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Watch it Live at Jesus House! (News wrap version) Page 1  World Cup Artwork World Cup trophy on the front cover with 32 flags around the front cover and, along the inside and the back cover (please create) FRONT Cover Quote: The difference that Jesus makes in my life is everything. Quite simply he makes all the difference. There is nothing that I can do without Jesus in my life. Jesus is everything to me. Marcos Senna, Spain  

Page 2  Quarter of the page . . . plse put facts in flags of countries mentioned, see below Did you Know? Five facts about Football and The World Cup 1.Did you know that the football game has Christian roots? The roots of the Beautiful Game were established in the late 1800’s with Christians at the heart of it.  Churches wanted to do something to counteract the problem of drunkenness in society and the effect it  had on family life. Launching football clubs was the main way to counteract this large social problem. 2.The 2010 World Cup will be held in 10 stadia in nine cities –there are two stadia in Johannesburg. The final will be played at Soccer City Johannesburg which seats 94,700 people! 3. WINNERS AND LOSERS England and Germany are known as great World Rivals in 1966,England beat West Germany and won the World Cup. The score was 4- 2 to England. In the quarter final in 1970,England led 2- 0 but West Germany came back to win 3-2. In the semi final in 1990 the score was 1-1 then West Germany won on penalties. 4.The last team to win the World Cup was Italy in 2006. Italy 1 v France 1 (Italy won 5- 3 on penalties) in Berlin 5. Famous Victories . . . There have been some great one –off wins for African teams but so far no consistent wins to gain the World Cup. In 2006, Ghana successfully made it to the second round. In 1990 Cameroon won their group and beat Columbia to reach the quarter final.

Some of the most exciting matches of the 2006 World Cup was France 1 - 0 win over Brazil in the quarter finals . Ukraine saw the biggest turnaround in their form. They lost their first game 04 to Spain but went on to reach the last 8! Games Showing at Jesus House ( see attachéd the table) Inside Quote : ( pull quote) My happiness you know , make no mistake about it , it does not come from my success or my financial standing. It doesn’t, and I need peace and joy, and there is no money in the world that could buy that. That can only come from one source and that’s God. Tim Howard, USA

Write up One Cup, One Love ­ Uniting The Community This year, 2010 for the first time in history, The World Cup will be held on African soil on June 11th in  South Africa.  Jesus House is excited about this event and would like to kick start the excitement by  screenings the games for the community.  Millions will be watching the games  in South Africa, so its only fair that if we can’t go to the games, the  games should come to us! The doors open from the 22nd June – 6th July for everyone to see inside one of the largest local churches  in the borough and to watch the World Cup live on probably one of the biggest screens in Barnet!  (image of Jesus House worship screen) Enjoy   the   games   in   a   family   friendly   environment.   Football,   fans   and   food,   what   a   great  combination!  Penalties, Red and Yellow Cards As we head towards the Championship, let us not forget the real champion of all ages. The One who  continues to hold the World Record title of  Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Let us not forget the  power of the story of the one who holds the cup of life, dreams and promises. His love for us can never  compare with the love of football. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, he still loves us. He doesn’t give us  penalties, red or yellow cards when we do wrong, even when we go offside. (image of football offside) Lasting Glory . . .

Life can sometimes feel like a free kick, with only one opportunity to get it right. Some people have the wrong ideas about football and footballers, they think they are born lucky. Winning  the World Cup glory is seen as such an achievement. For some it may even feel like a game of life and  death. But it’s God that gives us talents and opportunities, and with them come great responsibilities. This  is one of the unexplainable blessings that he gives us freely.  However  knowing God  is more  of  an achievement. For God’s  love  lasts  forever. He  is the  ultimate  champion and holds the cup of life, dreams and promises. 

The good news is that knowing God is like having a personal friend who understands the highs and lows,  wins and losses, the challenges and the struggles. That is why we need Him so much. He helps us to do  the things that seem impossible, enabling us to be winners! The great thing about  Him is that He accepts everyone who comes to him. There are no qualifying  criteria! The first step is to just believe that Jesus , The Son of God died on the cross for our wrongs, to  make things right for us. In order to be happy, (truly happy not momentarily happy) we must be  right with God. Only then can we  have lasting happiness, peace and joy.

Page 3 Making A Difference in the Community (add logo and create a graphic of a basket) Quarter Page 1. Quarter page The Manna Project (please add graphics and the logo) The Manna Project supports people in desperate need in the borough, by giving vouchers of monetary value to those in need. These vouchers can be exchanged for items or groceries at the Manna Project store. If you would like to contribute to the project in some way by and donating items for those in need email . 2. ABC- Becoming a Christian- you have this information , you have used this before 3. Who is Jesus?/ (Please add the ABC of becoming a Christian) – you have this information – we have used this before. (Quarter page ???)

Page 4 –Back Cover 1. National Family Week announcement 2. Family Service Times at Jesus House ( please add these) Quarter Page Pages Opening Times Monday- Friday 12 noon – 7pm The bookshop is also open after every service on Wednesdays and Sundays Pages Books x 3 3. Congo Celebrates its 50th Year of Independence (half page) ( Please add French and Congolese Flags here)

Jesus House Francophonie, our French church, in collaboration with some French churches in London, will be hosting a Prayer Conference for Congo in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence. Please join us from the 24 th -26th of June , 6 - 10pm at Jesus House Worship Centre as we pray for the progress of this blessed country. For more information contact Pastor Mark Menda on 0208 438 8285.

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