby Louise Bezzina & John Gass Virginia Bishop Michelle Boyd Bryce Camm & Mark Lightfoot Fabienne & Marshall Cooke Heidi & James Cooper Frank & Ailbhe Cunningham Charlie & Alicia Cush Judith Cush Fisher Dore Lawyers Rhyll Gardner & Rusty Graham Marian Gibney Mrs Kerry & Dr Greg Gillett Jeff & Amanda Griffin Mr Matthew Hickey OAM & Mrs Bianca Hickey Valmay Hill & Russell Mitchell Dr Nick Kotsomitis & Jimena Kotsomitis Susan Learmonth & Bernard Curran John & Holly Livingstone Sarah & Ari McCamley Tanya McCarthy & Graham Tanner Anna & Tim McKinnon Amanda & Dean Newbery Parascos Eagles Family Prue & James Pateras Libby & Jared Patrick The Hon Anthe Philippides Sarah & Liam Prescott Dr Olivia Rogers & Mr Craig Rogers Dr Kieran Rowe & Suzie Rowe Dr David Schlect & Gabrielle Schlect Sue Shepherd Alison Smith Paul Spiro Mr Simon White & Dr Chanelle Simpson Peter Wolff & Penny Wolff Tony & Linda Young


Anonymous Sonia Anderson Jodie & Jeff Bignall Suzanne Bosanquet Daniel Butler & Lanka Butler-de Silva Nanette Carroll Cathi Collier Zoe Connolly Louise & Robert Corrigan Tarragh Cunningham & Keith Burt Geoffrey & Trish Diehm Tamara & Jack Fahy Claire Fell Kate Fell Connor Gass Isabella Gass James & Sarah Goodman Cory Heathwood Julie & Gary Kordic Alvin Leach Al & Chris Poiner Susan & Matthew Pople Dare & Andrea Power Fraser Power Anna Reynolds Leanne & Koen Rooijmans Eva-Marie Seeto Robyn Taylor Craig & Andrea Templeman Drs Rupert & Penelope Templeman Chris Tyquin – goa billboards David & Judy Usher Jenny Usher & Peter Good Sylvia Wilson Bruce & Jocelyn Wolfe


Anonymous x2 Pamela Buchanan Ingrid Costello Fern & Matt Dowling Marcia Ferreira Leeor Groen Julia Herne Nina Lamprell The Honourable Justice JA Logan RFD Sandra & Peter Moffat Michael Morris & Megan Mackenzie Julie & Dave Morrison Diane Murphy Danniella Nocelli Danielle & Jason Organ India Oswin Chris & Emily Pickford Karen Prentis Henry Smerdon AM

Brisbane Festival is an initiative of the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council


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Brisbane Festival Partners Foundation Partners

Brisbane Festival is an initiative of the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council

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QPAC is grateful for the support of our valued Partners Partnerships play a critical role in our ability to produce and present cultural projects. We thank our partners and supporters for their continued investment in ensuring the growth and potential of live performance in Queensland.








Brisbane Festival Team Artistic Director


Louise Bezzina

Chief Executive Officer Charlie Cush


Alison Smith, Chair Philip Bacon AO, Deputy Chair Raelene Baker Cory Heathwood Simon Morrison Amanda Newbery Karen Prentis Anna Reynolds Chris Tyquin

Leadership Team

Dana Brown Fabienne Cooke Rebecca Drummond Kate Fell Julia Herne Tim Pack Karen Soennichsen

Technical Head of Partnerships and Engagement Head of Philanthropy Finance Director and Company Secretary Program Director Head of Business Administration Technical Director Marketing and Communications Director

First Nations Curators

Alethea Beetson (Blak Social) First Nations Curator (Music) Merindah Donnelly First Nations Curator (Dance)

Administration Marcia Ferreira Erin Fitzsimon Aelia Zawiłska


Lorelle Edwards

Administration Coordinator Administration Intern Executive Assistant

Finance Assistant

Marketing and Communications

Yasemin Boz Carlia Fuller Jen Hall Zoe White Amy Zaghini

Ticketing Manager Digital Marketing Coordinator Brand and Content Manager Digital Marketing Manager Marketing Manager

Partnerships and Engagement Michelle Davie Raymond Phan Bridget Vos Coordinator

Philanthropy India Oswin

Leah Clark Min Collie-Holmes Sarah Farnsworth Bella Ford Cormac Finn Alyssa Kielty Jenna Koda Fiona MacDonald Imogen Millhouse Nadia Morrison Simon Mula Ruby Newport Sarah Ponturo Verity Woodford Bri Zammit

Events Coordinator Senior Partnership Executive Partnerships and Event

Philanthropy Administrator

Janella Ang Lew Bromley Richard Clarke Michael Gill Vashti Greder Katie Hurst Caitlyn Kidney Charlotte Kirby Amy McKenzie Dale Norris Katie Pack Tarryn Renshaw Jason Waide

Producer Creative Producer Production Coordinator Creative Producer Programming Intern Creative Producer Associate Producer Creative Producer Associate Producer Programming Intern Creative Producer Associate Producer Project Coordinator Producer Associate Producer

Production Administrator Operations Manager Production Manager Technical Coordinator Site Design and Signage Coordinator Technical Manager Technical Coordinator Technical Manager Designer and Site Design Manager Operations Coordinator WHS Manager Technical Coordinator Technical Manager

Indigenous Advisory Group Michelle Tuahine Aunty Raelene Rallah-Baker Bob Weatherall Bridget Garay Shannon Ruska Benjin Maza

Giving Committee

Chair – Gangulu, Ngāti Kahungunu Birri Juru, Birri Gubba, Wurrunghu, Yuggera Kamilaroi Elder Kemer Kemer Meriam Nation Brisbane Traditional Owner Meriam, Tanna, Birri-Gubba and Yidindji

The Hon Justice Thomas Bradley, Chair Courtney Talbot, Deputy Chair Philip Bacon AO Eliza Baxby Heidi Cooper Simon Morrison Ben Poschelk Anna Reynolds Paul Taylor


Bigfish Designfront Dowling & Dowling Design optikal bloc

Publicity Aruga





Professor Peter Coaldrake AO

The Queensland Performing Arts Trust is a


statutory body of the State of Queensland and is

Leigh Tabrett PSM


partially funded by the Queensland Government The Honourable Leeanne Enoch MP: Minister for Communities and Housing,

Dr Sally Pitkin AO

Minister for Digital Economy and

Dare Power

Minister for the Arts

Georgina Richters

Director-General, Department of Communities

Susan Rix AM

and Housing and Digital Economy:

Leanne de Souza

Ms Clare O’Connor

EXECUTIVE STAFF John Kotzas AM Chief Executive Jackie Branch

QPAC respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Lands across Queensland and pays respect to their ancestors who came before them and to Elders past, present and emerging.

Executive Director – Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Ross Cunningham AM Interim Executive Director – Curatorial

Patrons are advised that the Performing Arts Centre

Roxanne Hopkins


Executive Director – Visitation

a FIRE ALARM system and EXIT passageways. In

Bill Jessop

case of an alert, patrons should remain calm, look

Executive Director – Venue Infrastructure

for the closest EXIT sign in GREEN, listen to and

and Production Services

comply with directions given by the inhouse trained

Kieron Roost

attendants and move in an orderly fashion to the

Executive Director – Business Performance

open spaces outside the Centre.

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Team list as of July 2021



PATRON His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland



MEMBERS OF THE BOARD Elizabeth Jameson AM (Chair) Rachel Crowley (Deputy Chair) Tracey Barker Mundanara Bayles Simon Gallaher Dean Gibson Susan Learmonth Dr Andrea Moor David Williamson AO











EDUCATION COORDINATOR Emma Funnell PROJECT OFFICER Alana Dunn INDIGENOUS REFERENCE GROUP Nathan Jarro (Chair), Dr Valerie Cooms, Isaac Drandic













Steve Pirie

FOUNDING DIRECTOR AIan Edwards, AM, MBE (1925–2003)










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robyn archer: an australian songbook DEVISED AND PERFORMED BY ROBYN ARCHER


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Brett Boardman, COVER ARTWORK Spark REHEARSAL PHOTOGRAPHY David Kelly The following people have contributed to the creative development of this work: Actors: Kerith Atkinson, Ellen Bailey, Tony Brockman, Andrew Buchanan, Fiona Choi, Ling Cooper, Paul Denny, Caroline Dunphy, Thomas Filer, Ryan Hodson, Emma Jackson, Joe Klocek, Jodie Le Vesconte, Ashlee Lollback, Michael Mandalios, Joss McWilliam, Reagan Mannix, Hugh Parker, Ngoc Phan, Anthony Phelan, Steve Rooke, Lucas Stibbard, Egan Sun-Bin, Hoa Xuande, Tom Yaxley. Creatives: Ben Hughes, Steven Francis, Nerida Matthaei, Renee Mulder, Nigel Poulton, Craig Wilkinson. Thank you to Bailey and Nelson, Geoffrey Bartlett, Stephen Brodie, Chris D’bais and Owen Ironside from Meyer Sound, Bich Thuy Doan, Sophia Hall, Catherine Milne from HarperCollins, Tuong Phan, Yentl Shi, Connor Spokes, Joel Tronoff. Information correct at time of printing