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Flashing teacher EXPOSED!

Kailene Pillay


forty-something Midlands teacher who was found guilty of exposing his genitals to a group of 14-year-old girls just outside St Anne’s Diocesan College in Hilton was given a five year suspended sentence last week. Ashley McNicoll (43) of Summit Road, Hilton pleaded guilty to what he described as ‘an accident’. In his own statement to the court, McNicoll explained how he had been for a jog on Tuesday, July 16. As he sat on the curb, he noticed a group of about 20 girls also jogging along the school boundary in Church Lane. “I pulled my shorts to one side and closed my legs until the complainant and her group of friends passed me. I then opened my legs widely exposing my genital organ,” said McNicoll in his statement. He returned to the school three days later, on Friday July 19, where he was identified by one of the girls and apprehended by the school’s headmaster, David Arguile, together with a parent and security guard. McNicoll pleaded with the court ‘to have mercy when imposing sentence’ and admitted that his actions were ‘wrongful, unlawful and intentional’. According to headmaster

Arguile, both learners and teachers were upset and angry by the incident. This is the first time the school has experienced something like this, said Arguile. Although McNicoll is a teacher, Arguile said he was not known to St Anne’s.


“The school took appropriate action in apprehending the culprit and ensuring that a charge was laid. We then left it to the law to take its course. Parents have supported the school’s actions,” he said. In his statement, McNicoll said that he was a teacher living in China and would be returning there in August. It is understood that he is married and that his wife lives in China. Regional Magistrate ZW Ngwenya in sentencing McNicoll to five years imprisonment suspended the sentence for five years on condition that the accused does not commit a similar offence during the period of suspension. The accused has no previous convictions or pending cases. He was found guilty of “exposure or display of or causing exposure or display of genital organs to a child (‘flashing’)” in terms of the Sexual Offences and Related Matters Act 37 of 2007. The public prosecutor in the case was S Twala. The accused was represented by N. Binessarrie through Legal Aid. McNicoll's mother said afterwards "he was just running and stopped to have a wheeze. He suffered terribly in prison." He is currently away on holiday.

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MRF speaks out on funds Kailene Pillay


he Msunduzi Rates Forum (MRF) said this week that the funds collected from ratepayers since 2009 are ‘safe and sound’ and the account has not had a single withdrawal in all its years. This came after Public Eye published an article last week on a war of words that erupted between the National Union of Residents’ and Ratepayers Association of South Africa (NURRA) and the MRF. The following questions were posed to the MRF who refused to answer in last week’s publication. According to the civic group, ‘it was not a case of refusing but rather a case of insufficient time to answer’. This week, the group answered the questions. Q: How much is being held in the trust? A: “Just a little over R90 000.” Q: When was this money collected and for what purpose? A: “The money was collected to challenge the municipality on

Public Eye August 02, 2013 - Page 6

the valuations in a court of law. It was collected since August 2009. A list of all those who paid is available and receipts were given to each person with a copy kept for our records.” Q: Why hasn’t it been used? If the MRF have been trying to find a lawyer since then, what is wrong with Pietermaritzburg lawyers? A: “Some lawyers in Pietermaritzburg have agreed to assist us however they have stated that payment to senior council such as advocates etc. will have to be made. This amounts to more than what we have already collected therefore we cannot go ahead with court proceedings as yet.” Q: How many members does the MRF have?

A: “Although we do have a lot of support, there are only 15 members in the working committee of the MRF.” When was the last AGM held? “We meet every Tuesday without fail. Since we were unsuccessful in getting other members, those that are present here are quite happy with the chairperson being Babs Sithapersad.” Q: Does the MRF have a constitution and is it properly constituted as a NPO? A: “Yes it does have a constitution and it is not run as an NPO.” Q: Can we see minutes of previous meetings? A: “Yes.” (Minutes have been viewed by Public Eye) Q: Have the finances of the MRF been audited? If so, when and by whom? A: “Finances have been audited by ESP Consulting in 2010. Since there were no changes to the funds since then, it did not warrant for a re-audit.”


letters to the editor

Lest we forget our pioneer educationists


abu Baijoo (The Witness, July 25) triggered me into recalling the efforts of Indians in Pietermaritzburg. The Baijoo, K.P.Maharaj and Maney families made significant contribution to early education. The late DR Singh made a important gift to education in the years gone by. Absenteeism was foreign in his school both for learners and educators. He rode a bicycle to school and many would recall that he fetched learners

from home to school, even providing them with uniforms. The late AD Lazarus, LM Naidoo, and SK Maharaj were all involved in the upliftment of education. My late father devoted his life to education and the community. Age never deterred him. It would be a late but worthy gift to Pietermaritzburg to see the Allandale Primary School return to its original name of Baijoo and Maharaj Primary School, together with its monogram.

The Woodlands Secondary School was relocated to Mysore Road. It must be no burden to acknowledge philanthropists. WA Lewitt Primary School is proudly named after Mrs Lewitt whose love and care for education is honoured. Similarly, Peter Hey Road acknowledges the contribution of a principled human being. What effort is made to record stalwarts in South Africa’s history? Ramesh Chandra Deeplaul Perth, Western Australia.

Councillors ‘out of touch’ with city needs


ommunity services chairperson Manilal Inderjit (Exco, Msunduzi Municipality) displayed a very careless attitude by stating that while other recreational facilities will suffer, the R6 million set aside for the upgrading of the Alexandra Pool is necessary. The vandalised Berg Street Swimming Baths is an example of the neglect of our municipality of

Public Eye August 02, 2013 - Page 8

its own asset. The pool in Hoosen Haffajee Street served the schools in the area and the city’s children after school and week-ends. Presently, the unfortunate children have to walk to Alexandra Pool as it is closest. City councillors are out of touch with the truth; they will dress up the city hall entrance with road works while pot holes in residential areas are ignored. The

Berg Street pool is about 48 years old and if the city acted quickly a few thousand rands would have saved this pool; now, R1 million is needed. It is impressive to spend R6 million to update the Alexandra Park at the expense of the former townships where not a single pool exists. U.E. RAWAT Northdale

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‘Petty complaint’ about noisy dogs


he old saying, sly as an old fox symbolises K. Rajkumar’s petty complaint. I rent a premises where we are surrounded by dogs, including my own two. Neighbours appreciate them as they certainly are a man’s best friend and contribute to the safety of all around them. This is just a political stunt. I once petted a German shepherd puppy that Cllr Inderjith had at his shop, I saw the fondness for ani-

mals that his family had and saw them pleasantly pamper this little pup. They for a few days brought the pup to their store because they were concerned for the well being of this pup as their bigger dogs wanted to attack him. And they would take the little guy home every day when their store closed. His appreciation for animals earned this family my respect. Imagine putting the safety of an animal

Open every Sunday 10 am2 pm

before business. It’s so obvious Mr Pettiness has a hidden agenda. I’m IFP yet I will still defend an animal lover and I refuse to fight dirty.

26 Manchester Road, PMB Tel: 033 387 8604/387 1409

Priscilla Padaychee Naidoo

Jugwanth responds to detractors


have been writing to the media for well over four decades. Pre 1994 I candidly slammed the apartheid regime and in later years the tricameral system. Consequently, I received regular threats to halt me from exposing the truth. Undeterred I continued as I was committed to a democratic South Africa. Now in a democracy there are villains who find my pen a seri-

ous threat. These sociopaths and narcissists remain yellow-livered scumbags and rejects of apartheid. From time to time they harass my family. Inter-alia they have sent obscene short messages to my child (prior to RICA coming into legislation) and privileged legal documents to my family; a violation of attorney client privilege. I have had my home telephone tapped, had to change mobile numbers as the sociopaths would

not leave us alone. This is an open letter to my detractors; you will never put me down. You merely expose your insecurities and apartheid-learnt tactics. My pen remains mightier than the sword! Thank you Public Eye for publishing my letters that seem to irk cowards in this city.



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Telephone: 033 395 8136/7


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Winners selected by random draws. Winners will be announced at draws or by telephone (if applicable). Earn tickets by playing Slot or Table games. Prizes can be claimed from the casino. Competition rules available at or at the Clubdesk. TSOGO SUN PROUDLY SUPPORTS THE NATIONAL RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING PROGRAMME. WINNERS KNOW WHEN TO STOP. ONLY PERSONS OVER 18 ARE PERMITTED TO GAMBLE. NATIONAL PROBLEM GAMBLING COUNSELLING TOLL FREE HELPLINE 0800 006 008.


34!).,%3334%%,#!+%,)&4%2 !.$+.)&% .OWONLYFOR

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7%$$).'2).' 0),,/7 .OWONLYFOR

E&OE T&Cs apply


Gift of the Givers Foundation

Waqful Wafiqin Foundation

”Best Among People are those who Benefit Mankind’’

Gift of the Givers Careline Being Abused? Someone‘s drug habit affecting you? Feeling lonely or depressed? Experiencing marital, relationship or teenage problems? Find parenting challenging? Coping with HIV/AIDS? Don‘t Delay! Call Gift of the Givers Careline, your free, caring, confidential counselling service. Face to Face appointments also arranged

Counselling hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm

GIFT OF THE GIVERS CARELINE CALL 0800 786 786 TOLL FREE! “Remember a problem shared is a problem halved!”



GVS celebrates anniversary

N3 near Alan Paton closed this Saturday


he northbound carriageway of the N3, near the entrance to Alan Paton Avenue, will be closed to traffic from 7am to 5pm on Saturday. The reason for closing is to facilitate the installation of a gantry at the point where the highway splits in Alan Paton Avenue and the carriageway continuing to Johannesburg. Light motor vehicles will be diverted through the city and rejoin the N3 after the Chatterton roundabout. The detour will be clearly marked and flagmen will be placed at regular interval, said Group Five Construction Company. One lane on the N3 will be open in the construction area to allow heavy vehicles to pass. The onramp northbound N3 at the newly built Chota Motala flyover will also be closed. together with

Are empowering WOMEN in the month of August Beds for Africa and Serta will be donating R50 to the Jes Foord Foundation for every Serta Branded Bed sold during the month of August

Milano Double Bunk From


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Memory Foam • Latex • Bamboo Fabric

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Price Guarantee • 14 Day Comfort Trial

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Trustees of the Gujarati Vedic Society. From left Dr Dinesh Raghavjee, Himatlal Soni and Mahesh Bhoola.


he Gujarati Vedic Society, Pietermaritzburg celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Shree Radha Krishna Mandir, as well as the completion of phase one of the Mahatma Gandhi Cultural Centre, on Sunday (28 July). The celebration included bhajans and a Rath Yatra procession in Mountain Rise. It was well

attended by devotees from Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Swami Abhedananda of the Chinmaya Mission of Durban was also present as guest of honour. His discourse was applauded by all present. The first phase of the new centre accommodates 400 people and includes a stage as well as kitchen facilities. The new hall is officially available for hire.

Alpha Pharm your first step in healthcare

Omega Pharmacy

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Affordable, Quality Health Care always


“Educating for a Brighter Future”

All the best to Love To Live Thank You For Your Support, Commitment & Contribution

Best Wishes To “Love To Live” Shop 4 Kwik Fit Centre, Allandale Drive

Tel: 033 387 5665

Say no to Abuse against women & children

Our team wishes Love To Live the very best

Dr A.S. Purmasir M.B.Ch. B. (Natal) Practice Number: 1510657

Best wishes to

LOVE to LIVE Surgery

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Deccan Road, Raisethorpe PMB 3201 Tel/Fax: 033 391 4318 Email:

Say NO to Abuse Against Women & Children Telephone: 033 341 5000 | 162-166 Masukwana Street Email: |

FAMCARE THERAPY CENTRE Improving Well Being, Giving Joy, Restoring Hope 190 Retief Street, Pietermaritzburg

Dr S.V Moodley Specialist Psychiatrist

Tel: 033-394 3301• Fax:033-949900 SAY NO TO ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN & CHILDREN

Sibongile M.Dladla

Social Worker Other Services:

• Occupational Therapist, • Anti-Stress Therapist, •Forensic Assessments Comprehensive Treatment of: Depression, Post Traumatic Disorder, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Behavioural Disorders in Children, Academic Difficulties, Marital Therapy, HIV/AIDS Counselling Clinic COMMITTED SUPPORTER OF LOVE TO LIVE

Moosa Allee Insurance Brokers CK 1986/12675/23

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Say No To Abuse Against Woman And Children

We offer the following: 1) Comprehensive eye examination. 2) Contact lens Àttings and training 3) Variety of quality frames to choose from... 4) Clear and colour contact lenses 5) Easy payment options, if you are not on medical aid We accept all Edcon Cards (i.ei Edgars, Jet etc.) and Credit Cards SUITE 5, 594 CHOTA MOTALA ROAD, RAISETHORPE (ABOVE NEW LUXMI POST OFFICE) TELEPHONE: 033 397 9220



Makro Schools Rebate pays out R177 441 to local schools

Kalin Moodley of Deccan Road Primary school with Jay Soobramoney, Marketing Manager of Makro at the Makro Schools Rebate programme funds disbursement recently


akro’s Schools Rebate programme has paid an amount of R177 441 to 35 schools from January to June this year. The rebate programme has paid out R1.3 million to local schools over the past six years. The program rewards parents for shopping at Makro by giving a percentage of the profit from their purchases twice a year back to the schools attended by their children. The program works on the existing Makro card system, and there are no

Public Eye August 02, 2013 - Page 28

additional fees. This means 100% of the accrued rebate goes directly to the schools indicated on parents’ cards. All parents with school-going children can participate in the programme by linking their Makro card to their child’s school and selecting the nearest Makro store to the school. For schools that are not linked, please contact Makro’s Jay Soobramoney at .



‘Clean’ comedian Carvin will have you in stitches


urban comedian Carvin H Goldstone brings his ‘iBruino’ one man comedy show and DVD launch to Pietermaritzburg at Golden Horse on Sunday (4 August). He is presenting two shows, one at 3pm and one at 7pm. One of South Africa's fastest rising stand-up comedy stars, he has an arsenal of accents, impersonations and funny true stories about his life and Durbanites. But what keeps the crowds coming back is the fact that this young comedian leaves you in stitches without swearing or talking dirty. In his seven years on stage Carvin has never used any vulgarity in his comedy. Indian comedy king Muthu Murugan called Carvin the future of Durban comedy and said he was impressed at how he

did it all without swearing. Local comedians Loyiso Gola, Stuart Taylor, Joey Rasdien and Nik Rabinowitz have all asked Carvin to be the opening act at one man shows in Durban. His 2011 debut one-man show – ‘No Swearing’ – was a huge local success at the Playhouse Drama and solidified his standing as Durban’s most hilarious, “100 percent clean” comedian! A year later, 2012 saw the launch of his second, highly anticipated one-man show – ‘iBruino’ which, by popular demand, he now brings to Pietermaritzburg. He takes a broad swipe at being a rainbow South African from a unique Coloured viewpoint. Tickets are R100 at Computicket, Shoprite and Checkers or at the door. Call 0861915 8000 to book.

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Starnite 2013 music and fun at the Sabha Hall


he Pietermaritzburg Sanathan Ved Dharam Sabha will be holding their annual fundraising concert “Starnite 2013” on Saturday, 3 August at the Sabha Hall, 123 Bombay Road, Northdale starting at 6:30pm. The fundraising committee headed by TG Singh has planned an entertainment-filled evening to provide the community with an Eastern Debs contest followed by Chutney/ Nagara music with a dance extravaganza and special prizes for best dances within the audience. The concert, which is not to be missed, will feature Durban’s hottest Nagara band “Shakti Nagara” with their own flavor of cultural dances. Piet Jugmohan will compere the event with his spicy mixture of humor to keep the audience rolling with laughter. “Join us on Saturday at Sabha Hall. Let

your hair down and dance to the drums of the Nagara beat to enjoy a beautiful evening with lots of fun and excitement. Don’t miss out! “ said one of the organizers. “The Sabha members always create a warm and welcoming environment and once again our members will be on duty to welcome you at the door, and seat you comfortably so that you can enjoy the show,” he added. Refreshments will be on sale and the Bhainjee’s of the Sabha will mixing and blending the dhall and shallat to provide hot veda and bhaijyas. Freshly made samoosas will be on sale as well. All proceeds will go to the current renovations of the Sabha buildings and premises. Tickets cost R30 pp. Contact 0832275261 or 0333910862 for further information.


Your weekly motoring guide with attitude Contact us:  031-716 4444

Colleen:  031-716 4419

2 August August 2013 2013 2

Lisinda 031-716 4451

Ferrari California 30

California dreaming By James Siddall he Ferrari California 30 swings heads like Huey rotors. Of course it does. No other car quite arrests attention like a Ferrari any Ferrari, old or new, like this 2013 model. Drive the Cali through traffic or dock it in a parking lot and passers-by and other road users don't even pretend to not be overawed by the red machine, whispering, even shouting, "Ferrari‌.Ferrari‌Ferrari" like some sort of mantra. Now in revised, updated guise - hence the "30" suffix to the nomenclature - the California is quicker than ever, too. Under that beautiful bonnet lives a 4,297cc V8, pouring on 360kW at a sonorous, barking 7,750rpm. Torque is pegged at 505Nm at 5,000rpm. Ample to surge this missile from Maranello to


100km/h in 3.8 seconds. And that's not just fast. It's neck-snappingly rapid. Expect a top speed of 312km/h. Fuel consumption is pegged at 13.1 litres per 100km in the combined cycle, which is quite tolerable for a car of this calibre. In "30" guise, the Cali also weights 30kg less than its predecessor, while handling is, well, quite simply superb. Better than ever before. Magnetorheological dampers controlled by an even faster ECU running patented Ferrari software are partly to thank. But I'm going to delve too deeply into the tech behind this Latin legend - and I don't use the word "legend" lightly or flippantly. The most stunningly, staggeringly, surprising thing about the California is its practicality and usability. I can't claim comprehensive experience

with all new Ferraris currently on the market. But it's hard to imagine any of them being easier to live with than this machine, especially given the userfriendly dual-clutch transmission. I had the car for just one day. And because it happened that I had to administer to the trivia of my life on that day, I used the Ferrari as an urban runabout, charging between shopping malls, and through the traffic of my increasingly congested hometown of Hillcrest. Guess what? The Ferrari proved as tame and tractable as any car you care to name, with an added bonus being the logical layout of the cockpit controls and the sterling build integrity of the whole package. Not quite what you'd expect of a highperformance Italian supercar. And when the weather turned nasty, tickling a switch was enough to set the folding hardtop in

action, transforming the Italian into a snug cocoon. Standard equipment levels are high, bordering on sumptuous, and include everything from dual-zone air-conditioning to bi-xenon headlamps, a launch control system, and carbon-ceramic brakes, to but brush over a long, long list. The standard car, then, weighs in at R2,950,000. The model I had came with some extras, including quite gorgeous 20-inch "Diamond-finish Sport Wheel Rims" and front parking sensors. That bumped the price up to R3,083,617. Now I can't and won't be glib and pretend that that's not an awful lot of money. But it is buying you an automotive icon, and a practical one at that, while - and this struck me as something to be conjured with - you also get a standard seven-year maintenance programme.


Road Report


Chevrolet Cruze Hatch

Still a good package twin-cockpit layout from a Corvette as a template By Miles Downard he Chevrolet Cruze has long been my - while maintaining the overall spaciousness of favourite non-premium sedan, offering the entire cabin. Powering the Cruze hatch I a spacious cabin, great value for money, had to test was a 1.8-litre petrol great looks and a decent motor linked to a five-speed enough drive. Now Chevrolet manual gearbox. has chopped its backside - so While the figures point tolet's see if the bum-less Cruze ward relatively lively perforPrice: R233,200 still wins me over. mance (it's got 104kW after Engine: 1796cc 4-cylinder Since the rear end was my all), the truth is that the Cruze petrol least favourite part of the sedan, only manages the 0-100km/h Power: 104kW you'd imagine that hacking it off sprint in 11 seconds - which Torque: 176Nm would solve the issues. may have been acceptable in Acceleration 0-100km/h): However, unfortunately, I the 90s, but nowadays that's a 11 seconds must report that I'm even less of lifetime. Top Speed: 195km/h a fan of the back end now than The upside is decent fuel ever before. consumption figures in the region of 7 It's as though someone in a litres/100km. board room somewhere decided Sportiness is definitely not a priority then, that a hatch was a great idea for the range, psyched up the entire company, only to inform which explains the lack of feel through the the design team in the 11th hour that moulds were steering. Nonetheless you'll find the Cruze pleasant to needed in the factory, like yesterday. The rear end aside, I think the Cruze is still drive. It's comfortable, exceptionally quiet and offers exceptionally good looking and the range hasn't decent levels of grip when required. really aged or tired since its launch in 2009. Add into the equation all the equipment you The bold front end and flared flanks gives it an could possibly need, all of which is standard, and edge over the softer looking competition. The interior is characterised by harmonious, you've got yourself all the car you'll ever need. It flowing lines with quality soft-touch materials really is that good. But here's a little secret, the diesel powered used throughout. This is a high quality interior that really stands sedan is better to drive and just as fuel efficient plus it's got a nice spacious boot. out amongst competitors. So unless you've got a short garage, I'd recThe design team worked wonders in making occupants at the front feel cocooned - using the ommend the oil burner instead.


Vehicle specs



Avis car Sales now open in Pietermaritzburg Avis is the market leader in the industry and is well known for high quality, well maintained vehicles. Avis has a constant flow of one year old ex-rental vehicles, which are in excellent condition. Avis Car Sales sells a variety of one-year-old used cars such as the cost effective Polo Vivo to the luxury 740 BMW. All the cars are sold with the balance of factory warranty, full service and damage history, low mileage and easy finance and insurance options. Every package is tailored around customer needs from vehicle selection to the best finance and maximum warranties. Purchasing a vehicle from Avis Car Sales gives customers many advantages. For instance, it is a one-owner vehicle, purchased brand new and the company is able to provide customers with the full service history and records, including a full history of any accidents. "Our unique concept at Avis Car Sales is a good

balance of peace of mind and value for money. This is what anyone wants when buying a car, especially a pre-owned car," concludes David Porteous, Executive of Avis subsidiary Avis Car Sales. The Avis Group lives by the statement: "People are more important than cars." Every vehicle is subjected to stringent quality and roadworthy testing prior to being made available for sale. The Avis Wizard Management System ensures that the kilometers traveled are reflected with complete accuracy. Avis Car Sales knows how important this purchase will be to you and your family. Every team member of the Avis Group has made a promise to try harder to exceed your expectations at every interface, creating the perfect match and making your life easier. Visit us at 104 Boschoff Street, Pietermaritzburg or phone us on 033 345 4430.

Breastfeeding Awareness Week The benefits of breastfeeding B

reastfeeding has many benefits for both baby and mother. Not the least of these benefits is enhanced mental and physical development of the child, enhanced health of both mother and child, and emotional bonding between mother and breastfed baby. In a study of more than 17 000 infants followed from birth to six and a half years, researchers concluded from IQ scores and other intelligence tests that prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding significantly improves cognitive development. Another study of almost 4 000 children showed that children who were breastfed had significantly higher scores on a vocabulary test at 5 years of age than children who were not breastfed. And the scores were higher the longer they had been nursed at the breast. Preterm infants with extremely low birth weight who received breast milk shortly after birth improved their mental development scores at 18 months when compared with preterm infants who weren't given breast milk. In a later study, researchers found that the higher scores held at 30 months, and that the babies who received breast milk were also less likely to be hospitalized again because of respiratory infections. Breastfeeding may also protect your child from future obesity. An analysis of studies shows that breast-

feeding reduces a child's risk of becoming overweight as a teen or adult. This, experts suggest, is because breastfed babies are better at eating until their hunger is satisfied, leading to healthier eating patterns as they grow. Breast milk contains less insulin (which promotes fat formation) than bottle-feeding formulas. Breastfed babies also have more leptin in their system, a hormone that researchers believe plays a role in regulating appetite and fat. Compared with breastfed babies, formula-fed infants gain weight more rapidly in the first weeks of life. This rapid weight gain is associated with later obesity.

Benefits for the mother include reducing her stress levels and risk of postpartum depression. Women who don’t breastfeed, or who stop breastfeeding early, have a higher risk of postpartum depression. Breastfeeding also triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin which promotes nurturing and relaxation, and may reduce risk of some types of cancer. Numerous studies have found that the longer women breastfeed, the more they're protected against breast and ovarian cancer.

553 Chota Motala Road • Tel : 033 38 387 681 • Fax: 033 387 6500

IMMUNISATIONS Done by our Quali¿ed Sister (SA Nursing Council Registered) The following vaccines are available at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks and 9 months at a minimal fee.

Polio, Comb-Act-HIB, Hepatitis B, Measles

Midlands Medical Centre Breastfeeding Awareness Day

• Chicken Pox (Varilix) - Optional • Trimovax (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) • Infanrix, Prevenar Rotatrix, Hepatitis A & B *9 months and 18 months are done only on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.


idlands Medical Centre (MMC) Private Hospital takes pleasure in inviting new and expectant mothers to a Breastfeeding Awareness Day on Friday 16 August from 9am to 2pm in the Maternity Ward on the 4th Floor (Block A). RSVP Kavith Harrilall Tel: 033 341 5169 or e-mail kavith.harrilall@midmedic.


FAMILY PLANNING CLINIC Oral Contraceptives - 3 months Supply Injectables

Midlands Medical Centre (MMC) Private Hospital fully supports Breastfeeding Awareness Week

We acknowledge the important role that breastfeeding plays in maintaining good infant nutrition. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Close to Mothers”, we would like to encourage Mums and inform them that there is always support available from professional healthcare providers.



Telephone: 033 341 5000 162-166 Masukwana Street Email:

•Blood Pressure Test •Flu Vaccines •Cholesterol Test •Nebulisation •Blood Clucose Test •Vitamin Injections

•Suture Removal •Wound Dressing •Anaemia Screening •Liver Screening •Pregnancy Test •Kidney Screening

•Gout Screening •Feet & Nail Care (Diabetics) •Traumeel Injection

Clinic Times: Mon-Fri ............................................... 11.00am - 2.00pm and 5.00pm-7.00pm Saturday ...................................... 09.00am - 1.00pm We Also Provide the Following Services:

Discovery Vitality Screening tests, Oxygen Wellness test. Momentum/Keyhealth Assessments & Transmed screening tests. New medical shemes on DSP Network 2012 are: Discovery, Keyhealth, Bankmed, Momentum/Remedi, Resolution Health, Medscheme, Bestmed etc.

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Senior weight training an advantage for the aged

ike many older adults, Aunty Ambi had a hard time with arthritis and osteoporoses. Rather than wait-

ing to get weaker, the 67 year old joined Contours Express 5 years ago. On her first visit, she pedaled the recumbent bicycle for

three minutes before exhaustion forced her to stop. After exercising twice a week for three years, she now has the energy to work out on the bike for 20 minutes, walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes and push 60 pounds on the leg press machine. “Martha recognized that she was losing ground physically and needed to exercise,” says George




Come visit Today at

589 Chota Motala Road, (Above FNB), Raisethorpe Tel: 0333873797

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Fraser, owner of the club where Martha belongs. “We gradually lose strength as we age, and we need strength to be functional, prevent injuries and enjoy life.” While some seniors such as Mrs Chetty are turning to strength training to slow the aging process, increase energy levels, improve muscle strength and strengthen bones in the fight against osteoporosis, the percentage of adults that lift weights declines with advancing age. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analysed the results of the 2001 National Health Interview Added Health Benefits Strength training can not only keep an older person fit, but it can also reduce the side effects of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis or diabetes. “Our research has shown that strength training can have a remarkable impact on the lives of

seniors,” “There are documented cases of individuals who required a cane to get around, but after strength training they no longer needed those items for mobility.” Strength training can also improve seniors’ insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, according to the CDC. Mary Ann Smith, the senior wellness director at a San Jose, CA, athletic club, agrees that strength training can make the difference between medical management and lifestyle management of Type 2 diabetes. Contours Express Helps Seniors Get Strong and Healthy! • Senior-friendly atmosphere • User-friendly equipment designed just for women • Affordable rates • One-on-one training Inserted by Fameeda Kikia (Contours Express Raisethorpe).

Physio Home Care

hysio Home Care is a developing physiotherapy practice at the Raisethorpe Mall in Pietermaritzburg. The Home Care division of the practice focuses on a physiotherapist treating you in your own home. Our goal is to deliver quality physiotherapy in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. The benefits of this concept are seemingly endless. Here are a few: During your session you have the undivided attention of the physiotherapist. You don’t waste your time sitting in reception rooms. No hassle for transport, irritation of traffic and looking for parking. Be comfortable, relaxed and focussed in your own home. Early hospital discharge possible, with rehabilitation continuing in your own home. We provide follow-up services following your discharge from hospital. This means that should you have an early discharge or you do not feel completely rehabilitated we are the perfect people to monitor, treat and assist in your recovery. We would like to alleviate the stress

of finding time to go to a physiotherapist by having a physiotherapist come to you. Physio Home Care is equipped with some of the most innovative mobile treatment devices and we adopt a “hands on” approach which includes massages as a treatment technique and for relaxation. Should you wish to utilize our services, you will be consulted by a physiotherapist registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and one who has more than five years of clinical experience. This consultation will take place at your home. A full assessment will be provided and a treatment plan will be discussed with you before we start with treatment. Please keep in mind that physiotherapists registered with the HPCSA are first line practitioners and it is therefore not necessary to have a doctor’s referral for a physiotherapy consultation. We are looking forward to assisting you. Contact Merlin Naidoo (Registered Physiotherapist) on 033 387 1281 or 083 779 7522 or e-mail for a consultation at your home.


Beauty Mohini Madam laser treatment


ur certified laser therapist has completed her training course underwritten by the South African Department of Health - Radiation Control and passed with distinction. All laser treatments are performed using FDA/CE approved high-end medical laser systems, giving you maximum results in minimum time, all within controlled and safe parameters. Treatments include 70 diode laser fat removal, which melts excess fat cells, contours the body, tightens the skin, improves elasticity, removes channel obstructions, provides lymphatic treatment and promotes the body’s metabolism. The body sculptor and far infra-red (FIR) sauna boosts circulation and drainage and treatment areas include double chin, the stomach, underarms, hips, biceps, thighs, baby bulges, the back, buttocks and male breasts. Ultrasonic cavitation using soundwave technology, vacuum and laser in a single session is per-

fect for body sculpting. The VE light technology therapy combines the advantages of optical energy and radio frequency to remove deep wrinkles, freckles, dark age spots and pigmentation. It can also tighten skin, assist in facial lifting, permanently remove hair, cure acne, rejuvenate the skin and remove broken veins. We offer three methods of hair removal; IPL; VE Light (combination IPL & RF) and the specialized 808 diode laser which will remove even fine hair, grey hair etc with its patented calibration suitable for all skin colours including black skin types. This is an evolution in hair removal and is guaranteed. We have clients who have been going to other clinics from as far back as 2005 but achieved their desired result in just two treatments at Mohini Madam. We also do laser tattoo removal, birthmark removal, and treat hair loss and balding with excellent results using the latest laser treatment.

Come in for a free consultation and browse through our testimonials. Delighted clients express their opinions about Mohini Madam Laser Clinic in comparison with various other clinics. Reassuring you, that in choosing Mohini Madam, you have made the perfect choice. Please feel free to call for an appointment at any time. Rest assured we are unique and world class with no other clinic as equipped as Mohini Madam Advanced Cosmetic Laser Clinic in KZN. Our hours are Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.30pm. Saturday: 9am to 3pm. We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays . Mohini Madam Cosmetic Laser Clinic, 575 Chota Motala Road, Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg. Tel: 033-3970775/99 or Fax: 0866871042. e-mail: info@mohinimadam., web:

Win a treatment in our monthly lucky draw. Simply “Like” our facebook page at MohiniMadam

Treating dry winter skin


he dry winter months do not mean that you have to suffer with cracked, taut and unhealthy skin. Apart from the discomfort that comes from dry skin, it also causes premature wrinkles. Many skin problems are associated with excessive build up of dead cells, making the skin dull. Problems are exacerbated by exposure to the sun, pollution and other environmental effects leading to skin damage. Ideal winter treatments are chemical peels. Chemical peels work on loosening and exfoliating the superficial top layer of the skin and stimulates collagen growth which is beneficial for overall skin radiance. At Glamorous Aesthetic Skin Clinic we understand your specific needs and help you to achieve radiant, smooth and younger-looking skin. We treat all skin ailments and offer the following treatments: *Permanent hair and tattoo removal *Pigmentation removal *Acne and scarring clearance *Wrinkles and age spots *Uneven skin tone *Laser fat removal and bodyreshaping *Skin rejuvenation *Microderm

abrasion *Filorga Glykopeels *RegimA ‘Peel and heal’ *And all beauty treatments. For more information contact Asheena Larkin on 0741970991 or 0333871688

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•Lost lover, family problems 1 hr •Magic wallet •Job problems 0610293707: SHEIKH YUSUF PMB

. sion pas Our r peace You ind... Of M

ADULT PUPPY 25kg R310 25kg R345 10kg R145 10kg


For more information or free sample, contact us on:

083 777 9133

O/h: 033 387 2950 Hayfields Lincoln Mead, Cleland

082 859 7019

Mama Mariam & Chief Jingo

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