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2018 Spring

rvices e s r u o o t s t n e m Improve g Well Introducing Livin Patient Stories

We pride ourselves on the high level of care which we offer our patients and their families, and are continually looking to improve our services. Recently, we have been focussing on our Living Well service, and also on the way in which our Care at Home team works with other care providers in the area. Pages 4 & 5 will tell you more about these developments. These changes are all made with our patients in mind, and the stories which we hear from them are both encouraging and heart-warming. Read about how our new Living Well services have helped Evelyn, on page 3, and how our Bereavement services have supported Carl and his two children, on page 8. Pages 6 & 7 will tell you more about our range of Living Well groups, and also feature stories about how we have helped two of our patients celebrate the happiest of events in their lives. Improvements to our services are only possible with the support of our hardworking Fundraising and Retail teams, whose events and sales continue to help fund the care which we provide. Find out more about our most recent events on pages 12 & 13, and check out our Events Diary on pages 10 & 11 to see what else we’ve got planned! As always, thank you for your support and happy reading!

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Sarah Brocklebank (Chief Executive)

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Evelyn had already survived cancer once, but when it returned a second time it hit her very hard. “It was devastating,” she says. “I got very low; I felt that I didn’t want to go on.” When her doctor suggested she be referred to Phyllis Tuckwell, she was reluctant. “I thought no, there’s no way. I thought it was a place to die. But I did come, and I’m so glad I did.”

Carl’s Story

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Helping our Patients to Live Well

@ @PTHospice

Weekly Day Hospice sessions enabled Evelyn to attend our Living Well groups, which offer a wide range of support, including physiotherapy exercise groups, Tai Chi, art and creative writing groups, guidance on coping with stress and anxiety, help with practical matters such as sourcing the right mattress or walking aid, and emotional and spiritual support. “They’ve made me see things in a different way,” she says. “If I hadn’t come here, I don’t know what I would have done.

Without them I don’t think I would have been able to cope with this cancer. They’re helping me to live well. I’m stronger since I’ve been coming here, much stronger.” Evelyn found talking things through with one of our counsellors very beneficial, and we have also helped her to cope with her fortnightly chemotherapy treatments. She has enjoyed the complementary therapies which we offer, from massages to makeovers, and our Social and Therapeutic Horticulture sessions have brought the garden indoors for her, enabling her to create colourful planters and flower displays at our table-top gardening sessions. “It’s changed my outlook on life. I feel so much better now. I’ve got something to hang on to now. It gives me reason to go on. I take each day as it comes, it’s very precious.”

“They've made me see things in a different way.” Page 3


u o Y t i u S o t s e c i v r e S f o e g n Ra ll Helping you to Live We

Although many people think of us purely as a hospice building with beds, around 85% of the care we provide is actually given outside of our In-Patient Unit (IPU) – through our Living Well services and Care at Home team. After an initial assessment, patients will be referred to one of these three services – IPU, Living Well or Care at Home – where our multi-disciplinary team will offer them the most appropriate care for their needs.

Our In-Patient Unit (IPU) provides 24-hour personalised care for patients, and also supports their family members and carers. It has 18 beds which are divided into two four-bed bays and ten single rooms, and two of these single rooms are specially adapted for patients with neurological and cognitive needs. Patients may be referred to our IPU by their GP, District Nursing team, hospital, or Phyllis Tuckwell health care professional.

ot g I s a n “As soo elt safe. f here, I just let go You can them look and let r you.” afte o stayed on wh Julie t Unit. Patien our In-

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As well as caring for patients who are in their last days of life, our IPU also offers symptom management and pain relief, and patients who are admitted for these reasons are often discharged back home after a few days, when their symptoms have been stabilised. Our IPU is led by our Ward Manager and Medical Consultants, supported by a team of Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Doctors. Patients who are on our IPU can also access a range of physical, practical, emotional and spiritual support from our Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Complementary Therapists, Social Workers, Welfare Advisers, Counsellors and Chaplains.

Our Living Well service is designed to help patients and those closest to them manage the impact of their illness, cope with changes, improve their wellbeing and remain as independent as possible – so that they can get the most out of life. The support we offer is tailored to each individual’s needs and focuses on the rest of life, helping patients stay as mobile as possible, feel more in control, make choices about their care and develop coping strategies to help them manage their illness. Through our Living Well service, patients can access treatment and advice at our Day Hospice in Farnham, at the Beacon Centre in Guildford, and through outpatient appointments. The Living Well team will suggest to patients the best and most relevant support for them, which may include complementary therapies, emotional support, or wellbeing and rehabilitative groups, as well as providing them with continued symptom monitoring and medical advice.

“It's not about end life, it's ab of o rest of life ut .” Steve - P THC p atient.

Our Care at Home team gives patients access to high quality, compassionate care in the place they most want to be... at home, or in a care home or community hospital. We can assess their needs, advise on managing complex symptoms, assist with advance care planning, offer physical and psychological care, and provide access to information and therapies tailored to their individual needs.

uldn't o w m u m y “M able have been home to stay atyou.” withoutTHC patient. Relative

of P

In order to manage this service as efficiently and effectively as possible, we have focused our community care into two geographical areas. In the east of our catchment area we work closely with the Royal Surrey County Hospital, and in the west with Frimley Park Hospital, as well as with the GPs, care homes and district nurses in each area, ensuring that patients receive co-ordinated care from everyone involved. Our Care at Home service also includes our Hospice Care at Home team - Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants who support patients during their final weeks and days. Together with the District Nurses, this team enables patients to spend their last days, and to die, in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

s t n e i t a P r u o g Helpin

Patient Care Hits the Right Note

Our Dove Lounge was filled with the sound of smooth American music, whe n we surprised one of our patients, Gwe n, with her very own rendition of jazz and swin g songs, performed by local singer Christo pher Mulvin. Two members of our team - Sop hie Lines and Caroline Baker - arranged for Chr istopher to come to the Hospice as a surp rise for Gwen, who is a huge fan of Bing Crosby and loves this style of music. Christo pher sang several songs to Gwen, including ‘All of Me’, ‘Moondance’, ‘White Christmas’ and Gwen’s favourite ‘Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day)’. Joining in with some, and listening to others with a big smile on her face, 93 year old Gwen told ever yone there “I’m “ just about the luckiest person in the world”. ld

Introducing Living Well... Our new Living Well groups have received a warm reception at the Hospice and Beacon Centre. Focusing on a variety of ways to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of our patients and their families, the groups include activities such as culinary therapy and meditative painting, as well as sessions on how to practise seated Tai Chi, avoid falls, and manage stress and anxiety.

Volunteering Your Time

ing us to Volunteers are hugely important in help to and nts patie ng drivi From . care provide our serving re, Cent on Beac or ice Hosp the from ing teas and helping on reception, to offer rapy, iothe phys as such ices professional serv therapy ry enta plem com py, thera nal patio occu re! and counselling – they help everywhe rs and We are always looking for new voluntee ghout throu n run a rolling recruitment campaig se do plea help to like ld the year, so if you wou for r cula parti in ing look are We h. get in touc to help our rts esco and rs drive rs, ntee volu shop or Beacon patients get to and from the Hospice for our als ssion profe care th Centre, and heal s. team py thera and al clinic ical, med Services To find out more, contact our Voluntary 00. 7294 2 0125 team on

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Renewing Vows her that his love was everlasting. The house was full of roses and confetti, and everyone shared both tears and laughter. The day also brought Robert a sense of peace; he died at home two weeks later, with Hazel by his side.

Royal College Merit Award When Robert and his wife Hazel met Bryony, one of our Chaplains, they were looking for guidance on planning Robert’s funeral. During one visit, Robert mentioned how he had promised Hazel that he would take her to Gretna Green for her 50th birthday, to renew their wedding vows, but his deteriorating health meant he was unable to travel. He asked Bryony if she would marry them again, because his family was the most important thing in the world to him and he wanted to show Hazel how much he loved her. So, on 6th October, Robert and Hazel renewed their wedding vows to each other, in the presence of their family, at home. Hazel wore a beautiful wedding dress and Robert gave her an eternity ring – to remind

One of our Occupational Therapists, Lisi Pilgrem, has been selected to receive the Merit Award from the Royal College of Occupational Therapists for her work with Social & Therapeutic Horticulture. The award recognises excellence at work and outstanding contribution to the profession. Eligibility is stringent and only three or four individuals are selected each year, so it is very special. Lisi will receive the award at a presentation ceremony in September.

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A Day in the Life of...

a Doctor

Helping Bereaved Families Carl’s wife Emily died of leukaemia two days before Christmas, when their daughter Lois was 5 years old, and their son Max was just 3. “The first time I went to the Hospice after Emily was admitted, I was dreading it,” says Carl. “I had this horrible knot in my stomach. But the minute I walked through the door, that knot went. I felt relief; I felt calm. The staff could see I was distraught and they were very relaxed and softly spoken. Nothing was too much for them; they were amazing.”

“The reason I put us through counselling was because I’d never been through anything like this before – and Lois and Max were so young, they didn’t understand that they weren’t going to see Mummy again,” says Carl. “I needed to know how to deal with this, and where better to get that from than Phyllis Tuckwell.”

“The days and months after she died were just awful. Knowing that I was never going to get a text again, a call again, from her mobile. There were going to be many firsts: Max starting school without her, watching the kids growing up without her, knowing I was going to have to deal with it all on my own. It was the end of the world for me.”

“We offer individual, family and group counselling to bereaved adults and children whose relative we have cared for,” says Claire. “Our Little Rays group is for children aged 5-12 years, and our Storm group is aimed at teenagers. Max and Lois both attended Little Rays. Through storytelling and crafts we provided them with a safe space where they could talk about their feelings, and understand that these feelings were ok. We couldn’t take away what had happened, but we could help them to cope with it a little bit better.”

“We see lots of people who are at the beginning of their bereavement journey,” says Claire Tune, Lead Counsellor at Phyllis Tuckwell. “It can be an isolating time and that’s where we can really help. Counselling can give you a safe space where you’re not judged and where we say ‘we understand’.”

“Nothing is too much for them - they were amazing.”

Page 8

“I thought Phyllis Tuckwell was mainly there for the palliative care,” says Carl. “But they’re there for so much more. Without them I don’t know how we would have coped. They have a saying that ‘every day is precious’ and you can never understand that until it’s too late. Enjoy every day you have with people and make them count, because every day really is precious.”

Our Medical Director, Dr. Cate Seton-Jones, heads up a team of six Consultants and eight Doctors. “My job splits into two halves,” says Cate, “so I have two typical non-clinical.” days – one clinical and one non-clinical. Both days start at about 8am, when I arrive at the Hospice. On a clinical day, I’ll read through the notes of patients I’ll be visiting later, to make sure I’m fully prepped before I see them. I’ll also have a telephone meeting with the other doctors and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) who work here at the Hospice, at our Beacon Centre in Guildford and out in the community. It’s an important meeting, as it helps to ensure that we are all working in co-ordination with each other and identify any space we have, so that if an emergency comes up we know who has capacity to deal with it. Later in the day I’ll have another meeting with the CNSs, to discuss any patients who have unstable, complicated or unfamiliar conditions, to make sure everyone involved knows how we are caring for them. In the afternoon I see patients here at the Hospice, at our Beacon Centre in Guildford and in their own homes. I assess their physical and psychological needs, talk to them and their families, and write prescriptions for their palliative medicines. Once I’m back at the Hospice I write up my notes, arrange follow-up visits and write to their GPs to keep them updated.

My non-clinical days involve meeting senior managers, directors and trustees at PTHC to discuss strategy and planning, assess our progress against current plans, and ensure that we are complying with national guidelines from the Department of Health. We want to ensure that we maintain the high level of care which we offer and look for ways to improve it even further. I write lots of our clinical policies and guidelines, and liaise with the NHS to ensure that our services integrate seamlessly with theirs. I absolutely love my work – sometimes I can’t put it down! It’s about making a difference to people at a difficult time. Academically it’s challenging and you’re learning all the time, which is both stimulating and rewarding. The team is very supportive and Phyllis Tuckwell has such a great reputation, I’m proud to be part of it and contribute to it.

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y r a i D s t n e v E

JULY Walk for the Wards



Sunday 1st More House School, Frensham


Skydive Friday 23rd Netheravon, Salisbury

Registration £50. Minimum sponsorship £450.

Memory Meadow Saturday 24 10.30am Stoke Park, Guildford th

Join us for a very special remembrance event.

Pick a date and venue, provide plenty of tea, cake or biscuits and ask for a donation to PTHC. Contact us for your FREE Tea@3 pack.

Open Gardens

Hospice Plant Sales

1st Sunday of each month 10am - 1pm, April to October Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

Saturday 14 Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

May to September

Residents across our catchment area will be opening their gardens to raise money to support our care.

Prudential Ride London

Little Lumpy bike ride*

We are the charity partner and have guaranteed places in the ride, so if you want to support us please email to secure your place. 40, 60 and 100 mile route options. No registration fee or minimum sponsorship.

Classic & Vintage Car Show* Sunday 8th 10am - 4pm Central Car Park, Farnham

Free entry - donations welcome. Come and see classic and vintage cars, motorcycles and ex-army vehicles.

Brighton Marathon Sunday 15th PTHC places still available!

London Marathon

Sunday 22nd

If you already have a place in either the Brighton or London Marathons and would like to be part of our PTHC team, please get in touch!

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Registration £30. Minimum sponsorship £250.


Wednesday 6th Netheravon, Salisbury

Registration £50. Minimum sponsorship £450.

Sunday 17 From 11am Merrist Wood College, Guildford

A 4k, family friendly fun run, with a bubblelicious twist! Registration £18.


Ash Music Festival*


Sunday 3rd Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth


Registration £50. Minimum sponsorship £399.

Adult £10, Child (U14) and senior citizens £5.

Spinnaker Abseil

PTHC Bubble Rush

Sunday 29th Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Saturday 28th Harpers Recreation Ground, Ash


Plants at bargain prices – all proceeds to PTHC.

Hospice Open Garden th

Sunday 20th


New route for 2018! 5 & 10 mile routes. Adult £12, Child (U14) £5.


Hospice Plant Sales

1st Sunday of each month 10am - 1pm, April to October Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

Don’t forget our monthly plant sales. Plants at bargain prices – all proceeds to PTHC.

SEPTEMBER Dash of Colour Saturday 1st 12pm - Frimley Lodge Park. Registration £18.

Make a Will Fortnight 10th - 21st

Your Will made by a local solicitor in return for a donation to PTHC.

Skydive Wednesday 19th September Netheravon, Salisbury

Registration £50. Minimum sponsorship £450.

OTHER DATES Hankley Common Golf Day Tuesday 9th October Hankley Golf Club, Tilford

4 ball Stableford; £320 per team. £400 if also sponsoring a hole.

Phyllis Tuckwell Beer Festival Returning for 2018 - keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more details.

Climb Mont Blanc 12th - 16th September 2019

*This event is kindly organised by supporters of PTHC supported by our Fundraising team.

To register, book tickets or for further information on any of these events: 01252 729446 Corporate sponsorship opportunities available for all main Phyllis Tuckwell events - please call 01252 729446 for further information.

Registration £345. Minimum sponsorship £2,400. Self-funded places available. Registration open now!

Challenge Events

Take on a new challenge in 2018 for PTHC. Climb Mont Blanc on our first Phyllis Tuckwell overseas challenge, walk around the Isle of Wight or jump out of a plane! We have a huge range of events at

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Fundraising We have to raise over £20,000 every day to be able to provide all of our services - and here are just some of the ways we do it!

Bubbles and Sparkles! We’re bursting to tell you about our new event… pop Sunday 17th June in your diary for a fantastic family fun run, as Bubble Rush comes to Guildford! Join us at Merrist Wood College in Worplesdon, where you can walk, jog, run, or even hop, skip and jump your way round our 4k fun run while, at special stations, high-powered cannons blow out a sea of coloured foam to create a 4ft deep bubble bath for you to burst your way through. If that’s not bright enough for you, Saturday 1st September sees the return of Dash of Colour – and this year we’ve added extra SPARKLE! Our 5k fun run will see you showered with a rainbow of coloured powder paint, including shimmery gold and silver, showing everyone how your support helps us sparkle! Visit or call 01252 729446 to register.

Raising a glass for Hospice Care Our inaugural beer festival, Tankards for Tuckwell, was a huge success, raising just under £12,000 to support our care. Held at The Empire in Aldershot on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October, it featured over 60 ales and ciders, all from local breweries, and live music from The Rocketeers, The Toledos and The Why Band. Thank you to everyone who came along to support it! Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details of this year’s Beer Festival.

On Yer Bike! If two wheels are your thing, then look no further! On 20th May the Little Lumpy bike ride will set off from Haslemere, taking cyclists through Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, and offering a choice of 40, 60 and 100 mile routes to suit your cycling ability. As a partner charity for 2018, Phyllis Tuckwell has guaranteed places for the ride. To secure your place on the team, please email For more information visit A free breakfast is included, and homemade cakes are on offer at the refreshment stations throughout the ride!

Mont Blanc Trek 2019 Are you looking for a new adventure? From 12th to 16th September 2019 Phyllis Tuckwell is taking a team to the Mont Banc massif region, to trek three countries in three days - and we want you to join us! From steep mountain peaks to open meadows and vineyards, the challenge will take you through some breath-taking scenery, as we trek up to seven hours a day and enjoy overnight stays in Italy, Switzerland and France. The registration fee is £345 and we ask that you raise a minimum of £2,400 sponsorship. For more information or to sign up, visit or email

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Take part in one of the most famous bike rides in the world! Developed to follow in the tyre tracks of the 2012 Olympic Road Cycling Races, this 100-mile route will take place on Sunday 29th July, starting at the Queen Elizabeth Park in London and finishing on The Mall. We have a limited number of spaces available, so get in quick! Registration fee is £50, with a minimum sponsorship of £399. Email to apply.

Open Gardens

Residents across our catchment area of West Surrey & North East Hampshire will be opening their gardens from May to September, to raise money to support our care - and the Hospice will be joining in too! On July 14th you can wander around our own beautiful gardens, which are lovingly tended by our wonderful volunteers. With gardens of all sizes and designs to admire, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your own green space at home! Visit event-diary for more details, and look out for our Open Gardens brochure which will be published soon.

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Our Shops need you!

We have 20 shops throughout West Surrey and North East Hampshire, which sell a wide range of quality items - and we need your help to keep them well-stocked! It takes a lot of hard work to raise the £2m+ that our 20 shops generate every year, but that hard work is made much easier by our supporters – those who donate stock, our loyal shoppers and our retail volunteers. But we still need more - more clothing, more shoes, more jewellery, more vintage and antique items, more furniture, more books and, most importantly, more volunteers to help us sell these goods.

What roles are available? We need Volunteer Customer Service Assistants, Volunteer Visual Merchandisers, Volunteer Stock Processing Assistants and Volunteer Van Drivers. Whatever role you go for, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to meet people, make new friends, learn new skills and become part of the team, all while raising money for Phyllis Tuckwell.

Corporate Support Our Corporate team works with companies who are looking for ways to support Phyllis Tuckwell. By focusing on their corporate social responsibility, these companies benefit from positive PR and enhanced social media, while their employees can take part in fundraising activities which offer personal challenges and enhance teamwork.

Thank you!

Thank you to Redfields Garden Centre, who chose us as their Charity of the Year in 2017. Their sponsored skydive, quiz night, fashion show and singing reindeer helped raise a fantastic £12,756! They also donated a huge Christmas tree which they helped us put up outside the Hospice, and supported our new Christmas tree recycling scheme.

Novartis raised over £5,968 in 2017 after choosing us as their Charity of the Year partner. A huge thank you to the 11 firms who took part in our Make a Will Fortnight in September, raising an amazing £10,500.

Who can volunteer in our shops? Anyone who has a little time to spare can help in our shops. Our volunteers are often parents with young children, retired people, students, young people seeking work experience or part-time workers.

What does volunteering involve? You’ll help with sorting donations, pricing goods, selling items and creating window displays to draw in customers. You don’t need any special skills, as training will be provided, but if you have retail experience please let us know.

Page 14

Volunteering won’t interfere with your other commitments, as we can work around your current schedule. As little as three hours a week can make a huge difference, so why not sign up today? For more information, simply pop into your local PTHC shop and have a chat with the shop manager.

un f , y l d n “frie ng” i l l i f l u f and nteer Volu

Thanks to all those companies who sponsored Dash of Colour in September – it certainly looked like you had fun! With your help, the event raised a fantastic total of £71,200! A special thank you goes to our two headline sponsors, Cane Adam and Morrisons Solicitors.

Thank you to Lloyds Bank Guildford, who have chosen us as their Charity of the Year 2018.

g Guide te Fundraisin have fun and to w s on ho

Free Corpora

ssa tips and idea l Nick or Vane Packed with C at work. Cal TH P r fo s. ey ur on yo raise m 46 to request on 01252 7294

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Connections - Spring '18  
Connections - Spring '18  

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