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Grizzly Bear at The Fillmore Grizzly Bear (with a capital G and B) are actually, as many of you may know, quite the opposite of adorable North American brown bear typically found in western North America. They are Edward Droste (vocals, keyboards, omnichord), Daniel Rossen (vocals, guitar, banjo, keyboards), Chris Taylor (bass, backing vocals, various instruments, producer), and Christopher Bear (drums, backing vocals). And yes, their name is a nickname that Ed had for an old boyfriend of his. According to the “Pitchfork, Stereogum, Rolling Stone and Consequence of Sound” type of music publications (which I’m not here to emulate in anyway, by the way): Psychedelic pop, folk rock, indie rock, folk rock, psychedelic folk, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock, experimental, experimental rock, art rock, and lo-fi. Their first album, 2004’s Horn of Plenty, consisted of a unique mix of just Edward and Christopher’s sounds. It wasn’t until 2006 that they recorded their first record as a quartet: the critically-acclaimed Yellow House (which was aptly named after Edward’s mother’s house where it was recorded). He also admits that he dreaded the idea of being a solo act and that he felt that this music sounded better with a full band and that this when when they discovered their distinct sound. It should be noted that 2008 was a particularly awesome year for this band. These four talented individuals got to open up for Radiohead (who actually loved their music) during the second leg of their tour of North America that summer. The success from this tour led them to retreat to Cape Cod, where their third album Vectatimest was conceived and completed in 2009. It received much praise from the press and Billboard as well. Fast forward to 2012. The band took to the internet to showcase “Sleeping Ute,” a song from what came to be Shields, the band’s fourth album. They included a full tracklisting of the album along their tour dates for it and finally released it on September 18th. Grizzly Bear is scheduled to play right here in Miami on June 18 at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater. ~ Hank Justice | Tropicult Visit for more info on Grizzly Bear. Music, videos and ticket giveaways contest information!

Palm Beach Craft Beerfest Palm Beach County sees no shortage of truly stellar outdoor events throughout the year, so when the inaugural Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival wrapped in 2012, attendees knew they had experienced something extra special. The day long festival delivers big on everyone’s (or at least everyone I know) favorite topics, good beer and live music. Last year’s festival proved to organizer and unofficial king of West Palm, Rodney Mayo, that there is a prime audience in town thirsty for tasty brews, and that means this year’s event will be even bigger and better. More tickets will be made available, more breweries pouring, and more massive smiles on all of your friends faces. When it comes to the beer selection, keep your expectations high. The festival rounds up not only some of the best craft brews in the country, but local heroes like Funky Buddha and Due South will also be on hand dispensing their fine elixirs to the eager crowd. Prefer your own special blend? Enter your magic potion in the homebrew competition to see how it measures up. Are you of the particularly thirsty variety? The VIP upgrade gets you a free shirt, plus a bonus beer tent complete with food and air conditioning. Two perfect components to keep you going all the way until 9pm. In pure West Palm fashion, the day wouldn’t be complete without some standout local bands taking the stage to entertain the masses. Spred the Dub, Raggy Monster, Gravel Kings, RunDownTown and more will be serving up some solid sounds to accompany your beer. No shame in downing that double IPA with a smile. Lke last year, proceeds will be going to a variety of charities including the Surfrider Foundation. Moral of the story: you get to drink heady brews and listen to local tunes with all your friends at an outside amphitheater and the money goes to charity. It couldn’t be more obvious. The Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival is back to prove they can put on an even better event than last year’s and we can’t wait to watch them do it. The Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival is held at the Meyer Amhitheatre in West Palm Beach, Saturday June 22 from 3-9pm. General admission tickets are $40, VIP are $80 but keep an eye out for early bird discounts. for more information. ~ Dana Krangel

Mountain Goats Back to Basics: Back in the mid to late ‘90s – it’s hard to pinpoint an exact time with John Darnielle’s unreleased songs, because he has more obscure outtakes than many acts have album tracks – he wrote a song for the Mountain Goats called “Going to Dade County.” Like a lot of old Mountain Goats cuts, he doesn’t perform it much anymore; it’s a spotted owl tune, rarely emerging into public view. In the song, Darnielle’s protagonist is having a fever dream at 6:31 some Saturday morning in Northern Florida, and he imagines his complicated paramour turning into a housecat. Then he hears the caterwauls of a thousand other housecats, and decides the best course of action would be to go to Dade County. Darnielle doesn’t write songs like that anymore, and he certainly never comes to Dade County, or the South Florida tri-county area at all for that matter. This has left his cultish SoFla fans no other choice but to schlep to Orlando, Gainesville or St. Augustine during each tour or one-off appearance. Lo and behold, Darnielle made a concerted decision this time around to visit a handful of godforsaken locales, Fort Lauderdale being one of them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but his appearance June 24 will be his first Mountain Goats show in South Florida, at least since the new millennium. It will be an “old school” Mountain Goats show, meaning just Darnielle and bassist Peter Hughes, hopefully rambling about inside jokes and Swedish black metal bands, breaking strings and struggling through obscure audience requests that would never make it into a full-band show. There is something to be said for those loud, raucous Goats gigs supported by Jon Wurster’s expert drumming or Franklin Bruno’s multi-instrumental contributions – for the energy in the room whenever they launched into a barn-burner like “Psalms 40:2” or “Lovecraft in Brooklyn.” But true Mountain Goats fans know that the fewer musicians onstage, the more set-list possibilities, and the more exciting and unpredictable the show. He’s promised us “Fall of the Star High School Running Back,” and at a recent show, he played “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” on piano. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get “Going to Dade County,” which would never find a more appropriate home. Get your recorders ready. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. June 24 at Culture Room, and tickets cost $20 at Ticketmaster. Call 954-564-1074. ~ John Thomason

SUBMIT YOUR SHOWS EACH MONTH BY THE 10TH Saturday, June 1 Laura Seaman Art Showcase @ Coastars Coffee Bar

King Django, Askultura @ Churchill’s Pub Suede Dudes, Gravel Kings, Killmama @ Poorhouse Across the Universe: Tribute to the Beatles @ Bamboo Room Dr. Martino CD Release, Pretty Girls, Manifest Test Subject, The Toilets, Mylo Ranger @ Propaganda The Hard Richards @ Dada Watts Up Tour: Helicopter Showdown, Antiserum, Clicks & Whistles @ Revolution Live

Sunday, June 2

Cannibal Corpse, Hellwitch, Murder Suicide @ Culture Room Pretty Girls @ Respectable Street The Dada Craft Bazaar @ Dada DJ HiGrade @ Propaganda Big Sam’s Funky Nation, DJ Contra @ Blackbird Ordinary

Friday, June 14 Hello Elevator @ Respectable Street

DJ Needlez presents Rock The Mic @ Propaganda Cesar Millan @ The Fillmore Miami Beach La Vela Puerca @ Grand Central Fusik @ Gramps

Jahfe, Lance-O, Jahstream, Rudeboy Craig @ Jazid

Monday, June 3

Spred the Dub @ Longboard’s Rhythmnation, Lance-O @ Boston’s Echo Valley Art Show @ Undergrounds Coffeehaus $500 Prize Karaoke: Hosted by Chris Martin @ Propaganda

Tuesday, June 4

Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Miss May I @ Revolution Live Dada Poetry Slam @ Dada DJ HiGrade @ Propaganda

Wednesday, June 5

Big Boi @ Revolution Live Fall Out Boy @ The Fillmore Miami Beach

Thursday, June 6

Black Taxi @ Respectable Street Dopapod @ Funky Buddha Lounge Magician Daniel Fishman @ Dada DJ HiGrade @ Propaganda Suenalo, DJ Contra @ Blackbird Ordinary

June 6-9 Hukilau 2013: The Hula Girls, Gold Dust Lounge, The Intoxicators, The Ding Dong Devils, Ixtahuele @ Hukilau Friday, June 7 Ice Age, Lover, New Coke, Suede Dudes, Last @ Churchill’s Pub The Dewars @ Gramps Ben Prestage @ Harold’s Rachel Andes Band @ Dada Doctor P @ Revolution Live Riot Act, Morgan La Rue & the Shimmy Shake Revue @ Poorhouse Eats Everything, Waif & Strays @ Treehouse Miami

Saturday, June 8

The Gun Hoes, The Cost @ Dada Los Amigos Invisibles @ Grand Central Darling Sweets CD Release Party @ Propaganda Chali, XCX, Kitty Pride, Little Daylight, Ray Milian, Aramis Lorie @ The Garret Rascal Flatts @ Cruzan Amp Order of the Owl, Bog Prophet, Orbweaver, The Tunnel, Amplifier Orgy @ Churchill’s Pub Fleetwood Mac @ BB&T Center Sasha “INVOLV<3R” Official Album Tour @ Story Murder Junkies @ The Speakeasy Pretty Girls @ 5 Points Lounge ’90s Sweat Homecoming #3 @ Sweat Records Seamonster @ American Rock Bar RJ Harman & Co., Mandy Moon, Ancient Sun @ Funky Buddha Lounge

Sunday, June 9

Jesse Y Joy @ Revolution Live Ras Kokay, Rhymadix, Lance-O, Tom Laroc, Yung Chiney @ Jazid

Monday, June 10

Spred the Dub @ Longboard’s Rhythmnation, Lance-O @ Boston’s $500 Prize Karaoke: Hosted by Chris Martin @ Propaganda

Tuesday, June 11 Guttermouth, Pinhole Down, Break the Heroes @ Respectable Street Open Mic @ Dada DJ HiGrade @ Propaganda Hunters of the Alps, DJ Chalk @ Blackbird Ordinary

Wednesday, June 12 The Tallest Man on Earth, Strand of Oaks @ Culture Room RJ Harman @ Dada

Thursday, June 13

Billy Vasquez @ Poorhouse The Neighborhood, The 1975 @ Culture Room Smells Like Grunge (Nirvana Tribute) @ Swampgrass Willy’s The Gerry Williams Band, Green Sunshine @ Funky Buddha Lounge Oigo, DJ Yancy @ Blackbird Ordinary

Saturday, June 15 Hello Elevator CD Release @ The Beat Cup

Level, The Drip Effect @ Propaganda Former Champions, Gravity A @ Funky Buddha Donavon Frankenreiter @ Culture Room The Long Run: A Tribute to the Eagles @ Bamboo Room Kubiat Nnamdie’s “22 Grams: Set Me Free”, This Heart Electric @ Imagesound Americas HQ Gluttonous Feast @ Poorhouse Danny Tenaglia @ Story Spy Night, The Necrophiles @ Undergrounds Coffeehaus Artist David Juhe’ @ Coastars Coffee Bar

Sunday, June 16

Jahfe, Lance-O, Exit Sound @ Jazid

Monday, June 17

Spred the Dub @ Longboard’s Heart, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience @ Cruzan Amp Rhythmnation, Lance-O @ Boston’s $500 Prize Karaoke: Hosted by Chris Martin @ Propaganda

Tuesday, June 18 Grizzly Bear, Majic Cloudz @ The Fillmore Miami Beach Suede Dudes @ The Dubliner Open Mic @ Dada DJ HiGrade @ Propaganda

Thursday, June 20

Electric Revolution @ Respectable Street BBAD Presents Open Mic @ ActivistArtistA Gallery Hunky Suckle @ Propaganda The Big Tasty, DJ Contra @ Blackbird Ordinary Bachaco @ Funky Buddha Lounge

Friday, June 21

This Heart Electric, Mothersky @ Gramps Brad Paisley @ Cruzan Amp Papadosio, Stokeswood @ Culture Room Cassie Taylor Band, Nouveaux Honkies @ Bamboo Room Mylo Ranger @ Dada The 707′s, Jolly Badfellow, Talking Dogs, Surfer Pigs @ Poorhouse The Politix, Shark Anthony @ Funky Buddha Lounge Juke, DJ Yancy @ Blackbird Ordinary

Saturday, June 22 Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival: Spred the Dub, Raggy Monster, Gravel Kings, RunDownTown @ Meyer Amphitheatre

Fall Of Olympus, Leading The Heroes, Force Is Machine @ Respectable Street

The Necrophiles, Riot Act, Pretty Girls @ Poorhouse Paco Osuna @ Story Köcosanté @ O’Malley’s DJ Myopic @ Coastars Coffee Bar

Sunday, June 23 Summer Daze Concert Series #1: Wake Skate Competition, Fashion Show, Pool Party, Whole Wheat Bread, Aces & Eights, Artikal Sound System, South Side Dub, Future Prezidents, Rude Hecklers, One Drop Rebellion, Sea Monsters, Rundowntown, One Hit Left, Project X, DJ HiGrade, DJ Rude Boy Craig @ J Street Lake Worth and Propaganda Ras Kokay, Rythmadix, Lance-O, Gary Enforcement, Shyne J @ Jazid Merchandise, Milk Music, Destruction Unit, Post Teens @ Churchill’s Pub

Monday, June 24 The Mountain Goats, The Baptist Generals @ Culture Room Spred the Dub @ Longboard’s Rhythmnation, Lance-O @ Boston’s $500 Prize Karaoke: Hosted by Chris Martin @ Propaganda

Tuesday, June 25 Aces High Tattoo Art Show @ Howleys Open Mic @ Dada

Wednesday, June 26 Bob Dylan, Wilco, My Morning Jacket @ Cruzan Amp Jeff Grief @ Dada

Thursday, June 27

The Dada Spelling Bee @ Dada DJ HiGrade @ Propaganda Love of Lyrics Poetry Slam @ Coastars Coffee Bar Ketchy Shuby @ Blackbird Ordinary

Friday, June 28 Beach Day, Ketchy Shuby @ Gramps

Daniel Tosh @ Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall The International Language @ Dada Rescue Kid @ Poorhouse Raggy Monster, Luxury of Company, Gallimimus, Patrick Levon Farinas @ Propaganda The Necrophiles, Riot Act, Pretty Girls @ American Rock Bar

Saturday, June 29 BLP 6th Anniversary Party @ Spanish River Park Anniversary Art and Car Show @ Ink & Pistons Tattoo Killmama, Gravel Kings, Gallimimus @ Respectable Street

Daniel Tosh @ The Fillmore Miami Beach Mike Pinto Band, Natural Vibrations, Three Legged Fox @ Culture Room Evol Intent, DJ Jeffee, Reboot 2 Year Anniv @ Propaganda Iwan @ Poorhouse Köcosanté @ Archie’s West Opiate Eyes @ Funky Buddha Lounge Plush Lounge Nite @ Coastars Coffee Bar

Sunday, June 30 Daniel Tosh @ Kravis Center

Jahfe, Lance-O, Fiyah Queen, War Bear @ Jazid Sip ‘N’ Play Afternoon @ Coastars Coffee Bar

Monday, July 1

Spred the Dub @ Longboard’s Rhythmnation, Lance-O @ Boston’s Alesana, The Color Morale, Upon this Dawning, Lions Lions, Megosh @ Culture Room

Wednesday, July 3

R3hab @ Revolution Live

Thursday, July 4 Flaunt’s Annual Redneck Rumble ‘Murrica Edition @ Respectable Street

FLA Supercon Music Festival @ Miami Airport Convention Center

Eagle Chief, DJ Contra @ Blackbird Ordinary

Friday, July 5

Big Time Rush @ Cruzan Amp Excision, Krewella @ Revolution Live

Monday, July 8

Spred the Dub @ Longboard’s

Saturday, July 13

The Reckless Dames: Alice @ Respectable Street Air Supply @ The Fillmore

BLP Family Reunion What started six years ago as a hobby platform to help local bands gain audiences and entice touring acts to give South Florida a chance has turned into a multi-faceted family affair. Brotherly Love Productions (“Best Scene Cultivator” - Broward/Palm Beach New Times 2012) has developed into a full-service live music production outfit specializing in publicity, marketing, promotions and booking, as well as band and event management. Aiming to provide a familylike atmosphere of support by nurturing the relationships between artists, venues and fans through open and honest communication, selfless leadership and pure devotion to our music & art scene. We further this philosophy with our sixth anniversary theme - BLP Family Reunion – and harness our ongoing FREE event series dubbed the BLP Rockout With Your Cookout (“Best Local Music Night” and “Best Place to Drink in Flip-Flops” - Broward/Palm Beach New Times 2012) to do so. On Saturday June 28, we are stepping this one up and moving to Spanish River Park in Boca Raton, not only giving us a beautiful outdoor setting for live music and BBQ but also easy access to the beach, intracoastal waterway, volleyball courts, nature trails and more! This is a FREE and BYOB event that will have some unique opportunities to contribute and benefit. The festivities kick off at noon with The Resolvers monthly beach clean-up Boca edition with music firing up at 2pm in the center of the park featuring The Resolvers, Roosevelt Collier Trio and Uproot Hootenanny with DJ Scotty Solomon holding it down between sets. BLP represents some of the top music festivals on the east coast including AURA Music & Arts Festival, Purple Hatter’s Ball and Bear Creek Music & Art Festival at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL; and The Big Up and Catskill Chill in upstate New York. We also represent great touring acts including The Heavy Pets, Kung Fu and Jimkata while working to bring other great shows to Florida like Dopapod on 6/6 and Former Champions with Gravity A on 6/15 at Funky Buddha Lounge, three nights of Papadosio with Stokeswood including 6/21 at Culture Room and Perpetual Groove offshoot Ghost Owl on 7/5 at Funky Biscuit. ~ Matt Beck

Darkness Over Sunshine State New Death Penalty Law Means Curtains for the Innocent Just weeks ago, at almost the very same moment lawmakers in the State of Maryland chose the path of enlightened justice and voted to abolish the death penalty, the Florida legislature, with Panhandle and Bible Belt yahoos leading the charge, marched further into darkness. They voted to streamline our death penalty appeals process, eliminating all manner of procedural safeguards and setting the conveyor belt to the gas chamber into overdrive. The gas-’em-fast bill sits now on the desk of Governor Rick Scott. If he signs it, before the year’s out we may see 13 prisoners strapped to the gurney and dosed with lethal chemicals. Sooner or later they’ll be joined by the wrongly convicted. That will probably warm the loins of the more bloodthirsty of us, jonesing as they’ve been since the days when Jeb Bush ruled the Tallahassee roost. Jeb’s macho man sibling rivalry with brother Dubya, then governor of Texas, had us neck-and-neck at the head of the pack in the death warrant steeplechase. Texas is still up there. Since the “ultimate sanction” was restored by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1976, the Lone Star hangman is number two among all states in executions per capita and in executions per death sentence. Florida has fallen far off the pace, to 16th in the first category and 24th in the second. Not that Florida juries have lost their taste for Old Testament justice. Death Row up at Florida State Prison is bulging at the seams, with 405 inmates in stir, more than any other state except California. On average, they’ve been there 13 years, some of them more than 30. Is that too long for the families of their victims to wait for revenge? (And is revenge a form of justice?) It is a good long time. But there’s another number to consider: 24. That’s how many Florida Death Row inmates have been exonerated of their crimes after conviction and before the Last Meal -- more than any other state. If Governor Scott signs “gas-em-fast,” he’s signing death warrants for the innocent. ~ Karlo M

MarcPaperScissors Art can be such a massive being, one that’s often impossible to explain and just as difficult to interpret. So when you work with a specific artistic medium for as long as as MarcPaperScissors has, at some point you break out of it. That’s exactly what’s happening to this ferociously talented and determined niche artist. Born and raised in South Florida, Marc grew up surrounded by the arts and it was just a matter of time before he picked his poison. He chose paper. For the past eight years, Marc has been working almost strictly in cut paper art. You might be surprised where the inspiration came from: “I was reading about Buddhism and looked into artists who spend months making a mandala out of sand using simple tools and very focused energy. And at the end, they just wipe it away. That inspired me to use very simple tools. I only use one type of paper, regular scissors, a glue stick, and a black sharpie.” But after cutting paper for the better part of a decade, Marc is ready for some changes. He moved to Gainesville about a year ago seeking a different type of lifestyle, one more focused on organic farms and eating locally. It’s all been part of his new master plan, “I’ve been in hibernation working on getting things together and at the end of this year, there will be a big push for MarcPaperScissors.” First off, it’s time to set up shows and sell his finer works. “I’ve avoided galleries for way too long. Now I’m focusing on learning a better way to exist as an artist.” Expect more big projects out of Marc including a giant billboard on the highway for his local favorite, Frog Song Organics, and an animated music video for The Spam Allstars featuring his artwork. Even though cut paper is what gave Marc his start, it’s only the beginning. “I want something new,” he said. “I’m dealing with different mediums now. Taking years of my life to cut paper and realizing that it’s just the beginning of getting that work seen or sold made me go ‘Shit!’ I’ve made 100s of pieces of cut paper work, now I have to sell myself. I wasn’t ready for that and now that’s what I’m working on.” ~ Dana Krangel

Summer Daze Concert Series Oh come on guys, let’s face it; we are lucky to live in South Florida. But since we get our fair share of primo weather and sunny outdoor adventures, you just might need a little reminder that summer is on the way. What better way to kick off the undisputed champion of seasons than with an epic block party with an incredible lineup of live music and pools in the street? Well, how about three?! Propaganda is ready to turn downtown Lake Worth into one big party this year with their new Summer Daze Concert Series. An outstanding local music venue and general purveyor of good times, Propaganda hosted their first ever block party for New Year’s Eve 2013 and the highenergy night left everyone wondering “When can we do that again?” On three separate Sundays throughout the summer, Prop will be pulling out all the stops and bringing the ultimate party to J Street. For the kickoff on June 23rd, look out not only for pools (for everyone 18+ to enjoy), but also live wakeskating (like wakeboarding without the feet strapped in) that will see boarders doing tricks between pools. As if that wasn’t enough, they are even bringing in sweet headlining acts like Passafire and Authority Zero to guarantee you the opportunity to party hardy. The more well known bands may get to headline but the emphasis is really on some of the best local bands South Florida has to offer. Owner Matthew Krug explained: “Prop is musician owned and operated, music is our life. My partner Jon Jordan and I have been playing in local bands for over a decade.” Bands like The Heavy Pets, The Hard Richards and Spred The Dub are just a taste of the over 30+ local bands you will have the pleasure of sampling throughout the 3-day fiesta. There’s about to be a whole lot of partying going on in Lake Worth and if Krug has his way, this will be the start of something big. When asked if we can expect more street parties from Propaganda in the future, he said “Absolutely. After our NYE block party, the city has really gotten behind us and allowed us to go bigger and better, and that’s just what we plan to do.” Party on, Prop. Summer Daze Concert Series: June 23, July 14, and July 28 Propaganda, 6 South J Street, Downtown Lake Worth

~ Dana Krangel


FREE SOUND: Dengue Fever, South Side Dub, Dopapod, Uproot Hootenanny, The Hard Richards, The Heavy Pets, Spred the Dub, The Resolvers, Treeh...

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