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first Again, my : d n o B l a rn ged by ndents-Ete t was mana a h t d n The Indepe a or b heard horr on to “the r i e t v c e u n d o d r ’ t I n i e. said, e” was liv That being . g n i z Joey Ramon a m unk and but it’s a l horror p l a e ska before b o t is nd seems and but th b e h t e v Eternal Bo o l set. no ska. I their live o t p u little to e k v i didn’t l horror pun d e t r a e h t h album just lig into more If you’re .net independts p e u h t t i k c i p ndents /theindepe e m o c . e c a p mys

Highway Magi c-From Napto Co un te rA ct iv ewn t o N e l: p t Al u It n h e ug : Highway Thro Magic could be Piradical I’m not going to P r o d ly u al c re t ly i al o n’s mascots lie, I re if they wanted e. iv ct rA te un Co ke to. Actuall li y, From Naptown All It Through to Neptune i s Piradical 00 songs 13 2. Anyways, brings Punk Rock Lo semi-political ve seems to of b e a No c . r ck o ro w nk d favorite w based pu hen they play li y el it fin de is et gr ve and it Re seems to be a standout a stand out for me t r a c g k in . th e ol T wh h e e band is supe but th r fun to liste n to and you is good. If you’re should all s upport them into the street punk along with t od go st ju or e h en e other loca sc l bands. fast punk rock, I’m sure you’ve already highwaymagic heard of them. If not, check them rview in out and check their inte this issue. ive PoB Issue - 8 PG. 2

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 35


Prizzy Prizz y Please-S/T: A well-respect m ’ I : T / e S d Odd Zero m e m s b i e h r t o f the Indy how not sure scene once t t u b e m old me d n band fou t h y a t p o P r c i zzy Prizzy ed a I receiv Please was t e n o l he ai in the m boy band of y l t n e r a t he p day. Ap I n d y w e s N c e n m e because fro they’re the girls ar m u b l a e h e t York as c r a z y n i f o r them. rded was reco That may or e h T not . Brooklyn be true but gs n o s 0 1 t he Album is band is defin k n u p itely ic of class different, f t s r fi n o u p n, rock. U and infectio d n i k us. it listen, This was an f o e m d e album d of remin that I bough ex S n a c t i r the Ame after seeing (not to Pistols the band liv e. iché). sound cl y C l a p l t a i e o n r B o b was my n’t There is personal fav g n o s t u orite o a stand t r a c s k ’ b m u t the albu but the whole album l l a d i l put a o pretty s smile on my h. g u o r h t f ace. the way et This 4 piec n . o r e z d e od com/ doesn’t featu . e c a p s y re m y a guitari oddzeron st but a “rocki n” keyboard and a “cool” saxop hone definitely ma ke up for it. prizzyprizzy please

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Bio: Joel Janiszyn

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I wrote some ch eesy intro abou t what was going on in my life and about ho w music and riding ment so much to me righ t no w. I figured I take a different root. I’m going through a lot of changes as by th e time you read this I’ll have gotten marr ied and Audra and I will be ne w parents. It’s our first and we couldn’t be happier about it . Some of you migh t say so what, bu t this issue will hopefu lly be an expr es si on of the positiveness in my life. So I’ ll spare the rest and hope yo u like this one. Make sure you ch eck back next is sue. It’s going to be a sp lit issue with Y.C.K.M.D.

to shows every once in a while. Hell, I almost feel like I can appreciate those times more when I do find the time to get out. So what’s this really about I’m happy with my life but I’m at a point where my friends can’t relate to me any more. They go fuck around while I go to work. They give me shit about not being able to hang out like I used to. They

just can’t understand the pressures and expectations that are on me. There are days I really wish I could show them but I know they just cannot understand. I don’t hold it against them though; hell, how could I. I wouldn’t understand if I were them either. It’s funny how people that can have a lot in common can live so differently. I actually consider myself one of the lucky ones. My friends are still my friends and I can come home to my wife and child. A lot of people in my situation either end up loosing their friends or they don’t grow up and take on their responsibilities. I guess everyone tries to make the best of their life or at least the best that they can. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to be the best father, husband, friend, and person that I can.

Introduction to Issue 8

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 33

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 32 PoB Issue - 8 PG. 5

be my as a of my boring

Joel’s become one of my really good friends over the last two years. He’s one of those genuinely good people that are hard to come by. I don’t get to hang out with him that much but when I do it’s always a good time. If he’s not tattooing his life away at Life Force Studios in Marion, he’s probably at his mom’s riding his ramp or drawing in his kitchen. Besides just riding, Joel’s also gained some notoriety from the annual band and ramp jam that he and his friend Trevor host every year. An event that embodies who he is as a person. Good fun, friends, bikes, punk bands, and everything inbetween. Joel’s an extremely talented artist and like I said befor, a good friend.

I’ve come to a realization that I’m much older than my actual age. A well-known band once sang, “I might be an adult, I’m a minor at heart.” While I surely am an adult at this point, I feel like I’m already stepping into my father’s shoes. Don’t get me wrong, my dad’s great but I thought I’d be riding every day and going to all the shows with my friends. You know those things you think about as you reach the end of your high school career. As I start to look at my life though, I can’t be upset. I have two dogs, an amazing wife, and a newborn child. I get to ride and go

* Out of Step will column from now on personal testament thoughts. (Sounds already I know.)

Bio: Joel Janiszyn

Out of Step: With My Friends

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 6 PoB Issue - 8 PG. 31

Author: Drew Janiszyn @

economy is going down the drain or why we have invaded 4 middle eastern countries in the past 8 years but I will not be the first to say that power corrupts everything it touches. If we do not keep a leering eye and a strong leash on our public servants, (better known as politicians) then we must expect those who hold the power to use it for themselves and in corrupted ways. I feel as if this road is another step into government tyranny and it belittles America to see how little resistence we as Americans are providing. What happened to students putting flowers down the barrels of guns? What happened to the men and women waving banners? What happened to the all American spirit of resistence? “We are really the last beacon of freedom in the world---the land of the free and home of the brave—and we’re letting it slip away from under our noses.” -Terri Hall

find people so dedicated to all age shows in and around Indianapolis. Fast-forward a year or two and Piradical’s still around and booking amazing shows at all age venues at a

es. If some “conspiracy theorists” (as major media outlets like to call them) are correct, then more corridors would be built right through America’s crossroads. If the TransTexas Corridor does not openly affect you at the moment, then give it about 20 years and chances are you will see one being built near your own town. Like a drying river, our town’s businesses and inhabitants will move towards these bustling corridors to find better business opportunities and jobs. Your house might even be possessed by eminent domain. Homeless and without near “just compensation” for your property, how would you feel that you did not aggressively protest and refuse a Midwest/Central Corridor? We as Americans need to become more aware of our surroundings and pay attention to what our government has in store for us. We place all this power and trust in the hands of a couple of politicians and do not even monitor the way in which they use it. One might wonder why our

I discovered the Piradical family via the internet a while ago. I managed to go to a show or two they booked and ended up learning what they were about. It was a big relief to

reasonable price. They now have a label for some of the bands around the city (not sure how active it still is) and a message board where all the locals seem to find out what’s going on piradcalproductions. com). Piradical, in my eyes, is the backbone of the underage scene in Indy. They’ve helped/worked with Circle City Ska to create an awesome scene that I hope to be a bigger part of in the future. Definitely check out some of their shows and help support their cause.

Spotlight: Piradical Productions

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 30 PoB Issue - 8 PG. 7

T rans T exas D riving A way I ncome

PoB: How’d you get into riding? Music? SB: riding wise, was created by the hate of my father making me

P o B : Name, age, hometown, and that type of shit? SB: Sean Burns, 24, Pembroke masshole

play sports all the fucking time, hated it, actually when I was in 4th grade I disliked soccer so much.. I went to a game wearing no underwear underneath my shorts, and the shorts are super wide. so I hung from the goal post and kids started yelling “ewwwww his balls are hanging out!” my dad was so embarrassed he never took me back to soccer. at a baseball game I saw kids doing fly outs on gt mach ones.. I got a bike and started doing the same...

tation problems will do just the opposite of that. Most Americans that have heard of the Trans-Texas Corridor are strictly against the idea. Many business owners are becoming increasingly agitated, in-fact, one Texas newspaper quotes “Cities and counties along Southern Interstate 35 are pledging to fight any efforts from the Rio Grande Valley that would divert traffic away from them as part of the Trans-Texas Corridor.” (San Antonio Express-News) The “River of Trade” Coalition was formed to protect the current corWhere are you fellow Americans? ridor that stretches from Laredo to Dallas from losing its traffic. "We Years ago, a man named Ric William- don't want our money going to Hison introduced a plan of what is to dalgo or Brownsville," Pearsall City become the “Trans-Texas Corridor”. Manager Albert Uresti states in the Williamson’s plan will not boost the San Antonio Newspaper. (San Antonio economy, relieve congestion or help Express-News) Although it is very fund the federal government as it unlikely if we will have a say in was planned to do. In fact, most of whether or not this corridor will these problems would be amplified. be built, it will teach us when and This road to fix America’s transpor- how to act for future circumstanc-

Sean Burns Interview:

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 8 PoB: From what I’ve heard/read, you seem to

as far as music.. I first heard the ramones somehwere around jr. high, and slowly drifted to shit like johnny thunders, and dead boys.. for awhile i was actually more so into motorhead, venom, bathory, but eventually slipped back to my roots.

Doubting myself. Doubting everything around me. Thinking maybe I was naive to think that anyone else really cares. But those moments are brief because then I remember that I care and that is what matters. So that's tour.

PoB: Any last words, thanks, or other shit you'd like to say? CA: Thanks for the interview, Thats all I got

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 29

be into the ‘77 style punk. Would you say that’s accurate and what draws you to that type of music. SB:slightly accurate, I mean anything between 74 and 80 is all fuckin good shits, but I def have a heart for garage rock, all the back from the grave type styles, then I got my taste for THe cramps, cant get enough of it. theres alot more but I could rearrange myself for hours. the drawing board of it all, has me like a magnet,

much. I think that Gnat formerly of the Five Second Cummings is doing all kinds of great stuff for the scene. If a band is dedicated to what they do and don't talk to much then I will pretty much enjoy playing with them. I really like the way our scene has a lot of people working independently in it, setting up shows, making bands, writing zines, whatever. It is surprisingly rare actually. PoB: Through it All seemed to be done very professionally and I can't remember but are you guys on a label right now or just putting everything out yourselves? CA: We had some stuff in the works with labels when trying to put out Through It All but they wanted rights to our music and we didnt want to give that up so we ended up putting it out ourselves. Most of the smaller punk labels we contacted have no money right now as well. Punk is kind of in a drought nation wide. PoB: My buddy Drew (Joel from PoB's brother) noticed that you thanked Albe's BMX on the last

album. What's the story behind that? Anyone ride? I think I remember hearing at least someone skated. CA: We all skate definitely, some better than others. I thanked albe's because they have sponsored me for several years with BMX and have actually had our band featured on their page in the past and have also gotten us some shows, Todd at Albe's is a great guy and I had to thank em. PoB: Any wild stories from shows or tours you'd like to share and entertain us with? CA:Oh God, Broken windows, broken van, spray paint, too many 40's, rats, loud music, drugs, puke, pogoing, screaming, sweat, lot's of sweat, laughing, crying, cops, skating, punk houses, broken cords, broken guitar, broken drums. Shows where the room is full of kids dancing around, spilling beer, singing, screaming, sweating, falling all over each other 100% in the moment. Those moments are some of the best and most pure in my life. Thats what I do it for. The worst moments are usually in my head.

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 28

those tunes are just what There are beginning to be gets me going. a lot of kids riding from Boston, getting fucking PoB: Can you give everyone good as hell, Rory ellis some history behind Bone- is a nutbar. deth, where it’s at now, and where you see it in for the whole state, I the future? couldn’t say, I never go SB: bonedeth, I’m a wee bit outside of Boston realtired of listing, explain- ly. central mass, westing and designing the fam- ern mass, north shore, ily tree of it all.. but are all scenes on there ill give you the future, own. in which will include a 3 box set dvd, 3 videos PoB: Other than bikes, in one, the main one be- what else are you into? ing titled “Surfin for the SB:what every bmxer is Ugly Broads” full fast into id imagine, girls, paced bmx, big stunts, sex, weirdos bla bla bla, big jumps, nasty chicks, fuckin sour candy baby hot girls, weirdo’s.. good tunes rock n roll, just a PoB: Do you ride to music clump of entertainment. or not? 100 percent rap free SB:cruisin the city alone yeah, sometimes PoB: What’s the Massachu- whilst doing stunts, but setts scene like? its usually a bad idea SB:I’m not even sure if I cause I’m mostly listenconsider myself part of ing to somthing fast and the mass scene, since I it over paces you, makes travel a lot, and when I you pedal faster for a do ride Boston its mostly rail than you need too, with my boys albie ben- high potent energy music nett, ferbert, jeff allen is, especially punk! busby, sometimes some guys from New Hampshire. PoB: Favorite bands? SB: too many, ill just PoB Issue - 8 PG. 9

Photo: Seth Holton

lately.. chron gen, dead boys, cramps, la peste, the riptides, slaughter and the dogs, the zeros, wipers, plasmatics, the gizmos, creteens, bla bla bla... PoB: What would you say is the strangest or scariest thing that’s happened to you as a result of riding your bike? SB: on a recent metal bikes trip, watching 2 women in the shape of hockey bags go sex eachother in front of me.. while the tom green show was on tv... at the same time I got to witness tom green screamin at donkey dicks while the 2 hockey bags fat rolls bein folded, lick, fingered.. thats maybe the strangest and scariest PoB: Any last words or anything you’d like to rant about? SB: bite the bitch! PoB Issue - 8 PG. 10

CA: I mean I wouldn't really call us a straight up street punk band like The Casualties or something along those lines. I don't think there is anything wrong with that and I love that music but we aren't trying to do that. We are just making the music that we like to make and try not to be hung up by label limitations. PoB: Your songs seem to be pretty politically based. Is that were the name CounterActive came from? Any other political ramblings you want to talk about? CA: Well for the songs I wrote, I was just writing about life and what I think about things. I don't ever want to tell people how to think because I know that I don't have any answers. I just wanted to get some ideas across, and maybe some people could relate to that. Also I like to keep it kind of veiled, maybe give people something to think about. I don't want to slap people across the face with things. Overall I think the only sing I would call politically based would be pissed and nailed which I worte

a really long time ago. I still agree with those lyrics but they are definitely not something I would write now. PoB: What's it like being able to play with some of the bigger bands that come through? You recently played with the Krum Bums and have played with the Unseen in the past right? CA: Yeah we have played with a lot of the more well known bands. We actually played Global Threats last show when we were in Boston. It's really cool to meet people doing what we are doing that have kept it going for a long time and really care about it. But the same goes for the smaller bands we play with. Just meeting people who do what you do is great because you can really relate to each other. PoB: Who are some of you favorite bands to play with and who do you think is really helping the scene as a whole? CA: In Indy, definitely the Glory City Disasters. The Heretics have become like family to us over the years. We have played and hung out with them so

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 27

Boston was probabaly the best town we have been to. The support we got there was awesome and we met a bunch of really cool people. Lot's of crazy punk kids to hang out with, lots of um.... craziness. No one from our band ended up in jail so it was awesome. PoB: How'd everyone meet and who's played in other bands? CA: I guess I already kinda answered that one. I (Jared) had played in a band previously but it was nothing serious. Matt played in a band called Victim Youth in Florida. Kevin had a band called Criminal V. We are now stating a couple side projects that are still in their formative stages, one being an 80's hardcore style band along the lines of the adolescents and government warning with me on guitar and kevin on drums. The other being an acoustic band along the lines of some of against me's early stuff, again with me on guitar and vocals. PoB: We kind of did an interview another time and I dropped the ball on it. I asked something about it then and you alluded to wanting to re-

cord soon. Then at Punk Rock Prom you said you were recording the following day. When's the follow up to Through it All and can you give the details on that? CA: we have actually written several new songs lately. We just got a new practice spot which is the best we have ever had. That, on top of having a solid line up and just being kind of sick of all our old songs has led to us writing a lot. I like the new stuff a lot and we are planning on releasing it soon on a 7". The new stuff is kind of a progression on our older stuff. I think we have a more focused idea of what kind of songs we want to write now. We are kind of taking the southern california 80's punk sound of bands like TSOL, Black Flag, Adolescents, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks and mixing that with the newer hardcore punk sound of bands like A Global Threat, Clit 45, and The Virus. PoB: What's your take on the local scene? People seem to know you as "the" street punk band around Indy. Does that ever get old or is that just the way it is?

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 26

Blank Records

brainwash the talent there are other sets Do you ever wonder of responsibilities of what record executives record labels, that I think about when they feel should be more brain wash musicians focused on, and these distributing into thinking that “Hit include music to people that me baby one more time” wouldn’t have been able or “I want it that way” is music? Me too, and I to access the music pondered this so much otherwise and creating that I decided I was a quality product to to the going to do something distribute about it. Blank Records customer. The quality Incorporated is about product has a minimal the exact opposite amount to do with the sound, it of this “industry musicians standard”. The idea does however, have to do behind Blank Records is with the recording. As that we do what we are a studio Blank Records supposed to do on our Inc.’s goal is to get quality recording end without making the a anytime they set up musician create music a microphone, and as that is not what they a label it is to sign set out to play. Instead of the apparent need to musicians with a high regard for music and a PoB Issue - 8 PG. 11

I (Jared) sing Scott plays guitar. Kevin plays bass. Matt plays drums. We started in early 2005 not really able to play our instruments. That wasn't really an issue for us. We just wanted to play music. We were a three piece for 1 show and then I joined the band on vocals. At the time Perry was our drummer. We spent 2 years in that line-up and eventually recorded Through It All. Right after recording that Perry had to quit the band for school purposes. I think he was done anyway but he's a good friend. We picked up Matt (who somehow already

knew how to play all our songs) and went on an East coast tour. He's been a great addition and I like the direction we're going now. It should be noted that Our friends Barrett and Megan have been there from the start as well. Selling Merch, Making Flyers, Booking shows and many other things along the way. PoB: You just got back from a tour right? How'd that go. CA: Well we did a tour last summer and we are getting ready to hit the road again in August. Tour is amazing. Going places we have never been and seeing the world through such a different perspective than what most people ever get. I love it. BosPoB: First off, will you introduce everyone and what they play?

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 12

Jared from CounterActive

to further the music of the artist. I have made a lot of contacts throughout my time in the music scene with my band and the many events that I have been a part of planning. Within those industry contacts I intend to make good use of local businesses that are interested in being part of this and making the music scene in Muncie more like I feel it should be. So, if you, as a musician, are looking for a label that will work with you in terms of creativity or if you are an artist looking to record a good quality demo or full CD, then Blank Records is the place to be. We are always available online at www.myspace. com/blankrecordinc or we are on the friends list for this wonderful publication.


high level of musical talent. All of these elements combine to make up the basis of the company. Blank Records is in the earliest stages of development, because of this the primary focus is in Muncie, Indiana. However, we would like Blank Records to be a household name. When musicians have to give up their artistic creativity when they get to a certain point in their musical career is ridiculous. The goal of this label is to allow the musicians to go their full career with a label that has all the elements of a major label without the baggage. Getting signed to a record label is something one would pursue to advance their music as far as they can. I intend to use as many of my industry contacts as possible

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 25

Negative Trend Fanzine Negative Trend Fanzine is an art zine that features work from different people in and around Indiana. Occasionally people from other states send me their stickers or pictures, too, but it’s mostly based in Indiana. Right now I’m having a difficult time printing the first issue, but it should be out extremely extremely soon. Currently I’m looking for artists or people with essays, journal entries, rants, whatever they have that they want others to see because they feel it means something to them to send me stuff. I’m working on getting a staff together for the next issue so that

I can put it out in a more timely fashion, and help is always great considering I’m super busy a lot of the time. I’m hoping that I won’t be as busy once I get out of high school, though. I learned about zine making from my friend Sybilla Gimmick, and I used to work on Youth Culture Killed My Dog with her. Currently we are both working on seperate projects but are supporting each other as radical sisters should. Her sister Basil also is working on a zine called Sixth Grade Dropout, so look forward to that in the future!

Negative Trend 6911 Chrysler St. Indianapolis, IN 46268

*Editor’s Note: As you can see, I’m a little short this go round on D.I.Y subjects so if you write a zine, make shirts, book shows, take photos, draw, help sell merch whatever, give me an e-mail. PoB Issue - 8 PG. 24 PoB Issue - 8 PG. 13

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 14 PoB Issue - 8 PG. 23

Alan: I’m just going to film this cause I don’t have a audio recorder or whatever. Band: That’s cool. Alan: Alright, you want to introduce yourselves for everyone? Ivin: I’m Ivin, I play drums. Alex: I’m Alex and I play guitar and sing. Kevin: Kevin and I’m an alcho…I mean I play base (laughs). Alan: Okay um, where to start? Audra: Where are you from? Alan: Yeah, where are you from? Kevin: It was the summer of ’85 (laughs). The story I’m about to tell you, is one that hasn’t been told before. (laughs). Ivin: We’re from Fishers…which is pretty much Indianapolis. Alex: We’ve been playing together for about 6 years this summer, in the band. Alan: How’d you guys come together? Ivin: Ummm? They started the band and after that they were looking for a drummer so I hooked up with them and started playing. They were a band before I was their drummer so… Alex: W all in a round about way went to school together and’ve been playing music together (Yelling in background) Kevin: Better turn the camera, someone’s about to get hit by a fucking car. (laughs) Alan: Um. Kevin: (turns to talk to people beside us) You guys want to move? Away from the car that’s about to back

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 22 PoB Issue - 8 PG. 15

into you? Audra: What are your influences? Alex: Um Ivin: Well… Alex: Oh, go ahead Ivin: No Alex: I think Green Day was the big band when we were young that made us want to play punk rock or whatever. I think we were influenced by anyone that was good. Kevin: Kenny G (laughs) Alex: Jimmy Buffet Alan: Boots Randolf? (sp) Alex: Exactly (laughs). Um, yeah, we all listen to different types of different shit. But yeah, we just like playing punk because it’s fun. Audra: Best memory… being in the band?

Kevin: Having to stay up all night because we were all afraid the first one to pass out would get a penis drawn on their face. (laughs) Ivin: That is the best memory. Alan: Does that happen often? Kevin: I’ve had a few penises drawn on my face. Alex: Yeah, if we’re playing an out of state show, it’s kind of a blanket rule if you fall asleep first, you get a penis on your face. Kevin: I’ve had so many penises on my face (laughs) that I started to think it looked good and I should maybe get a tattoo. (laughs) Alan: Inside your lip? Kevin: No, just right

on my face. Alex: Right down the side with the head on your lip. Alan: You could get a dick on your lip so you’d always have a dick in your mouth!? Ivin: There ya go. (laughs) Alan: You guys have an album coming out, right? Alex: We do. It’s coming out in May. Alan: May. Ep, LP? Alex: It is a…no P. (laughs) Kevin: It is a full length disc of destruction Alex: Yeah, it’s like 14 new, well… Ivin: 13 Alex: 13 new recordings. We’ve been playing these songs forever.

Kevin: Yeah. Alex: It’s been about 3 years since we put out an album so we’re pretty happy to get it out. Alan: Are you guys just putting it out yourselves? Alex: Yep, we’re doing the old school staying up ‘til 3 in the morning ripping apart jewel cases. Kevin: Little sweat shop factories (laughs). Little kids putting them together. (laughs) Alan: I’ve seen your guy’s shit at Vibes in Castleton and shit so… Kevin: Yeah we take them around to the record stores and try to hit them up and stuff.

Ivin: I don’t know if they’ve ever sold any copies, but may be. Alex: They’re all in the cardboard box right by the door (laughs). Alan: No, they were on a display when I saw it. Kevin: Wow! We got a display, that’s awesome. Alex: That’s news to me. Kevin: They’re cheating us out of money. Alan: Exploiting the local bands? (laughs) Alan: You got anything else? Kevin: Well, first and foremost, I guess we’d like to thank ourselves, because we’re the ones that made this happen. Alex: Without Up! Scumbag, we wouldn’t be

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 16

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 21

here (laughs) Ivin: That is ture… Kevin: Fuck everyone else (laughs). Audra: Where’d the name come from? Alan: Yeah, where’d the name come from? Alex: We didin’t know this when we named the band but it’s from a TV show call The Young Ones. Iven: British Comedy. Alex: Yeah, it was on the BBC for a couple years. I think they even showed it on Comedy Central after that. But we just saw a drawing of a kid with a blue mohawk going Up! Scumbag and we were like that’s kind of funny. You know? I’ve never heard that before. I think it just stuck with us for a long time. Alan: How’s the local scene changed since you guys really started playing together? PoB Issue - 8 PG. 20

Kevin: I think it’s probably a lot better. Especially here. They’ve got a good crowd but punk has changed so much like you have to define it. Oh, I like punk but real punk, not the punk like Good Charlotte or anything like that. Ivin: That’s true. Alan: Do you guys see yourselves standing out, cause you don’t fit the “punk” fashion like, you just…? (laughs) Alex: Yeah, we’re just dirty… Ivin: Yeah, we don’t stress the fashion. Kevin: (turns camera towards Alan). (At this point the camera cut out and it was too long ago to remember the rest. I know we had some more laughs and they wanted to make sure I didn’t censor anything down so I put as much as I had).

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 17


PoB Issue - 8 PG. 18

PoB Issue - 8 PG. 19

Punksonbikes Fanzine Issue 8  

PoB Fanzine is a DIY zine created by Alan Sternberg that covers bmx, punk rock, and other shit around central Indiana

Punksonbikes Fanzine Issue 8  

PoB Fanzine is a DIY zine created by Alan Sternberg that covers bmx, punk rock, and other shit around central Indiana