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hew! Spring just sort of happened this year, didn’t it? One minute it was cool and rainy, and the next I was mowing the grass, organizing for the Lower Town Art and Music Festival (LTAMF) and volunteering for Quilt Week. May is one busy time of the year in the Purchase Area! We’ve got a fantastic magazine for you this month with articles on the new Market House Theatre season and the LTAMF.

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PackIt In time for Mother’s Day we’ve found some great gift items that we’d like to share with our readers. PackIt is the only foldable, freezable bag that keeps food and drinks cool for hours - no ice packs needed. Its secret sauce? Patented cooling technology that's built into the walls of the bag. We’re giving away some single wine bottle PackIt bags as well as an Uptown lunch bags and PackIt lunch bags – very stylish! We wish all the Mothers out there a wonderful Mother’s Day this May. I’m especially grateful for mine who just turned 94 years young!

Karen Hammond

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Caring People Services








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on the cover models

(seated) Joni Hogancamp, Annalee Johnson, Betty Scott (standing) Kelly Jackson photo taken at the home of

Karen Jackson.

front cover portrait by RACHAEL HOUSER PHOTOGRAPHY


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Caring People Services

"We're The Someone You Were Hoping To Find"

photo by Rachael Houser Photography




ur cover this month celebrates Mother’s Day and features four generations of the Hogancamp family. Seated is Joni and her Mother Betty Scott, who is holding her granddaughter, Annalee Johnson. Her niece (Annalee's mother), Kelly Jackson Johnson, is standing behind them. Carolyn Roberts and her partner, Joni Hogancamp, own Caring People Services (CPS). Together with their dedicated staff, the company has provided home care for seniors with health issues, the frail elderly, and the disabled of all ages, for the past 16 years.

A Community Need

Roberts and Hogancamp started Caring People Services after experiencing the need for home care in their own families. Roberts, a Registered Nurse for over 40 years, has worked as a nursing director for both long term care and home health organizations and as a rehabilitation nurse. She has managed many of the same challenges that her clients experience, including being a long-distance caregiver. Hogancamp has also worked extensively in healthcare. She has 20 years as a lab tech in hospitals as well as extensive professional recruiting and management training. Both Roberts and Hogancamp are heavily involved in the community. Roberts serves on the board of the St. Nicholas Healthcare Payment Assistance Program and Hogancamp is a past board member. They both enjoy being members of the Paducah Rotary Club. Hogancamp is on the board of The Purchase Area Senior Games. She is proud to be involved with the United Way Reading Pals and is an active member of her church, Broadway United Methodist in Paducah. Roberts was on the board of directors at the Kentucky Home Care Association Board of Directors.

A Personal Calling

“We started the company after caring for numerous family members and experiencing the need for support firsthand,” Roberts explained. “At one point my children referred to our home as ‘The Aunt Farm’! We were taking care of my father-in-law, both parents and two aunts. They were all living at our property. We also had my grandmother in a nursing home and we looked out for her gentleman friend. Then there was a friend of my aunts who had no family - it was struggle to manage that many people.”

Roberts is a deeply rooted care giver just like her mother. “Wilma Thomas, my mother, was one of our first care givers,” she told me. “Although she was in her early 70’s at the time, she was still very active. She had been a beautician for 50 years. Her beauty shop was part beauty shop and part ‘Wilma can solve your problems’. Mom was always helping someone. Along with her shop, she ran the salon at a local nursing home. She even started a clothing closet there for the folks who needed clothing – they called it ‘Wilma’s Closet’.” “My mom cared for people the whole time I was growing up. This is where I learned to be a caregiver. We often had someone we were helping because of illness etc. They would come and stay for a little while, or mom would visit them. She did a lot of short term care. She worked for us for about a year and then, unfortunately, she had a massive stroke. Life came full circle and we had to hire help for her.”

Care That Works For You

CPS have a large staff of kind, caring and compassionate people who can provide non-medical care for your loved one. They average around 70 staff at any one time, but it has been as high as 90. CPS can assist clients in the nine westernmost counties of Kentucky, (Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Marshall, McCracken), and also provide care for a few in Lyon and Livingston Counties. While most of their clients are older, they can assist clients of all ages during brief illnesses or while recovering from surgery. They can come to your home, an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or hospital. CPS offers assistance with bathing, dressing, medications, and mobility. They can also do light housekeeping, shopping and meal preparation. But, perhaps most importantly, they offer simple companionship and conversation; someone who visits your loved one regularly and notices any changes or concerns. While they do not transport clients in their personal cars, they can use your loved one’s vehicle to take them to appointments, church, or other outings. If there is no car available they can escort them on public transportation or complete the needed errand for them in a

Hogancamp was also dealing with similar issues; her mother-in-law had lymphoma and her father was dealing with multiple myeloma. Even with the help of her sisters, Hogancamp felt the stress. “Joni’s husband Ben, is a friend of my husband," Roberts explained. "I mentioned to him that I was starting a service organization and he told me that his wife was thinking of doing something similar. Joni and I met for lunch and the rest is history! We created Caring People Services because we saw the need for caring people to help with families just like ours. We were where our clients are, and that's why we started the company.” “We have been blessed, as my skills compliment Joni’s and vice versa. I think I have a wonderful partner and we’re very much a team. Both of us are committed to providing the kind of care we would want for our families.”

L-R: Joni Hogancamp and Carolyn Roberts, Owners of Caring People Services PAFM MAY 2017


“When we first started our business all you needed was a business license and a tax ID," said Hogancamp. A few years ago there was a movement to require a certification to providers such as CPS. Roberts sat on the task force that developed the guidelines and took this to the Kentucky State Legislature. "We felt strongly that families needed to know the care being provided for their loved one was certified and they had the protection of police background checks, drug screens, and to make sure the caregiver has no history of abuse," said Roberts. "Clients using Caring People Services can be assured they are receiving those protections.”

(L-R) Vanna Kolb - Office Manager, Mitzi Stuart - Scheduler, Carolyn Prather - Receptionist staff car. CPS staff are bonded, have had background checks, and are screened for health issues, and drugs. CPS staff can perform just about any kind of care you would expect to receive in a nursing home situation except things that require medical intervention. “However, we can work as a team with home health or hospice professionals,” explained Hogancamp. “We often fill in the gaps between home health services and coordinate with them. For instance, we might bathe a client before a nurse comes to dress a wound, or change a catheter. An RN, experienced in dealing with geriatrics and disabilities, can assist with care management issues.”

A Phone Call Away

“We are always just a phone call away,” Hogancamp told me. “This is true not just for our clients but our staff as well. We are not just the ‘someone you were hoping to find’, we are the employer that our staff was hoping to find!” We offer flexible scheduling that is perfect for someone looking to supplement their income or household finances. However it's important to say that we feel caring for someone is a vocation, not just a job. If you have the kind of personality who enjoys making someone smile and taking care of their personal needs, we are the right company for you.”

Personal Attention, Free Consultation

“Sometimes a client calls us themselves, but it's often a family member who makes the first inquiries,” explained Roberts. “Everyone receives a free evaluation and initial consultation.” “Carolyn and I often go together to introduce CPS to a new client,” said Hogancamp. “We come equipped with information about veterans benefits, hospice services etc. We try to be a comprehensive resource and let our clients know where they can find the help they need.” “While the majority of our clients are ‘private pay’ some have longterm care policies. Sometimes our services are covered by a third party such as the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Energy.” Many of our clients are surprised at how affordable CPS can be. We recognize that resources are limited and haven’t raised our rates in six years!” “There are no contracts to sign at CPS. Once you start a caring routine you can change the hours or the coverage with just a phone call. With just a three-hour minimum for a service visit, you could have someone visit every day or just once a month. We try to use just enough help but not more than you need. We only need to be there when you need us - we should never be a burden. We strive not to be intrusive - supportive, but not in the way.”

The Caring People Difference

At CPS supervisory staff are available and “on-call” 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even on holidays. (The costs are the same whether during the week or on weekends, but there is an additional charge for some holiday hours.) It is not necessary to use Caring People Services exclusively: Clients often have private sitters or family members who provide part of the care while CPS helps to fill in the gaps. Every attempt is made to use the smallest number of different staff possible, as using the same staff minimizes confusion and discomfort. Each client has a “care team” that is able to fill-in for staff illness or scheduling conflicts whenever possible.

Carolyn Roberts' mother, Wilma Thomas “Especially if you’ve cared for a person for months or years, clients and staff can grow attached. We tell our clients that while we are not family, we can certainly care for them as if they are. Sometimes, to be honest, a professional is more effective. It's frankly difficult for adult children to provide intimate care for their mothers and fathers. The changing roles are hard and can be emotionally challenging. Many times an elderly person, or disabled adult, is fiercely independent and just want to live in their own home for as long as they can. That is when Caring People Services can truly be the “someone you were hoping to find.” To find out more about Caring People Services and to schedule your free consultation with Carolyn Roberts and Joni Hogancamp, please call 270.575.4529. You can also find out more by visiting their comprehensive website at


This article is paid advertising & the information contained therein is provided by the featured individual or business. They are solely responsible for its accuracy.



iPLAY by Sarah Ladd

Fishing Around

2017 Free Kids Fishing Tournament


ost kids love to go fishing, and with the summer months approaching, it is prime fishing weather! Unfortunately, sometimes it can be challenging to find a good fishing spot. Then you have to make sure parents or guardians have current fishing licenses. This can be challenging if the child is too young to go alone unless you are lucky enough to have a pond in your backyard of course! Good news - your worries are over! This year, the annual Free Kids Fishing Tournament will again provide free unlimited fishing for families. Can it get any better than that?

Hassle Free Fun! The musical follows Elle Woods, the Malibu, California, sorority sister who, after being dumped by her aspiring politician boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, for not being “serious” enough, uses her underestimated intelligence to get into Harvard Law School - just

to impress him. Far from her comfort zone, Elle is suddenly a misfit, who, with the help of new friends Emmett, a teaching assistant with a working class background, and Paulette, a down-on-her-luck hairdresser, finds her true calling in life (hint: It’s not Warner). Grand Rivers Chamber of Commerce sponsors an annual free Fishing Tournament at Little Lake Park in Grand Rivers. It is geared towards children from zero to age 12. The event provides free snacks and water, poles, bait, and tackle - although you are welcome to bring your own. There is no limit on the number of fish an individual can catch! The Chamber provides gift bags for the first 40 fishers, so show up early! You will also be entered into a raffle to win prizes donated by local businesses. Trophies are awarded based on the number of fish caught in each of the age categories: 6 & under, 7-9, and 10-12.



Go Fish!

If you have never tried fishing, this is a great event to introduce you to the sport. There are many reasons why fishing is an ideal sport for families. It has been proven to be an effective stress relief with results similar to meditation. It also provides positive self-fulfillment. Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than to be able to provide your own food! In addition to these emotional benefits, being outdoors encourages a healthier lifestyle. Fishing fulfills an instinctive need that humans face to hunt and gather. The thrill of waiting, stalking that trout, and reeling it in, will be therapeutic every time you repeat it. The US Fish and Wildlife Service suggests that fishing makes kids smarter: “Nature has all sorts of patterns and parts. And all the parts somehow fit together. When children get to play in the outdoors from the earliest age, they learn what is what, how things fit together, what they do. The richness in the outdoors is far more stimulating - and gets the mind working more than only watching television or playing electronic games.” Yep, fishing has many benefits!

A New Family Tradition

Pamela Hale enjoys taking her children to the tournament. “I think this event is especially wonderful for younger children,” she told me. “The organizers have door prizes for ‘winners’ but in the end, everyone feels

The best part? The need for a fishing license for the adults is waived for the day, so the morning is hassle free fun for the whole family. This is a great way for children and families to get outside and enjoy the sport of fishing and the beginning of summer at the same time. In addition to being a wholesome outing, the tournament also gives families a chance to get in touch with nature. Who knows, you may enjoy it so much that it becomes a new family tradition!



like a winner.” Pamela says her two boys enjoyed getting free bandanas and whistles - and catching a lot of sun perch. “We plan to make this a yearly tradition, “Hale told me. “Many families come out to fish and get to form better relationships. We need more fun activities like these that promote healthy family interaction.”

You Grab a Line & I'll Grab a Pole

In our increasingly electronic society and fast-paced lives, getting away can be so relaxing and therapeutic for families. I spoke to Christine Thompson, executive Director of Grand Rivers Tourism Commission, about this event. Thompson feels that this is just what families need to kick off summer. “This event is a great way for families to bond over one of America’s favorite pastimes,” she said, adding, “Fishing at Little Lake almost guarantees that you will catch a fish, so the look on the kids’ faces when they do is fantastic. I think it helps children and families enjoy the natural environment and encourages them to seek out fresh air and activity. Our culture right now is obsessed with TV, video games and smartphones; being outside and participating in a family activity will encourage other activities such as biking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.”

Bait Your Hooks!

The event takes place on the first Saturday of June each year. This year, that falls on June 3. Lines go in the water around 9am and come out around noon. After the tournament adjourns, trophies will be awarded to the winners of each category. To participate, show up and sign up at the tent set up at Little Lake on the day of the event. For more information, call the Grand Rivers Chamber of Commerce at 270.362.0152, visit, or contact Christine Thompson at 270.362.0152 and See you at the fishin’ hole!




iDOCTOR by Evelyn M. Jones, MD

What's New in

Skin Cancer & Sun Protection


he facts about preventing skin cancer from the Skin Cancer Foundation website have not changed much over the last several years, yet skin cancer is at an all-time high. Perhaps we’re just not paying enough attention? As we head out to our gardens and plan our trips to the park and beach, it’s a good time focus on sun protection and skin cancer prevention.

Here’s what we know: 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. One person dies of melanoma every hour and nearly 50% of Americans who live to age 65 will have skin cancer at least once. Did you know that your risk of developing Melanoma doubles if you have had more than five sunburns! It’s as important as ever to use SPF 15 sunscreen, or higher, every day. Sunscreen reduces risk of melanoma by 50%. As a practicing dermatologist for 24 years, I have seen too many cases of skin damage and skin cancer. I’ve consequentially developed such a desire to empower everyone to take an educated approach to protecting their skin when outdoors. We live in a beautiful world and there are many healthy advantages to spending time outdoors for both our physical and mental health. So, please, enjoy some quality time in the outdoors, but follow the guidelines (in the colored box) so that you can not only avoid skin cancer but premature aging of the skin, as well.

Following Instructions

In my experience, the biggest mistakes that I see people make fall into one of two areas. Many fail to use an adequate amount of sunscreen and don’t apply full body coverage while also neglecting to reapply at the needed time intervals. The studies have repeatedly shown that up to two Tablespoons of sunscreen, about the size of a golf ball, must be used for full body application. The other problem area consists of relying upon only one modality to protect the skin. A recent study in the JAMA Dermatology, conducted on the beach August 2014 in Texas, revealed that a beach umbrella and topical use of sunscreen were needed to provide sufficient protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

Premature Aging

Preventing skin cancer, with potentially life and death consequences, is of course the most important reason for protecting one's skin. Another strong motivator however is the prevention of premature aging which is also directly impacted by sun exposure and tanning. In a recent



study conducted by cosmetic manufacturer Olay, in collaboration with 23andMe, using sunscreen along with maintaining a positive attitude correlated directly with younger looking skin. In this study, 78% of women who applied sunscreens the majority of the time were classified as an "exceptional skin ager." The additional positive predictors in this study included positive attitudes about themselves, "activity and energy levels, living in an urban area, regular exercise, eight or more hours of sleep a night, multi-vitamin usage, and high selfrated health." However, women who frequently tanned were 35% less likely to be classified as an exceptional skin ager. The other negative predictive factors included those who did not have a skin care routine, those suffering from dry skin, a BMI over 25 and women who smoked cigarettes. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. While awareness continues to increase, the disease also continues to rise and we must not ignore the facts. Accept a personal challenge to make sun protection an essential part of your daily lifestyle. Take charge of your health and be your own first line of defense against this disfiguring and life threatening disease.

T I P S FOR YOUR S K IN • • • •

• • •

Seek the shade, especially between 10am and 4pm Avoid sun tanning and UV tanning booths, and especially sunburn Cover up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and UV blocking sunglasses. Use a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day. And, for extended outdoor activity, use a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Remember to apply 1 ounce (2 Tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or excessive sweating. Keep newborns out of the sun. Sunscreens should only be used on babies over the age of 6 months Examine your skin head-to-toe every month See your physician every year for a professional skin exam




iCOOK by Britt Allgood

A Garden of Flavor


pring is here and most of us have already begun our annual foray into gardening. Colorful flowers, new trees, and vegetables are appearing all over the place. But what about growing some fresh herbs? Oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, and many other herbs are easier to grow than you might think. A lot of them are perennials and only require minimal tending to produce a bounty of flavor; fresh or dried. Many cooks I know have herb gardens. I’ve been growing herbs in pots or in my gardens for almost 30 years. It all started while I was in college after giving my mother a book called The MacMillan Treasury of Herbs by Ann Bonar. Mom caught me reading the book so much that she gave me a copy of my own and I still have it today.

Culinary Herbs

Herbs, both wild and domesticated, though originally not considered essential to our diet, have been used for centuries - not only to flavor our foods but for their aromatic or

New Benefits = New Opportunities Call today for a free needs analysis. I’d like to find out how I can help you meet your specific goals.





medicinal properties. Throughout history, herbs have been used to pep-up the flavor of bland foods. Or looking at it another way, foods and meats have been seasoned with herbs to achieve a more pleasant taste. The secret lies in the balance of the flavors to enhance the overall dish. Culinary herbs have such strong flavors that they are typically used in small quantities, but there is no need to be timid with them either. I use thyme liberally in many dishes from roasted meats and vegetables to stews and grain based salads. Bay leaf is so strong that a single leaf can enhance the flavor of an entire pot of tomato sauce. Some herbs, tarragon for example, are very aromatic and are considered spicy. They only require miniscule amounts to flavor meat or fish dishes.

Cultivating Herbs

Growing most common herbs is really simple and, especially during spring months, you can purchase most Thym common herbs as e seeds or plants at your local nursery, big box or garden center. A pot of soil, or dirt in the back yard, sunshine and water is all it takes. I do recommend learning about the herb you want to grow from either a gardener, herb book or another source before purchasing anything.

Bay Leaves

Knowledge is power and with herbs you must remember that most herbs are not native species meaning that they are essentially weeds. What do weeds do very well? They grow - like weeds! Mint is a perfect example. It’s a perennial that grows so Mint rapidly that it becomes invasive. So, unless you want your entire yard to smell like mint, I would plant it in a pot. Basil on the other hand is an annual and should be set out where it gets plenty of sun, whether in a pot or the ground.

Exotic, Tasty Herbs


There are some herbs that I use on a regular basis that aren’t always easy to find locally. Lemongrass, curry leaf, and kaffir lime are three examples. The internet is a great resource when trying to find uncommon plants. Talk to your local garden center or nursery and they may be able to order the plants you’re interested in. The plants I mentioned are tropical and I recommend planting them in a pot so you can bring them indoors when cool weather approaches.

The pride of my herb garden is a bay tree over six feet tall. This lovely plant started as a lowly six-inchtall green sliver of a tree. We have cared for this plant for almost nine years and bring it indoors each winter. It supplies me, my friends and family with all the bay leaves we can use. We have had to top it on several occasions or it would be too big to handle. Kaffir Lime

Herbaceous borders on a garden can add color and texture. Lovage and angelica are two tall species of herbs that have lovely flowers and leaves. Bergamot, a component in Earl Gray tea, is a well-known border flower.

What Can I Do With Herbs Besides Cook?

Most herbs have culinary, aromatic and medicinal properties. Lavender and roses, generally grown for aroma, have culinary and medicinal uses as well. Rose honey has been used as a treatment for sore throats and ulcerated mouths. Lavender, although typically not used as a culinary herb, has beneficial medicinal uses as an antiseptic and an astringent. Additionally, it can be used to relieve insect bites and ward off mosquitoes, midges etc. Mint, which has many varieties, can be used for nder an appetite stimulant and as an antiseptic. Lavc We grow a couple of varieties of mint but use it almost exclusively for culinary purposes like making Mojitos, Mint Juleps and mint sauce.

Looking for more recipes?

In the 20th century, cultivating herbs fell out of fashion except for some culinary varieties. This is probably due to the easy access of dried herbs at the local grocery and the decline of gardening as a hobby. But old world gardeners used to plant herbs randomly throughout the gardens. Herbs planted randomly within the general plantings of a garden mimic the way herbs would be found in nature. They also provide little surprises as one strolls in the garden such as the aroma of lemon balm on a warm day. Angelica It is also believed that herbs planted around flower beds improve the health of the overall garden by discouraging pests and plant diseases.

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Planting At Random

Don’t miss the weekly iCook blogs, exclusively on

iListWestern PAFM MARCH 2017


It's Fun & Economical

Gardening is almost a meditation for me. In my book, time outdoors is time well spent. Gardening a good way to teach young people about how things grow. Plant a small herb garden with your child, even if it’s a few plants in single pot, and watch it grow. Teach them how to identify the plants and how to use them. You can also harvest and dry them at the end of the summer.

Dried herbs from the store are not cheap. A one ounce bottle of dried rosemary will cost between $3 and $4. For that same money, you can purchase a rosemary plant and have rosemary forever with just a little care. (Rosemary will grow in this climate and can winter over well if trimmed and mulched.)

Rosemary Cleansing Cream 100g or 4oz good quality, scent-free cleansing cream 1 tsp dried rosemary (or 1 TBSP of strong rosemary infusion)

My wife and I grow several varieties of herbs. We love to cook and there is something personally rewarding about using herbs you have grown. You can also make personalized gifts for people with herbs you grow like an aromatic wreath or an infused oil or vinegar. Growing your own food, even if it’s just herbs, reminds us where we get our food. If you have a chance, plant some herbs, a pepper plant or visit a local farm this summer. Live, Laugh, Love and Eat Well!



Melt the cream slightly, add the rosemary and mix well. Pack into a screw top jar and use normally.


Basil Pesto

6 cups Sweet Basil leaves, washed and removed from stems ½ cup pine nuts (roasted or raw) ½ cup garlic, minced ½ cup Parmesan cheese Salt & pepper to taste ½ - ¾ cup virgin olive oil Place the washed leaves in a food processor with chopper blades. Add the pine nuts, garlic, cheese, salt and pepper. Add about ¼ cup of oil. Put on the lid and turn the processor on high. Add oil to the pesto until an emulsion forms. Transfer to a bowl if making multiple batches. When all the leaves have been processed, stir the pesto and check for seasoning. Transfer the pesto to sanitized jars and tap to remove air bubbles. Place a layer of olive oil on top and cap the jar. Be sure to label and date your pesto jars especially if you plan on giving any away as gifts.

Elderflower Sorbet

6 - 8 fresh elderflower heads (or 2 TBSP dried) 3 ¾ cups water ¾ cup sugar Juice & rinds from 4 lemons Slowly heat the water and sugar in a saucepan until the syrup is clear. Remove from the heat and add the flowers, lemon juice and rind and steep for about 1 hour. Strain into a bowl and chill. Place liquid into a small ice cream maker and follow manufacturer’s instructions. Serve when mixture is a firm mush.


* PAFM MAY 2017


iSUPPORT by Amy Noles

Run Like a Mother

7th Annual Iron Mom Half Marathon


others are notorious for always running - whether it’s running errands, running after the kids, or running in general, mothers are on the go. This strength is the backbone of the 7th Annual Paducah Iron Mom half marathon and half marathon relay which will

take place on May 13, 2017. The race will begin at Water & Jefferson St, Paducah, Kentucky, at 7:00 am. And you don’t even have to be a mom to take part. Iron Mom started in 2011 and has steadily grown over the years. Last year there were 700 runners and organizers are hoping to have an even bigger turn out this year. The event raised $20,000 in its initial year and has progressively added $5,000 each year to its fundraising efforts. Proceeds from this event go to Family Service Society. This organization serves as a crisis resource to people of Paducah/McCracken County, Kentucky in need. Services include assistance with food, clothing, utilities, medications, dental, eyeglasses, household goods, personal hygiene items and Christmas food assistance. Family Service Society has been meeting the challenge of serving our community since 1927.

Another Mother Runner

The half marathon is on a loop course with both the start and finish in downtown Paducah. This year’s route is the same as years past and features Start/Finish on Jefferson, between Water & 2nd. Runners will be right in front of the Wall to Wall murals at the Ohio River. The course offers an opportunity for runners to enjoy Paducah’s beautiful neighborhoods and continues to showcase Paducah by running along Jefferson Street, through the Greenway Trail, Bob Noble Park, and historic downtown and Lower Town. All finishers of the half marathon will receive a custom medal. Relay finishers will receive a keychain medal. The top three overall male and female, and the top three master’s male and female will all receive individual awards. There will also be awards for the top three in 10 year age groups and in teams: Top three 2-person teams, 4-person teams in open division, top female only 2-person team and top female only 4-person team.



Walkers Welcome

Walkers are welcome but must be able to keep an 18-minute-mile pace to complete the half marathon. There is a four hour course limit. Roads will reopen and the course will not be supported past 11am. Walkers/Runners on the course must move to the sidewalks and obey all traffic signals. This event is sponsored by Lourdes and benefits the Family Service Society.

Packet Pick Up

Runners can pick up their packets on Friday, May 12 from 10am 6pm at the Paducah Convention Center (lobby/foyer area) located at 1 Executive Blvd.

the runners. Remember that groups must officially register to be eligible for prizes. There is no fee for spectators. A $300 cash grand prize will be given for Best Overall Group at the awards ceremony after the race. For more information and to sign up to be a volunteer or spectator, visit or contact Amy Nolan at info@ or 270.443.4838.

While You're There...

Runners and spectators will get to experience some of Paducah's culture near the Start/Finish at Paducah’s Farmers' Market. Vendors will be selling many homegrown products, made right here in our region, including produce, baked goods, soap, and other artisan goods. Iron Mom will also have vendors set up on Jefferson Street facing the farmers’ market with race merchandise. You can also get a treat at the Paducah Bank Wow ice cream truck from food vendors such as Burrito Shack.

Hot Tips • • • • • •

Mile markers on each side of the road 8" high. 12 water stations Gatorade offered at mile 3, 6, 9, & 11. Relay zones for relay runners to exchange race bib/belt Permanent and portable bathrooms at Start/Finish Lines. Portable and permanent restrooms along the route.


Help A Mother Out

If you would like to be a part of the event, please complete and submit the Iron Mom volunteer form. The success of this event is credited to the outstanding efforts of the volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help at the packet pick-up on Friday night as well as during the race on Saturday. Various volunteer duties include water stations, traffic coordination, cheering stations, etc. Coordinators guarantee volunteering at this event will inspire you. This race takes a true community effort to be successful involving first responders, city government, sponsors, and tons of volunteers. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks, including traffic control and assisting runners.

Prenatal Care • Yearly Exams • Infertility Gynecological Surgery • Menopausal Medicine Alt. Hormone Replacement • Aesthetic Services 4-D In-Office Ultrasound • High Risk Obstetrics Dr. Anunciato would like to welcome Meghan Lee, Nurse Practitioner. Our addition will provide shorter wait times for appointments and convenience for you. 

Not Running? Come & Watch

The race is always better when there’s a crowd to cheer you on. Spectator groups are encouraged to be there and make the Iron Mom a fun event for the runners. Church youth groups, neighborhood associations, clubs, bands, sports teams, and dance squads are encouraged to form a spectator group and cheer on



iLOVE the ARTS by Sarah Ladd

It's Art with a Beat Lower Town Arts & Music Festival


ne of the many wonderful things that makes Paducah an amazing place is our love for the arts in all of their many forms. This is so well recognized that Paducah is now one of three American cities given the UNESCO World Creative Cities designation for Crafts and Folk Arts. All year, every year, there seems to be an almost endless series of opportunities to see, learn about, and enjoy art in this town. Whether it’s visual, culinary or musical art, all of this comes together each year, on the third weekend of every May. Yes, we’re talking about the Lower Town Arts and Music Festival. The Lower Town Arts and Music Festival (LTAMF) is a unique event that highlights the best and most extraordinary things that our particular region has to offer. It draws exclusively from the cultural resources in a 350 mile radius of Paducah. The LTAMF is an artist/musician led initiative. Many of the members of the founding team are still active and include not only local artists, but business owners and non-profit leaders. As the festival has evolved since 2009, it has matured and grown in a way that includes more and more of the areas arts organizations. In 2017, the festival has become part of the Yeiser Art Center (a 501(c)3 non-profit). This strategic move is a perfect fit for the region and both organizations. Now that the Festival has a ‘bricks & mortar’ home it will be able to sustain a full year of arts programming and community engagement. The Yeiser, (affectionately



known as the YAC), will be able to sustain its already considerable annual arts and education programming with additional funding from the LTAMF. A perfect fit!

The Heart of the Art

From its earliest inception, the festival has taken place in the historic Lower Town Arts District. LTAMF’s mission has always been to introduce the art, music, and food of our region for the purpose of cultural education and celebration. The organizers believe all the arts play a major role in shaping the lives of Paducah and its surrounding area. “This is a juried festival,” explained Stacey Reason, Director at YAC, and LTAMF’s newest CoDirector. “We place a special emphasis on the quality of every aspect of the weekend. The artisans and crafts people you’ll find at LTAMF are fantastic. This year’s jurors are Marcie Christensen, past Director of Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival in Midway, Kentucky and Diana Moxon, Executive Director of the Columbia Art League (CAL) in Columbia, Missouri.”

Entertainment of Every Kind

Victoria Terra, Co-Director of five years, commented that just as the artists are carefully juried into the Festival so are the musical acts. “We have the most amazing Music Director, Seth Murphy,” Terras told me. “He works very hard to make sure that our musical lineup is interesting and innovative.” This year’s musicians include the Jon Strictly Trio, Nikki Lane, Mike Wheeler, William Wild, and Wonky Tonk - just to name a few!

The Directors, together with all of their dedicated Committee Chairs, work tirelessly year round to create two days of fun, laughter, and wonder for their patrons. According to all of them, this is a labor of love. They craft a Festival where those attending are sure to find art they love. You can listen to great music, eat yummy, local food, purchase high quality art, encounter local actors in costume, watch artist demos, bump into poets performing the spoken word, see comedy performed from balconies, and wander into surrounding artist studios.



Something for Literally Everyone

For those of you that are new to town, LTAMF is a family-friendly, two-day festival. It has been selected as one of the Top Ten Spring Festivals in Kentucky by the Kentucky State Tourism Bureau. This year it will start at 3pm on Friday, May 19 and rock on until 10:30pm.

On Saturday, May 20 it opens at 10am and closes at 10:30pm. There will be over 70 booths displaying every imaginable type of art and creative items - paintings, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, and more! The Festival is always free although donations are gladly accepted. Families will find it has a laid back feel and it’s easy to spend the day enjoying all there is to explore. You can get fantastic food from regional restaurants at “the Taste of Paducah”. Bring your kids to the Children’s Pavilion and enjoy an entire section dedicated to family friendly fun, free arts and crafts, a photo booth, entertainment and more! You can drink craft beer and fine wine, while watching hilarious local comedy in the ‘Laugh Tent’. You can get a henna tattoo or your face painted. You can stroll (with your beverage) around the festival to shop and listen to music. What’s not to love about all this!

Things to Know Ahead of Time

The festival covers a seven block area and the streets are closed to traffic. There is street parking available and, on Saturday, you may use the Paducah Bank lot (between Monroe and Harrison at 6th Street). This festival is very popular and you may have to park a few blocks away. There are flushable toilets throughout the festival that are plumbed into the city sewer system. They are equipped with baby changing stations and hand washing stations. The Children’s Pavilion has a shade tent, picnic tables, free sunscreen, water and even Kleenex – we did say it was very family friendly! 2016 was the most successful festival yet, with over 17,000 patrons attending! YAC is working very hard to make sure that this year is even more successful. LTAMF strives to be “the greatest little Festival around", so please plan on coming to this event and supporting all of your local business sponsors who make this party unbeatable! For more information, please visit




May 2017 Events & Community Directory We make every effort to ensure accuracy of information in this calendar; however, changes & cancellations may have occurred since publication. We recommend that you verify all information.

For up-to-date calendar information, visit



FREE Children's Book Week All Day Marshall County Public Libraries 270.527.9969 Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader. Register for daily prize book giveaways & the weekly grand prize book bag! FREE Blue Zones Project Community Transformation Presentation 7:30-10am WKCTC, Room 109 270.534.6463 Learn how Blue Zones Project can help improve well-being individuals & organizations across Paducah. RSVP to participate in a small group discussion to give your strategic councel on the current state of wellbeing in our community & how we can work together to improve environments while making healthy choices easier where we live, work & play.

FREE Children's Book Week All Day See May 1st description.

Marshall County Public Libraries 270.527.9969

FREE May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Crafts 9am-8pm McCracken County Public Library 270.442.2510 x117 Visit the 2nd floor for Star Wars-themed crafts. Heartland Cares Annual SpringTINI 5:30-8:30pm Market House Square 270.444.8183 Benefits Heartland Cares patient services. Live entertainment, a silent auction & nine downtown restaurants participating.

FREE Blue Zones Project Friends @ Five 5-6pm Cyber Cafe, WKCTC 270.534.6434 Enjoy beverages & healthy snacks while having the opportunity to learn more about Blue Zones Project from their expert staff team.



FREE Children's Book Week All Day See May 1st description.

Marshall County Public Libraries 270.527.9969

FREE Toolbox Garden Series: Fairy Gardens 5-6pm McCracken County Extension Office 270.554.9520 Join the McCracken County Extension Office each month for an interactive workshop where you'll learn new tips, tricks & insights on horticulture & personal gardening! During this workshop, we'll learn about Fairy Gardens (or miniature gardening) with Linda Ann Ward.



FREE Children's Book Week All Day See May 1st description.

Marshall County Public Libraries 270.527.9969



5KENTUCKY FRIDAY DERBY FREE Children's Book Week All Day See May 1st description.

Marshall County Public Libraries 270.527.9969

FREE McCracken County Relay for Life 6pm-Midnight McCracken County High School 270.444.0743 A run/walk fundraiser for cancer research. Come out to watch or run to raise money. Team members take turns walking around a track or designated path. Leadercast Murray 8am-4pm CFSB Center, MSU 270.753.5171 Simulcast from Atlanta, Georgia .Guest speakers include Daniel Pink, Andy Stanley, Molly Fletcher, Suzy Welch, Dr. Henry Cloud, Jess Eckstrom, Tyler Perry, & Jim McKelvey. Register by May 3. Leadercast Paducah 8am-3pm See above description.

Julian Carroll Convention Center 270.443.1746

FREE Out of This World Exhibit 10am-9pm Kentucky Oaks Mall 270.444.0440 Studying math, science, & technology has improved mans knowledge to discover more about the wonders of the universe. National Space Day is observed annually on the first Friday in May. This day is dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits & opportunities in the exploration & use of space. FREE PYP Mingle de Mayo: Nacho Ordinary Fiesta 4-6pm Socially Present 270.443.1746 Cinco de Mayo themed food, beverages & fun at this month's PYP meeting. T2 Trainspotting 7 & 9:30pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton returns to Scotland & reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud & Begbie. The Secret Life of Girls 7:30pm Market House Theatre 270.444.6828 A window into the tumultuous world of a group of teenage girls is opened in this dramatization of the destructive effects of girls’ bullying. The girls’ try to deal with gossiping, exclusion, rumors, & cliques at the same time as trying to find a friend, find a place in the group & understand themselves. These attempts range from humorous to heart breaking & are based on actual interviews with girls on both the giving & receiving end of bullying, This powerful play is must-see viewing by moms & their daughters over the age of 11.

6KENTUCKY SATURDAY DERBY FREE Children's Book Week All Day Marshall County Public Libraries 270.527.9969 See May 1st description.

Run for the Arts 5k 7am Janice Mason Art Museum 270.522.9056 Join the 2nd annual fundraiser for the Janice Mason Art Museum.



FREE Downtown Farmers Market Grand Opening Celebration 7:30am-2pm Paducah Downtown Farmers Market 270.444.8649 Shop for a variety of local, homegrown products including fresh fruits & vegetables, meats, eggs, & dairy products, artisan & baked goods & good eats from local lunch vendors. Trigg County Amazing Family Challenge 9am-12pm Cadiz Baptist Church 270.388.9747 x401 Fun for the whole family, a time where families get out & have fun. Family members complete an activity to move to the next station. Parent or guardian must accompany child to each event for participation.

the beauty of music in various forms has led to a decidedly versatile career as a much-sought-after artist in the classics as well as in pop & the sacred repertoire. T2 Trainspotting 4 & 7pm See May 5th description.

Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007

The Secret Life of Girls 2:30pm See May 5th description.

Market House Theatre 270.444.6828

MAC Derby Party 1-6pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 Celebrate the most celebrated horse race in the country with a delicious spread by Kitchens Cafe, rare bourbons from the Paducah Bourbon Society, Live music from the Solid Rock'it Boosters & the big race on the big screen. Freedom Shoot 5:15pm-3am Lee S. Jones Park, Eddyville 4th annual charity bowfishing tournament for Homes For Our Troops on Lake Barkley, Kentucky Lake, Cumberland & Tennessee Rivers. Registration from 3-5:15pm. Pre-shoot meeting at 5:30pm. The Secret Life of Girls 7:30pm See May 5th description.


Market House Theatre 270.444.6828


Randall Atcheson 3pm The Carson Center 270.450.4444 The epitome of a musical Renaissance man. His gift of communicating





A Man Called Ove 6:30pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 Ove, an ill-tempered, isolated retiree who spends his days enforcing block association rules & visiting his wife's grave, has finally given up on life just as an unlikely friendship develops with his boisterous new neighbors.



Crystal Wire Wrap 6-7pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Create a unique & lovely gift sure to please for years to come. Learn simple wire wrap techniques incorporating beads to capture your healing crystal. Turn your treasure into a wearable pendant. Tuition Includes instruction, tools, materials for wrapping & some beads. Bring your own crystal point to wrap or select one from our large inventory for a few dollars more. 6th Annual Banquet Entertainment & Auction 6-8pm Broadway United Methodist Church 270.564.6888 Dinner by Jeffrey Parker (Drinks & dessert included). Live entertainment by Darrell Pea & 9th Street Tabernacle Cadets. Live auction by Dave Rowton plus a silent auction. Guest speaker Rev. Jathaniel Cavitt, pastor of discipleship, Collierville United Methodist Church, Collierville, Tenn. & door prizes.

T2 Trainspotting 7pm See May 5th description.


Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007


FREE From Rough Draft to Publication 5-8pm McCracken County Public Library 270.442.2510 x117 You've written a book... now what? Bestselling author Tammy Blackwell will lead you through the process of turning your rough draft into something ready to be shared with the world. This session will cover both traditional & self-publishing methods, as well as the editorial process & marketing. This program is geared for ages 18 & up.

12 FRIDAY GRAVES COUNTY SCHOOLS LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS FREE Arts & Crafts: Faux Copper Decorative Geometric Piece 9:30-11:30am McCracken County Extension Office 270.554.9520 Monthly workshop. Make decorative & useful pieces for our homes. In May, make a re-purposed apron from an old pillowcase or pair of jeans! The Magic of Music Dinner & Music Fundraiser 6-9pm Murray Women's Clubhouse 270.753.5452 A fundraiser for music major scholarships includes served plate, dessert & drink. Performance from Chorus of the Music Department of the Murray Woman's Club as well as vocal performance from Kayla Little. Vince Gill 7:30pm The Carson Center 270.450.4444 One of the most popular singers in modern country music, Vince Gill is famous for his top-notch songwriting, world-class guitar playing & warm, soaring tenor, all wrapped up in a quick & easy wit. In Paducah for one night. Vintner's Dinner 6:30pm The Carson Center 270.450.4444 The evening starts with a reception with live music, appetizers, & the first wine of the evening. Talk with special guest Larry Soble, managing partner for the Sean Minor Family of Wines. Then enjoy a 5-course seated dinner. Live music & comments on the wine/food pairings. Proceeds provide inspiration, entertainment, & education for audiences of all ages.



National Train Day Celebration 10am-4pm Paducah Railroad Museum 270.908.6451 Celebrate the 148th anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad completion with a party! Live music, balloon artist, story teller, crafts, Touch-A-Truck with modern rail equipment, historical exhibits, Operation Lifesaver, locomotive simulator, door prizes & more. $5 for adults & $2 for children.



Iron Mom Half Marathon 7-11am Paducah Bank, Main Branch 270.443.4838 Nearly 1,000 runners enter the half marathon each year, either individually or on a relay team. All proceeds benefit Family Service Society. The course can also be completed by two or four person relay teams. Visit website for course map. Indoor & Outdoor Charity Car & Motorcycle Show 9am-4pm Paducah-McCracken Co. Convention & Expo Center @Indoor Charity Car & Motorcycle Show 270.408.1346 Proceeds go to the River City Mission Homeless Shelter. FREE Fiber & Arts Fair 10am-4pm Massac Co. Community Center @SILspinnersandweavers Join Southern Illinois Spinners & Weavers at their 9th annual festival. Their marketplace will offer unique items from handcrafted textiles, hand-spun yarns, spinning & felting fibers, pottery, & much more. Demonstrations including spinning, weaving, felting, & carding wool, & more will be going on throughout the day. Aromatherapy Pain Relief Recipe Make & Take 10-11am Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Learn how to create unique & useful Aromatherapy for pain relief. This simple workshop is fun & practical. You will make your own aromatherapy product to take home. Intuitive Readings by Brandt Graves 12-3pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 What does 2017 Hold for you? Brandt's mission is to provide spiritual healing, guidance, & insight.

Movies for Me Series: Space Jam 6:30pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 In a desperate attempt to win a basketball match & earn their freedom, the Looney Tunes seek the aid of retired basketball champion, Michael Jordan. Tickets for Movies for Me are only $5 per person. Children under 12 receive a FREE small popcorn.




FREE Top Gun Show Series Cruise-Inn 10am-2pm Downtown Grand Rivers 270.441.7007 Open to any make, model, & year of any kind. Spectators are free.



LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS @CALLOWAY COUNTY SCHOOLS Chakra Testing Using A Pendulum 6-7pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 What are Chakras, where are they & why do you care? How do they affect you? As the energetic centers of spiritual power in the human body, it is vital they be balanced & working properly. How do you know if they are blocked or not working properly? Learn how to use a pendulum to test if yours are open & how to get, & keep them balanced. Bring your own pendulum or borrow one of their for class use.

FREE A Pathway To Success: Job Fair 1pm Center Court, Kentucky Oaks Mall 270.444.0440 Are you seeking career advancement, new opportunities, & a rewarding seasonal, part-time, or full-time position? Stop by to see what opportunities are available. Pop-Up Book Sale 1-6pm Dry Ground Brewing 270.442.2510 Shop for a good cause: all proceeds benefit The Friends of the Library! While here, you can join the Friends group & discover ways to support the organization. Great selection of nearly new fiction, non-fiction, bestsellers, mysteries & more at bargain prices. Great McCracken Gospel Unity Event 5-10pm The Riff 270.243.0338 Choirs, Praise Teams, Gospel Bands, or Individuals to glorify God in a community setting bridging all racial, denominational, cultural, & divisional differences. Donations accepted at the door. Proceeds benefit The Community Foundation of West KY.





FREE Bags of Love 9:30am-12:30pm McCracken County Extension Office 270.554.9520 Stich for a good cause every month! Create handmade quilts to donate to Bags of Love, a charity donating quilts, toy animals & needed items into the hands of children living in poverty. FREE Calloway County High School Graduation 6pm CFSB Center, MSU 270.762.7374 Support the graduating seniors of Calloway County High School. Project Graduation begins at 11pm.



Film Brew presents Scarface 7pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 In Miami in 1980, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel & succumbs to greed. Film Brew is a unique event that celebrates film & a variety of craft beers.




FREE Marshall County Paper Shredder 9am-2pm Marshall Co. Public Library @Benton 270.527.9969 Get you documents shredded & gone for good. FREE #Adulting: Gardening on a Ledge 9:30-11:30am McCracken County Extension Office 270.554.9520 Adulting is hard. The McCracken County Extension Office is on a mission to make it easier. Learn how to garden indoors or outdoors in a small space. New workshop each month. FREE Evening Upstairs presents America's War in Vietnam: A 50 Year Retrospective 7-8pm McCracken County Public Library 270.442.2510 Presented by George Herring, author & Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky. Our nation is now in the process of commemorating the 50th anniversary of its war in Vietnam. FREE Ballard Memorial High School Graduation 7pm BMHS Gymnasium 270.665.8400 Support the graduating seniors of Ballard Memorial High School. FREE Fulton County High School Graduation 7pm FCHS Gymnasium 270.236.3923 Support the graduating seniors of Fulton County High School.

FREE Livingston Central High School Senior Night 7pm LCHS Gymnasium 270.928.2065 Graduating Seniors receive awards and scholarships.



FREE Lower Town Arts & Music Festival 3-10:30pm Lower Town Arts District, Paducah @Lower Town Arts & Music Festival Regional artists, craft beer & wine, food & live music on three stages. Live comedy tent & street theatre. Children’s Pavilion with free arts & crafts. Face painting, henna tattoos, art demos & so much more to explore. This Festival has been selected as one of the Top 10 Spring Festivals in Kentucky by the Kentucky State Tourism Bureau. FREE Massac County High School Graduation 7pm MCHS Gymnasium 618.524.3440 Support the graduating seniors of Massac County High School. FREE Caldwell County High School Graduation 7pm CCHS Gymnasium 270.365.8010 Support the graduating seniors of Caldwell County High School. FREE Graves County High School Graduation 7pm GCHS Gymnasium 270.674.6242 Support the graduating seniors of Graves County High School. FREE Hickman County High School Graduation 7pm HCHS Gymnasium 270.653.2341 Support the graduating seniors of Hickman County High School. FREE Livingston Central High School Graduation 7pm LCHS Gymnasium 270.928.2065 Support the graduating seniors of Livingston Central High School.

FREE Mayfield High School Graduation 6pm Mayfield HS Gymnasium 270.247.4461 Support the graduating seniors of Mayfield High School. FREE Trigg County High School Graduation 7pm TCHS Gymnasium 270.653.2341 Support the graduating seniors of Trigg County High School. Late Night in Lower Town 9pm-Midnight Lower Town Arts District, Paducah @Lower Town Arts & Music Festival After Parties to benefit the Lower Town Arts & Music Festival.

20 SATURDAY ARMED FORCES DAY Fierce & Fabulous Prize Palooza 9am-12pm Baymont Inn & Suites, Metropolis Amazing prizes & custom crowns for all. Pizza party for everyone one that attends. Muscle Testing: Getting Answers From Your Body 10-11am Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your subconscious mind & your body's wisdom. You will learn several Applied Kinesiology (AK) or muscle testing methods to get insights in your body, mind & spirit. Simple, fun & effective. Kids to Parks Day: Chunkey Tournament 10am-2pm Wickliffe Mounds 270.335.3681 Sign your team up for a Chunkey tournament. Chunkey is a Native American game played with spears and special rounded stones. FREE Lower Town Arts & Music Festival 10am-10:30pm Lower Town Arts District, Paducah @Lower Town Arts & Music Festival See May 19th description.



Tiara Girls Disney Pageant 1-4pm LaQuinta Inns & Suites, Paducah 618.697.9269 Compete in both Natural to Semi Glitz Beauty. Disney themed wear. Everyone will leave this pageant with a beautiful custom Disney crown, trophy & Disney gift. You Can Fly from Peter Pan 2pm MainStage WestEnd Theatre 270.558.4249 Don't miss this production of You Can Fly from Peter Pan, presented by MainStage School of Performing Arts. FREE Fairy Party 3-4:30pm Metropolis Public Library 618.524.4312 Play fun games, have yummy refreshments, & a few door prizes. Costumes are encouraged FREE St. Mary High School Graduation 7pm St. Mary High School 270.442.1681 Support the graduating seniors of St. Mary High School. Late Night in Lower Town 9pm-Midnight Lower Town Arts District, Paducah @Lower Town Arts & Music Festival After Parties to benefit the Lower Town Arts & Music Festival.



Bikes On The Greenway Day 1-4pm Noble Park 270.442.0751 Come Out & Celebrate National Bike Month Paducah Parks & Bikewold team up to provide guided bike tours of the greenway & so much more. You Can Fly from Peter Pan 2pm See May 20th description.

MainStage WestEnd Theatre 270.558.4249

FREE Murray High School Graduation 2-4:45pm MHS Gymnasium 270.753.5202 Support the graduating seniors of Murray High School. FREE Read Like a Girl How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell 3-4pm McCracken County Public Library 270.442.2510 x117 Read and attend with your mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, or any other girl in your life. Discussion led by Kim Russell of WKCTC. Children's Day: Let's Go Play 5pm Golden Pond 800.525.7077 Life in 1850's was hard, even for children. They were expected to work alongside their parents, but "all work & no play makes jack a dull boy!" As a reward after they finished their chores, children had time to play the old time way with games, homemade toys & more! Let's skip the work today & go play. FREE McCracken County High School Graduation 5pm Marquette Stadium, McCracken Co. High School 270.538.4300 Support the graduating seniors of McCracken County High School.



FREE Photography 101 7pm McCracken County Public Library 270.442.2510 x117 Jim Etheridge will give tips on how to improve your photography. FREE Lego Night 5-6:30pm Marshall County Public Libraries 270.527.9969 Let your imaginations soar at all three branches.

23 TUESDAY LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS @ PADUCAH TILGHMAN FREE Butterflies: Flying Flowers 11am-12pm Marshall County Public Library @Hardin 270.527.9969 Presentation focuses on recognizing the varieties of butterflies in our area & the best ways to attract them to your garden. Also learn about the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.



Aura First Aid 6-7pm Wildhair Studio's Rock Shop 270.444.6115 Designed for massage therapists, nurses, doctors, health care workers, hair stylists, first responders, prison workers, service industry personnel or anyone that works with people who are sick, in crisis or have chaotic energy. Learn simple & effective techniques & practices that will clear your aura of current contamination & prevent future issues.

Noble Park Pool Opens 11am Noble Park 270.444.8508 See website for full schedule, price & rules/regulations.


Visit for a list of firework displays in our area!



begins at sundown

Cinema Systers Film Festival 7pm Maiden Alley Cinema 270.441.7007 Paducah's welcomes a new film festival created in cooperation with Maiden Alley Cinema. This film festival will showcase films of all genres made by lesbian artists. Lesbian filmmakers from around the globe were asked to submit their works through FilmFreeway for this only all-lesbian film festival in the United States. FREE Marshall County High School Graduation 7pm MCHS Gymnasium 270.527.1453 Support the graduating seniors of Marshall County High School.


First Stage Mini-Series: Paw Patrol LIVE! 6pm The Carson Center 270.450.4444 Ryder and his canine super-hero friends use their unique skills and teamwork to make several heroic rescues as they race to the finish line.



FREE Cookout & Blood Drive 9am-2pm Mike Smith Toyota 270.554.9520 Everyone is invited to enjoy a lunch cookout & donate blood while you're there! First Stage Mini-Series: Paw Patrol LIVE! 6pm See May 30th description.

The Carson Center 270.450.4444

FREE Paducah Tilghman High School Graduation 8pm Tilghman Football Field 270.444.5600 Support the graduating seniors of Paducah Tilghman High School.



Bluegrass Battle ZerO Ruck March 8am Downtown Paducah Riverfront 800.273.8255 March as a community to show our men & women who helped protect this great country that we stand with them & they don't have to fight their demons alone. All money raised from this event is being donated to the local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans. You will need to bring a Ruck sack/backpack, 22lbs if you want to carry it, Hydration, Comfortable Shoes, & motivation. Arts & Crafts Festival 9am-4pm Kentucky Dam Village State Park @kentuckydamvillage 800.325.0146 The Annual Arts and Crafts Show features handcrafted items by artists, fair food and Kentucky Lake's beautiful scenery. Kayaking the Refuge 9am-1pm Crab Orchard High School 618.997.3344 Get an interpretive tour of the land around you, view wildlife as you pass by, and enjoy the breeze as you kayak out with rangers.



ON-GOING EVENTS & NOTICES FREE Adult Coloring Night. Graves County Public Library. 3RD MONDAYS 5pm Stop by & relax with some stress relief coloring! Refreshments will be served. Everyone welcome. FREE Adult Game Night. Graves County Public Library. 2ND & 4TH THURSDAYS 6pm Board games, party games & cards. Bring a game, a friend, & a snack! FREE Baby & Me. McCracken County Public Library. TUESDAYS 11-11:20am. Special story time for ages 0-2 years of age. Back to the Moon for Good. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory, 238 Visitor Center Drive, Golden Pond. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY 12-12:45pm. Full-dome presentation narrated by Tim Allen. Not since the Apollo missions 40 years ago has there been this much lunar exploration. 270.924.2233. Ballard County Cemetery Road Ballard County Emergency Management Center, 111 West Kentucky Dr., LaCenter 1 ST THURSDAYS 5pm Created by the Ballard County Fiscal Court to preserve old family cemeteries. Contact Betty Johnson, chairman, at 270.210.3538. Ballard County Community Food Pantry St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 662 Broadway, LaCenter. Open MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS 9am– Noon for food distribution & to receive non–perishable donations. 270.665.5551. Charitable Bingo Ballard County Board of Education, 264 E Kentucky Drive, Barlow. THURSDAYS For more information, call 270.665.9844.



FREE Commander’s Coffee 1133 Murray Street, Paducah. WEDNESDAYS 8am-12pm Disabled American Veterans can have coffee & donuts with the Commander & officers as well as see a Chapter Service Officer to resolve VA disability issues. 270.444.9808 FREE Community Closet 604 S 21st Street, Paducah. Does your family need some extra help with clothes? The community closet at Trinity Baptist Church is open the 2ND & 4 TH TUESDAY & THURSDAY from 10am-2pm for McCracken County residents. Please bring a valid form of ID. Gently-used clothing donations are accepted any day of the week. 270.442.1013 FREE Community Food Pantry 604 S 21st Street, Paducah. Does your family need some extra help with groceries this month? The food pantry at Trinity Baptist Church is open the 3RD TUESDAY from 11am2pm for McCracken County residents. Please bring a valid form of ID. Non-perishable food donations are accepted any day of the week. 270.442.1013 FREE Computer Basics for Beginners Class. Calloway County Public Library. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 6-7:30pm. Call 270.753.2288 or visit for more information. FREE Daughter Date Night. Graves County Public Library. 1 ST TUESDAYS 5pm. Moms & daughters (ages 5-12) meet once a month to make a craft. Earth, Moon & Sun. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory, 238 Visitor Center Drive, Golden Pond. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 12-2:45pm. Learn about the relationship between the Earth, Moon, & Sun with the help of an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions.

Enjoy a variety of entertaining & educational programs presented with a digital projection system on the 40-foot dome of the theater. 270.924.2233.

with a blessing for Mother Earth & her inhabitants, then open the floor for brief discussion of your experience afterwards. 270.444.6115

FREE E–Reader classes McCracken County Public Library, 555 Washington Street, Paducah. THURSDAYS Led by Patrick Archer.

Hearts for Babies. Lone Oak First Baptist Church, Room C 200. The group makes layettes for under–privileged & single moms in need & their new babies. Meets 1ST WEDNESDAY of every month from 10am–2pm. We knit, crochet, quilt & sew! 270.554.3818

FREE meals served: Family & Community Kitchen Meals/ Fellowship. Broadway UMC, 701 Broadway Street, Paducah Noon-1pm (270.443.2401) SUNDAYS No questions asked. FREE Family Game Night. McCracken County Public Library, 555 Washington Street, Paducah. THURSDAYS 5-8pm. FREE meals served: Family Kitchen Meals/Fellowship Holy House of Prayer, 1001 S. 4th Street, Paducah SATURDAYS 11am.–1pm. 270.443.1724.

Kentucky Wing Civil Air Patrol – National Guard Armory, 8000 Hinkleville Road TUESDAYS 6pm. Offering lessons in aviation & aerospace principles, along with teamwork & leadership training. Members often participate in rescue & disaster relief missions. For more info, call 270.331.1750, visit or email

FREE Family Game Night. Graves County Public Library. 3RD TUESDAYS 5pm Spend some time as a family playing games such as Clue, Monopoly, Apples to Apples Jr., & Blink. Wii is also set up to for play. Kids under the age of 10 should be with an adult. Family Movie Entertainment. Traders Mall Theater, 6900 Benton Road, Paducah. SATURDAYS 2pm matinée, 7pm evening show. Concessions available. FREE Family Movie Night. Graves County Public Library. LAST TUESDAYS 5pm Free drinks & popcorn served. Children under the age of 10 should be with an adult. Games & a chance to win a prize. Feeding the Hungry–Community Ministries. 1200 Jefferson Street, Paducah. Volunteers (age 14 & older) are needed to help serve free lunches. Shifts available from 9:45am–1:15pm, MONDAY-FRIDAY. Financial support welcomed! For info, call 270.575.3400 or visit From Earth to the Universe. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory, 238 Visitor Center Drive, Golden Pond. EVERY DAY 2-2:45pm. Enjoy beautiful full-dome FREE Gambler's Anonymous. Room 116, First Christian Church, Paducah. EVERY DAY Do you or someone you know have a problem with gambling? Contact 618.570.4882 for more information. Guided Meditation. Wildhair Studios' Rock Shop. 1 ST TUESDAYS 6-7pm. Start with a five minute discussion about how to meditate & then a 20 minute guided meditation on a timely subject. You'll end the session



FREE Knitting Club. McCracken County Cooperative Extension. 1ST MONDAYS 9am-2pm. Whether you're a beginner or a seasonal knitter, there's a spot open for you. 270.554.9520 Laser Legends of the Night Sky Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. MONDAY-FRIDAY 10am. Animated laser show where Aesop the owl leads you on a light-hearted journey as you look at the Greek mythology associated with some of our constellations. Includes stories behind Perseus, Andromeda, Cetus, Scorpio, and Orion. A nonlaser full-dome version of this show is also available. 800.525.7077 FREE Lego Night. Graves County Public Library. 1 ST MONDAYS 5pm. Build some memories. FREE Legos at the Library. McCracken County Public Library. SATURDAYS 1-4pm. FREE Lego Night. Graves County Public Library. 1 ST MONDAYS 5pm Children K-6 grade: bring your adult over to the library & build some memories! FREE L.I.F.E. Community Marriage Enrichment. 1ST SUNDAYS 6-7pm. Married couples are invited to these sessions to discuss issues that hinder marriage & how to overcome them. Contact 270.575.3823. The Little Star That Could. Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 11-11:45am. Join the journey of Little Star, an average yellow star in search of planets to protect & warm. 270.924.2233. Livingston County Adult Education. MONDAY–THURSDAY, 8:30am4pm Extended hours on TUESDAYS until 8pm. Call 270.928.3777

FREE Love Books & Love Bikes? Check–out books; check–out a bike lock. Something good to know – the McCracken County Public Library has bike locks at the front desk for check out. (Use your library card.) FREE Meals Served @Marcella’s Kitchen. Draffenville Lions Club, 262 Griggstown Road. Open MONDAY–FRIDAY 11am–1pm. Marcella Perkins, 270.705.3402 Matters of Life Forum. 2ND THURSDAYS McCracken Co. Senior Center Activities Room. 11am. Topics discussed include ethical wills, passing on important values and bereavement support. McCracken County Humane Society Pet Adoptions. PetSmart. 3RD WEDNESDAYS 10am–5pm. FREE Mother Goose. Marshall County Public Library @Benton. WEDNESDAYS Stories, crafts & games for children 2-3. 10-10:30am FREE Mothering Through Breastfeeding. Grace Episcopal Church 2ND TUESDAYS 10am. Open to all pregnant & nursing mothers & their children. 270.443.2373 or 270.442.4891 FREE National Alliance on Mental Illness Meeting. St. Matthew Lutheran Church. THURSDAYS 7-8:30pm. Provides a weekly support group for those with mental illness & their family. You are not alone! 270.443.3448 FREE Overeaters Anonymous. Lourdes Hospital. WEDNESDAYS 5:306:30pm. Spiritual program of recovery; no weigh-ins, dues or fees. Meets in the Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion Rosenthal Room. 270.556.8873 FREE Paducah Community Chorus First Christian Church. TUESDAYS 7pm. Anyone who loves choral singing is welcome to join. Call 270.443.8251 or email at Paducah Kennel Club Meeting 1325 Fisher Road. 2ND TUESDAYS 7pm All dog lovers welcome. Call 270.210.8298 Paducah Writer’s Group. Etcetera Coffeehouse. FRIDAYS 8pm. Hear some of the area’s most talented poets & storytellers, along with a great audience. Drop some science on the mic or listen with a fine cup of Joe. Parade of Raptors LBL Woodland Nature Station. EVERY DAY 4:30-5pm. Come face-to-face with a host of raptors including a barn owl, barred owl, screech owl, kestrel, & red-tailed hawk as our staff moves these birds from their outdoor perches to their indoor shelter. 270.924.2299 FREE Paws to Read. Graves County Public Library. 1ST THURSDAY In conjunction with the Mayfield Animal Shelter this special program allows children to read aloud to a therapy dog or cat for 15 minutes. Parents must fill out & sign a waiver. Open to children in grades K-6. Paducah Photographer’s Club. Broadway Church of Christ, 2855 Broadway 1ST MONDAYS 6:30–8:30pm. Whether you’re a new hobbyist or full time professional, our club offers the opportunity to learn, share, network & form new friendships!



FREE Parents with Ones, Twos & Threes Storytime Class. Calloway County Public Library. Parents with children ages 1-3 are invited to a special story time. WEDNESDAYS 9:30-10am. 270.753.2288

Toastmasters Club MSU Paducah Regional Campus, 4430 Sunset, Room 224, Paducah. THURSDAYS 12-1pm Afraid to speak in public? Learn to speak powerfully in an exciting, fun environment. Visitors welcome. Call Clay Campbell 270.217.1222.

FREE Prenatal Classes by the Lourdes Little Miracles Birthing Center. Borders Community Room, Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion. Nurses provide information on childbirth & breastfeeding. Includes a tour of our birthing center. Available either as a four-week course (four MONDAYS a month, 6-8pm), or as a boot-camp course on a SATURDAY (9am-4:30pm). Call 270.444.2243 to register.

Toastmasters International Quality Inn, Benton KY. MONDAYS 6:45pm Learn to speak in public with confidence through evaluations and encouragement from experienced speakers. Work at your own pace through an organized program that adds new skills with each project. Call Clay Campbell 270.217.1222.

Prepared Childbirth Classes. Meeting Room A, Doctors Office Building 2, Baptist Health, Paducah. MAY 20, JULY 8, AUGUST 12, SEPTEMBER 23, NOVEMBER 4, & DECEMBER 9. Class designed to help expectant parents in their second or third trimester learn about the labor & delivery process. Call 270.575.2229 to register. FREE Preschool Storytime Class. Calloway County Public Library. Parents with preschoolers (ages 4-6) are invited to a special story time. TUESDAYS 10:30-11:30am 270.753.2288 FREE Resume Help McCracken County Public Library. THURSDAYS 5-8pm. River City Singles Dance Carroll Convention Center MONDAY 7–11pm. $6. Smokehouse Magic Homeplace 1850s Working Farm & Living History Museum, 4512 The Trace, Dover, TN. WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY 10am-4pm. Peek inside the smokehouse & smell the rich aroma as the green hickory wood works its magic on the salted pork. The rich smoke will put the finishing touches on the family’s pork supply. $5 (13 & up), $3 (ages 5-12), FREE for ages 4 & under. 270.924.2233

Tonight's Sky - LIVE! Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. MONDAYFRIDAY 10am. Quietly relax under a 40 foot canopy of stars that represent tonight’s sky. Staff will lead you on a tour of planets, constellations, & special celestial events, such as the 2017 total solar eclipse. Recommended for ages 6 & above. 800.525.7077 Trivia Night Casa Mexicana, Paducah. WEDNESDAYS 7pm Get your friends together for a night of great food & fun trivia. 270.442.1122 Wildest Weather in the Solar System Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 4pm. Join us aboard the imaginary space ship Erion as we journey through our solar system looking for the planet with the wildest weather. 800.525.7077 FREE Wooden Bracelet Workshop. Graves County Public Library. 3RD SATURDAYS 10:30am Make your own wooden bracelet. Supplies provided. Please sign up in advance.

Smoothie Happy Hour Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 4793 Village Square Drive, Paducah. EVERY DAY 8-9am. All smoothies half off. 270.557.7348 @TropicalSmoothieCafePaducah Snake Feeding Sundays! Land Between the Lakes, Nature Station. SUNDAYS 11:30am-12pm. Enjoy Sunday Brunch with our snakes - their only meal of the week. Watch as our rattlesnakes, king snake, and rat snake chow down on their mouse-alicious meal. Meet one of the snakes up close. Bring your camera for a snake selfie! 270.924.2299 FREE Story Hour. Graves County Public Library. THURSDAYS 10am Stories, games, crafts, playtime, & snacks! FREE Story Hour. Marshall County Public Library @ Benton WEDNESDAYS 1-2pm; @Calvert City TUESDAYS 10-11am; @Hardin. THURSDAYS 1-2pm FREE Story Hour. Metropolis Public Library, 317 Metropolis Street. THURSDAYS 11am. 618.524.4312 FREE Tech @ Night. McCracken County Public Library. MONDAY-THURSDAY 5-8pm. Tennis Apprentice Program Chad Gamble Tennis Facility, Paducah Tilghman High School. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 6-7:30pm For adult beginners. 270.217.0717



ART GALLERIES, EXHIBITIONS & MUSEUMS Art Guild of Paducah. McCracken County Public Library. 1ST TUESDAYS 6pm. For more info, call Carol at 270.554.4803 or 270.210.1465, or Melanie at 270.331.3087. Downtown Paducah Civil War Walking Tour. Paducah Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. Using the map, drawn by hand in 1861, by a Federal Captain of occupying troops in Paducah, follow the path of historical markers to discover the city”s important role during the Civil War. 800.PADUCAH Clara M. Eagle Art Gallery. 6th Floor, Price Doyle Fine Arts Building, Murray State University. MONDAY-FRIDAY 8am -5pm . Closed university holidays. A dramatic & exciting multi-level exhibition space located within the Department of Art & Design at Murray State University. 270.809.6734 Clemens Fine Art Center Gallery 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah. 270.534.3212 Hotel Metropolitan 724 Oscar Cross Drive, Paducah. A hotel built in 1909 to house African-American travelers. After extensive renovations, the hotel is now a museum that pays tribute to African-American heritage & to the well-known people who stayed there including Ike & Tina Turner & Louis Armstrong. 1 ST FRIDAYS Fish Fry 11am Enjoy fish, white beans, hushpuppies, and desert, just to name a few goodies. Everyone welcome. Call for price. 270.443.7918 Jefferson Street Studios. 1149 Jefferson Street, Paducah. MONDAY-FRIDAY 1-4pm ; QUILT SHOW WEEK hours: 10am -6pm . Also takes appointments. This studio was converted from a neighborhood grocery store & is now home to Helene's Hand-Dyed Fabrics & Robert Wyatt Davis Nerikomi Beads. 270.217.3976 Lloyd Tilghman House & Civil War Museum 631 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah. Interpreting Paducah & western Kentucky's roles in the Civil War. FRIDAY & SATURDAY Noon to 4pm; 10am-4pm when riverboats in port; group tours by appointment. Adults $3/child 6-12 $1/under 6 FREE. 270.575.5477 Market Square Art Walk Art Guild of Paducah, 115 Market House Square. 3RD THURSDAY 5-8 pm . Area art galleries & shops offer a variety of new artwork, plus treats & surprises each month. Many downtown restaurants feature innovative offerings & discounts. Murray Art Guild 500 North 4th Street, Murray. TUESDAY-SATURDAY 10am-3pm. A community visual arts non-profit organization dedicated to promoting artistic growth through exhibitions, workshops & studios as well as community & educational events. 270.753.4059 National Quilt Museum 215 Jefferson Street, Paducah. Scheduled school groups of 10 or more are free.The museum offers guided tours to preregistered groups. Please schedule your group at least two weeks in advance. 270.442.8856 Adult Beginner Quilting Class. THURSDAYS 5:308:30pm; Volunteer Meeting. 1ST THURSDAY 2-3pm; New Quilts from an Old Favorite & Antique Flying Geese THROUGH JUNE 20 10am-5pm; A Walk in the Woods: Quilts by Pat Durbin THROUGH JULY 11; Growing Power: Quilts by Jane Sassaman THROUGH JULY 11



Paducah School of Art & Design 409 Broadway Street, Paducah. 270.408.4278 River Discovery Center 117 S. Water Street, Paducah. MONDAY-SATURDAY 9:30am-5pm. SUNDAY 1-5pm $8 adults, $5 children (ages 3-12), $7 seniors 60 & over. Celebrating Paducah's maritime legacy & lore. Interactive exhibits tell the story of the Four Rivers Region. Captain a towboat, pleasure watercraft, or Coast Guard buoy tender through various scenarios in the pilothouse simulator. 270.575.9958. Second Saturday Studio/Gallery Walk Lower Town Paducah 2ND SATURDAY Visit great galleries & studios from 12-8pm. Galleries open by appointment & special event weekends. Yeiser Art Center 200 Broadway Street, Paducah. Offering a permanent exhibition space & a permanent collection in addition to rotating exhibits. 270.442.2453 THROUGH JUNE 17 Fantastic Fibers Exhibit 10am-5pm. Exhibit of Paducah's best quilts from the community's quilters. $5

FREE Chess Club Calloway County Public Library. MONDAYS 5:30-7:30pm Families on the Spectrum Lourdes Garden Room. Refreshments provided & guest speakers quarterly. See our Facebook page for upcoming meetings & times. Family Education on Mental Illness. Baptist Health, Paducah. FRIDAYS 7-9:30pm. Classes are designed to help individuals understand & support ill loved ones suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, or personality disorder. Sponsored by NAMI Kentucky & Paducah. For more information, call 270.519.3152. FREE Foster Parent Classes Starting Soon! Open your heart & home to a child in need by becoming a foster parent. Omni Visions, Inc. makes training easy & flexible for your schedule. Call Karen Jones at 270.206.8690 for more information.

FREE Whitehaven Welcome Center I–24, exit 7, 1845 Lone Oak Road., Paducah Daily tours 1-4pm, every half hour. Featuring period furnishings & memorabilia of Paducah native Alben Barkley. 270.554.2077

CAMPS & EDUCATION Center for Cultural Exchange. Host an international exchange student! Area Representative, Corinne Sullivan 270.508.0622. cci– Center for Gifted Studies. Alexander Hall, Murray State University. The Center, located at 3205 Alexander Hall, collaborates with pre–service & graduate education students, the School Psychology program, & o ­­ ther College of Education programs to provide services to parents & gifted children. Services include professional development programs for teachers, regional & international enrichment opportunities for gifted students during the academic year and summers, & informational & assessment services to parents. Dr. Joy Navan, 270.809.2539 or joy. FREE C.H.A.M.P., Christian Homeschoolers All Meet & Play. United Methodist Church Gym, Ledbetter. MONDAYS 2:30–4:30pm. We also have group recess every six weeks. Bring skates or sports equipment. Sherry Layne–Smith 270.928.4368



FREE Four Rivers 4-H Home School Club McCracken County Cooperative Extension Office MAY 15 2:30-5:30pm Connect & learn with other homeschool students from grades 4-12. Work on projects & activities in areas like computers, gardening, animals, geology, & woodworking - just to name a few. 270.554.9520. Heartland Christian Home Educators offers support, field trips, & fellowship for home school families in western Kentucky & southern Illinois. To find out more call Carrie Bullock at 618.638.3289. Parent support group meetings on the 1ST­ TUESDAY of August, October, December, March, & May at St. John’s Church, 6201 Waldo Church Rd, Metropolis, IL. Open to the public. Family Night on the 3RD FRIDAYS FREE Homework Club Calloway County Public Library. Students in grades 4-8 are invited to enjoy a snack & complete homework or read a book TUESDAYS 2pm. Call 270.753.2288 or visit for more information. Junior Quilters National Quilt Museum, 215 Jefferson St, Paducah. 1 ST TUESDAY 2:30-4:30pm. For details, call 270.442.8856 or visit KATS Homeschool Club, Paducah meets twice a month. This is a Christian group that meets for fellowship, play-dates, field trips & more. Field trips are also twice monthly. McKAGE (McCracken County Chapter of Kentucky Association of Gifted Education.) Monthly lunch meetings at local schools. Noon– 1pm. Danette Humphrey, 270.442.5172

Paducah Parks Services offers classes for children, teens, & adults. Classes include art lessons, martial arts, soccer & dance. For details, call 270.444.8508 or visit Paducah Kennel Club Agility Classes. Paducah Kennel Club, 1325 Fisher Road. TUESDAYS 6am. Six lessons taught on Tuesday Nights for beginner & intermediate dogs, all ages all breeds. Contact Cathy Crecelius at 270.217.0150. FREE Quilt Club. McCracken County Cooperative Extension Office. Any age & any skill level is welcome. 3RD MONDAYS 9:30am-2pm. 270.554.9520 Sit & Stitch. Itty Bitty Knitty Shop, 1920 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah. Bring your latest project & enjoy the fellowship of other stitchers. Stay a few minutes or a few hours! TUESDAYS 5-8:30pm. 270.709.3270 FREE Tours for Teachers. Wickliffe Mounds. FRIDAYS 10am-3pm. Must make advance reservations. 270.335.3681 Women's Self-Defense Training. Emerging Technology Center, WKCTC. TUESDAYS Learn physical & psychological awareness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, & physical techniques to escape, resist, & survive violent attacks. Recommended for adults. Call 270.534.3206 for pricing & more information.

CHILD CARE Immanuel Baptist Church Preschool 3465 Buckner Ln, Paducah. Half-day enrichment classes beginning at 9am for 2-5 year olds. "Lunch Bunch" extended days on TUESDAYS THROUGH THURSDAYS until 2:30pm. Minimum of two teachers per classroom. Professional & dedicated teachers. Imaginative learning environment where your child gets ready for their next step. 270.443.5306 Tot School Paducah Parks Building, 1400 HC Mathis Drive. Ages 3-5. $110/month. August-May MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS. Call 270.444.8508 to register or for more information.

CHILD PROTECTION & CRISIS SERVICES FREE Alzheimer's Support Group. Graves County Public Library 1ST WEDNESDAY Respite provided with one day notice for $6.60/hour. 270.564.4498. Domestic Violence Information Session. McCracken County Courthouse, Family Court, Room “E” 270.443.6071, ext. 5. The Purchase Area Sexual Assault & Child Advocacy Center (PASAC). Provides FREE services for both children & adult victims of sexual crimes. Services include therapy, legal & medical advocacy, forensic interviews, child sexual abuse exams, consultation, assessment & referral services, & education programs. 24-hour crisis line 1.800.928.7273. Office 270.928.4422. Volunteers undergo criminal background & central registry check. 40-hour training course. PASAC will accommodate your schedule. Call 270.534.4422270.534.4422.



CHILDREN'S & TEEN GROUPS FREE 4-H Teen Club McCracken County Cooperative Extension Office MAY 8 5-6:15pm All middle and high-school-aged students are welcome to take part in Teen Club! Lots of activities, snacks, leadership, friendship and educational opportunities. 270.554.9520. FREE 4-H Teen Cooking Club McCracken County Cooperative Extension Office MAY 18 5-6:30pm If your teen is ready to take his or her ramen-noodle culinary skills to the next level, join us as we explore new tips, tricks and recipes to broaden your horizons in the kitchen. mccrackenextension. org 270.554.9520. Boy Scout Troop 1 Grace Episcopal Church. 270.559.1515. Girl Scout Activity Listings & Sew Cool 2 Sew McCracken County Cooperative Extension Office. Does your teen want to try his or her hand at something new? Beginner teen sewing classes teach the basics of sewing: machine parts and operations. $7 class fee covers materials. Beginner classes are TUESDAYS 4:30-6:30pm. Intermediate classes are THURSDAYS 4:30-6:30pm. Advanced classes are MONDAYS 4:30-6:30pm 270.554.9520. FREE TAB (Teen Advisory Board). Graves County Public Library. EVERY OTHER THURSDAY Join TAB & help the library. There will be crafts, snacks, library projects, & special programming. Teens receive community service for participating. Must be between the ages of 1318.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT Kentucky Regional Poison Center – Kosair Children’s Hospital. 1.800.222. 1222 The Merryman House. Providing FREE services to all victims of domestic violence, including shelter for those in need. All services are FREE. Some services include individual counseling, court advocacy, support groups, referral services, hospital advocacy, outreach services, & housing counseling. 1.800.585.2686 or 270.443.6001. All services are completely confidential. Paducah Lifeline Ministries. Counseling & help for life–controlling addictions. Call 270.443.4743. 2801. For military & their families

DANCE, PERFORMING ARTS, FITNESS & SPORTS CLASSES FREE Adult Jazz & Tap. Market House Theatre. SATURDAYS 10pm. Barre Evolution with Marci Paris The Living Arts Center, 627 Broadway, Ste B, Paducah. SUNDAYS, TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 270.519.2770. Chair Yoga. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Drive. MONDAYS 3:30pm. Yoga postures are practiced with the support of a chair. All levels are encouraged. No mats needed. For more information, call 270.444.8508. Dance & Tone. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Paducah. Dance & tone with Suzi Renaud. Call 270.444.8508 for more details. DanceMHT. Market House Theatre. Children PreK through High School. $30-35 per month. Visit for dates, times & more details. Drop Shots Tennis League. WKCTC. MONDAYS 11:45am Designed for young adults as a recreational way to play the game of tennis or get back into the game after high school. 270.554.9200 FREE Family Track Run Practice. Noble Park Picnic Shelter #10. TUESDAYS 6-7pm. For more information, call 270.444.8508. Footlights. Market House Theatre. Children ages 4-6, elementaryhigh school. Financial scholarships available. 270.444.6828 Futsal - Open Gym. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Drive. TUESDAYS 6:30-9am. For more information, call 270.444.8508. Group Training Run, West Kentucky Runners Club. Summer Hill Ct (off Friedman Lane between Pines Road & HW 60 in Paducah). TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 5am. 8 mile run. Mat Pilates. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Drive. TUESDAYS 3:30pm. Bring your own mat. For more information, call 270.444.8508. Mat Yoga. Paducah Recreation Center, 1527 Martin Luther King Jr Drive. MONDAYTHURSDAY 9:45am. Beginners mat yoga with Suzi Renaud. Bring your own mat. All levels welcome. For more information, call 270.444.8508.



Mat Yoga. WKCTC, Haws Gymnasium. MONDAYS 3:30-4:20am. Register each semester to join the class. Seniors 65+ are free to audit the class. For more information, call 270.559.1409. Night Moves Dance Club American Legion, 425 Legion Drive. THURSDAYS 6-9pm, line dancing & couple’s classes. $4 at the door. For more, call 270.442.3186. FREE SECOND SATURDAY Hikes. WKCTC, Haws Gymnasium. 10am. Go for a monthly hiking series on the second Saturday of each month at Lake Barkley. Each hike features a new topic of discussion. Participation is free, no reservation necessary! Hikers depart from the Lodge Lobby at 10am. For more information, call 270.924.1131.

Story Book Ballet, Market House Theatre, 120 Market House Square. THURSDAYS For more information, call 270.444.6828 Table Tennis. Classroom 1, Paducah Parks. THURSDAYS Ages 12+. 5–6pm. $25. 270.444.8508. YogaFit. Mike's Kettlebell Club, 106 Broadway, Paducah. MONDAYS 6:30am. Designed to improve the health, performance, & mental acuity for those interested in improving their level of fitness. Member & nonmember prices available. For more information, call 270.331.0366 or visit Zumba. WKCTC, Haws Gymnasium. For all ages. $20 for 12 sessions. Join the dance fitness program that comines Latin & international music with dance to make exercise fun. MONDAYS 4:45-5:45pm. 270.534.3335.

SENIOR CITIZEN EVENTS FREE Ballroom Dance Classes. MONDAYS Paducah–McCracken Senior Citizens Center. 1–3pm. Must be 60 or over. 270.443.8579 FREE Beginning Crochet & Quilting. Paducah-McCracken County Senior Citizens Center TUESDAYS. 1pm, 2pm. 270.443.8579 FREE Bible Study & Lunch. Broadway Church of Christ. 1ST & 3RD TUESDAYS 11am. All seniors welcome. 270.443.6206 Dancing. Trigg Co. Senior Citizens Center. 1ST & 3RD THURSDAY 6:30-8:30pm. 270.522.8341 Exercise Classes for Seniors Paducah–McCracken County Senior Center MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS. 10-11am. 270.443.8579 Hot Lunches. Paducah–McCracken County Senior Center MONDAY–FRIDAY 11:30am. $3 donation. Must be 60 or over. 270.443.8579 Informal Coffee Group. Etcetera Coffeehouse, 6th Street & Kirchoff’s Bakery locations MONDAY–FRIDAY 9am. Kentucky Grandparents over the age of 60 who are primary caregivers may be eligible for state assistance. Call the Purchase Area Development District for more information at 877.352.5183 or visit FREE Line Dancing Classes. Paducah-McCracken Senior Citizens Center. TUESDAYS 1-2:30pm. Must be 60 or over. 270.443.8579. McCracken County Humane Society Senior Days. WEDNESDAYS adopters over 60 years of age who cannot afford the full fee will receive a 50% discount on selected pets. 9am–3:30pm. Senior Citizens Social Dinner & Games. McKendree United Methodist Church. 3RD SATURDAYS 4:30-6pm. 270.488.3770. Senior Medicare Patrol Sr. Center 1400 HC Mathis Drive. 8am-4pm most TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS For an appointment or information, call 270.442.8993.



FREE Serving Our Senior’s Bingo Parkview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. 1ST & 3RD THURSDAYS 1:30–3pm. Dessert & coffee served, enter at the Rehabilitation wing. To reserve a seat, call 270.443.6543. Super Seniors First Christian Church of Paducah. 270.443.8251 for information.


TUESDAYS for Seniors Wickliffe Mounds. 9am-4:30pm. Special discounted rate. Tour the site & museum; have a leisurly walk around the mounds; view birds & wildflowers along the nature trail; learn about the site's history. 270.335.3681. Walk with Ease. TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS 11-11:30am. Six-week fitness program shown to help reduce pain & improve health. Supported by the Arthritis Foundation. Must be 60 years of age or older. Call 270.442.8993 or 270.443.8579 for information. Water Aerobics Brooks Indoor Pool. Broadway United Methodist Church, 701 Broadway. MONDAY–FRIDAY 10am. $25 per month. Call 270.443.1778 for more info.

LOSS GriefShare. First Baptist Church WEDNESDAYS 6pm A friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Each meeting is “self-contained,” so you do

not have to attend in sequence. You will find encouragement & help whenever you begin. 270.442.2728 Grief Support. Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion, Borders Community Room. Sponsored by Milner & Orr. 1ST FRIDAYS 5-9pm. For more information, call Pat Pitchford at 270.898.8796. Hospice Grief Support Group. Lourdes North Plaza, 911 Joe Clifton Drive, Paducah. MONDAYS except holidays. 5-6:30pm. For more information, call Frank Queen at 270.415.3636. Men’s Coffee Grief Education & Support Group. Bob Evans Restaurant, Paducah. 1ST THURSDAYS except holidays. 8am. Call for info 270.415.3632. Now & Beyond Grief Support Group for Widows & Widowers. Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion, Borders Community Room. 2ND FRIDAYS 6–8am. Led by Pat Pitchford. 270.898.8796 or 270.534.4200. Healthy Grieving Group. Paducah Lourdes North Plaza. MONDAYS (except holidays). 5pm. 270.415.3636 Grief Support Lunch. Luke’s Truckstop, Arlington. 1 ST TUESDAYS 11:30am. Contact Leah Fondaw, lfondaw@lourdes– 270.415.3607. Survivors of Suicide support group for anyone whose life has been touched by the unique grief of suicide. United Church of Paducah, 4600 Buckner Ln. 1ST TUESDAYS Contact: 270.442.3722



Now & Beyond: Grief Support Group for Widows & Widowers Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion, Borders Community Room. 2 ND FRIDAYS 6-8pm. Led by Pat Pitchford. 270.898.8796.

MULTI-SERVICE PROVIDERS American Red Cross Volunteer Opportunity 232 N. 8th Street, Paducah 2ND MONDAYS at 6pm. Western Kentucky Chapter is looking for volunteers for disaster relief training. To support our area counties, call 270.442.3575 for more information. Baptist Health has meetings & groups for: Arthritis, Breast Feeding, Childbirth, Baby Care, Family, CPR, Menopause, Diabetes, Radiation Therapy for New Patients, Ostomy & more. Call 270.575.2229 or

Dream Factory Volunteer Meetings US Bank Bldg. 4th & Broadway. 5th floor. Interested in helping or donating? Janice Harris, 270.441.7611 Four Rivers Behavioral Health provides service in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities, & substance abuse. Consulting & employee assistance available. Serving Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, Marshall, & McCracken. 24–hr. crisis hot-line, 800.592. 3980. Call the office, 270.442.7121, to find out more. Hope Unlimited Family Care Center & Medical Clinic provides counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes & The Learn to Earn Program offers a way for families to earn points to purchase much needed baby items. For more information, call 270.442.1166 in Paducah or 618.524.5730 in Metropolis. Lourdes Hospice Needs Volunteers Behavioral Health meeting Room (adjacent to the ER) Working with hospice patients can grow your faith & teach you about the magic & beauty of life. Volunteers are needed in Ballard, Caldwell, Carlisle, Crittenden, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, Lyon, Marshall, & McCracken counties. If interested, contact Susan Mason at 1.800.870.7460 or 270.415.3640. Meetings are MONDAYS (except holidays). Lourdes Hospital has meetings & support groups for: Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer, Colitis & Crohn's, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Huntington's, Pancreatic Cancer, Joint Replacement, Caregiver & Grief support, Overeating, & Amputees. 270.444.2444 or classeseventssupportgroups.asp Martha’s Vineyard A ministry that prepares meals & delivers them to the less fortunate in our area weekly. If you would like to volunteer please call Martha at 270.575.0021. Paducah Area Amputees in Action. Lourdes Marshall Nemer Pavilion Rosenthal Room. See Facebook page for meeting times or call 270.538.6844. Amputees who would like printed information can pick up packets at Project CARAT Paducah, located at 911 Joe Clifton Drive in Paducah from 11am to 4pm. Paducah Cooperative Ministry 402 Legion Drive. Provides emergency food pantry assistance, financial assistance for rent evictions, utility disconnections, prescription medications, & stranded traveler needs. Limited to McCracken County residents. Open MONDAY–FRIDAY 9amNoon & 1-4pm. 270.442.6795. Starfish Orphan Ministry invites you to be a part of a life changing adventure to El Salvador... First timer? It’s okay! See how you can help make a difference to orphaned children in need! 270.933.1250 St. Nicholas Free Clinic provides FREE primary care, medicine & specialist referrals to uninsured working adults who live or work in the Kentucky counties of Ballard, Carlisle, Fulton, Hickman, Livingston, McCracken, Marshall, and Massac County, Illinois. Households with at least 1 adult working 15 hours or more & fall within 200% of the Federal Poverty Level for household income qualify for St. Nicholas. Call the clinic at 270.575.3247.



St. Vincent de Paul Budget Store A volunteer based ministry that sells used clothing, furniture & other goods at a minimal charge to the community & in turn uses the proceeds to help those less fortunate through the Help Line. Help is offered based on need, regardless of religious affiliation or income. TUESDAY-FRIDAY 10am–3pm & SATURDAY 9am–1pm). Budget Store phone number: 270.442.9351; Help Line phone number: 270.575.1008;

PARENTING SUPPORT La Leche League of Kentucky 160 South Gum Springs Road, Paducah All breastfeeding mothers & mothers–to–be interested in breastfeeding. 1ST THURSDAYS 10am. 270.534.0512 M.O.M. Group 100 W 13th Street, Benton KY (Fellowship Hall of First Missionary Baptist Church) Time for moms of all ages to connect with one another & study God's Word in an encouraging, supportive, non-denominational environment. Children play in nursery while mother's meet. 3RD TUESDAYS 9-11am Please preregister. 270.527.7615

Broadway Church of Christ 2855 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.443.6206 | SUNDAY Morning Worship 9:30am; Bible Study 10:45am; Evening Worship 6pm; MONDAY & WEDNESDAY Precious Pottery Preschool 9am-2pm; TUESDAY Clothing Give Away 10am-Noon; WEDNESDAY Ladies Bible Class 10am; Bible Classes 6:30pm; 2ND FRIDAY Parent's Night Out 5-10pm Broadway United Methodist Church 701 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.443.2401 | SUNDAY Fellowship Time (Igert Hall) 9am; Youth & Adult Sunday School for all ages 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; BUMS Youth group (grades 6–12) 5-7pm; Handbell Choir 7pm; Sunday morning services are streamed live and archived online. TUESDAY & THURSDAY Mother's Day Out 9am-2pm Call to register. WEDNESDAY ABC (All

NINO McCracken Co. Public Library, 555 Washington Street, Paducah Nine months in; nine months out. Provide infant sling, carrier information & support. 3RD MONDAYS. 10:30am. Jill Tanner, 270.349.3806 or thenaturalbaby@

RELIGIOUS SERVICES & MEETINGS Amazing Grace Lutheran Church 1601 Jefferson Street, Paducah | 270.933.1215 SUNDAY Service 10am; Education Hour 8:45am Arcadia United Methodist Church 261 Lone Oak Road, Paducah | 270.442.3313 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship Service 10am; TUESDAY Men’s Prayer Gathering 7:30am Bellview Baptist Church Bleich & Old Mayfield Roads | 270.554.3173 | SUNDAY School: 9am; Worship Service: 10am; Sunday Evening: 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening: 6:30pm Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church 12304 Wickliffe Rd, Kevil | 270.876.7239 | @bethalcpchurch SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:15am; Worship Service 10:30am Bethel Christian Church, Kevil 12245 Woodville Rd, Kevil | 270.462.3544 | SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:15am; Worship Service 10:30am Broadway Baptist Church 2435 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.442.3739 | SUNDAY School, 10am; Sunday Worship, 11am; Sunday Evening, 6pm; WEDNESDAY Worship, 7pm



Broadway Children) after school program 4pm; Children’s Choir 5pm; Fellowship Dinner 5pm; YUMS (4th & 5th graders) 6pm; Chancel Choir 7pm; Senior Pastor Bible Study. THURSDAYS 11am. You do not have to be a member of Broadway UMC to participate; FREE Watoto Children's Choir. MAY 5 7-8:30pm. a group of 18 orphans from Uganda, will continue its six-month U.S. tour featuring a brand new concert, Signs & Wonders. The concert will feature worship songs that share the stories of the children and the hope they have because of God’s love. Calvary Baptist Church 270 Clements St, Paducah | 270.443.1552 | Pastor Pail Hatcher SUNDAY School 10am; Worship Service 11am; Evening Service 6pm; WEDNESDAY Service 6:30pm Calvert City First Presbyterian Church 639 Evergreen St, Calvert City | 270.395. 4700 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Fellowship 10am; Worship 10:45am Calvert City United Methodist Church 571 Oak Park Blvd., Calvert City | 270.395.4746 | SUNDAY First Light Worship Service, Contemporary 9am; Sunday School 10am; Traditional Service 11am; WEDNESDAY Children, Youth & Adult Bible Studies 6pm; Adult Choir 7pm Central Church of Christ 2201 Washington St, Paducah | 270.442.1017 | SUNDAY Bible Study Classes 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm; TUESDAYS Ladies’ Bible Class, 1-2pm; LAST SATURDAY “Dorcas Day” Clothing Giveaway 9am–Noon

Christ Chapel UECNA, "The Lighthouse" Hiter Road, Fairdealing | 270.354.9132 | All faiths welcome! SUNDAY Worship Services 8:30 & 10:30am; WEDNESDAY 7pm Christ Community Church 8270 Hinkleville Road, Paducah | 270.744.0397 SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Bible Classes 9:30am; Morning Worship & Junior Church (ages 10 & under) 10:30am; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm Community Fellowship Baptist Church 90 State Route 408 West, Hickory | 270.856.4463 | SUNDAY Services 8:30 & 11am; Signed Service for the Deaf/HH at 11am service; Sunday School 10am; WEDNESDAY Adult Bible Study, Kids Zone & Youth 6:30pm Concord Christian Center 3661 James Sanders Blvd., Paducah |270.441.7900 | SUNDAY Small Groups 9:45am Worship 10:45am, 6pm; WEDNESDAY Service 7pm Concord United Methodist Church 5178 Hinkleville Road, Paducah | 270.443.2669 | SUNDAY Worship Times 8:15am, 10:30am & 6pm; Coffee/Donuts/ Fellowship 9am; Sunday School 9:30am Child care is provided in the nursery during Sunday morning services; TUESDAY WISE Bible Study for Women 6:30pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal 5:15pm call to make reservations; B.L.A.S.T. for Kids, Youth Meeting & Adult Bible Study 6pm; THURSDAY Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8am Prayer Room is open to the public Concord West Church of Christ 4715 Mayfield Metropolis Road, Paducah | 270.744.6329 SUNDAY Bible Study 9am; Worship 10am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6pm The Crossing 1225 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.201.2810 | SUNDAY Worship 10:45am Elevation Point Church Paducah Exp Convention Center, 415 Park Ave. | 270.705.1045 | SUNDAY Service 10:30am First Baptist Church, Paducah 2890 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.442.2728 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship 10:15am; Evening Worship 5pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal 5pm; Worship 6pm; 252 Basics (children) 5:50pm; Awaken (youth) 6pm; Adult Choir Rehearsal 7pm First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 2515 S Main St, Benton | 270.527.8560 | SUNDAY Church School 9:45am; Worship 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Youth Night 5:30-7pm; MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY Men’s Exercise Group 9-10am First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 420 Catherine Street, Metropolis IL | 618.524.7118 | SUNDAY Fellowship Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; Youth Meeting 5pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6pm; Choir Practice 7pm



First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 415 Audobon Dr, Paducah | 270.443.8251 | SUNDAY School 9:30am (Classes for all ages); Worship 10:45am First Presbyterian Church 200 N 7th St, Paducah | 270.442.3545 | SUNDAY Church School 9:30am; Worship 10:45am; Youth Choir (6th-12th grades) 4:30pm; Youth Group 5:30-7pm; Handbells 6pm; WEDNESDAY Children’s Choir & Activities 4-5:45pm; Adult Choir 7pm Fountain Avenue United Methodist Church 300 Fountain Ave, Paducah270.443.1724 | SUNDAY Fellowship 9am; Sunday School for all ages, 9:45am; Worship & Children’s Church (ages 4-9) 10:45am; Communion Service; 1­ST SUNDAY of each month. Nursery provided for birth-age 3; Evening Services 6pm; MONDAY & THURSDAY Quilting Group 9:30am; WEDNESDAY Church Dinner 5:30pm ($5/call for reservation by noon Tuesday); Program & youth activities 6pm; Choir 6:30pm Friendship Baptist Church of Paducah 146 S Friendship Rd, Paducah | 270.534.1900 | SUNDAY School 9am; Morning Worship 10:15am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Worship 6pm Gospel Mission Worship Center 6905 Benton Rd, Paducah | 270.898.3613 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Morning Service 10:45am; Evening Service 5:30pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Service 6pm Grace Episcopal Church 820 Broadway, Paducah | 270.443.1363 | SUNDAY Holy Eucharist 8am & 10am; Christian Formation 9am; Children's Chapel 10am; Middle Schoolers 4pm; Youth Supper 5:30pm; High Schoolers 6:30pm; Nursery available for 10am Sunday Service. WEDNESDAY Holy Eucharist 12pm; Youth Group 5pm; THURSDAY Sanctuary Choir 6pm; 2ND THURSDAY Vintage Grace Luncheon/Program (for Seniors) 11:30am-1pm Harmony Baptist Church 9215 Ogden Landing Rd,W. Paducah | 270.488.3115 | SUNDAY Sunday School 10am; Morning Worship & Children’s Church 11am; AWANA 5:30pm; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Prayer & Praise, Bible Buddies 7am Heartland Worship Center 4777 Alben Barkley Dr, Paducah |270.534.1400 | SUNDAY School 8, 9:15 & 10:45am; Sunday Services 9:30, 10:45am & 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Service 6pm; Children’s Activities 6pm; Middle/High School, 6–8pm; Divorce Care 6:30pm Highland Cumberland Presbyterian Church 3950 Lovelaceville Rd, Paducah | 270.554.3572 | SUNDAY School 9:45am; Worship 10:45am; Youth & Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Youth 6pm; Bible Study 6pm Hillcrest Baptist Church 10083 US-60, Kevil | 270.217.2796 SUNDAY School 9am; Services 10am & 5pm; MONDAY-FRIDAY Hillcrest Preschool; 3 RD FRIDAY Family Movie Night



House of Hope Ministries 1731 N 11th St, Paducah | 270.933.1069 | SUNDAY Worship Service 11am; WEDNESDAY Fill-Up Service 6:30-7:30pm Immanuel Baptist Church 3465 Buckner Ln, Paducah | 270.443.5306 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:45am; 1ST & 3RD SUNDAY Orchestra Rehearsal 9am; WEDNESDAY Shepherd’s Table (Dinner) 4:50-5:30pm. Please call ahead. First time guests eat FREE. $5 for adults & $3 for children. Youth Bible Study 5-7pm; Immanuel Kidz 5:30-7pm; Gathering for Adults 6pm; Adult Handbells 6:15pm; Sanctuary Choir 7:05pm; THURSDAY Discipleship Group 6:30am; Friendship International 9am; 3RD THURSDAY Mission Meal 6:30pm; 4TH THURSDAY Faith & Fiction 7pm Islamic Center of Paducah 760 Berger Rd, Paducah | 270.558.4559 | FRIDAY Weekly Prayer 1:30-2:30pm; SUNDAY School 11am-1:30pm The Journey Church, Calloway Co. 304 N 4th St, Murray (3rd floor of Curris Center) | 270.761.4403 | SUNDAY Adult Services 9 & 10:30am The Journey Church, Marshall Co. Creason Building, 1600 Park Ave, Benton | 270.761.4403 | SUNDAY Service 10am Ledbetter United Methodist Church 200 Golden Meadow Dr, Ledbetter | 270.898.3435 SUNDAY Worship Service 9:30am; Sunday School 10:30am Living Word Pentecostal Church 907 Husband Rd, Paducah | 270.575.3477 SUNDAY Morning Sunday School/Worship 10am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm; Bus Ministry call 270.564.5706 or 270.210.9086 Lone Oak Church of Christ 2960 Lone Oak Rd, Paducah | 270.554.2511 | SUNDAY Worship 10am; Sunday School 9am; Evening Service 6pm WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm Lone Oak First Baptist Church 3601 Lone Oak Rd, Paducah | 270.554.1441 | SUNDAY Morning Worship 8:30am, 9:45am & 11am Sunday School 8:30am, 9:45am, 11am & 6pm; Evening Worship 6:30pm; WEDNESDAY Children’s Choir 5:45pm; Middle & High School Choir 6pm; Prayer Meeting, Children’s Missions, Worship Choir & Orchestra 6:30pm Lone Oak United Methodist Church 3835 Old US Hwy 45 S | 270.554.1272 | SUNDAY Coffee & Donuts 9am; Sunday School 9:15am; Service 10:30am; Nursery Available 9–11:30am; WEDNESDAY Kids on a Mission 2:30pm (grades 4-5), 3:45pm (grades 1-3); Bible Study 6pm; Handbell Practice 6pm; Choir Practice 7pm; 3RD SATURDAYS United Methodist Men 8am Lutheran Church of the Cross 2601 North Ave, Metropolis | 618.524.4628 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship Service 10am; 1 ST & 3RD SUNDAY Holy Communion



Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1526 Park Ave, Paducah | 270.443.3689 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; Evening Service 6pm Mayfield First United Methodist Church 214 S 8th St, Mayfield | 270.247.5678 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; TUESDAY Celebrate Recovery meal 5:30pm; Meeting 6:15pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship meal 5:30pm; Bible Study 6:15pm McKendree United Methodist Church 2860 McKendree Church Rd, Kevil | 270.488.3770 or 270.488.2444 | SUNDAY School 9am Worship 10:30am Youth & Children Activities 4:30pm Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6:30pm; 3RD SATURDAY Senior Citizens Social Dinner 4:30–6pm. Clothes Closet MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY 10am–3pm SATURDAY 9am–Noon.

Olivet Baptist Church 5186 Hinkleville Rd, Paducah | 270.442.3267 | SUNDAY School 9am; Morning Worship, Kids Worship Time (ages 3 to K) 10am; Awana For Kids (ages 2–6th grade) 5:45pm; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Studies for ages 2–Adult 6:30pm Pathway Baptist Church 229 W 5th Ave, Calvert City | 270.395.5683 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship Service 10:30am; Evening Services Adults, Youth & Children 6pm; WEDNESDAY Adult Prayer, Bible Study 6:30pm; Awana for children 2 years old–6th grade 6:30pm; (during school year) Youth Service 6:30pm; THURSDAY Grief Share 6:30pm; Monthly Men’s Meetings & Ladies Connect

Milburn Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian 3760 Metropolis Lake Rd, West Paducah | 270.488.2588 | SUNDAY Donuts & Coffee 9am; Sunday School 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; WEDNESDAY Family Meal 5:30pm; Bible Study 6pm Mt. Sterling Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1780 Mt. Sterlin Rd, Brookport IL | 618.564.2616 SUNDAY School 10am; Worship 11am; Evening Worship 6pm; Youth Group 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6:30pm; Junior Youth Group 6:30pm Mt. Zion Baptist Church 9701 Blandville Rd, West Paducah | 270.554.0518 | SUNDAY School 9am; Worship 10am & 6:30pm; WEDNESDAY Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 6:30pm New Covenant Fellowship of Reidland 6775 Kentucky Dam Rd, Paducah | 270.898.9664 SUNDAY Worship Service 10:30am New Geneva Community Church 433 Monroe St, Paducah | 270.443.8866 | SUNDAY Worship 10:30am, Intergenerational Bible Study meal following; TUESDAY Women’s Ministry 7pm; THURSDAY Men’s Ministry 5:30pm & 6:45pm; TUESDAY-FRIDAY Biblical counseling available by appointment New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church 7680 New Hope Rd, Paducah | 270.554.0473 | SUNDAY School 9:30am Worship 10:30am Evening Youth & Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm. For youth information, contact the River Youth Ministries. Contact Melanie Rogers 270.978.1761 Oakland Cumberland Presbyterian Church 9110 US Hwy 68 W, Calvert City, KY | 270.350.7262 SUNDAY School 9:30am; Morning Worship 10:30am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Evening Bible Study 6pm. Oaklawn Baptist Church 500 Oaks Rd, Paducah | 270.442.1513 | SUNDAY School 9:45am Worship 11am & 6pm; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 7pm, God’s Children 7pm



Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 1110 N 14th Street, Paducah | 270.442.1000 | SUNDAY Explorer Hour 9:30am; Worship 11am; 1ST SUNDAY Lord Supper ; WEDNESDAY Prayer/Bible Study 6pm; 1ST WEDNESDAY Youth Bible Study 6pm The Potter’s House Baptist Worship Center 881 Cutoff Rd, Smithland | 270.928.9905 | SUNDAY Bible Study 9:30am; Worship 10:45am; Evening 6pm; WEDNESDAY Prayer/Bible Study 6pm Reidland Baptist Church 5559 Benton Rd, Paducah | 270.898.6243 | Nursery provided for all services & Sunday school. SUNDAY Sunday School (classes for all ages) 9am; Morning Worship Service 10:10am; Children’s Church/Junior Church (ages 3-5th grade) 5:30-7pm; Choir Practice 5-6:15pm Mission Friends (Age 3-Kindergarten) Children In Action (1st-5th Grade) 5-7pm; Youth 6:30pm; Adult Bible Study; TUESDAY & THURSDAY 9:30am; Early Learning & Pre–K Program; WEDNESDAY TeamKID (age 3- grade 5), 6-7:30pm; Youth (grades 6-12), 6-7:45pm; Prayer & Adult Bible Study 6:30pm Reidland Christian Church 5300 Kentucky Dam Rd, Paducah | 270.898.3904 | SUNDAY Sunday School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; Bible study 6pm; WEDNESDAY Family Meal 6pm; Bible Study for Children/Adults 7pm Reidland Seventh Day Adventist Church 5320 Kentucky Dam Road | 270.898.3010 | SATURDAY Sabbath School 9:30am; Worship Service 11am; 1ST SATURDAYS following worship service a FREE delicious vegetarian fellowship meal is served. WEDNESDAY Prayer Meeting 6:30pm Reidland United Methodist 5515 Reidland Rd, Paducah | 270.898.2114 | WEDNESDAY Faithweaver Friends preschool-6th grade 5:15-7:30pm FREE dinner & fun, interactive bible discussions for kids. Rosary Chapel Catholic Church 711 Ohio St, Paducah | 270.444.6383 | SUNDAY Mass 10:30am Spring Bayou Baptist Church 11205 Woodville Rd, Kevil | 270.462.3014 | SUNDAY School 9:45am; Morning Worship 10:45am; Youth & Children's Programs/Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Services 7pm Southland Baptist Temple 927 Yarbro Ln, Paducah | 270.444.9678 | SUNDAY Topper’s Gospel Show (WKYQ) 7-9am; Sunday School 9:45am; Worship Service, KidzAlive (3–5th grade) 10:45am; Evening Service 6pm; WEDNESDAY Mission Room Open 10am-3pm; Evening Meal 4:30-6pm; AWANA (2-6th grade) & The Light (7th-12th grade) 6:30-8pm; Adult Bible Classes 6:45pm St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church 1518 J H O'Bryan Ave, Grand Rivers | 270.395.4727 | WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY Mass 9am



St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church 116 S 6th St, Paducah | 270.442.1923 | Mass Schedule TUESDAY–FRIDAY 12pm; SATURDAY 5pm; SUNDAY 8:30 &11am; Quilt Display & Meal St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church 6705 Mayfield Rd, Paducah | 270.554.3810 | Mass Schedule TUESDAY–SATURDAY 7:30am; SATURDAY 5am; SUNDAY 7:30am & 9am St. Matthew Lutheran Church 2701 Broadway St, Paducah | 270.442.8294 SUNDAY Worship 9:30am; 1st & 3rd SUNDAY Potluck & Education 5pm St. Paul Lutheran Church 211 S 21st St, Paducah | 270.442.8343 | SUNDAY Worship 8 & 10:45am; Bible Study & Sunday School 9:30am; The Lutheran Hour, Christian outreach radio program can be heard locally on WNGO 1320am & WKYX 570AM each Sunday at 6pm St. Peter’s of the Lake Episcopal Church Gilbertsville | 270.362.8301 | SUNDAY Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer Service 10am; Children’s Sunday School 10:15-10:45am St. Pius X Catholic Church 723 E 5th Ave, Calvert City |270.395.4727 | Mass Times TUESDAY 6pm; WEDNESDAY–FRIDAY 8am; SATURDAY 4:30pm; SUNDAY 8am St. Thomas More Catholic Church 5645 Blandville Rd, Paducah | 270.534.9000 | Mass Schedule MONDAY & THURSDAY 6pm; TUESDAY & FRIDAY 7am SATURDAY 5:30pm SUNDAY 9 & 11am (1pm En Español) Nursery available at all services; MONDAY evening Active MOMS group & Active couples group. Call 270.534.9000 for more information; WEDNESDAY Mother’s Day Out; THURSDAY Moms Group Playgroup

Worship Service 6am; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal Ministry 5:30pm; Mid–Week Service 7pm Washington Street Baptist Church 721 Washington St, Paducah | 270.442.8033 | SUNDAY Morning Alive (Sunday School for All Ages) 9:30am; Worship Service 10:45am Way of Christ Bible Fellowship Church 1301 Park Ave, Paducah | 270.575.0039 | SUNDAY Morning Service 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Youth Bible Study 5:30pm Adult Bible Study 6:30pm West End Baptist Church 324 S 28th St, Paducah | 270.443.1043 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship Service 10:45am; Evening Worship 6pm; WEDNESDAY Fellowship Meal 5:30pm Call by Noon to reserve your spot; TUESDAY Children/Youth Bible Study & Adult Prayer Service 6:30pm World Harvest Church 3250 Steele Road, West Paducah | 270.442.8949 | SUNDAY Corporate Prayer 9:45-10:15am Worship Service 10:30am; WEDNESDAY Worship Service 7pm; THURSDAY Corporate Prayer 8:45-10am Woodlawn Cumberland Presbyterian Church 3402 Benton Road | 270.442.7713 | SUNDAY Corporate Prayer 9:45-10:15am Worship Service 10:30am; WEDNESDAY Worship Service 7pm; THURSDAY Corporate Prayer 8:45-10am

Temple Israel 330 Joe Clifton Dr, Paducah | 270.442.4104 | FRIDAY Lay–led Services 5:30pm; Rabbi–led Services 7pm Trinity United Methodist Church 6125 Blandville Rd, Paducah | 270.534.9516 | SUNDAY School 9:30am; Worship 10:30am; TUESDAY Women’s Bible Study 9-11am (TUMC) & 6-8pm (offsite); WEDNESDAY Awana (2yr old5th Grade) 5-6:45pm; Youth (6th–12 grade) 5:30-6:45pm; Choir 6-7pm Twelve Oaks Baptist Church 2110 New Holt Rd, Paducah | 270.554.4634 | SUNDAY School 9:30am Worship 8,10 & 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Awana 5:30-7pm, Mid–Week Service 6pm United Church of Paducah 4600 Buckner Ln, Paducah | 270.442.3722 | SUNDAY Worship celebration 10am; Coffee & refreshments 1111:20am; Christian Education until Noon. Waldo Baptist Church 6970 Waldo Church Rd, Metropolis, IL | 618.564.2180 | SUNDAY Bible Study 9am; Morning Worship Service 10am; Evening



Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Fellowship) 1347 S 6th St, Paducah | 270.331.5247 or 5217 | SUNDAY School 9:45am; Morning Worship Service 10:45am; WEDNESDAY Bible Study 6:30pm

SOCIAL & PROFESSIONAL GROUPS Downtown Kiwanis Club. Broadway United Methodist Church, THURSDAYS, Noon–1pm. Email Chuck.Williamson@jpenergy.comfor more info. Four Rivers Society for Human Resource The Great Rivers Group, Sierra Club, 1ST WEDNESDAYS. 270.236.2317 or 270.753.8910 Lone Oak Kiwanis Parker’s Drive Inn Restaurant, 2921 Lone Oak Rd, 1 , 2 & 4 WEDNESDAYS for breakfast at 7am. We welcome visitors & potential members. Breakfast is open to visitors on the 1ST WEDNESDAYS ST



Master Food Volunteer (MFV) Training. McCracken County Cooperative Extension THURSDAYS 10am-1pm. Provides a foundation of knowledge. Subject areas: food safety, science, preparation & preservation. Take your expertise to a higher level while developing new avenues for helping in the community. Paducah Chamber's Power in Partnership Breakfast. PaducahMcCracken Co. Convention & Expo Center. 1­ST THURSDAY, 7:30am. $15 for members or $25 for non-members. 270.443.1746 Paducah Business & Professional Women (BPW) McCracken County Public Library. 2ND TUESDAYS 5:30-7pm. Merryman Kemp 270.442.7636.



Paducah–Kentucky Lake Chapter of the International Society of Administrative Professionals. 3RD TUESDAYS 5:30pm. Christy Poindexter at 270.575.6624. Paducah Lions Club Walker Hall. The oldest Lions Club in Kentucky, TUESDAYS noon for lunch & presentations by guest speakers. Paducah Rotaract Club. Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce. 1ST MONDAYS 8pm. A group for young professionals 18–30 years old focused on helping others. Paducah Rotary Club. Myre River Room, Carson Four Rivers Center. WEDNESDAYS for lunch & excellent speakers. Noon. South Paducah Kiwanis 1640 S 6th St, THURSDAYS 7-8am. The club invites members to this weekly meeting. The group’s mission: serving the children of the world, one at a time. Zonta Club of Paducah. Shandies, 202 Broadway Street. 2ND TUESDAYS 6pm an international organization that empowers women through service & advocacy. 270.444.0664

For more local events, visit us online at


by Amy Noles


54 Seasons of Great Performances

arket House Theatre recently announced its 54th Season of plays in front of a packed audience. Executive Director Michael Cochran is excited about this year’s MHT's Signature Season. "We have a blend of new shows and encore shows from the theatre's past,” Cochran told the crowd. “They have been selected by the Play Selection Committee and are going to make for a great season."

the Mason-Dixon Line. Unfortunately, the patriarch of the Turpin family keels over dead! The struggle to get him buried involves the whole clan and includes trying to convince his wife not to put "mean and surely" on his tombstone. MHT last produced this play 20 years ago in the 1997-98 Season.


Dearly Departed

MHT kicks the season off in September 2017 with Dearly Departed by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones. The play tells the story of a colorful and dysfunctional group of Southern eccentrics who gather below

November brings Ripcord by David Lindsay-Abaire. This is a brand-new play for the MHT stage. It is set in a sunny room on an upper floor in the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility. The cantankerous Abby has to share her quarters with infuriatingly chipper new-arrival, Marilyn. A feud between the two women results in a bet to determine who stays and who goes. This quickly escalates into an outrageous game of oneupmanship and a comedy that has a great deal of moving moments about love, and forgiveness.



Barefoot in the Park

The Mountaintop

The Mountaintop by Katori Hall is another play being performed for the first time on the MHT stage. A gripping re-imagination of events the night before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On April 3, 1968, an exhausted Dr. King retires to his room at the Lorraine Motel while a storm rages outside. When a mysterious stranger arrives, he doesn't know if she is an FBI informant, the devil or an angel. Dr. King is forced to confront his destiny and his legacy to his people. *This play contains strong language. Parental Discretion is advised. *The Mountaintop will be performed in January 2018.

April will be bringing Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park. It tells the story of Paul and Corie Bratter who are newlyweds in every sense of the word. After a six-day honeymoon, they get a surprise visit from Corie's loopy mother and decide to play matchmaker during a dinner with their older eccentric neighbor - everything that can go wrong, does. MHT last produced this play 34 years ago.

Sister Act

June will be jumping with the musical Sister Act by Alan Menken, another first for the MHT stage. The show features original music by an eight-time Oscar winner and Tony Award winner. It’s a feel-good musical comedy based on the hit 1992 film that will have audiences jumping to their feet. An aspiring nightclub singer is also the girlfriend of a mobster. After witnessing a murder, she hides out in a convent and turns everything upside down. This uplifting musical was nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Musical. “We have an amazing 54th season lineup,” said Cochran. “It is full of hits and the kinds of shows people have requested - two classic comedies, a brand-new riveting drama, a brand-new play about friendship, and show stopping upbeat musical. I can’t think of a better season!”

MHT Family Series

The upcoming Family Series of Plays focuses on roles for youth and adults with a family audience in mind.



The Hobbit

In October 2017 MHT will showcase a brand-new adaptation of The Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins is a comfortably ‘well-off’ hobbit with a love for rousing adventure stories. When Gandalf the wizard knocks at Bilbo's door - bringing with him a company of dwarfs, and a contract for an adventure to recover the lost treasure of Lonely Mountain - Bilbo's love of a good story gets the better of him. Before he knows it, he is off on a perilous quest encountering both a magic ring and a frightening creature known as Gollum.

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe comes in December to MHT. It follows four children who are evacuated from London during ‘the Blitz’. While exploring the Professor's house, they stumble across the gateway to another world, and the adventure begins. The land of Narnia is under the spell of the wicked White Witch, and the four very quickly find themselves caught up in a deadly struggle between good and evil.

Season Tickets Are On Sale!

Season tickets for the new season are on sale now and current season ticket holders should have already received their renewal forms in the mail. Tickets for the entire Signature Series start at just $90, (for Thursday evenings, Saturday and Sunday Matinees). $95 for Friday and Saturday evenings. Current season ticket holders will be able to renew their seats until June 15. New orders will be filled after that deadline. For more information contact the Market House Theatre Box Office at 270.444.6828 Monday through Friday from noon to 5pm.


Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook!

This March, Junie B Jones returns to MHT. Something terrible happened to Junie B. Jones at school today. Someone stole her new furry mittens! So, when Junie B. finds a wonderful pen of many colors, she should be allowed to keep it, right? Junie B. Jones is not a crook... or is she? A hilarious and heartfelt tale based on the best-selling book series by Barbara Park.

Just Like I Wanted

May 2018 brings us Just Like I Wanted. At 16, Joey has just committed suicide. Through a series of flashbacks, Joey shows us the life he used to lead and why he chose to end it — and we also see the unexpected effect of his death on his classmates, teachers, and family. Just Like I Wanted is a poignant, searing look at an epidemic which is sweeping our nation. With this list of shows Market House Theatre will have produced over 700 plays in its 54 year of operations. "Our Family Series is already generating incredible buzz!” Said April Cochran, MHT Education Director. “With literary classics like The Hobbit, as well as The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe combined with a much newer piece like JUNIE B - there's something for all types of interests!"



iLOVE IT by Sarah Ladd

Dad, I Want To Be A Police Officer!


oes your teen want to be a police officer when they grow up? Many children decide at an early age that they want to be in law enforcement. It starts with a fascination of cars with lights, and later turns into a respect for the law and the community. Or, maybe you just have questions about what it means to be an officer of the law, wear a badge, and what our policemen and women go through on a day to day basis. Well if you live in western Kentucky, you’re in luck! The Paducah Police Department hosts an annual program that offers a tantalizing glimpse in to Police life.

The Junior Citizen's Police Academy

Since 2002, the Paducah Police’s Junior Citizens' Police Academy (JCPA) has been helping teenagers in western Kentucky achieve their dream of a career in law enforcement. When it began, it was a simple three-day event focused on 13-18-year old’s who were interested in a law enforcement career. Because of its success and growing popularity, it has grown into a 5-day event. This new format has been successful and for the past five years it has helped to form meaningful relationships with these high school aged students.

ABOVE: Students have the opportunity to see first hand how the police department works with robotics in certain situations.

LEFT: Meet the Junior Citizen's Police Academy crew!



The police department strives to share the their values with the youth in our community.

The event is set up like a summer camp, allowing students to see firsthand how officers go about the challenges that come with the career. Lunch is provided each day of the camp, and each participant receives a free t-shirt. It is a fun environment, guaranteed to help teens form a deeper appreciation for their local law enforcement officers and respect for the badge. The JCPA is modeled after the long standing Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA). The CPA is an adult version of JCPA and is for all community members over 18. It helps encourage community unity throughout our citizens.

Sharing Values With Our Community

The program includes classroom lectures as well as hands-on activities, allowing both introverts and extroverts to learn from the experience. The Paducah Police Department focuses on Professionalism, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, and Communication. They strive to share these values with the youth in our community. During the academy, the teens will learn about patrol tactics, investigations, court proceedings, and mock crime scene processing. They will also learn about the department's specialized units, including the bomb squad and the SWAT team.



JCPA students participate in mock traffic stops throughout the week. Although they won’t be allowed to shoot firearms during the academy, they will be introduced to the types of firearms and weapons used by officers – and they will get to use simulated training equipment. Students who enjoy what they learn in JCPA are encouraged to join the Law Enforcement Exploring Program, which is an in depth opportunity for youth to work with officers and see first-hand what it would be like to go into this field (visit to read more about this).

An Integral Part Of Our Community

Even if your teen does not want to become a police officer, Junior CPA can still offer them something. This academy is about nurturing longterm relationships with our officers and the community. I spoke with Officer Ryan Hudson of the Paducah Police Department, who currently

Students watch as a detective explains the process of fingerprint dusting.

coordinates this event. “I believe the importance of this program lies in the ability to make connections with our youth outside of the badge and uniform,” he shared with me. “So often, our law enforcement officers seem far away and untouchable.” Officer Hudson wants to see those barriers broken through JCPA. “This event will enable the teens to realize that we are humans too,” he said. “With emotions and feelings, just like anyone else out there. It is also refreshing to make contact in public with former participants in the class, and have a positive interaction with them based on their experiences during JCPA.”

Sign Up Today!

This year’s JCPA will meet 8:30am - 4pm for each day of the week of June 12-16. The program is free for participants, but can only accept a maximum of 24 students, so hurry and apply! An application for the event can be found at and should be mailed or delivered to Paducah Police Department at 1400 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001. While repeat students are accepted, priority will be given to first time attendees. For more information, please contact Officer Ryan Hudson at




iRECYCLE by Amy Noles

The (Good) Dirt Paducah's Compost Program


h, spring is in the air and on the calendar – we’ve already begun our weekly, or even daily, routine of yard work. One of the most important yard prepping activities is laying down a new layer of compost or mulch: an important component in helping keep our yards looking good. Mulch helps with moisture retention during our hot summers, soil temperature control, and it also helps to suppress weeds. Compost does all those things and also helps to put nutrients back into the soil. You may not realize it, but Paducah is known across Kentucky for its organic waste recycling efforts. Each year, tons of brush, limbs, leaves and grass clippings from our yards and landscaping projects are taken to the City of Paducah Compost Facility. Did you know that this amazing place sells affordable, premium mulch and compost products? Purchase Area Family had a very informative chat with City Engineer and Public Works Director, Rick Murphy, about this facility and what it takes to make compost.

substance. Then, the biosolids from the wastewater treatment plant, known as sludge, is mixed with the ground up organic waste. After the sludge and mulch are mixed together, they “cook” outside in compost rows for 30 to 45 days maintaining a constant core temperature of 135 to 145 degrees. Periodically, a large piece of equipment (a scarab), which looks like a gigantic rototiller, is used to agitate the compost rows. The time it takes for the composted mulch to “cook” varies depending upon the weather and moisture content. The decomposition process creates a significant amount of heat which means the employees monitor the temperatures and watch to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Recycling Saves Money

The compost facility is located at 1560 North 8th Street. It’s a local service initiated in the mid-1990s by the City of Paducah Solid Waste Division in cooperation with the former City of Paducah Wastewater Treatment Division. (This is before the creation of the Joint Sewer Agency). Former employees, Wastewater Plant Superintendent Kevin Murphy and Solid Waste Superintendent Sarah Phillips, worked together to create the facility.

The facility is staffed by just three people: a supervisor, an operator, and a laborer. Additionally, a grinding contractor comes in a couple of times a year to turn the material into a usable form. The grinding costs the City about $100,000 per year, which sounds like a lot of money, but you have to look at the benefit it provides. To be honest, if you looked at the bottom line, the compost facility loses money each year, but that ignores the bigger picture. Because the facility was created to reduce disposal costs by preventing tons of brush and other organic matter, in addition to wastewater sludge, from entering a landfill.

Compost & Mulch

Keeping Biodegradable Material From Our Landfills

The operation of the facility is a complex process. The bulk, organic yard waste is collected around the city and ground into a mulch-like

Most people don't feel bad about throwing things like grass clippings, raked leaves, and branches in the garbage. They're organic, so they'll



break down quickly - wrong! A landfill is basically an anaerobic environment. The microbes needed to break organic matter down simply aren't there. No earthworms and no friendly bacteria. So, instead of turning into rich, beautiful soil, this organic matter simply sits in the landfill and releases methane gas, which, as you may know, isn't so great for climate change or our atmosphere in general. By sending all of Paducah's yard waste to the compost facility, you're ensuring that it gets returned to the earth as nature intended.

The Bottom Line

The City of Paducah pays for $41 per ton for disposal of material that is taken to a landfill or hauled off for recycling. In 2015, the Facility turned 20,161 tons of brush, leaves, and other debris into compost. That saved nearly $827,000 in disposal fees. It also used 6861 tons of wastewater sludge which would have cost another $343,000. So together, this Facility kept more than 27,000 tons of material from entering a landfill which would have cost nearly $1.2 million in disposal costs! Those are impressive recycling numbers.

Get Your Premium Mulch Here!

After the explanation of the how the compost is made, some people might question whether it’s safe to use in gardens and flowerbeds. “We use it across the City in the parks. It may have an initial odor, but it quickly dissipates,” Murphy told me. “The product is safe and works very well. It’s tested every two months for items such as fecal coliform bacteria, pH, and heavy metals such as mercury, selenium, lead, and copper.” The Compost Facility has had a busy year and spring storms mean that there is a surplus of materials for sale. Although it is open Monday



through Saturday from 7am until 3pm, the facility cannot currently accept any wood, limbs or leaves. They need you to get our mulch and compost from them so they can clear some space and start accepting your yard waste etc.

Premium & Leaf Compost, Wood Chips & Wood Chip Compost

The premium compost and the leaf compost, which is a little fluffier, costs just $15 for a 2 ½ yard bucket. “For that cost, we will gladly load up your trailer or the bed of your pick-up truck,” Murphy told me. “We also have two products that are only $5 for a bucket-load. Those products are the wood chips and the wood chip compost. They have larger pieces of organic material in them.” Murphy is proud of the City of Paducah Compost Facility. “It was the first of its kind in Kentucky and the surrounding area. We often get inquiries from other cities about the process and the cost savings. Recently, representatives from Louisville and Henderson visited our site to look at our model. When you consider the quality of the material compared against the cost of the material, it’s second to none.” As gardeners, we are so lucky to have such a great and affordable resource right at our fingertips. Next time you're tempted to spend a ton of money on plastic bags of “garden soil” from the store, turn your truck around and head over to the compost facility on 8th Street. Load up on the good stuff for a fraction of the price! A big thank you to Murphy and the Compost Facility employees for saving the city money and keeping all that ‘good stuff’ out of our landfills. For more information, visit or call 270.444.8567.


iDOCTOR by Sarah Ladd

I Can't Believe It's A Heart Attack Although February is American Heart Month, it’s always a good idea to know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and heart disease. It can strike at any time and any age. So, just in time for Mother’s Day, we thought we’d remind all our readers to be aware of heart health.


ost of us have an exaggerated idea of what it means to experience a heart attack. Probably because of what we see in movies and on TV we think immediately of severe chest pain and clearly increased heart rate. This is a Hollywood picture, and it is not always accurate. Did you know that a heart attack is not always accompanied by chest pain, and symptoms are not universal? Men and women experience symptoms of medical problems very differently, so it’s very important to know your body and keep track of even the small things.

Men & Women - Different Pain!

I spoke with Brenda Milam, a nurse and manager of the Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute. She feels that women often miss important signs of heart problems simply from not being aware. “It’s so important for the woman and their Primary Care Provider to have an

established relationship,” she told me. “That’s is the key to realizing when something has changed. As much as 2/3 of women who die of sudden death from heart disease have had no previous symptoms. Heart disease is the most common cause of death for both women and men, taking the lives of more women than breast and lung cancer combined.”

Broken-Heart Syndrome

Milam stressed that while heart trouble is an affliction that both men and women face, it affects women 90% more often than men. “Awareness needs to be raised about this and especially Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, or Broken-Heart Syndrome,” she stated. “The presentation for Takotsubo is similar to that of a heart attack. However, there is no coronary artery disease. The presentation is chest pain, shortness of breath, increased fatigue and changes of the EKG. The



changes at cardiac catheterization are of the left ventricle. Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy is precipitated by stress, the loss of a loved one, or long term high stress situations. Once diagnosed, treatment is straight-forward and the patient often recovers fully in weeks to a couple of months.”

Different Warning Signs

Women and men both need to be in tune to changes in how they feel. “When I question women, we can usually find a time, six months ago or so, that they began to notice a change,” she explained. “The changes may be more shortness of breath, easier fatigue, not sleeping well, or they may have noticed some vague discomforts in their back, chest, or upper abdomen. Their discomfort may be stabbing or burning. They may have nausea or loss of appetite.” “On the other hand, when I talk to men about when their symptoms began and what their symptoms were, they usually track their symptoms back for a month to six weeks. Their symptoms are often more dramatic and more sudden in onset. They will more



often complain of crushing chest pain, just under the breastbone and it may radiate to jaws, arms, elbows, wrists, teeth. They may sweat profusely or become nauseated. With both men and women, it is important to note what seems to bring on the symptoms and what relieves the symptoms.”

Stay On Top Of Pain!

Anna Hale, an Advanced EMT who also works as a Monitor Technician at Lourdes Hospital, agrees with Milam. She told me she worries that too many women aren’t alert to their own bodies. “Many women have important things on their plate and put themselves last,” Hale said, “so they don’t end up getting the help they need. Do not neglect taking care of yourself! Checkups are necessary for women! A simple procedure can save your family a life of pain. Do not hesitate to stay safe, informed, and on top of any and every problem when it arises. If something feels off, it probably is.”

Tips For A Healthier You

Milam tells me that the main tip for a healthier life is to know your numbers - know your cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and your weight. If you see any of those changing, you may need to follow up more closely with your primary care physician (PCP). It is important for both women and men to have a PCP that is familiar with them and can help judge when things become different. They need a baseline of your overall health. It is also very important to be in control of those risk factors that are what we refer to as modifiable: Smoking, diet, exercise, control of blood pressure and glucose, and weight. “Unfortunately, we have no control over the things that we inherit,” Milam told me. “Our family history plays a big part in the development of heart disease, but the biggest risk factors I see every day are the avoidable ones.”

Myths Debunked

Some women think they don’t need to worry about heart disease until after 60, but many develop heart disease in their 40s or 50s. Smoking, Type II diabetes, and hypertension increase the risk for development of heart disease. The consumer is becoming better read, asking more questions, and taking an active role in their own care. “It is refreshing to see us take charge of our own lives,” Milam said, “by reading, listening, researching, and talking to our PCP – remember no question is insignificant!”

The changes may be more shortness of breath, easier fatigue, not sleeping well, or they may have noticed some vague discomfort in their back, chest, or upper abdomen. - Brenda Milam, Nurse




iLEARN by Reid Goldsborough

Understanding Facebook's News Feed


ave you noticed that you don't see all of the Facebook posts of your Facebook friends on your news feed? Wonder why this happens? In a nutshell, it's because you don't interact enough with that person's posts or they don't interact enough with yours, such as liking them or commenting about them. Here's more detail. It has to do with algorithms.

It's All In The Algorithm

Algorithms are central to our digital lives, but most of us have no clue what they are. An algorithm, in short, is a set of instructions to solve a problem. They're at the core of computer programs. Corporations and government agencies use algorithms to target online ads, trade stocks, price insurance, and identify potential terrorists. Algorithms can

determine whether we get into college, get hired, get promoted, get a mortgage, or get a car loan. Maybe the best-known algorithm today is Google's PageRank, which displays pages resulting from a Web search according to the number of other pages that link to them and the number of pages that link to the linking pages. Google is forever tweaking it.


The ever-changing algorithm behind Facebook's news feed, is called EdgeRank, it is also crucial in today's social media-infused world. It determines what you see when you check Facebook. The more Facebook friends you have, the more important EdgeRank is. One frequently cited statistic is that on average only 35 percent of any given Facebook user's friends will see any given post. When you post to Facebook by answering the question, "What's on your mind?" or by otherwise doing an ‘Update Status’, you're posting to your timeline. Depending on your privacy settings, your Facebook friends can post to your timeline as well. What you and your friends post to your and their timeline may or may not show up in the respective news feeds. Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm has a lot to say about this. Facebook is largely mum about EdgeRank, keeping many things private for competitive reasons. But based on what is publicly known as well as EdgeRank's behavior, Facebook uses EdgeRank to help create your news feed mostly through Affinity Score, Edge Weight, and Time Decay. I can see you scratching your head!



Affinity Score measures how closely you interact with a Facebook friend and how closely that person interacts with you based on the options Facebook provides for expressing the emoji reactions "like," "love," "haha," "wow," "sad," and "angry."

If you frequently ‘emote’ (reacting such as “like” or “love” them) after seeing friends' posts and if they do the same with your posts, you and they will see more posts. But if there's little or no interaction, a friend's posts may disappear from your news feed and vice versa. •

Edge Weight measures how frequently people comment on, or share, one another's posts. Sharing a post, whether it's an originally written note or a link to a news article, video, or other content from someone else, will increase its Edge Weight. On the other hand, copying and pasting the link won't.

Like Affinity Score, Edge Weight promotes the chances of friends' posts showing up in your news feed. •

Time Decay as the name implies measures how old posts are. Yesterday's news is less likely to show up than todays, and down the line.

What You "Like"

Facebook also incorporates other more subtle factors into EdgeRank. If you “like”, “comment on”, or “share” posts that are pro-Republican, you'll see more posts from Republicans, and if you do so with posts that are pro-Democratic, you'll see more posts from Democrats.

This is both a boon and a bane. Facebook is trying to provide you with what you like. But this creates an echo chamber effect, with people being exposed to content that reinforces their existing beliefs – there is less balance in their newsfeed.



On average

only 35% of any given Facebook user's friends will see any given post

Fake News

Recent headlines about Facebook, both before and after the last presidential election, have made the accusation that it has made it easier to spread fake news. Facebook has been trying to counter this accusation and to fight the phenomenon.

Despite the fact that many people obtain their news largely from Facebook, it contends it's not a news site. Initially it tried to tweak its EdgeRank news feed algorithm to cut down on fake news, without much success according to reports. Then it debuted a "false news" reporting feature. Most recently Facebook said it planned to launch an educational tool for fake news. When clicked on, you're directed to the Facebook Help Center, which displays information "on how to spot false news, such as checking the URL of the site, investigating the source and looking for other reports on the topic," according to Facebook. The jury is out on whether this will help the problem.


Reid Goldsborough is a syndicated columnist and author of the book Straight Talk About the Information Superhighway. He can be reached at or



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