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She is back and this time even cooler than ever


We meet the talented Mr. Lyons, and take a peek into this dynamic rising star


We take a look at the 30 things you must have or get your hands on in 2011


Our Exclusive Interview with this talented lady


A little trip into the life of London’s It! Boy







Are If





16 EMMANUEL RAY A frank and open interview with him 33 ADAM LYONS We sit down wirh the dashing Adam

32 CHRISIE EDKINS So very talented, interviewed by our very own Derek jones-Bennett

42 RYAN LOCK Publicist extraordinaire grabbed from his desk for an interview


6 EDITORS RAMBLE Flag page and my two dents worth

7 EDITORS CHOICES What the editor feels you really need to get hold of 8 YOUR VIEWS What you had to say about things


12 PENTA HOTEL We take visit into one of Readings most gorgeous hotels and discover the pleasures inside. 14 BRITNEY SPEARS It is official she is now cooler than ever. 20 ALEX HOPKINS Once again the disky journalist dishes it out big style 22 ASTON MARTIN CYGNET We take this little marvel from Aston out for a spin 24 RYAN REYNOLDS Green Lantern is a must see 26 ADELE We adore Adele and take a look at is she is a musical genius or plain lucky 28 MUSIC REVIEW All the best music has to offer this issue 30 BOOK REVIEW All the best reads and a few old favourites 36 TAYLOR MADE Introducing the writer Taylor made and asking is a text break up all that bad 44 THIRTY MUST HAVES The ultimate Q:ID list of whats a total musve have or see in 2011 80 GORGEOUS SWAROVSKI TRINKET No more geek just chic!



Cover Model: Alex Photo: Pics by Gaz


TIME WE ALL HIT THE DANCE FLOOR Music fever has hit us here at Q:ID in a really big way especially when we without realising it end up helping artists chart, so well done on everyone that made that possible and a big thank you to all our readers who made it possible all 107,000 of you. Much love to you all.

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This issue we have it once again jam packed with features and interviews with some amazing people such as EMMANUEL RAY London’s It Boy, the talented and gorgeous CHRISIE EDKINS and the totally dashing singer ADAM LYONS. And let us not forget catching some down time with the extraordinary publicist RYAN LOCK. This issue also see’s our THIRTY MUST HAVES detailing everything that if you can’t have it you must definitely see it, and also the rising stars of the year as well. Packed with music reviews, a look at some amazing artists out there and also a few new faces in this issue as well. But it has been an exciting time here at Q:ID including getting our hands on some amazing competition prizes as well, all for you. But also I would like to take this opportunity for anyone who can help be it as little or as much as you can to visit the Centrepoint website ( and contribute to this amazing charity and from as little as 40p a day, you can really change someone’s life. Go on take a peek its incredibly worth every penny. So enjoy the read and can’t wait to hear from you.

Roy Perestrelo Editor-in-Chief 100 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1SP

EDITOR’S CHOICE Bloom Tea This is possibly the idea of the year for us and we feature it later on in the 30 Must Haves section but its so clever. It does not matter how stressed you are or end up but this lovely tea plan is all you need to get invigorated to chilled out. So worth a sip and we brits love our tea. CLICK - XTG These stunning pieces of gear come from none other than XTG one of the brightest ranges of swim wear and under garment ranges you are bound to ever find out there. Elegantly styled and incredibly tight fitting will always give you that perfect look when your splashing around this summer.

CENTREPOINT The work that CentrePoint do is invaluable and their latest campaign featuring youth on the street has hit a real chord with us as one of our interns was in that same position not too long ago and its charities such as Centrepoint who helped them not only get on their feet but also at the same time get in touch with us for some work experience. So with that in mind I would like everyone to dig deep and give as much as you can, for only 40p a day and to be honest that’s nothing you can really make a massive change in someone’s life. So please give as generously as possible. Take a peek

Sam LeMans Most of us grew up to this mans banging tunes and you are wondering did we? Yes, we certainly did. This is the reincarnation of QBoy all grown up and with a blazing new image. This is the must have man of the moment, and he is a hits machine so check out his stuff and interview too. A true legend. CLICK LEXUS Come one Kylie can not be wrong but we all need to join the quiet revolution with the new Lexus released weeks ago and fronted by the ever gorgeous Kylie. And for anyone looking to upgrade their car to something which is stylish and cool this car has and will tick all the boxes. CLCK

COMPETITION WINNERS Congratulations on our lucky winners - you lucky, lucky things! IPAD Elena Hughes - Nottinghma MAC BOOK AIR Casey Philips, Bury Ipod winners: Alan Hill, Tracey Beamish, Greg Hicks, Matt Duffin, Laura Hill and Peter Tollins

Now don’t forget to enter in this issue’s amazing prizes once again we have another iPAD and a load of Ipods to give away. And everyone stands a chance and we have always something for a few runners up as well. So enter them and good luck with it. So if you’re feeling lucky, give it a shot and fingers crossed.



Now why can’t all our local DJ’s look like him. He is toned, tanned brings his own head phones and I bet he has a decent, ahem microphone too! I really liked your cover model for this issue, he was pretty hot but can’t help feeling I have seen him somewhere else, or that’s my wishful thinking. Well lets hope you keep bringing these gorgeous men on the covers as its really good to see a magazine that doesn’t always use celebrities to push their content and am glad to see you are still trying to promote new talent all the time. Can I be on your cover one day, am fit!


Without your comments, opinions and suggestions we could not have pulled it off. So if you have something to say drop us an email to

MODEL BEHAVIOUR! Its amazing how a few simple tips can make all the difference when it comes to producing a model portfolio. I followed the tips you gave and within weeks got made an offer, so thanks for that but also we want to see more of Chris who featured in a past issue. Come on can we see more of him he is a bit of a lush one and we

love him up north! Pretty please we will do anything!!

Donny, Peter, Frank and Mark, Liverpool - via email

Dale, Bury St. Edmonds Via Email


Joe is such a fighter and loved the support you gave him in the article. It is sad when some fall from grace but glad to see him back on the TV and trying something very new. We really adore him up here and think that he has so much to give and will always be 100% behind him so we will just keep routing for him and hopefully he will get a new start again. We’re routing for you Joe everyone here in Newcastle loves you. Angela, Newcastle - via Email


I love everything to do with Raf Simons and this fashion spread was totally amazing, you caught his style and work so well was amazing.

His style is so now and to see such a large piece done on him was cool and really uplifting, so hope we see more of him in Q:ID and also how about a competition for some of his gear also, that would be brilliant for everyone, especially me if I win. Damien, London - via Email 8


We came to watch them at the Purple Turtle in Reading and we really liked what we heard it was a brilliant twist of medium rock which has a cool sound but also they were also pretty cool. So we cant wait to hear more from them and see a few hits coming out.


So when they do finally release, you have to cover them. Peter and Kelly Reading- via Email


I am a massive fan of Ashley Ryder, and I am not ashamed to admit have near enough all his films but it was so nice to see a magazine covering some of his other work rather than porn which most others cover him for. So was pretty impressed with his frank and personally written interview. Maybe he should be a cover boy one day for you. Marc, Cardiff - via Email


This band is outstanding and they are so the next Wanted. I really want to see more of them and its brilliant to see that you latched onto them pretty early on in their career so well done to you guys for spotting them before they became famous as now they are supporting JLS. So want to hear more of them how about featuring their video? Alex, Berlin - via Email


Dear Editor, What is your secret in getting Alex to be so soothing, I follow his blog and he is one fiery man but you have brought out a really informative and calm columnist in his. I always have a great read of his column and blog and he is certainly one of the more outspoken members of your team Eoin, London - via Email

We were lucky enough to get a preview of Kick Off and we have to say its not what we expected, it was so much better. It gave us a feel of LIKE IT IS meets BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM and we absolutely loved it. Without giving too much away as it is a must see film, it puts us in the work of 5 a side football and as the age old story goes straight team vs gay team but it breaks all the rules in this comedy comes incredibly close to all those misconceptions a lot of people have about gay people especially in football. It does thrust us and the incredible cast into a bit of a culture clash but its very worth the watch as its one of those films that you wont tire of and will find yourselves watching it over and over. So grab your copy as its out now and available from all the major stockists from AMAZON to HMV. So go get yourself a copy and sit back on a lazy night in with mates and prepare for a brilliant night in, oh and the cast are pretty buff too! 9

The new vibrant collection from D&G comes in a variety of scents tailored for everyone and every occasion.


First T

here is a sort of magical and opulent feel when you enter the Penta Hotel in Reading, something that you would not instantly expect from this soon to be city, but Penta Hotel after a massive refurbishment banishing the old US beige style decor has returned with a crisp yet incredibly boutique feel to its new look.

From fine dining to delicious chill out areas all under the sparkle of a giant set of disco balls in the open plan foyer, this place has style!

Penta Hotel Reading Oxford Road Reading, West Berkshire RG1 7RH 0118 958 6222


So we take a look at one of Reading most well kept secret and open Pandora’s box and share with you this gorgeous little gem we found. words: Roy Perestrelo & Miranda Black


enta Hotel in Reading which hides convincingly behind a dark red brick front is certainly something to marvel at the moment you step through their giant revolving glass door. The moment you do you enter a world that you really didn’t expect. You are instantly greeted by a giant revolving glitter ball and an ultra modern bar come reception area with possibly the best looking bar you are ever going to come across and not to forget some of the friendliest staff we have ever come into contact. But this is not where the magic ends. The entire ground floor is an ultra comfortable area to sit in and drink with huge projection screens, curtained off chill out areas and impressive pool and Wii playing area and not to mentioned a selection of cosy meet and chill alcoves dotted around.


With a restaurant tucked away also on the ground floor this hotel offers more than just a place to stay but an entire entertainment facility on one floor, something that is unique to Penta in Reading. Now the rooms are something to marvel at as well as they are not pokey in the slightest. All with king size beds, flat screens, amazon showers and sumptuous chilling space you can never not

Q:ID MAGAZINE : REVIEW feel totally at home here and even better for the travelling business person its a total package that you can not ignore, you are treated like a star from the moment you enter the hotel. Boutique hotel is splashed around way too often and Penta do not claim to be one, but they certainly have the feel of one. The entire experience is not like a chain hotel at all, it feels personal and relaxed at all times, everyone is friendly and also there is a little secret we found also, or rather were shown. On the top floor there is a special suite, not only with its own pool table, living area, dining area, large LCD and entertainment system, king size bed in its own separate bedroom and to top it all off a huge whirlpool spa bath and amazon shower as well. This room was total lush and if you do ever plan to have a special night out in what is the odds on favourite to become the next city at the Queens Jubilee celebrations, this room will top any stay off as it feels like a modern penthouse right at the top of the hotel, and with the facility to intercommunicate with the ones next door you can create a super suite. This hotel is destined to be in your little black book, go on add it, very recommended.



BRITNEY SPEARS “COOLER THAN EVER” Miranda Black and Roy Perestrelo sit through Britney Spears entire album FEMME FATAL and her new rocking single I WANNA GO kindly provided by the peeps at Sony Music and we take a listen at what is a new and improved Britney Spears and she has come a long way since her early days.


words: Miranda Black

Cool and grown up is our Britney!


t has to be said when you are at your lowest eb, sometimes the work you produce is of the highest calibre and we have to say Britney has come back not only with a corker of an album but most probably her best work so far. The pseudo-innocent look on her album cover is just a tease to everyone out there as the content of her work is far from innocent. It screams of a much more grown up Britney and a little more adult humour has been injected into her work which is incredibly evident in her latest single I WANNA GO. But since her CIRCUS album which left us a bit wanting more, it seemed too manufactured if thats possible with modern pop music, but it wasn’t a bad album but didn’t have the right bite for us pop lovers. But FEMME FATAL has got bite and the songs have been incredibly well produced and sculpted to give us a new post-breakdown Britney with a lot more bite to her music. It is evident that she will always have her critics we would never expect anything different but her new style, this more adult and humour based approach seems to be working for her. Especially in the I WANNA GO music video she starts off in a press conference and ridiculous questions are being asked of her, but this is something that originally we would never have thought this bubble-gum pop star would ever approach. But unlike the adult style of BOYS yonks ago, this new take on

Britney seems to be working more to the point, it seems that little bit more realistic than her previous attempts. So is FEMME FATAL a hit, yes it certainly is, ok its not without its flaws its heavily produced and there seems to be very little from Britney herself she is at the whim of her songwriters and producers but there is a little bit of Britney shining through the cracks. Little snippets of her personality is starting to shine through the rather often way to glossy image that she is asked to portray in her body of work. I guess from my own personal point of view I would have loved to see more of her work, more of her softer singing voice as well, a little more passion and a little less over produced work, but she does know what her core fan base want and this is exactly what they do want. Vintage unbridled Britney with a little bit of swearing thrown into the dinner set. So what will we see more of, well FEMME FATAL has a few more singles from it that are likely to be released and one that we hope they do release is GASOLINE as its an incredibly catchy song and perfect for her new hot image. So this is a hint to her producers and exec’s makes sure you don’t forget to release it as its pretty good, so well done girl, keep it coming! 15


Emmanuel Ray talks frankly and openly about his loves, his life and his remarkable journey from poverty to becoming the BBC quoted “London’s It Boy!”

interview: Roy Perestrelo photos: BM Rock

So what’s it like being Britain’s First It Boy? Thrilling! Honestly, I felt turned on when I heard that the BBC’s entertainment correspondent Paul Conway had called me that. The term It Boy is used in Hollywood a lot, but seldom in London. I can’t even think of anyone else being called that, so it’s also an honour! I am also proud of the fact that I am proof that anyone can achieve anything in this world, and that it is never too late to pursue one’s dream. I have set a new trend. Several other It Boys are bound to follow suit and someday I will be known as the Daddy of all It Boys! How cool is that? I mean, I will go down in history, right? My mum seems to think so anyway. Also, I love Britain. This is where my career took off and the people here have been nothing but supportive, loving and a fabulous audience! Am I the first foreigner to have achieve It status in Britain? If so, that’s even better! Is it all pretty exhausting going from party to party? No. I am very active and energetic but I must accept that it can get tiring after awhile. You just have to plan your evening properly. I always aim to be in bed by midnight or 1am latest. Sometimes a bit earlier or later is fine. Alcohol in moderation, no drugs, lots of socialising, photo ops, interviews etc keep me occupied. Then there’s the audience interaction. I love the fact that my readers, viewers, listeners etc come up to me at parties and in public and talk about my work. This makes going from party to party and being a social butterfly very much fun as I am always

sorrounded by people who are interested in my work. Do you find your popularity stressful? Is being a celebrity really that easy? Sometimes. But I combat stress with meditation and relaxing in natural sorroundings. And of course there’s the church of relaxation, the Spa! I have never considered myself a celebrity. Nor have I wanted to be one. I am an Entertainer. A public figure. My aim is to make my audience happy and never feel bored. I admit it can be a bit stressful when you’re expected to be perfect all the time. But my versatility means I can be the boy next door, the gentleman, the dandy, the fashionisto, or even an average joe! I refuse to behave myself at all times and sometimes I don’t style my hair, wear make up or shave. I think I am the most unlikely person to be named a Socialite and It Boy. Stereotyping and fitting into a box are so last year. Letting your individuality and uniqueness shine is what the noughties are all about. Is it true that you are a clean freak? I have always been like that. I grew up in a very poor background and often lived in run down places. My parents taut me to be clean and tidy at all times, so this habit stuck to me. Cleanliness is very important. I like being clean and well groomed. It’s great for your love life and your sex life! There’s something very satisfying about exfoliating and moisturising. Water is sexy! I also make it a point

Q:ID MAGAZINE : INTERVIEW to make sure that those I date or am involved with in a romantic or sexual way, are also aware of this. Good standards of personal hygiene and good grooming to me, mean instant sex appeal.   Is there a connection between the British and Asian fashion scene? Certainly. Indian Fashion Shows are held in London regularly. There has always been an asian influence in the British fashion scene and vice versa. There are several Asian designers here, including foreign students at fashion colleges. Films also play a big part in fashion. Asian directors making British films, British actors going to Bollywood, Brit-Asian co productions, international magazines now publishing Asian versions etc - there are a lot of ground breaking things happening in fashion. Also, the Asian market is massive. Fashion is a business and ultimately, it all boils down to money, profits and more profits. Despite fashion being a creative business, I still find that many people working in this business are trained to think in a certain way and take things for granted. People also seem to be afraid of change, to think outside the box and be different. This needs to change. Openly gay entertainers, models, actors and public figures never get picked to front the major fashion campaigns. This needs to change too. The majority of men (and by that I mean men in general, irrespective of sexual orientation) don’t really care about who endorses the product as long as it works and is reasonably priced. Do you feel that Asian models are represented in the fashion industry? If you are talking about the British fashion industry I would say No. Many people in the industry take things for granted. Having one Asian model or one Afro Carribbean model doesn’t exactly make your fashion show reflect diversity. With asian and middle eastern markets growing at a rapid pace, I wonder why many brands do not tailor their advertising to appeal

to different communities. Apart from fashion, film, television etc should also mirror the multi culturalism and diversity in our communities, societies and industries in general. I always make sure my work is inclusive of everyone. This is why I am able to break barriers and connect with everyone on some level. Racism, prejudice, taking people for granted, ignoring diversity, refusing to accept that our communities are becoming more and more multi cultural etc are all common problems I see in fashion and entertainment. The root of all these problems are ignorance and jealousy. It is also connected to our primal or animal instincts. Human being can be very territorial and fiercely protective of what they have created, run or own. Change means new people. It also means someone younger, better and different than you. So you feel threatened. Asian models are under represented. Same applies to other ethnic minorities in the European fashion industry. If New York, Paris, Milan and Mumbai can lead the way with models of every colour and creed, then why shouldn’t London? Apart from Naomi Campbell, I can’t think of any other non caucasian model from Britain who has made it big. People refuse to comment on this topic but I will raise these questions and continue to do so. In the past, serious questions as such that I have asked while presenting fashion, have been edited out of interviews. What are they so scared of? When I host fashion shows, I personally make sure the designer uses models from various ethnic backgrounds. I am a representative of modern Britain and it is my duty to make sure that my work includes the various communities and cultures that make this country such a great place to live and work in. Tell us about your charity work. In Britain, I’ve supported and raised funds for various charities; SOS Children’s Villages, Save the Children, Evening Standard’s Disposessed Fund, St Mary’s hospital paediatric unit, Derbyshire Hep C Charity Shelter, Samaritans, Photovoice, Portugal Prints, Look Ahead Housing & Care and Tree of Hope children’s charity. I started by helping others who were poor, in Sri Lanka. I tutored children of refugees displaced by the war. I have worked with the Ceylon Workers


Q:ID MAGAZINE : INTERVIEW Congress which supports the labourers who work in the tea plantation in the island. My parents taught me to lend a helping hand to those who come to me for help. They told me never to refuse help to a fellow human being who comes to me for help, just like they did. I am also helping 2 victims of domestic abuse, trying to do my bit and hope to see justice upheld. I’ve stepped in when various friends of mine have had problems, from abusive neighbours to violent boyfriends. I hope to set up my own charity soon to help creative people who are dispossessed and live in poverty. I also want to get involved in more human rights issues. Being part of the “All Out” campaign to persuade the Ugandan government to take the “Kill the Gays” bill off the table was an achievement. A lot of my audience in Britain and beyond signed the petition. The Ministry for Peace foundation meetings in the House of Commons is just the beginning. The reason I do a lot of charity work is because it gives me inner peace. It is good karma. When you give generously to others, or help those who don’t have a voice or need all the help they can get, you generate good energy and become part of the universe. The universe always give you back. I come from a Buddhist country! I have done a lot of terrible things in the past, so I guess this is also my way of washing away my sins. Charity work makes me happy. It also makes others happy. And happiness, in today’s society, is golden. How do you managed to fit it all into a day? Proper time management but it is normal to lose track. I do my best to make sure this never happens. Growing up in Sri Lanka in extreme poverty, during the civil war meant life, as a whole, was uncertain. I had several responsibilities (family, siblings etc) and had to plan each day accordingly and always be alert. If daddy was late getting home or mummy was away, it was worrying.

I had to make do with whatever little access we had to communicate and make sure my sister and brother weren’t scared. Working, looking after them, and pursuing my own dream pushed me into the deep end and I learned everything through trial and error. I may not have degrees and qualifications but I had the best teacher; Experience! The lessons I learned at a very young age have helped me organise things in life and plan my daily life accordingly. I also stick to a very strict work ethic and aim to be professional, efficient and reliable at all times. People who’re unprofessional, inefficient and lack basic courtesy really piss me off! And I see nothing wrong in naming and shaming them in my column, press updates and interviews. This is a good way of venting your anger and entertaining your audience at the same time! It’s great therapy. My diary is done 2 weeks ahead and now with my assistant gone, I’m on my own. I need to rope someone into my life pronto as I am as busy as a rent boy on a double shift! Any upcoming projects you are excited about? I’m excited about all of them. My column Diary of an It Boy is now out in 5 publications. The column was spotted by a literary agent, so I am working on the book. There’s also talk of a reality series and a documentary about my life and I am in touch with a few television production companies that are interested. I did a cameo in a TV series called Nightlife which is currently on its beginning stages and is focused on the lives of South Londoners. I think I was the only Asian actor in the series. I have now been offered a role in Dumar a British film set during the banking crisis. I play an assassin named Ravi. I never set out to be an actor. But the door opened and I stepped in. I am also glad to be nominated for Fashion Icon of the Year at Fashions Finest awards, the first of its kind in the UK to support diversity within the industry on a large scale. I’m also getting interest from the USA, India and Italy. Who knows what will happen? I love the unpredictability and spontaneity in an entertainer’s life! “You don’t choose showbusiness as a career. It chooses

Q:ID MAGAZINE : INTERVIEW you. It is a calling!” said the fabulous Joan Rivers. She is right. This is like god’s work. Being able to entertain your audience and kick open the door of escapism for them is a very honourable deed. I give 200% to every project I am involved in so needless to add, I am excited about every one of them. To put it in a more simple way, if every project I have on were to be a person, I would be shagging all of them right now! If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why? Daddy. He passed away all of a sudden. His third heart attack killed him and we all knew death was slowly making its way towards him once he gave up medication. Daddy and I had a love-hate relationship. We were Frenemies! Daddy smothered me with love and was always over loving, over controlling and over protective. I had so many things to say to him and always left it for tomorrow. I did not speak much with him during his last years and every time I think about him, I feel horrible. I felt I neglected him at a time when he needed me. He had my mother and siblings, but it was me whom he wanted to talk to and I kept pushing him away. Dinner with him would be wonderful. We would have so much to talk about. Ideally the reunion should start with a brunch and end in dinner. I have decided to channel my father’s spirit. Maybe I would do this over dinner. Table set for two. You’ve just given me this idea, so thank you! You have always been honest about your disturbing past, drugs, alcohol, porn etc. Don’t you think this taints your image? Not at all. That’s the beauty of being an entertainer! Your story, your past and problems become entertainment, for your audience pleasure. Whether they read a sensational piece about you in the press, sift through the bitchy comments and gather dirt on you via the internet, or buy a tabloid to read and see what is perceived to be shameful - they are helping your career. This is part of what you bargain for when you step into showbusiness. I am not afraid to accept my faults. I am human and have screwed up several times, have fallen many times and have made more mistakes that I can remember. I used to feel ashamed of my past; the poverty, the drugs, the depression, suicide attempts, becoming homeless etc.

helped me and once I turned my life around, never wanted to look back. I treated people very badly, scammed, schemed and seduced, threatened people when I didn’t have my own way, and I feel so ashamed just thinking about this all. Thank god I have turned my life around. I am now happy and baggage-free! TV Presenter Lorraine Kelly encouraged me to be honest about my past. I did and it has worked out well. My audience admire my honesty and what I was does not matter anymore. What I AM is all that matters. And I, just like all of you, am fabulous! What or who would you say is the greatest driving force behind your success? The driving force is a mixture of a few things actually. Well, I’ve always been very ambitious and have wanted to achieve what I have always wanted. My natural born talent; to entertain and engage people is definitely a driving force. My parents definitely. They pushed me onto the stage when I was 6 years old and I have never looked back. Despite the extreme poverty we were living in, they gave me the license to dream and helped me through the first few obstacles that came my way. Almost every relationship I have had, be with a man, woman or transsexual, has been a driving force too. All of my ex lovers and partners contributed towards my success in some way, be it encouragement, support or hope. My ex lover Marcel was probably the greatest driving force behind my success in recent years. He stepped into my life when I had hit rock bottom and thought my life was over. He changed me and encouraged me to get up, function and pursue my dream. He held my hand through the darkest time of my life, right upto the point of light and happiness. He helped me give up drugs and all my nasty habits. If not for him, I would not be Emmanuel Ray, Britain’s First It Boy, the fabulous socialite and fashionisto that stands before you now. And most of all, he has reinstated in me the confidence, courage and happiness that I thought I had lost forever. And for these reasons, I will forever be in his debt.   Credits Emmanuel Ray was photographed by Hollywood film animator & artist Anthony BM Rock Locations UKAI Soho & Covent Garden Market.

But it was all my fault. I have let down loved ones, used and abused people, taken advantage of those that






e’s a lean mean writing machine, and if size matters, well his blog is the biggest of them all.

ALEX HOPKINS this issue takes us through the fiery topic of online sex and really puts us all to rights of what we are all doing right or in most cases as we discovered through his wisdom, what we are doing so very wrong. 20


Gay Saunas Saunas have become an integral part of the gay scene. Records of male-on-male action in bathhouses can be traced as far back as the 15th century. They have long offered a safe, non-judgemental space for men to meet and relax. Yet the kind of commercial saunas we see dotted around the U.K. these days are a world away from the oases of desire in which our Roman ancestors shed their togas. What then can we expect when we saunter down to our local “Health Spa” and, most importantly, what are the pitfalls to look out for? Body language is king (or queen) You don’t go to The Spa for a deep and meaningful conversation about Proust. Indeed, conversation is kept to the bare minimum. It’s all about the nod of the head, the bulge in the towel and the lascivious stare that says “enter my lair of doom, yet strange delights.” Be prepared for a marathon I am not necessarily talking about a sexual marathon here either. If your luck’s in you’ll be thrusting and pounding for hours at an end as the railway arches echo with the groans and howls of feeding time at London Zoo. What is more likely is that you’ll spend a good hour parading around the dimly lit corridors in search of your prey. Waiting is key. Never mince and have the lotion ready to treat your bunions when you saunter out into the disconcerting light of day. The old mattresses No, I am not referring to merely the overused and often crusty settings for your congress, but the intriguing species of gay male who lie dormant in expectation as you nonchalantly waltz past room after room.

You will marvel at the tenacity of this species, who may remain in this solitary position for hours. Whether they finally get the workout they are hoping for is, of course, open to question. On the flipside, however, those elevated hips must do wonders for the Abs. The sauna whore These are the individuals who are mentioned in the fire instructions. With many London Spas being open 24 hours there are little constraints on how long you can stay. The same faces will be there week in, week out. Are they waiting for the gravy train that never arrives or does their persistence perhaps hint at the need to construct a more three-dimensional life? A locked door does not necessarily signal unbridled passion. The early hours of the morning are usually the busiest. It’s club chucking out time. Many will flock to the doors like a rampant herd. You may find it difficult to find an empty cabin. Yet, don’t be fooled that those inside are going hell for leather through the Karma Sutra. Every now and again a door may spring open and you’ll come face-to-face with a man with eyes like a frightened gazelle. There will be a frenzied rush as he gathers more supplies (not necessarily those from the snack machine), before returning to his shack of shame and slamming the door like the crack of doom. The cynic may assume that it is not just bodily fluids that are being exchanged. Gay saunas are a way of life on the commercial scene. They can be a wonderful playground. Yet they can also be a psychologist’s dream. It’s up to you how you use them and as with so many things, what you get out depends on what you take in.

You will soon grow accustomed to the scene. The cabin door will be wide open and you will be greeted by what often resembles the rear end of Cleopatra’s golden barge raised ever so delicately (or not) in mid air. 21


words: Dave Macedo



hen you think of Aston Martin images of James Bond crop into your mind and missile launching, chair ejecting sports car follows incredibly close by. But when Aston launched this rather friendly looking, and not to mention incredibly compact Aston Martin, we had to simply take it for a test drive and the results shocked us, it may be small, CO2 friendly and rather easy to part, it is through and through a Aston Martin to the core. So we introduce to you, the well, simply divine and rather cute. Aston Martin Cygnet 22


es we know we can see you rubbing your eyes, but what you see is true Aston Martin have created a luxury super compact called the Cygnet and we took it for a little test drive to see what all the fuss was about. But this nifty little number and it is little is perfect for those whole love a badge but it does not share the stamina of its stable mates but it feels like you are firmly in an Aston Martin when you step inside. It is filled right up to the brim with gadgets and lots and we do mean lots of leather, with that trade mark exquisite design that screams Aston Martin on the inside. On the road the Cygnet with its short wheel base is just like driving a smart car there is very little between them and its 1.3 litre engine gives it enough drive to get around town, and lets not say anything about how easy it is to drive around busy roads and how easy it is to sneak around other clunky cars and grad that parking space. Its so easy to park due to its ultra compact size but inside it feels that you are driving the ultimate compact car and it does. We tremble as we say this but it does splash water in the face of some of the others compact cars. We do have to consider the cost in this as well because you are buying an incredibly compact car indeed. so we don’t really have any issues with the inside of this little runner but our focus goes on the outside. The outside is what most of the people will see and trust me at first glance you

Q:ID MAGAZINE : OPINION do look at it and think, hmmm that’s a Smart car right? And you would be forgiven to think that, as there is a distinctive Aston Martin grille and the shiny silver Aston badge but on the face of it, thats it really. The outside isn’t as sleek as you would expect given its stable of brothers, but it does have some distinctive differences but you won’t turn many heads with it, unless you hang around pointing at the badge and giving out some hints to your friends. The beauty of this lovely little runner and like we found it does have its severe critics but inside it does make its mark. Yes its incredibly compact and a bit of a fumble to drive but it is cute, its incredibly cute and the inside is filled with gadgets and enough buttons and bleeps to keep you incredibly entertained. It is the car to be seen driving down the Kings Road. We loved it, yes it has its faults but it is their first attempt at a compact car and its not too bad to be fair on them. At £32,000 it does feel a bit steep compared to what you can get for that amount but I guess for those who love a badge at any cost. This is still an Aston Martin to the bone. Bond’s weekend car we think.


>>>R YA N R E Y N O L D S 24

Ryan Reynolds is such a stunning and talented actor and his amazing performance in the Green Latern not only gets us to see his buff body, again but also a welcome return of a DC great as well. So get down the cinema’s and catch this brilliant flick as its bound to return with more sequels so see it first hand and get the full experience.


Adele has come back stronger than ever and with her latest body of work which includes the hit single Someone Like You has set a new standard for music charting . We sit down and listern to her outstanding body of work and ask the all out question:


Is Adele possibly one of the most talented singers to hit our ears in a long time, or dare we say it is the personal nature of her work what has made it seem so personal to us all. Is she genius or is she just a lucky lass?



e feel that the answer to this is incredibly simple, Adele is and lets face it, pure unbridled talent!

Her timing is also perfect in this case releasing what its an incredibly soulful and dark romantic song about finding that perfect someone, which lets all face it, is on most of our minds, most of the time. From her LIVE AT HOME interview it is obvious she wrote that single when she was feeling pretty down and this translates pretty well in a song that we have all grown to relate as we have all been there. Thats the secret to her formula we feel, giving us a brief but incredibly intimate snapshot into her life at that point in time. She also talks about looking back when she is about 40 and seeing him with his perfect wife and kids and thinking to herself that, well that could have been her. So is this the work of a musical genius? Well it certainly is not because it has done something that no one else has done, because no it hasn’t done that, but what it has done is given us such an intimate portrait of her life and with this one song we were let in and incredibly close to the bone and to give us the feeling of her pain, now that is genius. But what does this tell us about the timing, could that have been a lucky shot as well? Well we feel that ok, she delivered an amazing song here filled

with strong emotions and passion but was her timing spot on. Yes This is the time that we all start really evaluating our lives just before the summer, are we going to find that summer romance that ends in the airport terminal or will it blossom into something else. OK, Adele gave us the tail end of a bad break, but the song isn’t all melancholy it actually has got some pretty touching sentiment of what will happen if you do meet someone of your dreams. There is a strong story in the lyrics that if it does happen and work out, if you do manage to meet that perfect someone its a case of hold onto them and make it work. In her lyrics there is a strong undertone of regret and that’s the bit, the G spot of her song is based on that strong regret that it just didn’t work and that’s why we dont think it was luck by any stretch of the imagination. This was pure genius on her part to let us into her life at a point where it was most tender. Most artists toy with their fans and give them little snips of their lives. Adele has given us more than a snip, she has given us a chunk of her heart. That is pure genius! Visit her website for more info: Q:ID Awards: 2011 Most Inspirational song so far 27




Available: now. Visit their website for tons more info and also direct link to itunes.


e have a little confession to admit to about The Kixx. We have been following them for a little while waiting for them to get a hit out. As our HQ is based in leafy Berkshire we had heard about these lads a while back and kept our ears pinned up for their gigs. And these lads have not disappointed, their latest single ALREADY GONE has such a catchy bridge before the chorus and not only are we adoring their tunes but they are actually, and don’t fall off your seat - they are really talented and its real talent. These guys have been going for a

while and now this is what happens when you believe in your product and they have come up with a really good catchy summer tune. They have been so popular from Reading all the way to Mayfair that they also made number 3 in our 30 best things of 2011. But what makes The Kixx so special is not only that the lads are pretty stunning, excellent singers but they have taken the long and tough root from gigs to success and working from the grass roots of music. This not only means that they should have a bright future ahead of them they are also supporting JLS on their next official tour, and

well done as its always good in the music industry to see bands rising from the grass roots of music. So we have just one more thing to say and that’s get out there and download their single from itunes via their site and get these lads all the way to the top of the charts. They certainly deserve it. We certainly hope to see these guys hit the big time as ok they feel more like a man band but with smouldering looks and catchy tunes we could be seeing the next best music sensation and from the musical town of Reading. CLICK>>


Nicole Scherzinger Right There

Rhianna California King Bed

Lady GaGa The Edge of Glory

Nicole has had hit after hit after hit and she has certainly got another hit with RIGHT THERE.

This lovely little hit machine has done it again with CALIFORNIA KING BED.

The new X-Factor judge is set to get even stronger with her US podium so more than likely we are going to see some incredible things from her over the next twelve months.

She just simply never disappoints us and we love this new song and think you guys need to definitely take a peek, as its one rocking track

We think that THE EDGE OF GLORY is most probably the best song on her album and it just has than anthem style ring to it.


So this is one amazing track that if you don’t have it already, get it! CLICK>

J LO On The Floor Has J Lo done possibly one of the best songs of her career? Yes! She has brought back the classic lambada tune and turned into a massive hit and with an amazing 200million hits on Youtube. But J Lo has truly re-invented herself it what is incredibly fierce competition and it just goes to show that she still has plenty of fire left in her yet. With stunning vocals and an incredible video to boot she is firmly saying to all her competition that its going to take an almighty push to get her off stage and she has no intention of stepping down for anyone. CLICK> 29


BOOK REVIEWS Fallen Karen Slaughter Karin Slaughter delivers another emotional journey for her characters and readers in her latest novel, “Fallen.” It’s an amazing effort. Faith Mitchell, an officer of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, is late in picking up her infant daughter at her mother’s house. That delay probably saves her life. Mitchell frantically calls, but her mother doesn’t answer the phone. When she arrives at the house, she discovers a bloody handprint on the open door. Quickly calling for backup, she enters to find a dead body and two men with weapons. She kills them, which makes her both a witness and a suspect. Her daughter was safely hidden away, but her mother is missing. Her partner, Will Trent, promises to uncover the truth, but can he overcome his personal demons to be effective?

Through Thick and Thin Gok Wan With his infectious energy and charisma, Gok Wan has an incredible gift of making women feel more confident within themselves - but it’s not until you read his own inspirational story that you find out where he got that gift from. Gok grew up on a Leicester housing estate, with a loving family who ran a Chinese restaurant. For his parents, food meant love - and Gok was so well loved that by the time he was a teenager he weighed 21 stone. Being Asian and gay as well, Gok felt lonely and out of place. He was an easy target for bullies and suffered terribly at their hands. In a moment of inspiration, he decided to reinvent himself with his first style makeover and a larger-than-life personality to go with it. But his next move was to lose a devastating ten stone in nine months. This is a must read and filled with passion and laughs. 30

Q:ID MAGAZINE 30 Minute Meals Jamie Oliver A fabulous cookbook with so MANY recipes included!! He has full menus to make and tells you which thing to do first , second, third etc so that all items are ready at the same time (supposedly after 30 minutes. ) This is quite different to cookbooks where they will tell you how to make three menu items and have step by step instructions for each. The problem is that I cannot do it in 30 minutes. The worst part is that because there are so many amazing and healthy recipes crammed into this book with beautiful yummy photos, the writing is very, very small. If I changed one thing, I would want the print to be bigger Still, the book is wonderful and the recipes are healthy and interesting. I also like how he mixes the menu items together so they suit each other because sometimes I make a dish and am not sure what is the appropriate side dish to make to go with it.

Twilight Official Illustrated Guide Stephanie Meyers & Team This must-have edition is the definitive encyclopedic reference to the Twilight Saga and provides readers with everything they need to further explore the unforgettable world Stephenie Meyer created in TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE, and BREAKING DAWN. Featuring almost 100 colour pages, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide includes exclusive new material, character profiles, genealogical charts, maps, extensive cross-references and much more, this comprehensive companion guide is essential for every Twilight Saga fan. This guide is also packed to the brim with all those secrets that make Twilight possible but also gives us a clear insight into everyone that’s part of the whole saga. this is a must have for any fan but also we found that it is a brilliant present also and will keep your little vampires and werewolves occupied for hours. 31


HEAR THE LYON ROAR! This dynamic young and unashamedly dashing singer has burst onto the music scene with all guns blazing. We take the opportunity to interview Adam Lyons who wowed us with a stunning performance at Lo Profile in London and get under the covers with this new rising star. words: Roy Perestrelo photos: kaya kanda


What influenced you to get into music? I was never influenced by anything, it was my natural instinct to sing and dance as far as I can remember. Im not one of these artists who just pop up into the industry one day and say, ‘I really liked music at school so I decided to give it a shot’, basically all my life I have been working towards where I am now and where I am heading. I remember being a baby and just being obsessed with music, putting on shows for my family, doing my own recordings on tape even writing my own songs at the age of 5 (Not that they were of a good standard then) but these were all signs that I was going to make music my future career. Ive never wanted to persue anything else. I remember generally believing I was a ‘popstar’ through school and living this fantasy life and my ‘friends’ used to tell me to stop it but I wouldnt listen,

sweat, just how I like it! What’s a typical day for you and your dancers? Show day, ‘Go hard’! We have to train throughout the day 9 till 6, fitting in rehearsals in our breaks, lunch and a quick run through at the end of the day. Dash to the venue, soundcheck, head to the dressing room, chill a little, get ready, warm up and GO! Exhaustion but Adrenalyn. Luckily my dancers are my close friends and Jake Maiden is more like my artistic director as well as being close friend, which I love because he is on the same wavelength as me and visions awesome things. He is the first person I ask if he likes/dislikes my material, If I am unsure about something I will BBM him in the studio sending him a voiceclip of something I have just laid down and he will approve or dissaprove. I think its nice to have people like that around you who you can trust and wants the best for you who will give you their constructive criticism. Anyway, I love my dancers and they work so hard.

I would perform any chance I could get in class! My parents have always influenced me and gave me their full support which I really appreciate as they believe in me 100% and I wont back down untill I have achieved success. Your shows are quite high octane with your dancers, that must mean lots of practice? Yes I am a rehearsal freak, if I have a show all I want to do is rehearse, rehearse, rehease! But we train full time at London Studio Centre so If I have a show on a weekday, it gives us restricted time so we have to work extra hard after hours and dont leave the studio till late night, which I may moan about but secretly I love it. I just love being on the go none stop it gives me a rush and sense of graft. There is nothing better than a sunny weekend in London, picking up a starbucks on way to rehearsal and just going for it with my dancers who are also close friends. I find rehearsals so refreshing and exciting, but tempers do rise if we have a deadline, a show the next day and are unreharsed. My rehearsals involve alot of

Do you ever get nervous before a performance? An excited kind of nervous. I always think my throat is closing up and panic so I make sure I am always prepared drinking lots of water and honey etc. Once I am on that stage, the nerves dissapear and I just have fun and rock some serious shit. I guess I get more nervous about what audience I will have if they dont know me as I think I am quite querky on stage and I have to prove myself but my friends and family always come to support which is relieving. However I havent had a bad audience yet, touch wood, I love to see people enjoying themselves in the crowd and appreciating my music, it is the best feeling in the world. I think they key is to exert your audiences expectations. When’s your album going to be released? I am currently working on my debut album with 33

top producers and under management which have direct contacts with major labels such as Sony. So once my album is finished and polished and all goes well in showcases and meetings, I could hopefully be getting signed to a major label in which I will release my album, tour supporting major artists to begin with and Adam Lyons shall be released in to the world. I am so excited, I have some great tracks on the album including alot of new material and personal songs. I write all my songs with complete meaning and aim to relate to people. If you like Pop/Electro then make sure you grab my record when its out. I am taking my time on the album and making it perfect as I am a complete perfectionist, so it could take months to years but it will be released! Is there also a video? I am so excited, of course there will be when my first single is out, but as I said it could be a year or two yet. I want to be an eccentric and wild artist so I assure you my video wont be typical. It is so important to keep it fresh and produce work what hasnt already been done. Keep it unique! Ideas run through my head when thinking about my music video to my possible first single, ‘Freak Parade’, but it depends what my management think is the best debut single to release. Expect alot of Dance and art. So is 2011 year of the Adam Lyons? 2011 is the construction of Adam Lyons, preparing myself and working hard on the album and the whole package. Hopefully 2012 will be my year, but I am trying to keep my music up alongside training which is another top priority as I always want a back up which will be my degree in Musical Theatre as I also have a passion for theatre. If the oppertunity comes along, my music is my greatest priority and love. Watch out for me, I am on my way to 2012/13 ha. 34

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why? I would love to have dinner with YOU because you read this however, Simon Cowell could give me so much advice and tell me how it is, although it would be a scary lunch wouldn’t it? But worth it if he opened doors for me. Also would love to get into the mind of Miss Britney Spears who is iconic, I’d love to get a starbucks with her! What’s the most precious thing you own? My life and my happiness. Life is such a gift and I try not to take anything for granted and I just live my life to the full. I consider myself very lucky to have the beautiful family and friends I have and all what they have done for me and I will never forget my true routes. However I wouldn’t cope without my blackberry, the social network has taken over my life! We think you are amazing, where is your ideal place you’d love to perform? Thank You very much. I would say Echo Arena in Liverpool because it is my hometown but I have already performed there but it would be even more special if I make it and people from my hometown come and support me. However to perform on the O2 Arena is my ultimate goal. It is such a huge, fantastic arena and I dream every single day of standing on that stage looking out at the crowds screaming for me. I would put on such a show on my arena tour it would be unbelieveable as all I want is massive production. I am hardly known on the London music scene at the moment as I only moved in September and to put my stamp on the London/UK music scene, not to mention world domination would be a complete and utter dream. I wont give up, never! Make sure you check out his website

A D A M L Y O N S c o m p e t i t i o n We have four ipod nano’s and an IPAD to give away to the lucky winners who manage to answer the question below. fIRST NAME WILL WIN AN ipad and the following four lucky names out of the bag get an ipod nano and a goodie bag filled with, well lots of things. Now all you have to do is answer the following question. Q: Where is the most “ideal” place Adam would like to perform? A: Camden Roundhouse B. Echo Arena C. The O2 D. The Hexagon Send your answer and contact details to our competition email: or send a postcard to the address details on page 6 of this issue enclosing your contact details. Competition deadline is August 30th 2011

With a chance to win these amazing goodies and more enter the competition above. Also with these you will get a goodie bag with a few other items featured in this issue of Q:ID Magazine.



“Is A Text Message Break-Up Really All That Out Of Order?” words: Taylor Made 36


ou are on at least one platform of an online social networking website. Whether you are one of the millions on Facebook, thousands on Gaydar and LadsLads or holding the world in your hand through Grindr, you are on a site that promotes more than just friendship. Most people use Facebook to keep in contact with friends and relatives. Some use it for business or educational purposes. But now some of you are using it for a more romantic stance. With connections through friends and family, it’s easy for Adam to meet his Steve who was once a captain on an old work colleague’s football team. What makes this more acceptable is the question of ‘how did you meet?’ can always be replied with ‘through friends’. But what about those of you who have used LadsLads and found the one you love? Do you say you met online or have you inadvertently replied ‘Starbucks on Oxford Street’? Then the question is which Starbucks for there are so many… Too many. A snowball has formed and your relationship has begun to grow cold I love LadsLads. It’s a peculiar website in which most people are searching for two things: a quick shag or a rant. Those who search for a quickie generally get what they want, followed by a blog from the other person commenting on how they feel used and abused. Get over it! You knew what you were getting into, just be thankful a condom was used and no fist.

What I also loved to read about was those who had found someone, that special connection that didn’t require an Ethernet cable after a month’s conversation. They talk about how online they were this funny, charming and intelligent person. When they meet they see this emanate from them still. But a few weeks down the line, rarely a few months, the relationship has gone dead and a new complaint appears in a hilarious little blog titled Just Got Dumped… By Text. As heartless as this may sound, I find this amusing. What’s the big deal? You were willing to go in search of a man through a digital forum that requested knowledge of the size of your member, why can an email or SMS not suffice to end things? Ok, so he’s met your friends and he was invited to Christmas with your family, but to be fair, the only thing you knew of this person from the beginning was that he was a single, non-smoking, versatile top with an eye popping penis and lived alone. You couldn’t even verify if that picture was really him or an extra from Hollyoaks. No piece of technology has evolved faster than the mobile phone and with the iPhone bringing in its wave of apps, the digital love affair can continue through Hyde Park in your pocket. The funny fools I find on Grindr in seek of intelligent conversation or a boyfriend baffles me to no end. You seriously believe that Simon who lives just 174 meters away from you is really looking for a mental stimulation as opposed to his gland in his hand I think NOT! It’s more cringe worthy when you read ones that say ‘committed but playful’… One feels inclined to ask ‘is your relationship really that bad you have to seek out a blow up doll through the iPhone?’. It’s moments like this that make me uncertain of who t0 feel sorry for: the Grindr, the Grindee or the one at home. So the next question is, what if the relationship wasn’t of digital structure? Well, do you text each other your feelings? Do you send email after email, poke after poke, wink after wink? A long distance relationship is one that requires such methods. During the war, letters were sent out to loved ones informing them of the events at home, wishing them well and commenting on their heart’s desire. Sometimes the letters ended darkly

however and relationships ceased to exist through that. On the other hand, if the relationship was a close one, whereby you lived together and saw each other every day, then a text message ending the love you once felt is cause for murder, no? I recently saw how this affected a friend of mine, D, and it devastated him. A two-year relationship terminated through a text message and an email on Facebook. D then went out and did what, through my general observation, most gay men do. He went in search of sexual comfort and found it through the ever-faithful Grindr. After he had his fun, D pulled himself together, took on a new look and moved on. But what is ever present is the humiliation and pain that he feels from losing someone he loved through a Facebook email, something that will take more than just a new hair do to correct. In 2008 a man hacked his wife to death, after she changed her Facebook status to single, with a meat cleaver! Mr Forrester was high on drugs and alcohol when he attacked his poor wife. The worrying thing is this isn’t the only time something like this has occurred. People are becoming more and more paranoid and simplistic in thought when something so small, so insignificant on a website matters so much in their real world. All the time we hear on Jeremy Kyle that something posted on Facebook must lead to a DNA test. It’s as though World Of War Craft has entered a whole new medium, a less geeky one at that. What happened to the days when we would switch on a computer just to use paint? The days when Bebo and MySpace were used to communicate through the internet without such misery? What happened to the sanity of those idiots who lost the way because they couldn’t see past the digital reality that now haunts them? Bring to the world a time when things will no longer be .complicated



Channel 4’s Wedding Planner of the hit show, The Wedding House - we Introducing Chrisie Edkins interview Chris Fitchew I have been extremely fortunate and discover a little more enough totalented have theman, chance to about this interview Edkins. and what makesChrisie him tick. A trans-gendered pop music artist, DJ and model from Southampton in the UK who is quickly ascending to stardom and making waves across the UK, Europe and America. Words: Derek Jones-Bennett



hrisie has been working hard to develop her career in modelling and also in music, her style described as “New 80’s”. Chrisie’s main drive is to help others going through or about to go through what she has and to let people know that dreams can become a reality What or who has been your biggest inspiration in life? The life and soul of all music and the belief that the world can change for the better. You make it clearly known that you are a trans-gendered artist/model. What was the turning point for you in life that gave you the courage to become a woman? Getting knocked down with bad moments in my life and at that point choosing to make a positive choice that would make me want to live. When your have something that is eating you alive from the inside all your life, at some point you have to choose to live or die, I decided to live. Your music is described as ‘New 80’s’what inspired your genre of music and have you always had such a huge interest in it? I never made a choice of what my style of music was going to be, it was more what I write and what I am feeling at the time and even the style is part of my emotion. If I’m in a relaxed mood then its a relaxing style and if I am in a party mood it’s a lot more upbeat. Sometimes I even like to sit and write club music as its a expression of my feeling and emotions in my brain at the time. We are all aware of Dana International the Israeli trans-gendered singer. As a transgendered artist do you think breaking into the industry will be difficult for you or do you consider it a niche you could flourish in? I maybe trans-gendered but it is not what defines me. I see myself as a solo female

artist, not a cabaret act or gimmick. I might have a male sounding voice but this is not what I would like to give me an edge. I would like people to listen to my music and understand the meaning of my lyrics, emotion and what I was feeling at the time. It’s not just me singing a story but leaving an emotional impression. I think if people like my music and like watching me perform then this should be enough, its not money or fame I want. I would just like to leave my mark before I’m gone and hopefully change some negative points of view about trans-gender ism on the way. Chrisie a little bird told me that you previously had both a ‘bad boy’ image and outlook on life, what changed this? Simple really, people try to be something there not to fit in with society to avoid being singled out or picked on. I reached a point where I could no longer do this, it was a give up or fight choice. I decided to fight and from that moment stood up for my right to be who I want to be no matter what. I had the pleasure of first meeting you about a year and a half ago at a talent competition. You were extremely nervous and after much persuasion I managed to stop you walking out. Since then you have come on in leaps and bounds, is this a case of you gaining inner confidence or what was the contributing factor? I have always dreamt of being a performer in front of a mass audience but have suffered from anxiety and nervousness all my life. I think pushing yourself in any situation that you want to do, is a good thing. When people around you show support it helps a great deal, without good people being there for you in your time of need, it is much harder. I think if you chase a dream it is a good thing, never bad. If I didn’t do 39

it myself, I would never have got on a plane on my own and performed in Las Vegas a few years back. Chrisie you have a busy schedule ahead of you the next couple of months, would you like to tell us what you have planned? Well, I am offering to do any LGBT/Gay Pride event over the whole world for FREE for charity, apart from travel and hotel expenses. I am already booked up in Exeter, Essex and Reading this year, plus I am hosting and performing at Sparkle 2011 the largest transgender event in Europe that is in Manchester. At this event I will also be filmed by the national television channel RTL Germany from my home throughout the whole event and back again. I am still modelling and will be working with a top French photographer in the next few weeks. I am also a full time radio DJ for Southampton’s local station Spitfire FM ( where you can listen to me pushing the word ‘naughty’ to its limits! A lot of my music and television interviews from RTL, ITV This Morning and Trisha can be viewed from my website plus info on all my upcoming events are there to find. What words of advice would you offer anybody who is embarking on or would like to embark on a career such as yours, transgendered or not? Don’t write to make a chart song or money, write from the heart. Today’s music is missing the feeling and emotion it once had. If you have a dream, live it and never give up no matter how difficult it seems. 40

Only you can change your life and only you can make yourself truly happy at the end. When your time is up don’t end up with regret or wish that you had changed something or chosen a different path. You have recently received a lot of media attention within the UK, do you think this will help people to understand the trans-gendered situation and help people become less prejudiced against artists such as yourself? I really do hope so, I think everyone who is trans-gendered have the right to be themselves. I feel understanding and knowledge is the key. The more people that know the reasons, facts, the whys etc the better. Everyone is scared of difference and change but if we all hide from society then it will never be understood or accepted. You only have to look at how gay relationships are much more accepted these days, to a few years ago. This is because we see gay people out and proud everywhere in the media, television and even on the streets where we live. Pride events and support from understanding people is major contributing factor. Where or in what direction would you like to see your career head within the next five years? Just to be known or have my music listened to all over the world. Even if I got into the top 40 I would feel that would be a major achievement in my life. I would also like to travel the world and perform at as many Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender events as possible to help promote understanding and awareness.

011 2 me m o gH

g n i h s s t u i P lim e h t

g Gre

Hercules Boxer Brief

Available at

0844 800 4273 TWITTER: PHONE: EMAIL:



“THAT’S SO VERY PUBLIC OF YOU!” Ryan Lock is as far as you can get from a shrinking violet, but this new age publicist and founder of his own firm is bringing a renewed energy and pioneering a new form of PR. We steel him away from his desk for a few moments and get a snapshot of one of the hottest publicists in town.



ow we all grew up watching AbFab and thinking that all publicists must be overdosing on champagne lunches, launch after re-launch soires and more goodies than you can shake your Gucci clutch bag at, well we are not saying this doesn’t happen but Ryan Lock the founder of Ryan James PR is taking public relations to that next new level and introducing a much needed injection of realism into the industry.

So in essence, don’t be afraid to ask for advice and support from people who more than you do!

Who are you and what do you do? Ryan James Lock! I live in West London and run an agency called Ryan James.

What makes a great event? The atmosphere you create, it doesn’t really matter what else is going on if the atmosphere is off, then so will the guests! Good music, and keep the food and drinks flowing!

Tell us a bit about your business My agency is called Ryan James, and we specialise in Public Relations, Marketing and Branding , in essence, our clients hire us to build up their business and get them into the media and link them up with other business. How you got into Communications… I got into communications when I moved to London 5 years ago after being in Singapore, I went to London College of Fashion to study and found the course really excited and interested me and I knew I had found my passion! Perfect for someone who likes to talk a lot! What made you decide to start your own business? Im very ambitious and really love my job, so why not be my own boss? What advice would you give someone wanting to set up their own business? Make sure that you love the area that you are going into and Network! Its important to have a really good database of contacts to be able to work with and call on for your projects, that’s what makes you valuable to your clients. Equally important, is to make sure that you have a mentor, or someone in that industry that you aspire to be like, and try and make contact with them and ask for advice. When I first started Ryan James, I was lucky enough to have Nick Ede as my mentor, he gave me a lot of good business advice and guidance and I even supported him on some great projects, which taught me a lot.

What are some of your favourite places in London? I love the Saatchi gallery and the tate at the moment, I also really love being outdoors , Holland Park is really beautiful especially when the sun is shining. How do you relax? Gym, or I try and meditate a few times a week to stay relaxed.

Make sure you have the right kind of people there, if it’s a music launch, then don’t invite a fashion crowd and vice versa, make sure you anticipate your guests needs and cater to them appropriately. What advice would you give people out there wanting to promote their business? Think about who your target market are, what kind of customers are you trying to attract to you and cater to their needs as much as you can and COMMUNICATE with them! You might have a great product or service but if no one knows about it then there is no point, and that is one of the biggest things which sometimes is missed when people start up their own businesses, marketing materials can be amazing and so can a complex and vibrant advertising campaign but if you are not being guided how to reach the editors that will feature your products it can be a waste. Be bold, and above all be brave, sometimes a campaign with a little bit of bite goes a long way especially if you can get it to go viral. Use social media pages, stage local events, talk to your local press about interesting stories you can come up with and if you can find a way of making it work, then go to a communications agency with experience in your area. For more information please go to 43


THIRTY THINGS YOU MUST HAVE Its finally arrived, the defining list of all the things you said we must cover so we have just done that and made a list in the order that you sent them to us. So here are the 30 best things around at the moment. Some you can have and some you can’t, but worth a look. So sit back and flick through the pages, from The Good Wife to JEDWARD they are all in here, with a few surprises in between. And a big thanks to the 14,321 people who made this list possible. Alan Hill Miranda Black Ben Fisher Roy Perestrelo Kerry Leaves Amy Hulme




he Good Wife hits this years number one spot not out of the sheer quality of the cast, and its one quality cast.

Not out of the sheer brilliance of every single episode, and believe me they are brilliant but its for the sheers AMAZING combination of everything and we think that there has not been anything as good as this since ER which coincidentally the goddess that is Julianna Margulies also stared in. Nothing has matched to this hit TV series and with a stella cast including our very own Alan Cummings as Eli Gold, this is the best CBS have created in years. So if you have not seen it yet, make sure you do its the best legal drama on TV to date.









f there is any artist that should claim their rightful place as one of the greatest artists of the 21st century that accolade should go to Mitch Griffiths.


There is nothing abstract by this painter who creates contemporary scenes on canvas in such depth and realism that you have to do a double take when you walk past them just to make sure that you are not staring at a photo, but its true its all painted by hand. When we featured his work back in issue 3 and we received so many emails about if it was actually paintings or photos and this is a sign of his sheer skill. It reinstilled the feeling that real artists exsist out there with true skill and he has earned his place on this list. Mitch, we bow down to you, a modern day VanDyk if there ever was one!





Their latest single ALREADY GONE has quite cool beat and sound to it, showing there is a strong future to this man band. It also has a interesting bridge before the chorus and a cool video too. So after the hoards of fans who got in touch to get us to feature them on this list, well here you go. Its incredibly well deserved and another contender to The Wanted to add to the list. We hope to see great things from you fellas! They are also touring with JLS so well done lads and we see great things in store for you guys!


e absolutly love these guys, they have come a long way since we first found them gigging a while back and their new single “Already Gone“ is out now and available for you to rush and download onto your ipod’s.






magine, if necessary, that you’re a young, well-to-do 20- or 30-something looking for a compact luxury car. Conventional logic dictates you should buy an Audi A3 or BMW 1-series, but those wishing to depart from the norm may want to consider the Japanese-built Lexus CT 200h luxury hybrid.


Not only does this car have a badge that will make onlookers solemnly nod in respect, plus an options list that could make a BMW blush, it also offers something its rivals can only dream of -- hybrid propulsion that delivers low-emission, higheconomy driving.

48 48

But is this car any good? We hopped in the £25,200 mid-range CT 200h SE-L to find out. The range starts at £23,485. The 200h’s interface is divided into two areas -- a display zone and a control zone. Taking pride of place in the display zone, which sits on the upper half of the dashboard, is a large, motorised, angle-adjustable, 8-inch TFT display. The screen can’t be controlled by touch, but that’s not a huge issue, as it’s positioned out of reach anyway. Interacting with the display is only possible by prod-

ding buttons in the control zone, which sits on the lower half of the dashboard and on the centre console. This main point of interest in the control zone is the Lexus Remote Touch interface, which works exactly like a joystick or mouse. Move the stick left, right, up or down, and a cursor on the display reacts accordingly. The cursor snaps reassuringly onto icons as it passes over them, while a brief vibration is sent through the joystick to affirm you’ve selected something that can be interacted with. We really like the Lexus CT 200h. Its straight-line performance isn’t great, but it corners superbly, has a comfortable, luxurious air and is cheap to run. The Prius is less expensive and offers slightly better economy, but the 200h is a far more desirable package. So give this little number a whirl, its more than just a compact its a luxury compact with everything that Lexus brings to the table.





ince his days in G4 there was something about this angelic looking man that struck a chord, and he certainly knows how to do that.

Jonathan Ansell has gone onto become a multi planum winning artist with a cohort of hit singles and incredibly well deserved.

His strong vocal style is something that caught our ear and most wont realise that he has a near double in another artist called The Boy Genius, completely different acts but incredibly alike in looks. But not distracting us from this, he is an incredibly talented singer and we hope to see more of him. Go get his latest album we love it and so will you. Go visit their website


Some may say that he brought the world of opera to the younger generation not only appealing to the traditional lovers of opera but also bringing in a complete new generation to the craft.





herry Vine is officially in our eyes one of New Yorks best cabaret stars and with a cohort of Lady GaGa parody’s on her website and even the great GaGa herself tweeting Sherry Vine’s videos just goes to show how good a star she is. This is also no word of a lie when we say that sometimes come a Friday in the office we are glued watching her portfolio of parody’s and roll with laughter when we should actually be working.


But also recently there has been a big call for Sherry Vine to visit the UK so its now down to which venue is going to be the first to bring this blonde bombshell from the big apple all the way to the stylish streets of London Town.


We can see it now, Sherry strolling down New Bond Street after a spot of shopping and chasing the locals followed by a stunning performance, so here at Q:ID are doing a call out, who is going to be the first? But until then we can sit back and await the next instalment of this talented vixen from over the Atlantic and you never know she could be coming to a venue near you!





tunning models wearing equally stunning underwear this can only be one brand that we know of, its XTG.

With such a huge range of swim wear and undies for men and women to choose from you can certainly get lost with staring at the models on the site, but taking that aside this is one brand that certainly needs to be seen. We have to endorse their range from being completely different from what is out there and some of the best promotional material we have seen, this brand is one to watch.


With such a wide variety of styles available on their site, it has to be said that this amazing brand has fast become our favourite purveyor of undies and other garments.






andra has been on of the UK’s most prominent cabaret artists of all time with her quick wit and truly remarkable performances she has earned her a place on the 30 Must Haves of 2011. If you have never seen Sandra perform it is certainly easy to say that you have yet to live. Her performance is simply remarkable. You can never predict what will happen, as two performances will never ever (ever) be the same. Even if they are just a few hours apart she has the ability to make everything different for the audience.


We once remember being in a venue and there was a power cut.


Most performers would have walked off the stage and called it a day, not Sandra. At the top of her voice and grabbing someone’s lighter starter to sing “Kumbaya my Lord” waving the lighter in the air, the entire venue for the first time in most probably any saturday night started to all sing with her until the lights came back on a good half hour later. This is the sign of a true performer. So all hail the girl from Swiss Cottage and other places she will more than happily take you outside and tell you about them, and also to one of the most down to earth performers in the industry. Arise Dame Sandra of London!





She has been busy in the studio working on a number of new tracks since her club debut track “Love Affair“ and this year see’s her new material hitting the airwaves shortly after the summer. With her back catalogue of strong vocals and theatrical repertoire this girl from Hastings has a lot to give musically and also has a few surprises in store for us with her next single which we all await with baited breath. Also we have to admit here at Q:ID HQ that she is such a laugh as well, so Jessie J and Adele watch out. Marie Capri is coming!


arie Capri’s musical career has spanned a few years now which have also included credits as Georgie in the theatre production of The Full Monty, but 2011 is definitely year of the Capri!






oe McElderry the 2009 winner of X-Factor had a bit of a rough time as of late but its all steadily going up again which is what we all want to hear to be honest of this talented lad from South Shields in Newcastle.


It has to be said that we really want to see Joe back in pop and just look at him, he was destined to be a pop star but for the moment if he makes it in the current series of popstar to operastar on ITV then we are more than happy, anything that gets him in the charts again is good! So good luck Joe from the team here at Q:ID and all your fans are behind you 100%, go get ‘em! Visit his website and don’t forget to join his facebook and twitter groups too.

Watch Joe on popstar to operastar - Sundays on ITV



Honeycomb brings some thoughtful tweaks to the Android user interface in order to take advantage of the abundant screen space. For example, instead of the physical home and back buttons seen on Android smart phones, you’ll benefit from virtual buttons in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. The advantage of these virtual buttons over physical ones is that they move when you rotate the Xoom between

portrait and landscape orientations, so they’re always on the lower lefthand side. Alongside the home and back icons in the lower left of the screen, there’s an icon that brings up a list of thumbnails of your recently used apps. The menu button, another common sight on Android phones, has been pretty much ditched. It reappears when you’re using an app that was originally designed for phones, but Google’s own apps move the menu options to the upper right-hand corner of the screen. But above all this is a pretty impressive bit of kit with all the usability which the IPAD brought but with one immense advantage and that is its Flash compatibility. So we give this cool bit of kit a defining thumbs up for catering to our ever expanding needs.



he Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to bring Google’s Android operating system to the big screen. The presence of Android 3.0 Honeycomb means it’s dripping with sweet features, but being an early adopter has its drawbacks. Finding the right apps is tougher than it ought to be, and, despite plenty of thoughtful tweaks, Android still feels cramped in places. The 10.1-inch Xoom also feels heavy, especially compared to the wafer-thin iPad 2.






im Moss, financial expert of www., said, “It is no surprise that we are all inspired in one way or another by what we see on TV and read in magazines – and with talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent on TV at the moment, it’s sure to be this ‘screenspiration’ effect that’s influencing the nation to pursue their dreams or learn a new skill.”

Ask for a free taster lesson – it’s worth asking if your first lesson can be free, so that you can see if you enjoy it before committing to further lessons

Tim Moss’s top tips on how to pursue your hobby without breaking the bank:

Skills swap with friends and family – where possible, you may be able to agree a ‘skills swap’ with a friend or neighbour who has experience in the area you’re interested in perfecting your skills. You can agree to teach them how to dance and they teach you how to sing – you might even be able to negotiate it for free!


Shop around for offers - it really pays to shop around for deals, with the best bargains usually found online. If you are interested in taking lessons to develop singing, dancing or any other talent, explore different options online before committing. It’s useful to seek recommendations from friends or from website forums too before committing to a lesson


Block book lessons can be much cheaper if you book a number at once, or book a series of lessons for friends or family members at the same time Book early – the earlier you book, the better the chance of getting first choice for time or day of the week with an offer price or discount. Often leaving it to the last minute will see prices soar or classes being fully booked

Arrange group classes at home (where appropriate). The teacher might be willing to charge less without the expense of hiring a room

There is never really an excuse not to pursue your hobbies or follow your dream, sometimes it just takes a little bit of a push. Tim Moss has hit the nail on the head with his tips. We all do need to sometimes take that little risk and go out there and do it. So next time your planning an adventure consider what Tim Moss from has said and just go and do it, you don’t want to reach a ripe old age and regretting it now do you?





hirteen may be unlucky for some but for Jessie J its the perfect spot for this maverick singer who has not only won our hearts but also our ears as well with her Lady GaGa-esque come Katy Perry style of music. In fact she has truly stormed the charts. She has already won the double – this year’s Brits critics’ choice award and the BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll. Her unignorable debut single, the swaggering, sweary “Do it Like a Dude”, became an instant YouTube hit and charted at No 2 last Sunday, lending some weight to the hype heralding Cornish as a British challenger to Lady Gaga, Rihanna and the rest of the transatlantic solo pop female hegemony.

Having watched and heard her LIVE and we do mean LIVE she is without a doubt possibly one of the best break-through artists on the scene with stunningly powerful vocals and lets not forget an amazing performance which she does over and over again. We think that this is but the start of what will be an incredibly sparkling career and we can but sit back and see what will come out of the house of Jessie J. So keep your ears pealed for the next big hit from her, we are!


The dancehall-rawk fusion of “Do it Like a Dude” was actually written with Rihanna in mind, J has revealed. But judging from this blustery set, rescheduled from December, Jessie J is playing for even bigger stakes. Under that basque lurks a diaphragm of steel, flexing in preparation for entry into the wind-farm A-list.





hristopher Rice has been one of those few brave authors to not only write incredibly close to the social bone but also bring elements of his own personality into his works. This boldness and pioneering writer who needs no introduction but has made a strong impression on his own.

From his first novel A Density of Souls we have been captivated by his American gothic style of writing picking out elements of our lives and spinning them into sensational stories. His personal laid back approach has also earned him scores of fans, in one interview on the literary website he states that he felt that his photo sold more books than his actually book, oh Chris we so disagree! There is now doubt that being the son of legendary horror writer Anne Rice has if anything been a push in the right direction but he has by our standards earned his stripes.


He has also become a strong role model to young gay men across the world and in some cases without realising encouraged many new writers to put pen to paper and create works of their own.


For this he has earned his place solidly on this list and we feel that year on year he will be climbing it more. His impact of British culture was evident but as he matures so does his body of work and we sit back and await the next instalment of this mans body of work.





f you have never heard of these ladies let me introduce you to Dillie Keane, Liza Pulman and Adele Anderson, but together they are Fascinating Aida.

Having seen them LIVE a number of times they not only control the stage with their incredibly funny lyrics but are such a unique act that it screams TV exposure. But maybe and just maybe because of their salty lyrics maybe too much for some ears they are incredibly funny and we ask you to take a visit to their site. There position is well deserved and this is a call out to any TV producers out there, get them on TV!


They are without a doubt the funniest trio on the stage at the moment and with such hits as CHEAP FLIGHTS which if you have never heard it, you must its absolutely amazing.


The invigorating new fragrance by Marc Jacobs; infuses a fresh and new scent. Available from the majority of good stockists and a must have for this seasons gift lists.




f we could choose anything that we would call our favourite things it would involve grabbing a copy of the Theo Fennel bonded catalogue and leafing through the pages with a well charged credit card and a shopping list. And it does not end with just some of the most exquisite jewellery you can get but his range now extends to some amazing scents as well. So when you are off out wearing his exquisite diamonds you can also smell the part. But Theo is not for everyone as you can guess this all comes with an incredibly high price tag, and that’s something that not all of us can handle but we can sit back and only dream!







This outstanding bestselling novelist whose all four novels to date (Shameless, Star People, Lovers & Losers and The Gay Divorcee) have been re-printed is testament to his skill and penmanship but also he is an accomplished journalist to boot. His works not only make amazing reading but it gives us an insight into parts of our lives that we may never have even thought about, but he does it so well. He is a true inspiration to all aspiring writers and one of the great literary authors of the 21st century.


o words can do Paul Burston any justice as he is without a doubt one of those writing legends that we can expect reams and reams of amazing work over the decades, and so far he has not disappointed us at all.






f you have not met these lads yet, and believe me they do not need any introduction they are Ethan, Adam, Pob and David. Together they are Boybanned and thanks to all the emails and calls we got they have made it to the number 8 spot in this years 30 Must Haves.


As one fan put it, “The Wanted better watch out as they are right on their heels“ and we have to agree. These lads have brought a new spark to the rising stream of boy bands hitting our screens.


With a new single out on the 4th July which will without a doubt make their stamp on the UK music scene and we hope to hear their tunes all summer long and remixed countless times in clubs - that’s a hint to Tiesto, remix their work! But we guess what has made them hit this spot so early in their career has been their amazing relationship with their fans, and we applaud them for it.

Not only are they giving us amazing tunes they are also pretty sound and cool guys. We also have to say for such a new band they have hit the nail on the head with their LIVE performances and having seen them a few times they can certainly perform and know how to get the fans worked up. So we feel that they have so far earned their stripes. Now lads get that number one spot and make us all proud. And LOVESICK is an amazing track!! So everyone visit their website and get downloading.




Published by Bruno Gmunder that you cant help leaf through over and over again, and we have a very well thumbed copy here at Q:ID HQ. So if you need a new portfolio or fancy a peek at his work get in touch with him. A charming man with an eye for perfection!



az has without a doubt been one of our favourite photographers especially when it comes to our front covers his original and we stress that as there have been many Gaz imitators but we are proud to say we use the best out there. But this year also saw the launch of his new book FIGHT CLUB which catalogues some impressive pieces of work from his fight club collection and we have to say its one of those coffee table photo books.





his is without a doubt possibly Britney Spears best work ever. Even in a world where pop music is forever under more scrutiny she has pulled off an album which without compromise has shown her skills off better than ever. This album which like any pop star sometimes relies on the skills and whims of music producers and songwriters has shown her best work, even at a time when she herself was not at her best and many would struggle to fault this latest body of work from the Spears HQ.


Her previous album Circus does not even come close to touching the creative quality of this album and its testament that when you are down, your does not always suffer.


So this is Britney once again on the rise back to the stardom she once had and we all sit back to see the next instalment of her body of work. We are not going to say that this is her best work. We feel she has way more to give and we look forward to seeing what else she comes up with especially with a new single due out in days. Visit her on her website and join her FB page, its worth it.





his is most probably one of the most original ideas we have come across when it comes to soothing and relaxing ourselves throughout the day. Bloom Tea have hit the nail firmly on the head with their range of tea plans. As this company provides more than just a tea in a sachet in a lovely box, it actually gives you an entire detoxication solution in the forms of tea.

So with a selection of fragrant reawakening breakfast tea all the way to soothing caffeine free Rooibos tea in the evening this is one tea set thats a must have for every busy executive and yummy mummy who has the world on her shoulders. Give them a try and visit their website


Their blends of tea are aimed at soothing our incredibly hectic lives by creating a tea plan around our working day from breakfast all the way to the evening.





eautiful People is possibly the most most of iconic of all the gay films and most probably one of the most seen of the films out there. There are very few people who have not heard of it or have seen it, but it is a true love story and one which has stood the test of time as very few have come close, with a few exceptions out there.


It also saw one of our very first introductions to Scott Neal who went onto star in the Bill amongst other things, but he has remained that teenage heart throb who has certainly earned a place on the shelf of any gay man growing up around ten years ago.


Obviously today’s issues are completely different and what effects the youth of today certainly isn’t what was back then but still this story of two young men growing up in London exploring their first love is still poignant today so even if you are not a fan of gay love stories this is one which stays firmly in our listing of the greats. So if for some reason you have not got a copy I suggest you get one as its a masterpiece in its own right.


his young and fiery aussie fashion designer has come along from the sunny depths of Australia and given us a stunning new look at mens undies and casual attire. Tristan Rogue’s bold and eclectic designs in both underwear and t-shirts are more than we could have expected from this gutsy young designer. With a host of designs ranging from sleek to raunchy he has created a launch collection worth noticing. With his impending designs making their way to the UK we can but sit back and await them to hit our shelves. They are certainly going to wow us as he is one designer that will not allow anything to hold him back, watch out!












his is true the rock singer Mark Madison swears by this through and through, and it took us a while to agree but we have to admit after much an argument and debate it certainly is the scent to have. Possibly one of the most original bottles since Le Male by Jean-Paul Gultier, Paco Rabanne has come out with a fragrance that not only looks good and would not look out of place from a teenagers bedroom all the way to a rock stars dressing room but also has a sweet yet enticing scent to add to its glorious packaging. But this has been a fragrance which has certainly hit the mark not only in its design but also in a perfectly unique smell as well which has been described as “sex in a bottle“. Also a ladies version has also been released which has added a much needed companion to this collection of fragrances, and with future ones in the pipeline we can only expect an even better one to come. But until then lads we will be splashing out on this for our nights out and also splashing out to stock it up as you well know when lads go out on the town they don’t just settle for one squirt. If you’re going to smell good, do it properly.





ubbing your eyes we see, looking at the name and then the photo and thinking to yourself where have you seen him before, well you are right. This is QBoy all grown up and bringing a complete new vibe to his portfolio of music.

Here at Q:ID we have been a massive fan of QBoy for years and he would hate us to say this but we have grown up listening to his tracks but like many singers do, he has certainly come of age and is embarking on strong new material while keeping his principles of music which has made him a firm favourite from the main stage all the way to New York, his talents are far reaching.

But as we mentioned above as time has gone on musically so has he. with a set of new music coming out soon and some impressive material is on its way we can sit back and know that this writier, producer and DJ is going to bring us more than he has ever before so sit back and click on the link below to find out whats happening and remember, QBoy did lead the way when it came openly gay lyrics in the music scene like Pet Shop Boys before him! Party Girl is rather funky too!


But we cant forget the past, as QBoy he was one of the first openly gay UK rappers who was unashamedly outspoken about his sexuality which featured not only in editorial but also in his body of work which reached out to a lot of us growing up in a time when it was not such an openly discussed topic.








e can hear you asking yourself how did this independent purveyor of sex toys and DVD’s end up beating the likes of Ann Summers, CloneZone and the likes, well quite simply because a load of you and we do mean a huge amount of you asked for it to be. Yes we have placed an independent sex shop on the list because its something which has been near enough wiped off most high streets but here they are trading as usual and offering everything that they can to spice up our lives in the boudoir. But what makes Lovecare so special is not that they sell sex toys and frilly undies, no not at all. Its because they cater for everyone and we mean everyone. It does not mater about sexuality, tastes, kinks or anything like that, you will find something in Lovecare for everyone’s tastes and that’s what made them special in our eyes. Based in Reading on the Oxford Road and you certainly can not miss them as they are right next door to a Mosque, and how is that for cosy relations - but it works and seems that the people who run it have the right idea. If you fancy a bit of fun you don’t need to find a specialist shop, when everything is under one roof. So don’t be embarrassed about the most natural thing about us humans, go and have a peek and enjoy yourselves, they are more than happy to find what gets you going!


photo: Jeremy Scott




There is a side to him that does not always get seen and when we featured him in an article about the film Uncle David with the legendary David Hoyle we received a plethora of emails and saw how popular this man is. He is incredibly talented and we stand by that, not for everyone but then again some of the best things are not for everyone are they. Take a peek into his world!


shley Ryder has been one of those men that will be later in his life known as a legend of his craft. Not to everyone’s taste but he is certainly tasty but more than that this successful porn star is more than just that.





adies, calm & compose yourselves and gents, you also! Since our Issue 4 cover lad Jason hit the press he has been somewhat pursued by a few London modelling agencies. And well done to him, our motto is if you’ve got it, then by all means flaunt it and Jason albeit very modestly has been.


With growing interesting and his portfolio doing the rounds its going to come to crunch time soon on which big brand is going to take this young man onto their international books, we sort of have an idea but we promised not to say but honestly its a bit obvious really.


Jason grabbed an awesome 35,000 hits on his first ever photoshoot and being under two incredibly hot lamps and still remaining composed, he has done pretty well. This ultra defined and standing at 6’1” young man at just 19 has gathered fans on both sides of the Atlantic and we hope to see great things. Here is the start of a promising future with model scouts circling and agents eagerly clicking their pens 2011 is looking pretty strong from the young man from Berkshire.





ooka, if you love quirky, bright, funny watches this is certainly the brand for you.

They are all pretty funky in their designs and the unique style of having to read the time in itself is a talking point. This New York design agency has created one of the most diverse sets of watches and each one is incredibly “different“. So if you are the type that loves something incredibly different and you want to stand out in a crowd, these little gems are the perfect wrist match for you


If you’re after a simple two handed watch this brand will stretch you to the next level as it is far from the simple facia you would be used to.





ove or hate them these two cheeky energetic twins have truly stuck their middle fingers up at their critics. Ok they are not the best singers, but get these boys on stage and they can perform their monies worth through and through.


From X-Factor and neatly rescued by Louis Walsh they have come along and been a strong force to be reckoned with. Including wowing us at this years Eurovision as the Irish entry and their impressive antincs on stage and their video for LIPSTICK is actually pretty funny and well worth the watch.



So for these wacky and fun loving twins we definitely think that in the following years they will rise up this list but for this year you guys put them in for their fun loving and for being completely bonk-

And you know what, for us it works pretty well so support these guys as they are pretty cool and impressive. Well done Louis, good show!

Q:ID Magazine has recently joined the world of twitter and our numbers are going up but we need more of you to join us so we can get some amazing competitions to you which are only done on twitter. Here at Q:ID it does not end with the magazine - it spills onto twitter and with some amazing prizes and events that only get publicised on there, please join us. - and get talking







FOR THE GIRLS Look what we found girls this gorgeous little USB key from Swarovski and Philips. Not only is it glitteringly beautiful with their gorgeous crystals but it also comes in a variety of different storage sizes as well. So now you don’t ever need to go out without your favourite USB key and look a dork when you can have this gorgeous item dangling from whatever you like. Also we hear that soon you will be able to commission your own designs so just wait for that, you will be the belle of the ball with this little number!






Coming in the next issue

out 10th April 2011

In the next issue we have a brilliant interview with the reformed QBoy now all grown up and with a complete new image and re born as SAM LEMANS and get down with the man we have followed since the first time he sung and became that original trail blazer. We also have an in depth interview with undies fashion designer Tristan Rogue and look at his out of this world and on the edge designer undies. Also in the next issue we profile the best hotels for you to stay in and also give you our tips on spotting the best places to eat and stay. We see the return of Kraig Harris and his amazing food tips and antics. Also filled with some amazing prizes for you and a few new writers also we hope you will enjoy the next issue. Subscribe online to have the magazine delivered into your inbox weeks before it goes officially online. Have a brilliant time, and see you all soon. Q:ID Magazine


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