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Sustainable Rural Tourism Promotion and Development

PURAVERA is a relatively new company but its members have been projecting, creating, developing and conducting companies related with alternative tourism since 1979, mainly Eco-tourism in all its aspects as accommodation, restoration, guided tours, communication and promotion, training in tourism, seminars on alternative therapies, among others. The working team consists of experts in sustainability and rural tourism, with a network of specialists which give support in all the steps of the project. In this sense we can offer our clients services of bioclimatic and ecological building, interior design, renewable energies, consultants on aid programs and administrative procedures, marketing and communication, among others. After a long research / survey through the Spanish territory and various south American countries, PURAVERA decides to establish in the region of “Comarca de La Vera� as its the most suitable region to develop our activity. We reside in Jarandilla de La Vera and have been making a number of increasing investments since the beginning of 2007 as the projects have been developing. At the moment we are developing and managing a number of accommodations for middle-high class national and international tourism. Such accommodations follow quality standards developed in our corporate protocol for all our services and activities, in order to guarantee the quality & sustainability of the services offered to our clients. Associated with the activities of the company, it is in our aim to promote the capacities of the region in order to generate employment of the local population with special attention to those with more difficulties. With our activity we will require service companies and indirect employment may be generated as touristic guides, handcraft, restoration, ecological producers, and additional services in general. PURAVERA is a company which specialize in the creation, management and commercial exploitation of sustainable rural tourism projects.

Management & Commercial Exploitation

Rehabilitation & Real Estate

Technical Consultancy

Responsible Investment

Services focused on sustainable rural tourism businesses:  Advice on location and acquisition of properties (mainly estate or rural houses) destined to rural tourism projects.  Studies on conditions, concept identification, permits,  Market studies, economic viability.  Management and maintenance of the property  Commercial exploitation of the property  Promotion of products and additional services to offer a different experience to the tourists.  New technologies applied to management and tourism promotion. We focus this activity on the creation of a reservation area in our web portal

Our activity is mainly offering rehabilitation of abandoned rural houses for sustainable tourism, using our expertise in bioclimatic architecture and integration of renewable energies, among others. Activities include:  The acquisition, possession and transfer of properties.  License management,  Development,  Urbanization,  Construction,  Rehabilitation,  Commercial exploitation of properties,  Sale of properties. Mainly “turn-key� projects, clients directly exploit it.

 Legal advice for permit acquisition necessary to carry out the rehabilitation of the property, for the development of the rural tourism project and processing of aid programs.  Advice for project financing and aid programs.  Training; • Commercial management. • Promotion, Communication & Marketing. • Customer services and sales. • Sustainable development, CSR.  Workshops for production of handcraft from local knowledge and sale of local products: • Traditional jobs. • Craftworks. • Gastronomy. • Ecological products, among others.

 Development of “turn-key” sustainable rural projects for commercial exploitation. It is encouraged the creation, development and commercial exploitation of business related with additional services:  Trekking.  Horseback riding routes.  Ecological vegetable garden and orchard.  Guided tours to local handcrafts and cultural activities.  Eco-design (Reuse of “waste” as products).  Possibility to invest in social and environmental projects in the area to create employment.  Eco-villages. Development of the rehabilitation / construction project of several rural accommodations from old ruins, keeping the “verata” style of housing but with sustainability criteria.

 The promotion activity is focused in the creation of the reservation area in our web portal.  Marketing team specializing in rural tourism, responsible for maximizing the profitability of your property.  We actively collaborate with different reservation agencies and tour operators.  We have the best rural real estate properties or capable of being developed in tourism projects.  The working team manages your property with the best quality standards.  We have a team of cleaning, maintenance and gardening professionals, to maximise the potential of the property and the possibility of agricultural output of the vegetable gardens.

 Up to date there are very few properties with the technical and quality characteristics that we want to offer. New Market niche.  We have architects studio, scenery restoration experts to carry out the rehabilitation which follow our criteria of bioclimatic architecture, feng shui, sustainable development and reducing the environmental impact, among others.  We have contact with various local construction companies from previous experience, to guarantee the use of local materials of high quality.  Experts in the integration of renewable energy sources. At the moment we are developing two rural complexes, or eco-villages. These follow the original “verata� construction but have our sustainable criteria to ensure the quality requirements and our code of conduct.

 PURAVERA, in its commitment to the success of our clients, offer solutions that contribute to the added value, not only in the short but in the long term. These benefits are visible both internally and externally.  Our experience and innovative spirit has allowed us to increase our service portfolio, using new technologies and tools to give creative and adapted solutions which are tailored to our clients needs.  Experience in the promotion, development and exploitation of rural sustainable tourism.  In order to achieve the planned objectives in our strategy, PURAVERA is closing agreements with strategic partners to offer turn-key products.  We have partners is additional services such as photography reports for the promotion of sustainable rural tourism.

 We have experience in the development of projects of social integration and environmental restoration among others.  We want to promote the creation, development and exploitation of businesses dedicated to guided tours and additional services.  We promote the local craftsman, original and of design, either natural or biological: • Reuse of waste as products (eco-design and eco-efficiency, life cycle) possibility of biomass. • Medicinal plants for therapeutically purposes • Restructuring of the tobacco industry.  Development of sustainable rural tourism projects: Implementation of the rehabilitation / construction and recovery of the property following sustainability criteria and reducing the environmental impact.

If we are capable of knowing or competition and what your clients really want, we will be capable of defining the concept better, adjusting to the laws of market.

Experience in the development of rural sustainable tourism Network of collaborators and experts in order to offer “turnkey� rural tourism projects. Market not exploited, great potential, natural and cultural Legal requirement favour rural tourism with low density. Multidisciplinary team ready to upfront any future challenge

Little training and experience from the local population on tourism sector in all its aspects. Little promotion and marketing of the tourism sector in the region Local population has to change from traditional agriculture as the aid is in disconnection phase. Offer segmented to medium-high level tourists.

Rural investment in growing a 25% annually AVE High velocity train Madrid –Portugal

World competition

Globalization, internet, tourism 2.0 and social networks.

Climate change

New market niche, health tourism and tranquillity. Anti-stress.

Change in the tourist of the XXI century

Natural resources in perfect conservation conditions Cultural richness of the area (Diverse historical settlements)

Global crisis Loss of traditional tourism in Spain Restrictive legislation

PURAVERA, in its commitment to contribute to the exit of our clients business, we offer solution which offer a high added value, managing to satisfy them in the long term. These benefits are visible both in the internally and externally.

 Innovation source.

 Generate confidence both to clients and employees

 Involvement and motivation of the employees.

 Protect and improve brand name, reputation

 Generate business opportunities.

 Added value to shareholders and investors

 Improve market position among competitors .

 Advantages among financial entities and insurance companies.

 Better management of the emerging risks

 Efficiency in costs and operative.

 Satisfy the key stakeholders

 Attract, integrate and improve clients and employees

 Improves relations with the administration


 Identifies and assess about the best practices

 Compliance with legal requirements applicable.

 Raise awareness and responsiveness

 Attract and retain talented employees.  Marketing tool.

Commercial developments and promotion of rural tourism experiences  Foto Tours Gatra. Lanzarote. Service company developed, managed and owned.  Colaboration projects in restoration with Cesar Manrique. Lanzarote.  El sitio de la casa. Creation of an alternative rural tourism business. Tenerife.  Simply Travel: National agents and consultants for the identification of luxury rural accommodations.  Rural tourism project. Put into value the leisure resources. Sociedad de desarrollo local de El Pedroso. S.L. Sevilla.  Development of the Integral Project of Rural Tourism and Sustainable Development. Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Almadén de la Plata.  Pero Amarillo, Rural Tourism Project in the “Comarca de la Vera”. Cáceres.  Developing an Ecovillage project in the “Comarca de la Vera”. Cáceres. Consultancy Projects in sustainability and CSR  Development of a Sustainability Indicator System for the planning of the touristic area.  Methodology for the evaluation of the determining factor in the carrying capacity of touristic areas.  Development and support of sustainability and social corporate reports.  Development of Materiality Studies in diverse sectors.  Asses in the Dow Jones Sustainable Index (DJSI) Questionnaire.  Various benchmarking in sustainability. In sectors as construction, financial or energy, among others.  Development of Codes of Conduct.  Development of contents for Social Corporate Responsibility Web Portal. Some of our clients in sustainability include:

Teresa de la Hoz Guerra JosĂŠ Carlos G. GarcĂ­a de Santamarina Management PURA VERA S.L.


Rodrigo Ortiz Hintz Technical Director PURA VERA S.L.

e-mail: Luis Yanes Roca Commercial Director PURA VERA S.L.


Central Office Avenida de La Vera Alta, 6 PC: 10450. Jarandilla de la Vera Tlf.: (0034) 927 560 429 Web:

Corporate Dossier  

Corporate Dossier