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welcome Welcome to this jam-packed issue of the Dealer Club Magazine. It is still an amazing privilege to spend my days with some of this country’s top performing motor dealerships, experiencing first hand their involvement in their communities, and the wonderful families that are the lifeblood of the businesses.

In this issue, you will see that ladies continue to grow as a powerhouse consumer in the auto sector. You will find some really cool gadgets, and we celebrate Giniel de Villiers as a South African motoring legend. We feature our cover dealer as a handpicked dealership comprised of great people who are committed to doing the right thing and always giving you a wonderful experience when it comes to your vehicle. Even if on occasion some mechanical parts let us down, it will never be said that these folk did! Look out for the wonderful dealership events with amazing giveaways and experiences for customers. ‘Like’ the Facebook pages! You will be amazed at the great info, incredible giveaways and great deals that go through the social media channels. But above all else, let’s smile a little more, be more respectful to each other and celebrate the people we meet.



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04 The road less travelled

06 Calling the shots

Insight into the life of Dakar racer Giniel de Villiers

Women's evolving influence in car purchasing

PRODUCTION MANAGER Marianne Burke PRINTING BY SHUMANI PRINT WORLD Commercial Director Shabeer Parker General Manager, Digital Division Tertius van Eeden

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Introducing the innovative Ariel Atom 500 V8

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f awards were given for versatility in motorsport, Giniel de Villiers would be a hot contender to scoop the coveted prize. Hailing from Stellenbosch, the humble racing driver and his German team member Dirk von Zitzewitz have become the ones to watch. De Villiers’ successful career away from tarmacked roads and race tracks - has also been a distinguished one. Together with his co-driver at the time, Tina Thörner, he finished second at the 2006 Dakar Rally with Volkswagen, a milestone at the time, as this was the highest place ever achieved by a pair in a diesel-powered vehicle. His big breakthrough came when the Dakar made its debut outside of the Black Continent in 2009. With co-driver Von Zitzewitz, the pair achieved an historic success: the first victory by an African, the first in a diesel car, and the first ever win in South America. Their winning streak continued this year when


the Toyota Imperial South Africa Team returned home to a hero’s welcome finishing second overall in the 2013 Dakar Rally. De Villiers describes himself as an "outdoorsy person" always looking for action. However, in both his sporting and private lives, intelligent discretion is one of his real hallmarks. Von Zitzewitz only has the highest regard for his teammate "Ginny" and had the following to say about the man behind the wheel:

"Giniel possesses enormous inner peace and sets himself realistic targets. He has always been like that and I appreciate that. We were able to win the 2009 Dakar due to these characteristics. However, Ginny is also extremely ambitious and has developed enormously since then. For example, he has contested sprint rallies in South Africa in order to improve himself on WRC-type stages. That could make a big difference on the upcoming stages." With his modest demeanor and great passion for racing we expect nothing but great things from this racing champion.

DID YOU KNOW › Giniel de Villiers was born in Barrydale, South African on the 26 March 1972. › De Villiers and his teammate Dirk von Zitzewitz have shared marathon rally cockpits since 2006. › On the link sections Von Zitzewitz decides on the choice of music piped through the intercom system. However, De Villiers has one stipulation: Johnny Cash must feature on the playlist. › In 2010, de Villiers and Von Zitzewitz spent almost 150 days together to prepare for the 2011 Dakar by undertaking mountain-bike tours and stringent fitness programmes in South Africa.


Coffee to go Is there anything the beans can’t do? In addition to providing an energy boost for millions, the hot stuff can be used to fuel a Guinness World Record-breaking car! Fourty-two-year-old Brit, Martin Bacon, converted a pickup truck into the world’s fastest coffee-powered vehicle. Bacon installed a charcoal stove, which breaks down coffee-bean chaff into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gas is cooled and filtered, and the hydrogen is used to power a modified gasoline engine. Called Coffee Car Mark 2, the vehicle hit a top speed of 105 km/h in the presence of a Guinness adjudicator at Woodford Airfield in Manchester, England. Bacon’s coffee car is not the first vehicle to be powered by food. In 2009, scientists from Warwick University built a Formula 3 racing car boasting a biodiesel engine that can run on chocolate extract. Unfortunately, the car was banned from the championship because its rather unusual fuel failed to meet regulations.

MOTOR EVENTS LINE-UP 2013 JANUARY › European Motor Show › North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) FEBRUARY › Canadian International Auto Show MARCH › International Geneva Motor Show › Australian Grand Prix › Malaysian Grand Prix APRIL › Beijing International Automotive Exhibition › Chinese Grand Prix › Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix MAY › Spanish Grand Prix › Monaco Grand Prix JUNE › Canadian Grand Prix › British Grand Prix

JULY › Dutch Grand Prix › Hungarian Grand Prix AUGUST › Belgian Grand Prix

Magnificent Monaco A RACE TRACK LIKE NO OTHER The Monaco Grand Prix is unlike any other race. Not only is it one of the most glamorous, it is also one of the oldest races. Run on the tight and twisting streets of Monte Carlo, the event was first held in 1929 and has intrigued fans ever since.

SEPTEMBER › Frankfurt Motor Show › Paris Motor Show › Italian Grand Prix › Singapore Grand Prix OCTOBER › Johannesburg International Motor Show › Korean Grand Prix › Japanese Grand Prix › Indian Grand Prix NOVEMBER › Tokyo Motor Show › LA Auto Show › Abu Dhabi Grand Prix › US Grand Prix › Brazilian Grand Prix DECEMBER › Saudi International Motor Show

- Drivers must change gears a staggering 54 times per lap, meaning more than 4 200 changes over the course of the race. - At 3.34 kilometres, the Monaco circuit is the shortest Grand Prix track on the calendar. - McLaren has scored the most victories at the Monaco race with 15 wins. Ferrari is the second most successful with nine. - It takes six weeks to set up the circuit and three weeks to remove it.



CALLING THE SHOTS Once dubbed backseat drivers, women have become the driving force behind the decision-making, but how does this impact the automotive industry? Michelle Marais investigates. gates.

safety first It is common knowledge among automotive marketers that women exert a powerful influence over what cars will be purchased for personal as well as family use. In addition, a new study reveals that today’s female consumers have greatly expanded their role. 06

Fifty-four per cent of women now feel a responsibility towards friends and family in helping them to make smart buying decisions. A research study conducted by Ipsos Mendelsohn, published by Fleishman-Hillard International Communications and Hearst Magazines, as part of the fourth wave of Women, Power and Money sheds some light on the topic.

"During the past few years, we have watched the evolution of women and their sphere of influence," said Nancy Bauer, Fleishman-Hillard senior vice president and senior partner. "Simply put, when it comes to the dynamics of today’s marketplace, women have changed the marketing communications game. The female consumer is a valuable broadcaster and amplifier of ideas in the marketplace."

1923 In 1923, 173 new inventions by women for cars had been reported. Among these inventions were a carburettor and an electric engine starter.



One of the major categories of the survey, Automotive, resulted in some rather enlightening findings All women surveyed said they were looking for vehicles offering functional and practical solutions.


Among higher-income women the same was noted, but they were looking for great over good, plus long-lasting value. The most important elements are price, warranties and guarantees. More than half the women surveyed see it as their responsibility to pass on good automotive information.

With a total weight of 150 grams and slim measurements of 98 x 74 x 22 mm, the nüvi 350 is just right for your pocket or purse. Wherever you go, in your car or on foot, the device offers extremely accurate position data thanks to a high-sensitivity integrated GPS receiver by SiRF and WAAS-enabled, 12-satellite reception.

Women are also the fastest-growing segment of car buyers. Female millennials, ages 22 to 30, are outpacing their male counterparts by 20 per cent in vehicle purchases. Not only are women gaining more power as automotive consumers, they are becoming more influential in developing what consumers will be buying. Such changes are evident in the marketplace. A new category of vehicle - the crossover - has evolved mainly from women's desire for a vehicle that is sportier than a minivan but handles better than a truck.

TOMTOM GO LIVE 1005 Use your device to find, check and compare places

Women today wield more influence and energy within the automotive world than ever. It’s become clear that there’s been a shift in consumer demographic and the previous sensibilities that appealed to the big-ticket holder of days gone by are being shed.

and hotel prices while you’re out and about, using your favourite independent travel brands. Find local shops and businesses with Google. Get reviews of anything from hotels and restaurants to shops and attractions from Trip Advisor. And once you’ve decided, let your device take you there.


All women surveyed said they were looking for vehicles offering functional and practical solutions. 30 28 22 15

SATMAP ACTIVE 10 The Ultimate sports GPS with complete navigation


for the great outdoors. This rugged GPS has a large colour screen that shows your exact position on a













real map, in any weather, day or night. Perfect for all outdoor sport enthusiasts.




Station wagon




Ariel Atom 500 V8


What do a bespoke V8 engine and an exoskeletal design have in common? They both contribute to the superpowerful, ultra-lightweight vehicle that is the Ariel Atom 500 V8.




Based in Crewkerne, Somerset, the Ariel Motor Company has birthed four very unique Ariel Atom models of which the Ariel Atom V8 500 surely is the most impressive. With 500 brake horsepower to move around just 550 kilograms, the Atom 500 V8 is perhaps one of the most remarkable vehicles ever to reach limited production. The impressive track car has an unique design in that its tubular


chassis not only supports the car, but also replaces nearly the entire body. The exoskeletal design exposes a number of components - everything from the front brakes to the engine to the elements, and drops the car's curb weight to just over half a ton, making it far quicker and more nimble than most supercars. The machine’s production was limited to just 25 units, all spoken for long before they went into manufacture. Looking at the specifications, it’s pretty obvious why.

With 500 brake horsepower to move around just 550 kilograms, the Atom 500 V8 is perhaps one of the most remarkable vehicles ever to reach limited production.



1990s 2004 Conceived by Simon Saunders, the Atom was to be an all-new lightweight sports car, completely suitable for use on the road but also aimed at the then growing interest in track days.

1997 With help from various companies including British Steel, Stewart Grand Prix, MIRA and friends in the industry, a working prototype was made which brought the car to life and testing began.

1999 The Atom was announced in Autocar - the reaction was overwhelming and working from the studio in North Perrott it quickly became apparent that Ariel and the Atom had found its niche.

SPECIFICATIONS Engine 3.0L Ariel V8 Power 500bhp @ 9 200rpm Torque 296ft-lbf @ 6 100rpm 0-60mph 2.5sec Top speed 175mph, 281km/h Basic price $225 000.00


The first supercharged version of the Atom was launched to an astonished Autocar at its yearly 0-100-0 shootout.

2007 The Atom 3 was introduced with the new KZ 2.0 Type R engine, slightly wider chassis and a host of updates to the rest of the car.



The much talked about V8 was released, in a limited edition of 25 cars, with a 3.0 Hartley engine and Sadev sequential gearbox.



The official launch of the Atom 3.5. Based on the Atom 3, it offered a number of revisions, including custom-designed twin projector headlamps, LED turn signals at the front and brake/indicator LEDs at the rear.

The first production cars simply called the Atom, but now referred to as Atom 1, were made in North Perrott and delivered.

2002 After a year of development, the Atom 2 was released featuring the 2.0 Type-R and Type-S engines.




KICK INTO GEAR It seems the days of roughing it are long gone as outdated gadgets make way for a multitude of mind-blowing off-road accessories. Enhance your 4x4 experience with our top picks.





Motormonkey In-Car Charger

Contour+2 HD Camera

Thule Excellence XT Roof Box

iO Play2 mp3 Player

The Motormonkey holds the title as the most compact in-car charger in the world. The device packs the power to keep your phone connected and your music booming for hours.

The Contour+2 Camera allows you to instantly shoot crisp, clear HD video and then use the mobile connectivity to review the video on your mobile device.

The Excellence XT is Thule’s newest roof box model and has a lot of unique features, the most important being that luggage travels safer.

iO PLAY2 is a pioneering in-car music streaming device specifically designed for the music lover. The advanced Bluetooth hands-free musicstreaming device uses CSR technology to provide a high level of sound quality and excellent performance.

Motormonkey's inbuilt charging intelligence means you have the option to leave it in your car's cigarette lighter socket permanently. The in-car charger has self-sensing technology that can recognise when different devices have been connected and changes power settings accordingly. Lightweight and compact, the Motormonkey provides a complete charging solution for most 5v devices.


You will be able to overlay an array of data and share it on your favourite social media networks. Besides the instant-on record switch, waterproof case, and external mic jack, this camera features settings that can be fully customised using the Contour mobile app. The Contour +2 HD Camera is an adrenalin junkie’s dream. With its waterproof case, it can be submerged to a depth of 60 metres.

The crash nose and automatic load fixation system stabilises and secures the load when closing the box lid. An integrated removable non-slip base mat provides extra load securing, which means there’s no need for strapping down loads. Other features include: 1. Patented Power-Click quickmount system, for fast and secure fitting using one hand only. 2. Dual-Side opening for convenient mounting, loading and unloading. 3. Central safety locking system.

Designed with the modern vehicle interior in mind, the iO PLAY2's removable OLED screen and controller looks great on any dashboard. Using Multipoint ProTM, the iO PLAY2 can connect up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The device has the ability to integrate iPhones and iPods that use the Apple 30 pin dock connector. It also provides connectivity for MP3 players by using the 3.5mm stereo jack.



Garmin GPS 60 Garmin's GPS 60, a handheld, 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver, is perfect for land or marine navigation. The device is designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). With its separate serial and USB interfaces, the device is convenient to hook up and use right out of the box. The GPS 60 is a non-mapping unit that comes factory preloaded with a 1 MB marine point database. This trusty handheld is compact and lightweight, with a user-friendly interface. It's reliable and as extra-precise as WAAS can make it. It also offers a dedicated geocaching mode, indoor/outdoor games, an alarm clock, sunrise/sunset and moon phase tables, and optimal hunting and fishing times.


The device’s rugged, fully casketed case is waterproof to IEC 60529 IPX7 standards, meaning it's submersible in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes. It derives up to 28 hours battery life. | Editor's Pick!

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone The Jabra FREEWAY is an innovative new speakerphone that features a groundbreaking speaker system and has the ability to make hands-free calls. The first speakerphone to have a 3-speaker stereo system, HD Voice Ready technology and Virtual Surround Sound, the Jabra FREEWAY produces crisp audio from both music and voice. With its Noise Blackout Extreme dual microphone technology, the unit prevents unwanted background noise. It provides unique versatility as a device that could be used inside or outside the car and for both calls as well as listening to music. The Jabra FREEWAY is surprisingly easy to operate via voice control. The voice guidance will talk you through set-up and pairing. By simply using your voice to make, answer, end, redial or reject calls, you’re able to keep both hands safely on the wheel.



Hybrid theory Hybrids seem like an overnight sensation, but the history of hybrid vehicles goes back as far as the 1900s. Hybrid cars are defined as any vehicle that runs on two sources of power. The most common hybrid combines an electric motor with a gasoline engine. While it may seem that hybrids are a recent phenomenon, the technology has been around for a number of years. We look at the history of the hybrid. Since 2004, the hybrid vehicle has grown in popularity and a number of automobile


The Lohner-Porsche Elektromobil

makes its debut at the Paris Exposition.


Woods Motor Company introduces the Woods Dual Power, a hybrid electric vehicle with a four-cylinder internal combustion engine.

1960s & 1970s

Electrical engineer Victor Wouk builds a prototype HEV based on the Buick Skylark internal combustion engine.

Iconic cars

manufacturers have invested in the development thereof. Interestingly enough a fair amount of lesser-known companies like Hino, Mercury Automobile, Wrightbus and the Saturn Corporation have also devoted time and resources to manufacturing their own hybrid models. With rising fuel prices and increasing environmental consciousness it seems hybrids are the way of the future.


GM develops the GM 512, an experimental vehicle that runs on electricity at low speeds and gasoline at high speeds.


Audi demonstrates the experimental Audi Duo. It combines a 12-horsepower electric motor with a 139-horsepower internal combustion engine.



Honda introduces the Insight.


Honda introduces the Accord Hybrid.


Ford introduces oduces the first hybrid SUV, V, the 2005 Ford Escape.

Toyota introduces the Prius.

When a vehicle outshines the actors and becomes the superstar of a film, that is when it reaches icon status. These are a few of our favourites as featured in films and TV series.

Traffic Jams Music is known to have a calming effect on the mind. We believe there’s no better way to fight the rush-hour frustration than by listening to golden oldies.

1963 Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger (1964) This automobile is possibly one of the greatest James Bond cars of all time and definitely the standard against which all spy cars are judged.


1967 Shelby GT500 Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) Steve Stanford designed the exaggerated GT500 called Eleanor. The car’s been copied ever since.

1955 Lincoln Futura Batmobile Batman (series) George Barris' crew restyled an old Ford concept car. The end product was the great Batmobile that was used for the1966-'68 TV series.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

'Hippy Hippy Shake' - Georgia Satellites 'My My, Hey Hey' - Neil Young 'Layla' - Eric Clapton 'I Got You' - James Brown 'Louie Louie' - The Kingsmen 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' - The Clash 'Let’s Dance' - David Bowie 'All Shook Up' - Elvis Presleyy n 'American Pie' - Don McLean


Collisioncourse Traffic accidents occur daily and there is a possibility that you’ll be involved in at least one in your lifetime. Regardless of the severity, keeping your wits about you is key. Follow these steps to ensure that dealing with the aftermath is a lot less painful. Stay alert

Accident emergency kit

As fatigue can cause loss of concentration, it makes sense to rest at least 15 minutes every two hours.

Always have your cell phone with local law enforcement numbers programmed in it. If your phone doesn't have a built-in camera, keep a disposable camera in the kit. Other items you should include are: a pen and paper to write down important details, insurance information, medical information (including conditions and allergies), and a warning triangle to alert oncoming traffic.

01 02 03 04 05 06 Stop

Check for injuries

Call the police

Exchange info

Document damage

Contact your insurance

Regardless of whether you caused the accident or are a victim, stop immediately.

After bringing the vehicle to a standstill, check yourself, your passengers, and the individual(s) in the other vehicle for injuries. If there are injuries that need medical attention, call an ambulance.

If the accident is of a serious nature, the authorities need to be notified. Severe accidents often require police involvement, for instance if it’s backing up traffic or if debris is blocking the lane. Minor fender benders, on the other hand, don't necessarily require their services.

Regardless of who is at fault, it’s necessary to exchange information. You need to provide and obtain the following: your name, phone number, address, licence plate number, and your driver's licence number. Insurance companies require this information in order to resolve the incident.

If you have a camera on hand, take pictures of the damage. If not, write down details about the damage and ensure that all parties involved sign it. Be sure to head down to the nearest police station to complete an affidavit. This needs to happen within 24 hours, as your insurance company will require the latter before processing the claim.

Immediately after the accident, contact your insurance provider about the accident. They will ask you to provide all the relevant details in order to process the claim.

Trails and tips


Located approximately 17 kilometres outside Caledon, the 8-kilometre long Glen Oaks trail is known for its beautiful scenery and natural obstacles.


A five-kilometre route through fynbos offers an easy ride, while the obstacles, colour-coded according to difficulty, will get the adrenaline pumping and allow you to demonstrate your skills.

In the bush

Driving on sand

If you’re unsure of the ground ahead, especially if there is mud or water, get out and check.

Lower the tyre pressure to 140kpa/20psi. Remember to reinflate your tyres as soon as you’re back on hard ground.

On steep hills With a difficulty grading of 3.5, based on your experience, the Glen Oaks trail can take anywhere between three to seven hours to complete.

If the vehicle begins to slide sideways very slight acceleration and steering into the slide will normally straighten your descent.

Water crossings Do not disengage the clutch or change gears while crossing waterways.




Words: Michelle Marais

Chapman's Peak Drive W

innovative road engineering projects ever to

and Hout Bay on the Atlantic Coast, the Chapman’s Peak Drive is reputed to be

be undertaken in South Africa.

one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world.

The mesmerising nine-kilometre route neighbours the rocky coastline of Chapman’s

Chapman’s Peak Drive was the

Peak - the southerly extension of Constantia Berg (593m high) - and offers beautiful

brainchild of Sir Frederic de Waal, the first administrator of the Cape Province.

180° views over the Atlantic Ocean. About 25 kilometres south of Cape Town CBD, the

Work on the route began in 1915 and the formal opening took place in 1922.

scenic drive is seen as a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The

Unfortunately, rock falls caused its closure in January 2000. Numerous

endless curves and dedicated picnic spots make this route a paradise for motorists and

companies were approached to restore the mountain pass and to put in place several safety measures. Chapman’s Peak Drive reopened as a toll road in December 2003, and is seen as one of the most

photographers alike. During late winter and early spring, southern right whales are often spotted frolicking in the ocean. "Chappies", as the locals call it, is a scenic must-see for any tourists and sightseers.


Photograph by James Gradwell

inding its way between Noordhoek


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