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What Functions Should Startups Outsource?

One of the main challenges startups face is accomplishing critical functions when there are limited resources

While members of a startup wear different hats, there comes a point when it's unsustainable to continue this at each level

As a result, it becomes essential to outsource

But which functions does it make sense for a startup to contract out?

Let's have a look at these 5 areas

1. Engineering

Outsourcing some engineering functions is a good place to begin

Choosing to outsource engineering services to an offshore services provider saves a significant amount of money

Having a team of QA experts onboard reduces bottlenecks and speeds time to market

2. Financial

Outsourcing the CFO function help startups draw on highly experienced individuals without paying a CFO salary

Accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll should not be left to amateurs, as there are many regulations and tax laws

Rather than risking trouble, startups should outsource the function to certified financial experts at a fraction of price

3. Marketing

For a startup business to attract new customers, marketing is critical

Startups often don't have the financial ability to hire an entire marketing team

Outsourcing marketing to a diversified agency is a viable option

4. Human Resources

Outsourcing human resources does not necessarily mean outsourcing the hiring personnel

HR functions such as development of employee policies and managing personnel issues can be outsourced

HR functions can consume a lot of time, so outsourcing such functionalities makes sense for startups

5. Customer Service

Building a contact center requires a major investment in technology, facilities, staff training, and ongoing operations

Outsourcing the customer services function allows startups to efficiently respond to customers without making any major investments

With a diversified and flexible workforce, outsourced call centers offer expertise that can be difficult to satisfy in-house

To know more about the benefits of outsourcing these functions, read our blog post: What Functions Should Startups be Outsourcing ?

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What Functions Should Startups Outsource  
What Functions Should Startups Outsource  

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