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2012 Graduating Photography Students

Queensland College of Art Griffith University

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2012 Graduating Photography Students

Queensland College of Art Griffith University

Trodding Untrodden Paths It is an unusual rite of passage. Any thinking person would aspire to a life of continuous learning, to the assimilation of knowledge. Even while learning continues, the application of knowledge to real life situations represents a major turning point, with its charm as well as its inherent dangers. It is here that we chart our path in search of a meaningful journey, leaving behind lasting footprints. Putting to use the knowledge one has gained can be immensely satisfying. There is the clearly important need to make a living, but that does not in any way separate us from any other living species. We are born, we mature, we beget, we acquire, we die. If that be the sum total of our lives, then it is a pretty nondescript existence. They represent functions that the most basic unicellular living being is capable of. No way does it reflect our claim of being a wiser species, of having higher thoughts, of our lives having a greater purpose. Nor does it denote a life of fulfillment. It is only when we do beyond those basic functionalities that we begin to live. That the footprint we leave behind leads to a meaningful path. Whether one has left behind a world in some way better than it might otherwise have been, determines in the real sense, whether we have lived at all.

As photographers we are essentially storytellers, regardless of the genre of photography we practice. We are witnesses of our time, conveyers of our heritage, pall-bearers of our history and culture. But history is embedded in the present and as students and photographers you are both witnesses and creators of history. The photographs in this collection reflect a diversity of visual approach and a sense of exploration that is inherent in a historian. Concern for the social condition reflects the duty to bear witness. The maturity of the work, as in any collection of student work, does vary; but what holds this collection together is the curiosity that one hopes youth will cling to. For in those material pursuits that become the baggage of building a career, in the posturing of form over content, in our attempt to become what we perceive others need us to be, we often lose the courage to make mistakes, to trod untrodden paths, to breathe in life to its full. It is in that crisp cool air of discovery, in those unsure footsteps in our moments of hesitation, that life is most receptive and what we give of ourselves will shape what we get back from life. It is a fleeting moment. Both the promise that it bears, and the burden that it places require us to look beyond the immediate, to think beyond the obvious, and map out beyond paths that are known. It is time to take on that burden with pride, to follow dreams with abandon. It is of you the Hopi elders had said, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.� Dr. Shahidul Alam Principal Pathshala South Asian Media Institute


Photojournalism Michelle Antoneemootoo


Kyle Austin


Victoria Balanzategui


Libby Best


Angus Foote


Kylie Hay


Elle Irvine


Matthew Long


Rachel Margetts


Anthea O’Brien


Kelly Oostenbroek


Sarah Osborn


Laura Pavicic ˇ ´


Kirsten Sorensen


Elin Sundstrom


Jessie Tarrant


Lindsay Varvari


Tony Welch


Nina White


Rebecca Zaleski



Michelle Antoneemootoo Photojournalism 0432 087 909 While previously documenting the lived experiences of my grandfather, I developed a strong interest in the position of the aged in society. Through my images I seek to provoke interest in the elderly and their experiences. Fred and Phyllis Bragg have been married for 60 years. And while they have shared a long life together, I have captured the way they have lived both as a couple and individually. Fred and Phyllis' commitment to each other is testament to who they are. Their strength and endurance is evidenced in the life they have lived thus far.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Kyle Austin Photojournalism In this series I worked closely with The Wesley Mission’s food rescue division. The volunteers of food rescue go to restaurants, cafes and supermarkets and collect the soon-to-be-discarded food and then deliver to a number of homeless shelters. Rather than focusing on the faces of the issue, I chose to look at how food rescue is helping those less fortunate than ourselves. This story is about how a small proportion of the $5.2 billion food wastage in our country can be redirected to a good cause.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Victoria Balanzategui Photojournalism 0409 724 048 Working closely with members of the Spinal Injuries Association of Australia this year, has made me increasingly interested in this issue. Using documentary photography, my aim is to create awareness within the broader community of the hurdles a person with spinal chord injuries endures on a daily basis. My project has led me to a woman named Katie Franz. The married mother of two is a paraplegic after she was involved in a car accident when she was 16 years old. Katie is not only a devoted wife and a terrific mother, but she lives a life without restrictions. She deems the term ‘disabled’ as a word that describes what someone cannot do. She challenges you to contemplate what she can do, living her life in a wheelchair.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Libby Best Photojournalism 0427 301 064 i am In the 60s, described as the ‘greatest pharmaceutical disaster in history’, the Thalidomide morning-sickness pill tragically changed the lives of many families. Disability is a form of oppression in our society where we focus on impairments rather than potential. Living with a disability myself inspired me to explore ideas through documentary practice in an attempt to reach a broader audience. Using new media, sculpture and photographic imagery, ‘i am’ allows me to communicate my anger, my compassion and the responsibility I feel to the Thalidomide and Disabled Communities.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Angus Foote Photojournalism 0401 904 195 Grey Nomads We are fortunate to live in a vast and beautiful country: Australia. But many of us do not often venture far into the interior, with 85% of Australians living within 50kms of the coastline. It is a common rite of passage for young Australians to leave home and travel overseas looking for adventure and experience. Is extensive travel within home shores something better savored later in life? This body of work concentrates on the recent boom of senior Australians and pensioners known as Grey Nomads. It looks closely at this demographic as they pack up and traverse the country in collaboration between nature and caravan.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Kylie Hay Photojournalism Nonna The Doctor says “3–6 months”. Living so far away I may never see her again and with this fear instilled in me I made a trip North where the smell of sago bubbling on the stove and the vision of the glass lollie jar on the kitchen bench always feels like home. This body of work is a representation of age; of time passing and yet standing still; of holding our breath, living day by day not knowing if we will have the next. In my time with Nonna we cleared out her belongings that are no longer of value to her: clothing too big, dustridden shoes, handbags and items she had forgotten. Seven bags full. This work is my response to being with her. Through documentary practice I am allowed to look closer and become intimate with the detail of her life. My emotional response is translated into imagery. The 3 of us In this series I explore the generations of women in my family: my mother, my grandmother and myself. Using items found in our personal spaces I examine textures of everyday life and patterns of ritual. I am looking for the similarities and differences across the generations. Am I so different from my mother? Is she different from her mother? Or is there something that links our differences together that shows, regardless of the years between us, that we aren’t so different after all.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Elle Irvine Photojournalism Immeasurable Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and in today's culture they are increasingly prominent amongst males and females of all ages. Despite this burgeoning health crisis, many people remain ignorant of the issues surrounding this illness. My work attempts to bridge the gap in understanding between sufferers and the general public. Working collaboratively, location portraits serve as a visual representation of each individual's perception of the mental environment their illness creates. Images of contraband smuggled into the wards describe the secrecy inherent in this illness. My intention is to use these images to promote understanding and awareness of the psychological battle eating disorder sufferers face every day.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Matthew Long Photojournalism 0431 254 709 Crude The earth’s natural resources play a vast role in how we live in the 21st century. However, one particular resource has significantly transformed our lifestyle from the late 19th century: crude oil. According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, June 2012, oil remains the world’s leading fuel, reaching 88 million barrels per day, or 33.1% of global energy consumption. Transportation alone (shipping, aircraft, automobile and locomotive) accounts for 60% of the global consumption, while the majority of the remaining 40% goes towards non-energetic usage and industry purposes. In this series, I sought to photograph every product within my family home that contains petrol derivatives or uses oil as a raw fuel, to highlight the omnipresence of this natural resource in our daily lives and how our everyday use makes us complicit in the mining and manufacture of this nonrenewable resource.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Rachel Margetts Photojournalism 0423 568 268 Nana Nana is the focus of a deeply personal project. My ninety-one year old great-grandmother is the inspiration behind this series. Working photographically I seek to portray the independence and happiness she enjoys in her daily life. Nana suffered immeasurable loss in her early life. Forty years ago she was suddenly confronted with the pain of losing her husband and first-born son in a mining accident. This strong and compassionate woman has had to endure other painful events in her lifetime but has continued to find meaning in life. Nana is living proof that as time passes, grief and loss can be overcome; other pleasures can be appreciated; happy memories can be formed and we can adapt.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Anthea O’Brien Photojournalism While we sleep Behind closed gates in the industrial landscape, do we really know what lies beyond the barrier? What is happening when we see smoke and beams of light that dissipate in emptiness. What purpose do these serve? What lies in the distance and behind the wall? Surreal assumptions, things that fester in the dark. Surely it is for us to interpret, to understand? Instinctive curiosity stifled. Our conditioning renders reasoning opaque. All this in blissful ignorance while we sleep.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Kelly Oostenbroek Photojournalism ‘Cosplay’ is defined as ‘costume play’ and is a hobby or art in which ‘cosplayers’ dress up in costumes worn by characters from their favourite movies, television shows, books and video games. My photographic work introduces these characters and attempts to explore and contrast both their constructed identities and their real identities through elements such as their costumes and personal living spaces. The comic book style speech bubbles give insight, provided by the featured persons, into the reasons why they take part in cosplay. Through these portraits, viewers are encouraged to question their own identity and how they seek to portray themselves.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Sarah Osborn Photojournalism 0403 239 269 More than 500,000 children have experienced life in institutional care in the last century in Australia: 7,000 child migrants 50,000 Indigenous Australians — the Stolen Generation, and over 400,000 Australian born, non-indigenous Australians. They are the Forgotten Australians. This project looks at their lives and, in particular, those who spent time in Neerkol Orphanage near Rockhampton. Over 4,000 children passed through the gates of this institution before it closed in 1985. It was the system of the day; a system that, time has shown, failed many. My work documents the stories of survivors. The portraits give voice to their stories and try to make the invisible, visible. Detailed images describe the isolation that kept the children locked away; the possibility of help, out; and the terrible secrets of the institution, hidden.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Laura Pavicic ˇ ´ Photojournalism 0403 607 668 Cocoon Cocoon: V. Wrap in something soft and warm Like the caterpillar, that weaves a cocoon to protect itself from the outside world, humans often safeguard themselves and their young in a similar way. I have been welcomed into one such cocoon. Through documentary photography I am able to explore the lives of several occupants of a close-knit Hare Krishna commune, in particular a young couple and their infant. These images are a personal interpretation of their lifestyle, rituals and patterns.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Kirsten Sorensen Photojournalism How Did You Do It? Peggy and Peter have been married for 59 years. In today’s society where divorce is ever present and the notion of marriage is no longer eternal, I became curious to find out what makes a marriage last, long-term. Using documentary photography I look at the domestic space and their daily rituals, at items that signify their individuality, and habits that bring them together.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Elin Sundstrom Photojournalism Idylls I believe creating and experiencing music is a way to enhance connectivity with others. Music often speaks louder than words. In this photographic series I seek to capture the unspoken bond and interplay between music, its players and their audience. My intention is to emphasize the ability through music to create a sense of community and force us to live in the now; to capture the simple and sometimes powerful effect it can have on us. I have chosen to follow one band to explore their process and journey of creating music.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Jessie Tarrant Photojournalism Residue Residue: something that remains after a part is removed, disposed of, or used; remainder; rest; remnant... This body of work explores the memories, emotions and repercussions of my parents' separation. Composed of two parts, the larger works hung in the gallery reflect my mother's perspective and examine the residual scars resulting from their marriage breakdown. The smaller, more intimate works bound in my journal, are my response to this event. It is my catharsis.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Lindsay Varvari Photojournalism 0468 840 440 Documentary photography offers me a conduit through which I am able to tell the stories of those often silenced or forgotten by mainstream media. Its power to do so is what drives my ambition to be a visual storyteller. We Make Do is the story of a regional town in south-east Queensland. Having grown up in a small town, this project has enabled me to revisit the experiences of adolescence set in a geographically isolated area that offers little in the way of entertainment for young people. Exploring links between themes of gender relations, masculinity, possessions, and recreation, this series seeks to convey to urban audiences life for young people living in rural and regional Australia.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Tony Welch Photojournalism Memories of a life, lost My work documents the human experience and the ways in which that experience impacts on our personal lives. This body of work explores my own feelings after the unexpected death of my partner some 16 years ago. Using photography, I attempt to capture my memories and explore how to portray the associated emotional responses. I have used media and scale as a means to immerse the viewer and take them through that journey; a journey of loss and grief, its integration in my life and the resultant emergence of a different life committed to another partner.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Nina White Photojournalism 0451 372 692 My intention with this work is to document the entwined lives of the Duncan family — a family of twelve in total, with nine still living at home. The family, though unconventional, is incredibly tight-knit. The daily life of the Duncans is inextricably linked to the animals they care for on their property - constant reminders of the fragility of life. I hope to present a privileged view into their lives, giving people a rare insight into what I see as an extraordinary family filled with compassion, intimacy, honesty, playfulness and determination.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Rebecca Zaleski Photojournalism 0431 444 078 Urban Dreaming This body of work considers in contemporary terms what it means to be young and indigenous in an urban environment. The images detail urban spaces and provide insight into the social, political and racial tensions that exist within those contexts. The subject Caleb, aka ‘Buda K’, ascribes to Hip-Hop culture where art, music and story telling from his traditional origins evolve into new forms. His sometimes embattled urban existence sits in stark contrast to his vibrant response to these spaces. Surveys of space and the human interactions that occur within any given frame are effective thermometers of the social and political climate.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue



Photographic Art Practice Charlotte Nicoline Brobakken


David Chatfield


Sidney Coombes


Olivia Fredheim


Amy Hart


Jonothan Hoole


Madeleine Keinonen


Ben Leadbetter


Caleb Martin


Caitlin Morgan


Charlotte Putman


Anna Regan


Sophie Richards


Erin Tyler


Zaim Zarkasha Zamani


Photographic Art Practice

Charlotte Nicoline Brobakken Photographic Art Practice EUPHORIA I have a great passion for skateboarding and I have held this interest since I was fifteen. In my artworks I experiment with approaches to documenting the culture of skating and BMX and in particular I am interested in the spaces where these activities take place. The uninhabited skateparks have a double meaning for me. On the one hand, they represent a real physical emptiness: the parks cannot fulfill their intended use after dark. On the other hand, the parks represent a psychological state: they refer to my own personal sense of physical displacement.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


David Chatfield Photographic Art Practice Questioning and confusion are often the principal conditions required to light the spark of interest. Anything that becomes commonplace or is thought to be understood is relegated to provide comfort or respite in times of unease. The twice read book or distanced lover, the patriot who has become comic. True excitement is only elicited as we grapple with the indefinable or that beyond our immediate comprehension. However as the ubiquity of images expand and any question raised is quickly answered by an instant data search are we repudiating our capacity for awe? No, when one is able to go beyond their precognitions and is once again faced with the objects original incoherence everything is centred on their own activity of looking, in the most visceral and personal sense.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Sidney Coombes Photographic Art Practice

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Olivia Fredheim Photographic Art Practice Interior I am interested in the potential of the image to evoke a reconsideration of the familiar domestic space. I am influenced by cinematic conventions that have the capacity to prompt a strong emotional response. I employ the use of available light to create a sense of eeriness inside and beyond the frame. My images are intended to provide an ambiguous site to ponder the disconcerting aspects of domestic life and the possibility that things aren’t what they seem.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Amy Hart Photographic Art Practice 0434 360 635 This body of work is an expression of the fleeting nature of life. It was a profound realisation in my life when I came to a place of awareness that I was living on borrowed time. I wanted to challenge the thought process in our lives which often betrays us into thinking we are invincible and make us question are we really in control of our lives? If not, who is? For we all know we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Jonothan Hoole Photographic Art Practice I see photography and photographic art as a flexible, malleable material that can be rolled smooth or worked, twisted and roughened depending on the subject, the environmental influences at play and ultimately my mood. I aspire to create images that suggest uncomfortable questions or invite the viewer to take risks rather than provide answers and safe havens. Much of my image making revolves around themes of human cohabitation with technology and science — a relationship at times broadly symbiotic, at times reserved and on occasion, fearful and reactive.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Madeleine Keinonen Photographic Art Practice This work aims to combine my formalist interests in texture and tactility, light and shadow, and the sculptural potential of the photographic surface with playfully absurd or distorted representations of familiar things — such as the human form. I hope to provoke curiosity or even frustration in the viewer who may unconsciously try to identify sitters in this series of unidentifiable portraits, which mirrors the compulsion of humans to classify each other into categories of gender, nationality, sexuality or life experience based on appearance. Ultimately the work suggests that categorizing others on a superficial basis creates a barrier to understanding.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Ben Leadbetter Photographic Art Practice 0421 621 120 What makes a man? This series seeks to examine how traditional ideals of masculinity can restrict and limit selfexpression. The act of sewing is often associated with the feminine and domesticity, yet in this instance becomes a tool to question the constructed characters men take-up to fit into society’s expectations. The stitched visages become masks in their own right, binding the individual to their stereotypical role. Paying homage to graphic novels and comic books, the darkly lit characters wear their representation and are left speechless.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Caleb Martin Photographic Art Practice 0423 612 415 Untitled This body of work explores the framework of photographic production in contemporary image making. The ubiquity of the photographic image means that our everyday experience is informed by our ability to filter, construct and deconstruct this information seamlessly. Through multiple mediums I employ a reductive methodology to invite the viewer to experience not only the sign value of the work but also their relationship to the work within the space of the gallery. With this work I aim to investigate the formation of meaning and the role photography plays in contemporary existence.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Caitlin Morgan Photographic Art Practice Paradise, 2012
 “Alas! How little does the memory of these human inhabitants enhance the beauty of the landscape!” — Henry David Thoreau This series seeks to explore the temporality of the urban and industrial landscape. There is a constant tension that exists between the constructed nature of cities and the natural environment from which they rose. Paradise, in its original form wasn’t the final abode of the righteous but rather the Persian word pairidaeza: a walled enclosure built to contain gardens or foreign animals. Are cities separate from nature, or even unnatural? Their decline and deterioration suggests that they are part of nature.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Charlotte Putman Photographic Art Practice My work is a celebration of tactility and the everyday.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Anna Regan Photographic Art Practice Advertising occupies a large space in our world and in the public psyche. Among these are billboards, bus stops and telephone boxes which compete for our attention. Advertising especially those aimed at the cosmetic and the body are continually telling us – their audience that there is something we don’t have physically that we need. Companies create this anxiety over how their audience see their own bodies, knowing that the public are all too willing to pay for ideas of Love, Beauty, Perfection, Miracles and Timelessness. Advertisers change the view of the body being once whole into segmented parts, to be maintained or fixed by their products and ‘enduring’ ideals. My images use this language through the use of text that change the meaning of idioms and sayings. Words and phrases such as ‘Flawless’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Refresh Yourself’, ‘Looking Like Yourself Only Better’, are taken from Brisbane advertisements creating locally relevant images. My images highlight both the beauty industries marketing methods and their efforts to attack the body through first alienating it and then subduing and taming it.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Sophie Richards Photographic Art Practice 0434 918 688 “The main facts in human life are five: birth, food, sleep, love and death.” — E.M Forster The impetus for this body of work was a desire to image the idea of intimacy. After pursuing several different ways of photographing this notion I began to ponder the most intimate moments that a photographer can capture. I discovered that the moment when one first arises in the morning is when they are most vulnerable and unencumbered. I decided I would share this moment with my subjects by spending the night at their house and asking them to let me know as soon as they had awoken. Once we’d both traipsed sleepily to the nearest morning window light I would make two photographs of their untouched morning face. The nature of the TLR camera with a waist level viewfinder I use for this series is that one bows towards one’s subject. I wanted the imaging of this intimate moment to be as respectful as a photograph can be. I’d like to thank all my friends who participated in this project for not only letting me into your house and life but also for the spectacular breakfasts you’ve made.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Erin Tyler Photographic Art Practice 0439 211 232  My work explores the borderlands of hybrid identities as they navigate through the terrain of polarised perception. The faceted photographs are a metaphor for the transitional zones that contribute to the identity’s impermanence. Through the use of ambiguous imagery I aim to navigate the viewer through consequential tensions and uncertainty characteristic of identity construction.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Zaim Zarkasha Zamani Photographic Art Practice Menggores Jiwa (Soul Etching in Malay) I attempt to explore subconscious thoughts which result from being in an unfamiliar environment. My journey often involves me walking home alone at night. I pass spaces normally busy in the day that become silent after the dark brings wild imagination. I imagine the urban spaces coming alive, noticing details that weren’t obvious to me in the day. I stick to the well-lit areas. Streetlights are my best friends. With my mind I start drawing and sketching my environment, replacing the things I don’t like with things I feel are more pleasant. My etchings into the inkjet print surfaces respond to images captured by my camera. I make the prints to question the idea of meaning. How is meaning related to the familiar? I have taken the process in making the images as a journey of self-reflection.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue



Creative Advertising Rachel Brown


Piyabut Chairatna


Cherie Davies


Dylan Evans


Phoebe Hofsteede


Cydney Holm


Wei Huang


Beth Kinmont


David La Roche


Fanny Lofgren


Matthew Long


Brock McFadzean


Hayley McGill


Grace Moussa


Megan Popelier


Richard Puddicombe


Jonathan Rae


Matt Taylor


Bowei Wang


Dominic Xavier


Creative Advertising

Rachel Brown Creative Advertising 0401 408 173 Domestic Absurdity This series uses domestic objects as a catalyst for the merging of the Art and Advertising realms through surrealism; a process which is the foundation of most of my work. Challenging current conventions within the advertising dialogue, with reference to pioneers of the surrealist era, ensures that each of my bodies of work is both unique and well informed. I further seek to intrigue the audience through perception.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Piyabut Chairatna Creative Advertising Otaku This folio is a series of fashion images that intends to portray the natural magnetism of the subjects. By drawing upon inspiration from the landscape the model is positioned within, the work aims to reveal an essence of inner beauty.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Cherie Davies Creative Advertising 0407 409 025 07 5535 1908 Sweet Ingredients My work explores the ingredients of baked sweets. Throughout my passion for baking I have never truly appreciated these raw ingredients for their individual qualities. In light of this, this series pays homage to each ingredient and its distinct characteristics. Through the use of studio lighting and macro photography, the series portrays the elements in a surreal & abstract form and via the framework of the diptych; the viewer will be able to construct notions of the identity of each ingredient. Ultimately I would like to stir up desire in the viewer to want to reach into my images and taste what they see.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Dylan Evans Creative Advertising 0439 782 635 My work is a creative exploration of the nature of childhood joy and wonderment which aims to provoke an emotive nostalgic response in my audience. By approaching this through a creative advertising viewpoint, I intend to create images which are both dynamic and familiar, encouraging my audience to recollect their own experiences and use this to add depth and dimension to their experience of the work.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Phoebe Hofsteede Creative Advertising Shadow and Light Storytelling, daydreaming and play have always been a huge part of my identity and therefore it came naturally to create this series of work that explores the visual language of fairy tales through the realm of fashion. Shadow and Light portrays characters of both good and evil, which create tension in the work for the viewer whilst reflecting the balance of our existence. Through the techniques of narrative and fashion, the construction of each female character offers the viewer an escape from everyday life and the possibility to imagine they take on the characters qualities of supremacy, innocence, and heroism.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Cydney Holm Creative Advertising 0418 195 403 Suspension On average, humans spend one third of their entire lives sleeping and will dream over 150 000 dreams. Within these dreams there are no laws, limitations or restrictions. “Suspension� is an exploration of the creative abilities of our subconscious minds, and a visual portrayal of the surrealism that occurs within our dreams.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Wei Huang Creative Advertising 0424 940 014 My body of work explores editorial food photography and sensory temptation it is capable of creating. Through the replication of natural environments, the chosen foods aim to complement the atmosphere and wet the appetite.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Beth Kinmont Creative Advertising Trapped in the Mind Room "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." — Franklin Delano Roosevelt Our phobias rule over us and, like everything in our lives, we fight it. With this, our minds become a battlefield. Sometimes we stand as the victor; triumphant, a champion. And other times we fall, once again conquered by this power-hungry tyrant. The women in the images adopt the persona of each phobia, struggling to take control but trapped within a room, symbolizing the way we struggle within our own minds. With these photographs, I invite the viewers to confront their own anxieties and explore the inner turmoil that is occurring in our "mind rooms" when faced with our greatest fears.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


David La Roche Creative Advertising 0459 991 180 Fashion and the Neomodern In its early days, the role of fashion photography was exclusively to sell clothing. In the decades following, fashion photography has been raised to the status of an art form, with a focus on narrative and illusion. Through this body of work, I speculate on the future of fashion photography through implicit storytelling and a modern, formal aesthetic.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Fanny Lofgren Creative Advertising FELINES Influenced by the freedom and social embrace of 1960’s fashion, this series of work aims to draw upon the language of cinematic narrative to represent ideas of a strong and independent contemporary woman.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Matthew Long Creative Advertising 0431 254 709 Bound The deliberate construction of our visual image, allows us to provide a mask, a mask that can conceal true nature and create a perfected and fantastic illusion for our everyday presentation, to which we can build an alter ego based on who and what we think we should be and want to be. Inspired by the fantasy world of superheroes, the idealised images of pop icons and the glorification of celebrity idols, I intended to look behind the construction of one’s identity and by employing the use of dramatic make-up, I examine the latent psyche which drives us to create and become our public self, the person we put forward as our public persona and the insecurities and vulnerabilities, which binds us to become our constructed identity.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Brock McFadzean Creative Advertising 0434 035 561 A Contemporary Elegance This body of work approaches fashion by means of the classic depictions of elegance, simplicity and form. The series aims to use light as the connection between subject and garment, creating a relationship between them that is reminiscent of a time of modesty and sophistication.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Hayley McGill Creative Advertising 0421 819 708 Leviosa My imagery has always been a physical depiction of my thoughts, and this series is a materialization of how I perceive the collision of the real and the surreal. I am drawn to the hauntingly beautiful, and this collection is a series of dreamlike portraits that embrace the idea of the unexplainable and the unknown. I aim to portray an eerie sense of calmness to the viewer, despite the unusual circumstances.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Grace Moussa Creative Advertising The Provocateurs This series of work represents contemporary young women and an observation of their deepest and innermost sexual desires and dreams – integrating elements of lust, fetish and fantasy. The viewer acts as a voyeur, however the women who are in control, engage with the audience and thus entice them to be part of their fantasy. The camera represents my open mindedness and curious insight into other people’s sexual fantasies. My intention being that the audience is presented with and open to the uniqueness and confidence of these young women. This series of work represents contemporary young women and an observation of their deepest and innermost sexual desires and dreams – integrating elements of lust, fetish and fantasy.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Megan Popelier Creative Advertising 0403 663 515 Celestial Flux I have always been fascinated with the dress and its ability to take on a life of its own, through movement and energy. When placed on the wearer, the dress has the power to transform its host into something unforeseen. By juxtaposing the dress within specific environments I intend to illustrate the garments ability to connect with the woman, as each outfit signifies a transformation into a powerful goddess.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Richard Puddicombe Creative Advertising 0401 181 408 In This World In a world becoming increasingly developed, nature struggles for survival. As habitats are threatened, nature is forced to adapt or perish. My work focuses on animals at the heart of the chaos, and through this, illustrates the negative effect industry has on our environment. The use of unnaturally vibrant, synthetic colour demonstrates the toxicity of industry, and contrasts with the natural representation of the wildlife. My intention, through producing this work, is for the viewer to consider their individual involvement in the fight between industry and nature, as we are all contributing towards the natural world’s destruction.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Jonathan Rae Creative Advertising Timeless Style My body of work focuses on encapsulating a sense of nostalgic representation, incorporating timeless fashion and urban surroundings. I have always been in the classic, high-society look within fashion's history, and aim to capture this sense of sophistication and confidence in my work, thus allowing the viewer to step back in time.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Matt Taylor Creative Advertising 0401 633 050 You Are What You Eat My interest lies within the advertising medium and its ability to affect consumer understanding and choices through the visual. You Are What You Eat (2012) seeks to present a familiar visual aesthetic and activate a cognitive process within the viewer to unveil a concealed and satirical interpretation of food advertising imagery. Using traditional advertising techniques in juxtaposition of the industry trickery in food photography, this series aims to establish a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment once resolved by the audience. Adversity Conforming again to advertising aesthetics, the series Adversity (2012) challenges the viewer by mimicking familiar sporting scenarios whilst concerning itself with a visual metaphor of triumphing against the odds.

2012 Photography Graduate Catalogue


Bowei Wang Creative Advertising 0402 136 873 +86 13834542535 (CHN) Artworks occurred at some waived public spaces, aiming at exploring the young ladies who give a vital feeling when accompanying a strong feeling of decadence from the space while shooting moment, I use the language of the lens to narrate a story which ultimately is about location, emotion and context. Loneliness and imagination could become the core for my artwork. Image, like monologue movie, is peacefully flowing in my mind. I would prefer to notice a sore of extension of sentimentality, however, in most cases I am afraid of it as well. Such contradiction also causes lost in the expression. Freedom is absurd as sometimes you know you will get lost. As the image I show, strange is strange, it does not matter your happiness or sadness

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Dominic Xavier Creative Advertising 0411 591 405 Comical & Sober This body of work expresses the idiosyncrasies of the people I have come to know on a day to day basis. Each image conveys the peculiar aspects that I see in each of my subjects. Through the use of props and design, my intent is not only to introduce the audience to each subject, but also to evoke a response of intrigue.

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MAVA Isaac Hoodle


Monica Myers


Kevin Wilton


Jing Zhao



Isaac Hoodle MAVA

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Monica Myers MAVA I use allegorical portraiture to represent my environmental concerns and to evoke a harmonious marine Utopia. Driven by environmental crisis, my work proposes new ways of relating to the marine environment by drawing from my father's philosophical theory of knowledge as the hinge between culture and nature. My work invites the audience to reconsider the ocean as wellspring of spiritual renewal rather than a resource to be plundered. It constitutes a new framework for understanding the quiet voice of the natural, offering healing solutions to the problems humanity has caused, uncovering new vocabularies with which to rethink our priorities.

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Kevin Wilton MAVA

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Jing Zhao MAVA I chose four iconic pictures of Norma Jeane Mortenson that I could rework to make a statement about her celebrity status as Marilyn Monroe, the world famous sex symbol. Created by Hollywood, Marilyn became the archetypal �blond bombshell� who held audiences mesmerized throughout her film career, and the world devastated by her premature death. Her acting ability was questionable and her success was due to a combination of great photography, lighting, clothes and competent lead actors. As an adolescent and Chinese national I was also fascinated by Marilyn and only recently understood how much her persona affected women around the world. My images investigate and comment on this phenomenon.

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Photography Staff and Support 2012

The 2012 graduates would firstly like to thank all of our lecturers and tutors. We are lucky enough to have mentors who are practising and passionate about the field they’re teaching. This passion has supported us, challenged us and guided us into being the best photographers we can be.

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Blurrr club acknowledges the assistance and patience given by Jay Younger, Jacky Owens, Renata Buziak, Rebecca Smith, Carol Marron, Tijana Jaksic and the time and efforts of Liveworm, especially Jacqui Hancox. Thank you! To our sponsors, thank you for your support and involvement in this production. Your contribution is greatly appreciated by us all A special thank you to Shahidul Alam for travelling to open our show, for your kind words and your support. And finally to the graduating class of 2012‌ we made it! Congratulations and all the best for the future.

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Student Awards 2011 Felix Merry

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2010 Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS) Youth Arts Photography Prize – Winner Presented to a graduating student for artistic merit

Ted's Camera Stores Award Presented to a graduating student in recognition of excellence in Portraiture

Brett Ramsay Sancintya Simpson 2010 Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS) Youth Arts Photography Prize – Runner-Up Presented to a graduating student for artistic merit

Daniel Mulheran Australian Photo Journalist Award Presented to a graduating student for the best example of social documentary photography

Carlie Roach 3E Innovative George Chapman Presented to the student deemed most likely “emerge”

Jónfrid Eliasen Kayell Queensland - RGB Digital Pro Lab Award Presented to a graduating student in recognition of excellence in Creative Advertising

St Margaret's Anglican Girls School Award Presented to a graduating documentary student continuing into Honours

Gerwyn Davies Staff Award Presented to a student for significantly adding to the culture of the department

Raphaela Rosella FujiFilm Photographic Award Presented to a Photojournalism graduate continuing into Honours. The award recognises a significant body of work documenting aspects of the human condition.

Emma Leslie NAVA Ignition Prize Graduating student who has excelled in the professional practice component of their studies.

Bachelor of Photography Graduate Exhibition 2012 Queensland College of Art Griffith University EXHIBITION November 15th – 17th

Louise Wright Queensland Arts Council QAC Photographer for a Year Photographic Scholarship

Sarah Oxenham The Queensland Centre for Photography Award Presented to a graduating student for experimentation and innovation within photographic art practice.

Lachlan Gardiner St Aiden’s Anglican Girls’ School Presented to a graduating documentary student continuing into Honours The Courier Mail Award Presented to a graduating student in recognition of excellence in Photojournalism

OPENING NIGHT Thursday 15th November Queensland College of Art Griffith University PUBLICATION Designed at Liveworm Studio Designer: Niqui Toldi Creative Director: David Sargent Printed by The Buckner Group Cover – 300gsm Sovereign Silk Internals – 150gsm Sovereign Silk Published by Queensland College of Art Griffith University ISBN 978-1-921760-93-8

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Ellipsis: 2012 QCA Photography  
Ellipsis: 2012 QCA Photography  

2012 Graduating Photography Students from the Queensland College of Art Griffith University