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10 reasons to fall in love

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The Fashion plate september issue 2011

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brown skin lady

P. 5 ... Who is Jennifer Rodriguez?


eat love wine P. 7 . . . D e l i c i o u s N E W

varities of overflowing delight Le Feuru Vineyards a perfect atmostphere for a dinner under the stars.

Breezy Dining P. 8 ... A getaway from the

everyday! Find out what Palm Springs’ TOP Restaruants are at the stars HOT LIST!

the world and style of



P. 10 ... The innovator of the P. 16 ...F a l l

fashion plate REVEALED! Who truly was Fornascetti?

lovely wasteland

fashion for cheap prices

disney hall

P. 12 ... Discover the won- P. 20 ...Celebrating 10 years

ders of the Desert Oasis. What Alohe can do for you!

of Disney accomplishment! Relive the magisty of the place the started it all.

10 reasons to

fall in love P. 14... The benefits of

having a lover. SECRETS, PLEASURE, and MUCH MORE! Angeles 3

ANGELES MY ENTERTAINMENT ZONE Editor: Jennifer Rodriguez Art Director: Jennifer Rodriguez Photography : Jennifer Rodriguez Advertisements: Angeles AD illustration by: Bae Hijin H&M Absolute Vodka Dolce & Gabbana Avon Fendini Herbal Water Forever 21 Heritage Tacori erore et apernatius mosam, nimincid molenis quosse corporibus cum restis qui sinvelique lab illuptatur? Hictisi musandi andaeptam ant auda que sit optatecum facea est vit, conse nobis nos soloriam arunt volor aute pratatatur? Quia a consequi ommos dolore re volessiti rentem tur? Poris invelent omnimagnimi.


Brown Skin Lady Young and completely foolish

S o to m y readers I lea v e this :

Dream as BIG as you can Live by love and respect


because you are an individual and that’s what make you

BEAUTIFUL Do NOT let anyone tell you can’t;

S uccess

My name is Jennifer Rodriguez. I was born in East Los Angeles, California, on

October 10, 1992. My passion has always fondled alongside the path of art and literature. If anything and above all I believe that this passion has completely overtaken me and driven me into a new outlook of what the world’s beauty can truly be. I have yet to begin my journey out in the world. Like many young minds, we perceive life as a cluster of steps. Each step is marked down with new opportunities, goals, and outcomes. We continuously ponder over the thought of love and romance, struggle over the expectations of others, and recollect momentous occasions that make up a great deal of the kind of person we are to become.

is the best revenge

But above all, LOVE YOURSELF.

Angeles Magazine commends young women to be and become individuals. Fashion, art, cinema, and lifestyle can play a big role in a young women’s life, this is why Angeles presents a keystone of opportunities for women to represent and understand themselves through stories that relate to their own lives. “I have the deepest hope that each reader will be able to connect with this magazine in a way that betters their appreciation of themselves and for themselves.” THIS IS YOUR ENTERTAINMENT ZONE.

Angeles 5




eat love wine By Jennifer Rodriguez eliciously vinbrant colors of taste and jazz, Le Fuere Winery has a vast selection of custom gorme cheeses, spices, suculant wheats, and mouthwatering waterfalls of sweet wine. “Long nights under the stars, caressed by the smooth crystal breezes... I long for your touch and there you are. Such beauty in your grace, spell binding I wake in chase. I have loved you long ago, before the beginning of time and passed the ends of the earth... What more suculant way to remember the taste of your sweet fregrences, the fresh flowing waterfalls of your love drowning me. And I take it in. I toast FOREVER YOURS to the heavens, there is where I find eternal peace.�


Angeles 7

MEZ Breezy Dining By Jennifer Rodriguez

Palm Springs is a city of cultural retrospect and great majesty. Along with its diverse landscapes, vibrant long summers, and various celebrity landmarks it can be described as the perfect getaway from the everyday. Most famously known for its palm trees and windmills, Palm Springs also grants livelihood accommodations and a delightful palate of fine dinning. Most of the best and deliciously brilliant quisines are located in Downtown Palm Springs; home of the Desert Stars.

8 Angeles


MEZ th




d l r





e l y



cetti s


how surreal art became

the fashion plate P By Dagmar Fiction

iero Fornascetti was an was an Italian painter, sculptor, interior decorator and engraver. Combining whimsy and elegance, Piero Fornasetti (1913– 1988) transformed everyday objects like cups, scarves, and screens into works of art featuring his idiosyncratic leitmotifs, such as the hand, the female face, and luminescent fish. Additionally, he created a wide range of works, including idealized architectural fantasy drawings, book designs, and provocative nudes, as well as the decor for the luxury liner Andrea Doria. Perhaps most famous for dazzling pieces of trompe l’oeil furniture, Fornasetti was rediscovered in the 1980s and has remained much sought-after by collectors worldwide. Featuring 2,800 illustrations, many never before published, the monograph is designed to be an “artist’s book” that reflects as faithfully as possible Fornasetti’s own approach to design. “Dear contemporaries, don’t you realise how different we are? Although I depict you as equals and like the ancients you never change.”

-Piero Fornasetti

10 Angeles



lovely wasteland Palm Springs’s Delicate Ecology

By Jennifer Rodriguez

The Desert Flower, among its many distinguished characteristics is its ability to heal. This has given scientists the motive to formulate a new product using Alhoe based minerals to prevent facial sun damage. With its leaves incrusted with delicant essential vitamins it’s no wonder why its considered to be the jewel of the desert and an abosulte treasure to the Palm Springs region. The desert is a most extraordinary place filled with wonder just waiting to be discover by you.

12 Angeles


Angeles is made for the young, outgoing female urban woman. With the city’s changing phases, Angeles apraises individuality, beauty, and creativity. Express your individual thrists through the city’s current trends in the arts, cinema, and fashionable new apparel. Vibe with every sound the city makes and lose yourself in the forever changing concrete jungle.


Reasons to fall in

10. It makes you better-looking. This is not a joke. Believe it or not, falling in love can really make you look a lot better. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care about your physical appearance, fall in love and see how you would change. When you’re in love, you will always try to look your very best not just to impress the one you love but also to feel good about yourself. You feel conscious about your outfit, your hair and your movements. Even when you don’t exert any effort on improving your appearance, love really brings something magical to its victims. When people are in love, they smile a lot. There is a certain glowing aura that people in love emit that radiates happiness.

8. It makes you richer. It doesn’t mean that you should marry Donald Trump or some other billionaire. Even if you fall in love with an average guy, you have more chances of getting rich. This is because you are more inspired to work and you have another reason to work hard. Intentionally or unintentionally, you will find yourself doing your job a little less exhausting because the feeling of going home to someone you love keeps you through the day in a way that you don’t realize how much work you have done. This is true. Studies have shown that individuals in long-term committed relationships earn more than those who stay single. So if you want to get rich, fall in love.

5. It makes you stronger. Although it can also make you weaker in certain ways, falling in love makes you stronger. How? First of all, sex is a good workout. Haha. Seriously, people in love want and try to be strong for themselves and those we care for. We will do and endure anything to protect the person we love and give them what he or she wants. When we are sick, we want to get better fast so we can enjoy more time with him or her. We become stronger so we can catch them when they fall and lift them when their down. Being strong can also be interpreted in another way. Some people can take all the pain that love brings just so they don’t lose them. Even when they are hurt by factors ranging from differences to third party to family, they choose to stay in the relationship because they are strong enough and they know that it will pass. Love is not easy to let go. If we can keep it, we will. Love is like that. It’s pleasure and pain rolled into one and it takes a lot of strength. Love is not for the weak-hearted.

14 Angeles

7. It makes you healthier. When you’re in love, you care about yourself. It’s not just physical appearance, it is your overall well-being including your health. If you used to ignore that migraine you’ve been enduring for years, when you’re in love, there is a high chance that you would call your doctor for an appointment and schedule a check-up. You might even undergo tests that you have been putting off for the longest time like mammogram and PSA. When you’re in love, there is an intense urge to care for your health because you want to live long, because you have a good reason to. You want to live long not just for yourself but also for that special someone. If suicidal thoughts enter your mind all the time, you will forget about them altogether when you fall in love. You have a reason to live now and you know how your selfdestruction makes him or her feel. And you don’t want him/her to be hurt, especially not by you.

4. It makes you wiser. Being in a relationship is not all about sunshines and rainbows. There are bad, depressing moments, too. Although it is not a good reason to fall in love, it is not a reason not to, either. In fact, mistakes are essential in love. Each mistake teaches you something important. Every time you make a mistake, you learn. And every time you learn, you become wiser. This enables you not to do the same mistakes again. Being wise means growing up. And it takes grownups to run a relationship.

love do we really need an excuse ?

By Kendra Lyon

9. It makes you nicer. How can you be mean to people around you when there is someone who makes every minute of your life wonderful? When people are in love, we tend to focus on our feelings for that lucky person and pay not much attention to other things, much less to the things that make our blood reach the boiling point. And because there is someone who makes us smile every time, it is hard to frown and make other people’s lives miserable. We tend to forget our bitter past and our plans of revenge in the future because what matters is the present.

6. It makes you mushier. There’s nothing wrong with being mushy. It only means that you are sentimental and emotional. It only means that you care about how other people feel, especially the person you are in love with. If you have always thought that the lines uttered in those romantic movies are stupid, you will be surprised to find yourself in one, saying those mushy lines. It is alright. There is nothing unmanly about expressing how you feel and letting your significant other know how important he or she is to you. It is not a crime. Being mushy is not a crime.

3. It makes you more responsible. If your life is in disarray, you will set everything straight when you’re in love. You will find a good job because you think of your future together. You will take good care of your finances. You will fix your relationship with your family. You will forget about your unfinished business with your exes. You will even clean your room, which you haven’t done since you hit puberty. When you’re in love, your life develops a sense of direction.

2. It makes you more creative. When you’re in love, you think of new ways to take your loved one’s breath away. You cannot do things over and over again or you will beth get tired. You will be forced to come up with new, refreshing ways of saying “I love you,” of celebrating anniversaries, of letting him or her know how you feel. In some cases, people find themselves learning or trying to do things new to them like writing songs or doing something embarrassing. The funny part is, you don’t complain because you enjoy doing it. Weird, but you really do. Another way of being creative is when he or she asks you where you have been last night. Yeah, that will really squeeze out all the creative juices in you.

1. It makes you happier. When you’re in love, you will never find yourself alone. You already have a partner to do things with and it’s not just sex. Yes, sex makes people happy but it’s more than that. Simple activities can become fantastic when you do it with someone, especially with the one you truly treasure. These things will make you happy and it will show big time. You’ll be surprised that you will see yourself smiling and laughing all the freaking damn time. You think about him or her, you smile. You see him/her walking, you smile. You see him/her trip on her toe, you smile. When you’re in love, you always think positive.

Angeles 15


Style that’s you

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FEATHERED FLO $6.98 Ut pos excessi di sin repudipis aut vol odit hilluptatur sunt est eaquias suntur, et ut etur sitaect esedita tatquam dellupt

Angeles 17








AN ILLUMINATED FANTASY By Jennifer Rodriguez Photography by Jennifer Rodriguez

The Disney Hall situated in the heart of Downtown Los

Angeles, California is one of the most distinct and marvelous landmarks bestowed onto the city. Frank O. Gehry, the ingenious architect behind the sculptural splendor, envisioned a building that would reflect both the majesty of the Disney Orchestra and harmoniously intertwine with the buildings surrounding it. In 1987,

20 Angeles

should speak of its time “andArchitecture place, but yearn for timelessness.� Frank Gehry


Frank Gehry


rank Owen Gehry, world famous architect, was born Ephraim Owen Goldberg on the 28th of February, 1929. He was born in Toronto, Canada, but relocated to California as a teenager. Uncertain of his career direction, the teenage Gehry drove a delivery truck to support himself while taking a variety of courses at Los Angeles City College. He took his first architecture courses on a hunch, and became enthralled with the possibilities of the art, although at first he found himself hampered by his relative lack of skill as a draftsman. Sympathetic teachers and an early encounter with modernist architect Raphael Soriano confirmed his career choice. He won scholarships to the University of Southern California and graduated in 1954 with a degree in architecture. After serving for a year in the United States Army, Gehry entered the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he studied city planning, but he returned to Los Angeles without completing a graduate degree. Gehry found a creative outlet in rebuilding his own home, converting what he called “a dumb little house with charm” into a showplace for a radically new style of domestic building. He took common, unlovely elements of American homebuilding, such as chain link fencing, corrugated aluminum and unfinished plywood, and used them as flamboyant expressive elements, while stripping the interior walls of the house to reveal the structural elements. His Santa Monica neighbors were scandalized, but Gehry’s house attracted serious critical attention and he began to employ more imaginative elements in his commercial work. The year 2004 saw the long-awaited completion of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The building opened to great public celebration and immediately became the sprawling city’s landmark building. The splayed pipes of the hall’s massive pipe organ were likened by more than one writer to a packet of French fries, but the public response was ecstatic. Gehry’s earlier experience building and renovating concert halls and amphitheaters had paid off in a facility that not only attracted international attention with its striking appearance, but thrilled musicians and listeners with its acoustically brilliant interior.

Angeles 21

Lillian Disney made an initial gift of $50

between 1994 through 1996, drawing in

million to build a world-class performance

more conspicuous interest on its comple-

venue as a gift to the people of Los Ange-


les and a tribute to Walt Disney’s devotion

Such beauty radiated from every corner-

to the arts. Frank began production on

stone of the building’s presence. At last

the building’s designs into the 1990’s. It

in 2004, final construction of the Hall was

wasn’t until 1991 when the project first be-

completed and greatly appraised by the

gan and the Disney Hall slowly arose from

public everywhere. Gehry described the

the ground. Completion of the project was

Disney Hall as a free flowing set of sails.

later stalled due to the lack of fundrais-

As one enters the Disney Hall you are

ing it received. It then became dormant

greeted by a set of sails on each end as

22 Angeles

though the building is waiting to be vividly

architecture is one that will never seize to

caressed by the human eye. Its metallic

amaze the public’s eye. The LA Philhar-

exterior reflects off the sunlight’s efferves-

monic were the first orchestra to release

cent rays and quietly illuminates the city’s

their melodious tune upon the great monu-

streets with its vivacious glows. Each peak

ment. It was thanks to the great vision of

and curve accentuates its geometrically

Frank Gehry that the graceful rhythms of

intriguing interior and flower like unrav-

the Concert Hall have gently pierced the

eling. The Disney Hall presents a great

hearts of both musicians and spectators

creative inspiration for many young artists


both architects and sculptors alike. It can

The beautiful gardens are decorated with a

be perceived that Gehry’s passion for

Angeles 23

vast array of vegetation and color. Along with its sculptural makeup the Disney Hall also is engraved with members of the Disney Family and other great names of importance. The blue marble flower placed in the center of the Blue Ribbon Garden is a symbol of great love and respect created for Walt Disney’s daughter, Lillian Disney. The auditorium is an extremely rare beauty to witness. According to officials it is only open 7 times a year to the public. It is an enjoyable experience to visit the Concert Hall, along with its beautiful features and colors it has been framed with an emotional standpoint of goodwill and love. It’s a remembrance of the great creativity and passion each person has within them.

The Disney Concert Hall forever more will be engraved into the city’s veins as one of the greatest architectural happenings in existence.

24 Angeles

DISNEY CONCERT HALL Parking is available directly beneath Walt Disney Concert Hall; enter on Second Street or Lower Grand Avenue. Regular parking costs $9 beginning at 4:30 p.m. for evening concerts; two hours before weekday matinees and all day on weekends. Both the Second Street and Lower Grand entrances will be open 6:00am to midnight Monday through Friday and 7:00am to midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Angeles 25

TOXIC By Mercedes  Cambridge  III  


ou’ve been dying to try that new shampoo that’s supposed to make your hair thick, lush and shiny. You can’t wait to use that new exfoliating scrub because the label tells you that it’s going to make your skin soft and glowing. You love that new cologne; every time you wear it you get so many compliments on how great you smell!

26 Angeles

the price of looking good MAY BE HIGHER THAN YOU THINK

You love these products and how they make you look and feel, but did it ever occur to you that what you put on your hair or your skin could make you sick? Did you know these products contain chemicals, toxins and hormones that can cause anything from an unsightly rash to learning difficulties to birth defects and even cancer? Even though each product may contain a limited amount of these toxins, please keep in mind, most people use several products each day, from the moment they wake up (soap, shampoo, conditioner, shave cream, deodorant, toothpaste, hand soap, make up) until they go to bed. After



many years of daily use, these toxins accumulate in your body to cause the ailments I’ve listed above, among many others. If they cause these concerns for adults, just imagine the damage they can do to children who are smaller and weigh less. Although each product you may use may contain a restricted amount of chemicals, hormones and toxins, they can, and many times they do cause a myriad of damage to us all. Not only are these beauty products toxic for humans, they are toxic to the environment, as well. Many of these products are made with petroleumbased ingredients, which contributes to global warming. Did you know that

if you switch just one bottle of a petroleum based product for a vegetable based product we could save 81,000 barrels of oil in one year. How’s that for incentive to switch? So now you decide it’s time to go “green”, you go to the health food store and purchase “Organic” or “Natural” products and you no longer have to worry about these concerns... or do you?

“Not only are these beauty products toxic for humans, they are toxic to the environment.”

Photography by  Dustin  Middleford  

Styled by  Amber  Kelly  

Angeles 27

Isn’t she lovely

MEZ fashion 2011 a [diva] derchi


TO fAll IN lOvE palm springs dOwNTOwN dIsNEY hall Of ThE Fornascetti the Fashion plate twist and shout september issue 2011 MY ENTERTAINMENT...


TO fAll IN lOvE palm springs dOwNTOwN dIsNEY hall Of ThE Fornascetti the Fashion plate twist and shout september issue 2011 MY ENTERTAINMENT...