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Six beauty queens, six titles, four continents

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november 2019 pulser magazine

pulser magazine november 2019


events The Africa Fintech Festival

Spare my ribs

Date: November 5-6

Date: November 9

Venue: Kampala Serena Conference Centre

Venue: Junction Mall-Courtyard

Time: 9am to 5pm

Time: 6pm to 8:30pm

The annual Africa Fintech Festival – is an annual point of convergence of ideas, trends, innovations, key debates on wide ranging issues ranging from technology, consumer protection, disruption of savings, credit, insurance and pension value chains, to borderless operations, non-traditional partnerships, and game-changing business models. This year, Uganda hosts the Africa Fintech Festival. Representatives from over 25 African nations – from regulators, policy makers, Fintechs, investors, banks (traditional, digital and neo) and more, will examine “the role of Fintech’s in Africa’s digital economy.” The Africa Fintech Festival 2019 is being brought together by the Financial Technology Service Providers Association of Uganda (FITSPA) and Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU).

Are you ready for a real rib-cracking moment? Then get set for the Spare My Ribs comedy. This is a no-holds-barred type stand-up comedy live event hosted by Jason Runo. This edition will feature some of Nairobi’s finest stand-up comics such as, Ty Ngachira, John Ribia, David Macharia and Ciku Waithaka. Millennials Art Village

Date: November 8 Venue: Movenpick Hotel Time: 5pm to 10pm


Date: November 9

Venue: 209 State House Road

Time: From 10am

Millennials Art Village is a creative space where artistes and art lovers get an exclusive and one of a kind experience of art in all its glorious forms. From fashion, food, painting, pencil and charcoal art, music…you name it! There will be tonnes of games at the venue to create an even more fun, interesting and exciting environment. So, come and create memories and experience this and so much more, only at Millenials Art Village!

MSK 2019 Awards

The Marketing Awards is the largest awards program in Kenya dedicated to honouring brands and teams that have shown exemplary excellence in marketing. The awards are judged by a jury academy featuring seasoned members of the marketing fraternity. The awards have grown in leaps and bounds over the last two decades attracting thousands of entries in different categories from marketers across the country.

The Afro Pop Party event Thrift Social at Waterfront

Date: November 15

Date: November 9

Venue: Park View Hotel

Venue: Karen, the Waterfront

Time: From 10am

Time: From 2pm Taking place at The Waterfront in Karen, the Thrift Social – Neon and Leather edition – is one of the fun entertainment events to watch out for this month. Advance tickets go for Sh2,000 while at the gate they will be Sh3,000.

november 2019 pulser magazine

Afro Pop Party is one of a kind party event. It revolves around fashion, music, socialising, trend awareness and celebration of culture. The idea is bringing youths and trendsetters together for a moment of fashion

Masai Mara Marathon

Date: November 16

Venue: Masai Mara National Reserve

Time: From 8am

Organised to raise funds for the Mara Community to address shortages in education facilities, access to medical aid, improvement of sanitation utilities and provision of clean drinking water to its residents, the Masai Mara Marathon is one of the biggest sports and social event to watch out for this month. This is a spectacular annual race held in the scenic and world acclaimed Masai Mara National Reserve. It is a spectacle that gives the marathon participants and sponsors that rare and memorable privilege of racing in the jungle, all the while, sampling the panoramic reserve with wild animals in the vicinity. Scope Festival

Date: November 16

Venue: Impala Club, Nairobi

Time: From 12pm

With a number of entertainers on the cards among them DJ Joe Mfalme, the Scope Festival is set to go down at the Impala Club, Nairobi. This will be a daylight musical fun fair brake for one to relax the mind, and socialise with peers from different institutions across the country. It will also be a platform to inspire and motivate young Kenyans into pursuing their dreams through mentorship. Kenya Media Week

Date: November 28

Venue: Park Inn by Radisson, Nairobi, Westlands

Time: From 8am

Welcome to the second edition of the Kenya Media Week! Media Focus on Africa, Mobile Journalism Africa and the National Endowment for Democracy are delighted to bring to you this years’ edition of the Kenya Media Week conference. As we continue to explore current and emerging trends in digital innovations for journalism, the conference will be keen to hear from new voices in journalism. The event aims at fostering collaborations that could promote public interest journalism through digital platforms.

Food Festival, Kenya’s first food event of its kind, going down at Ngong Racecourse. While the food zone is promising you a taste experience like no other as you participate in cooking competitions, the gaming arena has your name on it, if you hunger for eating competitions and other fun food-themed games.

Nairobi Cocktail Festival 2019

Date: November 29 to December 1

Time: From 12pm

Venue: Dari Restaurant, Karen

Experience more than 40 cocktail tastings from the best mixologists in Nairobi paired with delicious gourmet bites. Enjoy world class cocktails, global gin journey, DIY bars, secret rum tasting, 360 whiskey experience, detox area, exclusive after party and many more treats! And for the real cocktail lovers this year you can enjoy the full weekend with a special full weekend pass, which includes the cost of the ticket. There will be nonstop music at two DJ’s stages and VIP ticket holders will receive VIP chill out zone, massages and spa zone treat special bar experiences and much more.


extravaganza, the thrill of self-customisation and the boom of speakers at the venue.

Nairobi Food Festival

Date: November 30 to December 1

Venue: Ngong Racecourse

Time: From 10am

Nairobi is a hub of food cultures from all over the world. Crank up your appetite for two deliciously satisfying days of tasty local and global cuisines, games and contests so ludicrous you are in danger of cracking a rib or two, and the kind of foodie-friendly music that goes down sweet and smooth like aged wine. This is the second edition of Nairobi

pulser magazine november 2019



CELEBRITIES, MUSIC AND SHOWBIZ 4-5. 12. 13. 26-31. 38-43. 50-51. 56-57.

Events Joisij the vixen Yemi — Woman of Steel Becca, Ghana’s hot star beauty and the best Inside sharon’s closet Celebs curved in the gym

FOOD, HEALTH and FITNESS 18. Balls of fire 19. Chocolate fudge 20-21. Cock the tails up Sirikoi Lodge, world’s best 22 23. Kibali, the Malindi getaway 25. Wine FASHION and BEAUTY 8. Loose change 9. Style 52. All that scent 53. The glow 54. Beauty tips 55. Hair and beauty RIDES, TOYS AND ADVENTURE 14-15. 16-17. 46-47. 48-49.

Fast ‘N’ Furious Nine car fixing hacks At the hotspot The dream adventure

LIFE, TECH AND REVIEWS 11. Horoscopes 58-59 Books amd movies 60-61. Boots and balls 62-63. Gaming


november 2019 pulser magazine



Divas, dreams and desires



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e all love some little luxury in life, right? Whether it is a getaway to an exotic island, a nice Michael Kors watch for your bling upgrade or even a new ride to gift yourself after a good year, who does not like the little nice tidings that come with hard work. Besides, life can be such a hustle and you can only give away as much to compliment for the dull moments. That is me. And so when my friend got himself this Mercedes-Benz SLC and asked if I’d accompany him for a test drive, I didn’t need to think twice. There is something fascinating about driving an elegant open top car. The wind is swirling. You are enjoying this sort of exclusive privilege whose road attention you can’t avoid. The finely chiseled thing has this magnetic pull that makes you king. And for the three-hour drive, I had temporarily cast all my burdens as a believer would to Jesus Christ. Little gratifying luxury this little monster moment was! Dreaming of the finest things in life is a noble thing. Have faith. That is what I told one of my colleagues as Boniface Mithika – our Motor Moto review guy - set to sampling the 2020 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37. That is what Pulser is about. Inspirational we are. It is about living it up. And so as you check out our Motor Moto reviews, and as you imagine that little two-hour drive – out of the five years of saving my friend had put into the project – how about we simply say in God speed, all things are possible. This edition is about all things desire. It is the time of the year when we are preparing to balance the sheets, close the calendar, close the office and set up for the holidays. We are looking forward to the fulfilling family reunion, summer bunnies return, the ‘nyama chomas’ and the ‘party after party moments. That is why we are setting up the

mood with practical reviews on travel advices, sumptuous menus and recipes, affordable buys and chill joints. We also look at all things beautiful as we get up-and-close with the six top beauty crown holders in the country who tell inspiring stories of what a good year it has been. From the recently crowned Miss World Kenya to Miss Universe, these ladies are nothing short of charm. I will also call it the divas collection because it truly is. Approach this with some diva ego. They never get better than this. Live it Up!

pulser magazine november 2019


loose change - peris wambugu


bound Sundress - Sh500

Sling Bag/ Straw Bag - Sh2,000 (Forever Trendy

Sandals - Sh1,800 (Forever Trendy)


Sunglasses -Sh800 (Forever Trendy)


november 2019 pulser magazine

Model: Maureen Waititu Maureen Waititu

style style

- pulsEr writer - pulser writer

Wedge Heels Walking in sandals can be a menace unless you’re at the beach. If you live in the city, you need a pair of open shoes that are both practical and stylish. A pair of wedge heels serves this purpose and is the balance between high heels and sandals. They’re dressy enough for events and casual enough for errands. Additionally, your feet are safe from injuries on the busy streets yet comfortable for the hot weather.

Sunglasses Sunglasses are the epitome of hot weather chic. Besides shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays, they complement your look. What’s even better, there’s a frame for everyone. Whether you like oversized, cat eye or sporty sunglasses, these are a must-have if you’re stepping out in the sun. Hat There’s something alluring about someone wearing a hat. As simple as it looks, it takes a lot of confidence to pull off a hat. For a first timer, it can feel weird, however, this fashion accessory can transform your look from basic to stylish. You just have to find the right one though you can start with the basics such as a baseball cap or a fedora. Layered Jewellery Since you tend to dress light during the hot weather, accessorising with a piece or two of jewellery will make your look more eye-catching. Layered jewellery is a big trend as it adds a personal touch to an outfit. Additionally, it works well with different fabrics. Therefore, this is an easy look to try out.


Light scarf


A scarf might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, it is something you can

felix kavii


ccessories play a key role in making a fashion statement. Besides, what’s a good outfit without the right accessories to match? Here are some must-have fashion accessories for the season.

easily get used to, especially when you see how it elevates your look. For the hot weather, a light scarf doubles as a fashion accessory and a cover up. If you feel uneasy wearing sleeveless clothes, you can throw a light scarf on and still look fashionable. Fabric Belt Belts are a wardrobe staple both for men and women. During the hot weather, ditch the leather belt and get a fabric belt instead. They’re more comfortable, less bulky and add some personality to your outfits. Fabric belts are also colourful which is great for some vibrancy to a rather dull formal look. You can rock them both for a formal and casual occasions.


heat pulser magazine november 2019


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Technology aside, the camera is just plain adorable. It’s small, retro, and comes in an array of fun colours. This is an ideal starter camera for anyone who’s new to instant photography. It might be molded from plastic, and the chunky, bubble-like design makes it look a little toy-like, but the Mini 9 doesn’t feel cheap. Load a pack of film and it even has a reassuring amount of heft. The bulbous grip makes it easy to hold and shoot one-handed, and the included hand strap should stop any slips or drops. There’s also a selfie mirror on the lens barrel, which makes self-portraits a little less hit-and-miss.





aking a comeback are analog cameras with a modern touch of instant and desirable pictures. Yes, instant photography is in the midst of a renaissance, and if you’ve ever wanted to jump in or just looking to feed your photography nostalgia, now is the time. There’s something magical about snapping a shot and watching it develop right before your eyes. Herein are a couple of vintage cameras that create memorable moments in a second. And, they are making their way back to the market.


trends — Boniface Mithika

november 2019 pulser magazine

Leica Sofort

The Sofort, German for “instant”, is a classy piece of hardware that looks both fresh and antiquated at the same time. It exhibits a definite ’80s vibe and will feel immediately familiar to anyone who ever carried around a Walkman, right down to the click-clack of putting in a new film cartridge, a process that’s eerily reminiscent of loading a cassette tape. It is a fully automatic machine and very much a point-and-shoot. It does, however, give you some creative control: You can force the flash on or off, use the macro mode for close-ups, and frame yourself using the built-in mirror for perfect selfies or set the camera on a tripod and use the timer for group photos. It even has a bulb mode for doing long exposures; just hold the shutter button down as long as you wish to get blurry, abstract streaks of color.

Polaroid SX-70 The Polaroid SX-70 is one of the most famous vintage instant cameras in the world. It was the first instant SLR camera ever made, and the first to use Polaroid’s now-iconic instant film which brought photos to life the moment they left the camera. Its manual controls have made it the go-to camera for artists and dreamers alike, and its fold-down design means you can take it with you, wherever you go. It was designed to be simple to use, compact, yet versatile. In today’s culture,


his reading was done across three nights on the shores of Lake Bogoria, with the skies clear of clouds. Seven of the Zodiac signs were/will be affected by seven planets of our solar system, so one can say this star reading is ‘close to home.’ SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) Because of Mercury rising, Scorpio will feel a little mercurial in the month of November. Take that professional leap out, or at least plan to do it in the New Year. Moving house by end month is okay. As is taking the plunge into a new relationship.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) You may tend to feel overlooked this month, Saggy, but stay open-minded and tolerant. Your time will come! Seek out Virgo (they need your help), but avoid Pisces this month as they may drain you to the core. CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) The cosmic energy of Venus also spills into your Zodiac, which means ‘ujirani nzuri’for you. This is the month to truly deepen your relationships with your loved ones, and get to know colleagues and acquaintances better. As for romance, if you need to seduce someone, go for it. You have ‘green lights’ from the starry night. PISCES (Feb 20 – March 20) Mars sits heavily on your constellation, like a bolus of ugaliin a Luhya’s belly! This makes you one Needy Fish this month, in need of company – but you’ll find friends, relatives and co-workers are pre-occupied with their own lives. Wait for December. ARIES (March 21 – April 20) The Goat will find routine has become tedious. Take this November to truly figure out what you want for yourself and family next year (2020), next five years, and even the 2020s. Then work out how to get there in December, and thank the stars.

- the pulsEr astrologer

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20) Jupiter is rising, and you’ll need to earn the respect, then appreciation of a ‘Godfather’ to go far. As you get into ‘workaholicism,’ you may find the passion with a partner is gone! Try to get the fire back, otherwise lashing out will backfire. GEMINI (May 21 – June 21) You may be swept away, this November, with a storm of strong emotions – whether sadness at demise of a friend, lust in a relationship/affair – and this will be due to the presence of Saturn in your stars. Don’t say ‘Get Away, Saturn!’, but an early vacation would do you good. CANCER (June 22 – July 22) Your star reading is very straight forward for November, and revolves around 4 areas of introspection. (i) What do I want out of life? (ii) How is my personal life? (iii) How can I get people to live up to my high standards, so I’m not left dissatisfied? (iv) Managing my expectations for next year. LEO (July 23 – August 22) October was easy, but with Uranus in your star area, it is back to the Battlefield for Leo in November. You need to

seize the high ground and take initiative. So, for example, don’t wait till December to continue the family war at Christmas, ambush them now. If it’s war at work, then wait till December while everyone is away (or holiday-minded) to lay your steely traps/ landmines for ‘Bloody January.’ VIRGO (August 23 – September 23) Faraway Neptune is in your constellation. This means a sense of desolation. Find a friend for solace from your loneliness; and a mentor you trust to seek for solutions for your isolation. You may feel as alone as Neptune – which is a BILLION miles away from its nearest planet neighbour. But by December, that feeling will be gone – along with the cold November rain … LIBRA (September 24 – October 23) You think you have the courage of your convictions, but this November, you may display cowardice to fit into society. You may sell out, or even sell your soul, to satisfy certain pressing materialistic needs. How far out are you willing to go? As far out as exo-planet Pluto?


Venus is in your constellation, which means this will be one ‘hot’ November. But don’t be over-pushy, just trust in your heart that everything will be alright! Avoid ‘influencers’ and live your life in your own unique and capricious style.


pulser magazine november 2019


ing h t y r eve nd e v o Il life a , I also d o go e at it h. whil the cas love


november 2019 pulser magazine



the vixen

— Ahadi Wambui


hot in town

f there w vixens as a year wh looked en vide s music videos o glamourou o , s N it Award o wonder th is the year 2 on s (PMV e Pulse 0 19. A catego ry is on s) Video Vixe Music Video n the en e tries co of the hotly of the Year contes ming in by. te are any thing t d if One su o go c h m has be en on t odel and vid eo vixe he ‘A’ g Ochien n am g feature aka Joisij. Th e is Cynthia who is is th d in Ma e beau P-Unit sauti’s tif ’s n Bwati ( Fire and Fik ew video So ul girl Femeic kote, featurin a’s Om g Pato “I ha u r making ve had a goo anking). d expe o f m u r sic vide ience in love th a o ence a t. At the sam s this year a the nd I nd trea e time , t made me wis ment I receiv the experie on w ed bef cannot or ha d Joisij te o during and t I should do e has or lls Puls a fter vid er. eo sho “Being ots,” a vid opport unity t eo vixen give o s you t new pe travel t he o destin ple. I have be he world and ations e n t o includin a num meet Seyche be g ll countr es as well as Dubai and r of ies; Ug o u r n eighbo anda a becaus urin nd e doors of video sho Tanzania all g for me o t s . This ha and m outsid s op ad e show n the box. I am e me to thin ened k ow on s t a rting V will be a realit ideo vixens a a new TV y TV sh Joisij re n ow,” th d models. It mar e charm She is ks. ing also ru not just a v n id also giv s her travel Y eo vixen. Th is o e and m s tips on how uTube chann girl ocktail el. She t o m s a . ke coc “I lov ktails at it, I a e everything good li lso love f on set , Joisij is the cash,” s e and while he add always s. Wh com anythin g, any c fortable wit ile h meant ostume sh e is to be in t o video w make t h o a good rk. She is als e o actres s while set. on


hot in town — tracy gesare

kes a m i Yemofficial n her ut as a deb ress in lm act short fi d off the e; lifte. Homalbum her



railblazing global act, Yemi Alade and her record label Effyzie Music Group, recently hosted an exclusive album release party in Nairobi, in celebration of her new and fourth studio album, Woman of Steel and a short film, Home. The party was graced by key media personalities, influencers, and celebrities including Chimano (of Sauti Sol who was also hosting the event), Victoria Kimani, Naiboi, Hart_The Band, Blinky Bill, Patricia Kihoro and Ivlyn Mutua (who translated the Swahili version of Poverty — Yemi’s latest Swahili song in #WOSAlbum). The Kenya release party of Woman of Steel album came hot off the heels of successful launch parties in Lagos, London and Paris. The album features a host of international stars like Rick Ross, Grammy-award winner Angélique Kidjo, Afrobeats icon Duncan Mighty and Nollywood star, Funke Akindele. The 13-track album garnered over one million streams on Spotify within one week of its release. The album is a huge achievement for the award-winning Mama Africa. The critically acclaimed album follows her previous successful albums: King of Queens (2014), Mama Africa (2016) and Black Magic (2017). She also released a new single Swahili version of Poverty in East Africa. In the short film Home; a single lifted off the album, Yemi makes her official debut as an actress. The emotive film captures the essence of finding strength, self-love and being your own hero in tough times; boasting stellar performances from the cast and powerful screenplay. Directed by Clarence A Peters, the film stars Nollywood icon Clarion Chukwura alongside talented heartthrob Frankincense Eche Ben. No doubt one of the biggest female artistes in Africa right now, Yemi is known for her unmatched, evolving African style and electric stage performances. She is a two-time winner at the MTV Africa Music Awards Best Female Act (2015 and 2016) and has been a regular feature at the International and African awards earning nominations for the Best International Act at the BET Awards two years in a row as well as Best International Act (2014 and 2015) at the MOBO Awards.

Woman of steel pulser magazine november 2019


MOTOR MOTO — boniface mithika

Fast ‘n’

Furious L

uxury, finesse and class is what defines this new Lamborghini – an edition which is already sold out! This is Lamborghini’s first foray into the world of hybrid tech on a production car, and it marks the beginning of a new electrified era. Yes, enter 2020 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37. The Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 is a mid-engine hybrid sports car produced by the Italian automotive manufacturer, Lamborghini. Unveiled recently, the Sian is the first hybrid production vehicle produced by the brand.


The name Sián means flash of lightning in Bolognese dialect. It was selected to highlight the fact that the car is the first electrified vehicle produced by the company. It was renamed to Sián FKP 37 honouring late Volkswagen Group chairman Ferdinand Piëch. “FKP” are the initials of his name and “37” are the last two numbers of his birth year. Based on the Lamborghini Aventador, the Sián FKP 37 shares its engine with the SVJ variant of the Aventador, but an electric motor integrated into the gearbox adds another 25 kW (34 PS; 34 hp) to the power output.

november 2019 pulser magazine

The iconic V12 engine delivers 785 CV, the highest ever reached by a Lamborghini engine. Added to this is a 48V electric motor coming directly out of the gearbox, for an immediate and better performance during acceleration and gear shifting. And it’s a world first: no other mild-hybrid vehicle has ever had a direct connection between the electric motor and wheels. Finally, with 720 Nm of torque, the perception of acceleration is second to none: driving it isn’t just a pleasure, but an emotion without limits.


0 0 0 1, 7 1 e , c Pri 84 3 Sh

nside, luxurious Italian craftsmanship meets technology and comfort. The interior is designed to give the best driving experience possible: comfort with an adrenaline-charged feeling of acceleration. What’s more, the recurring elements of Lamborghini design are featured on the inside: the Y-shaped stylistic features, the hexagon and the meticulous attention to perfection in every detail. DRIVING DYNAMICS This new machine is a technological marvel able to fire up incredibly strong emotions. The main innovation is the hybrid system, aimed at providing power and lightness at the same time. The innovative lightweight mild-hybrid architecture has a lithium-ion super capacitor, which is three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight. It’s a low voltage 48V system which enables current peaks of up to 600A to be reached. Powered by this current, the electric motor delivers engine torque directly to the rear wheels, and during braking it uses the inertia to recharge the capacitor. The electrical power flow is symmetrical and ensures the same efficiency during the charge and discharge cycles, without overheating. With the Sián FKP 37, a new autonomous technology also enters the world of cars. At the back of the engine hood are autonomous vent flaps driven by smart materials, which by their nature are temperature sensitive. These flaps open autonomously when the temperature around the exhausts rises too much, without the aid of electric controls and sensors, using only the thermal distortion of the material. Production Production of the Sián FKP 37 will be limited to 63 units and all have already been sold.

pulser magazine november 2019



IGN DES R O ERI EXT The Sián FKP 37 has sharp lines, aerodynamic elegance and an unmistakable silhouette. It is totally carbon fiber-bodied. The electrochromic roof and moving surfaces controlled by smart materials are sculpted by innovative lines. The Terzo Millennio-inspired headlights leave behind an indelible luminous signature that will shape future Lamborghini design.

motormoto - PULSER WRITER

Must know

car fixing Whether you’re on the road for the holidays or caught up in the busy highway traffic, here are 10 hacks for fixing your car without calling the mechanic


november 2019 pulser magazine



Why Jumpstarting a car


hy call the mechanic? This is about the simplest thing anyone can do you don’t need specialised training to jumpstart a car. All you need is to get another vehicle whose battery has the same voltage as yours. Take your jumper cables out and in case you don’t have them, chances are high a good Samaritan has a pair. Both vehicles should be in neutral with the ignition shut off. Attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal of your battery and the other red to the positive terminal of the other car. After this, attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal on the otherbattery then attach the last black clip to an unpainted metal surface on your car that isn’t near the battery. Start the working vehicle and then try to start yours. My guy, you are good to go.


Changing a flat tire

We have discussed this before, but let’s have another go! Whoever knows when or where their car will develop a flat tire? This means you should always be ready to tackle this wherever it arises. You will first need to lift the car off the ground using a jack stand. Your parking brake should be on. Remove the wheel cover and loosen the lug nuts then unscrew them. Remove the flat tire and place the spare on, mounting it on the lug bolts. Wrench the lug nuts back on and tighten them before lowering the vehicle. Get the wheel cover on and hit the road.


Changing oil

It is important to keep checking and changing your car’s oil regularly as this protects and ensures smooth running of the engine. Under the car, place a container under the oil drain plug, unscrew the oil drain plug to filter and empty. Pour fresh oil and screw the new filter into the engine where the old one was. You then replace the oil drain plug and use an adjustable wrench to tighten it. That’s about it.


Changing a car battery

There are many warning signs that your car battery is dying and what a nightmare if this happens in the middle of nowhere. One of the warning signs come when you attempt to start your car and the cranking of the engine gets sluggish – taking a bit longer to start. Also if the check engine light appears, it is probably a sign that your battery is weak. Swelling battery case as well as a pungent smell around the battery – caused by leaksmeans it’s time to take precaution. When changing the car battery, first ensure your car is in park, turned off and off ignition. Disconnect the negative cable first (to avoid short circuit on your hands) by moving the clamp away from the battery post. Now, repeat the same with the positive cable, this time disconnecting it from the terminal. Remove all screws and clean up the battery clamps and try before replacing the old with the new. End the task by reconnecting the cable clamps. Ensure you label the cables before you remove them. Easy as they come, right?



Changing spark plugs

Well, let’s get real, not everyone who has a car has an idea what spark plugs are nor what they do. These are tiny devices inside the cylinder that create sparks to ignite the gasoline, ultimately powering your car. That said, changing your spark plugs is a basic maintenance need and the fix is actually a walk in the park. Most cars have spark plugs while others actually don’t have so the first thing is to locate your spark plugs. Also check what kind of spark plugs and how many it needs. At this point you can make your car manual your friend. Removing the spark plug wire and the faulty spark plug the latter using the socket. Insert the new spark plugs in their place and put the wire back.


Replacing windshield wipers

It is recommended you change your wiper blades after every six months. They are key for your car safety. However important this is, many people actually hardly think of changing them. Start this simple exercise by ensuring you get the right sizes of wipers to replace the old ones. Remove the old ones by gently lifting the arm away from the windshield, and then placing the tab under the wiper where it meets the arm. This allows for the wiper blade to be pulled off. Lining up the brand new wiper blade with your arm into the hook, push it in till you hear a click sound, meaning the new blade has locked in place. Gently lower the arm. You are done!


Replacing a headlight or taillight

If you live in Nairobi, you already know that if the boys in blue catch you driving a car without a headlight, you are in for a long one! Besides, apart from this being an inconvenience for you and other road users, it is also an illegality. Many people opt to head to the mechanic when their headlights start to fade. Now, unless you have some NYS loot to clear, why can’t you just make this quick fix yourself! First, locate the headlight holder. You can only access the headlight bulb through your engine compartment and not the front of the car. Remove the screws connecting the headlight frame to the bracket and then disconnecting the power wires, remove the faulty bulb. Clean and install the new one. This is achieved by plugging the connector back on. Surely, who needs a mechanic for this?

Changing brake pads

This is yet another simple need that gets us to the mechanic! Imagine, it’s as easy as changing a tire! As long as you can walk to an auto parts shop and get the correct brake pads, then, the rest can be completed at your residence. Ensure your car is cooled down before you start the work. Loosen the lug nuts like you’d do while changing a tire and, yes, remove the tire. Remove the caliper bolts using the correct size of socket or ring-spanner then gently hang the caliper with a small piece of wire to the wheel well. You will notice that both brake pads clip in with attached metal clips. Ensure you don’t spoil the caliper or brake line as you remove them. Replace them with new ones and put the slider bolts as you get the wheels back safely. Thank me for saving your cash!


Removing scratches from paint

Scratches in your car can be the most frustrating thing. They scream out like wrongly stitched patches on those old primary school shorts (if you can relate!). As new and polished your car is, they shamelessly announce their presence from a distance and it is no wonder, we all rush to the mechanic and leave the scratches there after parting way with thousands. But what if I teach you a little trick? First, it is good to determine the depth of the scratch. If your fingernail does not catch on the scratches, that means they are on the surface so you can apply whitening toothpaste to the scratches after you clean the area. Rub the toothpaste into the scratched area using a circular motion until the toothpaste is well-distributed on the surface. Rinse off any excess toothpaste and repeat the exercise about three times. We are done, and we had fun while at it!


Replacing air filters

Air filters guard your engine from dust and other dirt, but how often do we think of them? Did you ever stop to think that actually car air filters are so inexpensive and easy to replace? Open the hood and identify the air filter unit. Remove the air filter cover, take the air filter out and clean the air filter housing. Insert a new filter and then replace the cover. You will thank me later!

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FOOD — fork n awesome

method 1

Boil the lentils according to the package instructions.

Preheat the oven to 175°C. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside. 2

Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook for about 2-3 minutes, or until softened. 3


Add the garlic and cook for another minute, or until fragrant.

To a blender, add the cooked lentils, onions, garlic, tomato paste, curry powder, soy sauce, coriander, salt and pepper. Pulse until combined, but not puréed, leaving a little texture. 5

Stir in the bread crumbs, taste and adjust seasonings as needed, then set aside for 10 minutes or refrigerate overnight. (The mixture should be soft but not too sticky. If it’s still too wet after the resting time, add more breadcrumbs or oat flour.) 6

Shape the mixture into balls with wet hands and place them on the prepared baking sheet. 7

Brush the balls with a little oil and bake for 30 minutes, turning them halfway through. 8


When done, serve with rice and sauce or have them as a snack.


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200g dried red lentils 1 tbsp olive oil + more for brushing the balls 1 large onion (diced) 3 cloves garlic (minced) 1 tbspn tomato paste 2 tspn curry powder 1 tbsp soy sauce 1/3 cup fresh coriander (chopped) 1/3 cup fresh parsley (chopped) salt and pepper to taste 4 tbsp breadcrumbs or oat flour


Ball s of F

Ingr edie nts

recipe — fork n awesome

Chocolate COURTESY

FUDGE Ingredi ents For crust: 100g peanuts 135g oats A pinch of salt 200g dates (pitted) 1 tsp vanilla extract

method Line a removable bottom pie pan with parchment paper and grease it with a little oil. Set aside. 2 Boil one sweet potato until

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For cream: 180g dairy free chocolate chips 85g maple syrup 2 small ripe avocados 1 cup sweet potato (mashed) 3 tbsp cocoa powder


soft and let it cool completely. Mash it with a potato masher. 4 In a blender, add the crust ingredients. Blend until the mixture sticks together when you press it between your fingers. If it’s too dry, add more dates. 5 Press the crust evenly into the bottom of the pie pan and up the sides. Set aside. 6 Melt the chocolate chips and process all cream ingredients in a blender until completely smooth and creamy. 7 Spoon the cream on the crust and spread it evenly. Drizzle some chocolate chips to garnish. 8 Place the pan in the fridge for about an hour or overnight to set. 3


Hol are a iday parti e b a n d d o u t f u n, f s o r not p inks, so w od ut so me ex hy chee t r in y ours ra skipp by borin ing the s g some beer an ame d flirt y coc enjoy Mull ktail ed w s i n e cran with ! berr i es

mixology — FORK N AWESOME

k c o C

the tails up


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his is quite easy to fix. You need a bottle of red wine, one and a half cups of brandy, one cup cranberry juice, five tablespoons honey, a half a cup cranberry, 15 whole cloves, two sliced, three cinnamon sticks, and pierced oranges. You simply add all the ingredients to the pot and boil after which you bring down to a simmer for 20 minutes. This is simple cocktail that gives the cold holiday season some table warmth and tart kick. Apple brandy cordials You need three quarters cup of brandy, a half cup apple juice, one third cup Cointreau, a quarter cup fresh lemon juice and a half teaspoon Angostrura bitters as well as apple slices – for garnish. Add the ingredients together in a large jar and serve. You need to garnish each glass with apple slices to add an extra hint of fruitiness. As you serve, do it over ice. This gives you a truly chilled holiday feel. Rosemary, grape and gin cocktails Rosemary simple syrup and gin always pair beautifully with tart grapefruit juice. The ingredients include eight fresh rosemary springs, a half a cup of sugar, three quarters cup of gin, a half a cup of club soda and a quarter a cup of fresh lemon. Mix the water with the sugar as well as four of the rosemary springs in a saucepan and bring the mix to a simmer after which you cool it. In a different saucepan, add the grape juice, gin, club soda and lemon juice and stir slowly to a good mix. Usually, rosemary-infused syrup gives a delicious

herbal taste that does not overpower the other ingredients. Garnish each glass with grapes and one of the remaining rosemary springs. Serve over ice and sweeten your holiday. Pomegranate martinis The beauty about the pomegranate martini cocktail is that it can be served in family gatherings and during holiday parties. It is a delicious aromatic cocktail with citrus vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice and orange blossom water. Pomegranates have a religious connection as they are said to have

decorated the pillars of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. You can fortify this heavenly red-hued cocktail with Cointreau while sweetening with simple syrup. You can also sweeten it with lime juice. Chartreuse and lime cocktails This is another simple fix-and-go spicy-sweet herb-infused liqueur. Simply because it has an assertive flavour, a little touch makes a good sip. All you need is half a cup of light rum, half a cup of club soda, one third cup of green Chartreuse liqueur and one third a cup of fresh lemon juice. Simply mix the ingredients and serve over crushed ice. Garnish each drink with a Maraschino cherry. (Please note that all these cocktails serve four each)


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Sirikoi Lodge

the World’s Finest


ver since Kenya became a safari country, Laikipia has attracted fame and notoriety in equal measure. It has aptly been described as the “millionaires’ playground” owing to top of the range camps and lodges set in what is perhaps Kenya’s most inhospitable landscape. The current rave is all about Sirikoi Lodge, described a “grand family home in the bush.” Sirikoi has just been voted as best resort in the world during the 2019 Condé This camp in 62,000-acre Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya was built by the famous guides, Willie and Sue Roberts. They come from a family stock that has been in the local safari business for the last 50 years. This is the third lodge Willie built, having done the first one at just 19 years and without the help of an architect! All he had was just “vision, experience and a great sense of style.” It may look like a simple camp, but Sirikoi was designed with an eye to detail. From the earth tones to the white plastered floors, handmade rags and local textiles combine to create magical moments to guests. Talk of the fine things on the wild side of life. Like many such lodges in the bush, Sirikoi grows most of the foods consumed here in the one acre organic garden. Sirikoi is an eco-chic African


november 2019 pulser magazine

home with a sure sense of luxury and high level of service - welcoming, comfortable and unpretentious. With spacious and tastefully designed rooms, the unique décor touches coupled with big Victorian bathtubs, fireplaces and a private deck, it was not hard to impress guests whose feedback contributed to the highest ranking in the world. To promote eco-tourism and help in environmental conservation, the lodge runs on solar power, taps all water from a natural spring, uses natural cleaning products and toiletries wherever possible. It follows a strict recycling policy and as a result, Sirikoi has previously been honoured with a Gold level Eco-rating for the last three years. The highlight of Sirikoi is the waterhole, a meeting point of the vast wildlife species in Laikipia. Set among vast green lawns and acacia trees, the waterhole has become a favourite passage and sanctuary for wildlife. Some of the best game viewing is done right from the lodge itself, in a leather chair on the Sirikoi deck overlooking the busy waterhole and wildlife on the lawns. There is yet another little secret. The family is known for their love of helicopters and will not hesitate to take lift you up and sample a piece of Kenya’s paradise from the air. Again, this is Sirikoi, the world’s finest.


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With many holiday makers headed to the Coast this season, you might need to check out this ideal getaway


ibali Villas Resort is one of the resorts in Malindi that are an ideal getaway when you need to take a break, recharge and reconnect with your inner self and your loved ones. The ensuite villas are ideally located in a serene and blissful environment not too far from Malindi town yet not too close to the town’s CBD for the hassles of town life to interfere with your stay. Situated off Pathway Safaris and about three miles from Leopardino Safari, Kibali Villas Resort features a private swimming pool for guests to take a dip in. It offers 10 soundproof rooms and has airport shuttle service, dry cleaning service and shoe shine available on site.


means certified

Location and guide This scenic getaway is situated 5kms away from the popular Malindi museum. It is within 4kms from the Malindi city center. The resort is around 10-minute drive from Malindi airport. About the rooms Individual climate control, pay TV and direct dial phone are provided in each room. Many rooms overlook the garden. They also have a small fridge, a microwave and glassware. The services A free carpark and a safety deposit box are provided for clients. All that leisure Guests can make different arrangements at the hotel, including snorkeling, diving and horse riding or rent cars to explore Malindi. Kibali Villas also has an aqua park, an outdoor pool area and a golf course. Go wireless all the way Wireless internet is available in public areas for free.


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food — pulser writer

Some yummy


With November having the official pizza week, what about we get some facts right on this yummy bit



chools are closed. The holidays are here. And we can bet, if there is some yummy stuff we are all getting on our dinner tables – then that is this round sauce-laden biting called pizza. See, you are already salivating. Even though we can all down those slices in minutes, pizza has real shocking long history. It is said that flatbreads with toppings were eaten by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. This precursor of pizza was called focaccia, a flat bread known to the Romans as panis focacius, to which toppings were then added. However, pizza as we know it today was invented in Italy’s Campania region, which is the home to the city of Naples. The modern pizza was - then – simply tomato added to the focaccia in the late 18th century. Back then, Neapolitans required inexpensive food that could be consumed quickly. Pizza—flatbreads with various toppings, eaten for any meal and sold by street vendors or informal restaurants—met this need. Foods similar to pizza have been made since the neolithic age. Records of people adding other ingredients to bread to make it more flavorful can be found throughout ancient history. Today international outposts of American chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut can be found in over 60 different countries. Reflecting local tastes, global pizza toppings can run the gamut from Gouda cheese in Curaçao to hardboiled eggs in Brazil. And so as you enjoy some of this yummy biting from Asmara, Big Square, Charlie’s Bistro, Debonairs, Js Fresh Bar and Kitchen…name them…how about us taking a second to thank the Italians for this irresistible bite.

— Source: Internet.


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It’s a

cloudy B

wines —wairimu nyingi


r, enchmarks matte rs te at m all in especially t at en id ev s wa is Th wine. va Vi nt ra the recent vib such, it ine Expo. And as W al ob Gl y homage to is only right to pa y Sauvignon the OG, Cloudy Ba lborough, ar M t pu Blanc, which e world wine th on nd ala New Ze map.

elegance. It’s well wo rth claiming h whites A journey throug so me for your collectio cs an ignon Bl n. Cloudy Bay Sauv since its us at st lt cu ed have enjoy Onto the red vintage in 1985. first commercial Silken-textured, medias the Widely regarded um -b odied with sweet cherr of ple y, benchmark exam on Blanc, fresh herb and delica ign tely spicy uv Sa gh ou or lb ar M flavours - while its Sa uvignon yle of wine with this not so shy st Blanc props it up, it’s y st ze ed rg th ha e Pinot rc pe su ic ss its cla Noir that reflects the many years fruit, asparagus, nose of passion of hard earned experie nce of eberry bursting nettle, and goos Cloudy Bay. Since its as om ar it ru ef firs ap t release gr d an e lim with release in 1994, the ligh e drinkers in awe t ruby red leaves many win va rietal has remained co livers a nsistent of its charm. It de and impressive. On th s ru cit e rip e nose, it is of e lat pa us ro ne ge ominously one dimen sional at flavours and lemongrass first only offering wa , ity id ac y fts ch of un cr by d ce balan cherries and licorice. However, e with a lingering making it intens once the wine begins to breathe, finish. there’s an ocean of lay n tio ica ist ph so ers: red d Elegance an cherries, red licorice, Bay, dy ou Cl ras r pberries fo s m are synony and strawberry. Chardonss cla ld or w eir th and The palate is moderat ion. A real treat e, nay is no except ea rth y, and elegant with a e th , ds bu e st ta for your sensual finish. And wh imming with ile it is a chardonnay is br ga stronomic truth Pinot ith w d enriche Noir is flavours of citrus, be st matched by duck, ate oak lic de d th e an ts nu y savour reality is that many foo esses intense pr ds ex go It . ns io ct fle in extremely well with th s, nectarines, e varietal aromas of peache inc lud ing heavier meats su d biscuit - fin ch as aromatic herbs an flinty pork and beef. That sa of h id, you’ll uc to ished with a never go wrong pairin g it with duck liver pâté, sourd ough croutons and pickled vegetables. So sip, savour, and en joy my fellow aficionados.

Onc wine beegthe to breathins there’s ae, ocean of n layers: red cher red licorries, ice raspberr ies and, strawbe rry.

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hot in africa — PULSER WRITER


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Her charm is infectious. Her speech, articulate. Her talent, authentic. Ghana’s Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa aka Becca breaks the boarders standing out as the one African female star to watch.

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hot in africa — PULSER WRITER


n this day, she is in Lagos treating all female Nigerian singers to dinner. The atmosphere is glits as class and style, fame and fortune make a perfect clash with some of Africa’s biggest divas sipping and chit-chatting. It’s only days since Becca’s new music video Yes I Do, featuring Tiwa Savage (who is in this party) dropped to much continental acclaim. Like a sweet fragrance, her aroma is opening doors for her wherever she goes. What a year 2019 has been. As if winning the Kora Awards back then was not enough, the 35-year-old is excited with new energy, one that would, as she says, take her to the Grammys. It is probably an inspiration drawn from her newly found love. Probably the birth of her first baby. Probably both. Question: It has been an eventful year for you. Let’s start with you being a new mother and the joy around it. What is the feeling and how does that shift your social life and music career? Answer: It’s been a very special year and I’m so grateful to God. The birth of my child has totally renewed by inspiration and motivation. I’m blessed with a husband who is my best friend and understands the industry perfectly well. Q: Congrats on receiving your new buddle of joy. Everyone has been talking about how you managed to shed off baby fat and the swift move back to studio. Has transition been easy? A: Well, I think the consciousness of my trade and lifestyle is primarily responsible for this. Diet, and religious workouts also played a great role. Q: You had a blast during your birthday treat by your husband Dr Tobi Sanni Daniel in Miami, Florida. It must have been something real special… A: Wow... That man is just amazing. He threw me two surprise parties; one in Cancun and the other in Miami. He invited friends and family without me having the slightest idea. I almost passed out. It was an amazing time. Q: You have been opening up about your family and love for your husband. Tell us how you met, falling in love, the big wedding ... A: We have been friends for about 11 years. I fell in love with him about four years ago, shortly after we started dating. The wedding was held at home in Ghana with family and a few of my long-time friends. I am luck to be married to my best friend, so every day is our honeymoon. Q: You seem to be having special love for Nigeria; from getting a husband there to having COURTESY


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Some awards are good because of their credibility while some don’t make much difference due to unscrupulous practices.

big collaborations with top Nigerian artistes…

wants and would not allow to be wrongly represented. That we share perfectly in common, so it made working with her absolutely exciting. This is arguably one of my best collaborations; especially because she’s a woman.

A: We all can acknowledge how huge the music industry in Nigeria is and how close the two countries are geographically. I have always collaborated with Nigerians from 2Baba, to Ice Prince and even MI. That was way before I started dating my husband.

Q: Do you then consider this your breakthrough song looking at the kind of views the video has received on YouTube?

Q: You come out as a very charming happy-go lady. How would you describe yourself though?

A: I will call this record one of my best because it’s my first collaboration with a female artist in the 13 years I have been in the industry, and also Tiwa’s first female collaboration with a non-Nigerian as well as African female artiste.

A: Many many years ago, I decided I was going to make the best from this one life God has given me. I see the positives in all positives and even microscopically see the positives in every negative thrown at me. This life is mine and I have decided to live it all up to the fullest. I am surrounded by great minds, who constantly motivate and inspire me to be the best that I can. So, let’s just say I’m very blessed.

Q: Right, besides many of your other hits have been big and even have won you awards… A: I have been very blessed from my very first studio recording ever You Lied to Me. It won me the record of the year and best female vocalist at the Ghana Music Awards and also Most Promising act at the Kora Awards in Ivory Coast. My single Na Wash, a 2017 release featuring Patoranking was the first song in the history of Ghana to hit 1,000,000 views in a week.

Q: You are one of the most celebrated stars in Africa right now, with your new single Yes I Do (featuring Tiwa) making you popular across the continent. Take us through the making of the video?

Q: The song was big, it also won you awards…

A: Tiwa and I are very cordial. She’s such a great lady and we’ve always had mutual respect and regard for each other over the years. In one of our numerous chats we talked about doing a song together and the need to spark a positive example to upcoming female artistes in the industry. I sent her a song I had just finished working on and she took out the second verse and beautifully laid her vocals.

A: Sure. It won me five awards including Best Female Artiste at Ghana Music Awards, four Syte Music Awards, Best Female Artiste at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards (USA) and 11 other nominations, including Best Female Africa and Best Collaboration in Africa at the AFRIMA Awards. Clearly I have been blessed with many breakthrough songs. However, this is one of my dearest, because it is with a woman and a very strong queen at that.

Q: What a charm…

Q: Was the love inspired Yes I Do video self-inspired since you just tied the knot not so long ago?

A: Just like that. We both heard the song after mixing and mastering and immediately knew we had a hit in our hands. She shared her itinerary with me and we both agreed on a date to shoot. My team contacted Aje Filmworks in Lagos to put a video treatment together.

A: Yes, it was. I wrote this record originally for my baby but overtime the ideas changed and I decided to focus on marriage and finding that one person that completes you in imperfection and perfection.

Q: So the video was done in Nigeria?

Q: Having been in the music industry for 13 years now, how would you describe your music journey?

A: Yes. I flew to Lagos on the agreed date, Tiwa showed up timely and we had a great time on set. The vibe and chemistry was beautiful as you can attest from the video. Q: This is one of the best collabos released in Africa this year. It also brings out two artistes who could be competing as very professional, right? A: Tiwa is very professional and passionate about her art. She knows exactly what she

A: It’s been very exciting and again I have been really blessed. I got into this industry when I would be the only female on almost every bill but these days. There are many female artistes doing it big in Ghana and that just shows the industry is gradually opening up. There is still a lot of room for significant improvement.

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hot in africa hot of the month




november 2019 pulser magazine

hot of the month Q: Do you feel getting all these awards and recognitions add value to your art? A: Some awards will always be good because of their credibility while some don’t make much difference due to unscrupulous practices. I believe most artistes will feel appreciated and motivated if they pick up a credible award. Q: From Sugar (2007), Time for Me (2013) and Unveiling (2017), how would you say your music has evolved? A: My sound has evolved with time, taste and demand. But what Becca wouldn’t do is to imitate a wave or follow the crowd. The worst I will do is creatively imitate a vibe but ensure it has strong Becca imprint. The market demand is fast and diverse. I have learnt to carve my own market share and deepen it while hoping on nominal fresh converts each time I drop a record. Q: With all these achievements, do you see yourself as having attained most of your goals as a continental star? A: I set very high targets for myself and each time I drop a new record I assume I’m a new artiste pushing to be heard. I never rest on my oars. Every day comes with fresh targets and expectations.

A: I am quite optimistic with this record. Firstly, East Africans enjoy love music. Yes I do is a relatable, sing along record. It’s a simple love song, the ultimate wedding anthem of the year and marriage proposal enabler...(laughs) Q: That must take a strategy, right? A: Which is in place. The strategy is for the deejays to hook up to the vibe, TV and radio should jam this family friendly record and visuals. From there we might be on the way to the Grammys, you know. Q: Which artistes in Kenya and East Africa would you look forward to working with? A: I definitely will love to work with Sauti Sol. They are very talented and I remember how we first met at Kora Awards where we were in the same category as Most Promising Artiste of the Year... Great guys! In Kenya still, I’m quite close to Victoria Kimani. That’s a soul sister. We all love Khaligraph Jones too. I would also like to work with another soul sister Vanessa Mdee, Diamond and Alikiba. Q: What do you think makes Ghana music tick and who are some of the artistes people

Q: What would you say has been your highest moment as a music star? A: Seeing and hearing stories of how very young girls look up to me and how much influence I have on them. That humbles me each time and the feeling never gets old and it constantly stands as a reminder of my responsibility. Q: What are some of the challenges you have faced along the journey? A: The fact that I am a female artiste competing for every top stop available with the boys! Q: Who are some of the stars you honour for having worked with, either on stage or on projects – that you’d credit for boosting your singing career? A: Every single one of them but a special respect to Late uncle Hugh Masekela and Yvonne Chaka Chaka. I look upto Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Youssou Ndour, Salif Keita, Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba among others. Q: Not so many Ghana artistes have had breakthroughs in East Africa. Do you have a plan to break this ceiling since your new song is big in East Africa now?

I wrote this record originally for my baby but overtime the ideas changed and I decided to focus on marriage and finding that one person that completes you.

should look out for? A: Highlife is from Ghana, so that makes Ghana tick! Always watch out for Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, StoneBwoy, Efya and new waves like King Promise, Kwame Eugene, Fantana, Wendy Shay and many more. Q: Besides, do you think African stars are being appreciated here at home and what more can be done to push African music to the world? A: The appreciation is growing by the day and I’m confident things will get even better. More corporate, multinational and government involvements through more CSR, fiscal and monetary policies will work. Q: What do you think can also be done to demolish the boulders that seemingly divide African music into different blocks ? A: Let me put it this way; “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with someone”. Q: On a lighter note, what makes Becca unique? A: (Laughs) My genes! Everything about me is unique to me. I will never try to be someone else just like someone else can never be me. Q: You come from a musical family… Christian setting for that matter… A: Growing up in such a setting was very exciting. My mum and dad sang in the church choir, so there was always music playing in the house or someone trying to be a “superstar” with their voice. It was really beautiful. My parents are very religious and that has helped me morally. They were also disciplinarians and they kept me well grounded. My siblings are very brilliant and that made the competition at home to impress our parents with grades interesting as we all fought for that coveted daddy’s gift. Q: You have always had a passion to fight for the girl child. Tell us about this. A: I have always been an advocate for the girl child. In 2014, I started Becca Hearts Foundation. The first project was providing educational materials and school fees for some female students. In 2017, I embarked on menstrual hygiene after watching a documentary about menstrual health illiteracy. Immediately, I commenced educating girls in public schools about hygiene menstrual health practices and in the same year was able to educate and provided sanitary towels to about 10,000 girls.

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Becca is a talented instrumentalist and an actress who has featured in movies such as If Tomorrow Never Comes


the ong an m a is nai She st Gha stes of fir le arti on to ti a l fem genera inenta t s i . n h h o t oug ke c ma eakthr r b

1 2 4 Her real name is Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa

During her early school days, she studied in Ghana before moving to London where she both perfected her music art besides pursuing her academic career.

ma e fro ian m co hrist d ing Hav voted C starte nd de ily, she urch a n i fam g in ch pated s i n w i c i o g t sin o par nt sh als ol tale e won h o sch here s des w ccola a


november 2019 pulser magazine

She worked as a childcare and education worker before she became a music star.

9 0 1

hot of the month COURTESY

Her latest song, Yes I Do, a collaboration with Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage, is one of her best songs so far.

on sw s a h She merou d nu ds an ple r i awa d mult s. e tion v i e rec mina no

She is o dt marrie ian r e ig aN r man D Tobi.

She hast hree music albums; Unveiling, Time 4 Me, Sugar,

Becca 10 facts about

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o you like splashing around in the waves or just sipping cocktails and catching up with your favourite read by the beach? Whether in Miami or Watamu, beach vacations are always the best and what a better way to clad the bare minimal and enjoy the Kodak moment feeling like a movie star. Here are some ideas you can try this season.

er dsett n e r t n ashio The f Having seen so many

cut out designs on the red carpet for almost all award seasons, it’s time we showed off these designs on the beach. This particular one shows a good skin match, a good fit, a trendsetter move.

e h t l e Fe

sun of


a beach

november 2019 pulser magazine


r n love u f e Th Fringe outfits are fun, flirty, and, oh‌so trendy. Orange is quite a playful colour and is the perfect pick for this two-piece. Who wouldn’t love such to dazzle the beach while on holiday vacation?

in red Lady The lady in red is one who is full of passion and intensity. This could turn you into an instant darling of the paparazzi. You can choose to add a red lip stain to complete this look and flirt on feeding their desire.

pulser magazine november 2019


FASHION ic nt ch a g e l e That

- Peris wambugu

Sass, class and elegance should follow you everywhere you go including the beach. Whether taking a dip in the ocean or feeling the breeze, carry the elegant feel with you. This one-piece swimsuit is cool.

ast thusi n e h eac The b

With so many designs to choose from when it comes to bikinis, let’s appreciate the fact that cover ups are some of the essentials you should carry along with you to the beach.


november 2019 pulser magazine


Model: Cathy Oyungu Official_kathythemodel Swimsuits: Trendy Forever Trendyforever_23 Shoot Location: Mombasa Beach Make-up artiste: Cathy Oyungu Price of swimsuit: Sh500 - Sh1,000 Cover Ups: Sh1,000 - Sh1,500 Photographer: Felix Kavii

iva ld d o b t Tha

The sun and sand allows you to show off some skin and why not? Rocking a swimsuit shows just how confident you are in your own skin. A two-piece swimsuit is as bold and sexy as they come. COURTESY

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coverstory - PULSER WRITER

Beauty and the best In a year when the glam world of pageants and beauty queens got its glitter back, we wrap it all with up-close-andcandid interviews with beauties who made it big and got the crowns 38

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ith the Miss Earth 2019 Grand finals having just concluded, all eyes are on the Miss World finals set to take place in London mid-December. The Miss Earth attempt was not a bad one for Kenya’s Susan Kirui who scooped at least two awards during the preliminary stages. She was awarded Best National Costume and also in the swim category during the Philippines hosted glamour ceremony that featured over 80 models from across the world. “I am happy with the achievement I made. The Miss Earth pageant is a

tough one and I am happy for the winner too. I have learned quite a lot from this outing and I will use this experience to impact the beauty pageant industry here in Kenya,” Susan told Pulser. “I am grateful to everyone who came out to support me. I received so much love from a lot of people who made their contribution in one way or another. From your online votes to your prayers, I do feel appreciated,” she added noting that one of her missions going forward will be to support upcoming models. “I am one person who has had passion for the modelling industry

coverstory and so I will use this platform to ensure that I make a positive impact especially in those areas where we have been complaining that change is needed. I have a few people wanting to walk this journey with me and so we are set for the journey,” stressed the gorgeous girl. The big night in Philippines belonged to Puerto Rico’s Nellys Pimentel who was crowned the 19th Miss Earth winner, succeeding Vietnam’s Phuong Khanh Nguyen. The model who is a Psychology student pursuing a second course in Marketing happened to have been the first Puerto Rican to win the title since the pageant started. She was cut for the win as right from the start of the competition she had emerged as one of the favourites. A rather social and charismatic model, Nelly showed passion for her country talking about all the good things found there especially flowers, which happened to be the theme of this year’s competition. “It’s (Puerto Rico) pretty famous for its bright red colour and also a delicate pink and it also has a lot of features that have to do with medicinal and the sweetness flavor in it acts a sweet ingredient,” she told the media earlier in the competition.

Most coveted beauty crown


I plan to be a millionaire by the time I am 20. That is in two years! The opportunities are there if one uses the platforms well.

Together with the Miss Earth and Miss Universe titles, Miss World is one of the coveted international beauty pageants and it’s no doubt that expectations are high as Maria Wavinya, the 18-year-old Miss World Kenya leaves the country this month for the big stage in London. “We all know that the Miss World Kenya crown is the most coveted beauty crown in the land and I am proud to be the new queen. The thing about Miss World Kenya is that it takes you through a rigorous process where you learn a lot as a beauty with brain. The training is intense and that makes the competition real serious,” she told Pulser. “I am looking forward to representing Kenya well during the finals and I have high hopes that I will do well. The preparations have been good and the support I have been getting from the Miss World Kenya team has been immense. The mood is good and the confidence is high,” she said exuding optimism that it will all turn good. Having had a humble upbringing, Maria notes that she draws most of her inspiration from the experiences she has gone through, the same that have made her believe that all things are possible. She says the only person who can limit her is herself. “We are two in my

family; my sister and 1 and growing up life was a real challenge. We were brought up by a single mum in Mtwapa - who didn’t have much. She later died and that meant we had to be brought up by our grandparents in Nyandarua. I thank God for the challenges as well as the opportunities He has given me. I have two diplomas, one in Cabin Crew and Flight Operations and another in Journalism and Mass Communication. I am still pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication at Mount Kenya University as we speak,” she remarked. Saying that she would like to be a millionaire in two years. Maria says the future looks promising adding that she is a testimony to other upcoming models who could be going through the same challenges she has gone through. “I am keeping myself focused in this career and I purpose to reach the highest heights, you know, no limits. I plan to be a millionaire by the time I am 20. That is in two years!” “In this career, the opportunities are there if one uses the platforms well. Modeling gives you limelight that you can use for TV, magazines and outdoor advertising gains. But you have to keep the focus, keeping fit, etiquette, learn public speaking and all,” confidently, she notes. “We have prepared the girl well and we continue to do so until the big day comes. Kenya has always done well when it comes to the Miss World finals and we expect nothing short of that. Maria is excited and set for the challenge,” said Terry Mungai, the Miss World Kenya pageant holder. “Online voting has already started and we ask Kenyans as well as her friends all over the world to support her,” Terry adds. And her Maria’s predecessor Finali Galaiya, has nothing but good words for her as she wishes her all the best come the London competition. “I believe I handed over the baton well and it is time for Maria to shine, so I wish her the best. As for me, it’s my time to open a new chapter in my life,” Finali, the rather friendly charming beauty told Pulser. “Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and I always ask models not to imitate anyone when it comes to fashion. I am one person who does not like to follow trends. “With my experience, I also ask models to try something new everyday; a colour you never thought you’d wear or an outfit that is not part of your usual style. A new hairstyle maybe. Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone but never do anything that is against your morals,” she concludes.

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coverstory As she prepares to represent Kenya at the Miss Universe finals in the United States of America in December, 18-year-old Stacy Michuki speaks on her passion for modeling and desire to win the Miss Universe title Q: How does it feel to have been crowned the new Miss Universe? A: I have dreamt about this my entire life and as I live this dream today I couldn’t be happier. It’s a fulfilling experience. Q: What challenges did you go through during the competition? A: Being the youngest contestant was a bit of a scare. Every other girl there seemed to have it all. I might have been the youngest but I was definitely not the weakest.

Q: Did you see this win coming? A: Every other girl at the contest was there to win. I was there to win too but I was open for any outcome and ready to support any queen who would have taken the crown home. Q: What is the best thing about winning the crown? A: That I could get to show the world what the future offers and how bright it looks. Q: The competition was immense. Who did you feel would be your biggest competition? A: My biggest competition was me. I was the only person that would stand between me and that crown. That’s why I gave my all on this. Q: Some people thought you were former politician John Michiku’s granddaughter... How did those sentiments, even from some critics saying you were favoured affect you? A: It didn’t affect me at all because I wasn’t favoured not even a bit. I have grown up knowing and practising that I have to work as hard as everyone else to get what I want. Q: You have won beauty competitions before among them Face of Nairobi Top Teen Model in 2017. What was so different this time round? A: Miss Universe was always a dream. Getting to represent my country at such a pageant was surreal. I was definitely born to be a model. Modeling has always been my happy

place. This is where I felt more appreciated and found peace especially going through bullying because of my body size. Q: How do you wish to impact the society through modeling and especially through the Miss Universe crown? A: I have always been so passionate about the youth and I would help create opportunities for them to exploit their potential. This is because we are the future and we are what the world will look upon in years to come. I need the world to believe in us, mentor us and take big chances on us. Q: What next after this win? A: I’m looking forward for the international competitions happening in the United States of America. I can’t wait to represent my country and make Kenya proud. Q: Who dresses you and which designers do you aspire their work? A: I’m mostly dressed by Augi, a Kenyan Designer who I absolutely love. I have always dreamt of working with big fashion houses, but getting to work with Giorgio Armani would be surreal. Q: What fashion trend would you say impacted you? A: Bringing back the old fashion, vintage. I might be young but I have an old soul and old is gold! I’d rock anything vintage anytime! Q: What is your fashion motto? A: Dress how you want to be addressed. Q: What is your must have before leaving the house? A: My lip-gloss and phone.


Q: Who is your fashion icon? A: That would be Gigi Hadid. I love how she can pull anything and end up looking amazing.

“This is my 40

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coverstory Cindy Isendi is back to the country after representing Kenya at the Beauty of Africa International pageant in Nigeria where she beat over 30 finalists to carry the crown. The elegant 22-year-old model shares the joy of a winner

oyster and things can only get better.

Q: Who dressed you for this particular event? A: Vosti Look. His passion on street style inspires me. It’s so funky, classy and cool. Q: What lessons have you learnt since you got into professional modeling back in 2017? A: Modeling is tougher than most people think. If you take things personally, you’ll be really be disappointed. It has also taught me wisdom. In life, you win some and lose some. The truth is that in this business, people can take advantage of you and sometimes the rewards are hard to come. But if you keep trying, you will reap from hard work.

Q: Why did you opt to compete at the Beauty of Africa International pageant and not any other? A: Well, this is not the first time I am competing in a beauty pageant. I was a Miss Kenya finalist in 2017 and the same year I tried out for Miss Tourism where I emerged among the top five. I got the urge to do more and more pageants and seeing the mission of the Beauty of Africa International pageant, I knew it was the next thing I should try my hand at.

Q: Do you plan to attempt another pageant? A: My focus right now is on the Beauty of Africa International finals. Modelling is my life, so I plan on keeping at it and going for opportunities to better my life and those of the people in my environment. Q: How are you preparing for the event? A: I am going the basic regime. Of course that comes with practicing and being disciplined when it comes to my diet.

Q: What exactly is this mission? A: The Pageant provides a platform to promote culture, Tourism and positive changes amongst young women in the rebranding of African and any issue confronting womanhood across the continent. It is designed to discover and give opportunities to young, talented and beautiful ladies in Africa to prove that they can excel in the world of modeling. Promoting African culture has always been my obsession. After I won the Kenyan edition, I knew it was time to carry our flag high in Nigeria, which I did.

Q: What is the golden run in this art? A: It is always good for a model to always be presentable in public. It is also good to be courteous.

Q: Did you see this big win coming? A: Like it is the case in every other competition, this wasn’t easy. All the girls had prepared well and I was honoured to win. My biggest challenge was getting to understand the new environment. It was also the first event I had away from home and that meant I did enjoy home support. The stakes were high - it pushed my limits. Q: Do you feel like this will make your modeling career any better? A: It definitely will. In fact, it has as this helps improve my modeling profile. I have the privilege to use the resources I have from the pageant to help marginalised communities where I can. I already have a project in Lodwar. The world is my


Q: You actually won in Nigeria, right? A: Yes I did and I am excited as I prepare to represent Africa in the international finals. I am ready to show what Africa can offer.

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Q: What is the one item that you always carry with you? A: My lipstick. Wearing lipstick helps one boost their confidence.



this year. I am also assisting in the Punguza Initiative, which speaks on responsible sex behaviour. At the same time, I am supporting the Duniya Appeal, an initiative amongst Kibra and Lang’ata residents to develop themselves through available resources as opposed to waiting for donor help.

At 21, Peres Odumo is the reigning Miss University. The gorgeous United States International University (USIU) student shares her modelling journey ahead of Miss University finals in Korea in December

Q: What runs through your mind when you take to the runway? A: Once I set foot on stage, I feel different. I tell myself that it’s show time. Confidence and holding my head high works for me. One has to prepare well for a competition as no miracle will work once on stage. I always say that if you make a mistake while on the runway, pick yourself up and behave as if it was normal.

Q: How does it feel being the current Miss University representing Kenya in the finals? A: I am anxiously preparing for the finals, which will be held in Korea between December 7 and 20. This is the second time a Kenyan is participating in these competitions and I am glad to be representing my country.

Q: What is the most misunderstood thing about modeling? A: People see models as just pretty girls who cannot be good at anything else. That is not right. That perception should end. I think models have a chance to change this perception through contact with people and projects they run.

Q: This wasn’t the first time you were making an attempt as a professional model, right? A: Let us just say that modelling is my calling. I was already participating at the Kenya Fashion Awards when I was young. I was mostly doing high fashion and runways since I was 16. However, winning this crown when I was just a first year was quite something.

Q: What is the fun bit in this seemingly taxing career? A: For me the crown is a sweet part. It is a symbol that opens doors for you. I also love how kids get excited when they see the crown and that allows be room to be warm around them.

Q: Tell us about winning the crown? A: I was not actually the winner during the Miss USIU finals. I was the first runner up. When the national finals were called, the winner gave me the chance to go represent the university as she was busy with another pageant. She supported me all the way and winning was a very good thing for me and my university. Q: We understand that your mum is your number one supporter… A: You should have seen her that night celebrating my win. She has always supported me and this made her ecstatic. I am from a family where we believe in excellence so you can imagine… Q: So, why modeling? A: I am an International Relations student concentrating in Diplomacy and Marketing. Just like my mum, I have always grown wanting to participate in humanitarian work and so the combination of modeling and academic career helps open doors in this field. Q: That means you have been running some projects; community projects for that matter… A: I am on the Be You mental health awareness campaign, which is the theme for Miss University


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Q: What is the one mantra you live by? A: I got this from my mum… “Tenda wema, nenda zako…” Everything should work. God speed.

Precious Peres COURTESY


Fabulous Faith

After winning the Miss Supermodel Worldwide Kenya last month, former Miss KCA University Faith Wambui Ngangu, 22, turns a new leaf in her glam life

Q: You have only been modelling for two years and everything seems to have fallen in place. What is your secret? A: I have set some targets for myself and so with a plan comes a process. After winning the Miss KCA University crown last year, I knew that was the starting point in my modeling career and so when I tried out for Miss Supermodel Worldwide Kenya pageant, I was going for nothing but a win. Q: Before we talk about your new title, tell us what commercial value you are getting from all this… A: It is not always about commercial value. My biggest satisfaction as a model is the opportunity I get to impact other people’s lives. The opportunities for financial benefits are starting to open though.


Q: Do you wish to remain a pageant model or you are also trying high fashion and commercial? A: At the end of the day, it would be mean for me to limit myself in pageants. I am looking forward to doing commercials for TVs, magazines and brands. These ones do pay more than pageants if you think of modeling in the long run. My modeling profile is freshly updated so I want money to start coming.

Q: So are you working with an agency? A: Most modeling agencies in Kenya hardly deliver as much as models look forward to working with them. However, I have a team that is helping me identify the opportunities available in the market. This interview is indeed one step towards exposure and moving towards the right direction.

Q: Let’s talk about your new glitter, the Miss Supermodel World title… A: I am humbled that I won this title in a competitive environment where all girls deserved to win. Now the challenge is on me to go for the big title when finals take place early next year. Q: That should be in March in India right? A: Yes. The current queen is Aleksandra Liashkova from Belarus. Q: Who is meeting the expenses for this major venture? A: The organisers, Reines Palace are helping in seeking sponsorship for the trip and the other costs involved. I pray that all will go well in good time. Besides, this is a national representation and I wouldn’t mind if I got support from anyone who can play one role or another. Q: Whose designs do you intend to clad during the competition? A: I am very open to ideas. I don’t have a specific designer who dresses me but I aspire the work of a local designer called Eleshia Ais. She is one of the best designers I’ve come across so far. Q: But whose style would you steal given a chance? A: Lupita Nyong’o. She is not afraid to experiment. She can be chic, sassy and classy too. Kim Kardashian too.

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hanks to technology, the number of Pulsers organising their vacations has increased. Fewer prefer the do-it-yourself way rather than soliciting the services of a travel agent. But as much as booking vacations on the internet might look like a better deal, consider sourcing for travel agent as you make plans for your holiday this season. Here are eight reasons why a travel agent is still king in this business: You are no travel expert, right? Travel agents are professionals in the travelling business. Just like you are good at what you do, they too are good at this; helping plan your vacation. It is a risk to plan a trip simply because you saw an anonymous comment from the web making a particular destination look like heaven on earth. Besides, things are constantly changing and probably that spot you are


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seeing online was swept away by hurricane! Destinations may look good on TV or on the Internet but in the real, you might be getting set up for disaster. Watch Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened for a glimpse of what I’m talking about. They save you cash: You may not be quick to agree with this so let’s just say they help deliver more value for your money. It is true travel agents charge an additional fee, but still the value you receive from them is more than what you pay. Travel agents are good in advising on the best packages you can get for the cash you have. Besides, most of them usually have good deals with some of those destinations you would like to visit – something the destinations might not offer if you are dealing with them directly. This is because, in the travel world, sometimes it comes down to who you really know. Plus, ever thought of those hidden costs you end up paying simply because ‘they’ never told you?

Whose word are you banking on? There is something about working with an actual person while making transactions. How do you just trust an online post? Travel agents are there to ensure they listen to you, understand your travel needs and help adjust according to your needs. They ensure from start to finish they are with you and every promise assured is delivered. Besides, they are also accountable for any loss. Do you have time to waste? It sounds easy reading about a place and getting excited about travelling there simply because it’s nothing but your dream place. However, planning a trip is a taxing duty, harder than most people think. Besides, all you have to do is explain to your travel agent what kind of vacation or leisure trip you would want and the kind of experience you are looking for and he or she takes the task of putting it all together. Why spend hours and weeks researching when someone who is an expert in the field can do that for you!

Dial the travel agent


This is a reality check for you to save money, get a peace of mind and evade the beaten-path experience as you plan your vacation this season

Avoid the devil’s hand: Shit happens, right? There you are, getting an emergency and trying to cancel a trip; you get sick or, well, there is an act of God. Now you have to cancel this trip, yet you had no insurance offered for such eventualities. First, a travel agent should always help you get the correct travel documents so that you are covered in every step of the journey. And when things go wrong like they sometimes do, the travel agent acts on your behalf in contacting their clients to provide the best remedy for you. The travel agent will get you where you want unlike the internet that won’t call back when things get thick. Who doesn’t like exclusivity? Travel agents have the privilege of working out, not only for special packages for you, but also organising for your extra comfort and exclusivity. After all, they work on making the vacation perfect. Think of getting a seat upgrade on the plane. Think of wanting to do your breakfast at 10am when the hotel closes the breakfast time at 9am. Think of making transfers from Lamu to Diani to a sister hotel on

the least costs. Thanks to the partnerships they have with other industry players, agents will work almost everything out for you to get those exceptions – then you can take word round about their exemplary services. Better options and times: Because of their expertise and experience, travel agents always have inside information on when it is ideal to travel to a given destination. They even know of optional ‘new’ such places you can enjoy a more awesome stay and better deal. If you want to be the first to get there at the best time, then the Internet might not be the

best solution. In fact, as you develop good relationships with travel agents, a simple phone call could mean you are gifted your next vacation – just like that. They will help you set the itinerary: Sometimes we might have an idea about the best activities to enjoy at a destination, but, have no knowledge on what times to do so or how. Agents help plan a practical schedule of what to do during every hour and day of your trip. Basically, you want to get it right even in places where trips get complicated in one way or another.

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— tracy gesare

The Gourmet taste W

ith pleasing aesthetics, Honey and Dough truly understands the concept of ambiance and attracting the millennials even before presenting their world-class gourmet. On the seventh floor of One Africa building in Westlands, in an exquisite arrangement of peach, gold and hues of green, sits the new Gourmet Café with an exclusive gin bar. Upon entry, the Nairobi skyline dazzles from the entire restaurant thanks to the inimitable architecture of the building. A good number of people who have visited the place have been attracted by the décor first. The thing that caught my eye on the menu is that they highly cater to vegans and vegetarians in a special way, including raw vegans, which is a first in Nairobi. The modern gourmet café experience by the restaurant offers an assortment of delicious healthy multi-cuisine food with gluten free options of assorted meals. Among the starter specials served by sociable waiters is the pork bao bun made of juicy ginger pork in chilli sauce with red cabbage served in a bao bun. You can also try the mezze mix, (made of chickpea falafels, quinoa tabbouleh and hummus). After the starters, I notice other minute elements of the decor. The roof of the restaurant is intentionally


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mozzarella cheese served with fries. I didn’t honestly enjoy the purely vegetarian mac and cheese made from cashew cheese with vegan meatballs because I am just not a mac and cheese fan. I was already full when we came to the beef medallion but a little bite was all I needed to know what I’ll try in my next visit. Gin Bar For first dates or brunch with your girlfriends dining out alone, for one wanting to impress a client or working away from the office, this is the place for you. To top it all off, they have a gin bar, the first and only of its kind in Kenya at the moment with exquisitely executed classic cocktails and mean martinis. Their stools by the bar which offer a scenic view of the city, are an interior décor enthusiast paradise with their mustard and gold against green.

bare; as is with unfinished concrete and demarcated wooden ceiling shaped as honey combs hangs low neatly housing the lighting directly above the table. When the lights go on at night, it introduces you to a different intimate vibe. Marble tile floors near the bar area are also made to imitate the comb and don’t even get me started on the consistency of their treated wood from floor to ceiling. Vegan food There might have been enough to sample from but my pseudo-foody self fell for the barbeque wrap chicken breast marinated with special barbeque sauce, fresh lettuce and

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Charity, they say, begins at home, or should we say near home? Perhaps you have never thought of spending some quality time in the Ethiopian capital. Think again. For a start, Addis is closer home, an hour and a half by flight if you don’t opt for the longer road trip through Moyale. While Kenya may be taken to be an established economy, the Ethiopian capital boasts a modern public transport system consisting of a light rail, a well functioning metro bus system (In Nairobi all we got is some red paint along some section of Thika Road). Addis is a treasure trove for lovers of history. There are numerous museums and old churches within the city worth your visit. The national museum in the heart of the city is the final resting place for “Lucy,’ said to be among the world’s oldest person, never mind that Kenya lays similar claims too. While you are here, visit the traditional coffee houses and taste the famed Ethiopian beverage.

Istanbul, Turkey Forget about the drums of war instigated by one Donald Trump. Go ahead and visit Istanbul, the city that straddles two continents, Europe and Asia. That can only mean that Istanbul combines two cultures. In fact, Turkey has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Included are some of the world’s architectural masterpieces including the Hagia Sophia. This is a building that served as a church for over 900 years, a mosque for close to 500 years and now a museum. Other buildings around the city were palaces of the Ottoman emperors. Visit the Spice Bazaar, the world’s largest covered market. The drop in the country’s currency means that a visit to most of these facilities is affordable to the average traveller. However, arm yourself with a city transit card whch is easier than paying the daily fares. An average night on Airbnb costs around Sh1,370 and Sh800 for a typical meal. Athens, Greece This is yet another city in Europe steeped in ancient civilization. The best time to travel is actually during winter, and December just happens to be part of winter. Reason? The city is less crowded with most tourists giving it a wide berth. That can also mean that you do not have to dig deeper into your pockets in order to survive here. The stunning landscape and inviting architecture are beacons that guide

The dream adventure 48

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e are just about to kiss 2019 goodbye. Perhaps you have already made plans for that exotic holiday to avoid that last minute rush synonymous with Kenyans. If you have not, there is no need to worry. With some advance planning, you and your family can still visit that dream location without breaking a bank. We look at selected cities in the world and their hidden indulgences waiting to be unfurled during the upcoming holidays.

out & about a visitor in Athens. One of the main attractions here is the famed Acropolis, a hilltop fortification that was meant to protect the city’s god and house the treasury. After the tower of Babylon, the Temple of Zeus is the other most striking monument steeped in vanity. It was meant to be one of the biggest temples in the world, however, it was never completed. Still, what remains continues to draw visitors here like moths to the fire. There are lots (and cheap) traditional foods on offer. A takeaway cup of coffee will set you back Sh170. For accommodation, it is better to go for cheaper apartments and hostels rather than the costly hotels. Again, buy a transit card rather than paying for transport out of your pocket. Lisbon, Portugal Compared to cities such as London and Paris, life is more bearable in Lisbon. It is more peaceful and devoid of the mass tourism mess that is the bane of mainstream European cities. Should you get lost, the Lisboeta, or a friendly local will be eager to show you the way around town. Take time to indulge in the vibrant Mediterranean culture including the rich and tasty cuisine, and the fine wines. Do not leave the capital before trying the Pastel de nata, also known as Portuguese custard tart. This is a Portuguese egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon that will leave you craving more. And it only costs a little over Sh100. Remember to pay your city pass for about Sh2,180. Besides catering for your daily transportation on tram cars and elevators, this ticket will admit you to museums, monasteries.

Doha, Qatar Like other Gulf states, Qatar’s lifestyle changed after the discovery oil in 1939. Before then, the main economic activity was pearl diving. It is still practised today. Thanks to the petrol dollars, Qatar is the richest country on earth per capita. That does not mean that one should be loaded to the brim to enjoy life in the Gulf state. Travellers using Qatar Airways have several benefits through the airline’s stopover program. These include a visa waiver, accommodation in top hotels for Sh10,000. Experience the unique desert landscapes, Bedouin camping and the famed Arabian nights.

long tickets cost the equivalent of Sh540 and may be purchased at the cable car turnarounds at the ends of each route. Alcatraz– A notorious former prison, located on an island of the same name in the middle of San Francisco Bay where notorious American criminals called home. The most famous of these is Al Capone, who found himself on the wrong side of the law for tax evasion. No inmate has ever made a successful escape from “The Rock.” Fisherman’s Wharf- Home to Pier 39, a festive waterfront marketplace that is one of the city’s most popular attractions akin to our Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa. This is where the entire city’s clowns, street performers and dancers as well as beggars ply their trade. Cheap street meals are available all day long.

San Francisco, USA San Francisco is known for its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities, and world-class cuisine. Views of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay are often laced with fog, creating a romantic mood in this most ‘European’ of American cities. From Union Square to North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf to Japantown and the Mission District, there are intriguing neighbourhoods to explore at every turn. Regardless of the time on your hands, do not leave San Francisco without sampling the following: The Golden Gate Bridge- This is perhaps the most photographed bridge in the world spanning 2.7km. Approximately 120,000 vehicles drive across the bridge every day. Cable cars- These ancient looking relics have been transporting people around San Francisco since the late 19th century. Day


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in my closet - ahadi wambui


he describes herself as “Just a young East African girl who loves fashion, beauty and all things lifestyle”. That is Sharon K Mwangi for you! Known for her fashion related content on her blog StyleByShary, the young fashion writer and blogger has cut a niche for herself as one of Nairobi’s go-to fashion influencer. With a YouTube channel that has now amassed more than 14,000 subscribers, the Daystar University graduate keeps her work simple, with content geared towards helping the girl-next-door find out what works when it comes to fashion, trends as well as looks in general. And for one who has had top models likes supermodel Tyra Banks noticing her work, how about snooping into her closet and pick a few fashion secrets.

y v v a S

Sharon 50

november 2019 pulser magazine



Q: What’s your favourite item in your closet? A: Probably my shoes. I love playing around with them and creating different looks. Q: How would you describe your style? A: Simple, fun and chic. Q: What is the best style advice you’ve ever gotten? A: That you can never go wrong with a black and white outfit combo. Q: A fashion quote you live by? A: Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Q: What is the most expensive clothing item you’ve ever bought? A: A Sh15,000 dress from Woolworths. I usually don’t break the bank to look good, so this one was painful. Q: Shoes or Bags? A: Definitely shoes! Q: What three items do you always have in your bag? A: Lipgloss, wallet and a few hair bands. Q: What item in your closet do you wear the most? A: Black high waist jeans. They’re super versatile. Q: Advice to your younger self in terms of style? A: Wear what makes you happy, not

what everyone else is wearing. Q: What is fashion to you? A: Fashion is confidence. It speaks for me even when I don’t speak. Q: Favourite places to shop? A: Platform at Two Rivers Mall, MRP for basics and Toi for unique pieces. Q: If you could raid one person’s closet, who would it be? A: Definitely Micah Gianneli!

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beauty tips - PULSER WRITER


he holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to kick back and let loose. Whether you plan on taking a trip to the beach, go on a wild adventure or simply relax at home, there’s nothing better than nice aroma to boost your holiday spirit. Here are some great scents you can try.



Not only is this sweet scent a huge turn on for men, but it also brings a holiday atmosphere. Additionally, vanilla scents have calming effects, which are perfect for a relaxing holiday mood. Set the mood by wearing a perfume with vanilla extracts such as The One by Dolce & Gabanna or J’Adore by Dior.



Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh popcorn? While setting the mood over the holidays, use this simple but effective trick to trigger some feel-good hormones. It’s said that the scent of popcorns works like a charm to a man’s libido. Make some fresh popcorn for a movie date and you’re guaranteed to have twice the fun.


Roses If food is the way to a man’s heart, then flowers are definitely the way to a woman’s heart. Flowers are as a sign of affection. However, roses are particularly irresistible to women. They love their scent which makes them more attracted to the man. This is a foolproof way to elevate a woman’s mood and make yourself look sexier. So, buy her some roses over the holidays.




Any citrus fruit scent will send your man into sexual overdrive. These scents evoke warm thoughts that are essential in creating more pleasant thoughts. It’s sure to send tingling feelings throughout his body. Besides, citrus is the perfect scent for a holiday at the beach.




It’s hard not to fall in love with the scent of cinnamon. It’s one of the most pleasant smells and it adds a warm, cozy feeling to a room. This festive scent is also a natural aphrodisiac, especially for men. They find it irresistible and a simple sniff of this scent will increase his desire. A cinnamon scented candle works like magic.


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It’s the said pop scen that wor corn t of cha ks lik s ma rm to e a n’s libida o.


——PERIS WAMBUGU pulser writer


lipstick shades of 2019




his year has been all about bold colours, especially in the beauty industry. Everyone’s favourite lipstick shade - the classic red - has been replaced with a bright orange. There has also been an introduction of more colours that suit different skin tones. From cult classics to daring, here are some of the hottest lipstick shades of 2019. Nude Thanks to its versatility, this lipstick shade is on its way to becoming a classic. Its popularity grew due to the demand for a more natural look. Now, nude lipsticks are a staple in every girl’s make-up collection. COURTESY

Bright Orange On paper, it might sound over-the-top but you’ll be happily surprised how good this shade looks. Additionally, it works for lighter and darker skin tones. This is a great shade to achieve that dramatic effect. Fuchsia This lipstick shade has been around for a few years. However, the popularity of bold colours has made more people appreciate this vibrant purplish red shade. It gives you the perfect neon pout and is one of Fenty Beauty’s best-selling lip stains. Brown



Not to be mistaken for nude, brown is another colour that many can’t get enough of. This 90’s beauty trend made a huge comeback this year. It’s the perfect shade for both formal and casual looks. Not to mention, it looks good on all skin tones.

This soft yet bold lipstick shade adds an edgy twist to the classic burgundy shade. It’s an easy shade to pull off with the right kind of attitude. Thanks to its bold colour, you don’t need to put much effort to the rest of your make-up.

A metallic lipstick shade concentrates on the centre and top lips making your lips stand out more. It’s also an extension of the highly-rated matte finish hence its popularity.

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beauty tips - The Hair Whisperer


high bun is one of those hairstyles that look effortlessly chic. It’s become the go-to style for both formal and casual occasions thanks to its ease and elegant style. However, pulling off an updo, can be tricky. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the high bun, it tends to look basic once you wear this hairstyle a couple of times thus losing its wow factor. With a little technique, you can pull off the high bun in a number of ways. COURTESY

The Braided Bun Getting your hair braided works great for this type of hairstyle. Since many people don’t have the hair volume or length to pull off a high bun, braids make it easier to hold your hair in a bun. Plus, the bigger the bun the better so try and go for long braids. The Messy Bun This is a surprisingly chic look for many different occasions. Whether you’re lounging at home or going on a date, the messy bun gives you a natural, stylish look that requires very minimal effort. Additionally, this style works for different hair types. As long as you have mid-length hair, you can easily pull off the messy bun. Half-up Bun The half-up bun isn’t going out of style anytime soon. It’s been a popular hair trend since it’s dynamic, practical and has a great wow factor. With this look, you get a feminine touch with a cool edge. It highlights your face and works on both short and long hair. You can try this look for casual occasions but, if done correctly, you can rock it to a corporate event. High Bun with Bangs This is quite the elegant look hence its debut on many red carpets. There are several ways to achieve this look. You can use your natural hair if it’s long enough. Additionally, you can use bangs clip-ins when all else fails. To pull off this look, you’ll need medium to long hair. You can either use hair extensions or braids to add more length and volume. High Bun with Accessories Accessories are the solution to all your basic hair problems. With the return or hair clips, headbands and bobby pins, there’s no excuse to settle for a less than perfect hair. A quick and easy way to pull off the perfect high bun is to accessorise with hair clips. There are a variety of clips from gold to diamond studded that suit different tastes and looks.


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— Annette Hakim


It’s a


wig win T

he best thing about a good year of working hard, after pushing the grind and making some cash, is a good excuse to play even harder! However, with all the holiday plans in which beauty is factored in, it seems like loads of fun getting glamed up for party after party, but it can get super hectic and expensive. The thought of over manipulating your hair can also be a major turn off not to mention super unhealthy for your hair. So here’s a little secret that you might want to invest in; a wig! The good thing about a great wig unit is that it acts as a protective style. Cornrow your hair and just play around styling your wig without a care about heat damage. You will find that the number of wig styles you can try out are endless. Your wig will require some TLC too so be sure to wash and treat it as well! Here are some curly and straight styles from our collaboration with Signature the brand collections that you can try out for the next party you attend. Happy slay season Posh dolls. Glow On Posh Dolls. Make Up: Shamsa Munir blushby_shamy Outfits: Signature Collections @signature_thebrand @ibrahimos_hair (Posh Palace)

WAKE UP & MAKE UP There’s no denying that make up can either make or break your entire outfit. In fact, make up alone can take the most basic look and convert it into the baddest! So like all other components of your appearance, you need to give a

significant amount of thought into your make up. On big occasions such as weddings and grand parties you probably want to hire a professional to beat that face (like visiting us at Posh Palace Hair Studio & Spa) but what about those days when the event is not that grand and you still need to look glam? Here are some tips on what to do for those days for our beginner posh dolls!

• Find your perfect match! Finding the perfect shade of foundation and concealer should be on the high priority end of your list always! Once you do that you’re one step away from stealing the show at your next event. • When choosing the eye shadow to wear, make sure you select colours that work well together. That way you’ll have an easier time blending in your colours. • If you’re new to the make up scene take it one step at a time. Start with perfecting your eyebrow game before going on to the shadows and contouring. The trick with makeup is to just start, the more you practice the better you’ll get at it!

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Dianna Dahlgren

fitness - pulseR writer

Brittany Renner

This Instagram model shocked many last year when she went ahead to expose athletes for not using protection. And the world listened. After all, what do you expect of an expose done by one of the most popular beauties with over 5.2 million followers on Instagram! Renner has been a fitness freak who started off as a sales girl and zumba instructor before she became big on Instagram – which opened doors to her fandom. She became a social media sensation for posting fitness photos and before we knew it, fame was calling and now she is in the world of international celebs. She sells her own fashion line and is currently dating hip-hop, star Lil Uzi Vert.

Katy Hearn

Dianna Dahlgren is a model who has become a successful world hit and beauty wonder. She has won many awards including the NPC Team Universe (2009), Europe Battle of Champions (2010), Phoenix Pro (2011) and Los Angeles Pro (2012). But all this has not come on a silver platter. Dianna started out as a gymnast before moving into


november 2019 pulser magazine

Brittany Renne

Dianna Dahlgren

Stunners &


hey have gained massive online following for their gorgeous in-shape looks they like to flaunt. But that is not all. These 10 female fitness models are not only sexy and trendy for the show. They have worked for it and have a story behind the desirable physique.


Whatever comes to mind when you think of fitness models, these gorgeous beauties will not only leave you inspired, but also awed by their sexy bods


Alice Matos

Katy Hearn

She has over two million Instagram followers and we can all almost guess why; this fitness model has all things good going for her thanks to her looks earned from her fitness hard work. Her journey into the world of fitness began in college when she discovered the life of pleasure she had adopted that included eating unhealthy food and drinking wasn’t working for her. After getting disappointed with her 21st birthday look, she decided to swing into fitness action and the transformation results constantly became impressive. She then created an Instagram account where she would show photos of before-and-after. Now she is a fitness online sensation.

Alice Matos

Having been inspired by fitness celebrities, Brazilian model Alice Matos started her fitness journey at 25. She had an active lifestyle thanks to her love for sports. However, she wanted to be more proactive in her fitness journey. It was in this quest that she hired a personal trainer and started working out. She joined a fitness show and is currently a social media influencer with millions of fans who adore her enviable beauty.

Kerri Hayes

This beauty, a fitness model and social media personality trains six days a week. It is said she is so aggressive with her gym training that even men cannot keep up with her workout routines which change every month. And it is not just an inspiration born of the gym for this online stunner who is best known from the IFBB Bikini Pro. Just like most models here, Kerri keeps a diet of low carbs, high protein, and healthy fats. In the months of November and December, she does not attempt any cheat meal.

Jenna Renee Browne

You have probably sported this beauty gracing top lifestyle and sports publications such as Sports Illustrated, Shape, Maxim, and Muscle & Fitness’ Swimwear Special 2012. Even though she was born a natural beauty, Jenna grew up fighting a big battle with her weight that could fluctuate between being overweight and anorexic. It was out of this that she focused on diet and exercise. Lifting

weights and keeping a clean diet put her into shape and now her story of struggle and triumph is one of the most inspiring when it comes to fitness.

Jennifer Nicole

Jennifer Nicole was crowned Miss Bikini America in 1996, after a hard exercise and healthy food check that followed a weight struggle. A fitness model, motivational speaker and author, she is a celebrated model who has appeared on movies and over 40 magazine covers.

Hannah Stocking

This hottie is both a model and internet star with an extremely popular YouTube channel with over three million subscribers. She uses celebrated fitness trainers to maintain her perfect physique. Besides exercising and keeping a disciplined fitness watch, she follows a healthy diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean cuts, and fish.

Kayla Itsines

This young Australian fitness model is a certified fitness trainer! A social media influencer and celebrity in her own right, she has a cult-like following of over six million followers, most of whom follow her for her Bikini Body Guide. The rather social beauty tries not to follow any of the fad diets and instead chooses to follow her own healthy regimen.

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Jennifer Nicole

This Brazilian beauty hit the gym at the age of 19 and has never looked back. She trains five days a week and her workouts include working on her lower body, chest and shoulders as well as her back and arms. She has a disciplined health regime whose diet comprises proteins, green vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Lais is both a model and social media sensation who has been profiling the transformation of her awesome body through posts of her gym workouts. She has a massive Instagram following thanks to her irresistible photo updates.

on ele

Lais Deleon

D is La

Kerri Hayes

modeling in 2009. Her secret is keeping a strict diet as well as a grueling fitness plan. She also does other fitness activities including biking and horse riding.

books winnie makena

of Kentucky and beyond, from the author of Me Before Youand The Peacock Emporium.

Author: Matthew Dicks


rom the beloved author of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend comes a new novel about Dan. Dan is an obsessive list maker, and his story unfolds entirely in his lists, which are brimming with his hilarious sense of humour, unique world-view, and deeply personal thoughts. When read in full, his lists paint a picture of a man struggling to be a man, a man who has reached a point where he’s willing to do anything for love.

The Starless Sea Author: Erin Morgenstern A fantastical love story set in an underground world, from the author of the 2012 smash hit The Night Circus. This book is a love letter to stories and storytelling, myths and fables, symbols and imagination. It revolves around Zachary Ezra Rawlins, a graduate student who discovers a mysterious book hidden in the library stacks. As he turns the pages, he reads something strange: a story from his own childhood.

Oligarchy Author: Scarlett Thomas Her first adult novel in four years: a tale about Natasha, daughter of a Russian oligarch, arrives for her first day at an all-girl boarding school, and finds herself thrown into a world of fierce pecking orders, eating disorders and Instagram angst, the synopsis reads. Then her friend, Bianca mysteriously vanishes, and the world of the school gets ever darker and stranger.

Olive, Again (Olive Kitteridge #2) Author: Elizabeth Strout Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout continues the life of her beloved Olive Kitteridge, a character who has captured the imaginations of millions of readers. It follows on two years after Olive’s husband Henry’s death. Olive is a little more introspective on how she, as a person, her behaviour and relationships have evolved as she ages into her eighties, especially as she experiences loss and loneliness.

The Widow of Rose House Author: Diana Biller The novel is a gorgeous debut by Biller, with a darkly Victorian Gothic flair and an intrepid and resilient American heroine guaranteed to delight readers. A young widow restores a dilapidated mansion with the assistance of a charming, eccentric genius, only to find the house is full of dangerous secrets in this effervescent Gilded Age debut novel.

Raven Lane Author: Amber Cowie The truth can bring out the worst in the best of friends. Esme and Benedict Werner have an idyllic life in a tight-knit community until an accident in their cul-de-sac ends in the tragic sudden death of one of their dearest neighbours. After vindicating eyewitness accounts morph into contradictory memories, suspicion, and unaccountable accusations, Benedict is arrested. Esme’s life, too, is changed forever.

The Giver of Stars Author: Jojo Moyes Set in Depression-era America, a breathtaking story of five extraordinary women and their unforgettable journey through the mountains


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The Starless Sea Quote ‘‘Everyone wants the stars. Everyone wishes to grasp that which exists out of reach. To hold the extraordinary in their hands and keep the remarkable in their pockets.” — Erin Morgenstern, The Starless Sea

Cast: Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Directed By: Tim Miller In Theatres: November 1, 2019


arah Connor and a hybrid cyborg human must protect a young girl from a newly modified liquid Terminator from the future that ruthlessly destroys everything and everyone in its path on the hunt for Dani.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Twenty-one Truths About Love


-winnie makena

MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN Cast: Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw Genre: Crime, Drama Directed By: Edward Norton In Theatres: November 1, 2019 Set against the backdrop of 1950s New York, Motherless Brooklyn follows Lionel Essrog, a lonely private detective afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome, as he ventures to solve the murder of his mentor and only friend, Frank Minna. DOCTOR SLEEP Cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Ewan McGregor, Jacob Tremblay Genre: Horror Directed By: Mike Flanagan In Theatres: 8 November 2019 Years following the events of “The Shining,” a now-adult Dan Torrance meets a young girl with similar powers as his and tries to protect her from a cult known as The True Knot who prey on children with powers to remain immortal. THE GOOD LIAR Cast: Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen, Jim Carter Genre: Drama Directed By: Bill Condon In Theatres: 15 November 2019 Career con artist Roy Courtnay can hardly believe his luck when he meets well-to-do widow Betty McLeish online. As Betty opens her home and life to him, Roy is surprised to find himself caring about her, turning what should be a cut-and-dry swindle into the most treacherous tightrope walk of his life. COURTESY

The Godfather: Part II 45th Anniversary (1974) by TCM Cast: Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, Robert DuVall, Al Pacino, Talia Shire, John Cazale, Lee Strasberg Genre: Crime, Drama Directed By: Francis Ford Coppola In Theatres: November 10, 2019 A 3 hr 30 min film where Coppola continues his epic Godfather trilogy with this saga of two generations of power within the Corleone family. A timeless classic best revered on the big screen, time tested fans and newcomers alike won’t want to miss this FROZEN 2 Cast: Jason Ritter, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy Directed By: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee In Theatres: 22 November 2019 Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave Arendelle to travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers in order to save their kingdom. CHARLIE’S ANGELS Cast: Naomi Scott, Sam Claflin, Kristen Stewart Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy Directed By: Elizabeth Banks In Theatres: 15 November 2019 Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are working for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose security and investigative agency has expanded internationally. With the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs everywhere.

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Will it be a Kenyan… again?

After a good year on the tracks, Kenyans await to celebrate a good ending when the Athletics Awards 2019 take place in Monaco on November 23


resh from making history as the first human to finish a marathon race in under two hours, Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge is on the edge of making yet another great feat. May the vote favour him. Having been shortlisted for the IAAF World Athlete of the Year Awards taking place in Monaco on November 23, if he wins the prestigious award, Kipchoge will have done it for the second year running. He will consequently become the fourth athlete to do so after Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, Ethiopia’s Kenenisa Bekele and Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco. And he is not alone as he has a cloud of Kenyan athletes making their claim for the same. The world 1500m champion Timothy Cheruiyot is also on the shortlist for the Male World Athlete of the Year. Then there is the world 3000m steeplechase record holder Beatrice Chepkoech, the world marathon record holder Brigid Kosgei, and the world 5000m champion Hellen Obiri in the shortlist for the Female World Athlete of the Year. Chepkoech came close to winning the female award last year after making it to the top five before Caterine Ibarguen of Colombia was announced the winner. The nominees are usually selected by an international panel of athletics experts, comprising representatives from all six continental areas of the IAAF. The nominations reflect the remark-


november 2019 pulser magazine

able range of exceptional performances that the sport has witnessed this year; at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha, and in the Diamond League and in road and cross country events. The IAAF’s Competition Performance Ranking show that the World Championships in Doha - where Kenya had a good haul of medals -was the highest quality competition in the history of the event. A three-way voting process will determine the finalists. The IAAF Council and the IAAF Family will cast their votes by email, while fans can vote online via the IAAF’s social media platforms. Individual graphics for each nominee is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a ‘like’ on Facebook and Instagram or a retweet on Twitter will count as one vote. The IAAF Council’s vote will count for 50 per cent of the result, while the IAAF Family’s votes and the public votes will each count for 25 per cent of the final result. Voting for the Male World Athlete of the Year closes on November 4 while voting for the Female World Athlete of the Year will close the next day. At the conclusion of the voting process, five men and women finalists will be announced by the IAAF. The male and female World Athletes of the Year will be announced live on stage at the World Athletics Awards 2019.

Hellen Obiri (KEN) - Won world cross-country title in Aarhus - Won world 5000m title in a championship record of 14:26.72 - Ran a world-leading 14:20.36 for 5000m in London

Here is the list of the nominees for 2019 Male World Athlete of the Year are: Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) - Won London Marathon in a course record of 2:02:37 - Ran 1:59:40.2 for 42.195km in Vienna

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (JAM) - Won world 100m and 4x100m titles in world-leading times of 10.71 and 41.44 - Won Pan-American 200m title - Won seven of her 10 races at 100m

Donavan Brazier (USA) - Won world 800m title in a championship record of 1:42.34 - Won Diamond League title - Won four of his five outdoor 800m races


Timothy Cheruyiot (KEN) - Won world 1500m title - Won Diamond League 1500m title - Won 10 of his 11 outdoor races across all distances Christian Coleman (USA) - Won world 100m title in a world-leading 9.76 - Won world 4x100m title in a world-leading 37.10 - Won four of his five races at 100m

Joshua Cheptegei (UGA) - Won world cross-country title in Aarhus - Won world 10,000m title in a world-leading 26:48.36 - Won Diamond League 5000m title

Noah Lyles (USA) - Won world 200m and 4x100m titles - Ran a world-leading 19.50 in Lausanne to move to fourth on the world all-time list - Won Diamond League titles at 100m and 200m Daniel Stahl (SWE) - Won the world discus title - Threw a world-leading 71.86m to move to fifth on the world all-time list - Won 13 of his 16 competitions, including the Diamond League final Christian Taylor (USA) - Won the world triple jump title - Won Diamond League title - Won 10 of his 14 competitions

Sifan Hassan (NED) - Won world 1500m and 10,000m titles in world-leading times of 3:51.95 and 30:17.62 - Won Diamond League 1500m and 5000m titles - Broke world mile record with 4:12.33 in Monaco Mariya Lasitskene (ANA) - Won world high jump title with 2.04m - Jumped a world-leading 2.06m in Ostrava - Won 21 of her 23 competitions, indoors and outdoors

Steven Gardiner (BAH) - Won world 400m title in 43.48 - Undefeated all year over 400m - Ran world-leading 32.26 indoors over 300m Sam Kendricks (USA) - Won world pole vault title - Cleared a world-leading 6.06m to win the US title - Won 12 of his 17 outdoor competitions, including the Diamond League final

Katarina Johnson-Thompson (GBR) - Won world heptathlon title in a world-leading 6981 - Undefeated in all combined events competitions, indoors and outdoors - Won European indoor pentathlon title with a world-leading 4983

Malaika Mihambo (GER) - Won world long jump title with a world-leading 7.30m - Won Diamond League title - Undefeated outdoors Karsten Warholm (NOR) - Won the world 400m hurdles title - Undefeated indoors and outdoors at all distances, including at the Diamond League final and the European Indoor Championships - Clocked world-leading 46.92, the second-fastest time in history

The nomineesforfor 2019 Female World Athlete The nominees 2019 Female World Athlete of theof the Year are: Year are (in alphabetical order): Beatrice Chepkoech (KEN) - Won world 3000m steeplechase title in a championship record of 8:57.84 - Won Diamond League title - Won seven of her eight steeplechase races Brigid Kosgei (KEN) - Set a world record of 2:14:04 to win the Chicago Marathon - Won the London Marathon - Ran a world-leading 1:05:28 for the half marathon and 1:04:28 on a downhill course

Dalilah Muhammad (USA) - Broke world record with 52.20 at the US Championships - Improved her own world record to win the world 400m hurdles title in 52.16 - Won world 4x400m title Salwa Eid Naser (BRN) - Won world 400m title in 48.14, the third-fastest time in history - Won Diamond League title and three gold medals at the Asian Championships - Undefeated at 400m outdoors Yulimar Rojas (VEN) - Won world triple jump title with 15.37m - Jumped world-leading 15.41m to move to second on the world all-time list - Won nine of her 12 competitions, including the Pan-American Games

— Sources: IAAF – Press release

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- boniface mithika


november 2019 pulser magazine


e are wrapping up 2019 and already a bunch of games have joined the delay-club to 2020. Some fire games have been dropping all through the month across various platforms. Get up and play because with games like these, you will have the adrenaline of a champ. Death Stranding (PlayStation 4) This is an action game set in an open world, which also includes multiplayer functions. Besieged by death’s tide at every turn Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the stranded remnants of the future in his hands, Sam embarks on a journey to reunite the shattered world one step at a time. The goal of the player is to reconnect isolated cities and a fragmented society. The game is created such that all elements, including the story and gameplay, are bound together by the theme of the “Strand” or connection.

Jumanji: The Video Game (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)


tion 4, PlaySta ( t a e H r Speed Need fo , PC) e n O Xbox

NfS Heat is a racing game set in an open world environment called Palm City, a fictionalized version of the city of Miami, Florida. Unlike its predecessors NfS Heat does not include a 24-hour cycle but instead players can switch between day and night. The game pits you against a city’s rogue police force as you battle your way into street racing’s elite. By day, you take part in a sanctioned competition where you earn bank to customize and upgrade your garage where you can style and hyper-tune your car. At night, you and your crew take on the competition in illicit street races that build your reputation and grant you access to bigger races and better parts. But under the cover of darkness patrols a rogue task force looking to bring you down and swipe all you’ve earned. Take them on and risk it all for underground glory or head back to your safe house and begin another thrilling day. Shenmue III (PlayStation 4, PC) This action-adventure game continues the story of teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki’s quest to find his father’s killer in 1980s China. Following the events of Shenmue II, he has journeyed from Yokosuka, Japan, to the mountains of Guilin, China, in search of his father’s killer, Lan Di. There he met Ling Shenhua, a mysterious girl who previously appeared in his dreams. After learning the legend of her village, which foretells a united path between them, Ryo and Shenhua embark on a new journey which reveals their shared destiny. Lan Di returns, with a new antagonist, Niao Sun.

Unite in adventure and laughter in the action-packed game of Jumanji, the ultimate team challenge for those seeking to leave their world behind in the incarnations of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillian. The game is a third person action adventure game for up to four players on this hilarious adventure in online or split-screen modes, as you tackle all new Jumanji environments and choose your hero from Dr Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin “Mouse” Finbaror, Professor Shelly Oberon and combine their unique abilities to keep one another alive. It has a combination of melee and shooting for combat while presenting other environmental hazards. Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword Pokémon Sword and Shield are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. These are the first main series games in the eighth generation of the Pokémon franchise, and the second in the series to be released on a home console. Similar to many previous entries in the Pokémon franchise, the player embarks on a journey to become the strongest trainer in the Galar Region. Starting alongside their neighbor and rival Hop, the player receives one of three Pokémon from the local Professor Magnolia. After receiving a letter of endorsement from Champion Leon, they face off against Gym Leaders of each town, including Milo, Nessa, Bea, and Allister, and aim to take part in the Champions Cup. The gyms showcase Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon.

The aga gam rog inst a e pits as y ue po city’s you way ou ba lice fo rac into ttle y rce — n ing’s e street our fs lite .

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) Xbox One, PC) This is a single-player action-adventure game set in the Star Wars universe shortly after Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Taking place after Order 66, which started the galaxy-wide purge of the Jedi Order, players take control of Padawan Cal Kestis, one of the last surviving Jedi as he attempts to survive while being chased by the Galactic Empire and the Second Sister Inquisitor. During the game, you will meet Star Wars characters such as Saw Gerreraand the Second Sister, an inquisitor trained by Darth Vader, and visit worlds such as Kashyyyk. There are also new worlds and characters for players to explore and meet. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) This tactical shooter video game lets you as the player experience pure sniper gameplay across the harsh terrain of Siberia in a system that encourages strategic thinking, playing as a silent assassin within engaging, redeployablemissions. You get to fulfill tailor-made contracts that offer clear objectives with a fixed monetary reward and options to complete bonus challenges for payouts. With hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, Contracts offers precise, strategic sniping gameplay at its absolute best. With open-ended contracts, bounties and challenges deliver strong options to eliminate targets and collect cash to redeem for upgrades., while the dynamic Reticle System with tactical tagging system marks your enemies for death.

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Profile for Standard Group PLC

Pulser Magazine November Issue  

The Pulser Magazine November issue is out! The magazine from Kenya's leading entertainment brand features recently crowned Miss Universe Sta...

Pulser Magazine November Issue  

The Pulser Magazine November issue is out! The magazine from Kenya's leading entertainment brand features recently crowned Miss Universe Sta...

Profile for pulserke