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The Mohawk Valley’s Local Christian TV and Radio Network

Faith & Family

Retro TV 40.1

Cornerstone TV 40.2

Legacy TV 40.3

Classic TV from the past. Shows include Ozzie and Harriot,The Rifleman, The Daniel Boone Show,Lassie, Black Beauty, The Beverly Hillbillies,I Spy, The Bill Cosby Show,Robin Hood, Starsky and Hutch,Highway to Heaven and Route 66.

Cornerstone Television Network broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programming includes preachers, teachers, international leaders, movies, documentaries, music, and holiday specials for people of all ages.

Explore the Past-through documentaries, teaching, biographies, dramas to better understand ourselves, our culture, our heritage and the principles upon which America was founded.

The show “Origins” is a popular show on Cornerstone Television. It focuses on creation science, disputes commonly accepted scientific principles, and attempts to present scientific evidence supporting a young earth.

Enjoy the Present-by visiting favorite destinations, local festivals and get to know the unique people who have made this country great, and seeing them from a biblical perspective.

Cartoons include; Fta Albert, The Archies,Ghostbusters

Adirondack WVVC Praise Network Radio 88.1fm TV 40.4 The newest addition to our Always the best of yesterday and today’s Christian music on this side of Heaven. Classic Contemporary Christian music that has its roots in gospel music and American praise and worship.God is the forefront of this station. Music for the mind, soul, and spirit. See and enjoy anywhere in the world that has broadband.

broadcasting family is the frequency 88.1fm. The new radio format will offer mostly praise and worship flavored music. In the blend of the new Adirondack Praise Network eclectic music mix will include news about local artist, local pastors, local events. The unique blend of Chrisitian programs, music, and news is designed to reach the heart, mind, and souls of a 40 plus age group. I am loving the current spiritual journey I am on providing faith and family TV 40 and the new WVVC 88.1fm throughout the Mohawk Valley. I have been in Christian broadcasting since the 80’s. My first radio gig was at WJIV Cherry Valley in 1991 I started up station WVVC 100.7fm which was recently sold by KLOVE. I am currently work for Northeast Gospel Broadcasting Inc. a 501-C not for profit ministry. Would you consider praying for, volunteering, or even a financial gift to help me continue to bring Christian programming and family TV to the Utica Rome market and Mohawk Valley? Lives are being changed because of people just like you. - Mark Russ

Northeast Gospel Broadcasting Inc PO BOX 40, New Hartford NY 13413 • 315-793-WVVC (9882)

Christian Business Directory



4 for the latest Business & Church updates

Christian Business Directory



off with first order

Our cleaning products are made from coconut oils & plants to keep your family’s environment safe.

Shaklee guarantees Unconditional Safety and Efficacy: Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green! Over 100 Shaklee scientists and over 250 million invested in clinical testing, research, and development. We conduct over 350 tests on every single ingredient for heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. We conduct over 80,000 quality tests annually to guarantee the purity and safety of each and every product! That’s why we guarantee utmost effectiveness 100 %.



The Master’s Plan

4 for the latest Business & Church updates

What do you do when life takes your dreams and leaves you with pain? As a young couple, George and Cindy Brown’s dreams for a happy family included having several children. Their first child, Eric, was born without complication during their third year of marriage.

The Browns: George, Eric & Cindy

Several years later Cindy became pregnant again, however, this time problems developed. A sonogram revealed that there was excessive amniotic fluid, not just outside the baby where it belonged, but also around its internal organs. After six weeks of bed rest and medication, their second child was born prematurely and died after only one day. The doctor said the problem which took little Heather’s life was very rare, so they tried twice more to add to their family. However, those babies developed the same problem and despite much prayer and medical care, they were both stillborn during the second trimester of Cindy’s pregnancies. After the stress and heartache of fighting for and losing

by Lisa Smith

three children, the Browns did not want to try again. The Brown’s story, however, doesn’t end with broken dreams. When Eric was little, George and Cindy became involved in youth ministry. The Browns opened their home and hearts to those young people, and shared with them the struggles and sadness of losing their children. Afterwards, several expressed that it was good for them to see their leaders go through such tragedy without giving up hope. Indeed, it was amazing how God enabled George and Cindy to grieve appropriately without wallowing in sorrow and becoming bitter.

Christian Business Directory There were times the Browns felt angry for having to go through all the anxiety, disappointment, and grief of fighting a losing battle to keep those three babies alive. They expressed their feelings to God in prayer, yet chose to let go of their dreams and trust that His plan was good, even when it was difficult and painful. Looking back at the experience, they see how God cared for them through the loving support of others. Praying in the midst of their pain and struggles brought them closer to one another and enabled them to experience God’s peace that is beyond understanding. They found they could treasure and enjoy the little time they had with each baby. Now, knowing that God is taking care of their children in heaven, they continue to care for all the children God has put in their lives – whether it is Eric or the teens from different churches throughout the community who come to their house weekly for TFC (Teens for Christ).

These kids know that they, too, are treasured and enjoyed for however long they are a part of George and Cindy’s family. The Browns have a drawer where they keep the cards and letters the teens have sent them during the 26 years they have been involved in youth ministry. It is a reminder that God’s ways are not always our ways, but we can trust Him to bring us through any trial in life. George and Cindy hold Teens for Christ in their home in New Hartford, NY. George is Executive Director of TFC and Chairman of the Elders at Hope Alliance Church, where Cindy is the Treasurer. Their son, Eric, is pursuing a degree in Pastoral Ministry at Nyack College. You can contact them at: Utica Area Teens for Christ, PO Box 198, Washington Mills, NY 13479, or by calling 315-733-2260. Author Lisa Smith is a homeschooling mom who lives on a hill overlooking the Mohawk Valley of CNY with her husband Mark. She uses her gift for contemplative and intercessory prayer as Deaconess at Cornerstone Community Church, Prayer Shield member for National Day of Prayer Ministries – Northeast, and on the Utica-Mohawk Valley NDP Committee.




We’d like to extend a

Special Thanks to all the businesses, individuals and customers who have financially supported this issue of 4everBelieve Christian Business Directory. Their support of this magazine has helped underwrite the cost of local National Day of Prayer events.

Authorized sales and repair center for most major brands of pressure washers, air compressors & generators Manufacturers of Kleanline® Pressure Washers

We believe Christian businesses should be just as competitive as other businesses in price, merchandise, and service. As believers support one another, a portion of what Christian businesses are paid goes back into the Lord’s work in the form of tithe and offerings. By supporting these local businesses, you, in effect, increase your giving; businesses gain a customer; and the work of the local church is therefore advanced. The businesses and professional people supporting this issue come from various denominations throughout our local area. Although we differ on minor doctrine, we all agree that our personal faith in Jesus Christ and His Word is the basis of our fellowship.

Published By LISI Brothers _______________________________

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4 ever Believe Magazine PO Box 18 Holland Patent, NY 13354

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8890 Boak Rd E Holland Patent New York 13354

Noah’sGift Christian Business Directory

From his wheelchair, Noah grins at me with that beautiful smile of

his and then takes a swipe at the zipper on my sweater. It is good to see him at church today! Last I had heard he was sick with a bad cold, and we were all praying for him to get better quickly. Noah has an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects the smooth muscles of the body – especially the muscles of the digestive tract. Even a slight illness or allergy can set his body out of balance, causing severe discomfort. Actually, the fact that Noah is alive is a miracle. by Lisa Smith



4 for the latest Business & Church updates When he was born twelve years ago, Noah was

still requires daily nursing support. When he

critically ill, unable to gain weight and vomit-

isn’t doing well, it is agonizing to see him in

ing much of his formula. Although Mike and

so much pain and misery. On the good days,

Pam took him to many different doctors and

Noah’s smile is like sunshine that warms our

hospitals, it was a long time before they could

hearts. Though he doesn’t speak, it is obvi-

identify what was wrong. The Ballmans were

ous he really loves interacting with us, and we

given specialized formulas and medicines to

come away feeling blessed and thankful.

control Noah’s digestive reactions, hoping he would get the nutrition he needed to grow.

We are grateful that God has answered prayer and given Noah life and, at times, health. He

Since then, life has been a constant battle

has brought Mike and Pam through the pain

to keep Noah healthy, with countless trips

and stress of watching their innocent son

to see doctors and specialists, and frequent

suffer incredibly. When circumstances have

hospitalizations. In recent years, research has

caused them to question God’s goodness, they

led to new treatments that have helped him

have been honest about their feelings instead

have longer periods of health, but Noah’s care

of hiding behind masks of piousness. Know-

Dr. Camille Dillard, DO, MPH Preventive and Family Medicine

This practice specifically focuses on evaluating & managing people’s nutritional status to help the body heal itself The body will cope with the ailment until the body breaks down and the person has to go to the emergency room for care. Dr. Dillards objective for her patients, in line with her specialty in Preventative Medicine & Public Health, is to identify and correct poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, constant exposure to chemical and/or environmental toxins, harmful physical and psychological stress that create health problems.






Redeemer Church welcomes everyone, regardless of questions, doubts, backgrounds or struggles. Utica Campus

Rome Campus

931 Herkimer Rd, Utica 315-792-4748 Sat 5 pm, Sun 9am & 11am

129 N Washington St, Rome 315-792-4748 Sun 10am

International Campus

Albany Campus

412 South St, Utica 315-792-4748 Sun 10:45am (Burmese) Sun 1pm (Nepali)

183 Schoolhouse Rd, Albany 518-862 -0944 Sun 9:30am & 11:15am

Christian Business Directory ing how hard it is for the Ballmans, we pray for

Each one of us, including Noah, has gifts to

them and express our compassion through

contribute. It feels like we are exactly where

words and deeds. Sometimes that means just

God wants us, and for that strengthening joy

being there with them as they journey down

we are thankful.

this difficult path. Through their situation God has taught us, Mike’s congregation, not to avoid pain and grief, but to share in each other’s struggles. Mike’s ordeal creates compassion in him for those whose lives are broken and whom society has cast aside. Their suffering may not be as obvious as Noah’s, but it is just as real. Our hearts are being united as we reach out to others in need, making a difference in our community and embracing those God brings our way, even those some consider the “least of these”.

Mike, Pam, and Noah Ballman live in Utica, NY with their two dogs. They enjoy restoring old houses and furniture and doing landscaping and gardening. Mike pastors Cornerstone Community Church and Plymouth Bethesda UCC. He is also director of the Oneida Square Project, targeting community revitalization in his neighborhood through home restorations and a community garden. You can reach him at Author Lisa Smith is a homeschooling mom who lives on a hill overlooking the Mohawk Valley of Central New York. She enjoys music, encouraging others, and spending time with family and friends, especially her husband, Mark. She is a Deaconess at Cornerstone Community Church, Prayer Shield member for National Day of Prayer Ministries – Northeast, and on the Utica-Mohawk Valley NDP Committee.


Commercial Collision 2010 Oriskany Street W, Utica, NY 13502 (315) 733-0421 •

We are dedicated to satisfying you every step of the way. • Wood, Ceramic, Laminate and Vinyl No-Wax Floors • Carpeting • Area rugs • Carpet & Vinyl remnants

The same quality of work and integrity that you’ve come to know in Collision Repair for 35 years has now expanded with its new

Mechanical Division! We can Handle ALL of Your Autobody & Mechanical Needs!

We Sell Tires! NYS Inspections Owners: Walter & Patty Wharham Body Shop - 29 Calder Ave, Yorkville 736.9084 Mechanical - 2318 W. Highland Dr, Yorkville 734-9481 Mention this ad and 7% of your bill will be donated to the CareNet Pregnancy Center of CNY



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Men Only Groups

Are you struggling to break free of addiction to internet pornography or preoccupation with sexual thoughts/fantasy? Is your sexual behavior affecting important relationships? Pure Desire is a powerful & unique approach to maintaining sexual freedom. For a confidential conversation contact Scott at 823-4457 or

Have Questions? Pregnant? Need Help?

Serving Central New York for Over 20 Years

Free and Confidential Services • Pregnancy test • Pregnancy options Information • Ultrasound Confirmation by Area Physician • referrals, resources & Practical help • Support Beyond Your Choice 315.738.9435 • 1.800.712.HELP UTICA • 1520 Genesee St. 315.738.9435 ROME • 310 E. Chestnut St. 315.738.9435

HERKIMER • 404 W. Albany St. 315.867.6148 ONEIDA • 151 Madison St. 315.366.9902

MORRISVILLE • 89 ½ E. Main St. 315.684.3003

Christian Business Directory

According to the Athens Review, an atheist who had threatened to

sue a Texas county over the display of a nativity scene says he is “completely flabbergasted” that Christians from that same county provided him financial assistance for a medical problem. “

My wife and I had never had a Christian do anything nice for us,” said Patrick Greene. “Just the opposite.” Greene, an activist with a long history of bringing lawsuits related to public displays of Christian imagery, threatened to sue Henderson County if county official allowed a nativity scene to be placed on the courthouse lawn next Christmas.

by Joe Carter


4 for the latest Business & Church updates Greene had intended to represent himself in the lawsuit, but dropped the threat when he discovered he had a detached retina and may lose his sight.

help. Cry told her pastor, Rev. Eric Graham, who contacted Greene and inquired about how his church could help with the surgery. Greene told Graham he had a more immediate need.

“There is no way for me to go up there if I’m blind,” said Greene, who lives in San Antonio, nearly 300 miles from the Henderson County courthouse. Greene said he has no insurance to pay for an operation that might save his sight, and can’t even pay for the exam that will confirm the diagnosis. “Why waste the money if I can’t do anything about it,” he told the local newspapers. When Jessica Cry, a member of Sand Springs Baptist Church in Athens, read on the Internet about Greene’s troubles, she felt compelled to

Honored to Support the

National Day of Prayer.

“I said, if you really want to contribute something to help, we need groceries,” Greene said. “I told my wife about it,” Greene said. “They’re going to help us?” Karen asked. Greene thought that if anything, he’d see $50, maybe $100. A few days later, the Christians made good on their promise, and sent a check for $400. “I said I can’t believe it,” Greene said. “I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.”

Money saving deals



believe 4ever

- Anonymous Donor



Christian Business Directory

Christian Business Directory The money went to help pay the rent, and provide necessities from the grocery store. The contributions didn’t stop at $400 either, Cry said. More money is coming in. Greene is so amazed by the generosity of the Christians in Henderson County, he’s sharing the story through the media, and is thinking about writing a book. “I’m going to call it the real ‘Christians of Henderson County, Texas,’” Greene said. “These people are acting like what the Bible says a Christian does.” “I’m dedicating the book to my wife, the young lady who started the idea, and Reverend Graham.” Why it Matters: Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44). But far too often we get

bogged down in fighting faux cultural battles (like the “War on Christmas”) and forget that the “enemies” our Lord commands us to love are also our neighbors. When we take the time to show concern and charity, as the Christians in my former home of Henderson County have done with Mr. Greene, it can melt the hardest of hearts. “I have decided to show my appreciation to the Christian community for all their help, and I am going to buy a star for the top of the Nativity scene,” says Greene, “ You people can figure out how to plug it in.” Joe Carter is an Editor at The Gospel Coalition (Reprinted with permission.)

PETERSON’S Rev up your retirement Gary Sunada MBA CLTC LUTCF Financial Services Professional New York Life Insurance Company 122 Business Park Drive, Suite 2 Utica, NY 13502 P. 315.738.2612

If your savings have taken a detour, New York Life can help get you back on the road to retirement. Call me today.


Tropical Fish • Birds Small Animals • Reptiles Live Fishing Bait Year Round Salt Water Fish • Pond Fish Complete Line of Supplies for all Animals Including Dogs & Cats!

The Pet People Serving You & Your Pets for 40 Years! The Most Complete Pet Shop in CNY!

Seeing is Believing!

© 2011 New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 SMRU 00442099CV (Exp. 03/18/13)

305 N. James St • Rome, NY




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Rt. 5 Sherrill, Next to Tops • 361.5323

The Area’s Only

Christian Gift Shop Bibles • Candles • Books • Crosses Inspirational Cards & Gifts • Baptism First Communion • Confirmations Weddings • Proms Money Saving Dance, Skate & Cheer Costumes Coupons Online

Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm • Saturday 10 am - 3 pm


BOYLAN MARBLE & TERRAZZO A Restoration & Installation Company

Boylan Marble & Terrazzo Restoration Ltd. is the only veteran owned small business, recognized by SBA, located in Upstate New York that is dedicated solely to the environmentally friendly and sustainable care, restoration and installation of natural stone and terrazzo.

Supporting the National Day of Prayer 315.363.4357 •


Counseling Center Serving Central New York for 35 years - Marital & relationship counseling - DDP & DOT evaluations - Substance abuse & family interventions - Depression ~ anxiety ~ stress - Trauma ~ disabilities ~ eating disorders - Child issues ~parent & child relations - Spiritual counseling ~ educational seminars

Day and evening appointments Most major insurances accepted


114 Genesee Street, New Hartford, NY 13413

Christian Business Directory

Christian Business Directory

4 for the latest Business updates A Buyer of Gold & Silver

Cash for gold & silver coins & jewelry. 1121 Glenwood Ave. (Rt. 46), Oneida NY 13421 315-280-0435

Beaver Camp

Year round Christian camp & retreat center in the foothills of the Adirondacks 8884 Buck Point Road, Lowville NY 13367 315-376-2640

Locally grown annuals, vegetables, perennials, hanging baskets, pond building and maintenance. 8400 Clark Mills Road, Whitesboro NY 13492 315-520-8395

Big Apple Music

Commercial & Residential surveillance services, musical instruments, rentals, lessons and sound systems.

To the Glory of God: Touching Hearts, Enriching Lives, In a Relaxing Atmosphere.

Utica, Rome, Herkimer, Oneida, Morrisville 315-738-9435 * 24 Hour Helpline 1-800-712-HELP

A full service advertising agency creating Top of Mind Awareness through compelling, creative messages in all media. 2107 Genesee Street Utica NY 13501 315-734-1720

Environmentally friendly & sustainable care, restoration & installation of natural stone & terrazzo.

America’s oldest health cost sharing ministry. Affordable, Compassionate, Effective

Full mechanical and body shop that services cars, mid-size trucks, NYS Inspections.


Business Machines & Equipment.

Compassion Coalition

Digital office solutions, print/scan/ fax/copy, digital mailing solutions

Commercial Collision & Mechanical Shop

2318 West Highland Ave., Yorkville NY 13495 315-734-9481 Mec 315-736-9084 Body Shop

Food, Personal Care, Diapers, Paper Products and Furniture Assistance for Local Not-for-Profits. 509 Lafayette Street, Utica, NY 13502

8912 Turin Road, Rome NY 13440 315-336-7210

DeMatteo, Patricia Dr., Ed.D., LCSW, BCD

Medical-Clinical-Spiritual Psychotherapist 202 South Levitt St., Rome NY 13440 315-337-1311

DLG Wealth Management, LLC.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

127 Hazelwood Ave., Barberton, OH 800-791-6225

Boylan Marble & Terrazzo

9443 River Road, Marcy NY 13403 315-733-2033

Delta Lake Bible Conference Center

FREE & Confidential Services. Pregnancy tests, UltrasoundConfirmation, Referrals, Resources, Help & Support

Carpenter & Damsky Advertising

Benson’s Farm & Garden

Corner of Rt. 5 & 5A, New Hartford NY 315-732-4162 / 315-732-3502

Care Net

My primary goal is to help people glorify God in their financial decisions.

Joseph A. Leo, VP /Financial Consultant 1705 Genesee Street, Utica NY 13501 315-790-5511

Dr. Camille Dillard, DO, MPH

Preventive Family Medicine for the entire family.Focusing on evaluating & managing nutritional status. 900 Erie Blvd, West, Rome, NY 13440 1-888-338-WELL (9355)

Driver’s Village

Cruise the loop today and see the Northeast largest selection of vehicles or shop online at 5885 East Circle Drive, Cicero NY 13039 1-800-985-1680



4 for the latest Business & Church updates

Empire Recycling Corporation

Recyclers of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, scrap paper and confident document destruction. N. Genesee & Lee Streets, Utica NY 13503 315-724-7161

Enjem’s Flooring America

Carpeting, Area Rugs, Wood, Laminate, Vinyl No-Wax Floors, Ceramic Floors. 2010 Oriskany Street W., Utica NY 13502 315-733-0421

Fellowship of Oneida Utica Rome Youth Ministries

Teens gathering together to strengthen and encourage one another in relationships with the Lord. 315-559-3912 – call for meeting info.

Good News Center

Support through marriage and family programs including The Third Option, Retrouvaille, Marriage Prep, Divorced and Separated Support Group 10475 Cosby Manor Road, Utica NY 13502 315-735-6210

Good News Gift Shop

King’s Kid Christian Pre-School 3 yr old nursery school & 4 year old Pre-K classes. A.M. & P.M. combinations available 7985 Turin Road, Rome NY 13440 315-337-0277

Libbey’s Good News Gift Shop & Sew Blessed

Christian books & gifts for all occasions, church goods & more.

Sewing, mending, alterations, embroidery & custom work. Weddings, prom, dance, skate.

Rt. 5 Sherrill, Next to Tops 315-361-5323

Rt. 5 Sherrill, Next to Tops 315-361-5323

GNS Construction Gennady G. Sen, Owner

Life Discovery Books & Gifts

Specializing in New Construction, Remodeling, Bathrooms, Windows/ Door, Plumbing & Heating 64 Stebbins Drive, Clinton NY 13323 315-725-1773

Congratulations on another successful National Day of Prayer event!

Park Outdoor Advertising

Christian books, greeting cards, gifts, CD & DVDs Big Apple Plaza 5 8461 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford NY 13413 315-736-3971

Fellowship of Oneida Utica Rome Youth Ministries • Passion for youth ministry

If you are an area Youth Pastor/ Leader and would like to join our fellowship, contact:

• Labor together to win teenagers for Christ • Mentor teens to a deeper relationship with the Lord • Gather together on a regular basis to strengthen and encourage each other

George Brown 315.559.3912

Christian Business Directory

Lisi Inc

Creative Marketing Design & Printing 8271 Rt 274, Holland Patent NY 13354 315-865-8370 /

LifeandHomes Advertising

Innovative marketing & advertising for all your real estate and home related services. PO Box 18, Holland Patent NY 13354 315-865-5845

Prompt courteous & professional Urgent Care services 7 days a week. 91 Perimeter Road, Suite 100, Rome NY 13441 315-337-2156

New York Life Investment Management Co Wealth building & protection Gary Sunada MBA CLTC LUTCF 122 Business Park Drive, Suite 2, Utica, NY 13502 315.738.2612

Men’s Group – Pure Desire

Powerful & unique approach to helping men overcome sexual addictions. Contact Scott Confidential- 315-823-4457

Mohawk Glen Urgent Care

Nimey’s Super Lube, Inc.

Auto repair & service, NYS Insp., Wholesale Tires & Body Shop. 8151 State Rt 12, Barneveld NY 13304 315-896-2280

Northeast Gospel Broadcasting, Inc. WVVC Radio &TV Christian and family programming in the Utica-Rome region.

PO Box 40, New Hartford NY 13143 315-792-WVVC (9882)

Peterson’s Exotic Pets

Most complete pet shop in CNY. Supplies for all animals incl. dogs & cats. 305 N James St, Rome NY 315-337-6406

Pressure Washer Center

Pressure washer sales, all sizes, types, repair all brands, Repair Compressors, salamanders, generators. 8890 Boak Road, Holland Patent NY 13354 315-865-8101 /

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4 for the latest Business & Church updates

Professional Counseling Center Denise Spagnola, LCSW 114 Genesee Street, New Hartford NY 13413 315-733-0520

Redeemer Church

Redeemer Church welcomes everyone, regardlessof questions, doubts, backgrounds or struggles. Utica, Rome, International & Albany Campuses 315-792-4748

Rescue Mission of Utica

Meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all people coming for assistance. 212 Rutger Street, Utica NY 13501 315-735-1645

Senshine Motors,

T.P. Brake & Muffler

4964 State Route 233, Westmoreland NY 315-724-9818

1205 Oriskany Street, Utica NY 315-733-7533 304 N. James St, Rome NY 315-336-9353

Specializing in European cars, offering the best prices on quality pre-owned vehicles.

Shaklee, Mary Cardinale PhD. Ind. Distributor

30+ years experience in Health & Wellness field. Shaklee guarantees unconditional safety and efficacy. 315-736- 0767

Terry’s Transmission

Transmission Service & Maintenance, Overhauls & Repairs 6217 East Taft Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212 315-458-4333

Terry’s Transmission We Have the Service & Quality You Can Rely on and the Warranties to Back It!

315-458-4333 6217 East Taft Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212 Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 - 5:30 Transmission Service & Maintenance, Overhauls & Repairs

Trust us to keep you safe. Brakes, exhaust, Tires & suspension work for over 40 years.

Up Music TV

New contemporary Christian music morning television show. Weekdays: 5 -6 a.m. & Sundays 8-9 a.m. Time Warner Cable Ch. 12 607-434-3805

Your Bargain Grocer

Frozen foods, dry goods, produce and specialty items at discount prices. 506 Columbia street, Utica, NY

We Pay Top Dollar

in CASh for GoLD & SILVer


315-280-0435 1121 Glenwood Ave. oneida, NY 13421

Having the Lowest Overhead Means You Get the Highest CA$H for Your Gold & Silver Coins & Jewelry

National Day of


Christian Business Directory



YOU CAN Be assured of your salvation

1 2 3

Admit your need for Jesus. Be willing to turn from your sins. Believe that Jesus died for you on the cross and rose from the grave. 4 Invite Jesus to come in and control your life through the Holy Spirit.


Locally Grown

Fine Garden Plants & Flowers - Annuals - Perennials - Herbs

- Tomatoes/Vegetables - Pond Supplies/Fish

Benson’s Farm & Garden 8400 Clark Mills Rd, Whitesboro

315-520-8395 Fair Market Priced Grower

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and need Your forgiveness. I believe that You died for my sins. I want to turn from my sins. I now invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as Lord and Savior. In Jesus' name, Amen.


4 for the latest Business & Church updates

Specializing in New Construction, Remodeling, Bathrooms, Windows/Door, Plumbing & Heating.

Gennady G. Sen, Owner 64 Stebbins Dr Clinton NY 13323


Mohawk Glen Urgent Care Prompt, courteous, and professional care when you don’t need an ER and can’t see your doctor!

91 Perimeter Road, Suite 100, Rome, NY 13441


Thursday May 3rd, 2012

Christian Business Directory


Utica Program Guide Welcome Breakfast

7:30AM – On arrival

Song How Great is Our God Welcome & Proclamations Inside your magazine is a survey and a donor card. Please locate those right now and fill them out before you go. Your table host will collect the surveys and donor cards. Churchleaders make sure to pick up extra program copies to take with you to your church. Song

God Bless America

Preparation (Col 3:16-17) “Pray-ers” come up to podium as time approaches Call to Prayer Pray for the 7 Pillars

• GOVERNMENT – (I Timothy 2:1-2)

• CHURCH – (John 17:24)

• MILITARY – (Joshua 1:9, Psalm 91:4-6)

• FAMILY – (Ephesians 6:1-3)

• EDUCATION – (Proverbs 2:3-6)

• MEDIA – (Philippians 4:8)

• BUSINESS –(Ephesians 3:20)

Israel – Pray for the peace of Israel Closing Prayer

IS THERE ANY DOUBT? FROM OUR NDP COORDINATOR Three decades ago a young minister rose to the occasion announcing that the Lord was diligently at work in the midst of the church; not only the church, but a much broader population. The Lord had alerted him to several phases in a sort of awakening: “I will purge…” “I will restore…” & “I will rebuild…” much like reconstruction after war. After much criticism & chiding, events that followed for sure indicated how much he was believed – he left his post for other work. Little do we realize how vital prayer is until we face devastation. For many who have no time for praying, we remain curious how quickly we turn to a minister or to a church at a time of devastation or loss. Nine-eleven (9/11/01) is our generation’s poster child for this reality, and look what all has come of our effort to comfort, encourage or just pray with the grieved. How well equipped were we then? Many who tried to help came up short waking to their own lack of crisis readiness. When we take a good look at the number of disciplines that have been exposed & addressed by public opinion if not by the courts, we can’t help but know that lawlessness can destroy anyone, even flourishing churches. Friend, God is at work – when the mill grinds slowly we think it was only minor & fleeting. As a reader you can recall political scenarios addressed by a mere apology allowing the dishonest heart to go on serving in their capacity – purging is not finished. And thus we have no difficulty generalizing to education, religion, business, family, media, military… Friend, we seem to be in the dark when we pray,“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done…” even in crisis. What an honor to observe the restoration of lives & of souls overcome by appetites & misfortune. When we think someone is down for the count & they discover that old things can pass away, lives, institutions & relationships are given hope – all because someone found the answer, prayer.Yes, it only takes one to start – to speak such a word,“I will restore…” We’re certainly up against the tides of time when we look out upon the aftermath of war.We might feel that our day should not have had any exposure to war, yet minds within our entire nation are altered with the thought of injured or deceased loved ones. Homes have been torn apart by such disaster. I’ve often thought how having heard of God at work in such a manner, do we really believe or even care what God is doing? We’re seeing revolution in countries & in governments & with all our exposure it becomes easy to just leave it to them as though we cannot be bothered. Friend, it is time for revolution to reach those of us who pray, calling ourselves children of God & knowing that it is part of God’s plan to rebuild & that through us. Can we doubt any longer that God’s dwelling is with man? David G Schlaegel, Utica NY – NDP Coordinator Amen


Thursday May 5th, 2011

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Rome Program Guide Welcome - Rev. Inell Claypool, President Rome Clergy Association

Invocation Pledge of Allegiance Greeting and Proclamation Honorable Mayor Joseph R. Fusco, Jr. Mayor of Rome, NY

Opening Music Table Grace BREAKFAST Old Testament Scripture New Testament scripture Special Music Prayer for Family & Local Community Introduction Table Prayer

Prayer for Education Introduction Table Prayer

Prayer for Business Introduction Table Prayer

Prayer for Media - Radio, Television, News Papers Introduction Table Prayer

Prayer for The Churches, Leadership and Members Introduction Table Prayer

Prayer for City and State Government Introduction Table Prayer

Prayer for United State of America, Military, National and World Leaders Introduction Table Prayer


Dr. David Jeremiah – NDP Honorary Chairman

Heavenly Father, Every good gift and perfect gift comes from You. You are a faithful God and Your mercy endures forever.You have promised to bless the nation that trusts in You. Our currency proclaims “In God We Trust,” but in our culture we are far from You. In the words of the prophet Daniel, “We have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled, even by departing from Your precepts and Your judgments.” We come before You once more, seeking Your forgiveness and mercy. You, O God, are our only hope… Hear our prayer and, for Your honor’s sake, shine Your face upon this nation. Give our leaders the desire to seek Your wisdom and the courage to follow Your guidance… and watch over the men and women of our armed forces as they sacrifice for the cause of freedom. We give You thanks for all You have done for us, and we earnestly pray that You will help us become, once again, a nation whose God is the Lord.

Closing Remarks - Rev. Dr. Tom Hast Pastor of Bartlett Baptist Church

In the name of Your Son, and our Savior, we pray this prayer.

Benediction Departing Hymn



Christian Business Directory


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Herkimer Reformed Church

2884 Main Street Blossvale NY 315-245-5083

P.O. Box 264, Chadwicks, NY 315-737-0753

Oak Ridge Free Methodist Church



838 West German St., Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-0575

202 Main St., Boonville, NY 13309 315-942-2626

118 Arch Street, Chittenango, NY 13037 315-687-7355

135 N.Washington St. , Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-4984


Clark Mills


PO Box 223, Bridgewater, NY 13313 315-822-6733

Fire House, Clark Mills, NY 13321 315-404-1501

9103 Wratten Rd, Hubbardsville, NY 13355 315-899-3325




86 Mexico St, Camden, NY 13316 315-245-4957

44 Kirkland Ave, Clinton, NY 13323 315-853-1655

36 Second Street, Ilion, NY 13357 315-894-4093

Living Hope Assembly of God

Cold Brook


3447 State Route 8, Cold Brook, NY 13324 315-826-7115

9427 Maynard Dr, Marcy, NY 13403 315-732-8867


Maynard United Methodist Church

McConnellsville Community Church

Boonville United Methodist Church

Faith Chapel

Abundant Life Community Church

2488 Rt. 69 East, Camden, NY 13316 315-245-2214

Servants Baptist Church 10570 Rt. 13, Camden, NY 13316 315-245-5290

United Church of Camden Presbyterian Church & Main St. Camden, NY 13316 315-245-1970


Grace Lutheran Church 3965 Carter Rd., Canastota, NY 13032 315-697-2128


North Country Fellowship 35206 Sayre Road, Carthage, NY 13619 315-493-3958

Faith In Christ Fellowship

First Presbyterian Church

Living Hope Church of the Nazarene

Resurrection Assembly of God

New Life Chapel

102 Church Street, Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-1523

First Baptist Church

West Brookfield Community Church

Morning Star United Methodist Church

First Assembly of God

New Hope Christian Fellowship

9626 Maynard Dr, Marcy, NY 13403 315-733-4769

32 Spencer St., Dolgeville, NY 13329 315-429-3630



Mohawk Reformed Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church

20 S. Otsego Street, Mohawk, NY 13407 315-866-4292

2369 Lake Moraine Road, Hamilton, NY 13346 315-825-0288

New Hartford


First Baptist Church of Herkimer 135 N. Washington St., Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-4984

Bible Baptist Church 4431 Middle Settlement Rd., New Hartford, NY 13413 315-797-0404


4 for the latest Business & Church updates First Baptist Church 7 Oxford Road, New Hartford, NY 13413 315-733-4570

Hope Alliance Church 4291 Middle Settlement Rd., New Hartford, NY 13413 315-732-1349

Immanuel Baptist Church 9501 Weston Rd., New Hartford, NY 13413 315-737-5222

New York Mills

Calvary Gospel Church 300 Main St., New York Mills, NY 13417 315-736-0966

Sacred Heart - St. Mary’s Church 201 Main Street, New York Mills, NY 13417 315-736-4432

Sacred Heart of Jesus - Holy Cross PNCC 206 Main Street, New York Mills, NY 13417 315-736-9757


Church of Christ

102 Cramer Ave., Oneida, NY 13421 315-363-5642

First Presbyterian Church

Plymouth Alliance Church

734 Hickory St., Rome, NY 13440 315-337-2160


108 W. Court Street, Rome, NY 13440 315-336-1380

1117 Utica Street, Oriskany, NY 13424 315-768-7502

400 North George Street, Rome, NY 13440 315-336-1740


Friendship Baptist Church

Bethel Baptist Church

4964 Rome-New London Rd., Rome, NY 13440 315-336-2963

215 Church St., Propsect, NY 13435 315-896-6855

New Day Church of Rome

Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church

Richfield Springs

First United Methodist Church

8060 Turin Road, Rome, NY 13440 315-336-7777

Redeemer Church

St. Joseph the Worker 37 Canadrago St, Richfield Springs, NY 13439 315-822-3191


129 N. Washington St., Rome, NY 13440 315-792-4748

Resurrection Life Church 628 Floyd Ave., Rome, NY 13440 315-339-6318

Bartlett Baptist Church 5639 Bartlett Road, Rome, NY 13440 315-334-5551

Life Discovery Books & Gifts Are you being “called?” Answer a “calling.” Christian Book and Gift Store continually operating for over 30 years, willing to transfer ownership if you feel called. Big Apple Plaza 5

8461 Seneca Trpk, New Hartford


Hours: Monday - Friday 10-6pm Saturday 10-5pm

Are you struggling with sickness, disease, or addiction? Are you feeling discouraged, depressed, and hopeless? Do you feel as though you lack purpose and direction in life?

The Redeemer Health and Prayer Clinic offers a loving, confidential environment where you can receive healing prayer from trained prayer teams. All are welcome. No appointment necessary. No fees. First come first served basis. Last Wednesday of each Month at 7 PM. 931 Herkimer Road Utica, NY 13502 (315) 792-4748

Christian Business Directory Rome Alliance Church 920 Turin Street, Rome, NY 13440 315-336-3483

Rome Christian Center 7985 Turin Rd., Rome, NY 13340 315-337-0277

Rome Seventh Day Adventist Church 6739 Sutliff Road, Rome, NY 13440 315-336-2918

Rome Wesleyan Church 431 W. Court St., Rome, NY 13440 315-337-9976

Zion Episcopal Church 140 West Liberty Street, Rome, NY 13440 315-336-5170

Assembly of God 207 N. Madison St., Rome, NY 13440 315-337-7022

St. Mary’s / St. Peter’s Church 200 N. James St., Rome, NY 13440 315-336-5072


Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

9334 Chapman Rd., Sauquoit, NY 13456 315-737-5075

City Hope Fellowship

Living Faith Bible Church Sauquoit Valley United Methodist Church 2946 Mohawk St., Sauquoit, NY 13456 315-737-7505


2 Barton Avenue, Utica, NY 13502 315-724-3155 1415 Sunset Avenue, Utica, NY 13502 315-797-7775

Cornerstone Community Church


500 Plant Street, Utica, NY 13502 315-736-4900

Rte 365, Stittville, NY 13469 315-865-5772

1206 Lincoln Avenue, Utica, NY 13502 315-724-7238


Plymouth Bethesda United Church of Christ

Beit Shalom

500 Plant Street, Utica, NY 13502 315-735-8586

49 Franklin Square, Utica, NY 315-733-2867

Redeemer Church

Redeeming Love Fellowship

Believers Miracle Deliverance Ministries Inc. 207 Eagle Street, Utica, NY 13501 315-266-0940

Holy Trinity Church

931 Herkimer Rd., Utica, NY 13502 International Campus: 412 South Street, Utica NY 315-792-4748

Salvation Army of Utica

Church of Christ 1330 Herkimer Rd., Utica, NY 13502 315-724-3668

14 Clinton Place, Utica, NY 13502 315-724-8736

3 yr old nursery school & 4 year old Pre-K classes Am & Pm combinations available teachers: Dee Daniels & Cheri Salce

eNroLL toDAY For the 2012-2013 SChooL YeAr

337-0277 7985 turin rd., rome •


4 for the latest Business & Church updates Trinity Lutheran Church 2620 Genesee Street, Utica, NY 13502 315-732-7869

Bethany Presbyterian Church 781 Lansing Street, Utica, NY 13501 315-336-7125

Vernon Beacon Light Baptist Church 5058 State Rt. 31, Vernon, NY 13476 315-829-2086


St. Peter’s Lutheran Church 4897 Old Oneida Rd., Verona, NY 13478 315-363-5211

Verona Seventh Day Baptist Church 6773 Blackman Corners Road, Verona, NY 13478 315-337-9291


New Beginnings Community Church 227 Genessee St., Wampsville, NY 13163 315-363-5224

Washington Mills

St. Lucy’s Anglican Church

The House of Prayer Fellowship– Beit Tefillah Chavurah 3810 Oneida St. , Washington Mills, NY 13479 315-350-0677

10265 U.S. Hwy 20, West Winfield, NY 13491 315-725-3745

West Edmeston First Baptist of West Edmeston 134 W Edmeston Rd. West Edmeston, NY 13485 315-855-7540


SouthGate Ministries


27 E. Main St., Waterville, NY 13480 315-269-1940

Whitesboro Presbyterian Church

West Winfield

1 Elm Street, Whitesboro, NY 13492 315-736-5497

Cedar Lake United Methodist Church


548 Goodier Rd., West Winfield, NY 13491 315-822-3342

St. Joseph the Worker 305 West Main Street, West Winfield, NY 13491 315-822-3191

First Baptist Church Rt 26 Georgetown, NY 315-838-0206

Your church not listed?

Unadilla Forks Baptist Church

Please let us know for the next directory. Call Theresa at 315-734-9548 or visit

6879 County Hwy. 18,West Winfield, NY 13491 315-855-7563

W E A L T H M A N A G E M E N T, L L C I believe we are called to be wise stewards of what God has entrusted us with. My primary goal is to help people glorify God with ALL of their financial decisions.

Hurting Marriage?

Retrouvaille -A Lifeline

Luke 14: 28-30 Ecclesiastes 11:2

Joseph A. Leo Vice President Financial Consultant

1705 Genesee St. Suite 1 Utica, NY 13501


Christian Business Directory



4 for the latest Business & Church updates

Corner of Rt 5 & 5A, New Hartford

Corner of Rt 5 & 5A, New Hartford

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Christian Business Directory


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4everBelieve Magazine  

We believe Christian businesses should be just as competitive as other businesses in price, merchandise, and service. As believers support o...

4everBelieve Magazine  

We believe Christian businesses should be just as competitive as other businesses in price, merchandise, and service. As believers support o...