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With the west side of our community nearly fully developed, RidgeGate is now expanding to the east side of I-25. Our community encompasses a total of 3,500 acres, or six square miles, on both sides. In the years ahead, you’ll see the new Lone Tree City Center become an energized mixed-use downtown for our region. Our multiple light rail stations will keep us connected to the greater metro area. Three new residential villages and a regional park will come to life, with Shea Homes as the master homebuilder for the first neighborhood, Lyric at RidgeGate. Along with the city center, two additional commercial districts will help to create upwards of 35,000 new jobs. Stay tuned as the future comes into view.


A more natural approach to urbanism.
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Dog & Cat Lodges
Diets Pet Care Products “We believe that all pets deserve to have a good life.” We proudly sponsor medical care for “Mikey”, the Lone Tree Police Department Therapy Dog!


PRESENTING SPONSORS: Ada Anderson, Scott Leonhart and Maggie Eichenlaub, Janet and






Lone Tree City Council

Mayor Jacqueline Millet

Mayor Pro Tem Wynne Shaw

Councilmember Mike Anderson

Councilmember Cathie Frazzini

Councilmember Marissa Harmon

The Lone Tree Arts Center is owned and operated by the City of Lone Tree.

Lone Tree City Management

City Manager Seth Hoffman

Deputy City Manager Kristin Baumgartner

Assistant City Manager Austin Good

Cover Photo Credits: Mary Louise Lee - Zsa’nee Photography; Thu Le with International Guitar Night - Jody Peck; CJ Chenier - Chicago Blues News/Karen Murphy; NYGASP Pirates of Penzance - Courtesy Photo; Benny Benack with Jazz at Lincoln Center Presents - Anna Yatskevich Photography

Janet and Joel Kaufman; Douglas County Developmental Disabilities Mill Levy Grant Joel Kaufman, Betty A. and Don E. Winslow Janet and Joel Kaufman
Easton Foundation 10075 Commons Street Lone Tree, CO 80124 Box Office: 720.509.1000 www.LoneTreeArtsCenter.org Find us on...

feel creative feel whole

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At Your Service

The House Manager is responsible for the overall front-of-house operation. Ushers (dressed in white and black with green scarves/ties) can direct patrons who have questions or concerns to the House Manager.

Late Arrivals

Late arrivals will be seated at a suitable break in the performance, and at the discretion of the house manager and/or artist. Late seating may not be possible in some cases. In consideration of all theatergoers, please arrive in plenty of time for the scheduled curtain.


Children are welcome in our theater, but bringing infants to a performance is highly discouraged, as they can become a distraction to performers and other audience members. Each individual must be ticketed to enter the theater and no babes-inarms will be permitted. The Arts Center may deny entry to any person accompanied by another who may become a disruption to the performers or audience, and may likewise remove disruptive patrons from the audience. Occasionally, individual productions may have recommended age limits. It is always up to the parent/guardian to make the determination if an event is age appropriate for their child. Children four and under are strongly discouraged from attending performances not geared for children and families. Refunds are at the discretion of the Lone Tree Arts Center Box Office.


Food is not allowed in the theater. Drinks purchased at our concessions stand are permitted in the theater. At most performances, you may pre-order a drink to avoid intermission lines.


Restrooms are located in the center of the lobby near the front entrance, as well as on the north side of the lobby near the north entrance, across from the Event Hall. Single stall restrooms are located on the north side of the lobby.

Cameras, Tape Recorders, Pagers, and Cell Phones

Cameras and recording devices are not allowed in the theater. The taking of photos during a performance may violate our contract with the performers and producers. In addition, it can distract performers and negatively affect their safety and the show. Pre- and post-show photography also is not permitted. Cell phones and any other electronic devices may not be used in the theater. The use of a laser pointer at any time by any patron subjects that patron to expulsion from the theater without a ticket refund.


The Lone Tree Arts Center is a smoke-free facility.


The Lone Tree Arts Center has a large, free on-site parking lot as well as a convenient drop-off point at the front entry. The parking lot can be found on the south side of the building. Patrons are also permitted to park across Sky Ridge Avenue in the Target parking lot.

Hearing Assistance

The Lone Tree Arts Center has installed an inductive hearing loop. The loop system broadcasts directly into hearing aids that are equipped with a Tele-Coil switch (or tele-coil or telephone switch). For hearing aids with a T-coil switch, simply turn that switch and sound is broadcast directly to the hearing aid. For hearing aids without a Tele-Coil switch, wireless headset receivers are also available free of charge at the Box Office.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, please follow house management instructions. The theater is equipped with emergency lighting if a loss of power occurs. Should an evacuation be necessary, please exit through the front theater doors and the front of the building unless instructed otherwise.

Patron Code of Conduct

All patrons are held to the LTAC Patron Code of Conduct. The full code of conduct can be found online at www.lonetreeartscenter.org/ patroncodeofconduct.php.

Direct your performance.own Produce the eclectic, luxurious life you always wanted at Holly Creek. 303.974.4350 • hollycreekcommunity.com

Accessibility Services at the Lone Tree Arts Center

The Lone Tree Arts Center strives to be a welcoming place for everyone in our community. We make it a priority to accommodate the needs of patrons with disabilities. For more information about our accessible services, please contact our Box Office at 720.509.1000.

Seating: Accessible seating is available in all our venues and is available for purchase online or at the Box Office. For events that have reserved seating in our Main Stage theater, the accessible seats are marked with a wheelchair symbol and are located in rows G and U. There are no stairs to access these seats. Please call the Box Office if you have any questions about accessible seating. Courtesy wheelchairs may be available. Please see an usher for assistance upon arrival. Wheelchair accessible parking is located in the Arts Center parking lot. There is an elevator located just inside the north Main Stage door for accessible balcony seating. Accessible restrooms are located near the main and north lobby entrances.

Assistive Listening: An inductive hearing loop is installed in the Main Stage Theater. The loop system broadcasts directly into hearing aids that are equipped with a Tele-Coil switch (or tele-coil or telephone switch). For hearing aids with a T-coil switch, simply turn that switch and sound is broadcast directly to the hearing aid. For hearing aids without a Tele-Coil switch, wireless headset receivers are also available free of charge at the Box Office.

American Sign Language: We are happy to provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. Please call the Box Office at least 48 hours in advance to request services.

Programs: Large print programs are available upon request; please call the Box Office at least 48 hours in advance to request these.

The Lone Tree Arts Center programs sensory inclusive performances that are welcoming to individuals with autism or with other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities. Social stories, break spaces, small performance modifications, and a relaxed atmosphere make these performances accessible to people with sensory sensitivities. Contact our Box Office for more information.

WE ARE HONORED TO SUPPORT THE LONE TREE ARTS CENTER A division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A. Member FDIC | www.vectrabank.com Big Enough to Count / Small Enough to Care™ Peggy King | Lone Tree Branch Manager peggy.king@vectrabank.com | 720.947.7857
Rescued Tigers
Rescued Mustangs

Everyone is Included AT LONE TREE ARTS CENTER

A trip to the theater is a special event. We get dressed up, maybe g rab a nice dinner beforehand, and settle in for a formal evening of meticulously crafted performance with a well-mannered, attentive audience. However, for those in our community who have intellectual and developmental disabilities or are neurodivergent, the formal structure, unknown triggers, and strict behavior expectations of a traditional theater environment can feel like too big of a barrier. As a result, they end up b eing excluded from the theater experience, in some cases for their whole lives. This exclusion isn’t affecting a small handful of people. Nearly 7.4 million Americans have an intellectual or developmental disability, with one in every six children between the ages of 3 and 17 having one or more developmental disabilities. The numbers alone tell a clear story of a substantial p opulation in need of inclusion.

At the Lone Tree Arts Center, when we saw the need in our community for accessibility in the Arts, we chose to act.

We have dedicated countless hours to serving and including the full scope of our community; finding partners who could help us carry out innovative solutions and opportunities to realize our goal of accessible programming. The Lone Tree Arts Center actually ran its first inclusive show during

its first season! Since then, we have grown our sensory-inclusive program to the point of offering a show every month of our full season run. A large part of the reason we are able to offer this opportunity is thanks to the enthusiastic collaboration of our touring artists, along with funding from our donors and sponsors, and through special grants. Through this teamwork we have brought numerous performers, organizations, and corporations together to ensure that the Lone Tree Arts Center lives up to its ethos of “arts for all.”

Our sensory-inclusive programming is modified to create a welcoming and


supportive environment for children and adults on the autism spectrum as well as individuals with other sensitivity issues or developmental disabilities. Our visiting performers modify shows to ensure there are no startling noises or over-stimulating visual components. Audience members are asked to wave their hands rather than clap. Our tech team keeps sound levels lower and the lights in the audience higher than normal, ensuring audience members can see each other. Additionally, viewers are free to come and go as needed, with a special “quiet room” available nearby in our Event Hall for any audience member who may need a comfortable space to regulate. The combination of all these different elements has ultimately created a space where our patrons with special needs feel welcomed and encouraged to enjoy a theater experience that

caters to them and welcomes them, as they are, into the arts.

When we look back on all the work and hours that have been spent bringing this program to fruition, it can be easy to measure success in numbers; how many shows we’ve hosted, how many tickets we’ve sold. But the truth of our success actually lies in the direct impact to individuals, families, and support organizations. When members of the Friendship Circle organization refer to our programming as “a hidden gem” and families tell us they were able to bring their child to the theater for the first time ever thanks to our program, that’s how we know we are succeeding. The Lone Tree Arts Center staff is incredibly proud to be a local leader in sensoryinclusive programming and we look forward to continuing to serve our whole community with thoughtful programming options.

www.LoneTreeArtsCenter.org 13


A Lone Tree Tradition

When we think of holiday traditions, it’s likely that a number of images immediately spring to mind. Maybe there’s a movie that we sit down and watch with family every December. Or there’s a special dish that we cook every year that marks the b eginning of the season. In Lone Tree, we mark the holiday season with a celebration that’s all our own: Home for the Holidays.

In the performing arts, the holiday season is packed to the gills with traditions—whether it’s a dancing nutcracker or a Dickensian story of a curmudgeon and his ghosts. When the Lone Tree Arts Center (LTAC) began thinking about our holiday programming, we knew we wanted a program unlike anything else happening on stages around the Denver area, the state of Colorado, or the country. We took a look at

the kind of performances that we had on our stages throughout the rest of the year—popular music, jazz, musical theater, and more. It raised a question for us: how can we take our identity as a dynamic performing arts center and encapsulate it into a holiday show?

Enter producer Chris Starkey! As a partner in his company, Imprint Events, Chris is known for creating high-energy and vibrant productions around the country. With a network of inspiring artists of all ages, Chris utilizes his professional connections to bring an extraordinary caliber of talent to the LTAC stage.

“[Home for the Holidays builds on the] legacy of delivering awardwinning exceptional productions like W hite Christmas, South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, Noises Off, and Motones Vs Jerseys,” says Starkey.

Home for the Holidays 2022; Danny Lam

W ith a track record of theatrical producing alongside entertainment in Las Vegas, Starkey’s shows capture the nostalgic appeal of old-time variety shows.

I n a 2012 article in the Denver Post, author Ray Mark Rinaldi said “Home for the Holidays is the kind of oldschool variety show no one puts on anymore. You remember the genre: a few songs, a couple of dances, some novelty acts, maybe a comedy sketch.” By updating this genre with modern elements, and never losing sight of the holiday celebration, the production keeps audiences guessing about what kind of wonder they can experience. The past 10 years of producing Home for the Holidays has shown audiences something completely new every year.

In his article, Rinaldi summed it up well: “The show…is part Ed Sullivan, part Carol Burnett, even a little vaudeville—and so completely retro it actually sounds like a winning idea.”

Now in 2023, we have reached another milestone: Home for the Holidays is taking a break after this

year’s production. After 10 years, it is time for the production team to reevaluate our slate of holiday programming. LTAC maintains its commitment to producing and presenting remarkable arts experiences for all people and Home for the Holidays has been a cornerstone of that commitment. As we look to the future, we are g rateful to all the performers, creative staff, and producers that have made this event a wonderful tradition.

www.LoneTreeArtsCenter.org 15
Home for the Holidays 2019; Danny Lam Home for the Holidays 2014; Danny Lam
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Bellco Credit Union is proud to give back to the communities it serves in the areas of financial education, quality of life, and arts & culture. Bellco believes the arts are fundamental to a healthy community and has partnered with the Lone Tree Arts Center (LTAC) since 2016. With Bellco’s support of the SPARK! program, LTAC has been able to provide cultural engagement for adults experiencing memory loss and their caregivers. In conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association of

Colorado, the SPARK! Cultural series encourages participants to reconnect with the arts. In addition, Bellco has helped LTAC reach thousands of patrons each year through special programs such as Student Matinees, Arts in the Afternoon, Passport to Culture, Seedlings, and Sensory Inclusive. To learn more about Bellco and the many benefits of credit union membership, please visit Bellco.org

Wherever inspiration may take you, we’re a financial partner that is with you every step of the way. BELLCO — BANKING FOR EVERYONE


The Incredible Mary Louise Lee

There are few people that are as intimately familiar with the Lone Tree Arts Center as Mary Louise Lee. As one of our favorite performers for both Tunes on the Terrace and on our Main Stage, she’s a beloved and familiar face to our audiences. But she’s also a fixture at the Arts Center off-stage as well, as a full-time staff member in the role of Marketing Specialist.

Mary Louise has been a regular performer at the Lone Tree Arts Center since our inaugural Tunes on the Terrace season and has performed multiple times on our stages. She even performed over the summer at one of our Backyard Beats concerts in Sweetwater Park! On stage, Mary loves bringing joy to her audiences with her energetic performances, soaring vocals, and impeccable storytelling abilities. As our Marketing Specialist, she’s responsible for storytelling in a different way, mastering the visual language of all of our marketing materials so they catch our patrons’ attention and get new patrons interested in what’s going on here. She’s been a full-time staff member here since August of 2021—she’d seen the job posting and jumped at the chance to be involved in the organization that she’d admired. Most recently, she’s also taken over coordination of our At The Table programming, a panel series that aims to engage with BIPOC artists, arts leaders, and our community to discuss subjects related to artistic representation and actionable steps towards systemic change.

In addition to her regular duties, on-stage and off, Mary Louise was

also the vocal coach for LTAC’s recent return to theatrical productions with Dreamgirls. While also starring in Steel Magnolias at the Ent Center in Colorado Springs, Mary was working during the day at the office and then transitioning to vocal coach during the evenings.

As a true daughter of Denver, born and raised in the city, Mary Louise is a staple of the Denver arts and culture scene. Whether it’s on stage in a theatrical role or as a vocalist, she shines and we’re so lucky that we get a little bit of her light every day as a member of the Lone Tree Arts Center staff!

Catch Mary Louise on stage with the Mary Louise Lee Band here at LTAC on January 20, 2024, with a tribute to Tina Turner. She’s also performing on February 17, 2024, at Nissi’s, as well as being a featured vocalist with the CJRO at various performances in January and February of 2024.

Eric Weber
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Denver’s oldest community band The Denver Concert Band. 90 talented musicians delivering a full robust symphonic experience of a broad mix of music from classic to pops. Music loved by young and the young at heart!

Sept 24, 2023: Season Opener - The Music of John Williams Nov 19, 2023: Holiday Season Kickoff: Experience a showcase of timeless band classics before transitioning into a joyous celebration of the holiday season (with the chance for a special appearance from the North Pole).

Feb 18, 2024: Annual Guest Artist Concert with special guest Dr. Wesley Broadnax, Director of Bands at the University of Northern Colorado conducting “Dances in the Canebrakes” by Florence Price. Also featuring music of women and African American composers. Apr 28, 2024: Annual Young Artist Concert featuring the winner of the Young Artist Competition.

Discover “DENVER’S
Click the QR code for the full season and tickets or visit denverconcertband.org. Discount code: DCBLT2023 for $2 off the purchase of a ticket (not valid under age 5). golf.ssprd.org/Weddings-Events Private Events Weddings | Anniversaries Celebrations of Life at LONE TREE GOLF CLUB & HOTEL Celebrate! 5655
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Shaun Boothe returns to the LTAC stage for the third time in our student matinee series with

The Unauthorized Biography Series: Women of Influence

Shaun Boothe’s upcoming student matinee celebrates the lives of three impactful women through biographical hip-hop songs.

The Arts Center is presenting Shaun Boothe as part of our daytime student matinee series, welcoming middle and high school students from across the Denver metro area to listen, learn, and celebrate cultural icons. The Canadianborn singer turned TEDx presenter uses musical performance, rhyme, spoken word, and multi-media in his performances to captivate audiences with the life stories of icons like Serena Williams, Oprah, and Malala Yousafzai.

powerful and relevant life messages

feeling just as inspired by Shaun himself, an artist who is relatable, accomplished, and a model of strong character in his own right.

Often, student matinees for older students have a STEM-related theme to teach. However, Shaun’s series offers powerful and relevant life messages that support building well-rounded students who find value in Shaun’s lessons on placing character over reputation, fame, or circumstance. Shaun encourages students to examine their own strengths by highlighting the perseverance required for the icons in this series to overcome their own struggles.

their own struggles.

In the above photo, Boothe is engaging in an intimate Q&A with students from February of 2020. These students were on a field trip with the organization Celebrate the Beat, which provides in-school and after-school dance programs for youth-atrisk. Their tickets and busing were supported by our generous sponsors of Classroom On Stage.

While he is the storyteller, we know from experience that anyone who sees Shaun Boothe at the Arts Center will leave

Since his debut on the LTAC stage in 2019, Shaun has encouraged over 2,500 students in the metro area to “Live Your Legacy.”

Whole Leaf. Whole Life. 8401 Park Meadows Center Dr #2345 Lone Tree KuChaTea.com 303.649.0381 Facebook: kuchatea Instagram: #kuchatea
Visit dgmc.org
Featuring guest artist, Dreamgirls’ Jennifer Holliday

Charles Schwab is proud to support Lone Tree Arts Center.

©2022 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Member SIPC. CC6511978 (0522-2CCB) MKT118143A-00 (05/22) 00275129

©2022 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Member SIPC. CC6511978 (0522-2CCB) MKT118143A-00 (05/22) 0 0275129

is a great day to make a


Dog Man: The Musical

FRI-SAT SEP 8-9, 2023

Martha Graham Dance Company

FRI-SAT SEP 22-23, 2023

Okaidja Afroso: Jaku Mumor WED SEP 27, 2023

Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer & Shahzad Ismaily: Love In Exile

SAT SEP 30, 2023

Samara Joy

SUN OCT 15, 2023


Compagnie Hervé Koubi: What the Day Owes to the Night

TUE JAN 23, 2024

Emmet Cohen Trio

SAT FEB 3, 2024

Small Island Big Song FRI FEB 16, 2024

Acrobuffos: Air Play SUN FEB 18, 2024

Joshua Redman Quintet FRI MAR 1, 2024

Okareka: Mana Wahine SUN MAR 10, 2024

Sphinx Virtuosi WED MAR 20, 2024 Aoife O’Donovan & Hawktail SAT MAR 30, 2024

Urban Bush Women: Legacy + Lineage +Liberation

FRI APR 12, 2024

TAKT Trio FRI APR 19, 2024

Maria Schneider Orchestra FRI MAY 3, 2024

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NewmanCenterPresents.com 303.871.7720
the QR code for more information Festival of Lights December 2,
Old World Cityscapes February 23, 2024 7:30pm
Tree Symphony Orchestra 2023-2024
2023 7:30pm
3, 2023 2:30pm
May 10, 2024 7:30pm
Viva L’Italia

Donors Championing LTAC


Did you know that we have two giving vehicles?

The Lone Tree Arts Center is unique in our giving structure. We have two giving vehicles through which to accept your contributions. You can give directly to the Lone Tree Arts Center online via our website, over the phone, or by mailing a check. The possibilities are numerous with our monthly giving circle, seat plaques, show support, and gifts in memory or honor of a loved one. In addition, the Lone Tree Arts Center Fund expands your options for charitable giving. As a supporting 501(c)(3) charitable organization of the Lone Tree Arts Center, the Fund is able to accept gifts of stocks and securities, corporate matching gifts, and grants from your Donor Advised Funds (DAF).

Make a Difference through your DAF or Charitable Trust

Our Fund Board Vice President and loyal donor and patron, Becky Takeda-Tinker, says,

“The solid reputation of the Lone Tree Arts Center as a credible nonprofit organization, facilitates our ability to donate through our Charles Schwab Charitable Trust to help support the Center’s great work so that we are able to support our local community and the arts with ease.”

Give directly to the Lone Tree Arts Center (Federal Tax ID 84-1348197)


Mail – Lone Tree Arts Center

10075 Commons St. Lone Tree, CO 80124

Phone – (720) 509–1009

• Monthly Giving

• Seat Plaques

• Tribute Gifts

Give to our 501(c)(3) Lone Tree Arts Center Fund (Federal Tax ID 82-3016588)

Mail – Lone Tree Arts Center Fund

10075 Commons St. Lone Tree, CO 80124

Phone – (720) 509–1008

• Stocks and Securities

• Matching Gifts

• Donor-Advised Funds

A donor advised fund (DAF), which is like a charitable savings account, gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is granted to the Lone Tree Arts Center Fund and other qualified charities. You can recommend a grant or recurring grants now to make an immediate impact, or use your fund as a tool for future charitable gifts. Haven’t opened a DAF? Contact your financial advisor to get started today!

Matching Corporate Gifts

Many employers now give employees a way to double the support to the causes you love by matching your gift to us. Check with your employer (or if retired, your previous employer) to take advantage and amplify your impact.


We offer a wide range of options for giving at the LTAC. Here are a couple highlights.

Monthly Giving Circle

Giving monthly is the easiest and most convenient way to give. LTAC monthly giving circle patron and Arts Commission member, Tonya Fallows, says:

If this sounds like a giving option for you, sign up here to get started: www.lonetreeartscenter.org/ monthly-donations or call Robin at (720)509-1009.

“One of my passions in life is supporting local ART—whether it’s our beautiful Lone Tree Arts Center or local artists around our city and state. I am so grateful for the opportunity to donate to the LTAC by way of an automatic monthly donation!  It is so easy, I don’t even have to remember to do it—the dollars add up and are so beneficial to supporting the Arts Center.”

IRA Charitable Giving and Tax Savings

Consider donating gifts from your IRA, 401K, 403B, pension, or other tax-deferred plans.

“We give to support the unique experience of the Lone Tree Arts Center and save on our taxes as well.

Thanks to great advice from our financial advisor, we discovered that we could make a gift from our Required Minimum Distribution and not pay taxes on that amount. If you are 70-1/2, it’s critical to talk with your tax advisor or financial planner to discuss making charitable gifts through your Required Minimum Distribution. Any amount of up to $100,000 can be given tax free. We feel it’s worth the effort for our gift and tax planning. But even more, it’s the great feeling that comes from supporting Lone Tree Arts Center.”

—Becky Leibman and John Hoskins

Appreciated Stocks and Securities

The Lone Tree Arts Center Fund is ready to accept gifts of stocks through an account with Charles Schwab. By transferring appreciated stocks and securities to the Lone Tree Arts Center Fund you could avoid paying capital gains taxes, which might be a significant savings to you and a much-appreciated gift to us!

These are just a few ways you can give. With your support, you make a big difference for our community. Through your generosity, the Arts Center has become one of the most innovative and respected performing arts organizations in the Denver metro area, providing art and culture for all through our remarkable programming and community impact programs. Join our family of donors to make remarkable happen!

To make your gift, call 720-509-1009 or give online at LoneTreeArtsCenter.org/give. To ensure your gift reaches us directly, please choose one of the giving options discussed in this article.

www.LoneTreeArtsCenter.org 29


Leigh Chandler, Executive Director, has been recently appointed as the Executive Director after serving as Artistic Director and Marketing Director. As Executive Director, Leigh oversees LTAC’s operations and guides the organization’s artistic vision, including Main Stage, Community Impact, and other specialized programming. Previously, Ms. Chandler served for eight years in a similar marketing role at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington, Vermont. She grew up outside of New York City and graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations.

Marcus Turner, Associate Executive Director of External Relations, is joining the Lone Tree Arts Center having spent his entire career in the arts. Originally from the Midwest, Marcus came to Colorado to pursue graduate studies in music at CU Boulder. After obtaining a master’s degree in musicology, Marcus has since worked in marketing, fundraising, higher education, and grantmaking for organizations like the University of Denver, Northwestern University, SCFD, and the Arvada Center.

Heidi Conley, Business Manager, joined LTAC in February 2019 as the Business Manager. She has more than 25 years of experience in managing finance, budgeting, business operations, human resources, marketing, computer systems, databases, and e-commerce. Before joining LTAC, she was the Vice President of Economic Literacy Colorado. She has a degree in Business Management from Western Governor’s University and studied Accounting at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Technical Staff:

Becky Roper, Cheyenne Paeper, Chris Husted, Jafe Meltesen-Lee, James Bryant, Kathryn Gunderson, Madelynne Barton, Mallory Hart, Randy St. Pierre, Stephanie Dallman, Tanner Scurto, Mason Campbell, Joan Kresek, Elizabeth Woods, Doug Swenson, Rob Sepan, Ryan Weisner, Arbor Arzola

Jen Kiser, Technical Director, has been with the Lone Tree Arts Center since it opened in 2011. Her previous roles at LTAC include Assistant Technical Director and Lighting Designer for multiple Lone Tree Arts Center productions. Her previous lighting designs were also seen at Goodspeed Musicals, Hartford’s TheaterWorks, Arvada Center, and the Mizel Arts and Culture Center. She has worked for the Guggenheim Museum, and assisted designers at venues including Papermill Playhouse, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center Festival, and on Broadway’s By Jeeves.

Elaine Caras, Rental Events Manager

Maya Celeste, Community Programs Coordinator

Dana Ciccotello, Director of Grants and Corporate Development

Allissa Dailey, City Events Manager Bailey Dunning, Events and Rentals Coordinator

Justin Given, Audio Visual Manager

Patrick Hinchliffe, Lighting Specialist

Katie Konishi, Marketing Manager

Mary Louise Lee, Marketing Specialist

Makenzie Pedersen, Administrative and Artistic Assistant

Don Post, Assistant Technical Director

Robin Scurto, Director of Individual Giving

Ashley Vander Weg, Box Office Manager

Front of House Staff:

Jean Chavez, Jim Conzett, Colleen Costello, Imani Gholson, Jamie Frerichs, Helene Lawful, Roberta Seifert, Sandy Stokely, Sharon Swiderski

Bar Staff:

Chrissy Fagerholt, Charine Lung, Josh Molina, Roberta Seifert, Art Kerkezian, Jimmy Caras, Deana Stanislawski


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