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THE CHarTwEll & King’s

FUNdraising Issue 1 – April 2014


Chislehurst Golf Club presents largest ever single donation to the Chartwell Cancer Trust

CCT’S BIGGEST ANNUAL CHARITY EVENT! 2014 PositivePath Walk& FamilyFun Day Sunday27th April– See pages14&15 fordetails.

Chislehurst Golf Club, presents Michael Douglas, Trustee of the Chartwell Cancer Trust, and Dr Anil Lakhani from the Princess Royal University Hospital’s Chartwell Cancer & Leukaemia Unit, with a cheque for

£30,000. (For main story, turn to page 20.)


Introduction • About Us • News • Positive Path Walk • Future Events • Post op beauty tips • Healthcare advice • Tree of Memories • Patient’s view More Jokes & Funny Stories inside Patient: “Doctor, Doctor, I can’t stop stealing furniture! Doctor: “I’ll be with you in a moment, please take a seat!”.

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BMW on Motability

Stephen James Bromley

The Ultimate Driving Machine



Stephen James Bromley



April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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Published by: C&K Publishing Ltd, Aileen McHugo Building, Westmore Green, Tatsfield, Westerham, Kent TN16 2AG Editor Michael Douglas Features Caroline Hurley Production & Sub-editing Barbara Field-Holmes, Bigg-In Words Ltd Tel: 01959 575031 Sales Caroline Hurley Tel:0208 313 1788 or Mob: 07986 944002 Mark Bradley Mob: 07543 415110 Director Natalie Reilly Tel: 01959 570322

Introduction Welcome to the first edition of The Chartwell & King’s FUNdraising Magazine. The Charity started in 2005 when it became obvious to patients that staffing levels were under severe pressure. Initially, we set out to raise funds to provide a Health Care Assistant in the Treatment Suite in the Chartwell Unit at the Princess Royal University Hospital, Farnborough, Kent. This position is now covered by two members of staff and we continue to support their salaries. We then agreed to fund a Junior Doctor and did this for two years until the NHS decided that they would cover this vital appointment. When Senior Haematologist Dr Anil Lakhani retired in 2011 we were able to persuade him to stay on in a part-time capacity. Dr Lakhani is still covering four clinics each week and is fully funded by The Chartwell Cancer Trust. We have also agreed to fund the “on-call” costs of a Trainee Doctor and a Benefit Specialist. The PRUH is now managed by King’s College Hospital and we are working with a committee of doctors and nurses from both hospitals. We have committed funds to provide equipment in the wards of the Chartwell Unit (details will be available in our next issue) and further funding to support a Clinical Fellow in King’s College Hospital.


Printed by Thinkpad Print & Design Ltd Thinkpad House 155A Main Road Biggin Hill, Westerham, Kent TN16 3JP Tel: 01959 573897 Fax: 01959 571665 Email:

Trustees Michael Douglas Gile Juttla Christopher Regan Bobby Beech Hon. Secretary Michael V. Keane BA FCCA

The Chartwell Cancer Trust provides a channel for the support patients receive from their families and friends when diagnosed. We find that people want to help in a positive and personal way, and want their support to be directed to the unit where the people they love are being treated. We supply this channel with a full range of options. If you want to make a financial contribution you can become a patron or simply make a donation. If you want to join a sponsored walk or a run, a bike ride, marathon, coffee morning or even jump out of an aircraft, we can help. Just call our office – we are waiting to hear from you! This magazine is free. Please take it home. I hope some of our jokes will make you smile because humour is essential and considered by some to be the very best medicine. This magazine is sponsored by our advertisers and we are most grateful to them. If you are able to use their services or purchase their products, please do so.


Charity No. 1109784 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014

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Discover Ashtanga Yoga in 2014 at Stillpoint Yoga London. Assisted Mysore self practice classes Sunday to Friday Mornings from 06:30 in the heart of London Bridge. All levels of practitioner welcome. Come and join our wonderful growing community Join us for workshops and classes by senior international teachers including:

John Scott, Manju Jois, David Keil, Joey Miles, Greg Nardi, Matthew Remski Full booking details on:

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6 7 8 11

Making a donation & Patron application form


Take the Positive Path – 2014 event

16 18 20

Forthcoming events


A patient’s view: Bob Matthews


Yoga charity day raises £4,000

About us Who we support News (also on 10, 12,19)

We all need a boost Chislehurst Golf Club raises largest ever single donation

24 27 28 30 32 33 34 37 38

Free registration of wishes service from James Harper

Wife texts her husband on a cold winter’s morning: “Windows won’t open.” Husband texts back: “Gently use some luke warm water.” Wife texts back five minutes later: “Computer really buggered now!”

Coolings Tree of Memories Healthcare advice Style after breast cancer Expert hair care CCT news Patron’s profile: ST Brown Crossword Wordsearch/puzzles/jokes

We will have a ‘Letters’ page in the next issue, so please contact us with your news and views. Write to the Editor at: Room 1, Aileen McHugo Building, Westmore Green, Tatsfield TN16 2AG, or email


• • • • •

25+ years writing and editing consumer & B2B publications in B&K and H&V market 7+ years in PR Small, friendly PR/Editorial Services professional Member of SWWJ

Companion Member of CIPHE • Patron to The Chartwell Cancer Trust

The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014

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Making a difference to cancer care The aim of The Chartwell Cancer Trust is simple – to supply funding to increase staffing levels in the Chartwell Cancer & Leukaemia Unit at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Farnborough, Kent, and support related cancer care facilities at King’s College Hospital.

We need your help It might surprise you to know that three, possibly familiar faces opposite are funded by the CCT. Their work is invaluable, but we need to be able to fund more, which is why we are inviting residents and businesses within the catchment areas to join our Patronage Scheme. For a small, regular monthly payment you can help maintain the quality of care and treatment provided. Three of our trustees were all treated in the unit and have all recovered, so they know how it feels to face cancer. Trustee Michael Douglas says, “Did you know that one in three people are affected by cancer or leukaemia, directly or indirectly at some time in their life.”

Your support could start now To make this easy we have included a simple Patronage form in this issue (see page 11), or you can fill in our online form by visiting There are lots of other ways to help too, as listed below, from

making a donation, volunteering your time, taking part in an event or organising your own event. You can also leave a legacy in your will. Whatever you choose to do, your donations will be put to very good use.

BE A PATRON m Support us by making a regular monthly donation. (See p11 for further details.) m Spreading your donation across the year means we can plan for the future. m Corporate Patrons may use the CCT logo on their stationery /marketing material. m There is a dedicated page on our website for Corporate Patrons.

MAKE A DONATION We are entirely funded by the public and rely solely on donations. Why not request a donation instead of an anniversary, birthday or xmas gift? m You are helping all the patients in this Unit and their families by making a one-off or regular donation. m You can donate online or by text. (See p11.) m m

BE A VOLUNTEER m Donate some of your time to do something worthwhile. m Achieve a sense of pride and elevate your spirits by giving something back to your community. m We need volunteers for all kinds of day-to-day tasks, activities and future events.

RAISE MONEY m Join an event of any shape, size or effort whether it’s a run, walk or cycle. Or create your own event, and have fun and make some friends at the same time! m We really depend on people who want to raise money for us. m Choose us if you are looking for a charity to support.

LEAVE A LEGACY/ REMEMBER A LOVED ONE m Make a lasting difference by donating in memory of a loved one. m If you leave a legacy in your will you are supporting more people with cancer and their families. m Legacies are generally exempt from inheritance tax. m Commemorate a loved one in a special way on our new Rememberance Tribute webpage.

Early morning alarm! Bernard, who is noted for his gracious manners, was awakened one morning at 4.44 a.m. by his ringing telephone... “Your dog’s barking, and it’s keeping me awake,” said an angry voice. Bernard thanked the caller and politely asked his name and number before hanging up. The next morning at precisely 4.44 a.m., Bernard called his neighbour back. “Good morning Mr Williams... Just called to say that I don’t have a dog.” 6

April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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Meet the team at the Chartwell Cancer & Leukaemia Unit Dr Anil Lakhani, Sally Groom and Ruth Curry are three very important members of staff in the Chartwell Cancer & Leukaemia Unit at the Princess Royal University Hospital. Their dedicated work in the Unit has made a huge difference to patient care and they are now being joined by a new Clinical Fellow, Dr Narda Kebaier Ep Charbourni.

Dr Anil Lakhani FRCP, Consultant Haematologist: Dr Lakhani practices in the Unit for 4 clinics each week funded by The Chartwell Cancer Trust since his retirement in 2011 after 24 years of service.

Sally Groom, Healthcare Assistant: Sally has been funded by The Chartwell Cancer Trust since 2005 and currently job shares with Ruth Curry. Sally has become a vital part of the Treatment Suite Team.

Ruth Curry, Healthcare Assistant: Ruth has been funded by The Chartwell Cancer Trust since 2007 and currently job shares with Sally Groom. Ruth ensures that the specialist cancer nurses have the daily back-up support they need. Dr Narda Kebaier Ep Chaabouni, Clinical Fellow, Oncology: The Breast Oncology team are delighted to welcome Dr Narda Kebaier Ep Chaabouni to the role of Clinical Fellow in Oncology, a new post funded by The Chartwell Cancer Trust. Narda is an experienced oncologist having previously worked at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and the Institute Curie in Paris. She will work alongside Consultant Oncologists Dr Harries and Dr Sawyer to provide outpatient and inpatient support to breast cancer services. This will improve continuity of care for patients and will help to reduce waiting times in clinics. We also hope that the Clinical Fellow role will enable the team to deliver more treatments closer to home for local patients, which is part of the on-going programme to improve Oncology services at the PRUH.

The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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Amazing support We have had some amazing support from clubs and organisations who have nominated The Chartwell Cancer Trust as their chosen charity. We are thankful for all their hard work. Here is a snapshot of some of the support we have received: Sainsburys in Locksbottom got in touch with us through The Princess Royal University Hospital as they had elected us their new local charity partner since last July. Sainsburys has been very busy with their in-store fundraising and so far has raised over £1,000. Thank you to them, their staff and all the shoppers who have shown

their valued support. Petts Wood Lynwood Townswomen’s Guild organised games evenings, cinema nights, coffee mornings, lunches, cream teas and sponsored walks throughout 2013 and at a recent fundraising charity dinner at the House of Commons, Trustee Michael Douglas was presented with a cheque for £2,000. We are grateful to them for their extraordinary fundraising efforts. Michael Douglas was invited to attend the AGM meeting of the Orpington Road Runners Club, where he was presented with a cheque for

£3,000 ‘with love’. Many thanks to all of the club members for their generous support. The Catford Cycling Club recently held its Annual Hell of the Ashdown Cycling event in aid of The Chartwell Cancer Trust on 16th February. The day was a fantastic success. Despite very icy conditions early in the morning, the sun came out and it turned out to be a gloriously sunny day! There will be a full report in the next issue including how much was raised!

JFK's Secretary of State, Dean Rusk was in France in the early 60s when General DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO. DeGaulle said that he wanted all American troops out of France as soon as possible. Rusk responded, "Does that include those who are buried here." You could of heard a pin drop!

London Biggin Hill Airport, who have been supporting us for the past two years, have agreed to host this year’s Positive Path Walk at the airport in April. (See page 14 for more information.)


For market information and to communicate with other members, contact Zoë King about the email loop, Society Women, email:


ORPINGTON 01689 822222






HAYES/WESTWICKHAM 020 8777 8888 BROMLEY 020 8460 3333 BECKENHAM 020 8658 1234 BIGGIN HILL 01959 577333 CHISLEHURST 020 8467 1212

April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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Bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements 142 - 148 Main Road Sidcup Kent DA14 6NZ Tel: 020 8302 4344 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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Charity fundraiser in memory of much loved Katie Apps

Katie Apps

The Chartwell Cancer Trust was touched to have been chosen as one of the nominated charities in memory of Katie Apps at the Biggin Hill Squash Club Evening Event on 25th January. This special event was organised by a great friend of hers, Luke Tovey.

supportive of the CCT, Katie having being treated at the Unit and various fundraising events have been organized in her memory, including a charity children’s swim. We also had special inclusion in Waitrose Biggin Hill’s community charity green coin scheme in February for Katie.

Sadly, Katie passed away on News Year’s Day, she was only 23. Her parents and Katie have been very

Katie’s parents Jackie and David also donated £1300 towards fridges for every room in the Chartwell Unit.

John conquers the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain – Beachy Head

Special appeal for Lily-Mae

Congratulations to John Leeson who successfully and safely completed his Beachy Head Marathon on 26 October. John, a recent patient at the Chartwell Unit, after being diagnosed twice with cancer just five months apart, undertook the challenge because he wanted to give something back and because he felt it important to encourage and give support to others. John raised an amazing £4000 and has kindly agreed to share his day with us in the next issue.

More news on the fundraising will be reported in the next issue.

Two year old Lily-Mae Cruttenden, a beautiful, bright and bubbly little girl, is currently undergoing treatment for a rare and extremely aggressive form of liver cancer. Lily-Mae has captured the hearts of everyone at The Chartwell Cancer Trust, especially as her Uncle, Kevin Kingshott, is one of The Trust’s valued supporters. The CCT are sponsoring LilyMae and her family, a special appeal outside of its normal remit. Kevin wants to do all he can to raise money throughout the year to help with her funding, and to show appreciation to his family and other families in similar situations. His first fundraiser was a 25k charity bike ride for the Trust, held on the 26th March, which we will be reporting on in the next issue. Kevin has also organised a team of runners to take part in the CCT’s forthcoming 10K London Run on 13th July.

Lily-Mae bravely fights liver cancer.

Aunt, Jemma, whose son attends the Nursery. Thank you to the children, staff and Lily-Mae’s family for such wonderful support. The Chartwell Cancer Trust would like to thank everyone who has made special donations, including those who attended our House of Commons charity dinner back in December. Lily is currently undergoing treatment, which is likely to continue for the next twelve months, for which we would like to wish her all the very best. There is an online donation page at below:

Further funds have been raised by children at Micklefield Nursery, Seaford who held a ‘Onesie Week’ for the CCT, inspired by Lily-Mae. The Nursery wanted to help when they found out about the situation through Lily-Mae’s 10

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April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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Making a donation There are a number of ways to make a one-off donation. By post: Either send your donation to us at the address below, (cheques made payable to The Chartwell Cancer Trust), or go online. To ensure we can claim the Gift Aid on all our donations, please complete the downloadable form on our website and post it, with your donation to: The Chartwell Cancer Trust Room 1 Aileen McHugo Building Westmore Green Tatsfield Kent TN16 2AG By Text: You can send your donation by texting the amount you wish to donate to 70070,for example, key in CHRT01£5 in your message box, and then send to 70070. It’s as simple as that!

Be a patron: If you would like to make a regular donation, please complete and return the form below.

The Chartwell Cancer Trust Aileen McHugo Building Westmore Green, Tatsfield Kent TN16 2AG

Tel: 01959 570322 Email:

PATRON SCHEME APPLICATION 1. Your details: Name: ........................................................................................................ Address: .................................................................................................... .................................................................... Post code: .............................

*Gift Aid Declaration: I am a UK taxpayer and would like The Chartwell Cancer Trust to treat all donations as Gift Aid donations until further notice. Please tick if you do not wish to paticipate. * 25%

Tel: ....................................... Email: ......................................................... 2. Your bank details: Bank Name: .............................................................................................. Account No.: ............................ Sort Code: Please pay the Chartwell Cancer Trust the sum of £...... each month, commencing on (date)......... of (month)...........2014 until further notice. The Chartwell Cancer Trust, Barclays Bank, Bromley Branch Sort Code: 20-14-33, Account No.: 10643394 Signature: ..................................................... Date: .................................. (You can cancel your standing order at any time you wish – there is no fixed tie-ins.)

The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014

Corporate Patrons can use the CCT logo on stationery/marketing material with the wording “Patron to The Chartwell Cancer Trust” and can have an entry on our ‘corporate’ web page. Hon. Trustees

Michael Douglas Gile Juttla Christopher Regan Bobby Beech

Hon. Treasurer

Michael V. Keane BA


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Jane’s Jordan triumph In November 2013 a wonderful lady, Jane Holmes, got in touch with us as she had decided to take part in a five- day Jordan Trek in aid of the CCT. She decided to take part in this incredible challenge in remembrance of much missed family and her lovely friend, who also inspired her to support the Trust. Jane had to undertake months of training to prepare herself for the mammoth challenge ahead. This included a training weekend over the three peaks in Yorkshire – Ingleborough, Whernside and PenyGent! The first day entailed a 15.5 mile trek followed by a 6.5 mile trek on day two. Jane

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said, “This was very hard work and a little scary as we had to walk up some very steep rock steps up Ingleborough after heavy rain, whilst carrying a big backpack!” She also took part in the 52-mile London Bikeathon! As if it that wasn’t enough to do, Jane organised some charity events too, to help with her fundraising, including a Pampered Chef Party, a mini trek and a quiz night. Jane returned from her trek triumphant. She found it extremely tough but very rewarding. All of her preparation and training was definitely worthwhile as it really did make all the difference. Her adventure began with the first

achievement as well as having the opportunity to visit a truly amazing place. Her fellow trekkers, guides and Bedouin helpers were great company and made it an unforgettable experience.

couple of days feeling incredibly long and tiring over very challenging terrain, precarious trails, ledges, very steep inclines with plenty of ups and downs! This carried on over the next couple of days, not quite so tiring and coupled with wonderful scenery. Jane and her team also survived their tents nearly blowing down over two nights! Getting to Petra gave Jane a great feeling of

Jane raised over a staggering £4,000 for The CCT – wow! “It was a privilege to have been part of this amazing Trek,” Jane said, “thank you to everyone who supported me and for your very generous donations.” Jane funded the cost of the trip herself so that every penny raised went to the CCT. Jane is delighted that her achievement will help continue the support of the Chartwell Unit. EVERYONE is so incredibly proud and grateful for your amazing efforts!!!

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April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014

E-mail – Web –


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FEATURE: Positive Path Walk

Take the Positive Path This year’s Positive Path Walk and Family Fun Day is taking place on Sunday 27th April. This is The Chartwell Cancer Trust’s largest annual event. Every year, The Positive Path grows bigger and better and it is anticipated that at least 1500 people will be taking part. Organised by local businesswoman Bobby Beech, also a CCT Trustee, the day will commence with a walk at 12 noon from Biggin Hill’s Recreation Ground. The walkers will be led through the town by a procession of children who have been asked to dress up in their very own favourite Disney costume ending up at Biggin Hill’s Airport. Recently appointed Managing Director Will Curtis, has kindly granted permission for Bobby to use the huge area for the afternoon’s festivities at the front of the airport (opposite the RIZONJET building), the airport already supporting The Chartwell Cancer Trust for the past two years. There is going to be lots of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy with stalls, fun fair, raffle, Pictured above: Walkers set off from the Biggin Hill Recreation Ground for last year’s auction, live music and entertainment Positive Path Walk . Inset: Bobby Beech, a Trustee of The Chartwell Cancer Trust and on an outdoor stage all afternoon into organiser of the Positive Path Sponsored Walk. the early evening. There will also be better. Trustee, Bobby Beech said “The Positive Path is a plenty of food and refreshments available including lovely way for people to come together to remember loved wonderful ales and beer supplied by Westerham Brewery ones and to support those who are going through difficult and a Hog Roast. times because of this dreadful disease. These days you Last year the event raised £14,000 for The Chartwell just don’t know anyone that hasn’t been affected in one Cancer Trust and with the support of family, friends and way or another with cancer and we need to show that we the whole community coming together, we will do even will not be beaten!

first as the Who w to look at a n think perso ay, “I s d n cow a eze these , ue I’ll sq things here r ly e g v n e da hat rink w d d n a ” s out? come


This is an event for the whole family and not just for Biggin Hill residents. If you would like to take part in the walk, you can download a sponsor form from, online via You can also pick up a form from Bobby’s Salon “On the Beach”, Main Road, Biggin Hill (01959 576447). If you can’t make the walk please still pop down and join in the fun at the airport. We hope to see you there.

Left: The afternoon entertainment includes a range of stalls and entertainment accompanied by live music and excellent food.

April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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Black Tie Dinner at the House of Commons Thursday 10th April 2014 Walk through the glorious halls and enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the terrace overlooking the Thames, followed by fine dining at the House of Commons Charity Dinner on Thursday 10 April hosted by the Rt. Hon. Member of Parliament for Lewisham, Heidi Alexander. A wonderful opportunity to experience the atmosphere and history of the House of Commons. This event is NOW SOLD OUT but places are available for the next event at the House of Commons – a lunch on Friday 27th June. Spaces are limited so please contact 01959 570322 or email to reserve your place.

I went out with a Dutch girl who had inflatable shoes. I called her up for a second date but it never happened, she had popped her clogs! If you get an email telling you that you can catch swine ‘flu from tins of ham, delete it. It’s a spam. They say that sex is the best form of exercise. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think two minutes and 15 seconds every three months is going to shift this beer belly.

Skydiving in Maidstone Saturday 17th May 2014 Lucy Hopgood-Haines is taking the plunge and skydiving on Saturday 17 May at the UK Skydive Centre in Maidstone. Lucy whose nana sadly passed away last year after a two year battle with cancer wanted to do something as a thank you to the staff in the Chartwell Unit for looking after her. If you are interested in taking part in a charity skydive, please contact 01959 570322.

British London 10k Run Sunday 13th July 2014 On Sunday 13 July, the CCT has a team of runners taking part in the British London 10k Run in aid of The CCT. In July 2013 we had a fantastic team of 18 people who raised an amazing £8,000 overall. We are building our team for 2014 now! The run, staged on the world’s greatest 10k route takes you through the heart of central London passing many of London’s world class historic land marks. Much of it was used for the men’s and women’s Olympic marathons! If you would like to take part please contact 01959 570322 or email There is no fee to apply with the CCT. 16

RUNNERS WANTED!!! British London 10K Run ² Sunday 13th July 2014 We are building our team of runners NOW! Are up to the challenge? Would you like to join our amazing team? 7KH/RQGRQ.5XQLVRQHRIWKHZRUOG·VJUHDWHVWURXWHVWKURXJKWKHKHDUW of London, passing many world class historic landmarks. Much of the route ZDVXVHGWRVWDJHWKHPHQDQGZRPHQ·V2O\PSLFPDUDWKRQV

Contact 01959 570322 for more information (*There is no joining fee if you apply through the CCT)

April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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FEATURE: Rosie Bellington

We all need a boost There is no denying chemotherapy saves lives. It is referred to as ‘treatment’, however, ‘treat’ it is not!! So if we can do small things to make ourselves feel and look a bit more ‘normal’ along with a bit of well-deserved pampering, it really does help with our confidence and general well-being and let’s be honest, chemo patient or not, we all love a little boost every now and again. By Rosie Bellington. Whilst the science and textbook talk of chemotherapy is amazing, the side effects range from fatigue and sickness to hair loss, which does not do anything for our looks and self-esteem as a woman! It can cause nausea, make us pile on weight and rid us of our girly eyelashes, eyebrows and luscious locks, leaving us to look and feel a mere shell of our usual self… as if we don’t have enough insecurities to deal with in life! There are some amazing products out there now that will give you a natural result for a reasonable price. Although, getting the right shape and colour can be hard work, and then spending 20 minutes every morning getting them to match, only to wipe half of an eyebrow off when you rest your head in your hands, or have them melt away and slip-slide down your face if you’re suffering from hot flushes…! Not ideal. Semi-permanent make up is not going to cure cancer, nor is it going to replace the hair that you have lost. However, it will just provide a little ease when putting your make-up on in the morning, making you feel a little more like your old self. If you are looking for a more sustainable solution, then Semi-permanent make-up (also known as Micro pigmentation) is a much longer lasting option. It is more expensive than your average conventional make up pencil (ranging from £150 - £500), but gives great results – the perfect shape and colour to suit you as an individual, and won’t slide off your face when you’re having a warm moment. Some won’t lose all of their eyelashes, but will find that they will thin dramatically. Bad news is, once those final lashes desert you it’s very difficult to apply falsies. The good news is, even if you do lose all your lashes, there are so many advanced permanent make up techniques to define your eyes, and give the illusion that you have a lash line that stays put all day long, despite watery eyes resulting from the lack of lashes. Alexandra King says: “I am a 49 year old mum of two who is on the road to beating breast cancer woo hoo! During

my chemo I lost all my hair including eyebrows and lashes too. “Without hair, I have to say my face looked alien to me. Post chemo my hair luckily grew back, but my eyebrows never regained their thickness and colour. I decided to have semi-permanent make-up done. It wasn't a decision I took lightly but I'm so glad I did. “I would recommend this procedure to anyone wanting to get back that confident feeling, specially post chemo when our hair isn't always what it was.”

It is one thing to heal your body; it’s another thing to heal your self-confidence. Bottom line is, you are not alone and permanent make-up professionals can help. No matter what the cause, the good news is there are options available to help you restore that little bit of ‘you’ again.

What to do next • Do your research. Remember, a bargain is NOT always better! • When visiting your consultant, take pictures of yourself before hair loss, take your eyebrow pencil with you and have your brows drawn on like you normally would. • Your specialist will work with you to create the best brow design shapes and colour for your face shape and skin tones. • After numbing the skin with topical anaesthetic gel, your specialist will then infuse pigment in to the skin creating fine hair by hair simulation brow strokes. • You will return in 4 weeks. The treatment should be spaced over 2 sessions to ensure the pigment has settled correctly and any fine tuning can be done on your ‘control session’ follow up visit. • Get yearly ‘colour boosts’ to keep a fresh appearance. (Optional) For more information contact Rosie Bellington on By Rosie Bellington – or visit


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Noah and Molly run for Grandad Well done and a big thank you to Noah and Molly for taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon Youth Races, one of the largest running events in the South-East, on Sunday 16th February. Noah and his good friend Molly wanted to raise money for his Grandad’s charity The Chartwell Cancer Trust. Their proud parents, family and friends were there to cheer them on! Both of them absolutely loved it and there was also, of course, an incredibly proud Grandad waiting for them at the finish line!


The fattest knight at King Arhur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi. I thought I saw an eyedoctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian. A rubber-band pistol was confiscated from an algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.

Call Caroline Hurley on 0208 313 1788 / 07986 944002 or Mark Bradley on 07543 415110 General enquiries to 01959 570322

Above, Noah (left) and his good friend Molly (right), proudly show off their medals.

The natural choice for property in

Surrey & South London

: ; )96>5 ELECTRICAL Commercial, industrial & high end residential electrical installations

For more information please contact:

Simon Ward BSc Hons (Reading) FNAEA MARLA

M: 077101 90316 E:

T: 020 8655 9580 W:

The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014

Inspection & testing undertaken by NAPIT approved electrical contractors -\SS`X\HSPÄLKHUKOPNOS` experienced team of electricians

mobile: 07956 657845 email: website: 19

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FEATURE: Chislehurst Golf Club

Blondes: Q: Why did the blonde stare at a frozen orange juice can for two hours? A: Because it said “concentrate”!

Largest single donation so far...

Q: How do you confuse a blonde? A: You don’t. they’re born that way! Q: How do you tell a blonde has been using your computer? A: There’s white correction fluid all over the computer screen! Q: How do you make a blonde laugh on Saturday? A: Tell her a joke on Wednesday! Q: How do you give a blonde a brain transplant? A: Blow in her ear!

Send in your favourite jokes to the editorial office at: Room 1, Aileen McHugo Building, Westmore Green, Tatsfield TN16 2AG or email to info@


Pictured above (main picture): Golf Captains, Peter Skinner and Susie Matthews, presented Michael Douglas, Trustree of the Chartwell Cancer Trust, and the PRUH’s Dr Anil Lhani, with a cheque for £30,000. Surrounding photos show guests and VIPs attending the cheque presentation.

On 27th February 2014, Peter Skinner and Susie Matthews, Captains of Chislehurst Golf Club presented Michael Douglas, Trustee of The Chartwell Cancer Trust with a cheque for the sum of £30,000. This presentation was followed by a lunch to celebrate this enormous achievement. The magnificent sum was a result of fundraising by the Club and its members throughout 2013, including a Charity Golf Day followed by dinner and auction. Michael Douglas, Trustee of The Chartwell Cancer Trust expressed his sincere gratitude and said, “To date, this is the largest single donation the Trust has ever received. We are all most grateful for the support from the Captains and the efforts they have made throughout the year.” Dr Lakhani remarked, "Increasing the number of staff on the unit gives our team more time to spend with patients, which greatly helps to

improve the care we provide. We are very grateful for this extremely generous donation from Chislehurst Golf Club." Susie Matthews, Lady Captain, explained that The Chartwell Cancer Trust was their chosen charity following the excellent treatment her husband had received from Dr Anil Lakhani, Consultant Haematologist at the Princess Royal University Hospital, Farnborough. She was informed that Dr Lakhani and other staff in the Unit were funded by The Trust. Once the Chartwell Cancer Trust had been nominated as their charity, all club members were very generous in their support, particularly as several members had been treated at the Chartwell Unit. Chislehurst Golf Club was founded in 1894, and is situated within 70 acres of beautiful parkland, within the grounds is the magnificent Camden Place, which is now the clubhouse.

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Every day is a bonus for Bob Matthews who has defied cancer twice! Having lived a fairly active life, no smoking, no excessive alcohol, plenty of golf and cricket, it was a considerable shock to be diagnosed with cancer at the age of 66. Having lost my first wife to cancer at the age of 51, I was now very happily remarried with a 10 year old daughter. The initial symptoms of my illness included loss of appetite, night sweats, disturbed sleep and general tiredness which were not seen to relate to cancer by my GP, but following advice from my stepson, a second opinion by a physician was requested from my GP. Within a very short period I was examined by a consultant physician, followed by a CT scan and a further consultation, when he advised that I had nonHodgkin lymphoma cancer, and his diagnosis included his view that it may be too late for any successful treatment. Without delay I was referred to the consultant haematologist, Dr Lakhani, at the Chartwell Unit in the Princess Royal University Hospital at Farnborough. Over the next six months, I attended the out patients unit at Farnborough for eight chemotherapy sessions, by the Chartwell specialist nursing team, who created a very happy, friendly and optimistic atmosphere despite the considerable pain and discomfort that I was suffering. During this time, I kept a very detailed diary, which helped me get through the bad times on a day to day basis. With regular check-ups by Dr Lakhani, it was a moment of great relief and happiness when he confirmed to my wife and I that I was in remission.

“During this time, I kept a very detailed diary, which helped me get through the bad times on a day to day basis.” This remission with regular ongoing checks for five years by the Chartwell team, enabled me to return to a normal life, until September 2012 some 11 years later, when I was admitted to the A & E at the PRUH with breathing difficulties and general exhaustion. Having visited my GP who prescribed antibiotics and a blood test, two days prior to my own self admission to A & E (on the advice of my stepson and wife), it was a considerable shock to be diagnosed with a repeat of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, again The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014

unfortunately at a very advanced stage. I remember in the early period of my seven week stay, as an in-patient in the Chartwell Unit, recognising one of the consultants who turned out to be Dr Lakhani, the original Consultant, who had retired, but thanks to The Chartwell Cancer Trust had returned to the Unit, funded by the Trust.

Above: Bob Matthews

“...the 24 hour care and support of the nurses and staff of the Chartwell Unit was exceptional and essential to my recovery.” My memory of the inpatient ward was one of hope and despair, a sense of loneliness, periods of helplessness and always looking forward to seeing my wife and family. Visits from friends were comforting but the 24 hour care and support of the nurses and staff of the Chartwell Unit was exceptional and essential to my recovery. I have no doubt that without the amazing expertise, knowledge and commitment of the Chartwell team, I do not believe I would have survived the seven weeks in the PRUH. Following my discharge from the inpatient unit, I attended the outpatients Chartwell Unit for some six months for chemotherapy administered by a very dedicated team who created a friendly and professional atmosphere in the treatment areas. My wife who provided 24/7 care and support throughout the whole period and micromanaged my life throughout this time, was with me when Dr Lakhani confirmed that I was in remission again. Not cured but in remission – Fantastic! Today I regard every day as a bonus, enjoying the early spring and the everyday wonders of nature and looking forward to playing golf again and more travelling. We have also moved homes and are now very actively planning improvements. As a very small thank you to the Chartwell Unit, my wife, as Lady Captain of Chislehurst Golf Club, together with the Club Captain and support of club members, were able to raise £30,000 over the last year for the Chartwell Cancer Trust. 21

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FEATURE: Stillpoint Yoga

Yoga Charity Day exceeds expectations and raises £4,000 On 4th January at Stillpoint Yoga London (SYL), 101 people came together to begin the new year, practice yoga and remember a dear friend, Ozge Karabiyik, one of SYL’s founders, who sadly passed away two years ago this January. Scott Johnson, co-founder of SYL said: “Ozge had this incredible Above: Experienced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teachers ability to serve by John Scott and Lucy Crawford from Cornwall lead the just being herself class of 101 in this annual charity event in memory of a dear and her spirit always friend and colleague, Ozge Karabiyik. saw the good in fundraising activities people. Part of her life was dedicated to raising money throughout the day for charity and she did things like run marathons and including a cake stall, shave her hair, and it is in this spirit that we run this charity fun challenges and event every year in January in her memory.” games organized by The Yoga classes were led by world-renowned Scott’s young experienced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teachers John Scott children Herbie, and Lucy Crawford, who travel up from Cornwall Noah and Ethan, especially every year in Ozge’s memory. For all budding and a silent Yoga enthusiasts, Ashtanga auction to bid for Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful yet subtle yoga that links the all sorts of yoga type goodies. breath with movement; it is The day was an athletic flow combining a fantastic strength, flexibility and success and stamina which is very SYL couldn’t physically challenging. have wished Sarah Lewis-James, a for a better member of SYL took part in turnout. both classes – a very brave Raising challenge indeed – to raise £4,000 all additional fundraising through Yoga support. Sarah had for The previously been treated in Chartwell the Chartwell Unit for breast Cancer Trust cancer and she felt that in memory of a taking up yoga dramatically special friend is a phenomenal achievement and SYL helped her recovery. Sarah would like to thank everyone involved. And of course The managed to raise an extra Chartwell Cancer Trust is hugely grateful too! £750, a very well done to her. As well as the Yoga sessions, there were other


Full booking details on:

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07732 099 121 | |

Perfect Brows – Hair by Hair Simulation: “Eyebrows are the frame of your face…”


Semi Permanent MakeUp Treatments Natural Lip Contour Definer: “Restores Lip Line Definition and Creates a Desirable Plumped Up Look” Offer Expires 01.06.14*

All Day Stay Eyeliner: “Creating High Definition Eyes That Last All Day Long”

• Smudge free make up that lasts all day every day • Wake up made up every morning • Natural enhancements to emphasise your features • Treatments available in Kent & London • Call or email for more details *Terms & Conditions apply quote ref “TCCTM” when booking

We would like to welcome you to our friendly Salon where we are dedicated to pampering you. Dermalogica Beauty | Tanning | Exercise | Dance Studio Facials & Massage | Spray tans | Manicures & Pedicures Semi Permanent Make up | Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

Open till 8pm 01959 576 447

œ“i>œ˜}>˜`LiœœŽi`>vÌiÀLÞ>“i“LiÀœvœÕÀ…ˆ}…ÞµÕ>ˆwi`Ìi>“ We can take care of all your needs to make you look and feel great

Established for 10 years 146 Main Road | Biggin Hill | Kent | TN16 3BA

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FEATURE James Harper

Fred was talking to his friend: “I had it all Joe, money, a Bentley, a beautiful house and the love of a beautiful woman, then Whoosh! it was all gone.” “What happened?” asked Joe. “My wife found out about the beautiful woman!”

Free Registration of Wishes Service from second given to a next of kin, nursing home, Solicitor, Minister of religion or other appropriate person.

We have created a unique and completely free service because we recognise that families sometimes struggle with choices for funeral arrangements. To have a copy of their relative’s wishes makes the organisation of the funeral easier at a time when there are so many other things to think about. The form allows anyone to plan their own funeral and set down any wishes they may have regarding their final arrangements, guests that might be invited, music choices, flowers and donations, also options that they do not want. A visit to our website at may help with completing the form. When the form is completed we will keep it safe and issue two identical ‘credit type’ cards (as shown). One of these cards could be retained and the

If you would like to complete a registration of wishes form and would like some help with ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also be interested in pre-paid funeral arrangements. For further information, get in touch with us on 020 8464 0080 or email or visit our offices at Biggin Hill, Westerham or Bromley.


A sharp approach to design can make all the difference to the way your business is perceived. At Purple Lime Creative we understand the need to create impact, give clarity and achieve consistency across all your business communications.

Turning design problems into creative solutions We pride ourselves on being very competitive with over twenty five years of experience in design. The focus is always on your

requirements and we will tailor our creativity to deliver the right results on time and on budget. Purple Lime Creative can create the most exciting concepts and designs, whether it be for print or web, write articulate copy and print vibrant artwork so we can get your ideas across and deliver the right message to the right people in a clear and concise manner. Call today or drop us an email!

T 01959 585055 E W 24

zest! h t i w n g i s e creative d April 2014 The C&K FUNdraIsing Magazine


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KAYMAC CONSTRUCTION Enquiries: Tel: 020 7354 1110 Fax: 020 7354 6410 Email:

Kaymac Construction has been involved in new construction and building refurbishment in both commercial and residential sectors, as well as internal fitting out of retail outlets and offices. Working on both private and public sectors, the building company has grown to become a multi-disciplined team experienced in all aspects of construction and renovation. Clients and consultants who work with Kaymac will experience the following: ➤ Overall single point responsibility from tender enquiry through to contract completion ➤ Experienced personnel with proven track records ➤ Detailed planning and programming with all projects ➤ Regular financial advice ➤ An understanding of specific client and project requirements ➤ High level of commitment and service irrespective of type, nature and size of project KAYMAC CONSTRUCTION Inwood House, 1-3 Elliot’s Place, Islington, London N1 8HX The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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A locall faamily mily run business


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Coolings FEATURE

Coolings’ Tree of Memories Steven Wright, an employee of Coolings Green & Pleasant in Knockholt, has created a ‘Tree of Memories’ as a loving tribute to his late wife Marissa. The Tree is situated on The Nature Trail. Those passing by can tie a ribbon to the tree, and make a small donation in a bird box, in favour of The Chartwell Cancer Trust. Steven’s Tree of Memories has already raised £700 for the Trust, including a donation himself of £100 and a £100 Coolings prize money he won. We are so very grateful for his continuing support. The Nature Trail covers a six-acre area at the back of the Coolings Green & Pleasant site. Once a plant nursery, this wonderful site is now a habitat for native plants and creatures, as well as its resident animals. The star attraction is the colony of wallabies, numbering around 25, including several joeys born this year. Welsh badger-faced mountain sheep can be fed by visitors, with customised feeding tubes filled with pellets. The famous Mangalitzas, otherwise known as woolly pigs, are now in their second generation, having been joined by Pauline and Margaret, the KuneKunes pigs. Two other popular residents are the goats, Harry the pygmy and Ray, his larger friend. The Nature Trail takes about 40 minutes to cover at a moderate pace, and is accessible by bark pathways. The paths are accessible by buggy and mobility scooter, but they can become muddy after heavy rain. An all-terrain mobility scooter is available on site to borrow if required.

Above: the Tree of Memories where people can leave tributes for their loved ones. Left: Two poems written by Steven Wright and pinned on to the Tree of Memories. The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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Upper Gastro Intestinal Signs and Symptoms


By Jale Burch, Upper GI CNS, Chartwell Unit, Princess Royal University Hospital

Anne Duffy has put together a team of experts to assess the most urgent needs of cancer patients across the various King’s sites, in order to advise and consult with The Chartwell Cancer Trust, on where our funds are best spent.

We would like to share with you some healthcare advice each month, and will be looking at a different area of cancer in each issue. This month, in consultation with the Upper Gastroenterology Clinical Nurse Specialists based at the Chartwell Unit, we have come up with the following advice. If you develop any of the following signs and symptoms, they should not be ignored, but an appointment to see your GP should be made.

Dysphagia (Difficulty in swallowing) Difficulty in swallowing is the most common symptom sign of oesophageal cancer. You may also get a burning sensation when swallowing food. Or, you may feel that food is sticking in your throat or chest, and you can’t swallow. It is very important that you go and see your doctor and get them to check out what is causing these symptoms.

Dyspepsia (Acid Indigestion) Acid indigestion is extremely common and is not usually caused by a cancer in the oesophagus. It can be very painful, even when there is nothing seriously wrong. But it is also a risk factor for getting cancer. So if you have it, see your doctor to get it checked and treated.

Weight Loss/ Back pain /fatigue (tiredness) If you have lost weight unintentionally, have back pain that is persistent, and not controlled with simple painkillers like paracetamol, or are tired and cannot explain why, go and see your GP.

Jaundice (yellow Skin) change of bowel habit If you have yellow skin or feel itchy, or, if you notice that the whites of your eyes are yellow, notice a change in your bowel habit to floaty cream coloured stools, or your urine has gone dark, go to your GP to get it investigated.

Notice board:

Anne Duffy - Chair Head of Nursing Trust Lead Cancer Nurse, King’s College Hospital Catherine McGarry Matron for Cancer and Palliative Care, Ambulatory Care and Local Network, Princess Royal University Hospital Dr Stella Bowcock Consultant Haematologist, Princess Royal University Hospital Mr Prakash Sinha Consultant Oncoplastic Breast & Endocrine Surgeon, Princess Royal University Hospital Dr Corinne De Lord Consultant Haematologist, Princess Royal University Hospital Dr Elizabeth Sawicka Consultant in Thoracic and General Medicine, Princess Royal University Hospital


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Dom Perignon 2000 75cl £140. Price inc. VAT

Le Petit Mouton 2004 75cl £144. Price inc. VAT

Looking to sell your fine wines? For commission free cash offers and enquiries please call 020 8334 7000 email or visit

Armand Rousseau Clos de la Roche 1983 75cl £540. Price inc. VAT

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FEATURE - Style Angel

There is style after breast cancer surgery FUNdraising Magazine talks to Cathy Renwood, The Style Angel about her unique service in post-operative care. Hi Cathy, what exactly does your service offer? I have a personal shopping business called The Style Angel, which specialises in PostMastectomy Fashion, how to dress around scars and what to wear to look and feel great. Above: Cathy Renwood, Style Angel.

What made you start up this business? The idea came from my own personal experiences. Due to having a connective tissue disorder, I had major surgery to rebuild my chest wall. The illness had damaged my entire chest wall and I lost all the movement in my

right arm. As skin grafts were used in the procedure I was left with a lot of scarring and so my journey of learning to dress around scars began. What stage of your life were you at? At the time I was living in Australia and going to University, I was only 20. The advice I received extended to wearing a scarf or a brooch to hide the scars. As a young woman, who liked to enjoy a busy social life, this advice wasn’t that helpful so I started to use my strong love of shopping and my own ideas




Our building services include the following:

2 Chur Churchside chside Close, Biggin hill, Kent, TN16 3QF U Fr Free ee Phone: 0800 316 7 173 U www 30

April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

Style Angel – FEATURE

to find ways to make outfits work for me. This soon developed into friends asking me for help with their outfits or where they could find certain fashion items. I have always loved the logic of clothes and how we all style outfits differently. Also I enjoyed helping friends find that perfect outfit or look. Have you ever studied Fashion? Yes, I decided this was a must if I am to compete professionally, so I have completed a course in Personal Styling at The London College of Fashion, which was so inspiring. It was from this that The Style Angel was born and sprang into action. What do you get out of it? I am very passionate about helping women that like me, have been through the traumas of surgery and have suffered a loss of confidence due to this. Often after surgery some ladies have a completely different shape or want to try a new look. I also know from personal

experience how difficult it can be to find good fitting, fashionable clothes when you have a scar from surgery or any sort of scar. I truly believe that everyone can look great, and even though some of us have a few more things to dress around, this should never be a barrier to looking good and feeling fabulous. You’re quite an inspiration! I hope so because fashion should be fun and effortless. I have had some amazing experiences taking clients shopping and helping them to find that perfect outfit or a complete new look. It’s such a wonderful experience to help someone feel good again and look stunning as well. It’s also lovely to be with ladies when they discover how to wear certain styles they might not have chosen in the past. I always ensure the shopping trips are fun and there is usually a lot of chatting involved as well. Thank you Cathy, it’s been great talking to you, and good luck with the new business.

Such an unfair world: When a man talks dirty to a woman, it’s considered sexual harrassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man it’s £2.50 a minute (charges may vary)!

For more information on Cathy’s services visit: The C&D FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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FEATURE Essensuals

Expert hair care by trained ‘Strength in Style’ consultants

Above: Sam Newman from Essensuals salon in Orpington.

‘Toni & Guy’ & ‘Essensuals’ hair salons teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support in 2009, to launch a new expert hair care and advice service on the high street, for people affected by cancer, aptly titled ‘Strength in Style’. They now have 137 salons nationwide with trained ‘Strength in Style’ consultants to offer men, women and children who are

affected by cancer, specialist hair care and support. The Strength in Style consultants have undergone intensive training to help them deal with the emotional and practical issues surrounding the sensitive nature of hair loss and hair thinning due to cancer treatments. They are trained to provide practical advice and support on hair

care through all stages of hair loss and re-growth. This specialist training has included helping people with choosing, fitting, personalising and cutting wigs. It is also possible to bring your own wig into their salons for styling by a specialist. You can find this service available at your local Essensuals salon in Orpington with the very friendly and helpful Stylist and Technician, Sam. Consultations are free, and wig cutting and personalising is available from £20. Pretreatment and post-treatment hair cutting is from £30. You can discuss any particular concerns or needs with Sam on the telephone prior to making an appointment if you wish, on 01689 897222.

For more information

Marriage is a 3-ring circus: Engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering. The last fight was my fault. The wife asked, “What’s on the TV?” I said, “Dust!” Do you know the punishment for bigamy? Two mothers-in-law! I married Miss Right. I just didn’t know her first name was Always.


April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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Thank you to everyone who has recently sent in donations:

We would like to welcome our new patrons to The Chartwell Cancer Trust:

Mr Mario Angeli Micklefield Nursery – for Lily-Mae Cruttenden Florence Shipperley Geraldine Lynch – in memory of Diane Sargeant Margaret Jacob – on behalf of the Exercise Class for the over 50’s Maria Ault Mr T G Searle and Mr G Payne – in memory of Mr Dennis Stammers Mrs Bryant and her International Folk Dancing Group

The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014

Mrs M Carr ERSG Ltd Anne Ledger Janet Kerwick Dorothy Knapp

LEGACIES IN FEBRUARY & MARCH In memory of Mr Michael Stubbington, Mr Roger Martin and Mr John Pritchard.

A piece of black tarmac walked into a pub and said: “I’ll have a pint please Mate, and I bet you I am the hardest one here. I could take anyone on.” The barman gives him a pint. Ten minutes later a piece of red tarmac walks in and says: “I’ll have a pint please Mate, and I bet you I am the hardest one here. Anyone who can take me on, and prove they’re harder, can have free drinks on me all night.” The barman goes to the black tarmac and says: “Did you hear that? Aren’t you going to say something?” The black tarmac says: “Oh no, I wouldn’t mess with him, he’s a cyclepath.”


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Paddy says to Mick: “I found this pen, Michael, is it yours?” Mick replies: “Oy don’t know Patrick, give it ‘ere.” He then tries it and says: “Yes, it is, to be sure.” Paddy asks: “How do you know?” Mick replies: “That’s my handwriting.”


Stacey Brown Qualificationsinclude: City&GuildsinElectricalInstallationParts 1&2andlevel3Testing&Inspection

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tone • St one rrestoration estorattion Stone/Brick • St one/Brick Cleaning C le a n in g Brick • Br ick repairs repairs and and repointing r e p o in tin g Stucco render • St ucco moulding moulding and and render Marble c le a n in g • repair and Mar rble and and granite gran nite repair an nd cleaning Concrete • Co ncrete repair r e p a ir Precast • c o n c r e te Pr ecast Stone Stone and an nd concrete Graffiti • c le a n in g Graffiti cleaning • Internal/external In ternal/external decorating decorating • Brickwork Brickwork • General Building Ge n era l B uilding Services Services & Maintenance M a in te n a n c e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


StaceyBrownrunsalocalfirmof professionalelectriciansandhas beeninbusinesssince2006. Hehasbeensuccessfulinwinning manylocalauthoritycontracts includingschools,shopsandoffices. Heworkswithvariousbuilding companiesrangingfromsmall extensionstoapartmentcomplexes withmultipledwellings.Thisisdueto hishighlevelofqualification andattentiontodetail.HehasalongtermengagementattheSavoyHotel inLondon,andhasbeenhighly soughtafterbymanyrestaurantsand otherproprietorsofpublicvenues. Staceyhasbeenalong-term supporterofTheChartwellCancer Trustasapatron,andisalways willingtovolunteeratourevents whenweneedhim. Whenaskedwhyhechose tobeapatrontotheTrusthe remarked,“MyFather-in-Lawstarted thecharityafterbeingtreatedinthe ChartwellWardhimself.Itwashis passionanddeterminationtosupport theUnit,consultantsandnurses,and toensuretheChartwellhadthelatest equipmenttotreatpatientsthat inspiredmetosupporthimbysigning uptothepatronagescheme.The ChartwellCancerTrustisgoingfrom strengthtostrengthandIam extremelyproudtobeassociated withit.” WeareverygratefulforStacey’s continuedsupport,andwishhim continuedsuccesswithhisbusiness.

S T Brown Electrical 4bVillageGreenAvenue,Biggin Hill,KentTN163LP Telephone:07956657845

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The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


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Thunder audio supply full production technical services. Sound hire: Lighting hire: Live recording: Event power: Generator hire email: web: tel: 01243 601950


April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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Come to Year our A New free talk about... suggestion


Future See your security for you local Solicitor SOLICITORS

...and your family and protect your family

Many of us are already planning the things we would like to do for our families in 2014 – our summer holiday, a new car or maybe a new home. NUMBER 1. CLUES ACROSS 1. Came across a record concerning journalist (10) 6. Language of old city belonging to the French (4) 9. They'll get wrongly blamed for heading off escape by animals (10) 10. There's potato in Mum's pudding (4) 12. Style of cooking providing contrasts (5-3-4) 15. Country-loving Irishman in charge of containing disturbance (9) 17. Giving note to terrorists makes one angry (5) 18. One who latches on to another is a sucker (5) 19. Sailor's intent perhaps is to be self-restrained (9) 20. A comment sure upset in due proportion (12) 24. Man told to get on his knees? (4) 25. Boundary rope may produce such a decision (10) 26. E.g. dogs returning from walk (4) 27. Not quite one's best friend on the ship (6,4) CLUES DOWN 1. Pretty girl gets some food (4) 2. Animal found in sea location (4) 3. Fat little Edward is biased (12) 4. The First Lady touring Oklahoma will awaken memories (5) 5. The thresholds of delights (9) 7. Heartless robbers go off with a pet. The villains! (10) 8. Below, below, below (10) 11. Managed to get clergyman in dead awkward situation (12) 13. They are seeking work after demolition of aspic plant (10) 14. Steam railway takes on head of Railtrack to improve efficiency (10) 16. To perform in a different key, one's parts must be arranged (9) 21. Went on horseback round cowboy show (5) 22. Junk mail from the capital (4) 23. Nothing but a lake (4)

Should you consider spending a modest amount to guard against costly problems that could arise from your death or a serious illness?

Do you need a valid Will? Yes as it ensures that, on your death, your estate passes to those people whom you want to benefit.

Did you know that without a Will: a) Your spouse may not receive all your estate; b) If you are in a long-term relationship with an unmarried partner, they will receive nothing.

Do you need a Lasting Power of Attorney? Yes as it enables you to appoint people of your choice to manage your finances and care without them having to make a costly application to Court if you lose capacity to care for yourself.

For more information call 01689 822554 or email

Planning for the Future


A client guide on Personal Injury claims



Family and Commercial Solicitors A client guide to our legal services A client guide on Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney and Inheritance Tax . Planning.







Have you suffered an injury?









Call us for our free information leaflets... we have been serving Kent for over 35 years.

Why Thomas Dunton? You will be able to: • Discuss your details face to face – not just by email or letter • Have one expert handling your case from start to finish • Have legal advice from someone experienced and qualified • Receive legal advice based on your individual circumstances • Know your case will be dealt with quickly to achieve the best results for you • Have a Solicitor who can service all your family needs

• Conveyancing • Wills & Probate • Mediation • Family • Employment • Personal Injury 217–219 High Street, Orpington, Kent BR6 0NZ

01689 822554 • Email:

ANSWERS: Answers will be printed in the May issue of FUNdraising Magazine. The C&K FUNdraising Magazine April 2014


Wordsearch/Puzzles & Jokes


We are planning to bring you a healthy mix of jokes, ponderisms, amusing stories and funny pictures, together with puzzles, crosswords and cartoons. If you have a favourite joke, story or picture you want to share, send it to our main office. The address and email details can be found on page 3. We will be including a ‘Letters’ page and some personal stories, so please do write or email us.


Ponderisms Gardening rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement. Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Beware of dog!




Inside, he noticed a harmless old hound dog asleep on the floor beside the cash register. “Is that the dog folks are supposed to beware of?” he asked the owner. “Yep, that’s him,” came the reply. The stranger couldn’t help but be amused. “That certainly doesn’t look like a dangerous dog to me. Why in the world would you post that sign?” “Because,” the owner explained, “before I posted that sign, people kept tripping over him!”

Why some teachers drink! SCIENCE

☚ Picture fun!

Upon entering a little country store, the stranger noticed a sign warning, “Danger! Beware of dog!” posted on the glass door.

Helicopters are cleverer than planes. Not only can they fly through the air they can also hoover.

April 2014 The C&K FUNdraising Magazine

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Tamasha TM

Hotel & Restaurant


Welcome To TAMASHA, Tam a s h a i s a n I n d i a n word, which means a big occasion or event adapted by the English during the heydays of the British Raj towards the end of the 19th century, which was enjoyed celebrating on a grand scale. The British love of Indian food has been developing for nearly four hundred years, since Queen Elizabeth I encouraged trader’s to sail for the East Indies.

Now the opportunity to savour the best Indian cuisine, which is available to all sahibs, memsahibs and wallahs in Bromley here at Tamasha as you only have to hear the soft Indian music and it brings on a Pavlovian salvation with olfactory hallucinations of Cogent spices within the lavishness of the divine Colonial traditional Indian restaurant, with “genial” staff who are professional, friendly and highly informative.

131 Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 3AX, United Kingdom Telephone: 020 8460 3240 or 020 8402 1420 Email: U Website:

The Chartwell & King's Fundraising Magazine  

The first issue of our free charity magazine