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Don Kirshner dies

Issue 75 Spring 2011

Inside:  45th Anniver        

sary Tour Dates Our Man Is Back In Town Hogan’s heroes VS The Monkees Don Kirshner Great moments in Monkee History Greeting from our British Correspondent A Personal Monkees Reunion Monkee Genes Stranger Things Have happened And more….

Editor: Cindy Bryant With a little help from my friends, The PFG Road Crew, “The Crazy Lot” An Official Monkees Fan Club Monkeeing around since 1987

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In this issue: From the Editor ..................................3 Fan Letter ............................................6 A review...............................................5 45th Anniversary Tour Dates ...........6 Monkees Resolve Personal Issues For Tour...............................................8 Don Kirshner’s Obit .........................10 From Hazel ........................................12 The One Show ..................................15 The Invention of Liquid paper ........16 Monkee Genes ..................................18 A Personal Monkee Reunion ..........19 Hogan’s heroes VS The Monkees..23 Our Man Is back In Town ................25 Pen Pals ............................................32 E-Pals ................................................32 Mike News .........................................33 Micky, David, & Peter News ............34 Great Moments in Monkee History 35 Stranger Things Have Happened...39 Invitation ...........................................40

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Monkee Shines

From the Editor: to get the Monkees on All the talk shows so start writing and emailing them all from Ellen DeGeneres to Jay Leno and telling them you want to see the Monkees promote their tour on their show. There is power in numbers! If you are going to see the guys please let us know, write a review, send pictures, share the fun with your fellow fans. It always amazes me the way things happen. My last day to work is April 29th and as I was planning what to do to celebrate Bonnie called me with news. David is performing at the Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, Iowa ( only about 75 miles from here) so we’re moving my retirement party to the Diamond Jo. What a way to celebrate!! I know I am going to see some of you there. The rest can read about it in the next Monkee Shines. It looks like it is going to be a great summer for all of us. I hope we will meet up somewhere along the line.

Dear Gang, This is the last newsletter before I retire! YAY! That means I can finally get back to a real schedule with the newsletter and spend some time on the web site too. Thank you all for your patience. I hope you think it is worth it. So much good news this time too! Peter is still healthy and the Monkees are going back on tour. Right now the tour is schedule for May through July but rumors are that it will be extended. Ticket sales have already begun and some venues sold out in 20 minutes! If you want the Monkees to come to your town start calling local venues and let them know you want to see the guys and get you’re friends to call them too! Also there is a huge campaign

Cindy PS / enjoy the DVD. Just another gift from me to you.

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Monkee Shines Last year Bonnie, Dawn, and I saw David perform in Dawn’s hometown, Elgin, Il. As we always do, we put together a little gift bag for David, nothing spectacular, silly little things that strike our fancy at the moment. We included letters and cards to say thank you. Months later when the

gifts, but not the show, were forgotten, Dawn was surprised to find a letter from David in her mail box. David asked Dawn for her perrmission to print her letter on his web site: She happily said yes. Dawn’s letter can be seen in Keeping Up With The Jones.


Monkee Shines Eric’s accuracy. I question what time zone Eric was in when he wrote the book. In the beginning, in Chapter One, Eric wrote about The Beatles’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. Of course, we all know that a future Monkee was on the scene appearing as The Artful Dodger with the cast of “Oliver!” running on Broadway. Eric wrote that at the time David was nineteen. Granted, I am not a math scholar, but I think if you do the math, David would not have turned nineteen until December 30, 1964 which would have meant that he was just eighteen years old on February 9, 1964.

A REVIEW By: Bonnie Borgh For Christmas, Cindy Bryant surprised me with the Copyrighted 2011 book by Eric Lefcowitz entitled “MONKEE BUSINESS” The Revolutionary Made-For-TV Band. Of course, it came with ulterior motives. Cindy asked if I would be willing to write a review for the newsletter. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Moving along to Chapter 4 on Page 13, Eric wrote that when David was thirteen, he suffered the loss of his mother, Doris, who died of emphysema. However, in David’s autobiography, “They Made A Monkee Out of Me” on Page 23, David wrote that he was fourteen when she went.

Overall, I enjoy reading anything Monkees’ related. It’s always fun to replay “the rest of the story” in a different perspective. There were some pictures I had not seen before. For example, there was a great picture of David and (a pintsized) Talia on Page 132. A nice photo of Micky and David is found on Page 132. A good selection of more recent photos of David, Micky, Mike, and Peter are on Page 232. Last but not least, there’s a nice photo of Jessica and David on Page 242.

On Page 205 of Chapter 55, Eric documented the twenty-two and a half hour MTV Monkees’ Marathon aired on February 23, 1986. While it did air on February 23, it actually began on February 22. I specifically purchased a VCR just so I could record each and every Monkees’ episode. In Chapter 61 on Page 220, Eric wrote that on July 9, 1989 The Monkees received their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cindy and I happened to be there, and the official date was July 10, 1989. Eric also wrote that the ’day before the ceremony’ (which I would interpret as July 8) that Mike joined the trio (David, Micky, and Peter) at the

Without getting too political, like sending a bill through Congress without adding the standard “severability clause” (which states that a law remains in effect if part of it is struck down), I disagree with


Monkee Shines Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. The concert was actually on July 9, 1989. Cindy and I were there, too.

cross reference ages and dates. When you encounter inaccuracies, I think you tend to question the legitimacy of the entire publication. Let’s just say it didn’t work well for Congress.

While I certainly applaud anyone who takes upon the enormous task of chronicling The Monkees, perhaps a suggestion would be to

Note: Michael Nesmith is not part of this tour.

United Kingdom Dates

Thursday 5/12/11 Liverpool Echo Arena Liverpool, United Kingdom Saturday 5/14/11 O2 Apollo Manchester Manchester, United Kingdom Sunday 5/15/11 Newcastle City Hall Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Monday 5/16/11 Clyde Auditorium Glasgow, United Kingdom Thursday 5/19/11 Royal Albert Hall London, United Kingdom Friday 5/20/11 Sheffield City Hall Sheffield, United Kingdom Saturday 5/21/11 The NIA Birmingham, United Kingdom Monday 5/23/11 Plymouth Pavilions Plymouth, United Kingdom Tuesday 5/24/11 Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, United Kingdom Wednesday 4/25/11Royal Centre Nottingham, United Kingdom Friday 6/3/11 Saturday 6/4/11 Florida Sunday 6/5/11 Beach, Florida Monday 6/6/11 Florida Wednesday 6/8/11 Thursday 6/9/11 The Performing Arts Friday 6/10/11 Connecticut Saturday 6/11/11 ara Falls, Ontario Sunday 6/12/11 ara Falls, Ontario Wednesday 6/15/11

United States Dates

Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta, Georgia Rurh Eckerd Hall Clearwater Pompano Beach Amphitheatre


Florida Theater


Innsbrook Pavilion The Community Thea Morristown, New Jersey Mohegan Sun Arena

Glen Allen, Virginia tre At Mayo Center For Uncasville,

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort


Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort


Lowell Memorial Auditorium


Lowell, Mass

Monkee Shines chutes Thursday 6/16/11 Beacon Theater New York, New York Friday 6/17/11 NYCB Theater at Westbury Westbury, New York Saturday 6/18/11 Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa/Event Center Atlantic City, New Jersey Sunday 6/19/11 Filene Center at Wolf Trap Vienna, Virginia Monday 6/20/11 Hershey Theater Hershey, Pennsylvania Wednesday 6/22/11 Stage AE Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Thursday 6/23/11 Fox Theater Detroit, Michigan Friday 6/24/11 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus, Ohio Saturday 6/25/11 Aronoff Center For The Arts Cincinnati, Ohio Sunday 6/26/11 Murat Theater Indianapolis, Indiana Tuesday 6/28/11 Morris Performing Arts Center South Bend, Indiana Wednesday 6/29/11 Genesee Theater Waukegan, Illinois Thursday 6/30/11 Star Plaza theater Merrillville, Indiana Friday 7/1/11 Minneapolis Zoo Minneapolis, Minnesota Saturday 7/2/11 Minneapolis Zoo Minneapolis, Minnesota Tuesday 7/5/11 Paramount Theater Denver, Colorado Friday 7/8/11 Pantages theater Tacoma, Washington Saturday 7/9/11 Sleep Country Amphiheater Ridgefield, Washington Sunday 7/10/11 The Mountain Winery Saratoga, California Wednesday 7/13,11 Majestic Fox Theater Bakersfield, California Thursday 7/14/11 Chumash Casino Santa Ynez, California Friday 7/15/11 Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa Cabazon, California Saturday 7/16/11 Greek Theater Los Angeles, California Please note; Check all dates with the venues for verification. It has also been noted that there are some dishonest ticket brokers selling tickets for outrageous prices, tickets for seats that may not even exist. Please by your tickets from reputable places like the venue or Ticket Master for your own safety. Bogus tickets will not be honored. Shows are being added all the time and the tour could be extended. If you want to see the Monkees in your area be venues in your area and get your friends to call too! Although Mike is not expected to be a part of the tour , anything can happen.


Monkee Shines

Exclusive: The Monkees Resolve Personal Issues for 45th Anniversary Tour 'I had a meltdown on the last tour,' says guitarist Peter Tork. 'I ticked the other guys off good and proper'

Peter Tork, Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz of The Monkees pose during portrait session to announce the bands 45th anniversary tour held at The Groucho Club on February 21, 2011 in London, England. Dave J Hogan/Getty By Andy Greene March 7, 2011 12:15 PM ET

backstage problems on the 2001 tour. "We were getting along pretty well until I had a meltdown," he says. "I ticked the other guys off good and proper and it was a serious mistake on my part. I was not in charge of myself to the best of my ability – the way I hope I have become since. I really just behaved inappropriately, honestly. I apologized to them."

When The Monkees last hit the road together 10 years ago things didn't go so well. Guitarist Peter Tork quit near the end, later telling the press that Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz were drinking to the point that they became "mean and abusive." In 2009 Jones told the National Enquirer that he had no interest in a reunion, adding that he "couldn't imagine sharing a stage with Micky Dolenz."

He now says alcohol played only a small role in the group's problems. "I'm sure it played a part, but I cannot honestly say it was anything more than a very slight part," he says. "It could have been very, very minor. But the main thing was that I had a meltdown and I messed up. With the personal problems resolved, the three remaining Monkees were able to sit down and plan their tour. "We're going to do all the Monkee hits," Tork says. "Starting with the five major ones: The two believers ['Daydream Believer' and 'I'm A Believer'], 'Last Train To Clarksville,' 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' and '(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone.' Then we'll do the top twenties and the top hundreds and then the obscure ones." Of the many deep cuts to draw from, Tork hopes to revive the a cappella song "Riu Chiu," and "As We Go Along" and "Porpoise

So it came as surprise last week when they announced a 45th anniversary world tour. "It was the estimation of certain professional people that this could work," Tork tells Rolling Stone. "They asked if the three of us were interested in doing it. After some discussion we all said 'yeah.' That's just about the bottom line of it." In a significant shift, Tork now takes full responsibility for the


Monkee Shines Song" from the Head soundtrack.

financially secure for life. He did return for the group's 1996 LP Justus and a brief European tour to support it. "I last saw him at the end of the 1997 British tour," says Tork. "I haven't talked to him in all that time."

The band will perform in front of a gigantic HD screen. "Sometimes we'll make it look like the backdrop of the apartment [from the Monkees' Sixties TV series]," says Tork. "Sometimes we'll just be out on the wild and windy plain, singing 'I Want To Be Free' to the wind. The whole thing is about moods and trips."

Nesmith popped up onstage at a couple of Monkees reunion shows in the Eighties. Might that happen again? "It's possible," says Tork. "I'd be game for it. Michael's always welcome."

The three Monkees will bring on other musicians for the tour, but Tork wants to strip it back at points. "I have hopes that the three of us are just gonna sit down and rock," he says. "It can be Davy on rhythm guitar or bass, me on keyboards or bass and Mickey just wailing away on the drums."

Two years ago Tork feared that he might never tour again when he was diagnosed with a rare form of head-neck cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. "Two years ago to the day I went under the knife in New York at Sloan-Kettering," he says. "They sliced open my lip, broke my jaw, reached down inside and carved this thing off my tongue. Later I underwent radiation. My checkups have been clear ever since....I'm

Founding member Michael Nesmith isn't participating in the tour: His mother invented Liquid Paper and left him with her fortune, leaving him


Monkee Shines

Don Kirshner Obituary Pop svengali behind hits for the Monkees and the Archies

Don Kirshner, dubbed ‘the man with the golden ear’, in a New York studio in the 1960s. Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty It irked Don Kirshner, who has died of heart failure aged 76, that he was never inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "My body of work is as big as anyone's and nobody knows the half of it," he protested in 2004, at a time when he was planning a belated musicbusiness comeback. But Kirshner's record will ultimately speak for itself. It spanned the heyday of New York's Brill Building (the mecca of pop in the 1950s and 60s), saw him playing pivotal roles in creating such pop sensations as the Monkees and the Archies, and later found him hosting the long-running live performance TV show Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. Kirshner was born in the Bronx, New York, son of Gilbert Kirshner, a tailor, and his wife, Belle. He attended Bronx high school of science and Upsala College in East Orange, New Jersey. He yearned to become a songwriter, and took his first steps towards a music career when he met a singer called Robert Cassotto, who confidently assured Kirshner he was going to become a star. They began writing songs together, with Kirshner adding lyrics to Cassotto's music, but it became clear that it was Cassotto who possessed the musical talent. Cassotto changed his name to Bobby Darin, and when he scored his debut hit with Splish Splash, it was written not with Kirshner, but with the DJ Murray the K. Kirshner grasped that his forte was finding and exploiting talent. "Maybe it's because I don't read or write music – and I guess I live vicariously through

these people, because I don't have the talent myself – but, you know, I'm the man with the golden ear," he observed in 1993, repeating Time magazine's description of him. With the musician Al Nevins, a veteran of the instrumental group the Three Suns, Kirshner founded Aldon Music. Just up the street from the Brill Building at 1650 Broadway, Aldon was at the core of the Brill Building sound. Aldon was a songwriting factory where teams of writers crammed into small cubicles churned out pop songs which would promptly be recorded as demos and sold to the singers of the day. Neil Diamond was one of the first songwriters signed up to Aldon, and the company roster soon grew to include such peerless names as Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill, Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, and Neil Sedaka. The Beatles recorded the Aldon song Chains, written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, on their first album, and among other Aldon triumphs were the Shirelles' Will You Love Me Tomorrow (also by Goffin and King) and the Righteous Brothers' You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling


Monkee Shines (by Mann and Weill). According to another Aldon songwriter, Ron Dante: "Donny [Kirshner] was Mr Music in the early 60s, and a very lovely guy, like your favourite uncle." In 1963 Kirshner and Nevins sold their Aldon songs catalogue to Screen Gems, a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures, for $2m, and Kirshner was also installed as Screen Gems' musical director. The timing was shrewd, since the era of songwriters creating tunes for singers was under threat from the arrival of artists who wrote their own material, notably Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Yet Kirshner was about to score his biggest commercial triumphs by masterminding prefabricated pop acts singing songs created by backroom professional writers. Kirshner negotiated for himself a third of all musical profits from the Monkees, Columbia's madefor-TV pop group, and commissioned hit songs for them from Diamond (I'm a Believer) and Goffin and King (Pleasant Valley Sunday). The Monkees scored two chart-topping LPs, but discord set in when band members began to demand creative autonomy. The drummer Micky Dolenz recalled: "I was 20 years old, making money, but Mike Nesmith led this revolt and, out of camaraderie, we all went along." Kirshner's kudos as the Monkees' svengali was irritating both the band and Screen Gems. The upshot was his sacking, though he won a hefty out-of-court settlement for breach of contract. Undeterred, he went on to another synthetic-pop project, the Archies, a cartoon group from TV's The Archie Show. "I said 'screw the Monkees, I want a band that won't talk back'," Kirshner commented. The Archies' Sugar, Sugar, which the Monkees had refused to record, was performed by session musicians, and became one of the biggest hits of 1969, selling more than 6m copies. The Archies notched up

several more top 40 hits and bestselling albums. Kirshner's career became increasingly TV-orientated. He acted as music supervisor for the hit series Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, and in 1972 he took up the post of executive producer on ABC's live music show, In Concert.In September the following year he appeared as host of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, made by his own production company. This made an auspicious debut by featuring the Rolling Stones, performing in London, and in its 180-show run hosted performances by Rush, the Eagles, David Bowie, the Ramones and the Allman Brothers. Yet Kirshner never thrived in front of the camera, and his flat, monotonous presenting style was frequently parodied by the comic Paul Shaffer on Saturday Night Live. Don Kirshner's Rock Concert ended in 1982, coinciding with the arrival of MTV, and this marked the effective end of Kirshner's music-business career. He set about building himself a lavish home in New Vernon, New Jersey, with its own theatre, swimming pool and disco, but he and his wife Sheila were never happy there ("it was a folly, and I'm kind of embarrassed about it now," Kirshner said later). In 2002 the couple moved to Boca Raton in Florida. Kirshner met a local businessman, Greg Paige, who urged him to return to music. The pair set up a company called Kirshner International and kicked around the idea of an internet entertainment show said to be like "a combination of chat show and American Idol", but little came of it. Kirshner is survived by Sheila, his son, Ricky, a daughter, Daryn, and five grandchildren. • Donald Kirshner, music executive, born 17 April 1934; died 17 January 2011


Monkee Shines Christmas and New Year’s greetings from Hazel


Monkee Shines


Monkee Shines


Monkee Shines Dear Cindy and all our friends in the PFG, Look out there’s a Monkee about. Just heard that the guys will be touring USA starting 3rd June. We heard it should go about 30 venues. I’m sure you will be able to catch at least 1 of those shows and looking forward to see the 3 on stage together after all the years.. They were on English TV on 21st Feb. They did an interview on the One Show and a few radio promotions and it was in a couple of newspapers including a Manchester one. They will do 10 shows here and we are all looking forward to meeting up with lots of family especially in Manchester. The tickets sold really well the 1st fwq days and we heard some fans have booked nearly all the venues. What a dedicated lot. Quite a few theatres sold out the first few days including London. I spoke with David a few times on his weeks visit and he had a busy schedule. He managed to get to Eastbourne to see Micky in Hairspray and really enjoyed the show. He also got to spend time with Annabel. Jessica, and Phoenix. Some Monkee fans were invited into the studio and Carol Aves(Band 6) was asked to bring in a collection of Monkee memorabilia and they picked her up in a car. They shown briefly on the show and managed to talk to the 3 after the interview. Hope you got the list of dates. I’m sure you will soon all be on the roadagain having lots of fun. Hazel & Robert says hello

The One Show on DVD In February I was contacted by the BBC TV show, The One Show, asking for my help in putting them in touch with some U.K. Monkee fans with some memorabilia they could use when the Monkees appeared on their show to announce the tour. Thanks to my Facebook Monkee friends I pu them in touch with several fans. In return they sent me a copy of the show which I have shared with you in this newsletter. Enjoy!


Monkee Shines Dawn Hoffman was especially proud when her daughter, Emily, came home from school and showed Mom her homework. Emily, like Dawn, is a Monkees fan so when the subject of Bette Nesmith came up, Emily knew all the answers! This article was taken from Emily’s work book.

The Inventing of Liquid Paper As soon as Bette Nesmith tried out her new IBM electric typewriter, she knew she was in trouble. The machine was much too fast and sensitive for her. Bette, a secretary at a bank in Dallas, Texas, had always gotten by with her old manual typewriter. It had no power. It’s keys had to be pushed down hard to strike the paper. The slow machine was just fine for a slow typist. Als, the ink on the old ribbons was easy to deal with — Bette could easily erase all her mistakes with a pencil eraser. Her new typewriter, though, was a nightmare. The keys would strike with the slightest touch. The machine used a special carbon-film ribbon. Although this made clearer letters, it also caused ink to smudge easily. Bette couldn’t erase her mistakes without making an ugly mess on the paper. With her old machine, Bette had been able to hide the fact that she couldn’t type very well. The IBM made it hard for her to do that anymore. Bette was a divorced mother trying to support her young son, Michael. She didn’t want to lose her job just because she was a poor typist. So she struggled along as best she could, constantly frazzled by the challenges of this new typewriter. Then, in 1954, Better helped design holiday windows at the bank to earn a little extra money. She noticed that the people painting the window didn’t erase their mistakes. They just painted over them. That gave her a simple — but brilliant — idea. She

thought, why not paint over my typing mistakes? Bette went home that evening and mixed up some white tempera paint in a bottle. She also found an old water color brush. (Bette had wanted to be an artist, but the divorce had forced her to become a secretary instead.) The following day — presto! — all her typing errors disappeared. There was no fuss, no mess. From then on, whenever Bette made a mistake, she simply painted over it. Bette didn’t feel quite right about what she was doing. To her, it seemed like she was cheating. People in her office believed she had become the perfect typist when, in fact, she was still quite marginal. Still, her secret enabled her to turn out typed papers faster and neater than ever. In time, other secretaries at the bank found out about Bette’s white paint. They, too, made mistakes and wanted their own bottles. By 1956, Bette was bottling her paint and selling it. She even put on her own label marked “Mistake Out.” Bette didn’t have enough money to produce her little bottles in a big way. Still, she worked to make her paint better. She couldn’t afford to hire a chemist. So she read all the chemical books she could and blended different mixtures in an old fashioned mixer. She also had help from a high school chemistry teacher and a local paint company, At last, she came up with a formula that was both quick drying and barely detectable. Bette soon changed the


Monkee Shines name of her product. She called it “Liquid Paper.” Bette took her paint to IBM. If anyone would buy her idea, she thought, it would be the maker of electric typewriters. But IBM wasn’t interested in marketing her Liquid Paper. They told her to improve her product even more and come back again later. Bette had other thought, instead of going back to IBM, she stayed home. With the help of her son Michael and some of his friends, she bottled the paint in her kitchen and garage on weekends. The crew squeezed Liquid Paper from old ketchup containers into little bottles. By 1957, Bette had applied for a patent and a trademark. She was selling about 100 bottles a month. Then, in 1958, Bette got her big break. Liquid Paper got a brief but favorable notice in an office supply magazine. It was named one of the magazine’s “top 50 new products of the month.” Over 500 orders flooded in from around the country. General Electric alone ordered more than 400 bottles in three colors. Bette left her job at the bank. Producing Liquid Paper became her full-time job. She focused all her energy on making and marketing this new product. In its early years, Bette’s operation lost money. But Better never lost faith in her idea. By 1964, she had

boosted production to 5,000 bottles a week and was finally making money. Four years later, the company was selling a million bottles a year. By 1975, Bette built a huge plant. She could turn out 25 million bottles of Liquid Paper a year. Her company employed 200 people. And Liquid Paper was sold around the world. Clearly. IBM had made a mistake. The company should have had a s much faith in Liquid Paper as Bette Nesmith had. In 1979, Bette sold her company to the Gillette Company for nearly $48 million. That’s not bad for a single idea and an unshakable faith in it. Bette died in 1980. She left half her money to charity and gave the other half to her son, Michael. By then, Michael Nesmith was a household name. He had been a guitar player for the famous made-forTV band known as “The Monkees.” Like his mother, Michael had one great idea. He was the first person ever to create a TV show based on music videos. It was this idea that inspired TimeWarner to create the successful television station called MTV.

Liquid Paper is now marketed by The Gillette Company and is available in several different shades to match the various paper colors used in offices.


Monkee Shines

Doug Marion found this store Monkee Genes on a recent trip to England. It turns out thee are a chain of Monkee Genes clothing stores (who knew?) and you can shop online at:


Monkee Shines

A “Personal” Monkee Reunion By Judith Supple Hadlock Hi! My name is Judith Supple Hadlock (Joyce). I’ve been a fan of Davy Jones and The Monkees from the beginning, since I was 8 years old in 1966 and first saw “The Monkees” on TV! I finally “met” Davy for the first time on August 31, 1975—I was 17—at a DJB&H concert in Youngstown, Ohio! It took me 2 more years of letter writing (to teen magazines, record companies, etc.) to finally find a fan club to join, and a way to write to Davy! By 1977, I was the secretary of a fan club for Micky, and in 1979, I finally formed my own fan club for Davy called, “Friends of David Jones,” (which he named)! This is the true story of how Davy Jones and I met up again after 15 years! It’s also a concert review of sorts, for the Barrow Civic Theatre concert in Franklin, PA on October 17, 2009. I met this young girl ( in her 20’s — I’m in my 50’s) named Amber, who runs her own Pet Sitting Service, called “South Summit Pet Sitting.” I was referred to her by another Pet sitting Service that was too busy to help me. I needed transportation to take my cats to get them fixed, and I had found that Pet Taxi Service is part of what Pet -Sitters do. So, we made arrangements and she came over to take me to get my cats fixed. (I do drive but didn’t have a car available at the time). In her car I noticed a Monkees CD! So I said, “Oh, you like the Monkees!” And she said, “Yes, they’re one of my favorite groups —especially Davy!” Well that did it—I knew it was fate! So I started telling her that I was a fan to, and that I had had a fan club for Davy called “Friends of David Jones.” And before that I was the secre-

tary of The Micky Dolenz Stargazer Club for 2 years. I think she thought I was putting her on at first until I showed her proof (my fan club newsletters and letters that Davy had written for the club and, to me personally — these were from the late 70’s and early 80’s.. She was amazed! I eventually gave her some of my extra Monkee and Davy things that I had and to show her appreciation she surprised me with tickets to the Barrow Civic Theatre concert of Davy’s, front row, and she was going to drive us there! I was way past Cloud 9 — more like Cloud 190, I think! I hadn’t had a chance to see Davy in a long time — 15 years— since May 1994 — right before my Mom passed away — at the Paul Brown Tiger Stadium concert in Massillon, Ohio. My husband, Lane, and I had a string of not-so-good things happen to us — he got laid off of his job at Goodyear after 25 years due to downsizing, we had a house fire in 1993 that destroyed our entire house (which we had to rebuild), my mother was battling cancer at the time, and in 1996 Lane fell out of a tree he was taking down (20 feet onto a concrete driveway) and crushed both his feet! So this was the first chance I had gotten in a long time to see Davy. The main thing I was hoping out of it all was just that Davy remembered me. That was my one heartfelt wish. We’d been through a lot of things together (Davy and I) through the years (mostly good, of course) and I just wanted him to remember. I had decided that I would wear a Davy T-shirt that I had, black with a contrasting red turtleneck underneath (this was October) and a few photo badges I still had that didn’t get messed up in the fire. (Surprisingly ,


Monkee Shines very little of my Monkee collection got messed up in the fire — most of it was fine — a miracle)! The day of the concert finally arrived. I felt like a teenager again! That whole day I was a nervous wreck! When we got there they said they were going to have a drawing for a “Davy Jones Prize package”, and would I like to buy a ticket? The tickets were $5.00 each so I bought one. This was some sort of promotional thing to help the theatre in the bad economy. Davy was supplying the prizes. Then it was time for the show! Davy came out in an old man’s Halloween mask, and said he was Davy’s father and Davy would be out in a minute. I was remembering another Halloween that I spent with Davy when “Friends Of David Jones” came into being — 2 whole weeks, 2 shows a night in Toledo, Ohio, at Kips! (That’s 24 shows for all of you counting - - not including 2 Sundays). We (my mom and I) had a reserved table in front of the stage for the entire 2 weeks! We spent our vacation from work with davy! I’ll have to tell more of that story another time. Back to the story at hand.

Part-way through the show, but not very far into the show, they decided to have the drawing. Davy was going to pull the winning ticket out of a “Gift Bag”. I turned to my friend, Amber, and said, “I never win these things!” I fished around in my purse for the other half of the ticket stub. Then all of a sudden he pulled the ticket out of the bag and read off MY NUMBER!!!I just about died! I let out a scream they must have heard three blocks away! Then he told me “Come on up here!” on stage with him! I gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug! I said, “Davy, do you remember me?” He said, “Yes, I do.” And he did!! This was one of the most incredible nights of my life! We chatted for a minute or two and he asked me, into the microphone, “ And what is your name and where are you from?” Well, I knew what he was doing —he was getting back to the audience. I’d forgotten all about them. He kind of winked at me and gave me this look like, “Well, come on, play along!” So I did, telling everyone I was was Judith Supple Hadlock from Tallmadge, Ohio, a suburb of Akron. Then he looked at the photo badges I had on and asked into the microphone again, “Where are these from?” (But he already knew.) One in particular, was of him and I in England, in 1978 (31 years ago), at Micky Mouse’s 50th birthday celebration, promoting his record, Hey Ra, Ra, Ra Happy Birthday Micky Mouse. At the time, it was 90something degrees in May in London (very unusual) and davy had his sweater off, ‘cause he was just too hot in it… lucky for me, ‘cause he was barechested in the photo! He wanted me to tell everyone about the photo so I did! Te he joked around some more and we talked a bit more. Then he said, “Come on, let’s go for a walk.” (How did he know that’s one of my favorite things to do?) He reached

On stage with Davy


Monkee Shines

This photo of Davy and Judith, taken May 29, 1978 at Micky Mouse’s 50th Birthday Celebration in London, England, is on Judith’s photo badge.

out his hand to me and I took it. We “walked” all the waya cross the stage and back again. It was just like in “I Wanna Be Free” — “I wanna hold your hand, walkl along the sand, laughing in the subn, always having fun…” It was awesome —there wasn’t any sand — bit it was still awesome. Then he motioned for an usher and handed me off to him. The usher helped me down and back to my seat. The whole rest of the show he kept coming over to where I was and paying me lots of attention. It was great! He even sang to me! Of course the show was fantastic but it felt like a special performance for me. Davy can make you feel like that, even if there are a thousand people in the room. When the show was over I had lots of people coming over to talk to me and take photos of me and my badges. A lady from a local magazine even took a photo of me. I told Amber

to wait around a while ‘cause he might come out to do autographs or something. All of a sudden , a lady from the theatre comes up to us and says, “ Davy is requesting the honor of your presence backstage, please follow me.” “Wow!” The royal treatment all the way! I think Amber was in shock at this point. This was her first time to see or meet Davy. She remembered him from the 1971 Brady Bunch episode “Getting Davy Jones”. Davy seemed so happy to see me. “Hey, how’ve ya been? It’s been a long time! I wanted to give you some of the things from the prize package.” He was giving me 8X10 photos that he had just signed, CD’s, T-shirts, all kinds of things. “and I have some more things that I want to send you that I forgot to bring with me, they’re at home.” “Thank you, Davy!” I stammered. “ You make sure I get your name and address, now, ‘cause I don’t think I have them since you got married.” (He even remembered that!) He was so nice! (Actually I think he did have my name and address but he didn’t connect Judith Hadlock and Judith Supple (maiden name) as being the same person. He does now! He introduced me to Jessica ( they’d only been married for two months) and to Johnny Blair. I shook hands with them both. I took out a small photo album that I carry with me all the time, that says “Prince Charming” on it and showed Davy the ohotos. “Yeah, I remember this!” he said more than once. Then he asked me if he could take it ( the photo album) and show it to Johnny Blair. “Sure,” I said. He went over and sat down next to Johnny, showing him the album, talking a mile a minute, and occasionally pointing in my direction. Johnny and I have kept in touch ever since. Then Amber and I took photos with Davy and he signed a few items we had brought with us. I hated to leave, of course but,


Monkee Shines it was time to go. Amber had already gotten our coats and I didn’t want to get her in trouble with her folks. So, I had to say “Goodbye for now” to Davy, once again. I had the distinct impression that Davy would “love” for me to start up “Friends of David Jones” aga, doing the newsletters like before and I would “love” to do that, but for now I am trying to do close to the same thing with my Facebook Profile Page — Hadlock and the group thing, “Friends Of David Jones On Facebook”. So check these out when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Oh, by the way,after I got home from the concert, about a week later,here came this huge package in the mail from Davy!” True to his word, he had sent me more CD’s, more signed photos, more T-shirts, a book (the Mutant Monkees book, autographed, and a personal letter from him. I sure won’t let 15 years get away from me again, if I can possibly help it." I'll Love You Forever, David”…”Say you’ll always be my friend, babe…”

Take a Giant Step Pleasant Valley Sunday A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You She Hangs Out I’m A Believer Consider Yourself Secret Love (“She” CD) Let Them be Little Amore (but Jessica wasn’t dancing to it yet) The Girl That I Knew Somewhere Papa Gene’s Blues Nice To Be With You Steppin’ Stone Mary, Mary Rainyjane Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow I’ll Love You Forever Last Train To Clarksville Several songs I noticed that David didn’t do—I Wanna Be Free— for obvious reasons, being newly married!, The Monkees Theme (instrumental only) and Cuddly Toy. Please go see Davy at one of his concerts. You’ll have the time of your life! Concert dates and ticket info can be found on his web site —

A few concert notes: The show lasted nearly 2 hours. The songs David did (and these are not in order): No Time 2 Girl Valleri When Love Comes Knockin’ At Your Door Daydream Believer

Photos by Amber Shirley and Sue Ballmer. Thanks, you two! A special thanks to Amber for her wonderful surprise!


Monkee Shines


Monkee Shines


Monkee Shines

By Bonnie Borgh With A Little Help From A Friend (Cindy Bryant) Are you going to Iowa State Fair? Cindy, please don’t ever despair. We’ll get us there all safe and sound Don’t forget that we’re mission bound.

David Jones, the Monkee was there! He looked and sang as good as can be Our Gang will love him eternally.

Are you driving to Iowa State Fair? Kimmi, can you find a way there? Though roads are flooded by where you are Please pick us all up in your car.

Bonnie: Some of you will remember Scarborough Fair, but it holds nothing over the opening ceremonies at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday August 12th The day will live in infamy. I shared with Cindy that August 12th would have been my parents 60th wedding anniversary. Unbelievably, she shared with me that her aunt and uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary also fell on August 12th. Needless to say, it was a special day for David to finally return to Iowa! As he sang, “Your Man Is Back In Town!” How fortunate we were to be

Are you going to Iowa State Fair? Tim Woods has a memory to share In this story that he told me He saw the Doors play at the Whiskey. Are yoou going to Iowa State Fair? Marylee, oh please say a prayer That this Doors phase that I’m going through Doesn’t ever happen to you. Are you going to Iowa State Fair? Locksley, do you still have your hair? We saved you a prime front row seat Despite the unbelievable heat. Are you going to Iowa State Fair? Hannah, she doesn’t seem much to care But what a sport my Girl she was She sat there simply because. Are you going to Iowa State Fair? Budweiser Stage, of course we’ll be there. We cherish all the good times we’ve had All those memories make is so glad. Are you going to Iowa State Fair?

David Jones “sweatin’ to the oldies” at the Iowa State Fair August 12, 2011. Photo by Cindy Bryant


Monkee Shines able to see David perform twice this summer. Since Hannah’s “fall” semester classes start on August 16, she was still a free agent to be able to accompany Cindy and I on a three hour journey to Des Moines, Iowa.

Cindy: At least we thought she was :-) Bonnie: After a brief unscheduled tour of the perimeter of the fairgrounds and a $10 parking lot , we secured a prime (handicapped) parking spot directly across from Gate 13. free shuttle service (via golf carts) was provided which promptly took us to an incorrect destination.

Cindy: Yes Unfortunately Hannah’s interest in the Fair was not quite on the same level as ours. She was more interested in “Fair Food” than in the entertainment aspect of the trip to “Deh Moi.” Go figure!

Cindy: I was told previously that if we parked by Gate 13 we would be just a short walk from the stage where we wanted to be but our driver had taken us to the other side of the fairgrounds. Thinking of my bad knees I asked the driver how long the shuttles ran. He said they had to be off the streets by 8 pm. 8 PM!? The show didn’t start until about that time! How in the world was I going to walk back to the car?! But when he dropped us off in front of a Budweiser “Beer Garden” I knew this could not possibly be the place David was going to be performing. We flagged down another cart and

Bonnie: We arrived in des Moines around noon and easily found our hotel accommodations. We were ready fr them but they weren’t quite ready for us to check in. Cindy, Hannah, and I decided to eat lunch first at Culver’s while awaiting Kimmi’s arrival. We soon learned what was taking that Girl so long! Perhaps I volunteered Kimmi to chauffeur Cindy, Hannah, and I to the Iowa State Fairgrounds since she was a little more familiar with the territory than we were.


Monkee Shines

after consulting a map of the grounds the driver figured out where we should be. Bonnie: we quickly boarded another shuttle transporter to the proper location (better known as the “Budweiser Stage”). Cindy: True to what I had been told it was a straight shot from the car. A fairly easy walk even for me. Bonnie: It was about 3:00 pm, and people were already securing (metal) bench spaces under the Budweiser tent waiting for David to appear at 8:00 pm/ It was mighty hot but, we were thankful to, at least, have shelter. Cindy: Did Bonnie mention it was hot? was hot! It was like 103 in the shade!!! Bonnie: we were able to secure bench seats on the far right side of the stage in the front row. Cindy was kind enough to guard our seats while Kimmi, Hannah, and I attempted to explore the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Unfortunately, we didn’t see a whole lot more than the likes of the William C. Knapp indus-

tries building since it was air conditioned and had respectable restroom facilities. I would never have made it as a pioneer with outhouses and the like. Kimmi, our extraordinary chauffeur SLASH delivery agent, managed to fraternize with Jeffery (the security guard) and requested him to deliver our purple flower parcel backstage to David. Cindy: Speaking of SLASH...where is SLASH? I miss SLASH...sigh. Kimmi can sweet talk her way into or out of anything! Bonnie: Hopefully the perishable contents (Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses wrapped in purple foil) did not transform into a clump-o-chocolate with the Official 2010 Iowa Transportation Map, greeting cards, purple Iowa T-shirt, and assorted Iowa souvenir items by the time David received the goods from the hoods. Cindy: Thanks to the video provided by KCCI –TV we know there was an air conditioned trailer backstage for the entertainers so no doubt the chocolates were fine.


Monkee Shines Bonnie: It’s good to know that Headquarters’ Incognito Interactive Emergency Response Plan is still operational.

asked him for his autograph! I said, “The Monkees were probably there too.” Cindy: Do you really think that momentary memory of where your loyalties should be, especially when soon to be in the presence of David Jones, himself, is going to save you, Bonnie??? Shame, shame!

Cindy: We are trained professionals! Bonnie: Cindy phoned, just as Kimmi, Hannah and I were returning from a fair rendezvous, to report to us that the band was performing a sound check about 5:30 pm. (We know stars never do sound checks.) It was fun to watch them set up the stage for the “really big shoe.”

Bonnie: It was undoubtedly the place to be in the 1960’s. heavy sigh! Tim and Marylee were married ten years before she even knew about it. Alright...The End.

Cindy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we’ve been told. Never say never.

Cindy: You say that now….

Bonnie: Tim and Marylee must have arrived sometime around 6:00 pm.

Bonnie: Due to the intense heat and humidity, a man a few rows back collapsed due to heat exhaustion. The concert was actually delayed just a bit in order for paramedics to transport him by ambulance to a medical facility. The last thing any of us wanted to do just before seeing David was to over-heat! Prospectively speaking, if it was hot for us just sitting there, it had to be ten times hotter for the performers.

Cindy: Tim, Marylee, and I had a chance to catch up while the rest of the Gang were roaming around. I learn an interesting fact about Tim that I knew Bonnie would be dying to hear. You think you know someone… Bonnie: Cindy said Tim had a story to tell me. I like stories! He told me how he was in the military service back in the 1960’s and how they were stationed out in California. He and a buddy managed to get to Los Angeles (the Sunset Strip) and visit the legendary, infamous Whiskey A Go-Go. This preamble began to “Touch Me’, and I had a feeling where this story was going. Apparently , this “Unknown Soldier” was all about taking Tim to the Whiskey to see this hot (local band from Venice) perform. Tim said the place was packed, the acoustics were horrible, and it reeked of smoke (likely only some of which was legal). There in the distance was none other than Jim Morrison, front man of The Doors! I knew it! I knew it! There I was trying to forget my latest obsession, and Tim was there! I almost

Cindy: And we were very concerned about that. Bonnie: Hence, David appeared shortly after 8:00 pm. David appeared on stage looking very “retro” wearing a longsleeved white shirt with blue embroidery down the front (reminiscent of the 1970’s). [There is a photo of david with Maureen McCormick in Barry Williams’ book “Growing Up Brady” (page 79) wearing a similar style shirt.] David actually commented in the show that he bought the shirt at Goodwill. He’s such a thrifty guy! For the record, David and the band performed: I’m A Believer


Monkee Shines Mary Mary Papa Jean’s Blues Valleri Hey hey We’re The Monkees Cuddly Toy Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door Dance Gypsy (with Jessica Pacheco Jones dancing) She Hangs Out Take The Last Train To Clarksville Sixteen Consider Yourself A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You I Wanna Be free (I’ll) Love You Forever Amore Girl Pleasant valley Sunday (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone Daydream Believer Encore: Secret Love Your Man Is back In Town No Time For reasons unbeknownst to us in St. Charles, Illinois on June 05, 2010, a special guest performer did not appear with David on stage.

Cindy: Bonnie is absolutely right except the dance was not flamenco rather a whirling dervish spinning around David with her tambourine like a gypsy around a campfire. It was the perfect accompaniment for the song and the flirting on the stage was NOT onesided. They looked quite cute together. Bonnie: David joked about playing for a couple more hours, but quite honestly, it’s beyond amazing that he and the band were still standing upright after an hour and forty-five minutes in the oppressive heat and humidity. Cindy: You are all truly amazing. Bonnie: Sadly, the concert ended about 9:45 pm. They always come and go so quickly. Unfortunately, we did not have any Close Encounter Of The Jones Kind to report, but it’s good to know to know David seemed to be in good spirits and happy to be on Iowa soil (as opposed to Florida oil). He probably thought, “Maybe they’ll get off my case for awhile now…”

Cindy: We had looked forward to seeing her for ourselves and were quite disappointed when she did not appear. Bonnie: However, She did appear at the Iowa State fair. Cindy and I concurred that it was certainly worth the wait. During “Dance Gypsy” (which david likely had just performed when he played in Japan in July), Jessica Pacheco Jones accompanied him with a flamenco dance number. She looked absolutely gorgeous and danced quite flirtatiously. I think she rathe complemented David’s spotlight for that particular song. It’s too bad Craig was MIA. David and Jessica “Dance Gypsy”


Monkee Shines

been damaged a few days earlier when Kimmi had to rush him to the hospital after slicing his finger open while working on the house. In the rush to the hospital they had been hit by a flood of water coming over the road causing them to was not a good week for the Wrights! But keeping her sense of humor about her, she had to laugh when she talked about the police chief standing in their living room in the middle of the night playing with a light saber (Kevin is an avid Star Wars collector). And while David’s appearance was not mentioned in the newspaper, we found out three weeks later, thanks to Jan Chilton, that he had been on KCCI-TV talking about his career and fans, the PFG in particular!

Cindy: Good luck with that, David! You know us better than that...give us an inch and we’ll take a mile! Bonnie: After all, it had been since 1999 since our man was back in town. Unfortunately, David’s appearance at the Iowa State Fair di not grace the pages of the Friday the 13th Des Moines Register. However, it would seem Kimmi made national news. Cindy: We had tried to talk Kimmi into staying in town a little longer so we could spend some time catching up but she had to get back home and had considerable flooding to navigate around to get there so she left us at the hotel and went home. The next morning at breakfast I got a call from her and she was almost in tears. She had made it home without incident but had been awakened later by her husband jumping out of bed and yelling for her to call the police. A drunk driver had tried to take a short cut through their garage, destroying the garage and her car. Kevin’s car had

Bonnie: Until Next time, as Lawrence Welk always said, “ Keep a Monkees’ song in your heart and Soul.” Cindy: He said what????? Bonnie: If that’s not exactly what he said that’s pretty much what he always meant.


Monkee Shines

Cindy: Well, that’s what WE always mean! Stick around. Next issue we’ll take you to my Retirement Party at the

Diamond Jo Casino with our very special entertainment….you guessed it...David Jones. I couldn’t have planned it that good if I had tried!!!


Monkee Shines Kathy Brewer 1198 Turkey Blind Road Crossville, TN 38572

Write to your favorite Monkee at: Davy Jones P.O. Box 400 Beavertown, PA 17813

Rick Schwinden 3275 Valley Ridge Drive Egan, MN 55121

Peter Tork 524 San Anselmo Suite 102 San Anselmo. CA 94960

Janet Litterio 12146 Black Forest Trail Homer Glen, IL 60441

Mike Nesmith 1793 Catalina Street Sand City, CA 93955-3545

Brenda Routh Wylie 2224 Dean Avenue Des Moines, IA 50317

Micky Dolenz Paradise Artists 108 East Mailija Street Ojai, CA 93023

Ronda Russell 2031 Glen Avenue Beloit, WI 53511 Susan Jensen 210 Washington Street Audubon, IA 50025-1133

Jamie Elswick 5017 W 2nd Street South Bloomfield, OH 43103 Kim Boatman 6140 Hytrail Court Mahtomedi, MN 55115 Kim Boatman

Maria Tereza Pinho Gomes Da Silva Praca Cardeal Arcoverde #25 Apt. #802 Copacabana Rio De Janeirp — RJ CEP 220440-030 Brazil

Maria Tereza Pinho Gomes Da Silva Janet Litterio

Edna Kulavick 14900 Sprengel Avenue Cleveland, OH 44135-2030

If you would like to be listed in the Pen Pals or E-mail Pals please let me know.


Monkee Shines

Mike Nesmith News Mike on Don Kirshner’s passing:

Michael recently became an ordained minister and in that capacity officiated at the wedding of friend, A, Whitney Brown.

“Sad to learn of the passing of my old adversary Don Kirshner. He was a formable foe and I send my condolences and sympathy to his family and his many friends. Donny, wherever you are — I want you to know I pu my fist thru the wall just for dramatic effect. Apparently it workede. It is all behind us now, and we wrote what we wrote. Rest in peace.”

“...Now by the lesser power vested in me as an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, and by the laws of the state of Texas – And by the greater power I derive from the truth and love of these spoken words of God – I, Papa Robert, declare to these present that you are now husband and wife."

You can find Mike online at: and facebook/michaelnesmith “ I was saddened to hear today of the passing of my old friend. Don Kirshner. I’ll always have fond memories of the time Tommy Boyce and I spent working together with Donnie on the Monkees and other musical projects. We learned a lot from Donnie and wil be forever grateful for the opportunities he gave us as members of his legendary staff of writers and producers during the sixties heyday of Screen Gems-Columbia Music. He was an innovator with a heart, and what he accomplished at Nevins-Kirshner and beyond may never be matched in the history of our industry. My prayers and condolences go out to Shelia and the family. Bobby Hart”


Monkee Shines

Micky, David, & Peter News The big News for Micky, David, and Peter is, of course, the Monkees tour and tour dates that have so far been announced are listed in this newsletter. Fans are also being encouraged to write letters and email all the talk shows from Ellen DeGeneres to Leno to Letterman and everyone else and ask them to invite the Monkees on their show to promote the tour, Also if you want the Monkees tour to stop in your town call your venues and get your friends to call to. If venues know there is an interest in seeing the guys they are more likely to inquire about bringing the tour to their area. In the meantime, the Monkees are all over the internet. Their own websites are: All three can be found on myspace and on facebook also.

“I remember Donnie as one of the "suits" that originally came out the to West Coast from New York and would appear at some of the studio sessions. At first, I really didn't know what he did.It wasn't until years later that I realized what a profound influence he had had on the the choice of material that The Monkees produced. And for t...hat, I am eternally grateful.� Micky Dolenz Don Kirshner


Monkee Shines


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1 David Jones in “Real Live Brady Bunch” Chicago, Illinois (1994) “Monkees Get Out More Dirt” (1967) Jan Berry Jeff Barry Jan Chilton Micky’s second album “Broadway Micky” released on Kid Rhino (1994) CocoHinzelmann Micky appears on “My Three Sons” (1972) Phil Leeds Michelle Phillips Carl Perkins Julie Harris David Jones at Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN (1992) “Monkees in Manhattan” David Jones at Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN (1992) First “Torkless” concert in Charleston, West Virginia to capacity crowd of 6,000. The Monkees Backed by Sam & the Goodtimers David Casssidy Tiny Tim David Jones at Hirsh Coliseum, Shreveport, LA (1992) David Jones at St. Louis Arena, St. Louis, MO (1992) Diane Hildebrandt Roland Skye One-hour special “33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee” airs on NBC on Monday night (1969) Shorty Rogers David Jones at the Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO (1992) “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” #39 David Jones in “Real Live Brady Bunch”, Slippery Rock. PA (1994) “Monkees in The Movies” (1967) Don Kirshner Alex Singer Mark Volman Monte Landis Jack Nicholson Glen Campbell


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“Monkees On Tour” First season finale (1967) Last show of the U.K. Tour at Reading where they receive a Gold Disc on stage for their “Hey Hey! The Monkees Greatest Hits” LP and CD (1989) “Someday man” b’w “Listen To The Band” released Donna Lee Bascalla Bobby Rydell Tommy James Bobby Vee

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Davy Jones in “Real Live Brady Bunch”, Morgantown, west Virginia (1994) Johnny Ware Leslie Gore Emmy nominations announced: Best Comedy Series (Producers Bert Schneider & Bob Rafelson); Best Comedy Director (James Frawkey, “Royal Flush”) Bert Schneider Tony Asselta Michael on “American Bandstand” performs “Nevada Fighter” Brendon Cahill Tommy Roe Scottish actor Monte Landis signs for ten Monkees segments Fats Domino Donovan Peter on “Boy Beets World” (1995) Bill Chadwick Lek Leckenby David Jones at Hershey Park Amphitheatre, Hershey, PA (1993) David Jones at Hershey Park Amphitheatre, Hershey, PA (1993) Davy hosts “TV’s All Time Favories on CBS (1995) Pete Townsend Susan Cowsill Cher Trina Dolenz Micky Dolenz at Adventureland, Des Moines, IA (1992) Cindy Bryant Bob Dylan Billy Beck 28 The Monkees hold press conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in NYC to kick off their 20th Anniversary Reunion Tour (1986) 28 Kim Boatman 28 David Jones at Tiger Stadium, Massillon, OH (1994) 31 Samantha Juste

June 1

Ron Wood


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Pat Boone Charlie Watts Janet Litterio The Monkees’ show receives two Emmy awards for Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Director (1967) 6 Gary U.S. Bonds 7 Tom Jones 9 LA radio station 93KHJ aonaor “The Monkees “ concert at the Hollywood Bowl 11 Mary Ann Hart 12 “Headquarters” album released (1967) 12 Micky Dolenz at Burlington Steamboat Days (1991) 13 Michael on “Late Night With David Letterman” 14 “The Monkees Greatest Hits” released (1969) 14 Micky Dolenz at the Holiday Star Plaza, Merrillville. IN (1991) 15 Harry Nilsson 16 John Franklin 17 The Monkees (Micky, David, and Michael) on the Tonight Show in NY with Johnny Carson (1969) 17 Ken Wilkinson 17 David Jones (Teen Idols Tour) Burlington Steamboat Days, Burlington, IA (1998) 17 The Monkees (minus Mike) at Burlington Steamboat Days at Burlington, IA (2001) 18 “Headquarters” album receives Gold Record (1967) 18 Paul McCartney 20 Michael’s “Cruisin’” video airs on “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert”. 20 The Monkees ( minus Mike) at Burlington Steamboat Days, Burlington, IA (1986) 20 Brian Wilson 21 DJBH debuts their act at Siz Flags in St. Louis, MO before 12,500 people (1975) 21 Ray Davies 22 “D.W. Washburn” at #19 (last Top 20 Hit) 23 Howard Kaylan 23 The Monkees arrive in Paris to begin shooting for the show (1967) 25 Hank Cicalo 26 Annabel Jones (1988) 28 The Monkees (minus Mike) at Iowa Cubs Sec taylor stadium, Des Moines, IA (1996) 28 First group interview (Micky, Davy, Michael, and Peter) since 1968 at KLOS Radio Station in LA on the “Mark and Brian” Show (1989) 29 Pizaa Hut Commercial debuts with Micky, Davy, Peter, and Ringo Star (1995) 30 The Monkees on “The Pat Sajak Show” (1989)

July 37

Monkee Shines 1 Ron Masak 1 First concert of the 1987 Tour in Tucson, AZ (1987) 1 First concert of the 1989 tour in Winnipeg, Canada (1989) 2 Naom Pitlik 2 Kelly Jean Peters 2 Winton Teel 2 David Jones at Buffalo Racetrack, Hamburg, NY (1994) 2 Harrison Rand Jones McFadden 3 Sarah Jones McFadden (1971) 3 Jerry Blavat 3 David Jones at Summerfest, Milwaukee. WI (1991) 3 David Jones in “Oliver!” rehearsal Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, KS (1993) 4 David Jones in “Oliver!” at Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, KS (1993) 4 Peter on Geraldo 5 “Pleasant valley Sunday” released (1967) 5 “That Was Then, This Is Now” enters Billboard Top 100 at #88 with a bullet (1986) 5 David Jones in “Oliver!” at Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, KS (1993) 5 David Jones, Frontier days, Arlington heights, IL (2003) 6 “Heart & Soul” video shot in Hollywood 6 Pat Paulsen 7 Press conference in NYC announcing thirty-city tour (1967) 7 Ringo Starr 8 Peter on “Late Night With David Letterman” (1982) 8 “Pleasant valley Sunday” receives Gold record (1967) 9 Michael Nesmith performs with the Monkees at the Universal Amphitheatre, LA, CA (1989) 10 The Monkees receive their start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 11:00 am in front of the Vogue Theatre (1989) 10 David Jones at Westroads Shopping Mall, Omaha, NE (1987) 10 David Jones (Mark Lindsay/Eric Burdon) at Ravinia, Highland Park, IL (1991) 11 Peter on “The Stephen Banks Show” (1994) 12 Peter Meyerson 12 Joe Higgins 12 David Jones at Walden Bookstore, Woodfield Mall, Shaumburg, IL (1987) 12 The Monkees (minus Mike) at Poplar Creek, Hofman Estates. IL (1987) 13 DJB$H tour southeast Asia and Japan (1976) 13 Roger McGuinn 13 David Jones at street fest in Elkhart, IN (1991) 16 The Monkees tour Japan for the first time since 1968 (1989) 18 Brian Auger 18 Dion DiMucci 18 Micky Dolenz at the Williamsburg Beach Party, Williamsburg, IA (1992) 19 The Monkees (as a trio) on the “Johnny Cash Show” on ABC 19 David Jones at the Heart of Illinois Fair, Peoria, IL (1993)


Monkee Shines 19 20 21 22 22 22 24 25 26 26 27 27 27 29 30 30 31

David Jones/Micky Dolenz. Casino Magic. Bay of St. Louis, MS (1994) David Jones/Micky Dolenz. Casino Magic. Bay of St. Louis, MS (1994) Barry Whitwam The Monkees final show in Tokyo, Japan (1989) Bobby Sherman Stanley Ralph Ross Ruth Buzzi Emily Dolenz (1983) Mick Jaggar David Jones on “Sally Jesse Raphael” NYC, NY (1993) MFQ Performs “Laura” on “Michael Nesmith in Television Parts” ninety minute special. David Jones in South Bend, IN (1991) David Jones at Tobin Plaza, World Trade Center (1993) “Pleasant Valley Sunday” #3 (1967) Phyllis Nesmith Paul Anka Gary Lewis

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Stranger Things Have Happened An excerpt from High On Arrival By Mackenzie Phillips Article by Bonnie Borgh Page214 and 215 Another unexpected friendship seemed to emerge fully formed. Peter Tork, formerly of the Monkees, asked me to sing a song on his album “Stranger Things Have Happened” alongside Owen Wilson, the daughter of Mama Cass. Owen and I had crossed paths many times over the years. Her first memory of me is at Chynna’s eleventh birthday party. I was one of the grownups chauffeuring the younger guests to On The Roc, the small bar above the Roxy. Owen Climbed into the backseat of the TV star’s red Mercedes convertible, with no idea that we would one day be best friends. Now, as we recorded a song called “Giant Step.,” we felt a kinship — her mother and my father were a

Mama and a Papa — and that connection ran deeper than we might have anticipated. We were both part of a strange little family. From the day we met we were comfortable saying anything to each other. There was a bond between us that felt it had always been there. Lo, and behold, on the liner notes of Peter Tork’s release “Stranger Things Have Happened” (1994) Beachwood Recordings, Los Angeles, California is written:

Giant Step Owen [Elliot] and Mackenzie [Phillips] sang backups. We like to think of them as the new Mamas. I hope they don’t mind. Too bad if they do. (Who write that stuff?)


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