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Saturday, August 2, 2014 Want to enter? Want to buy tickets? Want to know what a swede is? This amateur film festival is


WHAT’S THE BUZZ ABOUT? A sweet and savory collection of local art with an important cause beehind it, “What’s All the Buzz About?” is a fundraising art exhibition benefiting The Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association. Hosted at “Art on Park”, a sweet hub for the artist community in Lake Park, the exhibition will feature buzz-worthy artwork from local artists. Rolando Change Barrero of ActivistArtistA is working with Steev Rullman from PureHoney to jury in the best of our buzzing South Florida art community to compile a showing of bee-themed art in all mediums. “This is my answer to all of the hoopla and activisim going around about the extinction of bees, and GMO’s…” says Rolando. “We need to stop the finger pointing. We know the problem. What are we doing as a solution? This is my solution.”

“The Price of Doing Business” by Karen McGovern

The goal is to bring people together to discover and connect through their separate and unique identities (and mediums), and unite for the common cause. Rolando says he hopes to “create an environment where these connections can be made.”

“It takes a serious and critical issue about our sustainability and food and keeps it light, without the anger. It has a defined solution, we just need to work together to get there as a community.” President of The Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association Al Salopek will be giving a speech and presentation about their efforts and involvement in protecting South Florida’s bee population.

Local artists are encouraged to submit “bee-themed” work to be juried for the show! Submissions can be made through the Artists of Palm Beach County website and are being accepted through June 30. The artist to receive the “Best in Show” award will have their work featured at the Beekeeping Conference in October. The exhibition runs from Friday, July 11 through Monday, August 11 from 12pm to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. An opening reception is being help Friday, July 11 from 5pm through 8pm at Art on Park 800 Park Place, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. ~ Danielle Romanowski


presented by Mainstreet at Midtown and takes place at The Borland Center for Performing Arts.


SWEDE FEST 3 PALM BEACH Crazy Cult Film Festival Returns with More Bad Movies Made by Good People During swede fest™ 3 palm beach It’s back! The #1 film festival that refuses to take itself seriously returns to Mainstreet at Midtown during swede fest™ 3 palm beach, at the Borland Center for Performing Arts on Saturday, August 2. Following two sold-out years, swede fest™ 3 promises to be another epic evening of fantastical films. The underground event showcases laughably bad remakes of Hollywood hits, made by amateur filmmakers throughout Palm Beach County. Based on the movie, “Be Kind, Rewind,” a “swede” is a no-budget, hilarious remake of a Hollywood film which spawned an underground sweding craze and resulted in the first swede fest™ in Fresno, Calif. Next came swede fest™ tampa bay, then swede fest™ palm beach in 2012. Picture “Twister” filmed using balled up paper towels; the pottery scene from “Ghost” reenacted by giant Lego figures; or the “You think I’m funny?” scene from “Goodfellas”…acted entirely in mime – these are only a few examples of the more than fifty films submitted last year. Perfect “short attention span theater,” each film is maxed out at 3 minutes, meaning that as “so-bad-it’s-good” as the film may be, another one is soon to appear. The audience votes on the best/worst film made, which could win bragging rights for the future (or not) filmmaker, and the grand prize of a year’s subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro CC film editing software, valued at $250. Additional award prizes include gift certificates to the many dining and retail establishments throughout Midtown PGA. Even if you don’t have a film submitted, seeing the filmmakers dressed in their versions of “Hollywood bizarre” is worth the admission price, which is a mere $8 per person, or $11 for VIP, which includes premium seating and a nifty, official lanyard. Volunteers are always welcome, so contact Belle at 561-282-4623 if you want to join the magic. All films must be rated PG-13, (even “Pulp Fiction” which is on this year’s list). Also, there is only one swede per film title, so no one will be stuck watching three remakes of “Transformers” (God help us all). To see a list of film titles in this year’s Festival, hop on over to You may not witness a Quinten Tarantino in the making, but I promise you, you will laugh yourself silly. ~ Elizabeth Dashiell

SUMMER DAZE DAY TWO Not so fast, Lake Worth. Don’t act like you are still tired. Take a solid power nap because it’s that time again. Summer Daze is hitting J Street for round two of three on July 19th. Day two is a special one, not just because it marks another reason to call all your friends and party in the street, but because the lineup is stacked, unique and kind of a big deal for local rock fans. Not only is classic 90s-00s, globally touring band Lit gracing the Propaganda stage but the traditionally surf and reggae based fest is turning the dial to 11 and bringing in a heavy dose of rock. Local acts range from The Drip Effect’s unique brand of indie metal to Luxury of Company’s Incubusinspired, homegrown rock. From The People UpStair’s funky bass lines to The Kinected’s true to form rock sound. But no one is arguing that day two’s lineup culminates with Lit. Splashing onto the scene in 1999 with Poster by Dave Berns | Hot Damn Arts their hit debut album A Place In The Sun, Lit grabbed a piece of the 90’s alternative sound and turned it into a reason to embrace rock. The three core members of Lit grew up together and, quite remarkably, started playing music together in the late 1980’s. Through a tumultuous career that included the death of drummer and lifelong friend Alan Shellenberger and other emotional obstacles, Lit has consistently come back into the spotlight for another lap of kicking ass. Lead singer A. Jay Popoff was only 14 years old when he first got the music bug alongside his brother Jeremy. While the two take stage front and center, they wouldn’t have made it this far without bassist Kevin Baldes who originally started jamming with Jeremy before the band became a unit. Considering band member dumps over petty fights and trashed hotel rooms, it’s incredible that Lit has endured such a long career and come out on the other side stronger and more motivated to show you a good time. “We grew up together in the same neighborhood,” says Baldes. “We were very young then but we have been playing since the 1980s, if you can believe it.” With so much time passing since playing their first show, Lit hasn’t just grown as a band, the members have also had time to have a life and grow individually. “It’s awesome that we are still together for so long but now we have families and kids,” Baldes reflects. “it’s kind of bizarre. When our kids start approaching the age that we starting playing, it makes the entire experience very surreal.” Just because plenty of time has passed since that first jam session doesn’t mean that things are slowing down. They released View From The Bottom in 2012 and have been touring the world consistently since then. With no immediate plans to release more recorded sound, Lit still has plenty of years left in them. “I think Lit will always exist.” says Baldes. They have toured China, Europe and the UK in the past year, which makes their Lake Worth pit stop that much more exciting. Hoping they will play their megahit? Every fan of every band always Lit has that question. ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ was and still is a massive song for Lit, one that put them on the map and kept them there. How does the band feel about catering to the world by playing the song on everyone’s mind? “I am older and wiser and I realize what that song has done for us,” says Baldes. “There are other songs too that have helped out, but obviously that is one of the biggest song we have and it has really opened some doors. Because of that song, I have met people, I have played with people, I have seen parts of the world I would have never seen. So I owe everything I have and will have and see and have done pretty much to that song.” Fans coming out to the the show just in hopes of screaming “I’m sleeping with my clothes on” will quickly realize they are in for much more. “If you like ‘My Own Worst Enemy,’ you are going to like the entire show.” promises Baldes. With the summer vibes pumping through and a rock-focused deviation from the norm, Lit is a great choice to headline Summer Daze day two. But as always, the team and Propaganda has much more in store. Local heavy hitters DJ JayR and DJ Needlez will be spinning tunes between live sets. More than the hits or the crowd surfing, Summer Daze is back to give you an excuse to cut the sleeves off your favorite T-shirt and celebrate summer like only South Florida can. There just happens to be some amazing music involved. Day 2 Saturday July 19 on J Street in Lake Worth, FL Outside Stage (All Ages): Lit, Elegant Mess, A New Way To Live Forever, Trapped in Tomorrow, Luxury of Company, The Kinected, The People UpStairs. Inside Stage (18+): Dirty Skirty, 1 Hit Left, The Ruins, The No.13s, The Drip Effect, First Last & Always. ~ Dana Krangel




vicToria condenz @ Terra fermaTa The mark Telesca Band @ souTh shores laTher uP! @ funky BiscuiT


verBal evasion deBaTe niGhT @ coasTars face The music @ ProPaGanda whiskey wasPs @ dada Josh horTon @ Terra fermaTa GeorGe manosis @ souTh shores


JanGle leG @ resPecTaBle sTreeT mh The verB @ funky Buddha holidazed @ dada lili lavon @ Terra fermaTa lOSt IS MOrE: lAUNDrY rOOM SQUElCHErS, xElA zAID, SHArlYN EvErtSz, KENICHI OHME, StEvEN BrIStOl, KENNY MIllIONS, ED MAtUS, HUMAN FlUID rOt, zIrA, ADAM MAtzA, MICHAEl FEAtHErS, DOt DOt DOt OrCHEStrA, rOOvEr HOOK, EDDY A AlvArEz & JUJU PIE, GrEG AlvArEz, wICKED PlAYGrOUND @ SPACE MOUNtAIN deGeneraTion: haochi waves, sumT @ The GarreT souTh side duB @ kahunas naTTy Bo’s indePendence kick-off @ souTh shores


AUDIO JUNKIE’S INDEPENDENCE DAY BASH DAY 1: HOllY HUNt, UNStOPPABlE DEAtH MACHINES, JEllYFISH BrOtHErS, SNAKEHOlE, wHItEGOlD, tHE GUN HOES, CASUAl CrEAtUrES, SHArK vAllEY SIStErS & MOrE @ GrAMPS rioT acT 4Th of July BBq @ dada Boomin BeaTs indusTry edm ParTy @ resPecTaBle sTreeT ciTy of lake worTh’s fourTh of July fireworks, music and waTershow fT. danGer muffin, The suPervillains, kiss alive, sPred The duB, franscene, souTh side duB, The ciTy lines, charlie PickeT, fuzzhound, The moBile homies @ BryanT Park & culTural Plaza mylo ranGer, whiskey wasPs @ funky Buddha moska ProJecT @ Terra fermaTa daTsik, diesel Boy @ revoluTion live Bone fish Johnny & funky Blues revue @ souTh shores


AUDIO JUNKIE’S INDEPENDENCE DAY BASH DAY 2: HOllOw lEG, SEt AND SEttING, COUPlES COUNSElING, POCKEt OF lOllIPOPS, HAOCHI wAvES, HUMBErt, PlAStIC PINKS, SUEDE DUDES, rOOvEr HOOK, EAGlE CHIEF, SANDrAtz, IStIllFEElIt, trEASUrE tEEtH & MOrE @ GrAMPS hard richards @ dada coG nomen @ kyi old haBiTs, rememBerinG never, sweeT noThinGs, sunnyvale, The muGGles @ ProPaGanda lINDSEY StIrlING @ SUNSEt COvE sTar sPanGled JuBilee @ norThwood villaGe arTs disTricT rooTs shakedown @ er Bradley’s The zoo Peculiar @ funky Buddha Ben PresTaGe @ Terra fermaTa cTrl.alT.creaTe: arT, fashion, live music @ BBad equinox @ souTh shores


AUDIO JUNKIE’S INDEPENDENCE DAY BASH DAY 3: Mr. ENtErtAINMENt & tHE POOKIESMACKErS, DIvIDENDS, QUArtEr HOrSES, vINYl/ vHS SwAP, tHE AUDIO JUNKIE OlD FASHION trUNKIE, MOvIE GAlOrE @ GrAMPS The Go-Go’s, PaTTy smiTh of scandal, marTha davis & The moTel’s, cuTTinG crew, naked eye @ hard rock live moe. @ revoluTion live nouveaux honkies @ Terra fermaTa Jahfe, lance-o, Jr lee & The kulcha shok krew


rhyThmaTion & lance-o of kulcha shok @ BosTons


hairPeace @ Terra fermaTa sTeven vincenT @ souTh shores dJ GarreT @ ProPaGanda


hannah @ dada dizzy wriGhT @ Grand cenTral ryan owens @ Terra fermaTa DEADlINE FOr SwEDE FESt FIlM SUBMISSIONS micah scoTT @ souTh shores dJ needlez PresenTs. rock The mic @ ProPaGanda


Jason erharT @ resPecTaBle sTreeT wONDErlAND 7/10 DEMO FEAt. SNIC, PEtEr MUllEr, CAlM @ wONDErlAND GIFt, OKEECHOBEE BlvD JanGle leG @ funky Buddha crafT Bazaar @ dada army Gideon @ kahunas fireside ProPheTs @ ProPaGanda ThunderGrass @ Terra fermaTa The cravens @ souTh shores


“wHAt’S All tHE BUzz ABOUt?” @ Art ON PArK rooTs shakedown @ GuanaBanas GeT The ammo, sweeT noThinGs, inciTed, Ten Paces, die TryinG @ ProPaGanda rIO 2 (G) MOvIE, ArtS & CrAFtS FAIr @ lAKE AvE CUltUrAl PlAzA mandy moon @ dada SwEEt BrONCO, KrUEllEr, wOlFCAt, NECrOPHIlES, tIMB’S BDAY @ POOr HOUSE dionysia @ funky Buddha The PeoPle uPsTairs @ Terra fermaTa Tom reGis & friends @ souTh shores


chris Tucker @ hard rock live flashBack @ kyi off orBiT @ dada under The radar oPen mic @ coasTars The PaTheTique, kids @ funky Buddha ray lamonTaGne @ The fillmore miami Brillz, ThuGli, suPernauT, haPPy colors, khaos @ Grand cenTral rollinG nowhere @ Terra fermaTa 900 seconds @ souTh shores


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dana carvey, dennis miller @ hard rock live Glen washinGTon, ryThmadix, lance-o, shyne J, Godfada, don one & The kulcha shok krew @ Jazid BreTT sTaska @ salTwaTer Brewery random Play @ Terra fermaTa rhyThmaTion & lance-o of kulcha shok @ BosTons


dave Goodman @ Terra fermaTa mark Telesca Band @ souTh shores JanGle leG @ Black rose irish PuB


new BeaT soul cluB @ resPecTaBle sTreeT verBal evasion deBaTe niGhT @ coasTars Tiffany ashTon Band @ Terra fermaTa sTeven vincenT @ souTh shores alex chrisTie @ dada


new mayans @ resPecTaBle sTreeT BreTT sTaska @ mellow mushroom fireside ProPheTs @ dada rude hecklers, lfTd lvls @ ProPaGanda Greenhouse lounGe, dJ waldo @ funky Buddha Brian menendez @ Terra fermaTa The cravens @ souTh shores


Black friday (3yr anniv) @ sTache caleB lovely @ dada asTari niTe (video release/record deal ParTy) @ sTache The rioT acT @ funky Buddha caked uP @ Grand cenTral crazy carl’s @ Terra fermaTa mark Telesca Band @ souTh shores


SUMMEr DAzE CONCErt SErIES DAY #2 FEAt. lIt, tHE PEOPlE UPStAIrS & MOrE @ PrOPAGANDA zaPaTo 3 @ Grand cenTral JanGle leG @ dada hoy Polloy @ kyi mandy moon @ souTh shores soundGlass @ revoluTion live Professor PennyGoodes @ Terra fermaTa duBBle James @ meaTBall room


@ tHE PArKEr PlAYHOUSE i am The avalanche, somos, rusT BelT liGhTs & sunnyvale early show. Jude., civilian, rivers, laTe show @ ProPaGanda tHE ArtISt (PG-13) MOvIE, ArtS & CrAFtS FAIr @ lAKE AvE. CUltUrAl PlAzA sara Bareilles @ hard rock live woodGrains @ dada BiG sam’s funky naTion, selwyn Birchwood @ funky BiscuiT BeTTy fox @ Terra fermaTa fall ouT Boy, Paramore @ cruzan amP Black finGer @ souTh shores Vol.1″Under the InFleUence” Jason FleUrant @ Bohemïa aG woodGrains @ funky Buddha


noT aT comic-con @ TaTe’s comics, lauderhill culTura ProfeTica @ culTure room inna sense @ Terra fermaTa coG nomen @ dada rioT hair lounGe Grand oPeninG @ rioT hair lounGe CHEAP MIAMI SHOwCASE @ KYI mad decenT Block ParTy wiTh acTion Bronson, dillon francis, flossTradamus, zeds dead @ revoluTion live 311 @ SUNSEt COvE damon fowler @ funky BiscuiT vans warPed Tour @ cruzan amP Vol.2 “Under the InFleUence” Jason FleUrant @ Bohemïa aG funkin GraTeful @ GuanaBanas off orBiT @ funky Buddha acousTic BandiTos @ souTh shores


furTher advenTures of The ThouGhT coaliTion arT oPeninG @ Bear & Bird Gallery JanGle leG @ monTerey cluB souTh side duB acousTic @ salTwaTer Brewery The shakers @ Terra fermaTa inna sense, lance-o, kulcha shok & socialisT rooTs @ Jazid

army Gideon, lance-o & kulcha shok krew @ Jazid rooTs shakedown @ The Backyard Bar suBGroove @ Terra fermaTa


niGhTmares on wax @ Grand cenTral rhyThmaTion & lance-o of kulcha shok muzik @ BosTons

SOUlSHINE tOUr: MICHAEl FrANtI & SPEArHEAD, SOJA, BrEtt DENNEN, trEvOr HAll @ SUNSEt COvE mkTo @ revoluTion live dave Goodman @ Terra fermaTa duBBle James @ faT caTs mark Telesca Band @ souTh shores dJ GarreT @ ProPaGanda


ElvIS DEPrESSEDlY, AlEx G & MOrE @ BACK BOOtH The fray @ hard rock live machine Gun kelly @ Grand cenTral Ben meJia @ Terra fermaTa def lePPard @ cruzan amP aaron leBos realiTy @ funky BiscuiT mark Telesca Band @ souTh shores


cody ruTland @ Terra fermaTa micah scoTT @ souTh shores Pierce eden, scoTT low @ dada


morninG faTTy @ ProPaGanda The heavy PeTs, Juke @ funky BiscuiT PoliTical reliGion @ dada BoynTon Beach live @ BoynTon Beach arT disTricT coyoTe union @ funky Buddha BaTh salT zomBies @ Terra fermaTa The cravens @ souTh shores



duBBle James @ faT caT’s rhyThmaTion & lance-o of kulcha shok @ BosTons



Gavin deGraw, maTThew naThanson @ hard rock live faT mannequin @ dada verBal evasion deBaTe niGhT @ coasTars Josh horTon @ Terra fermaTa micah scoTT @ souTh shores faT mannequin @ dada


c’esT whaT @ funky Buddha rouGh cuT @ Terra fermaTa ryThmadix @ kahunas The cravens @ souTh shores


The droPa sTone @ funky Buddha




Though a building may still stand, there is something to be said about the soul of a place. Local filmmakers Franco Parente and Angel Eva Markoulis understand one such vibrant place is the Miami-based bar Churchill’s Hideaway. They, along with many local South Florida musicians and music fans, agree that the former owner of the bar, Dave Daniels, was the soul of Churchill’s Hideaway. But retirement called, and after 35 years of ownership, he sold the famed pub, situated in the Little Haiti neighborhood. Though the new owners swear they plan to maintain the bar’s reputation as live venue, when director Parente heard ownership of Churchill’s was about to change hands, he knew he had to work fast to catch history. “I’ve been wanting to do a project on Churchill’s for years now,” he says. “I guess it’s been all about timing. The story breaking about it being sold lit a fire under me to get up and do something about it.” Producer Markoulis, who has worked with Parente on some of his previous projects did not take much convincing to join the project, a film they’ve dubbed Little Haiti Rock City. “It has no pretense,” she says of Churchill’s charm. “It’s real, and it’s raw, and they feel no need to be like anyone else… Anything goes there, artistically and musically, and pretty much all around. For me, it’s just a place you can go and chill and be yourself, very unlike most places in Miami.” It may have a “cozy” stage, but no music venue in Miami has earned the sort of affection and legacy that Churchill’s has. It’s not just a watering hole, it’s an establishment that ushered several watershed moments for the local music scene. Marilyn Manson would have never made it without cutting his teeth on its stage with the Spooky Kids. The Mavericks, a group of Miamians playing country music would not have earned the credibility that resulted in CMA and Grammy awards. Miami’s noise scene and the International Noise Conference would have never existed without Churchill’s permitting Rat Bastard to experiment with the limits of what some call music (he’s Franco Parente often said he’s done the right show when the “noise” forces patrons to leave the building). The filmmakers, like many fans of the venue and the musicians who have played there, understand that Daniels was essential to creating the institution of Churchill’s. Says Markoulis, “The freedom Dave provided within the walls of Churchill’s was just the beginning of an incredible culture that kind of grew out of that. It’s something that could not have happened anywhere else. And that goes back to the way Dave ran it.” Parente has wasted no time gathering footage, interviewing many local artists like Rat Bastard and the Jacuzzi Boys, not to mention Daniels himself. “We have about 250 hours shot thus far, including tons of B-Roll, some key interviews we felt needed to happen within the bar itself before it changed hands and a lot of time with Dave Daniels.” But now comes a lot more legwork, including traveling to interview some of the legends incubated by Churchill’s. Parente notes, “There are some high profile artists that have found their way through Churchill’s early on like Brian Warner and Scott Putesky of Marilyn Manson, Sam Beam from Iron & Wine, Sam Fogarino from Interpol, and Jeff Buck from REM, and a few other key people that have moved away.” It will take some extra funding, The duo have started a Kickstarter campaign so they might be able to do the travelling necessary for some of these interviews, not to mention all the post production work and editing of the hundreds of more hours of footage they plan to shoot. Parente says funding is key to keep the project going, and he hopes the fans will step up. “In order to complete the film we felt it was time to turn back to the community that has shown so much support and excitement for the project and ask for their help,” he says. Their goal is reach $79,000 by July 3. As of press time, they have a little over a 25 percent of that. The Kickstarter is key to maintaining the momentum they’ve built up. Parente is frank about how important it is to their funding plan. “There is no backup plan,” he states. “Stories like this have a deadline of their own. Telling a contemporary story about the last 35 years means it needs to be told now. People move away, they forget things and archival materials get lost forever. The time is now and a backup plan is not in the cards.” If you would like to contribute to the Little Haiti Rock City Kickstarter, visit: ~ Hans Morgenstern | The Independent Ethos |

THE MUSICAL BOX The Musical Box resurrects Peter Gabriel-era Genesis Not many know that the prog-pop band Genesis has a tribute act based in Canada endorsed by the original members of Genesis. The Musical Box has even been granted access to Genesis’ archives and master tapes to recreate the band’s early 1970s shows, when Peter Gabriel was Genesis’ frontman. Fans too young to have seen the band with Gabriel or old enough to remember that version of Genesis should both be impressed by The Musical Box. They don’t just play the songs of Genesis; they open a rift in time to recreate the era with immaculate detail. They incorporate vintage instruments and frontman Denis Gagné not only dons the familiar and bizarre costumes Gabriel wore, he tells the surreal stories Gabriel often offered as his bandmates retuned their instruments. Whereas Gabriel famously donned the Denis Gagné costumes to conceal a sense of stage fright, Gagné does it with the gusto of a hardcore fan. “Funnily enough, when I was in college, I was trying to put something together to play these songs or even just lip-synch the show,” he says speaking via phone about early attempts to become Gabriel in Genesis. He brings up the band’s longest-ever track, the 23-minute-plus opus “Supper’s Ready,” from its 1972 album Foxtrot. “One of my dreams when I was a kid was to play ‘Supper’s Ready’ once in my life, and now I can’t count how many times I’ve played that song,” he says with a laugh. It is one of the songs set to close out the band’s second ever visit to South Florida (their first was in 2012, to re-create the live experience of Genesis’ epic 1974 double album, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway). This time, though, they are recreating a show that Gagné calls a personal favorite because of the amount of costume changes involved. This is show is all about the 40th anniversary of the Selling England By the Pound tour. It’s something the five musicians in the band are very familiar with. After all, Gagné notes, the band first formed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of when that tour stopped into Montreal. With that much experience, rest assured these masters of music and time won’t let down. The Muscial Box perform July 25, at 8pm at the Parker Playhouse. More information at | ~ Hans Morgenstern | The Independent Ethos |


Sunset Cove Amphitheater, Boca Raton. Illustration by Dave Berns

A Sanguine Summer for Sunset Cove Back in 2008, Boca Raton already had an amphitheater to accommodate national touring acts—a 4,200-seat entertainment anchor in Mizner Park. But at the time, the Mizner Park Amphitheater wasn’t living up to its potential; aside from a fertile week every March for Festival of the Arts Boca, it sat dormant all too often. Enter a second Boca Raton amphitheater, Sunset Cove, a hidden gem tucked inside Burt Aaron South County Regional Park, in the remote wilds of west Boca. The Sunset Cove Amphitheater opened quietly in 2008, but it wasn’t until a year later, thanks to a $61,000 upgrade in rigging for lights and sound, that it became a destination for midsize (and sometimes larger) touring bands. Combining the spacious outdoor ambience of the Cruzan Amphitheater with the relative intimacy of the Fillmore Miami Beach, the 6,000-capacity space has opened its proscenium to acts as varied as the Zac Brown Band and Tegan & Sara, Willie Nelson and Kendrick Lamar. Five years later, community events like the city’s Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza share stage time with major acts like these, and Sunset Cove is now recognized as one of the tri-county area’s premier venues. “First and foremost, the vibe of the venue is really fantastic, being outdoors, set right on the water, out in the county park system,” says Ethan Levinson, a talent buyer at West Palm Beach’s AEG Live, which books concerts at the amphitheater. “It’s a really great place to have an event. Fans love seeing shows there, and bands really enjoy playing there.” And these days, there seems to be a particular kind of band that is most attracted to Sunset Cove Amphitheater: acts that straddle the nexus of rock, reggae and jam music. “The reggae-rock bands like Sublime with Rome, Slightly Stoopid and Rebelution, who we have there regularly, give a beachy, Florida-esque vibe, and being outdoors definitely makes a lot of sense for those shows,” Levinson says. To that end, Sunset Cove’s summer concert series will feature a flurry of like-minded acts prone to attract like-minded audiences. The most prominent is probably 311 (July 26), the best band ever named after a Nebraska police code for public lewdness. The Ohama group’s commercial success peaked with its 1995 self-titled album, a triple-platinum classic whose CD version has likely been used as a makeshift dorm-room coaster in any major university. But these hard-touring reggae-rock stalwarts have maintained a cult fan base ever since, across seven more albums that experiment with funk rock, rap metal, jazz fusion and other genres. Its latest release, Stereolithic— with its album art conjuring the ominous monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey—has been called its best album in nearly a decade, and is the group’s first release since 1991 to eschew major-label support.

Lindsey Stirling Three days later, on July 29, guitarist Michael Franti and his band Spearhead will ply a similar sonic terrain, combining hiphop, reggae, funk, folk and rock into an agreeable, festival-friendly cauldron. Franti’s music with Spearhead is infinitely more accessible than his late ‘80s stint in the industrial punk act The Beatnigs, but his passion for social justice remains apparent in his music and lyrics; an outspoken advocate for peace in the Middle East, he’s one of the few western musicians to book concerts in the Gaza Strip. He’ll be joined on this tour by the reggae-centric acts SOJA and Trevor Hall.

On August 16, Slightly Stoopid will make its semiannual pilgrimage to the amphitheater. Musical kin to 311, the octet was discovered in high school by that band’s guitarist, Bradley Nowell, and few Florida summers haven’t included a major Slightly Stoopid tour since. This year, the easy-listening reggae-blues rockers will headline the “Summer Sessions” tour and will be joined by two acts that have headlined mid-size venues on their own: Stephen Marley and G. Love and Special Sauce. The odd woman out in Sunset Cove’s summer schedule is the musician who kicks everything off, on July 5. Lindsey Stirling, the YouTube celebrity turned America’s Got Talent quarter-finalist, has virtually created her own genre of classical dubstep, with her plaintive violin virtuosity adding an organic dynamic to her Top 40-ready electronic dance music. Her recent set lists have included most of her chart-topping new album Shatter Me, along with covers ranging from John Legend’s “All of Me” to a “Legend of Zelda Medley.” What Stirling shares with these reggae-rock acts is, perhaps, a vibe of casual, laid-back optimism, albeit with a dancier backbeat. As AEG’s Levinson puts it, the audience for Sunset Cove’s summer concerts “comes out to party. They come out to have a good time. It’s almost not about hearing your favorite songs. For these surf rock shows, it’s the atmosphere, it’s the vibe—you know all your friends are going to be there, it’s going to be a good time. Florida caters to that vibe very well.” ~ John Thomason

RED EYE REBOOT Raw energy, creative madness, and a showcase of street art are underway for the forthcoming RedEYE. Now in its ninth year, the artsy shindig continues the crazed multimedia extravaganza with a fresh format. This year, the one-night art stand has a new name: RedEYE REBOOT as the event takes on a new tradition on Saturday, July 19 inside Fort Lauderdale’s community gallery ArtServe. Organizer and event creator, Byron Swart, sought to break artistic ground several weeks leading up to the event by enlisting prolific street artist Ruben Ubiera to tag up a FIAT car for the public to experience at the hip bar and coffeehouse, C&I Studios in FAT Village. The dreadlocked Broward artist sprayed the car with fangs and a hot pink façade, helping show an audience that street art isn’t always about rebellion. Corey Bost, Credit Kara Starzyk

For Swart, graffiti and street art are positive social aspirations for creatives. So to help promote freedom of expression and to provide amateur and emerging artists with a stage to perform plus a means to showoff their talents, Swart launched RedEYE, which in turn has become the gallery’s most highly attended event. ArtServe hosts a series of art shows and provides art programming and classes in a multitude of disciplines, but nothing compares to the underground appeal and magic that is about to unfold. When the doors open, attendees will absorb so much art – live music, interactive installations, runway fashion shows, short-film screenings, spoken word, visual arts, and a live street art challenge – in just four hours that, perhaps, the abundance of stimulation could call for for eye drops to, ahem, get the red out. “[RedEYE] is a spinoff of the Warhol world, catering to the highly innovative, low brow and radical,” Swart wrote in press materials. And for that, it is worth checking out. Participating artists and talent include Christian Feneck, Pam Trent of Wicked Apple Art, Sherryl Muriente & Beju Lejbart, Anthony Hernandez, Marvel, Body and Soul Dance Theatre, Nancy Godwin, and Erin Basset, among others. A crew of food trucks will be onsite, libations available and moments of spontaneous art shall abound throughout the venue and its surrounding grounds. RedEYE Reboot rolls from 6-10pm on Saturday, July 19, 2014 at ArtServe 1350 East Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Visit or call 954-462-8190. Cover $12. ~Andrea Richard

LOST IS MORE AT SPACE MTN With the recent change in ownership at Churchill’s, local free-wheeling musicians and performances artists are on the lookout for South Florida venues that allow for an anything-goes ethos. Feel like screaming profanities into a mic? Or, improvising with a synth app and don’t care if you mess up in the process –there’s a place for that, thankfully, and it’s called Space Mountain.

Adam Matza

In December 2013, Alicia Apfel opened Space Mountain in an unmarked building in Miami’s Upper Eastside. She and creative director, Autumn Casey, devote the 1,000-square-foot space to niche m;usic -- experimental, noise, punk, among other genres -- and performance art, spoken word to collaborative gallery shows. Community happenings go on as well such as the recent science night for the environmentally minded folks.

The venue is like a free spirit that readily dismisses rules and regulations, which is unlike other bars, clubs and performance places around town. This summer’s, perhaps, largest and most unruly music bash is scheduled for Thursday, July 3. From 8pm-2am, “Lost is More” musical shindig will take over with a sweet lineup featuring nearly twenty noiseorientated acts. Two stages are set up for the performances. And each act will give short sets, offering attendees enough sonic variety to keep things captivating. Don’t like blitsy, bleepy electronic sounds or deafening distortion of one act? You won’t have to wait too long to hear something else. But one thing that is certain, the night will bring on chaos and escapism all in the name of having a damn good time. Noise pioneer Rat Bastard closes out the show, and international performance artist Kenny Millions takes the stage around midnight. Millions has moved his “Be Creative or Die” event from Churchill’s to Space Mountain, hosting it there on the first Wednesdays of every month. Wicked Playground kicks off the evening just before 9pm, Michael Feathers will appear, and iPad music maker Adam Matza will give a solo show. Also on the bill are Greg Alvarez, Eddy A Alvarez & Juju Pie, rover hook (Teresa Liberatore,) The Dot Dot Dot Orchestra, Zira (Ed Artigas,) Human Fluid Rot, Ed Matus, Kenny Millions, Steven Bristol with drummer Ed Malone, Kenichi Ohme, Sharlyn Evertsz, Rat Bastard (Laundry Room Squelchers) and Xela Zaid. Emcee Benjamin Shahoulian will ensure the show flows, well, along. Adam Matza, the event’s appointed mouthpiece, says (for those unfamiliar) experimental music can include any number of sounds – jazz elements, ambient, feedback and so on. “It’s a wide palate,” he observes. Attendees are welcome to bring their own refreshments. Cover is five bucks and the proceeds go directly to support Space Mountain. It’s a nonprofit and the founder doesn’t use grant money to keep the place’s organic freedom intact. Lost is More gets underway 8pm Thursday, July 3 and rattles on until 2am at Space Mountain, 8363 N.E. Second Ave., Miami. Visit Cover is $5. ~Andrea Richard


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