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EMBA The Executive MBA Program

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Business Leaders Since 1983

Envision yourself in a job you never thought you could get, in a position you never imagined you could attain. You’re making high-impact decisions, driving growth in your organization. You’re responsible for people, products and profits. The Krannert Executive MBA Program (EMBA) can help you realize this dream. The EMBA program at Purdue has provided educational solutions for working professionals for over 25 years. This EMBA uses top Krannert faculty, renowned speakers, and is consistently ranked among the top programs in the world. We understand that conventional methods of doing business no longer work in a global economy where competitive challenges abound. Master the latest, most innovative business practices with an EMBA program that brings networking and application of business practices into the classroom. An MBA from Purdue’s Krannert School of Management— one of the most respected business schools in the world — will help you gain expert business acumen across all core business courses, learn and implement successful tactics and strategies in your work place, and help you strengthen your leadership competencies. The Purdue EMBA is the key to help you unlock your potential and create new opportunities for you and your company.

Classmates: Your Allies in Learning Academic engagement in the Krannert Center

A Flexible Learning Format Our format combines residencies with distance learning components, allowing participants to meet their educational goals while simultaneously fulfilling their professional responsibilities. During off-campus periods, students complete assignments, creating an effective blend of campus time, distance learning, and interaction with some of the best, most experienced working professionals from businesses large and small. Class time is concentrated into six residencies of one or two weeks. Five of them take place at Purdue and one in China. In the initial residencies, students cover the core skills needed for MBA graduates. Later residencies allow for a more personalized curriculum to meet students’ individual needs. This approach allows for both rigor and flexibility along with interaction among participants. Check out our schedule: You will learn more in our program, retain more, and immediately take applicable information back to your company after the first residency.

“The structure of the program at Krannert was a great fit for me. I was able to work with teammates from different industries all over the globe, expanding my network and learning through their experiences as well. The layout of the residencies also allowed me to balance course work, the demands of my career, and quality time with my family.”

Your classmates will be drawn from across the U.S., Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia. They are experienced professionals—mostly mid-career level— who will bring their expertise into the classroom. Their average age is 34-36; they have an average of 11-13 years’ work experience; and they have backgrounds in business, economics, and technology. They work in both large corporations and smaller businesses— you will learn from them as they will learn from you. The networking opportunities and friendships you develop will result in compelling, life-long connections.

Billy Davidson, EMBA ‘12

“As a candidate over 45 years of age when I applied for the Krannert EMBA program, I was a little concerned about the years that had passed since last studying for classes, doing homework and taking exams. But with my additional years of work experience I soon found that I was able to contribute to discussions in a fuller manner and could see day-to-day application of the topics and materials being learned. I’m glad I made the move and continued to pursue the dream I thought was too late to accomplish.”

Krista Ball, EMBA ‘10 Vice President Operations-Strategic Optimization Group Fifth Third Bank Cincinnati, Ohio

J. Eric Dirlam, EMBA ‘09 Project Director, Asset Optimization Verallia, Saint-Gobain Containers Paris, France

A Fully-Engaged, Caring Faculty Classes in the EMBA Program are taught by senior-level faculty, all accomplished instructors who have taught extensively in executive programs. They have substantial research and publication records, have experience as consultants to corporations and government agencies and are adept at answering the tough business questions. All are dedicated to providing top-level learning to students and bringing the latest management knowledge and techniques to the classroom. They are accessible, care about you, and will go the extra mile to help you succeed. Indiana Court of Appeals Judge James Kirsch (center) and other Indiana appellate judges hear an oral argument for a civil case in the EMBA classroom at Krannert. The court case is an annual event that Kirsch provides as part of his business law course.

“Krannert EMBA students are exceptional—bright, articulate, multi-talented and experienced and come to the program with high expectations. I endeavor to meet those expectations by bringing to each class a lifetime of experience as a lawyer, judge, teacher and consultant working with businesses across the country and throughout the world. My goal is always not just to impart legal knowledge, but legal understanding by combining real-life cases with the underlying legal and economic philosophy.”

“The Krannert EMBA is all about learning how to make good decisions and how to lead people. Many of the courses are very analytical and teach the tools that are necessary to make the best business decisions. Courses in organizational behavior, leadership, negotiation and managing change cover the people skills that are essential for executive roles. We also prepare students to lead in a global environment with exposure to cultural differences in business practices around the world.”

Judge James S. Kirsch

F. David Schoorman

Indiana Court of Appeals and Lecturer, Krannert Executive Education Programs Course: The Legal Environment of Business

Purdue Professor of Management/Dean, GISMA Business School Course: Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

A Successful Program is Visible in its Alumni Purdue is ranked among the top 10 U.S. universities for producing CEOs.

“Day in, day out, I have applied the principles learned at Purdue to my workplace. There are many things I encounter daily that we talked about at great length in our classroom there at Krannert.”

“Krannert demonstrated to me early in my career the power of applying leading edge information technology in a learning environment. I left much more confident and willing to engage in all functions of the business equation.”

Tony Grilli, EMBA ‘96

John Krenicki, Jr., EMBA ‘91

President and CEO Otis Elevator Canada

Vice Chairman, General Electric President and CEO GE Energy

Cross-Functional Curriculum with Personalized Options Module 1 (2 weeks)

Managerial Economics Accounting for Managers Management Analytics Managing Behavior in Organizations Marketing Management

Module 2 (2 weeks)

Finance for Managers Strategic Management Management of Manufacturing and Service Operations Leadership in Organizations

Module 3 (1 week) Functional Elective 1 Functional Elective 2 Immersion Elective

Module 4 (1 week) Functional Elective 3 Immersion Elective Change Management

Module 5 (1 week)

Risk Management Entrepreneurship Immersion Elective Active Learning Project

Module 6 (2 weeks)

Legal and Ethical Environments Developing a Global Management Strategy

Ranked #14 for return on investment by the Wall Street Journal, 2008

A Healthy Return on Your Investment

EMBA students tour the Forbidden City in Beijing

An International Classroom Immersion An international experience is an important feature of the EMBA program. Occurring during the last module of the program, the classroom moves to an international location—most recently to China—to provide participants with a richer comprehension of the global competitive environment of business through a series of lectures, case analyses, plant visits, outside speakers from government ministries and multinational firms, and associated international business projects. Our on-site international classroom fosters collaboration, understanding and an exchange of global business practices and ideas. EMBA students experience international

The Purdue EMBA yields a handsome return on investment by enhancing your personal and professional development and creating opportunities to open some very exclusive doors. In 2008, the Wall Street Journal ranked us #14 among executive MBA programs, with a 121% personal return on investment. But it isn’t all about raises and promotions. It’s about meeting and networking with some of the most talented people across the nation. And your skills and knowledge will help to give your company a competitive edge. A recent survey of our alumni two years after graduating from our EMBA program revealed that 53% saved or made their company $12,000,000 annually based on ideas and information acquired in the classroom. The analytical skills and understanding of managerial concepts we teach you will contribute to your organization’s competitive strengths today and into the future.

business at Xi’an Jiaotong University

Tailoring the Program to Meet Your Needs Across the modules, we have introduced three ways that students will be able to tailor the program to match their particular interests:

Functional Electives – For these electives, students, as a group, will choose three courses of greatest interest from a selection of courses (e.g., International Economics, Marketing in a Global Economy, Negotiation in Organizations, International Financial Management). This approach allows for electives to be changed annually to reflect current business challenges and student interests. Immersion Electives – These electives allow student teams to analyze a business trend or a topic of interest. For example, 4-5 students may be interested in operational efficiency in the healthcare industry and may choose to analyze that issue, even if none of them work in healthcare. The immersion electives provide both breadth and depth of understanding to cutting-edge challenges and issues. Active Learning Projects – These projects have students combine prior experience with classroom skills to diagnose and resolve a critical problem for a business client. Experience in solving problems for clients provides students with insights and new skills to address challenges in their home company.

A Few of the Many Companies —Both Large and Small — That Have Benefited from Krannert Knowledge and Expertise

The Krannert Center for Executive Education and Research

Visit Us One of the best ways to learn about our EMBA program is by talking to current students or alumni. To schedule a visit and to sit in on a class with our current students, visit If you would like to chat with one of our alumni or our faculty, contact us at the information below, and we will be glad to coordinate a phone call or e-mail exchange.

Complete Our Online Application Applying to our EMBA program is easy. Simply complete our online application and provide two recommendations (found within the application), a resume, and official transcripts. Please call our office at the number below to speak with an admissions counselor to answer specific questions you might have about your admission and candidacy.

Contact Us We’re no ordinary university—and we’re not looking for ordinary people, but people confident enough to take the challenge our program presents. Not only do we offer a top education that will open doors and create opportunities, but you’ll find us easy to reach, personable and willing to answer your questions. We look forward to helping you accomplish your goals, so call us: 877-622-5726 or email us: Krannert School of Management Purdue University 425 W. State Street, Suite 206 West Lafayette, IN 47907-2056

An equal access/equal opportunity university

Current or former military personnel: your GI Bill benefits could cover the entire cost of this outstanding program!

Advocate Health Care Alcoa AirTran Airways, Inc. Avaya, Inc. Bank of America Biogen Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporate Express Cummins Power Generation Dell Computer Eli Lilly and Company Fifth Third Bank General Electric Great Lakes Chemical Harper Capital Advisors Harris Corporation Intuit, Inc. IBM Corporation Otis Elevator PepsiCo International Saint-Gobain Containers Standard Locknut St. Vincent Medical Center Temperature Equipment Corp. Texas Children’s Hospital Tooltechnic Systems Xactware Solutions, Inc. To see a list of companies represented in our program over the last five years, visit our Web site

Krannert Executive MBA Brochure  

Envision yourself in a job you never thought you could get, in a position you never imagined you could attain. You’re making high-impact dec...

Krannert Executive MBA Brochure  

Envision yourself in a job you never thought you could get, in a position you never imagined you could attain. You’re making high-impact dec...