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Fun for the

Entire Family We’ve changed what it means to be a member of the only private country club in Frederick County. We’ve fine-tuned our golf course, events and activities to make them spectacular for your family, friends and colleagues. Come see for yourself. Contact us today to schedule your private tour: Jessica Miles, Director of Membership & Special Events (301) 694-8322 ext. 106 or 2019 Best of Frederick Winner—–Best Golf Course

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Cover photo by Molly Fellin Spence



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Fun at the Weinberg

When I moved to Frederick almost 20 years ago, I remember my dad giving his stamp of approval. Instead of staying in northeastern Pennsylvania, where growth had stagnated but family members abounded, I chose to make the leap and start my adult life in a place where I had no family, save my new husband. My dad was enchanted by the Frederick area, especially Downtown Frederick. He remarked about how vibrant it was, with wonderful and friendly people, great shops and restaurants, and so much to do. His approval made the move easier, and he and my other family have made frequent visits in the years since. In the almost two decades between then and now, Frederick has flourished, turning from a charming town to a bustling small city. It is still filled with many amazing and charming people whose talents make the city better. We’re featuring some of those folks in the pages of Find iT Frederick this season. Mary Adelle Walters’ personal story is rich with struggle, especially regarding her sexuality. Instead of shrinking away from the struggle, Walters has embraced it, and hopes to share what she’s learned with as many people as possible. Through a podcast and a variety of workshops, Walters wants to help us all talk about sex, and demystify everything about it. Read her story and find out more starting on Page 18. Frederick County is full of amazing florists and plant aficionados. We profile four of them starting on Page 30. If you’re looking to make your thumb a little greener, or want some ready-made colorful florals to brighten your spring, check out these businesses and all they have to offer. Happy Spring, Frederick!

Molly Fellin Spence, Executive Editor


PLEASE NOTE: As our community works together to get through the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the events listed in this publication will be rescheduled or canceled, and some of the shops and restaurants listed within may be closed or temporarily offering different services. Please check the specific events’ and shops’ websites or call them for updates.

Bringing Your Dreams to LIfe! From Design & Concept to Full Completion, We Supply it ALL 5112 Pegasus Ct. Suite K&L Frederick, MD 301.668.4950


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LAUREN LAROCCA is an astrologer, herbalist, and an arts and culture journalist. She is a former staff editor at The Frederick News-Post and Baltimore magazine. Follow her on Instagram @karmarocca or visit her website

GINA GALLUCCI-WHITE is an award-winning writer based in Frederick. Her work has been featured in a number of local, regional and national publications including USA Today 10Best website, Baltimore STYLE, Frederick Magazine and the Maryland Daily Record.

TY UNGLEBOWER is a freelance writer, fiction author, sometime stage actor and unabashed introvert. He lives in Knoxville. You can follow him on Twitter @TyUnglebower, or read his blog at

Before starting her freelance writing career, she was the police/fire and rescue reporter for The Frederick News-Post. Away from compiling stories, Gina can be found being the scorekeeper at her son’s baseball games, driving her daughter to dance classes and trying to understand the Game of Thrones series finale.



Next time you pop into Downtown Frederick, be

First Saturday event in February, and customers

sure to visit the city’s newest, maybe crunchiest

swamped the store on its opening weekend.

(or possibly cheesiest) business – The Original

Customers’ favorites so far seem to be baked

Popcorn House. Recently opened on South Market Street, the

all the flavors,” Chelsea said.

of bins filled to the brim daily with salty, cheesy

The Witts’ personal favorites include crabby caramel

and sweet flavors of popcorn, cooked in 100%

and dark chocolate caramel sea salt. The shop’s

coconut oil and hand-sifted for quality control.

“house flavor” is cheese + caramel. Flavor-mixing

Every kernel is popped in-house, in giant stainless-

and experimentation by customers are encouraged.

test for your favorite flavor of the day. Free Background photo:

cake. “The customers are really taking to almost

small shop packs some big flavor, with dozens

steel poppers that you can see when you taste-

Photographs by Molly Fellin Spence

potato, dill pickle, cinnamon kettle and birthday

samples are offered, well, freely. And you can buy your favorites in small, medium or large paper bags, sampler packs or in a variety of attractive metal tins.

At The Original Popcorn House the focus is on authentic flavor. Premium white and gold cheddar are used for the cheesy selections, while real Belgian white, milk and dark chocolate are on-hand for the sweet stuff. The Witts say they are “grateful and excited” to be

Chelsea and Ryan Witt brought The Original

a part of the tapestry of businesses in Downtown

Popcorn House to Frederick from Florida, where

Frederick. “We chose to start our foundation in the

Ryan’s mother started the first shop in Delray

Frederick area exactly because of the rich history

Beach. When the Witts decided to move back to

and dynamic atmosphere this city brings,” they

Frederick, Chelsea’s hometown, they knew they

said. “We can only hope to positively contribute to

wanted to bring a fresh business to the city.

the unique beautiful downtown area.”

“We know the area well, and wanted to bring

Other locations aside from Delray Beach,

something to Frederick that Downtown didn’t

Florida and Downtown Frederick include Erie,

have,” Chelsea said. “We loved the idea [of

Pennsylvania, and a shop coming soon to the Mall

gourmet popcorn] and how fun and delicious it is.”

of America in Minnesota.

The shop was originally slated to open in spring of 2019, but the historic space the Witts chose needed more renovations than originally projected. The space had been vacant for two or three decades before they moved in, and needed some extra love, Chelsea explained. The shop opened just in time for Frederick’s most popular

Original Popcorn House 39 S. Market St. Frederick 240-457-4311 F originalpopcornhousefrederick d @originalpopcornhousefrederick

15 15

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Sex Let’s talk about

Through Scarlet Collective Podcast, and workshops, Frederick woman hopes to normalize conversations about sexuality.


By Lauren LaRocca



experiences of sex education we re m u c h l i ke yo u rs : g ra p h i c

“My gynecologist knew nothing about it. She was like, ‘I have no idea what’s going on with you.’ I had to go

videos in family life classes, awkward

to a pelvic floor specialist, like a physical

conversations and somewhat scary talk

therapist for the pelvic floor, and that really

about STDs and teen pregnancy. Walters

changed my life.” Through physical therapy

was so traumatized by the classes, she

as well as counseling, Walters eventually

would often black out — like, literally faint.

learned how to relax her muscles and heal

“I would just cover my eyes,” she said. “I would just get really woozy. “I was raised in a very happy home, but we didn’t talk about sex a lot,” she went on. “I just internalized this idea that sex was not OK to talk about or think about. But I also didn’t

from the condition. Often people with vaginismus have had traumatic childbirth experiences or have experienced sexual assault or rape. It can cause sexual dysfunction or even problems with urinating.

know a lot. When I got my period, I didn’t know

“As soon as I started talking about it, I had

what was happening. I didn’t have a name for

so many people reaching out to me, saying, ‘I

it. I thought I was dying.”

think I have that.’ Then when I opened up about

She later learned she had vaginismus, a condition that causes muscle spasms in the pelvic floor, which made it impossible to use tampons or, later, to have sex.

it on social media, I was getting comments from people saying, ‘I’m glad you’re talking about this.’ My group of friends from college, two of them told me they had the same thing, and none of us ever knew that about each other and we were close.”



Perhaps Mary Adelle Walters’


As she grew into a young woman (she’s now 30 and living in Frederick), she realized there exists a huge gap in sex education. From

business in Frederick and began to offer workshops, one-on-one and group coaching programs, as well as

what she’s seen, sex education in schools is

the Scarlet Collective Podcast, which invites

relatively the same as it was decades ago,

guests on to explore topics surrounding sex.

although she’s noticed consent has been introduced and talked about more than before.

She’s also working on a queer romance novella that is slated for release this year.

She intuitively understood the importance

“My idea is to make it about all bodies and

of bringing open conversations about sex

all sexualities and not just about ‘the man

to the table — conversations she wishes

saving the woman,’” she said.

would have been available when she was growing up. In recent years, she has been on a mission to fill in those gaps and normalize conversations surrounding sexuality.


recently, she started her own

While earning her master’s in creative writing and publishing design from the University of Baltimore, Walters noticed a certain trend in her work, which might’ve

“I just started seeking out ways to be involved

been the first clue that she was meant to

in sexual education,” she said.

work in the field of sex education.

While she was an academic advisor to

“All my poems were about sex or sexual in

engineering students at the University of

nature,” she said with a laugh. “I knew I clearly

Maryland, she began facilitating dialogues

needed to talk about it. I’d obviously held a lot

on sexuality, consent and sexual assault

in. Poetry was such a beautiful way and a healing

prevention with students there. More

way for me to talk about it.”


Photograph by Erika Brown



Lotus: Bubbles:


She’s currently studying to become a certified

hoping that will change in the future, as she

sexuality educator through the Institute for

wants to bring in a more diverse audience.

Sexuality Education and Enlightenment while juggling a few part-time jobs in Frederick. Her goal is to eventually focus on her sex ed business full-time. She facilitates monthly, 90-minute workshops at various venues, including herb shops, colleges and recently at Give Rise Studio, a community space in Frederick. While the

“That’s such important work, talking to older people. Another myth that we’re told is our sex drive is linear. It’s just not true. It’s way more about your environment and your stress and grief and mental health than it is about any kind of age range. People in their 80s can be just as sexual, maybe even more so, than people in their 20s.”

workshops are inclusive and open to all

Walters usually begins workshops by

genders (ages 18 and older), Walters tends

talking and providing information, and then

to attract women in their 20s and 30s. She’s

guests typically do a journaling exercise, talk



amongst themselves about the topic at hand, and

Shame still comes up for her, she said, and

often do some sort of collage, as Walters thinks

uncomfortable moments, as she’s navigating

visual art can help people process and solidify what

topics that have become culturally taboo.

they’re learning. For instance, in a recent workshop, attendees learned about the Circles of Sexuality, a model created by Dennis Dailey, and applied it to their own lives.

“The more you talk about something, the easier it gets. This is the work I was meant to do, but it definitely took me a while,” she said. “I’ll see light bulbs go off — and mine go off, too. Sometimes

“I think people like to go inward for a little bit, and

it’s just in subtle ways, like the language we use,

then I allow them to share, if they’d like.”

like the idea that pleasure is a human right — it’s

She’s also begun what she calls Sex EduSkate, a video series on roller skates, where she talks about — what else? — sex (while roller-skating).

something we all have access to. To see people move into that realization, and making them feel good, that feels really good to me.”

She picked up roller-skating again recently after watching the HBO series “Sharp Objects.”

complicated women, so it steps out of that binary of like, ‘angel versus evil.’ One of the real creepy characters roller-skates, and I was like, I have to roller-skate!”


Learn more about Mary Adelle Walters: d @Maryadelle_sexeducator


“I like that show because it’s about messy,





Poor weather can make children’s outdoor playtime a challenge. Enter Michelle Chen and her husband, Meng Wang, owners of Frederick’s newest indoor soft play venue, Me Land, which opened in January for kids 12 and younger. Me Land is a 9,000 square-foot facility featuring three play zones — Tot Zone (for kids 0-3 years), Ball Pit Zone and Big Kid Zone (for ages 4 and older). The Tot Zone includes a soft climbing structure, play panels, a slide and play house. The Ball Pit Zone is fun for all ages, as long as they love being submerged in hundreds of balls. Chen says many parents enjoy playing in the ball pit zone, too.

Photographs courtesy of Me Land

The largest area of the facility is the Big Kid Zone, with a three-level play structure including a donut slide, obstacles, a spider web, interactive activities and wave and spiral slides.

She said this gives parents the ability to relax and allow kids to freely play, without worrying about a timer winding down. “If the kids get hungry, they can go to a restaurant across the road from here and if they want to play some more they can always come back. It is something they can do the whole day if they wanted to,” Chen said. Socks are required for entry and children 0 to 3 must wear nonskid socks in the tot area. Socks are available for purchase if you forget to bring your own. No outside food is permitted but snacks and drinks are available for purchase on site. Me Land is proving to be a popular play place, so be sure to call ahead before you visit to be sure there’s room for you.

by Gina Gallucci-White

“There is so much to do,” Chen said. Me Land’s open play policy allows parents and kids to play, then take a break and leave the facility, and come back later for more play time on the same day.

Me Land 5115 Pegasus Court, Frederick 301-363-7772 F d @Melandplay2019


AADozen DozenReasons Reasons totoChoose Choose Catholic CatholicSchools Schools YouYou want thethe best forfor your child. want best your child.That Thatincludes includesthe thebest besteducation. education. Give your child anan opportunity Give your child opportunitytotoreach reachtheir theirintellectual, intellectual,physical, physical, social andand moral potential bybyenrolling social moral potential enrollingthem themininaaCatholic Catholic elementary, middle oror high school elementary, middle high schoolininthe theArchdiocese Archdioceseof ofBaltimore. Baltimore. Almost 25,000 students attend Almost 25,000 students attenda Catholic a Catholicschool schoolininthe theArchdiocese Archdiocese of Baltimore, which include elementaryand andmiddle middleschools schools and and of Baltimore, which include 4545elementary high schools located BaltimoreCity, City,Allegany, Allegany,Anne AnneArundel, Arundel, 19 19 high schools located inin Baltimore Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick,Harford, Harford,Howard Howardand andWashington Washington Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Counties. Archdiocese Baltimoreschools schoolshave haveaalot lotto tooffer. offer. Here’s Here’s Counties. Archdiocese ofof Baltimore what them apart from otherschools. schools. what setssets them apart from other Academic Excellence Academic Excellence

Excellence in college, life, starts with Excellence in college, andand in in life, starts with excellence in the classroom. Archdioceseofof excellence in the classroom. Archdiocese Baltimore students consistently score above state Baltimore students consistently score above state and national averages on standardized tests, andincluding national the averages on standardized tests, SAT and ACT. including the SAT and ACT. Students receive a balanced curriculum that Students receive a balanced that includes the basics as wellcurriculum as music and arts, includes thelanguage, basics asscience, well as math, musictechnology, and arts, and foreign foreign language, science, math, technology, Catholic faith. Twenty-five Catholic schoolsand in Catholic faith. Twenty-five Catholic the Archdiocese of Baltimore haveschools receivedinthe the National Archdiocese Baltimore have received the Blue of Ribbon School of Excellence Award National Ribbon School of Excellence Award by theBlue U.S. Department of Education—the highest by the U.S. Department of Education—the highest academic honor awarded by the U.S. government. academic honor awarded by the U.S. government.

Technology in the Classroom Students usein “real technology in the Technology theworld” Classroom

classroom: iPads, Google Chromebooks Students use “real world” technology in theand other tools to assist classroom: iPads,learning. Google Chromebooks and other tools to assist learning. Students collaborate, communicate, problem-solve, ask questions, research and create problem-solve, projects, all with Students collaborate, communicate, technology. Technology isn’tprojects, viewed as an ask new questions, research and create alljust with add-on, but instead as integral to student new technology. Technology isn’t viewed aslearning. just an add-on, but instead as integral to student learning.

Safe, Nurturing Learning Catholic schools emphasize moral development. Safe, Nurturing Learning They prepare students to be productive citizens

Catholic schools emphasize moral development. and future leaders, emphasizing the importance of They prepare students be productive citizens community service. to Catholic schools teach respect andoffuture leaders, self and others.emphasizing the importance of community service. Catholic schools teach respect of self and others. Dedicated Faculty and Staff Teachers in area Catholic schools do more than Dedicated Faculty Staff teach. They take timeand to get to know their students Teachers in area do more and figure outCatholic how theyschools learn best. Their than attention teach. They take time get totoknow allows students’ besttoselves cometheir forth.students Teachers andinstill figurea out how learning they learn best. Theirthat attention positive environment helps allows best selves to come forth. Teachers kidsstudents’ get excited about school. instill a positive learning environment that helps and Co-curricular kidsExtracurricular get excited about school.

Activities In addition to regular students have a Extracurricular and studies, Co-curricular chance to participate in dozens of outside activities, Activities includingtomarching band, performing arts,a In addition regular studies, students have environmental studies and robotics, to name a few chance to participate in dozens of outside activities, of the many activities students can explore. including marching band, performing arts, environmental studies and robotics, to name a few If you payactivities attentionstudents to social can media, you may have of the many explore. seen and heard the Cardinal Shehan Catholic School choir’s rendition of “Rise Up, ” hithave song If you pay attention to social media, youthe may by Andra Day. Their performance went viral, seen and heard the Cardinal Shehan Catholic with over 60 million views, earning the choir an School choir’s rendition “Rise Up, ” the hit song appearance on “Goodof Morning America!” by Andra Day. Their performance went viral, with over 60 million views, earning the choir an appearance on “Good Morning America!”

AthleticPrograms Programs Athletic

STEM STEMFocus Focus

Startingin inelementary elementary school, school, students Starting students have havethe the opportunityto toparticipate participate in in soccer, opportunity soccer, basketball, basketball, cross-country and other activities. In middle and cross-country and other activities. In middle and high school, the options extend to sports such as high school, the options extend to sports such as lacrosse, rowing, baseball, football, wrestling and lacrosse, rowing, baseball, football, wrestling andat more. Many students receive scholarships to play more. Manylevel. students receive scholarships to play at the college the college level.

All inin thethe Archdiocese of of AllCatholic Catholicschools schools Archdiocese Baltimore curriculum. Baltimorehave havea STEM-focused a STEM-focused curriculum. Many schools have Makerspace, STEM Labs or Many schools have Makerspace, STEM Labs or Innovation Labs to enhance the STEM curriculum. Innovation Labs to enhance the STEM curriculum.

Community a bighow parttoofput Catholic student life. service Studentsislearn others school first student learncan how to put others and seelife. howStudents their actions contribute to thefirst and see how their can contribute to the common good of actions the wider community. common the wider community. Catholic good schoolofstudents from preschool to 12th Catholic school students from preschool to 12th grade participate in service projects throughout the year. Projectsin range fromprojects collecting items for grade participate service throughout food pantries andrange volunteering at senioritems centers the year. Projects from collecting forto helping to build for people in developing food pantries andhomes volunteering at senior centers to countries. helping to build homes for people in developing countries.

Green Schools Green schools Schools Eighteen in the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Service Service Community service is a big part of Catholic school

St. Joan of Arc School in Aberdeen and St. Joan of Arc School in Aberdeen Resurrection-St. Paul School in Ellicottand City both Resurrection-St. Paul School in Ellicott City both received STEM certifications from AdvancedEd, received STEM certifications from AdvancedEd, and international accrediting organization. and international accrediting organization.

Catholic Faith and Values Although Catholic identity is a part of the school Catholic Faith and Values

Eighteen schools in the Archdiocese Baltimore have received recognition by the State ofofMaryland received by the State of Maryland ashave Green Schoolsrecognition from the Maryland Association as Environmental Green Schools & from the Maryland Association for Outdoor Education. for Environmental & Outdoor Education. Green schools encourage students to think about environmental and tostudents make sustainable Green schoolsimpact encourage to think about choices in terms of waterand conservation, energy environmental impact to make sustainable conservation, solid waste reduction and habitat choices in terms of water conservation, energy restoration conservation, solid waste reduction and habitat restoration

experience, Archdiocese of is Baltimore Although Catholic identity a part ofschools the school welcome children from all experience, Archdiocese offaiths. Baltimore schools welcome children from all faiths. Catholic schools have a long history of educating children of all religious backgrounds. About Catholic schools have a long history of educating 30 percent of the student body is comprised of children of all religious backgrounds. About children from non-Catholic families. Surveys have 30 percent the student is comprised shown thatoffamilies from body all faiths appreciate of the children non-Catholic families. emphasisfrom on prayer, morals and values.Surveys have shown that families from all faiths appreciate the emphasis on Programs prayer, morals and values. Signature Archdiocese of Baltimore schools offer educational Signature Programs programs to meet the needs of its diverse Archdiocese Baltimore schoolsvary offer educational community. of Signature programs from school programs to meet the needs of its diverse community. Signature programs vary from school toFor school. example, Archbishop Borders School in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore offers a dual language Spanish immersion program that For example, Archbishop Borders School in the starts as early as preschool. St. of Pius X Schooloffers in Highlandtown neighborhood Baltimore Forge just northimmersion of Baltimore and close to aRodgers dual language Spanish program that Towson, is currently the only Montessori starts as early as preschool. St.Catholic Pius X School in school inForge Maryland. Rodgers just north of Baltimore and close to Towson, is currently the only Catholic Montessori St. Francis of Assisi school in Maryland.School, a prek-8th grade school in northeast Baltimore, became the first nonpublic school in Baltimore to become an International St. Francis of Assisi School, a prek-8th grade school World School. Thethe program develops inBaccalaureate northeast Baltimore, became first nonpublic middle school students into internationally minded school in Baltimore to become an International leaders. Baccalaureate World School. The program develops middle school students into internationally minded leaders.

Learning Difference Programs Many Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Learning Difference Programs

Baltimore offer programs forthe students with learning Many Catholic Schools in Archdiocese of differences. (Pupils Inclusive Baltimore The offerPRIDE programs for Receiving students with learning Diversified Education) program is the signature differences. The PRIDE (Pupils Receiving Inclusive learning difference program of the Archdiocese, Diversified Education) program is the signature and is offered at St. Michel-St. Clement School program of the inlearning Overlea,difference St. Mark in Catonsville andArchdiocese, St. John and is offered at St. Michel-St. Clement School Regional Catholic School in Frederick. PRIDE is an in Overlea, St. Mark in Catonsville and St. John innovative program designed to meet the unique Regional Catholic School in Frederick. PRIDE is an learning needs of k-8th students. Experienced innovative program designed to meet the unique special education teachers use customized learning needs k-8th students. Experienced programs, smallerofclass sizes and a modified special education teachers use customized Language Arts and/or Math curriculum to help programs, smaller sizeslearning and a modified students achieve theirclass greatest potential. Language Arts and/or Math curriculum to help students achieve their greatest learning potential.

Ready to learn more about Archdiocese of Baltimore’s standout Ready to learn more about schools? Archdiocese of Baltimore’s standout schools? to find a Visit school near you. Visit to find a school near you.

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Me ffer st • Precision Hairccuoutstu•re Extensions We oTh at La y Evelyn s • Halo olor ails b Colors ices • N ashion C v F r t e S io g R Pulp • Waxin Formal & l a id r B

om studio.c r i a h w e cr • design 9 2 9 9 0 -36 k • 301 c i r e d e r r., F nson D h o J s a m 183 Tho

Welcoming New Patients

Comprehensive Pediatric Care Seven Offices to Better Serve You Convenient Office Hours Including Nights & Weekends Telephone Advice From Our Nurses During Office Hours Online Referral & Prescription Refill Requests Available Committed to Patient Service & Satisfaction 1475 Taney Ave • Frederick | 610 Solarex Ct • Frederick 504 E. Ridgeville Blvd, Ste 101 • Mt. Airy | 9093 Ridgefield Dr • Frederick 3020 B Ventrie Ct • Myersville | 3430 Worthington Blvd #204 • Urbana

Please call 301.662.0133 for more information, or visit


FFlorals oliage,

Help Spaces Come Alive Local experts give advice on adding new shapes, texture, color, aromas to your home The brown and gray landscapes of winter will soon be replaced by bold pops of color from a variety of flowers and plants blooming

Photograph by Molly Fellin Spence

in the region. We reached out to several area flower shops to discuss their businesses and learn how we can use flowers and plants to brighten up a space. by Gina Gallucci-White



BIG LUSH PLANTS & FLOWERS 332 N. Market St., Frederick | 240-651-1378 |

“They are less ‘accessories’ and more like seasoning in food,” he says. “They bring salt, spice and sweetness in the form of texture, color, aroma and shape, which, when done right, will only enhance the room and make it feel, quite literally, alive. Bringing the outside in is a great way to turn an interior space into your own personal landscape.” Big Lush Plants & Flowers is the latest addition to the area’s floral landscape, having opened their Downtown Frederick shop in December. “Our outdoor plants are statement pieces, meant to welcome you or guests to your home or business, as well as highlight the unique architectural and aesthetic aspects of the building,” Voris says. The shop’s seasonal flowers harvested throughout the region feature sophisticated colors and varieties. They also carry easy-care, lush indoor 32

plants in unique pots and containers found by merchandiser Anne Warnock through searching local and international markets, including those in the United Kingdom and Sweden. “I wanted to try to find some more unusual things from different places,” she says. “It is not your typical roses and peonies. We try and find things that are slightly more unusual.” Warnock describes Voris’ style as natural and minimal meets grand and dramatic. “Django likes to forage,” she says. “He likes to find plants and flowers that can be overlooked by a regular florist. He has more of an unusual eye.” Not only do they offer a retail shop but also home services for those who need help with plant maintenance, as well as picking the right plants for certain spaces in the home. “I think plants are like company,” Warnock says. “They make you smile.”

Photographs by Molly Fellin Spence

Florist Django Voris always marvels at what plants and flowers can do for a space.



Photographs by Spence Photographics

3 N. Main St., Mount Airy | 301-829-8300 | While weddings and special occasions comprise some of its biggest orders, Blossom & Basket Boutique in Mount Airy also loves helping customers who want to buy special occasion bouquets or loose flowers to use in whatever way they see fit.

started with one employee. Now, nearly 20 years later, they employ a 30-member staff.

Co-owner and florist Rene Bonde Shiffler loves hearing how clients choose to display their flowers. Some make multiple arrangements and put them all over their house.

“Color is what draws people in a lot of times,” Bonde Shiffler says. She notes her favorite flower is Boronia Heather, which is only available in April and comes in hot pink.

“I think that’s the best way to do it, rather than having one large piece somewhere,” she says. “I love having little spots [of color] all over.”

“When it is available, it pretty much goes in every arrangement I can possibly fit it into,” she says. “I just adore it. It is very fragrant. It is very cheerful.”

She encourages people to use whatever flowers make them happy.

Bonde Shiffler not only loves flowers and what they can do artistically to change a room, but also how they can quickly change the atmosphere when they are given. “If somebody is not feeling great and you bring them flowers, it automatically makes them feel better,” she says. “If they are sad, it automatically makes them feel a little bit happier, and I love the transformation that they can give to a day.”

“If you love carnations, use them,” she says. “If you love lilies, use them. If you love tulips, that is great. Anything that makes [them] happy is exactly what I would want them to have.” Bonde Shiffler, along with her mother, Ellie Bonde, bought the Mount Airy business in 2001 and

Most arrangements are custom-made, and many customers say they are drawn to bright, bold colors.



THE PETAL PATCH FLOWER FARM Walkersville | 301-667-7789 | Spring flowers are some of Julianne Du Four’s

“I jumped in with both feet,” she says. Today,

favorites — not only for their vibrant colors,

her flowers and arrangements can be found at

but also for the scents. Snap dragons have a

The Common Market and the Leesburg Farmers

scent similar to bubble gum, while sweet William

Market beginning in May.

perfumes the air with a clove fragrance.

For those looking to bring some flowers and

“More than any other season, I find spring has the

greenery indoors, Du Four recommends using wall

most fragrant flowers,” she says.

vases as a unique way to display flowers. It’s also

As owner of The Petal Patch Flower Farm, Du Four

who may knock the displays off of tables. She also

knows the definable fragrances of a variety of

suggests getting potted bulbs, such as hyacinths,

blossoms as her Thurmont-based fields provide

tulips and daffodils. “I think that is such a nice way

homes to thousands of blossoms, including best-

to bring in spring flowers,” she says. “Then you can

sellers dahlias and ranunculus.

put the bulb outside to keep it growing.”

Initially planning to create a large cutting garden

The Petal Patch offers flower shares, similar to a

at her Walkersville home, she was offered the

vegetable farm CSA (Community Supported

opportunity to use some land in Frederick, which

Agriculture) share, in that you pre-pay for flowers

led to her business’ first full season in 2017.

that are delivered on a schedule. The spring share begins in April and runs for three consecutive weeks.


Photograph by Jeff Behm Photography

a way to keep flowers away from pets or children


ORY FLORALS 71 W. Main St., New Market | 301-865-8860 | When it comes to unique ways to display flowers

warms any household, and who doesn’t want to

and plants, Ory Florals owner Ory Webster says

walk home to a live arrangement that you can

there is only one aspect that limits you: can its

enjoy for a week to a week and a half to come?”

container hold water?

nearly 25 years ago and opened his New Market-

has used rain boots, for example, to hold a front

based location in 2007. Creating custom

porch display of daffodils for a client who was

arrangements for weddings and special events,

hosting a luncheon at her home.

he often works with hydrangeas and roses.

Webster encourages anyone to have some green plants, such as pothos and ferns, in their homes Photograph by Spence Photographics

Webster started his floral career in Baltimore

“You can use anything you like,” he says. Webster

because of the fresh oxygen they produce. “We are all happier when we have more oxygen,” he says. “There are many health plants that help

Working with seasonal flowers, some of his favorites during spring are tulips, hyacinths, sweet peas and anemones, he says. Ory Florals also has a retail shop with silk, dried and preserved flowers available for purchase.

clarify the air naturally and produce the oxygen

“The really good thing about our shop — if you don’t

that we all need. But I think that there is nothing

see something that you like, you can bring your own

better than fresh flowers. A beautifully designed

container in, and we can create whatever you like,”

piece for a specific niche or a dining room table

Webster says. “That is the fun part about it.”


Art Beauty The


We offer a variety of luxurious and rejuvenating facials and body services • European Facials & Customized Skin Care Treatments • Therapuetic Massage & Reflexology • Face & Body Waxing • Eyebrow & Eyelash Coloring • NovaLash Eyelash Extensions • Nail Services • Make-Up Applications

(Bridal, Special Occasion, etc.)

We Carry Dermalogica and Dr. Temt Skin Care and Jane Iredale Make-Up

Call 240-629-8905 or visit for a full listing of services and pricing

Get 40% OFF your next service

when you join our select aesthetics and beauty club. Text SOOTHING to 51660. Conveniently located close to Rt.15 on Rosemont Avenue

HOURS: MON-THURS: 11:30am-8:30pm | FRI-SAT: 11:30AM-10PM | SUN: 12-8PM 9 E. patrick st., frederick, md 21701






Longtime Frederick instructor shares her love of dance

I have rhythm. That is to say, I can follow a beat without much difficulty. So when left to my own devices, I can tear up the dance floor with the best of them. However, if I have to follow choreographed steps and movement, it’s best for all involved that I remove myself from the area. To be fair, I have never taken formal dance lessons of any kind. However, if ever I chose such instruction for ballroom dance, I would go to Ballroom Dance in Frederick. by Ty Unglebower


The location off Industry Lane in Frederick is tucked away among oxygen-tank warehouses and biomedical facilities, which seems an odd spot to find people in ballgowns, or tuxedoes with tails. Several times a month, however, one will find just such things there. Not when I visited, however. I talked to the owner and proprietor of the dance school, Denise Mayer, during the studio’s off hours. Pink paper hearts and balls, left over from Valentine’s Day festivities, hung from the ceiling above the wood floors — exactly the kind one expects to find in a dance studio. Likewise, the requisite room-length mirror runs alongside one wall. Tables, chairs and stacks of CDs and other audio equipment sit nearby, as do some photographs of previous events and patrons. As the beeping of work trucks and the occasional, distant metallic bang played outside, I listened to her tell the story of both the school and her personal love of the art of ballroom dance. “I always need dance,” Mayer told me, “to bring me down if I get too high or cheer me up if I get too low.”

“2008 hit, and we just lost student after student after student,” Mayer explained, citing the 2008 economic crash. Attendance at the school, even in its current smaller facility, has never entirely recovered. “People consider [learning to ballroom dance] a luxury.” Even the classes she once taught at Frederick Community College have been cancelled due to low enrollment.


Mayer holds a degree in dance from the University of Illinois. She began ballroom dancing in 1979 and started teaching it to others in 1989. Back then, the school was located in a small building in Downtown Frederick, with a warped floor and electrical issues, she said. When the owner sold the building, the school made the first of several moves. Before their current location, the school was located in the facility next door for nearly 10 years, until it became impractical to stay.





Still, a number of students regularly come to the school, committed to learning such dances as the foxtrot, swing, samba and merengue, among others. Those students have differing reasons for continuing their studies and for attending the recreational dances hosted by the studio. Asked if there were one universal reason people seek her out to learn to dance, Mayer speculated that it was the group of people involved at the studio. “It draws some wonderful people.” Average age for participants before the Great Recession was late 30s and older, but since the crash, the average age has increased to 50 and up. As wonderful as the current crop of students are, Mayer desperately wishes she could get young people, those in their 20s, to give it a try. She blames the lack of a younger crowd on two things: the shorter attention spans of today’s youth and the fantasy of being able to replicate overnight what is seen on programs such as “Dancing with the Stars,” a fantasy Mayer quickly dispels. Such difficulties keep the young, as well as the impatient, away from her classes. “It doesn’t have to engulf your entire life,” she told me, but went on to explain how it does require a commitment of at least a month of weekly 90-minute classes (Level One at the school) to get a proper feel of the rules and the physical requirements of ballroom dance. There are six levels of instruction, in which a student must stay for varying spans of time in order to master a particular skill set. For $100, students receive four weekly classes and admission to two of the open dances hosted by the studio. Mayer encourages prospective students to consider what they get for that cost: “It comes to something like $8 per hour, which is pretty inexpensive,” she said. And it beats the bar or club scene. Those concerned about being groped on the dance floors of such establishments have nothing to fear from 43

Mayer’s clientele in that regard. She stressed how family friendly and appropriate all classes and activities at the studio are. Before I ended our conversation, I asked Mayer how she thought the world might be a different, or even better, place if money and time were not barriers to people, and the whole world took on a bit of ballroom dancing. She considered the question a moment, admitting that she couldn’t choose a single positive effect of such a world. But she finally opined that learning to dance in such a manner “is what keeps confidence” in people who engage in it. It’s athletic, and it requires an openness to understanding and respecting one’s partner. Simply listening to Mayer passionately speak on the subject reveals the profound impact ballroom dancing has had on her from the moment she first connected with it. “I can’t see my life without it,” she said as our conversation came to an end — though not before she asked if I wanted a lesson. I politely declined, not yet certain if I, or the world, was ready for such a display.

FIND OUT MORE: Ballroom Dance in Frederick 7313-R Grove Road, Frederick 301-662-1602 F Watch clips of various dances:


But if I ever am ready, I know where to begin such a journey. And if anyone reading this feels such an adventure is for them, I suggest, with enthusiasm, Ballroom Dance in Frederick.



‌ a space located on 155 acres of pristine woods in the beautiful Catoctin Mountains. A space that provides a gorgeous lodge, barn and pavilions for weddings, business meetings, private parties and more. A space that supports the community by providing programs to nonprofit organizations at no charge.

12805A Mink Farm Rd.,Thurmont, MD


Photo by Leigh Anne Brader Photography



at its finest

With a county population of 300,000 and 13 golf courses, Clustered Spires has earned “Best of Frederick Golf Course”! Golf Digest awards Clustered Spires a HHHH rating. Clustered Spires reputation is a great conditioned golf course with wonderful greens and considered the best value golf course in central Maryland.


Monday–Thursday ........ $43 Friday............................. $47 Saturday & Sunday ....... $61


Monday–Friday ............. $33


5 pm–Dusk .................... $27

8415 Gas House Pike | Frederick, MD 21701 | 301-600-1295 |

Getaway to the Gateway!

Thurmo nt Wineries

Cunningham Falls State Park

Main Street

Covered Bridges


Enjoy great hiking and cycling year round! For more information, please visit


! e or t S y or Fact We use only the finest ingredients in our Apple Cider, Apple We use only the finest ingredients in our Apple Cider, Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter, Preserves, Relishes, BBQ Sauces, and Butter, Pumpkin Butter, Preserves, Relishes, BBQ Sauces, and more! Our famous old fashioned products are sold online, more. Our famous old fashioned products are sold online, in farm markets, and country stores nationwide. in farm markets and country stores nationwide. | 13 S. Wisner St. Frederick, MD | 301.662.3261


When a craving strikes for some delicious,

hard to get fresh doughnuts made daily. But “we

homemade doughnuts, breakfast danish (cheese,

have a little bit of everything.” Seasonally, sales

apple or chocolate), giant squares of crumb cake,

of cookies and cakes typically take precedence

nut-covered sticky buns, lemon-iced pound cake,

around Christmastime, and pies “outshine

fresh breads, cookies, or pies, take a drive over to

everything” around Thanksgiving. Recently, the

Jefferson and visit Farmer’s Daughter Bakery.

shop offered mini èclairs, decorated cookies, and

Owner and head baker Keri Grossnickle-Gahman purchased the former Jefferson Pastry Shoppe

No matter what type of sweets you’re looking for,

in June 2019. Grossnickle-Gahman grew up on

the bakery likely has a fresh-baked version waiting

her family’s farm in Burkittsville and attended

for you.

Middletown area schools. She started Farmer’s

“Basically, you can always come in and find something

Daughter Bakery officially in 2016, and had been renting a church kitchen in Burkittsville to create her custom cakes on the side while working full-time as a teacher in Loudoun County, Virginia. When she found out that the Jefferson bakery was for sale, she dove “head first” into the business, figuring it was “now or never,” she says. Plus, the location is perfect, she says. Her oldest brother

Photographs by Molly Fellin Spence

even chocolate-covered strawberries.

you’ll enjoy, as our variety is large,” she says. For special occasions, custom birthday cakes and wedding cakes are Grossnickle-Gahman’s specialties. Grossnickle-Gahman feels fortunate that many of the Jefferson Pastry Shoppe staff stayed on with her, and says, “they are amazing.”

owns the Jefferson Produce Stand across the

“I’ve gotten very lucky with the staff, as they are

street and his stepfather is a Hemp, of the same

hard workers and truly love being there,” she says.

family that owns Hemp’s Meats, which shares a

“Even significant others will join in, when needed, to

parking lot with the bakery. In the summer, she gets

give a hand.”

to see her brother and nieces and nephews as they sell produce across the street. She loves the family atmosphere that creates. Grossnickle-Gahman says doughnuts continue to be bestsellers at the bakery, with help from Bonnie, the doughnut fryer specialist, who works

Farmer’s Daughter Bakery 3738 Jefferson Pike, Jefferson 301-473-8258 F d @farmersdaughterbakery


Anytime Fitness is looking for 25 women to complete our 6 Week Total Fitness Transformation Challenge. This program will change your life, but expect to work hard. All levels are wanted, we just ask that you try your best and finish the 6 weeks. WHAT YOU’LL GET: • Renewed energy • Our Core-22 Weight Loss System to help you stay on track • Recipes • Three weekly sessions with a fitness coach to jump start your metabolism • A Personal Accountability Coach to help you with motivation

Call us to get started!

301-228-0990 Ballenger Creek Damascus

L na yoga Downtown Frederick's Community Yoga Studio

Downtown Frederick's Community Yoga Studio

Mention PEACE for a $5 drop in yoga or pilates mat class @LunaYogaFrederick 34 S Market St Frederick, MD 21701 (301)682-9642


S E RV I N G T H E F R E D E R I C K A R E A O V E R 2 0 Y E A R S

Joseph Camacho, DDS and Associates • Relaxing Private Rooms • Sedation Dentistry • Laser Lip and Tongue Tie Release • Babies Under 18 Months Complimentary Exam • Orthodontics Parents Welcome During Treatment for Children & Adults FREDERICK, MD: 77 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite A • Frederick, Maryland 21702 • 301-682-3887 HAGERSTOWN, MD: 1150 Omega Drive, Suite 102 • Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 • 240-513-6161

W W W. F P D E N T I S T R Y . C O M

FREDERICK HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER We provide alternative medical care that will reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine. Offering a safe, effective and natural approach to help regain your health and well being. Our services include: Acupuncture • Nutrition Coaching • Qi Gong Instruction


301-273-1185 10 North Jefferson St, Suite 100 • Frederick, MD 21701 • We Accept Cigna, Aetna, and CareFirst BlueCross/BlueShield Insurance

FREDERICK (TJ) OFFICE 87 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 101, Frederick, MD 21702 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–7pm (6pm in summer); Walk-Ins 8–9am Saturday, 9am–noon (by appointment only, no walk-ins) PHONE: 301-694-0606 BALLENGER CREEK OFFICE 6550 Mercantile Drive, Suite 106, Frederick, MD 21703 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm; Walk-ins 8–9am PHONE: 301-668-6347 MOUNT AIRY OFFICE 1311 South Main Street, Suite 304, Mount Airy, MD 21771 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm; Walk-ins 8–9am PHONE: 301-829-6146 URBANA OFFICE 3500 Campus Drive, Suite D, Urbana, MD 21704 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm; Walk-ins 8–9am PHONE: 301-874-6107 We accept most insurances. Practice limited to newborns to age 21 years.




Bring the whole family and see all the Y has to offer. At the Y, families spend quality time together. We welcome all children and their families, becuase our communities are stronger when everyone can take part in programs where they can learn, grow and thrive.

For more than a workout. For a better us.



GREEN VALLEY Y 11791 Fingerboard Rd. Monrovia, MD

Pass is valid for 7 consecutive days from date of first visit. Pass is limited to one week only per calendar year/ per person. Restrictions and limitations may apply.


When you’re eager for a trip to Paris and some

on Market. Four unique rooms, each with a private

fresh croissant and café au lait, but life has you

bath, are available for overnight guests. But for

firmly planted in Frederick for the foreseeable

locals, the bistro is where you’ll spend most of your

future, I’m happy to say there is a wonderful

time, whether to grab a quick coffee and pastry, a

solution. You’ll find it at Up on Market –

larger breakfast, lunch or decadent dinner.

Downtown’s newly opened homage to French bistro culture, located (where else) up on Market

Dilled sour cream-topped two-egg omelets (filled

Street, near the corner of Third.

with smoked salmon or mushrooms, onions and gruyere) are available all day. Homemade soups,

The space, once before used as an inn, a dry goods

salads, quiches and sandwiches on croissant or

store, and most recently a clothing and costume

baguette are also on the menu daily.

jewelry shop, has been lovingly remodeled over a span of a few years. The building was listed in

No matter what you order, once you sit down and

Maryland’s Registry of State Historic Sites in the

relax, you will certainly feel like you’ve escaped

1970s and cited as “the oldest commercial building

to Europe, surrounded by marble flooring,

in Frederick.” Following a period of neglect, in 2013

elegant flatware and china, and delicious drinks

current owners Michele Fontaine and Francis

and food. (But you haven’t – you’re just Up on

Skrobiszewski purchased the structure and began

Market, in Frederick.)

renovating to create a coffee shop, an inn, and their own residence. Fontaine had owned and operated Photographs by Molly Fellin Spence

a retail coffee, tea, chocolate and house wares store in Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle for three decades before moving to Frederick. The building actually houses two businesses – the bistro, called Up on Market, and an inn, known as Inn

Up on Market 301 N. Market St., Frederick 240-831-4847 F d @uponmarket301



For more information contact: or 301-662-6050 Ext. 11

LOCAL jewelry bath & body FUNCTIONAL kids stationery HANDMADE home accessories

PRINT LIVES 19 N. Market St., Frederick, MD | 301.663.3632


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Love our magazine but

Special Events at

Catoctin Furnace

Maryland Iron Festival! Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17, 2020!

and check out our blog!

The Maryland Iron Festival will be celebrated within the historic village, Catoctin Mountain Park, and Cunningham Falls State Park. The festival celebrates the region’s history as an early center for iron making. The second annual festival will feature an array of live demonstrations including blacksmithing and casting, hands-on activities, delicious historic foods, tours, a wide variety of arts, crafts, and jewelry, live music performances, “Feats of Strength” including cannonball tosses and anvil-lifting contests, a wine and beer garden, and lots of children’s activities. Visit our website below for a full lineup of events. Free Admission.

FiND iT Frederick Magazine

Fall Fest: Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10, 2020, 10am-4pm. Spend

a follow on Instagram

a day celebrating autumn in historic Catoctin Furnace at the 9th Annual Fallfest! Watch apple butter boiling over an open fire and purchase a pint fresh from the kettle. Traditional food, including soup and scones, will be available for purchase. Free Admission.



Spirits of the Furnace: Saturday, October 17, 2020, 6:30pm-8:30pm In partnership with Cunningham Falls State Park, Silver Oak Academy, and Harriet Chapel the Historical Society will present the 19th annual “Spirits of the Furnace”, a guided night tour through the historic Catoctin Iron Furnace and Village, with stops in historic structures and along the landscape. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under. All proceeds will benefit the preservation and interpretation of the historic village. Admission is limited to 75 (15 per group beginning every half hour) and must be purchased in advance. To purchase tickets, visit or call 443-629-8661.

Traditional Village Christmas: Saturday, December 5, 2020 from 10-4 pm. Decorate a fresh wreath with bows, bells, ornaments, and pine cones at this annual holiday event! Enjoy hot cider, homemade soup, and delicious baked goods. Wonderful locally made crafts, jewelry, and art for sale. Kids activities and a visit from Belsnickel! Free Admission.

All events except “In their Own Voices” will take place at 12607 and 12610 Catoctin Furnace Road, Thurmont, MD 21788. Learn more about Catoctin Furnace history, activities, and special events at or by calling 443-463-6437.

Capturing life, One image at a time

“They really were able to capture our personalities and relationship... We can't recommend them enough.”

photo booth

- Katie & Dave

240.529.3738 INFO@SILLYSTATION.COM /sillystation




The Power of Community Together we can make a difference. When Power of Change was ready to turn small gifts into a larger impact, they wanted a bank that was committed to the community. FCB Bank, a division of ACNB Bank is proud to be the official bank sponsor of this program and to help our local nonprofits, businesses, and neighbors thrive. Look for the decorated meters around town to donate and visit an FCB Bank office to experience the power of community banking. FCBMD.COM • 301.620.1400

Coming up next at Other Voices Theatre



MAY 1, 2, 8, 9 at 8:00 p.m. MAY 3 & 10 at 2:00 p.m.

other voices


MEMPHIS AUGUST 7-16 | 301-662-3722 244 S. Jefferson St. Frederick, MD


Unapologetic Songs of the Sea: Sublimely Deep to Seriously Silly

Friday, April 24, 2020 at 7:30 PM and Saturday, April 25 at 3:00 PM Jack B. Kussmaul Theater on the FCC Campus COME ABOARD the good ship Jack B as we celebrate our seagoing heritage. Whether you are a British Tar or a passenger on the Titanic, we will welcome you with tales of great adventure, mermaids, and even a sea monster or two! The bottom of the deep blue sea comes alive to the sound of our lively sea chanters. Admission free to FCC students, faculty and staff with I.D. Ticket information available at


Photographs by Molly Fellin Spence

One of the most inventive + tasty fast-casual food spots has opened in Urbana, and its sandwiches, bowls and salads are both unusual and delicious. Pumpernickel + Rye (or Pump + Rye for short) has a goal of being a new-school deli with a modern vibe, to fulfill all of the Frederick area’s cravings. Sisters Amy Nesbit (executive chef) and Megan Hook (general manager) created Pump + Rye, inspired by their family tradition of eating delicious, high-quality deli foods at all sorts of occasions. “For us, deli means family,” they say on their take-out menu, inviting everyone to their table to “indulge yourself in the flavors that inspired [their] love for deli creations, as well as some elevated culinary finds from [their] travels around the world.” Housed in a completely renovated farmhouse structure on Urbana Pike near Urbana Elementary School, Pump + Rye offers easy counter ordering for takeout, or ample space to sit and enjoy your meal. The deli offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as smoothies, coffee, espresso, hot tea and frappé. For breakfast, the star is the bagel, which are delivered to Urbana par-baked from Noshman’s Bagel of New York City, and finished at the deli. Get yours with house-cured lox, chive cream cheese, cucumbers, pickled red onions and capers. Or opt for a classic breakfast sandwich filled with egg, cheese, and thick-cut bacon. Avocado toast, topped with kale pesto, garlic-tahini dressing and marinated tomatoes is also a solid choice. For lunch and dinner, your options include inventive salads, such as Lettuce Entertain You, filled with

marinated kale, pickled red onions, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, parmesan, pepitas and honey Dijon dressing; and seasonal salads, such as Drop Tha Beet, with braised beets, arugula, oranges, almonds, goat cheese, aged balsamic and local honey. Warm bowls with lentils or faro and roasted veggies are also available. Both bowls and salads can come topped with avocado, fried chicken, roast beef, turkey fennel-roasted pork, or thickcut bacon for an additional charge. The largest variety on the menu comes in the form of new-school and classic sandwiches. The Notorious P.I.S. comes packed with fennelroasted pork shoulder, broccoli rabe, apricot jam, provolone and garlic aioli, on a soft ciabatta roll. Lucille Balls features chicken pesto meatballs, spinach, provolone, giardiniera and garlic aioli. For the classics, and all of the sandwiches offered at Pump + Rye, all deli meats are made in-house, including turkey, roast beef, pastrami, brisket, fennel-rubbed pork shoulder, and cured lox. New batches of meat are made every other day so they are never loaded with preservatives. In fact, staff brags that they can tell you each and every ingredient that goes into everything made at Pump + Rye because it is made with their own hands “with all the love.”

Pumpernickel + Rye 3538 Urbana Pike, Urbana 240-397-9600 F d @pumpandrye


Hello, neighbor!

Please stop by and say, “Hi!” I’m looking forward to serving your needs for insurance and financial services. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY.


Danielle Leonard, Agent 1090 West Patrick Street, Suite C Frederick, MD 21703 Bus: 301-695-5244


State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

1201 N Market St

Frederick, MD 21701