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Dear brothers and sisters,

honour those who are your leaders in the Lord’s work. They work hard among you and give you spiritual guidance. Show them great respect and wholehearted love because of their work. And live peacefully with each other. 1 Thessalonians 5: 12 – 13 (New Living Translation)


Jesus house is a fairly large and increasingly diverse church and I am grateful for the role the pastors play in assisting me in caring for and looking after our congregation.

Agu Irukwu

Senior Pastor .

Agu Irukwu

“I am awed by God’s grace which allows me to serve in the most reformatory vehicle ever – the Church” Agu is a law graduate of the University of Warwick, a Barrister and former investment banker. He was ordained a pastor in August 1993 and took over as Senior Pastor of Jesus House in April 1994, two months after it was birthed. Agu also serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees and Head of the Executive Council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the United Kingdom which acts in a supervisory capacity over the 600 parishes located in the United Kingdom. In addition, he is Chair of the Festival of Life organising committee. He is the founder of the Mandate Men’s Ministries which is dedicated to building men of integrity who will be role models in their families, churches and society at large. Agu’s interests include swimming, current affairs and reading; he is also a passionate supporter of Chelsea football club. He is married to Sola and they have three children.

Sola Irukwu

“If we all work together we can change the world, one person at a time.” Sola holds a degree in dental surgery and began her career as a dental surgeon’s assistant. She also has a master’s degree in Conference and Events Management from the University of Westminster. She was ordained as assistant pastor in 2009 and full pastor in 2011. Her involvement in Jesus House dates back to 1994. She joined the staff at Jesus House in 1996 and has functioned in a variety of roles including executive assistant to the senior pastor and head of conferencing and events. Sola presently heads Church Social Responsibility and co-ordinates the church’s response to social injustice and poverty, with particular emphasis on the international environment. She is a keen explorer and enjoys travelling; she is also a passionate runner and fulfilled a long-held desire to run the London marathon in 2012. She is married to Agu and they have three children

Shola Adeaga

“It is a privilege to serve God and to be used in impacting lives - and I don’t take it for granted.” Shola is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with over 25 years of Medical experience and a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. He also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Cranfield University. He has been actively involved in the running of Jesus House since its inception in 1994 and has held a variety of positions including Director of Music and Church Administrator. He was ordained an assistant pastor in 1996 and a full pastor in 2000. He currently holds the position of Executive Pastor at Jesus House and also serves on the board of trustees of Jesus House. Shola’s responsibilities extend to the wider network of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (UK) where he was appointed as a zonal pastor in 2008; he was subsequently appointed as a provincial pastor responsible for the West and East Midlands of the UK. He also serves as Chief Executive of the Festival of Life organising committee. He is passionate about developing leaders and his interests include squash and music (particularly playing the keyboards). He is married to Funke and they have two children.

Funke Adeaga

“I am humbled by God’s amazing grace at work in my life.” Funke holds bachelor’s degrees in history and law. She worked in compliance for several years until 2002 when she established a retail business designing and manufacturing ladies shirts. She joined Jesus House in 1994 and has held a variety of leadership positions in the years since. She was ordained an assistant pastor in 2005 and a full pastor in 2012. Funke oversees the women’s ministry of Jesus House (Esthers), and the ‘member-facing’ units within the church, including ushering, hospitality, the Brook (café) and front of house. She is passionate about mentoring and is part way through a master’s degree in Christian Mentoring. Her interests include reading (particularly autobiographies), travelling, shopping and consulting on elegant clothing for women. She is married to Shola and they have two children.

Bajo Akisanya

“Successful young people are never an accident; somebody cared enough to get involved.” Bajo has a bachelor’s degree in history. His involvement in Jesus House dates back to 1994. He was ordained an assistant pastor in 1995 and a full pastor in 1999 and served as assistant to the senior pastor until early 1997 when he moved to Brighton, East Sussex to set up a parish of Jesus House. In 2001 he returned to Jesus House as Youth Pastor responsible for 16 - 21 year old, and is currently the director for youth ministries (which encompasses TM4.12 for ages 13 – 15 and Raised Up in Christ for ages 16 – 21). He is the National Co-ordinator for Youth of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (UK). Bajo also oversees ReConnect (the young adults’ ministry) and the Singles Ministry. He is a self-confessed movie buff; he enjoys swimming and basketball. He is married to Chizor and they have two children.

Chizor Akisanya

“There is a purpose to every ‘chance’ encounter; I think that we are supposed to leave people better than how we found them.” Chizor has a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Warwick and a master’s in International Law from the University of Nottingham. She is qualified as a Barrister in Nigeria and a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. She has been involved in Jesus House since its inception and was ordained an assistant pastor in 2006. Between 1997 and 2001 she assisted her husband Bajo in establishing and running a church plant of Jesus House in Brighton, East Sussex. Chizor presently oversees the Creative ministries; SHERR (the ministry for couples experiencing challenges in conception); Blossom (for expectant parents); Pages (the Jesus House bookshop) and the Singles’ Ministry (alongside her husband). She recently joined the staff at Jesus House as General Manager. Her interests include athletics, squash, art (she has a diploma in Graphics) and creative writing. She is married to Bajo and they have two children.

Catherine Adenrele Runsewe “I am humbled by the grace of God and the fact that He loves me so much.”

Adenrele holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, a postgraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Technology and Quality Assurance from the University of Leeds and diplomas in Management and Finance. She presently heads the Pharmacy Technical Services for a Foundation NHS Trust. She began attending Jesus House in 1994 and was ordained an assistant pastor in 2005 and a full pastor in 2012. Adenrele is passionate about children and committed to promoting the health and wholeness of the family unit. She oversees Kidz First, the children’s ministry at Jesus House and serves as National Director of the children’s ministry of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (UK). Adenrele also leads the Oasis Network which is the lone parent fellowship. She recently undertook a bachelor’s degree in Counseling at the University of Roehampton with a view to specialising in Family and Child Counseling. Her other interests include reading, travelling and fashion. She has four children.

Vera Omonedo

“I enjoy searching the bible to unveil the truth of God’s word.” Vera has been involved in Jesus House since its inception, and has held a variety of positions including head of prayer and head of missions. Presently she oversees the church planting activities of the church. She was ordained as assistant pastor in 1996 and a full pastor in 2003. She has a post graduate diploma in Mission Leadership from the University of Wales, ACC Level One Prayer Ministry and Christian Counselling Skills and City and Guilds Level 3 Teachers Training Certificate. She also has a secretarial diploma from the Royal Society of Arts and over 30 years experience in administration at senior management level. Vera is the registrar of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Bible College where she also teaches. Her other interests include sowing, gardening and reading. She has four children and several grandchildren.

Mark Menda

“The mystery of grace is that it sounds simple and yet is so powerful.” Mark has a diploma in Education and studied law at the Université Libre de Kinshasa, DR Congo. Following his relocation to the UK, he was employed as an Interpreter/translator with the Refugee Legal Council before joining the staff at Jesus House in 2005. He was ordained an assistant pastor in 2005 and a full pastor in 2012. He presently pastors the French Church and is a dedicated intercessor with a remit to meeting the spiritual needs of our French-speaking community. His interests include football and keep fit; he is also a keen amateur photographer and is committed to capturing for posterity the unfolding events in Jesus House’s journey. Mark is multi-lingual and speaks several languages including French, English, Swahili, Chewa, Lingala. He is married to Marceline and they have four children.

Marceline Menda

“I believe that marriage as God intended is a wonderful reflection of His love for us.” Originally from DR Congo, Marceline is a law graduate from the Université Libre de Kinshasa. She commenced her working life as a law clerk in Lilongwe, Malawi and upon relocation to the United Kingdom she was employed as an assistant manager at Abbeyfield Nursing Homes Kew Gardens. Marceline has been involved in Jesus House since 1999. She was ordained an assistant pastor in 2010. She actively assists her husband Mark in the leadership of the French Church where she oversees both the women’s and children’s ministries. Marceline is multi- lingual; she speaks several languages including French, English, Swahili, Chewa, Lingala. Her interests include crime movies and cooking. She is married to Mark and they have four children.

Ken Sakutu

“My driving force is to see the glory of God return to His Church.� Ken joined Jesus House in 1994. In 1996 he assisted in the birthing of New Life Assembly, Hendon, which was one of the early church plants, and served as the Assistant Pastor. In 2003 he was involved in a further church plant, the New Life Assembly in Borehamwood, which he also pastored. He was ordained an assistant pastor in 2002 and a full pastor in 2008. Ken returned to Jesus House in 2008 and presently oversees the prayer ministry. He also serves as Executive Assistant to Pastor Agu Irukwu in his capacity as Chair of the Executive Council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (UK). His interests include travelling, squash and football. He is married to Rachel and they have two children.

Rachael Sakutu

“I may not be able to change the entire world but I am determined to make a difference to my corner of it.� Rachael has a B.A (Ed.) degree in English. Her other qualifications include a diploma in Christian Ministries and a certificate in Christian Discipleship. She also has a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (TESOL) and a Higher Diploma in Administrative Procedures (RSA). She was ordained an assistant pastor in 2008. Rachel began attending Jesus House in 1994 but left in 1996 as part of the team of one of the early church plants. In 2003 she assisted her husband in establishing the New Life Assembly, Borehamwood, where she remained until her return to Jesus House in 2008. She presently serves in the counseling department of Jesus House and is studying for a Certificate in Christian Counseling. Her interests include music, sightseeing, writing poetry, helping people and current affairs. She is married to Ken and they have two children.

Yemi Adedeji

“I am passionate about unity in the church and privileged to serve as a bridge builder.� Yemi is an ordained Anglican Priest at the Chaplaincy of St. John the Evangelist, North London and a Canon of the Cathedral at St Pirans. He has an M.A. (Theology) and M.Min. (Pastoral Studies) from the University of Wales and is a graduate of Business Management and Economics and a former commercial manager with Marks and Spencer. In 2004 he made Jesus House his family church. Yemi functions in a dual capacity and balances his responsibilities within the Anglican Church with those at Jesus House. He serves as pastoral aide to the Senior Pastor. His remit involves assisting in ecumenical engagements and in relationship-building between the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) network and the Anglican Church. He also oversees the Jesus House protocol department. He is the Global Ambassador for Compassion UK and Associate Director for Hope Together, the charity hub that unites denominations and Christian organisations in the UK for mission and evangelism. Yemi is CEO of RYA Consultant, which helps churches and charities operate in excellence. He is also the Director of the Evangelical Alliance’s One People Commission which promotes unity through diversity. His interests include fashion, meeting new people and cruise travel. He is married to Simi; they have three biological children and six adopted / sponsored children.

Philip Noel

“I am amazed by the God of wonders whose miracles stand the test of time.” Phil has several years experience in sales at senior management level. He is an accredited trainer with the Association of Energy Suppliers. His involvement with Jesus House dates back to 1997. He presently oversees the prison ministries, evangelism, follow-up and the Alpha course. A passionate psalmist and evangelist, Phil believes that music is a compelling and universal medium for the spread of the gospel. He was part of the award-winning gospel band K5, along with his siblings, and in 2002 he established Soul100 ministries which is an evangelistic outreach offering musical concerts in the UK and Europe. In the years since its inaugural event countless people have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. His debut album, ‘Something to Say’ is a proclamation of the lordship of Jesus Christ in a catchy and engaging format. His interests include badminton, football and marvel films. Phil has five children.

Chieme Okuzu

“We all need to put our hands to the plough and keep pressing on with the work of God.� Chieme has qualifications in advertising and marketing and commenced his career in Events Management and Customer Service. He was ordained an assistant pastor in 2006 and subsequently established a parish of Jesus House in Leeds. He returned to Jesus House in 2011 and presently works with the Community Action Team. Chieme is passionate about networking and empowering people to maximise their potential. He enjoys swimming, basketball and football. He has three children.

Olabiyi Akinosun

“I am passionate about God and His word; I live to worship Him and cherish every moment in His presence.” Biyi is a certified Microsoft and SAP Technology Consultant. For several years, he served in various roles including associate and senior pastor of church plants within the Redeemed Christian Church of God network in Lagos Nigeria. He was subsequently appointed as area pastor with oversight of seven parishes. In 2007, he relocated to the UK with his family and settled in Derbyshire where he supported the work of a branch of the Assemblies of God Church in New Mills. He served in a leadership capacity, helping to develop training material for workers and prepare teams for church planting initiatives. He also co-ordinated the church’s house fellowships and in 2011 he was invited to assist in pastoring a church plant in Chapel-en-le Frith, Derbyshire. He remained there until the end of that year when they relocated to London. Biyi joined Jesus House in 2012 and served with the marshals department and as team leader with the Christmas Lunch on Jesus team. His desire is to see people accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and enjoy a rich relationship with Him. Biyi’s interests include squash, swimming. He is passionate about dance and music and enjoys singing with his family. He is married to Tolu and they have two children.

Ayo Adedoyin

“Rather than see obstacles I choose to see only opportunities to spread the word of God and transform lives.” Ayo committed his life to Jesus in 1996 and came to Jesus House the same year. In 2004 he joined the staff and currently oversees the Community Action and Communications teams. Ayo’s passion to reach lost souls has led to collaborative working with several churches and Christian organisations on various outreach initiatives. His desire is to contribute to bringing God’s revival to the United Kingdom by equipping local churches to impact their communities. He is driven by a mandate to see churches working together to bring a Christian response to all problems and challenges of our society. He comes from a professional background that has spanned roles in various sectors including Logistics, Retail, IT and Project Management; he believes these were preparatory to his call in ministry. Ayo enjoys working on DIY projects. He has recently discovered the amazing world of audiobooks and is fast becoming an addict. He is married to Lola and they have two children.

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