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Getting In The Spring of Things Better days are ahead, at least weather wise, and it’s finally time to turn the focus to outdoor maintenance in preparation for Spring. It’s a good idea to spend time now getting your home and property back in shape after a long, hard winter.


Account Executive/Owner Sales Representative

DAVID LISI 315-865-5845

Check your roof for any signs of damage from snow, ice, ice dams. Make plans to repair or replace damaged roofing materials to reduce the possibility of leaks. Many trees suffered damage during our most recent snow events. Visually inspect trees for damage or rot and remove any limbs or trees that are in danger of falling. Trim healthy trees and bushes to keep them away from utility wires. Call in the professionals for help with jobs outside of your expertise or abilities.


David P. Lisi, RMC

Real Estate Marketing Consultant 315-865-5845 •


Advertising Deadline May Issue

Remove debris and leaves from gutters and downspouts to keep rain water freely flowing. This simple task is an easy way to reduce the possibility of water damage.

Table of Contents

Driveways and sidewalks are especially subject to damage from winter weather. Check for cracks and broken or uneven surfaces, then repair accordingly to help eliminate the potential for trip and fall incidents.

Apartments 13

Now is the ideal time to tune up your mower, tractor, trimmer and other lawn equipment. Check spark plugs, change the oil, sharpen blades, lubricate moving parts. If you plan on taking any of your power equipment to a local dealer for preseason maintenance or repairs, now is a great time to get that taken care of! Service dealerships will soon be all booked up so you’ll want to beat the rush.

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Fulton/ Montgomery Counties


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March 30, 2018 3-4

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A little maintenance in the Spring can go a long way to keeping you and your home safe and secure.

This information has been compiled from public records and other sources we believe to be reliable, but we make no guarantee with

David P. Lisi, RMC

respect to its accuracy or completeness or

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7 Savvy Moving

Tips For Newlyweds If you’re planning a wedding or you’ve just tied the knot, congratulations! Getting ready to start the next chapter of your life with the one you love can be an exciting time, filled with anticipation about your future together. Combining two households can take considerable planning and preparation, especially if both parties own troves of treasured possessions. As you are getting ready to make the transition into a single house or apartment, consider how the following suggestions may make your move easier. Pare down possessions. After unwrapping your wedding gifts, take an objective look at your collective furniture, household goods, clothing and other items. Where do you see duplicates? Whose décor are you more likely to use? Are those old clothes you’ve had since high school really worth keeping? Now is the time to be generous in donating unneeded items to a local charity (or selling them on Craigslist). Nix the shopping blitz. Although those wedding checks and gift cards are burning a hole in your pocket, postpone your purchases until after you move so you don’t end up needlessly hauling them to your next locale. DIY on the moving. Rather than shelling out a small fortune hiring a moving company, simply rent a truck that you can drive without a commercial license. As a rule of thumb, seek 150 cubic feet of space for the furnishings of each room in your present house; that means a 12- or 16-foot Penske rental truck should accommodate the contents of a small apartment or condo. Remember to reserve your truck at least two weeks ahead, and ask for the discounts provided to AAA members and military personnel. Invest in packing supplies. This is not the time to skimp by using flimsy containers, newspapers


and cheap tape to pack up your treasured belongings. Save yourself time and frustration later by picking up sturdy boxes, labels, tape and bubble wrap from your truck rental store so you can ensure everything arrives at its destination safe, unbroken and easy to unpack. Party on. Inviting friends and family to help you with your move can be a win-win for all; many hands make light work when it comes to loading and unloading your truck, and you can offer incentives by springing for pizza and beverages at your new home afterward. Learn how to load. Apply logistical strategy to filling up your moving truck, perhaps by following the guidelines offered by Penske’s Truck Wizard. In general, heavier items should go in the back of the truck, with lighter items in front and on top. Practice makes perfect. Driving a moving truck isn’t difficult, but it’s definitely different from driving a car or pick-up. Take time to familiarize yourself with those differences; for example, you must use your mirrors to navigate turns, you should avoid sudden stops or lane changes and give yourself extra time. For more information about the advantages of renting your own moving truck visit (BPT)

Window Safety Week April 1-7

Each year in the U.S., window falls account for approximately 12 deaths and 5000 injuries to children ages 10 and under. Window fall tragedies can happen any time of the year but happen most frequently when the weather is nice and the windows are open. Window guards and window stops should be installed to help prevent window falls. They can be easy to install and should have a release mechanism in the event of an emergency.

Window guards screw into the side of a window frame and have bars no more than 4 inches apart. They are sold in different sizes for various size windows and adjust for width. Guards must meet requirements for spacing and strength and those that allow for escape in case of emergencies must be difficult for very young children to open. Consumers can also purchase window stops which can be added to the window frame to prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches. Some new windows come with window stops already installed. Window guards are priced between $10 and $30 and have different configurations. Consumers should compare features to determine which guards best suit their needs. Window stops available at hardware stores cost about $2. “Whether you live in a high rise or a single family home, a window guard can help prevent a tragedy,” said CPSC Chairman Ann Brown. “Don’t depend on a screen alone to keep children safe.” CPSC guidelines for preventing window falls are: • Guards should be installed in children’s bedrooms, parents’ bedroom, and other rooms where young children spend time. • Or, install window stops that permit windows to open no more than 4 inches. • Never depend on screens to keep children from falling out of windows. • Whenever possible, open windows from the top - not the bottom. • Keep furniture away from windows, to discourage children from climbing near windows. Consumers should look for guards that have bars no more than 4 inches apart. Contact the following companies for more information about purchasing window guards: John Sterling Corporation - (800) 367-5726, LL Building Products (800) 755-9392, Automatic Specialties (800) 445-2370

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www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Cut Expenses

Not Corners On Your Bathroom Remodel In the last decade, we’ve seen something of a renaissance in home bathroom design. From an innovative use of materials to radically reimagined bathtubs and toilets, today’s bathrooms offer a dream space with comfort and convenience in a stylish package. This dream, however, comes with a price tag. A mid-range bathroom remodel that includes a steel tub, a pressure-balanced shower, ceramic tile floor, vanity and integral sink could cost almost $20,000, and that’s for a 5-by-7 room. An upscale remodel might cost as much as $60,000! But before this sticker shock scares you away, know there are secrets to saving money and still getting a beautiful bathroom. We sat down with Lynn Schrage, interior designer at Kohler Co. to learn some of her tips and tricks. Here are five of the best. 1. Find a focal point. You don’t need to have topof-the-line everything to create a stunning bathroom. Think in terms of what piece you want to be the star of your bathroom. Maybe you want it to be the sink, a freestanding bathtub or a spa steam shower. Pick one fixture that will draw the eye in and take center stage. You’ll be amazed at what this does for the overall effect. 2. Incorporate creative storage solutions. In remodeling a bathroom, it’s always exciting to stumble upon a solution that brings together the practical and the beautiful. This happens a lot when you try to figure out how to store toiletries, towels and more. Wall cabinets, wicker baskets, storage ladders and storage towers create charm and keep your essentials orderly. 3. A touch of luxury goes a long way. One of the most effective ways to create a stunning overall effect is to mix a touch of luxury with quality materials. For instance, coordinate wooden


cabinets with a tiled paneling treatment around the bathroom. Also ripe for coordination are choreograph shower panels with stone or porcelain tiles. Focusing and investing in these luxury elements while using quality material will help offset costs and give you the look you’ve dreamed of. 4. Select an integrated vanity top sink. Looking through your many choices of sinks, showerheads, toilets and other fixtures is downright inspiring, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Of all the options available, consider setting your eye on a vanity top with sink mounted on any number of vanity styles you like. This combines style with functionality in a timeless design and cuts down on clean up and your installation cost. 5. Work with a professional. Many people who want to save on a bathroom remodel think the most economical way is to go it alone and take the DIY route. However, a professional designer can help you discover the style that fits your personality and budget - and help you avoid costly mistakes. For instance, Kohler’s Bathroom Design Service provides expert advice, 3-D bathroom renderings and logistical guidance. To discover more inspiration for your bathroom, visit, where you’ll find the ideas and advice that will get you started on your journey to your dream bathroom. (BPT)

Hit Reset with a Kitchen

Lighting Update

Ready for a redo? When it comes to home renovations, the first place on which most people focus their attention is the kitchen. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), popular trends in finish-outs and appliances are impacting kitchen lighting choices. In general, kitchen design is trending toward the contemporary side. Jeff Dross, corporate director of education and industry trends for Kichler

Lighting, explains that homeowners with previously traditional taste are looking for more transitional products, while transitional homeowners are moving toward a soft contemporary décor. And many of those with existing soft contemporary furnishings are switching to a more austere contemporary solution. Countertops Impact Lighting: While granite is still used in entry- and mid-level homes, most highest-end countertops are now quartz-based, particularly with a matte finish, also sometimes called suede, honed or leathered. The mattefinish trend alleviates the tricky business of providing adequate illumination in kitchens without causing glare from glossy countertops that have been popular for the past decade. Dark Appliances Require More Light: The use of black stainless appliances is on the rise, which eliminates unsightly fingerprints, but creates the need for additional light in the surrounding space. “Black stainless has lower reflectance than white or stainless steel appliances, making the room appear darker,” says Dross. “The trend toward more involved backsplash materials makes lighting even more important.” Taller Ceilings Mean Taller Fixtures: Over the past 15 or so years, ceiling heights have become higher with 9 feet becoming the accepted minimum height. It is now common for North American homes to have ceilings 10 to 12 feet high. That means taller sconces and taller chandeliers are necessary to fill the additional space. “In addition to taller ceilings, center islands are now substantially bigger than in the past,” says Dross. “That means the tiny, mini-pendants that were all the rage a few years ago are disappearing. Kitchens demand larger, taller pendants.” Before jumping into a kitchen renovation, it is best to design a lighting plan to make sure your fixtures are the right size and style for your new space. A professional lighting consultant at your local ALA-member showroom can work with you to develop a plan and provide the most-upto-date lighting styles and technology. To find a list of nearby ALA showrooms, go online to (NewsUSA)

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LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

It’s been a busy January and February...


LET’S HELP THEM FIND CURES TOGETHER! All of these listings are UNDER CONTRACT, Plus I also went UNDER CONTRACT with 7 Buyers! Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Senior Sales Associate

(C) 518-260-6732

78 Old Mill Lane, Queensbury

80 Chestnut Ridge, Queensbury

2 bedroom, 1 bath Queensbury townhouse with loft, new carpet, full basement, lovely private back deck with awning. All this makes this a great place to call home.

on beautiful Chestnut Ridge Rd. This Ranch home is being sold As-Is and is a wonderful opportunity to make it your dream home in a dream location. 3 bedrooms with 2.5 baths, large open living room and dining area.

Find the original beauty in this 4 BR, 1 BA house when you give it some TLC. With its gorgeous woodwork, high ceilings and private backyard, this is a house your family could call home. Sold-As-Is.

23 & 25 Thomson Street, Warrensburg

22 Grant Ave, Glens Falls



54 Notre Dame St, Fort Edward

Park-like setting



Above & Beyond

“Julie Snyder went above and beyond to guide us through the “selling” process. She was always available, offered great advice, answered all our questions, and worked hard to get my parent’s home sold quickly. I will recommend her to all my friends.” - L. Bickford

40 Lyon Ct., Queensbury Elegant, bright, private & quiet End unit in the maintenance free Westwood Community. Easy one level living in this 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit with a beautiful NEW Kitchen & Bath. Wood floors, gas fireplace.


Adorable and Affordable 2 bedroom

Ranch with a lot to offer. This property is conveniently located between Lake George and Gore Mountain on a nice quiet street. Large Living Room, wood floors under carpeting, newer roof.


The light shines in on this Stunning Classic Glens Falls City home. This home has it all with a dream mahogany floored front porch, 4 bedrooms, den, nursery, 3.5 baths, gleaming wood floors, new custom kitchen with granite. $239,900


“Julie is outstanding! Her style is both personable and professional. She was very helpful in both the selling of our home and the purchase of our town house. We would recommend her to someone 47 Overlook Drive, Queensbury else without hesitation.” If a Large, Bright, Townhouse in a pre- S & M Shuler

mier Maintenance Free Living community is what you are looking for, look no further! 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, with Den and craft room that could be used as extra bedrooms.


1A Lincoln Ave., Glens Falls

16 Maplewood Parkway, South Glens Falls

won’t want to leave! This is a house you will be proud to call home. With it’s remodeled kitchen, hardwood floors, 4-5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, this 1910 city home screams love and charm.

3 bedroom, 2 bath Ranch home with gleaming wood floors, beautiful kitchen with stainless appliances, skylights, large fenced in yard, in ground pool with new liner.

Once you step onto the front porch you

Updated turn-key




www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Announcing the Newest Team

at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Blake, REALTORS With our combined expertise paired with our extensive market knowledge and relentless work ethic, we promise you a successful and positive real estate experience. You will quickly see the advantage of working with two agents

who are dedicated to you as their client. You will have twice the buying and selling power working for you for the price of one. We are the newest and most innovative team providing 7 days a week of availability.

Call us today and let us show you what our team can do for you.

If you are looking for honesty, integrity, professionalism and an old school work ethic, then we are what you’re looking for.


LifeandHomes â– Capital Region


Lic. R.E. Salesperson c-518-369-8957

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Blake, REALTORS office-518-439-4943

205 Delaware Ave, Delmar NY 12054

MATTHEW WENDT Lic. R.E. Salesperson c-518-332-4794



www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Serving the Entire Capital Region Offices in Guilderland and Latham • 50 agents 2390 Western Ave, Guilderland, NY 12084

Office: 518-861-7030 • Rotterdam $184,500

Watervliet $179,900 1229 6TH AVE -

2441 CURRY RD -

Contact: Christopher McCabe 518-378-8756

Contact: Jamie Mazuryk 518-929-4475

New windows, new roof, new kitchen and bathrooms, nothing to do but move in. 3 bedroom 1.5 bath home, with first floor laundry and barn door. Double vanity w/ full bathroom also on first floor just off master bedroom. Custom kitchen with eat in space.

Don’t let this spacious home slip you by! Home was recently updated with an addition that included a large 2nd floor master suite w/ full bath and a cozy family room for entertaining or just watching TV by the gas fireplace. This home is a gem with 4brs/2.5 bath.

26 BROOKLAND AVE - Looking for the convenience of Albany but with some

privacy? Check out this COMPLETELY RENOVATED 3BR/1.5 BA 2 Story home. Home features refinished hardwood floors on 1st fl, BRAND NEW spacious kitchen with SS App, granite counters, NEW w/w carpet, NEW furnace and central air, ALL NEW electrical service and plumbing throughout. Newer vinyl windows. Fantastic open floor plan that would be perfect for family gatherings or holidays. NOTHING TO DO BUT MOVE IN! Close to schools, shopping, hospitals and highways.

Contact: Debra Bajouwa 518-491-2212

Glenville $339,000

141 HETCHELTOWN RD To be built, fantastic opportunity, custom built JJ Cillis homes offer you new construction with uncompromised quality. Different sized lots that can accommodate a variety of desired floor plans. All open floor plans with excellent standard features.

Contact: Dawn Jacobson 518-588-5916

Bethlehem $244,900

12 ELSMERE AV EXT HAMAGRAEL EELMENTARY. Newer windows, clean dry basement. HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE bath & front entry ramp. Kitchen counters do not meet handicap height. This DOUBLE LOT looks out over acres of farm fields. Staircase to the unfinished attic.

Contact: Carmella Richards 518-928-6486

Thinking about selling your home? Call us today

Our experienced agents can provide you with the resources you need to get your home ready to sell!

57 LAURA DR - NEW PRICE Custom side hall colonial home in one of North Colonie’s most sought after neighborhoods. This 4BR/1.5 Bath home features a 2nd full bath that has ruffed in plumbing and framed in the part fin. Walk out basement. Gorgeous open kitchen with granite counters and ss appliances. 2 Car garage w/ expanded driveway. Very private lot that backs up to forever wild. The large deck overlooks the spacious landscaped yard.

Contact: Christopher McCabe - 518-378-8756


Rare opportunity for a TwoFamily in Rexford, Saratoga County, Niskayuna Schools! Separate utilities, new roof, updated plumbing and electrical! Laundry for tenants or owner occ use in basement. This property offers off street parking, GE, KAPL, Casino.

Contact: Melissa Killion 518-588-4272


LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

2012 DELAWARE TURNPIKE Lots of updates have been done to this cute Clarksville Bungalow! Features include an open floor plan with fresh neutral paint & new flooring throughout. A pocket door design gives versatility to use this as a 2 or 3 bedroom home. Move in ready.

Guilderland $284,500

6685 FULLER STATION RD This charming colonial is the site of the former Fullers, NY Post Office and General Store. Situated on almost 2 acres with great outdoor space for entertaining and a huge barn for storing all your toys. The 1st floor den could be used as a 4th bedroom.

Contact: Dawn Jacobson 518-588-5916

Schaghticoke $157,750

6 JAMES LANE Completely renovated Ranch -New roof, New forced hot air furnace, New windows, New kitchen with tile floors white shaker cabinets, blue pearl granite counter tops w/ recessed lighting. New black stainless appliances.

Contact: John Fitzgerald 518-858-9178

Altamont $255,900

Latham $324,900

Rexford $249,900

Contact: Christopher McCabe 518-378-8756

Contact: Debra Bajouwa 518-491-2212

Contact: Christopher McCabe - 518-378-8756 3367 DELAWARE TURNPIKE This nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch has been lovingly maintained by the same family for 50 years. Located in E. Berne, this country home sits on almost 1 acre with views of the Catskills in the distance. Features include newer appliances and windows.

207 CAMBRIDGE MANOR DR Why pay RENT and WASTE your money? Own this maintenance free Condo in the desirable Cambridge Manor. This condo is centrally located near downtown Scotia and the revitalized downtown Schenectady area. Updates include hardwood floors throughout.

New Scotland $157,900

Albany $184,900

Voorheesville $165,000

Scotia $123,900

Knox $184,000


Updated, charming 2 story on large lot in the serene Hilltowns (BKW school)! Updated kitchen and bathroom with granite, stainless steel appliances and new cabinets! Open concept living and dinng room! Finished basement, above ground pool on spacious lot.

Contact: Leanne Royer 518-265-2203

126 MAIN ST -

This large house right in the heart of Altamont has room for everyone with almost 2400 sqft and 2.5 bathrooms. Stunning woodwork and hardwood floors throughout are just the beginning. Granite countertops and new SS appliances in the kitchen.

Contact: Kate Newbegin 518-330-4366

Rotterdam $149,900

30 MILES STANDISH RD This desirable Colonial Manor Cape, is priced to sell. Newer kitchen w/upgraded SS appliances and butcher block breakfast bar. Living room features wood burning fireplace and family room has woodstove. Vinyl replacement windows. New furnace.

Contact: Amanda Harrington 518-441-1711

have that would work...maybe a 1 dollar bill??

Serving the Entire Capital Region Offices in Guilderland and Latham • 50 agents 2390 Western Ave, Guilderland, NY 12084

Office: 518-861-7030 • Knox $239,500

Knox $200,000

Rotterdam $209,500



185 ROCK RD -

Contact: Jamie Mazuryk 518-929-4475

Contact: Melanie A Jakway 518-265-0979

Updated ranch style home privately nestled on 8 picturesque acres w/water view of the pond & woods. Meticulously maintained. Move In Ready. Open flr Plan. NEW: Metal life-time roof, electric service & wiring. See

Home is in need of some updating, but for the price,you can’t beat it. Master bath is gutted so you can do what you want. Basement has very high ceilings and has its own separate entrance. So many updates.

4BR/1.1 BA Colonial tucked away nicely on over 5 private acres in the Town of Knox. Home is loaded with updates which include, NEW Kitchen Appliances, NEW Kitchen Counter Tops, NEW Flooring.

Contact: David J Romano 518-210-7464

Altamont $139,925

Colonie $514,888


Cozy ranch located on a quiet dead end street in the highly desired village of Altamont! 2 bedroom, 1 bath with bonus office or mudroom. Large walk out basement is just waiting to be finished for additional living space! Public water and sewer

10 RIDGEFIELD WAY - Better than new 12 yr old gem with upgrades galore

in this meticulous North Colonie colonial. Home features a 1st fl & a 2nd fl master suite. Could be 3 or 4 BR home. Completely finished basement with spacious family room and room for another bedroom. some upgrades include whole house generator & water filtration system, inground sprinkler sys, brand new driveway (8/17), 20 x 12 ft trek deck overlooking back yard, hw floors entire 1st fl, sun room, fireplace & bright open kitchen. Pristine Home.

Contact: Leanne Royer 518-265-2203

Contact: Christopher McCabe - 518-378-8756

Duansburg $260,000

Country living at its best, 2 Full ba, 4 bed and 25 acres for your privacy. Detached 2 car garage for all your extras. New roof, new bathroom added on first floor off converted garage to living room for family gatherings. Convenient location for the best of both world

Contact: Jamie Mazuryk 518-929-4475

Slingerlands $392,500


Watervliet $29,900

581 6th Ave - Level and cleared building lot with water and sewer already in place from previous structure. Lot size is 40x102. Zoned residential. Contact: Christopher McCabe - 518-378-8756


“Ready To Experience the CM Fox Difference?”

Beth Hanley

Gorgeous fully renovated ranch home situated on a private road. 5 acres in beautiful Slingerlands, at five rivers edge, top rated schools. This home boasts 4-5 beds/ 3 full ba/ two 1/2 baths. Kitchen is fit for a chef.

Didn’t earn quite as much as you planned on that last deal? Our plan is better.

Manager/Associate Broker

Call Today for Details 518-861-7030

Contact: Jamie Mazuryk 518-929-4475

Voorheesville $349,000

Schenectady $159,900


17 Fairfield Drive -

Too much to say on the amenities of this beautiful colonial! 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, immaculate 2716 ft above ground sq. ft home with full finished 1300 sq. ft. basement, outdoor space with patio, and firepit, huge level fenced yard, open floor plan, first floor laundry.

Contact: Katherine Burbank 518-461-8032

Slingerlands $1,100,000


10031 STATE ROUTE 30

Beautiful ranch style home in the Woodlawn area. This home features a spacious living room with gas fireplace, spacious eat in kitchen with brand new dishwasher & oven w/range, water filtration system throughout, 1 year old roof. Perfect starter/downsize.

Privacy in back & no one across the street!This beautifully maintained 4BR/2.5BA colonial has had many updates-kitchen,bath,win dows,roof,furnace,AC,HW tank,gutters,water softener. Just move in! Amenities incl HW floors th/out.

Contact: Christopher McCabe 518-378-8756

Contact: Anne E Daley 518-461-8518

AREA LAND LISTINGS Greenfield Center $349,000

369 GRANGE RD - Don’t miss this great opportunity to be only 5 minutes from Downtown Saratoga and live in the Saratoga school district. Rolling hills, privacy, treed, and an area of wetlands ,there is a stream and a pond. Possible subdivision with beautiful building lots. 940’ road frontage. Contact: John Fitzgerald - 518-858-9178

Albany $29,900

130 WELLINGTON AVE - Investors take notice, cleared and ready to go residential building lot. 90 feet of frontage on a dead end road, family friendly neighborhood. Close to SUNY Albany, shopping and bus line. Owner is a licensed Realtor. Jamie Mazuryk - 518-929-4475


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Residential • Commercial • Farms • Investments • Acerage 92 Reed Street, CANAJOHARIE 389 Dingman Road, FORT PLAIN 25 N. Division Street, ST. JOHNSVILLE LOOKING FOR A HOME IN THE VILLAGE WITH THE FEEL OF THE COUNTRY? This is it!!! 1.5 acres of well-groomed lawn, with three vegetable gardens, a flower garden and fruit trees. $1,000 bonus to agent that brings a buyer by Nov. 15th. Asking $114,900

This property is as close to perfect as you can get. 360 degree panoramic view, 43 acres gently sloping tillable land with 10 acres of Hardwood trees. Solar farm, QUIET!, 36 X 50 Utility Barn with 2nd floor loft area. The home is very cozy. Asking $369,000

640 Fords Bush Road, FORT PLAIN 4710 State Hwy. 10, FORT PLAIN Two story, four bedroom home with granite counter tops in the kitchen, large living room with a pellet stove and sliding glass doors leading to your back deck. One full bath. Updated windows and exterior is vinyl siding. Asking $145,000

Single story home with new oak flooring in the living room, hallway and master bedroom. Two bedrooms and one full bath. Tile flooring in bath. A beautiful sun room with tile flooring and a hot tub. Updated kitchen opens up to the living room. Asking$92,000

770 Brand Road, SPRAKERS

565 River Road, FORT PLAIN

Enjoy the serenity of the country in this wellmaintained home. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home sits on 13.3 sprawling acres with two large ponds and a large pole barn. Home comes completely furnished. The home features several updates. Asking $159,000

A Stunning 1800s Greek Revival situated on 43.5 acres. This fabulous home features 6 bedrooms, two and a half baths, three fireplaces, oak floors, cast iron radiators and so much more. Currently being used as a operating Paint Ball Business. Asking $299,000

93 Reed Street, CANAJOHARIE

3 Phillips Ave., CANAJOHARIE

6480 State Highway 10, CANAJOHARIE

A brick driveway leads to your Victorian home! Walk up the front steps to a beautiful large porch, step into the dining room with gleaming hardwood floors and wood burning fireplace. Formal living room w/high ceiling and a 2nd fireplace. Asking $149,900

The details of this home show off the quality workmanship exhibited during the Craftsman Era. When entering this home you immediately feel the coziness and warmth of the fireplace, the inviting atmosphere. Asking $99,900

Colonial style home located just outside of the Village. A bi-level deck overlooks 21 acres w/a barn and pond. Ideal property for horses. A grand front entry, formal dining room and a finished basement w/kitchen. Asking $229,900

1870’s 2nd Empire Style House. Featuring distinctive mansard roof design. Two-sided porch designed for relaxation and entertainment. Double door front entry opens to a beautiful staircase. Formal living room , formal dining room. Asking $99,500




O FFICE :518-673-2820


Modular Homes • Modular Log Homes Log Homes • Excavating• Construction Dream Home? Vacation Cabin? Investment Property?

800-825-9717 email: Eastern NY - Southern, VT - Western, MA

Frank Hall Developer/General Contractor

TIP Development & Berard Excavating can help you achieve your goal! We have something for every budget. With over 50 years experience we offer total turnkey solutions. Please visit our website,, or give us a call at 800-825-9717 to discuss your project.

One Stop Shop Total Turnkey Solutions We will build to your taste in:

Capital Region

Visit our website for details and photos or call 800-825-9717 10

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region


Licensed Real Estate Salesperson NYS

Call, text or email: C: 518-441-2640

Queensbury/Glens Falls Lake George Office, NY 63 Quaker Rd Queensbury , NY 12804 (518) 798-3636

Are you living in your Dream Home? Check these Adirondack Properties!

134 Beech Trail, Indian Lake • $1,195,000

This custom built and professionally decorated Post and Beam Lakefront Masterpiece was built with all the amenities and details. Offering a two and half story great room with floor to ceiling glass and direct water views, a floor to ceiling two sided wood burning fireplace, large dining area, custom kitchen, first floor master ensuite with a fireplace and screened porch, four additional bedrooms with balconies, two full baths, loft sleeping and gaming area, full finished lower level, two levels of waterfront decks.

2187 Saranac Avenue, Lake Placid • $1,699,000

337-349 Adirondack Lake Road, Indian Lake • $525,000

7129 NYS Route 9, Loon Lake $449,000

This well established 38 year old turn key business by design includes a complete reservation system with over 8700 customers, 60% return rate, is highly ranked on Trip Advisor and offers many opportunities for future growth and development. Your guests will enjoy this exceptionally well maintained property consisting of 4 buildings, 2 with 19 Vacation rental units, office, managers apartment, 2 Lakefront Cottages, a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom with living rooms and kitchens, 158 feet of direct lakefront with docks on Lake .

Welcome to East Bay at Adirondack Lake in Indian Lake, NY! With a lakefront home and guest cottage for family gatherings, the two properties total 2.08 Acres. Each exceptionally maintained home, one 3 bedroom, 2 bath with Fireplace, Woodstove, Laundry, the other 2 bedroom, 1 bath with Woodstove, include all the amenities and furnishings needed to make for a comfortable experience, just bring a change of clothes and your toothbrush. You will also find beautifully landscaped and wooded grounds, waterfront dock.

Welcome to Loon Lake in the Adirondacks! This Beautiful Year Round 6 bedroom 4 bath Home with Private Deeded Lake and Dock Rights is the place to be! Built in 2009, you will not be disappointed with all the amenities offered to make life enjoyable and easy. Exceptionally maintained and includes a large Trex wrap around deck overlooking landscaped grounds, filtered lake views, oversized 3 car garage with workshop and bonus room, walk out finished basement and much much more. Schedule a showing today.

7131 NYS Route 9, Loon Lake • $275,000

118 Forest Road, Indian Lake • $285,000

105 Tower Hill, Indian Lake • $259,000

38 Chestnut Ridge, Queensbury • $419,000

Welcome to Loon Lake in the Adirondacks! The Lily Pad is Beautiful Year Round 2 Unit Multi Family, each unit 2 bedroom 1 bath Home with Private Deeded Lake and Dock Rights is the place to be! You will not be disappointed with all the amenities offered to make life enjoyable and easy. Exceptionally maintained, Landscaped grounds, filtered lake views. Excellent long term and short term rental history. Just minutes from the Northway exit 25, your also close to Gore Mountain, Lake George, Schroon.

Welcome to your log cabin in the woods. Nestled on a private 2.3 Acre lot, this getaway offers year round living in the heart of the Adirondacks! Enjoy kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming at Lake Snow, hiking and snowmobiling on nearby trails, or just listening to the birds on your screened porch & wrap around deck. The cabin offers a large great room with a vaulted ceiling & wood stove, nice kitchen with an island, 3 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, fully insulated basement and an attached garage. Schedule your showing!

Beautiful Eastern Mountain views from this Custom built Log home in the Central Adirondacks!! The Amazing vaulted living room, open kitchen and dining room, and large master bedroom open up to a large wrap around deck to relax and enjoy vast year round views. A total of 4 Bedrooms 2 Baths, and a large loft area for additional sleeping and family space, a full walk out basement with overhead door for storing all your toys all on a large 2 acre landscaped lot with a beautiful fire pit for evening campfires. Make this your Adirondack Getaway!

Location, Location, Location! Chestnut Ridge Contemporary Post and Beam Beauty! 3 Levels of Living with 3068 Square Feet, Open Great room with Vaulted Beam Ceiling and amazing Glass Window Wall, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, Huge Bonus Room, Walk out finished Basement to large Deck, All completely updated, NEW Kitchen, Amazing Bathrooms, NEW Wood Flooring,NEW Ceramic Tile, NEW Light Fixtures throughout, NEW Interior Doors, NEW Paint - inside and out. Updated ENERGY Efficient Geothermal heating and cooling.

9133 NYS Route 22, Granville • $275,000

154 Griffin Road, Indian Lake $159,000

6627 NYS Route 30, Indian Lake • $249,000

790 Deerland Road, Long Lake • $289,000

Location, Location, Location! Chestnut Ridge Contemporary Post and Beam Beauty! 3 Levels of Living with 3068 Square Feet, Open Great room with Vaulted Beam Ceiling and amazing Glass Window Wall, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, Huge Bonus Room, Walk out finished Basement to large Deck, All completely updated, NEW Kitchen, Amazing Bathrooms, NEW Wood Flooring,NEW Ceramic Tile, NEW Light Fixtures throughout, NEW Interior Doors, NEW Paint - inside and out. Updated ENERGY Efficient Geothermal heating and cooling.

Welcome to the Adirondacks and Indian Lake! This cozy camp on 2.28 acres along with deeded access to the shore of Indian Lake offers peace and quiet on a secluded property with filtered lake views. Four separate parcels are offered for one low price...keep the cozy camp with room to expand or build your dream second home. The great room offers a two sided wood burning rock fireplace and a beautiful window wall to watch the wildlife and see the filtered view of the lake. Minutes to the Town of Indian Lake!

Multiple use possibilities here! In the Heart of the Adirondacks, on Route 28/30, Huge traffic count, perfect for Retail, Commercial, Manufacturing, or Storage Includes 3 Buildings, Retail/Showroom, Workshop/Storage, and a Newer 4000 SF Metal building, fully insulated with 16 foot ceiling, clear span, 6 inch concrete floor, all on 3 acres with 395 feet of road frontage, next to snowmobile trails, and nearby lakes. Come and check it out and see what you can do with all of this! Motivated seller says bring an OFFER!

Enjoy sitting on your front porch overlooking Long Lake with Owl’s Head Mountain in the backdrop here! This Classic Adirondack Colonial also has beautiful lake and mountain views from the Living room, Kitchen, bedrooms, family room, and upstairs deck. The 80 feet of waterfront has a deck and dock for your direct waterfront enjoyment. The house boasts 4 Bedrooms, 2 full baths, bright Kitchen with Island, large Living room, large Dining room, and a large Family room, There are possibilities upstairs of expansion for an inlaw apartment.


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com



LifeandHomes â– Capital Region

LifeandHomes Apartments

This rental community is set on 20 acres, surrounded by tranquil woods with private roads, just minutes from major highways for easy access to shopping, theaters, skiing, Saratoga’s cultural facilities and racetrack. Spacious 1, 2, and 3 bedroom floor plans feature fully-appointed gourmet kitchens, including stainless-steel GE appliances, wall-towall carpeting, large closets, and laundry facilities in each building.


Within your maintenance-free community, you can enjoy the swimming pool with sundeck and barbecue patio, your spacious community room, fitness center, a playground for the kids, ample parking, and a fenced-in dog-walk park, all designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

1 Bedroom (Gold Unit) 1 Bedroom (Platinum Unit)

$1,089.00 $1,129.00

2 Bedroom (Gold Unit) 2 Bedroom (Platinum Unit)

$1,225.00 $1,299.00

3 Bedroom (Platinum Unit)


*Mention this ad when you apply and receive $100 off your first month’s rent.

Bridgewater Apartments

110 Brookline Road Ballston Spa New York 12020

Phone: (518)885-4185


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


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Hey there, What’s Your Sign?


Here’s Mine: For All of Your Real Estate Needs Brenda St. Louis Lic. R.E. Salesperson


Coldwell Banker Prime Properties 518-932-0302 Office

Making Real Estate REAL Easy!

Donna C. Kelly 2390 Western Avenue Guilderland, New York 12084

Lic. R.E. Salesperson Cell 518-368-4959 Office 518-861-7030

Choosing The Right Realtor

Makes A Big Difference You need an agent who: • Listens and understands your specific needs • Knows the local market • Communicates with you on a regular basis • Handles all the details

It’s Time to Get Moving Call Tanya Hull

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Cell: 518-256-3505 Email:

For All Your Real Estate Needs!

• Gets you the best value whether you are buying or selling.

For honest & professional real estate assistance CALL Donna at 518-368-4959 14

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

2331 Troy Schenectady Rd., Niskayuna NY 12309 Office: 518-388-9111 Ext. 206

LifeandHomesFront ™

Cover Feature Home


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


LifeandHomesAdirondack ™

Properties & Land


Keyser Lake! Motor Friendly! $178,000

Summer’s coming & you can move into this immaculate, furnished 3BR/1.5BA next to new lake house! Relax on the upper & lower decks over looking the waterfront.

10 Franklin Street, Gloversville $32,500

Come on! This is less than rent! 2 BR/1 BA down, open upstairs, dry basement, hardwood floors, open floor plan. BIG fenced yard & one car garage.

BLEECKER! $99,000

80 acres!! Off the grid cabin with wood stove! Drilled well! Plenty of privacy and trails through the acreage. Get away from it all. Start a Hunting club!!

112 Country Lane, Town of Johnson $165,000 Custom 4 BR/2BA with open concept living area 1 owner that has maintained this home well. Super kitchen with tons of counters and cabinets. Master suite!

Income Properties * 2 Families

25 Acres, Ephratah $49,000

County Highway 119, Stratford. All cleared for your double wide, camp or camper! Close to State Land, Get out of Town! $49,000

Piseco - Lake Pleasant $210,000

Surveyed 1.4 Acre Lot! Build your lakefront home here! Spring is coming! Asking $210,000

86 West Street, Gloversville $49,900

2 Family, fully rented for easy investment! Big barn, tenants pay extra $ for use! Lots of updates. Come see!

East Caroga Lake Access!

All APA and town approved, 100 ft, road frontage, Great views of the lake! 8,5 Acres. $44,000


11 E. State St., Gloversville $54,000

Making $$$ 2 family w/garage. Renters Want to stay!

2 Bedroom, 1Bath each unit. Big corner lot with lawns to play. With some TLC, this could be a money maker.

8.5 ACRES TOWN OF WELLS! $39,900

5 Acres w Lake Rights to Peck Lake 49,000

8+ Surveyed acres on W. River Road. Electric at the road. Small pond and access Lake Algonquin Public Beach!

Two lots. Build here and play. Access to Peck Lake! One lot in Bleecker Road frontage in Johnstown!


Auto Mechanic Dream

3 Commercial lots in Johnstown. $94,000. Includes active Mechanics Shop, 3 bays, tons of storage. Make it into a used car lot or build something.

Adirondack Escape! $190,000

161 Acres and a 4 Bedroom/1 Bath year round home. Extremely private, trails thru the acres, furnishings all stay. Caroga Lake is approx. 1 hour from the Capital District.

Hunters & Outdoor Enthusiasts • Acreage 13 Acres Cooperstown $19,900 98 Acres Bleecker $175,000 38 Acres Bleecker $28,000

2205 St. Highway 10 $115,000

3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, full basement, big 80 x 200 lot! Deck, lawn has room for garage. Join E. Caroga Association Beach.

NEW LISTINGS COMING!! Check the Web Call Mel to Sell! 518-835-2357 ~ I Have Buyers for Lake Houses! 16

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

LifeandHomesAdirondack ™

Properties & Land

Megan Marolf Licensed Assoc. Broker

Remsen, NY 13438 • 315-724-7474


“Helping make your Adirondack Dreams a reality”

9151 Black Bear Bend, Alder Creek $399,000 This stunning 11 year young cedar log home sits on a five acre parcel with small stream running through, trails throughout, and deeded rights to a dock on Kayuta Lake. The open floor plan with tall vaulted ceilings and a custom stone/brick blended fireplace, so much attention to detail throughout. Country-style wrap-around porch is a great entertainment space with a relaxed feel. This property offers Adirondack living at its best, make it yours!

9809 Culver Brook Rd, Boonville $269,000 Year-round log home on over 7 acres with association lake access to Kayuta Lake. Property sits in a quiet subdivision close to Route 12 with direct access to major snowmobile trail. Hardwoods, vaulted ceilings, and tastefully decorated with many Adirondack features make this an inviting home. Finished, walk-out basement offers a great entertainment space. Extra large 24x40 garage with second story storage. Great getaway!


9999 Grassy Brook Rd, Boonville $149,000 Brand new chalet style cabin in the woods is just waiting for is the finishing touches! There is still time to customize this property with buyer’s choice of flooring, cabinetry, heat, bathrooms, etc. This would be an ideal place for the year round enthusiast.

9821 Culver Brook Rd, Boonville $110,000 Partially cleared 8.4 acre building lot within the quiet subdivision of The Woods at Alder Creek. Located on a snowmobile trail for easy riding and association lake access to Kayuta Lake for summer fun. Build the cabin of your dreams today to start making memories tomorrow!

Adirondack Real Estate 2730 Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420


“Own A Piece of The Adirondacks!” Check all the listings at:

Raquette Lake


Woods Point - 2 Acre wooded Lakefront lot located on Raquette Lake! If you’re looking to get away from it all, this is the lot for you! Boat access only plot located on 150 ft of Lakefront! Don’t wait any longer for your own private retreat spot at the mouth of the Marion River!

Long Lake


6.2 AC wooded lot with small shed. Town water & under ground power. Possible owner financing.

Business Opp W/ Living Quarters Old Forge $895,000

Marine Dealership - 2730 Rt 28 - Business Opportunity with spacious living quarters. Old Forge Marine dealership & garage includes 2 offices, 50’X 100’store and garage on 180ft of road frontage on Rt 28. Garage has 3 overhead doors in back and 1 in front.

Old Forge


Private wooded Lakefront lot. 200’lakefront lot on 2nd lake. With 4 acres there’s plenty of room for your dream home. A must see!!



Third Lake Raquette Lake


3 bedroom seasonal home with loft on104’road access lakefront. Large living room / dining/ kitchen with 2 bathrooms on 1st floor. 1/2 drive in basement. National Grid power, well & septic sysem.

3rd Lake Ranch


Tuttle Rd., Old Forge -Year around 4 bedroom ranch home, eat in kitchen beautiful fireplace with boathouse on 100’of lakefront. Features sun porch & walk out basement facing 3rd lake. Great for summer and winter sports!

Raquette Lake Home


Old Forge

Raquette Lake: 3 bedroom home on 7 ac lot with 370’of lakefront. Features large living room with fireplace, dining room with fireplace, kitchen, bath, & loft. Also includes guest cabin. Boat access for added privacy & electric power & phone service.



This is a 1 acre, cleared building lot overlooking 1st Lake with lake rights to Hollywood Hills. Possible owner financing.

www.Lif ean d H o m es . com




Schoharie Section

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region


Fulton / Montgomery

Lana Ruggiero, ASP, CNE, GRI Licensed Real Estate Broker

518-470-4738 main

11 Forest St. (P.O. Box 1285) Gloversville NY 12078

Can’t find your dream home? Have you thought about building? I have some wonderful building lots!

306 Progress Rd, Town of Mayfield $24,900

Building lot in the Broadalbin-Perth School District with 150 ft. of frontage. Just 1 mile from St. Hwy. 29, with easy access to Saratoga, NYS Thruway. Wonderful country setting…

Old State Road, Johnstown $34,900

6 acres building lot (2 adjoining parcels) with access from both State Hwy 29 and Old State Rd. There’s a great spot, slightly higher elevation- perfect for your new home!

1932 State Hwy 29A, Town of Johnstown $19,999

Donje Lane, Town of Mayfield Starting at $19,900

2820 State Hwy 67, Johnstown $250,000

110 Joann Way, Town of Florida $299,900

9 Byard St., Johnstown – JUST LISTED! $142,500

159 Progress Rd., Town of Mayfield $119,900

1 acre lot comes with a MILLION DOLLAR view of mountain ranges. Heading towards Caroga Lake & close to all of Fulton County’s 44 lakes & year round outdoor activities.

10 building lots available in a gorgeous Adirondack setting, newer cul-de-sac. Just a short drive to the Great Sacandaga Lake, Saratoga and NYS Thruway. ½ acre to 1 ½ acres with options to purchase multiple lots.

And how about this PRIME location for a branch or satellite office, storage units, professional suites… N. Pine St., Town of Johnstown $95,000

Commercially zoned vacant building lot with great visibility from State Hwy 30A! Many possibilities…think Branch Office, Professional Suites, Storage Units! Level, with municipal water…35,200 square feet of space. Owner will consider financing.

122 East Boulevard, Gloversville $135,000 (That’s under $750 a month!)

Renovated 4 bedrm 1.5 bath home in a desirable neighborhood. Large fenced in yard, detached garage. 1st floor bedrm or large den/ game room. New- kitchen, bathrooms, hardwood floors.

With room for the kids, the pets, livestock and entertaining friends & family…this could be the perfect home for you! 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath main house sits on over 20 acres.

13 Burlington Ave., Gloversville $64,900

With a little bit of cosmetic updating this will be a wonderful home. Very large eat in kitchen, spacious living room and bedroom or den on the main level. 2 bedrooms and full bath.

Money making multi unit in the city. 5 units with off street parking and good occupancy rate. Separate utilities, some new windows, vinyl sided. Inspections up to date.

2018 can be the year you buy your dream home! Come take a look at this 2 year young, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom Colonial on the outskirts of Amsterdam & just minutes to I-90.

You’ve heard about the 3 L’s…this 3 bedroom ranch is all about the location. Just off Route 29…close to the lakes, I-90, Saratoga, & Broadalbin-Perth Schools. 25 yrs old.

Awesome Business Opportunity…. 12 St. Thomas Place, Gloversville


Exciting business opportunity with this large light manufacturing building located in downtown Gloversville. Well established shoe manufacturing company currently, it has the potential for so many different businesses. 3 overhead doors, 2 loading docks, plenty of parking, easy access for tractor trailers. 4 floors above ground plus basement...freight elevator covers all. Sprinkler system. 3 Phase electrical; efficient lighting system.



www.Lif ean d H o m es . com



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Please Support These Fine Local Businesses! Electric & Lighting Builder SOLVAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & LIGHTING TIP DEVELOPMENT & BERARD EXCAVATING Indoor & Outdoor Light Design, Extensive line 315-488-3161 Modular Homes, Logexterior, Homes, lamps Log & 800-825-9717 Member Since 01/18 of products incl. Modular ceiling, wall, Member Since 11/17

Home Inspection Home Inspection

VICTORY INSPECTIONS CHRIS THE HOME INSPECTOR Victor Cosme is a NYS licensed home inspector, 1-877-92VICTORY Experienced, Certified Inspector. Member Since 08/17 518-928-4172 InterNACHI Certi ed andHome a GSAR businessResidena

Homes, Excavating more. Lamp repair &onConstruction. Tuesdays. Capital Region, Southern VT,Western MA. 50 Years Exp. Turnkey Solutions.

Modular Homes Home Inspection

tial,with Pest,SUPRA Multi-Family, Well Flow, liate accessCommercial, key. Radon, Mold Assessment/Clearance/Testing.

ADVANCED HOMEHOME INSPECTION PEACEFUL LIVING SALES SERVICE LLC Celebrating in business, Licensed Over 35 Years22 ofyears experience in the NYS custom 315-792-9029 518-883-7673

GIGLIOTTI, SIEGFRIED, & ASSOCIATES, INC. FAMILY PEST SOLUTIONS Providing full service residential commercial Now that you’ve found the rightand home, protect 518-280-9070 315-792-8025

MemberSince Since10/17 02/17 Member

Member Since 06/17

Stained Glass ADIRONDACK STAINED GLASS WORKS SWEET HOMES CHITTENANGO LLCglass gifts, lamps, doors, Hand Made stained 518-725-0387 Real estate sales, NRPP CertifiResidential, ed Radon Mea315-456-9009 sidelights/transoms & more. Member Since 06/17

surement, ASHI inspector. NY Lic. 16000066882 Commercial, Churches.

it.pest Finding thetoright home can be hard control the Albany, Clifton Park,work, and insuring it properly canEmergency be easy. With oneone easy Schenectady, NY area. service, call, can do it all! how bundling can save timewe treatments andAsk a continuous scheduled you more! maintenance programs.


Providing Capital District customers with the 518-456-6500 NHANCE WOOD REFINISHING Member Since 10/17 finest granite, quartz natural stone products Revolutionary Woodand Refinishing. No Dust. No 315-437-0055 available. Mess. No Odor. Cabinet Renewal. Color Change. Floor Renewal.

Full Service Pest Control For Your Home or Business


A subsidiary of Old Oak Environmental Restoration, Inc., Fort Plain NY 20

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Member Since 02/18 Member Since 10/15

choose from. easy to clean, transactions andQuick estateinstallation, planning needs. built in steps and seats, no seams. Available in white or colors.

Storage Buildings Advertise NORTH COUNTRY STORAGE BARNS LIFEANDHOMES™ Gazebo, Rentspace to Own. 315-793-0726 ToSheds, advertise yourPlaygrounds. business in this and 315-865-5845 Member Since 11/17

Garages. Oneever stopgrowing shop for Home affordable beOn-Site a part of Syracuse’s garages, camps,give homes. Quotes. Service Network, us aFREE call and join the Marcy, Philadelphia, Sandy Creek. LifeandHomes™ community!

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The Largest Selection Of Quality Stained Glass in the East!

HAND MADE ON THE PREMISES Custom & Commission Work Always Welcome!

Quality Stained Glass Gifts Lamps from Tiffany to Modem Doors • Sidelights • Transoms Kitchen Cabinets • Mirror Residential, Commercial & Churches

Adirondack Stained Glass Works is located in historic downtown Gloversville, NY in the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Located only 30 minutes from Saratoga and 45 minutes from the Capital Region district. Our studio at 29 West Fulton Street is located in a charming 1850’s brick building. Come visit our beautiful showroom and workshop.

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The Capital Team at Howard Hanna

Brian Brosen & Reginald Monroe

Licensed Associate Real Estate Brokers

Proudly Serving the Community for 14 Years Brian Brosen

Reginald Monroe

David Skoney

Linda Pazienza

Jacob Gordon

Ryan Szablewski

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker (518) 669-2633

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker (518) 669-8330

Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 892-4251

Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 779-7400

Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 369-4912

Shannon Muth Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 937-0930

34 Barrows Street, Albany - $199,900

4 Roe Avenue Colonie $219,900

100 Ricard Lane Altamont $79,900

So much redone in this 3 bedroom, 1 bath Ranch since 2014: Roof (16), tankless H2O (15), Kitchen gutted (15), bathroom gutted (14), C/A (16), all new siding/windows/gutters(15), All doors NEW, NEW recessed lighting, NEW stamped concrete patio/walkways, NEW vinyl fencing (15), basement sealed, All lighting is LED, freshly painted, NEW stone landscaping. Home has in ground sprinkler, security system, hard wood floors throughout, gas FP, refurbished front steps, stone fire pit, large corner lot.

347 Rowe Road, Feura Bush $155,000

Not your every day opportunity lies before you: this is not just a beautiful 10.3 acre parcel of land with a meadow, an old paddock area, 2 small ponds, creek and mix of woods / open space. This parcel comes with an intact 1830’s built barn that is just waiting for your inspiration. Property has old cabana that could be turned into tiny home structure, barn has so much potential and interesting history. Seeking a spot for a few horses, or other small animals? Space to build brand new country estate?

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Katelyn Wilder Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 378-9912

16 Yardboro Avenue Albany - $129,900

2 Family home sitting on a nice lot, in convenient Albany location, close to bus line, shopping, restaurants and highways. Home features all separate utilities, off street parking and privacy in your fenced back yard. 2nd floor unit has been freshly painted, and features both a front and rear enclosed porch area. The 2nd floor unit has 2 bedrooms located on third floor, formal dining room and hard wood floors. City of Albany ROP’s are current for both units.


Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 496-3429

Very spacious 2 family home on quiet one way street. This home has been well maintained and features recently updated enclosed porches on both 1st and 2nd floors, formal dining rooms in both units, hardwood floors in both units and lots of storage.. Basement with several storage rooms, each unit has washer/dryer hookups in both, large walk up attic and a 2 car garage. All utilities are separated, off street parking, some recently upgraded electrical work. Owner is Licensed NYS Broker.

All the hard work is done for you. The owner of this beautiful 5.79 acre parcel has paved the private road leading to parcel with opportunity for some great views. Owner has also taken the time and installed cable and electric, all underground. Lot is approved building site, engineering reports on file, approved for trans vap septic. Located in Schalmont school district, come and see for yourself.

103 State Street, Schenectady - For LEASE

Opportunity is truly knocking - in the heart of the downtown revival of Schenectady and across the street from the Mill Artisan District redevelopment project (craft brew producers/artisans business district with retail,restaurants and apartments.) This space (can be combined with 107 State St for addtl space) would be fantastic for many uses - think coffee shop, light food, office, professional space, massage, retail and the list goes on. Great exposed brick wall lends character to this fantastic space.

Life and Homes Capital Region  
Life and Homes Capital Region  

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