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The Darker Side of the Paranormal - Jock Brocas

The interest in séances, Ouija boards and spirit communication has risen thanks to TV shows such as “Most Haunted” and our haunted lives. These shows have also given birth to ignorance and the problems that have arisen from these foolhardy attempts to dabble in the paranormal. Consequently, they have destroyed lives. Walk into any spiritualist church and they will tell you that there is no entity such as Satan and demons do not exist; it is merely a wandering or grounded spirit looking for help. The truth is different and ignorance does not afford you safety. Demons do exist and the darker side of the paranormal is very dangerous. A simple quasi attempt to communicate with a discarnate entity or dabble in aspects of the occult without the proper protection will undoubtedly open a Pandora's box of problems. More often than not you will certainly not recognize the signs and symptoms of a possession or of a darker force until it is too late. By then, the gateway is open and your simple attempts to cleanse and clear could be little more effective than trying to blow out a trick candle – THE FLAME ALWAYS RETURNS. The problem that we face is that by our very nature we are an inquisitive species and we will study what we do not understand – thus attempting to gain some kind of reason for knowledge. Often we will try to control the outcome of something in any way possible – even to the detriment of ourselves – believing that we have achieved the Unachievable. Let’s look at a few of these. Ouija Boards This is perhaps the simplest and most misunderstood method of spirit communication. According to some sources (Chinese occultists), the first historical mention of something resembling a Ouija board is found in china around 1200 B.C., a divination method known as fuji "planchette writing". Other sources claim that according to a French historical account of the philosopher Pythagoras, in 540 B.C. his sect would conduct séances at "a mystic table.” The first use of the Ouija board came with the spiritualist movement in the mid-19th century. Divination at that time was used to gain messages in many ways such as using a planchette that would be controlled by the spirit and used to spell out messages to the sitting individuals. During the late 1800s, planchettes were widely sold as a novelty or a parlour game that was patented by the businessman Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard. These boards are still sold today in the millions. The spiritual aspect It is widely known and accepted that the board is used for occult practices but it must be understood that the board is not the problem; it is merely a tool with which the user can focus his or her intent. The intention behind the use of the board is the problem. The user will normally sit with the intention of contacting discarnate entities. Now this is all very well but what if you do not understand how to discern. This is one of the first spiritual gifts that you should develop. It is not enough to be able to utilize your psychic faculties without understanding the internal power of discernment. It is said that a demon can come in the form of light. How can the trusting individual tell the difference? Using a Ouija board is like setting light to an explosive charge. You create what your thoughts dictate and if you have the pure intent that you wish to contact a spirit – you will. The trouble is which ones. I was once contacted by a mother in the north of England who had stupidly decided to use a Ouija board with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. Nothing much actually happened, or so it seemed. And over a short period of time – paranormal events started to occur in their home. The troubling aspect was that the target of the events was the young Pg. 4

daughter. It was she who experienced the episodes including voices, seeing spirits, having nightmares and a general upset throughout her life. Slowly and surely, the mood in the home changed and life seemed out of control. Electricity would blow and objects would disappear. Eventually the mother admitted that one evening they decided to play spirit games and used a makeshift board – a simple piece of paper and glass as a planchette. They had seen this time and time again on TV and thought nothing of it. The mother’s desire to become psychic was so strong that she used her own family to get there. Blinded by her own desires she created a portal in the home which invited spirits to communicate – any spirits, and that is when things went disastrously wrong. Before she came to me she had requested the help of other mediums. The ones who did come in actual fact could not deal with the problem due to their misunderstanding of the darker aspects of the paranormal. Using the Board As I have mentioned the board works by intention only and is not the harbinger of some mysterious power. Through this intention you create a portal with which unseen entities can communicate or visit. These entities will more often than not be grounded spirits or darker entities with malice on their mind. Why someone feels that they can contact a loved one who has crossed over to the spiritual plain (heaven) I don’t know. But suffice to say that if I was in Heaven – I would not want to return to this dark energy we call earth. The only spirits that can be contacted through the utilization of the board are spirits who have not crossed and often these are lower vibratory entities. A demonic entity may attach itself to a grounded spirit and thus get a piggy back ride – right to your playground. Think about this, do you really want that happening? Investigating spirit activity Using Ouija boards is not the only way that problems can occur. In this day and age we can see more and more ‘Ghost Hunters’ turning up and anyone with an interest in the paranormal can start researching ghosts or spirits. The problem we have here is that it needs some form of interaction between the investigator and the spirit entity. We are seeing time and time again, investigators calling on spirits or even challenging them which is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. Professional researchers will always use a professionally trained medium as they know that they need someone who can control and discern spirits. Other non-professional investigators rely on themselves and do not have the luxury of using professional mediums. This is candy to the entity and the games can begin. One thing you must realize is that we are all energy in motion and are spirits in human form not the other way around. Therefore, it makes sense that these spirits already have a handle on the manipulation of energy and know exactly what your thoughts and your fears are. Never challenge the spirit - for you can’t fight what you can’t see or feel. Séance’s A Séance is a group of people – headed by a professional medium and a scribe (who takes notes) – that meets with the soul intention of speaking with the dead. In the correct circumstances and with the right professionally trained people, this can be an effective way of experiencing trance communication. However, in most instances the séance carried out by most people is done through sheer inquisitiveness, by untrained and unstable individuals. This is another method of ‘Calling on spirits’ and can be more bother than it is worth. By calling on a spirit you are sending out an invitation for any spirit to contact you and even if you think it is good and from the light – you can be a victim of deception and deception that could cost your life. I said before that a demon can come in the form of a being of light and if you do not have the power of discernment mastered – you are inviting Con’t on pg. 15

Part 1 - Conclusion Dr. Leir wanted to make it known that certain important findings of this case would be put into various categories. Categories such as; there were rumors, there were facts, and there were indeed documented testimonies, but no physical evidence as such. This was one of the many reasons that took Dr. Leir to Brazil in the first place, to search for that one single lucid piece of physical evidence that he could bring back to the United States and submit for analysis. He did however collect a number of terrific testimonies presented by many Brazilian witnesses. It was interesting to hear that this case had also been well researched by a very prominent Brazilian attorney, Ubirajara Rodrigues, who had opened an institute for Ufological research in Varginha. This became a wonderful facility for not only interviewing UFO eyewitnesses, but also helping them to learn more about the subject from watching various UFO videos etc. Ubirajara Rodrigues is indeed a man who is very thorough in his attitude and work ethic. He is extremely meticulous in his approach in a typical attorney fashion, as Dr. Leir had pointed out. Mr. Rodrigues was also interviewed by Dr. Leir, who gave a general overview of the case. He stated that two, three or four beings and perhaps as many as eleven were rumored to have been seen during the time of the crash. But he particularly wanted to talk about two sightings of the beings as they had been verified by eyewitness testimonial accounts. There was also the involvement of the Varginha Fire Department which is a branch of the military service as well as the involvement of an Intelligence Unit. There was also the speculation of medical treatment given to one of the captured alien beings and how an army personnel later became extremely ill upon handling this particular creature. Very credible people from all walks of life were involved in this case in one way or another. The story ultimately began when three young teenage girls who were walking home from their job as maids, took a short cut through some of the fielded areas. As they walked towards a concrete block wall ahead they saw what appeared to be a child kneeling by it. One girl got there a little quicker than the others and as they got closer they noticed

quickly realized that this was no child. Even the thought of a strange kind of animal had crossed their minds, but as they got even closer they discovered that it was no animal either. They didn't have a clue what it could be, but here was this being kneeling down in front of them, brown in color with large red eyes, and three small horn like protuberances on the top of the head, to which they could only assume it to be the devil! The first girl screamed and ran, while the second girl stood there a little longer, long enough to see the creature turn it's head and look at her eye to eye and then screamed and ran home, and of course the third girl was quick to follow. Upon arriving home the girls anxiously and nervously told their mother what had just happened to them. She wanted to head to the exact location where the creature had been seen but unfortunately, she didn't drive or own a vehicle of her own. She quickly ran to ask the next door neighbor who drove them back to the area where the girls had witnessed this strange creature. But by the time they had arrived there, it had gone. Dr. Leir later interviewed two of the girls, who were in fact sisters, Liliane and Valquiria. The third girl had moved away from the area sometime shortly after the event making it difficult for him to interview her. Dr. Leir pointed out that these people lived one step above poverty. They were simple people and lead very simple lives and had no reason to make up such an incredible story. Many investigators had traveled to Varginha at that time to interview these girls, including the late Dr. John Mack, a psychiatrist of the prestigious Harvard University and an avid researcher of the alien abduction phenomena. Both he and Dr.Leir had found some interesting things upon interviewing the girls. About one month after this event occurred, all three girls had a dream independently about the beings but never shared the details with each other. Upon the mother of the two sisters being interviewed, to Dr. Leir and Dr. Mack's amazement, she revealed that she had a history of strange dreams and strange marks on her body. She went on to talk about her family and in particular her Con’t on pg. 6

Con’t from pg. 5

mother and her grandmother who all had indications of definitely being involved in the alien abduction phenomena. This whole Varginha event made huge waves among various people all over the world. It was approximately a year later that a British television production company became interested in the case. They performed an investigation themselves after they had discovered some interesting findings. The girls and the mother of the two sisters were also approached by what they thought to be Government representatives who did not show any identification. These people who ever they were, offered them all kinds of things such as money, fame and whatever else to shut them up and to come forward to the newspapers to make an announcement of how they were mistaken or that the whole event was a hoax. But the mother and the girls quickly turned them down. Even though this event had made front page news in the Wall Street Journal, I could not help but to wonder why such a fantastic story did not make CNN headline news. An incredible event such as this should surely be told to the entire world. Dr. Leir did answer my question and stated that probably for the same reason that the events going on in Brazil at that time of this interview in May 2005. The fact that the Brazilian Air Force released Air Force Government documents to six Brazilian researchers on UFOs and that one of these happened to be of the three biggest events that had ever occurred in Brazil. These objects had been chased by military Air Force jets. A number of photos were taken of them as well as radar returns and all kinds of research. As he understood it, one file alone had over one hundred photographs of the event. Dr. Leir stated that he too would have assumed that as this was such big news, that indeed it would be in every newspaper around the world, but had not seen any related article!

name of Mrs. Clepf. She was attending a small party at a local zoo to which the location happened to be on an elevated area. She decided to walk out onto the porch and smoke a cigarette. As she reached into her purse, she turned and immediately made eye contact with a creature that had been described by other witnesses. The only exception was that this being was wearing some kind of a gold head piece; a head piece that looked Egyptian. I wondered if this head piece or helmet like device was worn to perhaps communicate with the beings own kind in some way. Perhaps it was a call for help either to those that were on board the object or maybe as a signal to their fellow people on some far distant planet. As I posed this question to Dr. Leir he commented that he really didn't have any idea if this was a communication device or not and that we could propose any idea that we wanted to. He suggested that maybe they did not capture all of the beings involved from the crash and that maybe some were left in Varginha that were surviving. Dr. Leir had later heard that there was indeed a capture of a number of beings that occurred on a lower hillside of the area by both the fire department (which is a Military Unit), and the Army. These beings were taken to the Sergeants Camp, which was basically a “catch all” place as Dr. Leir put it and that all the retrieved material was originally taken there. Eventually, all of the material was taken to a place called “Tres Corrasorj”. From there it went in route to San Paolo; only to be reloaded once again (according to eyewitnesses) onto a US Military cargo plane. End of Part 1

After three months had passed, another witness did come forward by the You won’t want to miss this!

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We Gather In a Circle - Wayne Motherway

A Hamster's World - Kirsty Taylor - Port Glasgow, Scotland

I watch my Hamster in awe, I wonder what she thinks I clean her cage And get rid of the sawdust that stinks I watch her play happily and content Chewing the bars to help her teeth, Running on her wheel Even when she goes to her food bowl to have her meal I watch her with my eyes fixated on her I watch her make her own bed Or when she runs through her tunnels instead She's great fun to watch An intelligent wee creature I didn't think she'd feature in a poem But there you go I talk away to her for ages She stops and listens to me Sitting there looking up at me She's probably wondering how to break free How to get out from behind bars Escape from the cage I wonder what its like to be a wee hamster Why is their life span so short I will never forget the day she was bought Another little hamster to add to the other spirit lot The others I also bought Or was given to me But they are in the Spirit World now Together they play Together they are free Roaming about the Spirit World As happy as a hamster can be In memory of my hamster Molly and all the hamsters I once had here on earth. A Hamster's WorldŠ2009 Kirsty Taylor Pg. 8

We gather In a circle A group of merry folk Someone lights the fire That we all begin to stoke Singing starts to emerge As round the flames we dance Happily and merrily We start to jump and prance For joy is growing in us As to the sky we gaze We will celebrate all the night Until the end of days For we harm no other That is the golden rule Do whatever we really wish Now tell me who's the fool We do not try to recruit As some religions do We welcome all to join us Catholic Jehovah and Jew For who are we to truly say Ours is right now go away For what is right for me to do May not be right for even you So welcome one and all Is all that we will say Sing and dance be merry Until the end of day For earth is but our mother For she provides us all Spring, winter, summer And especially in the fall So rejoice everybody Give thanks for every seed For mother gives us everything That we shall ever need Copyrighted 8/08 Wayne Motherway

Scientists are finding new creatures all the time! Some of these creatures were supposed to have died out with the dinosaurs. Others are completely new altogether!

-Rita Jones

Fairies, goblins, dragons, angels, ghosts, griffins, mermaids, sirens, pegasus, phoenix, monsters, unicorns, vampires, werewolves, aliens… The list goes on and on! Heck, let’s throw Santa Claus and the Easter bunny in there too! These are all mythical creatures, right? There is so much that the world teaches us. Unfortunately there is just as much if not more that it takes away. What if you were never told that dragons, fairies and mermaids didn’t exist? And really, why can’t they? Is there some law that states that what cannot be seen isn’t real? Then, let me be the first to deny that whales exist! I have been to the water, but have never seen them. So therefore they must not be real! Ok… so perhaps that is a little extreme… But I think that you might be getting my point. Maybe we just can’t see these things. Perhaps there is at least some part of these stories and myths that existed at one time. Is that so hard to believe? How many of us believe that Jesus did exist? Maybe he was the son of God… maybe he was just an extraordinary man, but few people question that he did at least exist. Did you know that there is some truth to Santa Claus? Sure, the story has been changed and made to fit many other things. Different cultures have all added their own touch to the story giving us the finished product that we have today. …A commercial nightmare that we deny any and all truth too, but continue because it makes our children happy. But there really was a man named Saint Nicholas! He was a 4th-century Greek who was a Christian bishop. St. Nicholas really did give many generous gifts to people… although it was mostly to the poor. He was very famous for his selflessness. Even Santa Claus coming down the chimney can be explained through him. There is a story stating that Saint Nicholas used to toss coins through windows. Later versions of the tale stated that he would throw these coins down the chimney if the windows were locked. That later morphed into Santa coming down the chimney. This man was the original story that later became Santa Claus, St. Nicholas and even Father Christmas. If there is truth behind Santa Claus, why can’t there be to other things? Have you watched the history channel lately or watched the news?

Is it not so far of a stretch to think that just maybe there are little fairies that keep our kids company? Giants walk among us. Proof of even larger giants has been found. Why can’t the opposite extreme be true? Maybe those “invisible make-believe” friends that everyone has had… aren’t so imaginary after all? Have you ever wondered why everyone has had them if they don’t exist? Maybe we just lose our ability to see them. Why not believe that there are ghosts? If there can be a heaven and a hell, can’t there be an in-between? What is so wrong about believing that the little trinket that was sitting securely on your daughter’s dresser suddenly falling to the floor on its own wasn’t a relative saying “hi”? …Or a fairy… Or an “imaginary” friend? If horses exist and dinosaurs did exist… Is it such a stretch to believe that at least at one time there was a kind of horse that had wings or a horn? Maybe there was even a kind of dinosaur that had wings and blew fire? If we know less about our own ocean then we do space… Why can’t Atlantis exist? Why couldn’t there be well hidden mermaids? Maybe mer-people and man mingled at one time. Perhaps they didn’t. Maybe man could never handle knowing so mermaids stay well hidden in the depth of the ocean. And what about the sky? Could all of us really handle knowing we weren’t it? Are we not just a little vain to think that we are the only living creatures in the entire universe? With so many solar systems, planets, and just plain old empty space… Isn’t it actually more likely that other beings are out there? If we were it, why would there be anything outside of our solar system? Can’t the Milky Way support itself? So here is to all the things out there that could exist. Let us not be so sure and so quick to doubt our children. Why burst hope, passion, wonderment … and belief anyway? Who gave us that right? Wasn’t life a little more fun and hopeful when we had something to believe in? Perhaps our kids are just a little more open, a bit more sincere, and even a little smarter then we have become. Isn’t it much more likely that in the haste of growing up that we have forgotten something? Perhaps we all need to take a lesson from our children. Maybe it’s just my imagination that kids seem a lot happier than most of us. Or just maybe… They have something right.

The G.L. Giles Files - Book Reviews Chenneil Brown’s Unshakable Love At just 68 pages long, this is a wonderful one-sit read! You’ve heard of love at first sight. And usually that refers to the moment two people first meet and lay eyes on each other. Well, there’s a twist to the love at first sight story in this book as the protagonist falls in love at first sight with a guy in a picture. She later meets him in person when they’re both just teenagers. And she is head over heels for him despite what her sister and others say about him. They both have numerous relationships over the years, but they end up coming back to each other (in spite of having children, etc. with other partners). I personally liked how Ms. Brown referred to some of the male partners by their astrological sign. That clued me in almost immediately to certain general personality traits. Plus, there were pearls of wisdom sprinkled throughout that anyone could benefit from, not just those into love stories. For example, I really like when the protagonist realized that she “would no longer participate in keeping a `time filler’ as a friend, or a `bed filler’ as a mate” (p. 52). That’s valuable advice for anyone! G.L. Giles ©2009

Morven Westfield’s Darksome Thirst (Harvest Shadows 2004) I love the amount of heart, soul and knowledge that went into the writing of this novel which Ms. Westfield began creating in 1978. The time Westfield spent on building this other-world is readily apparent, as it’s pretty much a flawless read. It’s obvious throughout the entire book, as her insider’s look at the world of real-life witches (well, to be make-believe characters) is brought to life, and her research on supernatural vampires is presented with general verisimilitude. Because she presents a coven of believable non-supernatural witches, her praeternatural vampires, seen in the characters of Wesley and Frederick, are made more believable as well. The protagonist is Alicia Anderson, a lovable, somewhat geeky-girl-next door character, who many will be able to empathize with as she slaves away at her computer-laden workplace: Theoretic. Theoretic is mostly a cold, impersonal place; the perfect place for a vampire or two to hide out in. And, as her novel is set in the late 1970s, the computer equipment included is spot-on for the time, which anyone into non-anachronistic writing will appreciate! Wesley, the head vampire, makes a wonderful antagonist as he’s not without feelings himself. What’s remarkable about the storyline is that even a mere mortal like Alicia can give a supernatural vampire a run for his money (or her bloodJ), while generally maintaining a sense of humor. Without giving away too much of the well-developed plot, I actually got the chills when it was disclosed towards the end of the novel, at the perfect time, that one character was actually another as well. This revelation added greatly to the storyline, as loose ends were more neatly tied-up that way, in a novel where the pace never flagged. However, there is a major cliffhanger ending, so I eagerly await burying myself in Westfield’s sequel, The Old Power Returns, as Darksome Thirst is one of the best, of what I’d call speculative fiction novels, I’ve ever read! G.L. Giles ©2009

Eclipsia by Robert P. Francis & Joleen Bartles (LuLu ©2008) This novel is billed as a “riveting Sci-Fi read” on the front cover, and I believe it lived up to it as far as being a fascinating read. Certain themes are woven into the storyline nicely as well: themes such as the importance of self-reliance, dignity for all life forms, perseverance, etc. Yet, the reader isn’t browbeaten by the moral lessons; instead, they’re woven into the plot fairly seamlessly. One thing I personally enjoyed about this sci-fi novel is that the primary characters were easy to keep up with as their unique talents and physical descriptions enabled me to tell them apart and not loose track of who was who and what was going on.

Sometimes sci-fi stories can loose readers if their world of frequently exotic locales and characters isn’t well-established to start with. I was never lost reading this, unless you count losing myself in the storyline at times. The story primarily centers around the characters of Axreal and Jerish, who along with many others, have been born into servitude on their planet, Eclipsia. Adding insult to injury, their planet has also been stripped of many of its natural resources by the greedy Lam Warons. I think many readers will also be able to relate to this book which promotes an Eclipsian version of the Save-Mother-Earth motif. G.L. Giles ©2009

Voices Speak: A Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Communication (Marquette Publishing ©2008) by Debbie Edwards Years ago, when I wasn’t very far along in my own metaphysical journey in this lifetime, I used to carry around a copy of Celestial 911: Call with Your Right Brain for Answers! by Robert Stone, Ph.D. everywhere I went. I absolutely loved that book for the simple exercises I could do (and didJ) to get some big results that I truly desired. Debbie Edwards’ book reminds me of Stone’s book because she, too, offers simple exercises you can do for large heartfelt results. Both books put complex ideas into simple practices while, at the same time, they manage to not be reductive. Ms. Edwards covers a lot of territory in just 144 pages. However, unlike many books of this length, I wouldn’t recommend you try to read it all in one-sitting. Mainly because there are many wonderful exercises/visualizations you’ll want to try on your own, especially if your metaphysical journey has just begun. So, these exercises/visualizations will take some time to get good at. Probably not in just one-sitting, unless you’re off work for the next day or so:D The meditation techniques for making contact with your spirit guides are good for beginners, as are the simple dream interpreting skills presented. Plus, there are fascinating stories that Edwards shares from her work as an international medium. Moreover, Edwards acknowledges that, “We are all psychic” (p.20). A truth I always value when presented by someone in her field. Moreover, I truly appreciate when a Lightworker such as herself also acknowledges that, “your life is continually entering different stages of both light and dark. You accept this as the natural progression and evolution of your life in full. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, you are evolving; and to evolve, you know you must experience both the darkness and the light of life” (p. 53). G.L. Giles ©2009

My Review of The False Prophets: Will the Year 2012 Bring Heaven or Hell? (Alexandrian Archives ©2008) by B.J. Boltauzer This thrilling novel reminds me of a cross between The Da Vinci Code and The Celestine Prophecy with its bringing of conspiracy, formerly esoteric teachings and prophesy to light. The action centers around Paul Francis, a man whose beliefs were based on the ancient philosophy of Tao and the Cabalistic method of understanding, with a concoction of Christian Gnosticism, Sufism and Buddhism...he was born into a Presbyterian family [though] his studies of various philosophies had led him into an array of ancient teachings, most of them predating the dogmas of the organized fundamental churches of all faiths” (p. 17). Paul Francis is certainly an enlightened character, and this novel of 582 pages is of unparalleled scope, for it touches on modern Satanists, Sufis, Jesuit priests, Wiccans, ancient Druids, etc. It’s a fast-paced read with short chapters that I found refreshing in their easy-to-understand division of scenes. From the mysterious poisoning of Paul Francis early on in the novel, to his friend’s death to Paul’s family’s increasingly dangerous involvement, the action is excitingly non-stop, though there are times plot revelations can be heart-stopping as well. You will read first hand as the balance of power shifts back and forth from the Con’t on pg. 23

Page 11

- T Stokes

* Vampires * Government theft * Murdered soldier Walthamstow village in east London has many tales to tell from its old buildings dating back to the Norman conquest of 1066. I thought this conservation area would be a good place to do one of the now popular “Ghost Walks”. Word was duly put out from the little Victorian spiritualist church. I anticipated perhaps half a dozen people. But the response shook me rigid to see the enormous crowd that turned out on a cold night to hear the tales of local spookery. The site of Connaught hospital on Orford Road was started in 1880 as a children’s hospital. It took the name Connaught from 1928 when the Duke of Kent helped raise £17000 for running costs. Many local people supported the hospital with legacies from wills, etc. Even properties were left to run the cottage hospital and to keep it independent. But things were not to be. The government hospitals survey committee in 1945 while promising to build a larger hospital on site secretly planned to demolish the local Wanstead, Chingford, Thorpe Combe, the huge Wipps Cross and Connaught hospitals. These were built on valuable pieces of land and although Connaught was built from private subscription the government wanted to steal the site. The hospital was gradually run down and demolished in the 1980s. Small housing was built on the site and several homes nearby allege spirit manifestation. My mother was the night casualty sister for many years and she reported to senior staff that late at night a new African nurse went missing from her post only to be found sitting on a patients bed with the blood drip in her mouth drinking away the patients life blood. It turned out she was a serial offender for this abomination in other hospitals. The Old Town hall next door which was part of the Connaught buildings was taken over and used as a centre for Asian studies in the 1970’s. I was at that time a trauma counsellor and was promoted to multicultural counsellor. I remember the outrage when white people who paid for and owned the building were racially excluded. Opposite is Summit Road where a young man in unusual military uniform has been seen over many years. The cottage where he is seen also radiates feelings of great unhappiness and despair and has been the subject of many paranormal studies. The family who lived there was totally fed up and just accepted the sad stranger in military uniform who appeared there. The old lady who lived there between the wars had told the church cannon

as she lay in her deathbed that the apparition was her elder brother, an asthmatic and nervous boy who was pressured to join the army under age for W. W. 1. He had been badly shell-shocked and ran away after the battle of the Somme after seeing a swarm of rats eating the dead and wounded. At age 16 he was shot for desertion. Government propaganda was behind many children being pressured to enlist under age and then murdered for “cowardice” by firing squads. Britain is now part of the E.E.C. and is the only country out of step refusing to acknowledge these crimes against its own soldiers. The sad young man is said to be waiting his pardon. Walthamstow museum which was the old work house is haunted by several ghosts. At times a lady in grey has been seen, but the children can often be heard running in heavy shoes across the wooden boards chatting and laughing. Between the railway bridges over Orford Rd and West Avenue is where a bullied teenage boy with learning difficulties ended his life in the sixties. Train drivers still occasionally see his shape as they drive past the spot. The Spiritualist church which is a quaint old building would often be full to bursting after the ending of W.W.1 and W.W.II when it was said every family in the land lost someone. Strangely the church, full of spirits during meetings is not itself haunted. Opposite the Castle Public House at number “8” is where the ghost of the chap known as the “coin man” lived. Religious research shows the discovery of “Plates of Nephi” on which the Mormon Church was founded. After several years of deep research the theory was very narrowly rejected by Church hierarchy in Salt Lake City. In years gone by the house was a butchers shop and abattoir. These premises are often the focus of strange psychic activity. One evening here some time back several of us gathered to see what occurred. We had an EMF (electro magnetic field meter) which picks up ghostly electrical currents and a handheld temperature gun for assessing drops in temperatures. We also carried night vision cameras and simple EVP (electronic voice phenomena) a device for recording sounds from the past. It certainly was an amazing experience. Hospitals are one of the most haunted places on earth because some people pass over while drugged up and in a confused state and can remain that way for some considerable time. Particularly if their mindset is of the sceptical variety. The old hospital site has many tales from its past, but that will be another day

This Day In History and other interesting dates... April 15, 1817 - The first American school for the deaf was founded by Thomas H. Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc in Hartford, Connecticut.

May 30, 1783 - The Pennsylvania Evening Post became the first daily newspaper published in America.

April 22, 1864 - "In God We Trust" was included on all newly minted U.S. coins by an Act of Congress.

June 6, 1933 - The first drive-in theater opened in Camden, New Jersey.

April 24, 1800 - The Library of Congress was established.

June 14, 1777 - John Adams introduced a resolution before Congress mandating a United States flag, stating, "...that the flag of the thirteen April 30, 1789 - George Washington became the first U.S. President as he United States shall be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white on a blue field, representing a new conwas administered the oath of office on the balcony of Federal Hall at the stellation." This anniversary is celebrated each year in the U.S. as Flag corner of Wall and Broad Streets in New York. Day. May 1, 1707 - Great Britain was formed from a union between England June 20, 1782 - The U.S. Congress officially adopted the Great Seal of and Scotland. The union included Wales which had already been part of the United States of America. England since the 1500s. The United Kingdom today consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. July 2 - World UFO Day seeks to get governments to fess up to the existence of UFOs. May 14, 1607 - The first permanent English settlement in America was established at Jamestown, Virginia, by a group of royally chartered Virginia Company settlers from Plymouth, England. July 4 - Independence Day - Thomas Jefferson and other discontented representatives from the thirteen colonies, voted and May 20 - Pick Strawberries Day approved the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. June 14, 1777 - John Adams introduced a resolution before Congress mandating a United States flag, stating, "...that the flag of the thirteen United States shall be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white on a blue field, representing a new constellation." This anniversary is celebrated each year in the U.S. as Flag Day.

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July 10, 1985 - After an unsuccessful attempt to change it's formula, Coca-Cola brings back the ever popular original formula as "Classic Coke". July 28, 1914 - World War I began.

- Jane Lake

My mother did a double-take when she saw this goldfish bowl in my kitchen. I had just finished making this craft and set the fish bowl on the windowsill where the sunlight streamed through, highlighting the fish and the seashells I n a most realistic fashion. Mom had to look twice before she realized the fish were fake! If you prefer, you can make this craft as a seascape air freshener by using fancy seashells as the main feature rather than the artificial fish.


or 10 to 12 drops of essential oil and stir well.

Add more scent, if desired, until the aroma is as strong as you would like it.

• • • • • • •

small artificial goldfish (I found mine at the dollar store, with the rubber snakes and plastic spiders) seashells water crystals - these polymer, water-absorbing crystals are commonly sold at garden centers or craft stores, and are usually used for floral displays, water retention in gardening, or to make cooling neck ties. 4 inch glass bowl water essential oil or fragrance oil, plus a drop of non-scented dishwashing liquid, or water-based fragrance teaspoon optional: blue or green water coloring

Instructions: 1. Wash and dry the glass bowl, then add water from a measuring cup, up to the neck of the bowl. Make a note of the amount of water that was used. 2. Add a few drops of food coloring, if desired. 3. If you are using oil-based fragrance or essential oil, add one drop of dishwashing liquid per cup of water, then add one teaspoon of fragrance oil, Page 14

Water-based scent can be added to the water without adding any dishwashing liquid. 4. Add one teaspoon of crystals per cup of water, stir well, and wait about an hour for the crystals to fully absorb the water. The gel should be clear and fairly firm. 5. Add seashells to the bowl, pushing them down to the bottom with a teaspoon. Once the shells are arranged in a pleasing fashion, add one or two artificial goldfish. 6. Set the smelly jelly fish bowl on a desk, in a bathroom, or on a windowsill, where the scent, as well as the goldfish can be enjoyed by all. Suggestions: Over time the water and scent will evaporate a little. Simply add a little more water and a few more drops of your fragrance to refresh. Enjoy!

Con’t from pg. 4 -

The Herb Pantry - Marie Winters Adams

Here are a few Gypsy (Romany) remedies. Some come from my family, some from other Gypsies and a few from the book “Gypsies of Britain” by Brian VeseyFitzgerald, which he collected from Gypsies from all over Britain. Linseed - Use as a tea all through pregnancy for an easy birth. Coltsfoot - Asthma, bronchitis and coughs use as tea. Dandelion - Purifies the blood - eat the leaves in a salad. To treat warts - put the juice of the stem on them. Ground Ivy - Coughs and Colds - use as tea. Henbane - (Common Henbane) Headaches and Neuralgia - make a weak tea of the leaves. Horehound - Coughs, colds and a tonic for asthma and arthritis. (May be bought in stores as cough drops.) Celandine - Corns and warts - apply juice to them. Chamomile - Flatulence (gas); relax/sleep - tonic; as a tea. Agrimony - Lowers fevers; cures coughs - make a tea of the leaves. Bettony - (or Wood Bettony) Stomach troubles - use as a tea for stomach troubles. Stings; bites - use as an ointment made from the juice of fresh leaves and unsalted lard to remove the poison from stings and bites. Dock Leaves - (pulped) Skin irritations and poison ivy.

A Few Interesting Gypsy Beliefs Coral jewelry comes in both light and dark corals; Light corals are under the influence of the moon and are said to attract melancholy. Do not wear these if you are depressed, drawing a lot of negativity or weak in aura! Dark corals are under the influence of the sun and have the power to keep away melancholy and misfortune!

An Old Gypsy Poem - Anonymous

Do not shed tears for the dead. Tears scorch the souls of the dead. There should be demonstrations Of love and praise.

A Haiiku Poem - After a Child Drowned Marie Winters Adams

Death never stranger Than when a child is taken

all sorts of problems. Demoniac activity I mentioned previously that you could be inviting demons and allow me to build on this. A demon can show itself in the form of light – yet it cannot by definition stand anything from the light and if questioned will show its weakness. However, infestation can start slowly and develop into a full blown possession without anyone knowing. There are 5 stages to Demonic possession; Invitation Infestation Oppression Obsession Possession Even in our modern times, satanic cults are springing up everywhere. Even the Vatican has been subjugated by satanic influences. So secret are these cults that they could be going on in your next door neighbours house without your knowledge. With that in mind – you have a war that is going on right now in the unseen planes of the spirit realm and this war is for the souls of mankind. Is it so difficult to believe, that with all the negativity, Satan and his legion of demons are just waiting for the right invitation? Dabbling in the occult for fun and without the proper training or experience is opening a portal straight to hell!!! Indentifying the activity There are obviously signs and symptoms of diabolical activity and some of these will be more easily noticeable than others. For instance you may start to smell putrid odours such as rotting flesh and will have no cause for the stench. You may also note that religious icons that you may have are often removed, damaged or defiled. The person who may be infested will show a dislike to religious artifacts and may react badly in their presence. There will be an increase in argumentative episodes or even violence. Often in cases that present evidence of demonic influence, there will often be heard noises of animals scratching or clawing and even growls not of this world. The signs and symptoms of possession can be so subtle or right in your face. If you experience any of these – consult a professional immediately. Clearances You can take part in as many clearance rituals as often as you like, but the truth is, if you are infested with diabolical spirits, it will take more than a simple cleansing to be rid of the influences that surround your family, your property and your own life. A clearance using ancient remedies such as sage and cedar will only work in certain occasions such as a grounded or trapped entity that is looking for help rather than being the cause of mischief. If you attempt to use a clearance on a darker entity – you will only anger this spirit and you will cause far more devastation and destruction than you realize. The truth is that Prayer is your best weapon until you can reach out to a suitably qualified individual. I am one of those individuals but have found myself out of my depth at times and always have to revert to the Catholic Church or a suitable religious leader. There is no honour in trying to be a hero sometimes it is better to change tactic than admit defeat. Finish on a high note Now all this may sound quite scary and in reality it is, but one thing that you should take from this article is that the realm of spirit and psychic ability is not an easy task to take on. Like all things in life there is the great balance of positive and negative and if you do not understand the balance of its nature – you will surely fall into a dark abyss that can be difficult to get out of. Keep a true heart and study under a reputable source. Page 15

-Stella Roy


Ok, if you have kids you know where I’m coming from on this subject! …Milk Jugs. Did you know that plastic milk jugs do not degrade? I never even thought about it! And I know this household alone goes through about a gallon daily. Hundreds of millions of them sit in landfills every day. Nothing can be done with them. Something has got to be done! One person can change a lot! So here are just a few ideas to recycle our milk jugs: DIFFERENT IDEAS Beachy fun - You can cut a jug in half. The bottom half would be the bucket and the top half would work as a great scoop! Funnel - Cut the bottom (just below the handle) out from a plastic milk jug. Use the top with the handle as a handy funnel for liquids, powdered dry goods, flour and more! A brooms best friend - A gallon sized milk jug can be turned into a dustpan. Set the jug right side up on a table. Then, cut the top off at an angle going all the way down the side of the bottle. Leave the bottom untouched. The bottom becomes the pan part while the handle makes for an easy grip. Walah!… a flat dustpan. Do you fish? - Do you like to fish? Have you ever wanted to catch multiple fish at a time? Milk jugs with screw on lids make wonderful floaters! Just tie fishing line to the jug with a hook and bait on the other end of the fishing line. Put the jug in the water and check it later! Easy garden or party lighting - Cut the tops off of the milk jugs. Fill the bottom with a few inches of sand. Now place a votive or small pillar candle in the middle of the sand. Line your walkway, driveway, or garden with your new lights! Yarn detangler - Cut the top off of the milk jug just enough to be able to fit a ball of yarn through. Tie the end of the yarn to something small and heavy like a needle or a small thimble. Squeeze the yarn down into the jug. Thread the yarn or take the “weight/guider” through the bottom end of the handle. Now the yarn won’t get tangled when you work with it! (Not to mention it’s cat proof!) Outdoor hand wash - Poke a small hole into the bottom of a milk jug. Now block the hole with a golf tee. Fill the jug with water and hang it in a handy spot outside. Remove the golf tee to release the water. You can even attach soap to the handle of the jug by putting it in a small bag or nylon. This is great to put near a small garden or a kids sandbox! Building fun - If you or your family drink A LOT of milk and you have small kids and a little time… This is a perfect craft! You will need a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and a bunch of one gallon and half gallon milk jugs. Use your imagination on this. We built a giant igloo. The kids loved it! It’s a pretty cheap version of a playhouse. Ball games! - Cut off the bottom of the jug along the first line. It should be about an inch and a half from the bottom of the milk jug. That’s it! You can decorate it if you like with stickers, markers, etc.! Then you just add old tennis balls and you have a catching game! Portable freezer - Cut a gallon or half gallon milk jug in half. Then, fill the bottom half of the jug about 3/4 full with water and stick it in the freezer. Once it is frozen pop the block out of the mold and put it in a cooler to keep foods cold. (It also works if you don’t cut the gallon in half. This way as the ice thaws you will also have ice cold water to drink. The only set back this way is that you will have a lot less room to put other things in the cooler.) ***Editor’s note- Always remember to leave room in a bottle that is being frozen so the ice has room to expand and your bottle doesn’t crack.***

A Use for Milk Jug lids – Paint pallets!

ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE… FOR FREE! Organize those summer picnics!... Or your fridge… or the house clutter… or even the car! Cut the tops off of several plastic milk jugs of all sizes. Use the bases to keep fruit, cheese, sandwiches, napkins, spreads, etc. dry and separate in your picnic basket, cooler, or fridge! (If for the fridge cut shorter for the storage containers) You can also use either a half gallon or a gallon jug for containers around the house! This time, cut a hole near the top corner opposite the handle. Leave the rest of the jug intact. Decorate it if you like. Now you have a nice FREE storage bin for the house to get rid of that little clutter! This also works well in larger vehicles as containers or trash cans. It is good for the trunks of cars too! Page 16

RANDOM THOUGHTS by Rita Jones I was on my way to work one day when I decided to stop for a drink. I was very thirsty and had a long drive ahead of me. Soon after deciding this I saw a tiny gas station that was just perfect. There was no way I’d be more than three minutes in there!

It was easy to see how this would end. I sighed. I had never really gotten along with preteens, let alone understood them. At the very most I was expecting a snicker and a little fancy footwork from Freckles resulting in me standing at the back of the line.

All I wanted was a soda and to be on my way. Those three minutes weren’t really mine, you see. It takes me an hour and fifteen minutes to get to work, never mind getting to the second floor to actually clock in from the furthest corner of the parking lot. I had only given myself an hour and a half. … But I was so thirsty.

Instead, this kid stops, looks up at me with a young innocent face, and says, “You first.” Short and sweet… And I was at a loss for words. I stared at him for a second trying to find my tongue. Finally I said, “No Hun, You go ahead”, mostly because it was the first thing that came to my head. He smiled at me, said ok, and moved on.

So after debating with myself for a second, I pulled into the parking lot of the tiny gas station. It was my best bet. Time just doesn’t bend though, no matter how much you want it to. And you can almost always bet that something is going to happen when you try to bend the mathematical laws. But of course, I didn’t think of any of this! I ran in, grabbed a drink and went to get in line.

As what just happened sunk into my skull, I unconsciously stared at this boy just waiting for him to act like any other little kid that I had ever met. But the snottiness never came. There was no touching everything… no impatient sighing or shuffling of feet… no smart comments… nothing. He just stood there… waiting.

When it was finally the boys’ turn, he calmly and kindly asked the cashSure enough, a little kid got to the line at the same time that I had. There ier if she had a bathroom. And to my surprise, the cashier answered ever so snottily and with an air of obviousness that she did not have anything were already four people standing there and the cashier was chatty. I of the sort. I watched the little head bow as he said thanks and walked wanted that coke though! out. I didn’t get snappy with the cashier or say anything to the boy. I There wasn’t even really time to think. I eyed the mop of brown hair and was just trying to buy a soda anyway. What business of it was mine? generously freckled cheeks. The little guy couldn’t have been more than Needless to say, I paid the chick and got out of there as quickly as I ten. Yet here he stood without any obvious adult around him. Con’t pg. 23

Page 17

Experience true Southern hospitality & charm without having to drive hundreds of miles to get there! Complimentary wine pairing & continental breakfast included in all stays at our National Historic Registry, Circa 1836 historic inn. “This lovely hotel has all the charm… with all the modern conveniences you could want. We were personally greeted by Lynn and Ed, the owners, who made our stay very welcoming. Also in the hotel is a marvelous restaurant…offering a superb menu containing many local favorites with notable gourmet flair, a nice wine list, and great prices! I will definitely return to The Brick, and suggest that everyone give it a try as well. You won't be disappointed!” See more reviews at

Make your next visit to the Eastern Shore a memorable one with a stay at “The Brick” Brick” in historic Georgetown! “Haunted by occupation rather than malevolent in nature.” 7/16/09 paranormal investigation by G.H.O.S.T.(Ghost Hunters Offering Supernatural Tactics) Donna Master Psychic Counselor

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- Sandy Smith

In the mid 1990's astronomers set out to measure how fast the universe was expanding. They did this by measuring bright exploding stars called supernovas at different distances in our universe to discover how fast they are moving away from us here on earth. Originally they believed that it was slowing down but recently discovered the contrary. It is actually speeding up faster than at any time in the past. Our universe is estimated to be 15 billion years old and the speed-up occurred about 7.5 billion years ago. Cosmologists were surprised by this. It seemed as if an unknown force was pushing the universe apart. What they had discovered was "dark energy". Brian Schmidt of the Australian National University in Canderra led a team along with John Hopkins University astrophysicist, Adam Riess. They helped discover evidence of dark energy in 1998. Since then Cosmologists believe that dark energy makes up 74 percent of our universe with 22 percent being dark matter. The other 4 percent is normal matter (the stuff that stars, planets, and people are made of). Scientists admit they know very little about what makes up 96 percent of our universe. But the discovery opens so many new doors theoretically and brings back what was once thought of as one of Einstein’s biggest blunders - the cosmological constant. Now the cosmological constant is one of the leading theories on why the

universe is blowing up like a balloon at a ever increasing speed. It is also fueling new ideas about space travel and how we could achieve light speed like the "Starship Enterprise" in the TV series "Star Trek". Two Baylor university physicists, Dr. Gerald Cleaver, Associate Professor of Physics along with Dr. Richard Obousey, a post doctorial student, say that light speed could be in their new theory and it would not break any laws in physics. They theorize that manipulating the space-time dimension around a spaceship with a massive amount of energy would create a bubble of dark energy expanding space behind the ship and shrinking space in front of it while pushing it to the speed of light. The method is based on the Alcubierre Drive which proposes the expanding and shrinking of space around an object. The ship would not actually move but rather would sit in-between expanding and shrinking space-time dimensions. Space would move around the ship as it does not violate any laws of physics. This brings us to the "String" theory which suggests the universe is made up of multiple dimensions. Height, width, length and time make up the four dimensions. Scientists believe that there are a total of ten dimensions with six other dimensions not yet identified. A new theory called the "M-theory" takes the "String" theory one step further and states that the strings actually vibrate in an 11th dimension. It is the 11th dimension that the Baylor physicists believe could help a ship travel faster than light. The Baylor physicists say it will be quite some time before we learn how to harvest this energy and use it. Page 19

Do You Believe In Ghosts? depression, nausea, headaches, seeing strange shadows or visions, dementia and other unexplained illnesses. G.H.O.S.T. recommends that those who are experiencing any of these conditions or seeing visions should first have their home/property tested for not only safety of their home or business but to possibly rule out spiritual activity. The team’s base is in Delaware, but they travel the expanse of the U.S. as they are needed. And although they don’t charge a fee, they do ask for gas expenses on long trips and rely solely on donations and their own money for travel and expenses. Donna believes that it is unethical to charge a fee when there really is no product to be sold. “There are no guarantees that we can expel these spirits or fix the problem, but we do give it all we have in time and energy - it’s a labor of love”.

From left to right; Investigators Carl O., Jason R, Revan S., TJ H. and Cathy O.

This team of paranormal researchers from Laurel, Delaware who are known as G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost Hunters Offering Supernatural Tactics) believe there is a “Life after death” existence. But are there facts to substantiate this? No, they, as many other researchers on the same quest, do believe that there is a life beyond the grave. Although G.H.O.S.T. does not try to convince others that there are such things as ghosts or spirits, they have gotten some interesting evidence that there is more to “what goes ‘bump’ in the night”.

G.H.O.S.T. offers several places on the web where you can visit and read more about them and their mission. They also share some investigations with you using video, photos and EVPs (Electric Voice Phenomena) along with some summaries. You can find them at: • •

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• Facebook - “We have been in existence since October, 2006, with id=1185339715 our main purpose being to help others when their life has been disrupted by supernatural/paranormal experiences”, quotes president, Donna Smith. Donna is • Twitter - also known as Donna Master Psychic Counselor as she has been for over forty years. She tells us that “it is a G.H.O.S.T. investigators are trained and educated in learning process for everyone. I don’t believe anyone many area of the paranormal and are professionals in has discovered the paranormal as an exact science. If this field. Everyone is serious and focused when they have, I haven’t heard about it yet. And at that involved with a case, but when they are relaxed and point, wouldn’t we have to give it another title such as enjoying themselves they are so much fun to be around. “deathology” or the science of passing on”? Donna became active almost four years ago when she and her G.H.O.S.T. is scheduled for several publicized family were attacked by an unseen force. She was investigations one being “The Winery of Marjim scratched from her shoulder to the lower back. The first Manor” in Appleton, New York. Be sure to check their Investigator Ricky J. takes EMF schedule of events as well as the up-coming radio attack was on her left side and the second on the right. readings at a recent investigation at This happened twice in one day. She began to commushows on their main site at: the “Brick House” in nicate with the entity and demanded her home back. http:www.voicesfrombeyond7.comGHOSTintro.html. Donna began to realize more and more that other people were going through similar instances but many were timid about telling anyone for Those who are curious or even frantic about their homes, business or fear they wouldn't be taken seriously or thought to be going crazy. properties can contact Cathy O. via email and telephone. This is the first step in determining the severity and validly of a case. As a G.H.O.S.T. goes beyond the technical process in their investigations. research specialist she also gets onboard when needed for Some people put all of their faith in allowing technology to be the only investigations. discovery of anything out of the norm. It’s neither the right or wrong way to research, just a preference or belief. But this team, as some G.H.O.S.T. is currently accepting cases for consideration. You can others, do choose to incorporate the metaphysical by use of psychic email Cathy at: energy. “This is where Donna is helpful to us”, claims Revan, Donna’s husband, who is also clairvoyant. “Most times when a spirit is called by or call 302-280-6881 if you are her, it seems they respond. I don’t truly understand how it all works on experiencing anything out of the a spirit’s level, but it seems many spirits do know her and will ordinary. Anyone who feels that they communicate with her. I believe she is a strong epicenter.” This seems are haunted and would like to note that to be most helpful in times where a family’s life is being disrupted by “a those who feel a haunting and just want haunting” in or around their home. Is it always a true “haunting”? Not to know who it may be is welcome to always, as underlying issues can be present causing “haunting like” contact her for consideration. symptoms. Severe cases of emotional distress may be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. It is not unusual for people to begin experiencing Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter! Caseworker Cathy O. is on the job. Page 20

April 2009 Full Moon - April 9 (2:56 PM) New Moon - April 25 (3:23 AM) Seed Moon Planter’s Moon Wind Moon Brown

May 2009 Full Moon - May 9 (4:02 AM) New Moon - May 24 (12:11 PM) Hare Moon Frog’s Moon Flower Moon Pink (May 1 - Beltane)

June 2009 Full Moon - June 7 (6:12 PM) New Moon - June 22 (7:35 PM) Partner Moon Mead Moon Strong Sun Moon Purple June 21 - Summer Solstice

Full Moon - This is the ideal time to do magick. This is because magickal energies have reached their peak. Waxing Moon - Brings new beginnings, provides protection as well as magick for growth. It also brings magickal things to you. Waning Moon - Time for banishments, bindings and removing yourself from negative influences. ***Use negative magick only when protecting yourself. New Moon - At times moon phases can be further broken down. This is when the new moon represents enchantments and temptations.. These properties can also be present other times during a lunar phase when the moon is unseen or clouded over.

“The Triangle” - Rita Jones

Etcetera Continued from last issue… In our last issue, I had talked about certain points of “The Triangle”. It needs to be understood however, that even though everything said in my last article does have merit, the outline of it really just stems from a very old conspiracy theory. Yes, it is true that Obama has not always kept to American tradition on certain things.. And Oprah does own a church. She also has a good friend that is putting together a “peace corp” as a branch in our government. However, that could all be coincidence. Heck, the Peace Corp that Page 22

we all know of has been around since 1961. And let’s not forget the United Nations either! The ideas that the U.N. stands for has been in existence for hundreds of years in one form or another. But they officially came to order back on October 24, 1945. To my knowledge, neither one has ever tried to rule the world. And nothing really points to Obama or Oprah trying to bring about the end of the world! So… Obama – Friend or Foe? In recent news Obama has actually brought out many flaws in our government that the average citizen had no idea about. He is Con’t next page

trying very hard to fix this crazy country for the average person… the real people. When was the last time any of us remember a politician who really did care about anyone making less than $100,000 a year? And so Obama is our friend… Our Homie… He gets the “little” people. He understands the common man. At least that seems to be his intention. He may very well be the JFK of our generation. The entire world is watching as America follows its first black president. Every one of us expects this ordinary man to fix everything. It is his job to be the universal band-aid. But in reality, America is pushed so far into the trash heaps of the mind right now, that we have to wonder if it is possible to walk out of here with any sort of pride against the rest of the world. As we all go into this depression together, let us remember that Obama came to office long after this mess was already slicing through the support ropes that hold our individual lives and country together. We were willingly thrown headlong into the virtual dark abyss long before Obama was even brought into the spot light.

Teem Scene - con’t continued pg. 17

could. I had been in that gas station a lot longer than three minutes! But as I drove down the highway, I found my mind wandering back to those sweet freckles. Everyone needs to hear something every now and again… Be it good or bad. …And what about his parents? I imagined myself a couple of years down the road with my two kids at about that age. What if I was having the most awful day and I just needed something to remind me of how wonderful my kids are? Sure, it’s a little crazy, but how would you feel if a complete stranger came up to you and said something like, “I just wanted you to know that your child is very well behaved. They acted better than some of the adults in there!”? Now I’m not saying go out of your way or start scaring people or anything. But you’d be surprised what a few little words can do. So next time you’re really impressed or surprised… Say something. Let someone else know. You might regret not.

That being said let us look at Obama in the now. This economy is not his fault. He cannot be held responsible for the actions of idiots. It is obvious that Obama has his own thoughts. He is taking this country on a completely different route. He is not a puppet like we have seen so many do before him. As far as Obama’s connection to Oprah… Oprah is famous. Her name is on just about everything. When she says or does something… a quarter of this world would seem to follow her every word. Is it not a must that she be seen with the First African American family as much as possible? And even though her creating a huge one world religion is very speculative… She is the Media Queen! She has put her magic fingers on everything. Religion was only a matter of time. Now unless everyone in the entire world woke up one day and just said “Huh, I think I’ll join Oprah’s one world religion today”; what’s the big deal? We all know that that won’t happen. There are just too many different kinds of religion and the always constant abundance of free will.

Friendly, courteous service will be found when you meet Ken Wendler.

So that said, let us stop speculating on the imaginable evils lurking and thank god(s), goddesses and/or mother earth for putting a guy who doesn’t look down his nose at the common man in the driver’s seat of our country. Let us hold up this young man and his family and trust him to make America strong again.

G.L. Giles Files - con’t continued pg. 11

New World Order, who would bring about a hellish 2012 filled with racial division and elitism, to a much kinder spiritual unity that would bring respect and enlightenment for all. With 2012 looming in the near future, this timely read will probably cause you to question which direction the world will shift and to perhaps be more aware of what’s happening around you. G.L. Giles ©2009

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Do you want your book reviewed? G.L. Giles is now accepting your book for review! Remember, you must have it copyrighted and have an ISBN number. Please also understand it will be sent at your own risk since there may not be enough time to read all of them. To submit your book for review send it (postage paid) to: G.L. Giles P.O. Box 812 Summerville, South Carolina 29484-0812

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Page 23

- Jason Russell

In past issues, we have covered everything from our life path to our birth path to destiny numbers. In this issue we will cover what the vowels in our "names" mean. The vowels "A, E, I, O, U and in some cases Y" have a very special meaning. This is called "soul urge" or "heart's desire". You may find what you have been searching for in life when using this method. To find your soul urge or heart’s desire use only the vowels in your name. For example; let’s use the name "John Sam Doe". As you can see there is only one vowel in the name "John". That is the letter "o". The number of letter O equals 6. ("o" = 6) In the middle name "Sam" there is only one vowel in which is an "a". The number equivalent for the letter "a" equals 1. ("a"= 1) Finally, we look at the last name of "Doe.” This last name has two vowels; "e" and "o". The number for "e" equals 4 and "o" equals 6. (6 + 4 = 10) which added together equal "10" but broken down further is a "1" since 1 + 0 = 1. Now add the first, second and third sum together. When the sum contains more than one digit, add those numbers together until they break down to one digit.

Sum 1 = 6, sum 2 = 1 and sum 3 = 4 + 6 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 6+1+1=8 • • • • •

A 1's Characteristic: Want to be independent to choose your own actions. Have an urge to be creative and original. Have a pioneering spirit, for you like to explore. Are honest, loyal, and an instigator of action. Number 1’s lack patience, diplomacy, and tact, which they must cultivate.

• • • • •

A 2's Characteristic: Want harmony, peace, and truth. Love music and the arts. Are refined and cultured. Are very sensitive and emotional. Prefer to follow rather than to lead.

• • • • •

A 3's Characteristics Love society, parties, and friends. Are very ambitious, independent, and fearless. Are a deep thinker. Are intuitive. Have a good sense of humor, and are a joy bringer. Page 25

Think your home or business is haunted?

G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost Hunters Offering Supernatural Tactics) Paranormal Investigations - now accepting new cases. Contact Cathy Owens at 302-280-6681 or email:

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Ashleigh has been doing photography for six years. Being focused on nature shots she is also does anything from group photos to weddings. Ashleigh can be contacted via e-mail at : and you can view more of her photos at

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