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What Stick?

The PUSH guide to hockey sticks for 2013/14


How to use this guide... Welcome to your PUSH guide to the best sticks for 2013-14, What Stick. Choosing a stick is an important decision, and it can be an expensive one too. To help out, we have contacted all the brands we know of, and asked them for details of their 2013-14 ranges.

also heard of players taking out endcaps, jumping on sticks just before measurement and trying other such tricks to get all sorts of sticks past technical officials. And if you really want to increase the bow on a stick – it doesn’t take much imagination to work out how.

We couldn’t show you all the sticks – some ranges would need a magazine of their own. But we have asked for three or four sticks that are indicative of what is on offer from that brand.

It is important to remember no stick model is banned, a player’s stick must simply comply with the rules – i.e it must pass the stick measurement guidelines published by the FIH.

From each brand, we’ve tried to include a top-of-the-range stick, something from the middle of the range and something from the lower end.

Pity the poor umpires, especially in lower leagues, faced with claim and counterclaim from opponents and not having a measurement tool (there is one specified, but I for one haven’t ever seen an example). As an umpire, I’d be reluctant to stop anyone using a stick – even though I know the market better than most – unless I can measure it myself. I await advice from my county association.

Junior sticks are in there too where possible. Of course the brands haven’t all given us the same information and they all describe their products in different ways. But we have tried to present the information as consistently as possible.

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We hope What Stick helps you to find the right stick for you. Developments: The bow rules introduced into world level tournaments early in 2011 are finally to apply in all domestic hockey in England in time for the 2013-14 season. From September 1, 2013, sticks will have to comply with the International Hockey Federation (FIH) rules. The change outlaws some of the more extreme bows still in use. Sticks with the maximum bow closer than 200mm to the foot of the stick and those models designed not to lie flat in order to get around the earlier rules are affected. There are certain older sticks which we know don’t comply out of the box – such as the popular adidas TT10. But we’ve

Opportunity knocks: There is a lot of old stock being dumped out there so be wary of buying a non-compliant stick. On the plus side, however, many of the brands have grasped this season as a marketing opportunity and are chasing sales with new models and designs. The trend in graphics continues towards ever-brighter and more eye-catching designs. Innovative materials and constructions are now filtering down to lower-price points, and the market has smartened up to drop the obsession with what are ridiculously high carbon contents for most normal humans. There are some great sticks out there so enjoy shopping.

Tom Cooper

RRP = recommended retail price ­– some brands use SSP – suggested sale price – but this amounts to the same thing


V24 CarboN RRP: £250

adidas have sharpened up their graphics for the 2013-14 season. There are also tweaks to compositions and a new grip. The range has five families (LX24, X24, TX24, V24, and X17) The top sticks of each family incorporate Dualrod – two carbon rods filled with foam to aid in shock absorption whilst increasing the power – and touch compound which improves the contact between hook and ball for better accuracy. New this year is adigrip 2013 – a grip tape combining traditional PU with chamois-like touch. The compound for all the Carbon sticks has been tweaked. There are some new colour variations too, and junior and indoor sticks. Adult sticks are 36.5 or 37.5-inch. TX24: This is the adidas drag-flick stick with the XXTREME24 bow the minimum 200mm from the bottom. For 2013-14 this stick is available in the Carbon (RRP £275) and Compo 1 (RRP: £185, 70% carbon/25% glassfibre/5% other) variants only and in light and super-light.

LX24 Compo 2 RRP: £150

X17 Compo-5 RRP: £75

V24: The V24 shape has the XTREME24 bow, 300mm from the bottom of the stick. There are six variants from the V24 Carbon down to the V24 Compo 5 (RRP £75). The V24 has a tight head shape to help reverse-stick skills. In super-light (not all models) and light as well as medium (Carbon only). X24: This family has the XTREME24 bow shape in Compo 1 (RRP £185) to Compo 6 models (RRP £45). Light and super-light (Compo 1 only). LX24: The LX24 family has six sticks from the Carbon to the Compo-5 (RRP £75) all in the Adibow 24 shape with the maximum bow at 250mm. Light and super-light (not all models) and medium (Carbo only). X17: The straighter X17 family has the XTREME17 bow 300mm from the foot of the stick. Available in the Carbon (RRP £250), Compo-5 (£75) and Compo-6 (£45) variations, only in light. This shape is also in wood as the X17 Core 7 (£25 or £30).

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TX24 CarbON RRP: £275

Maartje Paumen Has joined Brabo for the next 4 years - Top Scorer Dutch National League - FIH World’s Best Player - Olympic Top Scorer - Olympic Gold Team Captain

the fastest growing hockey brand in Europe and probably the world.

0116 2627280


Brabo Tribute TC-10 Carbon Black RRP £175

Brabo TeXtreme® Series: Brabo’s most innovative series is a new generation of field hockey sticks for professionals with technology directly from the high-tech laboratories of Formula 1 cars. TeXtreme Carbon makes the stick lighter, gives a higher impact resistance and improves control. Designed for players who dare to push themselves and their stick to the limit, prices range from £200-£300 Tribute Series: Tribute is a series of sticks that feels comfortable and gives the right touch. They are aimed at all levels from the motivated beginner to experienced top player. Varying percentages of carbon ensure there is a stick to suit everyone’s price range and level of play. Internationals choosing the Tribute Series, include Brent Dancer (Australia), Jayde Taylor (Australia) and Jelle Galema (Holland junior international). Prices range from £70-£175.

Brabo Neon 90 RRP £155

Brabo Pure Girl Pure Love RRP £80

Brabo Neon Series: This is a technical line of products capturing the true spirit of the game. Aimed at younger players who love ‘stand out’ designs, the sticks are designed to include fresh, sporty, neon colours. There are varying percentages of carbon and are all manufactured with Brabo’s Wrap Around Technology (WAT). Prices range from £105-£155 Brabo Pure Girl Series: The Pure Girl sticks are stylish whilst retaining the quality of manufacture required for today’s physical game. Using a combination of carbon fibre and glass fibre, they retain power and feel, prices range from £70-£115. Brabo MP17 Series: FIH World Player of the Year Maartje Paumen will launch this new range of sticks, packs, bags and accessories in time for the season .

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Brabo TeXtreme Formule 2 Extreme Low Bow RRP £240


EXA 100 NRT Junior RRP: £50

GIGA 5.1 FRT RRP: £79.95

The 2013 Dita International range comes directly from Holland into the UK and Ireland. The collection begins with a junior range in wood and composite designed to encourage kids to maintain good technique whilst providing good power. Next are the entry-level adult composite in the FLUO and REBL sticks and three families of senior sticks in the GIGA, TERRA and EXA ranges which offer variations of head, bend and balance.

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EXA 100 NRT Junior: A junior composite stick made of carbon, glass and aramid fibres. Specs: J-head, 19mm S-Curve ,PI (power index) 8.80, 30”-36”, light. RRP £50. GIGA 5.1 FRT: The Giga 5.1 is a senior stick made from five per cent high modulus carbon fibre, Glass and aramid fibres are all encompassed in the RFT (Resin Fibre Tech) resin system. Specs: J-head,19mm S-Curve,PI 8.80, 36.5”, light and medium.

TERRA 20 RCT RRP: £139.95

EXA 700 NRT RRP: £299.95

RRP £79.95. TERRA 20 RCT: This is a senior stick made from 30% high modulus carbon fibre, glass fibres and aramid fibres all encompassed in our RCT (Resin Carbon Tech) resin system. Great for dribbler and the flicker. Specs: J-head, 24mm L-Curve, PI 9.80, 36.5” and 37.5”, light and medium. RRP £139.95 EXA 700 NRT : A completely new stick for 2013. Composition is 95% high modulus carbon fibre and 5% aramid fibre all encompassed in NRT (Nano Resin Tech) resin system – ultra-stiff and Ultra-light. This Ultra-thin profile stick was designed in conjunction with top international players to be the ultimate drag-flicking stick. Specs: J-Head, water displacing grooved face, 25mm XL-curve , PI 11.20, 36.5” and 37.5” Ultra-light. RRP £299.95


GX7000 MICRO RRP: £144.99

Here is a selection from Grays extensive range this season. Nano 10: This is Grays’ new look silver basalt top-of-the-range model. Features include: three fibre matrix construction with carbon, aramid and basalt. Specs: 36.5” and 37.5”; light or medium; maxi headshape; head face – Improved Feel Area; power rating – Xtra Stiff; Jumbow profile; materials – basalt carbon aramid; balance points – light 36.5cm, medium 37.5cm; Carbon X heel protection. RRP £254.99. GX7000 Micro: This is a new design with gloss finish. Features include the Energy Reduction Handle. Specs: 36.5” and 37.5”; light or medium, Micro headshape; head face – IFA; power rating – Xtra Stiff; blade profile – Standard; materials – carbon aramid fibreglass; balance points – light 35.5cm medium 36.5cm; Carbon X heel protection. RRP: £144.99

GX5000 MID-BOW RRP: £114.99

AJ7 JUMBOW RRP: £104.99

GX5000 Mid-Bow HS: The GX5000 gets a new look design in gloss finish for 2013 and it features an excellent controlled power to weight ratio. Specs: Gloss finish; 36.5” 37.5” and 38.5”; super-light, light or medium; Maxi headshape; power rating – Super Stiff, Mid Bow profile; materials – Tri-Tec carbon aramid fibreglass; balance points – light 35.5cm medium 37.5cm; RRP £114.99. AJ 7 Jumbow: The model developed exclusively with Ashley Jackson also gets a new look. The AJ7 combines an FIHcompliant blade setting with the special Jumbow profile. Specs: 36.5”; light or medium; Maxi headshape; Power Rating – Stiff; Jumbow profile; materials – carbon aramid fibreglass; balance points – light 36.5cm, medium - 37.5cm; Traction Hi Soft grip. RRP £104.99.

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NANO 10 RRP: £254.99

2013 COLLECTION ---TOUR ---TABOO ---CHROME ---ESSENTIAL ---@gryphonhockeyuk ----



Taboo Blue Steel CC / Pro / DII SSP £270

The Gryphon range has fresh new graphics, new model options and even the odd price drop here for 2013. G-Team reps starred at London 2012 and showed what Gryphon sticks brought to their game; power, precision, touch and control. Layups are configured to extract maximum performance. Shapes are designed to match any playing style and create the perfect angle of contact on the ball. Weights and balances are tuned and checked. Five Gryphon stick series make up the 2013 range: Tour: The Tour series combines incredible power with a silky smooth touch. Gryphon’s finest lay-up generates premium output and response while Silicon Sleeve technology gives instant control of the ball. Taboo: This series uses versions of IPS (International Player Specifications) lay-up to give a choice of power to feel combinations so you can pick your ideal

Chrome Diablo ERS Pro II RRP £160

Diablo SSP £160

option. The incredibly powerful, stiff and responsive Taboo Blue Steel leads the way, with the lay-up tweaked to shift the emphasis through Taboo and Taboo Striker. Chrome: The Chrome series is all new for 2013 and introduces ERS (Energy Reduction System) technology – a cork laminate infusion to the handle of the stick to soften the first touch. Cut from the Pro II (late bow) mould and with a stunning graphic. There is a lot of bang for your buck here. Essential: This series features a choice of lay-ups to give the best performance whatever your budget. All come in the Classic Curve (mid bow) shape with some stand-out graphics. Initiation: Sold as the perfect place to begin the pathway to hockey stardom and with eye-catching graphics too.

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Tour Pro / DII RRP £350


Team Midas RRP: £250

Team Vendetta RRP: £180

Kookaburra have created their most comprehensive stick range to date featuring new profiles, designs and features.

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Team: The new Team range has been designed to create high quality sticks which exude quality and playability. The Team Midas (£250 RRP) is the headline act incorporating the unique PC2 shape and Nano technology to produce power and playability. The rest of the lineup includes the L-Bow Team Phoenix (£200 RRP), M-Bow Team Dragon and the I-Bow Team Vendetta (£180 RRP) which incorporates the Kookaburra Velocity Ridge (KVR) for torsional stiffness and power. I-Bow: The I-Bow range is completed by three models: Vortex, Venom and Vapour. All offer excellent playing characteristics and distinct design features. The Vortex (£150 RRP) adopts KVR to increase performance whilst the Vapour (£90.00 RRP) offers the I-Bow shape and imposing carbon content.

I-Bow Vapour RRP: £90


L-Bow: The Obscene bow has been refined to produce a stick which is even more playable than its predecessors. The Maniac (£140 RRP), with the new Obscene2 bow, provides the perfect shape for drag flickers. The L-Bow range is completed by the Ultralite Xenon (designed for stick speed), the Stinger, Asylum and Viper. M-Bow: The M-Bow range includes the Illusion and Energy (both £40 RRP) the eye-catching Chameleon (£45) and the PC2powered Rebellion (£125). Don’t miss the all new Combust, White Noise, Midnight, Plasma and Ultralite Lithium which look amazing and play even better. Street SERIES: If you want something a bit different take a look at the new Street and Bliss hockey sticks. At £60 SSP, these models combine Kookaburra’s construction techniques with cosmetics that make a statement.


GT360 SPS RRP: £149.99

All sticks have D3O built in as standard. D3O adapts to playing conditions – when you want your stick to become stiffer when hitting the ball, the molecules close together to give you increased power, but when you want the stick to be soft, when receiving the ball, the molecules relax and give you greater feel. The D3O also acts as vibration control throughout the stick. D-tek range: This comprises of three series. The DRAG‘N’FLY series is a low bow model, designed to meet the requirements of anyone looking to enhance their 3D, aerial or drag-flicking skills. The GT360 series is a mid bow model. Both models come in an SPS – a top-end international specification stick – and the Player which is designed for all club players. And finally the 5 Star series which offers an affordable but quality mid-range stick. All Player and 5 Star models come in junior sizes. There is also an Uzi junior stick

GT360 Player (pink – also in red) RRP: £84.99

5 STAR RRP: £64.99

DRAG’N’FLY SPS: Specs: 36.5” and 37.5”; 80% carbon; 24mm low-bow; maxi defined; light or medium; D30/NANO TECH/SIPS. RRP £149.99 DRAG’N’FLY PLAYER: Specs: 36.5”and 37.5” ; 50% carbon; 24mm ; low-bow; maxi defined; light or medium; D30. RRP £84.99 GT360 SPS: Specs: 36.5”and 37.5”; 80% carbon; 24mm mid-bow; maxi defined; light or medium; D30/NANO TECH/SIPS. RRP £149.99 GT360 PLAYER: Specs: 36.5”and 37.5”; 50% carbon; 24mm low-bow; maxi defined; light or medium; D30. RRP £84.99 5 STAR: Specs: 36.5”, 37.5”; 30% carbon; 24mm mid-bow; maxi defined; light or medium; D30; RRP £64.99

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DRAG ‘N’ FLY SPS RRP: £149.99

201 Pro Face

105 Pink Face

101 Gold Face


001 Rear


003 Rear

005 Rear


Pro Line 001

This season there is a new bold design for the entry level composites (201) and a splash of colour to enhance the Pro Line sticks (001 – 005), creating a modern range of sticks catering for all abilities, fashions and budgets. Where can Mercian take you? #2013localhero 005 – 001: The Pro Line sticks offer high percentage carbon contents (from 70% 90%) and include basalt and Kevlar to help with vibration dampening and “feel”. The greater cross-sectional size of the Pro Line models combined with increased material density and a modified balance point make the Pro-Line sticks perfect for today’s top level players. Up to 90% carbon layering and nano-carbon resin technology combine to create super-stiff sticks tamed only by the piezo electric fibres in the VRZ (Vibration Reduction Zone). The highest levels of technology plus stylish graphics help you to aspire to be a #2013localhero.

201Pro RRP: £60

201 RRP: £45 – Also in green, pink, black and yellow

201: This is Mercian’s entry level composite stick. A fully fibreglass skeleton helps to make the progression from a wooden stick to a player’s first composite stick as smooth as possible. The 201 provides the extra power associated with composite technology, whilst retaining a great deal of the feel associated with wooden sticks. The new vibrant range of colours finishes off the 201 to the highest level to stand out on the pitch. RRP £45 #2013localhero 201Pro: The 201Pro combines Pro Range style with a more affordable price tag. The increased carbon content (30%) offers higher performance than the standard 201 and the 201Pro bridges the gap between junior and senior sticks for the aspiring young player. The 201Pro is available in the popular low bend mould which aids a number of skills required in the modern game. RRP £60.

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Pro Line 005



Three series 3.2 RRP: 199 euro (black shown)

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Osaka aims to offer the hockey consumer a fashionable lifestyle brand with top-quality products. The playability of their top-of-therange Pro Tour is popular among top-level internationals. Here is a selection of Osaka products:

Two series 2.2 RRP: 139 euro

Price 290 euro.

Three Series 3.2: Osaka has slimmed the Three series range down to one bowing option, the new ProBow which offers enough bowing for drag flicking and aerial skills, without being too aggressive, There are four ultra-matt colours: black, navy, Pro Tour Limited: Following the success of the Pro Tour with top level players, Osaka gunmetal grey and army green. The stick is finished with the Osaka soft touch grip. has launched the Pro Tour Limited. Osaka has developed a new shape for 2013/14, the Specs: Composition – 90% carbon; weights – super light, light; 36.5”and 37.5”; ProBow©, which has a maximum bowing RRP 199 euro point of 24mm, 250mm from the head of the stick. This is half way between their Two Series 2.2: The Two Series range is a current Low Bow and Mid Bow. The head new line aimed at intermediate players. A has a sleek and thin look, with a nice thin carbon content of 50% provides good power top line on the toe of the stick allowing for fast skills. In addition there is also the Sand and there is the added value of the new ProBow© shape with a Sand Head finish. Head finish, enhancing ball control. Osaka Specs: 50% carbon; colours – army green has thickened the grip with a new foam camo, navy camo; weights – super light; underlay. They have kept the additional Length – 36.5”. RRP 139 euro. carbon wrap around the shaft of the stick, which gives that Pro Tour feel. Specs: 100% carbon; weights – super light, light; 36.5”, 37.5”and 38.5”; bow – ProBow (24mm);



A leaf through the new Slazenger catalogue suggests further refinements to the unique Aero range and the V series together with some more exiting graphics. The Pro series of sticks (Pro 1, Pro 2 etc) have gone. AERO: The Aero is available in 90, 70, 80, 60, junior and indoor variants with the numbers indicating the carbon content. This radical design features an offset handle that is more in line with the sweet spot than conventionally shaped sticks. There is also less torsional deflection on ball impact and greater ease and control whilst dribbling. The shape also decreases the stick angle to the ground when defending and ball stopping. Quad core construction adds stiffness, and the Aero profile helps the stick cut through the air. The angled rear face provides a thicker front edge for greater stopping power and the thinner reverse edge helps with reverse-stick hitting. The Squoval shaped handle provides better grip and comfort whilst increasing the strength



of the carbon structure. Each model is available in low-bow mid-bow and straightbow (14mm) options in 36.5” and 37.5”. All have 1500K Armour – strategically placed carbon and Kevlar cloth to strengthen against wear and edge hitting. V-Series: The more conventionally shaped V-series sticks come in V900, V700, V500, V400, V300 variations – knock of a zero and you have the carbon content. All have twincore construction and 1500k Armour. All are available in 36.5” and 37.5” lengths and mid -bow and low-bow variants (except the V400 and V300 which are mid-bow only). Prodigy and Flick: The Prodigy range is for beginners/intermediate adults. The Prodigy 1 is 10% carbon in a 19mm bow. The Prodigy 2 is 100 % fibreglass. The Flick range comes in a full set of junior lengths up to 36” and an indoor stick as well.

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HELIX 4000 L-BOW RRP: 125 euro

MATRIX 5000 L-BOW RRP: 139.95 euro

Helix 4000 L-BOW: This is a carbon/ Dyneema L-bow stick with 40% carbon and a 23mm bend. This stick is developed for the technical player who likes to have the ball on the stick. The 40% carbon gives a high stiffness and the Dyneema gives the soft touch feeling. Colours: pink, blue, red. RRP 125 euro.

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Matrix 5000 L-BOW: A carbon/Kevlar matrix stick with 50% carbon and a 20mm bend. The special matrix technology makes the stick as hard as steel. The Matrix 5000 possesses a combination of power, balance and touch. Colours: light blue, blue, pink. RRP 139.95 euro. Matrix 6000 C-BOW: A carbon/matrix C-bow stick with 60% carbon and a 25mm bend, this stick is developed for the defender who wants to distribute the ball over the field. The side is carefully flattened and there is extra protection at the

PRO 8000 M-BOW RRP: 179.95 euro

PRO 25000 M-Bow RRP: 249.95 euro

backhand zone for stroking that backhand around the pitch. Colours: green,silver. RRP 149.95 euro. Pro 8000 M-BOW: The PRO 8000 is a carbon/matrix M-bow stick with 80% carbon and a 23mm bend in the middle of the stick. The stick is made of ultra-light Japanese carbon/Dyneema. The carbon/Dyneema is filtered, which makes the specific weight lower. The M-bow stick is aimed at a player with lots of technique and pure class Colours: silver. RRP 179.95 euro. PRO 25000 M-BOW: The PRO 25000 is a carbon/matrix M-bow stick with 100% double injected carbon and a 20mm bend. The stick has the optimal balance and power. Colours: red, black. RRP: 249.95 euro


e v o r p m I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ayers l p e t i l e m o r f s Pro skill ches a o c p o t e h t m o r Expert tactics f ctions Easy to see dire manual g n i h c a o c a o t Builds in actics t o t s y a l p t e s Everything from


trinity m RRP: £180

Trinity L: As part of Tempest’s most advanced stick range ever, the Trinity M offers power, feel and control through its Trinity Core three-channel construction. 80% premium carbon gives access to power, but the low bow bend and integrated vibration dampening technology offer the touch and feel that you would expect from a far more compliant stick. This is a lighter stick than the older Tempest models but offering better feel and power. Specs: 36.5” and 37.5” XL (570g) L (585g) and M (600g). RRP £180. Trinity M: The Trinity M also has 80% premium carbon giving access to power, but the control-orientated mid bow and integrated vibration dampening technology means touch and feel are not sacrificed. Again this is lighter than Tempest’s older sticks. Specs: 36.5” & 37.5” XL (570g) L (585g) and M (600g). RRP £180. Trinity R: The Trinity R is aimed at the control player. The composition is 70%

trinity r RRP: £150


premium carbon with vibration damping but this is a lighter stick and with softer bow than the Trinity M. Specs: 36.5” and 37.5” XL (565g) L (575g) and M (585g). RRP £150 Trinity S: This is a stick for the control player who prefers a low bow. Again the composition is 70% premium carbon with vibration damping in a lighter stick with a softer bow than the Trinity L. Specs: 36.5” and 37.5” XL (565gr) L (575g) and M (585g). RRP £150. Trinity X: For the power player, Tempest offer the Trinity X, their most powerful and advanced stick yet. A combination of Tri-Core construction, extra vibration dampening and a Kevlar reinforced toe, generates power while still being able to maintain control and feel on the ball. Specs: mid bow; 36.5” and 37.5”; weights – XL (600g) L (610g) M(620gr). RRP £210.

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trinity l RRP: £180


platinum p2 deluxe RRP: £300

synergy S2 deluxe RRP: £230

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Platinum P2 Deluxe: Take the unique construction of the Platinum Series, featuring DynanoTex technology and Integrated Dampening System (IDS) and compliment it with the new Deluxe Extreme Late Bow – a 25mm bow placed as low as possible under the FIH rules – and you have a stick offering control and aerial power. The P2 Deluxe compliments the current P1 and P2 models in the premium range. All models are available in 36.5” and 37.5”. Specs: DynanoTex Technology; Integrated Dampening System (IDS); Extreme Late Bow; Matt/hi-gloss combination finish. 80% carbon, 20% aramid. RRP £300. Synergy S2 Deluxe: The Synergy S2 is now complimented with TK’s Deluxe Extreme Late Bow. The Synergy S2 is the current choice for eight current GB seniors. Excellent performance is harmonised with soft touch to offer qualities elite players crave. Specs: Nano Technology Construction; Integrated Dampening System

synergy S5 deluxe RRP: £130

c4 RRP: £70

(IDS); Extreme Late Bow; 70% carbon, 10% aramid, 20% glass fibre. RRP £230. Synergy S5 Deluxe: One of the best selling Synergy models also gets the Deluxe Extreme Late Bow treatment this year. A good option for those looking to learn dragflicking, or those wanting the extra control available from the later bow. Specs: Nano Technology Enrichment; Extreme Late Bow; 40% carbon, 10% aramid, 50% glass fibre. RRP £130. C4: The Core Series has a striking new look in several models. The C4’s mid-bow shape and performance complement stunning graphics. The C4 is also available in black. The other five models suit players across the ability range with prices from £40 to £150. Specs: Advanced Matrix Construction; Mid Bow; 40% carbon, 10% aramid, 50% glass fibre. RRP £70.


IMPI RRP: £149

All Tribaal sticks have: • A carefully chosen centre of gravity to keep the stick agile and maintain constant feedback from the ball. • Sand finish touch zone on the head • F ull carbon for weight and chosen resin to favour either touch or power Red Mamba: This is a lowbow (25mm) stick with a grooved head. The head makes this a ball magnet that combined with the lowbow and thick shaft becomes a launcher for drag-flickers and sweep-shot lovers. Light, triple channel construction, 36.5” and 37.5”, RRP: £169/199 euro Impi: The Impi is a light all-rounder with 25mm midbow. The balance and thick shaft makes this the ideal jack-of-all-trades stick.

M7 RRP: £179

Savannah RRP: £169

The Impi is easy with all skills, right blend of touch and power. Available in Xlight and Light. RRP: £149/179 euro. M7: This stick features a midbow and banana head for the player with touch. It is ideal for a midfielder who likes to reorientate the game to take advantage of spaces. The full carbon content also places it in the power hitter range. XLight and Light. 36.5” and 37.5”. RRP: £179/215 euro. Savannah: With a 20mm midbow this suits players who like interception and quick release while surrounded. The triple channel makes it tolerant yet powerful. Light, triple channel construction, 36.5” and 37.5”. RRP: £169/199 euro.

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red mamba RRP: £167



WAND - Silver

WANG – Silver

This year Über continues with the format of three sticks, three ways.

player a quality stick whilst maintain the flamboyance of Über. RRP £95.

The Grades

The Moulds

Dark Composition: This is Über’s top-level carbon composition made from the finest carbon. Boasting a tri-core construction,Über Touch Face, stitched leather grip and natural carbon finish, the Dark plays as good as it looks. RRP £160.

Wang: Über’s flagship model and where it all started. Offering the lowest legal bow with a slimline shaft, the Wang is a dragflicker’s dream. Well balanced with a 25mm low bow profile, the Wang is perfect for 3D skills, flicks and aerials.

Silver Composition: Silver is the younger and louder sibling of the Dark. Still boasting a high carbon content, the Silver also offers tri-core construction and stitched leather grip. A value stick for those who still want the power as well as the softer touch. RRP £140

Wand: Offering a 25mm Mid Bow, the Wand is the perfect all rounder, popular year on year.

Prime Composition: As Gok would say, “still look good on a budget”. The Prime range offers the entry level or club

Wand V2: The Wand, but bigger! Still with the same essential figures as the Wand, the V2 is the bigger brother. With a thicker head, thicker shaft and squarer reverse edges, the V2 offers more power.

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WANG – Dark





versions. In 80% carbon they offer good feel Woodworm i-Bite Special Edition: and touch but with the stiffness needed for Woodworm’s top spec stick offers a slapping and striking. Specs: weight – 520g combination of stealthy black and carbon, -540g (approx); materials – carbon: 80%; clean white lines. The Low-Bow version bow – mid and low. has Woodworm’s first scooped head. This concave head gives added ball control and Woodworm Megabite: The Megabite has facilitates lifting and flicking the ball. The head has also been thinned out for lightness been re-styled but the fresh new look for this season still uses the original moulds. and balance. The Mid-Bow version has the Updated are the composition, heel and traditional flat-faced head. The rubber end cap and cushion grip give a comfortable and balance. Specs: materials – 80% carbon, 10% kevlar and 10% fibreglass; weights – tactile feel when playing. Specs: Weight: 520g - 540g (light - medium); bow– mid and light or medium; bow – low or mid 25mm low; material: 100% carbon (stiff); lengths – bow; 36.5” or 37.5”. 36.5” and 37.5” GLOWORM: Woodworm Hockey’s new 2013 Woodworm Megabite Special Edition: Glowworm stick has new look graphics with the funky Union Jack at the top of the Formerly the Ltd Edition, for 2013 the stick has been remodelled with a reinforced heel handle. The Glowworm is offered in MidBow only and serves as a great starting and reverse stick hitting area. Woodworm have also added silicone/rubber end caps to point for juniors. Specs: Weight: 530g their sticks for their super shock absorption (approx, light only), carbon: 45%; mid bow. qualities. The Special Edition Megabite is offered in both the Mid Bow and Low Bow

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i-Bite Special edition


LBXS RRP: £160

25s RRP: £120

Zoppo are introducing the new construction technologies of HSV and LFM this year, giving greater stiffness and vibration control. Also new are the cosmetics and the low bow range has a striking graphite look. Other improvements have been made in the mid bow 25mm and 19mm ranges.

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LBXS: - This is a full composite stick with a twin tube core. There is an extra fibre layer on heel and back edge areas of the stick. IPR is a softer face layer added for impact on the face of the stick. Colours are dark grey/black graphite with cool grey and white. Specs: 80% carbon, and 20% glass fibre, 36.5” and 37.5”; low bow; light and medium weights. RRP £160.00. 25S: This another full composite, twin tube core stick with an extra fibre layer on heel and back edge areas of the stick. It also features IPR and has a matte finish. The bow is a mid 25mm one and colours are

19CK RRP: £35


black, florescent green, cool grey and white. Specs: 70% carbon, and 30% Kevlar/glass fibre; mid bow 36.5” and 37.5”; light and medium. RRP £120. 19CK: The 19CK is a composite twin tube core, gloss finish, mid 19mm bow stick. Colours are black, orange blue and white or, cyan blue, red and white. Specs: 15% carbon, 85% Kevlar/glass fibre; mid bow (19mm); 33”, 35” 36.5; one weight. RRP £35 LCLS: This is a full composite, twin tube core, wrap around matrix technology stick with a 24.9mm low bow and concave face. Colours are blue graphite with blue, cool grey and white. Specs: 50% carbon, and 50% Kevlar/glass fibre; low bow; 36.5” or 37.5”; light or medium. RRP £90.