2020 Annual Report

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2020 Annual Report

All. In.

All. In. So whither you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)

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All. In. Nothing Stops the Love of Jesus! Not even a deadly virus. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. —Romans 8:38-39


There was no way to know what was about to unfold as Quiet Hour Ministries enthusiastically rounded the corner into 2020. Our theme, All In, was a succinct description of how we planned to engage in worldwide evangelism as we worked with volunteer mission teams to share His love and grace. But God uses worldwide events to remind us who He is. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrates how God is All In for each of us and how He meets enormous challenges with plans already in motion that work together for good. It teaches us that His love reaches across borders, through restrictions and directly into hearts ready and willing to hear His voice. Last year perfectly encapsulates why we are so committed to sharing His saving grace! Nothing can stop the love of Jesus! As you read through this review of 2020, you will see God’s handiwork as He matched the precious gifts from faithful donors with the immediate needs of communities around the world. This reflection of His perfect love has provided hope, comfort and salvation to a frightened and chaotic world in ways we could not have imagined. What a gift it is to watch our Savior go all in to introduce Himself to the world during a pandemic. We are deeply humbled to be a part of it. Ralph Watts has been part of the Quiet Hour Ministries Board since 2004, and chair since 2014. His incredible experience in evangelism and humanitarian nonprofit organizations is a profound blessing to the ministry. We are very grateful for his board leadership and guidance as we partner with God to lead people to share His saving grace.

All. In.

Unexpected Challenges, Inspiring Outcomes News that the COVID-19 pandemic had reached the shores of the United States began swirling in February 2020. Despite that, it appeared the two mission teams preparing to leave for Cuba could move forward as planned. “We are praying for travel mercies for all of you,” Randy Bates, QHM president, wrote to the departing teams. “I invite you to claim the promise in Proverbs 3:23-26.” On March 12, the mission teams arrived safely, energized, and eager to share Jesus. They joined international partners in tackling health clinics, evangelism meetings, children’s ministries and construction projects with great enthusiasm. Back home, the seriousness of the pandemic dominated the news. So when the U.S. State Department issued a level 4 travel advisory for U.S. citizens, it was clear the team must return home a few days early. Disappointed, the teams embarked on a latenight 20 hour trip to the airport, arriving home shortly before international borders closed. Yet despite the setback the teams knew that the Holy Spirit was working mightily. Through the challenges and the uncertainty, mission teams touched more than 5,000 people, reflecting Jesus’ love and providing hope and compassion at a critical moment in history. The Cuba Conference President shared that these two mission teams were the most impactful of any team from any group to visit his conference. “I believe the timing to make it into the country and the timing to get everyone out was just as the Lord wanted, “ he said, “The enemy tried hard to derail us, but our teams stayed the course and the Lord got us through it all.”

5,343 reached in Cuba


Hours of Travel to Havana


Baptisms in Cuba

340 Bible Study Requests

117 Days of



Mission Projects Worldwide




Gospel Workers

10 QHM Cares


6 Chapel Renos

All. In. In these amazing times, How great is His Faithfulness For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God. Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness. –Psalm 86:10-11 NIV Is it possible to reflect on 2020 without using the tedious expressions that now clutter our lives? Phrases like in these unprecedented times, fake news and the new normal. We are inundated with virus counts, reopening plan phases and trying to remember where we left our mask. It has been, in a word, overwhelming. Yet in this storm, there is peace. This year, I’ve experienced God working through this ministry to share His love with His children worldwide in surprising ways. It has been, in a word, amazing! We planned to share Jesus around the world last year through volunteer mission teams. When those plans didn’t fit the new normal, we wanted to find ways to bring people to Jesus safely. Our hearts and eyes turned heavenward for an answer. And God already had a plan. I am awed by how He has led QHM to serve our world church through a new project QHM Cares—reaching across borders. This initiative funds gospel-sharing projects in creative ways our international partners have developed to share Jesus in their communities safely. Inspired, passionate people stepped up to share their faith in exciting ways that we wouldn’t have thought about. It isn’t fake news to say that this year became an opportunity, not a setback. Praise God! Our mission never changes, even when the methods do. I shouldn’t be surprised, but the results are nothing short of miraculous! God repeatedly shows His faithfulness in sustaining His people and this ministry through good times and trials. Once again, He has reassured us: nothing can stop the spread of the gospel. God is faithful to His children. Yes, even in this amazing time. Randy Bates has been with Quiet Hour Ministries for nearly twenty years and CEO since 2011. His deep passion for sharing Jesus is evident in his committment to our international partners, donors and volunteers whom he serves with integrity and thoughfulness. We are blessed by his prayerful, Kingdom-focused leadership and discernment.

All. In.

QHM Cares—Reaching across borders In response to the pandemic and postponement of mission trips, QHM Cares—reaching across borders was developed to support outreach efforts on a community by community basis, ensuring that all activity complied with local restrictions and reflected Jesus’ love. International partners were invited to submit outreach proposals for their communities and the response has been amazing! From radio and social media programs, to Bible and food distribution, believers worldwide have reflected the love of Jesus and reached out to ease suffering of their communities. In 2020, at least 18,000 people were reached within the framework of local restrictions. Many projects continue, providing hope to the lives of many precious people. We are eager to return to the field, but until it is safe and responsible we are grateful we can reach across borders to share the love of Jesus in unique and tangible ways just as it is needed most during this global crisis.

“As a partner of QUIET HOUR MINISTRIES, we are thankful to you especially for your support this year. It has been our prayer that we can expande our training hall. As our work is starting so also has the number of volunteer trainees continued to increase. We thad overflow crowds at every training and for other gatherings. We thank you for the financial support you have provided, we really valued it as an answer to our prayer. The school head of the Sulads Comprehensive High School for the Lumads is also very much grateful knowing that the fund to purchase the needed computer sets of the school has arrived. God is really good! You are truly a blessing to SULADS ministry. God bless you.” — Hilson Badang Jr., Sulads Treasurer


Bibles Distributed

1,654 Children Reached


Mission Clinic Boat

20 Countries Served

5Pastor Tuition


Virtual Outreach Projects


Bible Study Material Projects


Homeless Outreach Effort

1 Soup




All. In. Living Forward Understanding Backward. Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! —Psalm 46:10 ESV Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated a philosophy of living forward and understanding backward. As I experience life and live through whatever ups and downs come my way, I can look over my past and understand more fully how God has guided and directed my life. This pandemic will someday be an understand backward moment. Despite postponed mission trips, we have had the opportunity to implement digital tools that expand our potential to reach people for Jesus. I know that what we are learning is preparing us for what God has planned for us next. As QHM steps forward in faith we look back over the year and understand how God has blessed us through even deeper connections with our international partners. We’ve had time to nurture existing relationships and opportunities to grow new ones. The faithful support of donors and encouragement of team members ensures that the work continues, now on a community by community basis. Through QHM Cares—reaching across borders, our international partners are able to share Jesus with many people who are struggling with isolation and despair and need His love right now. He is still being exalted among the nations. And someday, when we’ve emerged from the pandemic’s shadow, we will understand just what a gift this year has been. David Wren joined Quiet Hour Ministries in September 2020. While he can’t wait to meet our international partners face-to-face, he knows that God is using this time to proclaim His love to people throughout the world.

All. In.

Being there When Connection Matters More When communities face restrictions, isolation is the inevitable outcome. As lock-downs and distancing were implemented worldwide in 2020, QHM Cares—reaching across borders focused on tackling projects that help keep people connected to one another and to Jesus. Gospel workers around the world employed unique methods to reach people, from socially distanced wellness and encouragement visits, to soup kitchens where they could meet basic needs as well as offer Bibles and study materials. Construction projects focused on keeping local workers employed and making safe and generous space for new believers once restrictions are lifted. Evangelism outreach utilized phone calls, radio presentations and social media to reach people through direct personal connection. Through it all, the faithful support of our donors and prayer partners kept the good news of Jesus reaching people searching for hope. This year affirmed that nothing can stop the gospel, and before we could even ask, God had prepared a way. I am very grateful for the life and health that God has given me, to continue serving Him and fulfilling the mission, and, in a special way for the new friends at QUIET HOUR MINISTRIES that I have and now together we can do the work that God has entrusted to us. Friends, I am at your service for whatever you need and I will be praying for you, your family and your ministry. We move forward together until the work is finished. Thank you very much for this special gesture towards me. I appreciate your friendship. — Pastor David Echevarria, Lake Tititcaca Floating Classrooms, Peru


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$1,000,000 $1,000,000




Distributions by Type and Location Gospel Workers 4% » Gospel



$ 500,000

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2020 Mission Distributions by Type

Other 8% » Other

$ (500,000)

2020 Mission Distribution by Georgraphic Area Euro-Asia 16%

» Holistic Evangelism 57%

» Euro-Asia 16%

Workers 4%

Pacific 15% » Pacific 15%

Eastern »Africa Eastern Africa 8% 8%

Bibles » Bibles 14%


Holistic Evangelism 57%

» Children

Children14% 14%

» Other

» Chapels 3% Chapels 3%

Other 22% 22%

World Projects » World Projects 40% 40%

All. In. Faithful Miracles In the Midst of the Storm. Love your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself. —Luke 10:27 NIV What chaos this pandemic wrought! For many organizations, 2020 was a disaster. Tens of thousands of businesses have permanently closed, nonprofit organizations have struggled to remain relevant and individual lives have been turned upside down. Worldwide the impact has been almost unthinkable. So many precious people are feeling hopeless, frightened and lonely! In the story of the Samaritan, Jesus reminded us that our neighbor not only exists here but throughout the world. So we are committed to working with our international partners to find creative and safe ways to continue reflecting the transformative hope of Jesus across the globe. QHM Cares—reaching across borders launched to fulfill this mission during this worldwide crisis. Despite the chaos, God is using QHM Cares—Reaching across borders in mighty ways. I see His work every day in the faithful and generous support from donors. I see His hand in the creative and effective efforts of our international partners worldwide. I see His love in the lives of new believers, hopeful and reborn in Jesus. And I experience Him every day in my work here at QHM. He is our faithful Savior, our loving friend. It is a joyful privilege to be part of an organization that shares His love with neighbors worldwide—even in the middle of a pandemic! Diana Oei has been with QHM for six years and Chief Financial Officer since 2018. Her abiding faith, prayerful stewardship and quiet, steadfast commitment to sharing Jesus are not only seen in the quality of her work, but in her leadership within the organization. We are blessed by her skill and grateful for her service in leading people to share His saving grace.

All. In.

QHM Board of Directors Ralph S. Watts, Jr Chairman

Randy Bates President, CEO

Dianne Fillman

Halvard Thomsen Vice Chairman

Arlind Hackett

Committee Members Fred Hernandez Pat Watts

Patricia Marruffo

Bill Tucker

Thank you to our 2o2o Ministry Volunteers Brian Kotch Teri Kotch David Rivero John Beishke Mary Ann Stumpf Deborah Burgin Ana Dumitrescu Zoltan Hangyal Steve Thorpe Carol Weaver Jackie Tucker

Thank you From our international partners As a partner of QUIET HOUR MINISTRIES, I am very grateful for the timely receipt of your offer of assistance. I understood from this, that God made the plan and HE also prepares human and material resources. I am grateful that God still has 7,000 who are not seen, but who are used at the right time, and you are one of them. May His abundant grace sustain you in all that you do! — Ovidiu Burbulea, pastor; Valea Enei, Neamț County, Romania As a partner with QUIET HOUR MINISTRIES I am so thankful to get acquainted with you as we serve the Lord in each of our capacity. — Arustas Pasuhuk, pastor; Indonesia First of all, I’m very grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to meet you and the QUIET HOUR MINISTRIES members, getting to know each other as brothers in Christ is such a blessing. It’s good to know we can work together so that many people can get to know Jesus and be saved. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know this ministry that you develop for the benefit of the neediest places within God’s people, thank you for your detachment and love for those who need it most. It is a privilege to get to know you and be part of the Quiet Hour team. —Gilberto Urica Alberca, pastor; Lima, Peru

Partnering with God in leading people to share His saving grace.

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