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Soul + Motown = Sh-Booms

Detroit may me bankrupt, but its musical legacy lives on in one of the most unlikely metropolises in America—Orlando, the home of boy bands and breakbeat and Shamu and Disney World, the plastic tourist fantasyland where that bushy-tailed missionary in The Book of Mormon hopes to realize his dreams. None of this comes across in the music of The Sh-Booms, the exciting soul band that formed in Central Florida in 2011. A lot of bands can make retro-sounding garage rock, punk and Britpop these days, but recreating the Motown sound circa 1965 is a more ambitious gambit. Founded by bassist and songwriter Al “The Thump” Ruiz—all of its members have succinct nicknames, such as “Spark Jiver” and “Skin Blaster”—The ShBooms have done just that, much to the surprise of Ruiz himself. “My parents grew up in the soul scene of the ‘60s in New Haven, CT,” he says. “My teens and early 20s were rock and roll/indie stuff, anything to get away from what my parents were into. As I got older, I started looking up to my parents a lot more and going through their records. I started falling in love with the music I knew so well as a child, and took a stab at songwriting.”

The Sh-Booms

The result, once Ruiz recruiting nine other musicians, including the dynamic lead singer Emily “The Chirp” Patterson, conjures sock hops and jazz clubs and cabarets, where big bands will huddle on small stages, and the charismatic female singers would wear dazzling dresses and her male players would don matching collared suits and ties and move in choreographed unison. You get all of this at a Sh-Booms concert; listening to the band on tracks like “123,” (their first single, released last year) and “X to your O,” it’s as if the last 50 years of musical evolution (soul purists might say devolution) never really happened. In an era where most pop music is composed on computers and written by one- or two-man songwriting factories, the Sh-Booms have stood out among their peers. “Many promoters, radio people, or whatever find this refreshing,” Ruiz says. “Not many bands are doing this type thing. It’s been three years now, we’ve gotten a lot tighter as musicians and honed our craft.” The band is currently working with Boyz II Men producer Alan Armitage on its debut full-length, and you can hear some of those songs before the rest of the world on March 15 at the Bamboo Room, 25 South J Street, Lake Worth. Tickets cost $7 advance, $10 at door. Call 561-585-2583 or visit ~ John Thomason

Heineken TransAtlantic Music Festival

Rhythm Foundation is a non-profit organization presenting outstanding international artists in South Florida – more than 500 concerts, events and festivals by established and innovative artists from around the world. On Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5 the Rhythm Foundation takes the North Beach Bandshell for the 12th Annual Heineken TransAtlantic Music Festival. Meet this year’s TransAtlantans… ASTRO [CHILE] Bold, fresh, and energetic, Chilean electro-band Astro has quickly gained popularity across Latin America for their curious artistic sensibilities which band member Daniel Vargas describes as “experimental pop, rock, and psychedelia.” Named as one of NPR’s favorites of 2012, Astro’s self-titled debut album features sparkling synth tones, infectious hooks, and crossover pop appeal that speaks to fans of dance music across the world. Astro sounds like “Café Tacvba reprogrammed by Animal Collective and MGMT.” ESTEMAN [COLOMBIA] Before he became an actual viral video sensation, Colombia’s Esteban Mateus had already created his pop star persona, Esteman. The former “musical theatre geek” and performance artist was exploring issues of celebrity and gender identity when his 2009 hit “No te metas a mi Facebook” (Don’t Hack Into My Facebook), a catchy and ironic song about internet mischief, catapulted him to internet fame. In 2012 he released his first album, 1er Acto (First Act), whose quirky and fun-filled music mixes boleros, ‘50s American pop, rockabilly, country-western, and tropical sounds. BOMBINO [NIGER] Like the nomadic Tuaregs of the Sahara, Bombino’s electric guitar seamlessly crosses borders. The smoky, incantatory sound of the “desert blues” he produces represents Esteman his unbreakable bond to his culture while simultaneously referencing the American rock guitarists he spent countless hours emulating while working as a shepherd outside Tripoli. Bombino became popular across North Africa for giving voice to his people’s yearning for peace and the defense of their rich and historied cultural heritage. His latest release, Nomad, was produced by Grammy Award-winner Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and was named one of the year’s best albums by NPR Music, the CBC, and Rolling Stone, which describes it as “a perfect match of sound and soul that introduces a new guitar hero.” COURTNEY JOHN PROJECT [JAMAICA] Rootstronic is a hybrid sonic creation, defined by The Courtney John Project as “one part Kingston Mash-up, one part Euro-electronica and 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music.” Hailing from the island of Jamaica, this trio of musical explorers have come together to play, refine, and promote their genre-bending music which straddles electronic dance music and roots reggae. Tickets are $23 each night / $28 at door / $40 for a 2 night festival pass. Purchase tickets and more info at ~ Stef Vidal |

Art After Dark

ev e ry t h u r s day 5 – 9 p m february highlights: feb. feb. feb. feb.

6 Screening of La Camioneta 1 3 Beatlemania 2 0 The Wilhelm Brothers 2 7 Jeff Harding Band

half-price admission all day thursday! This program is made possible in part through the generosity of The Addison Hines Charitable Trust. Media support generously provided by The Palm Beach Post and

Miami International Film Fest It often makes for a rather inelegant anniversary: 31 years. However, with 30 years behind it and 40 years looming in the far distance, Miami International Film Festival director Jaie Laplante seems to like it even more than hitting the threedecade mark. To him, it means a fresh start. “I really looked at the 31st year as a chance to kick off a new decade and start creating new memories,” he said, speaking via phone from his office. “We just really started off by saying how can we be original, how can we surprise people, how can we keep people guessing about what Miami Film Festival is all about?” The opening night of the 31st Annual MIFF was about a month away, as it stood, when we spoke, Laplante had only recently confirmed three high-profile films, which brings the festival total to 97 features and 28 short films from 38 countries. Asked if more surprise bookings might arise, Laplante answered, “I never say never, but I’m not planning on it. You know, with 97 features in the program, it’s pretty much where we were at last year, which was a great size … Unless something really, really amazing comes along that I cannot say no to, I think this will be it.” At a press conference, a few days earlier, on the Wolfson Campus of Miami-Dade College, which serves as the administrative body for MIFF, Laplante invited several local filmmakers featured in this year’s festival to take the stage Jaie Laplante with him. This could very well be the biggest year ever featuring local filmmakers. “I had heard feedback from people that they hadn’t felt the film festival had been entirely welcoming to local filmmakers or local talent,” noted Laplante. “I’m not sure I one hundred percent agree with that. I think that the film festival, at various points in its history, embraced local filmmakers. But regardless of what perception or reality was in the past, I wanted to make sure that I as a director was embracing the local talent.” He said he did not give any special favoritism to local filmmakers and vetted the submissions just as he would any other film. “There’s a definite standard to getting into the Miami International Film Festival,” he stated, “and I’m pleased there were a significant number of films that we were able to select and stand behind, and say that these are of international caliber that happen to be made by our filmmakers, and we’re really proud of them.” READ THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW ONLINE AT The Miami International Film Festival runs March 7 – March 16 and takes place in several venues in Miami-Dade. For tickets & more info: ~ Hans Morgenstern | The Independent Ethos

Saturday, March 1

Pretty Girls, Jean Jacket @ Respectable Street

Luna Rex Album Release @ Dada

Birthday Candles @ Kill Your Idol Tex Railers, Doomtown @ Propaganda Rod MacDonald’s Big Brass Bed: Tribute To Bob Dylan @ Bamboo Room Curses @ The Garret at Grand Central

Sunday, March 2

Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic @ Propaganda

Tuesday, March 4

Emblem3, MKTO @ Revolution Live AD3 & Dcypher @ Propaganda

Wednesday, March 5

Whiskey Wasps @ Dada Beating Arts @ Propaganda

Thursday, March 6

The Janglin Duo @ Respectable Street Future Presidents @ Dada Jim Camacho, Russ Rogers, Blue Sky Drive @ American Rock Bar Funkmass Inferno @ Propaganda

Forlorn Strangers, Mykal Morrison, The Sand & the Sea, Awake the Lake, Grave Sights @ Propaganda UV Tribute to U2 @ Bamboo Room Skism, Visto Niglio, CRNKN @ Revolution Live Public Sounds @ Dada π @ Bohemïa AG

Saturday, March 15 The Sh-Booms @ Bamboo Room

False Flags, Young Deville @ Respectable Street Under the Radar Open Mic @ Coastars Children of Bodom, Death Angel, Tyr, Ornimental @ Revolution Live Mandy Moon @ Dada Dharmata, Absolute Asylum, Modern Day Outlaw @ Propaganda Jovenes @ Kill Your Idol

Sunday, March 16

Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic @ Propaganda

Tuesday, March 18

AD3 & Dcypher @ Propaganda

Wednesday, March 19 New Beat Soul Club @ Respectable Street

Friday, March 7

Tyler the Creator @ Revolution Live Hannah @ Dada

Pin-Ups & Pinballs Art Opening @ Bear & Bird Gallery

Thursday, March 20 Casket Girls, Dreamend, The Stargazer Lilies @ Churchill’s Pub

Victor Wainwright & the Wild Roots @ Bamboo Room Willy B Williams, Janglin Duo, Matt Woods, Birthday Candles @ Propaganda Robby Hunter Band @ Dada Space Between Words @ Vagabond Tell Tale Open Mic @ Coastars

Saturday, March 8 Lavola Album Release @ Respectable Street

The Sugar High Club Group Art Show @ Ink & Pistons

WellFest Delray Beach @ Delray Center for the Arts Les Dudek @ Bamboo Room Star Pound, A New Way To Live Forever, Kaler @ American Rock Bar Flashback @ Kill Your Idol Konkrete jungle @ Propaganda Jay Blues Band @ Dada Art Walk Gallery Tour @ Historic Northwood Village Urban Waste, Nunhex, Vice City Rockers, Suicide Ritual, Bottom Shelf Warriors @ Churchill’s Pub

Sunday, March 9

Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic @ Propaganda

Tuesday, March 11 Agent Orange, Sandratz, Pool Party @ Vagabond AD3 & Dcypher @ Propaganda

Wednesday, March 12 Anonymous Bass Art Show @ Respectable Street Tegan and Sara @ Revolution Live Ella Herrera @ Dada DJ Needlez Rock The Mic @ Propaganda

Thursday, March 13

HIM @ Revolution Live Army Gideon @ Dada People Upstairs, Fireside Prophets @ Propaganda Wyld Fly, Russ Rogers @ American Rock Bar

Friday, March 21

Between the Buried and Me, Deafheaven, Intronaut, Kindred @ Revolution Live The Janglin Duo @ Monterey Club Eric Culberson Band @ Bamboo Room VNV Nation @ Grand Central DJ Higrade @ Propaganda Vlade Divac @ Blackbird Ordinary

Unclad & Rad: All Art, No Pants @ Unit 1

Birthday Candles, Goddamn Hustle @ Vagabond Burlesque @ Dada

Saturday, March 22 Midtown Peace, Love & Wellness Music Festival @ Mainstreet at Midtown PGA Commander Cody & The Modern Day Airmen @ Bamboo Room Twelve’Len @ KYI

Rude Hecklers CD Release, Hard Richards, 84 Sheepdog, The Muggles @ Propaganda

Chloe Dolandis @ Dada Tell Tale Brunch @ Coastars The NO. 13s @ American Rock Bar Def Mix – Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Hector Romero @ Vagabond (WMC) Kaytranada @ The Garret at Grand Central

Casey Hopkins @ Respectable Street The Desert Rose Band @ Bamboo Room Craft Bazaar @ Dada Russ Rogers @ American Rock Bar Making Faces @ Propaganda Unlimited Devotion @ Blackbird Ordinary

Sunday, March 23

Friday, March 14 Gina White: “Division30” Art Show @ Coastars

Heavy Pets acoustic @ Dada

Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic @ Propaganda Arts & Crafts Show & Sale @ Coastars

Tuesday, March 25

AD3 & Dcypher @ Propaganda

Wednesday, March 26

Homeroom @ Propaganda HARD Miami #1: Boys Noize, M.I.A., Zeds Dead and more @ Grand Central Deep Gets Salted – Marques Wyatt, Miguel Migs @ Vagabond (WMC)

Thursday, March 27

Badfish, Ballyhoo!, Bushwood @ Revolution Live Satisfaction: Tribute to the Rolling Stones @ Bamboo Room Making Faces @ Dada Locos Por Juana @ Blackbird Ordinary Reggae Night @ Propaganda HARD Miami #2: Basement Jaxx, Brodinski and more @ Grand Central 6th Annual Dance Ritual – Louie Vega and Friends @ Vagabond (WMC)

Friday, March 28 Luna Rex CD Release, Palomas, Luxury Of Company @ Propaganda Bayside, Four Year Strong, Daylight, Mixtapes @ Revolution Live Equinox @ Dada The John Zeeman Band @ Bamboo Room Oigo @ Blackbird Ordinary 5th Annual Fixed @ Vagabond (WMC) Something A Little Bizarre | bazaar @ Bohemïa AG Art & Wine Promenade @ Historic Northwood Village

Saturday, March 29 Odd Duck Bazaar @ Fred Lippman CenterHollywood

Uproot Hootenanny @ Bamboo Room Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy, Sinners & Saints @ Propaganda

John Project, Afrobeta @ Miami North Beach Bandshell

Across the Universe: Tribute to the Beatles @ Bamboo Room 21st Anniversary Sale @ Tate’s Comics, Lauderhill SOJA @ Revolution Live Zapato 3 @ Grand Central

Sunday, April 6

21st Anniversary Sale @ Tate’s Comics, Lauderhill

Thursday, April 10

Umphrey’s McGee (Outside) @ Revolution Live Dita Von Teese @ Revolution Live Nikki Hill & Walter Trout @ Bamboo Room

Friday, April 11

Dita Von Teese @ Revolution Live

The Dead Milkmen, Sandratz, Humbert @ Grand Central Saturday, April 12 Kyle Smile Art Show @ Coastars Symbols, Astari Nite, Rebel @ Respectable Street Monday, April 14 Local Natives, Moses Sumney @ Revolution Live

Tuesday, April 15

Flume @ Grand Central

Wednesday, April 16

The Sounds, Blondfire, Ghost Beach @ Grand Central

Thursday, April 17

Wishbone Ash @ Bamboo Room

Ales for Anglers: JJ Grey & Mofro, Thomas Wynn & The Believers, Have Gun Will Travel, Forrest Hoffar

@ Sunset Cove Amphitheater

The Holstered @ KYI Mylo Ranger @ Dada Bedrock/Creations Gathering: John Digweed @ Vagabond (WMC) Gang Green, Springa Sonic Droogs Of S.S.D, Antagonizers Atl, Die Trying!, Liberty Call, Sandratz, The Panix @ Churchill’s Pub

Sunday, March 30 Gang Green, Antagonizers ATL, Springa Sonic Droogs, F, The Shakers, Ten Paces, Simple Principals @ Respectable Street Odd Duck Bazaar @ Fred Lippman CenterHollywood Wednesday, April 2 Heineken TransAtlantic Festival Launch Party: Eagle Chief, Hunters of the Alps @ Blackbird Ordinary Friday, April 4 Heineken TransAtlantic Festival: Astro, Esteman, Tremends @ Miami North Beach Bandshell Deicide, Solstice, The Glorious Death, Blowtorch Sodomy @ Grand Central Chris Duarte Group @ Bamboo Room Tell Tale Open Mic @ Coastars T. Mills, Mod Sun @ Revolution Live

Saturday, April 5 Wayward Parade presents Everymen, Birthday Candles, Old Habits, Nervous Attachments, Judge Holden, Gouge Away, Los Bastardos Magnificos, Everyone’s Fault @ Respectable Street Heineken TransAtlantic Festival: Bombino, Courtney

Friday, April 18

Manchester Orchestra, Balance and Composure, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band @ Revolution Live A New Way To Live Forever, Star Pound, Me and My Animal Friends @ American Rock Bar

Saturday, April 19

Slaughterhouse @ Revolution Live

Sunday, April 20

Griz, Michal Menert @ Grand Central

Friday, April 25

Iced Earth, Sabaton, ReVamp @ Revolution Live

Saturday, April 26

The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive, SleepWave @ Revolution Live Outdoors

Tuesday, April 29 Mogwai, Majeure @ Grand Central Friday, May 2

Agarrate Catalina @ Grand Central Quintessential Quintet Art Opening @ Bear & Bird Gallery

Saturday, May 3

Free Comic Book Day @ TATE’S Comics, Lauderhill

Sunday, May 4

May the Fourth Star Wars Event @ TATE’S Comics, Lauderhill

Wednesday, May 7

Ghost, King Dude @ Revolution Live

Of Montreal, Boogarins @ Grand Central Friday, May 9

Combichrist, William Control, New Years Day @ Respectable Street

Jon Glassman | Luna Rex Luna Rex has a heck of an easy-going sound for influences that range from prog, jam and grunge, according to lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jon Glassman. The band from West Palm Beach formed in 2009 and features colorful lead guitar work by Paul Axelband and an unrelenting rhythm section in bassist Heath Silvern and drummer Jason Hermes. Their new album, All Kinds of Terrain sees official release this March. Covering 10 tracks that average about five minutes, though some breach the 6-minute mark and one runs 11 minutes, the band’s debut album captures the relaxed chemistry with these musicians. If the music was tricky to compose, he does not let on. “Often times, I come up with a very simple chord progression and vocal theme, and we get the basics of the song down. Then we just jam it very loosely in practice quite a bit and look for holes and places where the other guys can stretch out and get a nice groove going.” But the songs also come from a personal place for Glassman, who writes all the lyrics. “For years, I found it very hard to express things/emotions to the people around me. But through writing and music, I could pour out tons of creative energy that no one could judge me on. They couldn’t judge me in my living room or on the front porch, of course, but once I realized that it was fun performing music outside the house, I didn’t care who judged me much.” He’s also a multi-faceted writer, having written a novel, which he independently published late last year. Jonny Bails Floatin and the Luck of the Bioluminescence gains inspiration from his music. “I was thinking about our band and how lucky I was to have met such good friends and musicians,” he notes. “I told myself that I better be careful working in the yard with the hedge trimmers because this would be a bad time to lose a finger. The idea of a musician losing his fingers intrigued me, and a plot developed because I couldn’t stop thinking about the many animals and organisms in the world that have the ability to re-grow parts. Jonny Bails Floatin was born. I’ll stop there, I don’t want to give away too much of the story!” Luna Rex have an album release show with Luxury of Company on Saturday, March 1, at Dada in Delray and a follow-up album release party at Propaganda in Lake Worth on Friday, March 28, with Luxury of Company and Palomas. You can find Glassman’s book on Amazon. Album Art and reverse poster by Paul Caprio. ~ Hans Morgenstern | The Independent Ethos

Casket Girls Kill the Fairytale A hauntingly sweet groove with a charismatic pop edge is the blend that was spun together when Ryan Graveface (Black Moth Super Rainvow, Graveface Records) met sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene in Savannah, GA. After quite literally stumbling upon each other, the trio’s first album Sleepwalking (2012) came together in a whirlwind of timing and chemistry. Elsa confirmed, saying “we wrote and compiled most of the lyrics and melodies all in a night.” The girls carry the vocal lines most often times in tandem with each other, occasionally breaking away for a harmony, as they float right along with Graveface’s eerie electronic and fuzzy synth-filled backdrop. “We are continuously trying to become one with our instincts and not let our brains get in the way too much.” The result? Raw, honest, and transparent lyrics, written by both Phaedra and Elsa, that seem to come from a dream world closely watched over by a darker spirit. “It’s Ryan’s music that dictates how all of these fragments will come together. We usually know instantly which words or ideas belong to each song he gives us. It makes song writing easy” says Elsa. “We also do a lot of dream work in an attempt to be better connected to the collective unconscious. Using our writings from our notebooks on dreams and other thoughts…we attempted to let Ryan’s beautiful musical landscapes allow us to escape our current realities to pioneer new frontiers.” The Casket Girls

The trio toured with Sleepwalking and “through that touring process not only has our live show evolved and found its identity and rhythm, But I feel our sound as a band has evolved a lot” says Elsa. Beginning a second tour with brand new album True Love Kills the Fairytale, released this past February, the Girls added a bassist to the roster, who Elsa excitedly reports is “Kim from Stargazer Lilies! So this frees Phaedra and I up for some surreal choreography.” The Casket Girls launched their tour on Valentines Day in Atlanta and will be making their way South to Churchills in Miami on March 20. Judging by the coincidental patterns that have become synonymous with The Casket Girls, it figures their dark, love-gone-wrong melodies kick off on the day marked by an arrow plunging through a heart. When asked if this was a calculated choice or another divine coincidence, Phaedra responded, “Ha! Pretty sure it was a coincidence, although it definitely seems to say something about us now doesn’t it?” ~ Danielle Romanowski

Pop-Up Funk Somewhere between Highlights Magazine and Touch n’ Feel books on the “for kids” publication hierarchy lies a childhood classic, the Pop-Up Book. Pop-Up Funk ( is no exception to this notion, as it appeals directly, with laser-like precision to the inner child. An extremely limited edition art book, Pop-Up Funk is essentially a compendium of 10 large, handassembled fine art spreads by the reigning champion of Street Art Comic Books and/or Comic Book Street Art, one motherfunkin’ Jim (Tank Girl, Clerks, Marijuana Man) Mahfood, that pop-up to become extra-dimensional bad-ass cut-paper dioramas. The grown-ass kids enviably lucky enough to posses one of only 100 of these limited edition $250 luxury publications will do well to keep theirs away from any actual children. With this, his first Pop-Up Publication, Rosston Meyer, a DIY designer who sees the world in 4-D, has made something exceptional and special, taking Mahfood’s already reverbrating artwork further over-the-top until it literally goes POP! The West Palm resident is cutting, pasting & binding his way into his own art & collectibles niche. PureHoney: So Why Pop-Up Books? Rosston Meyer: I’ve always found pop up books fascinating, both visually and mechanically, and wondered how they were done. It was something I’d always wanted to do, make a pop up book. So I guess I’m just manifesting that fascination into a thing to fascinate others with. PH: Mahfood’s a great choice for this treatment… I can practically hear music when looking at his art… adding dimension only amplifies that effect. Bravo. What other artists would be well served by your Pop-Up treatment? RM: Other artists that I would love to work with would be Junko Mizuno and Kozyndan. I feel that anyone’s art could be made into interesting pop-ups, but plan to be selective, as this is my passion project. It allows me to collaborate on something special with my favorite artists. I’ve only just begun and already have been lucky enough to work with true greats. PH: Nice. You’re doing it all yourself now… do you forsee a point where volume or common sense has you switching to a more automated system? RM: Well, yes and no. I am currently piecing together a line of new Pop-Up Books with a handful of new top collaborators, individual publications and probably a group book. The process of “figuring it out” is what appeals to me, creatively, so I’ll always design the books myself, with my own two hands. That said, I look forward to and have been sourcing equipment and partnerships that will allow me to put more of these books together with less effort so that I might take this limited-edition hand-made boutique item to the masses. To order or just gawk at Pop-Up Funk by Jim Mahfood & Rosston Myer: ~ Dave Berns

Mogwai, Church of Fun Too Post-rock, with its wonderfully amorphous sonic guidelines and cavalier willingness to push boundaries, has grown from its awkward infancy in the late ‘80s to become a respected and beloved genre. The ugly duckling born from psychedelia and a philosophy of musical anti-heroism now sees bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky mark the genre’s ascent by opening massive tours for Nine Inch Nails, scoring primetime television shows, and floating coyly at the Mogwai top of many recently announced major festival bills. Somehow, while the mainstream’s span of attention has steadily eroded away beneath a current of reality television and increasingly vapid and disposable pop music, a genre built on the might of twenty minute instrumentals has found a serious foothold with true music fans. While the aforementioned groups may still be a far cry from household names, their undeniable popularity is remarkable considering the art they make and respective career trajectories. So, as post-rock watches its star continue to rise alongside a crescendo of delay-drenched guitars, it’s important to take note of those that came before, namely Scotland’s Mogwai: The band that arguably perfected post-rock as we know it today.     Mogwai will be performing in Miami on April 29, and while the it is certainly not hurting for fans at this point in its career, the Glaswegian-bred band’s influence is still greatly under-appreciated -- especially considering that it has been building hypnotic, monolithic masterpieces of post-rock since the mid ‘90s.  Now 8 records deep into its career, Mogwai is still evolving musically without making drastic alterations to its sound. With the release of Rave Tapes earlier this year, the band has successfully maintained the integrity of its discography while avoiding the repetition that plagues most artists with similarly lengthy careers. Perhaps what makes Mogwai’s music so potent is its uncanny ability to convey the full weight of emotion without the use of vocals, operating within engrossing sonic environments and building walls of effect. For those looking for a starting point within the band’s output, we recommend the now classic Happy Songs for Happy People as it is a prime example of Mogwai’s ability to remove the listener from the moment with a signature, cinematic flare.  As live performances go, a Mogwai date in Miami is a rare opportunity not to be missed, and has been described by zealous fans as religious experience. Your chance to ensconce your senses in blooming instrumentals will be on Tuesday, April 29, at Grand Central, Miami. ~ David Von Bader

Get Well Sooooon! Good vibes and wellness are in the air for the month of March. The aroma is particularly strong in Delray and Palm Beach Gardens where two festivals are happening that you won’t want to miss. Wellfest in Delray and Peace, Love & Wellness Music Festival in Palm Beach Gardens are heaven sent events. There is something magical and healing happening in Delray and it’s called Wellfest. On the weekend of March 8-9, 2014, between 11-5pm, Wellfest takes place at Delray Center for the Arts and Hyatt Place (off Atlantic Blvd.) located at Old School Square. Wellfest provides a kaleidoscope of exhibits ranging from alternative medicine, organic cuisine, educational information on new age philosophy, organic beauty products and a variety of fitness demos. Exhibitors offer their expertise on the mind/body connection and provide guests with holistic approach to nutrition, skincare and fitness. Wellfest even includes an organic food court. Hungry yet? Wellfest speakers will present on digestion, Chakra alignment, and use of crystals, meditation, Feng Shui, acupuncture, and chiropractic care to create more balance in your life. Feeling guilty about leaving Fido at home that weekend? Wellfest has you covered with tons of fun products and information for your fury little friends. During their innagural year, Wellfest had thirty exhibitors and ten speakers. Attendance was a huge success last year and is expected to double this year. The best way to describe this event is “creating community to promote health and wellness”. For people outside of the Delray area that would like to get away from the big city vibe and experience a health utopia, this is the perfect escape. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand on your health. For further information or if you are interested in becoming a part of Wellfest, as a sponsor or exhibitor, please visit their website at Connection is the cure. See you at Wellfest! Peace, Love & Wellness Music Festival in Palm Beach Gardens is a journey to Nirvana and the train is leaving so hop on. This festival features a stellar lineup of musicians with a reggae-ska vibe such as Arden Park Roots opening for the headliner band Xperimento. An added bonus... this is free live music – ya mon! A dj will also be spinning some amazing tunes for the yogis and yoginis that are ready to get their asana workout on. On Saturday, March 22, between the hours of 1-5pm Midtown celebrates health and wellness during their annual block party festival. Come out and play and get expert consultations, services and learn about programs from the very best when it comes to healthy living. If you are interested in participating in some fun activities then bring your own yoga mat and get down with your downward facing dog for some namaste style stretching while you jam out in the “Yoga Zone.” The best part about the yoga zone is you have options to try vinyasa style or go aerial and take flight with some flying yoga. Concerned about eating healthy? This festival has organic samples from Christopher’s Kitchen and many other wonderfully healthy options for those on the go like Chipotle or free vegan food samples for the Vegans in the house. Need a makeover, but don’t have time? Five minutes to fabulous mini hair salon has your back at Theology Salon & Day Spa. They will be on hand to transform you into a more fabu-you. Looking for a few unique, original pieces? Vendors of artisan jewelry and clothing will also be in attendance. If free food, free music isn’t enough for you then come for the skin product samples, free wellness checkups from JFK Medical and free fitness consultations. Don’t miss the wonderful event full of freebies and simply awesome vibes. For more information visit: ~ Marcella S. Roukas


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