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Sale Day Phones

Welcome Cattle Enthusiasts:

We would like to thank our friends in the business for their interest in our program. This offering includes a set of cattle that are as diversified of a group that will sell this year. Our approach to the business is straight forward, produce sound, functional cattle with a middle of the road approach therefore over the long haul they will withstand the turbulent economic swings and invariably make money for not only us but our customers as well. Our year after year high percent customer return rate consistently over 65% is a testament to the success of these cattle. We run a large genetic program to take the guess work out for you and we back up your purchases with the Mid Continent Farms guarantee. These females nor their mothers are pampered and are top cut, predictable livestock. The offering includes both Donor and Show Prospects, Four outstanding Herd Bull Prospects, some very select Embryo Packages, and one outstanding Flush will round out this offering. Pay close attention to the notes and announcements. If you have any questions direct them to the Family or Sales Staff. This auction will be on live internet feed with a connection at the Fall Classic to assist our Texas friends. Best of luck with your purchases and we hope you enjoy these cattle as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

The Stewarts

Mid Continent Farms

Mid Continent Farms Gregg Stewart & Family 400 E. College


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Sale Staff

Gregg, Debbie, Garrett, Brig &Tucker Stewart-----------785.325.2089 Kent Stewart --------------------------------------------------- 979.777.7919 Kevin Wendt ------------------------------------Auctioneer 419.566.1599 Eric DeBorde-------------------------------------------------214-537-9963 Guy Peverly ----------------------------------------------High Plains Journal Andrew Sylvester---------------------------------------Kansas Stockman Randy Rasby --------------------------------------------------Livestock Plus Justin Stout --------------------------------------------The Stock Exchange John Boddicker ------------------------------American Maine-Anjo Assn.

Sale Location

The Top Cut Female Sale will beheld at the Farmers Livestock Auction in Washington, KS. The sale facility is located on the west edge of Washington on Hwy 36.


Kansas City International Airport is 2 1/2 hours from Washington & Lincoln Nebraska is 1 1/2 hours away.

Absent Bidding

Contact the farm or any of the sale staff prior to the sale to leave a bid or to be contacted during the sale. Live internet auction service will be available through LIVEAUCTIONS.TV.


Mid-Continent Farms will stand behind your purchases 100%. All cattle will sell under the suggested terms and conditions of their respective breed association.


Insurance will be available for your purchases on sale day at the clerks table.


Genetic Tests will be available sale day. We retain the rights to one flush or half of two successful flushes on all females selling. We are retaining one half interest in a select few females that will be available in a supplement sheet on sale day.

Online Bidding

LIVEAUCTIONS.TV will provide real time bidding. Live Audio and Video will allow buyers to bid on animals just as if they were present at the sale. A buyer account must be created prior to the sale. Go to www. or contact Brad Fahrmeier directly at brad@liveauctions. tv or 816.932.9241 for more details and information.

Dam of Lot 1

Lot 1

¾ Maine • 5.04.10 • Scurred • BW: 90 • Tattoo: MCF16X

MCF Miss Business Buffy 34x ET Dr. Who Strictly Business MCF Total Control MCF Buffy (MacDaddy x Plaza)

Dr. Business MCF Lil Buffy

Four Donors in a row back up the maternal pedigree of this awesome female and she may be the Fifth. She will show and better yet produce!!

Lot 2

Maintainer • 6.2.10 • Polled • BW: 85 • Tattoo: MCF20X

MCF Miss Business 54xH 3197 ET

Dr. Business MCF Miss Horny 54xH

Dr. Who Strictly Business MCF Horny Or32E MCF Zeus 54CX

As much promise as any heifers in the sale!! Her Dam does it again and again and again!!! No brainer here. Buy her, Buy her, Buy her! Full sister to MCF Salty Dog. Maternal sister to Killer Instinct and Super Stock.

Super Stock Salty Dog

Killer Instinct

Lot 3

¾ Maine • 5.14.10 • Polled • BW: 87 • Tattoo: MCF 19X

MCF Miss Business Ashley

Dr. Business MCF Ms Payoff Ashley 8850N

Dr. Who Strictly Business MCF Payoff LLND Ashley (Dam of Witch Doctor)

This one will WOW you. As much maternal depth as any around. Several Breed Greats in her pedigree with Show Stopper Good Looks!!

Lot 4

¾ Maine • 5.2.10 • Polled • BW: 85 • Tattoo: 75X

Miss In Control 50X

MCF In Control MCF Miss Dandy X30

MCF Total Control LLND Ashley Double Dandy X30 (Cunia Son)

Stunning is the word that comes to mind with 50X. Not only do champions run in her bloodline, but she is an elegant fronted, stout made female that if handled correctly is destined to hang banners. If you are in it to win it now, as well as in the future, the heifer is the standout kind. Her Dam produced the feature red heifer last year (a full sister) that sold to Enlow Ranch in Oklahoma. The X30 cow family shows up continuously in successful pedigrees nationwide.

Lot 5

¾ Maine • 4.12.10 • Polled • BW: 87 • Tattoo: 89X

Miss In Control 54X

MCF In Control MCF Miss Kadabra 54

MCF Total Control LLND Ashley Kadabra Fear This x Draft Pick

Beautiful side view pattern with plenty of performance. Great Show Prospect with a cow type productive pedigree!!

MCF In Control

Lot 6

Purebred Maine • 4.24.10 • Polled • BW: 65 • Tattoo: MCF 72X

Miss Boss Hogg Or16X

MCF Boss Hogg MCF Miss Control Or16

Legacy Plus MCF Buffy (MacDaddy x Plaza) MCF Total Control By Jolt

Predictability and Show Appeal. Her young Dam is already a producer of Champions!!! This one will be a buy at any price!!!

Lot 7

Maternal sib to Lot 6, Many time Champion Charolais by MCF Hoo Bear

Maintainer • 3.28.10 • Polled • BW: 72 • Tattoo: MCF91X

MCF Miss Boss Hogg 33X

MCF Boss Hogg JSAR Miss Enterprise 290M

Legacy Plus MCF Buffy (MacDaddy x Plaza) JSAR Enterprise 290 (OCC Enterprise) By OCC Doctor

A straight up half blood out of a very production oriented JSAR cow. Stacked Ohlde pedigree with two of Ohlde’s power cows up close in her family tree. The MCF Maine Anjou X JSAR Registered Angus = SUCCESS!!

Lot 8

Purebred Maine • 5.27.10 • Polled • BW: 70 • Tattoo: MCF32X

MCF Miss Boss Hog 45X

MCF Boss Hogg MCF Miss MacDaddy 45L

Legacy Plus MCF Buffy (MacDaddy x Plaza) MCF MacDaddy By Polled Premier

A younger, greener Purebred Maine with loads of potential. Lots of future in this stylish female with a stacked lineage. NOTE the low birth weight on these Boss Hogg females.

Lot 9

Maintainer • 4.29.10 • Polled • BW: 75 • Tattoo: MCF84X

MCF Miss Dracula 5223X MCF Total Control MCF Buffy (MacDaddy x Plaza) JSAR Angus JSAR Angus

MCF Dracula MCF 5223

What a big ended and versatile female. Not only did her commercial JSAR mother raise the heck out of her but her sire Dracula stomped a muscular look that’s getting harder and harder to find. A muscular, cocky look with strong maternal capabilities.

Lot 10 MCF Miss Dracula Deb’s Girl 17X

Purebred Maine • 6.17.10 • Polled • BW: 89 • Tattoo: MCF51X

MCF Dracula

MCF Miss Plus Debs Girl 17

MCF Total Control MCF Buffy (MacDaddy x Plaza) Power Plus Debbies Girl RW71C

Time tested cow families showcase Lot 10. Her dam by Power Plus is a maternal sister to Hard Core’s sire, Real Deal, MacDaddy, and Deliverance. Her sire combines Ashley and Plaza in his stellar pedigree. So you have LLND Ashley, Plaza, Pannell 5072, 7H, Debbie, and Debs Girl 71C all within generations of Miss Dracula 17X. Where can you find cow power like this. Bred for productivity without sacrificing muscle!!

Lot 11

¾ Maine • 5.22.10 • Polled • BW: 79 • Tattoo: MCF80X

MCF Miss Deliverance 16X

MCF Deliverance MCF Miss Plus 16P

MCF Payoff Debbies Girl RW71C Power Plus By MCF Full Boar x Bold Ruler

We’ve thought all summer that this is the best Maine heifer we’ve raised in a long while. Again a stacked pedigree with stellar cow families including MCF Romeo’s Dam. The 16’s have been amongst the best cows on our place. Future Donor Potential Here!!!

Lot 12

Maintainer • 4.9.10 • Polled • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCF60X

MCF Miss Deliverance 82X

MCF Deliverance MCF Miss Species 82

MCF Payoff Debbies Girl RW71C MCF Endangered Species Houck Simmental

We sold ½ interest in MCF Deliverance to Maverick Ranch and Tony Austin for fall use. We feel Deliverance is the best bull yet of the Debs Girl Son’s. Her sons have made a huge impact here and nationwide. 82X is as stout and sound as any in the offering with a notable Endangered Species Dam.

Lot 13

Maintainer • 6.4.10 • Horned • BW: 72 • Tattoo: MCF78X

MCF Miss Deliverance 10X

MCF Deliverance MCF Miss Dandy 10

MCF Payoff Debbies Girl RW71C Double Dandy MCF Miss Cub 2556J (Cub x 116)

Club Calf Mamma or Maine Anjou base cow. You can’t go wrong here. Her Dam is a full sister in blood to Rattler and a maternal sib to Hoo Too and the Grand Steer at Fort Worth!!

Lot 14

¾ Maintainer • 4.24.10 • Polled • BW: 89 • Tattoo: MCF77X

MCF Miss Plus 41X

MCF Mr Plus E2BK MCF Miss Control 41P

Brother to Lot 13 Dam

Lot 15

¾ Maine • 5.3.10 • Polled • BW: 72 • Tattoo: MCF39X

MCF Miss Fast Track 401

Fast Track MCF Miss Specialist 401

Boss Western Union 37L KKLM Lois 801H MCF Specialist Pannell Angus

Show Heifer or Base Brood Cow. No question this one is a combination type female. Don’t let this one slip through the cracks.

Power Plus Grizz x Cunia MCF Total Control By Cunia

The best of Power Plus Genetics in a red package. Everyone is becoming very aware of the powerful genetic punch that the Power Plus females carry. Ask anyone who has Power Plus daughters and they will confirm that they are some of their very best producers.

Lot 16 Bojo

Buck Maine

Maintainer • 3.15.10 • Polled • BW: 87

Miss Bojo Ali By Alias Power Plus Maine Angus

Big Time Show Heifer Prospect!! Dog gentle, massive body shape, and in condition to go tomorrow.

Lot 1 7 MCF Miss Ring of Fire N34X 27 ET Chianina/Charolais Composite • 4.3.10 • Scurred • BW: 78 • Tattoo: MCFS12X

MCF Ring of Fire MCF Hoo Doo 27

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon Hoo Doo Son Purebred Charolais

Lot 18

Chianina/Charolais Composite • 4.10.10 • Horned • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCFS18X

MCF Miss Ring of Fire 40X 27 ET

MCF Ring of Fire MCF Hoo Doo 27

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon Hoo Doo Son Purebred Charolais

Lot 19MCF Miss Ring of Fire 107X 27 ET Chianina/Charolais Composite • 3.20.10 • Scurred • BW: 75 • Tattoo: MCFS64X

MCF Ring of Fire MCF Hoo Doo 27

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon Hoo Doo Son Purebred Charolais

These three sisters Lot 17, 18, and 19 are an opportunity to tap into our very strongest Charolais Genetics. Their full brothers averaged just shy of $5000 in our fall steer sale. Take your pick as they are as good as you will find. Keep in mind that the National Champion Charolais Steer’s since the arrival of Hoo Doo Crook 9010 have carried his genetics consistently. NOTE the low birth weight for Heat Wave Genetics. Buy with confidence.

Our high selling Charolais Steer is a full brother to lot 17, 18 and 19

Hoo Bear Lot 20

Chianina/Charolais Composite • 5.15.10 • Polled • BW: 82 • Tattoo: MCFS28X

MCF Miss Hoo Bear 3194X

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss Hoo Doo 3194

MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) Hoo Doo Crook 9010 By Full Boar

Show and maternal at their very best. Double Bred Hoo Doo Crook 9010 works every time. No Charolais sire has had as big of an impact on our business than Hoo Doo. The minute we saw him in Denver he hit us hard. To have predicted his success would have been impossible. This female is his genetics at their very best and her mother went straight to the donor pen after this female was born.

Lot 21

Chianina/Charolais Composite • 5.17.10 • Scurred • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCFS42X

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss 640

MCF Miss Hoo Bear 640R MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) MOJO Simmental Angus


This one is cool. Bred similar to the Brandon Bird 898 Donor. She reminds us of her as well. Maybe stouter boned and hairier!

Lot 22

Chi-Maine/Charolais Composite • 4.20.10 • Polled • BW: 90 • Tattoo: MCFS1X

MCF Miss Hoo Bear 3199X

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss Plus 3199

MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) Power Plus By Mack x Simmental

Hoo Bear x Power Plus. 3199 cows have been very functional and low maintenance for us. Based off 3199X’s look and pedigree, I have a sneaking suspicion this one might make an advertisement as the buy of this sale and a super producer later.

Lot 23

Charolais X • 4.2.10 • Polled • BW: 75 • Tattoo: MCFS2X

MCF Miss Hoo Bear 4837X

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss War Paint 4837

MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) MCF War Paint Angus

The Hoo Doo x Warhorse combination works. 4837 has cow written all over here. Another success story is waiting to be written!!

Lot 24

Charolais X • 4.28.10 • Polled • BW: 78 • Tattoo: MCFS70X

MCF Miss Hoo Bear H33RTX MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) JSAR Mr. Doctor By Power Plus x Simmental

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss H33RT

Big time Maternal Genetics. Grand dam was hand picked from 100 of Robert Carlson and Joe Hiltgens replacement females. This feminine, smooth look with stout genetics is hard to produce.

Dallas Lot 25

Charolais X • 4.9.10 • Polled • BW: 77 • Tattoo: MCFS25X

MCF Miss Dallas 621 478 ET

MCF Hoo Too MCF Miss Cannon 478

Hoo Doo Crook 9010 MCF Miss Cub 2556J (Cub x 116) MCF Cannon MCF 2875 (Epinal)

A full sister to our Promotional Sire Lot 300 Dallas. She stands on her own. Triple bred 116, low birth weight genetics. As much cow potential as any to sell this year!!!

Full Brother Sells at Lot 300

Lot 26

Hoo Too

Charolais X • 3.2.10 • Scurred • BW: 82 •Tattoo: MCFS43X

Miss Hoo Too 41X

MCF Hoo Too MCF Miss Species O32

Hoo Doo Crook 9010 MCF Miss Cub 2556J (Cub x 116) MCF Endangered Species By Mack x Cunia

Miss Species O32 has made a consistent solid producer for Rod Furrow. Hard to go wrong with this much cow power and maternal depth.

Lot 27

Milk Money MCF 266

Charolais X • 3.4.10 • Polled • BW: 85 • Tattoo: MCFS53X

MCF Miss Milk Money 266X Milkman Full Flush 602 Simmental JSAR Angus

Stout and muscular. The 602 Genetics are as popular as it gets and the 266 cow family produced a high seller to Bush Angus in our Angus Production Sale.

Lot 28

Charolais Composite/Shorthorn Plus • 3.15.10 • Scurred • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCF29X

MCF Miss Covershot 32X

Excellerator MCF Miss Double Date 306

ABC Ponderoso By Sparrows Madrid Double Date Purebred Shorthorn

WOW!! Charolais Composite Deluxe. 32X is a classic example of what your herd bull will do on an MCF female. Enough Said!!!

358 Donor Dam of Lot 30. The calf is a $7500 3/4 brother to

Lot 30.

Lot 29

Purebred Shorthorn • 4.9.10 • Scurred • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCF65X

MCF Miss Copperhead 84X Gringo

MCF Copperhead MCF Miss Gringo 84

MCF Miss Iron Horse 102 (Full sister to Warhorse) Gringo Double Bred Double Dandy

Beautiful profile, sound, and as pretty and feminine as you can make one. Double bred Gringo for consistency and out of a past Show Heifer.

Lot 30 MCF Miss Copperhead 358 840X ET Appendix Shorthorn • 4.3.10 • Polled • BW: 90 •Tattoo: MCF7X

MCF Copperhead

Miss Covino II 358

Gringo MCF Miss Iron Horse 102 (Full sister to Warhorse) Covino III Maine

Stout, big bellied, and sound, what more do you need! This female is that dual edge sword, Show heifer on one side, Cow Power on the other. Copperhead’s phenotype is definitely coming out in this one. If you are a serious in the Shorthorn business, take note! 840 is an ET female that is sibs to many successful progeny.

Lot 31

Purebred Shorthorn • 4.2.10 • Polled • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCF27X

MCF Miss Copperhead

MCF Copperhead MCF Miss Roan Horse Son 1692


Lot 32

MCF Miss Iron Horse 102 (Full sister to Warhorse)

Roan Horse 1692 Shorthorn/Maine

Another great Copperhead descendent. She is a functional, soft centered female that will definitely add value to any herd. Don’t overlook this quality female.

MCF Copperhead Miss Hollywood

Shorthorn Plus • 3.30.10 • Scurred • BW: 84

Miss Copperhead 124X

Gringo MCF Miss Iron Horse 102 (Full sister to Warhorse) Hollywood (Doc Holiday) Angus/Maine

Shorthorn Plus….Yes! Killer picture….Yes! A favorite of Judging Teams….Yes! What more needs to be said about this female. She surely exemplifies the quality and consistency that Copperhead has produced this year.

Lot 33

Purebred Shorthorn • 4.11.10 • Horned • BW: 75 • Tattoo: MCF56X

MCF Miss Dandy Sassy 213 ET

Double Dandy MCF Sassy

Double Stuff Purebred Maine Gizmo Elbee Dorothy

OLD School!! A full sister to a past high selling shorthorn steer for Cody Show Cattle having maternal genetics and a show steer producing look is a hard combination to come by.

Lot 34

Purebred Shorthorn • 5.2.10 • Polled • BW: 79 • Tattoo: MCF10X

MCF Miss Jazz Ashley 35T

Jakes Proud Jazz MCF Miss Roan Horse Ashley

Jakes Proud Leader Jakes Jazzy Roan Horse 1692 Payoff Ashley

This smooth, shapely made female is just another testament to the great Ashley Cow. She sure does have the right pieces to produce marketable calves just like her Grand dam. Don’t miss the opportunity on this breeding potential. She combines just the right amount of muscle with femininity.

Lot 35

Shorthorn Plus • 4.7.10 • Scurred • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCF31X

MCF Miss Jazz Ashley 19 T ET

Jakes Proud Jazz MCF Miss Payoff Ashley

Jakes Proud Leader Jakes Jazzy Payoff LLND Ashley

The marketability of 19T’s calves are endless. Her clean pedigree and stellar parentage make her a perfect cross for todays popular genetics. Mate her with a Charolais, Heatwave Sons, or shorthorns and wait for the cash. Her extra muscle in a maternal lineage is a recipe for Cow Power!! She is so dark red she almost appears purple.

Lot 36 Rooster


Shorthorn Plus • 5.21.10 • Scurred • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCF37X

MCF Miss Rooster M24X Nugget Nuggets Sister Jolt Son Epinal

Work smarter, not harder! If this female turns out like her sister, watch out. Her sister is working great for the Voboril Family Land and Cattle and we see this female upholding the family traditions. She has that cowy look matched with a gentle disposition. Be sure to mark this Rooster daughter on sale day.

Paint The Town

Lot 37

Shorthorn Plus • 5.2.10 • Polled • BW: 78 • Tattoo: MCF5X

MCF Miss Paint The Town 50X

MCF Paint The Town JSAR Miss Hot Rod

Gringo MCF 100 Epinal x Plaza’s Dam Gambles Hot Rod By OCC Doctor

Show Heifer, Cow Power, starting to sound like a broken record. I don’t know how you can get one this stout in a genetic clean pedigree make up. Pay attention to this one for sure.

Lot 38

Shorthorn Plus • 4.4.10 • Polled • BW: 79 • Tattoo: MCF54X

MCF Miss Paint The Town 847X

MCF Paint The Town MCF Miss Species X30 847T

Gringo MCF 100 Epinal x Plaza’s Dam MCF Endangered Species x Jane 6 By Final Link

Combining Great Cow Families is our forte. Jane 6, X30, MCF 100, and Frye 255 all show up in this loud marked maternal GEM.

Lot 39

Shorthorn Plus • 5.1.10 • Polled • BW: 79 • Tattoo:MCF35X

MCF Miss Sinful 407X


MCF Miss Specialist 407

Double Dandy By Gizmo MCF Specialist Pannell Maine

She may be the only Sinful in the offering, but she can hold her own. She is a sound, wide pinned female that will be easy to keep. Many Sinful females are having their impact in many operations, why not make this one work for you!

Lot 40

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.18.10 • Scurred • BW: 70 • Tattoo: MCFS49X

MCF Miss Instinct Buffy ET

MCF Killer Instinct MCF Buffy

MCF Cobra MCF Miss Horny 54xH MCF MacDaddy MCF Plaza

Lot 41

It’s not hard to find this one when you walk in the pen. Her Dam owned with Terry Warner of Texas is as a powerful producer as any we’ve raised. Owning a sister to several Top Selling progeny and Top Herd Bulls is an economic Bonus.

Shorthorn Plus • 5.17.10 • Polled • BW: 75 • Tattoo: MCF49X

MCF Miss Hoo bear 334X

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss Roan Horse

MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) MCF Roan Horse Purebred Shorthorn

This is a maternal sister to the Gaughan Family’s successfully shown Shorthorn Steer. Tremendous potential with this one.

Maternal Sib to Lot 41 Sired by Sinful

Lot 42

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.24.10 • Polled • BW: 78 • Tattoo: MCFS67X

MCF Miss Hoo Bear 7X

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss Grizz 7

MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) Grizz (Angus) Maine Cow

Pay attention here. 7x is as well built as any in the offering. Her mother always brings in a good one too.

Hoo Bear

Lot 43

Chianina/Maintainer • 6.2.10 • Polled • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCFS34X

MCF Miss Hoo Hoo 74X

MCF Hoo Hoo MCF Miss Paddy O’Mally 74

MCF Hoo Bear Strictly Business x Went 102 Paddy O’Mally Simmental

Up fronted with the look. Her interesting pedigree twist should yield Show Calves!!

Lot 44

Chianina/Maintainer • 3.30.10 • Polled • BW: 90 • Tattoo: MCFS76X

MCF Miss Hoo Hoo 63X

MCF Hoo Hoo MCF Miss Cobra 63

MCF Hoo Bear Strictly Business x Went 102 MCF Cobra MCF 500G (Mr Incredible x Apple

Genetic Power House. Wents Supermom, Georgina, and 500G, all up close in the pedigree. She’s a red carrier to boot so she’ll produce those highly sought after colored steers.

Lot 45

Chianina • 5.3.10 • Polled • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCFS50X

MCF Miss Ring of Fire RD3L ET

MCF Ring of Fire MCF Miss Flush RD 3L

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon Full Flush MCF Miss Cub 2556J (Cub x 116)

Full sib to our high selling steers last year referred to as the Threesome. Put a halter on her or go straight to the donor pen. Whatever you decide this one will write her own success story.

Grand Champion Steer 2004 Fort Worth Full Brother to Dam of Lot 45

Lot 47 Lot 46

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.17.10 • Scurred • BW: 81 • Tattoo: 62X

MCF Miss Ring of Fire 53T

MCF Ring of Fire MCF Miss Total Control 3194

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon MCF Total Control MCF Full Boar 3194

Chianina • 4.30.10 • Polled • BW: 89 • Tattoo: MCFS14X

MCF Miss Ring of Fire 102/13 36X ET

MCF Ring of Fire MCF Miss Business 102/13

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon Strictly Business Went 102 Supermom

¾ sib to our Powerful Bull LOT 150, MCF Heated Business. Another ¾ sister in blood was the successfully shown Miller heifer that won the Prospect Heifer Show in Denver and many other shows thereafter. Lot 47 is smaller and stout but nearly perfect built!

Big Time Show Prospect. Sound and smooth with plenty of power. Strong cow family that’s the same as LOT 20’s Donor Dam.

Lot 47 is a 3/4 Sib to Lot 150 Heated Business

Lot 48

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.28.10 • Polled • BW: 75 • Tattoo:

MCF Miss Ring of Fire 1X

MCF Ring of Fire Taylor Maine Cow

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon Maine Angus

Ring of Fire stamps his progeny. This cool one is no exception

Lot 49

Chianina • 4.30.10 • Scurred • BW: 85 • Tattoo: MCFS23X

MCF Miss Ring of Fire 51X

MCF Ring of Fire Taylor Maine Cow

Heat Wave By MCF Cannon Maine Angus

Point in Case. Ring of Fires look alike.

Lot 50

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.24.10 • Polled • BW: 103 • Tattoo: MCFS82X

MCF Miss Land Shark 507X

MCF Land Shark MCF Miss Romeo 507

Heat Wave Full sister to Play Ray MCF Romeo (Jolt) MCF Miss 507 (Goldstream 2T)

Do not miss the two next baldy Land Shark Females that are ¾ sisters. These two have the substance and look to get ‘r done. Check out LOT 50’s maternal sib in the bred offering.

Lot 51

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.4.10 • Polled • BW: 85 • Tattoo: MCFS26X

MCF Miss Land Shark 507LPX

MCF Land Shark MCF Miss Plus 507

Heat Wave Full sis to Play Ray Power Plus By Romeo x Goldstream 2T

Stout, stout baldy with the Competitive Look. Don’t ever second guess those Power Plus Females. They are the talk of the business.

Lot 52

Chianina/Maintainer • 3.29.10 • Polled • BW: 70 • Tattoo: MCFS33X

MCF Miss Land Shark Gr 10X

MCF Land Shark MCF Miss Jolt Gr10

Heat Wave Full sis to Play Ray Jolt Son JSAR Angus

This one should not leave. It was quite a wild ride for Tucker and this heifers brother that he won State Fair with. Here we go again, Cowy yet Stout!!

2006 Kansas State Fair Grand Champion Steer Maternal Brother to Lot 52

Lot 53

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.1.10 • Polled • BW: 80 • Tattoo: MCF45X

MCF Miss Land Shark 3194X

MCF Land Shark MCF Miss Payoff Or3 3194

Heat Wave Full sis to Play Ray Payoff Or3 By MCF Full Boar x Jolt

Lot 54

Heat Wave Habby Full Sis

Long level hip, extra look and hair show case this Land Shark Female out of a past Show Heifer. The 3194’s show up frequently and are associated with High Quality Females in this catalog

Chianina • 4.26.10 • Polled • BW: 91

Miss Heat Wave 488X BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Fawl MA x AN x CA Habanero By Sweet Willie

A Show Heifer from the get go. We picked this one up from Dave Strolberg and thought she was the pick of the heifers there. Famous cow family as well.

Lot 55

Heat Wave MCF Miss 501

Chianina • 4.17.10 • Polled • BW: 89 • Tattoo: 4X

Miss Heat Wave 36X ET BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Maine x Angus x Chianina MCF Black Rhino 116 By Goldstream 2T

This one ought to be a steer but it’s amazing how feminine she still is. From a very consistent flush from Rod Furrow. Past High Sellers and Producing Cows.

Lot 56

Chianina • 4.17.10 • Scurred • BW: 83 • Tattoo: MCFS46X

MCF Miss Milkman 898 24x ET


MCF Miss Warhorse 898

Heat Wave Charolais MCF Hoo Too By Warhorse

Donor potential here. The 898 cow has not missed and Lot 56 is no exception. Production will not be an issue with 24X.

Many Time Champion $25,500 Steer Full Sib to Lot 56

Lot 57

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.1.10 • Polled • BW: 94 • 101X

Miss Monopoly 101X

Monopoly MCF Miss Control 101

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Angus MCF Total Control By JSAR Doctor 247

There is no question that Monopoly calves have been highlights this year, and this heifer is no exception. She has the bone, do ability, and look in a smooth muscle pattern to make her have success in the Showring while becoming a powerful cow. Take note of her Cherry Red Color. It grabs your attention.

Lot 58

Chianina • 5.21.10 • Polled • BW: 89 • Tattoo: MCFS 30X

MCF Miss Big $ Rich 34P

BHCS Heat Seeker 23 DOHL Foxy Flush OCC Doctor MCF Miss Iron Horse 102 (Full sis to Warhorse) By JSAR Doctor 247

Big $ Rich

She’s got the look and pedigree to get it done. Her Dam is a full sister to Tucker’s multiple Champion Heifer Docy Doc.

Lot 59

Chianina/Maintainer • 5.22.10 • Polled • BW: 78 • Tattoo: MCFS36X

MCF Miss Big $ Rich 483X

Big $ Rich MCF Miss After Shock 483

BHCS Heat Seeker 23 DOHL Foxy Flush After Shock Maine

A maternal sister was a High Seller last year. Another one like this one and her Dam is going to the Donor Pen.

Lot 60

Chianina/Maintainer • 6.2.10 • Polled • BW: 70 • Tattoo: MCF73X

Big $ Rich MCF Miss 572

MCF Miss Big $ Rich 572X Heat Seeker Frye 255 Full Flush Legacy Plus By Draft Pick

Big $ Rich daughters are doing a great job! Our 2nd High Selling Charolais Steer was by a Big $ Rich Dam. Big $ Rich is a full brother to Money Talks and Final Link. This one’s Dam is out of our pick of the Pannell Draft Picks in their Maine-Anjou Dispersion.

Lot 61

Chianina/Maintainer • 5.10.10 • Polled • BW: 72 • Tattoo: MCF79X

MCF Miss Cobra 54xH 56X ET

MCF Cobra MCF Miss Horny 54xH

MCF Warhorse JSAR Queen (Georgina) Horny Son By Zeus (Sugar Ray)

Best one yet – Cool - Red Color - Extra Hairy and Cowy middled – Bred to Produce.

Salty Dog

Super Stock

Super Stock and Killer Instict - Full Sibs to Lot 61 and Salty Dog Maternal Sib

Lot 62

Chianina • 3.28.10 • Polled • BW: 85 • Tattoo: MCF83X

MCF Miss Cobra 5469 5X ET

MCF Cobra MCF Miss Cub 116 5469

MCF Warhorse JSAR Queen (Georgina) Cub MCF 116 (Cunia)

The most prolific cow on the place is 5469. Lots of bred maternal sisters sell in the bred offering and no matter what bull they look the same!

Killer Instinct

Lot 63

Chianina • 4.24.10 • Polled • BW: 75 • Tattoo: MCFS88X

MCF Miss Cage Fighter R96X Full Flush MCF x30 (Cunia Son)

MCF Cage Fighter JSAR Commercial Angus

The Cage Fighter X30 influence will make this one work as a solid producer.

Lot 64

Commercial • 4.10.10 • Polled • BW: 85 • Tattoo: MCF57X

MCF Miss Rodman 129X

JSAR Mr Rodman 39 MCF Miss EXT 63

War Hall of Fame 108 JSAR Miss Ferd 50 39 JSAR Mr EXT 63 By War Paint x Payoff

Jack fronted – Made Perfect – Granddam is doing a stellar Job for Voboril Land and Cattle.

Lot 65

HAA Bold Move Alexander Spot

Maintainer • 4.15.10 • Polled • BW: 85 • 82X

WAC Peppermint 82X Sooner Hartman Maine Cow Simmental Angus

This Red Baldie is soggy, Stout with Bred in Cow Power. Dam raised two time Reserve Maintainer Missouri State Fair, Reserve Division Junior Nationals, and a Class Winner at The American Royal.

Lot 66

Registered Angus • 3.3.10 • Polled • BW: 70 • Tattoo: 61X

JSAR Miss Maverick 15MTX

BC Maverick 2702 ET JSAR Miss Bando 1029 15MT

OCC Emblazon 854E Gibbert Hill Mignonne E37 SAV 5175 Bando 1029 JSAR Miss War Ext 765 15DM

Much like Topgun, Maverick is not flying under the radar. This lone Maverick female truly shows why we are excited about this sire. She is the stoutest Angus Heifer in the offering combined with a sound moderate package. She is the kind that will make you money. ( Even Goose can find this one) AAA#Pending

Lot 67

Registered Angus • 3.5.10 • Polled • BW: 70 • Tattoo: 69X

JSAR Miss Bando 1029 142MTX

SAV 5185 Bando 1029 JSAR Miss Prescription 142MT

SAF 598 Bando 5175 Champion Hill Lady 703 JSAR Doc’s Prescription 243M JSAR Miss Doctor 142AGM

Did you know Bando 1029 is the #4 $W bull in the Spring 2010 AAA sire summary. Did you know Bando 1029 has a -1.4 BW. I could go on and on about the genetic offering on this bull. Are you anxious to find out what he produces. Well take a look at this female. For you Angus show enthusiast, this is your ticket to the East Coast this summer. She has that look and extension seen in 1029 with the bone and dimension of her Doc’s Prescription dam. Talk about a versatile female! AAA#16739489

Lot 68

Registered Angus • 2.4.10 • Polled • BW: 86 • Tattoo: 21X

JSAR Ms Bando 1029 282BGNTX

SAV 5185 Bando 1029 JSAR Ms Prescription

SAF 598 Bando 5175 Champion Hill Lady 703 JSAR Doc’s Prescription 243M JSAR Miss Doctor 282BGN

TAKE A LOOK!!! Another daughter of the infamous 1029, and she doesn’t sacrifice a thing. Bone, body, and muscle she’s the complete package. She truly has the ability to do damage not only in the ring but also in the pasture. AAA#16739486

Lot 69

Registered Angus • 4.20.10 • Polled • BW: 77 • Tattoo: 11X

JSAR Miss Gargantua 50ZEMSX

BSAR Design Doctor 0910 JSAR Miss New Design

JSAR Design Doctor 280BFL PEV EXT Pride J255 Bon View New Design 878 JSAR Miss Ferd 59 50ZEM

I won’t entice you with heavy handed words this time. It doesn’t take a genius to know she is flat good. Big bodied? Yep . . . and she will serve you a purple ribbon too. Look forward to seeing her paternal brother in Denver. AAA#16739484

Lot 70

Registered Angus • 4.2.10 • Polled • BW: 65 • Tattoo: 71X

JSAR Miss Rodman 55UX

JSAR Mr Rodman 39HKR JSAR Miss Analyst 55 DFKU

War Hall of Fame 1288 6197 JSAR Miss Ferd 50 39YHK Dr J Analyst M250 JSAR Miss 9FB3 55 DFK

A wise man once said, “You reap what you sow” and believe me if you sow her up in your check book you will certainly reap the benefits. This heifer is a well oiled machine. Sound as a cat, productive, truly a factory of profit potential. Dad says heifers like this aren’t supposed to leave the ranch unless you don’t expect grandkids. He knew when she walked in the pen that she was a Vixen AAA#16739490

Lot 71

Registered Angus • 4.4.10 • Polled • BW: 65 • Tattoo: 17X

JSAR Miss Rodman 08ZGUX

JSAR Mr Rodman 39HKR JSAR Miss Hot Rod 08ZGLNU

War Hall of Fame 1288 6197 JSAR Miss Ferd 50 39YHK Gambles Hot Rod JSAR Miss New Design 08ZGLN

Start at the ground, she’s as big footed as any in our Angus offering and it keeps getting better from there. She combines the best of both her sire & dam. She has the cool look Rodman grabs you with & the power and volume of her Hot Rod sired dam that will solidify your decision to buy. AAA#16739485

Lot 72

Registered Angus • 3.22.10 • Polled • BW: 63 • Tattoo: 38X

JSAR Miss Rodman 275UX

JSAR Mr Rodman 39HKR JSAR Miss Bando 1029 275BKU

War Hall of Fame 1288 6197 JSAR Miss Ferd 50 39YHK SAV 5185 Bando 1029 JSAR Miss Enterprise 275BK

It only takes a quick glance from the side to know this female’s different. Super long necked and clean fronted, this heifer has the pieces to make that unique show heifer. But let’s not forget, the building blocks to a valuable cow are still there and ready for the taking. AAA#16739487

Lot 73

Registered Angus • 5.15.10 • Polled • BW: 78 • Tattoo: 8X

JSAR Miss Ravens Rodman 6UX

JSAR Mr Rodman 39HKR KB Miss Raven 851

War Hall of Fame 1288 6197 JSAR Miss Ferd 50 39YHK BC 7022 Raven 7955 JSAR Miss Doc Son 765 13AFKN

Wow!! Do I need to say more? I might as well ask if her mom’s hot too. Talk about a beautiful pattern from the side that can only compliment her dimension from behind. Another heifer that Rodman has stamped his stunning good looks with. AAA#16739493

Lot 74

Registered Angus • 5.2.10 • Polled • BW: 67 • Tattoo: 87X

JSAR Miss War Direct 247MSX

War Direction 3221 5321 9119 JSAR Miss Blitzer 247BEJMS

CA Future Direction 5321 War Fame 9119 6106 KCH Blitzer 803 JSAR Miss Bando Son 247BEJM

Look up femininity and you will see her picture. Easily attractive in her front third and still gets deeper and better from there back. It’s hard to build one with her dimension without the sacrifice of quality, yet, she has accomplished this task with relative ease. AAA#16739492

Lot 75

Registered Angus • 4.7.10 • Polled • BW: 80 • Tattoo: 47X

JSAR Ms War Direct 297BELSX

War Direction 3221 5321 9119 JSAR Miss Hot Rod 297BELS

CA Future Direction 5321 War Fame 9119 6106 JSAR Mr Hot Rod 7092 59P JSAR Miss Doctor 297BEL

Powerhouse? Yes she is. I’d say her look accurately describes her sire’s name of Direction. She is a roundhouse kick to the face of shear cow character. This heifer will make you money in nearly every production setting AAA#16739488

Lot 75 stems froms same cow family as this popular Champion by the Voboril Family.

Lot 76

Registered Angus • 4.20.10 • Polled • BW: 70 • Tattoo: 81X

JSAR Miss Pinkey 148ELNX

JSAR Mr New Design 878 271EGP JSAR Miss Enter 70 148AELN

Bon View New Design 878 JSAR Miss Ideal 271EG JSAR Mr Enterprise 70 280BFL JSAR Miss Enterprise 148AEL

There is no question. Broodiness and maternal practicality is bred into this cow prospect. She has the rib and body combined with the extra power that is becoming a demand of the Angus breed. Her maternal half brother was our second high seller, period. Don’t miss out on the chance to have her in your hands. AAA#16739

Bred Heifers


Service Sires Titan

Weekend Getaway

Lot 7 7

MCF Rattler MCF Miss Doc 110

4.29.09 • Polled • BW: 76 • Tattoo: W110

MCF Miss Rattler 110W Double Dandy MCF 2556 Cub 116 2563H ET JSAR Doctor (Blue Eyes) Survivor x Mac

This one is built perfect. Deep, Feminine and Cool Colored. Her Granddam has had countless high selling steers and this one will be no exception. AI’d to 6/13 to Rodman , safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 78

Chianina/Maintainer • 12.21.08 • Scurred • BW: 85 • Tattoo: X30

MCF Miss Rattler X30W

MCF Rattler MCF Miss Dandy X30

Double Dandy of GT MCF 2556 Cub 116 2563H ET Double Dandy X30 by Cunia Son

Two exceptional blues in lots 77 & 78. I would have to give the cow power to lot 78. Her dam had a $7500 full brother sold to the Osbornes in Texas. This one is built right and bred better. AI’d on 6/13 to Titan, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 79

MCF Killer Instinct Miss Covino III

11.02.08 • Scurred • BW: 82 • Tattoo: W358

MCF Miss Killer 358 W ET MCF Cobra MCF Miss Horny 54xH Covino III Mohe

Color, style, and stoutness. This will be a red carrier too. 358 W is made for the Show Steer business and her dam is proven for high sellers too. AI’d on 6/13 to Weekend Getaway, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 80

Rattler 037N MCF 500 G

Shorthorn Plus • 3.25.09 • Horned • BW: 75 • Tattoo: W500

MCF Miss Rattler 102 500 GW Double Dandy of GT MCF Miss Cub 116 2563 H ET Mr. Incredible By Apple Hereford

A roan Hereford marked female out of our best Hereford appearing cow. 500G, a donor had our best set of fall borns this past year. AI’d 6/13 to Titan, safe 4 mo.

Lot 81

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.8.09 • Polled • BW: 82 • Tattoo: W32

MCF Miss Power Flex 5469 32 W ET

MCF Power Flex MCF Cub 5469

Lot 82

Chianina/Maintainer • 4.8.09 • Polled • BW: 80 • Tattoo: W3

MCF Miss Power Flex 5469 3 W ET

MCF Power Flex MCF Cub 5469

Power Plus Full Sister to Specialist Cub MCF 116 by Cunia

Power Plus Full Sister to Specialist Cub MCF 116 by Cunia

Pasture Exposed on 5/15 to JSAR Mytty In Focus

AI’d on 6/13 to Weekend Getaway and Pasture Exposed to JSAR Bulls

Stout, maternal pedigree. 83 & 84 are full sisters. 83 is the white legged one is stouter and more steer oriented. 84 is more cowy and functional looking. Both are stacked for production.

Lot 83

Maine-Anjou • 12.11.09 • Polled • BW: 81 • Tattoo: W6

MCF Miss Power Flex Ashley

MCF Power Flex MCF Miss Payoff Ashley

Power Plus Full Sister to Specialist Payoff LLND Ashley

This is one of the stoutest, well bred, purebred Maine-Anjou females we have raised in a long while. She carries the Ashley influence and line bred to the old 7H cow, the dam of Payoff. Titan should be the perfect match, she is a Red carrier. AI’d on 6/13 to Titan, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 84

3/4 Maine • 4.15.09 • Polled • BW: 71 • Tattoo: W17

MCF Power Flex MCF Miss Jolt 282

MCF Miss Power Flex 282 Power Plus Full Sister to Specialist Jolt JSAR Angus

Productivity and functionality come to mind in this female. We partnered with Uncle Adelbert on a set of the more Angus appearing females with a production twist. These females were handled correctly and are ready for you. Pasture Exposed 5/15 to JSAR Mytty In Focus, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 85

3/4 Maine Anjou • 4.10.09 • Polled • BW: 88 • Tattoo: W403

MCF Miss Fast Track 403W

Fast Track MCF Miss Specialist

Boss Western Union KKLM Lois 801H MCF Specialist Pannal Maine

A moderate 3/4 Maine with productivity deep in to her pedigree. AI’d 6/13 to Titan, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 86

Maintainer • 4.30.09 • Polled • BW: 82 • Tattoo: W403T

MCF Miss Fast Track 403TW

Fast Track MCF Miss Double Date

Boss Western Union KKLM Lois 801H Double Date JSAR Angus

Another moderate Fast Track with a hint of blue in her color pattern. The right size and very sound with that MCF JSAR look! AI’d to Rodman, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 87

Fast Track 341 Meyer

Maintainer • 4.04.09 • Polled • BW: 82 • Tattoo: W4

MCF Miss Fast Track 341 W Boss Western Union KKLM Lois 801H Meyer 734 Angus

Another maternal pedigree mix. These breds are genetically designed to produce. Pasture Exposed 5/15 to JSAR Mytty In Focus, safe 6 mo.

Lot 88

Purebred Shorthorn • 2.20.09 • Polled • BW: 81 • Tattoo: W5

Purple Eclipse MCF Miss Cunia 5

MCF Miss Eclipse JR Sonny Full Sis to Bad Moon Rising Cunia Deany (PB Shorthorn)

One of the best bred Shorthorns to sell this year. A moderate muscular female that looks like a stock cow should. Cunia up close in her pedigree as well. Rodman will work. AI’d 6/13 to Rodman, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 89

Chianina • 3.10.09 • Horned • BW: 80 • Tattoo: W19

Miss Tres 590 19 ET

MCF Tres

MCF Endangered Species MCF Miss Cub 116 2563 H ET

MCF Miss Gringo 590

Gringo Warhorse x Angus

Lot 90

Chianina • 3.15.09 • Horned • BW: 85 • Tattoo: W38

Miss Tres 590 38 ET

MCF Tres MCF Miss Gringo 590

AI’d 6/13 to Titan, safe 5 1/2 mo.

MCF Endangered Species MCF Miss Cub 116 2563 H ET Gringo Warhorse x Angus

AI’d 6/13 to Titan, safe 5 1/2 mo.

These two lots are full sisters. Although different colors they offer the same stout appearance and time tested 116 Genetics with the same Warhorse Kick.

Lot 91

Chianina • 4.06.09 • Polled • BW: 63 • Tattoo: W3199K

MCF Tres MCF Miss Jolt 3199

Miss Tres 3199W MCF Endangered Species MCF Miss Cub 116 2563 H ET Jolt Son Mac x Simmental

A favorite of the visiting judging teams. They liked her middle of the road functional, cow look. Heck, everyone loves a baldy! Lot 92 is a sister to the dam of this one. AI’d 6/13 to Rodman, safe 4 1/2 mo.

Lot 92

Chianina • 5.05.09 • Polled • BW: 77 • Tattoo: W3199F

MCF Wild Bill MCF Miss Mac 3199

Miss Wild Bill 3199 FW About Time Pinto Truck Maine x Simmental

Stouter and clubbier than 91 but still that 3199 light BW an middle of the road frame score and moderate look. These baldies are money makers. AI’d 6/13 to Rodman, safe 4 1/2 mo.

Lot 93

Shorthorn Plus • 5.02.09 • Horned • BW: 73 • Tattoo: W717

MCF Miss Sinful 717W Double Dandy of GT By Gizmo Jolt Son Maine Angus


MCF 717G

Wild colored and her look will turn your head. Sweet fronted, soggy bellied and level built. She is by an older Maine cow that leaves her mark year after year. AI’d 6/13 to Rodman, safe 4 1/2 mo.

Lot 94

4.27.09 • Polled • BW: 78 • Tattoo: W112

MCF Miss Hoo Bear 112W

MCF Hoo Bear MCF Miss Roan Horse 112

MCF Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear 4646H MCF Roan Horse By Goldstream 2T

Here comes the color. The Hoo Doo x Warhorse and his brothers just works. Study the muscle and quality of this bred and you will love her. AI’d 6/13 to Weekend Getaway, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 95

Chianina • 3.18.09 • Polled • BW: 65 • Tattoo: WMOD

MCF Miss Rodman MOD W

JSAR Rodman 39HKR MCF Hoo Too MOD

WAR Hall of Fame 1288 6197 JSAR Miss Ferd 50 39YKH MCF Hoo Too By Jimmy Ray x Cunia

A maternal brother to this female was a popular steer all summer and sold will this fall. The granddam produced a full sister to 107’s dam that sold for $10,500 in a past Top Cut Female Sale. Pasture Exposed on 5/15 to JSAR Mytty In Focus, safe 6 mo.

Lot 96

BC Tea Pot Countess

Composite • 3.28.09 • Polled • BW: 65 • Tattoo: W318

MCF Miss Tea Pot 318 Legend Papa Equator The Man Countess 410L

BC Angus on the Reserve National Champion Maine Anjou female works! This one will make a cow. Pasture Exposed on 5/15 to JSAR Mytty In Focus, safe 6 mo.

Lot 97 Milkman

Donor 15

Chianina • 4.11.09 • Polled • BW: 88 • Tattoo: W83

MCF Miss Milkman 15 83T Heatwave Charolais Witch Doctor Maine Anjou

We have never got so many calls for colored cattle as the past year. A young gentleman from Texas said picking your calves is like going on an Easter Egg hunt. Another good friend in the business said color them good and that’s whet we did here. Buy with confidence. AI’d on 6/13 to Rodman, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 98

Big $ Rich MCF Miss 28

4.11.09 • Scurred • BW: 75 • Tattoo: W28

MCF Miss Big $ Rich M28W BHCS Heat Seeker 23 DOHL Foxy Flush MCF Warhorse Angus

Big $ Rich

Big $ Rich will stamp a look. M28 had a steer called Comando that was a sale topper at over $5,000. That steer was a 3/4 brother to this Lot 114 heifer. AI’d on 6/13 to Rodman, safe 4 1/2 mo.

Lot 99

Big $ Rich JSAR Miss 15

Chianina • 4.11.09 • Polled • BW: 68 • Tattoo: W15

MCF Miss Big $ Rich GR15W BHCS Heat Seeker 23 DOHL Foxy Flush JSAR Commercial Angus JSAR Commercial Angus

Big $ Riches are extended, big hipped and fertile but they are a little later maturing. They will produce out of these stouter, deeper, more productive cows. AI’d on 6/13 to Rodma, safe 5 1/2 mo.

Lot 100

Reg. Angus • 3.27.09 • Polled • BW: 68 • Tattoo: W271

JSAR Miss 1029 271

SAV 1029 JSAR Miss Doc 201 271 BNR

5175 Hot Rods Dam JSAR Doctor 201DFL JSAR Miss WAR EXT 765 271BN

This registered Angus female hits us hard. Probably the deepens bodied in this set. Light birth and great growth and that stamped “JSAR” look. Bred to Titan and the possibilities are endless. AI’d on 6/13 to Titan, safe 5 /12 mo.

Lot 101

Reg. Angus • 3.27.09 • Polled • BW: 68 • Tattoo: W271

JSAR Miss Pinkey 279W (Peaches)

JSAR Mr New Design 878 271 EGP JSAR Miss General 279BHMS

Bon View New Design 878 JSAR Miss Ideal 271 EG OCC General 794G JSAR Miss Doctor 279BHM

This heifer was successfully shown by the Heinrichs family and they graciously offered back in our sale safe to Brilliance. Guaranteed safe to the ABS bull Brilliance 6 1/2 mo.

Private Treaty Females For Sale We will be offering a select group of bred females for sale by private treaty. These females are owned by Adelbert Stewart. They are Commercial Angus x Maine-Anjou cross. Please call for details or to see these elite females for sale.

Lot 150

MCF Heated Business 2/10/10 • BW 83# Unassisted

Heat Wave MCF Super 13

Heated Business BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Fawl MA x AN x CA Strictly Business Wents Supermom

MCF Super 13 is the #1 pick of the daughters of Supermom, the famous Went 102. The granddam of this bull “Supermom” has a long history of producing champions including Superman, the steer shown by Frye, Superman the bull, and the popular Black Label Bull. To get to the point on MCF Heated Business he has the pedigree that’s in demand now. To go along with his highly sought after pedigree this bull is as stout as any we have ever sold. He has the extended parts of bone, base width, and natural dimension with more in internal dimension and real muscle than any we have raised. Not often do we leave calves born with this mating as bulls but the extra stout build, sound structure and surplus of bone we are now offering him to you as one of our best Heat Wave sons to date.

Heat Wave

Lot 200

MCF Freak on a Leash 5/02/10 • BW 85# Unassisted

Ring of Fire MCF Y25 Donor

Freak on a Leash Heat Wave

MCF Miss Cannon 810N

Full Flush 4 Deany

This bull is as close to resembling the late “Ring of Fire” as any we have ever produced. Ring of Fires legacy in our program will more than likely continue though the progeny of this new herd sire MCF Freak on a Leash. When doing a background check on this bull most everyone knows who Ring of Fire is. The dam of this bull (Y25) has already produced more dollars in revenue in her first flush than any ever at MCF. Besides the cash, Y25 is a maternal sister to a steer Carie Adams dominated in TX with in the late 90’s as well as the Grand Steer at Pasadena last year. Before Freak on a Leash, four flush mates in this years annual club calf sale demanded a $9,625 average. To describe the bull he compliments a huge square hip an massive structure with as cocky of a front end you could build on one this stout. He is young and also raised by a first calf heifer so he is a little behind the other bulls in the offering but putting that aside he is still the kind that hits you when you enter th pen and leaves you thinking “wow” as he is traveling away.

Lot 250

MCF In Crowd

4/30/10 • BW 88# Unassisted • Polled

In Control 708 LP

In Crowd

Total Control (Fear This x Ashley) Buffy (MCF Mac Daddy x MCF Plaza)

Power Plus (Legacy Plus x Panell Miss 4072) 708L (Payoff x 590)

Speaking genetics alone this bull traces back to some of the most influential bulls and cows known to the Maine-Anjou breed and have been building blocks to the success of many breeders as well as ourselves. His phenotype is a great combination of the show caliber look, sound structure and soft hair coat demanded to win a purple banner along with the extra power, foot and bone bred into our cows. Buy with confidence into one of the most intriguing new Maine-Anjou bulls we have to offer.

Lot 300

MCF Dallas

4/11/10 • BW 78# BW • Polled

Hoo Too 478L


Hoo Doo Crook 9010 2556 (Cub x 116)

Cannon 2875 (By Horny)

This years bull crop is as stacked pedigree wise but yet as versatile as any we have ever offered. MCF Dallas has been a stud since the day he was born. As you read earlier Hoo Doo Crook 9010 has left his mark on the Club Calf Industry and stamps that “Right Kind” look into his children and grand children and it shines through in this power house. Wether you are looking to produce competitive slick sheer steers like this bull should do or for a TH/PHA free bull to breed to your carrier females and get them back to the basics then look no further than MCF Dallas. He is bigger boned, more moderate and stouter than his sire Hoo Too but prettier and more shapely than his brothers Hoo Bear. Don’t walk away from the sale wishing Dallas was at your ranch because bulls like this don’t come by very often.


Selling a Flush on the clone to Frye’s Full Flush x 602G cow

Lot 350

With a minimum guarantee of six embryos with no limit to the bull of the buyers choice

Full Flush x 602G Clone

It is with great pleasure that we offer this flush on a clone to one of the most prolific cows in the industry, Frye’s FF602G. We purchased this clone a little over a year ago from Ken and Clayton Frye and she has started out production giving birth to and awesome Rodman heifer calf this September. That means she is now open and ready to flush and will enter the Donor pen the first time she shows her heat. Anybody who has studied pedigrees should know that 602G is a legend and is one of the most dominating cows in the industry and has a gene pool everybody wants there hands in. This female is an exact genetic copy to the Dam of Fatal Attraction, the 2006 Nebraska State Fair Grand Steer, 2006 California State Fair Reserve Grand, and too many Major jackpot show Grand Champions too mention. As you can tell the list of winners is huge and Frye’s will tell you she is the best Donor on there place. We are offering this flush as a chance to get in on these genetics even before we have had a chance. This is a once in a lifetime deal so don’t hold back.

2006 Nebraska State Fair Champion Steer - Sib to Lot 350

2006 California State Fair Champion Steer - Sib to Lot 350

Lot 400A

Chianina - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Fawl MA x AN x CA MCF Cannon (Double Bred 116) MCF 810 (Exclusive x Reg. Angus)

Heat Wave MCF 810N

After careful consideration and a long family talk we decided to offer these full sib embryos to Ring of Fire.

Heat Wave Lot 400B

Composite Charolais - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy

Hoo Doo Crook 910 MCF 810N

Hoo Doo 5076 Orrladzc 100 MCF Cannon (Double Bred 116) MCF 810 (Exclusive x Reg. Angus)

A typical flush here at MCF. Take our powerful donor and mate her to Hoo Doo to either produce that “rite kind� female or hit a home run on a bull prospect. Lot 400B is a maternal sib to Ring of Fire.

Walks on Water

Lot 425A

Hoo Doo Crook 910


3 Way Cross/Chianina - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy

Walks on Water MCF Super 13

Heat Wave Throttle/Angus/Throttle Strictly Business Wents Superman

Lot 425B 3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy

A mating we are truly excited about. So excited we kept some to transfer ourselves. We can already picture these stout, cool looking baldies that could be the result of mating one of the most talked about bulls in Denver with our Power Baldy. A 3/4 brother to 425A and 425B sells as MCF Heated Business.

Champion Feeder Heifer National Western 2010 Full Ssister in blod to lot 425B

Champion Steer Ak-Sar-Ben 2008 Full Brother in blod to Lot 425B

3 Way Cross/Chianina - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

Carnac MCF Super 13

Heat Wave Went Cow Strictly Business Wents Superman

After the success of the Miller family with there Grand Champion Feeder Heifer in Denver 2010 and the 2008 Grand Steer at Aksarben wich would be full sibs in blood to 425B we decided to flush 13 to Carnac. WIth 13 being the number one pick of the daughters of Supermom they may just be better. Buy into this already proven mating.

Hoo Bear MCF Freak on a Leash Maternal sib to lot 450

Lot 450

3 Way Cross/Chianina - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy Hoo Too MCF Lil Bear (Cub x 116) Full Flush 4 Deeny

Hoo Bear Y25

We never flush a cow to a different bull unless we expect consistancy. Whether your looking for those maternal, mate to whatever bull you want females or those stout, chunky, smoke steers or a herd bull. WE fell this mating has all that potential. Y25’s standout 4 flush mate brothers averaged $9,625 and a bull in the sale MCF Freak on a Leash. Lots of earning potential here.

Walks Alone

Lot 475

Chianina - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy

Walks Alone Hoo Doo 27 Donor

Heat Wave 7587 Draft Pick Son x Full Flush Hoo Doo

Our pick of the Ten XXX Hoo Doo cows a few years back and she herself directly into the donor pen. Her calves sired by Killer Instinct and Ring of Fire averaged just shy of $4,500 in our steer sale this fall and three daughters sell in this sale s lots 17, 18 and 19. Walks Alone is proving himself as a producer of high sellers and has the pieces we feel will result into a profiltable venture for you.


Lot 500

Heat Wave

3 Way Cross/Chianina - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy

Monopoly MCF Miss Cub 116 5469H

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Angus Cub 116

For a couple years in a row Monoply has sired high dollar calves in bid off sales across the nation and had several winners as well. His look and ability to sell them high crossed with the power, shape and 116 look of 5469 is bound to get the ideal show calf, heifer, steer, or bull that will be nice.

Lot 525 Heat Wave Jane 6

Chianina/3 Way Cross - 3 Frozen Embryo Lots with a 1 Pregnancy Guarantee

3 Frozen Embryos - 1 Pregnancy BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Fawl MAxANxCA Romeo (Jolt 16W) Tank

Probably the most proven mating offered that has been popular for several years. Jane 6 raised Turners Grand Steer at the Belt Buckle a few years ago and builds the type of calves that look like competative show stock and put you in the black. The plus to this mating is over half of the offspring are baldies or stripe faces. Numerous champions and high sellers could be attributed to this mating for ouselves and Goertzen Farms.

Rare Semen Offering

Time Bandit Semen has been closed to the open market. Now is the time to get a piece of this great sire. 10% of the proceeds of this semen offering will be donated by MCF to the Stanley Stout Final Drive Foundation.

Time Bandit Lot 600A

5 Units of Time Bandit Semen

Lot 600B

5 Units of Time Bandit Semen

Lot 600C

5 Units of Time Bandit Semen

Lot 600D

5 Units of Time Bandit Semen

Lot 600E

5 Units of Time Bandit Semen

Reg Charolais, Polled, BD Feb. 2009, BW 82 lbs.

SCC TIME BANDIT The most exciting Purebred Charlaias Bull to hit this business since Hoo Doo. Proven cow family. Totally clean Canadian outcross Genetics! Grand Champion Charolais Bull - 2009 NAILE Grand Champion Charolais Bull - 2010 Ft. Worth Division Winner - 2010 NWSS

2010 Top Cut Female Sale  

Mid Continent Farms Top Cut Female Sale Saturday, November 27th, Washington, KS