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Tressa Wilham & daughter, Sawyer

front cover portrait by


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Wish It. Dream It. Do It.


ur cover this month features Tressa Wilham, AMPA’s director and owner, and her daughter Sawyer. AMPA is the premier studio for dance training offering classes for ages 1 ½ years old to 18 in tap, jazz, classical ballet, contemporary ballet, hip hop, and lyrical. AMPA is the place to train if your goal is to learn proper technique in a fun, family atmosphere. “When you walk into AMPA, we want you to feel like you are walking into a professional dance studio that is inviting and fun,” Tressa says. “AMPA is the place to grow in confidence, creativity, and proper dance technique… Our goal is to make every dancer want to learn and want to grow.” With the continued growth of the studio, Wilham has welcomed Douglas P. Arnold to the AMPA faculty. Arnold handles the day-to-day administration of the studio and is available to answer questions from parents in the AMPA lobby and assist students with anything they need. Arnold also offers coaching and lessons to AMPA students in voice, acting, piano, and other instruments.

Building Character, Inspiring Passion

AMPA was founded in 2009 under the direction of Tressa Wilham. With the primary goal of instilling students with values that they can use throughout their life: confidence, poise and perseverance, are just a few of the character traits



that come with being an AMPA dancer. These are undoubtedly in addition to learning time management, commitment, and team work. Wilham, prides herself on providing professional dance training, top-of-the-line dance facilities, and exposure to nationally known dance choreographers “There is so much more to dance than steps and technique,” Wilham explained. “A dancer is a storyteller, an actress and an athlete. Not many sports out there force you to truly ‘find yourself’ in order to be successful. Dance does just this. At a young age, dance students at AMPA learn that it is what is on the inside that truly counts. Dance has to come from the heart, or it’s just steps.”

Why Choose AMPA?

Located in Jordan’s Crossing behind Kentucky Oaks Mall, AMPA takes great pride in offering one of the best facilities in the area. With 5,500 square feet of space, the school offers three dance rooms all with full length mirrors, Bose sound systems and Marley dance floor surfaces. It is the only studio in the area to offer state of the art floating dance floors (the best floors for dancers as they absorb impact and protect the dancer’s joints). In addition, AMPA is conveniently located within walking distance of Paducah restaurants. The facility also offers video monitoring so that you can watch your dancer learn and free Wi-Fi.

The Dancer ALWAYS Comes First

At AMPA, we pride ourselves on helping the students get one step closer to their dreams. AMPA is the ONLY dance studio in the area to have their spring recital at the Carson Center in Downtown Paducah. Not too many young performers get the opportunity to say they have danced at a state of the art Performing Arts Center with a professional lighting and sound crew…the dancers at AMPA can! “The dancers truly feel like stars when they perform on the Carson Center stage. They get a dressing room assigned to them, backstage access to an amazing performing arts center, and the ability to say they have performed on the BIG STAGE. It’s truly a magical, fun experience for everyone involved,” says Tressa.

AMPA Faculty

AMPA offers some of the most enthusiastic, educated staff members in the area. All of the teachers at AMPA have a college degree: They have studied and performed dance at a college level and beyond. The staff are truly passionate about dance, and more importantly, genuinely love working with children. “We try to be so much more than just a ‘teacher’ in the kids’ lives," says Wilham. “We want to help our students grow with self-esteem; we can’t think of a better way to build their confidence than to educate them with the gift of dance and music. There is no greater feeling as a teacher than to see your students up on the stage having the time of their life.”

AMPA Competitive Company 2017 Audition Date: Friday, August 18 (Times TBA)

For all dancers planning on auditioning for the 2017-18 AMPA competitive company, please know that you must attend the intensives classes to be offered. Please check their website, myampa. com, for updates on the dates of the intensives. Minis: Ages 5 – 8 (previous dance experience required) Juniors: Ages 8 – 11 (2 years of jazz experience required) Teens: Ages 11 – 14 (4 years of jazz experience required) Seniors: Ages 14 – 18 (6 years of jazz experience required) PAFM JULY 2017


Many Classes to Choose From

introduction for dancers interested in competitive dance. It can also be a good balance for dancers who want more, but not all. Pre Company classes will push dancers to grow and excel, while bringing new experiences and being of the spring dance competition.

'Pre-Company' & 'Company'

AMPA also is home to a nationally award winning competition team. With auditions every fall, the AMPA competitive company trains three to four days a week in the studio, and travels regionally about five times a season. Every other summer, the team ventures to a national dance competition. In the summer of 2015, the AMPA Company was named ‘National Champions’ for several of their dances. We wish ‘good luck’ to the AMPA Company this summer as they travel to Michigan for nationals.

AMPA offers a variety of classes and dance styles at many levels. Whether your child is a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned performer looking for more training, AMPA has a class for you. In addition to recreational level classes, AMPA also offers more intensive level training for the more ‘serious’ dancers. The Pre-Company classes are offered to dancers ages 4–18, and are an additional class time for recreational dancers. They meet once a week for 45 minutes and consists of jazz and/or hip hop. In the spring, these classes will travel with the competitive company dancers to ONE regional competition where they will compete their dance at the recreational level. The Pre-Company classes allow dancers to get more involved without having the full commitment of the competitive company. This class is a great

Class times will be split up in grade levels and will be offered at different times throughout the week. An official schedule will be announced.


New to


Bring in t his ar t to receiv icle discount e a on your registrat ion fee!

Pre-Registration Is Ongoing for Fall Dance 2017 To register your child in any of the classes offered at AMPA please visit the studio on one of the registration days.

• • • •

July 28 4 – 7pm July 29 9am – 1pm August 5 10am – 1 pm August 6 1 – 3pm

Classes will begin on August 14. • • • • • • • • •

Special Needs Classes (now offered) Mommy & Me Preschool Combination Classes (tap/ballet/tumbling/jazz) Ballet (with teacher from Nashville Ballet) Hip-Hop Recreational Company Competitive Company (audition required) Private Music Lessons

For a complete list of classes offered at AMPA go to Military & law enforcement receive a special discount! This article is paid advertising & the information contained therein is provided by the featured individual or business. They are solely responsible for its accuracy.



iDOCTOR by Amy Noles

Fit For School

Physical & Immunization Requirements for School & College


ummer is in full swing, but it won’t be long before the new school year begins. In preparation, PAFM reminds parents with students of all ages, even those heading off for college, to be aware of immunization and health screening requirements. We should all get an annual health screening and adults need immunizations too! When is the last time you had a tetanus shot for instance? How about annual flu vaccine or Meningitis vaccine? Read on for the scoop on school and college requirements?

School Physicals: Why They Are Necessary For Kids & Teens Have you ever wondered why your child needs an annual physical? A lot can change in a child’s or teen’s health within a year’s time. By scheduling an annual physical, you are able to monitor the growth, health and development of your child in addition to safeguarding against potential physical problems that could arise. Explore why an annual exam is beneficial for your child.

“An annual physical exam helps us, as physicians, to be able to establish a relationship with your child,” says Dr. Marissa Stewart-Jaynes a family medicine physician with Mercy Primary Care – Reidland. “Having an established relationship with a primary care provider allows us to identify any problems that may have risen since the last visit

and to be aware of your child’s medical history. There are certain problems such as elevated blood pressures, heart murmurs, or decreased vision that may go unnoticed without yearly physicals.”

Why Do Schools Require Back to School Physicals Each Year?

Annual physical requirements vary depending on state and school. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your child’s yearly exam ensures that he or she is up-to-date on vaccines to protect against serious diseases. Safeguarding your child's health as well as the health of classmates, friends and others in your community is top priority for doctors and school administrators.

What Is the Best Time of year to Schedule My Child's Physical?

There is no better time than now. The ideal time to schedule an appointment for your child’s annual physical is before his or her next academic year - think spring and summer before the next school year. Though it varies, documentation will be required for your child to begin the academic year, in addition to sports and activities. Make sure your child is healthy and ready to begin their new adventure by scheduling an appointment with your pediatrician or doctor.



How Can I Prepare My Child for Their Yearly Physical?

It’s best to prepare your child for a yearly physical with a quick overview of what will take place. Discuss what to expect, such as how the doctor will be checking their eyes, nose, ears and weight. In addition, explain which immunizations may be given at that particular appointment. “It is important not to portray immunizations as punishment for your child,” says Dr. StewartJaynes. “Talk them through why they receive vaccines and the importance of vaccines for their future health.” This is an effective way for you and the child to minimize uncomfortable, unexpected procedures and set the tone for a calm environment.

Kentucky Requirements

Each child needs a preventative health care examination within six months prior to the child's initial admission to Head Start/ Kindergarten. A second examination is required within one year prior to entry into the 6th grade. A third examination may be required by policy of the local board of education within one year prior to entry into the 9th grade or initial admission to school. A cumulative health record is maintained by the school for each pupil entering school. The record will be maintained throughout the pupil's attendance. The record will include the preventative health care examination and screening tests related to growth and development, vision, hearing, and scoliosis, and findings and recommendations of a physician and a dentist. Students who transfer from out of state also must provide documentation of a preventative health care examination.



For younger kids, Kentucky has a number of health requirements for school admission at various grade levels. Required vaccinations for school entry include: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

DTaP for the prevention of diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis Hepatitis A & B Hib, haemophilus influenzae vaccine that protects against bacteria found in meningitis, pneumonia and infections of the blood, bones and joints Measles Mumps Rubella Polio Varicella Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine Another preventative health care examination is required within one-year of entry into the sixth grade, along with another series of vaccinations: Tdap – which protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (also known as whooping cough. Meningococcal (meningitis) Second dose of varicella

College Kids Need Shots, Too!

Receiving the annual influenza vaccine is recommended for children and adults, and is particularly important for adults living in housing communities like college dormitories. The flu vaccine typically becomes available in the fall around September or October and can be administered by a primary care physician as well.

For college students planning to live on campus, most institutions require up-to-date immunizations including the meningococcal (meningitis) vaccine. While specific policies at colleges and universities may differ, recommendations from the American College Health Association (ACHA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that all incoming students be immunized before college enrollment against the following illnesses: • Measles • Mumps • Rubella • Polio • Varicella • Tdap – which protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (also known as whooping cough. • Hepatitis A & B

Dental & Vision Exams

As children prepare for the start of a new school year, a dental exam should be on the to-do list. For children entering Kindergarten, Kentucky law requires at least a basic dental screening. Regular dental examinations are important to diagnose and treat or prevent oral health problems. A dentist may suggest fluoride treatments or sealants to prevent decay. It’s also a good idea for parents to talk with their child’s dentist about properly fitted mouth guards to prevent injuries during organized sports. All children between the ages 3 and 6 who are entering public preschool, Head Start or public school for the first time must have an eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist no later than January 1 of the school year. Kentucky requires proof of a vision examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. This evidence shall be submitted to the school no later than January 1 of the first year that a three-, four-, five- or six-year-old is enrolled in public school, public preschool, or Head Start program.

Discuss what to expect, such as how the doctor will be checking their eyes, nose, ears and weight.

Book your physicals sooner rather than later to get an appointment time that works for your family. If you don’t have a physician you see regularly this is a great time to find one. Four Rivers Internal Medicine/QuickCare, Mercy Primary Care, Baptist Health Family & Internal Medicine and KentuckyCare clinics are all accepting new patients.


The CDC also recommends a booster dose of meningitis at age 16. For students with a history of asthma, smoking, diabetes, liver disease or immune suppression, the pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine is also recommended. A visit to a primary care physician can help to determine which vaccines are needed and when they should be delivered. The physician may also recommend the HPV vaccine for females and males up to age 26.

Physicals for Student Athletes

For students planning to participate in sports, late summer is also the time to schedule an annual physical examination or preventative health care examination. While a sport-specific physical may be all that it is required, they may not address the overall health of the individual and monitor for vaccination updates, etc. Even for those not planning to don a uniform, an annual physical exam by a primary care physician is an important part of staying well and identifying potential health concerns. For questions about vaccinations or to schedule a physical exam, contact a primary care physician.



iGARDEN by Amy Noles

Herb Appeal V

The Brassica Connection


erb Appeal is an annual luncheon and lecture hosted and prepared by Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs). This year it features a healthy combination of familiar foods complimented by cilantro. All specially selected to tantalize taste buds and tempt diners to grow their own. Brassicas include cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, Kale, and turnips. This year’s Herb Appeal is being held on Thursday, July 20 at 11:45am at the McCracken County Cooperative Extension Service at 2025 New Holt Road in Paducah. Lunch service will begin promptly at 12pm. Only 72 tickets at $25 are available. They may be purchased by check, at the Extension office. For more information please call 270.554.9520. Attendees also receive a copy of the EMG’s new cookbook. This cookbook includes all the recipes from the past five years. Following the luncheon, there will be a plant and craft sale.

The Extraordinary Sara Bradley

This year’s featured speaker is The Freight House owner, operator and chef, Sara Bradley. Born and raised in western Kentucky, Chef Bradley is no stranger to the delightful taste that seasonal menu items bring to the dinner table. From the smooth, tart flavor of her grandmother’s homemade apple butter served in the fall, to the sweet taste of strawberry pie that her mother baked in late spring, Sara learned at a young age that fresh produce, eaten in its proper growing season, is a far better reward than frozen foods could ever promise.



After honing her culinary skills under the tutelage of Chef John Fraser of Dovetail in New York and most recently at Blackbird in Chicago with Chefs David Posey and Paul Kahan, Sara decided to put down roots in her hometown of Paducah. With no appetite for frozen foods and plenty of ideas for serving up fresh, seasonal menu items, Chef Bradley cooks with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

The Brassica Connection is a fundraiser for the University of Kentucky Demonstration & Trial Garden on Coleman Road in Paducah. The garden is an outdoor classroom featuring trial beds, a vegetable garden, a small orchard, vineyard and greenhouse.

Extension Master Gardeners

EMGs have more than just green thumbs, they are trained in all phases of horticulture by the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University through the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Upon completing formal training and passing a written exam, they volunteer their time to assist the McCracken County Horticulture Extension Agent in advising home gardeners. Marianne Halicks is the president of the organization. She is certified by the extension service as a master gardener. To gain that certification, she had to attend classes, pass a test, and dedicate a minimum of 30 hours volunteer time (now 40) the first year, and 20 hours a year thereafter. Her team includes Kathy Wimberley, Horticulture Agent, and master gardeners, Sherry Dorris and Jane Junkerman.

Sara Bradley - owner, operator & Chef of The Freight House “Eating is an ethical act,” Chef Bradley says. “By supporting the people and lands around my home, I truly feel that I am doing the right thing. When there is an honest exchange between the producer and the consumer, everyone benefits.”

Educating the gardening public, both adults and children, is the primary focus of EMGs. They accomplish this mission in several ways: Staffing a booth at the local Farmer’s Market; sponsoring a standard flower show at the McCracken County Fair each June; operating a telephone hot-line for gardening questions during the growing season; hosting a free monthly toolbox series on a vast array of gardening topics the first Tuesday of each month; and, maintaining a Speaker’s Bureau. The local centerpiece of their work is the Demo & Trial Garden for which Herb Appeal V-The Brassica Connection is the sole fundraiser.


Chef Bradley takes her patrons back to an era when food tasted good a time, not so long ago, when most Americans ate food that was grown just down the road by people they actually knew. Midtown Market will again provide fresh ingredients for the luncheon including pork tenderloin and lots of brassicas. Since launching his urban food store at 3000 Broadway, Andy Carloss has made great strides in providing organic, locally grown produce to area shoppers.

New Building; Same Mission

The extension office recently moved to their new location in November of 2106, so this will be the first Herb Appeal event held at the new facility. This event is hosted by McCracken C o u n t y Extension M a s t e r Gardeners f o r m a l l y known as The Purchase Area Master Gardener Association. Herb Appeal V -



iCOOK by Britt Allgood

Love the Pan You're With!


y dad told me a long time ago, “Don’t buy cheap tools!” I didn’t understand him at the time but as I got older and hopefully a bit wiser, I realized what he meant. Little did either of us know that the lesson would spill into all parts of my life - including my cooking..

from various suppliers of all things cooking related. A few clicks and I’ve scanned what’s available and ask myself if I need anything. Most of the time I don’t but occasionally I see something that I’ve longed to add to my cookware arsenal and if the quality and price are right, well you know.

I remember growing up that Mom only had a few pieces of matching cookware. I think it was a Paul Revere Ware set of copper bottom pots and pans. She still has a few of those pieces today. The rest of her cookware is a hodge-podge of cast iron skillets, bake ware, and miscellaneous pots and pans picked up over time, or as need arose.

Cleaning & Care of Non-Cast Iron

My cookware, many pieces my wife owned when we met, is or rather was a matched set of anodized aluminum pots and pans. They worked well but I had a few of my own pieces that I refused to give up including my large stock pot and my cast iron. Yes, I can be stubborn that way. But through wear and tear, some pieces had to be replaced and now my cabinet looks more and more like Mom’s. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Anodized aluminum cookware for example should only be cleaned with a non-metallic brush, dish sponge or nylon cleaning pad with a mild soap, baking soda or Bartenders Friend. These pans are porous and should never be run through the dishwasher or you run the risk of destroying the anodized surface.

Lesson Learned

As I search for replacement pots and pans, I recalled Dad’s lesson. I stopped looking at the lowest prices and started looking at the quality of the items. Customer reviews and discussions with other foodies help me – they are invaluable when determining the items of lesser quality. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go looking to buy the most expensive things and rarely do I. Every day my email inbox is full of promotions



Cookware is something that most of us use every day, or at least I hope we do. It should be cleaned and cared for just like any other tool or item that gets regular use. That cleaning and care will vary depending on the types of cookware you have.

Non-stick pots and pans are generally made of aluminum and coated with a non-stick material like Teflon. They should be cared for similarly to anodized aluminum but remember they are softer and can be warped. The manufacturers may say that the pan is dishwasher safe but do you want to risk it?

Cast Iron Cleaning & Seasoning

Cast iron requires an entirely different approach to care and maintenance. Cast iron is extremely porous and requires seasoning and I don’t mean with salt and pepper! With proper care, a cast iron pan will

perform just as well if not better than many modern pans and can last for generations to come. There are several steps to clean and season a cast iron pan the first of which is washing.

Ditch the Soap

The only time you should use soap on a cast iron pan is cleaning just prior to seasoning. Even if a new pan says that it has been pre-seasoned for you, go ahead and wash it and put it through the seasoning process. There’s no telling what the pan has encountered during packaging, sales and shipping. Just for peace of mind, wash it.

Season That Pan!

Now you are ready to season the pan. The seasoning process is an intentional baking on of a layer of fat or oil into the iron. You may not realize that every time you use a cast iron pan that you are continuing the seasoning process. This is one reason why it is critical to not use soap on a seasoned pan; unless you plan on re-seasoning it.

Clean Up

When you are finished cooking, it’s time to clean up the pan. Remember don’t use soap (can I say this enough) and don’t soak the pan in water to loosen the food. It will cause the seasoning to fail and possibly rust the pan. You should wash your pan while it’s still slightly warm with lots of hot water and a sponge or non-metal stiff brush. If you have really tough, stuck on food, you can use kosher salt as an abrasive and a towel to scrub the pan. When finished, toss the salt and rinse the pan with hot water. Always remember to dry your cast iron completely after washing. Dry out the pan with a dish towel or paper towel and then put the pan on a warm stove-top or in the oven on low heat for a few minutes to evaporate any water trapped in the pores. Then use a paper towel to rub the inside of the pan with a bit of lard, bacon grease, or shortening to preserve the seasoning. Finish by using a clean paper towel to wipe out the excess grease. Store your cast iron in a dry spot without lids to prevent water from condensing in them. If your pan should develop rust, use steel wool to scour the spot and then repeat the seasoning process. I personally have three old cast iron skillets of various sizes. One of them I acquired at a family estate auction for a couple of dollars (try getting a new cast iron skillet for $2). It was so caked with grease - I mean it was well seasoned - that I was afraid to use it. I took it home and burned it clean in a wood fire before seasoning it. I’ve had that skillet for nearly 30 years and it still works well for me. Take care of your cookware and it should last a lifetime. Live, Laugh, Love and Eat Well.

Looking for more recipes? While the pan is still warm, use a cloth or paper towel to coat the pan with about a tablespoon of lard, vegetable shortening or bacon grease. Do Not use vegetable oil or you will develop a sticky film. Place the pan back in the oven for 10 more minutes. Remove the pan and pour out any excess fat, then turn the pan upside down and place it back on the top rack above the foil to catch drips. Bake the pan for one hour, then cut off the oven and allow the pan to cool while in the oven. You can repeat this often to keep a pan well-seasoned or after someone washed it with soap.

It's Time to Cook

Your freshly seasoned pan is now ready for use. You can do just about anything in this pan from seared steaks, to cornbread, to pizza. Yep, I said pizza. You can even bake a giant chocolate chip cookie in the pan if you so choose. It is recommended to cook high fat foods in new pans before trying other dishes. This will aid in the seasoning of the pan. Just remember do not store food in cast iron as the acids in the foods will break down the seasoned surface.

©All Good Media, 2017

The easiest way to season a cast iron pan is in your oven. While you are washing the pan, preheat your oven to 300°F. Place a layer of aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven. Dry the pan and place it on the top rack for about 10 minutes and remove.

Don’t miss the weekly iCook blogs, exclusively on

iListWestern PAFM MARCH 2017


One-Skillet Chicken with Buttery Orzo Courtesy of

Serves 4

Kosher salt & freshly ground black pepper 6 skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs

3 1 1 8 1/3 2 ½ 1 1

(can substitute 3 breasts but recommend splitting crosswise) TBSP unsalted butter, divided fennel bulb, chopped plus fronds, chopped leek, white & pale green parts only chopped oz Orzo cup dry white wine (Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay) cups chicken broth, divided TBSP fresh lemon juice tsp freshly grated lemon zest

Preheat oven to 400°F. Season both sides of the chicken with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Heat 2 TBSP butter in a medium sized cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. Nestle the chicken, skin side down, in the skillet in a single layer with no gaps (this could be a tight fit). Cook until meat is opaque around the edges and skin is deep golden brown, 6 - 8 minutes. Turn over the chicken and transfer the skillet to the oven; bake uncovered, until the chicken is cooked through, 10 - 15 minutes. Transfer the chicken to a plate. Tent to keep warm. Set the same skillet over medium heat on range top. Combine the fennel bulb and leek in the skillet and season with salt and pepper. Cook, tossing occasionally, until leek is golden around the edges, about 5 - 7 minutes. Add orzo and cook until pasta takes on a nutty brown color and smells toasted, about 3 - 5 minutes. Pour in the wind and cook while stirring until the liquid is evaporated. Add the broth ½ cup at a time, stirring constantly and letting the broth be absorbed before adding more, until the orzo is tender and broth is mostly absorbed but the pan is not dry, 10 - 15 minutes. Remove skillet from heat. Taste and season to your liking with salt and pepper, mix in the lemon juice, remaining 1 TBSP of butter, and chopped fennel fronds. Pile chicken on top and finish with the lemon zest. Note: If chicken has cooled, leave skillet on medium low heat after adding chicken for a few minutes to warm but don’t dry out the orzo.



Giant Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie Courtesy of Serves 8-10 Or one hungry cookie lover 1

cup semi-sweet chocolate wafers or discs


cup plus 2 TBSP dark brown sugar


cup granulated sugar


cup (1/2 stick) plus 2 TBSP unsalted butter, at room temperature


tsp kosher salt


large egg, at room temperature

1 ½

tsp vanilla paste or extract


cup all-purpose flour


tsp baking soda

and mix until dough comes together and no streaks remain, about 30 seconds to a minute. Stir in ¾ cup chopped chocolate, reserving remaining chocolate, until evenly distributed. Scrape batter into a 10-inch cast iron skillet. Pat batter down into skillet with damp hands, pressing into an even layer so dough extends to sides of pan. Scatter remaining chocolate over cookie and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake cookie until outer edges are browned and slightly puffed, 20 to 25 minutes. Let cool in skillet for 1 hour assuming you can wait that long. Serve in skillet or turn out and cut into wedges.


Flaky sea salt Place a rack in the lowest position in oven and preheat to 375 F. Coarsely chop chocolate, leaving several wafers whole and set aside. Mix brown sugar, granulated sugar, butter, and kosher salt in a large bowl until no large lumps remain, about 1 minute. Stir in egg and vanilla until egg is incorporated and mixture is very loose and resembles cake batter, about 30 seconds. Add flour and baking soda



iLEARN by Sarah Ladd

Get Ready for SkillsUSA, Paducah


any high school students plan to attend college after they graduate but not every student wants to be a doctor, lawyer or banker. We probably all know kids who are good at making things and enjoy the hard work involved with skilled trade professions. Let’s face it, electricians, nurses, welders and manufacturing personnel are all needed in our society. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. They provide educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education (CTE) in the nation’s classrooms. Their agenda focuses on citizenship, leadership and employability, as well as technical, and professional skills training in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health care careers. The program is designed to bring instructors and students together so that they can positively impact each other’s lives and careers. SkillsUSA reaches over 335,000 students and instructors every year; this includes 19,500 instructors who join as professional members. Including alumni, SkillsUSA membership totals over 395,000.

SkillsUSA Paducah

SkillsUSA Paducah holds a trade school “Olympics” competition each spring where local high school students are scrutinized in a very competitive atmosphere. There are several stages to the contest: Students appear in their uniform for an interview. Their interviewing skills, their resume, their dress, and their behavior in the interview are all factors that are dissected and judged to deem their qualification for the workplace. They also complete a hands-on activity. For instance, a welding student may demonstrate their skills with a project and if he or she shows they have met the required standard, receive a certification.



Tough Competition & Scholarships

The competition involves some of the best students in our area and there are scholarships available for the contestants, even if they do not win. At the March 2016 SkillsUSA competition, held at the West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) campus, 21 local teens competed in regional welding and computer machining and manufacturing (CMM) competitions. Jacob Morgan, from the Mayfield/Graves County, competed in the CMM, winning a $500 scholarship to WKCTC in applied technologies. “It made me feel so good,” Morgan commented on the competition and his success. “It was a big difference being in a machine shop doing actual work and competing against people. It was pretty tough, but I’m glad I could get the job done.” There are good scholarships for winners, but a lot of money is available to students simply for making it to the SkillsUSA level. By competing, they have already proven they are the best. There is also gear prizes for runner ups!

The Skills of Working

I spoke with Buzz Vontesmar, Owner of American Home Heating & Air Conditioning and Judge with SkillsUSA. “We want to see students who can understand a task, complete it, and then take it to the next level,” he explained. “The subject doesn’t matter as much as the work ethic. We are teaching these young people the skills of working! It doesn’t matter what profession you’re going into if you have figured out how to be a respectful, professional adult.” This is why the competition employs various stages. Students get to be judged on how well rounded their skills are. Being able to weld without being able to interview professionally will not suffice. “They’re the next leaders and professionals,” Vontesmar said. “They need to do it all, and well.”

Highly Competitive Competition

The competition employs a strict dress code consisting of a uniform red jacket, black pants, black socks, and a well-groomed face. “If it comes down to two individuals,” Buzz explained, “the deal breaker may be that



one of them is wearing the black socks we expect and one has on blue socks - that’s how close it can be sometimes! It has to be competitive because these are not just high school students, these are the next leaders. This is letting us see who is going to succeed and who will not. We have very high standards for their performance.�

Competition Is Early next Year - Get Ready Now!

The next SkillsUSA Paducah will happen early next year, but no dates have been set yet. High School students can best prepare by training in their job field interest, as well as showing a passion for professionalism and hard work. Teachers will register their students, so show your teacher that you are interested and excited. There is no GPA requirement. Registration costs $30-$50 per student. I spoke with Tony Benson, a Collision Repair teacher and the West Region SkillsUSA coordinator, about next year. He says students should start thinking about SkillsUSA now. "Get involved, and stay involved," he advised. "You learn skills, not a competition. Really hone your skills now so at the competition, you're ready to show what you know." Benson wants every student to have the opportunity to succeed at SkillsUSA and go on to nationals. "It's electric to see every state represented," he said. To compete in nationals, a student must win at a regional competition and win 1st place at state. Every two years, there is an international competition. "I don't think people realize how big this thing is," Benson said. "It's amazing." For more information about SkillsUSA please visit




July 2017 Calendar & Community Directory We make every effort to ensure accuracy of information in this calendar; however, changes & cancellations may have occurred since publication. We recommend that you verify all information.

For up-to-date calendar information, visit



FreedomFest 5k 7am Murray High School @FreedomFestKY 270.727.0387 Race begins at 8am. Trophies will be awarded to first, second & third place overall & age group winners. Jewelry Make & Take: Guardian Angel Earrings 10-11am Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Take your guardian angels with you! Create these sweet earrings for yourself or as a gift to someone special. Your choice of crystals or gemstone beads insures your angels are unique. Youth friendly project (12+). FancyFest Music Festival 4-8pm Fancy Farms Winery & Vineyard 270.623.8787 Bring your lawn chairs, & enjoy some of the finest local talent in Western Kentucky. Food vendors will be on site. The music artists will include Taylor James, Haleigh Martin, Dallas Remington, & Luk Nichols. Movies for Me Series: Hotel Transylvania 4pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort & falls for the count's teen-aged daughter. Reduced ticket price ($5) & all children under 12 get a FREE small popcorn. FREE Thunder Over Eddy Bay 5pm Eddy Creek Marina 270.388.2271 Inflatables, games, live music from the Roundabouts, & food vendors from 5-9pm. Fireworks begin at 9pm. FREE shuttle buses available to & from the Eddyville Outlet begin at 5pm. FREE July 4th Celebration at Kenlake 5-9pm Kenlake State Resort Park 270.747.2245 Featuring The Sullivan 3 Band followed by fireworks at the old beach area.

FREE Summer Reading Kickoff 7-8:30pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 The Swamp Tigers play a free community show in the Library garden at this all-ages kick off event for this year's Summer Reading Program. Bring a blanket & the whole family. They'll have corn hole, activities for kids, & FREE ice cream will be provided. FREE LBL Fireworks 2017 8:30pm Kentucky Dam Marina 270.362.8386 Celebrate Independence Day with spectacular fireworks.



Paducah Chiefs vs Owensboro Oilers 6pm Concessions available.

Brooks Stadium 270.519.7845

Prenatal Care • Yearly Exams • Infertility Gynecological Surgery • Menopausal Medicine Alt. Hormone Replacement • Aesthetic Services 4-D In-Office Ultrasound • High Risk Obstetrics Dr. Anunciato would like to welcome Meghan Lee, Nurse Practitioner. Our addition will provide shorter wait times for appointments and convenience for you. 





FREE 5th Annual Blast Over Kuttawa 9pm Hu-B's Marina 270.388.9563 Celebrate Independence Day with Kuttawa's 5th annual fireworks show. FREE Kentucky Lake Big Bang 9pm Celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks show.

Moors Resort 270.362.8361

4INDEPENDENCE TUESDAY DAY FreedomFest Main Street Mile All Day Sparks Hall, MSU @FreedomFestKY 270.759.2199 Events include a mile race, parade, reading of the Declaration of Independence, Family Night in the Park, & concert, ending with fireworks at 9:30pm. FREE Top Gun Sparkle & Shine Car Show 7am-10pm Downtown Mayfield 270.247.3626 It's gonna be a great show at the Glory Days festival, huge trophies, collector dash plaques, door prizes, vendors, fireworks show, tailgate picnic & FREE concerts. Paducah Chiefs vs Henderson Flash 6pm Concessions available.

Brooks Stadium 270.519.7845

Riverfront Concert Series: 4th of July 7-10pm Downtown Paducah Riverfront 270.444.8508 Kentucky Native JD Shelburne will headline a full band concert, along with many other artists. A wonderful firework show will follow. Refreshments will be available for purchase.



FREE Ameribration Dusk Calvert City Memorial Park & South Park 270.395.7138 Celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks show. FREE Independence Day Celebration 9pm Lake Barkley State Park Beach 270.924.1131 Celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks show. FREE Paris Landing Independence Day Celebration 9pm Paris Landing State Resort Park 731.641.4465 Celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks show.





FREE 2017 Summer Reading Program Kick-Off Party 3-4pm Metropolis Public Library 618.524.4312 Read for Good environmental reading program. Summer reading logs & reading prizes announced.

Power in Partnership July Breakfast 7:30am Paducah-McCracken Co. Convention & Expo Center 270.443.1746 Sponsored by Peel & Holland: Salute to the Arts with guest speaker Randy Cohen, Americans for the Arts. FREE Silly Grandpa 11:45am Calloway County Public School 270.753.2288 Silly songs for silly kids, silly adults included. FREE 48HFP Meet & Greet 5-7pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 Come & meet Paducah producers Cory & Landee. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the 48 Hour Film Project. Also a great time to meet others or join a team if you don't have one of your own.



Rimas VisGirda: Screenprinting Decals for Ceramics 4pm Paducah School of Art & Design 270.408.4278 In this hands-on workshop, participants will convert images into silkscreens & use screen printing techniques to print on any flat surface. Participants will have an opportunity to print directly onto clay, glass, or enamel & will receive a screen & squeegee for later use to create their own decals. Leaders for Tomorrow Teen Course 9:30am-2pm Compass Counseling 270.777.4490 HS group: 9:30-11am; MS group: 12:30-2pm. If your student could benefit from a training that will teach skills to equip her/him with leadership skills, including how to become a learner in non-win situations. Battle of the Bands for Singer/Songwriters 8pm M.T. Winchester @MayfieldsFinestTavern 843.441.1261 Battle of the Bands for Singer/Songwriters, performing will be Aaron Potter, Caleb Clark, Melanie Davis, and Jacob Boyd.



Roy Cothran Invitational Men's Golf Tournament 7:30am Oaks Country Club 270.753.6454 Two tournament rounds and one practice round the week of tournament. 3rd Annual Throw Pink! Paducah 2017 2-4pm Stuart Nelson Park 270.845.1234 PDGA sanctioned Charity event. Intro to Pendulums 10-11am Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Explore the folk lore & science behind pendulums & how they work. Learn how to find answers to questions, test for food allergies, see if your chakras are open, find water, energy lines & so much more! Intuitive Readings by Brandt Graves 12-3pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 What does 2017 hold for you? Find out with a reading from our inhouse psychic, Brandt Graves. Brandt's mission is to provide spiritual healing, guidance, & insight. Call to schedule a reading. Paducah Chiefs vs Madisonville Miners 6pm Concessions available.

Brooks Stadium 270.519.7845

Battle of the Bands for Singer/Songwriters 8pm @MayfieldsFinestTavern See July 7th description.

M.T. Winchester 843.441.1261





FREE Mamma Mia! Farewell Tour 7-10pm The Carson Center 270.450.4444 The ultimate feel-good show that has audiences coming back again & again to relive the thrill. Now it’s your turn to have the time of your life at this smash-hit musical that combines ABBA’s greatest hits with an enchanting tale of love, laughter & friendship.



FREE Teen Summer Reading: Angry Birds 1-2pm McCracken Co. Public Library Garden 270.442.2510 x122 Create your own cardboard levels of a real life Angry Birds game. Teens will help construct custom levels filled with green, balloon pigs that they will have to knock down with an Angry Bird slingshot. Fruitvale Station 3:30pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 The purportedly true store of Oscar Grant III, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident, who crosses paths with friends, enemies, family & strangers on the last day of 2008.



FREE Children's Summer Reading: Tricky Max, Magic & Comedy 9:30am, 11am & 1pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 Kids will meet a busy builder named JUSTIN BEAVER who shows them how reading can help them build a better world at school, home & play. Fine Art Studio Class: Photography 2pm Yeiser Art Center 270.442.2453 In preparation and anticipation of viewing the solar eclipse safely, YAC & local artist / photography instructor Todd Birdsong will teach local teens how make a pinhole camera & utilize it to capture & record stellar moments such as these. This class is for ages 8 - 12. Class space is limited. FREE Beekeeping 101 7-8pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 A discussion for experienced to new beekeepers or those thinking about starting a backyard hive. Topics will include basic honey bee biology, family structure of the hive, basic beekeeping equipment, honey bee pests & diseases, & value-added products from the hive. A question & answer session will follow the presentation.



FREE Children's Summer Reading: Tricky Max, Magic & Comedy 9:30am, 11am & 1pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 See July 11th description. FREE Beginning Genealogy: Intro to Genealogical Research 2-4pm 2nd Floor Computer Lab, McLib 270.442.2510 x124 Provide attendees with an introduction & overview of the genealogical research process, as well as provide tips for keeping your research organized. This series is a set of classes aimed at those that have been interested in tracing their roots, but don't quite know where to start or what resources are available. Space is limited. Please call to register. KMS Book Club: Hillbilly Elegy 5:30pm Reading Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.

WKMS, Murray 800.599.4737

How to Fix Knitting Mistakes 6-8pm Itty Bitty Knitty Shop 270.709.3270 We all make mistakes when we knit but do you know how to correct them? Call to register & you can learn this vital knitting skill.





FREE Network @ Night 5-7pm KC's Rec Room 270.443.1746 This is a night for networking, while enjoying yourself. Join in a game of darts, pool, or corn hole. Paducah Chiefs vs Owensboro Oilers 6pm Concessions available.

Brooks Stadium 270.519.7845

FREE Riverfront Concert Series 6-8:30pm Downtown Paducah Riverfront 270.444.8690 Bring your lawn chairs or enjoy the steps at the riverfront and enjoy the music by Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers and Savage Radley.



Battle of the Bands: Rock 8pm M.T. Winchester @MayfieldsFinestTavern 843.441.1261 Buffalo Theory, Hempnoose, Dumptrucker, Barely Blue performing to see who the best musician is.



Grand Rivers Dragon Boat Festival 9am-4pm Lighthouse Landing 270.362.8201 Come on out & cheer on your favorite team in Grand River's third dragon boat race! This family-friendly event will include local & regional teams coming together to race against each other in a series of heats. Spectators are encouraged to come to the festival with their lawn chairs & blankets to enjoy the festivities. Food vendors & music will keep the event lively for all throughout the day. Make & Take Rock Painting 10-11am Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Satisfy your urge & brighten your day with this fun, easy rock painting workshop. Learn what tools are needed, how to select & prep the perfect stone for your design. No need to know how to paint or be an artist to have fun creating a smile-inducing design. Lots of ideas & templates to choose from. Great parent/child project (12+). Murder Mystery: Midnight at the Masquerade 6-9pm SoirĂŠes Event Center 270.816.3947 The rustle of silks & feathers under the muted conversation was probably the last thing heard by the tragically & unexpectedly deceased at the Billionaires' Club Annual Masquerade Ball. With



a mystery under each feathery facade, umasking the killer may be quite a challenge. It's up to you to determine which party-goer is guilty, bring this crime to justice & save the party. Project Hope Music Trivia Night 6-9pm Robert Cherry Civic Center 618.524.8939 Do you have the music in you? Come join the trivia & help raise money for a good cause. Concessions available including pulled pork sandwiches, nachos, drinks & baked goods.



Paducah Chiefs vs Fulton Railroaders 6pm Concessions available.


Brooks Stadium 270.519.7845


FREE Teen Summer Reading: Solar Pizza Oven 1 & 2pm McCracken Co. Public Library Garden 270.442.2510 x122 Build your own pizza box oven to take home! Up to 20 participants will harness the sun to bake S'mores.

FREE Shorts & Stouts Book Discussion: Ernest Hemingway 7-8pm Dry Ground Brewing Company 270.442.2510 July's Shorts & Stouts book discussion will focus on a pair of stories by Ernest Hemingway: The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber & A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.



FREE Small Space Gardening 9-11am McCracken Co. Cooperative Extension 270.554.9520 Learn alternative gardening methods for small spaces, including pallet gardens, container gardens and straw bale gardens. FREE Children's Summer Reading: Junior Engineers 9:30am, 11am & 1pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 Use a toaster & a trash bag to build a hot air balloon; turn a copper pipe into a potato launcher; use diaper genie bags to engineer an amazing structure & more! FREE The City Mouse & the Country Mouse 9:30am, 11am & 1pm McCracken Co. Public Library 270.442.2510 Musical based on the beloved children’s story. This show features fastpaced action & lots of audience participation!

FREE Eat, Sleep, Read 3-4pm Metropolis Public Library 618.524.4312 Farming program with local farmers & review weekly book logs.

Dimensions & Time Jumping 6-7pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 For those who really want to learn to employ some quantum techniques to move around time & dimensions. Rock Shop's owner has experienced this as well as several of her clients - it is pretty trippy & very powerful.



FREE Love on a Leash 6:30-7:30pm McCracken Co. Public Library, 2nd Floor 270.442.2510 x122 Dogs in the library? Yes, it's true! Children will have a chance to meet & interact with pet therapy dogs in training & win prizes. Paducah Chiefs vs Fulton Railroaders 6pm Concessions available.


Brooks Stadium 270.519.7845


FREE Children's Summer Reading: Junior Engineers 9:30am, 11am & 1pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 See July 18th description. FREE Beginning Genealogy: Intro to Genealogical Resources 2-4pm 2nd Floor Computer Lab, McLib 270.442.2510 x124 This series is a set of classes aimed at those that have been interested in tracing their roots, but don't quite know where to start or what resources are available. Space is limited. Please call to register.


St. Nicholas Foundation Charity Roast & Toast 6-9pm Julian Carroll Convention Center 270.408.4828 A night of good-natured ribbing & heartfelt toasts as community members join together to roast a local VIP at our signature fundraiser! Cash bar, luau buffet dinner. Attire: tropical/casual.



Grilling Greats 7:30-11:30am Paducah Farmers' Market 270.442.2510 Library staff will be set up at the Paducah Farmer's Market - come down & see them! Friends of the Library Summer Book Sale 9am-1pm St. Paul Lutheran Church Gym, Paducah 270.442.2510 See July 21st description. Aromatherapy Make & Take Summer Sugar Scrub 10-11am Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Learn how to create a refreshing summertime facial sugar scrub with lemon essential oil. Pamper yourself or to create a gift! Several aromatherapy recipes to choose from & everything is supplied.


5th Annual Herb Appeal Luncheon 12-2pm McCracken Co. Cooperative Extension 270.554.9520 Enjoy a four-course luncheon featuring local herbs & menus created by the Master Gardeners & Midtown Market with the assistance of Laura Duff. While you lunch, featured speaker Chef Sarah Bradley, owner of Paducah’s Freight House, will teach about the featured herbs. After the meal, shop for container-grown plants, crafts & gardening items.



Friends of the Library Summer Book Sale 9am-7pm St. Paul Lutheran Church Gym, Paducah 270.442.2510 The sale will feature books, audio books, DVDs & other audiovisual material, as well as special collections items, all for super low prices! All genres of fiction & nonfiction are represented, so there's a little something for everything. 90th Annual Business Celebration 2017 1pm CFSB Center, MSU 270.442.2510 The Chamber’s largest annual event gathers members of the Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce for an evening of networking, celebration, & vision for the future.



Riverfront Concert Series 6-8:30pm Downtown Paducah Riverfront 270.444.8508 Bring your lawn chairs or enjoy the steps at the riverfront and enjoy the music by Andrew Ripp.



MCHS Football Youth Camp 10am Massac County High School 618.524.3440 Youth camp for students entering grades 3rd through 8th. FREE Home Organization Workshop 10am-12pm & 5:30-7:30pm McCracken Co. Cooperative Extension 270.554.9520 A professional organizer will be teaching all about how & where to start organizing when completely overwhelmed with a 5-step process for organizing, & the top 3 habits that cause disorganization & what you can do about it. Preregistration is required. FREE Teen Summer Reading: Cardboard Cosplay 1-2pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 Reduce, reuse & recycle by making your own funky superhero costumes using only cardboard & tape. What good deeds will you do in your superhero get-up?





Farm to Table Agriculture Breakfast 7-9am Mayfield/Graves Co. Chamber of Commerce 270.247.6101 Enjoy a lavish, locally sourced meal prepared by Southern Reds BBQ, in partnership with local farmers. Awards will be given for Ag Business Of The Year, & Farmer Of The Year. FREE Children's Summer Reading: The City Mouse & the Country Mouse 9:30-10:30am 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 Musical based on the beloved children's story. This show features fast-paced action & lots of audience participation. Crystal Wire Wrap 6-7pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Create a unique & lovely gift. Learn simple wire wrap techniques incorporating beads to capture your healing crystal. Turn your treasure into a wearable pendant. Tuition includes instruction, tools, materials for wrapping & some beads. Bring your own crystal point to wrap or select one from our large inventory for a few dollars more.



MCHS Football Youth Camp 9:30am Massac County High School 618.524.3440 Youth camp for students entering grades 3rd through 8th.

FREE Children's Summer Reading: The City Mouse & the Country Mouse 9:30-10:30am 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 x122 See July 25th description.

Celebrate the special bond mothers & sons share with an unforgettable evening of fun. Treat your son to a night of music, dancing & memories that will last a lifetime. Pizza & refreshments will be served. A photographer will be on hand to capture your special evening. All proceeds raised for Chaney Musgrove & her son Ryder.

FREE Beginning Genealogy: Intro to Genealogical Resources 2-4pm 2nd Floor Computer Lab, McLib 270.442.2510 x124 See July 19th description. Please call to register.

4th Annual Moonlight Bike Ride 8pm BikeWorld, Paducah 270.442.0751 Let the light of the summer moon be your guide in this fun, easy 10mile bike ride. Deck out your bike in glow-in-the-dark bling. Proceeds benefit Paducah Cooperative Ministry.



FREE Career Lab 10am-12pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 Get help with your resume, online job searching, & online job applications. Build the skills you need to successfully search, apply, & get hired for your next job. FREE Evening Upstairs: Dark Highway - Love, Murder & Revenge in the 1930s in Kentucky 7-8pm 2nd Floor Meeting Rm, McLib 270.442.2510 The death of Verna Taylor becomes the catalyst for an astounding chain of events that upends three small Kentucky towns & captures the attention of the nation & world. Dark Highway is the true story of a romance that suddenly turns violent, the sensational murder trial of a powerful, ruthless state politician, & the ultimate vengeance of three devoted brothers. A book sighing will follow the presentation.




Dodgeball Tournament 6-9pm Vertical Jump Park 270.443.4838 Get your teams of six together now & start practicing. All proceeds benefit Family Service Society. Kari Jobe's The Garden Tour 7-10pm The Carson Center 270.450.4444 Worship leader Kari Jobe will be preforming songs from her fourth album The Garden.


FREE Pretty Super Meet & Greet 10am-4pm Paducah Main Street 270.444.8690 Bring the kids to downtown on this Pretty Super Saturday to meet & greet their favorite princesses, characters & super heroes. Autograph books can be made for FREE at MAKE Paducah (while supplies last), FREE Cinderella carriage rides, three dozen characters located throughout downtown & the Carson Center. FREE Fairy Queen Nyla Meet & Greet 10am-4pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 As a part of the Pretty Super Meet & Greet, there will be a rare appearance by Fairy Queen Nyla. Meet Her Majesty & snap a selfie. FREE Campus Picnic 4-7pm New Pathways for Children 270.674.6061 Bring your friends & family out to New Pathways 25-acre campus & join them to say Thank You to the community for helping us serve children in crisis. Enjoy FREE food, games, a petting zoo, inflatables & ice cream! Tour a residential group homes & learn more about our ministry to children. Cuties for a Cause Child of Mine Mother & Son Benefit Dance 5-8pm First Baptist Church, Princeton 270.703.2346



ON-GOING EVENTS & NOTICES 48 Days to the Work You Will Love Seminar. Quality Inn, Benton, KY. SUNDAYS THROUGH JULY 9 5pm This 6-week seminar presented by Upward MC Founder/Owner, Terry Burgess, will introduce the participant to the basic principles finding work they love & are motivated to succeed within. Individuals who participate will not only to find the content to be helpful in their career/job life but in their personal lives as well. 270.493.0967 Bags of Love McCracken Co. Cooperative Extension. 3 RD TUESDAYS 9:30am-12:30pm Inspired by the growing need of the children of our community who are displaced due to the poor choices of their parents. Bags provided to care for children's immediate needs. This handmade bag & it's contents are often the only items these children possess 270.554.9250 Ballard-Carlisle Historical & Genealogical Society Ballard-Carlisle Society/ Library Building, 257 4th St, Wickliffe. 2 ND MONDAY 6pm (April-October); 4TH SUNDAY 2pm (November-March). A group of people from two counties as well as around the country, who share a common interest in history & preserving the primary & secondary records in these counties. 270.210.3538 FREE Build a Better World Summer Reading Program. Graves Co. Public Library. Movie Day with snacks & drinks JULY 11 12:30pm; Hooked on Science JULY 21 2pm; Space Painter JULY 25 12:30 & 2pm 270.247.2911

Charitable Bingo Ballard County Board of Education, 264 E Kentucky Drive, Barlow. THURSDAYS 270.665.9844 FREE Daughter Date Night. Graves County Public Library. 1ST TUESDAYS 5pm. Moms & daughters (ages 5-12) meet once a month to make a craft. FREE Family Game Night. McCracken County Public Library, 555 Washington Street, Paducah. THURSDAYS 5-8pm. FREE Family Game Night. Graves County Public Library. 2 ND TUESDAYS 5pm Spend some time as a family playing games such as Clue, Monopoly, Apples to Apples Jr., & Blink. Wii is also set up to for play. Kids under the age of 10 should be with an adult. FREE Family Movie Night. Graves County Public Library. 3 RD MONDAY 5pm Free drinks & popcorn served. Children under the age of 10 should be with an adult. Games & a chance to win a prize. gravescountypubliclibrary. org Friday Night Dances: Summer Series. Grand Rivers Community Center. 2ND FRIDAYS THROUGH SEPTEMBER 7pm. Featuring the Just Friends Band. 270.362.8976 Guided Meditation. Wildhair Studios' Rock Shop. JULY 11 6-7pm. Start with a five minute discussion about how to meditate & then a 20 minute guided meditation on a timely subject. You'll end the session with a blessing for Mother Earth & her inhabitants, then open the floor for brief discussion of your experience afterwards. 270.444.6115 FREE Knitting Club. McCracken County Cooperative Extension. 1ST MONDAYS 9am-2pm. Whether you're a beginner or a seasonal knitter, there's a spot open for you. 270.554.9520 FREE Legos at the Library. McCracken County Public Library. SATURDAYS 1-4pm. FREE Lego Night. Graves County Public Library. 1 ST MONDAYS 5pm Children K-6 grade: bring your adult over to the library & build some memories! FREE L.I.F.E. Community Marriage Enrichment. 1ST SUNDAYS 6-7pm. Married couples are invited to these sessions to discuss issues that hinder marriage & how to overcome them. 270.575.3823. FREE Love Books & Love Bikes? McCracken County Public Library. Checkout books; check-out a bike lock. Something good to know – the McCracken County Public Library has bike locks at the front desk for check out. (Use your library card.) McCracken County Humane Society Pet Adoptions. PetSmart. 3 RD WEDNESDAYS 10am–5pm Metropolis City Pool. 312 W. 4th Street, Metropolis. MONDAY-SATURDAYS 125pm. SUNDAYS 1-5pm; WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS FREE Laps only 1011am Admission only $1.50; Children 5 & under are FREE. 618.524.2609



FREE Mother Goose. Marshall County Public Library @Benton. WEDNESDAYS Stories, crafts & games for children 2-3. 10-10:30am Music at the Gazebo. Downtown Paducah. SATURDAYS IN JULY 6-8pm. Bring your lawn chair & sit around the downtown gazebo located at 2nd & Broadway for free concerts. 270.444.8669 Noble Park Pool. Bob Noble Park, Paducah. TUESDAYS-SATURDAYS 11am5pm. FRIDAY FAMILY SWIM 6:15-8:15pm; SUNDAYS 1-5pm $3-5. All children must be accompanied by supervising adult. 270.444.8508 FREE Paducah Community Chorus. First Christian Church. TUESDAYS 7pm. Anyone who loves choral singing is welcome to join. Call 270.443.8251 or email at Paducah Farmers' Market. North 2nd & Monroe Streets. MONDAYS-FRIDAYS 7:30am-3:30pm; SATURDAYS 7:30am-2pm; Variety of local, homegrown products including fresh fruit & vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy products, artisan & baked goods as well as good eats from local lunch vendors. 270.444.8508 Paducah Kennel Club Meeting 1325 Fisher Road. 2ND TUESDAYS 7pm 270.210.8298 Paducah Writer’s Group. Etcetera Coffeehouse. FRIDAYS 8pm. Hear some of the area’s most talented poets & storytellers, along with a great audience. Drop some science on the mic or listen with a fine cup of Joe. FREE Paws to Read. Graves County Public Library. 1ST THURSDAY In conjunction with the Mayfield Animal Shelter this special program allows children to read aloud to a therapy dog or cat for 15 minutes. Parents must fill out & sign a waiver. Open to children in grades K-6.

smell the rich aroma as the green hickory wood works its magic on the salted pork. The rich smoke will put the finishing touches on the family’s pork supply. $5 (13 & up), $3 (ages 5-12), FREE for ages 4 & under. 270.924.2233 Smoothie Happy Hour Tropical Smoothie Café, Paducah. EVERY DAY 8-9am. All smoothies half off. 270.557.7348 @TropicalSmoothieCafePaducah Snake Feeding Sundays! Land Between the Lakes, Nature Station. SUNDAYS 11:30am-12pm. Enjoy Sunday Brunch with our snakes - their only meal of the week. Watch as our rattlesnakes, king snake, & rat snake chow down on their mouse-alicious meal. Meet one of the snakes up close. Bring your camera for a snake selfie! 270.924.2299 FREE Story Hour. Graves County Public Library. THURSDAYS 10am Stories, games, crafts, playtime, & snacks! FREE Story Hour. Marshall County Public Library @ Benton WEDNESDAYS 1-2pm; @Calvert City TUESDAYS 10-11am; @Hardin. THURSDAYS 1-2pm FREE Story Hour. Metropolis Public Library, 317 Metropolis Street. THURSDAYS 11am. 618.524.4312 FREE Story Hour. Metropolis Public Library, 317 Metropolis Street. THURSDAYS 11am. 618.524.4312 FREE Tech @ Night. McCracken County Public Library. MONDAY-THURSDAY 5-8pm.

FREE Paducah Inn Boutique Hotel Music Jam. Paducah inn Boutique Hotel Bed & Breakfast. TUESDAYS 7pm Old Time Style Music Jam. All ages & levels meeting to learn to play with other instruments in a casual setting. Instruments: guitar, fiddle, bass, dobro. 270.978.1202 Paducah Photographer’s Club. Broadway Church of Christ, 2855 Broadway 1ST MONDAYS 6:30–8:30pm. Whether you’re a new hobbyist or full time professional, our club offers the opportunity to learn, share, network & form new friendships! Red Wolf Treat Time. Homeplace 1850s Working Farm & Living History Museum. MONDAY-FRIDAY 1:30-2pm. Visit with the LBL red wolves, one of the most endangered mammals in the United States, & watch them “wolf” down a tasty treat. Find out how they become so endangered & what efforts biologists have made to try to save them from extinction. 800.525.7077 FREE Resume Help McCracken County Public Library. THURSDAYS 5-8pm. River City Singles Dance Carroll Convention Center MONDAY 7–11pm. $6. FREE Robert Coleman Sprayground. Husbands Street & Walter Jetton Blvd, Paducah. DAILY THROUGH LABOR DAY 10am-8pm 270.444.8508 Smokehouse Magic Homeplace 1850s Working Farm & Living History Museum. WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY 10am-4pm. Peek inside the smokehouse &



Trivia Night Casa Mexicana, Paducah. MONDAYS 7pm Get your friends together for a night of great food & fun trivia. 270.442.1122 Trivia Night Casa Laguna, Calvert City. TUESDAY NIGHTS Get your friends together for a night of great food & fun trivia. 270.395.0045

ART GALLERIES, EXHIBITIONS & MUSEUMS Art Guild of Paducah. McCracken County Public Library. 1 270.554.4803, 270.210.1465, 270.331.3087



Downtown Paducah Civil War Walking Tour. Paducah Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. Using the map, drawn by hand in 1861, by a Federal Captain of occupying troops in Paducah, follow the path of historical markers to discover the city”s important role during the Civil War. 800.PADUCAH Clara M. Eagle Art Gallery. 6th Floor, Price Doyle Fine Arts Building, Murray State University. MONDAY-FRIDAY 8 am -5pm . Closed university holidays. A dramatic & exciting multi-level exhibition space located within the Department of Art & Design at Murray State University. 270.809.6734 Clemens Fine Art Center Gallery 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah. 270.534.3212 Hotel Metropolitan 724 Oscar Cross Drive, Paducah. A hotel built in 1909 to house African-American travelers. After extensive renovations, the hotel is now a museum that pays tribute to African-American heritage & to the well-known people who stayed there including Ike & Tina Turner & Louis Armstrong. 1ST FRIDAYS Fish Fry 11am Enjoy fish, white beans, hush puppies, & desert, just to name a few goodies. Everyone welcome. Call for price. 270.443.7918 FREE Icehouse Gallery Arts in the Community Reception. 120 N. 8th Street, Mayfield. JULY 14 5-7pm . Featuring works for art from community members. Light refreshments will be served, and the public is cordially invited to attend. 270.247.6971 Jefferson Street Studios. 1149 Jefferson Street, Paducah. MONDAY-FRIDAY 1-4pm ; This studio was converted from a neighborhood grocery store & is now home to Helene's Hand-Dyed Fabrics & Robert Wyatt Davis Nerikomi Beads. 270.217.3976 Lloyd Tilghman House & Civil War Museum 631 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah. Interpreting Paducah & western Kentucky's roles in the Civil War. FRIDAY & SATURDAY Noon to 4pm; 10am-4pm when riverboats in port; group tours by appointment. Adults $3/child 6-12 $1/under 6 FREE. 270.575.5477 Market Square Art Walk Art Guild of Paducah, 115 Market House Square. 3RD THURSDAY 5-8 pm . Area art galleries & shops offer a variety of new artwork, plus treats & surprises each month. Many downtown restaurants feature innovative offerings & discounts. Murray Art Guild 500 North 4th Street, Murray. TUESDAY-SATURDAY 10am3pm. A community visual arts non-profit organization dedicated to promoting artistic growth through exhibitions, workshops & studios as well as community & educational events. 270.753.4059 National Quilt Museum 215 Jefferson Street, Paducah. Scheduled school groups of 10 or more are FREE. The museum offers guided tours to preregistered groups. Please schedule your group at least two weeks in advance. 270.442.8856 Adult Beginner Quilting Class. THURSDAYS 5:30-8:30pm; Volunteer Meeting. 1 ST THURSDAY 2-3pm; A Walk in the Woods: Quilts by Pat Durbin THROUGH JULY 11; Growing Power: Quilts by Jane Sassaman THROUGH JULY 11 Paducah School of Art & Design 409 Broadway Street, 270.408.4278



Remembrance Quilt Experience Lourdes Hospital, Paducah. A traveling quilt tribute to the men & women who worked in the nuclear weapons & uranium industries. Sponsored by Cold War Patriots (CWP), The exhibit is being showcased at only a few select locations across the country, & will be hosting a limited engagement in Paducah through July 11 . 888.903.8989

FREE Community Closet 604 S 21st Street, Paducah. Does your family need some extra help with clothes? The community closet at Trinity Baptist Church is open the 2ND & 4 TH TUESDAY & THURSDAY from 10am-2pm for McCracken County residents. Please bring a valid form of ID. Gently-used clothing donations are accepted any day of the week. 270.442.1013

The Rotunda Project Maiden Alley Cinema JULY 14-18 7-9pm. The film follows Fairseas & 12 other local musicians through the collaborative development & recording process of five original songs, held in the makeshift studio created inside the Rotunda of Paducah’s newly revitalized local landmark, the Coca-Cola Plant. maidenalleycinema. org

FREE Community Food Pantry 604 S 21st Street, Paducah. Does your family need some extra help with groceries this month? The food pantry at Trinity Baptist Church is open the 3RD TUESDAY from 11am2pm for McCracken County residents. Please bring a valid form of ID. Non-perishable food donations are accepted any day of the week. 270.442.1013

River Discovery Center 117 S. Water Street, Paducah. MONDAY-SATURDAY 9:30am-5pm. SUNDAY 1-5pm $8 adults, $5 children (ages 3-12), $7 seniors 60 & over. Celebrating Paducah's maritime legacy & lore. Interactive exhibits tell the story of the Four Rivers Region. Captain a towboat, pleasure watercraft, or Coast Guard buoy tender through various scenarios in the pilothouse simulator. 270.575.9958.

Feeding the Hungry–Community Ministries. 1200 Jefferson Street, Paducah. Volunteers (age 14 & older) are needed to help serve free lunches. Shifts available from 9:45am–1:15pm, MONDAY-FRIDAY. Financial support welcomed! For info, call 270.575.3400 or visit

Second Saturday Studio/Gallery Walk Lower Town Paducah 2ND SATURDAY Visit great galleries & studios from 12-8pm. Galleries open by appointment & special event weekends.

FREE meals served: Family & Community Kitchen Meals/ Fellowship. Broadway UMC, 701 Broadway Street, Paducah Noon-1pm (270.443.2401) SUNDAYS No questions asked.

Yeiser Art Center 200 Broadway Street, Paducah. Offering a permanent exhibition space & a permanent collection in addition to rotating exhibits. 270.442.2453

FREE meals served: Family Kitchen Meals/Fellowship Holy House of Prayer, 1001 S. 4th Street, Paducah SATURDAYS 11am.–1pm. 270.443.1724.

FREE Whitehaven Welcome Center I–24, exit 7, 1845 Lone Oak Road., Paducah Daily tours 1-4pm, every half hour. Featuring period furnishings & memorabilia of Paducah native Alben Barkley. 270.554.2077

COMMUNITY RESOURCES & EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Ballard County Community Food Pantry St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 662 Broadway, LaCenter. Open MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS 9am– Noon for food distribution & to receive non–perishable donations. 270.665.5551

KY Regional Poison Center Kosair Children’s Hospital. 1.800.222. 1222

The Merryman House. Providing FREE services to all victims of domestic violence, including shelter for those in need. Some services include individual counseling, court advocacy, support groups, referral services, hospital advocacy, outreach services, & housing counseling. 1.800.585.2686 or 270.443.6001 All services are completely confidential. FREE Meals Served @Marcella’s Kitchen. Draffenville Lions Club, 262 Griggstown Road. Open MONDAY–FRIDAY 11am–1pm. Volunteers welcome. 270.705.3402 For military & their families Paducah Lifeline Ministries. Counseling & help for life–controlling addictions. Call 270.443.4743. 2801



The Purchase Area Sexual Assault & Child Advocacy Center (PASAC). Provides FREE services for both children & adult victims of sexual crimes. Services include therapy, legal & medical advocacy, forensic interviews, child sexual abuse exams, consultation, assessment & referral services, & education programs. 24-hour crisis line 1.800.928.7273, office 270.928.4422. Volunteers undergo criminal background & central registry check. 40-hour training course. PASAC will accommodate your schedule. 270.534.4422

DANCE, PERFORMING ARTS, FITNESS & SPORTS CLASSES FREE Adult Jazz & Tap. Market House Theatre. SATURDAYS 10am. Ballet Intensive MainStage School of Performing Arts. JULY 10-14 1-3pm Open to everyone with dance experience. Classical & contemporary repertoire. Ages 10-Adult. $95 fee. 270.558.4249 Barre Evolution with Marci Paris The Living Arts Center, 627 Broadway, Ste B, Paducah. SUNDAYS, TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 270.519.2770 Basketball - Open Gym. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. MONDAYS 6:30-8pm & WEDNESDAYS 6:30-10pm. 270.444.8508

Basic Belly Dance Paducah Recreation Center. MONDAYS 6-7pm Tired of the same boring workout? Looking for something exotic? Basic Belly Dance is it! The class will be a breakdown of the basic moves used in traditional belly dance. There will be drills to help in practice & perfection. Learn the history, etiquette, stage presence & props of one of the oldest forms of dance. Appropriate for all ages. Low impact. Novice to Advanced. This is an 8-week session, music CD & materials included with $50 fee. 270.444.8508 Broadway Bootcamp. Market House Theatre. JULY 10-14 1-4pm. Sing and dance your way through some of the latest Broadway hits and classics in the music revue intensive. Scholarships available. 270.444.6828 Chair Yoga. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Drive. TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS 12:15-1pm. Yoga postures are practiced with the support of a chair. All levels are encouraged. No mats needed. 270.444.8508 Comedy Improv Workshop. Market House Theatre. JULY 17-20 3:305:30pm. Rising 7th-12th graders. Scholarships available. 270.444.6828 Clubhouse at the Market House. Market House Theatre. JULY 10-13 3-3:45pm. Ages 4-6 Students come to a real clubhouse and create a secret handshake, learn the word of the day and act out a story each day. Scholarships available. 270.444.6828 Dance & Tone. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Paducah. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 9:45-10:30am. 270.444.8508 paducahky. gov/paducah-recreation-center DanceMHT. Market House Theatre. Children PreK through High School. $30-35 per month. 270.444.6828 Drop Shots Tennis League. WKCTC. MONDAYS 11:45am Designed for young adults as a recreational way to play the game of tennis or get back into the game after high school. 270.554.9200 FREE Family Track Run Practice. Noble Park Picnic Shelter #10. TUESDAYS 6-7pm. 270.444.8508 Footlights. Market House Theatre. Children ages 4-6, elementaryhigh school. Financial scholarships available. 270.444.6828 Futsal - Open Gym. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. TUESDAYS 6:30-10pm. 270.444.8508 Group Training Run, West Kentucky Runners Club. Summer Hill Ct (off Friedman Lane between Pines Road & HW 60 in Paducah). TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 5am. 8 mile run. Guess Who's Scaring You. Market House Theatre. JULY 26 1-4pm. Stage makeup workshop for rising 7th-12th graders. Scholarships available. 270.444.6828



High School/College MainStage After Dark MainStage School of Performing Arts. JULY 10-28 5:15-9:30pm A collaborative & challenging class where students create scenes & production numbers from shows like Rent, Avenue Q, Hamilton, Waitress, Sweeney Todd. Showcases at the end of each week. Class can be taken either one week or all three weeks. $95 fee per week. 270.558.4249 Hip Hop Intensive MainStage School of Performing Arts. JULY 10-14 3:15-5:15pm Open to everyone with dance experience, ages 10-Adult. $95 fee. 270.558.4249 Hip Hop Intensive. Market House Theatre. JULY 17-21 2-3pm. Rising 6th-12th graders. Scholarships available. 270.444.6828 markethousetheatre. org Jungle Beat. Harmony Road Music School. JULY 10 9:30-11:30am. Ages 4 to rising 1st graders-Jungle animals and life in the jungle come alive through songs, stories, games, movement, crafts, percussion instrument play. 270.444.3669 Mat Yoga. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Drive. MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS 11:30am-12:15pm; TUESDAYS 10:30-11:15am Beginners mat yoga with Suzi Renaud. Bring your own mat. All levels welcome. 270.444.8508 Mat Yoga. WKCTC, Haws Gymnasium. MONDAYS 3:30-4:20am. Register each semester to join the class. Seniors 65+ are free to audit the class. 270.559.1409

Pre-K Ballet Butterfly Princess. Market House Theatre. JULY 10-14 11am. Ages 3-6. Scholarships available. 270.444.6828 markethousetheatre. org FREE SECOND SATURDAY Hikes. WKCTC, Haws Gymnasium. 10am. Go for a monthly hiking series on the second Saturday of each month at Lake Barkley. Each hike features a new topic of discussion. Participation is free, no reservation necessary! Hikers depart from the Lodge Lobby at 10am. 270.924.1131 Seussical Kids. Market House Theatre. JULY 10 & 17 9am-12pm. Young performers will be excited to portray the characters from the popular Dr. Seuss books. 270.444.6828 Story Book Ballet, Market House Theatre, 120 Market House Square. THURSDAYS 270.444.6828 Summer with Shakespeare MainStage School of Performing Arts. JULY 1014 1-4pm Why wait until high school to learn about Shakespeare? Children Kindergarten through 5th grade will learn scenes from his most famous plays as we focus on the actor's voice, movement & stage combat. Create masks & simple costumes for the showcase. 270.558.4249 Table Tennis. Classroom 1, Paducah Parks. THURSDAYS Ages 12+. 5–6pm. $25. 270.444.8508

Middle School Boot Camp MainStage School of Performing Arts. JULY 17-21 1-4pm Does your middle schooler have what it takes to survive this boot camp? Three & a half hours of intense work in voice, dance & acting with a production number thrown in. $85 fee. 270.558.4249 Mid-East Dance. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Paducah. WEDNESDAYS 10:30-11:30am 270.444.8508 paducah-recreation-center Musical Theatre Boot Camp MainStage School of Performing Arts. JULY 10-14 10am-12pm these soldiers will learn movement, acting & vocal skills to become the "best they can be" as they perform numbers from some of the best loved children's musicals - Lion King, Aladdin, Annie & more! No experience required. $75 fee. 270.558.4249 mymainstageschool. com My Many Colored Days. Harmony Road Music School. JULY 26 & 28 9-11:30am. Experience one of the most beloved children's authors, while exploring colors, and the emotions and movement they inspire. Emphasis on active listening to Classical music which inspires the moods of the colors. 270.444.3669 Night Moves Dance Club American Legion, 425 Legion Drive. THURSDAYS 6-9pm, line dancing & couple’s classes. $4 at the door. 270.442.3186 Piano 101: Keys & Mallets. Harmony Road Music School. JULY 17-21 1-4pm. Ages 6-11, Learn to play the piano and interactive when combined with improvisation, creative mallet instrument play, and imagination. 270.444.3669



Tai Chi/Chair Yoga. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Paducah. MONDAYS 12:30-1:15pm 270.444.8508 paducah-recreation-center

Zumba. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Paducah. TUESDAYS-THURSDAYS 5:15-6:15pm 270.444.8508 paducah-recreation-center

Tennis Apprentice Program Chad Gamble Tennis Facility, Paducah Tilghman High School. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 6-7:30pm For adult beginners. 270.217.0717

Zumba. WKCTC, Haws Gymnasium. For all ages. $20 for 12 sessions. Join the dance fitness program that combines Latin & international music with dance to make exercise fun. MONDAYS 4:45-5:45pm. 270.534.3335.

Triple Threat Camp. The Rhythm Factory. JULY 17-21 1-5pm. Have you always wanted to learn how to sing, dance & act, all at the same time?! If so, this is the camp for you! Learn many styles of dance, vocal & acting methods to be genuinely well-rounded performers. 270.210.4990 Twinkle Toes Summer Class MainStage School of Performing Arts. JULY 17-21 10-11am A perfect beginning dance class for children to try before making a year's commitment. This is also a great class for returning students to brush up on their skills before a new year begins. PreK-1st grade learn ballet, tap, & introduction to jazz. $65 fee. 270.558.4249 Volleyball - Open Gym. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. THURSDAYS 6:30-10pm & SUNDAYS 1:30-4:30pm. 270.444.8508 YogaFit. Mike's Kettlebell Club, 106 Broadway, Paducah. MONDAYS 6:30am. Designed to improve the health, performance, & mental acuity for those interested in improving their level of fitness. Member & nonmember prices available. 270.331.0366

EDUCATION & CAMPS Adult Sewing. McCracken County Cooperative Extension Office. THURSDAYS 9-11am Whether you’ve been sewing for 10 years, 10 days, or have just been thinking about taking up the craft, this community is for you! They’ll share, learn & practice new skills & encourage each other in our projects. 270.554.9520 Afternoon Animal Encounters. LBL Woodlands Nature Station. MONDAYS Totally Turtles; TUESDAYS Dinnertime for Bald Eagles; WEDNESDAYS For Goodness Snakes; THURSDAYS Mystery Animal Encounter; FRIDAYS Feed the Animals Fridays (help staff feed a different animal each week) 3:304pm. Free to children under 4. 270.924.2299 FREE Baby & Me. McCracken County Public Library. JULY 13 9:30-10am. Special story time for ages 0-2 years of age. Back to the Moon for Good. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory, 238 Visitor Center Drive, Golden Pond. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY 12-12:45pm. Full-dome presentation narrated by Tim Allen. Not since the Apollo missions 40 years ago has there been this much lunar exploration. 270.924.2233 Bryan Czibesz: DIY Ceramic & Culinary 3D Printers Paducah School of Art & Design. JULY 31-AUGUST 4 9am-4pm. This workshop explores the construction & use of an extrusion-based ceramic or culinary 3D printer than can be integrated into existing studio practices. Each participant will begin by building their own DIY 3D printer from parts & an open-source knowledge base. 270.408.4278 Center for Gifted Studies. Alexander Hall, Murray State University. The Center, located at 3205 Alexander Hall, collaborates with pre–service & graduate education students, the School Psychology program, & ­­other College of Education programs to provide services to parents & gifted children. Services include professional development programs for teachers, regional & international enrichment opportunities for gifted students during the academic year & summers, & informational & assessment services to parents. Dr. Joy Navan, 270.809.2539 or joy. FREE C.H.A.M.P., Christian Homeschoolers All Meet & Play. United Methodist Church Gym, Ledbetter. MONDAYS 2:30-4:30pm. We also have group recess every six weeks. Bring skates or sports equipment. Sherry Layne–Smith 270.928.4368 FREE Computer Basics for Beginners Class. Calloway County Public Library. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 6-7:30pm. 270.753.2288 callowaycountylibrary. org



iLEARN by Amy Noles

Total Eclipse of the Heartland Where Will You Be To View the Eclipse?


he last time a total solar eclipse was visible from the United States was July 11, 1991, and even then, it could only be seen from parts of Hawaii. Since that time, sky watchers have had their calendars marked for August 21, 2017, which will mark the first time since February 26, 1979, a total solar eclipse has been visible from the contiguous United States. While this eclipse will be the first since 1918 with a path of totality crossing the USA’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the ideal location to view it will be nestled in the heart of western Kentucky.

Points of Longest Duration

The best two locations to see the eclipse are in our area according to the US Naval Observatory's eclipse web-page. One is Orchard Dale Historical Farm, located just northwest of Hopkinsville, Kentucky (duration 2 minutes, 42.3 seconds). The other is Blue Sky Vineyards near Makanda, Illinois (duration 2 minutes 42.4 seconds). This will represent the longest opportunities to view the eclipse in the entire world!

Where Can I See the Eclipse?

Cities in Kentucky where you can view the eclipse include: Princeton, Cadiz, Benton, Dawson Springs, Paducah, Madisonville, Central City, Russellville, and Bowling Green. Major cities in Tennessee along the eclipse path include Nashville and Clarksville, and it will be viewable in Metropolis, Marion and Carbondale, Illinois, and Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Some of the best viewing area will be at our state parks and landmarks. In Kentucky, its path will include Land Between The Lakes, the Pennyrile State Forest, Lake Barkley State Resort Park, the West Kentucky State Wildlife Management Area, and Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park. The Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge in Dover, Tennessee, will serve as a viewing spot, and locations in Illinois include the Shawnee National Forest and Garden of the Gods, the Higginson-Henry Wildlife Area, the Carb Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, and the Trail of Tears State Forest.



In McCracken & Ballard Counties Night At Noon!

WKCTC is hosting one of the biggest eclipse-watching events in our area at the Challenger Learning Center. Their Night at Noon Total Solar Eclipse takes place on Monday, August 21, 2017, from 11am – 2pm. While the exact times are different for each area in our region, in Paducah, the partial eclipse begins at 11:54:03am and will last for 2 minutes 21 seconds.

Win An XBox One

This event is free and open to the public, but it is not recommended for children 4 years and younger. They will also be giving away free viewing glasses. Enjoy the fun, food (including Dippin’ Dots), music, and science demonstrations! There will also be a drawing for an XBOX One which includes one game with a science theme! You must be present at the Night at Noon event to win.

Meets An Astronaut!

Former astronaut, Terry Wilcutt (Kentucky's only astronaut), will speak at the event and emcee the eclipse! T-shirts and posters will be for sale so you can get Terry Wilcutt’s autograph on them. You will also get a chance to see the NASA High Altitude Balloon Launch! Organizers are expecting a crowd and suggest you arrive early. Please bring your lawn chairs or blankets to sit on, and sunscreen. Alcohol, illegal substances, tobacco products, weapons, non-service animals,

remote control aircraft or drones, fireworks, laser devices, and glass bottles are prohibited. If you have questions about this event please email Mellisa Duncan at, or call 270.534.3101.

The Great American Eclipse Viewing Party

The McCracken County Public Library will be hosting The Great American Eclipse Viewing Party on eclipse day from 11.50am -1pm in the Library Garden. They'll have free solar viewing glasses available, as well as moon pies and sun tea!

Sun Drop & Moon Pie Party

The Carson Center will be serving celestial snacks at their Sun Drop and Moon Pie Party from 11:30am-2pm. Join them on the lawn of the Carson center with tunes by Captain Freddie and the River Cats. This event will benefit the educational programs of the River Discovery Center.

Wickliffe Mounds State Park

Wickliffe Mounds is hosting a 3-Day Eclipse Celebration on August 19, 20 & 21 where you can see performances of the Chickasaw Nation Dancers. Experience traditional Chickasaw stomp dancing, regalia and cultural demonstrations. Enjoy music at the park by the JammerZ, guided tours of the museum, view this historic event, the Eclipse of the



Sun, amid the ancient mounds at Wickliffe. For more information call 270.335.3681 or visit

In Hopkinsville & Christian County

A Monumental Solar Eclipse Festival

Jefferson Davis State Historic Site in Fairview, is hosting A Monumental Solar Eclipse Festival on August 18 - August 21. This is a family friendly festival complete with food vendors, arts & crafts booths, workshops, live music, kids’ games, a poster contest and more! The festival takes place each day from 10am - 9pm.

Hopkinsville Eclipse Viewing

Christian Way Farm in Hopkinsville is hosting eclipse viewing for noncampers. Advance purchase required to reserve your spot. Admission includes parking, viewing spot, and access to all Farm activities (access to feed animals, play areas, miniature golf, and any additional events planned for the day.) Please bring your chairs/blankets & viewing equipment. Go to Eventbrite for tickets - They will have food/concessions available for purchase.

Christian County Eclipse Viewing

Burdoc Farms in Crofton, plans on having many fun and family events the weekend of the eclipse as well as prime viewing spots. Burdoc Farms is the second highest spot in Christian County so they expect the viewing to be fantastic. Visit for more details.

7th Annual Little Green Men Days

North Christian County will be presenting its 7th Annual Little Green Men Days in conjunction with the eclipse event. On eclipse day they will have the park open with festival vendors there. Black Cat Cadillac will be pumping out tunes beginning at 10:30am. At 11:30am there will



be a guest speaker giving tips about eye safety and eclipse viewing. The band will pick back up until the eclipse begins around noon.

In Southern Illinois Southern Illinois University

Saluki Stadium in Carbondale, Illinois, is hosting an eclipse observation event. The public is invited to a guided eclipse experience emceed by Mat Kaplan of Planetary Radio. Guests will see the eclipse happening live overhead while watching and participating in a variety of edutainment activities developed in conjunction with NASA Eclipse 2017, the Adler Planetarium of Chicago, the Louisiana Space Consortium, The Science Center of Southern Illinois and other related groups. Visitors will be able to see live coverage of the eclipse across America through the eyes of NASA, anchored by NASA Edge from the campus of SIU Carbondale. For more information, visit

Moonstock 2017 Music Festival

There will be a 4-day heavy metal and hard rock music Festival called Moonstock. It will be held on the grounds of Walker’s Bluff Winery near Carbondale and coincides with the Eclipse. Headlined by Ozzy Osbourne, thousands are expected to attend. Camping of all types is available. For more information please visit For tickets go to

Blue Sky Vineyard

Blue Sky Vineyard in Makanda is planning a four-day event on August 18-21 complete with self-contained camper parking, food, live music, and even a special-label release wine. A special viewing event is included. Visit for more information.

Plan Ahead

Wherever you’re planning to be on August 21, PAFM wants to remind you that viewing glasses are recommended. Thousands of visitors are expected in our area and this will mean a lot more traffic and congestion at local hotels, and restaurants. Media outlets from all over the world are expected to be set up. Choose your destination now and leave plenty of time to get there on the day. The Eclipse will cause the sky to go almost as dark as night – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your family.




Earth, Moon & Sun. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory, 238 Visitor Center Drive, Golden Pond. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 12-2:45pm. Learn about the relationship between the Earth, Moon, & Sun with the help of an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions. Enjoy a variety of entertaining & educational programs presented with a digital projection system on the 40-foot dome of the theater. 270.924.2233 Families on the Spectrum Lourdes Garden Room. Refreshments provided & guest speakers quarterly. See our Facebook page for upcoming meetings & times. Family Education on Mental Illness. Baptist Health, Paducah. FRIDAYS 7-9:30pm. Classes are designed to help individuals understand & support ill loved ones suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, or personality disorder. Sponsored by NAMI Kentucky & Paducah. 270.519.3152 Feeding Time on the Farm. Homeplace 1850s Working Farm & Living History Museum. MONDAY-FRIDAY 3:30-4:30pm. As the day winds down, feeding time starts for the LBL farm animals. Meet at the pig pen to lend a hand & learn how to care for farm animals the 1850s way! Free to children under 4. 931.232.6457 Fine Art Studio Class: Photography. Yeiser Art Center. July 18-21 2-4pm In preparation & anticipation of viewing the sun safely during the August Solar Eclipse, local artist/photography instructor Todd Birdsong will teach local teens how make a pinhole camera & utilize it to capture & record stellar moments such as these. For ages 13 - 16+. Class space is limited. 270.442.2453

KATS Homeschool Club, Paducah meets twice a month. This is a Christian group that meets for fellowship, play-dates, field trips & more. Field trips are also twice monthly. Kentucky Wing Civil Air Patrol – National Guard Armory, 8000 Hinkleville Road TUESDAYS 6pm. Offering lessons in aviation & aerospace principles, along with teamwork & leadership training. Members often participate in rescue & disaster relief missions. 270.331.1750 kywgcap. org or Kids Day Camp: Archaeology. Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site. JULY 14 9am-3pm. An exciting & educational summer day camp providing children hands-on learning experiences. Interactive activities about methods & practices of archaeology, a guided tour of site, making clay pots, participating in a simulated archaeological dig, laboratory artifact analysis, playing Native American games & demonstrations of primitive technology at a kids’ level. Recommended for ages 9-11. Limited to 10 per session. 270.335.3681 historicsites/wickliffe-mounds Kids Day Camp: Mississippian Culture. Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site. JULY 7 9am-3pm. Experience a day in the life of a Mississippian & learn how the Mississippian Native People lived. Two camp sessions will provide a fun-filled day camp for kids to experience what life was like for the native people in the 1200’s. Kids will make Mississippian style pottery, work in a Mississippian garden, learn how the Mississippians played games, made art, hunted, fished, made tools & cordage,

FREE Foster Parent Classes Starting Soon! Open your heart & home to a child in need by becoming a foster parent. Omni Visions, Inc. makes training easy & flexible for your schedule. 270.206.8690 From Earth to the Universe. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory, 238 Visitor Center Drive, Golden Pond. EVERY DAY 2-2:45pm. Enjoy beautiful full-dome Heartland Christian Home Educators offers support, field trips, & fellowship for home school families in western Kentucky & southern Illinois. To find out more call Carrie Bullock at 618.638.3289. Parent support group meetings on the 1ST­ TUESDAY of August, October, December, March, & May at St. John’s Church, 6201 Waldo Church Rd, Metropolis, IL. Open to the public. Family Night on the 3RD FRIDAYS Jiyoung Chung: Joomchi & Beyond Paducah School of Art & Design. JULY 6 4pm. Joomchi is a unique traditional Korean way of making textured handmade paper with water & eager hands. This hands-on workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn its history, practice, & role in Korean society, as well as new techniques & adaptations converting Joomchi into a contemporary art form. 270.408.4278 Junior Quilters National Quilt Museum, 215 Jefferson St, Paducah. 1 ST TUESDAY 2:30-4:30pm. For details, call 270.442.8856 or visit



cooked, made clothing & many other fun activities. Lots of make & take home craft projects. Recommended for ages 8-10. Limited to 10 per session. 270.335.3681 Laser Legends of the Night Sky Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. MONDAY-FRIDAY 10am. Animated laser show where Aesop the owl leads you on a light-hearted journey as you look at the Greek mythology associated with some of our constellations. Includes stories behind Perseus, Andromeda, Cetus, Scorpio, & Orion. A nonlaser full-dome version of this show is also available. 800.525.7077

Leaders for Tomorrow Teen Leadership Courses. Compass Counseling, Paducah. FRIDAYS IN JULY High school group 9:30-11am; Middle school group 12:30-2pm. If your student could benefit from a training that will teach skills to equip her/him with leadership skills, including how to become a learner in non-win situations. 270.777.4490 compasspaducah. com The Little Star That Could. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 11-11:45am. Join the journey of Little Star, an average yellow star in search of planets to protect & warm. 270.924.2233. Livingston County Adult Education. MONDAY–THURSDAY 8:30am4pm Extended hours on TUESDAYS until 8pm. 270.928.3777 M17 Youth Conference. Faith Center, Paducah. JULY 27-29 If you are in 6th-12th grade, join one of the best Christian youth conferences in the nation this summer. 270.443.3110 Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts Workshop. National Quilt Museum. JULY 13-15 Guest instructor RaNae Merrill. Explore the swirling, spinning world of spiral mandala quilts. Quilters of all skills levels are welcome -- beginning quilters will be amazed to discover how easy it is to design & sew these glorious kaleidoscopic quilts, while advanced quilters will still enjoy a challenge. 270.442.8856 McKAGE (McCracken County Chapter of Kentucky Association of Gifted Education.) Monthly lunch meetings at local schools. Noon– 1pm. Danette Humphrey, 270.442.5172 Nash Quinn: Introduction to Chasing & Repoussé Paducah School of Art & Design. JULY 14 4pm. This fast-paced workshop covers the essentials about pitch, hammers, and chasing tools, and practice lining, embossing, planishing, and matting techniques in both lined and unlined repoussé projects. 270.408.4278 jiyoung-chung Paducah Parks Services offers classes for children, teens, & adults. Classes include art lessons, martial arts, soccer & dance. For details, call 270.444.8508 or visit Paducah Kennel Club Agility Classes. Paducah Kennel Club, 1325 Fisher Road. TUESDAYS 6am. Six lessons taught on Tuesday Nights for beginner & intermediate dogs, all ages all breeds. 270.217.0150 Parade of Raptors LBL Woodland Nature Station. EVERY DAY 4:30-5pm. Come face-to-face with a host of raptors including a barn owl, barred owl, screech owl, kestrel, & red-tailed hawk as our staff moves these birds from their outdoor perches to their indoor shelter. 270.924.2299 FREE Parents with Ones, Twos & Threes Storytime Class. Calloway County Public Library. Parents with children ages 1-3 are invited to a special story time. WEDNESDAYS 9:30-10am. 270.753.2288 Pottery Workshop. Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site. JULY 29 10am12pm & 1-3pm. A great make & take class for both families & friends! Participants will have instruction on basic pottery techniques used by



the Mississippian Native American people & make a pottery creation to take home. This is a hands-on class, taking place inside & outside. Suitable for ages 6 & up. Class limited to 10 students per workshop. Please preregister. 270.335.3681 wickliffe-mounds FREE Preschool Storytime Class. Calloway County Public Library. Parents with preschoolers (ages 4-6) are invited to a special story time. TUESDAYS 10:30-11:30am 270.753.2288

Wildest Weather in the Solar System Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 4pm. Join us aboard the imaginary space ship Erion as we journey through our solar system looking for the planet with the wildest weather. 800.525.7077 Women's Self-Defense Training. Emerging Technology Center, WKCTC. TUESDAYS Learn physical & psychological awareness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, & physical techniques to escape, resist, & survive violent attacks. Recommended for adults. Call 270.534.3206 for pricing & more information.

FREE Quilt Club. McCracken County Cooperative Extension Office. Any age & any skill level is welcome. 3RD MONDAYS 9:30am-2pm. 270.554.9520 Robin Haller: Woven Shibori Paducah School of Art & Design. JULY 13-15 9am4pm Traditional Shibori allows the artist to weave a controlled resist into a fabric prior to dyeing. With Woven Shibori, the fabric is woven on the loom & an additional pattern weft is woven into the cloth 270.408.4278 Sit & Stitch. Itty Bitty Knitty Shop, 1920 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah. Bring your latest project & enjoy the fellowship of other stitchers. Stay a few minutes or a few hours! TUESDAYS 5:30pm. 270.709.3270 Swim Lessons. Metropolis City Pool, 312 W. 4th Street. THROUGH JULY 22 Beginners MONDAYS & THURSDAYS or TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS 10-11am; Intermediate MONDAYS & THURSDAYS or TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS 11amNoon; Advanced WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS 10-11am. 618.524.2609 Toastmasters Club MSU Paducah Regional Campus, 4430 Sunset, Room 224, Paducah. THURSDAYS 12-1pm Afraid to speak in public? Learn to speak powerfully in an exciting, fun environment. Visitors welcome. Call Clay Campbell 270.217.1222. Toastmasters International Quality Inn, Benton KY. MONDAYS 6:45pm Learn to speak in public with confidence through evaluations & encouragement from experienced speakers. Work at your own pace through an organized program that adds new skills with each project. Call Clay Campbell 270.217.1222. Tonight's Sky - LIVE! Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. MONDAYFRIDAY 10am. Quietly relax under a 40 foot canopy of stars that represent tonight’s sky. Staff will lead you on a tour of planets, constellations, & special celestial events, such as the 2017 total solar eclipse. Recommended for ages 6 & above. 800.525.7077 FREE Tours for Teachers. Wickliffe Mounds. FRIDAYS 10am-3pm. Must make advance reservations. 270.335.3681 Water Aerobics. Metropolis City Pool, 312 W. 4th Street. MONDAYS & THURSDAYS 5:30-6:30pm; Advanced WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS 11am-Noon. 618.524.2609

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SENIOR CITIZEN EVENTS FREE Ballroom Dance Classes. MONDAYS Paducah–McCracken Senior Citizens Center. 1–3pm. Must be 60 or over. 270.443.8579 FREE Beginning Crochet & Quilting. Paducah-McCracken County Senior Citizens Center TUESDAYS. 1pm, 2pm. 270.443.8579 FREE Bible Study & Lunch. Broadway Church of Christ. 1ST & 3 RD TUESDAYS 11am. All seniors welcome. 270.443.6206 Dancing. Trigg Co. Senior Citizens Center. 1ST & 3RD THURSDAY 6:30-8:30pm. 270.522.8341

Exercise Classes for Seniors Paducah–McCracken County Senior Center MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS. 10-11am. 270.443.8579 Hot Lunches. Paducah–McCracken County Senior Center MONDAY–FRIDAY 11:30am. $3 donation. Must be 60 or over. 270.443.8579 Informal Coffee Group. Etcetera Coffeehouse, 6th Street & Kirchoff’s Bakery locations MONDAY–FRIDAY 9am. Kentucky Grandparents over the age of 60 who are primary caregivers may be eligible for state assistance. 877.352.5183 FREE Line Dancing Classes. Paducah-McCracken Senior Citizens Center. TUESDAYS 1-2:30pm. Must be 60 or over. 270.443.8579 Matters of Life Forum. 2ND THURSDAYS McCracken Co. Senior Center Activities Room. 11am. Topics discussed include ethical wills, passing on important values & bereavement support. McCracken County Humane Society Senior Days. WEDNESDAYS adopters over 60 years of age who cannot afford the full fee will receive a 50% discount on selected pets. 9am–3:30pm Senior Citizens Social Dinner & Games. McKendree United Methodist Church. 3RD SATURDAYS 4:30-6pm. 270.488.3770 Senior Medicare Patrol Sr. Center 1400 HC Mathis Drive. 8am-4pm most TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS 270.442.8993 FREE Serving Our Senior’s Bingo Parkview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. 1ST & 3RD THURSDAYS 1:30–3pm. Dessert & coffee served, enter at the Rehabilitation wing. To reserve a seat, call 270.443.6543 Super Seniors First Christian Church of Paducah. 1ST MONDAYS 270.443.8251 TUESDAYS for Seniors Wickliffe Mounds. 9am-4:30pm. Special discounted rate. Tour the site & museum; have a leisurly walk around the mounds; view birds & wildflowers along the nature trail; learn about the site's history. 270.335.3681 Walk with Ease. TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS 11-11:30am. Six-week fitness program shown to help reduce pain & improve health. Supported by the Arthritis Foundation. Must be 60 years of age or older. 270.442.8993 or 270.443.8579 Water Aerobics Brooks Indoor Pool. Broadway United Methodist Church, 701 Broadway. MONDAY–FRIDAY 10am. $25 per month. 270.443.1778

MULTI-SERVICE PROVIDERS American Red Cross Volunteer Opportunity 232 N. 8th Street, Paducah 2ND MONDAYS at 6pm. Western Kentucky Chapter is looking for volunteers for disaster relief training. To support our area counties, call 270.442.3575.



Baptist Health has meetings & groups for: Arthritis, Breast Feeding, Cancerport Breast Cancer, Prepared Childbirth, Baby Care, Family, CPR, Menopause, Diabetes, Radiation Therapy for New Patients, Lymphedema, Parkinson's Disease, Weight Loss & more. Call 270.575.2229 or Dream Factory Volunteer Meetings US Bank Bldg. 4th & Broadway. 5th floor. Interested in helping or donating? Janice Harris, 270.441.7611 Four Rivers Behavioral Health provides service in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities, & substance abuse. Consulting & employee assistance available. Serving Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, Marshall, & McCracken. 24–hr. crisis hot-line, 800.592. 3980. Call the office, 270.442.7121, to find out more. Hope Unlimited Family Care Center & Medical Clinic provides counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes & The Learn to Earn Program offers a way for families to earn points to purchase much needed baby items. 270.442.1166 in Paducah or 618.524.5730 in Metropolis. Lourdes Hospice Needs Volunteers Behavioral Health meeting Room (adjacent to the ER) Working with hospice patients can grow your faith & teach you about the magic & beauty of life. Volunteers are needed in Ballard, Caldwell, Carlisle, Crittenden, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, Lyon, Marshall, & McCracken counties. If interested, contact Susan Mason at 1.800.870.7460 or 270.415.3640. Meetings are MONDAYS (except holidays). Lourdes Hospital has meetings & support groups for: Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer, Colitis & Crohn's, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Huntington's, Pancreatic Cancer, Joint Replacement, Caregiver & Grief support, Overeating, & Amputees. 270.444.2444 or classeseventssupportgroups.asp Paducah Area Amputees in Action. Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion Rosenthal Room. See Facebook page for meeting times or call 270.538.6844. Amputees who would like printed information can pick up packets at Project CARAT Paducah, located at 911 Joe Clifton Drive in Paducah from 11am to 4pm. Paducah Cooperative Ministry 402 Legion Drive. Provides emergency food pantry assistance, financial assistance for rent evictions, utility disconnections, prescription medications, & stranded traveler needs. Limited to McCracken County residents. Open MONDAY–FRIDAY 9amNoon & 1-4pm. 270.442.6795. Starfish Orphan Ministry invites you to be a part of a life changing adventure to El Salvador... First timer? It’s okay! See how you can help make a difference to orphaned children in need! 270.933.1250 St. Nicholas Free Clinic provides FREE primary care, medicine & specialist referrals to uninsured working adults who live or work in the Kentucky counties of Ballard, Carlisle, Fulton, Hickman, Livingston, McCracken, Marshall, & Massac County, Illinois. Households with at least 1 adult working 15 hours or more & fall within 200% of the



Federal Poverty Level for household income qualify for St. Nicholas. Call the clinic at 270.575.3247. St. Vincent de Paul Budget Store A volunteer based ministry that sells used clothing, furniture & other goods at a minimal charge to the community & in turn uses the proceeds to help those less fortunate through the Help Line. Help is offered based on need, regardless of religious affiliation or income. TUESDAY-FRIDAY 10am–3pm & SATURDAY 9am–1pm). Budget Store phone number: 270.442.9351; Help Line phone number: 270.575.1008;

PARENTING SUPPORT FREE Hearts for Babies. Lone Oak First Baptist Church, Room C 200. The group makes layettes for under–privileged & single moms in need & their new babies. Meets 1ST WEDNESDAY of every month from 10am–2pm. We knit, crochet, quilt & sew! 270.554.3818 FREE La Leche League of Kentucky 160 South Gum Springs Road, Paducah All breastfeeding mothers & mothers–to–be interested in breastfeeding. 1ST THURSDAYS 10am. 270.534.0512 FREE M.O.M. Group 100 W 13th Street, Benton KY (Fellowship Hall of First Missionary Baptist Church) Time for moms of all ages to connect with one another & study God's Word in an encouraging, supportive, non-denominational environment. Children play in nursery while mother's meet. 3RD TUESDAYS 9-11am Please preregister. 270.527.7615

FREE Mothering Through Breastfeeding. Grace Episcopal Church 2ND TUESDAYS 10am. Open to all pregnant & nursing mothers & their children. 270.443.2373 or 270.442.4891 FREE Prenatal Classes by the Lourdes Little Miracles Birthing Center. Borders Community Room, Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion. Nurses provide information on childbirth & breastfeeding. Includes a tour of our birthing center. Available either as a four-week course (four MONDAYS a month, 6-8pm), or as a boot-camp course on a SATURDAY (9am-4:30pm). Call 270.444.2243 to register. FREE Prepared Childbirth Classes. Meeting Room A, Doctors Office Building 2, Baptist Health, Paducah. JULY 8, AUGUST 12, SEPTEMBER 23, NOVEMBER 4, & DECEMBER 9. Class designed to help expectant parents in their second or third trimester learn about the labor & delivery process. Call 270.575.2229 to register.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES & MEETINGS Amazing Grace Lutheran Church 1601 Jefferson Street, Paducah | 270.933.1215 SUNDAY Service 10am; Education Hour 8:45am Antioch Missionary Baptist Church 3986 State Route 1372, Bardwell | @abcbardwell SUNDAY School 10am; Worship Service 11am; Night Worship 5pm; WEDNESDAY Worship & Youth 7pm; JULY 15 Galactic Starveyors VBS 10am-5pm Arcadia United Methodist Church 261 Lone Oak Road, Paducah | 270.442.3313 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship Service 10am; TUESDAY Men’s Prayer Gathering 7:30am Bellview Baptist Church Bleich & Old Mayfield Roads | 270.554.3173 | SUNDAY School: 9am; Worship Service: 10am; Sunday Evening: 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening: 6:30pm Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church 12304 Wickliffe Rd, Kevil | 270.876.7239 | @bethalcpchurch SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:15am; Worship Service 10:30am Bethel Christian Church, Kevil 12245 Woodville Rd, Kevil | 270.462.3544 | SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:15am; Worship Service 10:30am Broadway Baptist Church 2435 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.442.3739 | SUNDAY School, 10am; Sunday Worship, 11am; Sunday Evening, 6pm; WEDNESDAY Worship, 7pm



Broadway Church of Christ 2855 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.443.6206 | SUNDAY Morning Worship 9:30am; Bible Study 10:45am; Evening Worship 6pm; MONDAY & WEDNESDAY Precious Pottery Preschool 9am-2pm; TUESDAY Clothing Give Away 10am-Noon; WEDNESDAY Ladies Bible Class 10am; Bible Classes 6:30pm; 2ND FRIDAY Parent's Night Out 5-10pm Broadway United Methodist Church 701 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.443.2401 | SUNDAY Fellowship Time (Igert Hall) 9am; Youth & Adult Sunday School for all ages 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; BUMS Youth group (grades 6–12) 5-7pm; Handbell Choir 7pm; Sunday morning services are streamed live & archived online. TUESDAY & THURSDAY Mother's Day Out 9am-2pm Call to register. WEDNESDAY Children’s Choir 5pm; Fellowship Dinner 5pm; YUMS (4th & 5th graders) 6pm; Chancel Choir 7pm; Senior Pastor Bible Study. THURSDAYS 11am. You do not have to be a member of Broadway UMC to participate. Calvary Baptist Church 270 Clements St, Paducah | 270.443.1552 | Pastor Pail Hatcher SUNDAY School 10am; Worship Service 11am; Evening Service 6pm; WEDNESDAY Service 6:30pm Calvert City First Presbyterian Church 639 Evergreen St, Calvert City | 270.395. 4700 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Fellowship 10am; Worship 10:45am

Concord Christian Center 3661 James Sanders Blvd., Paducah |270.441.7900 | SUNDAY Small Groups 9:45am Worship 10:45am, 6pm; WEDNESDAY Service 7pm Concord United Methodist Church 5178 Hinkleville Road, Paducah | 270.443.2669 | SUNDAY Worship Times 8:15am, 10:30am & 6pm; Coffee/Donuts/ Fellowship 9am; Sunday School 9:30am Child care is provided in the nursery during Sunday morning services; TUESDAY WISE Bible Study for Women 6:30pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal 5:15pm call to make reservations; B.L.A.S.T. for Kids, Youth Meeting & Adult Bible Study 6pm; THURSDAY Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8am Prayer Room is open to the public Concord West Church of Christ 4715 Mayfield Metropolis Road, Paducah | 270.744.6329 SUNDAY Bible Study 9am; Worship 10am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6pm The Crossing 1225 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.201.2810 | SUNDAY Worship 10:45am Elevation Point Church Paducah Exp Convention Center, 415 Park Ave. | 270.705.1045 | SUNDAY Service 10:30am

Calvert City United Methodist Church 571 Oak Park Blvd., Calvert City | 270.395.4746 | SUNDAY First Light Worship Service, Contemporary 9am; Sunday School 10am; Traditional Service 11am; WEDNESDAY Children, Youth & Adult Bible Studies 6pm; Adult Choir 7pm Central Church of Christ 2201 Washington St, Paducah | 270.442.1017 | SUNDAY Bible Study Classes 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm; TUESDAYS Ladies’ Bible Class, 1-2pm; LAST SATURDAY “Dorcas Day” Clothing Giveaway 9am–Noon Christ Chapel UECNA, "The Lighthouse" Hiter Road, Fairdealing | 270.354.9132 | All faiths welcome! SUNDAY Worship Services 8:30 & 10:30am; WEDNESDAY 7pm Christ Community Church 8270 Hinkleville Road, Paducah | 270.744.0397 SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Bible Classes 9:30am; Morning Worship & Junior Church (ages 10 & under) 10:30am; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm Community Fellowship Baptist Church 90 State Route 408 West, Hickory | 270.856.4463 | SUNDAY Services 8:30 & 11am; Signed Service for the Deaf/HH at 11am service; Sunday School 10am; WEDNESDAY Adult Bible Study, Kids Zone & Youth 6:30pm



First Baptist Church, Paducah 2890 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.442.2728 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship 10:15am; Evening Worship 5pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal 5pm; Worship 6pm; 252 Basics (children) 5:50pm; Awaken (youth) 6pm; Adult Choir Rehearsal 7pm First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 2515 S Main St, Benton | 270.527.8560 | SUNDAY Church School 9:45am; Worship 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Youth Night 5:30-7pm; MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY Men’s Exercise Group 9-10am First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 420 Catherine Street, Metropolis IL | 618.524.7118 | SUNDAY Fellowship Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; Youth Meeting 5pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6pm; Choir Practice 7pm First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 415 Audobon Dr, Paducah | 270.443.8251 | SUNDAY School 9:30am (Classes for all ages); Worship 10:45am; Bible Study 4pm; MONDAYS Pray & Ponder 10am; TUESDAYS Choir practice 5:15pm; WEDNESDAYS Bible Study 11am; THURSDAYS Gambler's Anonymous 7pm; 2ND SATURDAYS Men's Fellowship Breakfast 8-10am; 1ST MONDAYS Blood Drive 11:30am-5:30pm First Presbyterian Church 200 N 7th St, Paducah | 270.442.3545 | SUNDAY Church School 9:30am; Worship 10:45am; Youth Choir (6th-12th grades) 4:30pm; Youth Group 5:30-7pm; Handbells 6pm; WEDNESDAY Children’s Choir & Activities 4-5:45pm; Adult Choir 7pm

First United Methodist Church 100 East 5th Street, Metropolis | 618.524.9325 | SUNDAY Worship Service 10am & 6pm; Classes for all ages 9am; 3RD SUNDAYS Coffee & Donuts 11:15am Fountain Avenue United Methodist Church 300 Fountain Ave, Paducah270.443.1724 | SUNDAY Fellowship 9am; Sunday School for all ages, 9:45am; Worship & Children’s Church (ages 4-9) 10:45am; Communion Service; 1­ST SUNDAY of each month. Nursery provided for birth-age 3; Evening Services 6pm; MONDAY & THURSDAY Quilting Group 9:30am; WEDNESDAY Church Dinner 5:30pm ($5/call for reservation by noon Tuesday); Program & youth activities 6pm; Choir 6:30pm Friendship Baptist Church of Paducah 146 S Friendship Rd, Paducah | 270.534.1900 | SUNDAY School 9am; Morning Worship 10:15am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Worship 6pm Gospel Mission Worship Center 6905 Benton Rd, Paducah | 270.898.3613 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Morning Service 10:45am; Evening Service 5:30pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Service 6pm Grace Episcopal Church 820 Broadway, Paducah | 270.443.1363 | SUNDAY Holy Eucharist 8am & 10am; Christian Formation 9am; Children's Chapel 10am; Middle Schoolers 4pm; Youth Supper 5:30pm; High Schoolers 6:30pm; Nursery available for 10am Sunday Service. WEDNESDAY Holy Eucharist 12pm; Youth Group 5pm; THURSDAY Sanctuary Choir 6pm; 2ND THURSDAY Vintage Grace Luncheon/Program (for Seniors) 11:30am-1pm Harmony Baptist Church 9215 Ogden Landing Rd,W. Paducah | 270.488.3115 | SUNDAY Sunday School 10am; Morning Worship & Children’s Church 11am; AWANA 5:30pm; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Prayer & Praise, Bible Buddies 7am `Heartland Worship Center 4777 Alben Barkley Dr, Paducah |270.534.1400 | SUNDAY School 8, 9:15 & 10:45am; Sunday Services 9:30, 10:45am & 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Service 6pm; Children’s Activities 6pm; Middle/High School, 6–8pm; Divorce Care 6:30pm Highland Cumberland Presbyterian Church 3950 Lovelaceville Rd, Paducah | 270.554.3572 | SUNDAY School 9:45am; Worship 10:45am; Youth & Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Youth 6pm; Bible Study 6pm Hillcrest Baptist Church 10083 US-60, Kevil | 270.217.2796 SUNDAY School 9am; Services 10am & 5pm; MONDAY-FRIDAY Hillcrest Preschool; 3 RD FRIDAY Family Movie Night House of Hope Ministries 1731 N 11th St, Paducah | 270.933.1069 | SUNDAY Worship Service 11am; WEDNESDAY Fill-Up Service 6:30-7:30pm



Immanuel Baptist Church 3465 Buckner Ln, Paducah | 270.443.5306 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:45am; 1ST & 3RD SUNDAY Orchestra Rehearsal 9am; WEDNESDAY Shepherd’s Table (Dinner) 4:50-5:30pm. Please call ahead. First time guests eat FREE. $5 for adults & $3 for children. Youth Bible Study 5-7pm; Immanuel Kidz 5:30-7pm; Gathering for Adults 6pm; Adult Handbells 6:15pm; Sanctuary Choir 7:05pm; THURSDAY Discipleship Group 6:30am; Friendship International 9am; 3RD THURSDAY Mission Meal 6:30pm; 4TH THURSDAY Faith & Fiction 7pm

Living Word Pentecostal Church 907 Husband Rd, Paducah | 270.575.3477 SUNDAY Morning Sunday School/Worship 10am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm; Bus Ministry call 270.564.5706 or 270.210.9086

Islamic Center of Paducah 760 Berger Rd, Paducah | 270.558.4559 | FRIDAY Weekly Prayer 1:30-2:30pm; SUNDAY School 11am-1:30pm

Lone Oak First Baptist Church 3601 Lone Oak Rd, Paducah | 270.554.1441 | SUNDAY Morning Worship 8:30am, 9:45am & 11am Sunday School 8:30am, 9:45am, 11am & 6pm; Evening Worship 6:30pm; WEDNESDAY Children’s Choir 5:45pm; Middle & High School Choir 6pm; Prayer Meeting, Children’s Missions, Worship Choir & Orchestra 6:30pm

The Journey Church, Calloway Co. 304 N 4th St, Murray (3rd floor of Curris Center) | 270.761.4403 | SUNDAY Adult Services 9 & 10:30am The Journey Church, Marshall Co. Creason Building, 1600 Park Ave, Benton | 270.761.4403 | SUNDAY Service 10am Ledbetter United Methodist Church 200 Golden Meadow Dr, Ledbetter | 270.898.3435 SUNDAY Worship Service 9:30am; Sunday School 10:30am

Lone Oak Church of Christ 2960 Lone Oak Rd, Paducah | 270.554.2511 | SUNDAY Worship 10am; Sunday School 9am; Evening Service 6pm WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm

Lone Oak United Methodist Church 3835 Old US Hwy 45 S | 270.554.1272 | SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:15am; Service 10:30am; Nursery Available 9–11:30am; WEDNESDAY Kids on a Mission 2:30pm (grades 4-5), 3:45pm (grades 1-3); Bible Study 6pm; Handbell Practice 6pm; Choir Practice 7pm; 3RD SATURDAYS United Methodist Men 8am Lutheran Church of the Cross 2601 North Ave, Metropolis | 618.524.4628 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship Service 10am; 1ST & 3RD SUNDAY Holy Communion



Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1526 Park Ave, Paducah | 270.443.3689 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; Evening Service 6pm Mayfield First United Methodist Church 214 S 8th St, Mayfield | 270.247.5678 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; TUESDAY Celebrate Recovery meal 5:30pm; Meeting 6:15pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship meal 5:30pm; Bible Study 6:15pm McKendree United Methodist Church 2860 McKendree Church Rd, Kevil | 270.488.3770 or 270.488.2444 | SUNDAY School 9am Worship 10:30am Youth & Children Activities 4:30pm Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6:30pm; 3RD SATURDAY Senior Citizens Social Dinner 4:30–6pm. Clothes Closet MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY 10am–3pm SATURDAY 9am–Noon Milburn Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian 3760 Metropolis Lake Rd, West Paducah | 270.488.2588 | SUNDAY Donuts & Coffee 9am; Sunday School 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; WEDNESDAY Family Meal 5:30pm; Bible Study 6pm Mt. Sterling Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1780 Mt. Sterlin Rd, Brookport IL | 618.564.2616 SUNDAY School 10am; Worship 11am; Evening Worship 6pm; Youth Group 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6:30pm; Junior Youth Group 6:30pm

Mt. Zion Baptist Church 9701 Blandville Rd, West Paducah | 270.554.0518 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship 10am & 6:30pm; WEDNESDAY Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 6:30pm New Geneva Community Church 433 Monroe St, Paducah | 270.443.8866 | SUNDAY Worship 10:30am, Intergenerational Bible Study meal following; TUESDAY Women’s Ministry 7pm; THURSDAY Men’s Ministry 5:30pm & 6:45pm; TUESDAY-FRIDAY Biblical counseling available by appointment New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church 7680 New Hope Rd, Paducah | 270.554.0473 | SUNDAY School 9:30am Worship 10:30am Evening Youth & Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm. For youth information, contact the River Youth Ministries. Contact Melanie Rogers 270.978.1761 Oakland Cumberland Presbyterian Church 9110 US Hwy 68 W, Calvert City, KY | 270.350.7262 SUNDAY School 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Bible Study 6pm. Oaklawn Baptist Church 500 Oaks Rd, Paducah | 270.442.1513 | SUNDAY School 9:45am Worship 11am & 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm, God’s Children 7pm Olivet Baptist Church 5186 Hinkleville Rd, Paducah | 270.442.3267 | SUNDAY School 9am; Morning Worship, Kids Worship Time (ages 3 to K) 10am; Awana For Kids (ages 2–6th grade) 5:45pm; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Studies for ages 2–Adult 6:30pm Pathway Baptist Church 229 W 5th Ave, Calvert City | 270.395.5683 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship Service 10:30am; Evening Services Adults, Youth & Children 6pm; WEDNESDAY Adult Prayer, Bible Study 6:30pm; Awana for children 2 years old–6th grade 6:30pm; (during school year) Youth Service 6:30pm; THURSDAY Grief Share 6:30pm; Monthly Men’s Meetings & Ladies ConnectPleasant Grove Baptist Church 1110 N 14th Street, Paducah | 270.442.1000 | SUNDAY Explorer Hour 9:30am; Worship 11am; 1ST SUNDAY Lord Supper ; WEDNESDAY Prayer/Bible Study 6pm; 1ST WEDNESDAY Youth Bible Study 6pm The Potter’s House Baptist Worship Center 881 Cutoff Rd, Smithland | 270.928.9905 | SUNDAY Bible Study 9:30am; Worship 10:45am; Evening 6pm; WEDNESDAY Prayer/Bible Study 6pm Reidland Baptist Church 5559 Benton Rd, Paducah | 270.898.6243 | Nursery provided for all services & Sunday school. SUNDAY Sunday School (classes for all ages) 9am; Morning Worship Service 10:10am; Children’s Church/Junior Church (ages 3-5th grade) 5:30-7pm; Choir Practice 5-6:15pm Mission Friends (Age 3-Kindergarten)



Children In Action (1st-5th Grade) 5-7pm; Youth 6:30pm; Adult Bible Study; TUESDAY & THURSDAY 9:30am; Early Learning & Pre–K Program; WEDNESDAY TeamKID (age 3- grade 5), 6-7:30pm; Youth (grades 6-12), 6-7:45pm; Prayer & Adult Bible Study 6:30pm

Spring Bayou Baptist Church 11205 Woodville Rd, Kevil | 270.462.3014 | SUNDAY School 9:45am; Morning Worship 10:45am; Youth & Children's Programs/Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Services 7pm

Reidland Christian Church 5300 Kentucky Dam Rd, Paducah | 270.898.3904 | SUNDAY Sunday School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; Bible study 6pm; WEDNESDAY Family Meal 6pm; Bible Study for Children/Adults 7pm

Southland Baptist Temple 927 Yarbro Ln, Paducah | 270.444.9678 | SUNDAY Topper’s Gospel Show (WKYQ) 7-9am; Sunday School 9:45am; Worship Service, KidzAlive (3–5th grade) 10:45am; Evening Service 6pm; WEDNESDAY Mission Room Open 10am-3pm; Evening Meal 4:30-6pm; AWANA (2-6th grade) & The Light (7th-12thh grade) 6:30-8pm; Adult Bible Classes 6:45pm

Reidland Seventh Day Adventist Church 5320 Kentucky Dam Road | 270.898.3010 | SATURDAY Sabbath School 9:30am; Worship Service 11am; 1ST SATURDAYS following worship service a FREE delicious vegetarian fellowship meal is served. WEDNESDAY Prayer Meeting 6:30pm Reidland United Methodist 5515 Reidland Rd, Paducah | 270.898.2114 | WEDNESDAY Faithweaver Friends preschool-6th grade 5:15-7:30pm FREE dinner & fun, interactive bible discussions for kids. Rosary Chapel Catholic Church 711 Ohio St, Paducah | 270.444.6383 | SUNDAY School 9:45am; Worship Service 10:45am; Evening Service 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Service 7pm Rosebower Baptist Church 1120 Tyree Road, Paducah | 270.898.3385 | SUNDAY Mass 10:30am; 2ND FRIDAYS THROUGH NOVEMBER Fish Fry 4:30pm

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church 1518 J H O'Bryan Ave, Grand Rivers | 270.395.4727 | WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY Mass 9am St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church 116 S 6th St, Paducah | 270.442.1923 | Mass Schedule TUESDAY–FRIDAY 12pm; SATURDAY 5pm; SUNDAY 8:30 &11am; Quilt Display & Meal St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church 6705 Mayfield Rd, Paducah | 270.554.3810 | Mass Schedule TUESDAY–SATURDAY 7:30am; SATURDAY 5am; SUNDAY 7:30am & 9am St. Matthew Lutheran Church 2701 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.442.8294 SUNDAY Worship 9:30am; 1st & 3rd SUNDAY Potluck & Education 5pm



St. Paul Lutheran Church 211 S 21st St, Paducah | 270.442.8343 | SUNDAY Worship 8 & 10:45am; Bible Study & Sunday School 9:30am; The Lutheran Hour, Christian outreach radio program can be heard locally on WNGO 1320am & WKYX 570AM each Sunday at 6pm St. Peter’s of the Lake Episcopal Church Gilbertsville | 270.362.8301 | SUNDAY Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer Service 10am; Children’s Sunday School 10:15-10:45am St. Pius X Catholic Church 723 E 5th Ave, Calvert City |270.395.4727 | Mass Times TUESDAY 6pm; WEDNESDAY–FRIDAY 8am; SATURDAY 4:30pm; SUNDAY 8am

St. Thomas More Catholic Church 5645 Blandville Rd, Paducah | 270.534.9000 | Mass Schedule MONDAY & THURSDAY 6pm; TUESDAY & FRIDAY 7am SATURDAY 5:30pm SUNDAY 9 & 11am (1pm En Español) Nursery available at all services; MONDAY evening Active MOMS group & Active couples group. 270.534.9000; WEDNESDAY Mother’s Day Out; THURSDAY Moms Group Playgroup Temple Israel 330 Joe Clifton Dr, Paducah | 270.442.4104 | FRIDAY Lay–led Services 5:30pm; Rabbi–led Services 7pm Trinity United Methodist Church 6125 Blandville Rd, Paducah | 270.534.9516 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; TUESDAY Women’s Bible Study 9-11am (TUMC) & 6-8pm (offsite); WEDNESDAY Awana (2yr old5th Grade) 5-6:45pm; Youth (6th–12 grade) 5:30-6:45pm; Choir 6-7pm Twelve Oaks Baptist Church 2110 New Holt Rd, Paducah | 270.554.4634 | SUNDAY School 9:30am Worship 8,10 & 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Awana 5:30-7pm, Mid–Week Service 6pm United Church of Paducah 4600 Buckner Ln, Paducah | 270.442.3722 | SUNDAY Worship celebration 10am; Coffee & refreshments 1111:20am; Christian Education until Noon. Waldo Baptist Church 6970 Waldo Church Rd, Metropolis, IL | 618.564.2180 | SUNDAY Bible Study 9am; Morning Worship Service 10am; Evening Worship Service 6am; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal Ministry 5:30pm; Mid–Week Service 7pm Washington Street Baptist Church 721 Washington St, Paducah | 270.442.8033 | SUNDAY Morning Alive (Sunday School for All Ages) 9:30am; Worship Service 10:45am Way of Christ Bible Fellowship Church 1301 Park Ave, Paducah | 270.575.0039 | SUNDAY Morning Service 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Youth Bible Study 5:30pm Adult Bible Study 6:30pm West End Baptist Church 324 S 28th St, Paducah | 270.443.1043 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship Service 10:45am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal 5:30pm Call by Noon to reserve your spot; TUESDAY Children/Youth Bible Study & Adult Prayer Service 6:30pm Woodlawn Cumberland Presbyterian Church 3402 Benton Road | 270.442.7713 | SUNDAY Corporate Prayer 9:45-10:15am Worship Service 10:30am; WEDNESDAY Worship Service 7pm; THURSDAY Corporate Prayer 8:45-10am Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Fellowship) 1347 S 6th St, Paducah | 270.331.5247 or 5217 | SUNDAY School 9:45am; Morning Worship Service 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6:30pm






Throw Pink Paducah!

by Sarah Ladd

isc golf is a century old sport that involves throwing discs into 4-foot-wide circles. It was first invented in Canada in the early 1900’s. The game was part of elementary student’s pastimes, and it went dormant for a number of years, not truly reappearing until almost 1970. The modern game resurfaced in the 1960’s and is modeled after golf, but instead of balls, players use discs (Frisbees). A typical game usually consists of 9 to 18 holes. Disc golf is great because there are few opportunities for injury, while the player strengthens and tones their upper and lower body, gets in their cardio, and has to discipline their mental process. All around, it is a therapeutic sport. Western Kentucky loves its disc golf! We have a lot of courses and an annual amateur championship nearby in Bowling Green! Once again this July local disc golf enthusiasts will have the opportunity to play their favorite game for a fantastic cause. The third annual Throw Pink event will be held on Saturday, July the 8 at the disc golf course at Stuart Nelson Park in Paducah.

Throw Pink

Throw Pink is a nationally recognized non-profit organization with a mission of encouraging physical activity for women. The organization believes that “recreation is a basic need like food, shelter, water, and love. Play more than recharges our batteries. It re-creates us.” Throw Pink was founded in 2013 as a way to get women outdoors and playing while simultaneously fighting illnesses that target women. The organization focuses on women’s health and specifically ending breast cancer. Throw Pink is patterned after ice bowl disc golf. The organization encourages women to get outdoors and support those who have a hard time getting outdoor recreation because of illness.

Throw Pink Paducah

Last year, the Throw Pink Paducah event won the top fundraiser for the organization. I spoke with Virginia Hawthorne who is founder of this event and who serves as this year’s director. “We are so happy to have raised $6500 for Lourdes Foundation's Women's Services to support their fight against breast cancer,” she told me. “In the process, we have grown the sport of disc golf for women in our area.”



Hawthorne began the Paducah Throw Pink as an effort to get more people to get out and enjoy the sport. She is also greatly inspired by her Aunt. “My Aunt Nancy is a breast cancer survivor”, Hawthorne told me. “She is a role model for me and I felt this was a way I could follow in her footsteps.”

Come Out & Play!

Roof Brothers Wine and Spirits will be hosting this year’s Throw Pink! The 2017 schedule will be as follows: 7:30-8:45am

Registration & Welcome


Disc Golf Yoga with True North Yoga’s instructor Tim Whitaker


Player’s Meeting & Inspirational Words from Virginia Hawthorne


Tee Off

10:30-11:15am Paducah Bank Wow Wagon Ice Cream Truck 12:30-2pm Lunch: Boss Burrito food truck 2pm

2nd Round


Awards & Raffles

Only 9% of PDGA’s members are women. Throw Pink is an excellent was for the community to learn more about this sport and possibly fill this gender gap. “We are having two rounds this year, and hope to draw even more elite players this year from disc golf meccas like Nashville, Bowling Green, and St. Louis.” Hawthorne expects around 80 attendees this year and 25 of those are expected to be women. “Basically, it is a labor of love,” she said. “We spend many months of work collecting donations and promoting, but it is the most fun day of the year for a lot of us disc golfers.” There will be fun raffles including items such as disc golf bags with a value between $100 and $200, various gift certificates, and a basket. There will be 10 divisions, five male and five female. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each division.


This year, Throw Pink is proud to be partnered with the Professional Disc Golf Association. The PDGA is a member based organization focused on the promotion of the game of disc golf and physical fitness. Their main goals are to promote physical health and strength, professionalism, sportsmanship, and high gaming standards. This year’s Throw Pink will be a PDGA Charity event.

Don't Know How To Play?

If you have never played disc golf before, Hawthorne recommends that you sign up as a volunteer or just attend as a bystander. As a volunteer, you can observe the tournament and get a good feel for the game without strain of playing. This sign up comes with a player’s pack: a disc, a mini marker disc, and the Boss Burrito lunch. This way, you can learn about the game and prepare to play next year!


To buy tickets, please visit Tickets are $30 for the day, and the money will go to support to fight against breast cancer. Get ready to Throw Pink!




iPLAY by Amy Noles

The Pump Track is Open!


here's a new bike track in Paducah that will get your kids, and even you, outside on your bike and moving. Crews just completed converting an empty field off County Park into what's called a pump track. What is a pump track, you ask? A pump track is a continuous loop of dirt berms and “rollers” (smooth dirt mounds) that you ride without pedaling. The name “pump track” comes from the pumping motion used by the rider’s upper and lower body as they ride around the track. The idea of a pump track is to use this pumping motion to maintain your speed around the track without pedaling. It’s a great work out and lots of fun.

No Skills Or Special Bike Required

Pump tracks can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. You don’t need a special kind of bicycle to ride on a pump track - BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids’ bikes - even “scooter” bikes can be used on the pump track. All you really need is a bike with knobby tires and a helmet - and you’re set! You don’t need to be a super cyclist to ride at a pump track - they can be ridden by anyone! It’s a great way to increase bike handling skills for younger riders, and for the whole family to enjoy cycling fun in a safe, traffic free environment.

the Greenway Trail, there's not many places to bike in Paducah. "Right now we're stuck riding the streets, which is not very safe,” he told me. “And, we can’t use the skate park.” Skate parks are full of quarter pipes. While they're perfect for a skateboarder, if a mountain bike ended up hitting a quarter pipe, it could damage the bike. So, Grainger and Mason started a petition online for a pump track. Paducah Parks Director Mark Thompson reached out to Mason's dad, Eric Romanak, about the idea. From there, it went to the county and was approved. "As a parent, seeing your child do something and take action to make some change and make something productive for the community is mind blowing," Eric said. (He is a fitness center director, and he says he sees the track getting more kids active.) "It's nice to see that kids in Paducah have this option. It's very, very positive, It's also a good way to get them off the roads, keeping them safe.”

Pump tracks fit just about anywhere. They are a ridiculously effective workout. They build skills like crazy. They are great cross training for other sports like skiing, snowboarding, and track sports. Riding together at a pump track is a great family activity. And very importantly, they are really, really fun! There are also some things that a pump track is not. It is not for motorized dirt bikes, ATVs or skateboards.

How It All Began

For 13-year-old Grainger Page and 13-year-old Mason Romanak biking is a big hobby they are very involved with. "I didn't know how fun it was, but now I love it," Grainger said. He realized aside from



L-R: Grainger Page, Mason Romanak & Zach Ybarzabal are just a few local teens that are excited about the new pump track.

Putting It All Together

Late last year, the McCracken County Fiscal Court hired Columbus, Ohio-based PumpTrax to build the track. The cost was about $22,000 to $25,000. “It’s a continuation of our trying to upgrade the existing parks we have and create some additional opportunities,” explained Bob Leper, who is Judge Executive at the McCracken county Fiscal Court. “This is the first step at that particular location.”



Mitch Horne with Pump-Trax USA led the construction with the help of Tom Ritz, PumpTrax lead designer. The park officially opened on Friday, June 16. Horne said pump tracks have become popular in the last five years, especially at city and county parks, because they’re relatively easy to maintain.

Fun For All Ages

“There’s not an age limit on this, that’s the main thing. If you have a 5-, 6-year-old kid that’s new to anything like this, bring them out and let them enjoy a different style of riding their bike instead of just up and down the street. It’s friendly for 4, 5, or 6-year-olds all the way up to 60 or 70-year-olds! We just finished one in Huntington, Indiana and we had the mayor out there. He was riding his beach cruiser around it.” Sitting on roughly 1.75 acres, the track spans about 1,000 feet with a natural, dirt and fine stone surface. It has 11 or 12 turns/berms in a loop — the adjusting, rolling contours allow riders to navigate the course mostly using their own momentum. “This park is geared toward the mountain bike crowd,” explained Horne. “The obstacles are spaced out more to accommodate the bigger bikes, but it’s still ridable with a 20-inch BMX bike. They’ll peddle at the beginning (to get started) and once they start hitting the obstacles, if they’re riding their bike right, it’s going to take them

through the whole course without peddling. You can have any level of rider on this. There’s nothing here that’s going to be really intimidating. It’s wide open, the obstacles aren’t real tight.” So what are you waiting for? Take the kids out to the new pump bike track and see what all the buzz is about. I did and it’s a lot of fun! For information and operating hours please visit parks-services-department or call 270.444.8508.




iLOVE IT by Amy Noles

Your PSO 2017-18 Season Primer


he Paducah Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has made an important contribution to the arts in our community for many years. They provide quality, artistic entertainment for our area, allow musicians the opportunity for professional development, and offer a variety of educational programs for children to experience and enjoy classical music. For the upcoming season, the PSO has been thinking big! The exciting new season features works by well-known composers including Gershwin, Tchaikovsky, John Williams, and Ravel, as well as a great line-up of fantastic guest artists. Of course it also includes the always sold out Christmas Celebration concert. Take a look into the groundbreaking 2017-2018 Paducah Symphony Orchestra Season at the Carson Center.

Porgy & Bess

September 9, 2017 at 7:30pm, The Carson Center Leonard Bernstein | Candide: Overture George Gershwin | Porgy and Bess Giuseppe Sgambati| Symphony No.1 The Season kicks off with the timeless symphonic picture, Porgy and Bess, originally written as an opera by none other than George Gershwin.


October 14, 2017 at 7:30pm, The Carson Center Phyllis Pan, piano (2017 Young Artist Competition Winner)

David Godar, piano (2017 Young Artist Competition Winner)

Howard Hanson | Symphony No.3, op.33 Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky | Piano Concerto No.1, op.23, B-fl at minor I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso Franz Liszt | Piano Concerto No.2, A major Maurice Ravel | Bolero Ravel’s most famous work, Bolero, headlines the evenings concert, though other exciting features include performances by the PSO’s 2017 Young Artist Competition Winners, and the third symphony by American composer Howard Hanson.

A Salute to our Armed Forces

November 18, 2017 at 7:30pm, The Carson Center This salute will feature: John Williams| Summon the Heroes Aaron Copland | An Outdoor Overture Vincent Persichetti | A Lincoln Address | Richard Abraham, narrator John Williams | Hymn to the Fallen and more! Join the PSO in honoring our Armed Forces in a full evening of celebrating patriotism through music.

A Holiday Celebration

December 9, 2017 at 7:30pm, The Carson Center Paducah Symphony Orchestra & Choruses A Paducah Christmas would not be complete without the rousing Christmas Celebration by the Paducah Symphony Orchestra. The Symphony pulls out all the stops, bringing in the Paducah Symphony Chorus, the PSO Children’s Chorus and the PSO Youth Chorus to the stage with the Orchestra, creating a memorable and unique take on the Christmas classics featured.

An Evening of John Williams & Friends

February 17, 2018 at 7:30pm, The Carson Center Featuring music from cinema classics including Star Wars, Apollo 13, Schindler’s List, Gladiator, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Raiders of the Lost Ark and more!



The Firebird

March 10, 2018 at 7:30pm; The Carson Center Michael Klotz, viola Maurice Ravel | Ma Mère l’Oye (Mother Goose Suite) Max Bruch | Romance, op.85, F major Hugo Wolf | Italian Serenade Anton Brucknet | Overture, G minor Igor Stravinsky | Firebird Suite Music from well-known ballet The Firebird headlines an evening filled with unique works, as well as a performance by acclaimed guest violist Michael Klotz.

Belshazzar's Feast

April 14, 2018 at 7:30pm,The Carson Center Corey Crider, baritone Paducah Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and invited choirs Jacques Offenbach | Orpheus in the Underworld: Overture Leonard Bernstein | On the Waterfront: Symphonic Suite William Walton | Belshazzar’s Feast The Season concludes with music from the only film score ever composed by Leonard Bernstein, that of the acclaimed On the Waterfront, followed by an awe-inspiring performance of William Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast, featuring 200 voices on stage with the orchestra.

Encore Performances

Encore Series Performances are just as phenomenal as the regular season. Your season ticket includes invitations to:

A Harvest Festival

October 15, 2017 3pm. Broadway United Methodist Church.

A Paducah Christmas

December 3, 2017 at 6:30pm. St. Thomas More Church.

Made in America

A celebration of Veterans’ Day on February 18, 2018 at 3pm - Immanuel Baptist Church.

The Paducah Symphony Spring Youth Showcase

This concert will wrap up the Encore Performances on May 6, 2018 at 3pm - Broadway United Methodist Church.

Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets are now on sale to everyone for the Paducah Symphony Orchestra’s 2017-2018 season! New season subscribers receive a 50% off discount when purchasing tickets for the entire season, which features seven full orchestra concerts running from September 2017 through April 2018 and four additional Encore Series performances. Ticket packages start as low as $74. Discounts on series tickets and subscription specials are available, as well as individual seats for each concert. In addition, any student may request one free concert ticket per year (through their local schools). Season tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the PSO Office at 270.444.0065.




iPET by LaNita Flanary, DVM

Timely Tips for Traveling with Your Furry Friends This Summer


ummer is here! It’s time to take off on vacation or visit relatives and friends. If you are planning on taking your favorite fourlegged friend along, please consider these tips:.

Ensure Good Health

Many states require a current health certificate within 10 days of travel along with documentation of vaccinations. Always carry copies of your pet’s medical history with you. Don’t forget to pack any medication your pet is taking.

Be Prepared & Secure

Make sure your pet wears a collar with complete identification, license tag, and numbers where you can be reached. Always keep your pet on a collar and leash or in a carrier. Having your pet micro-chipped is also a great idea before traveling.

Prevent Motion Sickness

Take your pet on a few trial short rides before the trip. See your veterinarian for medication that calm your pet and alleviate sickness from traveling.

Confirm Your Welcome

Be considerate to friends you may be visiting to make sure your pet is welcome. Check ahead with motels, hotels, parks, and campgrounds where you intend to stay and determine any special requirements.

Watch the Windows

Do not allow your pet to ride with his head outside the car window to prevent eye injuries. Keep windows closed far enough to prevent jumping out.

Keep Cool

Never leave your pet in a closed car even for a few minutes during warm weather. Heatstroke and death can occur in a short time.

Feed Small Meals

Feed small amounts multiple times daily. Provide plenty of fresh cool water. Bring a jug of water and food from home to prevent gastrointestinal upset due to a change in diet.

Plan for Stops

Schedule bathroom and play time every 2-3 hours along the way. For cats, carry a familiar litter pan.

Be Considerate to Your Pet

Consider whether your pet is comfortable and happy when traveling. Some animals do better at a kennel or at a relative's house. A car sick, unhappy animal can make a trip miserable for everyone.




iSUPPORT by Sarah Ladd

Riding in the Moonlight


aducah is home to many bike lovers and many beautiful bike trails. It’s also the home of some hot and steamy summer weather and so, in 2014 the Moonlight Bike Ride was born. This event is a great way to enjoy a late night ride while supporting a great local cause.

The ride was founded by Erin and Justin Lewis, members of Chain Reaction Cycling Club and Stephanie Moss, the Financial Development Committee Chair for Paducah Cooperative Ministry (PCM). The first ride had about 300 cyclists participate and this year, the coordinators hope to have 600 cyclists in attendance! Raising funds for PCM is the name of the game and last year organizers reported $17,000 was generated for this worthy cause. This year, they hope to hit $20,000!



This year’s Moonlight Bike Ride will be held on July 29. Since its founding, Paducah’s cyclists have enjoyed the easy 10-mile ride under a full, beautiful, summer moon. The course begins at Bike World, weaves through Paducah’s streets, and returns to Bike World for the finish. Paducah Bank Ice Cream Truck will be present with free, refreshing treats for the riders!

A Beautiful Sight

I spoke with Ronda Gibson, the Financial Development Coordinator for PCM, about the bike ride. She is very excited about this year’s ride. “You do not ever think about bike rides being ‘beautiful’”, Ronda told me, “but this is most definitely one to behold. Seeing upwards of 500 bicyclists and bikes decked out in their glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces is an amazing thing to see!” Ronda loves seeing the community get involved in cheering on the riders. “Even the folks living along the route are joining in and coming out to offer support!”

Live Music While You Ride

Local musicians Daniel Neihoff and Aaron Potter will be playing some great tunes at Bike World Before and after the event. Aaron Potter is a lively local artist who finds his inspiration from artists such as Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, The Head & The Heart and The Avett Brothers. Potter’s “warm and gritty, heart-on-your-sleeve sound" is backed by up-tempo guitar playing and unmistakable energy. He won a runner-up finish in 2017's WKMS Singer and Songwriter Contest. Potter’s debut solo album "House Fire" expects release sometime this summer.



Daniel Neihoff is a local singer songwriter whose love of writing and performing music began at the early age of 6. He wrote his first complete song at age 8 and hasn’t slowed down yet! Neihoff enjoys sharing his music with local venues. You won’t want to miss his soft, soothing sounds.

Lights & Helmets, Please

Riders are expected to follow all standard safety procedures. This will include wearing safety helmets, abiding by all traffic laws, and having lights on their bikes - front white headlights and red rear lights. Make sure your bike is up to date on the maintenance. In addition, there will be glow sticks and various glow products for sale at the event until supplies run out. Riders are highly encouraged to deck out their rides with the glow sticks! This will light up the bikes for added safety. It will also look cool. Riders under 14 must have an adult accompanying them.

Get Your Tickets Early

The route will begin and end at BikeWorld, 809 Joe Clifton Drive. Check in, tailgating, and registration will begin at 8 pm and the ride will start at 10 pm. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit . Adult tickets are $25 and youth tickets are $15. Event t-shirts are available at a first-come first-serve basis, so make sure to register as soon as possible! For more information on bikes or bike safety, contact Bike World at 270-442-0751 or

Paducah Cooperative Ministries

All proceeds of the Moonlight Bike Ride will go to support Paducah Cooperative Ministries. PCM is a local outreach center that seeks to

“do God's work with human hands” by meeting physical needs in the community. Founded in 1973 by local congregations PCM has several practical outreaches in the community. These include “Fresh Start Village”, free groceries to needy families, an emergency relief fund and “Breaking Barriers”, a program for women incarcerated at McCracken County Jail. In 2016, PCM provided emergency groceries from its food pantry on 5,357 occasions to an average of 452 households each month. They gave $140,000 in assistance to 1,295 households needing help with urgent needs such as utilities (to avoid disconnections) and rent (to avoid evictions). PCM provided emergency shelter and support to 180 homeless women and children through the Fresh Start Village. For more information, go to




iGARDEN sponsored by Parkview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Plants with Perks:

6 Low-Maintenance Summer Herbs


erb gardening is a great way to relieve stress and get outdoors with your loved ones - and it can yield tasty rewards! Not only can homegrown herbs save you money on store-bought spices, they also offer a variety of health benefits for the whole family by adding flavor to foods without adding sugar, sodium or MSG. These low-maintenance herbs can be grown indoors or outdoors and are easy to maintain with or without a green thumb.


English lavender is most commonly used for its fragrant aroma. Its purple blooms are known to reduce stress and anxiety, promote a good night sleep, and even soothe minor cuts and burns. Lavender


Rosemary is popular in many savory dishes such as seared steak or poultry. It can also be dried and infused in marinades and olive oil. This shrubby herb grows best in lots of sunlight and can also thrive in a container. Rosemary can be easily transferred indoors for the winter to enjoy all year round.



can be dried and used in tea, as an air and laundry freshener and even in a bath soak. Lavender grows best well-drained with lots of sun.


Oregano adds a musky flavor to many savory dishes such as pizza and sauces. Oregano can be grown successfully both in the yard and in a container. Often blooming in the late summer, it even offers antimicrobial benefits.


Often seen as a garnish, parsley is one of the most commonly used herbs in a wide variety of dishes. Known as a bitter herb, parsley can act as a digestive aid and a breath freshener after a heavy meal. This plant often attracts butterflies and grows well in many different environments.


Gardening is a wonderful way to reduce stress, get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors right in your own backyard. You can find herbs and seeds at your local greenhouse, nursery or outdoor center. Local community gardens and senior centers also offer great venues for public gardening and learning. Always wear protective gardening gear, insect repellent, and sun block. And be aware of any plant allergies you may have. Sources: htm,, webmd. com/food-recipes/features/guide-to-fresh-herbs#1


Vitamin-rich cilantro adds much flavor to many summer and Latin dishes such as tacos, salsa and guacamole. Similar to parsley, cilantro can aid with digestion. And cilantro grows well in flower beds or containers.


Mint is primarily used in brewing teas for flavor and can promote healthy digestion. It is often used as a flavoring in Middle Eastern dishes and as a natural bug repellent. Growing mint in your yard or garden can ward off pesky mosquitoes and insects that can eat other plants and get into your home. It is recommended to grow mint in a container if you don't want it to spread as a ground cover in your yard.




by Kerri McLoughlin

10 Ways to Bust Indoor Summer Boredom


laying in the sprinkler only takes up so many hours of a day, then the kids are ready to come inside for some popsicles and hangout time. I’m all for kids experiencing boredom sometimes, but it never hurts to put a few fun suggestions in front of them. Read on for 10 ways to bust indoor boredom, some of which kids can do on their own and some of which you’ll want to get involved in.

Perler Beads

You may know them as those things that go crunch when you vacuum, but kids recognize them as hours of fun! Using flat, plastic shapes with spikes, kids can create all sorts of things by placing Perler beads in different patterns. You can turn creations into necklaces, magnets, cool things to put inside school binders! Once the beads are in place, you’ll need to place parchment paper over them and iron on low until the beads melt together. Flip then over and do the other side, then they are stuck together and ready to go!

Kids love to draw & color. Hang finished pictures on stringed yarn using clothespins & invite friends over for a grand gala opening!


Break out the Legos because it’s time for a little friendly competition! Kids of all ages can get in on this one. Take turns tossing out ideas for things to build. For example, you might say the thing to build right now is a refrigerator. Then everyone tries their best to build a fridge. Everyone’s creation will be different, so it’s not really a competition, but it’s fun seeing what everyone comes up with!

Art Show

Kids love to draw and color! I have tons of artwork on my fridge, but how about really showcasing their special artwork of the day? All you need is a long piece of thin rope or yarn hung from one end of a room



to another. Then hang finished pictures using clothespins, invite over some friends for the grand gala opening, serve some snacks and you have an art show!


I loooove when my kids play restaurant because I get to be the diner sitting at the table reading my book while they serve me different foods and drinks! I don’t serve them back because, let’s face it, I do that every single night! The point is they are getting to play the grown-up and be cooks, waiters, hostesses and managers.

been running around in their mind and you can either write it out or type it. Then have your child illustrate it! If you’re creating the story on the computer, you can go to free photo sites like Pixabay to grab images for the story!

Scavenger Hunt

Take out a piece of paper and write down different items in the house on it (if you have two teams doing the scavenging, write the same items down on another piece of paper). Ideas include: a winter glove, a cotton swab, a doll shoe, a pie pan, etc. Now send the teams off and whoever gets back with the most items from the list first wins some small trinket.


This one just takes a few minutes of your help and then the kids are off on their own, creating for hours. Of course you can just buy the stuff, but here’s a simple recipe, as well: 1 cup flour ½ cup salt 1 cup water 1 T. oil 2 t. cream of tartar Food coloring Mix all ingredients except food coloring on low heat in a pan. Once the consistency is of play-dough, take pan off heat, let cool, then add food coloring a few drops at a time. Knead until the color is all mixed. Grab some cookie cutters and other kitchen items and let the fun begin! Store in air-tight containers or baggies.

Write & Illustrate a Story

Kids are full of stories, but some aren’t old enough to write them down. That’s where you come in! Have each kid tell you a story that’s



Board or Other Games

There are so many to choose from its insane! Depending on the ages of the kids and how much time you have, great games include: LIFE, Monopoly, Monopoly Jr., Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Pop the Pig, and so many more!


This is a great classic you can play with two or a whole roomful of people. Start by having each team create their own cards by writing different words on pieces of construction paper. Think places, movies, books, people, household objects, etc. Then the teams trade cards. Teams take turns picking a piece of paper and having one member act out what is written on the paper so the other team can try to guess what is being acted out. Keep track of time … maybe a minute per turn. If Team A doesn’t guess, no point is awarded and it’s now Team A’s turn to act out something for Team B to guess.

Mini Marshmallows & Spaghetti Noodles

This one can get messy but it’s good for hours of fun. Break out the mini marshmallows and spaghetti noodles (not angel hair because it will break too easily) and have the kids construct creations like houses, bridges, towers and more!





Prevent Sports Injuries with a Mouth Guard


uly marks the start of pre-season practice for many high school and college sports. If your child is playing, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, martial arts, skateboarding, gymnastics, or mountain biking they could be at risk. Really any activity or sport where falls or contact is likely might result in an injury to the teeth or mouth. Imagine what it would be like if you suddenly lost one or two of your front teeth. Smiling, talking, eating – really everything would suddenly be affected. Knowing how to prevent injuries to your mouth and face is especially important if you participate in organized sports or other recreational activities.

Get a Mouth Guard

Most oral and facial injuries can be prevented by the use of a mouth guard. Mouth guards, also called mouth protectors, help cushion a blow to the face, minimizing the risk of broken teeth and injuries to your lips, tongue, face or jaw. They typically cover the upper teeth and are a great way to protect the soft tissues of your tongue, lips and cheek lining. Your top teeth take the brunt of trauma because they stick out more, where as your bottom teeth are a little more protected because they are further back.

Adults, you are not free from the danger of mouth injuries! Dentists treat many trauma injuries in weekend athletes. Whatever your age or sport, mouth guards are important part of sports safety and exercise routine. Do what you can to protect your smile and preserve your health.

Types of Mouth Guards

The best mouth guard is one that has been custom made for your mouth by your dentist. However, if you can’t afford a custom-made mouth guard, you should still wear a stock mouth guard or a boiland-bite mouth guard from the drugstore.

Stock Mouth Guards

These are inexpensive and come preformed, ready to wear. Unfortunately, they often don’t fit very well and do not provide the best protection. They are also bulky and can make breathing, and talking difficult.

Boil & Bite

These mouth protectors can be bought at many sporting goods stores and drugstores, and may offer a better fit than stock mouth protectors. They are first softened in water (boiled), then inserted and allowed to adapt to the shape of your mouth. Always follow the manufacturers' instructions. These mouth

New Benefits = New Opportunities Call today for a free needs analysis.

They Should Be Mandatory

Unfortunately, mouth guards are not mandatory equipment in all sports at local schools, even though they have been proven to help prevent injuries. Mouth guard help cushion blows to the face and the neck. A mouth guard should be part of every athletes gear, no matter what the sport. It’s better to play it safe than face a devastating, painful, and costly oral injury.

I’d like to find out how I can help you meet your specific goals.





guards do not provide the best protection and in some instances, they may also interfere with speech and breathing

Custom Fit Mouth Guard

These are individually designed and made in your dentist’s office or a professional dentist laboratory. Not surprisingly, they are likely to provide the most comfortable fit and best protection. Since they are designed to cover all the upper teeth and cushion the entire jaw they can help prevent concussions caused by blows to the chin. Because they fit and feel better, most athletes prefer customized mouth guards. They are more secure in the mouth and will not interfere with breathing or communication on the playing field. These can made with custom colors and design and are often made to match the team colors.

Protecting Your Braces

A properly fitted mouth guard may be especially important for people who wear braces or have fixed bridge work. A blow to the face could damage the brackets or other fixed orthodontic appliances. A mouth guard also provides a barrier between the braces and your cheek or lips, which will help you avoid injuries to your gums and cheeks. Talk to your dentist or orthodontist about selecting a mouth guard that will provide the right protection. Although some mouth guards only cover the upper teeth, your dentist or orthodontist may suggest that you use a mouth guard on the lower teeth if you have braces on these teeth. If you have a retainer or other removable appliance, do not wear it during any contact sports.



How Long Should a Mouth Guard Last?

Talk to your dentist about when is the right time to replace your mouth guard, but replace it immediately if it shows sign of wear, is damaged or ill fitting. Teens and children may need to replace their mouth guards more often because their mouths are still growing and changing. Between games, it’s important to keep your mouth guard clean and dry. Mouth Guards should be replaced after each season because they can wear down over time, making them less effective. Replacements are especially important for adolescents because their mouths continue to grow and teeth continue to develop into adulthood. Many athletes have new mouth guard made when they go for their six month dental checkup. Here are some tips for making sure your mouth guard is always ready to go: •

Rinse before and after each use or brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Regularly clean the mouth guard in cool, soapy water. Then, rinse it thoroughly.

During your regular dental checkups, bring your mouth guard for an evaluation. Your dentist may also be able to give it a thorough cleaning.

Store and transport the mouth guard in a sturdy container that has vents so it can dry and keep bacteria from growing.

Never leave the mouth guard in the sun or in hot water.

Check fit and for signs of wear and tear to see if it needs replacing.

Some mouth guards have fallen victim to family pets, who see them as chew toys. Store your mouth guard and case somewhere your pet cannot get to it.

ADA Seal of Acceptance

Of course mouth guards should actually perform as required, i.e. to keep teeth safe. To that end, the ADA has worked with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop a standard for athletic mouth protectors and materials. However, a study of commercially available, over-the-counter mouth guards found that very few met current ANSI and ADA standards for impact attenuation use. Don’t let your child be the victim of preventable injury that can be severe and costly. Make sure they wear a mouth guard while playing sports. And, ask yourself if you should be wearing one too! For more information please visit

* Meet Sarah and Whitney....

Experience counts and they are part of a team with more than one hundred years of it. Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Case Management team has over one hundred years of combined experience serving those diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability by helping them navigate the many services available to them. Case Managers like Whitney and Sarah work with clients to set individualized goals to help identify needs so they can fulfill their hopes and dreams. They really are wish makers! Case Managers can hep monitor safety and welfare, ensure an effective plan of care, coordinate referrals and so much more. For information about Case Management for those diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability or any of our other services, call us at 270.442.7121 or 866.442.7121 or visit our website at

Developmental Services This ad paid for by funding from CHFS.



This article is paid advertising & the information contained therein is provided by the featured individual or business. They are solely responsible for its accuracy.


MainStage School of Performing Arts & Children's Theatre

Where Children Learn to Shine


other-daughter team, Megan and Wheeler Hughes, are the founders of MainStage School of the Arts. “Mainstage is an incubator for art, entertainment, innovation, and personal growth,” explained Ms. Megan, (as her students call her). Groups of young artists, ages 3 to 18, take weekly classes in voice, drama, musical theatre and dance. The students at Mainstage receive extensive training in the three key disciplines that are often referred to as the “triple threat” - voice, dance and stage craft. “Having all three skill sets gives our kids many more opportunities,” explained Ms. Megan. “Most people don’t realize that actors Kevin Spacey and Hugh Jackson started off singing and dancing! A lot famous people use all their talents to get a foot in the door and we want Mainstage students to have every advantage we can give them.” “Many of our kids have stars in their eyes,” said Ms. Megan. “They dream of becoming professional performers and we do everything we can to help them achieve that dream. But, just as many dream of becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers. We believe what they learn here will help all our kids to reach their goals and dreams, we build the 6 “C’s” (confidence, creativity, communication skills, collaboration skills, citizenship, and character) into everything we do here. These values, plus the techniques learned in class, will prepare each child for what comes next.” MainStage is a place of opportunity where students are mentored by loving, nurturing, certified teachers. “We teach children the art of storytelling through various artistic techniques, “said Ms. Megan. “At Mainstage, that is an important distinction. We believe in building versatile people and, through loving support, we build a family of emerging artists. We believe this facilitates unimagined growth, not only in artistry, but in personal growth for each student. As teachers, we are determined to empower our students to explore, and then express, their unique abilities so that they can appreciate their own, and each other’s, individuality. One size does not fit all at MainStage. “



MainStage at a Glance

• • • • • • • • • According to Ms. Wheeler, MainStage is a community of artists. “We teach that art is not just about technique but choices,” she said. “We collaborate with our students in those choices so that they can best tell the story, through movement, and song. In guiding those choices, we believe children can push through imagined limitations and give themselves permission to become more than they ever thought possible.” Ms. Megan and Ms. Wheeler agree that flexibility, the ability to adapt, is important not only on stage but in life. They strive to instill that it is not about perfection but how one recovers from mistakes that is important. “We believe that mistakes are a pathway to learning opportunities,” said Ms. Megan. “Sometimes the best moments on stage and in the classroom happen from mistakes. We call them happy accidents!” Ms. Megan and Ms. Wheeler’s goal is to continue doing what they love - mentoring young people to be their best selves - and to put innovative, dynamic content onstage through musicals, dramas and dance. “We believe that everyone has the capacity to be creative and that we are all artists,” said Ms. Megan. “By tapping into the potential of children and young people, and celebrating their wonderfully unique selves, we are building a new generation of amazing artists and amazing people.”


• •

Certified Teachers CPR trained staff member Family atmosphere Class in dance - all ages Tap Ballet Jazz Hip Hop Classes in Musical Theatre, Voice, Drama, Private audition coaching Summer camps, workshops, and intensives Community Involvement

Sign up for classes NOW and be eligible for 2017/18 shows: Into The Woods, Elft, Jr. & Tarzan!

• •



85% of Mainstage students maintain an A average Significant success rate of students being accepted into Governor’s School of the Arts and other auditioned programs Significant student success rate in other areas -Academic, national and international competitions

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