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Issue 87 Spring 2014

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John London and Billy Lewis INSIDE: An interview with Fred Velez Internet Radio Remembering Davy Jones In Memory of Samantha Juste Dolenz An Interview With Michael Nesmith An Interview With Micky Dolenz An Oldie But A Goodie

Monkees Convention 2014 Beavertown 2014 Peter News Micky News Michael News David News And much more….

Editor: Cindy Bryant With a little help from my friends, The PFG Road Crew, “the crazy lot!” An Official Monkees Fan Club Monkeeing Around Since 1987

Monkee Shines

In this issue Letter From The Editor .......... 3 An Interview with Fred Velez. 4 Monkee Art ........................... 8 Davy Jones...Remembering Him As We Hoped He’d Be........... 9 In Memory of Samantha Juste Dolenz ................................ 11 Monkee Art ......................... 12 An Interview With Michael.... 13 Peter News ......................... 14 Micky News......................... 15 Mike News .......................... 16 David News......................... 18 The Guys Behind The Monkees— John London ....................... 20 Billy Lewis ........................... 22 An Oldie But A Goodie ........ 24 Easter Card From Hazel ...... 26 Easter Card From Lynda ..... 27 Davy’s Beavertown.............. 28 Monkees Convention 2014 .. 29 Lynda’s Curry ...................... 32 Newspaper article about Samantha Juste Dolenz ................. 33 Monkee Magic..................... 34 Michael Nesmith and The Jazzy Side of The Monkees........... 35 Interview with Micky ............ 36

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My thanks to the people who made this issue possible: As always the Road Crew who always made it fun...Bonnie Borgh, Dawn Hoffman, Colleen Johnson, and countless others throughout the years….friendship is what it has always been about and you are the best friends I ever had!, Fred Velez, Melanie Mitchell, Becca Nelson, Marie Gibson, Shirley Dye, Akiko Ikeda, Melanie Mitchell, Hazel Wilkinson and Lynda Moore, and, of course, Michael, Micky, Peter, and David for making it all fun. Thank you all!

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Dear Gang, One more paper issue before we go strictly online. So many have expressed disappointment and I have mixed feelings too. With postal rates increasing constantly and the costs involved with printing and getting the newsletter in the mail, not to mention how easy it is to get information on line these days, it just makes sense. Those who want to have a paper copy of the newsletter will still be able to purchase one from the issuu site or download it and print your own copy. While membership for the paper newsletter had declined over the years, our online membership has steadily increased and in the last month has blown up to over 2600

people and growing. I hope that if you haven’t joined us on facebook already you will. Monkee business in not slowing down. The guys will be touring again this year, conventions, another celebration in Beavertown, Davy Jones tribute cookbook, a tree dedicated to David in Central much happening! I hope you will all be out there Monkeeing around this year and please share your stories with us. The newsletter will still be going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and be available for anyone to read online, Have a great summer! Cindy

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Monkee Shines

An Interview with Fred Velez author of the book ‘A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You: The Monkees From A Fan’s Perspective

Cindy Bryant: Fred, most diehard Monkees fans recognize your face and name but for those who haven’t been to the conventions and the new fans coming up, tell us about yourself. Who is Fred Velez? When did you become a fan? What drew you to the Monkees? Fred Velez: I’m a lifelong New Yorker who grew up in New York’s Lower East Side who loved the early 1960’s Pop/Rock Music that came out of my radio during this time which was very exciting with groups like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys and others making incredible music. I’m a First Generation fan and I think I heard the Monkees’ music first before actually seeing the TV show and I loved it immediately. And the television series was so much fun to watch. The combination of the music and the TV show plus the individual personalities of the four Monkees were what drew


recently had a chance to talk to Superfan, Fred Velez, about his new book, A Little Bit Me, A little Bit You, The Monkees From A Fan’s Perspective.


Monkee Shines me as a fan. CB: You have mc’d numerous Monkee events and conventions. Why do you think Monkeemania is still going strong? I mean, you and I have seen 3 generations going into a 4th generation of fans. Are they just as avid as the first? Why do you think that is? What is it that keeps the fans coming back with such fervor? FV: I think the music still appeals to folks, the quality is still there and keeps drawing new fans to the group, and the TV show is a part of that appeal too. Look at the fans that discovered the group in the 1970’s with the syndication of the TV series and Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart touring at the same time and the explosion of the Monkees’ resurgence due to exposure on MTV, the ‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ single and Rhino releasing all the groups’ albums, and it continues today with CD’s, DVD’s and downloads of the Monkees music and TV show. Then you have outlets like YouTube where fans can see videos of past and recent live performances and they can see for themselves how exciting the Monkees are in concert which encourages them to come to the shows. They want to join the party too and fans from previous generations are more than happy to welcome them because it keeps the Monkees legacy going. CB: Have the Monkees themselves changed over the years? Have their performances changed? How have things changed since David passed? FV: Well, obviously they’ve gotten older, so they’ve taken that as factor in their performances, focusing more on the music than in theatricality when Davy was alive. I loved the shows that the Monkees did while Davy was with

us. Davy was a showman and he knew what the fans wanted to see and hear. In my opinion the shows with Davy were more like a revue, very theatrical and fun. In my book I write about the 2011 concert at the Beacon Theater when Davy jumped into the audience and danced with my friend Jaya Sharma and Jaya tells the story in her own words. The shows since Davy’s passing are more concentrated on the music and less theatrical, which appeals to the fans who love the music. CB: Do you see any difference in the fans over the years? Have their stories changed? FV: Well, a lot of the fans are younger than me now, I could be their father or grandfather! (Laughs) Other than that, I don’t really see that much of a difference. I have my stories and other stories in my book by fans my age, and there are stories by fans who discovered the Monkees in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s into today, and they’re just as enthusiastic about the group as I am and other older fans. So outside of the age differences the stories haven’t really changed by that much, they just come from a different perspective. CB: So why did Fred Velez write a book? What inspired you to tell these stories? FV: I’ve written some of my experiences in Maggie McManus’ long missed Monkee Business Fanzine and several friends and colleagues have asked me why I didn’t write a book about the Monkees. Family responsibilities and my own procrastination were reasons I didn’t begin work on a book sooner, plus the books about the Monkees by Eric Lefcowitz, Glenn Baker, Andrew Sandoval and the Monkees


Monkee Shines themselves pretty much covered the whole history of the group so I didn’t know what else I could add that hadn’t already been covered. After Davy Jones died, I felt it was finally time to write a book and I decided the spin would be the history of the Monkees as it reflected in my life as a fan and the lives of other fans.

no one really knew before. And I asked other fans I knew who had great stories of their own to contribute to the book, including Dave Alexander of the Monkees touring band and Danny Solazzi of the Characters who have performed with the Monkees which gave the book a more unique, inside look. That’s why the book is titled ‘A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You’, it’s a little bit of my stories and little bit of stories CB: How long did it take to put it all by other Monkees fans, including those who actually worked with the group. together? Was it difficult? FV: I came up with the idea of the book shortly after Davy’s passing and started making notes and collecting CB: One of my favorite stories about material, then earnestly began the you has to do with the MTV Monkees actual writing process in June of 2013 marathon and VJ Martha Quinn. I am and finished in early January 2014, so sure you know what I am talking about. it was roughly about six months of Could you tell the story? solid writing. It was hard getting into FV: In a nutshell, MTV were going to the swing of the writing at the be shooting the wraparounds for the beginning but it got easier as I kept 1986 Monkees Marathon and they going and I kept remembering more needed Monkee memorabilia to stories which I added to the book and I decorate the studio with and Maggie appealed to other fans to send me McManus pointed them to me because their stories to put into the book and I lived in New York and could bring my they were more than happy to memorabilia directly to the studio. I packed up a trunk and brought my stuff contribute. to the studio and the stage crew placed the items about the set and the CB: What kind of stories have you MTV VJ’s commented on the items as introduced the Monkees featured in the book? Are there a lot of they episodes. One of the items was a your own stories? FV: A good portion of the book are yellow shirt with the Monkees logo on stories about my early discovery of the it. Martha Quinn decided she wanted Monkees and meeting other fans who to wear the shirt, but it was the 80’s shared my admiration for the group like and the style at the time was wearing T Jerry Beck, Maggie McManus and -shirts with torn sleeves and she others and eventually getting to know proceeded to tear the sleeves thinking the members of the Monkees as well the shirt belonged to MTV, not and my interactions with them. A story realizing it belonged to me! She I was very happy to include was my apologized to me on camera and came being invited to Davy Jones’ to the Green Room to apologize to me Beavertown home to help a little on his personally. We both had a laugh about ‘Mutant Monkees’ book. I was not only it and I still have the shirt. If one day I able to tell my Monkees stories but can get Martha Quinn to autograph it also my interaction with other stars like I’d be happy to donate it to raise John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo money for Davy’s charity. Starr, the Ramones and KISS which


Monkee Shines on and the Barnes & Noble website. The eBook version of the book is available on, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble NOOK and other eBook outlets. I also write a blog on Brad Waddell’s site so folks can catch up with me there and they can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

CB: Will you be following this one up with a second volume? FV: I was approached by fans at the 2014 Monkees convention who loved the book and wondered why I didn’t ask them for their stories. So I’m considering a follow-up book with more fan stories. I’m pretty much dried up with own my Monkees stories, so a second book would focus more on the stories by other fans. I’ll keep folks posted.

CB: Thanks Fred. Good luck! FV: Thank you Cindy, all the best to you and everyone in to Purple Flower CB: Where can people buy your book? Gang. Many blessings! FV: My book is available in print on, and can be ordered

Author and Suoerfan Fred Velez


Monkee Shines

Monkee Art


Monkee Shines

Davy Jones: Remembering Him As We Hoped He would Be


n Friday, February 28, 2014 at 12:00 pm (ET) or 11:00 am (CT) aired a two hour celebration of the Incredible life of David Jones. The broadcast was featured again on Saturday, March 01, 2014 at the same bat time on the same bat channel. The disc jockeys gave a special “Thank You” to Cindy Bryant of The Purple Flower Gang for providing audio clips and countless musical selections.

classic line When Love Comes Knockin’ At Your Door The Day We Fall In Love Daddy’s Song Hold on Girl I Can’t Get Her Off Of My Mind Early Morning Blues and Greens Raw Video from Iowa State Fair in Des Moines on August 12, 2010 David Jones’ interview (I’ll) Love You Forever It’s Not Too Late You And I There was a brief intermission, and the second hour of the tribute included these songs, stories, and sayings:

Girl Rainy Jane Classic recollection of a Kind of a Drag The wonderful collection of music and night out with Micky Dolenz and two memories for the first hour included: Girls. Rubberene As Long As He Needs Me (Oliver!) Oh What A Night What Are We Going To Do? Couldn’t Have Been Love It Ain’t Me Babe David Jones’ famous quote of how Davy Jones’ Monkees’ screen test “music mingles souls” audio clip Hard To Believe Cuddly Toy Every Step Of The Way A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You I’ll Be True To You I Wanna Be Free Fallen Hero Laugh It’s Now Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow If I Knew “Little metal bottle tops” David Jones’ David Jones’ Words “I think I love you” classic line from The Monkees’ “Too Many Girls” Valleri Your Personal Penguin Star Collector Let Them Be Little She Hangs Out Daydream Believer Forget That Girl “I am standing up!” David Jones’ A special announcement was made at


Monkee Shines the conclusion to encourage the continued support of the Davy Jones’ Equine Memorial Fund established by his four daughters (all girls) to care for his herd of rescued horses. Please visit the website: to purchase merchandise or donate money.

and audio clip contributions.

It is “Hard To Believe” it has been two years since David’s passing. It still seems inconceivable. The program definitely was a beautiful way to remember David. “I’m A Believer” David was exactly the way I hoped he would be and Incredibly more. He will Once again, the disc jockeys gave a always be written in our hearts and shout out to The Purple Flower Gang imbedded in our souls. and a special “Thank You” to Cindy Bryant for providing all of her music


hirley Dye, who calls herself "Sunshine" when she's on the air, is a life-long Monkee fan. She crocheted herself a green hat when she was 8 and wore it every afternoon during the summer while she watched reruns of "The Monkees" on a local television station. She has been known to break into the "Davy dance" when going down a grocery store aisle when "Daydream Believer" is played as part of the instore music. Her husband Richard Dye, aka "Skippy", works by day as sound engineer/ program director/ on air personality, and at night dreams of running up and down the Pacific Coast Highway in the Monkeemobile. They have three daughters, four grandchildren, and four cats.

From Shirley


t was our great pleasure to put together a tribute show for David. When we set about thinking up the concept for the show, we knew one thing. We wanted to try to take this very difficult time for everyone who loved him so much and turn it around a bit. If we made one person laugh, or

smile, or sing along with a song or two during our show, then we consider our job to have been well done. Thank you to everyone who listened in and gave us such positive feedback. That's all the encouragement we need to continue working every day to bring back the music that unfortunately has begun to fade from the "regular radio" airwaves. We hope everyone had a good time listening to our Davy tribute, and we hope you come back to visit us again soon!


Monkee Shines

In Memory of Samantha Juste Dolenz 1944-2014 By Bonnie Borgh


amantha Juste was born (Sandra Slater) on May 31, 1944 to Lesley and Phyllis Slater in Manchester, England. Besides modeling, she was known on British television in the mid 1960’s as the “disc girl” on the BBC’s Top of the Pops. Micky Dolenz’s first Close Encounter of the Samantha Juste Kind at the Top of the Pops left him smitten. In fact, according to Micky’s book, “I’m A Believer” (1993), they even coined a new word to describe the way they felt about each other; they were in “gleeb”.

years, Samantha returned to California where she and Ami began an on-line jewelry business called ‘Bluebell Boutiques’. Sadly, Samantha suffered a major stroke while asleep on the night of February 2, 2014. She never recovered and passed away on February 5, 2014 at 69 years of age.

Heartfelt thoughts and prayers are certainly extended to the friends Micky and Samantha were married and relatives of the Slater and in the summer of 1968 in Laurel Dolenz families. Canyon, and their daughter, Ami BlueBell Dolenz, was born January 8, 1969. It is recorded that Micky and Samantha divorced in 1975, and Samantha began her own fashion business which she moved to Acapulco, Mexico in 1976. It is also documented that in later 11

Monkee Shines

More Monkee Art


Monkee Shines

‘Never did my love diminish’: Michael Nesmith on his emotional return to the Monkees Something Else! Reviews · 4/9/2014


utside of their 1965-1970 heyday, Michael Nesmith had rarely returned to the Monkees — beyond the odd concert appearance here and there. That is, until bandmate Davy Jones’ death in 2012. Suddenly, the thought of losing this musical bond thrust the remaining threesome back together. Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork have been touring together ever since, making several tandem tours even as Nesmith continues a solo career that began almost immediately after the end of the Monkees’ TV show with the First National Band.

“I went out with the guys two or three times,” Nesmith recently told a group of fans, “because they had a very active career performing as the Monkees. But I was busy too. I was making movies, and doing stuff — we

constantly had schedule conflicts. Then, towards the end just before Davy died, we started talking again. Then, of course, we lost Davy, so Micky, Peter and I thought: ‘Well, you know, we should probably do this now — and really get out there. You know, who knows where this is going?’”

Before their tours in 2012-13, Nesmith had been mostly absent from the Monkees, appearing only during an LA encore when the other three reunited for a 20th anniversary tour in 1986. He contributed to their 1996 studio effort Justus, and took part in a brief UK tour that followed. Otherwise, the world mostly saw the Monkees as a trio without Nesmith. Still, Nesmith argues: “Never did my love for the Monkees, and my love for Micky and Peter and Davy, diminish. It was fun, it was great. I had it as part of my life.”


Monkee Shines

By Becca Nelson The big news for Peter and the guys is the upcoming Monkees tour announced at the Monkees Convention! "See you guys on the road!" Peter replied to the cheers and excitement of the fans at the convention watching the guys be inducted into the American Pop Music Hall of Fame.

aware that I'm a very lucky man and grateful for it.

In the latest installment of "Peter Sez" on the Real Peter Tork Facebook page, which gives fans an opportunity to submit a question for Peter to answer, he talks about happiness‌

I do believe, tho', that happiness is not something you look for or try to have, but rather the result of doing your best to live right, which usually means being of service to others, and keeping to a high standard of behavior, to the best of your ability. AND, when you fall off the beam, make it right as best you can and get back on beam as soon as possible. thanks for asking, xo peter"

"I must say, with all due modesty and gratitude, that I am indeed happy. usually, very much so. and even when I'm not really, really happy, I'm still

Make sure you check out Peter's facebook page as his team is always posting lots of old goodies like this old high school yearbook photo!

Peter’s high school yearbook photo


Monkee Shines

By Becca Nelson Well the big news for Micky and the other guys of course is the upcoming Monkees tour announced at the Monkees Convention after their induction into the American Pop Music Hall of Fame- "Why don't we do a tour? Does that sound like a good idea?"

EDolenzPhotos. They're full of great stuff! Also, don't forget Dolenz and Daughters Fine Furniture that now features a beautiful handcrafted picture frame! Micky has also put out a few solo dates for the year to look forward to‌

Micky and his daughters seem to have 5/2/14 Saint Charles, IL- Arcada had a blast with all the fans at the Theatre Monkees Convention in March‌ 6/28/14 Grand Ronde, OR- Spirit Mountain Casion- with Herman's "Wow! What a wonderful weekend! I Hermits Starring Peter Noone want to send out a big thanks to Jodi 7/28/14 Hamilton, NJ- Atlantic County and Phyllis and their marvelous staff Institue of Technology for creating a very memorable 7/29/14 Annapolis, MD- Rams Head occasion. I also want to thank all of On Stage the participants who attended the 7/30/14 New York, NY- B.B. Kings convention and, through their Blues Club purchases of our merchandise, 7/31/14 Bethlehem, PA- ArtsQuest contributed so much to the charities Center at SteelStacks and organizations that mean so much 8/1/14 Ridgefield, CT- Ridgefield to me and my girls: The Clinton Health Playhouse Access Initiative, Bright Horizons Foundation, The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation, Make A And last but certainly not least, Micky Wish. Thanks to all of you for making joined the long list of people who have the convention such a great success." contributed to the Written In Our Hearts Cookbook! Can't wait to see Micky performed with Romeo Delight- the final product and get to cooking! The Ultimate Van Halen Tribute Band at the convention and was available for photos and autographs. His daughters were also in attendance showing off their talents and greeting fans. One thing's for sure- this whole family is full of talent! If you haven't yet make sure you check out his sister Coco's Etsy store DolenzDelights, along with his daughter Emily's


Monkee Shines

By Marie Gibson Hello Nez Heads! I hope you’re May 7 enjoying your spring (and avoiding these allergies, unlike yours truly) Nez’s appearance on Portlandia STILL has not aired yet as far as I have found out. I’m not sure when that’s happening, despite looking up the show on IMDB (Internet Movie Database). If anyone happens to come across it before the next newsletter, and would like to give me a breakdown of the episode, along with your thoughts about it, please send me an email at I would certainly appreciate it.

Portland, OR Aladdin Theater

(This was all listed on the Video Ranch website at: http:// merchant.mvc? Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=20 13-TI )

It was also announced at the Monkees Convention in March, that The Monkees would be going on another tour starting in May (They sure like to keep busy, don’t they?) Here is the schedule according to The website (http:// At the end of February, Nez on his Facebook page monkees-in-concert) his “Movies of the Mind” tour that started in March. The first show was 5/22 - Hampton, NH
 on March 15 at The Monkees 5/24 - Newark, NJ
 Convention, followed by The Winery 5/25 - Huntington, NY
 in New York City on the 16th. The 5/27 - Bethlehem, PA next show coming up is at the 
5/28 - Greensburg, PA Stagecoach Festival on April 27 in 5/30 - Detroit, MI
 Indio, CA, followed by a show at The 5/31 - Merrillville, IN
 Roxy in Hollywood on the 29th. The 6/2 MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Weesner rest of the dates are as followed: Family Amphitheater (Music in the April 30 Solana Beach, CA The Belly Up May 1 Napa, CA City Winery May 3 Grass Valley, CA The Center For The Arts May 4 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall May 6 Seattle, WA The Triple Door

Zoo Concert Series) 6/4 KANSAS CITY, MO
 6/5 St. Louis, MO 6/6 Cincinnati, OH
 6/7 Cleveland, OH If you check out either Nez’s solo shows or the Monkees shows and want to drop me a line about the event, a breakdown of what happened and your feelings about the show, drop me a line at the


Monkee Shines email address above, I will be sure to include it in the next article.) On his Facebook page, Nez mused about how he enjoyed a good deal of his experience at The Monkees Convention. If you want to check out some of his musings about life, go to https:// michaelnesmith? fref=ts. It’s hard sometimes to put into words exactly what he’s saying or even how I feel when I read what he’s written, but sometimes he’s so deep and ethereal. Until next time, try to keep those allergies under control and check out a show! I love you guys!


Monkee Shines

By Cindy Bryant

Family Photos

David and Lynda (1978)

David, his mother and father, Beryl, Hazel, and Lynda

Robert, Hazel, David. Deborah, and Beryl


Monkee Shines


Hazel and Lynda

Lynda and David Hazel, David, and Ken


Monkee Shines The Guys Behind The Monkees

John London cast in The Monkees (1966). Nesmith then recruited London to work behind the scenes.


Along with being Nesmith's stand-in of choice on the Monkees' TV series, London also played bass guitar on some of their records (including "The Girl I Knew Somewhere", which freed Peter Tork to play harpsichord), and co -wrote material with Nesmith ("Don't ohn London was another of the Call On Me"). "behind the scenes Monkees".

He had two sons, Michael Christopher John London was born on and Ryan Carl with his ex-wife Vicki. February 6, 1942 in Bryan, Texas, USA as John Carl Kuehne. He is known for his work on The Karate He had daughter, Katherine Lorraine with his wife Lana. Kid (1984), 48 Hrs. (1982) and Cobra (1986). He was married to Lana and Vicki. He died on February 12, 2000 in Rockport, Texas. He was a friend of Michael Nesmith in Texas; years before the Monkees, London and Nesmith were part of a trio called Mike, John & Bill (with friend Bill Sleeper). The trio broke up when Sleeper was drafted into the U.S. Army. John moved to California around the same time as Nesmith and his wife Phyllis; both men struggled in the Los Angeles music scene, until Nesmith was


Monkee Shines He is survived by his wife of 17 years, Lana Kuehne of Rockport; son Michael Christopher Kuehne & his wife Jessica of San Antonio, son Ryan Carl Kuehne & his wife Vanessa of Houston, his daughter, Katherine Lorraine Kuehne of Rockport; his father, Oscar Kuehne of Boerne; two sisters, Carole (Branch) Hart of Boerne, and Dorothy Kuehne of San Antonio; and one grandchild, Sydney.


Monkee Shines Behind the Monkees

Billy Lewis


illy Lewis is another of the guys who supplied the early Monkee music. Billy was a terrific guy and called me on

occasion just to chat. It was a sad day when his wife emailed me a few years ago to say he had passed. Billy was the drummer on the early records.


Monkee Shines Artist Biography Chadbourne


Eugene were hearing a band -- and in a way, they were.

The drummer with the extremely ordinary name of Bill Lewis has had his paradiddles, rim shots, and cymbal strokes heard by an extraordinary number of listeners. He was one of the studio players who actually played the music on the first two albums by the Monkees before these chumps, or rather chimps, took the instruments into their own hands. Lewis, whose background was generally in any kind of rock music being played in California in the mid-'60s, had a longstanding relationship with the producing and songwriting team of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, also playing on sessions for some of that duo's own recordings. He has continued to appear on recording sessions for various bands over subsequent decades. Meanwhile, the story of the Monkees' lack of relative instrumental prowess in the early days has become common knowledge. Interestingly enough, teenyboppers back in the day who didn't know any better thought they

The crafty Boyce & Hart had put together a group of players who actually had a long history together. Drummer Lewis had played for years in a group called Gerry McGee & the Cajuns, whose guitar-strumming leader was responsible for the ringing chord heard as the "Last Train to Clarksville" leaves the station. Bassist Larry Taylor had been a member of this group, played frequently with both Lewis and McGee in other groups, and not surprisingly had also been brought in for the Monkees. Producer and arranger Don Costa had taken an interest in the McGee unit a few years earlier, arranging an instrumental session for Reprise. The unit of players continued to hold an appeal for various producers, bouncing back and forth between New York City and Las Vegas in order to back new singing prospects. McGee disbanded the group in 1964 out of frustration with none of these ventures leading anywhere; they found themselves reunited for the Monkees in 1966.


Monkee Shines This is a reprint of something we did a long time ago.. One of my favorite pieces and one David particularly liked as well.

ALL JONES, ALL THE TIME Pleasant Valley Sundays: There will be charcoal burning everywhere, and where there’s charcoal, there’s food! Good nutrition is very important to the elderly.

Who Writes This Stuff? Inspiration By: Janet Litterio Written By: Bonnie Borgh and Cindy Bryant For all of us “Baby Boomers” who are approaching the “Shades of Gray” days of our lives, here is a proposal for David Jones to consider:

Manic Mondays: A great way to begin the week and As most Monkees’ fans know, exercise David has purchased an old degenerating brain Lutheran Church in Beavertown cells, is to play which he is transforming into a “Name That memorabilia museum slash youth (Monkees) Tune”. Instead of using club. musical chairs to eliminate resident contestants, there will be David always jokes about the other comfortable rocking chairs. Monkees being in the “Actor’s Home” in Hollywood. Perhaps Show and Tell Tuesdays: If you David might want to ponder an addition to his project and include have ever had the desire to share a “Home” for wayward Monkees’ your Monkees’ collectible treasures enthusiasts. No doubt he’s thought with your friends, now you will we have all needed a place to go have a totally captive audience. for some time now. Just think of residency at “All Jones, All The Time”! Growing old no longer has to be an unpleasant stage of life. At “All Jones, All The Time”, you can hang out “Eight Days A Week” with friends just like you!

Karaoke Wednesdays: Invite A Band Member To The Home Nite andenjoy Monkees’ karaoke at it’s finest. Vegas Thursdays: David always 24

Monkee Shines talks about “Someday Man” wearing a silver suit and performing in Las Vegas. Here’s his chance to bring Las Vegas to U2 (Imagine that! Wrong group!) in Beavertown! Day-Tripping Fridays: An absolute must for all old nags! Perhaps David would be willing to hitch up his team and offer horse and buggy rides around picturesque Amish Country.

catches him first, is declared the winner. Finding Davy Jones’ Locker: Scuba Doo...Where Are You? If jogging isn’t your cup of (English Breakfast) tea, then just “Pool It!” Find your fins and your oxygen tank and start searching. As “Dory” in Finding Nemo says, “What do we do? We swim, swim, swim!”

Prom Night: There’s no longer a reason Saturday’s Child: Play time! Do to be sad just you remember watching Saturday because morning cartoons like Scooby Doo Davy Jones meets Davy Jones? Playing never sang at Monkees’ cards and putting your high school together Monkees’ puzzles is a prom. Now is great way to keep the mind sharp. your golden There’s always Monkees’ episodes opportunity to to revisit, too. They feel just like Marsha Marsha will still be as funny Marsha! David will host a lovely as the first time we evening of song and dance. saw them because Formal attire is required. we won’t remember having seen them Pajama before. Party: It will be just like old times with Special Events overnight sleep-overs! Annual Davy There will be Dash: Dust off popcorn and (Monkees) movies your orthopedic galore. Wear your shoes and get favorite pj’s and join the fun! out your inhalers! David will begin the 1B (that’s one block) race, and Do You Remember Who They Are Night?: Do you ever question, whoever 25

Monkee Shines “What ever happened to ‘Sajad Khan?” “All Jones, All The Time” wonders that as well. Every attempt will be made to contact former teen idols and invite them totake a stroll with you down memory lane.

At “All Jones, All The Time” every day will be like “the good ole days” where you can still Monkee around!

[Author’s Note: While we all may not be able to live on “Easy Street” in our twilight years, it would be nice to live on “Jones Street”. This article is obviously written in “Good Clean Fun,” but on the flip side, “All Jones, All The Time” might be something for David to think about if he is still contemplating plans for his renovation project.]

From Hazel and Robert Wilkinson


Monkee Shines

From Lynda Moore

March 1, 1991 David during rehearsals for Florence Henderson’s Country Kitchen on TNN Photo by Ken Wilkinson


Monkee Shines

Davy’s Beavertown June 28, 2014 Rescue Hose Company 20 222 Sassafras Avenue, Beavertown, PA 17813 GET READY FOR THE FUN! Fairgrounds open at 10 am for the annual Car Boot Sale where you can get great deals on great merchandise, benefiting DJEMF. Also your chance to mingle and check out other vendors before the entertainment starts at 3 pm. Valerie Kairys Venet intends to join us this year for the festivities and we look forward to a Q&A with audience members. Fred Velez will join us to talk about his new book and more. You will have the chance to sing ON STAGE backed by one of our guest bands. The Frodis Capers play on our stage for the first time. And returning to our stage this year, Chris Pick, The Monkeephiles, The Characters and The Blue Meanies. Get ready to party at Davy's Beavertown 2014.


Monkee Shines

Monkees Convention 2014 is a Big Success

Rhino partnered with Then and Now greats such as Michael Nesmith, Productions to host this year’s Monkee Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork and is Convention March 14, 15, and 16 At narrated by Bobby Hart. Meadowlands, New Jersey. This was Michael’s first ever There were performances by Buddy convention as he joined Micky and Blanc's Romeo Delight starring Micky Peter. For $100 fans purchased a Dolenz, Coco Dolenz, Circe Link and chance to meet Michael, get items Christian Nesmith, Jonathan Nesmith, autographed, and have a photo taken Jessica Nesmith, Here We Come, The with the elusive Monkee. Fans could Characters, The Monkeephilies, The also purchase chances to meet Peter Blue Meanies, The Frodis Capers, and Micky and get their autographs Gary DeCarlo, 1910 Fruitgum and photos , as well as Michael and Company, Donna Loren, Geri Micky’s children. Reischl, Dave Alexander, Rich Dart and others as well as Q&As with the Michael also performed his ‘Movies of Monkees. the Mind’ concert to coincide with the convention, giving fans a special treat. There was a Sneak Preview at “Boyce and Hart: The Guys Who During the convention the Monkees Wrote ‘Em’. The 90 minute announced they would tour again this documentary about Tommy Boyce and year. Tour dates announced so far Bobby Hart features commentary from are:


Monkee Shines

May 22, 8 p.m. Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. (On sale Fri, 03/21/14 at 10 a.m.)

begins Fri, 03/28/14, 10 a.m.)

June 4, 7 p.m., Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO. (On sale Sat, 03/22/14, 10 a.m.)

May 23, 9 p.m., Music Box at the Borgata, Atlantic City, N.J. (On sale Fri, 03/21/14 at 10 a.m.)

June 6, 8 p.m., PNC Pavilion, Cincinati, OH. (On sale Sat. 03/29/14, 10 a.m.)

May 24, 8 p.m., New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, N.J. (On sale now.)

June 7, 8 p.m., Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park Hard Rock Live, Northfield, OH. (On sale now.)

May 25, 8 p.m., The Paramount, Huntington, N.Y. (Presale While the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame begins:Wed, 03/19/14, 10 a.m.) still snubs our boys, the American Pop May 27, 8 p.m., Sands Bethlehem Music Hall of Fame inducted the Event Center, Bethlehem, PA. Monkees during the convention. Unlike (Presale begins 03/20/14 10 a.m.) the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the May 28, 8 p.m. Palace Theatre, American Pop Music Hall of Fame Greensburg, PA. (On sale DOES consider popular opinion and 3/20/14, 9 a.m. through therefore in my mind, at least, makes it a more valid honor for the Monkees. Congratulations guys! May 30, 7 p.m., Fox Theatre Detroit, Detroit MI., (Presale

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Monkees meet Monkeephiles





Monkee Shines


Monkee Shines While you are waiting for the Written in Our Hearts cookbook, here’s a recipe from David’s sister, Lynda Moore. One she made for David often.


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British news article On Samantha Juste sent by Hazel


Monkee Shines

Monkee Magic By Melanie Mitchell Hi! I may have met some of you at the recent Monkees convention in New Jersey, where I had a table in the vendors’ room. With Cindy’s gracious permission, I am making a plug here for my book, Monkee Magic.

bopper bubblegum to psychedelic experimentation, from matching blue eight-button shirts to eye-popping paisley, from playful romps to sophisticated performance videos, watch the sideburns grow and the love beads multiply as the revolutionary, rebellious little rock ‘n’ roll TV show cheerfully pokes the corporate network television machine and paves the way for boy bands, MTV and American Idol.

It’s a lighthearted but thorough episode guide, commentary and companion to the TV series, exploring recurring themes, character development, cultural references, running gags, and historical context. It is not a commercial venture; the book has been available since December and I have made back less than 25% of the money I invested in the project. I do not expect it will ever make a profit-but that's not why I wrote it. Monkee Magic started out as a fan blog, and gradually became a personal challenge. It’s available on both Amazon and, either as a paperback ($14.36) or an ebook ($4.99). Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:

Monkee Magic: a Book about a TV Show about a Band provides insightful commentary about all 58 episodes of the original Monkees television series, as well as the feature film Head and the group’s two stand-alone TV specials. With a wry sense of humor and just a little bit of affectionate snark, the author notes comedy highlights, running gags, nitpicks, obscure cultural references and inside jokes. It’s a fresh view, a provocative analysis and a whimsical journey for dedicated Monkees fans and nostalgic boomers alike.

(And now, for the legal stuff: THE MONKEES® is the federally registered trademark of Rhino Entertainment Company. There is no affiliation, Before the first gold record, before the endorsement or connection between first concert tour, before the Monkees Rhino Entertainment Company and racked up four number-one albums in this book or its author.) a single year and outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, THE MONKEES was a half-hour TV show. Join a nostalgic viewer as she rediscovers the magical series of her childhood, exploring the episodes with a warm heart, a critical eye and a sentimental sensibility. From teeny


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Mike Nesmith and the jazzy side of the Monkees Brian McCoyOakland Jazz Music Examiner

April 15, 2014 Like many of you, I grew up on the Monkees … well, sort of. In fact, I was too young to experience the pre-Fab Four’s ‘60s heyday. Instead, I was introduced to the band in the early ‘70s (when NBC was airing reruns of the once prime-time show on Saturday mornings) and then again as a teen later in the decade (when the series had gone into syndication). Over the years, I came to appreciate its members’ abilities, even if much of their reputation stemmed not from their own artistry but that of top-flight songwriters, studio musicians and producers. The larger reality is that the entity known as the Monkees was responsible for some of the mid-‘60s’ most shimmering pop – “Daydream Believer,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” “A Little Bit Me,” A Little Bit You” and the like. In addition, there’s no denying each members’ individual talents and contributions. Guitaristvocalist Mike Nesmith – yes, it’s true, his mother invented Liquid Paper – brought a distinctive Texas swing thing to his songs, particularly such tracks as “What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round” and “You Just May Be the One.” Nesmith makes his home these days in Carmel Valley and is set to perform May 1 at City Winery in Napa, May 3 at Center for the Arts in Grass Valley and May 4 at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The dates are part of his Movies of the Mind Tour which, Nesmith explained, “uses the songs I’ve recorded over the years, starting back when I was just a solo

folk singer.” Drummer Micky Dolenz – who I met and interviewed about 25 years ago – is simply one of rock’s truly underappreciated vocalists. Check out the pent-up anger of “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” – later covered by the Sex Pistols – and the wry wit of “Randy Scouse Git.” Bassist Peter Tork demonstrated a certain heavy-handed sincerity (“Shades of Gray”) to offset a wacky sense of humor. And then there’s the balladry of the late Davy Jones on such tracks as “Daydream Believer” and “I Wanna Be Free.” The Monkees didn’t receive their critical props back in the day and that lack of appreciation persists. On the other hand, jazz artists have certainly demonstrated a willingness to embrace the best of the band’s songbook. The series had barely ended its two-year run, for example, before Quincy Jones recorded the Monkees staples “I’m A Believer” and “She Hangs Out” for the “Cactus Flower” soundtrack. The year of the movie’s release, 1969, saw George Benson include “Last Train to Clarksville” on his “Shape of Things to Come” album. Cassandra Wilson has long done her version of that tune. And the band itself was not beyond the occasional jazz touch. This is most notable in “Goin’ Down,” a Mose Allison-inspired ode with a decidedly jazz groove and some tasty Dolenz scatting.


Monkee Shines

I was so wiped out’: Micky Dolenz on how a Beatles song got into the final Monkees TV show

April 5, 2014 by Something Else!


onkees fans will remember that “Good Morning, Good Morning,” from the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, appears as part of the Micky Dolenz-directed final episode of their television show, called “The Frodis Caper.” Turns out the song has always had special meaning for Dolenz.

hair up in beads and the Lennon glasses. I looked like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Charlie Manson. I show up and there’s nobody there except the four guys. The place looks like my high school gymnasium, with flourescent lighting. And there’s just the four guys, sitting there playing. I was so wiped out. I was, like, ‘Where are the girls?!’”

Long before the Summer of Love release of Sgt. Pepper, Dolenz visited the studio and heard an early playback of “Good Morning, Good Morning.” “I listened to the track, and I’m trying to be so cool,” Micky Dolenz said, during a Monkees convention Q&A. The song stuck with him and later, while at work on “The Frodis Caper,” he was able to secure a snippet of the song — making for the perfect opening, as the Monkees roll out of bed.

“The Frodis Caper,” which aired on March 25, 1968, was subtitled “Mijacogeo” after members of Dolenz’s family: Beginning with the m and i from Micky, then taking letters from the names of his mother Janelle, his sister Coco and his father George.

Dolenz — who says John Lennon used to call him “Monkee Man” — says he overdressed for the occasion, thinking that there would be a party atmosphere during the Sgt. Pepper sessions. Instead, he found the Beatles and a three-piece suit-wearing producer George Martin hard at work in the Abbey Road studios.

“I got dressed up like I was going to a major party — a Beatlemania funfest, freak-out psycho Jell-O thing,” Dolenz admits, saying he wore “paisley bell bottoms, tie-died underwear, and my


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The Purple Flower Gang Newsletter Monkee Shines Spring 2014

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The Purple Flower Gang Newsletter Monkee Shines Spring 2014