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An Irreverent and unforgetable 21st century comedy. Written by the writer of the mega hit “Revenge of the Nerds” and by the writer and Director of the successful Mexican Feature Film ‘Amar a Morir”

A Film by Fernando Lebrija



Countries: MÉXICO / UNITED STATES Duration: 110 minutes Language: 100% English Rated: R Estimated released date: Fall 2013 Estimated cost: $4.4 MILLION DOLLARS

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

SYNOPSIS LOGAN is a high school senior with some insecurities. His PARENTS treat him like an immature kid and don’t trust him. He doesn’t exist for LINA, the girl he has a crush on. But this is about to change. After stealing his dad’s car in an attempt to impress Lina, Logan is grounded and looses his Cruise Vacation for Spring Break. But when his crazed best friend BLAKE discovers Lina is going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Spring Break, Blake convinces Logan to go after the girl of

his dreams in Mexico. To Logan’s surprise, Lina disappoints him but in those moments of depression he meets GABY, a sensual and sexy Mexican girl, whom with he shares “The best night of his life.” That is, until he discovers she’s an ESCORT and when he can’t pay her, she takes Logan’s father’s Rolex as guarantee.

also meet DORIAN, Gaby’s boss, who asks $5,000 dollars in the next 24 hours to give them back the watch. This is were everything begins, what supposed to be a simple trip becomes a great adventure that will change their lives forever.

With CHUY’s help, a funny taxi driver native to PV, they find Gaby where there

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

MAIN CAST As LOGAN: Devon Werkheiser (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: Greek 2011 Glenn Martin DDS 2011 Scared Shrekless 2010 Memphis Beat 2010 The Quinn-Tupltes 2010 Three Rivers 2009 American Dad! 2009 Mothergoose Parade 2008 Christmas in Paradise 2007

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide 2004-2007

Shredderman Rules The Wizzard of Krudd Casper’s Scare School Recipe for Disaster That Was Then

2007 2007 2006 2003 2002

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

Movie: Leashed 2012 The Wicked 2012 Beneath the Darkness 2011 Marmaduke 2010 The Prankster 2010 Love at First Hiccup 2009 We Were Soldiers 2002

MAIN CAST As BLAKE: Sean Marquette (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: CSI: NY 2011 Ghost Whisperer 2010 In Plain Sight 2010 CSI 2010 Saving Grace 2009 Foster Home ForImaginary Friends 2004-2009 Monk 2007 The 4400 2006 NYOD Blue 2005 Lizzie McGuire 2003 Malcolm in the Middle 2000 Touched by an Angel 2000 Judging Amy 2000 All My Children 1995-1998

Movie: High School 2010 Halloween II 2009 Love at First Hiccup 2009 American Son 2008 Resurection Mary 2007 Remember the Daze 2007 Griller 2006 Surviving Christmas 2004 13 going on 30 2004 Van Wilder 2002

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

MAIN CAST As GABY: Camilla Belle (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: Walker: Texas Ranger The wild Thornberrys

1998 1998

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

Movie: From Prada to Nada 2011 Adrift 2009 Push 2009 10,000 BC 2008 When a strange calls 2006 The Quiet 2005 Ballad of Jack & Rose 2005 The Patriot 1998 Jurassic Park 2 1997 A little Princess 1995

MAIN CAST As CHUY: Silverio Palacios (Confirmed) CREDITS Movie: Ana 2013 Pastorela 2011 Asi es la Suerte 2011 La orta fa milia 2011 Acorazado 2010 El infierno 2010 Nikte 2009 Paradas continuas 2009 Todo x Nada 2009 Nacion apache 2009 Chilango Chronicles 2009 Amar a morir 2009 Cosita linda 2008 Teo’s Journey 2008 Latidos 2006 The Girl on the Stone 2006

The Legend of Zorro 2005 The Violin 2005 Charros 2004 Soba 2004 La Caja 2003 Leaving no Trace 2000 En el aire 1995 TV: Gregoria la cucaracha La garganta del Diablo Linea nocturna El Nuevo restaurant- De Pierre Quintonil Hablame de amor

2009 2008 2006 2004 1999

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

MAIN CAST As DORIAN: Jordi Molla (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: China, IL 2012 CSI: Miami 2011 Stevie 2008 Dollar for-The Dead 1998 All in the Game 1993 The Young 1993 Picasso Revolver 1992 Dark Justice 1991- 1992

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

Movie: Armas y conversaciones 2012 Colombiana 2011 Bunraku 2010 Knight and Day 2010 Zenitram 2010 The Conspiracy 2008 Elizabeth: The Golden Age 2007 Cinemart 2007 The Alamo 2004 Bad Boys II 2003 The Tulse Luper Suitcases, 2003-2004 Blow 2001 Nobody Knows Anybody 1999 Stories from Kronen 1995 Men Always Lie 1995 Todo es mentira 1994 My Soul Brother 1994

MAIN CAST As Janice (Logan’s Mom) Teri Hatcher (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: Desperate Housewives 2004-2012 Smallville 2010 Two and a Half Men 2004 Jane Doe (TV Movie) 2001 Running Mates (TV Movie) 2000 Frasier 1998 Siendfeld 1993-1998 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 1993-1997 Momentum (TV Movie) 2003 The Love Boat 1985-1986

Movie: Coraline 2009 Resurrecting the Champ 2007 A Touch of Fate 2003 Spy kids 2001 Fever 1999 Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 2 days in the Valley 1996

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

MAIN CAST As LINA: Sara Paxton (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: Elixir 2012 The Beautiful Life 2009 Jonas 2009 Wizards of Waverly Place 2008 Mother Goose Parade 2008 The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker 2007 Darcys Wild Life 2004-2006

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

Movie: Static 2012 Liars All 2012 Rodeo Drive Diva 2012 Blue eyed Butcher 2012 The Big Valley 2011 Enter Nowhere 2011 Shark Night 3D 2011 The Innkeepers 2011 Last House on the Left 2009 Super Hero Movie 2009 Sydney White 2008

MAIN CAST As EUGENE: Reid Ewing (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: Modern Family 2009-2011 Zeke and Luther 2009-2011 Good Luck Charlie 2011 Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! 2008

Movie: The Silent Thief 2012 Crush 2012 Sleeping Around 2012 South Dakota 2011 Fright Night 2011 The Truth Below 2011 In Between Days 2010

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

SECONDARY CAST As the GORI: Joaquin Cosio (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: El Diez

2011 Los Heroes del Norte 2010-2011 Eastbound & Down 2010 Kdabra 2009 Sexo y Otros Secretos 2007

Movie: Savages 2012 Bless Me, Ultima 2012 Todo un hombre 2012 Pastorela 2011 A Better Life 2011

As SIXTO: Hector Jimenez (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: Sharktopus 2010 Ernesto 2008 Yo Gabba Gabba! 2007

Movie: Suave patria 2012 Fachon Models 2012 Hidden Moon 2012 Todo un hombre 2012 Patorela 2011 Cellmates 2011

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

SECONDARY CAST As the DJ: Chema Torre (Confirmed) CREDITS TV: Duelo de Pasiones 2006 Apuesta por un amor 2005 Mujer casos 2003 Salome 2001 La intrusa 2000

Movie: Musth 2011 Seres: Genesis 2010 Daniel and Ana 2009 O Labirinto ario 2008

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |


Joe Francis (Confirmed)

Olga Segura (Confirmed)

Juan Pablo Medina (Confirmed)

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |


The Hangover

(2009) Budget: $35 millon USD Worldwide gross: $462 millon USD


(2008) Budget: $20 millon USD Worldwide gross: $162 millon USD


(1999) Budget: $11 millones USD Worldwide gross: $367 millon USD

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |


FERNANDO LEBRIJA Producer and Director MX Cell: (52-1-55) 1852-0948 US Cell: (310) 710-0484 E:

WILLIE KUTNER Producer Cell (310) 430 – 8318 E: HARRIS TULCHIN Executive Producer US Cell (310) 914 – 7979 E:

A Film by Fernando Lebrija | |

PABLO LEBRIJA Asociate Producer MX OF (52-33) 3633-1791 MX Cell (52-1-33) 1537-2996 E:

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