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I treat 200 cancer patients each year. Dr. Susan Bahl is a breast

For Dr. Bahl, treating breast cancer is more than treating

surgeon and the medical

the patient—it’s treating their entire family, too. With her

director at Monocacy Health Partners Center for Breast Care.

compassionate approach to patient care and Frederick Regional Health System’s affiliation with MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Bahl and the oncology team are one step closer to reaching their goal: ending cancer.

2 Trusted Leaders 1 Mission #endcancer 301-418-6465 • fmh.org/cancercare Center for Breast Care • 7211 Bank Court, Suite 110, Frederick, MD 21703

trust your



301.668.8075 MollysMeanderings.com Monday–Saturday, 10:30–6 Sunday, 12–5


Frederick’s largest and finest selection of mid-century modern furniture and accessories. Danish Teak, Eames, Knoll, Lane, Broyhill and more. 103 S. CARROLL ST. • VINTAGE-MC.COM • 240-514-8623

offers the best service for custom tattoos of all styles and body piercings. We also have a growing selection of body jewelry for sale, as well as animal skulls, paintings, t-shirts, and more. At Tattoo Alchemy we take pride in helping people get the tattoo they desire, and deserve. Friendliest tattoo shop in Frederick!

415 N. Market St. • Frederick, MD 21701

301-662-5472 email: tattooalchemymd@gmail.com • www.tattooalchemymd.com facebook: tattooalchemymd • Instagram: tattoo_alchemy

WHERE IS IT Be the Next Winner

MAKE & TAKE Meal Prep Made Fun

PRACTICE SAFE SETS New Year, New Workout!

UPCYCLING THE UNLOVED Cobblers, Tailers, Upolsterers... OH MY!




CRAFTING COMFORTS Cures for Cabin Fever

OVER THE EDGE Modern Gettysburg

GOING FOR THE GOLD Local Connections to the Paralympics

Photo Barb Campbell/Studio Eleven Photography

I am not a fan of winter. While I do find a freshly fallen snowcovered field charming, and a crackling fire warm and inviting, you won’t find me bundled up, gleefully tossing snowballs and making snow angels. Although, I have been known to craft a Swedish snowball lantern or two! With temperatures hovering at near record lows, it seems natural to hibernate until the spring thaw, but think again! Frederick County is not only rich in history, it’s also rich with all kinds of things to do. The winter festival Fire In Ice, makes the First Saturday in February a must-not-miss event. Shops offer cozy special events, gyms and yoga studios offer promotions, and there are many places to learn new crafts and skills. In this issue, we introduce you to a few of our neighbors. There is a growing farm-to-table movement in Gettysburg and a chocolate inspired restaurant worth the trek to Leesburg. So while you fight the good fight against cabin fever, remember the wonders of Frederick County and our neighbors to the North and South all await you!

Melissa Howes-Vitek, Editor // melissa@pulsepublishing.net


FLAX is here!

Comfortable clothes for beautiful souls. USA, fair trade & handmade. Jewelry, handmade artisan wares, and gifts We love natural fabrics, generous sizing, and believe comfort is mandatory, but never at the expense of style! SIZES XS TO 2X Pearl Clothing

230 East Patrick St. Historic Downtown Frederick “Where the parking is easy.”

240-815-6967 • 240-405-4518 www.pearlclothingva.com HOURS: WED – SAT 11-5 • MOST SUNDAYS 12-4 OTHER DAYS BY CHANCE OR APPOINTMENT

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CHARITY BETH LONG is the domestic diva behind VintageKitty. com, a home and garden journal that celebrates a fun, hands-on approach to homemaking. Follow Charity as she chronicles her pursuit to mix up the old and the new in her Victorian home in the beautiful eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Domestic bliss is not just wearing pearls while you vacuum!

SHUAN BUTCHER An Army veteran, Shuan has spent most of his life working in the nonprofit sector on issues such as arts and culture, heritage tourism, civic engagement, and community development. He is a member of the National Press Club. He published “Inspiration to Serve: 101 Quotes about Kindness, Caring, and Giving,” co-authored “Making Change for the Better: The Importance of Youth Giving,” and contributes to a variety of local, regional, and national publications.



Saving families, saving lives and making our community whole.

Join Us

SATURDAY APRIL 14, 2018 Support the work of the Mental Health Association, an organization that makes a difference in the lives of people in Frederick County, EVERY DAY. FOR TICKETS AND SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

www.catoctinaf fair.org

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Be the Next Winner! Congratulations to Jim Marker! He was the reader who first correctly identified the image in our last issue as the bridge supports located at the intersection of Monocacy and E. South Street. Good eye, Jim! Now it’s your turn. Figure out where this photo was taken, grab your digital device of choice, and email your answer along with your name and email to ifoundit@pulsepublishing.net with the words “I found it” in the subject line. All properly submitted and correct answers will be entered into a random drawing to win an awesome prize. Now go FiND iT!



M DERN KITCHEN Sanctuary: Modern Kitchen is changing the game when it comes to health-conscious, planet-conscious, and, most importantly, allergen-conscious food. Trekking across downtown Frederick in freezing temperatures is something I like to avoid, but when we heard that Sanctuary: Modern Kitchen was open, we bundled up, braced the cold and ventured on a quest that we hoped would end in delicious warm food. Spoiler: we


Photography by Kaitlyn Cane

were not disappointed.

Now, I don’t have Celiac’s Disease or a gluten

Choosing one item from the varied list of food they

allergy, but I have worked with children most of

have posted felt like an impossible task. Finally,

my adult life and have had heartstrings tugged

the Italian in me decided on the Arancini, a Sicilian

when students with allergies are unable to eat

street food that is a fried rice ball stuffed with

cupcakes brought in for a birthday or holiday party.

delicious meat, veggies, and, of course, cheese.

Instead, they smile and bite into what seems to

I don’t know if you have ever tasted joy before,

be a makeshift edible brick. Within recent years,

but, sitting at one of their barstools, looking out

however, more information has come out about

the large window and taking a bite of this Arancini

Celiac’s Disease, which means that companies

is a moment where I could hear “Do You Believe in

and stores are now labeling and selling food that

Magic?” from The Lovin’ Spoonful.

is gluten-free. Sanctuary: Modern Kitchen takes this all a step further by making their food glutenfree and safe from any cross-contamination with other common allergens such a shellfish, peanuts, and dairy. They also make sure their packaging and utensils are all biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

If 60’s sunshine pop is not enough to convince you to brave the cold for this Sicilian treat, just know that their cookies are just as good. Can’t get enough of their amazing food? Don’t want to face the cold weather? They have a membership where you can get a box of gluten-free meals delivered to your door every month.

By Kaitlyn Cane www.sanctuarymodernkitchen.com 16A N East St, Frederick, MD 21701 (240) 415-0592


Art Beauty The


We offer a variety of luxurious and rejuvenating facials and body services • European Facials & Customized Skin Care Treatments • Therapuetic Massage & Reflexology • Face & Body Waxing • Eyebrow & Eyelash Coloring • NovaLash Eyelash Extensions • Nail Services • Make-Up Applications

(Bridal, Special Occasion, etc.)

We Carry Dermalogica and Dr. Temt Skin Care and Jane Iredale Make-Up

Call 240-629-8905 or visit

TheArtOfBeautySkincareAssociates.com for a full listing of services and pricing

Conveniently located close to Rt.15 on Rosemont Avenue

Pretty Chic Consignment is your Frederick source for women designer clothing, shoes, jewelry and much more in a 5,000 sq. ft. showroom. We have a little something for every budget and exceptional customer service. Check us out at prettychicdc.com for our MD and DC locations.





’m a workout nut, pretty much everyone who knows me would agree. My strong-suit is powerlifting, and I’ve been training for a meet for about 6 months now

with my trainer. Even though I’m at the gym almost

everyday and love my workouts, I’m always looking for new ways to move. So, I dragged a few of my friends to challenge ourselves to move in a new way, trying pole dancing at Luna Aerial (very different from powerlifting), pilates at Club Pilates (maybe the polar opposite of powerlifting), and the Explosive Performance Program at Onelife Fitness-South Frederick (the perfect complement to powerlifting).




when I say “I took a pole class”?

If your answer isn’t Def Leppard or Warrant, I’m going to need you to re-think your answer. When my friend and I showed up at Luna Aerial, I had a very clear picture of what to expect: high heels, teeny outfits, and hair metal turned all the way up to 11.What I didn’t expect, but was thrilled with, was the emboldening atmosphere and the different shapes and sizes of the other students. Technically, you can wear regular exercise clothing to your class, but you will learn quickly that you’re overdressed for the occasion. Skin contact with the pole actually helps with dancing, so outfits at the studio vary from tank tops and booty shorts to bras and underwear. (Like I said, emboldening!) Both the instructor and the other students were very encouraging as my friend and I were learning some basic moves. I say basic moves, but they looked far from basic as we learned how to spin and hook our legs around the pole--we even did a move where both of our legs were off of the ground at once, we looked like we were straight out of a music video. (Bonus: While we didn’t get to dance with heels on, Def Leppard actually was on the instructor’s playlist. I was ecstatic!) This would be perfect for anyone looking for an unconventional workout or anyone who wants a great workout without realizing it. Luna Aerial also offers classes in aerial silks, lyra, and belly dancing in 4-week courses or as drop-in classes.

POLE Da g n c n i


what’s the first thing you think of



s S e E t T a l A i L P I P


even be humanly possible. There are a ton of different ways to use a reformer, and I even got to “jump” on one while laying down--I thought for sure I would hit my head on the wall behind me, but I was assured that was impossible. We also used pilates chairs and springboards in addition to the reformers and did some fun moves, like


perception of pilates before our class

sticking our butts all the way in the air while

was that it was yoga on a sliding board.

stabilizing on the chair, it sounds funny, but

Needless to say, I was definitely underprepared for this workout. The instructor was absolutely hilarious and knowledgeable, my friend and I were laughing throughout our butt-kicking half-

trust me, it’s an ab-killer. Pilates would be great for those who don’t like a gym atmosphere but still like group classes.

hour workout. I learned that those sliding boards

They have a wide variety of classes, all of which

are actually called reformers, and they have

have a number level assigned to them, from 1 to

specific properties built into them to make glute

2.5, 1 being a beginner and 2.5 being a master. Club

bridges about a thousand times harder and to

Pilates offers stretching and massage classes to

get your legs to stretch in ways that should not

functional movement, to interval training courses.


Performance EXPLOSIVE




you have some serious long-term training

There are a few coaches at the South Frederick

goals, whether it’s weight loss and getting

location that are part of the EP Program.

into shape, or improving sports performance and training for competitions, this program is definitely for you. There’s a huge variety in workout routine, equipment, and intensity level depending on your own fitness; and it’s all done with the supervision of a trainer, so if you have zero experience with exercise (like me when I started!) or have mobility or joint problems, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or making it worse. Since all the workouts are done with a trainer, they’re customized for you and your goals. Personally, I started with the goal of losing weight, and after I got down to my goal weight I decided that I wanted to train for a powerlifting meet, so my workouts changed with me.

Participants in this program usually have private or semi-private sessions with a coach or trainer during the week and then come in on Saturdays for a large group conditioning class with trainer Beau Hickman. A Saturday session with Beau could include tire flipping, sledgehammering, sled dragging and pulling (sometimes with fellow participants weighing it down--so much fun!) and barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, all of the non-musical bells. Beau designs all of the workouts himself and always explains and guides you through the movements, so even if you have no idea what a shin-box or kettlebell swing is, you’ll do it, you’ll do it correctly, and by golly by gosh, you’ll be sore the next day.

By Hailey Ploski-Sarno

Luna Aerial Dance and Performing Arts 4750 Winchester Blvd #7 Frederick, MD 240-397-7355 Lunaaerial.com Club Pilates - South Frederick 4959 Westview Dr. Ste D Frederick, MD 301-304-4880 clubpilates.com/location/southfrederick Onelife Fitness - South Frederick Beau Hickman, Explosive Performance Coach 5728 Buckeystown Pke Frederick, MD 301-698-4653 onelifefitness.com/locations/south-frederick


HOURS: MON-THURS: 11:30am-8:30pm | FRI-SAT: 11:30AM-10PM | SUN: 12-8PM 9 E. patrick st., frederick, md 21701



Seasonal German Bier on Draft and in Bottles

We use only the finest ingredients in our

Apple Cider, Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter,

Preserves, Relishes, BBQ Sauces, and more. Our famous-old fashioned products are

sold online, in farm markets and country stores nationwide. Visit our FACTORY

STORE for a unique shopping experience!

MON-FRI 8AM-5PM SAT 9AM-1PM 13 South Wisner St. Frederick, MD 21701 | 301.662.3261 | McCutcheons.com

BBQ Restaurant Our BBQ is hardwood smoked in house daily, and all of our sides and BBQ sauces are house made from scratch. Featuring over 50 beers in bottles and cans and 8 rapidly-rotating draft options.

PorkIsGoodStuff.com @PIGSBBQ

JOIN US FOR HAPPY HOUR! Monday–Friday, 3:30–6:30pm

$1 OFF Beer & Wine | $2 OFF Snack Menu


1845 Brookfield Court (Inside FISC) Frederick MD 21701 240-629-8001

TRIVIA NIGHT every TUESDAY starting January 9th at 7:00


Make & Take For some, the task of making dinner every night is a chore. Even if you enjoy cooking and preparing meals, let’s face it: it’s easy to get into a rut, creating the same dinners week after week. If you’re looking to shake up your routine, and get some extra help in the kitchen, you’re in luck. There are several great businesses in Frederick County that can help you with

Photos courtesy of Dream Dinners

inspiring new recipes and mealprep strategies.


Through Perfect Little Bites, Spear aims to give customers a restaurant experience in their own home. He knows folks love to eat out, but the hassles (finding a babysitter, dealing with parking, noise and dietary accommodations) can be too much. Spear takes care of all these issues.


Chris Spear would love for everyone to become a better cook. And he’s been working toward that goal for years, posting recipes, food ideas and prep tips on his website and social media, and interacting with anyone who cares to comment or ask questions. Spear, 41, first started working in kitchens when he was 16 years old, and has never held a job that wasn’t in the food service industry. After getting his degree in culinary arts, from Johnson & Wales University, he moved around the country, eventually settling in Frederick 10 years ago. Perfect Little Bites was born as a side gig seven years ago. About one year ago, Spear officially left his full-time job behind and made his passion project into his profession. Through Perfect Little Bites, Spear aims to give


At the end, he takes all the dirty dishes with him and cleans up the kitchen. It’s as much of an interactive experience as you want. You can come into the kitchen and help cook, sit off to the side with a glass of wine and ask lots of questions, or just have a quiet dinner in the other room, allowing Spear to serve you. Each event is personalized around the type of experience the customer wants. “It’s about so much more than the food,” Spear said. “I want it to be a truly memorable experience.” Spear also offers in-home cooking lessons, to help you hone your skills, and learn some tricks. Though he’s based in Frederick, Spear will travel within a 70-mile radius, serving Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania.

Photo by Tara Butler

Perfect Little Bites

First, you fill out a brief questionnaire about food preferences, and then Spear builds a custom menu. He comes to you, brings all the food, china, silverware, pots/pans and linen napkins, sets the table and serves you like you are in a restaurant.


The Kitchen Studio Cooking School

5301 BUCKEYSTOWN PIKE, SUITE 125, FREDERICK | 301-663-6442 | KITCHENSTUDIOFREDERICK.COM Looking to learn a new skill or two in the kitchen (or send your kids or teens to learn food techniques)? Look no further than The Kitchen Studio Cooking School, located off Buckeystown Pike in Frederick.

Photo courtesy of Kitchen Studio

Class offerings are posted monthly, and include a variety of hands-on opportunities taught by experienced chefs, including owner Chef Christine Van Bloem. In the French Bistro class, you can spend a fun night learning how to sear steaks on the stovetop, poach eggs, work with and clean mussels, create the perfect Hollandaise and traditional vinaigrette. And when you’re done learning, you get to eat it all: Mussels with White

Wine, Shallot Strip Steak with Bearnaise, Roasted Asparagus with Poached Eggs, and Chocolate Souffle Cake for dessert. Got a beer-lover in the family? Then set them up for one of The Kitchen Studio’s partner classes with Flying Dog Brewery. The series is called, appropriately, Cooking With Beer, and features a ton of cooking tips to create such delights as Hot Beer Cheese-Ranch Dip, Tailgate Chili with Polenta and BeerBacon Jam Sliders with Flying Dog Mustard. They’ll also taste the beer as a standalone ingredient, because, of course they will. Are your kids interested in learning more about baking or creating meals? Send them to Chef Christine for one of The Kitchen Studio’s weeklong cooking or baking camps, or classes designed specifically for kids and teens. They will learn tips and tricks on how to cook safely while having a super fun time tasting their efforts.


8927A FINGERBOARD ROAD, URBANA | 301-874-1515 | DREAMDINNERS.COM About 10 years ago, Jamie Carr and Tracey Muragaki opened the doors to Frederick’s branch of the national Dream Dinners franchise, and have since built a bustling business that aims to help families return to sitting around the dinner table together. So many of us are rushing from work to school activities to other commitments, leaving little time to prep meals and eat together. That’s where Dream Dinners comes in. Go online and choose from a large variety of dinnertime options (meals come in either 3-serving or 6-serving portions). Choose a date when you can spend about an hour in-store for assembly, and pay. Once you arrive at Dream Dinners, you’re greeted by a friendly, helpful staff who set you up with your own shelf in the communal fridge, an apron, and all the supplies you need to get started putting your meals

About an hour later, you’ll have a bunch of healthy, delicious meals ready to put in your freezer and pull out when you need it, on one of those busy weeknights. Dream Dinners menus change monthly and feature about 17 main dish items such as Steak Gorgonzola, Penne with Chicken and Peanut Sauce and Firehouse Three Cheese Pasta with Meatballs. A cooler near the entrance filled with dessert or side dish options are also available for purchase to complete your meals. Dream Dinners helps take the guesswork out of mealtime, frees up your brain for other important tasks, and allows you to sit down with your family instead of rushing through a fast-food drive-thru and eating on the go.

By Molly Fellin Spence 32

Photos courtesy of Dream Dinners

Dream Dinners

together. With your recipe cards in hand, you approach an open refrigerated recipe station and follow the step-by-step directions on a posted sign to scoop and measure prepped ingredients into provided baking pans or ziptop bags, and store all the ingredients for your meal. When you’re done, simply seal everything in a large zip-top bag with appropriate cooking instructions, and put it on your shelf in the fridge, then move on to your next recipe.



lay ComeuP r Food! with Yo

ning in the , fun, and lear od fo on d 05, se We’re focu do! Since 20 that’s all we , ct d the fa an In d n. an kitche central Maryl g in id ov totally pr d we’ve been exciting, an on with fun, gi re g in nd surrou ing classes. delicious cook ur developing yo the kitchen by feel in or te d an te e ar th st p g U re just gettin u’ yo out er ab l th al he skills, w ady. We’re ost a pro alre l good m fu al ay re pl u’ d, yo xe e lik a rela showing you s really the food and our instructor l, al sm e ar s se all! as by cl d ur ha O is e. tim a great time d an f uf st r know thei let’s cook! Join us, and P IK E , E YSTOW N 6 3- 6 4 4 2 | 53 0 1 B U C K K IC | 30 1- 6 R E D E R F S U IT E 12 5, E R IC K .CO M U D IO F R E D K ITC H E N ST

Frederick’s Oldest Italian Restaurant

We don’t just serve meals... 2017 we serve memories. VOTED

BEST ITALIAN Frederick Magazine

Lunch • Dinner • Brunch Happy Hour • Late Night Open 7 days a week

(Two full service bars and three dining rooms) Private event space for rehearsal dinners, lunch and dinner meetings, private celebrations and more. 111 E. Patrick Street | 301.624.1052 | nidosfrederick.com

UPthe Unloved


istockphoto.com/background: gollykim; recycle symbol: quisp65



When you first think of recycling, the first image that comes to mind are probably those giant blue bins, lining up in neighborhoods and outside businesses, like good soldiers of the save-the-planet army, overflowing with bottles and cans. The second image is probably crafty Pinterest hacks, leaving you obsessed with turning old, unused CDs into mosaic bowls or plastic spoons into flowers. The third image is akin to composting, rain barrels, etc. which are all important aspects of the effort to be more responsible with our resources, but there are even more ways to contribute! We bet you didn’t think of upcycling! Remember that old sofa you’ve had for 20 years…perhaps a hand me down from grandma? Don’t toss it! Consider visiting an upholstery professional. Not istockphoto.com/ Furniture Photos courtesy Ruby Twine http://rubytwine.com

only can they change the fabric, they can rebuild and even restyle pieces which can give new life to something that would otherwise go to the landfill. Plus, it can usually be done for about the same price as a new, quality piece, depending on fabric choice. I recently had 2 storage ottomans, both with failing leather, reupholstered in a new decorator fabric. Now, instead of hiding them under blankets


Furniture Photos courtesy Ruby Twine http://rubytwine.com



or contributing to the landfill, they are the stars of

Still itching for something new-to-you? Browse one

my living room once again.

of the many vintage and resale shops in Frederick

Lost or gained weight? Tear out a seam or lose a button? Learn some basic sewing skills (I’ve been known to darn a sock or two myself) or find a good tailor or seamstress. They’re not just for weddings and prom! After some hard won weight loss success, I had a seamstress take in 5-6 of my favorite pieces. For the price of an average blouse, I can now wear my old favorites. Check out the items in the back of your closet, there are bound to be items that, with a little nip here or tuck there, could be your go-to

for clothing, houseware and furniture. Recover a drab chair in a fabric of your choice, paint an old side table or lamp in a bold and contemporary hue, or turn that T-shirt into a V-neck! With upcycling, you decide. Upcycling old or unused pieces with a DIY or pro makeover is an easy way to introduce new style. Luckily for us, Frederick County is rich with places to score some great pieces as well as the skilled craftspeople to help make those finds a treasure.

By Melissa Howes-Vitek

pieces again! I sought a cobbler’s expertise when the soles of my favorite summer sandals were damaged by

Boot Photo courtesy Patrick Shoe Repair

some not-quite-cured asphalt. Not only did he replace the soles of my beloved sandals, he also saved several of my handbags from taking their final bow. A good cobbler can re-dye faded leather,

Learn the Basics https://frederickcountymd.gov/3549/ What-Can-I-Recycle https://www.epa.gov/recycle/ electronics-donation-and-recycling

replace broken straps, and repair or even replace a broken heel.



Crafting Comforts As the temperature drops, and we all start spending way more time indoors, cabin fever is sure to set in. Sure, there’s always binge-watching your favorite show or baking up a tasty treat from one of those Facebook videos you saw while scrolling through your phone the other day. But, if you’re looking for something a little more stimulating, why not stop in to a few great Frederick shops whose aim is to help you learn a

Photography by Molly Fellin Spence

new crafty skill, and have some great décor to show for it after?


Photography by Molly Fellin Spence



AR Workshop Frederick

914 North East St., Frederick | 301-298-9016 | arworkshop.com/frederick First stop is one of Frederick’s newest do-ityourself crafty locations. It’s called AR Workshop (which stands for Anders Ruff, the last names of founders Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff). The design company was founded in 2010 as a graphic design/styling/DIY blog and evolved into hands-on workshops to help people create personalized home décor that’s both inspiring and charming. Frederick’s branch opened in late October and has already played host to hundreds of crafters who have created their own custom-painted canvas pillows, wall-hangings, framed wood projects, centerpiece wood boxes and more. You choose your project ahead of your scheduled workshop date, so your custom stencil and supplies are ready for you when you arrive. The workshop space is stylishly set up, with multiple high-top tables large enough to fit four crafters working on projects. Cans filled with supplies, such as paint brushes, rags, pens, and surprisingly useful dental pic tools (you’ll understand why they come in handy when you do your first project) are set in the center of each table. Helpful staff circulate throughout the space to

different projects to choose from, you’ll probably

help you every step of the way.

run out of wall space before you run out of ideas.

Choose from an abundance of stain and paint hues to create your ideal color combination. Depending


This place can get addictive – there are so many

And, once you complete four projects, your fifth piece is free!

on the design you choose and its intricacies, it can

Check out AR Workshop’s website and Facebook

be painstaking work to set up your stencil and get

page to see examples of projects and find a

everything ready. But it’s totally worth the work.

date on their workshop calendar that works for

After a few hours, you go home with a piece of art,

you. Daytime and nighttime slots are available

ready to hang or display in your home.

weekdays and weekends.



Frederick Clay Studio

119 North East St., Frederick | 301-668-CLAY | tmpottery.net Raise your hand if, secretly, ever since you watched

Customers and visitors to the shop had requested

the movie “Ghost” you’ve wanted to try throwing

classes that would teach them how to work with

pottery. (Me too.)

clay, so the studio was born.

The process of hand building clay or throwing it

During the last six years, students have learned

on a wheel is so intriguing and looks like such a

about the possibilities of clay. Instructors teach

soothing craft to get into.

technical skills through hand building, wheel

If you’re finally ready to dive in, you’re in luck. The Frederick Clay Studio, located on East Street,

courses, and glaze application, that allow students to enjoy and explore their creative sides.

offers classes and workshops for beginners

For more information about workshops, classes,

through experienced potters.

and open studio time, check out The Frederick

The studio was founded in February 2011 as a

Clay Studio’s website.



spin-off from The Little Pottery Shop next door.

Hot Fired Arts

1003 West 7th St., Frederick | 301-732-6943 | hotfiredarts.com If you’re not quite sure how you want to

Another really great option that looks super

express your inner craft maven, head over to

impressive, but doesn’t require a lot of know-

Hot Fired Arts, where many options abound.

how, is glass fusion. You can walk in any time

And the best part is, you don’t even need a

Hot Fired Arts is open, as long as it’s at least

reservation. If the creative bug bites, just hop

one hour prior to closing, and create your own

in the car and get over to the studio, where you

piece of glass fusion art – a keychain, pendant,

(and/or your kids) can choose from a number of

plate, bowl, or even a nightlight.

different projects to create.

F i rst c h o o s e a p i e c e of g l a s s f o r t h e

How about hanging out with some friends and

background, then build onto it using square,

toting along your own bottle of wine to share

round or rod-type pieces of colorful glass.

while you all paint a custom wine glass or two.

Assembly is easy – you just use a bit of

Or join a class where techniques for creating your own canvas painting are shared.

white glue to stick the pieces together. Glass fusion is similar to mosaics, but simpler. Kids and teens are welcome to

Spend a few hours with your kids during open

give it a try, and it’s easy enough for them

studio time, when you each can choose a

to master quickly. About two weeks after

pottery piece to brighten up. (Each piece is

your visit, your masterpiece will be ready

then fired and you can pick it up a week or

to take home.


Fused Glass Dish photo by Shuan Butcher

two later.)





I Made This! 10-B North East St., Frederick 301-624-4030 | imadethispottery.com Need a new mug, plate, or set of salt-and-pepper shakers? Who doesn’t? Forget heading to the department store. Instead, create your own unique piece at I Made This! pottery studio. The first step is to choose a piece of pottery – there are literally hundreds of choices of all shapes and sizes. Then, decide on a design. Look for inspiration on the completed pieces hanging on the walls or sitting on the shelves. Then – more choices to make! What colors catch your fancy? Find your colors from among a variety of glazes, then grab some brushes,

istockphoto.com/inset: BrianAJackson; top: WhitneyLewisPhotography

stencils, stamps or sponges and get started. The great news is that you have all the time you need to finish. You aren’t charged by the hour, but by the piece. So you can relax, enjoy yourself, and create at your own speed. Once you’re done, the nice folks behind the desk will take your piece to the kiln and about a week later, you can go back and pick up your final creation. No matter your skill level, there’s crafty outlet for you somewhere in Frederick. So put the remote down, get out there and get crafting!

By Molly Fellin Spence 47


10-B N. East Street • Frederick, MD 21701 301-624-4030 • imadethispottery.com

NOMA is an artist-owned gallery representing fine work in contemporary jewelry, fiber art, painting, mixed media, photography and ceramics for you to fall in love with.

Welcome to Artifacts Glass Gallery! We are a gallery style store located in Downtown Frederick, specializing in both functional and non-functional, local and nationally made glass. Our mission is to create a better future for the American glass industry by bringing the community together to express modern and progressive art of all forms.

437 North Market Street NOMAGalleryFrederick.com 240-367-9770 Friday: 4-8pm Saturday: Noon-8pm Sunday: Noon-4pm

(301) 360-5509

43-B S Market St, Frederick, MD 21701 artifactsglassgallery.com




Knives · Kitchen Cutlery Darts & Supplies Sharpening

Located in Historic Downtown Middletown, Maryland made-to-order casual gourmet fare tantalizing salads • homemade soups crab cakes • and evening plated fare that can all be complimented with cocktails from our full bar

TheMainCupRestaurant.com | 14 W. Main Street | 301-371-4433

200 N Market St Frederick, MD 301-620-0321 www.edgeworksonline.com

Sit back and relax. Your new home awaits. As a resident, your needs are our first priority. Schedule your personal tour today to view one of our one, two and three bedroom apartments designed to meet your lifestyle. We look forward to welcoming you to the community that you have been searching for.

Available for Immediate Move-Ins • Huge Closets Full-Size Washer & Dryer • Gas Fireplaces* Hardwood Floors* • Patio/Balcony 24hr Fitness Center • Covered Parking Unique Historical Clubhouse Cyber Café w/Gourmet Coffee Bark Park & NEW Indoor Pet Grooming Spa! Easy Access to Shopping & Commuter Highways

141 Willowdale Drive

*In Select Homes

Frederick, MD 21702 301 662 3303




Gail Gaeng photos, courtesy of U.S. Olympic Team




Every two years, the best athletes around the world compete for their respective countries at the Olympic and Paralympic games. This winter, the games will be hosted by South

very disappointed about the silver,” he said. After

Korea, marking the XXIII Olympic Winter Games

all, the team won the gold medal in Sochi and had

and the 12th Winter Paralympic games. Most of us

advanced to its fifth straight gold-medal match. “I

are familiar with the Olympics, but the Paralympic

was only out there (on the ice) for 90 seconds and

games got their start in 1948 with a small group of

I wish I could have contributed more to the team.”

British World War II veterans and grew to include individuals with varying disabilities.

The 2017 Urbana High School graduate is now attending the University

One Frederick County native, Noah Grove, has his

of New Hampshire, where

sights on going to PyeongChang and becoming a

he gets to play hockey

Paraylmpian. In 2004, Noah developed bone cancer

almost every day with an

in his left leg that resulted in an amputation. He

adult competitive team

was only five years old. Fast forward eight years

t h ro u g h N o r t h e a s t

later and he finds himself at the adaptive sports

Pa s s a g e , a n ot h e r

program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in

chapter of Disabled

Baltimore, a chapter of Disabled Sports USA. “My

Sports USA. “There are

mom said we were going on a drive… it was sorta

several players at UNH

against my will,” he said.

that I have played with

But that is all it took. The son of Chris and Rachael Grove soon found himself playing sled hockey on

or against over my career,” he said.

the Bennett Blazers junior team. Once a week, they would drive to Baltimore for practice and would play games through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Grove became a skilled player and would join the USA Warriors, a team comprised of mostly wounded warfighters that is based out of the Rockville Ice Arena. He also skated for two seasons with U.S. National Development Sled Hockey Team and made the National Team in said. His first year on the team was difficult. “I lacked confidence.” However, the team did win a gold medal at the World Sled Hockey Challenge that year, followed by a silver medal at the 2017 World Para Ice Hockey Championship in Gangneung, South Korea. “We are


Noah Grove photos, courtesy of U.S. Olympic Team

2016. “I was shocked when I made the team,” he


In addition, he is still a member of the 2017-18 U.S. National Sled Hockey Team, where he plays Forward. “Although I prefer playing the wing, this position allows me to be creative,” he said. In December, the team won gold at the World Sled Hockey Challenge held in Prince Edward Island. Noah was named the Player of the Game for the match against Italy on December 4th. His goal is to return to South Korea for the 2018 Paralympic games. The roster is being announced in January and he wants to be one of the fifteen players that make the cut. “I don’t just want to go to South Korea,” he said. “I wanted to go and be able to contribute to the team.” We will definitely be rooting for Noah and Team USA in March! If successful, Noah will join another former Frederick resident who has reached the p i n n a c l e of at h l et i c c o m p et i t i o n fo r individuals with physical disabilities.


Gail Gaeng, another Frederick native, had the opportunity experience Paralympic euphoria in 2016. Gail was born with nerve damage and has used leg braces to assist with mobility from a very early age. But that didn’t stop her interest in sports. When she was in the 7th grade, the Frederick, Maryland resident started playing basketball. “My physical therapist told me about the Bennett Blazers, a wheelchair basketball team based at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore (a chapter of Disabled Sports USA),” she said. Gail immediately joined the junior team. She was on the team when it won their age division category at the Junior National Championship. In 2011, her senior year in high school at Governor Thomas Johnson High School, the team returned to the Championship game, only to lose by three points in overtime. Gail was the game’s leading scorer with 16 points and was named All Tournament Female. Growing up, sports were an important part of her life. She played lacrosse and was even coached by her dad in basketball. “I come from a really big sports family,” Gail said. “All played at the collegiate level.” So it was no surprise when she began to get recruited by colleges. She ultimately decided on the University of Illinois, which has a thriving adaptive sports program. She rose to team captain, was a leading score, and ended up going to the collegiate championship game twice during her tenure there. 56

“We never won it,” she stated.


Starting in 2008, the shooting

national leadership and

guard also tried out for the

opportunities for individuals

N at i o n a l Te a m , eve nt u a l l y

with disabilities to develop

becoming an alternate in 2012

independence, confidence, and

and then making the team in

fitness through participation in

2013. One of her biggest life

community sports, recreation

goals had finally been achieved.

and educational programs.

In 2014, she played in the Wheelchair Basketball World

Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA)

Championship tournament held

was founded fifty years ago

in Toronto, Canada. Team USA finished fourth that

with a focus on improving the lives of wounded

year. The following year, at the Parapan American

warriors, youth and adults with disabilities by

Games, she had the opportunity to win gold.

providing sports and recreation opportunities.

“When I made the transition to Team USA, I had

Over 50 different adaptive sports are

to reinvent myself,” Gail said. She went from

offered, including alpine and Nordic skiing,

playing the traditional shooting guard position

snowboarding, biathlon, kayaking, water skiing,

to more of a cleanup role. She was happy to

sailing, scuba, surfing, rafting, outrigger

do her part for the team, which won the Gold

canoeing, fishing, hiking, golf, athletics, archery,

medal at the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio.

c yc l i n g , r u n n i n g / w h e e l i n g , ro c k c l i m b i n g ,

She was also selected by her teammates to

equestrian and others.

serve as Co-Captain for Team USA. “Having that honor was amazing.”

over 60,000 youth, wounded warriors and

Gail hasn’t made any decisions on whether to go

adults through a nationwide network of 125

for the Gold again in 2020. Right now, the college

community-based chapters in more than 40

graduate with a degree in business (marketing

states nationwide, including five in Maryland.

and management) is taking some time off and focusing on her role as a sales consultant for Gartner in the firm’s Chicago office. She is playing on a recreational men’s basketball team in Chicago and is trying out the sport of sled hockey through the Chicago Blackhawks Sled Hockey program, Gail Gaeng photos, courtesy of U.S. Olympic Team

E a c h ye a r, D i s a b l e d S p o r t s U S A s e r v e s

which is sponsored by the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, another chapter of Disabled Sports USA.

For individuals with physical disabilities, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy sports either recreationally or competitively. Adaptive technology (such as prosthetics), along with other equipment, resources, and support, have advanced significantly in the past few decades that would allow pretty much anyone to be active. After all, the motto of

Both athletes have been a part of the adaptive

Disabled Sports USA is “If I Can Do This, I Can

sports movement for quite some time. Each

Do Anything.” For more information, or to learn

has had the opportunity to participate in sports

more about one of the local chapters, visit

through a nationwide chapter network of Disabled


Sports USA, a national nonprofit organization, based in Rockville, whose mission is to provide

By Shuan Butcher 57

Radha Nathan, M.D., F.A.A.P. Evelyn G. Clarence, M.D., F.A.A.P. Sheetal Dhote, M.D., F.A.A.P. Bophany Chea, M.D., F.A.A.P. Brian Swinton, M.D. Kari Pratt, C.R.N.P. Maravanna Chan, C.R.N.P. Wendi Trabilsy, C.R.N.P. Patricia Duley, C.R.N.P. Brittany Henry, P.A.

FREDERICK (TJ) OFFICE 87 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 101, Frederick, MD 21702 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–7pm (6pm in summer); Walk-Ins 8–9am Saturday, 9am–noon (by appointment only, no walk-ins) PHONE: 301-694-0606 BALLENGER CREEK OFFICE 6550 Mercantile Drive, Suite 106, Frederick, MD 21703 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm; Walk-ins 8–9am PHONE: 301-668-6347 MOUNT AIRY OFFICE 1311 South Main Street, Suite 304, Mount Airy, MD 21771 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm; Walk-ins 8–9am PHONE: 301-829-6146 URBANA OFFICE 3500 Campus Drive, Suite D, Urbana, MD 21704 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm; Walk-ins 8–9am PHONE: 301-874-6107

www.FrederickPediatrics.com We accept most insurances. Practice limited to newborns to age 21 years.

Comprehensive Pediatric Care Seven Offices to Better Serve You Convenient Office Hours Including Nights & Weekends Telephone Advice From Our Nurses During Office Hours Online Referral & Prescription Refill Requests Available Committed to Patient Service & Satisfaction 1475 Taney Ave • Frederick | 610 Solarex Ct • Frederick 504 E. Ridgeville Blvd, Ste 101 • Mt. Airy | 9093 Ridgefield Dr • Frederick 3020 B Ventrie Ct • Myersville | 3430 Worthington Blvd #204 • Urbana

Please call 301.662.0133 for more information, or visit www.thepedcenter.com

84 million Americans

Maybe even you, have prediabetes. Person-seeking-10-amazing-




When you join the Y, you’re committing to more than simply becoming healthier. You are supporting the values and programs that strengthen your community. At the Y, children learn what they can achieve, families spend quality time together, and we all build relationships that deepen our sense of belonging.

For more than a workout. For a better us.

YMCA OF FREDERICK COUNTY DOWNTOWN Y 1000 North Market Street Frederick • 301-663-5131

GREEN VALLEY Y 11791 Fingerboard Road Monrovia • 301-607-6900



Downtown Frederick’ s

P remier Tea Shop



Discover Healthful, Delicious & Refreshing Tea!

Specializing in over 350 varieties of loose leaf teas & tea brewing accessories 10 North Market Street Frederick, Maryland 21701 | 301-663-0704



Reduce Your Exposure to Toxic Chemicals


Customized Just for You! Build strength, flexibility and balance in your own home, office or my studio. Focus on 50 years and older. For further details or to schedule an appointment:

call 240-601-4504





on your apparel & accessories purchase of $40 or more One time use only. Expires 3/31/18.

Buy USDA Certified Organic, Locally Made Body Care

Valid at any Charm City Run or VITA location. Excludes Garmin and footwear. Not valid online. Cannot be combined with any other offer or sale item.




email at: Catherine.a.Randazzo@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/yogaforyou2

100 East Patrick Street, Downtown Frederick, MD

E-RYT 200 Member Yoga Alliance


Certified Organic Body Care & Fair Trade Artisan Gifts

FIND US IN FREDERICK 467 West Patrick Street Frederick, MD 21702 301-620-8552


& d e er t n e C Child ! y l d n e i r F Parent Preventive Dentistry Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dental Emergencies Infant Oral Care Sealants Patients with Special Needs Laser Lip & Tongue-Tie Release Orthodontics for Children & Adults Braces/InvisalignÂŽ

Remember, Dr. Sheer Treats Adults as Well as Children!

Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Dr. David Hasson Dr. Allison Green | Dr. Michael Virts Specialists in Pediatric Oral Healthcare

Dr. Stuart Sheer

Specialist in Orthodontics for Children and Adults

(301) 829-6588 • MtAirySmiles.com 602 Center Street, Suite 203 | Mount Airy, MD 21771

…IN YOUR MAILBOX! FiND iT Frederick magazine is still complimentary. However, if you prefer to have the first look at each issue, $12 a year will get it delivered right to you.

Be the first to FiND iT! 1 YEAR/4 ISSUES $12


To subscribe and pay online, visit FiNDiTFrederick.com › SUBSCRIBE Or complete the form on the back and mail it, along with a check for your $12 payment, to:

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*Make checks payable to FiND iT Frederick

 THIS IS A GIFT! From: For gift subscriptions, full payment must be enclosed and sender should complete the form on the back with the recipient’s information.

7 Galleries. New Exhibits. Every Month. FREDERICK COUNTY ART ASSOCIATION

Members’ Exhibit | Works in a variety of media | Jan 6 - 28


Departure | Photography | Jan 6 - Feb 18 Craig


Landscapes in Oil | Paintings | Jan 6 - Feb 18


Recent Works | Paintings | Jan 6 - Feb 25



Some Great Reward: Architecture & Identity | Paintings | Feb 3 - 25


Barns of Shenandoah | Paintings | Feb 3 - 25 Stockman

FREDERICK COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS All-County Student Art Show & Instructor Exhibit Works in a variety of media | Mar 3 - 29

RECEPTIONS ON FIRST SATURDAYS, 3-5 PM | Jan 6, Feb 3 & Mar 3 FIRST SATURDAY ARTIST TALKS, 2-3 PM | Jan 6, Feb 3 & Mar 3 CONVERSATIONS ON ART & WINE, 3-4 PM | Jan 12, Feb 9 & Mar 9




40 S Carroll St | Frederick, MD 21701 Veach

City State Email


301.698.0656 | delaplaine.org

LOCAL jewelry bath & body FUNCTIONAL kids stationery HANDMADE home accessories


19 N. Market St., Frederick, MD | 301.663.3632



THURMONT Gateway to the Mountains!

Winter Cycling


Maple Syrup Tapping



A Maryland Main Street Designated Community ThurmontMainStreet.com

Clutch The Future 2018

Frederickʼs Premier Purse Auction Saturday, March 17, Hood College – Coblentz Hall VIP Reception 6 - 7 p.m., General Admission 7 - 10 p.m. www.clutchthefuture.com

Presenting Sponsor:

An exciting annual fundraising event hosted by Woman to Woman Mentoring, Inc. (W2WM), provides essential funding to support Woman to Woman Mentoring Inc. with the mission to: Cultivate mentoring relationships that provide women with guidance, support and community connections. Enjoy a St. Patrickʼs Day Soirée! Silent and live auctions featuring hundreds of beautiful, brand named, new and gently-owned purses, fashion shows, raffle drawings, catering delights and more.


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Join us...over the edge!

Every now and again, you just need a little get away. S o we a re e xc i t e d t o b r i n g yo u fun, interesting, and sometimes weird p e o p l e , p l a c e s a n d t h i n g s t h at e x s i st past our county’s edges. If it’s within a 2 hour drive from Frederick, it’s fair game.


Photography by Charity Beth Long


Outsiders may see Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as an eternal place of mourning, filled with museums and an endless sea of fallen soldiers’ graves. But Gettysburg has been undergoing a rebirth of sorts. You will still find some kitschy souvenir shops, historical names donning many a business and ghost tours aplenty, but today’s Gettysburg is less relic and more inspired.


Photography by Charity Beth Long


Farm-to-fork destinations filled with scrumptious food and drink, family grown produce and authentic hospitality await visitors today. But visiting Gettysburg is not a light endeavor. A

When owners John and Allie Paxson noticed

spirit of mindfulness seems to pervade the very

how therapeutic their inn was for visiting

land itself and with it the culture that calls these

military couples, they created a nonprofit to

foothills home. In a time when many families are

help veterans overcome PTSD. Patriots Place

selling their farms to developers, Adams County

welcomes veterans or active-duty armed forces

appears to be resisting that trend, stemming from

personnel that have served in the Gulf Wars,

an ethic for farming as a way of life.

Iraq or Afghanistan to stay here free of charge.

One unique destination is Cornerstone, a farmstead dating to the 1860s, surrounded by bucolic pastureland where about 20 rescued thoroughbreds call home. Homemade pastries, frittatas, parfaits and fresh veggies are served

While at Cornerstone Farm they get paired with a retired racehorse for equine therapy, indulge in gourmet breakfasts and most importantly, spend time relaxing with their spouse away from the stresses of daily life.

to guests, with frolicking horses providing a backdrop for meals.


Photography by Charity Beth Long


Near the historic Eisenhower National Historic

cider is made on site. Thanks to an underground

Site, local entrepreneur Yianna Barakos has

facility that can produce up to 10,000 gallons of

planted 47 acres of grain on parkland for his soon

cider per month, Jack’s Hard Cider (named for the

to open Mason-Dixon Distillery. Barakos found an

farm’s patriarch Jack Houser) is now being sold

abandoned furniture factory to house his distillery

in five East Coast states and Washington D.C.

operations, and no detail has been overlooked in the restoration.

By Charity Beth Long

“I get goose bumps when I tell people I am building my business on a 100-year-old foundation,” says Barakos. Beams have been hand-sanded and windows lovingly restored while reclaimed wood provided the raw materials for interior moldings. Barakos has partnered with his father on this venture of spirit, and has good reason to believe that Gettysburg is ripe for business. Nearby Hauser Estate Winery is another family farm that has embraced the old while making something new and exciting. Once just an apple orchard, now the farm is home to wine and cider production. But when you arrive at Hauser all you will notice is a

Patriot’s Place Nonprofit patriotsplace.org Cornerstone Farm Bed and Breakfast 305 Crooked Creek Road, Gettysburg 717-334-8205 www.cornerstonefarmbandb.com/ Mason-Dixon Distillery www.masondixondistillery.com Hauser Estate Winery 410 Cashtown Road, Biglerville, Pa. 717-334-4888 www.hauserestate.com

360-degree vista even though all the wine and hard


6th Annual Bridal Extravaganza “Happily Ever After” Sunday, March 4, 2017

Bring your fiancé and join us at The Lodges at �e�ysburg for the �appily �ver ��er Bridal �how� from Noon - 3pm. We will be featuring over 35 great vendors and showcasing the possibili�es for your once in a life�me event. �oor �ri�es� cash pri�es*� food and fun ac�vi�es. �isit our web-site for vendor list and complete details. To register� �mail Beth�ge�ysburglodges.com

Complimentary with pre-registra�on $5.00 at the door day of the event *Cash vouchers will be given to winners to use with our vendors ��5 Camp �e�ysburg �oad �e�ysburg� �� ��3�5


“Its All Yours” Exclusivity at The Lodges When was your last off site training, development or strategic planning mee�ng? If it’s been a while, it’s �me to consider a Lodges road trip!

Boost produc�vity and moral by hos�ng a retreat for your company T�� ����� Use of our 63 well manicured, rolling acres Picturesque views of the Ge�ysburg ba�leeld and valley Complete uninterrupted privacy (unlike a tradi�onal hotel) 6,300 square feet of versa�le space across ve beau�ful rooms State of the art audio visual services Secure high speed DSL and wireless internet Full service food and beverage op�ons Private lodging with upscale hotel ameni�es Onsite Tavern for a�er mee�ng enjoyment Hiking trails, Stocked lake for catch & release shing Team building ac�vi�es and Leadership training Hot Air balloon excursions by the US Hot Air Balloon Team Evening bonre’s, outdoor movie presenta�ons, picnics & more

Fuel Productivity The Carriage House culinary team will mo�vate your group with customized menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our highly trained, dedicated event planners work with you to create the perfect retreat genera�ng the outcome you envisioned. The overnight private accommoda�ons/lodges offer superior ameni�es combined with a serene atmosphere to ensure a great nights sleep, bringing out the best in your group.

Beautiful Space to Inspire Your Team Whether your group is for a day�me mee�ng or an overnight retreat from 2 to 200 people, we have the perfect packages for you. Stop in or call any�me, we would love to discuss the endless possibili�es of hos�ng your next successful mee�ng.

685 Camp Ge�ysburg Road, Ge�ysburg, PA 17325 Call us Toll-Free at (877) 607-2442


Photography by Melissa Howes-Vitek


Sweet and SAVORY in Leesburg

I love chocolate. Those that know

A memorable chocolate moment from his

me even just a little, know that chocolate isn’t

childhood in India led Chef Tiptur down a path

just a special treat for me, it’s a passion, a

towards culinary arts. He spent nearly 2 decades

lifestyle and borderline obsession. For a recent

working for some of the most luxurious brands

milestone birthday, I added procuring and tasting

and establishments, where his whimsical and

50 of the best small-batch artisan chocolates

over-the-top sugar and chocolate sculptures

around the US to my bucket list.

eventually landed him on The Food Network.

Enter Celebrity Chef Santosh Tiptur and his recently opened restaurant, The Conche. A world-renowned pastry chef, known for the captivating sweet and

The Conche is the culmination of Chef Tiptur’s lifelong dream to shine as both the executive chef and owner of a restaurant.

savory creations he presents at the award-winning DC-based restaurant and sweet shop, Co Co. Sala. 77

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”


Photography by Melissa Howes-Vitek

-Charles M. Schulz

This restaurant is all but coated in chocolate. The decor impressively represents all things chocolate without looking like the well known amusement park or a scene from Willy Wonka. Guests are welcomed by the gentle waft of chocolate, a warm smile from the host, and a real, working conche. By definition, a chocolate conche is a machine used for producing high quality chocolate products. The ingredients are placed inside the conche and the grinding bars rotate, breaking everything down into very small particles, producing a smooth, luxurious texture. As the size of the particles become smaller, the chocolate texture becomes smoother giving a luxurious mouth-feel.

My recent visit had me elbow deep in chocolate

The menu easily caters to vegetarians and

heaven. To start, I indulged in a rich, dark, salted

children, and the staff is happy to accommodate

caramel hot cocoa and a Mac and Cheese with

any dietary needs.

3 cheeses, adorned with chocolate covered applewood smoked bacon. I continued by plunging into cocoa nib crusted diver sea scallops, nestled in a cocoa infused black bean puree and the trio of braised short rib stuffed ground sirloin sliders paired with a chocolate barbecue sauce had me hooked!

The Conche is a warm, wonderful and original concept restaurant making it a perfect place to gather and enjoy cocoa based dishes, beautiful chocolates, chocolate inspired cocktails and even cooking classes.

Could it get any better? Why yes! Dinner was followed

Needless to say, I know where I’ll be for my

by an artistic display of artisanal chocolates.

upcoming birthday!

The wait staff were a complete delight. Helpful

By Melissa Howes-Vitek

with suggestions, humorous and patient when I struggled to choose my next course. With such a diverse and interesting menu, it was tough to pick just a few items!

www.the-conche.com 605 Village Market Blvd SE Leesburg, VA 20175 703-779-1800


It’s a New Day at the Days Inn in Frederick The Days Inn Hotel in Frederick, MD is only 40 miles from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. Also a convenient hub for Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Frederick City/County is home to some of the nation’s most historic landmarks and breathtaking countryside. We offer spacious 2-double bed, 2-queen bed, and king guest rooms, handicapped and non-smoking rooms that boast a variety of features.

IN-ROOM AMENITIES (All Rooms) • Air Conditioned • AM/FM Alarm Clock • Card Access Locks • Coffee Maker, Refrigerator & Microwave • Free Local Calls • Hairdryer

• In-Room Safe • Maid Service • Remote Control HD TV w/ Showtime • Wake-Up Service • Work Desk

ALSO FEATURING Free Daybreak Breakfast • Business Center • Free Wifi Fitness Room • Guest Laundry • Truck/Bus Parking Playground • Outdoor Pool

5646 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704

Ph: 301.694.6600 Fx: 301.831.4242


Hello, neighbor!

Please stop by and say, “Hi!” I’m looking forward to serving your needs for insurance and financial services. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY.


Danielle Leonard, Agent 1090 West Patrick Street, Suite C Frederick, MD 21703 Bus: 301-695-5244 www.danielleleonard.com


State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

Capturing life, One image at a time

“We felt like the most importamt clients in the world... They rock!� - Sarah & Matthew




Brunswick Crossing

New Neo-Traditional homes starting in the 300’s Visit Dan Ryan Builders in the Brunswick Crossing Community Center 1000 Potomac View Parkway Brunswick, MD 21716 Kelly Gardner Community Sales Consultant

Shane Kalivretenos Community Sales Asscociate

Schedule An Appointment Today! 301-272-4739 Everywhere You Want to Be -

Better Value. Better Living.™

www.DANRYANBUILDERS.com *Prices and availability change without notice. Sales in WV by Dan Ryan Builders Realty, LLC/Katy M. Fidler, Broker. Dan Ryan Builders West Virginia, LLC MHBR# 310

Community Banking Begins Here We believe that community banking begins with the local people who call Frederick home. Partnering with local business owners who share our passion and entrepreneurial spirit, like Sherif Salem and Cherie Nearman, owners of Hootch & Banter, helps strengthen the rich fabric of our community. We love Frederick, and consider it a privilege to help make it a great place to live and do business.

MORE THAN A BANK • www.fcbmd.com

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FiND iT FREDERiCK - Winter 2018  

Both residents and day-trippers alike are reaching for FiND iT FREDERiCK to see who's who and what's where in and around Frederick, MD—from...

FiND iT FREDERiCK - Winter 2018  

Both residents and day-trippers alike are reaching for FiND iT FREDERiCK to see who's who and what's where in and around Frederick, MD—from...

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