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ABOUT US Legacy Family is a daily support program for high-level entrepreneurs. Members get live access & consulting from some of the most accomplished & driven executives in the country.

MEMBERSHIP 01 A ticket to our 3 in-

02 Membership to the

03 Membership to

person Mastermind Summits held in amazing locations across America. Previous locations include: - Key West, FL - Austin, TX - Walt Disney World - Charleston, SC - Gatlinburg, TN - Las Vegas, NV

Private Legacy Family Facebook Group where you can network and stay connected 24/7, as well as a Member Directory that includes the contact information for every Legacy Family member.

the Private Legacy

Boardroom Calls Facebook Group where daily calls are held and members can submit real-time questions to be answered, deals to be underwritten, & topics to be discussed. Daily call recordings are also found here.

INCLUDES 04 Access to the

05 Access to everything

06 Exclusive access to CE

Legacy Family Vault of Documents full of

in Commercial Empire including the Private Facebook Group, Virtual Events, and Commercial Empire Recordings and Assets. These virtual events are taught by Tim & Team and go through step-by-step how to Find, Fund, Fix, Fill, & (Cash)Flow Apartments.

DealFlow, our deal search software spanning all commercial asset classes, & the ability to participate in and learn from the Legacy Wealth Academy library of digital masterclasses (coming June 2022).

priceless information to help you grow your business including our SOPs, Offer Templates, Investment Summaries, Operating Agreement Template, Credibility Kit, Summit Recordings, and so much more!


“It’s very rare that you’re gonna find masterminds where the board is actually going on calls on a daily basis. And then when you come to the Summit, it just ties everything together and puts you in a place where you can move ahead and progress in your business.”

- Amit Darji

“They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. There are a lot of great operators in this group, people who are doing hundreds of houses a year or own three or four thousand units. Super solid group of people to be around.”

“You invest your time with only a specific number of people […] We want to spend our time very thoughtfully and you want to go where you really feel like you’re getting a lot of value. Tim’s events and Tim as a guy…he’s the best at both.”

- Dusty Keefe

- Paul Vincent

THE MASSIVE VALUE OF LEGACY BOARDROOM CALLS Daily consulting / Q&A live Zoom calls via the Private Legacy Boardroom Calls Facebook Group from 12-1p ET, 5 days a week, headed up by the executive team and recorded if you need to access them later.

It’s like a Board of Directors for your real estate business. The quality and quantity of information is incredible, and you have access to multiple 6-figure executives daily. They are all ROCKSTARS in the industry! o

Monday is the Director of Acquisitions, Nick Burton, answering questions about marketing,

underwriting, negotiating, contracting, due diligence, etc. o

Tuesday is the COO, Matt Carlin, answering questions about project management, property

management, asset management, operations, etc. o Wednesday is Chief Investment Officer, Fadi Boumitri, answering questions about SEC compliance, what can/can’t be said on social media to raise capital, deal structure, raising private capital, financing agreements, etc. o Thursday is the HR Director, Scott Hanis, answering questions about team building, core values, organizational charts, KPIs/SMART goals, hiring, firing, employee benefits, team management, etc. o Friday is Tim Bratz, CEO, or a Special Guest.




DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Click the video below to hear what our members have to say:


MASTERMIND EVENT VIDEOS Check out these highlights from past events:

Austin, TX

Orlando, FL

Las Vegas, NV

For more Mastermind videos, check out the Legacy Wealth YouTube channel!

ALL-ACCESS PASS Also included in your Legacy Family membership is an all-access pass to our exclusive CE Deal Flow software and Legacy Wealth Academy digital masterclasses.

CE DEAL FLOW: The best way to find commercial real estate online! Search, filter and export over 50 different types of commercial property leads with Leadflow’s newest nationwide leadpipe. Legacy Family members will have free access to the platinum package (a $3,000 value).


Coming June 2022! Legacy Wealth Academy is a library of 3-hour courses taught by expert entrepreneurs that you can watch anywhere on any device.