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“ B R I D G I N G C O M M U N I T I E S ” 604.852.2288 | T h e P a t r i k a Weekly | Friday, May 03, 2024 | Vol.28. No.33 | | inrpwK, sqMqr aqy agFhvDU soc nMU prnfieaf hoieaf A SECULAR, INDEPENDENT & PROGRESSIVE NEWSPAPER Abbotsford, BC - (Head Office) Phone: 604-746-4888 Fax 604-746-4999 Hours of Operation : Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 8:00pm Weekends & Holidays: 10:00am - 6:00pm #101 - 30485 Blueridge Drive, Abbotsford B.C., V2T 0B1 Home Insurance Travel/ Super Visa Insurance Commercial Insurance Townhome/Condo Insurance Construction Insurance Farm Insurance HOME INSURANCE DISCOUNT CARGO PRO-RATE FLEET BC’s Only Bilingual Newspaper Since 1996. 1996 qoN Cpx vflf ibRitsL kolMbIaf df pihlf do-BfsLIaf aKLbfr T H A NK YOUFORSUPPORTING YOUR PHARMASAVEWESTRIDGE T E A M Now Open in your neighbourhood Westridge Pharmasave Mom to Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm Saturday: 10:00 am-2:00pm | Sunday: Closed Blister Packaging Free Delivery Blood Pressure Monitoring Diabetes Education OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK hPqy ivwc 6 idn Kuly hn Phone: 604.776.3111 Fax : 604.776.3110 #105-3670 Townline Rd. Abbotsford, BC. Pharmacist can now prescribe for common ailments Pfrmfisst hux quhfnUM dvfeIaF pRskrfeIb kr skdy hn bilstr pYkfijMg muPLq ivwc zilvrI blwz prYsLr monItr sLUgr dI ibmfrI bfry jfxkfrI vYstirwj Pfrmfsyv aMgryjI, pMjfbI, ihMdI ivwc dvfeIaF dI jfxkfrI Westridge Pharmasave BUSINESS CARGO LIABILITY PRO RATE FLEET CONTRACTORS #1-32442 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford 604-853-1600 Fax:604-853-9877 HOMEOWNERS TENANTS FARMS TRAVEL RV’S AGENCIES LTD. A b b otsfor d Tech Di str i ct w i l l d el i ver h i gh -q u al i ty ed u cati on an d w el lp ayi n g job s to su p p or t an econ om i c r eb ou n d . It w i l l su p p or t th e n ex t gen er ati on of far m er s, w i th ou t w h om w e h ave n o food . A n d i t w i l l b u i l d u p n ot ou t to p r eser ve th e Su m as Mou n tai n n atu r e an d tr ai l s w e al l ch er i sh . aYbtsPorz tYk izsitRkt afriQk suDfr df smrQn krn leI Auwc-guxvwqf vflI iswiKaf aqy cMgI qnKfh vflIaF nOkrIaF pRdfn krygf. ieh iksfnF dI aglI pIVHI df smrQn krygf, ijnHF qoN ibnF sfzy kol Bojn nhIN hY. aqy ieh sUms mfAUNtn dy Auprly ihwsy ivc bxfeygf qF ik phfV AuWqy siQq kudrq aqy trylF nUM nuksfn nf phuMcy. VISITORS INSURANCE 148-32050 Cedar Lane, Abbotsford, BC supr vIjLf Brinder Gill 604-835-1212 (Guaranteed Best Rates) 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Gaba Tire ALL TIRES AVAILABLE (AS, AT & MT) CA R DETAILING Starting at $100 •185/65/15 All-Season •195/65/15 •205/55/16 •205/60/16 •4 Tire $299 FREE INSTALL+Tax •235/45/18 4 Tire $499 FREE INSTALL+Tax •33/12.50/20 4 Mud Tire 10 ply •35/12.50/20 4 Mud Tire 10 ply •$999 FREE INSTALL +Tax CHILLIWACK ABBOTSFORD 45877 HOCKING AVE 604-316-3643 Chilliwack Taxi Back Side 31324 - 107 PEARDONVILLE RD 604-897-3235 604-746-4222 2 YEARS 50,000km Warranty

Fire up your home safety plans

(NC) In the busyness of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the importance of practising home fire safety. Consider making the following tips routine to help ensure your home and family are prepared in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide (CO) emergency.

Test and maintain alarms. Maintaining your smoke and CO alarms is an important part of helping keep your home and family safe. However, of the Canadian residents who experienced a residential fire from 2015 to 2021, just one in three had a working smoke alarm in their home, according to Statistics Canada. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that alarms be installed on every level of your home, including the basement, and in every bedroom. Remember to test your alarms regularly, and if you’re using battery-powered models, change the batteries at least every six months.

Upgrade to long-term alarms. To make maintaining your smoke and CO alarms easier, you can use combination 10-year sealed-battery devices, such as the First Alert 10-year battery smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. These two-in-one alarms eliminate late-night battery chirps as well as the need for battery replacements. They are easy to install and come equipped with a mounting bracket and installation kit.

Equip yourself with fire extinguishers. According to the NFPA, fire extinguishers should not only be placed on every level of your home, but also in easily accessible locations, such as under the kitchen sink. In the event of a fire emergency, assess the situation before reaching for your fire extinguisher. If the fire is small enough for you to handle, use the PASS technique to put the fire out: Pull the pin, Aim low, Squeeze the handle and Sweep from side to side. If the fire is too big or begins to spread, evacuate your home immediately and call 911.

Have a plan in place. Create and practise an emergency escape plan with every member of your household to help ensure everyone is prepared in the event of a fire. Identify two exits from each room, choose a designated meeting spot a safe distance away from your home, and practise at least twice a year so your safety plan remains top-of-mind. Find more home safety tips at

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LANGLEY, B.C., April 30, 2024 – The Vancouver Bandits announced Tuesday that internationally celebrated vocalist and actor Sharry Mann will perform at Langley Events Centre (LEC) on Saturday, June 1 when the Bandits host the visiting Calgary Surge for the club’s first-ever South Asian Heritage Game.Exclusive to ticketholders for the Bandits’ game day, Mann will delight Bandits fans in attendance with two performances on June 1st; including a pre-game concert in the arena bowl and a half-time show during the intermission between the second and third quarters of gameplay.

Fans in attendance are kindly encouraged to arrive prior to 7 p.m. PT to ensure that they have time to find parking (free on-site at LEC) and locate their seats before Mann’s performance, which will be shortly after the top of the hour before the Bandits and Surge tip-off at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets for Mann’s highly anticipated concert; which is included in the cost of a Bandits game ticket, are on sale now at this link. Admission to the concert and game are combined and start at $27.50 per ticket. All ticket prices are inclusive of taxes and fees.

A world-renowned artist famous for his appearances and chart-topping hits in Punjabi music and film, Mann has amassed hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify; including tracks such as ‘3 Peg’ (800+ million plays on YouTube, 50+ million Spotify streams) and ‘Hostel’ (250+ million plays on YouTube, 13+ million Spotify streams).

Mann’s success has paved the way for the talented artist to be recognized globally. Recent recognition includes winning best music video at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards for ‘Yaar Chadeya’ in 2019, as well as having various tracks appear in the Top 40 of the Britain’s Official Charts.

The June 1st Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) match-up between Vancouver and Calgary will be the first time that the Western Conference foes have met since Calgary inched past Vancouver in last year’s Western Conference Finals. Adding to the game’s excitement is the debut of the Bandits’ South Asian Heritage jersey, designed by Sandeep Johal to be worn by Vancouver at the game to honour and celebrate the culture and artistry of South Asia.

“I am thrilled to welcome Sharry Mann and his management to Langley Events Centre for what will surely be one of the most exciting games of the 2024 CEBL season. Fans in attendance will be treated to two awesome musical performances

courtesy of Sharry as well as a must-watch rematch against our rivals from Calgary,” said Bandits team president Dylan Kular.

Vancouver will play a total of 10 regular season home games in 2024 between Thursday, May 23 and Thursday, July 18. The Bandits wrap up regular season action on the road against Montréal on Sunday, July 28 at 1 p.m. PT. VANCOUVER BANDITS OF THE CANADIAN ELITE BASKETBALL LEAGUE THEBANDITS.CA · LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA #LIKEABANDIT All CEBL regular season games including playoffs will be live-streamed on TSN+, as well as the CEBL’s OTT platform, CEBL+, and on CEBL Mobile, the official app of the CEBL (available on Android and iOS devices).

Individuals interested in ticket flexibility or purchasing a bundle of tickets are invited to consider a flex pack or season tickets. More information can be found at or by speaking with a Bandits representative by calling (604) 455-8881 or emailing A complete regular season schedule can be found by clicking here. More information is available at and @vancouverbandits on Instagram and TikTok, as well as @vancitybandits on Facebook and Twitter.

For Vancouver Bandits media inquiries, please contact: Andrew Savory, Vice President, Business Operations, (604) 217-6213,

About the Vancouver Bandits: The Vancouver Bandits are British Columbia’s professional basketball team. As the westernmost club in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL), the Bandits offer an entertainment experience that combines a fast-paced game day atmosphere with a presentation of some of Canada’s top professional athletes within a world-class venue at Langley Events Centre (LEC).

About the CEBL: A league created by Canadians for Canadians with a mission to develop Canadian players, coaches, sports executives, and referees, the CEBL boasts the highest percentage of Canadian players of any pro league in the country with 73% of its 2023 rosters being Canadian. Players bring experience from the NBA, NBA G League, top international pro leagues, the Canadian National team program, and top NCAA programs as well as U SPORTS. Fourteen players have signed NBA contracts following a CEBL season, and numerous CEBL players attend NBA G League training camps every year. The CEBL season runs from May through August. More information about the CEBL is available at and @cebleague on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube.

Chief Editor/Publisher: Dr. Andy Sidhu | General Manager: Dave Sidhu | Administration Executive: Ronnie Sidhu muwK aYzItr/pRkfÈk: zf: aYNzI iswDU jnrl mYnyjr: dyv iswD aYziminstryÈn mYnyjr: rxvIr rOnI iswD

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Letter to the Editor


I am writing to provide an update on the activities and progress of National Council. However, I would be remiss if I did not note that passing of the Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 to 1993. We had opportunity as a Party and as a Country to say goodbye on March 23, 2024.

National Council held its first quarterly meeting of 2024 on April 13. A great deal of activity preceded this meeting, as both National Policy Committee and National Constitution Committee were elected with the results declared on March 2. National Council received a presentation of the Party Budget for 2024 as well in early February.

At its quarterly meeting, Council received reports from the Conservative Fund, the Executive Director, and from our Conservative Party Caucus liaison to Council. We also heard reports from each of the National Council sub-committees, and I am pleased to share with you that each of these sub-committees have been active and working hard to meet their mandates.

We finished off the first quarter with a nationwide door-knocking canvass on April 6th, following closely after a phenomenal series of Axe the Tax/ Spike the Hike rallies with incredible turnout to see our Leader and next prime minister, Hon. Pierre Poilievre!

President, National Council Conservative Party of Canada

30993 Peardonville Rd, Abbotsford, BC 604 850-1212 Open 6 Days A Week Premium Auto Repair 
Kuljit Singh Brar
      F R E E Brake Inspection on Most Cars & Trucks mkYink aqy hYlpr dI loV hY MECHANIC & MECHANIC HELPER NEEDED WE SELL NEW & USED TIRES! #109-2669 LANGDON ST ABBOTSFORD, BC V2T 3L3 ABBOTSFORD DENTAL CENTRE CO M P L E TE D E NTA L CARE FOR THE FAMILY We speak English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Malyalam and Marathi • Mercury Free White Fillings • Bleaching, Bonding, Veneers • Root Canal Treatment • Invisalign & Braces • Crown & Bridge and Dentures • Dental Cleaning by Hygienist • Braces - Orthodontic Treatment • Teeth Whitening • Snoring & Sleep Apnea Appliances • Perio Protect to treat gum disease • Wisdom Teeth Extractions • Ceiling mounted Tv’s for your comfort • Laser • Intra Oral Cameras • Digital X-Rays with ultra low radiation SNAP ON SMILE IMPLANTS & IMPLANT DENTURES 604 . 850 . 0714 Acc ep tin g Em e r ge nci e s & Ne w P ati e n t s Dr. R. K. Arya, Dr. Sohail, Dr. Pillai, Dr. P Dhankar INVISALIGN BRACES SERVICES: No To Shots No To Drilling No To Adhesives Yes To Smiling | • • • a s I nvyN m rIjLF nUM lY rhy hF . Invisalign ( Clear Aligners) Implants implant supported dentures
Raja Sohal Government Certified Technicians
Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 4 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 4 asI nvyN zYNtl kyar plYn vfly mrIjL lY rhy hF.

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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 5 The
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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 6

Seven Fraser Valley elementary schools set to receive free cycling education in schools

Ascent Guides, in partnership with HUB Cycling, is excited to announce the expansion of cycling education to all grades 4 and 5 students in participating Fraser Valley public elementary schools.

Next week, HUB Cycling’s Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 bike safety education course will become available to participating grades 4 and 5 students in seven public schools. The fully-funded program will be delivered to approximately 700 students this Spring. The Learn2Ride course includes two lessons that teach students cycling safety theory and on-bike skills via school ground training.

"Getting kids on bikes and teaching them how to be safe benefits everyone. Cycling is not only the most efficient form of active transportation but also very fun! This program will help kids learn the skills and develop the confidence to cycle independently. Training the cyclists of tomorrow will help promote the Province's active transportation goals and lead BC toward a healthier, sustainable future." says Meghan Jackson, Coordinator of Ascent Guides.

To ensure all students can participate, HUB Cycling supplies bicycles for those who cannot bring a bike to school - including adaptive bicycles – and helmets.

This program was made possible by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure as part of the Move. Commute. Connect. Active Transportation Strategy. This will allow HUB Cycling’s bike education programs to reach all public elementary school students in the target grades every two years. Spaces in the program are filling up quickly for the Spring; however, there is still availability for the 2024/25 school year. Schools interested in booking can email

For additional cycling resources, please check out Go By Bike BC’s resources for schools at

About HUB Cycling:

HUB Cycling is a charitable non-profit that has spent over 25 years removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver while cultivating the health, environmental, and economic benefits that active transportation can bring. HUB Cycling has educated thousands of people, motivated thousands more, and championed improvements that benefit current and future cyclists. HUB Cycling’s mission is to get more people cycling more often. For more information, visit

George Ferguson Way S Fraser way Simon Ave G ar den St . #100A
Trethewey St., Abbotsford, V2T 4X5
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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 7 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 7

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Supporting vulnerable clients with psychiatric care in the community

BC United Leader Kevin Falcon tabled legislation today that would prevent those convicted of dangerous offenses from legally changing their names.

“British Columbians were horrified to learn last week that convicted child-killer, Allan Schoenborn, was allowed to change his name. The NDP government had every opportunity to prevent this monster’s application for a name change with provincial powers under the Name Act, but they didn’t do anything,” said Falcon. “Since British Columbians cannot rely on David Eby and the NDP to exercise their authority to protect our communities from dangerous criminals like Schoenborn, the legislation I’ve tabled today will force government to reject them by default.”

Currently, Vital Statistics under the Ministry of Health has complete authority to deny any change of name application that is “sought for an improper purpose or is on any other ground objectionable” but the NDP failed to use that to prevent Schoenborn’s name change. BC United’s Name Amendment Act, 2024 would automatically prevent those who have been designated as a dangerous or long-term offender under the Canadian Criminal Code from filing applications to change their name, instead of relying on government discretion.

“It is completely unacceptable that Eby’s government is complicit in helping someone who brutally murdered his three children in cold blood from being able to hide his identity. If the NDP won’t classify that as ‘objectional’ enough to deny a name change, then BC United will. Our simple bill will force this NDP government’s hands to never again allow dangerous criminals to legally change their identity in British Columbia,” concluded Falcon.

2024 Spring Freshet Update

Each spring the City of Abbotsford monitors the levels of the Fraser River during the annual snowmelt season, known as freshet, to assess the flooding risk along the Matsqui Dikes. As of April 1, 2024, the snow basin index in the Fraser River at Hope is below normal at 61 per cent.

Seasonal weather during the snowmelt season is a critical factor in determining the size of freshet, and whether or not flooding will occur. Intense or prolonged rainfall and extreme temperatures are important factors that can lead to larger freshets.

The Matsqui Dikes are designed to prevent water in the Fraser River from entering into Matsqui Prairie; however, residents living in areas along the Matsqui Dikes may experience pooling of water or seepage, due to the pressure difference created by the high-water level.

Seepage pooling is quite common during freshet. To minimize the seepage pooling and/or a boil on your property, please avoid the following activities from May to September near the dikes:

• the removal of trees or stumps;

• deep cultivation of fields; and

• digging holes with machines.

Further information is available from the following sources:

• View the areas where seepage pools were found during previous freshet seasons, or make an in- person appointment at the Engineering Department at City Hall for a hardcopy.

• The BC Government website shares the latest Snow Survey and Water Supply bulletins and current levels at the Mission Bridge (Station 08MH024).

• Report water pooling on your property or to get information on the freshet season, contact the City of

Abbotsford Diking, Drainage and Irrigation Division at 604-853-5485.

Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 9 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 9
Balraj (Reggie) Gill R.D. B.Sc. Registered Denturist Surrey #211-8334-128St, Surrey BC V3W 4G2 (Second oor Khalsa Business Center) blrfj isMG igwl Email: 604-590-9747 OVER muPLq slfh pMjfbI, ihMdI aqy aMgryjLI boldy hF. YEARS EXPERIENCE sflf qjLrbykfr

University of Western Ontario

New and Emergency Patients are Always Welcome

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi and Punjabi

We Deal with Most Insurance Companies

pMjfbI sfihq sBf aYbtsPorz mfisk rIport


* iksy vI qrHfˆ dI ienPYkÈn. * gRihsqI jIvn sbMDI smwisafvfˆ. * AudfsI aqy Gbrfht rog. * cmVI dy rog.

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Open Weekends and Evenings Friday Saturday Sunday 10 - 6 9 - 5 9 - 5 Monday Tuesday 10 - 6 10 - 6 We do
Tooth Whitening (SDI Pola Office + system of Tooth Whitening Bleaching) Dr. AP
In Office
Grewal Inc.
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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 10 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 10

Supporting vulnerable clients with psychiatric care in the community

When you think of a psychiatrist’s office, a mobile van is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, that is where Dr. Ijaz Hussain often provides psychiatric assessments virtually to clients of the Integrated Homelessness Action Response Team (IHART.)

The IHART team conducts client intake in advance, gathering the pertinent information a psychiatrist would normally ask during their first visit. With formalities out of the way, the psychiatric assessment occurs in the IHART team’s mobile van or wherever the client is comfortable connecting virtually. “IHART does a tremendous job gaining the trust of clients, providing initial care, and connecting them to the services they need,” says Dr. Hussain. “This allows me to focus solely on the client and let them tell me their story.”

Dr. Hussain recalls the case of a man who had been living under a bridge for five years. He presented to the emergency department on several occasions. His parents also called the police, seeking help for their son. “A nurse flagged that this was a mental health issue,” says Dr. Hussain. The Tri Cities/New Westminster IHART team found the man in his encampment under a bridge and arranged for him to meet with Dr. Hussain via telephone. “They held up the iPhone, and we had our psychiatric assessment under the bridge. The client was very sick and agreed to a hospital admission. We then connected him to ongoing care in the community. “

On average, the IHART team refers two-to-five clients per week for psychiatric assessments. After an assessment, clients receive a treatment plan, which may include admission to hospital, medication, and connection to local mental health teams in their community. “We have a great success rate because we advocate for the patients and follow through to ensure they are getting the mental health supports they need,” says Dr. Hussain.

Expanding IHART services to include psychiatric care is an example of how we are better meeting client needs through shared services provided by Mental Health and Substance Use and Toxic Drug Response and Priority Population teams.

As for the man who was living under the bridge, “I’m pleased to say that his condition was stabilized and he was reunited with his family,” says Dr. Hussain. “He was quite successful before his mental health deteriorated, and I’m hopeful he will be successful in the future as well.”

Federal incentives are helping businesses buy a vehicle – here’s what you need to know

(NC) Trucks, cargo vans and other large vehicles are sometimes the most practical vehicles for businesses. But their size and weight mean they burn through a lot of gas or diesel. An electric truck eliminates those fuel costs, but the higher upfront cost of electric vehicles (EVs) can make it hard for many to make the switch.

The Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles program offers businesses and organizations substantial rebates on the cost of buying or leasing electric commercial vehicles. The rebate applies to qualifying vans, trucks, coach buses, semi-trucks and other types of commercial vehicles.

If your company operates a fleet of vehicles, the business may be eligible for up to 10 of these incentives per calendar year, up to a maximum combined rebate of $1 million.

The rebate is applied at the point of sale by the dealer, and it can be combined with any other provincial or territorial electric vehicle rebates available where the business is located.

The Government of Canada has a list of hundreds of qualifying vehicles on the program’s website.

30 s`l~ d` qzrb` Better Business Bureau 30 Years of Banking Experience No Credit, Bad Credit, No Problem! • Commercial Mortgages • First Time Buyers • Equity Take Outs • Renewals • Refinances • Rate Holds Up To 120 Days • Debt Consolidation • Cash Back Specials • Variable Rate Specials • Private Mortgages 1 866 565 4138 Cell: Fax: Guaranteed Lowest Morgage Rates ؼà 寺 ؼà îÅð×¶Ü ð¶à» çÆ ×ð¿àÆ Email:
Find more information at Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 11 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 11

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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 12 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 12

Canada to introduce new rules around off-campus work hours for international students

International students enrich Canada’s social, cultural and economic fabric. That is why, in recent months, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has introduced reforms to the International Students Program, to ensure system integrity while protecting students from fraud and financial vulnerability.

The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced today that the temporary policy allowing students to work more than 20 hours per week off campus will come to an end on April 30, 2024, and it will not be extended. This fall, we intend to change the number of hours students may work off campus per week to 24 hours.

Students who come to Canada must be here to study. As such, allowing students to work up to 24 hours per week will ensure they focus primarily on their studies, while having the option to work, if necessary.

As we head into the summer session, students who have a scheduled academic break can continue working unlimited hours.

In developing this change, we looked at the needs of students, policies in other countries, as well as research that has shown that academic outcomes suffer the more a student works while studying. It also strikes the appropriate balance so students have the option to work without compromising academic outcomes. More details will be shared in due course.

We also continue to develop the new Recognized Institutions Framework to reward postsecondary institutions that set high standards for selecting, supporting and retaining international students. We will continue to support and protect international students from financial vulnerability and keep protecting the integrity of the International Student Program.

Quote: “Working off campus helps international students gain work experience and offset some of their expenses. As international students arrive in Canada, we want them to be prepared for life here and have the support they need to succeed. However, first and foremost, people coming to Canada as students must be here to study, not work. We will continue working to protect the integrity of our student program.”

– The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Quick facts:

Recent studies conducted in the US and Canada have shown that there is a considerable decline in academic performance for students working more than 28 hours per week, and that working more than 24 hours per week increases the chances that a student will drop out of their program.

Most countries that welcome international students set limits on the number of hours they may work while they study. Australia recently changed its policy to allow a student to work 48 hours every 2 weeks. In the US, students must meet additional criteria before being permitted to work off campus at all.

In December 2023, the Government of Canada raised the cost-of-living threshold that students must meet to be approved for a study permit so they are financially prepared for life in Canada and are not as dependent on working.

International students who begin a college program delivered through a publicprivate curriculum licensing arrangement on or after May 15, 2024, will not be eligible for a post-graduation work permit when they graduate. Those who already started this type of program prior to May 15, 2024, will still be able to access a post-graduation work permit, provided they meet all other criteria.

The new letter of acceptance (LOA) verification process has been a success. Since its launch on December 1, 2023, through April 1, 2024, IRCC has received almost 162,000 LOAs for verification confirmed nearly 142,000 LOAs as valid directly with designated learning institutions (DLIs)

identified almost 9,000 LOAs that didn’t match any LOA issued by a DLI or that the DLI had already cancelled before the foreign national applied for a study permit.

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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 13 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 13

Choice Railing & Gates Ltd.

ibnF ibjlI Jtkf ikAuN qy ikvyN huMdf hY? jykr quhfzy idmfg ivwc vI ieho ijhy svfl

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lfeIPstfeIl zYsk, nvIN idwlI : Staitc Electiricty : kI qusIN aksr iksy cIË jF iksy ivakqI nUM CUhdy hI krMt mihsUs krdy ho? acfnk iksy nUM CUhx nfl ibjlI df Jtkf lwgxf koeI asfDfrn gwl nhIN hY. keI vfr sfnUM drvfËy dy hYNzl, kursI jF iksy hor ivakqI nUM CUhx nfl hlkf ibjlI df Jtkf lwg skdf hY, pr kI ieh ibjlI df Jtkf sfzy leI nuksfndyh hY? ibjlI qoN ibnF ieh Jtkf ikAuN qy ikvyN huMdf hY? jykr quhfzy idmfg ivwc vI ieho ijhy svfl AuwT rhy hn qF awj ies afrtIkl ivwc asIN quhfnUM dwsFgy ik cIËF jF iksy hor ivakqI nUM CUhx nfl ielYkitRk izscfrj ikAuN mihsUs huMdf hY? ies kfrn lgdf hY ielYkitRk ÈOk qusIN afpxy cuPyry jo kuJ vI dyKdy ho, Auh prmfxU XfnI aYtm (Atom) nF dy qwqF nfl bixaf hoieaf hY. AunHF nUM nMgIaF awKF nfl nhIN dyiKaf jf skdf qy ieh pfËyitv cfrj vfly pRoton, nYgyitv cfrj vfly ielYktROn qy inAUtROn nfl iml ky bxy huMdy hn. iËafdfqr smF, iek aYtm inAUtRl huMdf hY Xfin ik pRotOn qy ielYktROn dovF dI igxqI brfbr huMdI hY, pr jdoN iksy prmfxU 'c pRotOn qy ielYktROn aOz nMbrË 'c huMdy hn qF ielYktROn Auqyicq ho jFdy hn. pRotOn qy inAUtROn ieDr-AuDr nhIN GuMmdy qy iËafdfqr ielYktROn hI bfAUNs huMdy hn.

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ielYktROn iewDr-AuDr icpky nhIN rihMdy, sgoN ijvyN hI AunHF nUM koeI rsqf imldf hY, Auh Bwj jFdy hn. Audfhrn leI jykr sfzy srIr 'c ielYktROns dI igxqI bhuq iËafdf hY qF ijvyN hI asIN iksy skfrfqmk cfrj vflI vsqU dy sMprk 'c afAuNdy hF qF ielYktROn bfhr inkl jFdy hn.

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nYgyitvlI cfrjz stYitk krMt bxfAux

Aluminum Picket Railing • Aluminum Glass Railing Aluminum Fencing and Driveway Gates Aluminum & Steel Welding • Window Security Bars Call Sam, Raj or Pawan Cell: 604-615-9677 or 604-615-9877 5569 Glenmore Rd. Abbotsford, BC V4X 1W1
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leI plfsitk jF rbV dI rfz 'qy rgVo. Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 14 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 14

Growing Steps: Walk around Mill Lake to Show Support for Maternity, Infant, Child and Youth Program at Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) has made a massive difference in the lives of many individuals. And that difference not only applies to patients, but also staff members who have devoted their careers to care work. The compassion and steadfast dedication to their work is what propelled Heather Rivett-Peixoto, registered nurse, from Maternal, Infant, Child and Youth Program (MICY) to initiate the idea of a walk/run that helps to raise money for a unit that serves a vulnerable population.

Rivett-Peixoto with the help of colleagues such as, Susie Clark (child life specialist) and the team at Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation have organised the event to take place on Sunday, June 2nd 2024 at 1pm. The 5km walk/run will start from the staff parking lot at Abbotsford Regional Hospital and head towards Mill Lake.

According to Rivett-Peixoto, “the region is growing which means our pediatric population is also growing. This means the MICY units at ARH are busier then ever” and the demands for specialised equipment is ever more pressing.

How does it work? If you are motivated to join in the efforts there is a simple way you can participate. Sign up with the QR code on the poster or register at

Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation is proud to support the hospital care team’s fundraising initiative as it is an event that allows for a combination of sport and solidarity to come together. If you would like to donate or learn more about other meaningful initiatives please get in touch with Dr. Jassal, donor relations, directly:

SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2024



SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2024





ADULT: $15 00

CHILD: $10 00

Rick Hansens Dry Grad

The Rick Hansen Dry Grad Committee extends heartfelt gratitude to the following local businesses and residents for their generous contributions, ensuring a remarkable night for our graduates:

• A-Z Esthetics Townline

• Baba Banda Singh

Bahadar Sikh

• Society Gurdwara

• Bath Investments

• Bolt Fitness Townline

• Dave Sidhu

• Dr. Gill Dentist Simon Avenue

• Dr. Woo Orthopedic

• First Choice Pizza

• Fruiticanna Townline/Jarnail Singh

• Gary Dhadda

• GG Venture Townline

• Gians Restaurant South Fraser Way

• Goodlife

Jay Khakh

Kalgidar Darbar Sahib Gurdwara

Khalsa Diwain Society Gurdwara

Learning Stars Arts Academy

• Manahar Vegetable Bakery Townline

• Mucho Burrito Highstreet

• Officially Hydroblend

• Panago Mount Lehman Road

• Pizza 24 Blueridge Road

• Pizza Junction George Ferguson Way

• Popeyes South Fraser Way

• Saddher Hair Salon Blueridge Road

• Starbucks Seven Oaks mall

• Steve Kooner

• Sun Farms

• Sushi Khera

• Talhan Training and Fitness

• The Supplement Store Townline Road

• Townline Dentist Townline

• Townline Insurance

• Rick Hansen Secondary School

Without your support, Dry Grad would not have been possible. Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated, creating lasting memories for our graduates. Thank you for being an integral part of our community's success.

Celebrating Community Support!
Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 15 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 15

iewk mjLbUq aqy iewk-juwt BfeIcfry df inrmfx dupihr dy Kfxy aqy sflfnf kimAUintI sMboDn leI myar rOs sIimMjL nflL Èfml hovo ijs dI UFV dy pRDfn zf[ joaYn mYklIn duafrf myËbfnI kIqI geI jfvygI. ievYNt qoN hox vflI kmfeI UFV-SUS PUz bYNk nUM dfn kIqI jfvygI.

qrIk: vIrvfr, meI 23, 2024

smF: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

hux syl qy hn!

sQfn: aYvrz hfl XUnIvristI afP PryjLr vYlI ivKy 33844 ikMg roz, aYbtsPorz

itktF apRYl 15 qoN aOnlfeIn iml skdIaF hn

British Columbia
delivering courteous, professional service and the highest quality flowers in Abbotsford. We pride ourselves in an inviting shop. Our experienced designers can create floral arrangements that will complement any occasion and meet your budget and style expectations as well. We also offer daily delivery to all local funeral homes and hospitals. | PICK UP OR DELIVERY 33781 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford BC V2S 2C3 Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm | Saturday 9:30 am – 4 pm BEST PRICES IN TOWN DON’T SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED TAKE FLOWERS 604-870-2994 $35
df lMc
We’re a
AudGftnI myar
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iewk itkt iml skdI hY

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qusIN vI afvdy sLihr ivwc suDfr krn

leI sLfml hovo!

Epn hfAUs ‘qy phuMco

sLnIvfr, meI 11, 2024

dupihr 1:00 vjy qoN 5:00 vjy qwk

sYvn Ek mfl

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vIrvfr, meI 16, 2024

sLfm 5:30 qoN 7:30 vjy qwk

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sLnIvfr, meI 25, 2024

dupihr 1:00 vjy qoN 4:00 vjy qwk

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33765 aYsnzIn aYvinAU

(pihlF hYimMgvya’jL buwk huMdf sI)

sLuwkrvfr, meI 31, 2024 sLfm 4:00 vjy qoN 7:00 vjy qwk hfeIstrIt mfl, myn plfjLf

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svyr 8:00 qoN diphr 12 vjy qwk nfsLqf: svyry 7:30 vjy

kYnyzf zya pryz 1 julfeI 2024 nUM svyry 11:00 vjy ÈurU hovygI aqy borkuien stRIt qoN sLurU ho ky sfAUQ PryËr vya vwl jfvygI aqy moiet zrfeIv 'qy WJ moiet sYkMzrI skUl ivKy smfpq hovygI.

awj hI rYijstr kro:

iks nUM ieh vrksLfp ‘qy afAuxf cfhIdf hY iblzr, afrkItYkt, izËfeInr, iblizMg ieMspYktr, AUrjf slfhkfr, Tykydfr, rIal astyt eyjMt, aqy Auwc-kfrguËfrI

pfxI lfAuxf svyr 5 qoN 7 vjy qwk mfnUawl pfxI lfAuxf svyr 6 qoN 9 vjy qwk eIvn sMiKafvF vfly aYzrs sLnIvfr nUM-aOz sMiKafvF vfly aYzrs aYqvfr nUM

aOtomYitk pfxI lfAuxf svyr 5 qoN 9 vjy qwk iksy vI idn mfnUawl pfxI lfAuxf: hwQ nflL jF zirwp nflL

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koz sUpr sIrIjL
• • • • our styj 1 pfxI AuWqy pfbMdIaF pfxI AuWqy pfbMdIaF hux qoN sLurU hn. Gfh: isrP 1 idn leI
Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 17 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 17
kYnyzf zya pryz dIaF aYplIkysLnF KuwlH cuwkIaF hn
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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 18 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 18

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TOP 1% FRASER VALLEY REAL ESTATE BOARD FOR 9 YRS 14 YEARS Medallion Member 15 YEARS of Experience IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BUY. GIVE US A CALL FOR SALE Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 6 House Size: 3619 sqft Under Construction3400 sqft house 6 bedrooms + 4.5 Bathrooms Close to amenities
604 832 0540 w w Abbotsford Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 House Size: 1495 Sqft 4281 Bradner Road Abbotsford Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 House Size: 2112 sqft Abbotsford Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2,998 sqft $1,299,900.00 Maple Ridge 10531 MCVEETY STREET 70X120 sqft = 8400 sqft Lot Eagle Mountain Plans Ready for 4885 sqft house Massive 14332 sqft land great Potiential for row homes, duplex, Townhomes, or an apartment Buliding as per ocp designation $1,188,800 ABBOTSFORD 42 Acres Mission 5400 Sqft.lot 3 bed, 2 bathroom CENTRAL ABBOTSFORD Abbotsford 2580 JANZEN STREET 10545 MCVEETY STREET Maple Ridge Lot size: 4,265.0 House size:3955 sqft house Corner lot Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2,149 sqft Price- 999,900 2055 MCKENZIE ROAD Abbotsford Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 7841 sqft lot Abbotsford 3743 LATIMER STREET Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 House Size: 2,549 sqft Year Built: 1993 Abbotsford 2546 JANZEN STREET Rezoned for Row home You can build 4 row home. Abbotsford 2877 UPLAND CRESCENT Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2,712 sqft East Abbotsford Year built - 1990 13294 sqft Lot Under OCP- Urban 4 Detached Price 1,199,000 Bedrooms: 8 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 8670 Sqft 31473 Jean Court Price - 1,369,900 Abbotsford Sold Sold New Price Coming Soon Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 20 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 20
IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BUY. GIVE US A CALL 10522 MCVEETY 32674 C ar t er A venue Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2745 Sqft Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 House Size: 2589 sqft PARV H ARRY PA R V H A R R Y G R O U P 604.832.0944 @parvharrygroup @parvharrygroup Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 3343 sqft Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 5 House Size: 3233 Sqft Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 5 House Size: 3331 sqft Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 5 House Size: 3,375 Sqft 41-5248 GOLDSPRING PLACE 33582 MCCALLUM PLACE 33590 MCCALLUM PLACE 45-5248 GOLDSPRING PLACE Tejbir Sharma 778-779-7657 PREC* F OR S ALE 2390 SF BUILDING ENVELOPE 2809SF BUILDING ENVELOPE 3295 SF BUILDING ENVELOPE 7584 SF LOT 8070 SF LOT 8556 SF LOT 50’ 50’ 50’ 147’ 156’ 166’ 176’ PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION REALTOR PARV HARRY A V H A G O U P 604.832.0944 @parvharrygroup @parvharrygroup Tejbir Sharma 778-779-7657 PREC* REALTOR PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION SL 16 6528 WATERSIDE TRAIL Lots for Sale SL 17 6528 WATERSIDE TRAIL Lots for Sale SL 18 6528 WATERSIDE TRAIL Lots for Sale Lots for Sale 2 35133 Christina Place Lots for Sale 33375 Silvertree Lots for Sale CASCADE STREET Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 6 2 Basement Suit. 8549 FOREST GATE DRIVE CHILLIWACK Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2859 sqft 37-5248 GOLDSPRING PLACE Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2993 Sqft Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 Lot Size: 5737 Sqft Year Built: 2024 43-5348 GOLDSPRING PLACE 4470 STEPHEN LEACOCK DRIVE UNIT 4 23710 133 AVENUE Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 House Size: 1378 sqft SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 49-5248 GOLDSPRING PLACE Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 ABBOTSFORD ABBOTSFORD ABBOTSFORD ABBOTSFORD CHILLIWACK CHILLIWACK CHILLIWACK CHILLIWACK CHILLIWACK MAPLE RIDGE 2731 PEREGRINE WAY MERRITT Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2680 sqft 2765 MCCALLUM ROAD ABBOTSFORD Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 5 House Size: 4696 sqft 35468 VERADO CRT ABBOTSFORD 2737 PEREGRINE WAY MERRITT 32674 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 House Size: 1,783 Sq Ft 3472 MONASHEE STREET ABBOTSFORD PRICE REDUCED $1,300,000 SOLD OVER ASKING IN 6 DAYS PRICE REDUCED SOLD Sheffield Way Lorem ipsum Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 House Size: 1379 sqft 2385 Peardonville Road Abbotsford Lot Size: 12,000 Sqft LOTS House Size: 1811 sqft 3240 Landry Crescent Summerland, BC Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 House Size: 2680 sqft House Size: 3356 Sqft 3260 Landry Crescent Summerland,BC PRICE $2,750,000 SOLD PRICE $1,100,000 PRICE $1,149,999 PRICE $1,150,000 Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 21 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 21

Get Involved with the Official Community Plan Update

The City of Mission is updating its Official Community Plan and community members are invited to get involved by sharing their priorities in a survey that launched on Engage Mission. Mission’s Official Community Plan (OCP) is a roadmap for responsible growth and development. The OCP sets a vision for the future, and helps provide guidance for Council, residents, and those who help build our city, ensuring that future planning decisions align with resident and Council priorities.

“It’s clear that our entire region is changing rapidly and that we must be prepared to address the opportunities and challenges that change will bring,” said Mayor Paul Horn. “To do that well, we need to hear from the people of this community to set out our new Official Community Plan.”Our plan will tell us what important challenges and opportunities the City is facing, becoming a key tool that will shape our communities for the future.

Public input is important to help us update the Official Community Plan, so please tell us what your Mission is. “There is no more proactive way to play a role in determining our future than to participate in this process,” said Horn. “Help us understand what needs to be preserved, enhanced, and changed here. It’s your home. Have your say!”

Share your feedback on About the Official Community Update The OCP Update is a mid-term (5-year) review of the City’s Official Community Plan. The work program for the OCP Update is a yearlong planning and engagement process to update existing directions and maps that guide decisions that shape the look and feel of the City. New development and public investment decisions must reflect the priorities and values of of our diverse and growing community. Find out more on the Project Page.

Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 22 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 22 NEW LISTING Achiever 2022, 2021, 2020, 2017, 2016 NEW LISTING 109 33546 HOLLAND AVENUE NEW LISTING 31097 DEERTRAIL AVENUE Attention Investors, 1st time home buyers or Down sizers. Welcome to the pet rental friendly Tempo complex in Central Abbotsford. This unit features large opposing bedrooms, 2 full baths, separate laundry and plus a den that's the perfect size for home office. Your home features laminate flooring, and large ground floor patio with street side access that's perfect for hosting friends and family. Walking distance to Good Coffee, McDonalds, Starbuck, Social Brown House, UFV, Hwy Exit, Hospital, Gas Stations, Recreation, Pharmacy, Restautants, Shopping, Shcools, Public Transit & much more. NEW LISTING NEW LISTING NEW LISTING Investors & 1st time home buyers ALERT! This bright Ground Level unit features 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, spacious living room, dining, kitchen and a big patio. Other features- Rentals Allowed, Shared Laundry, Elevator & much more. Close to schools, shopping, Superstore, Seven Oaks Mall, West Oaks Mall, Mill Lake Park, recreation, public transit, restaurants, coffee shops, parks & easy access to hwy. NEW LISTING 35368 MCKINLEY DRIVE 2 Storey w/ bsmt home with a great plan in McKinley McKee area! This spacious family home is immaculate and features 6 bedrooms/ 4 baths with a fenced backyard which is super private/ level & backs onto greenbelt. Main floor has a great room with a cozy fireplace, huge kitchen with big island, tons of storage and quartz counter tops, den, welcoming foyer, laundry, nook & a sunny sundeck to relax. Top floor features 4 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms with an ensuite in the master. Bright Walkout basement has 2 bedrooms/ 1 bathroom, rec room, living space with a separate entrance. Perfect home for the larger family! Close to schools, shopping, parks, recreation & much more. 2 Storey w/basement home. Great Location. Welcome to this well-kept stunning home located in prestigious neighborhood of Elgin Brooke Estate in South Surrey. This open layout home features 6 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms. Top floor has 4 spacious bedrooms/ 2 full bathrooms with an ensuite in the master. Main floor features bright spacious living area, open kitchen concept with granite counter tops & tons of storage, office, dining area laundry, half bath & patio to relax The lower level boasts a self-contained suite; perfect for family or as a mortgage helper! Excellent location and an easy walk to 217 2964 TRETHEWEY STREET 3136 CURLEW DRIVE Cascade Green! Neat & Clean Unit. Affordable and great starter home in a friendly neighborhood which is perfect to raise your kids. 2 Bedrooms/ 2 full bathrooms with an ensuite in the master, good size cozy living room with gas fireplace, spacious kitchen, laundry room & a balcony to relax. Spacious 985 sqft plan. Large bay window in the kitchen. Most desirable building in the complex. Secured underground parking. Close to all levels of schools, shopping, Rotary Stadium, malls, recreation, public transit & parks. Very attractive 2 storey house on large 6000 sq. ft. level lot. 3 large bedrooms upstairs/ 3 bath (2 pcs powder on the main) Fenced in backyard and your inviting covered deck will be amazing for entertaining. Air conditioning & 2 fireplaces lend to the coziness in this home. Laundry on main & den. Close to schools, shopping, recreation, restaurants, High Street Mall, Auto mall, Walmart, pubs, parks, public transit & easy access to hwy. You'll love it this one and want to call it home!! SOLD SOLD This is the one you have been waiting for and it's ready to move in !! This home has been loved and cared for and tastefully updated by master trades people as the years have gone on. One look at the crown mouldings and the finishing’s in this home and you’ll know it was built with care and skill. 2021 the owners updated the furnace, the hot water tank and installed a brand-new air-conditioning system. Great backyard and huge RV parking to the side of the property. This home also has a fantastic mortgage helper, a fully legal 2 bed one bath suite with it's own laundry. SOLD NEW LISTING 6 2530 JANZEN STREET This is the one you have been waiting for and it's ready to move in !! This home has been loved and cared for and tastefully updated by master trades people as the years have gone on. One look at the crown mouldings and the finishing’s in this home and you’ll know it was built with care and skill. 2021 the owners updated the furnace, the hot water tank and installed a brand-new air-conditioning system. Great backyard and huge RV parking to the side of the property. This home also has a fantastic mortgage helper, a fully legal 2 bed one bath suite with it's own laundry. NEW LISTING 220 1909 SALTON ROAD 404 2493 MONTROSE AVENUE Investors/ 1st time home buyers/ or Downsizers Alert- Great opportunity to get a large unit with a bright living area, dining, kitchen, 2 good sized bedrooms/ 1 bathroom and a balcony. Nice central location next to Cabela's. Comes with 2 parking stalls and a storage locker: Well run complex and has an awesome outdoor swimming pool as well. Close to schools, shopping, recreation, public transit, UFV, parks, restaurants & easy access to hwy. NEW LISTING NEW LISTING Investors & 1st time home buyers alert! This 1 BED + DEN condo features an open concept layout with upscale finishings throughout. Unit comes with en suite laundry, in built A/C, 1 secure underground parking and 1 storage locker. Great location in the historic downtown Abbotsford featuring boutiques, bars, restaurants, and farmers market just out your doorstep. 27 3110 TRAFALGAR STREET NORTHVIEW PROPERTIES - Rarely available large ground floor corner unit! Beautiful and bright with many windows that bring in lots of natural light. Immaculate lower level unit, in quiet area of the complex. Age Restricted 55+. Unit has 2 spacious bedrooms and 2 full baths. Lovely big bright kitchen open to family room with a cozy fireplace. Floor to ceiling stone fireplace is a nice focal point. Spacious living/dining room opens through sliding doors, to a very private patio. Close enough to walk to Seven Oaks Shopping or Mill Lake, located near the Clubhouse NEW LISTING 311 33708 KING ROAD COLLEGE PARK! Corner Unit!!! This unit features 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms, huge kitchen, bright living room with fireplace, dining area & in suite laundry. Bright/ natural light unit and ready for you. Beautiful covered wrap around deck faces trees to the west and north over the roundabout - not looking into another building. Two underground parking spots, onsite gym & well run complex. Fantastic central location. No age restrictions. 3492 147A STREET 127 32850 GEORGE FERGUSON WAY Services / syvfvF Office: (604) 287-8600 | Fax: (604) 287-8601 | #A5-32081 Lougheed Highway Mission, BC V2V 1A3 Karen Bungar Notary Corporation Inc. “Karen was commissioned as a Notary Public by the Supreme Court of Canada in July 2016. Previous to founding Karen Bungar Notary Corporation, she worked as an associate Notary at an established firm in Abbotsford. Her professional background includes working for Surrey Provincial Court and with multiple, well-known non-profit organizations, assisting individuals who were battling mental health and addictions. Karen chose to pursue her Master's degree and become a Notary as it allowed her to combine her passion for legal work with her passion for working with people. Her background in Psychology assists her in understanding client concerns while offering a friendly, approachable service. She is also fluent in three languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi.” Real Estate Transactions Estate Planning Personal Planning rIal iestyt tRYNjLYksLn jfiedfd plfinMg inwjI plfinMg notrfeIjLysLn spONsrisLp icwTI Xfqrf icwTI notrI syvfvF bhuBfsLfeI gfhk aDfirq syvfvF Notary Services Multilingual Client Oriented Service Notarizations Sponsorship Letters Travel Letters Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm 604-287-8600 604-287-8601 Call us today Visit us for more info: Fax 604-287-8601

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1 Water Restrictions now in place

With the annual implementation of Stage 1 Water Restrictions today, the Abbotsford Mission Water and Sewer Commission (AMWSC) has updated its seasonal watering regulations within new customer categories in an ongoing effort to conserve water and ensure a reliable water supply during peak summer demands.

By taking a more proactive and preventative approach to water conservation, the updated water-use regulations will help to reduce demand and mitigate challenging drought conditions that have become more frequent in the region.

The staged water restrictions have been separated into three customer categories: residential; industrial and commercial; and, institutional (government, schools and parks). The new categories prioritize reductions in discretionary outdoor uses, such as lawn watering, and minimize impacts on businesses that rely on water to higher stages.

Under the updated Stage 1 restrictions, all lawn watering is limited to once per week; either Saturday or Sunday mornings for residences, or Monday or Tuesday mornings for non-residences, as determined by their address. Watering of plants, trees and decorative gardens is permitted daily, before 9 a.m., for all customers. Edible plants are exempt from restrictions under Stages 1 through 3.

The AMWSC strongly encourages all customers to let their lawns go dormant to help further reduce demand, and reminds residents to follow simple year-round water conservation tips such as taking shorter showers and turning off the tap while brushing teeth or washing dishes.

AMWSC staff continually monitor water supplies and lake levels, as well as the provincial drought updates, to determine when further restrictions, and moving to higher stages of restrictions are necessary. Water restrictions in all stages apply to the use of the potable drinking water supply and not to harvested rain water, gray water, or other types of recycled water.

For more information, including a complete list of the updated staged water-use restrictions and schedules, updates and water conservation tips visit

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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 23 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 23

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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 24 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 24

MLA Teresa Wat celebrates the upcoming proclamation of Buddhist Culture Day

Teresa Wat, MLA for Richmond North Centre and BC United Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, Anti-Racism Initiatives, Arts, and Culture welcomes the upcoming Buddhist Culture Day on May 5, 2024, with the following statement:

“Following our successful advocacy last year for the first official proclamation of Buddhist Culture Day in B.C., I am thrilled to be marking the second year of this auspicious occasion alongside thousands of British Columbians next week.

“Buddhist Culture Day recognizes and celebrates the profound contributions of the Buddhist community to British Columbia’s rich cultural tapestry. The BC United Caucus' collaborative efforts with British Columbia’s Buddhist leaders to successfully establish this day is a testament to our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and honouring the spiritual and cultural heritage the Buddhist community brings to British Columbia.

“On May 5, 2024, I invite all British Columbians to join the province, and communities like the City of Vancouver and City of Richmond which have also officially proclaimed Buddhist Culture Day, in finding inspiration from Buddhist teachings of compassion, peace, and wisdom. May we all continue to embrace and promote the principles of understanding and mutual respect across all cultures.”

Abbotsford infrastructureimprovement projects receive continued support from Canada Community-Building Fund

The City of Abbotsford is advancing several infrastructure-improvement and upgrade projects across the City, thanks to continued funding support from the Community Works Fund (CWF) program through the federal government’s Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF).

Now in its final year of a ten-year agreement, the Canada CommunityBuilding Fund, which was established to provide stable funding for local infrastructure projects and is administered by the Union of BC Municipalities, has provided the City of Abbotsford with a total of $72 million over the course of the agreement to fund a variety of projects that benefit the City. Thanks to this contribution, $15.3 million has been allocated for essential infrastructure and community development projects in Abbotsford in 2024. Seventeen infrastructure improvement initiatives have been identified for 2024, including rail crossing upgrades ($8.4 million), roadway improvements ($1.6 million), new traffic signals ($1 million), the annual Sidewalk and Crosswalk Programs ($939,000), park amenities and sport court renewals ($628,000), Bike Lane and Bus Shelter Programs ($335,000), Drainage Master Plan update and culvert replacement ($1.1 million) and bridge replacements and improvements ($1.3 million).

This builds on the 25 projects that were made possible by CWF funding in 2023, including pedestrian safety projects and a Walking Infrastructure Program ($1.67 million), street lights and new traffic signals ($97,600), roadway and intersection improvements ($10.29 million), domestic water well renewals ($181,800), bridge improvements ($25,700), culvert replacements ($14,700) an air handling unit for the JAMES Plant ($3,700) and City building condition assessments ($209,000).

BC United statement on Bill 22

Michael Lee, BC United's Shadow Minister for Attorney General and Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation, alongside Elenore Sturko, Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Addiction, Recovery, and Education, today criticized the NDP’s decision to reject key amendments to Bill 22, the Safe Access to Schools Act. The proposed amendments were designed to strengthen the legislation by ensuring immediate and comprehensive protections for our children. In light of the rejection of these amendments, BC United will not be supportive of this legislation:

“The NDP’s refusal to adopt our common-sense amendments to Bill 22 is deeply disappointing and directly undermines the long-term safety of our children. The BC United Caucus firmly believes that children’s safety must be an immediate priority, not subject to compromise, which is why we find it inexcusable that the NDP rejected these measures, crucial for providing comprehensive protections.

“By voting down these amendments, the NDP has chosen a path that jeopardizes our children’s safety. Our proposed changes would have:

Made protections immediate, eliminating the need for an Order in Council;

Created safe zones around educational activities at ethnocultural and faithbased community spaces; and

Expanded the definition of ‘essential infrastructure’ to better protect public utilities and transportation networks.

“The NDP’s short-sighted approach to Bill 22 reveals a troubling lack of commitment to real and immediate safety measures. A BC United government will fix this legislation to ensure that B.C.’s schools and community spaces are secure and inclusive for everyone.”

Supplements vs. supplemented foods: Are they one and the same?

(NC) You’ll find a lot of advice online about supplements. But have you heard of supplemented foods? Some supplements and supplemented foods can contain the same ingredients and therefore, should not be consumed together.

Supplemented foods are packaged foods or drinks with one or more supplemental ingredients added to them, such as caffeine, minerals like calcium, vitamins like vitamin C and amino acids like L-leucine. Some of these products carry cautions about consuming supplements and supplemented foods together.

To help you find these cautions easily, Health Canada introduced new regulations that require updated labels for supplemented foods. As of January 1st, 2026, all supplemented foods will be required to have these new labels, but you might start seeing them sooner.

Supplemented foods with cautions will carry an identifier with an exclamation mark and the words “Supplemented” and “Health Canada” on the front of the label, alerting you to read cautions written on the back or side of the product. An example of a caution is: “Do not eat or drink on the same day as any other supplemented foods or supplements with the same supplemental ingredients.”

All supplemented foods will have a supplemented food facts table instead of a nutrition facts table. It includes the same nutrient information, with the addition of a “Supplemented with” section listing the type and amount of each supplemental ingredient. Learn more about supplemented foods and their labels at

Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 25 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 25

BPR Full Home R enovation

• asIN afeI

Spl: We Do Cabinet I nstallation for New or Old Houses Basement Dr ywall Laminate Washroom Finishing Kitchen Framing Sundeck Vinyl Paper Painting Siding Plumbing Tile * Full Finish Basement * Sundeck All Complete * Crown, Baseboard * Door, Fireplace kstm Aqy kuAwiltI ikcn kYbints Aqy klozt AwrgynweIzr (pYNtrIz) AsIN ikcn Aqy vwSrUm dy purwxy kwaUNtr tOp vI bdldy hW hrdIp ibrdI Call : H AR DEEP BIR D I : 778-823-076 5 FULL WCB EMPLOYEE INSURANCE COVERAGE Workers Wanted kfimaF dI loV All K inds of Renovations
WE SPECIALIZE IN TILE INSTALLATION AsIN tweIl ieMstwlySn iv`c mwihr hW Full bathroom renovation All kinds of tile installation Kitchen cabinets & counter tops Laminate Flooring Plumbing Pu`l bwQrUm rYnovySn hr qrHW dI tweIl ieMstwlySn ikcn kYbints Aqy kwaUNtrtOp lYmInyt PloirMg plMibMg New basement & new bathroom extension nvIN bysmYNt Aqy bwQrUm bxwauNdy hW Call Param Gill At : Workers Wanted  Abbotsford, B C LT D For more information call: All Instructions are given in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu & English 
32393 Adair Ave., Abbotsford, B.C. V2L 4L7 Ph: 604-870-0869 Cell: 778-552-4481 Raj (Bobby) We Serve Mission, Aldergrove & Abbotsford Govt. Certified Instructor for Class 4, 5, 7 & Uber • quhfzI syPtI leI kfrF dy dUhry styairMg aqy brykF hn.
Gr qoN PrI lY ky jfx aqy CWzx df pRbMD hY.
asIN quhfzy leI roz tYst buWk
Seema or Raj (Bobby)
krdy hF.
roz tYst leI kfr vI idMdy hF.
nrvs ividafrQIaF leI KLfs tryinMg idWqI jFdI hY.
sI bI sI qoN mnj rsLudf ieMstrktr hF.
asIN pMjfbI, ihMdI, AurdU aqy ieMgilsL boldy hF. 2006 qoN afp dI syvf dy ivwc SUPER VISA INSURANCE SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS & SENIORSE Services Provided • Personal & Self-employed Income Tax e- le • Permanent Resident Card App • Indian Passport App & Surrender of Indian Citizenship App • Canadian Citizenship App & Canadian Passport App • USA Visa App • OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) App • Indian Visa (also e-visa, visa to visit India) • CPP Disability App & CPP & Old Age Pension App • Rental Agreement & Evacuation of Tenants • Medical Insurance Plan ( medical health card) App • Business Registration -Sole Proprietor & Partnership) • Name Change App • Security Guard License Renewal App • Work Safe Registration & Claim Filling Contact: Gurbachan Aujla Ph: 604 835 3693 Karan Khanna 604 300 3143 205-2580 CEDAR PARK, ABBOTSFORD BC JOB AVAILABLE Punjabi translator/ typist needed for part time work. Knowledge of computer will be an asset. Send resume to Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 26 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 26 WORKERS WANTED 604-210-8000 Workers wanted at a local Sweetshop in Abbotsford. miTafeI vflI dukfn qy vrkrF dI loV hY. vrkrF dI loV

lVkI dI loV

kYnyzIan pI afr jWt iswK Aumr 37 sfl kWd 5’7

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sMprk kro : 604-832-3013 jwt isWK igWl lVkf Aumr 33 sfl kWd 6 Puwt, ielYktrIsLn vrk prmt (Applied for PR ) leI pI afr jF vrk prmt vflI lVkI dI loV hY. lVkf nisLaF qoN rihq aqy sfAU suBfa df hY. sMprk kro: 604-300-6362 604-621-0315

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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 27
pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 27
The Patrika

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amlohI Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 28
pwiqRkf PAGE 28
The Patrika pMjfbI

Visiting India and Pakistan

After spending a few days in Lahore and visiting some of the Sikh Gurdwaras in the area it was time to move out to Islamabad and its neighboring city Rawalpindi. After having breakfast, we set out from Lahore to visit both of these cities and other historical places in the area. The motorway (highway) to both cities is excellent. That made our five-hour journey to be quite pleasant and comfortable. Along the way, we saw a lot of large gardens laden with fruit. Also, it was great to see rest areas along the way. These rest areas had not only good washrooms but also decent shopping facilities and restaurants. At one of the rest areas we were pleased to see a tea stall selling almost twenty different varieties of tea. As we got closer to Islamabad, hills and mountains came into sight. The scenery along the entire route was also very pleasing. Finally, after couple of stops along the way and five hours drive, we arrived at our hotel in Rawalpindi.

Both Islamabad and Rawalpindi are beautiful cities. Islamabad, being the capital city of Pakistan, is quite a modern city with wide roads and lots of facilities. However, its neighbour Rawalpindi has a lot of history behind it. After enjoying a delicious dinner, we retired into our rooms for the night. Next morning, after having breakfast, we left quite early for Hasn Abdal, home of the Panja Sahib Gurdwara. The motorway from Islamabad to Hasan Abdal and on to Peshawar is also in very good shape. Between Islamabad and Peshawar lies the historic Indus Valley. This is the area. that reminds one of various foreign invaders who came through to loot and massacre innocent people of Punjab in particular and India in general. Names like Alexander the Great, Mahmood Gaznavi, Mohammad Gauri and Babur etc. jump out. This area is also the cradle of ancient civilizations like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. This area was also home to one of India’s ancient and prominent universities , Taxila. Also, this was the area ruled by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Soon, we were in Hasan Abdal, paying our respects at Gurwara Panja Sahib. The Gurdwara management and volunteers gave us a very warm welcome and showed us around. The water coming from the spring on the hillside was very tasty. The Gurdwara has been kept in a very good shape by the management. All of us were very pleased to fit our hands (panjas) into the Panja carved in stone at this Gurdwara. Aimnabad and Peshawar are close by. Aimnabad is the same town where Guru Nanak ji was staying after his trip to the Middle East. It was the same time when Mughal ruler Babar had commenced his invasion of India and happened to be in Aimnabad. There was lot of bloodshed on the streets of Aimnabad. It was here that Guru ji called Babar, a jabar (Butcher) . After paying our obeisance at this Gurdwara and having langar we headed back to Taxila.

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Taxila was a very prominent ancient university. Like the Nalanda University in Bihar, Taxila played a very important role in producing many prominent scholars. My wife Baldev and I had the honour of visiting Nalanda University a few years ago. To its credit, the Archeological Survey of India has been doing an excellent job in restoring Nalanda university to its original form. However, in Taxila’s case, the government has collected all of the relevant artifacts, historical documents and other paraphernalia and placed it in a very impressive museum in Taxila. We were pleased to visit this museum on our way back to Rawalpindi. The chief curator of the museum was very kind to welcome us and share with us the history and other information about the Taxila university, the Archeological Museum, and Ancient Buddhist Monuments of Taxila, the Indus Velley civilization, and a lot more. It made our trip very productive. Balwant Sanghera (Balwant Sanghera is a retired School Psychologist and Community Activist. He has just returned from a trip to India and Pakistan.)

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Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 31 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 31

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Sales & Lease Consultant

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Financial Services Manager

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WINTER  Insurance Specialties ICBC Autoplan Travel Medical Insurance Commercial Insurance Home Insurance Renter/Tenant Insurance Condo Insurance      InsureBC (Abbotsford) 128-31935 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5N7 604 855 8828 CALL NOW INSURANCE SERVICES 3rd par ty billing (Blue Cross, Sunlife, Manulife, Standardlife & More) Proud to Serve Mission for Over 32 years! 3rd pfrtI ibilMg bilAU krOs, snlfeIP, mYnUlfeIP, stYNzrz lfeIP aqy hor qkrIbn 32 sflF qoN imsLn dI syvf kridaF mfx mihsUs krdy hF! BOOK YOUR EYE EXAM WITH DR. GILL DIRECT BILLING TO BLUE CROSS, SUNLIFE AND MANY MORE. afpxIaF awKF dI ingf leI awj hI zfktr nUM imlo qy cotI dIaF aYnkF lgfE qy afpxI idwK nUM hor vI sohxf bxfE. We Have All Types Of Brand Names: 326-32555 London Ave Junction Mall Mission, BC V2V 6M7 604-820-1112 Friday, May 3rd, 2024 PAGE 32 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 32
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