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Volume 3 Issue 1 | Jan-Feb-Mar 2017

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With this new year comes new beginnings. Some new beginnings come upon us unexpected and we are unprepared, and some come just as we had planned and the wait is finally over. For our family, we have both of those types of new beginnings– my beautiful granddaughter, Izabella, joined our family on December 16. With her, we were completely prepared and thoroughly enjoy her–she has brought us so much JOY–even though sleepless nights consume us :) Another new member of our family, Min, was completely unexpected and we were not prepared for her. Nevertheless, she has brought joy into our lives and we are thankful for her. I had walked into a local shelter prepared to foster a dog–but he had been adopted that morning. While there I decided to say hello to all the shelter cats, and one caught my heart and I adopted her. I was prepared for a dog, not a cat, so I had to quickly get a litter box, litter, food, toys, etc. so she had all she needed in her new home.

Karen Thomas Angela J. Willard (Richards) Tiffany Burton

Whatever this new year brings you, I pray that it brings joy to you above all, like it has for us.


Tara Vickrey

On the cover: Tito with his pawrent Bruno Barber. See Tito’s interview on page 9.


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SPCA Key West Shelter Breaks Ground


Meet Tito: An Interview with one of Instagram’s Famous Pets

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New Year Resolutions for You and Your Pet

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Manage Your Pet's Diabetes at Home


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PARADISE PETS MAGAZINE DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational and interest purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian. Veterinarians cannot answer specific questions about your pet's medical issues or make medical recommendations for your pet without first establishing a veterinarian-client-patient relationship. Your pet's medical protocol should be given by your local holistic veterinarian.

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By Karen Thomas

A new year brings intentions of a fresh start for all of us. We all make resolutions for ourselves but how often do we include our pets? Surviving the stress of the holidays can take a toll on all of us. Now is a great time to make a check list of items for the health and well-being of our four-legged family members. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Spay or neuter your pet Spaying and neutering can significantly reduce the incidence of cancer of the reproductive organs. Your dog will be less frustrated and happier overall. There are thousands of animals everyday being euthanized in shelters across the country. Spaying and neutering can help bring the population down.

2. Take your pet for a healthy check-up A regular visit to your veterinarian is the best way to stay ahead of potential problems. Thorough annual examinations will be less costly than waiting for a problem to develop and your pet suffering needlessly from complications of preventable problems. Having a good "baseline" of information about your pet also gives the veterinarian something to compare against when our pet is ill.

3. Daily exercise Even if you have a fenced in yard take your dog for a walk. He will love exploring the neighborhood with you and appreciate all of the different smells. A simple daily walk helps a dog learn proper manners, provides some good quality time, and does wonders for you too! Make exercise fun. Set up a simple obstacle course in your yard or play fetch at the park. You both will benefit from daily movement.

4. Good Nutrition Just like humans, pets who consume poor quality food don’t have the optimum health of those on a good balanced diet. Inflamed skin, allergies, a dull coat and obesity are a few of the problems that can result from a poor diet. Also, resist the urge to feed your

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 Š 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 5

pet table scraps. Their digestive systems are very different than ours, and our rich American diet can cause many problems including obesity and pancreatitis. If you're feeding your pets kibble be sure to choose a brand without byproducts and a bunch of fillers. Read labels carefully. Look for whole food ingredients which are manufactured in the United States or Canada.

5. Proper Identification Make sure your pet has a legible name tag on his or her collar or is microchipped. Should your pet get lost, wander away from the house or get injured you need a way for someone to contact you. If your pet is microchipped review the information with the company to make sure your contact information is updated.

6. Socialize your dog with other dogs If your dog doesn’t occasionally socialize with other dogs problems can arise. For example, your dog may develop leash aggression - acting out when he sees another dog while he’s walking on leash. He may bark excessively or try to start a fight with another dog. For these reasons and more it’s important to socialize your dog with other pets as often as possible. Even taking your dog to doggy day care a few times per month could make a big difference in social behavior and confidence.

7. Give your pet more love and attention Did you get distracted and overwhelmed over the holidays? Are your daily lives busier than ever? Now is the time to focus on your pets and nourish the human-animal bond. Far too many pets are left outside in all types of weather with little human contact. Indoor pets can get easily ignored too due to busy human schedules. Making time for cuddle time every day will create a very happy and content pet.

8. Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals Just like humans dogs can develop cancer and other health issues when exposed to certain harmful chemicals. Going green with your cleaning practices and using non-toxic cleaners will help reduce this exposure. My favorite household products include Young Living’s “Thieves Household Cleaner” for all surfaces and laundry, and using baking soda.

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9. Groom your pet regularly Regular pet grooming will help you build and maintain healthy relationships with your pets, and practice gentle leadership skills. Another benefit of grooming is that you may notice a physical change that needs medical attention, something that might not have been obvious if you hadn’t been grooming your pet. If you find any lumps, bumps or soreness, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup.

10. Volunteer There are thousands of animals in need of help each day and every little bit helps. Donations of needed supplies, financial donations or donation of your time to a local shelter or rescue organization is always appreciated. Even spending a short amount of time bonding with a shelter animal can make all the difference in his or her day.

Karen Thomas, R.N., is a Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) certified Practitioner in the Florida Keys. Healing Touch for Animals is a holistic approach influencing the health and well-being of animals through energy medicine and intention. HTA techniques restore harmony and balance to the energy system while providing physical, emotional, mental and instinctual stability , thus supporting the body to self-heal. This work can be done in person or distantly. Karen can be contacted through her website or email her directly at Karen’s organic, therapeutic-grade essential oil sprays can be purchased through

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By Tiffany Burton

We are thrilled to announce that we broke ground on the new Key West shelter on Stock Island on November 30. Our community rallied tremendously to this cause to build and equip the shelter our local pet owners and their animals deserve. As of October 2016, we had raised $7.7 million in cash and pledges.

animals and the humans who care for them now and for many years to come. We are beyond excited that this vision is finally becoming a reality!

The final contracted amount for construction is $6.8 million. An additional $1.6 million will be needed to complete the project and includes architect and engineering fees, permitting fees, landscaping, fixtures and equipment (including a clinic), bringing the grand total to $8.4 million. This number is based on a facility only slightly bigger than what we have now, is hurricane resistant, compliant with all codes and laws, and most importantly, provides a safe, modern facility for the

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An Interview with one of Instagram’s Famous Pets By Angela J. Willard

Tito is a French Bulldog who was born in Pottstown Pennsylvania. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his furever family including three kids and a Boxer named Dempsea. Tito has been a part of the Bruno family for almost 4 years now, they got him when he was only six weeks old. Bruno Barber, 15, is Tito's "pawrent" and says that Tito is “willing to do anything”. He does dog agility, he goes out surfing, and he also does protection work for fun. He states that Tito is very obedient and willing to learn, and go to new places. Some of Bruno's favorite things about Tito: "He does the typical Frenchy lay where his legs are out and to the side--it's the cutest thing ever. Also, once when he had his lip tucked into his lower canine, it was the cutest!" Since August 2013, when Tito first appeared on Instagram, he has rose to fame and has more than 11k followers and we wanted to find out how he did it. Bruno helped facilitate our interview with Tito.

Q. What made you decide to open up an Instagram account?

A. I wanted to share my cuteness with the world and make new friends from all over.


How often do you post photos of


A. I try to post every day.

Q. Do you have a lot of IG ‘friends’ that you follow back?

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 © 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 9


I do follow back a lot of my friends. I

never got

Instagram to have the most


Why do you think you rose to

“stardom” on Instagram?

followers and follow the least amount of people. To me, Instagram is about following


back the people who you can connect with,

Instagram because of my charm and my

and for me that is other animal accounts.

friendliness, I follow back other people and

Instagram is a place for you to meet new

make them feel that they're respected, and

people and share experiences and get to

just because I have such a large amount

see their amazing photos that they post.

of followers on my account, I show them

I think that I rose to stardom on

that I am not any better than they are and still go and like their photo.

Q. In order to make ‘friends’ on IG, what would you say is the most important thing to do?

A. The most

important thing

to do on Instagram to get followers





personality. Be yourself and don't copy other peoples photos. Also just be nice too other accounts, it really goes a long way. Giveaways are also a great way to get friends on Instagram, just really interact with your followers and make them feel appreciated for the time they spent on your

Q. Do you have a personal photographer

page. I recently got over 15 Christmas

or does your pet parent take your

cards from my followers and that was all


because of my deep connection with them and my willingness to open up and get on

A. Well I like to say that my pawrent is my

a more personal level than just liking their

personal photographer because he carries


around his camera everywhere and stops for photo shoots, but it's like I have a paparazzi following me so I love it.

10 | Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 © 2017 Publish In Paradise |

Q. Do you follow a special diet? A.

I do not follow a special diet,

although I do only eat Orijen Six Fish and Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream dog food and occasionally I do get gravy from my humans dinner.


What is your favorite


Q. Tell us about your wardrobe… A.

A. My favorite food is salmon. My favorite

Well I don't have much of a outfit

treat has to be Grandma Lucy’s soft bake,

wardrobe. I do have one shirt that I just

and my favorite drink is wine–I do try and

got for Christmas, but mainly I'm in love

steal a sip of my mom's wine every night,

with leashes and collars. I have many

I am French after all.

leather leashes and collars and I did just get a new rope tie dye leash and collar as well.


What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?


I love to sleep and play with my

brother when I am not getting my photo taken, and also practice on my obedience because I get lots of treats for that.

Q. What is your favorite activity? A.

My favorite activity is running. I

love to run on the beach next to my human

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 © 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 11

that is

on their bike, surprisingly for a

French bulldog I am very fast and very energetic, but the hot weather sometimes does slow me down.

intrigue my followers. The second thing that I would change is my photo quality, as most Instagram accounts, the quality was bad in the beginning stages. Third, I would have liked to date everything myself so I know when I took the photo and not just when I posted it.

Q. Do you have an exercise regimen that you follow in order to stay fit for your photo shoots?

A. Back when I lived in New Jersey, and it


What is your favorite photo that you

have shared with your followers?

did get cold, I did kind of have a regimen


that I followed, but now being in the hot

that I've shared. I don't think that I have hit that milestone yet, I do have a lot of photos that I love but not one that strikes me better than the other. there's always that one photo that you sneak in that's very amazing but I can't say that I have a favorite photo on Instagram yet, but I hope it's soon to come.

sun all the time I have the luxury of running around my backyard chasing geckos and eating coconuts, swimming and going for my walk every day.

I don't have an actual favorite photo

Q. If you had to start all over again from scratch on IG, what three things would you do differently?


If I had to start

my IG account all over again I would write captions on the photos from the start. In the beginning stages of my Instagram account I never wrote a caption so it really did not

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By Tara Vickrey

The Florida Keys SPCA Marathon Campus creates a new Catio! With an average of 60 cats at any given time, the Marathon Campus was in desperate need for better housing for their felines. The average stay for an adult cat can be upwards of a year, and the Florida Keys SPCA believed our cats needed more room to lounge and play while waiting for their adoption day. In an effort to give our cats the best possible temporary home until they find their forever homes, the Florida Keys SPCA decided to take advantage of the large patio space outside and create a kitty oasis. Thanks to a Business Beautification Grant from the Marathon Chamber of Commerce, private donations from our incredible community and hundreds of volunteer hours, the Catio was built over the last several months. Marathon's cats now have a large indoor air conditioned space full of kitty hide outs with plenty of room to lounge in the cool AC. Cat doors lead from the indoor space to the fully enclosed and covered outdoor space where cats can come and go as they please. Equipped with cat bridges, cat walks and a cat bar the cats have ample space to lounge in the sun, or the shade, and enjoy our islands ocean breezes. Stop by our Marathon Campus at 10550 Aviation Blvd. (behind the airport) and check out our newly built Catio. You may even find your forever feline companion while you're there!

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 Š 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 13


ike people, dogs and cats can suffer from diabetes. In fact, this disease is on the rise among dogs and cats. While a diagnosis of diabetes requires lifestyle changes and heightened health monitoring, your pet can still live a happy, healthy life when you work together with your veterinarian to provide proper care. The 2016 State of Pet Health report from Banfield Pet Hospitals found the number of dogs with diabetes rose 80 percent from 2006-2015, while diabetes in cats increased by 18 percent. The report looked at data from more than 900 Banfield hospitals nationwide and covered 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cats.1 Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body cannot process glucose (sugar) into cells, resulting in too much glucose in the blood and not enough glucose in the cells for energy. Untreated, diabetes can be fatal in dogs and cats, but veterinary care and at-home blood glucose monitoring can help you manage the disease in your four-legged friends.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

chances of your pet getting diabetes. In both dogs and cats, these include age, obesity and breeds with a genetic predisposition. Dog breeds prone to diabetes include the Australian Terrier, Keeshond and Yorkshire Terrier; Burmese cats also have a genetic predisposition to diabetes. Signs of diabetes in pets are often similar to those in humans and include fatigue or weakness, increased hunger, weight loss, increased thirst and increased urination. If you observe one or more of these signs, consult with your veterinarian to determine the cause. If your veterinarian diagnoses diabetes, he will create a management plan that addresses your pet's dietary and dental care needs. The plan may call for monitoring blood glucose levels and may also include a prescription for insulin.

The first step is identifying warning signs. Certain risk factors may increase the

14 | Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 Š 2017 Publish In Paradise |

At-home monitoring The goal of pet diabetes management is to make pets feel better by controlling glucose levels and minimizing the risk of complications. Monitoring blood glucose is one way to assess the diabetes management plan. While veterinarians can test at the office, the American Association of Animal Hospitals notes that in-clinic blood glucose readings are more likely to be affected by stress than readings generated at home. Monitoring blood glucose at home helps you follow your veterinarian's prescribed management plan while eliminating the pet's stress over frequent veterinarian visits. At-home monitoring systems for pets are different than at-home monitoring systems for humans and should not be used interchangeably. You actually can use the same at-home monitoring system that your veterinarian uses, such as AlphaTRAK(r) 2, which is available through your veterinarian. Specifically calibrated for dogs and cats, it is easy to use and priced affordably to make at-home monitoring convenient and economical.

diabetic pet's blood glucose directly to their veterinarian. Successful diabetes management is possible when you work together with your veterinarian to follow your pet's prescribed plan, including at-home blood glucose monitoring, consistent communication and follow-up appointments. Visit to learn more about diabetes management. Banfield 2016 report shows increase in diabetes, dental disease; decrease in heartworm. May 17, 2016. Accessed November 21, 2016. All trademarks are the property of Zoetis Services LLC or a related company or a licensor unless otherwise noted. (c) 2016 Zoetis Services LLC. All rights reserved. Source: Zoetis | Family Features

There are also a variety of free tools available designed to help pet owners manage their dog's or cat's diabetes. For example, provides a veterinary discussion guide and emails with tips for pet owners. The PetDialog app, available for download on iTunes and in the Google Play Store, allows pet owners to quickly and easily report a

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When a beloved family pet experiences health problems, it can take a toll on the whole family. In some cases, it can take weeks or even months to identify the problem, and more importantly, where the solution lies. In some cases, the answer is as simple as changing what your pet eats.

Learn more about these common ailments that may be corrected with a new highquality feeding regimen, and talk with your veterinarian about a treatment plan to get your pet back to better health.

If you've always thought all pet foods were equal, think again. Veterinarian-developed formulas, such as those offered by Diamond CARE, are created for pets with unique dietary needs but also provide affordable complete nutrition, without sacrificing quality or taste, so you can feed your pets the special diet they need for as long as they need it.

Sensitive Skin While a rash or other skin irritation can be an obvious sign that your pet has sensitive skin, other behaviors such as excessive scratching, biting and licking can also signal a problem. Identifying the cause is essential to bringing your pet comfort. Skin irritation among pets is generally caused by something in their

16 | Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 Š 2017 Publish In Paradise |

environment, such as an allergy, a parasitic infection or in more extreme cases, a neurogenic or infectious condition. Skin problems can also arise from poor nutrition. If your dog has skin sensitivities that might be related to diet or allergic skin disease, try a diet with hydrolyzed salmon as the single animal protein source. Ingredients such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to be beneficial to skin and coat health. Some sensitive skin formulas not only contain hydrolyzed salmon but are grain-free and made with peas to enhance the flavor and provide high-quality carbohydrates.

Weight Management A few extra pounds on your dog or cat may not seem like a cause for concern, but too much weight can cause a long list of health problems. Just like humans, one of the best ways to counter a weight problem in pets is to adjust what they're eating. An option such as Diamond CARE Weight Management Formula for Adult Dogs or Adult Cats can help address your pet's weight issue without leaving it feeling hungry. Powdered cellulose, a source of insoluble fiber, helps your pet feel full, while L-Carnitine aids the body in metabolizing fat. To make sure your pet gets all the nutrients needed, this formula is rounded out with omega fatty acids, guaranteed antioxidants and probiotics developed specially for canine and feline digestive health.

Talking with your veterinarian can help identify other ways to help your pet lose weight and also help you rule out any underlying medical concerns that may be causing weight gain or preventing your pet from being as active as it should be.

Sensitive Stomach Though it may seem like it at times, not all dogs have cast-iron stomachs. A limited-ingredient formula that combines potatoes and egg protein is a good, easyto-digest option for sensitive dogs. Other beneficial ingredients may include psyllium seed husk, a source of beneficial fiber, which helps support proper digestion, and probiotic strains that are native to the canine gastrointestinal tract.

Learn more about healthy meal solutions for your pets at

Keep reading to understand ingredients in your pet’s food‌

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 Š 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 17


Understand the Ingredients Quality pet food isn't necessarily the most expensive option. The right choice for your pet is the food that delivers the right combination of ingredients and nutrition for your pet's special needs. The experts at Diamond CARE suggest looking for these preferred ingredients when you have a pet with unique dietary needs.

● Limited ingredient products contain a narrow selection of high-quality ingredients and provide an alternative feeding option that still delivers complete nutrition. ● Easily digestible protein refers to carefully selected, easily digestible, high-quality protein sources, such as egg protein, potato protein, lamb meal, chicken meal or salmon. In foods made for sensitive skin, you may see "hydrolyzed protein," which refers to a protein source broken down into tiny pieces that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. ● Grain-free formulas contain ingredients such as potatoes and peas to provide high-quality carbohydrates as an alternative to grains. ● Antioxidant formulas contain guaranteed levels of zinc, selenium and vitamin E to help support a healthy immune system.

as sunflower oil, chicken fat, eggs or flaxseed, which help support a pet's healthy skin and coat. Omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources are often added to dog food formulas. ● Probiotic strains are beneficial bacteria that help support digestion and a healthy immune system. Look for probiotics developed specifically for dogs and cats that are processed under strict human-grade standards to ensure purity. ● Fiber blends in weight management formulas help dogs and cats feel full, while blends of soluble and insoluble fibers in other formulas help support optimal digestion. ● L-Carnitine is often added to weight management formulas because it helps the body metabolize fat. ● Glucosamine and chondroitin, which promote joint health, may be added to senior formulas or weight management formulas to help support joints that may be working a little harder due to excess weight. ● Superfoods aren't just for humans. Ingredients like kale, chia seed, pumpkin, blueberries and quinoa are particularly high in nutritional value and help provide more complete nutrition for your pet. Photos courtesy of Getty Images

● Fatty acid blends combine omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids from sources such

Source: Diamond CARE | Family Features

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Parade of Paws Photos Photos by Karen Thomas

The third annual pet parade at Higgs Beach Dog Park was held on December 10. The event supports the Florida Keys SPCA’s animal care fund.

“Libby” and Karen


Part of the Royal Court (above)

Parade of Paws participants (left & right)

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 © 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 19

If anyone is interested in adopting from the FKSPCA in Key West, they ask that you come to the shelter to meet and greet their animals in person so they can get to know you and see if it’s good chemistry between the animal and the potential owner.

Come and visit your potential new pet at the Florida Keys SPCA at 5230 College Road in Key West, Florida. Give them a call at (305) 294-4857 or visit them online for more information.

Dilly is a 4-year-old Chihuahua Mix. She is ready for her new family! Dilly is smart, loves treats and likes hanging out with other little dogs.

Honey is a 6-year-old Shih Tzu Mix. She is a happy, independent dog waiting for a forever home! She likes treats, walks and is willing to learn new tricks.

Lee is a 2½-year-old Pit Bull Mix. She is sweet, a little shy, but would love a home that will be as tender as she is. Lee loves treats, kisses and her stuffed animals.

Socks is a 1½-year-old Domestic Shorthair who would do well with a family that has had cats before. He is sweet, cuddly, smart and independent!

Cora is a 1½-year-old female Domestic Shorthair. She is a sweet, cuddly girl who will always let you know what’s on her mind. She would love a home where she is the only animal in the house, but she promises to love everyone.

Benny is a 1-year-old Rabbit. She is a beauty and has the spunk and attitude of a diva! She gives lots of affection and is one of the most playful bunnies we have once she's out of her cage.

20 | Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 © 2017 Publish In Paradise |

If anyone is interested in adopting from the FKSPCA Marathon, they ask that you come to the shelter to meet and greet their animals in person so they can get to know you and see if it’s good chemistry between the animal and the potential owner.

Come and visit your potential new pet at the Florida Keys SPCA Marathon Campus at 10550 Aviation Blvd. in Marathon, Florida. Give them a call at (305) 743-4800 or visit them online for more information.

Zeus is a nearly 80-pound 5-year-old male Shiloh Shepherd. This gorgeous well trained boy is well behaved with nearly perfect manners. He may look like a bear but this guy is all snuggles and loves to play keep away!

Sammie is a gorgeous 8-yearold female Black Labrador/Shepherd mix. Her foster mom says Sammie loves to go for walks, lounge on the couch and play with her foster siblings.

Sing & Lela We have two Schnauzers available! Sing and Lela are still waiting for their forever homes! Sing is a 5-year-old male Schnauzer and Lela is his 3-year-old daughter.

Clyde is enjoying shelter life while he waits for a forever home. He was found as a stray on the streets of Marathon with a notch in his ear meaning he had already been fixed.

Connery is a Tuxedo cat who is waiting for his forever home. He's inquisitive, mischievous and oh so handsome!

Rabbits Sadly, small animals such as rodents, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and rabbits also find their way into shelters and are often last to be adopted. We have four adorable rabbits available for adoption!

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 Š 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 21

Resource Guide Key West, FL Florida Keys SPCA Key West Campus Adoption services, animal control & more. 5230 College Road, Key West, FL (305) 294-4857 | Xena Fund Financial help with veterinary care 1623 Laird Street, Key West, FL (305) 432-0494 |

Marathon, FL Florida Keys SPCA Marathon Campus Adoption services, animal control & more. 10550 Aviation Blvd. Marathon, FL (305)743-4800 | Pawsitive Touch Giving your animal companions the energy to heal P.O. Box 500591, Marathon, FL 305.481.0868 |

Key Largo, FL Humane Animal Care Coalition 105951 Overseas Highway Key Largo, Florida 33037 305-451-0088

Do you have a pet business? A pet friendly motel, restaurant or other establishment? Get listed in our resource guide and we will connect you to pet parents in the Keys and beyond. 22 | Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 Š 2017 Publish In Paradise |


Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol. 3 Issue 1 © 2017 Publish In Paradise | | 23

Paradise Pets Magazine, Key West, FL Vol.3 Issue 1  

In this issue: New Year Resolutions for You and Your Pet; SPCA Key West Shelter Breaks Ground; Meet Tito: An Interview with one of Instagram...

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