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6 Jake Walmsley Lots of gorgeous photos with Jake

12 Pics by Gaz The man with the best lens of the planet

36 Jaymi Hensley

Totally talented, totally hot

FASHION 20 Lisbon

Little peek into Lisbon Fashion week hotties

23 Octopus The funkiest shop in town

24 Style Guru Rachel Gold How to look good in the best fitting shirt

40 Vintage Westwood The vintage Viv stuff we should all have

41 Jack the Lad Spread Adam Munden models some cool gear.

48 Portfolio Peek Paulo Perestrelo gives us a peek at his portfolio

51 Rory Hutton Collection

Nothing says style quite like Rory Hutton

LIFE / ART / COMMUNITY 18 Lisbon Explored

All the best places to go and be seen

26 60x80 Guide Brilliant guide online

28 Dining with Kraig The love guru shows us all how to do it

30 How I got my Beautiful People Highly addictive and totally brilliant

32 Totally Coitus Pantelis another great of the photo world

54 Pure Bliss Must have canvas art from Mike Bliss

56 Fabergé egg hunt Mark Lawrence gives us a brief insight

60 GAAI Appeal They need our help so urgently

62 Look at THT Peek into their work and projects

64 Nostalgia BigTrak returns (again why?)

72 Motor: Abarth Cute and compact

79 Lad About Town We couldn’t resist a trip to Lovechild

81 Cocksox Try out The cheekiest undies in town

82 Next Issue



What’s coming up

Cover Model: Ben Photo: pics by gaz

Loves it... Editors Letter

The last few months have been unforgettable not just because I have encountered some of the most surreal moments in my life but have also discovered my inner child with this first issue, especially as recently started shopping at Octopus, a shop we found, and we must admit have became somewhat addicted to. I will also unashamedly admit to having walked out with quite a few bags of their exotically kitsch range. But other than my shopping expeditions we have been busy bringing you some of the coolest things we have found, from must haves, which are practically like oxygen, to some in depth pieces on dating and society and a little look into THT and some of their new campaigns. This month we bring you tons of interviews and photos from the gorgeous youtube golden boy Jake Walmsley and the ever so modest legend of photography picsby-gaz. Also not to forget a 20 page plus fashion shoot including a few fantastic photos from Pantelis of Coitus Magazine and also a sexy shoot with the stunning Jaymi Hensley. The Q:ID Crew Paul Britt - Publisher / Q:ID Media Roy Perestrelo - Editor-in-Chief 08455 193 909 Editorial Team and Columnists Peter da Silva - Travel Editor Lorna McArdle - Community Editor Mark Lawrence - Arts/Culture Editor Daniel Cooksley - Style Consultant

We have packed this issue with so many features, that I can’t list them all on here, but I am sure you will love every one of them. So with all that said, sit back, relax and enjoy the read and I hope to hear from you soon, be it as a model, a new fashion designer, new talent as we love promoting that or writing to us, we all like making new friends.

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p ack j n k nio co.u u . s us eo stime g r Go ww

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Youtube’s golden boy, with an impressive 1.8million plus hits to his videos. We bow down before the gorgeous king of the online world. We give you Jake as you have never seen him before. Photo: Roy Perestrelo Paul Britt Clothing: Topman, Summer Range Taken at: RISC- Stones Room, Reading


We fell in love with you miming the words to the Eurovision hit dragostea din tei by OZone, now you going solo has excited us even more tell us what you have been upto. Since going solo I have mainly been working more on the musical side of things, i.e., producing my own material and mixing. Also I’m pretty damn good on a pair of decks. I’ve been working with a few up and coming artists and some known artists from the world of youtube. Doing a few short sketches to keep up with my acting and directing. Maybe even make my own movie short someday or even bigger… my own movie.

Have you ever experienced those what we called “obsessive gays”? Oh yes, I have had some e-mails asking me to show my bare elbow, feet and armpits. I was even propositioned to fly to America all expenses paid just to spend one night with me, I felt like a rent boy as he offered me $20,000 lol.

You rake up the hits on youtube that make all of us dead jealous, what do you think is your magic touch? I have no idea how I managed to get where I am, I am simply amazed by the sheer numbers as they were watching me in their millions per month. It never ceases to amaze me how many people follow and support me.

We hear your entering a music career, what do you have in store for us die-hard fans? I have always had a huge passion for music and since the age of 13 I got my hands on my dad’s OLD SCHOOL mixing decks and kind of taught myself to DJ. As my love for music grew I wanted to use it to produce my own material and hope that people out there would enjoy ‘raving’ to it as much as I do. I am currently working with Amrick Channa who has performed all over the world (jealous!!) and also appears on the ministry of sound albums so I can’t wait to touch base with him.

What annoys us here at Q:ID the most is how damn hot you always look, what’s your secret? I wake up, jump in the shower, no lotions and potions, do my hair, and have a cup of tea. No secret. I think people would class me as a low maintenance kind of guy.

What’s your advice to people trying to become as big on Youtube as you are? I always try to entertain people on youtube by doing videos which seem to be more interesting than what’s on the TV. Try and be creative and unique and never give up trying, if you’ve got it, use it.

We were thinking if you were to do panto you’d have to either be the prince or buttons in Cinderella - would you ever consider Broadway? Wow Broadway, I love to entertain people so yes that would certainly be on my wish list.

Who inspired you to be so creative in life? My parents are my inspiration, there is never a dull moment in our house. It’s a great laugh all the time. My dad’s constant witty remarks seem to have rubbed off onto me and my sister and I express that inspiration into my videos.

We hear you had a spell in the armed forces, what was that like we all have a fantasy of but in reality what was it like?

“WALMLSEY! 100 push ups now!” Yes Sergeant! Haha. I knew it would be hard work but it was nothing like I expected. I’m brilliant with an iron now. Also the thrill of firing a real rifle was amazing, apart from my first time my eye was too close to the sight and the recoil gave me a black eye, happy days.

Did you look good in uniform (giggles)? I must say I did love being in uniform, just the haircut was something I wasn’t too happy with. I looked like Phil Mitchell from Eastenders.

You do a fair bit of charity work too, we do love that here at Q:ID, what causes really appeal to you? It was a great honour to be asked to appear as the host of a wrestling charity event, National Alliance Wrestling for under privileged children. Nothing better than the satisfaction that knowing your contribution is for a worthwhile cause, seeing the smiles on those kids faces were the best payment I’ve had since I started.

Tell us about what you have in the pipeline? Well as much as I love music I do love acting and directing also, I have recently appeared in a movie short as a bad guy , The short is called “Guilty Victims”. I am currently saving up for some new equipment so I can produce and direct my own movie short with some professional or up and coming actors. Who knows brad pitt might give me a ring?

When shopping what designers really appeal to you and why? I don’t have a particular favourite brand or designer, if it looks good on me ill buy it. Mind you I don’t mind a bit of Hugo boss and of course there is always Primark. I remember walking down the cat walk of the 2007 London fashion week for topman and fashioneast, what a buzz that was!

We think you would be a fantastic BBC presenter (Aunty take note!) would you ever do presenting? YES! My ultimate dream is to work in television, definitely the top of my wish list. Entertaining the younger generation is something I seem to be good at (ask my younger cousins lol) so maybe, just maybe my dream could come true.

Tell us the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to you? (Pretty please) To be honest I have embarrassed myself quite a few times so it’s hard for me to pick a certain one. I suppose appearing in skin tight golden hot pants on the Lily Allen and friends show was quite an embarrassing moment for me but hey, I’ll do anything once. 10

There are loads of young people out there down in the dumps, we all do from time to time, what’s your words of encouragement for them all? Don’t focus too much on the pleasures which fade quickly, Focus on the pleasures which last a life time.

We are all jealous on how you keep so fit, tell us what you do? Plenty of hot drinks, a few iced buns followed by a run and a couple of sit ups. Who needs a get fit DVD when you can do it the Walmsley way. (New DVD coming soon lol)

We are fans of musicals (obviously) lol - tell us what you do on a typical Saturday night? I love hitting the clubs and shaking my shimmy until I pass out, okay that last part was a joke. Basically I go out with my friends and have a few drinks, and dance the night away…or until we get kicked out at closing time. Either that or a good old fashioned poker night with the lads.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? Hopefully either on the television or DJ-ing at a huge venue in front of thousands. good old fashioned poker night with the lads.

We have one final question, how big is your erm DVD collection? ;-p 8 n half inches, oops. Sorry I misheard the question, well I have been told on numerous occasions that it is pretty damn big. 11 1

cthe and in reality it does not need to. Here at Q:ID we have scoured the earth to bring you the best looks, places, styling tips and fashion wear without costing you, the said earth.

Photographer interview with a

This issue we have crammed in loads of the best things we have managed to find, including a phenomenal interview with the stunning Jake Walmsley, with 1.3million hits a day

self portrait: Gaz assisted by: M. Gajewski background model: Ivan

shot at: Kooky Media studio, London.

Q:ID interviews the man that simply likes to be known as Gaz, this modest but (trust us) immensely talented man, is none other than the creative force behind the legendary photography outfit With an upcoming book covering his works, we sit down and discover a few things about the man himself.

words: Roy Perestrelo

on his youtube pages, he Now Gaz you have a distinct style of is one popular young man, photography, a style that has we get steamy become soand distinct with manyat his photoshoot and yeah we followers - what influencedohyour interview him too. style? Wewell tracked the Thanks Roy, I wasdown heavily gorgeous Jaymi Hensley influenced from an early age by the talented risingreflects star and cinema and think that in give you an insight into Jaymi a lot of my work. I especially like andand his white future,films and with get deep classic black with Gaz from pics by high key lighting and the colourgaz reveal an and exclusive films from and the late 40’s 50’s.bit of news from him that will make you all go rushing to the Who are your photographic shops, trust will. influences and do youus, seeyou yourself as a legend in the industry? We also explore the LOL hell no, legends tonew me magazine phenomenal are peopleCoitus, like George we justHurrell cant help it, a (Hollywoodnew movie staredition photographer limited magazine from the 30’s thea90’s) or Annie with to such brilliant example Leibovitz and Bruceyouth, Weberits...a Imust think of sexual their photography immortal. have for is everyone. jobs was assisting on shoots for the As a photographer yourinlife spentwe also Not to forget thisisissue have a range of Iarticles spirit industry and loved it. It wasn’t behind thecovering lens, how does it feel everything from cooking for love, travel, the long before I was shooting the shots to you when people take photos of reviews, community, lifestyle, product and myself the for home brands likelets Guinness, you? not forget over 20 pages of fashion shoots showing off Club etc... Johnny Walker, Havana was all to stilllook life good and creating sets stunning new models and loadsIt of ways and Actually I hate it withinaboth passion. and lighting to give feel good what I’m you wear and what you do. different looks always the one NOT in the holiday for the brands and intended clientel. pics but getting a little vain It never involved people So enjoy yourless read, letsinus know what your stylingshooting tips my old age! I’dstories wouldthat rather fortoa share though it wasn’t and you sit want with and everyone and till getyears later painter as in indeed LA for Donthe after a career touch Iifdid youinfancy being next top modelillustrating for Q:ID, and art Bachardy. I started doing shots of anyone can discover your innerdirecting Queer Identity. people. How did you get into photography This issue we have crammed in loads of the best things we and when did it become clear that I really had to relearn everything have managed to find, including a phenomenal interview you’re actually rather good at it? regarding lightinghits a person with the stunning Jake Walmsley, with 1.3million a day in a andyoung shooting on his youtube pages, he is onestudio popular man,people and meant I studied to be an illustrator and you had to interact with them, we get steamy at his photoshoot and oh yeah we interview graphic designer but after leaving something as a shy guy I found too. a freelance art collegehim I joined hard to start off with but realised designer as his junior and one of my if I was to get the shots I wanted I We tracked down the gorgeous Jaymi Hensley the talented

really had to connect with the person I was shooting and now I find it brings me out of myself. Each shoot is very personal to me and seems the sitter too, so that says I’m doing something right I hope. Have you any cool projects coming up? I have a book and a calendar being published later in the year by Bruno Gmünder of a collection of my work which I’m very excited about. Also enlarging my website with a Blog, with up and coming events and model galleries as well as a new website for the fitness photography. A must see:

rising star and give you an insight into Jaymi and his future,


Unhappily Ever After words by Scott Austin Shaw

everyday is a fashion show, and life is nothing more than a runway, how does that relate to If the way we behave with regards to relationships and the quests we set ourselves on to find love?

Scott asks the age old question: Mr. Right or Mr. Right-Now? Q:ID asked our resident cynic to practically find out the meaning of life. Scott, true to his word has come back with something very close to all of us: Mr. Right or Mr. Right-now?

When considering what to write for this article, I found myself examining life, my life and other people’s lives, and discovered there is always one topic of conversation that will never become extinct: relationships and looking for love. We are constantly seeking some form of affection, some more than others, however I think it’s important to recognise why and how we actively go about this. We yearn for that happily ever after, the “one” and Mr Right. When taking into consideration the importance of Mr Right, I began to think ‘Who is Mr Right?’

Is he Mr (The One) Right, Mr Right (for now) or, is it the case of that there isn’t actually a Mr Right at all? This seems a very dark and slightly the glass being half empty slant on the subject, but I honestly believe I have a valid point. We spend so much time looking for this Mr Right, that sometimes, more often than not, walk blindly straight past the ones we probably should be with, because we secretly believe that the guy with the bad boy attitude, the one who hurts us by never calling or shows We spend so much time no interest in anyone but looking for this Mr Right, himself, is ideal for us. that sometimes, more often I think we all know the correct answer to that.

than not, walk blindly straight past the ones we probably should be with

Does love ultimately conquer all, and are we really secure in ourselves? Heavy and deep questions to ask ourselves, I grant you, but it is something that has been running around in my mind for quite a while. We enter a new era, the end of the Noughties, and I’m beginning to question what this new time will bring. Alas, nothing I fear (a rather cynical outlook considering my age!) We will still make the same mistakes, still make the wrong decisions and still, we will ask ourselves the same question: Why?

When we look for love, we all perform, be it from the clothes we wear, the guy liner, the way we do our hair, the way we move, it’s all a performance in a certain respect. We all perform on a daily basis, and perhaps the fashion show and runway concept is invaluable when looking closer at relationships. When peacocks mate, they show off their plumage, they use their mother nature given style to their advantage. It is true enough that we ourselves also (to some extent) do this too, but what happens when we wake up the morning after the night before, looking like something that emerged from the black lagoon? Is there something more vulnerable left in place of something that was more superficial only perhaps a few hours earlier? The state of reality, no mask to hide ones-self under is gone, therefore the illusion must surely be destroyed, null and voided. So I guess the question to be asked is what do we fall in love with: the veneer of falsity or the natural state – warts and all? On the scene, there is an air of superficiality,


and looks and appearance are paramount, and those who aren’t necessarily deemed as being part of this clique are to a certain extent, banished. We, as young men go out looking for fun and to hell with the consequences, we think we know it all, and yet, I would consider us to be the “lost generation”. We do not know everything, take perhaps far too much for granted and what amazes me the most, is the attitudes we have. We simply do not seem to care. We take for granted certain liberties that aren’t possible, even in the time we live in, across the world, some suffer brutally for their choice of sexual orientation. For a truly insightful view of this, a night out in Soho in London would reinforce this approach very well. Perhaps I am too much of a cynic for someone of my age – this is an ongoing argument I have with myself on a daily basis, but i believe we have in many respects lost our way somewhat. Love can and is a wonderful thing to feel, and perhaps I can explain a little further my stance on the matter at hand: I’m a 21 year old hopeless romantic who is conflicted between real life, and the hope of a fairy tale ending. I’m still waiting to be convinced, and yet am coming to the conclusion that at the end of it all does any of it really even matter? We meet someone, be it online, in a bar, anywhere. We meet that person who makes us feel good, the flirtation, and the thrill of the chase. Are we in love? I would reply: questionable. Are we in love with the idea of being in love? I would say: most probably. Do we just yearn for that satisfied feeling of being safe in the knowledge that there is someone there, after the rubbish day at work, the day you fall out with a friend, or that instance when you feel so comfortable with someone that makes life that little bit more bearable? We live such busy lives, with so many distractions, visual stimulations and for want of a better word, preoccupied in the mundane repetition of our lives - are we in a transitional state of love? The Beatles once said, “All you need is love”, and this is arguably true, however can love come at much too high a cost? To what personal cost to us is such a thing as love? Is it all just a projection of falsities or are we truly seeking that deeper meaning? What is love? Can we be too self obsessed to notice that we are causing our own sorry messes? Blinded by lust, that under the glare of rose tinted spectacles, could be perceived as love which lasts only a mere few moments in reflection, this is definitely not love to me. A swarming metropolis of gay men all looking for pretty much the same thing, yet find solace in all the wrong forms and only fleeting moments. I like to think of love being that indescribable feeling of belonging, the ultimate sense of truth, that unspoken understanding between two people. However in a world of technology, consumerism and apathy, perhaps we should be asking ourselves this one final question: Where is the love? If you do know the answer to this question, I would implore you to reveal this much required information for the sakes of all gay men!




orna McArdle, our community editor, the chairperson of Reading Pride and businesswoman asks that question that has been dogging a lot of people recently. Where have all the lesbians gone? So Q:ID put it to her to have a bit of a rant to the reasons why we see so many out gay men in the media and in some cases without a gay man, the show just wont go on. BUT when it comes to lesbians they all seem to hide in the shadows.

Lorna explores the possible reasons and gives us a frank overview of the big WHY they have all decided to go very into the professional closet.



t’s 2010 and Lesbians are still in hiding. It seems they come out in the media like being at the dentist, pulling us out one at a time and once a year. I suppose you could go to Eastbourne for the tennis and the Kenric Ball each year to find us on mass. This year we have the wonderful Jane Hill in previous years we got Ellen, Claire Balding and a couple scattered here and there. It can’t be a coincidence that most of my friends have been married and got kids before coming out. How many gay males can we say that about? Is it because we don’t have role models? The men have been coming out since the 80’s, the only one I knew about was KD Lang and thought she looked hot and tried to dress like her. All I got was hassle because of it, so went back to being a hetty. That’s right, peer pressure. Anyone growing up in the 80’s knows what I mean – Lesbian was a dirty word to put you down for. Even now, who are the butcher role models, please, I’m not putting down the lipsticks, and good for them to be able to be comfortable as a lipstick and be able to integrate with society with ease, butch women don’t have that option. Have you noticed that all the lesbians we do have in the media come across very serious, even the comedians have a dry sense of humour? Soaps have no idea how to portray us; they seem to have worked it out with gay men but not for lesbians. The latest offering is a teenage snog in Coronation Street, but you and I know it’ll be a short-lived story because no straight actor/ess wants to be labelled a gay actor unless they are actually gay. Which is why the characters Christian and Sean work because they are gay. It’s going to be a long time before we see a butch in TV because they have the need to commercialise lesbians, not make them real. Or is there more to it than that? Is it the media that cause the issues relating to same sex couples? The Daily Mail (used to be my choice of paper), have a lot to answer to. I don’t mean the Jan Moir’s article but the fact that someone like Jane Hill, says in conversation that she and her partner Sara have a pet etc, in an internal publication for the BBC and that this then has to be a coming out article. No it wasn’t. I do think this country forgets that same sex couples can now have a civil partnership; it’s not an issue to be in a relationship with someone of the same sex, it’s legal! The media

and promoters alike are so scared that any true mainstream Lesbian can’t be marketed. Remember what happened to Alex Parkes, who was actually a really good songwriter and singer. Other singers out there can only say their Bi-Sexual because it sells the notion of 2 girls with a ‘man’ even if their straight. It’s because everything has to revolve around sex and a straight mans idea of a Lesbian? A straight mans ideal isn’t a lesbian, it’s a bisexual. Am I the only one who has noticed that everything in the mainstream media revolves around sex? Look at the gay mags, men’s mags even if it’s for cars, they turn everything around even for a carburettor to be sexy and show a half naked woman holding it. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not adverse to a stripper night or an Ann Summers party, a girl has needs but if I wanted sex on every page I would buy a mag. This has to be the reason why some Lesbians don’t want to go to male dominated gay bars. It’s always geared up to offering Drag Queens who put us down, stripper nights with men only and a female singer (for good measure). Come on we want female strippers too if you want to grow your venue. If you go into a male dominated environment you can find the Lesbians in one corner playing pool, the men hanging around the bar trying to chat-up the barman. Then the men try and dominate the women by intimidating us, putting us down or looking down on us. I was appalled when I went out one night and got asked if I was wearing a mans shirt. Well, yes it was black-tie affair and I wanted to be butch that night and wear a bow-tie. In a gay environment we shouldn’t be discriminating between each other, it’s hard enough outside the scene without fighting between each other. It’s called institutional lesbiphobia. But to swing that round I have seen the women dominate gay men too, so is it possible to get on with the opposite sex or do we just try and tolerate each other or try and understand each other, as we do need to share the same space.

It’s time for lesbian’s in the media to say we’re here too. You’ll get a better reception coming out today than a footballer will do.


words: Peter da Silva


he most beautiful sunset and sunrise in Europe has to be in Lisbon (Lisboa) and if like me you like a good party, you’ll end up seeing both and you’ll always gasp with excitement. It’s one of the memories you take away with you- both the number of sunrises you see because you are still out and the beauty of the light. This is Lisbon – a city with an energy bouncing off faded walls and a breathtaking vast river which you are never too far from. Once you’ve touched down in Lisbon your eyes are treated to the brightly coloured buildings and the beautiful azulejos (tiles) that cover buildings of all shapes and sizes. Moorish remains and new design zig zag across the city with the historic centre fusing marvellously with the ultra modern Nations Park. All this can be seen easily on foot on the fantastic metro or even by taxis which by western European standards are cheap. Getting your bearings is easy in Lisbon. Start your visit downtown in the lively Baixa/Bairro Alto area; popular by day with shoppers and people lounging in cafes and livelier by night with restaurants, bars and small night clubs. Part of the excitement here is to explore the tiny streets by day- look up at the buildings and look straight ahead at the quirky boutiques, salons and restaurants which may not appear in typical guides. Witness the complete transformation of the area by night as all the doorways light up and open up to diners and party goers. A walk away is the Rossio square- a square to walk through and again look at the fountains and buildings. Head up to the Avenida da Liberdade, a leafy boulevard with designer shops. Again keep walking right to the top where you arrive at a roundabout and a manicured park; the 19th century Parque Eduardo VII which is worth a walk around and a photo stop from the top with beautiful views of the city. For typical touristy bits which are a must for first time visitors head to the castle with breathtaking views over Lisbon and finish off, once you climbed down from the castle with a trip up Elevador de Santa Justa a towering homage to Eiffel again with unique views of the city.


L I G H T S, C A M E R A , AC T I O N, FA S H I O N

LISBON If you happen to be in Lisbon from around mid/late March and weather permits then don’t forget to pack your swim wear. The beaches at both Estoril and the Cascais coast are a 30 minute train ride away. What a great way to add to a city break by feeling golden sand between your feet. If weather doesn’t permit then a stroll along the beach is always fun whilst you look out to sea and think of tonight’s plans! There are plenty of restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Lisbon and don’t be surprised if you head home heavier- the food here is filling and fantastic in equal measures. Try A Baiuca restaurant in the Bairro Alto area which serves traditional Portuguese dishes including the famous salt cod- Bacalhau com Natas, with background sounds of Fado. Situated in the Bairro Alto it is a fantastic restaurant run by a wife and husband- in

that order- who are part of the overall appeal. The food is fine and the location is perfect to start a night out. Also in the area is the superb fish restaurant Lisboa A Noite serving a vast selection of fresh fish dishes. Slightly more formal but definitely a must visit restaurant for fish fans. There are restaurants here to suit most likes and most budgets. The general rule is eat at around 8pm if not later, then head to a bar before hitting a club at around 1am earliest. By night people like to go out and stay out and Lisbon does have a thriving gay life. The Portuguese are generally attractive and warm hearted which means they are always open to conversation. Start your night out in the Bairro Alto area and meander around the tiny streets from bar to bar- enjoy a drink (watch out for those

measures) or two and enjoy a stare or three. Two bars attract various hotties both inside and outside; Setimo Ceu and Portas Largas are both a 5 minute walk away from each other. If you plan on staying in the area everyone heads to the trendy Fragil nightclub which was the mother club in Lisbon for many years. It is small, cosy and the music good. Close by is the Principe Real area which too attracts the boys. Trumps is a must nightclub and all the 20/30 somethings end up here dancing to the likes of Madonna and Nelly Furtado. Two separate bars showcase two ranges of music; pop and dance and people mingle throughout both. As it gets late most of Lisbon heads to super club Lux. Not a gay club but one that attracts plenty of gays; Lux is spread over many floors and is another moment on the eyes. The décor is excellent but the beats really are the talking point. Catch that beautiful sunrise as it is time to leave the club. If on a Sunday night you fancy a night out but can’t face another club then head to the ultra luxury boutique Hotel Bairro Alto- down to the small bar is a 2 piece band equipped with a guitar. Enjoy a cocktail or glass of champagne whilst you look back or forwards on your trip enjoying the soft music. You may not associate Portugal with fashion but they take it very seriously here. Lisbon Fashion Week (ModaLisboa) takes place twice a year just after Paris and several designers have attracted much following. Menswear is particularly strong and many Portuguese designers have received international acclaim. Nuno Gama designs sharp men’s looks fusing traditional Portuguese symbols and eye catching looks. For Winter 2011 his collection ‘Soldiers of our Heritage’ referenced light military looks with tailor cut fits. The long scarves/sachs worn around the waists not only look sexy but somewhat authoritative. The boots and shoes in the collection were strong and Nuno Gama opened his show with men holding a diverse range of footwear on pillows. Other men’s designers included the ever chic Miguel Vieira who opted for tailor cut, figure hugging and

structured designs echoing a confident business man who flirts with business and leisure in an effortless manner. A selection of hats and caps complemented looks which featured cashmere, muslins and pure wool. Emerging young designer Ricardo Andrez showcased for the first time on home soil after shows abroad. His confident collection used colours such as red and white to drag people through winter. The uplifting collection emphasised layering along with energy through those dark months. Certainly a designer to look out for in the future. If you are a fashion fan then visit the MUDE museum of design and fashion down town Lisbon where Ricardo Andrez’s fashion show took place. If you fancy a day trip then head to Belem. Like a small history museum, Belem is full of interesting facts with the added beauty of some beautiful significant buildings. Just 10 minutes by tram, Belem offers beautiful architecture and some of the city’s most recognisable monuments including the Torre de Belem. This is also the place where Vasco de Gama set sail discover the route to India. Here you can indulge in the famous Pasteis de Belem (custard tarts) surrounded by unique buildings, green spaces and the river in front of you. Take extended strolls here and enjoy the fresh air before jumping on the tram or train back into the centre of Lisbon. Accommodation in the city is all encompassing and includes hotels with memorable views and excellent service. From the grand to the modern you will find quality accommodation across the city. Hostels in Lisbon have been voted the best in the world and many are modern not to mention safe and clean; these make an alternative type of accommodation for those on different budgets. But hotels are generally cost effective especially if booked in advance. The Sheraton Lisboa; Lisbon’s tallest building boasts a modern hotel with sexy minimalist glass and mirrored interiors and a great roof top bar which is open to 3am.

It is probably one of the city’s trendiest hotels and is centrally located. The spa has a small indoor pool and an outdoor pool which are a great way to energise the body after a long day exploring or a good way to relax before a long night out. For a more formal executive approach the Tiara Park Atlantic is a leading option. Located overlooking the Parque Eduardo VII with amazing city views, the hotel offers large cosy bedrooms in a classic style. You can jog in the beautiful park opposite before heading back to the hotel and enjoying the large bathrooms complete with Hermes products! If you fancy stepping back in time then the 1930’s Hotel Tivoli Lisboa is a great central option. First opened in 1933 the swish interiors and chic service take you back in time. The hotel has been recently refurbished and offers a small outdoor pool which is great in the summer. The views are also good. The rooftop Terrace restaurant serves traditional cuisine but the views by night here are jaw dropping. Follow the light to Lisbon and experience more sunsets and sunrises than usual and return home filled with a new energy and some beautiful memories of Europe’s westernmost capital city.

Info: Lisbon is served by TAP Portugal, easyJet, BA and bmi baby from across the UK with flights taking around 2 hours Sheraton Lisboa Tivoli Lisboa Park Atlantic Lisboa Lisbon tourism OVERLEAF Nuno Gama Lisbon Fashion Week Images of Lisbon: Turismo de Lisboa & Moda Lisboa





OCTOPUS No, don’t worry this isn’t the eight legged kind (not even legs really) but one of the most amazing shopping experiences ever. We take a journey into the Aladin’s cave of kitsch. There is a part of us all that wants to try and add a little colour into someone’s life or even our own. We have become a nation of having the perfect show home, but OCTOPUS gives you that clean style and design in all their products but there is a special ingredient weaved into everything in their funky shops, that special ingredient is FUN! From the moment you walk into one of their shops you are greeted with the friendliest staff on the planet all of which have the coolest hair also, which you have to then glance at one of their funky mirrors to check yourself out. That’s when the whole experience starts. From kitchen utensils shaped like dolls, funky rice bowls, meowing clocks, oversized rings, super coloured business card holders and umbrellas with cats heads on and fluffy tails, you so know you have entered the world of the totally sublime. There is something for everyone in there from gorgeous necklaces with an array of colour fused into little orbs to rather cool watches ranging from the outright funky to classically designed watches to suit every taste. Our favourites have to be the recycled style mirrors with their huge amount of colours, adds that amazing spectrum of diversity to anyone’s home, and a must have, is one of their business card holders. All brightly coloured and when you take that out people just cant help but ask for your card, as they know they will be missing out if they don’t. So next time you want to get something for yourself to brighten up your day or someone else’s, make a bee line for OCTOPUS. With stockists dotted around the country you will find something that you will love. We certainly did and cant help going back for more. Check them out. For product range and locations go to.


Rachel Gold, founder and chief stylist at Wardrobe Junkies is Q:ID Magazine’s style and grooming consultant here to help you look and feel better at both work and play.

Muscle shirts to fit your shape... H ere are my top tips for muscle fit shirts and shirts with a little lycra to give you that Buff look.

Thomas Pink (pictured) - have the white bar which is very cool, they have a huge selection of white shirts with intricate details or just straight up simple, divine cut slim fit with added lycra. Prices start at £85.

Boggi- in 80 variations of colour, bright and super classic patterns they are Milanes, so they are snug fit wonderful on fit men with good figures. Prices start from £80. Canali- have a range of vibrant stripes and vivacious colours, being Italian their shirts have the slimmer cut and fit like a glove. Don’t be put off if you need a larger size as they are small cut. Prices from £110. Ted Baker-I always like to buy these for my big guys with chests of 44” with big shoulders and that cut stomach V shape, as they do fit and look very good. With a little detail on the inside collar and the sleeve they are a great casual shirt. Prices start at £75. Ok so we have sorted your top part, see next instalment for the best fit for that pert derriere.... until then have fun, think positive and look Gorgeous! For a one on one styling session, a wardrobe detox and/or a colour consultation contact: Wardrobe Junkies on 020 7266 1817 or email




SOMEONE, ANYONE, SHOW ME THE WAY! With so much choice out there, from the best bars to the funkiest clubs and of course finding the places where the sexiest men hang out - we take a look at the hottest new online travel guide and in true Q:ID style we put it to the test with some amazing and surprising results.

Ok, I am going to be incredibly honest here and a few of my friends will quickly step up to the mark and agree, that I am not the best planner in the world. Recently I was given the simplest of tasks of organising a trip out with a spot of some afternoon entertainment followed by a nice meal in London and then a cool place to boogie with the compulsory eye candy. I have to admit I failed on all accounts, well nearly because like my cooking I cheat from time to time, I discovered and like rubbing a genie, it gave me all the answers I needed for planning a rocking good time on the town. The website is so simple to use, you just select the city you are in, currently there are London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and New York (more on its way) and then you get options to choose from. Simple! With categories such as nightlife, gay bars and clubs, shopping, things to do places to eat and stay, a city map and the best bit was Who’s Who (I didn’t see my name there) but its packed with everything you need to plan the best day out in a city ever. Also it wasn’t filled with the usual places, there were some fun places off the beaten tracks to go to. We all can see the big high street shops which are covered but also if you search the site there are some hidden gems they have uncovered for you. So I followed the sections from restaurants to things to do and places to be seen in and in just a handful of clicks I had the best itinerary ever. And as you can guess, my friends loved me, even if a bit suspicious of how I managed to plan such a brilliant day out. The best thing about it also being an online guide compared to paper formats is its constantly being updated with the latest info, interviews and new places are constantly added, so you can check as you go and if you fancy a quick change in a few clicks you have a new destination.

picture : Eclipse Bar, Barcelona site: words: Ryan Knight


So give a click and be seen in the best places in town, its worth a click.


SOUND There is no question that QBoy still reigns supreme when it comes to the original gay rapper. And also there is no questioning that he is still as hot as he was all those years ago when he started filling our decks with his tunes, and now he fills our ipods with his tracks too. QBoy is embarking on new sounds and projects so keep a close eye on him as we will too, in more ways than one. photo


Dining with Kraig words: Kraig Harris

Our love Guru Kraig Harris has been busy in his local library (oooo-errr) researching all those quirky rules about love, dating and everything else to bag the man of your dreams. In this issue he delves deep into how to have the perfect date with some good old fashioned 1950’s rules, “bring out the pinnie dear!”


Excitement, romance and good food are all the things that I enjoy about dating but what happened to this traditional outline? My bastardized rules from the 1950s Home Economics Textbook that should be used for a first dinner date. Well give it a shot and let me know how it goes. 1 The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Cooking is a good way to win affections. Think of it as a love potion, many smells and flavours can stimulate your mind and even increase serotonin levels in your brain creating that “happy feeling,” 2 Prepare -Take 15 minutes to rest so you will be refreshed when he arrives. Touch your hair, put on a little perfume and maybe even some sparkling eye drops so you will feel fresh. Why not have a SMALL glass of wine to help you loosen up? 3 Minimize all noise Just before his arrival, eliminate all noise of washer, dryer, dishwasher, or vacuum. You both want to be relaxed without shouting over your electronic appliances. Have some music playing softly in the background, you never know if the conversation does dry up you can talk bout how much you like that particular band that is playing. 4 Don’ts Don’t greet him with problems or complaints even if he is late for dinner. This is your first impression and you don’t want to start with a negative outlook. 5 Clear away the clutter Make one last trip through the house just before your


dates arrival, you both want to feel comfortable and relaxed and this will not happen with mounds of unnecessary clutter about or personal items (e.g. bill’s, jock straps, whips/ chains… Ect.) 6 Make him comfortable Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or and offer him a cool or warm drink you don’t want him following you around like a lapdog…. Well unless your into that kind of thing. 7 Make the evening his After all he is a guest in your house and this if your chance to get to know him as a person, after all if you don’t like what you hear you will know whether or not to accept a second date. 8 Control your drinking This has always been a hard one for me so why not learn from my mistake! Its not attractive when you fall asleep on the floor curled up on your dates feet, to then be woken up in

the early hours of the morning by your house mate describing your date wondering the main roads in search of a taxi. 9 The goal The purpose of dating is that you want to get to know each other to find out if you have a connection and then arrange a second date. Be true to yourself not to turn it into a make believe fantasy just because you like the idea of a relationship. At the end of the date you feel there was no connection at all then you can let him down gently and tell him your moving abroad. 10 Head says NO, pants say OFF (STAY IN CONTROL) Personally when I have had sex on a first date I tend to loose the excitement gone for a next encounter or even I am just use to dinner and then sex? Anyway it will only make him want you more and the sex more special for the next time you see each other.

Using the power of the Internet I set out to find a (Mr. Right Now) using my traditional values, Bob1979! With a lovely write up on his profile and a status that ticked all my boxes. We then agreed to come to mine for a home cooked meal for two and he would bring the wine. This is my little experiment to test my traditional rules. Linguine alla Pescatora In a large covered pot, heat some water with a tablespoon of salt and bring to the boil, add the linguine and cook until al dente and drain the linguine in a colander. As your linguine is cooking you can start to make the sauce. In another large pot (enough to hold the pasta later on) heat the oil over on a medium high heat. Add the garlic, onion and cook stirring until golden. Add the squid and cook for a minute, then add the clams and mussels and cook for a further minute. Add the tomatoes, wine, thyme, chilli flakes and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and bring to a simmer. Simmer about 4 minutes until the shellfish start to open and the sauce has thickened slightly. Add the prawns and scallops to the sauce mix well and simmer for 2 minutes until the prawns and scallops are just cooked through. If the sauce seems too thick, add a few tablespoons of the linguine cooking water. Add the drained linguine to the sauce and mix well, adding the parsley and coating the linguine evenly. Cover and cook 1 minute. Taste for salt. Toss well and serve immediately. This delight took less than 15 minutes to cook as I followed rule two… ‘Prepare’. Not only the food I prepared in advance but also myself within the looks department and mentally, taking 15 minutes

Linguine alla Pescatora for two. Ingredients 1 lb. Dried linguine 6 king prawns, peeled and de-veined 8 scallops 8 clams, rinsed 8 mussels 1/2 lb. raw squid (calamari) cut into rings 1 large wine glass of dry white wine 1 carton of milled or crushed tomatoes 1 chopped onion 1/2 Tblsp of extra-virgin olive oil 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 tsp. dried thyme A small handful of freshly chopped flat leaf parsley Pinch of chilli flakes Freshly ground pepper 1 Tblsp. salt plus additional for seasoning

to relax with a glass of wine before bob1979s arrival as to be calm and content. Throughout the day bob1979 had been texting me and I don’t know if it was curiosity or just pure excitement but bob1979 had already wooed me, surly you can understand my excitement when the door bell rang and there standing before me he was. I now understood why he had listed photoshop as one of his hobbies and interests but never the less look are not important, well they are but only to a certain extent. Always follow rule number four not only for bob1979 but this rule I’m going to apply to everybody, ‘don’ts’. You should never greet with a problem or complain even if he was late for dinner, a negative start is never good especially when you’re on a first date as first impressions always count. The positive thing can say about bob1979 is that he has a way with expressing his words, especially when he told me how beautiful my hair looked and then asked if my rug matched my curtains! I almost sprayed a mouth full of wine over him in utter shock or disappointment as bob1979 was clearly in anticipation of me breaking rule ten, ‘Head says NO, pants say OFF (STAY IN CONTROL)’! Yes I know it is hard to keep your horn

under control so why not just bang one out prier to your date relieving some of that testosterone, it will only make him want you more if you do see him again. So bob1979, if you’re reading this take note of my rules, from the start of our date we were in for failing evening! To be honest I can’t totally blame bob1979 for the disastrous evening as he did bring a mighty fine box of wine that I noticed myself drinking more and more of as the conversation and my beautiful food flew out of his mouth, bringing me to rule number eight… Control your drinking! Rule number ten; the goal. You need to remember the purpose of a date is that is that it is a social appointment that is used to get to no know someone and if you get on arrange a second engagement. I worked out that my online takeaway that ticked my boxes on paper was not my ‘Mr. Right’ so why carry on living a dream and agreeing to go on a second date with someone that to be honest I found quite disturbing. My manhunt is now on and I agreed to go on my first blind date with an enchanting, tall, dark and handsome man with a passion for food, well… So I have been told but you will find out.




got Beautiful



I was recently handed a DVD of a BBC show, which I must confess had passed me by completely. Given that this show was completely unknown to me, I did not go out of my way to watch it, so stuck it on in the background while eating tea one evening, just so I could say I had seen it. Let’s just say, that it wasn’t on in the background for long, and I watched all 6 episodes on the first disc straight, without even pausing (OK, there may have been a quick toilet and tea break but that was about it). So if this fantastic BBC show has passed you by as well, then let me introduce Simon Doonan - a slightly camp window dresser from downtown New York. A successful early twenty-something with the world at his Prada adorning feet. Through the course of his work, as creative director at Barney’s (making the shop front look fabulous) he recounts the origins of some of his more gorgeous props with his boyfriend Sacha. As we are led back 10 years, we see the young Simon who makes him what he is today. In a time where the age of consent was different, civil partnerships did not exist, and section 28 was alive and well. During his difficult teenage years, Simon grew up in Reading with his best friend Kylie, on the magnificently named Melody Crescent. He lived with his not-so-slim Aunty Hayley, who, as we quickly find out, isn’t really his Aunty, played by Meera Syal (Goodness Gracious Me and The Kumars at No. 42); his sister Ashlene, who certainly isn’t shy of getting friendly with all the lads of Reading; his apparently irresistible plumber father, Andrew played by Aidan McArdle (Me And Orson Welles, Not Only But Always); and his mum Debbie, played by Olivia Colman (Peep Show, That Mitchell And Webb Look) who bleaches her hair and drinks gin. The whirlwind first episode does an impressive job of introducing and establishing all the main characters, with cross-dressing, a boxing match, a suicide jump, and a few musical numbers crammed into the half-hour episode. But don’t worry, this fast pace does not impede on the sharp one-liners and impeccable comic delivery - I challenge you to watch the first episode and not crack a smile, let


Pictures courtesy of 2|entertain

alright lover?!

Picture courtesy of 2|entertain

alone laugh out loud, I don’t think you’ll do it. So why did this show manage to strike such a chord with me? I look back at my teenage years wanting to leave the area I was in, and move to a better place. Recounting the Saturday afternoons with my mum dying her hair baby blonde (sorry mum) and her enjoying a glass of gin in the evening with my gran. Helping my self-employed dad with his window business and arguing with my younger sister. All of sudden I have more in common with Simon than I first thought. Although I confess that I can’t sing or dance and, I don’t think anyone would describe me as camp (I’ll wait for the letters of disagreement in the post!). The life of Simon is not really all that different from mine, or probably a lot of my friends for that matter. The show does look at various issues, such as homophobic bullying, touches on the recently established Polish community in Reading and, how television can influence the nation. Were you part of the late 90s revolution where you popped a galvanised bucket full of peebles onto your newly installed decking courtesy of Groundforce?

If you like Beautiful People l then don’t forget, for Season 4 of Skins is out now...

It also makes a change to have show that isn’t afraid to have a bit of fun and to be unashamedly camp from time to time. It is also a show that can pull off cameos with Elaine Paige and Dannii Minogue without being overdone. So with season 2 recently released on DVD, I am avidly waiting for season 3. Will I be in luck? Will the BBC actually advertise the next season? I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Well if they do, I am envisaging more camp humour and maybe a trip through teenage dating with disapproving parents and a jealous best friend. The hot topic of bullying has been explored, but could probably be taken further, and maybe a peak into just how unequal life can be for someone who likes the same sex.

31 31

ICONIC We take a retrospective look at one of this years most eye catching displays of the male physique and explain why we have shrine for COITUS

Pantelis and Leon Sanli have created something of a masterpiece in the limited edition magazine called Coitus. Its an amazing display of their work mixing both artistic graphic design with pure photography, which both blend together to create this work which we have without any hesitation added to our hall of fame. There is always an expectation that one magazine will not write favourably about another especially if its within the same sphere, but we would find it hard in ourselves not to give you a write up of something we believed to be a piece of work which deserved not just a little bit of praise, but a lot of it. As we flick page by page of what is a really well bound publication which also is coffee table format, each page is filled with tantalizing poses and that raw uninhibited youth which screams “legendary“. Its also filled with a few interviews with the lads inside, so not only do you get to look at them but you also get a little insight in them as people as well which is something we must admit is missed in the fashion world. We always look but rarely do we ever find out anything about the models themselves, and Coitus gives you that insight which adds a really nice bit of texture. So here at Q:ID after talking with Pantelis (we couldn’t resist) eagerly await the next instalment of the Coitus volume and we know we will expect great things.

models: River, Rory and Torrens photos: Pantelis

So keep your eyes peeled for the next issue, as if this one is anything to go by, the next will be smouldering. 33




I’d Just Ju like to say a massive thank you to every single one of you who has supported me this last year the list is so long, My family, Barbies Army and all the fans i love you all xxx


Who are your favourite designers and why? My favourite designers?? that’s a hard question lol I love Dolce & Gabana and ArmanI. I was bought a beautiful Armani watch earlier this year which i refuse to take off, apart from today haha!!! How do you always look so good before a show? I’d love to say it comes naturally haha but i really shouldn’t lie. Well i make sure i get lots of rest before a show, and look after myself all year round so that gives me a big helping hand. I think the biggest tip to looking good for a show is being comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, be it Prada or Primark , you have to get a sense of what suits you and your style and you cant go wrong!! What made you want to go into the music industry? Well my mum is a fantastic singer and dancer and i always wanted to tag along with her to rehearsal rather then with my dad to football lol so i owe a lot of it to her. And when i was at high school i had the most amazing music teacher Mr Ridout (hey sir) lol and he also played a massive part in why i love music, and most of all i get the biggest rush from singing and absolutely love every moment of it!! What tips would you give to someone in looking good as you? Lol you make me out to be a stunner. Take care of your body and mind, (eat well, exercise, and lots of rest) because They are the most important things you will ever have. Don’t follow trends!! be yourself, if what your wearing doesn’t fit in but you like it then rock it lol make others follow your style !!!

of the performer she is i’ll be extremely happy, she inspires me to take risk, not to follow trends and love what i do Would you ever do a TV advert and if so for who and why? Yeah i think id quite like to, but really don’t know what for, hopefully for something really nice like Armani (hint hint) joking aside id love to be in an advert for clothes or fashion as its such a big part of my day to day life! You’re quite a cheeky chappy, would you ever do a part in EastEnders? I would LOVE to go for a quick drink down The Vic let peggy scream at me a bit.... definitely, I think i would like to come in as a Slater or Mitchell someone with a lively character... and get the Dum Dum Dum at the end . What do we expect to see from you in 2010? Well hopefully you’ll see a lot more of me this year, Maybe some tele and radio appearances and mainly focusing on the release of the album, fingers crossed a lot of work for me this year , Club PA’s and Pride events, (gotta love a good outdoor party.)

Give us one of your hair style secrets. I am blessed to have an extremely talented hair stylist very close to me, To be honest I’m rubbish at styling my own hair, but I’m not afraid to admit it, makes me normal i guess lol but he’s fantastic and i really couldn’t pull it off without him. Tell us about your upcoming single. Its called ‘Just Say The Word’ and we are looking to release in 2010 but haven’t got a date yet. Its an upbeat song with a heavy JLS/Ne-yo vibe. Everyone who’s heard it goes away singing the hook lol so i hope its going to be that song that you cant get out of your head all summer lol Who is your greatest music influence and why? BEYONCE without a shadow of doubt. She is the most talented person on this planet, if i could be a fraction 39




Nothing says style quite like a classic bag and this is one that we found a little while back and we have to say that it has lasted the test of time, and is still very much in vogue. This classic Viv mens satchel bag is perfectly structured and we found didn’t loose shape even when we crammed it everything we could find from notebooks to even the odd man make-up bag (oh the shame) but it kept its shape all the way through the ordeal we put it through. So this is a definite must have revival item everyone must own. New designs are available but even vintage works really well still. For more Viv stuff visit her luscious website on

As we are on Viv apparel we have to say nothing compliments the bag above like a good ole Viv wallet. This gorgeous leather wallet is filled with plenty of pockets for your cash and cards and with a gorgeous Viv design on the cover fold of the wallet makes it that must have piece that when you are paying for your next viv purchase people know you are a loyal follower of her unique fashion sense and style.

Take a visit to her website





Model: Adam Munden Clothes: Jack Wills / Oxford Gear / Topman Photography: Q:ID (Model debut shoot)



PORTFOLIO SELECTION Model: Paulo Perestrelo Photography: Mark Freeborough Location: South Africa




The Rory Hutton collection is a fine mix of classic tailored shirts and print tee’s with a perfect mix of the new with the classic designs that formed our industry. With exquisite cuts and prints, this collection is a must have for anyone wanting to make an impression. Even our editor wears his amazing ties (Page 4) The Rory Hutton Collection in association with London Kills Me Photo: Location: London






MIKE BLISS A vibrant selection of colours forms this artist’s collection of both modern designer pieces to some ruder and what we feel to be exciting artwork which is a must have for your previously plain walls. No home is complete without a Mike Bliss canvas. ---------When we came across the Mike Bliss web site ( we were more than happy to see the stunning gallery of works which we could hang on our wall. From a assortment of modern abstract pieces to an entire gallery devoted to the male form, and in some of them, lets just say that nothing has been left to the imagination. From devilish paintings of nude naughty men to some more nude naughty men enticing you over and, well take a closer look. But if you are a bit shy to have a man bearing all on canvas there is a vast collection of abstract to less nude paintings all from a vibrant set of colours and textures to suit everyone’s tastes. Our particular favourite section is the one entitled “Boys“. The section kind of describes the content really well, there is a large collection of drawings from colour to black and white pictures of fit men waiting to be “hung” on your walls, and for some real art its all incredibly reasonably priced. The site is filled with what we believe to be the perfect wall filler to the perfect gift. With prices starting at £25 and ranging to £400 plus there is something for everyone’s budget. We also found out like any artist you can also have something specially commissioned to suit not only your own personal taste but also would make an amazing gift for someone special. So if you cant find what you want, commissions are also taken. This would be also a chance to also see what this “rather dishy“ artist has to offer as well. Some of the best commissioned pieces are inspired by the strangest situations, so be brave and above all be adventurous. So get down and visit and give your walls something to brighten up their day, we sure are, and so should you.


From Household Eggs to Fabergé image and Faberge egg: Perestrelo Collection

words: Mark Lawrence


magine if you will, being invited to a glam Easter Sunday party The host has organised a easter egg hunt with a twist.

Inside the silver wrappers exquisitely containing chocolate eggs does in fact contain every day household eggs, but the real twist is that one wrapper has an egg like no other, far fetched right? Something you could imagine bill gates and his family throwing to impress guests that have everything, but not this egg, for this silver wrapper with a twist contain’s an egg of a different kind. Fabergé The story of The House Of Fabergé began when Tsar Alexander III decided to give his wife the Empress an Easter Egg in 1885, possibly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their betrothal. It is believed that the Tsar’s inspiration for the piece was an egg owned by the Empress’s aunt, Princess Wilhelmine Marie of Denmark, which had captivated Maria’s imagination in her childhood. Known as the Hen Egg, that was crafted from


gold. The House of Fabergé made the first egg and the empress was so delighted that Fabergé was given royal warrant to make another for the following year. Something of a fair tale story don’t you think? Beautifully crafted these eggs made Fabergé world famous and what real life fairy tales were made of. Sadly after the 1918 revolutions Peter Carl Fabergé and his family were forced to flee to Switzerland and no more imperial Fabergé eggs were made, like an easter egg hunt the eggs were found, sold off and left russia forever. Some later being returned to their right home, with the fairy tale over and russia a very different place. Like many historical objects the imperial faberge eggs remain a reminder of a glamorous past... And their iconic imagery inspired many a fashion house, forget Tiffanys or a Rolex. Fabergé were the worlds first luxury fashion jewellers to the rich and famous!



The GAAI urgently needs your help in getting munc needed IT equipment to their safe houses. HELP URGENTLY NEEDED



ere in the UK we have to admit even if we don’t like government policies, when it comes to living in a society that goes some way to defend us against homophobic actions, the UK has gone to considerable lengths to create a country where homosexuality is not seen as an abnormality but a natural sexuality with equalisation of laws and policies very much in place. But, around the world there are some countries where homosexuality is an abhorrent mistake and people are actively sought in order to be converted such as lesbian conversion rapes and gay guys being chased out of their homes by their own families and in some accounts even parents poisoning their own children in order to “cure“ them of their homosexuality. These horrific accounts are part of people in Kenya, Uganda and other African nations day to day lives. The GAAI is appealing for laptops and IT equipment to be donated in order for them to be able to equip safe houses in Kenya, Uganda and other African countries, but also much closer to home including safe houses in Latvia to ensure that gay people can communicate privately without fear of reprisal and also use sexual health educational resources, which in many cases is near impossible to get without the fear of outing themselves and in many cases outing means outing from home, work and society so if you can help please contact the GAAI directly. Visit their website:





u w.j w w


b bie


c. usi



k, ok we will admit it, after much arm twisting we decided to review the new Justin Bieber album, but we have to admit that after actually sitting down and ignoring the anti-teen music sneers, My World 2.0 turned out to be something of a real gem. Yeah that’s right he is young and his higher than normal pitch vocals makes something new and interesting to listen to but we cant deny that there is a certain flair in his urban street wear and lyrics.

The album is actually incredibly well written and obviously with the magic musical touch of Usher involved, this album it is on way to being a massive hit with the new entry R&B teen circuit and with a few members of our editorial team too, who are far from teens! So with that said we have decided to give ole Justin Bieber’s “My World 2.0“ album to 5 lucky winners of our competition.


Its simple to enter, all you have to do is answer the following question and obviously get it right and we will ship out his new album right to your door step. “After we have pried it from some of the teams hands!“

In Justin Bieber’s latest video “BABY“ what colour watch is ole Justin Bieber wearing while he’s busting his moves to his song?


Please turn to page 4 to find out how to enter the competition. competition deadline 11/06/10


Q:ID // Community U+, THT’s free lifestyle magazine for gay men living with HIV, is back in 2010 with a fresh, new look. The latest edition looks at some of the things men can do to stay well like starting to get fit and eating right. Funded by the Department of Health through the CHAPS partnership, the magazine includes interviews with two positive men who talk frankly about their experiences, how they‘re getting on and how they’ve dealt with the challenges that being positive can sometimes bring. U+ also focuses on treatment options and hears from three men – one diagnosed with HIV in 1984, one in 2001 and one in 2003 – to find out what HIV meant to them when they were first diagnosed and what their medication options have been since. In addition to real-life interviews, the magazine is packed with features on diet and exercise along with practical advice on how men can improve their health without succumbing to faddy diets or detox regimes. Guest columnists include Anna Denny, nutritionist at The Food Chain, who gives tips on eating well. There’s also useful information on the increased risks associated for positive men who smoke, and much more. THT’s Marc Thompson said: “If you’re a positive man, taking good care of your health is about much more than just a matter of popping pills and having blood tests every few months. It’s about physical and mental health, both of which can be affected by HIV. The new U+ gets to the heart of these issues and we hope it will be essential reading for any positive gay man. We’re also keen to hear what men think about the new improved U+ so why not pick up a copy and let us know?”


U+ gets to the heart of HIV issues and offers more than just a good read.

With advancements in HIV treatments and the ongoing work THT carries out, we take a quick peek at U+ the free magazine which brings you up to date information and frank interviews on living with HIV.

Bulk copies of U+ are available to order for pubs, clubs, clinics, and any other places where men visit. Single copies are also available. To get hold of your free copy contact Andie Dyer, on (020) 7812 1791 or email

Alan Wardle - Head of Health Promotion Terrence Higgins Trust Alan’s role is one that places him and THT in the forefront of health promotion, from looking at what campaigns work to being ever more innovative in the way that information and new developments


concerning HIV and the wider work of THT is promoted out into the community. THT’s wide ranaging campaigns and the U+ magazine are spearheaded by Alan’s department who are cutting edge.

Get more info from the following or call THT for further information on 0845 1221 200

Q:ID // Community




Terrence Higgins Trust isn’t talking to you any more… …They’re LISTENING instead. >> This month, HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust will launch a groundbreaking new approach to how they promote their messages to gay men. We asked THT’s Head of Health Promotion Alan Wardle to explain more and also check out to find out more about THT’s turn to listen to you.

Here at Terrence Higgins Trust, we’ve been talking to the UK’s gay community about sex for nearly thirty years. During that time we’ve been a constant voice within the community, providing you with information and advice on HIV and STIs and how you can best protect against them to stay healthy. We’ve placed hundreds of adverts in gay publications, created information leaflets and websites, and have taken our messages out to bars, clubs, saunas and the other places you meet in a bid to raise awareness and fight the spread of HIV. We’ve talked to men of all ages, from all walks of life, but there’s only so much talking can achieve on its own. Now, after thirty years of listening to THT talk about sex, it’s your turn. As part of a groundbreaking new project funded by the Department of Health through the CHAPS partnership, THT wants you to join in the conversation. From the end of March, keep your eyes peeled for our new, visually striking adverts signalling a change of direction for the charity both in gay magazines and online. Then, from 20th April, we’ll be launching a series of chatrooms online, where you can log on and give us your views on sex, HIV, condoms, gay life, anything you fancy. If you think we should be talking about condoms more, let us know. If you’re confused about what an HIV test involves, tell us so. We want to hear what you think, in your words. There will only be space for 1,500 men in the chatrooms, so the earlier you can sign up, the more chance you have of being involved. If the chatrooms are full, you can still give us your views via the campaign’s groups on Facebook and Twitter. We know that, if we’re to realistically reduce the numbers of new HIV infections among gay men, we need to talk to you on your own terms. So for the first month after the launch, we’ll be listening carefully to what you have to tell us, and learning what’s important to you. After that, we’ll use what we’ve learned to create a whole series of major new campaigns that will provide information on HIV and safer sex in the way that will be most relevant to you. This is a new approach for Terrence Higgins Trust and our partner organisations, and an exciting one. We’ve always ensured members of the gay community are involved in planning and developing our campaigns, but this is the first time we’ve asked you to speak to us in such large numbers. So now it’s over to you. You can register your interest in taking part in the project from 31st March, via the THT website at, and you can also take part in the conversation on our groups on Facebook and Twitter. We really hope you get involved, and help us to create the most effective campaigns for the gay community.


a i g l a t s o N s ’ t . I . . e m i T We’re going back to the early 1980s, at a time where Saturday afternoons included watching Knight Rider and the A-Team on TV; trying to beat your friends on the rubik cube; and waiting around 12 minutes for a game to load on the cassette deck of your spectrum or commodore 64. This is a time that saw the launch of Big Trak, and yes it is making a comeback!

up to 16 steps, made up of how far it had to travel and how many degrees it had to turn at each stage. In principal this was fine, but the distance was measured using the rotation of just one of its wheels. So if it encountered a bit of a slippy patch, there was no telling where it might end up.

It was a must-have toy for so many children of the 80s, and for many like me, who could not afford one, had to rely on their friends, to sample this robotic mastery first hand. It required instructions to be entered on a rather complicated 23-buttoned keypad. In addition, there was no screen to check what you had entered, so you had to hope that you had got the instructions right. In fact, to correctly navigate, what could be considered a simple route, required a collection of individuals with an upper degree in advanced trigonometry, a material physicist and at least one person with tactical military training. The Big Trak could be programmed with 64

The new Big Trak is now half the size of the original and the number of programmable steps has been increased to 32. There is also a new option of peripherals: a digital camera; and a rocket launcher. So cheating boyfriends beware! So who knows what other delights they’ve got planned? All I can say is with the return of Knight Rider and now Big Trak, I am not going back to waiting 12 minutes for a game to load! Come to think of it, with all these updates for my PS3 recently, maybe I already do!



I was a Yo! Sushi



es, its true - Yo! Sushi has been going since 1998 and I have walked past so many of their restaurants on our high streets and have always peered in, with sheer curiosity but I never had the balls to actually try it out. This month my editor went “Ryan, go try it.“ As he too recently lost his Yo! Sushi cherry. So I grabbed a mate and we went down to Yo! Sushi in Soho and, well lets just say food on a conveyor belt just screams to be eaten, and eaten, and eaten! words: Ryan Knight imagaes: Yo! Sushi



ts true, I never thought I would be saying this, but I actually am sitting at a table with food whizzing past me on a silver conveyer belt and as surreal and very “Jetsons” like , with everything with domes and bright colours, I kind of like it.

Yo! Sushi off Piccadilly Circus, London

So I sat down at a table, was tempted to go bar side but thought nah, might make a fool of myself. So sat down and instantly got the gist of what I had to do - pick something whizzing past me and then just tuck in and enjoy, its really as simple as that. From a wide selection of drinks to a menu which explains all the colour coded dishes and how much they all cost its so easy to have a really good time. So I grabbed a few dishes and ordered some Saki - and the rest is history. Well I also discovered that Saki is a bit strong too and sort of decided to test a few more dishes to soften the flow of alcohol as well. I also have to tell you if you are a bit inpatient and cant wait for your dish to flow past you ion the conveyor you can actually hit the buzzer in the middle of the table and a strange sound will fire out and a helpful Yo! Sushi person appears to take your order, so that makes it even simpler. I found the whole experience the most fun I have had eating, apart from that time in soho that got to eat off a naked sexy man but I think that makes a story for another time. But its fun and you can have a real good times with mates and just grab and eat. The end of the meal they total up the colours of the plates you have eaten and you go to the check out and away you go.

Dome Yo! Sushi dishes

Overall I have to say its the most fun I have had while eating (apart from said eating off a man) but I definitely recommend it to anyone out there as Sushi isn’t just raw fish, lots of hot dishes too just in case you don’t have the balls just yet, but its brilliant, go for it. 67


3 Words / Cheryl Cole Polydor

T lc


e ch . ww




e ol

he debut album Three Words from Cheryl Cole (Polydor) was once that we all knew was going to bring out the inner feelings of the former Girls Aloud beauty, but we have to admit that we have sat down and taken a good long listen while enjoying loads of chips and a few drinks and we all here at Q:ID have come to the conclusion that its a darn good listen. And we are not saying that because we think the dancers in her video for Parachute are all damn fit and we would swap with Cole any day, but that the composition of the entire album is actually really well formatted, and easy to listen to. From the track list we seem to love a load of them but Fight for this Love, Parachute, Heaven and Rain on Me were some of our favourites as they mixed a blend of pop, RnB and a bit of rock styling in the background. It’s certainly a set of tracks that the DJ’s will love to remix and given their own magic to as well.

lyd Po or

We also have to say we think that Cole’s own influence in the videos is something that has given the whole album a bit of a lift for us. With 3 Words with, Fight for this Love and Parachute we have seen a huge punk to classic styling in all the clothes she wears. There is definitely a inner hidden rebel inside Cheryl Cole and also an inner natural personality to, and that’s something refreshing to see from Cole, as it just shows us that there is some amazing stuff that will come from her and not just a one off album. But secretly we love the brilliant new sound from Cheryl Cole and have to say after listening to the whole album and dancing out the moves, and we didn’t do as well as she did in the Parachute manoeuvres, we give this album a very big Q:ID thumbs up for sheer musical excellence. GO CHERYL. And we are looking forward to her new book “My World“ keep your eyes peeled. We have five copies to give away to the five best reasons why you would love to have Cheryl Cole’s new album 3 Words and we will ship them out to you, even might include a parachute too. See Page 4 for competition sending details. competition deadline 11/06/10




Are If








S I M P LY S U B L I M E Words: Roy Perestrelo


eauty is something that is incredibly difficult to capture in any form, but Donald Edge has managed to capture the pure and intense essence of beauty, perfectly crafted and beautifully presented in the form of jewellery. Inspired by the delicate and intricate craft. Donald Edge brings you some me of the most exquisite pieces you can get,, with the bespoke service that is offered, each piece is bove unique to your needs, but above all the customer process from m start to finish is one that not only brings you as close to the creative process as any of us will ever get, but the exquisite uisite end result will last you a lifetime time both personally and emotionally. nally. Each piece is exquisitely crafted using the finest materials from ethically sourced diamonds to the finest gold and platinum, but thats not where it ends. The design of Donald Edge pieces are in themselves works of art mixing gemstones with finely designed gold and platinum bases. It is rare in what is such a personal craft to find a jeweller and also a


designer who can take your most personal ideas and dreams and transform them into an item of beauty. Here at Q:ID we particularly fell in love with the gents diamond ring which was set on a platinum base with both a polished and matt finish. The distinct contrast and texture of the piece made it such su an eye catching item, but what really got us u going was the fact that its uniqu unique style and design is entirely be bespoke to what, we as a customer would want, and that cu in itself is worth so much more than other jewellers which in many cases what you see is what you case get. With Donald Edge, what you dream - is what you get. drea If you find yourself longing for a Donald Edge piece then its a simple case of booking an appointment which is simple to do via their website on or alternatively give them a call on +44(0) 20 7351 2333 and the friendly and informative staff will be more than happy to book you an appointment which we know will change your life forever. A true Q:ID must have.



images: Abarth



Lots of small cars get the hot hatch makeover consisting of new bumpers, skirts, spoilers, decals, wheels and exhaust – but very few emerge from the modification factory looking as cool and cohesive as the Abarth 500.



f you’re seeking a cute, muscled compact and sexy runner, I think you need to look no further. Sorry, its not your next boyfriend, but yes you’ve guessed it. Its the 500 Abarth from Fiat. More muscle than you can shake off and and to top it all off its cute and like all retro designed cars, it packs that certain flair. This issue we review the car that seems to be flying off the stands


etro revolution is something that everyone from designers to fashionistas sometimes tread with fear and can leave them wishing they had taken that bold step forward instead of that skip backwards. But everyone once in a while there comes a retro revival that’s not too silly and not too funky that even the most fashion conscious would run away, but something that packs that punch that kicks you into gear. The Abarth does just that. This tiny little tearaway is not only meaner looking than the conventional Fiat 500, it has funky colours and speed lines, that obviously make it faster (er) but it looks the part. Its curvy design gives it that flow and obviously if you are driving in any major city, finding a parking space for this little gem is so easy as it fits in near any space. The name comes from the world famous tuning firm that in the 1950s and 1960s took ordinary Fiats and turned them into racing cars with a formidable reputation. It is Fiat’s equivalent to the AMG division of Mercedes and it has certainly done its job on the 500. Abarth has added a turbocharger to boost the power output of the 1.4 litre engine from 100bhp on the standard car to 135bhp, s er d chopping the 0-62mph acceleration time from 10.5sec to n yli pm 7.9sec and raising the top speed to 127mph – enough c r m nr to comfortably outrun the Mini Cooper. There is ou 500 0rp ma f , 0 even a sport button that adds weight to the cc @ 5 30 eed 8 m 6 steering and increases the torque of the en3 bhp ft @ -sp /k sec 1 e g v gine for spirited driving, and a light that 55 7.9 NE 135 52lb Fi I 1 illuminates to prompt gearshift points G ER 1 ON / ph: N g I E E for optimum performance. p 0m W U SS

) hs , t x I m O Q n 6 o P R SM r h .3 o 52 N 0 ph app 2 m hatc d TO AN But above all this gorgeous little runner 2 O TIO 27m 800 or 1 hot l an TR l is actually fairly decent and for a small car C ua EL/ LERA D 1 13, 45 f ew coo you don’t feel embarrassed driving it. On our FU CE PEE m £ (£1 nt n st so test run we took it through London and from AC P S Fro D illia s ju finding parking spaces to putting shopping in the TO ICE AND A br ior i reasonable sized boot was easy. With a pumping PR X B CT ter sound system and more sports graphics that a rally TA RDI e in . car. This compact beauty is one that because of its sleek VE d th etro and carefully designed aesthetics, wont fade into the retro an ter r bin, but always look the part on the road. But hurry stocks ut are limited and it wont hang around for long. Thumbs up.











t is without question that James Pattterson has become over the years a master of creating the ultimate thrillers both in crime and also in the supernatural. But this new creation Fang, which sort of stems from one of his earlier books in our eyes is quite the adrenaline rush of a read. We are placed in a world where love and evil seem to intertwine together and James Patterson spins once again a story that takes us to the darker side of our world and puts us on the knife edge of suspense. Very edge of seat stuff.








tle Lit

a wn

p om




atches are something that each one of us has a distinct taste in it. Some of us love watches that can tell us everything we ever needed to know about everything. Some of us love our watches to control everything in our houses but once in a while we buy a watch for the sheer brilliance in its design, function and originality in actually telling us the time. Philippe Starck is one of the most renowned designers the world has to offer. From his cutting edge designs to some of the most sought after pieces in the world and they all have that unique sense of sheer style and function that gives them the most unique look currently on the market. Starck’s range he has designed for Fossil gives you a vast array from brightly coloured pieces and functional watches to more unique looking like the one to the left which a circular cut out in the centre of the watch. The LCD screen is an amazing mix of a visual representation of the time and the actual hour as well, all of this is fitted in a leather strap.

The uniquely green digital display indicates the hours with numbers and the minutes with black compounding segments. Snug black leather strap frames the large stainless steel O-ring inlay with precision digital dial. Above all this is one gorgeous watch and it goes for around ÂŁ125 from - a must have for anyone who likes to make an impact at wrist level and with a wide selection to choose from there is something for everyone.


G L E E Glee is available near enough anywhere where you can buy DVD’s but also its worth investing in the soundtrack as the cast make an impressive show of some really catchy songs. Also I must admit it also makes a brilliant gift for anyone who wants to have a bit of peace from the kids.


lee has certainly felt like the much needed replacement for High School Musical franchise but its given us a little more of a funny edge to what has been a season of neck biting vampires running a mock in the American school system. (Hope we are not the only people who have spotted that?) To me it feels very much like a mix between High School Musical and Hairspray all compacted into what is a really funny show about a load of kids who want to actually have a good sing-a-long, and at the same time become the envy of well, anyone who will come and see them. It gives us a feeling of a group of kids who really want to go out and achieve something in life, and in this case it takes you through their lives and their individual traumas, with the ultimate leading up to a spectacular finish in true US style. A very clean cut finale. The result of all this cliché-lifting should be a mess. Instead, it’s an exhilarating hour satirizing American socialization processes, with a wicked sound track. Creator and writer Ryan Murphy (formerly guru of nip/tuck and Popular, an obvious precursor to Glee), along with co-writers Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, works this alchemy through complex characters, acid dialogue, and sharp performances. The cast includes Broadway stars like Morrison and Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, the diva daughter of two devoted Dads, not to mention the glee club’s most talented singer, as well as TV and film veterans like Jane Lynch, as lean, mean, cheer leading coach Sue—clearly longing to deploy her handheld blender on something meatier than milk and protein powder. This mix proves effective: each player resists the temptation to parody, instead highlighting characters’ endearingly awkward efforts to navigate everyday life unharmed. These kids and adults appear exactly as they would to someone who pretty much despises them, every quirk exaggerated and every weakness magnified. But we all seem to rapport with them sometimes and as much as we want to hate something from the US TV machine, we have to admit they have made a good go of it with a pretty good sound track to boot. So like most things in life give it a go and I think that after a while you will fall for it even if its not your kind of show its still a pretty good laugh, and you can show off your newly learnt songs and dance moves to your friends (Ha!).




T O W N Jez Gayle

After being bundled into a car while I was still applying some spot concealer and attempting to straighten my hair (the only thing that’s straight about me) I was whisked off to spend a night in Vauxhall, but like anything I am told to do I totally end up doing something else in the end but I was dropped off in Vauxhall with £50 in my pocket - Ooo so generous, but I was on my quest, also as London is the city that never ever, er ever sleeps I have to say it is dark and missing my teddy, NOT!. My first stop that night was LoveChild, and must admit the night which is promoted by Jerry Boston, who I have to say I rubbed up against, yes have to admit that was me Jerry, sorry didn’t mean to touch you up, well I did but hey. The night which is the brain child of Alex Erfan and uniquely promoted so well by Jerry brings you the best sounds that you can get at the moment on the scene with some really good DJ’s and thumping tunes which keeps you rocking the whole night away. Also I have to say LoveChild was also filled with fitties that night as well so after a few hours of hard partying and getting a bit sweaty I ended up pulling this lad, lets call him, er Rupert. I kid you not this lad who would not be out of place in Eton, Rupert had a few more things in mind than dancing away with me. So we ended up heading out into the wide world heading deeper into London. My only regret so far was leaving LoveChild a little earlier than I wanted but I will be dragging my editor there as I have to admit for a club night, and I have been to loads in my life, this place was unique and have to admit near on brilliant. A perfect mix of everything you can ask for. Anyway, me and Rupert (or Rupert and I) headed back towards Hackney where we called a few friends and stopped off at a house party in Hommerton. Now this is where I felt completely out of place as I was the only one, excluding Rupert who was not wearing some sort of sticky tape over parts of my body. One guy who’s name escapes me had his nipples, willy, one eyelid and other parts of his anatomy taped down with black, green and red electrical tape, and a funky tape design all over his body, so I assumed this must be a Lady GaGa tribute party. How wrong was I, very.

Our lad about town Jezza was thrown into the back of a car and put in Vauzhall for the night where among most things he ventured into LoveChild and a few other places. After returning he tells us all about what he got upto. After sitting down for all of half hour if that, Rupert who was by this time chewing on the sofa (the horn kicked in) well got a bit merry and we ended up in the bedroom of whoever this house belonged to (I have the pictures). After which we ended up doing some random dares and well the night was still early and Rupert was getting a bit bored so we decided lets follow our own advice and guess what, we ended up heading back to where we started, at LoveChild in Vauxhall. At this point I realised the only way to get back in time to have a decent few hours of dancing and sweaty boogie time was to get a cab back and well obviously that’s what we done and funny with no traffic the trip from Hackney back to Vauxhall felt like a breeze, and the alcohol started to wear off a bit and I realised that Rupert was not the dashing fop I had thought he was, but hey, it was too late in the night for me to care, and I felt like dancing, oh did I mentioned I had left my shirt back at the house party, maybe not. But yes I was around town, topless! Get me! So back at LoveChild and narrowly almost getting kidnapped by some random gays, we both ended up back on the dance floor in LoveChild and partied the entire night away to some really cool sounds. We ended up staying right to the end, and wow well done Jerry Boston and Alex Erfan and I am sure the countless others that put on such a brilliant night. And Jerry next time I wont just brush up against you, Ha! As for Rupert, well what can I say, he is still here next to me in bed pretending to be asleep as I type this up and I think I am going to leave you now and go for some seconds. Who says we have to be good all the time? Above images: LoveChild Promo Logo / Me and Rupert with well, no shirts.


This totally cheeky range of undies from the Aussie based CockSox is one that you just have to try and test for yourself. Like any new cut, the cocksox range is actually really comfortable and comes in a massive range of styles from the cheeky style on the right, to a variety of other colours and fits. Our personal favourite was the stunning trunks in blue. But on their site there is so many more styles to choose from and with new ranges coming in all the time there is something for everyone and it feels so good to wear as well. We do recommend you take a peek at their website and browse through the collection, but also and this is for everyone who loves Aussie hunks, their models are just hot, so if anything that’s a good enough excuse for you to take a peek at them. Also Q:ID readers get a discount too (see inner front page) so hurry, as its a limited offer, but all the same get clicking onto their website. Its worth the visit.

HOT HOT HOT We take a sneaky peek at Cocksox the smouldering undies range all the way from downunder, and think you should do too.

Coming in the next issue JULY / AUGUST


he next issue is our Summer Edition so expect plenty of lads in well, next to nothing modelling the best in the summer trends. Also some good tips on those last minute deals to get you into the sun. We will hunt for the best places to visit and the coolest places to be seen in. We will also be reviewing some cool stuff as well, in an expanded WATCH IT section where we will look at the best watches on the market from the totally retro to the damn right uber-bling. We will have our regular extended fashion shoot section with a load of models to make your mouth water ,modeling the latest summer gear and apparel.

Also will be bringing you some cool interviews from the fashion world, community and the lots more. We will asking the lads also to get their tops off for our summer cabriolet section too. We will also be introducing an expanded Arts and Culture section led by Mark Lawrence with in depth articles and reviews from around the UK. Also to give us all a giggle we will be launching our lovely Agony Aunt section to, so get your problems flowing to us and lets see if Aunty Sofonda can sort them out.

pictures: St. Kits and Ted Baker

So from all of the team here at Q:ID and the lovely people at Boutique Da Silva PR and Ryan James PR, special thanks to pics-by-gaz, Rorry Hutton and the gorgeous lot at CockSox (hehehe) we will see you all in the next issue and obviously out and about, come say hi. Q:ID Magazine


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