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contents 4. Welcome note from PAI 5. Christmas - “Light of the World” 6. Kids 7. Kids Christmas Party 8. Christ The King Crossword Puzzle 9. OCC with Children 11. Who Is YOUR Role Model? 12. Kidz First Nursery 13. Kidz first Academy 14. Kidz First After School And Holiday Club 15. Parenting at Christmas 16. Youthz 17. Struggling Times 18. RUiC Christmas Party 19. Family At Jesus House 20. Dîner Noël 21. Carol Service 22. Healing at Christmas

23. Christmas Service 24. Birthing The New 25. A Fabulous Place 26. 2013 In Pictures 28. Top 10 Gifts for Christmas 29. Community 30. Colindale Foodbank 31. Homeless Shelter 32. CAP 33. Spreading Christmas Cheer 34. Christmas Lunch On Jesus 35. New Year’s Eve Service 36. Stay Connected 37. 2014 Budgeting 38. Counselling At Jesus House 39. Calendar 40. Directions To Jesus House


Christmas is one of the highlights of the winter season. Traditionally people light candles around this time to represent the light of God, coming into the world through the birth of a special baby named Jesus more than 2,000 years ago.


when we give free hampers packed full of goodies to our local neighbours in need in Barnet, Spreading Christmas Cheer week, when volunteers serve hot drinks at local tube stations with a warm friendly smile… and others

Like a bright star in the sky that brightens up darkness, this everlasting light cannot be put out.

We encourage you to be part of this joy bringing activity and to join in the festive fun time with local schools and churches packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

It is this same light that we celebrate at this time of the year. It is often called the ‘Light of the world’, because it is a blessing to everyone.

The excitement doesn’t stop after Christmas either, we look forward to more of what God is going to do next year in each of our lives at the much awaited New Year service.

As we enter this season of light, blessing, goodwill and giving, we would love you to join us; by attending one or more of our events or giving your time and resources to help make someone’s Christmas extra special.

As you enter this special season please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to be blessed by this brochure and don’t forget to visit to find out more about the exciting activities in the borough.

The countdown has already begun but it’s not too late to join in the festive activities. Some of which include the Christmas Carol service, our annual community sing along, the Christmas Lunch on Jesus outreach, a time

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year


Agu Senior Irukwu Pastor

christmas - “light of the world” Christmas is a time of joy, a time of celebration... Most people look forward to Christmas...spending time with family, having a large Christmas dinner along with the giving and receiving of presents. Christmas is traditionally a gathering with loved ones, some people find themselves home alone, for whatever reason. Here at Jesus House we are celebrating Christmas this year in a way that everyone can be included and involved in. With a wide array of projects and events being hosted by Jesus House there will be something to bring joy to everyone’s heart. We all carry the ‘Light of the World’ inside us and we all have something very special that we can share with others at Christmas. The heart warming feeling that comes from helping someone, or the joy that is felt by spending quality time in the company of others. That heart warming, joy filled Christmas is here at Jesus House, where we look forward to meeting you, and welcoming you into the family, a place where the ‘Light of the World’ will begin to shine through you.




kids christmas party

Christmas for Kids... Wide eyed children wait in joyful hope to open presents from ‘the man in red.’ It can be easy to get distracted from the real reason for the season, ...Jesus, not just a nativity character but the Light of the world, brighter than any sparking decorations and Christmas lights.

Age group: 6 mths and 12yrs old T: 020 8450 1444 or 07508 042 106 F: 020 8438 8286 W: E: A: 112 Brent Terrace, Brent Cross, London NW2 1LT



Let’s face it, everybody loves gifts, and both young and old look forward to Christmas with anticipation of the gifts that will be received from loved ones. Who doesn’t love a good party? We all do! Great music, great food, great games....what more could we ask for....A Party? You got it! On Sunday December 15th come along and join the kidz first Christmas party for children aged 2 – 12. Music, Games, Food and Presents! Bring your friends, invite your neighbours and come join in the fun. See you there!! Venue: Jesus House Centre 112 Brent Terrace, London NW2 1LT Time: 9.00am & 11.30am



christ the king crossword puzzle

For more games visit:





Operation Christmas Child

who is YOUR role model?

What if one simple gift could make the difference between despair and hope? For Alex, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, a shoebox lovingly filled with various Christmas items, from Operation Christmas Child helped restore his hope in life and put him on the path towards faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks to caring people like you, over 100 million children in more than 150 countries have experienced the joy of Christmas through Operation Christmas Child since 1990. This year, we want to ensure that many more children, like Alex, have the opportunity to receive a shoebox gift, and know that someone, somewhere cares about them. Join in by wrapping and filling a shoe box to go to children in Belarus. It’s easy! All you need is a shoe box, some wrapping paper, a few gifts and £3; wrap the lid, wrap the box and fill it with the gifts (a list of suitable gifts is available on and that’s all. The filled box can be dropped off at Jesus House with the £3 (which goes towards transportation cost). We will make sure it gets safely to the children in Belarus...and will bring back lots of pictures What if your box gets into the hands of a future president?...



• What is a role model? • Does it matter who we look up to? • Why do we need role models? A role model is someone who is an example to us; someone who has qualities we would like to have, someone we look up to. So a role model is a good thing then, right? Only as long as the qualities that he or she have, are positive qualities. We may look up to different people for different reasons but a role model should be someone who helps us become the person God wants

us to be, the person we are meant to be. A role model is someone who inspires us and who affects us in a way that makes us want to be a better person. So we often find that our parents/carers, teachers and people in places of influence become our childhood role models. As we grow up, many people influence us but the ultimate role model is Jesus … Find out more.



kidz first nursery ...Where Love abounds Kidz first nursery is an Ofsted registered day care provider for children between the ages of three months and five years. The nursery has onsite catering facilities and is open from 8am till 6pm every week day. We offer free early education of 15 hours per week for 2-4 year-olds* under the government free childcare scheme. Parents with toddlers can also take advantage of our flexible crèche facility. (*Places for 2 year olds are based on your child’s circumstances and low family income) Contact: 020 8450 1444 or 07508 042 106 Website: Email:



kidz first academy Kidz first academy caters for older children who require a bit of extra tuition. Designed to prepare children for entrance exams, we offer tuition for 11+ and 13+ exams as well as GCSE and A level tuition in Maths and English. • All teachers are fully qualified and CRB/DBS checked. • Teachers have excellent pass rate in leading, State Grammar and Independent Schools. 100% A* to B in GCSE and A levels. Subjects covered for the 11+ Exams • Maths • English • Verbal Reasoning • Non Verbal Reasoning

Subjects covered for the 13+, GCSE and A levels • Maths • English • Science Telephone: 020 8450 1444 / 075080 42106 Website: Email:



kidz first after school and holiday club Kidz First will be running a drop in crèche service for children between the ages of 2-5 years during the Christmas holiday period. This is a drop off service that will give your child the opportunity to play, learn and develop in a nursery environment, whilst you can have some much needed time out to get the shopping done or go to the gym. During the crèche time every child will be involved in a variety of exciting activities including soft play, stories, music, and much more!

This After School club will run throughout the December term-time period Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm (Mon – Fri) Venue: Jesus House, 112 Brent Terrace, London, NW2 1LT For more information, contact the Kidz First Nursery on 020 8450 1444/ 07508 042 106 or send an email to



Cost £4.00 per hr (min 3 hours) £20.00 a day or £95.00 per week.

Bring a pack lunch.

Additional charge wi ll be invoiced for outings.

parenting at christmas Spending Time with Your Child! Memories are a great gift to give to anyone but more often than not, to create memories, we need to give our time. Time is one of our most valuable gifts that you can give your child. This Christmas, let’s all spend the time to create lasting memories with our children. This could be a walk in the park, a cinema date, an arts and crafts day, baking a cake, a football could be any activity that you and your child decide, the time you spend with your child will form memories that will last a life time. Top Tip: Take lots of pictures of your time together and use them to create a keepsake scrap book for your child to keep. Go on......give it a go! For more tips and support that will strengthen your parenting shills, contact



youthz Are you bored at home doing nothing? You and your friends are invited to an action-packed, vibrant and lively group for young people RUiC –‘Raised up in Christ’. A vibrant, down to earth, youth group that works towards giving teens valuable life skills, providing an opportunity to meet other young people, have a change of environment & increase your swag!



RUiC is our Youth group, made up of two main age categories: a. TM4 12 –secondary school teenagers between the ages of 13 - 16. b. RUiC–young adults between the ages of 16 - 21. Expand your horizon, Come alive, ReCharge and ReConnect to the life you deserve!

Make a move and take a step towards your future. Re-Connect – is a family of young adults between the ages of 21 and 35,anyone from any walk of life can come together and hang out. We would like to invite you to come along, experience the Love of God, and make a Difference. T: 020 8438 8285 W: A: 112 Brent Terrace, Brent Cross, London NW2 1LT 1st TM4:12 Service [Teenagers] 9am - 11am 2nd TM4:12 Service [Teenagers] 11.30am -1.15pm Raised Up In Christ Service [Youth] 11.30am - 1.15pm

struggling times!! “Come on, everybody else is going to the party!” “All of us are cutting class!” “If you don’t, you’ll look like loser.” If you recognize those statements, then you understand the power of peer pressure. Everyone, even adults, experiences the pressure to conform to the groups’ opinion and activities of others. All of us want to be accepted and loved. Nobody wants to be the outsider, nobody likes feeling lonely. Making wise choices and going against your peers can feel daunting. Here are a few tips to help you avoid giving in and going against what you know is right. Problem List • What would you do if a guy wanted to have sex? • If a friend offered marijuana? • If the guys on the team wanted to use steroids? • If your friends bullied someone?

Solution List • Think about what you believe and decide how you would respond. • Avoid situations you know will lead to a high-pressure decision. • If you know drugs will be present, just don’t go there. • Choose good friends. They will make all the difference. • Use your influence for good. Peer pressure can be positive too. • Challenge your friends to be involved in alternative activities rather than dangerous ones. We Are Here If you or someone you know is struggling and would like to speak to someone or find out more, you can send an email to: or telephone: 020 8438 8285. ...You’re likely to find yourself at home here, and you won’t be pressured by anyone at any time!



family at jesus house

ruic christmas party

Christmas is a time where families meet, share food, drinks and gifts. God THE CREATOR loves us so much that he has given us the gift of another Loving family in the Church. Extend your family this Christmas at Jesus House where you will receive a warm and loving welcome.

Saturday 14th December 2013 @ The Regent, 331 Regent’s Park Road North Finchley, London N3 1DP Time: 6.30pm – 11pm £5 for a single Ticket or £10 for 3 tickets Under 21’s Only Dress Code: Strictly formal Raised up in Christ For Ticket and information: 07772 753 535 or 07944 637 009 Facebook/Twitter: RUCJH & JesusHouseUK





A vibrant network for married couples facing fertility issues. Every couple’s story is unique and important and the aim is to provide a support system during this lonely and confusing time.

This support network supports expecting mothers. These meetings provide relevant information and the opportunity to ask questions on issues relating to pregnancy and childbirth.

The dynamic parenting network that aims to equip and support parents with practical tips on how to build a strong Godly home for future generations.

A group designed to meet the needs of couples wherever they may find themselves on the marriage spectrum. We are committed to helping couples build God-honouring marriages that thrive on commitment, intimacy and growth

Telephone: 020 8438 8285





dîner noël You are invited to a lively and cheerful French Christmas dinner party.

Date: Saturday, 21 December 2013 Time: 7.00pm Venue: The Regents, 331 Regent’s Park Road, London N3 1DP Registration is Free but RSVP is essential! For more information, contact Borélia on 020 8438 8285 or send an email to

carol service Jesus House are hosting a vibrant, open family Christmas Eve service. Come and sign along to your favourite carols Bring all your with friends and family along!

Date: Wednesday, 18th December 2013 Time: 7.00pm Venue: The Jesus House Centre, 112 Brent Terrace, London NW2 1LT Tel: 020 8438 8285 Email:





healing at christmas

christmas service

Together we can change this! The first Christmas was a time of hope! Jesus, the light of the world, was born to bring hope. Jesus came so that everyone could know that God loved them and would do anything at any cost so that we could know and experience His love for us. If you or anyone you know is in darkness, Jesus is alive and can transform the situation. He can shine his light in. Jesus also said that you are the ‘light of the world’. In the same way that Jesus came into the darkness to bring light, he says that we can bring hope and light into others. God made us to care for one another, by loving our neighbours we can transform their lives. Your actions can bring lasting change. Will you be the hope and light in someone’s life this Christmas?

“Build bridges of reconciliation” “Buy a hot meal for a homeless person” “Visit an Elderly neighbour”

“Call that distance relative who you haven’t spoken to in years”



Jesus House would like to invite you to a spectacular

Christmas Day Family Service. Date: Wednesday, 25 December 2013 Time: 10.00am Venue: The Jesus House Centre, 112 Brent Terrace, London NW2 1LT For more information, call 020 8438 8285 or email:



birthing the new

a fabulous place

END OF YEAR THANKSGIVING SERVICE AT JESUS HOUSE Join us from Friday, 27th - Sunday 29th December 2013 as we fast and pray to thank God for 2013 and seek His face for the New Year. • We will be fasting from 6am-6pm each day. Prayer meetings will be held at Jesus House at 7pm on the 27th and 28th of December 2013. • On Sunday, 29th December 2013 we will have a Big End of Year Thanksgiving Service together. Please invite your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues as we thank God for 2013!



To begin the preparations for Christmas, Jesus House would like to invite you to share the love and warmth in a family environment. We have many opportunities throughout the year, for you to come and meet new friends,see the church in a new Light. Sunday 1st service 9am - 11am 2nd service 11:30am - 1:15pm 3rd service 6pm - 7:30pm

Francophonie Service [French Church] 11.30am at the Regents Banqueting Suite, Finchley. Wednesday Midweek Service 7:00pm Prayers are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm – 9pm, and Wednesdays, lunchtime between 1pm and 2pm Parking:over 350 spaces.



2013 in pictures





Top 10 Gifts for the Family from


BOOKSHOP 112 Brent Terrace, London NW2 1LT 020 8438 8285





colindale foodbank Colindale Food bank provides emergency food for local people in Crisis. All food is donated by the community - church congregations, schools, individuals and via supermarket collections. How can you help? There are many ways you can be a part of the solution and provide much needed support to your local community. • Helping at a local supermarket collection • Donating non perishable food items • Monetary donations, etc. • Volunteering time at the food bank.

Almost everyone who came to the store was shocked and excited. They found it hard to believe that they could get food for free, in these difficult times. Our customers were very happy!

For more information or call 0208 438 8285.

homeless shelter Homelessness is more than ‘not having a roof over your head’. It is unlikely that every time we walk through our front door, we think about what it would be like, not to have a home. Homelessness is an isolating and destructive experience and people who experience it are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society. While others are sharing dinner at home with family, being Homeless at Christmas... is a time when those feelings of isolation and vulnerability arefelt even more. From the 24th December 2013 to the 2nd January 2014, Jesus House will open its doors and become a safe and comforting home to a group of people who have found themselves homeless. Providing shelter, food and heat. You can help: • Serve food

• Play games

• Be a friend

Having a home is not just a physical space, it is also a place of safety, a place of comfort, identity, a sense of belonging and emotional wellbeing.

With a little time and effort we can bring warmth, friendship and emotional support to the homeless at Christmas.


to your local food






CAP Jesus House and Northwest Church have formed an exciting partnership called the

‘Barnet South CAP Centre’ We are now offering FREE debt counseling to anyone living in the borough of Barnet and are struggling with debt. Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counseling charity, which has been helping people out of debt since 1996. CAP works through a network of 200 centres based in local churches across the country. If you need help with debt call 0800 328 0006 or visit the website:



spreading christmas cheer Christmas is a season of great joy but in this country it also falls in the coldest season of the year! From the Monday16th–Friday 20th of December, volunteers from Jesus House along with other local churches will be greeting commuters with hot drinks, snacks, carols and warm smiles. Would you like to join in as not only hands are warmed but hopefully hearts too? If you would like to get involved, please call: 020 8438 8285 or email:

Date: 16th to 20th December 2013 Time: 5.30 am – 1.00 pm Venue: 13 stations across Barnet (Meet @ Jesus House each day at 5am)



christmas lunch on jesus The Christmas day countdown has started, festive lights adorn the shop and plans are being made across the world for the big day. Food is usually a foregone conclusion with turkey, potatoes, sprouts, carrots, stuffing and gravy followed by Christmas Pudding and custard…sounds great, can’t you almost taste it already. But for some, the very thought of what to cook on Christmas Day fills them with dread as they add up the spiraling cost. With many families depending on food banks to survive day to day, Christmas time poses the biggest challenge.

Christmas Lunch on Jesus is just one way, we can give back to families across the borough who can’t afford a family Christmas Lunch. On the 20th and 21st of December, along with about 25 churches in the borough we will be gathering to pack large hamper boxes with everything needed for a great Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and delivering them FREE to the homes of those in need.

cember 2013 Date: 20th and 21st De 21st Dec th Dec & 8am – 4pm on Time: 9am – 3pm on 20 Venue: Jesus House, 112 Brent Terrace, London, NW2 1LT To request a hamper visit to register or call 0800 195 6582 For more information, contact the Community Department on 020 8438 8285 or email to



new year’s eve service

After a memorable 2013, where better to spend the cross-over into 2014, than at the New Year’s Eve Service at Jesus House. Step into the New Year with Jesus in your life and the ‘Light of the World’ in your heart. Everyone welcome!

Date: 31st December 2013 Time: 9pm, Shuttle bus times are from 8.30pm till 9.30pm

Venue: The Jesus House Centre For more information, call: 020 8438 8285 or send email to



Stay connected

2014 Budgeting.... There is a tendency to spend more than planned over the Christmas period, with the allure of the shops and the desire to keep up with the Jones’... why don’t you put together a budget to help you stay on track and out of debt over this period.

Jesus House Radio Fancy listening to inspirational music, challenging messages, debates and interviews 24 hours a day? Time to tune in to Jesus House Radio! You can download the app from iTunes and listen on the go. For more information log on to



Avoid pay day loans! For details on how to make a budget visit:



counselling @ jesus house Have you ever wished there was someone you could really talk to? Or do you wish you could make sense of your life? Maybe you feel that no one understands you, or you wish you could change the way you are? Are you worried about your relationships, finances, health, family etc? If you can answer “yes� to any of these questions, you might benefit from talking to a counsellor. Seeing a counsellor could be helpful for you if you want to talk through any issue that is troubling you. It may be that you are recently bereaved or being made redundant or feeling worried, sad or lonely or angry all the time, dealing with past or on-going



abuse or concerns about your health or finances. With a counsellor you will be able to talk through your challenges and identify what you need to do to be able to make changes in your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, actions and habits. The counsellor will not prescribe a solution to your problems but will support you, encourage you and guide you towards discovering answers from within yourself. The Jesus House Counselling Service is a confidential Christian counselling service available to all members of the community. It is a free service run by a team of qualified, committed Christians and their values are consistent with the teachings of the Bible. Workshops and seminars are held periodically to teach life-enhancing skills and strategies to complement our one-on-one counselling. For further information or to make an appointment today please contact us on 020 8438 8285

Jesus house christmas2013 light of the world brochure final spread  
Jesus house christmas2013 light of the world brochure final spread