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Issue 31 - Jul 2011

published by Pulse Photography Setting the standards!

This Issue: Climate Camp after eviction Photographs by: Ken Boddy



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We are happy to consider others joining. We have grown to eight photographers and shrunk, then grown and shrunk. WHY People work with us, enjoy it, have a break, come back and do more. We are very flexible in our approach to what we do as To Showcase our work! The intention is to sell our work. While not everyone can commit lots of time. exhibitions are really enjoyable to both take part in and If our modus operandi strikes a chord - make contact! We organise they do eat money! The Internet provides a very regularly meet so you could join us and see where it leads. cost effective way to showcase our work.

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ImPulse - Issue 31  

Climate Camp campaigners were evicted and the accommodation and service areas reduced to piles of tenting

ImPulse - Issue 31  

Climate Camp campaigners were evicted and the accommodation and service areas reduced to piles of tenting