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Alana Valentine

Troy Jungaji Brady, Elaine Crombie

Adm Ventoura, Ursula Yovich, Alana Valentine

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Synopsis A rock’n’roll family reunion that will break your heart and fill it with songs

Hitting the big time is tough when the only booking your kick-ass band can score is a pub gig. But the boisterous, bolshie Barbara and her rockers the Camp Dogs are in it for the long haul. When a family tragedy beckons, Barbara and her sister (and fellow muso) René set off on a long and winding motorbike adventure from Sydney, through Darwin, and finally to Katherine – where the bickering pair come face to face with some home truths. Part madcap buddy comedy, part electrifying rock gig, and part clarion call against the taint of inequality, this effervescent play with songs sold out its original season at Sydney’s Belvoir. Now it’s set to charm the pants off Brisbane.

Elaine Crombie, Ursula Yovich

Smash Hit



Barbara and the Camp Dogs By Ursula Yovich and Alana Valentine Directed by Leticia Cáceres

A Belvoir production in association with Vicki Gordon Music Productions VENUE


1 – 25 May Bille Brown Theatre, Queensland Theatre

URSULA YOVICH Co-Writer/Songwriter/Barbara ALANA VALENTINE Co-Writer/Songwriter LETICIA CÁCERES Director ADM VENTOURA Songwriter/Musical Rehearsal Director VICKI GORDON Co-Producer STEPHEN CURTIS Set Designer CHLOE GREAVES Costume Designer KAREN NORRIS Lighting Designer STEVE TOULMIN Sound Designer MATT COX Lighting Realiser RAINE PAUL Audio Engineer GARY DRYZA Sound Technician RILEY SPADARO Assistant Director CECILIA NELSON Stage Manager BROOKE KISS Assistant Stage Manager

ATTENDANCE INFORMATION Barbara and the Camp Dogs will run for approximately 100 minutes with no interval. WARNINGS Strong coarse language, adult themes and haze. The use of photographic or recording equipment is not permitted inside the theatre. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY Queensland Theatre would like to acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people who are the Traditional Custodians of this land. We pay our respects to their Elders both past and present, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. RECYCLE THIS PROGRAM Support Greening Queensland Theatre and recycle this program after the performance in the recycling bins provided in the foyer. Read the program before the show at A BELVOIR PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH VICKI GORDON MUSIC PRODUCTIONS INDIGENOUS THEATRE AT BELVOIR SUPPORTED BY THE BALNAVES FOUNDATION

CAST TROY JUNGAJI BRADY Joseph ELAINE CROMBIE René SORCHA ALBUQUERQUE Lead Guitar JESSICA DUNN Performing Musical Director/Bass MICHELLE VINCENT Drums SHAKIRA CLANTON Barbara Understudy * Vicki Gordon also contributed music to ‘Tick Sista’, Merenia Gillies contributed to ‘Chained to You’ and James Warwick Shipstone contributed to ‘Pieces’.

Cover Photo: Tim Jones


Queensland Theatre 78 Montague Road, South Brisbane, Queensland, 4101 Tel: 07 3010 7600 Fax: 07 3010 7699 Ticketing: 1800 355 528 Follow us on:


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Ursula Yovich

Elaine Crombie, Ursula Yovich, Troy Jungaji Brady

Elaine Crombie

Welcome Barbara and the Camp Dogs are

right at home in Brisbane. This city

has birthed more than its fair share of talented, blisteringly angry

bands, belting out catchy-yet-

cautionary tunes in umpteen stickyfloored corner pubs after dark. Sam Strong Artistic Director

Amanda Jolly Executive Director

It goes all the way back to the 1970s, the years of oppression under Sir Joh BjelkePetersen, when Brissie bands like The Saints would pack out pubs with sweaty audiences who came for the catharsis of watching their musical anti-heroes rail against the political status quo. That’s precisely the vibe Barbara and the Camp Dogs is going for. You may even be lucky enough to score a seat on the beer-soaked sofa, in the middle of the action. Some of the issues from back then have changed, and some have sadly stayed pretty much the same. “Rock is supposed to be angry, full of pain,” says Ursula Yovich’s Barbara in the play, and its repertoire of sweet, sad, savage and soulful songs lay bare her emotions. We warmly welcome Ursula back to Queensland Theatre - it’s been a few years since she received rave reviews for her turn as Mother Courage in 2013. Her co-star Elaine Crombie was part of the ensemble in our 2017 smash hit An Octoroon and we are delighted to be working with her once again as well.

Finally, we welcome back director Leticia Cáceres. Leticia began her theatrical career in Brisbane as a former associate director of this Company under Michael Gow. We’re incredibly proud that she’s returning to us as one of Australia’s leading stage directors and a Helpmann Award winner. It just remains for us to thank our sponsors for this show, BDO and Board Matters, and also Belvoir, whose sold-out 2017 season of this show gave it such an instantly legendary reputation that we couldn’t resist bringing it to Brisbane. Fortunately, we now have a corner stage that is an ideal match for that beloved theatre in Sydney. Your ears won’t know what hit them. Nor will your heart. Sam and Amanda

Playwright Alana Valentine, who cowrote this work with Ursula, was the writer behind Head Full of Love from our 2012 season - another powerful and hilarious story involving a special bond between two women, out in the Red Centre.

Smash Hit



Co-Writers Note

Originally published for the Sydney Premiere season in December 2017.

Ursula Yovich Co-Writer

Alana Valentine Co-Writer

Alana So, we’ve written the play together so we should write the note together too, right? Ursula Yeah. Alana You go first. Ursula Just shut up and go first will you? Alana There she is, there’s Barbara. Ursula Yeah, so fuckin’ get on with it. Alana I first met Ursula Yovich’s alter ego ‘Barbara’ at the Helpmann Awards in 2008. My play Parramatta Girls had been nominated but not won and I was having a consoling champagne on an afterparty couch. Ursula Yeah, you were sulking. Alana No, I wasn’t. Ursula Yeah, you were. Alana Anyway, Ms Yovich, who had won the Helpmann for Best Female Actor in 2007 for her performance in Capricornia and whom I admired as one of Australia’s most talented performers, began to regale the partygoers with a ‘persona’ that was very different to the version of herself that Ursula said she was given the opportunity to expose on the Australian stage at that time. Ursula Barbara was pissed off, ramped up, foul-mouthed, shamelessly sexual, flirtatious, and dangerous. Alana She was wild-eyed, hip-shaking, loudlaughing and brilliant good fun. If you could continue to watch her between tears of helpless laughter and howls of disbelief, this was a version of First Nations female power to conjure stereotype-busting magic with.

Ursula I guess it was a version of me that was pretty raw and exposed. A version that doesn’t usually see the light of day. Alana It was one of those moments when you witness something profound, you open your eyes to see what has always been there and you can never see that person in the same way again. Ursula When Vicki Gordon began managing my music career in 2010, she encouraged Alana and I to work together on a show for Barbara. You didn’t have to ask me twice. I had already felt the power of Alana’s words when we worked together on Barefoot Divas. I was given a monologue that encapsulated my frustration and anger. I was fired up and it felt like a natural progression to create an entire show around this anger and frustration and who better to tell this story than Barbara? Alana Stephen Page, having met Barbara, I supposed, on a few occasions, joked that Barbara could have her own band called the Camp Dogs, after the dogs that hang around camp fires in the Territory and elsewhere. Ursula Yes, this has been a running joke since 1999. With Vicki’s help, I applied to the Australia Council which funded development workshops of the musical. Alana With the brilliant Elaine Crombie and Jeremy Brennan, and the powerhouse Casey Donovan, directed by Leah Purcell.

Ursula Vicki brought in stylist Melaine Knight and bass player Adm Ventoura who invited Debbie Yap and Michelle Vincent into the ‘all girl, sort of’ band. Alana When Eamon Flack came to a rough draft showing of the work in 2013 on a rainy Saturday out at the University of NSW, he saw the Barbara that we all saw that day – untamed, furious and sizzling hot. Ursula With Belvoir’s support we continued to work on the drama, and Adm and Alana and I would meet up and write songs. Alana Sitting in a circle and waiting as Ursula brought the remarkable instrument that is her singing voice to cohere the words and melodies. Ursula Vicki contributed her punk heritage influence with music for ‘Tick Sista’, brought in Jessica Dunn, and with Troy Brady and Elaine Crombie the show was ready to rock. Alana During rehearsals Ursula and I would sit next to each other and pass the laptop literally back and forth, as she wrote a section or revised a lyric and then passed it back to me to augment and write more. I can honestly say that it was a bizarre and wonderful experience of having two brains synchronised to one voice. Thank you to Sharne McGee and the many Katherine residents who have welcomed me to their town – especially Toni Tapp Coutts and Jill and Bill Pettigrew. This journey has been all about Ms Yovich and her profoundly unique spirit and I’m very grateful to have been able to ride with her in Barbara’s motorbike sidecar. Ursula I’d like to put Barbara aside for just a moment and give my love and appreciation to Alana for guiding and nurturing me as a new writer. For sharing belly laugh after belly laugh and encouraging me to bring Barbara into the foreground and to always jump head first into the shamelessness of this wonderful, complicated, intelligent and messed-up woman. Barbara is a mix of two very strong spirits and she could not have been conjured up without Alana, myself and every strong woman we have crossed paths with in our lives thus far.

Alana & Ursula We’d like to thank Leticia Cáceres for her incredible care, passion and vision for this work and for assembling such an amazing design and production team. Special thanks to Kamahi Djordon King for the original artwork fabric. We also thank all the staff at Belvoir, especially Eamon Flack for supporting us to let Barbara and René and Joseph and the Camp Dogs loose onto the world. Ursula Thank you to Monica Keightley and the rest of the MKM family and, of course, to my family, my father Slobodan Jovi (Stan the Man) and my siblings who are my heart. My daughter Djarla and to Stewart for putting up with my extreme highs and my lows. Alana I guess we should give a language warning for this play. Ursula You mean the c-bombs and f-bombs. Alana There’s a few. Ursula And is that likely to worry anyone? Alana Well, since the play premiered in 2017 it’s been nominated for Best New Australian Work and Best Original score in the Sydney Theatre Awards, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Drama and the NSW Premier’s Literary Award Nick Enright Prize for Drama. Ursula Sweet. Alana So buy the CD? Ursula Yeah, buy the CD. Alana And enjoy the show. Ursula Indigenous Sovereignty has never been ceded or extinguished. Respect and thanks to the elders of this Gadigal land. Enjoy the show.

‘Barbara was pissed off, ramped up, foul-mouthed, shamelessly sexual, flirtatious, and dangerous.' – Ursula

From our Presentation Sponsors BDO is proud to sponsor Queensland Theatre’s production of Barbara and the Camp Dogs. We recognise the responsibility we have to our own people, and to the clients and communities we serve. With a long history in Queensland, we believe in collaborating with others to build a strong community that promotes an inclusive and diverse culture. BDO is honoured to align with Queensland Theatre as they continue to deliver the highest quality theatrical experiences to entertain and inspire people across the community.

Just as Queensland Theatre plays a major role in developing a vibrant and artistic culture in Queensland, we continue working with clients to provide value to businesses and cultural communities.


Our business is built on relationships; we focus on what’s important to you. A unique combination of relationships, resources and responsiveness. That’s what you get at BDO. We hope you enjoy the show.

Tony Schiffmann Managing Partner, Brisbane, BDO in Australia

“We could go global and hack it together on our own...but because we’re working with BDO now, and because we have this relationship of trust, and love, and honesty, and transparency, I feel like together, we’re going to be able to take that journey of growth and follow the...dream.” Audit | Tax | Advisory

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Theatre Matters -

so says Board Matters!

Theatre is more important than ever in today’s busy connected world. Live theatre tells stories in a very human - a very visceral - way that screen-delivered stories just can’t achieve. Touching audiences with the live energy, power 20/09/2016 5:06 PM and the heat of the story! There are some real parallels to the boardroom - helping generate the energy, power and heat of good boardrooms is our aspiration at Board Matters through the work we do with boards.

After great demand across Australia, ‘Barbara’ is making her way to Brisbane for 100-minutes of emotionally charged and high energy performances, accompanied with a live onstage band. We look forward to enjoying it with our current (and future) clients, our trusted colleagues and co-sponsors at BDO and the no doubt enthusiastic Brisbane audiences. Elizabeth Jameson Executive Chair, Board Matters

Board Matters is proud to be associated with the telling of this new Aussie story – Barbara and the Camp Dogs - that “... is a wonderfully stirring show, funny and moving. It enriches the heart”, says The Australian.

Smash Hit



Ursula Yovich


Elaine Crombie

Queensland Theatre: Mother Courage, The Sunshine Club (with Sydney Theatre Company). Other Credits: Belvoir: The Governor’s Family, Capricornia, The Sapphires (with Melbourne Theatre Company); Black Swan: Corrugation Road; Sydney Theatre Company: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Bloodland, Love and Information, Power Plays, Romeo and Juliet, The Golden Age, The Secret River; Malthouse/Brown Cab Productions: Heart is a Wasteland; Deckchair: The Magic Hour; Sydney Festival/ Legs on the Wall: Man with the Iron Neck, Barefoot Divas; Griffin Theatre: Diving for Pearls, Nailed; Yirra Yaakin: Waltzing The Wilarra; Bell Shakespeare: My Girragundji. Film: Top End Wedding, Australia, Goldstone, Jindabyne. Television: The Code, Devil’s Dust, Redfern Now, The Gods of Wheat Street, Wanted, Little J and Big Cuz. Awards: Helpmann Award - Best Female Actor in a Play Capricornia; Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award Recipient (2015).

Alana Valentine


Michelle Vincent

Queensland Theatre: As Writer: Head Full of Love. Other Credits: As Writer: Belvoir: The Sugar House; Sport for Jove/Seymour Centre: Ear to the Edge of Time; Merrigong Theatre Company: Letters to Lindy; Griffin Theatre: Ladies Day; Sydney Festival: Barefoot Divas. As Dramaturg: Bangarra Dance Theatre: Dubboo: Life of a Songman, Dark Emu, Bennelong, Patyegarang, ID (from Belong). Awards: Fellowship at the Charles Perkins Centre Recipient; Sydney Theatre Awards Nomination – Best New Australian Work and Best Original Score Barbara and the Camp Dogs; Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards Nomination – Best Drama Barbara and the Camp Dogs; NSW Premier’s Literary Awards Nomination – Nick Enright Prize for Drama Barbara and the Camp Dogs.

Leticia Cáceres DIRECTOR

Queensland Theatre: The Orphanage Project, Far Away, Memory of Water. Other Credits: Belvoir: Random, The Drover’s Wife; Arts Centre Melbourne: The Space In Between; Malthouse/Sydney Theatre Company: Going Down; Melbourne Theatre Company: The House of Bernada Alba; Tasmanian Theatre Company/Ten Days On The Island: The Mares. Short Film: Wild, The True History of Billie the Kid. Awards: Helpmann Award– Best Direction of a Mainstage Production The Drover’s Wife; London Film Awards – Best First Time Director Wild; Melbourne Women in Film Festival – Next-Gen Film Award Wild. Troy Jungaji Brady

Troy Jungaji Brady

Jessica Dunn

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Musician: Black Arm Band. Events: As Musician: Brisbane Festival, Quandamooka Festival.

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Performer: For Artists: Shubha Mudgal (India), Sandy Evans, Claire Daly (USA), Satoko Fuji (Japan), Walter Martin (USA), Ensemble Offspring. As Composer and Sound Designer: Tasmanian Theatre Company/Ten Days On The Island: The Mares. As Associate Sound Designer: Belvoir: Counting and Cracking (with Adelaide Festival), Random. As Composer’s Assistant: Sydney Theatre Company: Harp in the South. Positions: Founder and Artistic Director, Sirens Big Band. Awards:


Elaine Crombie RENÉ

Queensland Theatre: An Octoroon, Country Song, The Sunshine Club (with Sydney Theatre Company). Other Credits: Belvoir: Conversations With The Dead; Malthouse: Blaque Showgirls; Melbourne Theatre Company: Astroman; Moogahlin Performing Arts: This Fella My Memory; The Follies Company: The New Black; Sydney Festival: I Am Eora; Sydney Theatre Company: Cherry Pickers, Bloodland (with Bangarra Dance Theatre). Film: Black Talk, Jackie Jackie, Top End Wedding. Television: Top of the Lake: China Girl, How to Stay Married, Rosehaven S2, Grace Beside Me, 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, Nowhere Boys S4, Get Krack!n S2, Black Comedy S2 & S3, Redfern Now, Kiki and Kitty. Training: Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts, Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts; Associate Diploma of Music, Centre of Aboriginal Studies in Music - Adelaide University.

Sorcha Albuquerque LEAD GUITAR

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Performer: For Artists: Ingrid Jenson (USA), Silke Eberhart (Germany), Dale Barlow, James Sherlock. As Musician: Sydney Women’s Jazz Collective, The Sorcha Albuquerque Trio. Events: As Musician: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Perth Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Stonnington Jazz Festival, Sydney Con Jazz Festival, Perth International Jazz Festival. Music: Original Compositions: ABC: Jazz Calls: The Best of Australian Jazz 2017, Jazztrack - Celebrating 40 Years. Training: Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance), Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.


Jann Rutherford Memorial Award – Excellence in Jazz (2009). Training: Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Michelle Vincent DRUMS

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Touring Musician: The McClymonts. As Musician: Belvoir: Barbara and the Camp Dogs. Television: The Morning Show, Sunrise, X Factor, The Voice Australia. Positions: Co-creator of Drum Line Program.


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: Sydney Festival: The Weekend (with Moogahlin Performing Arts), Home Country (with Urban Theatre Projects); Sydney Theatre Company: The Long Forgotten Dream; Stalker Theatre Company: Creature. Film: Hyde and Seek, Scout. Television: Doctor Doctor, Diary of an Uber Driver, Brainscience. Training: Bachelor of Dramatic Art, NIDA; Aboriginal Theatre Program, WAAPA; Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts.

Adm Ventoura


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Music: As Musical Director: Barefoot Divas. As Songwriter, Music Producer and Musical Director: For Artists: Al Green, Kelly Rowland, Lupe Fiasco, Guy Sebastian, Jon Stevens, Ian Moss, Jessica Mauboy, Emma Donovan, Ursula Yovich, Kate Ceberano, Vika and Linda Bull, Stan Walker. Training: Western Australian Conservatorium of Music.

Vicki Gordon


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: Chunky Move: Rule of Thirds, LUCID; Marriners Group: 33 Variations; Fraught Outfit/ Melbourne Festival/DarkMofo: The Bacchae; Malthouse: They Saw A Thylacine, Blak Cabaret (with Sydney Festival); Melbourne Theatre Company: The Waiting Room; Victorian Opera: The Magic Pudding; Shesaid: HART; The Julliard School, New York: Le Donna Curiose. Film: 2040, That Sugar Film, Living Space. Awards: Green Room Award – Design Body of Work (2014).


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: Vicki Gordon Music Productions/Sydney Festival: Barefoot Divas (2012-2015); Hong Kong Arts Festival: Black Heart, Bawaka Mulwat; Healing Foundation: Healing Song Project, Fest’Napuan Vanuatu: Singaot Sista. Events: As Producer: With Open Eyes, Fast Forward. As Associate Producer: Campbelltown Arts Centre: One Billion Beats; Canon: Tales by Light Series 3. Positions: Founding Executive Director, Australian Women in Music Awards, Cicada International Limited and Vicki Gordon Music Productions PTY LTD; Producer, Queensland Music Festival (2013), Zellerbach Stadium California, Seattle Town Hall, Banff Centre for Arts Canada and Leeward Community Honolulu (2014).

Stephen Curtis SET DESIGNER

Queensland Theatre: Once in Royal David’s City (with Black Swan Theatre Company), Brisbane, Boston Marriage, Black Diggers (with Sydney Festival), Pygmalion, Corporate Vibes, The Venetian Twins, Dinkum Assorted. Other Credits: Belvoir: The Drover’s Wife, Twelfth Night, Gwen in Purgatory; Malthouse: Away, It Just Stopped, Picasso at the Lapin Agile; Melbourne Theatre Company: All About My Mother, The Blue Room, Two Brothers, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Sydney Theatre Company: The Secret River, The Vertical Hour, Doubt, The Government Inspector; Opera Australia: La Boheme, Lulu, The Cunning Little Vixen, The Turn of the Screw; State Opera of South Australia: Der Ring Des Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle); Bell Shakespeare: The Winter’s Take, Henry IV, The Duchess of Malfi, The War of the Roses, The Servant of Two Masters. Awards: Helpmann Award - Best Costume Design Der Ring Des Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle); Green Room Award - Best Design Lulu. Training: BFA (Design), NIDA.

Karen Norris


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: Belvoir: Love Me Tender, Uncle Vanya; Moogahlin Performing Arts: Winyanboga Yurringa, Broken Glass, The Weekend (with Sydney Festival); Narelle Benjamin: In Glass, KAAL, Hiding In Plain Sight, Forseen, Cella (with Colours Dance Festival, Stuttgart, Sydney Festival, Dance Massive); Sydney Festival: Barefoot Divas, Songs Not to Dance To, Champions, Blak Box (with Urban Theatre Projects); Bangarra Dance Theatre: Skin, Terrain, Sheoak; Performance Space: On View; Atamira Dance Company: KOTAHI; Australian Theatre for Young People: Sugarland; Ensemble Theatre: The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race, The Last Five Years. Awards: Helpmann Award Nomination – Best Lighting Design Skin; Green Room Award Nomination – Best Lighting Design Sheoak.


Queensland Theatre: Black Is The New White, Switzerland, That Face. Other Credits: Belvoir: Hir, The Rover, Jasper Jones, The Blind Giant is Dancing, Ivanov, La Traviata, Blue Wizard, 20 Questions, The Seed; Sydney Theatre Company: Blackie Blackie Brown, Black is the New White, A Flea in Her Ear, Power Plays, Little Mercy, Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats Of Loneliness (with La Boite Theatre Company); Bell Shakespeare: Richard III, Othello; Griffin Theatre: Feather In The Web, Kill Climate Deniers, The Bleeding Tree, Gloria, Beached, Hoax (with La Boite Theatre Company), The Homosexuals (with Malthouse); Ensemble: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Great Falls, Circle Mirror Transformation; La Boite Theatre Company: Tender Napalm, Julius Caesar, Hamlet; Malthouse: Testament of Mary; Strut & Fret: Blanc De Blanc, Blanc De Blanc Encore, Love Riot, Fun House, Life; Sydney Festival: All The Sex I’ve Ever Had. Training: NIDA.

Matt Cox

Riley Spadaro

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Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Director: Seymour Centre/ Mardi Grass: Promiscuous Cities (Reading); NIDA: We Are Gods, She Waits No Longer, Distant Places (with Triple J Unearthed); Sydney Chamber Opera: The Tent; The Blue Room Theatre: Minus One Sister. As Assistant Director: NIDA: Stay Happy, Keep Smiling; Lost and Found Opera: Trouble in Tahiti. As Secondment: Belvoir: Barbara and the Camp Dogs (2017). Training: MFA (Directing), NIDA; Bachelor of Performing Arts (Performance Making), WAAPA.


Raine Paul


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Senior Technician: Belvoir: Girl Asleep, Mr Burns, Mark Colvin’s Kidney, Atlantis, The Rover, Ghosts, Hir, Bliss, An Enemy of the People. As Video Engineer: Darlinghurst Theatre Company: Hysteria. As Sound Operator: Sydney Festival: The Object Lesson. Training: BFA (Technical Theatre and Stage Management), NIDA.

Gary Dryza


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As AV and Sound Operator: Ilbijerri: Jack Charles Vs The Crown; Nigel Kellaway & The Opera Project: Brief Synopsis. As Sound Engineer: Performing Lines: SDS1. Music: As Audio Engineer: Hermitude, Horrorshow, Kaiit, Urthboy, Badbadnotgood, Meg Mac, Kilter, Tkay Maidza, REMI, Joyride, One Day, Hay, Jack River, Asta, Omar Musa, Jerome Fandor, Ishu, MoneyKat, Violent Soho, KT Tunstall, Misfits, Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo, Craig David, Tim Finn, Amanda Palmer, Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp, Glen Hansard, American Authors, Kim Wilde and Nik Kershaw, Polo Club, Joelistics, The Bamboos, Rudimental, The Preatures, Angelique Kidjo, Aloe Blacc, Ladi6. Television: As Audio Engineer: ABC: Big Ideas.


Cecilia Nelson STAGE MANAGER

Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Stage Manager: Blue Saint Productions: In The Heights; Hayes Theatre Company: She Loves Me, Assassins; Invisible Wall/Sugary Rum Productions: The View Upstairs; Sydney Chamber Opera: The Howling Girls; Sydney Conservatorium of Music: Les Mamelles De Tiresias; Legs on a Wall: Highly Sprung; Packemin: Miss Saigon; Michael Cassel Group: Darren Criss Intimate & Live. As Assistant Stage Manager: Belvoir: Barbara and the Camp Dogs; Pinchgut: Artaserse; Sydney Philharmonia: Candide; Opera Australia: New Year’s Eve Opera Gala; Sydney Chamber Opera: The Rape of Lucretia. As Surtitle Operator: Opera Australia/HOSH: Carmen. Training: BFA (Technical Theatre and Stage Management), NIDA; Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts, The University of Sydney.

Brooke Kiss


Queensland Theatre: Debut. Other Credits: As Stage Manager: Belvoir: Bliss; Force Majeure: You Animal, You; Mad March Hare Theatre Company: Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. As Assistant Stage Manager: Belvoir: Sami in Paradise; Sydney Theatre Company: Accidental Death of An Anarchist, Testament of Mary. As Rehearsal Stage Manager: Belvoir: Barbara and the Camp Dogs, Mr Burns, Mother. As Technical Manager: Barker College: The Crucible. As Production Stage Manager: Australian Global Entertainment: The Australian Tenors, An Afternoon at the Proms. Training: BFA (Technical Theatre and Stage Management), NIDA.

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Queensland Theatre wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to all our donors. Each gift, large or small, helps us make great theatre. Annual donations over $500 are acknowledged in play programs for 12 months from the date of donation.

Our L egacy

From October 2019 to the end of 2020, we’ll be celebrating our 50th Anniversary. And we want everyone to be part of the celebration.


To kick things off, we’re calling out to all of the people who have helped make this company what it is in the last half century, whether you’ve worked with us for 10 years or joined us in the audience for one show. If you have a story or experience of Queensland Theatre that you would like to share, then please get in touch. Alternatively, you could tell us how you think we should celebrate our 50th. Or just let us know your hopes and dreams for our company for the next 50 years.

Visit to respond and/or upload photos/videos. You can also email or post to: Queensland Theatre 50 Years 78 Montague Rd SOUTH BRISBANE Q 4101

ne Milesto

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