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QENDRA KOMUNITARE SOT PER TE ARDHMEN Program i “Në Dobi të Gruas Shqiptare”



SOT PËR TË ARDHMEN Useful to albanian women

Bashkia Durrës


Kurse profesionale

• Kuzhinë • Rrobaqepsi • Kurse gjuhësh (Anglisht, italisht) • Kurse kompjuteri • Bebisiter • Kopshtari • Kamarier • Recepsion • Fotografi • Kitarrë • Piano • Violine


• Ligjore • Psiko-sociale • Shëndetësore • Ekonomike • Punësim


• Mediatim konfliktesh • Legalizimi i banesave • Energjia elektrike • Hapja dhe shtrimi i rrugëve • Rrjetet e reja • Ndarja dhe sistemimi i Ujërave të pijshem e të zeza

Numri jeshil 24H për viktimat e dhunës në familje:

Tel: 052/90 10 70

Qendra ofron edhe

• Bar • Librari • Kinema • Internet • Kopesht parashkollor • Animim për fëmijë • Workshop arti, Punëdore, detyra shtëpie

Program i “Në Dobi


të Gruas Shqipta

0800 88 90 068 20 94 622 052/90 10 71 069 20 94 622

Adresa: L.17; Rr. “Leon Tolstoi”, ish-Kënetë Durrës, kutia postare 537 | |




L.17, Rr. "Leon Tolstoi" (pas Kishës Mormone), Skolina 5, ish-Kënetë Durrës, Albania Kutia Postare | PoBox 537


0800 99 88 refering phone for cases of domestic violence

+355682094622 +355 (0) 52 90 10 71 | + 355 692094622 +355 (0) 52 90 10 70

rrjeti i



Useful to albanian women


Integration, cultural and economic development for women

• Improvement of the living conditions, poverty alleviation and increasing of women economic independence as a result of the opened opportunities for employment and the equipment with a certificate known by the state through their best professional formation (Culinary course, Tailoring, Babysitter, Gardening). • Cultural development and social integration through social and psychological support, information, legal service and various meetings. • Awareness and problems of domestic violence facing to provide the opportunity of a new life perspective from another point of view, to freely choose better life standards, without threats, suffer or violence of any kind, by returning the dignity of a respected human being full of virtue, qualities and unique values. (Legal support, advocacy, psycho social support, health and economic support, employment and integration).

Integration and capacity development for young people of age 14-20 years

• Youth ability empowerment to enforce their rights. • Enlargement of their representation in the decision making process concerning problems effecting the youth. • Promotion and facilitation of the creation of youth organizations capable to design, search and implement small projects by developing and enriching the life of their peers. • Intensification of their cultural and intellectual aspect (foreign languages, social animation, cinema, internet, meetings, exchange experiences, etc.). • Employment of the youth on behalf of their professional abilities (cooker, waiter, tailor, IT, receptionist, animation, English, Italian). • Psychological - social support for various domestic and social problems.

“Children ready for school, school ready for children” Program In June 2010, the Community Centre “Today for the Future” started the implantation of the project “Children ready for school, school ready for children”with the main purpose the registration of 60 Roma and Gypsy children in the public schools of the city of Durres, their school attendance for non-abandoning it as well as the recommendation for interfering in the pre-elementary curricula putting in light the working difficulties of working with this target group. The general objective of the program is to increase the opportunities for integration in the public education, trainings and community awareness for human rights, especially of children education rights, intercultural interethnic relation improvement among Albanian and Roma communities.

Qendra komunitare “Sot për të ardhmen”

Community integration and development of its capabilities

The network set up for coordinated reaction

• Community development through service recognition and institutions offering them through the variety of schemas and acknowledgement of the benefiting possibilities. • Community integration in the life of Durres city as integrated community with equal rights.

• Psychological support and consultancy for the victims and interested parties. • 24 hour telephonic line, hosting and referring phone calls condemning cases of domestic violence • Supports and advocacyof the centre’s attorney

• Intermediation for mitigation, until solving the problems that concerns the community (the legalization of the houses, electricity, opening and paving the roads, new networks, separation of drinking water and sewerage etc.)

• Assistance in meeting request for Protection Orders and Emergency Protection Orders

• Establishment, participation and operation of different networks to alleviate the existence of specific problems.

• Shelter for emergency cases and those who are in life danger

• Encouragement and participation of the members of the community in the decision making process.

• Food and clothing for the victims and her children

• Representation and assistance in the Durres District Court

• Connection with “Shelters” and conciliatory to accommodate in them.

Psycho- social, medical, cultural services to alleviate the third aged problems Special meetings with medical specialists, psychologists, social security employees as well as members of the Citizens Commission of the third age persons. The centre provides services about 50 elder people who benefit from the services and daily activities as well as ten other elder people who obtain shelter. For the elders who daily attend the centre are provided with free services such as: games, music, reading, newspaper etc.

The Community Centre “Today for the Future”  

The Community Centre “Today for the Future” is an integrated program of “Benefit to the Albanian Women” association of its own community cen...

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